Our school thinks green


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Escola Secundária de Mira de Aire
2012 World Environment Day
Project Earth

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Our school thinks green

  1. 1. OUR SCHOOL THINKS GREEN Mira de Aire and Alvados Secondary School PORTUGAL
  2. 2. WE CARE!• Hello everyone!• Our school has about 600 students (K-12) and environmental concerns are present in our every day life as a school community.• In this presentation we will show you some of the projects we have implemented throughout this school year, projects that make us proud, as we have already been able to achieve some changes towards environmental awareness.• Our projects started in September 2011 and will end in July 2012.
  3. 3. CHRISTMAS TREE RESULT STUDENT INVOLVEMENT COLLABORATIONPURPOSE To show that The tree was The school Undoubtful it was mainly built community innovation possible to by 12th grade helped and creativity, build a students after getting the the local Christmas classes necessary newspaper tree with amount of published an reused plastic bottles article about materials to build the it tree
  4. 4. BUILDING OUR OWN LANDFILL CONTEXT • This project was done in the Natural Science classes with 8th grade students • It is being carried out in April, May and June • Students have been participating actively in the selection of materials, research and implementation of the project • This project has enhanced their learning beyong the regular classroom curriculum PURPOSE • To learn about the importance of landfills and how they work • To understand one of the most common methods of dealing with waste materials • To test the microbial degrading process of landfills • To determine which solid waste materials are biodegradable
  5. 5. TWIST PROJECT PURPOSE: To promote energy efficiency and CONTEXT: environmental concerns in our school and“Twist” is a project for secondary school among young children (6 to 9-year-oldstudents. It deals with energy efficiency children). and climate change. We believe children have the ability to change their parents’ attitudes towards the environment. TARGET: School community PROMOTERS: Primary school students 10th grade students in collaboration with the school library DURATION: Throughout this school year
  6. 6. PROCEDURESTWIST PROJECT • Students started with about energy efficiency. They were glad to see that most people already had some sort of environmental awareness and energy efficiency concerns. • After the surveys their mission was to determine . They concluded that energy and water consumption were a bit high and noticed that the school could adopt some measures to reduce them.
  7. 7. PROCEDURESTWIST PROJECT • Based on their diagnosis, students informed the school headmaster about what he should do to solve some of the problems detected. They also decided to display about energy efficiency tips so that both students and teachers could adopt an environmentally-friendly behaviour. • Number of lamps in the classroom • Lamp voltage • What people can save if they turn off the lamps after classes • What people waste if they do not turn off the lamps after classes
  8. 8. PROCEDURESTWIST PROJECT • Students then decided to hold aimed at . • Their goal was to promote energy efficiency and environmental awareness. They also wanted to motivate these young students to have an active involvement in their community while promoting a sustainable environment. • They worked in close collaboration with the school library. • The result of the information sessions was amazing and made them feel very well. The goals were accomplished and they noticed that .
  9. 9. Two of the information sessionshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7GFjFbq3aU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45onO_h7vE8
  10. 10. RECYCLED CARNIVAL MASKS Our school promotes a Carnival Parade every year. It is a big event in which all students and teachers participate.Our art teacher decided to do something different with her students this year: Carnival masks made with recycled materials only. Turn the page to see the results! 
  11. 11. ECO-BATTERY PROJECT Our school is also participating in the eco-battery project this year We want to prevent people from throwing away used AIM: to collect used batteries, so we havebatteries so that they can be placed specific containers recycled for disposal of used batteries all over our school
  12. 12. PLANTING TREES We are aware of the importance of trees and weOur National Tree Day was So we decided to plant some wanted to do somethingcelebrated on March 21st trees in our school positive for the environment at the same time We worked in collaboration We are proud of our olive with the Mayor and local trees!  authorities (town council)
  13. 13. CARING FOR OUR SCHOOLStudents are aware of the importance of school in their lives. A cleanschool makes it even more pleasant to be there. 8th grade students decided to promote cleaning activities so that other students can adopt an environmentally-friendly behaviour and keep their school clean. This has been happening on a regular basis, one time per month. They have also drawn some posters, which were placed all over our school, to promote environmental awareness.
  14. 14. « ECO-POINTS » “Eco-points” are We have “eco-recycling containers points” spread all in Portugal over our school Some of them were even made by our students. All classrooms have their own recyling containers
  16. 16. ECO-SCHOOL PROJECT• We are also participating in • The aim of this project is to • We try to raise awareness the Eco-Schools Project. This promote sustainable for a sustainable project is promoted by the development through environment in our school Foundation for environmental education community every day Environmental Education, a (formal school education, through our projects and non-governmental and non- training of staff and general actions. profit organization. awareness raising).
  17. 17. Plastic bottles as flowers Plastic balls as foam
  18. 18. MESSAGE TO THE 7 BILLION PEOPLE After watching the documentary “Home”, by Arthus Bertrand, and in celebration of the 7 billion people in our planet…
  19. 19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz9yOgYqqCw
  20. 20. WORD CLOUDS As part of an They decidedeTwinning project to create some9th grade students word cloud were asked to accomplish a Environment pictures (using Tagxedo application) creative task related to the and environment... eTwinning
  21. 21. Collecting plastic, cell phones and paper Plastic Besides our many projects, we are also collecting plastic, Bottle Paper used cell phones and caps paper for organizations that ask for our help Cell phones
  22. 22. Plastic campaign Cell phone campaign Paper campaign Plastic bottle cap campaign
  23. 23. • Energy efficiency, sustainable environment, environmentally-friendly behaviour, environmentalCONSIDERATIONS awareness, are all part of our . Today’s youngsters will be tomorrow’s leaders and it is as teachers to prepare them well for a . • With these projects we, both students and teachers, feel that . OurFINAL projects are mostly and we like to see students take the lead in investigation, research and implementation. We do believe these projects improve and beyond the regular classroom curriculum.
  24. 24. were used inCONSIDERATIONS our projects as often as possible and we also try paper in our school by creating and using electronic documents instead of printing them. • The main aim of our projects is others – younger and older students, school staff and even teachers – as well as parents and our . We often write to the local newspaper to keep the community informed about what we are doing and sometimes even askFINAL for their help and/or . • The of these projects meets their designed goals and we keep promoting them.
  25. 25. CREDITS CHRISTMAS TREE Special thanks to: LANDFILL Done by: In collaboration with: teacher(s) in charge: Rosário, J. teacher(s) in charge: Miguel, F. Camponês, J. Monteiro, F. Torres, A. Dias, P. Antunes, J. “CARING FOR OUR SCHOOL” TWIST PROJECT CARNIVAL MASKS ECO-BATTERY PROJECT PLANTING TREES PROJECTteacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: Camponês, J. Filipe, S. Camponês, J. Almeida, J. Monteiro, I. ECO-SCHOOL MESSAGE TO THE 7 BILLION “COLLECTING PLASTIC, PAPER “ECO-POINTS” WORD CLOUDS teacher(s) in charge: PEOPLE AND CELL PHONES” PROJECTteacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: Matias, R. teacher(s) in charge: teacher(s) in charge: Camponês, J. Miguel, F. Camponês, J. Miguel, F. Almeida, J.
  26. 26. CREDITSSCHOOL WALL Escola Secundária de Mira de Aire e Alvados Mira de Aire and Alvados Secondary School PORTUGAL