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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  050826 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 050826 Document Transcript

    • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Aug. 26, 2005Volume 3, Issue 43 The Morning Calm Weekly is Athletes triple their Korea comes alive pleasure, pain in IronTriangle Trialthon with color, beauty of wildflowers nline Visit Page 26 Page 16 Rendering honors Students head back to school Start of DoDDS classes brings safety concerns Special to The Morning Calm Weekly DoDDS Safety Office School Bus drop-off zones and school crosswalks throughout the Republic of Korea will soon become busy with activity, as Department of Defense Dependent Schools across the peninsula open Tuesday. Along with the return of homework and hall passes, the start of classes also brings with it many dangers, as traffic congestion, children walking to school, frequently stopping buses and other factors raise the potential for accidents on installation roads. Myron Shelburne, DoDDS- Korea safety officer, said every year there are numerous incidents where motorists come close to hitting students because they fail to act accordingly when driving near the suddenly busy schools. SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK Shelburne said the biggest concern is obviously Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr., director of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office, salutes after placing for the safety of the children. “That is why we flowers during the 18th Annual Bonifas-Barrett Memorial Ceremony Aug. 18 at Yongsan Garrison. Capt. Arthur Bonifas and 1st Lt. have crosswalk guards, request assistance from Mark Barrett were leading a peaceful tree trimming detail within the demilitarized zone Aug. 18, 1976, when they were attacked and the military police for traffic control and publish murdered by North Korean troops. See Page 9 for related story. See School, Page 4Army returns land to Uijeongbu ahead of scheduleBy David McNally new fence about 50 meters from the old fence.Area I Public Affairs Higgins and Kim walked together over the new CAMP RED CLOUD, Republic of Korea — fence on a temporary staircase and symbolically liftedOfficials from the 2nd Infantry Division and the joined hands.Uijeongbu city government watched together Tuesday “We have the great opportunity to gather once againas heavy machinery knocked down part of the Camp as good neighbors,” Higgins said. “In our joint effortsRed Cloud fence. to work together to ensure the highway project could Army officials are turning over a significant segment continue as scheduled, the 2nd Inf. Div. and Area Iof land to the city nearly one year ahead of schedule. Support Activity directed the accelerated construction A 2003 agreement between Area I and the city on the new wall.”started a series of construction projects that will soon The mayor thanked the U.S. Army officials for theresult in a widened highway where the old fence once cooperation. “The 400,000 citizens of Uijeongbu willstood. never forget what Maj. Gen. Higgins did here today,” DAVID MCNALLY Maj. Gen. George A. Higgins, 2nd Infantry Division Kim said. Korean construction workers knock down part of the Campcommanding general, and Uijeongbu Mayor Kim Mun- Officials said the entire fence line project could be Red Cloud fence Tuesday as part of a road widening project.won, held a press conference along side the fence on completed as early as January 2006, nearly a yearthe future Highway 3 Bypass near Kyungmin College. Higgins said the city has grown near Camp Red earlier than expected. “Mayor Kim and the city leaders of Uijeongbu are Cloud over the years, and the road outside the gates The highway will grow from its current four lanesmanaging the growth of their wonderful city,” Higgins has become a busy, pivotal part of the Uijeongbu to eight.said. “With this growth comes expansion in every transportation network.direction.” Construction workers only recently completed a See Land, Page 4
    • 2 Aug. 26, 2005 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly Letters Easy questions, tough answers to the By Spc. Jennifer Fitts Army News Service BAGHDAD, Iraq — I’ve been of whether or not I agree with why she’s asking me. I love her enough to wear a or quantify. It’s almost impossible to truly dissect. I’ve been asked if I could find such Editor asked before what makes me stay in the Army through what will p r o b a b l y b e , i n i t s e n t i r e t y, a n uniform and to possibly give my life in her service. But there’s more to it than that. fulfilling camaraderie in another field, and I probably could, as long as certain parameters were met. My almost three-year separation from Over the years, I’ve tried putting alternative calling would have to beMedical care proves my husband, and I can’t seem to it in plain words, with various challenging, both physically andpleasant surprise explain it. degrees of success. emotionally, and would have toDear Editor, Why am I in the Army? I’m a patriot, yes, but it’s more involve things that should suck, but Living in a foreign country is a The simple answer might be than a deep and abiding love of my somehow, don’t.challenge even at the best of times, and it “patriotism.” My patriotism toward country and a need to give back to I’d require that my other callingis really nice to know that the people who the Army is the topic of this her somehow that keeps me enlisted involve daily “somethings” that,provide professional services here in commentary, but there’s so much in the Army. with rare exception, leave me dirty,Korea are so dedicated to providing the more to it than that. It’s not the pay; although for the tired and pissed off at stupid stuff,best possible service. My daughter gave Yes, I am a patriot. I love my first time in my adult life I am but still has me laughing my butt offbirth at the Hyosung Women’s Hospital in country and I’m proud of her. I’m totally out of debt and living more at the end of the day.Daegu Aug. 7, and I just wanted to say a not proud of everything that she’s than just barely above the poverty I could probably find that dreamfew words about the wonderful care she done, but I am proud of her as a level. job somewhere else, but I lovereceived and continues to receive. whole. I am proud of the ideals that It’s not the education benefits, Soldiers, like no one I’ve ever loved Her OBGYN doctor, Dr. Moon-Won my country stands for; proud of the since I earned them after my first before. They are, in my mind, mySong, has been physician, counselor and people who, whatever background enlistment. The GI Bill is a lovely family. I’ve been through so manyfriend to us since her initial visit to his they come from, stand beside me thing, but it’s not why I stay. things with other Soldiers. I’veoffice. He has made us feel welcome, secure and say “I’m an American.” I t ’s n o t t h e m e d i c a l c a r e been hurt by other Soldiers and alsoand confident in his ability since Day One, I’m proud of the country that my necessarily, since as a National held up by Soldiers when I thoughtand arrived at the hospital at 1:45 a.m. to great-grandparents risked their lives Guard member, I don’t get many I couldn’t take any more.make sure the delivery was as trauma free to come to, from Holland, from medical bennies when I’m not I’ve fallen in love with a Soldier,as possible. I think that medical France, from Poland and someone whopractitioners everywhere could look to Dr. from Russia. They saw a “I could probably find another dream understands the why, theSong as an example of exemplary service. The staff of Hyosung Hospital is just golden land, one where job somehere else, but I love Soldiers, like what and the how of theas dedicated and professional as Dr. Song. dreams grew wild in endless no one I’ve ever loved before.” A r m y, a n d I w o u l d n ’ tMy daughter and granddaughter received stretches of land. trade that for comparable to any top hospital in the I still see that original I’ve cried because ofUnited States. promise that brought them here. activated. my love of the Army and I’ve Nurses checked on their recovery I see those very same dreams, It’s the people – the Soldiers. The experienced anguished heartbreak,regularly, and whenever language became though there are days when those good, the bad and the indifferent. enduring personal sacrifices thata problem, they would phone one of the dreams don’t shine so brightly, and I t ’s t h a t h u m a n f a c t o r t h a t made me doubt my future in thedoctors to translate. The pediatrician I wonder if the “American Dream” reaches out, across backgrounds military.associated with the hospital, Dr. Kim, is a shadow that I’ve been told to and educations and lives, and binds I’ve laughed and cried and madevisited my daughter five times in the first chase with no hope of actually us together. friends who will be part of my life24 hours, to lay to rest any concerns that catching it. N o m a t t e r h o w f r a g i l e t h o s e until the day I die.she and my wife had concerning the baby. Then, the sun comes out again, bonds seem, they’re still there and So, yes, I am a patriot. The final amazing event was finding out and my dreams, so big that only a they’re everlasting. But the men and women in uniformwhat the bill was for the Saturday through land as vast as America could hold Get a group of people together beside me show me why I’m proudTuesday stay and associated care. Since t h e m , s h i m m e r i n t h e s u n l i k e and the Soldiers and veterans will of my country. My fellow Soldiersmy insurance is not billed directly here, I treasures scattered over mountains. congregate, usually trading “No remind me day in and day out why ithave to make payment in full and then I love my country. k i d d i n g , t h e r e I w a s ” s t o r i e s , is that I love America and why I staysubmit the claim to my insurance company. I love her with a fierce pride and peppered with obscure acronyms in the Army.Imagine my surprise when the check outbill came to less than $2,400. a p a s s i o n t h a t i s n ’ t a l w a y s and coarse language. For that, I thank them. There are always “scare stories” about explainable to someone who hasn’t I t ’s a u n i q u e l y s h a r e d s e t o f (Editor’s note: Spc. Jennifer Fittsforeign health care, but if the service we experienced that love. experiences, shared by individuals is an Army journalist with the 100threceived here is any indication of the entire I love my country enough to who are, forever afterward, part of MPAD. Her article first appeared insystem, I think that worry can be put to rest. answer her call, to put my civilian something bigger than themselves. the Marne Express, a weekly Robert Shelvock life on hold to respond to the burden It’s something that honestly defies newspaper for Task Force Baghdad Camp George she asks me to pick up, regardless my attempts to catalogue, classify and the 3rd Infantry Division. ) Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Director/P ector/Publisher Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from Area I Area III publication is the responsibility of the advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO including inserts or supplements, corrected. Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley AP 96205. CI Officer David McNally CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Staff Writer Spc. Stephanie Pearson Staff Writer Roger Edwards by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Area II Area IV advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ronald C. Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writers Sgt. Christopher Selmek CI Officer Galen Putnam available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Sgt. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pvt. Park Kwang-mo patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
    • Aug. 26, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 Bush: U.S. seeks ‘total victory’ over terrorists Air Force Ball By Gerry J. GilmoreThe inaugural Air Force Ball will be American Forces Press Serviceheld at 6 p.m., Sept. 15, at the Grand WASHINGTON -- U.S. serviceHyatt Hotel, Seoul. Tickets are $60 for members are fighting and sacrificing incivilians and military E-5 and above, Iraq because that country “is a central$45 for military E-4 and below. Dressfor the event is Mess Dress for military front in the war on terror,” President Bushpersonnel and formal wear for civilians. told Veterans of Foreign War membersThe ball will be hosted by Lt. Gen. gathered in Salt Lake City Monday.Garry R. Trexler, commander U.S. Air Terrorists want to “establish Taliban-Forces Korea. like regimes” in Iraq and other troubled areas of the Middle East, Bush explained USO Positions to VFW members at their annual Seek Applicants convention, in order to “turn that region USO Korea is seeking to fill two into a launching pad for more attacks”positions with their organization: against America and its allies.Director for Program and Marketing, Yet, “in all their objectives” the terroristsand an Information, Tickets and “will fail,” the president vowed.Tours manager. The overriding lesson provided by the The director for Programs and Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the PAUL MORSEMarketing would be responsible for United States is “we must confront After addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Salt Lake City, Presidentthe development, planning, threats before they fully materialize,” Bush chats with troops from the Utah National Guard Monday.implemen-tation and monitoring of all Bush asserted, noting that “a policy of know a free Iraq will deal a decisive process that involves “debate andprogram and marketing activities for blow to their strategy to achieve absolute compromise,” he noted, pointing out retreat and isolation” cannot protectUSO Korea, including development Americans from terrorists’ violence. power,” Bush said. that the U.S. constitution wasn’t easilyand coordination of country-wide Therefore, “the only way to