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  • 1. Biography of David Carson By Tarm #5 Mind # 10 Juliet # 21
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  • 4. His Career
    • During 1982–1987, He worked as a teacher in Torrey Pines High School in San Diego , California .
    • In 1983, Carson started to experiment with graphic design and found himself immersed in the artistic and bohemian culture of Southern California .
    • By the late eighties he had developed his signature style, using " dirty " type and non - mainstream photography . He would later be dubbed the " father of grunge ."
    Carson went on to become the art director of Transworld Skateboarding magazine . Among other things, he was also a professional surfer, and in 1989 Carson was qualified as the 9th best surfer in the world .
  • 5. The International Center for Photography ( NY ) singled out Carson as the " Designer of the Year " for his use of photography and design . Print Magazine proclaimed his work " Brilliant, " while USA Today described it as " visually stunning, " adding that his design of Ray Gun Magazine " may actually get young people reading again ." Carson lectures extensively throughout the world, as well as at colleges throughout the U . S . , including Cranbrook, ARTcenter, Notre dame, RISD and Cal Arts . he has had numerous one man exhibitions of his work worldwide, and has spoken at over 100professional symposiums, including " Designer As Editor " at the Design Institute in Amsterdam . He teaches a week long workshop at the school of visual arts in nyc each summer .
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    • Typography, a title published by Graphis magazine ( NY ) , lists Carson as a " Master of Typography ." I . D . magazine chose Carson for their list of " America's most innovative designers ". A feature in newsweek magazine said of carson " he changed the public face of graphic design ". The graphic design publication Emigre devoted an entire issue to Carson, the only American designer to be so honored in the magazine's history . And in April 2004, London based creative review magazine calls David, " the most famous graphic designer on the planet ". David recently picked up 4 gold awards at the Charleston ADDY awards, including a " special judges award " for " professionalism ".
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    • In the past few years, Carson has branched out into film and television to direct commercials and videos . He directed the launch commercials for Lucent technologies and teamed up with william burroughs in Carson's short film, " The End of Print ". He also collaborated with Harvard Business School professor John Kao on a documentary entitled
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    • David is featured in both " The History of Graphic Design " by Philip Meggs, as well as " The Encylopedia of Surfing " by Matt Warsaw . He currently serves as Creative Director for the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, and recently designed a special issue of Surfing Magazine titled " Explorations " which came out in july of '04 . He also recently directed a television commercial for the progressive UMPQUA Bank in Seattle, Washington .
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    • David's work continues to be subjective and largely driven by intuition, with an emphasis on reading material before designing it, and experimenting with ways to communicate in a variety of mediums . Carson remains a hands on designer, keeping his studio small and mobile .
  • 10. Publications
    • In November 1995, Carson published his first book the End of Print . It sold over 200,000 copies in five different languages and soon became the best - selling graphic design book worldwide .
    • His second book, 2nd Sight , followed in 1997 . It is said that this book simply changed the public face of graphic design ( Newsweek ). In 1998, Carson worked with Professor John Kao of the Harvard Business School on a documentary entitled " The Art and Discipline of Creativity ." The third book that Carson published was Fotografiks ( 1999 ) which earned Carson the Award of Best Use of Photography in Graphic Design . Carson’s fourth book, Trek , was released in 2000 . Carson has also helped in the development of The History of Graphic Design by Philip Meggs and The Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warsaw .
  • 11.
    • Carson, David ( 1995 ). The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson . Chronicle Books . ISBN 0811811999
    • Carson, David ( 1997 ). David Carson: 2nd Sight: Grafik Design After the End of Print . Universe Publishing . ISBN 0789301288
    • Meggs, Phillip B . ; David Carson ( 1999 ). Fotografiks: An Equilibrium Between Photography and Design Through Graphic Expression That Evolves from Content . Laurence King . ISBN 1856691713
    • Stecyk, Craig; David Carson ( 2002 ). Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing . Laguna Art Museum in association with Gingko Press . ISBN 1584231130
    • Mcluhan, Marshall; David Carson, Eric McLuhan Terrance Gordon ( 2003 ). The Book of Probes . Gingko Press . ISBN 1584230568.
    • Carson, David (2004). Trek : David Carson, Recent Werk . Gingko Press. ISBN 1584230460
    • Mayne, Thom; David Carson ( 2005 ). Ortlos: Architecture of the Networks . Hatje Cantz Publishers . ISBN 3775716521
  • 12. What do you like about their style
    • His works look trendy and different from other.
    • And it’s look kind a old work
    • So it’s really classic
    • : )) Thank You.
  • 13. Visit his web page http :// www . davidcarsondesign . com