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Panzura Global Storage System


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Use Case Overview

Use Case Overview

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  • In this topography Panzura Cloud Controllers are used as unmanaged file servers of user home directories. The authoritative copy is maintained on the back end storage in the central data center.The 3% of actively used data is also stored on the Panzura CC, and users mount it with NFS or CIFS.This provides very fast unmanaged file service for remote locations. Changed data is mirrored to all othe Panzura CCs, stored at the IT center, and/or can be stored at a Cloud site.Panzura can also be used as a high throughput pipe to your internal Archive/DR site, handling deduplication, compression, and encryption. Panzura archives can be read at any time because they are stored as files.
  • Panzura ACC is perfect for cloud and distributed environmentsThe meta data which consists of filenames, directory names, author, security, dates, and most importantly, the global block deduplication dictionary is kept separate from the data itself. The meta data and the data are snashotted separately and sent (main and incrementals) to various locations. The meta data is always snapped and sent to all Panzura ACCs. The data may optionally be kept in a separate internal/external cloud. Thanks to the small amount of meta data that needs to be transferred, it enables all nodes to always have a complete view of the Enterprise data for browsing and searching.The Panzura Application Cloud Controller (ACC) also “owns” the data which enables it to know where the authoritative copy is located – in the cloud or in a specific controller if the write has not been synchronized with the final repository yet. Only the “delta” in the data is exchanged across controllers making it a very powerful replication solution. For example, if someone changes words in a 10MB powerpoint, only the text changes will be communicated to the controllers to make sure that they have the latest copy.Because the global deduplication dictionary is maintained everywhere, if a user were to upload a 2GB windows7.iso in San Francisco and another user in Tokyo uploaded windows7_w_sp1.iso, the upload in Tokyo will be uploading the meta data (very small, few KB max) and then the difference between window7.iso and windows7_w_sp1.iso which is much less than 2GB. The Panzura ACC has a patent pending global deduplication technology. The implementation currently has a 7% overhead, so if the difference between window7.iso and windows7_w_sp1.iso was 100GB, the resulting diff will generally be at most 107GB.All the data stored in the cloud is encrypted and the keys are stored at the customer’s premise, no Panzura device is needed in the cloud, securing the data even if a disk is thrown away at the cloud vendor’s site. There is no risk for the Enterprise of a breach in the security of its data making it more secure than local storage. This is relevant with an internal or external cloud. For external cloud, the need to not expose keys is obvious. But even in internal clouds, but not keeping keys there, the security requirements to create and maintain such internal cloud results in a lower TCO and allows enterprises to mimic external cloud storage architectures for their buildout instead of creating a new one with specific security features.
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    • 1. Panzura Use Cases Archive NAS Global File sharing Backup CIFS NFS New York London Symantec Medical Images Market Data NetBackup Seismic Data NBU specific - Deduplication Deduplication Encryption Shanghai Hong Kong Encryption • Authoritative copy lives centrally • Lower cost • Access from anywhere • Manage one copy • High performance distribution 20:1 save factor • Share globally • Encryption Unlimited cloud store • Elastic Provisioning Random Access • Compression/Deduplication • Centralize backup NO TAPES • Fast local disk speed • Cloud or cloudless© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 2. Backup of Structured Data Panzura storage also protects structured data, like databases, Exchange, or virtual machines running on traditional block storage. Integrate seamlessly with native backup tools and Symantec NetBackup and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, using massive cloud storage as a backup target.© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 3. Common Backup Architecture Cost of tapes, tape library Off site storage People costs Tapes going bad Linear access methods Complex and slow restore© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 4. Disk to Cloud Backup deduplication compression encryption throttling LAN WAN Backup stream  Redundant copy optional • Data reduction optimizes available bandwidth and cloud footprint • Advanced Security – AES-CBC256 and RSA-2048 • 10GbE option for faster ingest • Scale using multiple streams and Cloud Controllers© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 5. Benefits of Cloud Backups » Random Access to ALL backup/archive files at all times » Data integrity » NO TAPES! » No Tape Libraries » No human handling » Infinite Scalability » No power, cooling, floor space » No BAD Tapes from off site storage and transportationBuy a Cloud Controller, not a tape library© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 6. Cloud Archive • Eliminate expensive storage • No backups or tapes, etc. • Disaster recovery and scalability High throughput Deduplication Compression Client Servers Encryption© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 7. Panzura Primary Cloud StorageChicago Boston London NFS/CIFS NFS/CIFS NFS/CIFS Metadata Metadata Data DataPrivate Cloud Public Cloud Backup/Archive Backup stream snapshots deduplication compression encryption NAS File Storage throttling © 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 8. CloudFS Texas Local storage resources Single Global scaling on demand File System Chicago Hungary Meta data (file system Distributed Lock properties, permissions, DeDup fingerprints) Management Avoids Conflict Resolution Data Blocks AES-256-CBCMeta data actively cached in real-time. China Military Grade EncryptionData Blocks cached on-demand.© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 9. Archiving: Major Petrochemical Company Challenges ▪ Petabytes of seismic data consuming local storage ▪ Analysis of data in Houston, London, Perth, San Ramon impossible Cache San Ramon, CA ▪ Poor performance of over WAN Solution ▪ Initially implemented Panzura File System Controllers at two geographic sites 160+TB Frequently used data ▪ Moved data to private cloud storage Results Cache ▪ Lower cost of storage & data protection Cache ▪ Data available on-demand from any location ▪ Eliminated performance issues Houston, TX ▪ Planning to add many more File System Controllers ▪ Anticipated savings of $6M per year© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 10. Common File Sharing: Hedge Fund Challenges Daily Market Data Ingest Modeling & Analysis ▪ 250TB+ historical market data filling local storage ▪ Analysis of data in NY, San Francisco, Tokyo, London impossible New York Future: London ▪ Poor performance of complex Excel-based models over WAN Solution ▪ Panzura File System Controllers at four sites 250+TB ▪ Market data moved to cloud storage Results ▪ Lower cost of storage & data protection ▪ Data available on-demand from any location New Jersey Future: Tokyo ▪ Eliminated performance issues ▪ Planning to add more File System Controllers and data sets Modeling & Modeling & Analysis Analysis© 2012 Panzura, Inc. Confidential. All rights reserved.