defend Iraqis had experienced three decades written and adopted.and center-based outreach and our citizens where we live,” Bush of dictatorship under Saddam Hussein, As Iraqis continue to take on moreprogram activities, fundraising,advertising, media relations, grant maintained, “is to go after the terrorists the president pointed out, noting, “They responsibility for managing the day-to-writing and special events. The ITT where they live.” will not allow a new set of would-be day affairs of their nation, the U.S. andmanager would be responsible for Bush saluted today’s generation of tyrants to take control of their future.” its allies will “help them to takeplanning, developing, organizing, U.S. servicemembers, who, in defending Bush said more than 8 million Iraqis responsibility for their own security,”implementing and evaluating Korea- America and confronting terrorism voted in recent democratic elections. Bush said. American and Iraqi troops arewide tour and leisure programs. across the globe, are fighting “the first And despite ongoing insurgent violence, serving side by side and “working to Anyone intersted in either of war of the 21st century.” the Iraqis “are building a nation that defeat the terrorists together.”these positions may submit a cover And the only acceptable outcome for secures freedom for its citizens and As Iraqis gain more experience inletter and resume by e-mail to the war is “total victory” over the contributes to peace and stability in that fighting the insurgency, then Resumes terrorists, Bush said. region,” the president said. troops will stand down, Bush noted.may be mailed to USO Korea, PSC Terrorists want to transform Iraq The finished draft of a democratic Then, “our troops will come home with303, Box 53, APO AP 96204 “into what Afghanistan was under the national constitution will represent “a the honor they have earned,” he said. Taliban,” he noted. landmark event in the history of Iraq and The 1.8-million-member VFW was Master Sergeant And terrorists want to stop the spread the history of the Middle East,” he said. founded in 1899 and works on behalf Promotion Board of democracy in Iraq, “because they Crafting a constitution is an arduous of all military veterans and their families.The promotion board from Sergeant more resolve Iraqis take 3 more days to resolve constitutional issuesFirst Class to Master Sergeant willconvening Oct. 4.SFCs with a date of rank before Oct. 4,2003, and a BASD between Oct. 4, 1982, By Donna Miles midnight Monday, or 4 p.m. Eastern time.and Oct. 5, 1997, are eligible for selection American Forces Press Service Once the National Assembly approves the draft constitution,(79R with a BASD between Oct. 4, 1980 WASHINGTON – Iraq’s National Assembly accepted a draft it will be put to a national referendum by Oct. 15. If the Iraqi– Oct. 3, 1982, are also eligible). Those constitution Monday and took the next three days to review the people ratify the constitution, parliamentary elections will becompeting must have completed document and hammer out remaining differences before voting held by Dec. 15 to elect a permanent government. However, ifANCOC and have received at least a on it, the assembly spokesman announced Monday. any three of Iraq’s 18 provinces reject the draft constitution bysecret security clearance or a favorable Hajim al-Hassani announced just minutes before the day’s two-thirds or more, the constitution will be defeated.National Agency Check, Local Agency midnight deadline that the assembly had accepted the “Producing a constitution is a difficult process that involvesCheck and a credit check. Competitors document from the constitutional drafting committee. The debate and compromise,” President Bush acknowledgedalso must have a high school diploma move came over the objections of Sunni Arabs, who oppose during a speech earlier today at the Veterans of Foreign Wars’or a GED Equivalency. some provisions and have threatened to vote against it during National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. The presidentIn order to remain competitive, qualified the national referendum if the National Assembly approves noted that the 1787 U.S. Constitutional Convention “wasSFCs must ensure that their Enlisted the constitution in its current state, according to news reports. home to political rivalries and regional disagreements,” andRecords Brief, Official Military Key sticking points involve federalism, the distribution of that the document they ultimately produced “has beenPersonnel File, NoncommissionedOfficer’s Evaluation Report and military Iraq’s oil wealth and the role of Islam in the new government, amended many times are up to date and properly sent news reports said. Hassani reflected the “So Americansto the Enlisted Records and Evaluation Iraqi National Assembly’s goal of reflecting all Iraqis’ interests in the new “We salute their determination to lay understandfacing the challenges theCenter. Qualified SFCs should contacttheir S-1 or PSB for all assistance. constitution. the foundation for lasting democracy ...” framers of Iraq’s new “There is a determination by all parties President George W. Bush constitution,” Bush509th PSB Helpline that there should be a consensus among said. “We admire theirThe 509th Personnel Services Battalion all parties,” he said, noting that the thoughtful now offering a call-in service for assembly members “will try, God willing, to reach the consensus We salute their determination to lay the foundation for lastingpersonnel questions regarding over some of the points that are still outstanding.” democracy amid the ruins of a brutal dictatorship.”redeployment orders, promotions, Negotiators worked through the day to come up with a All Iraq’s main ethnic and religious groups cooperated inclearing and more. On post, call 550- compromise, but as the clock ticked toward midnight, they the project, with all making “the courageous choice to join4747. Off post or from a cell phone, call opted to deliver the draft constitution to the National the political process, ...(to) produce a constitution that reflects0505-724-4747. Assembly. The Iraqi Transitional Administrative Law had set the values and traditions of the Iraqi people,” the presidentThe line operates from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., an Aug. 15 deadline for the National Assembly to approve a said. A democratic constitution, once approved, “will be aMonday through Friday. draft constitution. However, the Iraqi parliament voted within landmark event in the history of Iraq and the history of the 20 minutes of that deadline to extend it by seven days, until Middle East,” he said.
    • Aug. 26, 20054 The Morning Calm WeeklySchool from Page 1articles warning the community of their morning and lunchtime hours whenreturn to school,” he said. vehicle traffic is already high — from A former Army first sergeant, 7:30 - 8:15 in the morning, 11:30 a.m.Shelburne has worked in public - 1 p.m. (lunch) and 2:15 - 3 the past 17 years — the last “The morning is the most dangerous,five as DoDDS-Korea safety officer. He due to it being during the peak trafficsaid the start of school each year is a period while students are arriving at thedangerous time because many drivers schools,” Shelburne said. “Lunch timeare not prepared for the increase in is second in the danger categoryvehicle and pedestrian traffic that the because of increased traffic flow, andreturn to classes brings. the afternoon is dangerous because that’s Adding to the potential for when the students are leaving school toaccidents is the fact that students are go home.” ADmost likely to be out of class and To help prevent accidents and towalking around post during the allow for increased traffic and possible delays, Shelburne suggested drivers allow for extra time getting from one place to another, or that they use alternate routes that take them around school zones during the three busiest periods each day. Shelburne also offered a list of “DOs” and DON’Ts” everyone can follow to make installation schools and roadways safer places, and to help DoDDS make this an accident-free school year: Do watch closely for school crossing GOES guards and obey their commands. Do slow down to 25 KPH in front of all schools. Do use designated crosswalks and pedestrian overpasses. Do be careful passing buses and vehicles that are unloading children. Don’t drop off children within marked bus loading/unloading zones. CHRISTOPHER SELMEKJacki Greaves-Latin puts up posters to Don’t drop off students withindecorate her homeroom. Greaves-Latin crosswalks or at intersections.instructs fundamentals of art, consumer Don’t let children get out on thescience and lodging management at Seoul roadside of your automobile. Don’t attempt to drive around traffic HEREAmerican High School. Classes begin at SAHSand other DoDDS schools begin Aug. 30. that has backed up in the vicinity of a crosswalk.Land from Page 1 “To do it properly, they need to take west side of post, near the golf coursea portion of the front of Camp Red ninth hole.Cloud,” said Lt. Col. William Huber, U.S. ! $1.8 million company operationsArmy Garrison, CRC commander. facility Huber said the biggest part of the ! $1.5 million AAFES Filling Stationbase to be returned is the southeast ! $900,000 bus and taxi stand, tocorner. be located near the commissary The city agreed to pay about $11 The project also includes $3 millionmillion in new construction costs needed for a new main gate to the rebuild facilities affected by the “It will be a state-of-the-art entrancereturn. facility,” Huber said. The Army and Air Force ExchangeService Filling Station, taxi stand, bus “Again, this will help Uijeongbu havestation, main gate and 2nd Inf. Div. Band the opportunity to continue constructionrehearsal building will move to make on their expansion project,” Higgins for the new fence and road. “I am very grateful that the hard work The new construction will include: by our Korean contractors has enabled ! $2.3 million band facility on the accelerated construction.” Let The Morning Calm Weekly work for you Have an item for The Morning Calm Weekly? Send story and photo submissions, comments and other items to Submissions may also be mailed to our offices at: The Morning Calm Weekly c/o IMA-KORO Public Affairs Unit #15742 APO AP 96205-5742 For all submitted items include a point of contact name and telephone number. Deadline for submission is close of business the Friday prior to the date the item is to be published. For information, call 738-3355.
    • Aug. 26, 2005 Page 5Joint Chiefs Chairman bids troops farewellEntertainers join Myers talked to the troops about teamwork. “The number-one thing that makes any singlefor international USO tour person successful is teamwork,” Sayers said.By Spc. Stephanie Pearson “Every yard I got -- whether it was two, 10 or 50Area I Public Affairs -- somebody helped me get there.” CAMP CASEY — The Chairman of the Joint Sayers added that it is especially important forChiefs of Staff bid Soldiers and airmen of Area I troops to act as a team.goodbye Sunday at Camp Casey as part of his “I played a game,” he said, “but what you dofarewell tour. out there is not a game.” To kick off the event, Air Force Gen. Richard B. Comedian Jeffrey Ross followed Sayers with aMyers joined 45 servicemen onstage, where he 30-minute stand-up performance that had theadministered the oath to re-enlist them. audience rolling in their seats. “It was outstanding, “Jeffrey Ross was my favoritegetting re-enlisted by part of the show,” said Spc. SonyaGen. Myers,” said Staff “It was outstanding getting re- Hackman, Headquarters andSgt. Todd Evans, enlisted by Gen. Myers ... I’ll Headquarters Company, Area I.Company B, 1st “It was probably one of the always remember it.”Battalion, 72nd Armor funniest comedy shows I’ve beenRegiment. “I’m on to. I was cracking up the wholeindefinite status now, so Todd Staff Sgt. Todd Evans time.”this was my last re- The final performance of theenlistment, and it’s one I’ll always remember.” evening was delivered by comedian Colin Quinn, a “We’re very proud of the commitment you all regular on Comedy Central and former Saturdayhave made,” said Maj. Gen. George A. Higgins, 2nd Night Live cast mate.Infantry Division commanding general, to those After the show, the performers took a fewwho took the oath. minutes to meet the troops, sign autographs and After the re-enlistment ceremony, Myers told the pose for pictures.gathered troops that he and his wife came to say “I had a good time,” Hackman said. “It wasthank you for all the servicemembers do. awesome that they took the time to come out and “We decided that, before we left office, we perform for us.”would travel around the world and shake as many The show was part of Myers’ farewell tour, and PHOTOS BY SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSONhands as we could, wherever people are serving,” a chance for him to travel around the world to assess Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard B. Myershe said. “If it weren’t for your presence here, it troop morale. The show has been to Kosovo, addresses the crowd at Carey Fitness Center Sunday.would be a different world we live in. So thank Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti, and stoppedyou, on behalf of all the Americans who, if they in Japan after performing two shows in Korea. Thecould be here, would say thankyou.” group will visit troops in Hawaii and Alaska before After Myers’ opening remarks, sportscaster and heading back to Washington, D.C.model Leeann Tweeden took the stage to introduce As the 15th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,National Football League Hall-of-Famer Gale Sayers. Myers serves as the principle military advisor to Sayers, a former Chicago Bears running back, the president of the United States, secretary of defense and National Security Council. He will retire from the Air Force in September. E-mail Right and below: During his 30-minute stand-up routine, Comedian Jeffrey Ross has the audience cracking up.Sportscaster and model Leeann Tweeden hands out USObandanas at the end of the show Sunday.
