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Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery

Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery



This presentation is about how to present the perfect presentation. I have used resources like Garr Reynolds, Ken Krogue, varies different university sites and more.

This presentation is about how to present the perfect presentation. I have used resources like Garr Reynolds, Ken Krogue, varies different university sites and more.



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  • I will start by talking about the seven tips I follow when designing the perfect presentation.
  • The use of charts can only help your presentation, but when it comes to charts make sure they are simply enough so that everyone can understand them. You want your audience to literally no work during your presentation, as it has been said that people lose interest in ideas when they have to do work to understand it.
  • By keeping a constant theme you will provide consistency throughout your presentation, but try to avoid using the given templates as they are boring and over used. Your presentation should be fun and make the audience enjoy your speech.
  • The idea about only having one idea per slide, is so that you can make the audience concentrate more on what they are listening to rather than what they are seeing. This goes along with my first point about keeping it simple.
  • It is vital to have font that everyone can read and that you keep the same font throughout your presentation as this will contribute to the consistency, theme and style of the presentation which will better the audiences feelings towards your presentation.
  • Now I will talk about the seven tips that I follow prior to and during my presentation to make sure that I present the perfect presentation.
  • There is nothing worse than listening to a presentation when it is evident that the presenter put no effort into it. It is said that speakers speak, readers read but this is a presentation so you should present. Put enough on the slide so that you know what you are talking about. BUT the most important thing to do to make sure you’ll delivery a great presentation is to practice
  • It is vital tat you know your audience, so that you can alter and change your presentation to connect to the audience. It is said that audiences pay more attention to something when they can relate and identify with the subject matter. This will help you catch the audiences attention, which is a huge boost. As they will distill confidence in you, rather than making you shy.
  • If you followed only one of the tips I am giving you, I would say follow this one. Be passionate, let your enthusiasm catch the audiences attention. It is hard not to pay attention to a person who is passionate about the topic they are talking about. You should never hold back, believe in your ability and let the passion you have for your chosen topic come through.
  • A great way to keep your breathing constant is to move around and stay loose during your presentation. Movement during your presentation is good but don’t over exaggerate it and tire out the audience. By moving every once in a while you can keep the audiences attention on you.
  • It is very important to dress up for presentations, because this will enhance the professionalism of the presentation. As a rule of thumb it has been said that you should dress one level nicer than the audience. No casual wear will be allowed, unless your presentation is not formal.
  • Set up the environment so that every seat can see your face. The point of this is so that your audience can’t be easily distracted, they have to pay attention to your presentation. But you have to prepare for distractions as there will always be distractions.
  • Eye contact is very important during your presentation as it shows that you are trying to connect with your audience. If your topic is happy don’t be afraid to sneak a few smiles into your presentation as emotions can be a very important factor of a presentation.
  • It has been said by mostly every source I have looked at, that first impressions are ever lasting. If you don’t grab the attention of the audience in the first two or three minutes they will be lost for the duration of your presentation. This is where most presenters fail as they can’t get the audiences attention which leads to a dull and average presentation.

Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery Presentation Transcript

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/17731548@N00/981372736 ONE IDEA PER SLIDE
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