(Deployment of new product based on Innovation Strategy)


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This is presentation about Deployment of new products based on Innovation Strategy.
With implementation in Paper Industry, which create a new type of paper.

Big hope this presentation could give benefit especially for the creator and for those who need it.

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(Deployment of new product based on Innovation Strategy)

  1. 1. PROGRAM PASCA SARJANA MAGISTER TEKNIK INDUSTRI UNIVERSITAS TRISAKTI 85 Deployment of New Product Based on Innovation Strategy Dosen : Prof. Syamsir Abduh Agus Salim Daisy Ade Riany Diem Hastyo R. Putro Ranni Anggraini
  2. 2. Strategic Innovation
  3. 3. Deployment of New Product Based on Innovation Strategy Case study Paper Chemicals Product Development in PT Sinar Syno Kimia, Sinarmas Chemical Division Product development in progress “Bulky Agent For Paper”
  4. 4. Company Profile  PT. SSK is a diverse and vibrant company in Indonesia having interest in Brighteners, Dyes, Printing Ink, and Paper Chemicals Manufacturing.  Vision: It is an integral part of our growth that we are continuously open to change and innovative techniques in production and business. We know that what we do today affects what tomorrow brings us. Hence, in both the domestic and international market, PT. SSK actively pursues a progressive approach to the business.  Mission: Standard conforming to international quality, customer service to satisfy the client’s need and prompt deliveries to enhance PT. SSK reputation in domestic and international market.
  5. 5. Strategy Background
  6. 6. Organization Effort to Support Innovation  Building Strong Technical Division - Strong Product Application Knowledge - True Partner Solution for Customer - Technician hired having wide range experience in paper industries mostly process engineer from world reputed paper industry and always up- dated with paper industry development  High budget support for Paper Chemical Product Development R&D (Fully equipped R&D Department)
  8. 8. R & D Product Development PT.SINAR SYNO KIMIA
  9. 9. STRATEGIC PLAN  Categorizing/classifying paper industries in Indonesia based on their needs (existing product used, services given for product, and paper quality problems).  To design product and services that directly meet paper industry customer’s base needs.  The Product life cycle should be long with consideration: The design product is prepared to become the first in the market and can be used in all grade of paper production
  10. 10. Product Development System Ideas Ability Figure 5.3 Customer Requirements Functional Specifications Product Specifications Scope for design and Design Review engineering teams Test Market Introduction Evaluation
  11. 11. ACTIVITY MAPPING First in the market Food Contact & Highly needed by Eco-friendly certified Paper industries Bulky Agent For Paper Quality Control Simple System Handling, Customer Audit Preparation & Operation Technical presentation, Saving cost offer, strong prod. knowledge quality guarantee, & application secured supply
  12. 12. What is bulky agent for paper?  It’s a chemical that functions to increase the thickness of paper. “Paper needs more thickness to produce standard basis weight, it needs 2-3% more additional pulp to get standard thickness.” ex: to produce 70 gsm paper, it has to be produced in 72-73 gsm to obtain standard thickness.  If any chemical can be used to obtain the thickness, 3-4% of pulp consumption can be reduced. Benefits offered:  less wood consumption, minimize deforestation (global issue).  big potential production cost saving, if refered to market pulp price tends to increase (current price ~$700/ton).
  13. 13. Why Bulky Agent? Based on 4 innovation strategies: 1. Inventive (First to Market)  Capture big market  High margin due to less competiti  Be a leader, good reputation for organization 2. Second but the best 3. Economic (low cost producer) 4. Innovation application (creative use of existing technology)
  14. 14. Why several similar products rejected? Similar product in the market  Currently, not many paper chemical supplier produces bulky agent and until now, no product effectively used in paper industries.  Product offered mostly impact to other paper quality due to unstable performance and reaction mechanism in paper process.  Mostly added in wet end process which has so many parameters to control, therefore, the performance is unstable. “Wet end process is a process to make paper from pulp slurry added with several additives, before it is formed to paper mat then pressed and dried to become finished paper.”  the cost of the chemical to meet standard thickness of paper doesn’t significantly reduce the overall cost of paper
  15. 15. How to win the market Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Operations  Competing On Differentiation  Competing On Cost  Competing On Response
  16. 16. QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT (QFD) * Requirements translated into technical terms/capabilities * Matrix of technical requirements and customer requirements < hubungan tinggi (5) # hubungan menengah (3) ) hubungan rendah (1) established quality control system & RnD strong product knowledge & application sufficient production capacity & Local competitive price first to market Producer simple process&handling 3 # < < saving cost 5 # # < < < No impact to paper quality 1 # # # stable quality & performance 4 < < eco-friendly chemical & 2 < # # food contact certification Tingkat kepentingan kami 54 18 28 47 76
  17. 17. Customer Requirements for Bulky Agent Simple handling, preparing and operating No impact to paper quality Stable quality Significantly reduce overall paper production cost Meet International standard requirements for chemical used in paper which complies to food and skin contact regulation and bio-degradable To meet the requirements, PT SSK launches new product, Sinar BK-88, a bulky agent for paper.
  18. 18. Application comparison of Sinar BK-88 to Other Similar Function Product TECHNICAL DIVISION
  19. 19. Comparative Advantage Using Sinar BK-88
  20. 20. References  www.sinarsyno.com  www.slideshare.net  www.innovation-point.com  Chemical Consumption in APP Indonesia (APP Central Purchasing Department)  Directory Paper Indonesia 2008, Indonesia Paper Producer Association  Operation Management, Jay Haizer, 2008 TECHNICAL DIVISION