    • Aug. 26, 20056 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly property Soldiers can claim losses for property damage Division Staff Judge Advocate’s Office Soldier, such as a court-martial or Article it must be reduced to writing and signed Alcohol Restrictions 15, it could result in the Soldier receiving by the claimant within 10 calendar days. CAMP CASEY — Say a Soldier steals General Order No. 1 is in effect a reduction in pay or forfeiture of pay Any Army officer may receive that claim. his buddy’s compact disc player and through Sept. 3 for all U.S. and and allowances. If the claim appears cognizable, the trashes it. The owner of the CD player Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Proper claimants include civilians, SPCMCA must appoint an investigation can file the Article 139 claim against the Army Soldiers in Warrior Country. No servicemembers, business entities, officer to conduct an investigation. Soldier who stole it. alcohol will be consumed during this state, territorial, or local government, In order to recommend liability, the Article 139 of the Uniform Code of time. Officials said this restriction will and non-profit organizations. investigating officer must conclude Military Justice allows those who believe not apply to U.S. Air Force “Willful damage” is damage which that it is more likely that not that the they are the victims of a wrongful taking personnel, Department of Defense is inflicted intentionally, knowingly, claim is valid. or the willful damage of real or personal civilians or contractors. and purposefully without justifiable The investigating officer will obtain property committed by a Soldier to present their claim to the commander excuse. Accidental, thoughtless, or a legal review of his of her findings and Bowling Center Closure of that Soldier. inadvertent loss or damage caused by submit the findings to the approval The Camp Casey Bowling Center will A brigade commander can appoint a a Soldier’s negligent conduct is not authority for final action. The claim may be closed for maintenance Monday person to investigate the claim. The payable under Article 139. However, be approved in an amount equal to or and Tuesday. The center will reopen investigating officer then collects evidence conduct that shows a reckless less than the amount recommended by for business Wednesday. to make a finding if the claim should be disregard for the property rights of the investigating officer, provided the paid or not paid. others is a proper claim. “Wrongful amount does not exceed the limit of Labor Day Events After a legal review, the taking” is any unauthorized taking or their approval authority. Tito Puente Jr., the son of the famous commander can direct finance to withholding of property, with the Commanders who have questions latin star, will perform live at 7 p.m. withhold the money out of the intent to temporarily or permanently about 139 claims should initially Sept. 5 at Camp Casey. Find out more offender ’s pay. This process is deprive the owner or person lawfully consult with their trial counsel. about this salsa performer at http:// independent of any criminal process. in possession of the property. Servicemembers or other personnel If the claim is substantiated, the Claims for property taken through may contact Legal Assistance for commander can direct personnel at the larceny, forgery, embezzlement, advice concerning potential Article CRC Block Party finance office to pay the victim directly misappropriation, fraud, or similar 139 claims. After initial consultation, Celebrate Labor Day at Camp Red from the wrongdoer’s pay. conduct are normally recognized as you may contact the Claims Office at Cloud with live bands, food booths, Legal officials said it is important to proper claims under Article 139. 732-6017 to obtain the appropriate a chili cook-off, door prizes, a Tae note an Article 139 claim should never be A claim must be submitted within 90 claims forms and instructions to file Kwon Do demonstration, sporting delayed because criminal charges arising days of the incident that gave rise to it, the claim. events and inflatable games. Events from the same incident are pending. unless good cause for delay is shown. The Camp Casey Claims Office may start at noon Sept. 5 near Mitchells In fact, if action is taken against a The claim may be submitted orally but be reached at 730-1910. Sports Grill. Volunteer of the Quarter New service number speeds repair orders The Quarter and Volunteer Unit of the Area I Public Affairs customer with a date and time for repair. Quarter for May-August 2005 CAMP RED CLOUD — The Area I Department of If the appliance is unserviceable, the contractor will nomination forms are available at any Logistics now provides on-call service for inoperable direct exchange the item. Army Community Service reception washers, dryers, refrigerators and gas ranges in all units The service line will be available 9 a.m.—5 p.m. desks. Submission deadline is not and bachelor enlisted and officers quarters. Monday—Friday, and will be closed for U.S. and Korean later than Aug. 31. Take the time to Customers with broken or improperly operating holidays. nominate your military folks for going equipment should notify the call officer, who will Most calls will be completed within 24 hours, but not beyond their normal call of duty or coordinate with the contractor for service. later than 72 hours from the time the call was placed. for civilians who are volunteering When placing a work order, callers must identify their Units requiring support must contact the Area I call their time to help others in Area 1 unit, location, building number, item description and serial officer, So Hye-won, at 732-7648. organizations. For information, call number, and leave point-of-contact information with a DSN For assistance or information, call Sgt. Lee Parker at 732-7277. phone number. The contractor will then contact the 732-7332. Commissary Case Lot Sale Warrior kids huddle up All Area I commissaries will hold a case lot sale Sept. 10-11. Check your local commissary for times, or visit Power Outage Scheduled A power outage is scheduled for 1 - 1:15 a.m. Sept. 10-11 for maintenance. The outage will affect all of camps Casey, Mobile and Nimble. Incheon Shuttle Service The Camp Red Cloud Incheon Express Shuttle now departs CRC at 7:05 a.m. instead of at 6 a.m. Safety Training The Safety Certification Class for additional duty unit safety officers PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLY and noncommissioned officers will Raymond Yam, 12 (right) looks out to his fellow Camp Adventurors, while Lt. Col. William Huber huddles Aug. 19 with a group of kids. be at Building S-1504, Camp Casey, Huber, the U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud commander, wanted the second-year Camp Adventure attendees to choose two at 1 p.m. the second and fourth Friday campers for special recognition at the finale luncheon at the CRC Community Activity Center. About 40 children from the Camp of each month. For information call Adventure program joined with local kids from the International Christian School for a lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. Huber also 730-4234. thanked the two camp counselors, Stephanie Healy and Nathan Joyce, for their work during the six-week program, which started June 20 in Area I.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Aug. 26, 2005 7 PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY The Patriot (center) puts a move on the Milwaukee Mauler as referee Scotty McKiever looks on Sunday at the World WrestlingWarriors react to the wrestlers’ antics Sunday. Association exhibition at the Camp Stanley Physical Fitness Center. took him down and rolled him around the ring like a beach ball. Ricci retained her title belt when they wrestled to a time limit draw. The crowd was well-oiled for the final match, which Eick had earlier predicted.By David McNally The master of ceremonies told the crowd the finaleArea I Public Affairs would be, “hardcore.” He said there were no rules CAMP STANLEY — The gym here turned sticky and to watch as about 300 Soldiers piled in Sunday night for an Soon the Barbarian, at 295 pounds and 6’2”, hadevening of entertainment from the World Wrestling his enemy in his sights. Krash was no easy victoryAlliance. though. As the giants tumbled out of the ring, Soldiers The Armed Forces Entertainment show is on an scrambled from the bleachers. Krash smashed the Wrestler Allison Danger bares her teeth while grappling her18-day tour of U.S. Military installations in the Pacific. Barbarian’s head against the gymnasium wall and opponent Venus. A busload of Warrior Country fans came from as wound up tumbling down the bleachers himself. A crowd favorite, thefar as Camp Hovey for the two-hour exhibition of The crowd was getting pumped up as the Barbarian made aprofessional wrestling at the Camp Stanley Physical orchestrated violence turned ugly. The Barbarian threw grand entrance forFitness Center. Krash into tables, picked up folding chairs and cheering fans. For Capt. Eric Eick, Company B, Special Troops smashed them on his opponent. Krash retaliated byBattalion, the show was right up his alley. stealing a bass guitar from an Elvis impersonator in “I’ve been following professional wrestling since the audience (it was a wild gathering) and slapping itthe 1980s,” he said. “The wrestlers to watch tonight against the backside of the Barbarian.are the Barbarian and Krash.” The crowd came to their feet chanting for the That just happened to be the show finale match- Barbarian.up, but before the crowds got on their feet for that When the smoke cleared, the Barbarian defeatedevent, they were entertained with four other matches. Krash. First up, the Volcano Kid erupted on Dave Duponte. For true wrestling fans like Eick, the evening ofThe crowd was just starting to get into the volley of entertainment proved to be a success. His smile wasinsults and showmanship when the Volcano Kid, a big enough to be introduced as evidence in a court of300-pound Hawaiian monstrosity, put down his law.contender. “It was great,” he said. The next match featured two female wrestlers, Tom Reeder, WWA president, was thankful for theVenus versus Allison Danger. The two women passed opportunity to bring his wrestlers to U.S. Militaryinsults and taunts. Danger even looked fearful during audiences in the Pacific.the first minutes of the competition, but soon she “We enjoy doing it,” he said. “It’s all about thecame away victorious. troops.” In the third match, the Milwaukee Mauler taunted Over the years, Reeder has put together manythe crowd before his silent masked competitor, The wrestling exhibitions for stateside military audiencesPatriot, entered the ring. Predictably, the stars and as well as AFE shows in the Pacific and the Middlestripes wearing Patriot was declared victor at the end East. “When I go home, people ask me if all the travelof the battle. Referee Scotty McKiever tried his best to remain was exciting,” he said. “I tell them what was excitingabove the fray, but in the fourth wrestling match of was the chance to entertain my heroes.”the night wrestlers Christie Ricci and Brandi Wine E-mail
    • Aug. 26, 2005 Page 9Yongsan drivers beware;School starts TuesdayArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN — School starts Aug. 30at Yongsan and drivers should be awareof children crossing streets, getting on andoff school buses and playing outside onthe way to school and back. According to the Area II Safety Office,pedestrian-vehicle injuries are a leadingcause of death for children ages 5 to 14. Here are some back-to-school safetytips for both drivers and pedestrians: Be familiar with school zones. Get inthe habit of noticing where school zonesand crosswalks are on routes that you CPL. SEO KI-CHULnormally take. Accidents, includingpedestrian accidents, are far more likely to Robert Murray, commander, Veterans of Foreignoccur locally on routes that drivers are PHOTOS BY SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK Wars Post 8180, places the national flag in Honor guards stand at attention Aug. 18 during the Bonifas-Barrett Memorial Ceremony. remembrance of fallen Soldiers.familiar-and thus overly comfortable with. Stop for school bus lights. Always stopfor school buses with the flashing yellowhazard lights. Drivers approaching the bus Area pays respect to fallen officersmust come to a full stop for the duration VFW post hosts ceremony Army War Memorial as rain fell on Yongsan. “Having served 30 years in the military,that the hazard lights are on. Obey crossing guards. Disobeying a for 18th year observance Among the solemn servicemembers and when I think of men killed just doing theircrossing guard could get you in some serious former servicemembers who laid flowers duty, it fills me with sadness,” said Murray. By Sgt. Christopher Selmek and other mementoes at the base of the “At the same time, it fills me with pride thattrouble. Remember that driving on major Area II Public Affairs memorial was Brig. Gen. H.T. they were Soldiers ‘til the very end.”streets where crossing guards andcrosswalks are observed is safer than taking YONGSAN — Two U.S. Soldiers Landwermeyer Jr., director of the Eighty-eight other Americans and 377"short-cut" side streets where children may murdered by North Koreans during an Installation Management Agency-Korea Republic of Korea Soldiers have also madebe unattended. incident at the Demilitarized Zone 29 years Region Office. the supreme sacrifice in defense of Anticipate the worst. The speed and ago were remembered Aug. 18 at a Yongsan “As many have said before, freedom isn’t freedom and democracy since the 1953distance away of oncoming cars is more memorial ceremony. free,” said Landwermeyer during a speech Korean War armistice.difficult for young children to judge. Always Then Capt. Arthur Bonifas and 1st Lt. at the memorial. “It bears a heavy price andanticipate the chance that a small child may Mark Barrett were leading a peaceful tree for any people lasts only as long as we are E-mail in front of you by slowing down and trimming detail within the demilitarized zone willing to go in harms way in its defense,preparing to brake. Aug. 18, 1976, wherever Be careful around parked vehicles. when they “Having served 30 years in the that may take were, without us. TheBe especially careful in areas with parked provocation or military, when I think of men killed aggressionvehicles on the side of the road. Childrenwaiting to cross may be especially difficult warning, just doing their duty, it fills me with and brutalityto see behind parked sport-utility vehicles. attacked by a sadness. At the same time, it fills committed superior force Headlights on. Drive with headlights of axe and pike me with pride that they were tagainst aitree rimm ngon in areas with children and pedestrians.The AAA says that the use of headlights wielding North Soldiers ‘til the very end.” party on thiscan reduce pedestrian accidents by about Korean troops Robert Murray, VFW post commander day in ’76 is25 percent. and massacred, a poignant Do Not use cell phones when according to Grant Stombaugh, announcer reminder of the ultimate sacrifice oftendriving. Cell phones are a known and member of Bonifas-Barrett Post 8180, required to maintain our freedoms.”distraction. Never use hand-held or Veterans of Foreign Wars, which hosted the “Even today, some ask ‘is it worth it,’”hands-free cell phones while driving remembrance ceremony. Landwermeyer continued. “Well, I tell you Bonifas was promoted posthumously to without a doubt, freedom’s price is very Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr., director of theespecially in school zones or areas with Installation Management Agency-Korea Regionchildren. The same goes for activities that the rank of major and Barrett was promoted much worth the liberties protected. And I to captain after the incident that took the would warn those who might use armed Office, stands at attention at the beginning of thedistract the driver, such as changing CDs, ceremony before walking to the podium to deliverlooking at notes and reading maps. Korean peninsula to the brink of war. force in an attempt to rob those liberties According to the U.S. Forces Korea Web from the citizens of Korea, to realize the a speech. Avoid reversing. Try to avoidreversing your vehicle in areas with site, the United States initiated “Operation resolve of this great alliance to stand firm inchildren. It is more difficult to see short Paul Bunyan,” the largest tree cutting our commitment.”children and attend to your cars blind operation in history following the attack. After flowers were laid, the 8th U.S.spots while reversing. Operation forces consisted of security Army Honor Guard fired a rifle salute and Dont speed. Remember that the speed battalion forces, 30 combat engineers, 50 Spc. Jacob Imlay, 20, from Zanesville, Ohio,limit in most school zones during school Republic of Korea Special Forces martial played taps. The 2nd Infantry Divisiontimes or when children are present is 15 arts experts and B-52s from the nearby USS bandsman, not born when Bonifas andmiles per hour. Bad weather or areas with Midway carrier battle group flying just south Barrett were slain at the DMZ, said helimited visibility will require a lower speed. of the military demarcation line. After several learned the day before who the ceremonyYour visibility to pedestrians, your ability days of tension between the opposing sides, was for. He arrived in Korea June see them and your stopping distance the North Korean government issued a Robert Murray, who commands theall may be greatly impaired by weather or statement that the murders were “regretful.” VFW post named for the fallen Soldiers, Maj. John Sweeney lays flowers at the base ofroad conditions, so follow common sense The 18th annual ceremony drew a small discussed what the remembrance the 8th U.S. Army War Memorial to pay respectand slow down. but respectful crowd to the Eighth U.S. meant to him. to the two fallen officers.
