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Cp Power Point Presentation 1.0

  2. 2. THE COMPANY • Phoenix based company • Incorporated in 2002 as Parnell USA, Inc • Specializing in distribution and installation of EPA- certified CNG / LPG conversion systems to corporate and government agencies across the United States
  3. 3. THE COMPANY’S MISSION Campbell-Parnell is committed to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, as well as promoting a cleaner, healthier environment, through the utilization of EPA-certified alternative fuel conversion systems. We will consistently provide the highest quality products on the market with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.
  4. 4. THE COMPANY’S GOAL Campbell-Parnell’s primary goal is to be known as the premier provider and installer of EPA-certified alternative fuel conversion systems in the country. Our development goals call for steady expansion, with an emphasis on developing a nationwide network of trained installation and service centers.
  5. 5. AMERICA’S FUELS – LPG / CNG • LPG is a bi-product of crude oil refinement and natural gas processing • 88% of our consumed LPG comes from U.S. sources (97% from North America) • LPG/CNG are currently the only alternative fuels that are not subsidized by Federal funds
  6. 6. PROPANE / LPG  97% LPG from North America (88% from U.S.)  Third largest fuel in the country  First among other alternative fuels  Refueling infrastructure  More than 10,000 public filling stations nationwide  Less costly and fuel price can be negotiated  Closest in comparison to gasoline  8-10% increase in Horse Power and Torque.  Only 5-10% less fuel economy  A safe fuel  Lowest flammability range of all fuels  Tanks are 20x puncture resistant and 4x’s pressure resistant than gasoline tanks
  7. 7. NATURAL GAS / CNG  PRO’S  Clean burning fuel that reduces emissions significantly  Is the best choice for super-duty applications (>16,000 GVW)  Ex: Large transit/school buses, refuse trucks, etc  CON’S  Refueling Infrastructure!  Costly and Space consuming  Less than 700 public stations across the country  Tank Size and Weight
  8. 8. CAMPBELL-PARNELL TECHNOLOGY HPi High Performance Injection System
  9. 9. ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNITThe ECU is the “brains” of the LPG or CNG alternative fuel system and was developed utilizing the most innovativetechnology. The wiring harness is factory-like with weather safe connectors.
  10. 10. ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT The Auto Tuning feature of the HPi software utilizescylinder-by-cylinder tuning for a higher degree of precision.
  11. 11. ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNITThe fuel map generated from the Auto Tuning feature can be adjusted cell-by-cell for fine tuning.
  12. 12. ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNITThe fuel map can be further expanded into over five times as many cells for even finer tuning.
  13. 13. ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT The new and highly innovative OBD feature of the HPisoftware allows the ECU to continually adjust the fuel map while the vehicle is driven.
  14. 14. HIGH PRESSURE REGULATOR The regulator reduces the alternative fuel pressure from high to low. A built-in temperature sensor is used to ensure optimum performance. The regulator is completely rebuildable and can be maintained at a low cost. *Two regulators may be necessary for larger engines.
  15. 15. HIGH PRESSURE LOCK-OFF The lock-off is located just before the regulator and only opens when the alternative fuel system is engaged for added safety. In addition, the lock-off ensures higher fuel quality by way of it’s built-in, replaceable filter.
  16. 16. FUEL RAILS The fuel rails, also known as injectors, were developed using the most advanced technology. They deliver the alternative fuel to the engine with a high degree of precision. A built-in temperature sensor is used to adjust for variations in fuel density, ensuring optimum performance. The fuel rails are completely rebuildable and can be maintained at a low cost.
  17. 17. MAP SENSOR The MAP Sensor reads and communicates the pressure difference between the fuel rail and regulator, as well as the vacuum in the engine, to the ECU. The ECU is able to continuously adjust the fuel flow based off of these MAP Sensor readings.
  18. 18. FUEL FILTER The fuel filter is situated between the regulator and the fuel rails and helps ensure the highest quality fuel is delivered to the engine. The cartridge inside the fuel filter is replaceable and should be replaced at regular intervals.
  20. 20. EPA CERTIFICATIONS General Motors – 4.8/6.0L V-8 ALL C/K PICKUPS & G VANS – 5.3/6.2L* V-8 TAHOES & YUKONS FORD – 5.4L V-8 ALL F/E PICKUPS & VANS – 6.8L V-10 ALL F/E PICKUPS & VANS *Pending
  21. 21. Ford PAST F-Series, All Models • F-150 5.4L V-8 2001-2005CERTIFICATIONS • F-250 5.4L V-8/6.8L V-10 2001-2005 • F-350 5.4L V-8/6.8L V-10 2001-2005 E-Series Van, Wagons and Cutaways • E-150 5.4L V-8 2001-2005 • E-250 5.4L V-8/6.8L V-10 2001-2005 • E-350 5.4L V-8/6.8L V-10 2001-2005 • E-450 6.8L V-10 2001-2005 General Motors C & K Series Pickups all Bodies • C/K 1500 6.0L 2001-2006 • C/K 2500 6.0L 2001-2006 • C/K 3500 6.0L, 8.1L 2001-2006 • C/K 4500-7500 8.1L 2005-2007 G Series Vans, Wagons and Cutaway • G 1500 6.0L 2001-2006 • G 2500 6.0L 2001-2006 • G 3500 6.0L/8.1L 2001-2006 • P-Bus Bodies 8.1L 2005-2007
  22. 22. EMMEGAS
  23. 23. EUROPEAN REGULATIONSEmmeGas conforms to many regulations ISO 9001 : 2000 •Certificate gained in 2002 •ECE/ONU 67R-01 •LPG products •ECE/ONU 110R-00 •CNG products •ISO 15500 •CNG Regulators conformity declaration •10R-02 Electromagnetic Compatibility •Electric & Electronic components •EUR04 EXHAUST EMISSION LIMITS •LPG & CNG Products
  24. 24. HPi: ONE LAST LOOK • Innovative – Only system with ECU containing patented OBD II continuous gas map learning capabilities • Installation – Quick, easy, and effective • Service – Every major component is completely serviceable and rebuildable • Cost Effective – Less time servicing means more time running and saving – One of the fastest return on investments (ROI) in the industry