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  • 1. Introduction to Google Analytics Presentation to North Carolina State University Web Developers Thursday, June 3rd 2010 Nick Young @usaussie
  • 2. The Great Collector in the Sky Who your visitors are Where they came from What browser they used What they looked at how long they looked at stuff
  • 3. "Who" your visitors are (IP Address) "I can tell you haven't been here before." " use Time Warner. So sorry." "See,we're NOT blocked in China!"
  • 4. Where they came from (Referrer) Which sites have links to my site? I'm still listed on Altavista. Money Well Spent!
  • 5. What browser? (Browser String) 4 Netscape Communicator visits! My site is Win98 Optimized Who has Shockwave installed? My users really like their Blackberry Hurls? 4-bit color schemes coming back!
  • 6. What they looked at & how long "I swear...people LOVE Flash Intros (with big loading status bars)" We need some "more like this" buttons
  • 7. Get started in a 3 easy steps 1 website + 1 google account + ability to visit
  • 8. Create a new profile "Profile" == collection of pages you want to track
  • 9. Copy your tracking code You'll need either the whole thing or just the UA string for use in modules/plugins
  • 10. Where do I put the code? What Google says: "Immediately after the opening <body> tag "
  • 11. That's where.
  • 12. Modules/Plugins: Could it BE any easier? Drupal: Wordpress: search plugins for "google analytics" choose a highly rated plugin
  • 13. Off and tracking...almost... Be's not instantaneous (10-15 mins)
  • 14. Here's one I prepared earlier Super Sweet Bounce Rate!
  • 15. Create, then delegate
  • 16. We'll do it live!
  • 17. Track Individual Outbound Links <a href="" onClick="javascript: pageTracker._trackPageview(’/outgoing/foo. com’);">Go Here</a> Shows up in Content report as outgoing/ (drill down through /outbound) Just change /outgoing/ to however you want it to show up in your reports
  • 18. Automatically Track All Outbound Links Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla / Stand-alone scripts (google them) Search --> well maintained? --> Yes? --> Install
  • 19. 50 Resources for Google Analytics: This presentation: (those are both L's) Thanks! Nick Young / @usaussie