    • 10 Aug. 26, 2005Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyNew motorcycles bought for safety course By Cpl. Seo Ki-chul $10,358. Area II Public Affairs “Just two months ago, we had YONGSAN — The Driver only six used motorcycles and 10 Training Office has purchased six used mopeds for those attending the new motorcycles and painted the course,” said Area II Support motorcycle safety course riding A c t i v i t y Mo t o r c y c l e Tr a i n i n g track to comply with Motorcycle Instructor Joseph Lee, from the Safety Foundation standards. Directorate of Logistics In cooperation with the Area II Transportation Division. “The Safety and Occupational Health office, Korean ‘Daystar ’ turns out to be the Driver Testing Office bought the very cost-effective and reliable.” new Korean 125 cc Daystar New training materials have also motorcycles for use by course been purchased. participants. The motorcycles cost Kelii Bright, Area II Support Activity installation transportation officer said the additions offer a h i g h e r q u a l i t y, s a f e t y - o r i e n t e d PHOTOS BY CPL. SEO KI-CHUL product for customers. Joseph Lee, Area II Support Activity motorcycle training instructor from the Directorate of Logistics “The new motorcycles are nice to Transportation Division, gives guidance during the pre-ride safety inspection. have, but the material, training was actually relocated and riders alike, especially new riders who exercises and Motorcycle Safety redesigned to the new standards. need a lot of practice based on Foundation standard training range will Bright said customers can bring fundamentals of motorcycle operation more likely save lives in the long run,” their own motorcycles for both the and safety.” said Bright. “Maintaining the highest basic and experienced rider courses. Anyone who desires to operate quality of training ensures the rider is “We recommend riders bring their motorcycles or mopeds on a public better able to respond appropriately in own motorcycles to the Basic Rider street or highway should pass the life-and-death situations.” Course,” said Bright. “For the written and skill test authorized by In addition to the new Experienced Rider Course, it is U.S. Forces Korea. motorcycles, the existing track for mandatory.” The safety course must be training was re-painted to meet Those without their own successfully completed before the updated Motorcycle Safety motorcycle can use one of the new operation of any motorcycle. All licensed Foundation requirements. cycles bought for the basic course. motorcycle riders in Korea must attend “The MSF redesigned their Basic One rider said he was pleased with refresher training consisting of Rider and Experienced Rider the opportunity. Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses, which required us to “The newly purchased motorcycle Experienced Rider Course curriculum increase the size of our training is nice and easy to maneuver,” said every three years in compliance with facility, including its basic design one of the trainees, Capt. John USFK Regulation 190-1, Bright said. Gienelli Victa, one of the trainees at the motorcycle and obstacle course,” said Bright. Tiedeman, who commands Company For registration or information, call safety course, conducts a pre-ride safety To e n s u r e c u s t o m e r s w e r e A, 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Joseph Lee at 738-4592 or 5568. inspection before operating a motorcycle on the offered the most current safety Regiment. “The newly painted course newly painted riding track Aug. 18. training, the motorcycle training area is good for beginners and experienced E-mal policy revised for Area II By Sgt. Christopher Selmek under the old regulation. Area II Public Affairs “Some motorcyclists were just YONGSAN — A revised safety policy wearing a belt looped over their issued by the Area II Support Activity shoulder, which does absolutely nothing commander maintains many of the same for their visibility in the daylight,” he regulations as the previous policy, but said. “The whole goal is to make with a few notable changes. everybody more visible in all conditions The policy applies to joggers, to all types of traffic.” bicyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers, Area II Deputy Provost Marshal Maj. motorcyclists and operators of non- Charles Chang said there will be a motorized vehicles. campaign to educate the public. Among Area II Command Policy 10- “This policy has been there in the 1’s most notable changes are an increased past, but it has not necessarily been emphasis on the importance of reflective well understood by the community,” vests and a clarification of just what said Chang. “We’re trying to make PHOTOS SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK qualifies as a reflective vest. people more aware of the policies, so BY Reflective vests are required not only we will run some campaigns Eighth U.S. Army Safety’s Tommy Penrose demonstrates proper wear of the safety vest. The for motorcyclists, but for bicyclists, throughout the year.” safety vest must cover a backpack. joggers and virtually any type of exercise. “We are now requiring the wearing of be called a second violation policy. I think “I see a lot of kids out riding that are “The last policy said the same thing reflective vests for just about everything,” it will make everyone a little safer.” not wearing helmets,” said Hyska. “This about requiring vests, but now we are said Hyska. “Whether your riding, jogging, The policy also requires people not rule is for your safety. Bicyclists, no specifically not allowing sleeves or belts,” skateboarding, rollerblading; if you’re to use headphones while driving or matter what their age, must wear said Jeffrey Hyska, Area II safety and doing anything in any type of vehicle, you walking, including tiny “earbuds” that helmets and reflective vests.” occupational health manager. “We need to have a vest on.” have become popular, according to Area II Command Policy 10-1, require a trans-reflective color during the “I see an awful lot of joggers in the Hyska. These can distract a driver from changed in relation to U.S. Forces day and reflective materials such as housing area who don’t wear any type the road and increase the likelihood of Korea Regulation 190-1, Motor Vehicle orange or green road guard vests.” of reflective clothing, so it’s very difficult having an accident. Traffic Supervision, which was revised Hyska said that the new policy was to see them sometimes,” said Chang. Another safety requirement that has earlier this year. necessary to correct unsafe acts that “Our policy is going to be to remind not changed is the necessity of all were still technically within policy family members and civilians, what could bicyclists to wear helmets. E-mail
    • Area IIThe Morning Calm Weekly 11 Aug. 26, 2005 Service Corps conducts mobilization exercise By Sgt. Park Jin-woo familiarization, NBC training and map Area II Public Affairs reading. YONGSAN — Two Area II Korean Training alongside the KSC were Service Corps companies, the 9th and 19th Republic of Korea Army Reserve KSC companies, joined the annual Seoul officers. When the KSC is fully mobilized, Mobilization Exercise 2005 Aug. 16 - 18 the reserve officers will become at an elementary school near K-16 Air Base. company commanders and platoon The KSC Battalion consists of Korean leaders, with the current KSC National employees providing logistics, commanders serving as assistant supply, transportation and other support company commanders. activities at Area II and other installations “The exercise also gives an opportunity throughout the Republic of Korea. for a meeting between the ROKA Reserve The three-day exercise prepares for the officers and their company members,” mobilization of civilian reservists who would said Garrett. “Also, the tenant units who join U.S. military units to assist them in times will be receiving KSC personnel get a PHOTOS BY SGT. PARK JIN WOO of crisis. During mobilization KSC forces chance to brief these companyLt. Col. Paquin, Korean Service Corps commander, briefs area and group commanders on the may swell from 2,200 to 35,000 people. commanders about their units.”in-processing of mobilized KSC civilians. If national mobilization orders are ever On the second day of the exercise, the issued, KSC personnel will report to KSC invited area and group commanders mobilization points and join the corps to to help further their understanding on the be sent to different units around the capabilities and requirements of the KSC peninsula. and to show the process mobilization. “In the event of [crisis] we would “There is always room for mobilize civilians who have been issued improvements and we have had the orders to join the Corps,” said Sgt. Maj. chance to discuss some of those and Henry Garrett, KSC sergeant major. “Our things we need to put more emphasis on job is to turn those civilians into military and additional resources,” said Col. so they could go out and support U.S. William Kidd, 8th U.S. Army chief of Above: 1st Lt. Lee Jin-sik, Republic of Korea units.” staff. “But also I am very impressed with Army Reserve officer, inspects the equipment The mobilized civilians go through in- the efforts, the planning and the thought and gear he will be issued when the time for processing, receiving gear such as processes that the KSC has put into this mobilization comes. protective masks, NBC equipment, as well as the mobilized ROK Army that Left: 1st Lt. Lee Keun-suk tries on the U.S. identification tags and Geneva Convention are in support of this operation.” standard issue protective mask to compare it cards. They also receive training as to the ROKA issue masks. needed on first aid, weapons E-mail Ad goes here
    • Aug. 26, 200512 Area II a decrease in available appointments in The Morning Calm Weekly certain specialties through Monday. The Emergency Room will remain open. For Free Concert offered Sept. 7 School Crosswalk information, call 737-6890. The Korean American Association is MWR buses will be available to transport Volunteers Needed sponsoring a concert of the Korean personnel from Yongsan Main Post to theVolunteers are needed to serve as school Fall Bible Study Symphony Orchestra for United Nations Seoul Arts Center and return. Round-tripcrosswalk guards. Times are 7:15 – 8:05 a.m., Protestant Women of the Chapel is Command, Combined Forces Command bus fare is $3 per person. Personnelnoon – 1 p.m. and 2 – 3 p.m. For information, kicking-off the new year with fall Bible and U.S. Forces Korea members and planning to ride the bus to the concertcall Les Toth at 738-5153. study, starting 9 – 11:15 a.m. families, 8 p.m. Sept. 7 at the Concert Hall must pay for bus tickets in advance. Bus Wednesday at South Post Chapel. in the Seoul Arts Center. Advance tickets may be purchased no later than Sept. School Registration Please join us for a time of worship, reservations required. To reserve free 2 at the Multi-Game Room InformationParents may register their elementary, fellowship and Bible study. Evening concert tickets, call 723-4685 by Desk, 723-3291, located in the Moyermiddle and high school students at the Bible study begins at 6 p.m. Thursday. Wednesday. Free tickets may be picked Community Services Center, YongsanSchool Registration Office in room 121 For information, call 795-4073. up at the USFK Community Relations Main Post. The buses will depart from Moyerof the Community Service Building, Office, Bldg. 2514, Yongsan Main Post in at 6:45 p.m. and return at about 10:30 p.m.Bldg. 4106. A birth certificate or AFSC Welcome front of Balboni Theater Sept. 2 and 6. MWR will not refund unused bus tickets.passport and a shot record are required The American Forces Spouses’ Club willto register kindergarten and first-grade host a Welcome and Activities Sign-up or call 724-8556. Fall Softball Leaguestudents. Command sponsorship or 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Dragon Hill A preseason tournament will be heldother eligibility documentation must Lodge. Please join us for our annual Labor Day Jam Sept. 3–5. League play will beginalso be presented for all students, membership drive, enjoy light The Brothers of Lambda Xi Chapter, Sept. 10. For information, call 736-depending upon military service refreshments and learn more about the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. will 7746 or 736-4032.affiliation or employment status. For AFSC and your Yongsan Community. For host a Labor Day Jam 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.information, call Mr. Kim at 738-7707. information, call 738-5311. Sept. 4 in the Naija Ballroom. Tickets Commander’s Hotline cost $15 in advance and $20 at the Area II residents who have questions or Hannam Bike Rodeo Labor Day Block Party door. Proceeds go towards providing comments for the Area II commander canA Bike Rodeo for youths ages five - There will be a Labor Day Block Party money for scholarships and other voice them by e-mailing15 will be held 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. noon – 6 p.m. Sept. 4, in front of Moyer community service projects. For or bySaturday at Hannam Village. The Community Services Center and Main information, call 010-8697-7836. calling will include bike maintenance Post Club. For information, call 738-5254.and safety tips, an obstacle course, Soccer and Football News and Notes Deadlinesa bike race, and a raffle of two Filipino-American League Deadline for submission to News andbicycles. Participants will receive a Get Together The deadline to enter the Area II Notes is Friday prior to the next week’scertificate of completion and be A “Get Together” of Filipino-Americans Intramural Soccer and the Area II publication. Announcements will beeligible for prizes. For information, in Korea will be held 1 – 6 p.m. Sept. 4 at Intramural Flag Football Leagues is Sept. published on a first-come, first-servedcall the Drug Abuse Resistance Picnic Area one and two on South Post. 5. Coaches meetings will be held at the basis. Submit items for publication toEducation office at 724-4290. This is a pot luck picnic with music, games Collier Field House at 1 p.m. Sept. 6 for Each and food. Bring your families, friends and soccer and at 2 p.m. on the same day for announcement should include who, what, Hospital Partial Closure guests and meet new friends. For flag football. Both leagues start Sept.10. when, where and a point-of-contact phoneThe 121st General Hospital will experience information and to register, logon to For information, call 736-4032. number. For information, call 738-7352. Ad goes here
