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Presentation about it job


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Teacher of Business Studies & ICT
  • 2. CONTENT The following slides include: o Skills required o Attributes needed in this job o Comparison between other IT Jobs
  • 3.  They need to be organised to be able to keep track of pupils progress.  Need to be able to understand and deliver KS3/4 ICT to children with clarity.  Be able to commitment to the school and its students.  Understand NQT or QTS to be ICT Teacher and have a real passion the subject  Be able to inspire and motivate children of mixed abilities to enjoy and improve their confidence with ICT.  Have a strong classroom management with the ability to use inspiration techniques to create order and deal with challenges .  To be a great role model with a real sense of responsibility and respect.  Have experience with team work and use it to enhance the children’s  Be an approachable person towards children and colleagues  Have a calm and communicative approach to problem solving  Be able to demonstrate determination within the subject chosen to teach SKILLS REQUIRED TO BE A TEACHER OF BUSINESS STUDIES & ICT
  • 4. WHY ARE THESE SKILLS IMPORTANT? The skills shown on the previous slide are important because good organisation skills help know where everything is and where all the students are in the work. The understanding and delivery of KS3/4 ICT because if you do not understand it how are you suppose to deliver it to others and help them understand it. Commitment is vital so you turn up to work on time, come to opening days even when your not needed, making sure you do not neglect or ignore people who need help with the work. They need to understand what NQT or QTS stand for, which is newly qualified teacher or qualified teacher status. Having real passion for the subject is needed because it will influence students to enjoy it as well. A strong classroom management is required because if you cannot keep your classroom under control students will become off task and not to the work they should be doing. Inspiration is needed because if the teacher doesn’t inspire you to complete the task then the student is more likely to waste their time and not do the expected work, this would make them fall behind others. If the teacher is a good role model students will give them respect and they will be a guide to the students. Experience with team work is a good skill to have because school is a network of people working as a team to provide a good outcome. If you do not motivate the children they will not bother to do work. If you are not approachable colleagues and children will not communicate with you, making it hard for them to get help when they are stuck or when they want confirmation if they did the work correctly. A good skill to have is to be calm and communicate when problem solving, if you do not have this no one will ask for help and the problems will increase. Lastly you must have the skill to demonstrate determination with the subject because you want the best work out of the students you teach.
  • 5. WHY DID I PICK THIS JOB? I chose this job because I would love to help children learn new things. I have always wanted to become a teacher because I like working with children. One of my favourite subjects is IT so I chose this job because it help me find out what I need to achieve for my dream job. I also picked this job because I believe technology is the future.
  • 6. Attributes needed for this job are:  Self motivation  Leadership qualities  Respect  Dependability  Punctuality  Problem solving  Determination  Independence  Time management  Team working  Written and verbal skills  Planning and organisational skills
  • 7. WHY ARE THESE ATTRIBUTES IMPORTANT?  The attributes are important because employers are looking for them. Self- motivation is good to have because it helps the employee work well and helps others. Respect is needed because without respect the work place would be difficult to work in and the work produce wouldn’t be to the best of its qualities. Problem solving is good to have because if there was a problem you could sort it within the smallest amount of time making it less time-consuming. This also comes under time management because managing time is vital to get the work done efficiently and in a good timeline. Being punctual helps make you a good role model and it gives you time to make sure everything is on the right track, this links back to time management. Leadership will help with this job because children look up to teachers to help them do their work. You must be determined to help your students and to do the best you can to make sure they get on the right track. Written and verbal skills link with planning and organising. This is because you need to have good communication skills to get across the tasks, and good planning and organising skills to do that as well. You need to be able to work with others as well as by yourself at times depending on the task. You need this because team working is all about helping other and being helped whereas being independent is important if left to do a task alone. Dependability is knowing you can do the work without wasting time or any other resources.
  • 8.  Approachable and have a calm and communicative approach to problem solving  Used to working as part of a team to enhance the overall abilities of children across the school  A great role model with a real sense of responsibility  A job that this skill is specifically needed in is a Project Planning Engineer.  This skill is also needed to be a QA Engineer.  This skill is needed in a certain engineer, such as a senior software engineer. COMPARISONS The person attributes in common with this job are: Project Planning Engineer need leadership qualities, respect, time management, determination and planning and organisational skills. QA Engineer need to require written and verbal skills, self-motivation, independence and problem solving. Senior Software Engineers need to be able to solve problems, mange time, plan and organised project correctly and have determination to complete their jobs. Also need independence and respect to get.