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 26, 2005 13Options abound for overcoming personal debtBy Capt. Dave Goscha Create a budget and stick to it. Do not impulse- service and/or a DMP wisely, it could keep you fromYongsan Legal Assisatnce buy with credit and do not create new debt. You filing bankruptcy. If you are spending more money than you are cannot get out of a hole that you are continually Declaring Bankruptcyearning each month, if your bills have put you in a digging. If you are considering buying something For some, there is no other alternative to debtplace where you are living from paycheck-to-paycheck, on credit, put it in your shopping cart for an hour relief but declaring bankruptcy. In 2004, 1.6 millionand if you are only able to make the minimum monthly and walk around while thinking about your budget. people filed for bankruptcy. The individualpayments on your debts each month, then you need Once you decide to put the item back, your budget consumer’s ability to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcyhelp with reducing — and eventually eliminating — and your cardiovascular health will thank you. relief (liquidation) has been significantly effectedyour debt load. There are several practical steps you Alternatively, you can leave your credit card where by recent updates in the law. Those new laws willcan take to begin your journey to financial freedom. you cannot incur debt on an impulse. go into effect Oct. 17.For some, however, bankruptcy may be the only way If you continue to have difficulty managing your The most prominent change in the law is thatto gain a financial fresh start. debts, contact your creditors directly and negotiate individual creditors whose income is over theirTips for Reducing Debts your accounts with them. Do not wait for them to state’s median income (taken from Census Bureau For those burdened by consumer debt, the best turn your account over to a debt collector. Be information) must file a Chapter 13 bankruptcysolution is to roll your credit cards or consumer proactive by explaining your circumstances to (reorganization) instead of a Chapter 7. Ordinarily,debts over to a low-interest credit card or a personal those who you owe money to. Approach them with a Chapter 13 reorganization plan pays off yourloan from your bank or credit union. Pay the one a repayment plan that will work within your budget. debts over 3-5 years.debt down as quickly as you can. This debt If your creditors will not work with you on your Under the new law, if the debtor’s income is overreduction plan only works if you pay more than the terms, you can contact a credit counseling service. the state median, that person will have to file a five-minimum payment on the consolidated debt and if Do not confuse these services with debt year debt repayment plan. Furthermore, the amountyou destroy or restrict your ability to use the lines consolidation businesses. Consumer credit services of your pay that the plan will allow you to retainof credit that were freed up by your balance transfer. are non-profit organizations that are usually licensed for living expenses will be dictated by a schedule Live a modest lifestyle. Live like you were by a state, and/or certified by the Better Business of IRS-allowed expenses, rather than your actualreceiving the base minimum pay afforded by the Bureau. living expenses.Department of Defense. The majority of the They usually offer free debt counseling and Most Soldiers’ incomes do not approach the markbonuses, AIP, separation pay and Cost of Living management courses. They may offer to set up a where they will be forced into a Chapter 13Allowance you receive while you serve in Korea Debt Management Plan for you. Under a DMP, you bankruptcy. For those who must seek relief fromshould be put toward getting out of debt. This will will substitute paying your creditors with paying the bankruptcy courts, they are still able to use thehelp relieve “CONUS Shock Syndrome,” which is the credit service one monthly amount. The service force of federal law in order to gain a fresh financiala condition caused when receiving your first then negotiates with your creditors in order to get start. However, debtors must consider that filingpaycheck after returning to the United States. them to accept a portion of that single payment. bankruptcy will negatively impact their ability to To live modestly, you must realize that your value Before entering into a DMP, ensure that the obtain credit for several a person does not come from what you own. service you employ is non-profit, is licensed, has Savvy debt reduction strategies, though, can giveBuying and owning things should never be your a good reputation and offers free services without you effective debt relief without the drawbacks ofsource of self worth. any commitments. If you use a credit counseling filing a bankruptcy.
    • Aug. 26, 200514 The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 26 - Sept. 1 War of the War of the Dukes of Dukes of Herbie: Fully Herbie: Fully Update PG World PG-13 World PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Loaded G Loaded G Batman Begins House of Wax Mr. & Mrs. No Show Land of Land of Update PG PG-13 PG-13 Smith PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R The Stealth Stealth War of the No Show No Show No Show Honeymooners PG-13 PG-13 World PG-13 PG-13 Dukes of Dukes of Dukes of War of the War of the Bewitched Update PG Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 World PG-13 World PG-13 PG-13 The Stealth Batman Begins No Show No Show No Show No Show PG-13 Honeymooners PG-13 PG-13 The Perfect Man Dukes of Bewitched Bewitched Dukes of War of the Update PG PG Hazzard PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 World PG-13 The Island The Island Bewitched No Show No Show No Show Update PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13Bewitched -- When The Perfect Man Deuce Bigalow: Land of the Dead The Dukes of Hazzard War of the WorldJack accidentally runs into Holly conceives the perfect European Gigolo -- In a modern-day world where Bo and Luke Duke, who with Ray is a working class manIsabel, he becomes plan for the perfect man— an Deuce Bigalow is seduced the walking dead roam, the the help of their eye-catching living in New Jersey. He’sconvinced she could play the imaginary secret admirer who back to his unlikely pleasure- living try to lead “normal” lives cousin Daisy and moonshine- estranged from his family, hiswitch Samantha in his new TV will romance her mother Jean for-pay profession, when his behind the walls of a fortified running Uncle Jesse, try and life isn’t in order, and he’s tooseries. Isabel is also taken and boost her shaky self- former pimp T.J. Hicks is city. Outside the city walls, an save the family farm from caught up with himself. Butwith Jack, seeing him as the esteem. When the virtual implicated in the murders of army of the dead is evolving. being destroyed by Hazzard the unthinkable and,quintessential mortal man relationship takes off, Holly Europe’s greatest gigolos. Inside, anarchy is on the rise. County’s corrupt ultimately, the unexpectedwith whom she can settle finds herself having to Deuce must go back to work With the very survival of the city commissioner Boss Hogg. happens to him in andown and lead the normal life produce the suitor, borrowing in order to clear his good at stake, a group of hardened Their efforts constantly find extraordinary sense. His smallshe so desires. It turns out her friend’s charming and friend’s name. Along the way, mercenaries is called into the “Duke Boys” eluding town life is shaken violently bythey’re both right—but in handsome Uncle Ben as the he must compete against the action to protect the living from authorities in “The General the arrival of destructiveways neither of them ever face behind the e-mails, notes powerful European Union of an army of the dead. Lee,” their famed 1969 intruders: Martians which haveimagined. and gifts. Holly must resort to prosti-dudes and court orange Dodge Charger that come enmasse to destroy increasingly desperate another bevy of abnormal keeps them one step ahead Earth. measures to keep the ruse female clients including the of the dimwitted antics of the alive and protect her mom’s beautiful Eva, who suffers small southern town’s Sheriff newfound happiness, almost from acute obsessive- Coltrane. missing the real perfect man compulsive disorder. when he does come along. Unleashed R Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Crash R No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 Deuce Bigalow: Deuce Bigalow: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo European Gigolo European Gigolo War of the War of the Bewitched Update PG R World PG-13 World PG-13 PG-13 R R Dukes of Land of Land of The Perfect The Perfect No Show Update PG Hazzard PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R Man PG Man PG Deuce Bigalow: The Perfect War of the War of the Herbie: Fully No Show Update PG European Gigolo Man PG World PG-13 World PG-13 Loaded G R Deuce Bigalow: Deuce Bigalow: Deuce Bigalow: Bewitched Bewitched Bewitched Update PG European Gigolo European Gigolo European Gigolo PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R R R Deuce Bigalow: Update PG The Pacifier The Pacifier Cinderella Man Cinderella Man Batman Begins European Gigolo PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG R The The The War of the War of the War of the Update PG Honeymooners Honeymooners Honeymooners World PG-13 World PG-13 World PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13
    • Aug. 26, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly 15God shows us how Area IV Worship Services Protestantto love unconditionally Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll Camp HialeahBy Chaplain (Capt.) Steve H. Shin 10:45 a.m. until he gives his love. Our human love728th Military Police Battalion may be rejected. Except for few of you, 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker How can we understand God’s love? some of us received rejection, once, Apostolic 1 p.m. Camp HialeahTo find out, we turn to the Bible, God’s twice or even more. God’s faithfulness overcomes rejection. If God has chosen Collective 10:30 a.m. Camp Henrylove letter to his children. I would like forus to apply this knowledge to loving our you to receive his love, you will receive 12:45 p.m. Camp Walkerspouse, children and others. his love. 1 p.m. Camp Carroll When you “fall in love,” you don’t How does God love you? He loveshold back feelings, emotions, money or you mercifully. He loves you mercifully Korean Wednesday 7 p.m. Camp Walkertime. God also does not hold back when in that he doesn’t discriminate. This Sunday 6 p.m. Camp Hialeahit comes to showing blessing of lifehis love. When God isn’t just for Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Carroll“gave his one and only “God’s love produces a Jews, the rich, CatholicSon,” he sent him from result that is perfect in every theubeautiful, ttheheaven to earth and for ed cated, he Mass Wednesday 6:15 p.m. Camp Walkerhim to die on the cross. aspect ...” religious; but for people of all Sunday 9 a.m. Camp WalkerT h a t ’s truly notholding back anything. nationalities. It’s 9 a.m. Camp Hialeah It is also a love that isn’t conditional. for people of all kinds of backgrounds 11:30 a.m. Camp CarrollIt is an unconditional love. We are more and occupations. It is for people of allfamiliar with conditional love: If you love ages. It is for people of all walks of life. Saturday 5 p.m. Camp Walkerme, I will love you back. As long as you God’s love produces a result that isare beautiful, I will love you. As long perfect in every aspect because it satisfies his will.What he did for us is Pianist Soughtas you have money, I will love you. As completely unattainable through our The U.S. Army Contracting Command Korea has a contractlong as you are healthy, I will love you. work. It is a blessing, which we do not opportunity for the following:On the other hand, God loves you while deserve and yet we are allowed to Pianist for the 1 p.m. Sunday Protestant Worship Service at the K-you are imperfect. He doesn’t wait until receive and keep for eternity. 16 Chapel, RFQ No. W91QVN-05-T-1284.we are perfect. Let us love one another in the same The solicitation package will be available throughSept. 3, at https:/ God’s love is powerful in that it will way, unconditionally, with no strings / Foroverpower rejection. My understanding attached. information, call Dana Pavey at 724-6296/Commercial 7914-6296.of God’s love is that he will “pursue” Ad goes here
    • Aug. 26, 200516 The Morning Calm WeeklyKorea’s roadside beauties: flowers for all seasonsBy Roger Edwards towns all share the color of green, were all taken within five miles of Camp August. Some are wild, someArea III Public Affairs growing things. From time to time, the Humphreys in Gyeong-gi Province and cultivated. CAMP HUMPHREYS – Korea’s roads also offer a splash of color – even all within a few feet of a paved road.rural roads offer an ever-changing vista when it’s not expected. They were all taken during the last weekof growth. Forests and fields, farms and The pictures below (and many more) of July and the first few weeks of PHOTOS BY ROGER EDWARDSBold and gold, squash flowers seem to be everywhere, cultivated and wild. Named “Cosmos,” the universe flower lines Unidentified, these flower clusters grow on a Marigolds are an international favorite, found This blossom is known as Jeop-si-kot in the roads in shades of blue, white and yellow. large bush favored by many Korean home-in gardens in both Korea and America. Korean, the “Dish” flower. owners.Weeds are sometimes wild flowers too. These resemble tiny The wild To-ra-ge, with its edible roots, displays The Kun-gae-kok, Golden Hand, grows wild along many urban and rural roads.Daises, smaller than the diameter of a pencil eraser. blue and white blossoms.The “Paek-ill-hong,” literally translated to the “100-Day Red Flower” is reputed to retain its scarlet The Moo Goong-hwe or Rose of Sharon is loved by the Korean people who have made it theircoloration for 100 days. national flower. The wild flower pictured here resembles the plant known as “Cow Oak” in the southern states of America. The blossom of the Mimosa or Silk Tree (above) carries a peachy aroma. Cultivated in America, the Cham- ma-ri or Tiger Lily (right) grows wild in Korea.
    • Aug. 26, 200518 The Morning Calm Weekly Yongsan plans action-packed Labor Day block party Area II Public Affairs A “Best Pie” contest will also be held. Judging for YONGSAN GARRISON — Latin music star Tito Puente appearance, taste and recipe will begin at 4 p.m. in front of Jr. will headline the Yongsan Labor Day Block Party Sept. 4 the Main Post club. Prizes will be awarded on stage one at in Seoul. 6:30 p.m. Register at the Moyer Community Services Center Rockers Tour Area I Son of Latin music legend and Latin Grammy Award- and bring your pie Sept. 4. Armed Forces Entertainment and winner Tito “El Ray” Puente, who died in 2000, Puente For information, call 723-3291 or e-mail Morale, Welfare and Recreation have Junior’s music has been described as “a fusion of popular The block party schedule of teamed up to bring the rock ‘n’ roll Latin jazz and dance, laced with influences of mambo, Cha events is: group, Jason James & the Bay State Cha and Merengue.” He has received a Latin Music Award 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Flea Market (under bridge by Moyer House Rockers, to Area I installations. for Best Salsa Video of the Year for “Oye Como Va,” has two CSC) The group will perform at Camp Spanish-language albums and several dance hits. Noon Carnival opens / DJ music Stanley’s Reggies Friday, Camp Hovey’s Iron Triangle Friday, Camp Puente will perform at 7 p.m. on a stage behind the Moyer 12:30-12:55 p.m. Child and Youth Service group Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Sunday, and Community Services Center, Building 2259, on Yongsan Main performance Camp Casey’s Primo’s Tuesday. Each Post. 1:05-1:50 p.m. MWR band “Blue Eyze” show begins at 7 p.m. for information, Mario Farrulla, Area II chief of community entertainment, 1:50-2:10 p.m. Children hoola-hoop contest call 732-6819. said the Labor Day Block Party will have something for 2:15-3 p.m. MWR band “Blue Eyze” everyone, including a community carnival with food and 3:05-3:20 p.m. Youth limbo contest Labor Day Weekend beverage concessions, games and entertainment. 3:35-5 p.m. MWR band “E-Sharp” Block Parties Units that wish to sponsor a booth or concession should 5-5:30 p.m. Adult hotdog eating contest Camp Red Cloud call 738-5254. 5:30-6 p.m. Adult squats contest CRC’s Labor Day Weekend Block “We had around 2,000 people last year and look for even 6 -6:30 p.m. Best Pie contest winners announced Party will be at the parking lot of more this year,” said Farrulla. 6:30-7:30 p.m. DJ music Mitchell’s, Sept. 5. Events will include Farrulla said two stages will be set up in the parking lot behind 7-8:30 p.m. Tito Puente Jr. show the Military Idol Installation Qualifier, Moyer and in front of the Main Post Club, along with seating 8:30-9 p.m. Autograph/photo session Morale, Welfare and Recreation live and bleachers. An entire area will be devoted to kid’s games. 9:30 p.m. Activities end bands, inflatable games, chili cookoff, Rookie powers Army stock car food booths, tae kwon do demonstration and door prizes. Units wishing to take part in the activities may call 732-9020. Labor Day weekend activities are also planned at other Area I installations. to top-10 finish in premier race Camp Casey/Hovey By Maj. William Thurmond The Camp Casey/Camp Hovey block Army News Service party will be Sept. 3, with MWR bands BROOKLYN, Mich. – Twenty-year- beginning to play at 4 p.m. Food and beverage vendors will also open at that old Kraig Kinser definitely knows how time, with the Military Idol preliminary to make a good first impression. starting at 7 p.m. Festivities will move Making his first start in a stock car for to the Hovey CAC Outdoor Stage Sept. last night’s ARCA-RE/MAX Hantz Group 5, with MWR band beginning at noon 200 race here, he demonstrated poise and at the same time food and beverage grit, finishing eighth in 41-car field that opens. The Camp Casey/Hovey included many seasoned racing veterans. Military Idol Qualifier is at 1 p.m. The Climbing from the car following the Latino musician, Tito Puente Jr. race, a sweat-soaked Kinser entertains at 7 p.m. downplayed his strong showing. “I came here to learn and not to Lotte World Tour change the world,” said Kinser. “I am The Camp Red Cloud Community very happy that we got all of the laps in Activity Center offers a tour of — I learned plenty today and had a lot Lotte World Saturday. Interested of fun.” BY MAJ. WILLIAM THURMOND persons may register at the CAC. “I’m happy to be representing the Army Kraig Kinser’s Army pit crew cheers the rookie driver on as he completes his first stock car pit For information, call 732-6246. and I hope I made them proud tonight.” stop during Friday’s Hantz Group 200 ARCA RE/MAX race. Kinser’s performance capped a week Kinser stayed up front for the rest of driver’s debut. Golf Course Breakfast full of racing firsts for the MB2 the night, staying within the top 10 except “(Kraig) was passing cars three wide The Camp Casey Golf Course Motorsports developmental driver. for when he had to pit and take on fresh with no fear - that’s the talent we’re Restaurant is serving breakfast from 6-9 a.m., Monday thru Friday. For Last weekend he won the World of tires and fuel. And once refreshed, he looking for,” said Randolph. “Had we information, call 730-4334. Outlaws sprint car Knoxville Nationals, soon clawed his way back through the had six to eight more green flag laps at his first championship in that series. It’s field towards the front. the end of regulation, we would have Bowling Center Specials a distinction he now shares with his dad, If Kinser was intimidated by the speed probably finished as high as fourth. We The Camp Casey Bowling Center offers Steve, who has won that title 12 times. or the concrete walls zooming by at 185 just ran out of laps.” many special events during the summer Seeking to capture lighting in a bottle, miles per hour, he didn’t show it. On Despite his strong showing, Kinser months, including: MB2 quickly assembled a joint venture several occasions he went three wide did not appear ready to rest on his laurels. Purchase a Mean Gean’s Burger combo between the Army and fellow sponsors as he passed slower cars on Michigan Just minutes after the end of his first meal or 14” pizza and get one free game CENTRIX Financial and the Rally’s Speedway’s banked turns. race he was turning his new-found as part of the free bowling program, 11 restaurant chain to see if the young driver He saved his strongest feat for the knowledge into strategy. a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday thru Friday; was ready to move from dirt to pavement. end of the race, as he stormed from past “I definitely have to work on a few The Camp Hovey Bowling Center Apparently, he was. seven competitors in the closing nine things — my restarts, going through the offers Dollar Bowling Sunday thru He qualified second and earned green flag laps. gears and coming in and out of pit road. Thursday. For information, call 730- himself a front-row starting spot. In Doug Randolph, MB2’s manager of We now have 200 miles under our belt 5168. fact, he missed the pole slot by a mere driver development and acting crew that we never had before. It was a good third of a second. chief for Kinser, was thrilled with his start and I am ready to do it again.”
    • Aug. 26, 2005 Page 21Heads for Fort Myer in SeptemberBOSS president picked for “Old Guard” assignmentBy Roger Edwards with other volunteers and helped ! S u p p o r t N O RT H C O M i n Platoon which performs funeralArea III Public Affairs raise about $1,400 for unit funds. homeland defense and civil support. services at Arlington National CAMP HUMPHREYS – A Camp He also became the unit ! Support Joint Force Cemetery; and the PresidentialHumphreys’ Soldier has been selected representative to BOSS and was Headquarters-National Capital Salute Battery, which is responsibleto become a member of the Army’s elected president of the Camp Region in homeland defense and for rendering honors to visitingpremier performance team, The Old Humphreys organization. “I have with military assistance to civil foreign dignitaries and heads ofGuard. Spc. Christopher Mastromarino 350 hours of volunteer community authorities in the National Capital state at the White House, theis leaving Korea in September to be service here at Camp Humphreys,” Region Joint Operations Area to Pentagon and elsewhere in thereassigned to Fort Myer, Md. he said. safeguard the Nation’s capital. Washington D.C. area. The battery Mastromarino is a military He was attached to Area III As a performance unit The Old also fires the final salutes duringpoliceman who became president of Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Frace Guard maintains the U.S. Army Drill many funerals at Arlington NationalCamp Humphreys Better in June, where he worked BOSS full Team, a team that has earned an Cemetery. It is the only unit of itsOpportunities for Single Soldiers time. international reputation for k i n d i n t h e A r m y, a n d i t s b u s yand Area III coordinator for the The 23-year-old Mastromarino excellence for its routines with schedule includes more than 300group. calls Bowie, Md., home. He was bayonet-tipped 1903 Springfield ceremonies each year. “I knew I was coming to the end graduated from Arundel Senior High rifles. The Old Guard also fields the In the best known of itsof my assignment here,” he said, School in Crofton, Md., in 2000, Continental Color Guard, which missions, the Old Guard is“and looked around for a place one of an 800-member graduating performs in Revolutionary War-style responsible for guarding the Tombwhere I though I would enjoy being class, and joined the Army. uniforms; The Old Guard Caisson of the Unknown Soldier.assigned. I’ve always admired the “I enjoy doing outdoors things,”Old Guard, and it’s fairly close to he said. “I like camping and hiking,home, so I put in my application. and doing things with friends and “I got some good letters of family.”recommendation when I applied for Mastromarino says that he hasassignment to the Old Guard,” he made some good friends here. “I’vesaid, “and I guess they liked what made it a point to get out and learnthey saw in my jacket. When I something about Korea and herchecked my Army Knowledge people,” he said, “and I’ve spent aOnline account in July I found out lot of time with our [KoreanI’d been selected.” Augmentation to the U.S. Army] Camp Humphreys was brothers. An assignment to Korea isMastromarino’s first duty station a real opportunity to learnfollowing training. “I’ve been in the something of the world.”Army just a little over two years,” The Old Guard is officially thehe said. “I spent my first eight 3rd United States Infantrymonths in country as a military Regiment. While the vast majoritypolice driver. Then I got selected of Americans recognize the Oldto be the unit armorer and worked G u a r d a s t h e A r m y ’s p r e m i e rin weapons maintenance, records, performance team, thee unit isammunition issue and did minor much more. Its missions include:repairs. ! Deployment by air or land to “I was in the arms room for about conduct NBC operations, conducta year, and started doing volunteer area security operations, and controlstuff,” he said. civil disturbances in support of the ROGER EDWARDS U.S. ARMY PHOTO Mastromarino was moved from Military District of Washington’s Spc. Christopher Mastromarino, BOSS Spc. Christopher Mastromarino, professionalthe arms room to “Barracks and defense to the National Capital president, at one of this summer’s block Soldier, in the photograph he used whenFacilities.” While there he worked Region. parties at the Community Activities Center applying for assignment to the “Old Guard.”AUSA sponsors “Life in Korea” essay contestArea III Public Affairs winners will each receive 700,000 Petersen, AUSA vice president for must be between 1,000 and 2,000 CAMP HUMPHREYS – Korean Won (about $700) and three Corporate Affairs. “Winners will be words long, double-spaced, in MScorporate members of the second place guests at the AUSA Christmas Party Word format. Each entry must have aAssociation of the United States winners will this December, and will receive their brief resume of the author and mustArmy are once again offering get 500,000 prizes at that time. include full name, telephone number,cash prizes in an essay W o n “The essays will be judged by unit and mailing address.contest for American (about University of Maryland instructors,” Entries must be e-mailed toservicemembers, retirees, $ 5 0 0 ) he said. “Essays will be judged, orcivilian employees and each. technically (spelling, punctuation, printed out and mailed to:dependents and for Korean “Our etc.) as well as on content. The Korea Chapter of AUSAAugmentation to the United Korean “ B u t w r i t e a g o o d s t o r y, ” ATTN: Mr. PetersenStates Army Soldiers. corporate Petersen said. “Write something the PSC 450, Box 389 The writer who submits the members judges will enjoy reading.” APO AP 96206-0389best essay on “Life in Korea” will have been Essays must be based on the author’s Deadline for entry is Oct. 28, andwin one million Won (about $1,000) sponsoring this personal experience in Korea in either winners will be announced Nov. the Grand Prize. Two first prize contest for 11 years,” said John the work or social environment. They For information, call 723-5209.
    • 22 Aug. 26, 2005 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Humphreys librarians provide Soldiers Help Wanted comfort, information, recreationApplications are being accepted By Eric Griess and Roger Edwards interests such as the war on terror. He say. Song enjoys her job because “[thefor full and part time Child Care Area III Public Affairs also orders classics that he believes library] can change the Soldiers’ livesGivers at the new Camp HumphreysChild Development Center. CAMP HUMPHREYS – Soldiers every library should have.” every day, mentally.” One of the goalsApplicants must be 18 or older, able and their families at Camp Humphreys Librarians obviously play a large role for Song as a librarian is to make theto lift 40 pounds, able to read and enjoy the benefit of having a good place in keeping the library together. Yun customers as comfortable as possible,write English, a U.S. citizen, to go to make the acquaintance of new Chun Ki is one of those librarians and improving the quality of their lives in anavailable between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 books and to has the indirect way.p.m. and able to pass a background meet up with To read a book for the first time is to longest “The library,” she said, “benefits thecheck required for working with old ones, as make an acquaintance with a new history at Soldiers because it allows them tochildren. Forms are available at the well as a friend; to read it for a second time is to t h e borrow anything and also “providesCivilian Personnel Office. Call Mr. comfortable Humphreys access to many different kinds of meet an old one.Son-son at 753-8773 for place to library. After entertainment.” Anonymousinformation. catch up on working Song and the library staff say they the latest here as a are “flattered” to hear that some Soldiers Area III School magazines, use a computer to go online, librarian for more than 30 years, he has say the library is their favorite place to Registration or check out a movie on tape or DVD. seen the base grow and evolve, and hang around.The Humphreys American “Camp Humphreys’ library is a tastes in reading material change. “I’ve She admits, though, that KoreanElementary School office is now welcoming place for everyone,” said worked at other libraries though, he said. Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiersopen Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 4 Darrel D. Hoerle, library manager. “We “During my 50 years as a librarian, I’ve are the ones borrowing books, whilep.m. for on-going student try to make the library as comfortable worked at 12 different libraries.” Americans are mainly interested in goingregistration. Command and non- as possible, but it’s been a challenge. Hye Yong Song, another important on the web or borrow DVDs.command sponsored families are “We’ve adding brand new lounge librarian, has worked in the Humphreys’ Nevertheless the library can be a greatencouraged to register before the chairs and a children’s room,” he said, library for five years and has much to place to stay any time you want.first day of school. Please bring the “and I hope this helps to accommodatefollowing documents when both young and old.”registering: Hoerle has two goals in mind as the -birth certificate library manager. The first is to “support -immunization record education programs and provide a large -PCS orders to Korea data base.” The second is to “support -Social Security card for the Army family with more books – student especially children’s books.” -AIP/extension documents if Hoerle enjoys working with books applicable and information, and enjoys building the -A passport with SOFA library’s collection of books. stamp is required for all non- “With only a small area to put all the command sponsored books in, it is not an easy task to choose students new ones,” he said. For information call 753-8894. He does his best to build the library E G RIC RIESS with books that support education Librarian Cho Mu Hyong places one of the hundreds of books back on a shelf. The librarians, Ration Control programs and that reflect current along with manager Darrel D. Hoerle, play a vital role in keeping the library a welcoming facility Hours of Operation for Camp Humphreys Soldiers, civilians and family members.Ration control is now open Mon,Tue, Wed and Fri 10 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Ration control closes for ‘Doing it right’lunch from noon to 1 p.m. daily.The office is closed each Thur. andon the 1st and 3rd Tues of themonth for required trips to Yongsanand to Camps Eagle and Long. Forinformation call 753-6123, or go tothe Ration Control Website at information and to check yourpurchase history. 5th Annual Pyeongtaek Port Half-MarathonThe annual Pyeongtaek Port Half-Marathon is scheduled for Oct. 30and the first 90 Area III Soldiers,civilians and family members toregister are invited to participate forfree. Participatants may choose the5K or 10K run. To run in theevent, participants must beregistered by COB Sept. 8. U.S. ARMY PHOTORegister by contacting Peter Yu, Pfc. Matthew Gomes (center left) and Spc. David Thompson (center right), both members of Charlie Company, 2-52 Aviation, were “doing itArea III Community Relations right” Aug. 9, according to Alfred Stilley, Area III Safety (right). “They were driving their GATOR across the MEDEVAC parking ramp,” he said.Officer, at 753-7652, via fax at “They were wearing both head and eye protection and moving at no more than a fast walk – unaware that they were being watched. They were753-7836, or via e-mail at doing what they were supposed to be doing – and being safe because of it.” Stilley and Airfield Commander CW3 Bryan Boyd (left) were For a Safety Impact Walk-Around, observing people and checking on safety, when they spotted Gomes and Thompson. “We stopped theminformation call 753-7836. there,” said Stilley, “and presented them with Safety Impact Awards (mini-mag flashlights) in recognition of the contribution they make to safe operations. I’d like to see everyone be as safe as Gomes and Thompson.”
    • Aug. 26, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23Treats visitors to local tourHwasung City hosts Humphreys Soldiers, family membersBy F. Neil NeeleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Soldiersand family members from CampHumphreys had the chance recentlyto explore some of the culturalsights around Gyeonggi-doProvince. Thanks to thegenerosity of Hwasung City, 25individuals enjoyed a free day-longtour of the area. Their first stop was at theYongju-sa Temple located just southof Suwon. Yongju-sa is a functioning templeand was originally founded by a kingof the Silla Dynasty. It was destroyedduring a war but was later rebuilt bya king of the Chosun Dynasty. The Humphreys visitors weregiven a tour of a museum at thetemple housing national and localgovernment designated treasures. Following the tour, the visitors hadan opportunity to make an ink onpaper print for souvenirs from biaserelief carved blocks of wood andstonethat are hundreds of years old.The blocks were carved by monks toillustrate Korean Buddhist themes. The next stop on the journey wasthe community center in the villageof Jang-yi. There the visitors weregiven a demonstration on coloringfabric using dyes made fromnatural ingredients. Later they got A guide at the Yongjusa Temple museum explains one of the many national treasures housedto try coloring a piece of fabric there to visitors from Camp Humphreys. The Humphreys group toured the temple as part of athemselves using the natural day tour sponsored by Hwasung City.techniques, producing subdued,pastel shades. PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEY After the fabric coloring lesson The entrance to Yongjusa Temple (above) asit was time for lunch. The visitors seen from the right side. Yongju-sa is adined at a nearby restaurant where functioning temple and was originally foundedthey had a choice of bibimbop or by a king of the Silla Dynasty. It was destroyedKorean seafood noodles. during a war but was later rebuilt by a king of Following lunch, the weary folks the Chosun Dynasty. At the top of the page isfrom Humphreys relaxed aboard a a view of a building housing a Buddhist shrineboat, as they took a water tour of on the Yongjusa Temple grounds.Jeongok Harbor. Cultural exchanges such as thisare a regular occurrence atHumphreys. Be sure to keep an eyeon the “News and Notes” in TheMorning Calm Weekly, and on thecommand channel for the nextchance to tour in Korea and to learnabout the culture and history. Sgt. Veronica Solorio, 3rd MI, inks a stoneSgt. Dena Fisk, 2-52nd Avn. (left) Yu Pom- carving in preparation to making a traditionalTong, Area III community relations officer Korean stone rubbing. Solorio toured the(center), and Kim Yang Sook, Hwasung City Yongjusa Temple with a group from campAgricultural and Technical Institute (right), Humphreys July 23.remove natural coloring agents from a pot in First Sgt. Derrick Merriwether of D Company, 2-52 Aviation Regiment, Proudly displays hispreparation to coloring fabric the natural way. finished tie-dyed fabric to his delighted wife Alisa and son Derrick Jr.
    • Aug. 26, 200524 The Morning Calm Weekly Ad goes here
    • Aug. 26, 2005 Page 2555th TMMC cases colors, inactivatesOperations, personnel Eighth U.S. Army, 2nd Infantry Division and more than 18now integrated with subordinate commands throughout the Korean Theater19th Theater Spt. Cmd. of Operations, while the Reserve component covered four Training Divisions, fourBy Master Sgt. Kimberly Williams Regional Support Commands19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs and more than 20 major CAMP HENRY -- As the 19th Theater Support subordinate commands on theCommand and the entire U.S. Army continue to eastern half of the United States.transform, another Team 19 subordinate command “In all, the 55th TMMCrolled up its flag for the last time when the 55th Theater managed more than 18 billionMateriel Maintenance Center conducted an inactivation dollars worth of equipment andceremony Aug. 17 at the Camp Henry Theater. stock,” McHale said. “As part of the overarching Army transformation, The scope of their operationsall materiel management centers are being distributed is even more impressiveto theater support commands, theater support considering that on the activecommand deployable command posts and duty side there were less thansustainment brigades,” said Brig. Gen. Timothy P. 200 personnel in the unit, he said.McHale, commanding general of the 19th TSC, who McHale went on to give P .P M - FC ARK YUNG JOONspoke at the ceremony. examples of the “Checkmate” As the unit commander, Col. Carleton M. Smith (right) holds the 55th Theater Materiel The 55th TMMC, who’s motto was “Checkmate,” team’s contributions, such as Maintenance Center colors, Sgt. Maj. Jerry L. Butler rolls them up for the final timebecame part of the 19th TSC in 2000 and provided managing the retrograde of during the 55th TMMC inactivation ceremony Aug. 17 at the Camp Henry theater.outstanding support ever since, he said. 41,000 tons of obsolete, Even though the 55th TMMC designation is gone, unserviceable and excess ammunition; assisting in would rise to the challenge, no matter what unitthe experience and professionalism of its personnel the deployment of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team’s designation they fall under.are still with Team 19, as they are now integrated with deployment to Iraq; shipping 219 up-armored “These aren’t mere words or hopeful sentiments,the 19th TSC Support Operations section, McHale said. humvees to Southwest Asia and assisting in the for since early this spring they have established this “The legacy of a unit is in its people, and that retrograde of 28 Blackhawk and 15 Chinook aircraft fact through daily world-class support and theirwill never change,” he said. from the peninsula. great mission execution during RSOI,” Smith said. The 55th was a multi-component unit, with its Col. Carleton M. Smith, commander of 55th Smith, who is leaving to serve with III Corps atactive-duty portion based at Camp Henry and the TMMC, handed over the unit colors for the last Fort Hood, Texas, thanked everyone from SoldiersReserve component based at Fort Belvoir, Va. time to McHale before he gave his final remarks. to civilians to Republic of Korea Army counterparts The active-duty component had responsibility He reminded the audience that change is not new for their support during his time in command.for the theater-level wartime readiness of the to this unit, and that the 55th TMMC personnel “Thank you again for being here today and your support of our unit,” he said. “For one last time: Checkmate! Team 19! Katchi Kapshida!” Area IV Soldiers Try New Gear Master Sgt. Matthew W. DeLay helps Spc. Nathan C. Fisher adjust the four attachment point chinstrap system on an Advanced Combat Helmet during Sergeant’s Time Training for Area IV Support Activity Soldiers Aug. 18. The Soldiers were briefed on the Rapid Fielding Initiative in which Soldiers will be issued a variety of new, high-tech gear such as improved uniform components, protective equipment and weapons. The Soldiers were familiarized with the many RFI components and had the opportunity to try on uniforms and equipment, as well as to handle the M4 rifle, the Army’s replacement for the M16. New equipment for all Soldiers includes the ACH, knee and elbow pads, the modular sleeping system, ballistic spectacles and more. In addition to individual gear, the RFI includes several new unit-issue items such as the Tactical Assault Ladder System. PVT. PARK KWANG-MO
    • Aug. 26, 200526 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly POW/MIA Day The Hill 303 Memorial, VFW Post 10033 of Daegu will hold its annual POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony 6 p.m. Sept. 16 at the 19th Hole in the Evergreen Community Club. The public is invited to attend. For information, contact Ken Swierzewski at 768-8215. Essay Contest The Korean corporate members of the Association of the United States Army are sponsoring an essay contest for U.S. servicemembers, their family members and Korean Augmentee to the United States Army Soldiers. The grand prize winner will receive one million won. Two first prizes of 700,000 won and three second prizes of 500,000 won will also be awarded. Entry deadline is Oct. 28. For information, call John C. Peterson at 723-5209. Flag Football And Soccer Leagues PHOTOS BY PFC. PARK MYUNG-JOON Company-level soccer and flag Competitors in the 5th Korea IronTriangle Triathlon Championship at Cheolwon await the starter’s signal July 24. football leagues will begin Sept. 6 and Sept. 12, respectively, at Sweeny Field and Storey Field on Camp Carroll. Registration deadline for both leagues Triathletes push selves to endurance limit is Wednesday. For information, call By Pfc. Park Myung-joon Mark Juliano at 765-8287. 19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs CHEOLWON -- Swimming 30 minutes, riding a bike BOSS Cruise & Tour for more than two hours and running eight times farther BOSS is conducting a Weekend Han than the physical training test is a challenge even for the River Cruise 6- 10 p.m. Sept. 3 and most fit of individuals. Seoul City Tour 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sept. But for two members of the 19th Theater Support 4. Registration deadline is Monday. Command, Pat Noble, a logistics specialist working for Tickets are $25 for Han River Cruise the Operations Section, and Maj. Edwin C. Diaz, an and $20 for Seoul City Tour. For engineer working in the Logistics and Supply Office, information, call Sgt. Kenneth Richardson at 764-4426. the challenge of competing in triathlons is what makes them worthwhile. EO Course “I started triathlons as a way to challenge myself An Area IV Equal Opportunity beyond some of the endurance sports that I was already Representative Course will be held doing – mountain bike racing and adventure racing,” Sept. 12- 23. Registration deadline is Diaz said. Sept. 5. For information, call Master Founding members of the Taegu Area Running Club, Sgt. Matt DeLay at 768-8972, Sgt 1st Noble and Diaz have been running triathlons in Korea Class Stephanie Buxton at 768-8542, for several years. Diaz has participated in about 10 or Sgt. 1st Class Monte Tartt at 8692. triathlons; Noble has completed 20. They once again challenged their abilities by Labor Day competing in the 5th Korea IronTriangle Triathlon Sporting Events Championship at Cheolwon, July 24. Labor Day sporting events including While distances vary among competitions, the softball, sand-pit volleyball and Cheolwon race consists of a two-kilometer swim, a 90 racquetball will be held Sept. 5 at Kelly kilometer bike ride and a 21-kilometer run within the Field on Camp Walker. Registration Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea. deadline is Wednesday at the Kelly “It was a great place to hold the event. Not too many Fitness Center on Camp Walker. For people can say they have done a triathlon on the DMZ. information, call Chong-hwan Kim at It was a lot of fun, even though it was very hot – 97 764-4225. degrees on the run,” said Noble. Case Lot Sale Diaz agreed. The climate presented a set of challenges Pusan Commissary will have a case lot he’d never faced. But, he said, the difficulty was made bearable by the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Maj. Edwin C. Diaz, an engineer working in the 19th Theater Support Command sale 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sept. 10 and 11 a.m. Diaz summarized the run in one word, “hot.” Logistics and Supply Office, takes off on his bike after completing the two- - 5 p.m. Sept 11. For information, call “The temperature during the run was over 95 kilometer swim during the 5th Korea IronTriangle Triathlon Championship at Charles Phillips at 763-7231. degrees,” he said. “Who knows what the humidity was. Cheolwon July 24. AFTB Training I am sure the heat index was well over 100 degrees. I “Triathlons bring about a sense of accomplishment. Your Army Community Service is have never raced under those kinds of conditions. But yardstick for all of the hard work that you put in is the race. You sponsoring Army Family Team the race venue was gorgeous. The swim was held in a will get immediate results,” he said. Building Training 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sept. mountain reservoir inside the DMZ. The majority of Noble agreed, saying that as challenging as a triathlon may sound, 14 at Camp Hialeah’s ACS building. the bike section was also inside of the DMZ. The the ability to finish one is not an unattainable goal. Reservations are required as soon as countryside inside of the DMZ is quite pristine.” “Come out and give the triathlon a try. Anyone can do one if possible. For information, call Jae Diaz said he recommends triathlons for anyone they put their mind to it. Work hard. Train hard. Meet people and Bowers at 763-7271. interested in endurance sports for a number of reasons. have fun. See the countryside,” he said.
    • Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly 27 Aug. 26, 2005 of the Quarter Program builds community prideBy Pvt. Park Kwang-moArea IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – Living and working in an aestheticallypleasing environment can be a real morale booster. To helpensure Camp Walker remains the best possible place to live,work and play, the Area IV Support Activity has initiated aYard of the Quarter Program to help beautify the installation’sfamily housing area and to build community pride. Jimmy Finch, station manager of American Red Crossoffice on Camp Henry, and his wife Sue, a human resourceassistant at the Area IV Civilian Personnel Advisory Centeron Camp Henry, are the inaugural Camp Walker Yard of theQuarter honorees. They were recognized Aug. 15 at theirhome on Camp Walker. The award is for Second Quarter2005. Finch said he appreciates the community’s recognitionfor their efforts. “We enjoy working on the yard,” Finchsaid. “This is just a reflection of how much we have enjoyedcutting and trimming our yard.” While serving as Camp Walker mayor last year, Bonnie GALEN PUTNAMMcCarthy, Area IV volunteer coordinator, planted theseeds for a the Yard of the Quarter Program to recognize Jimmy Finch, Camp Walker Yard of the Quarter honoree, trims a shrub in his yard as one of his many yard decorations,the efforts of community members who make a Georgia Bulldogs windmill, spins in the wind.improvements to their yards and take pride in how the cuts and trims his yard, often more than twice a week. not only provide a pleasant environment but also show thatcommunity looks. McCarthy said yard work can lead to a sense of personal residents are willing to contribute the overall appearance of Maj. Randall C. Page, current Camp Walker mayor, pride. “When you look around your yard after all the hard the community.”implemented McCarthy’s idea this year to select the best work, it makes you so proud and relaxed,” she said. Col. Donald J. Hendrix, Area IV Support Activitylooking yard from among Camp Walker’s 100 family housing Attractive yards also have positive impact in the commander, was on hand to help Finch post a distinctivearea units. community as a whole. sign on the corner of his yard. The Finches also received a “We looked at every house on Camp Walker and finally Finch said the yard can be a reflection of America to $25 gift certificate from the Army and Air Force Exchangefound the most appealing and pleasant yard,” Page said. Korean neighbors who visit. “We want to represent the U.S. Service. The sign will be posted at the corner of the Finch’s The award not only recognizes appearance of the yard military in a positive way,” he said. yard until it is turned over to the next winner in October.but also reveals the resident’s dedication and devotion. Finch Page agrees that nice-looking yards contribute to the “This gives Camp Walker residents an opportunity toemphasizes patience when keeping his yard trimmed and community’s overall ambiance. “People want to live within take pride in their yards and the community as a whole,”neat. Due to the fast growing bushes and lawn, he regularly a nice neighborhood and community,” Page said. “Nice yards Page said. Ad goes here
    • Aug. 26, 200528 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyArea IV facilities offering extended business hours NEWS & NOTESArea IV Public Affairs Camp Walker Main PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. Master Sergeant Area IV dining facilities will be offering extended Food Court: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Promotion Boardhours through Sept. 2. A Department of the Army master sergeant In addition, select Area IV Army and Air Force Burger King: 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. selection board is scheduled to convene Oct. 4.Exchange service facilities will be offering extended Camp Hialeah Eligible non-commissioned officers must log on tooperating hours through Sept. 4. The Daegu PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. the Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center WebsiteCommissary will also be offering extended hours Cafeteria: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. at in advance. To make anythrough Sept. 3. Camp Henry data corrections, visit Charlie Detachment, 516th Several Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities Shoppette: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. Personnel Support Battalion, Camp Henry, Bldg. 1685will be extending their hours as well. American Eatery: 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. or Camp Carroll, Bldg. T-125. For information, call Child care facilities including the Camp Henry Child Camp Carroll Chief Warrant Officer NaAngela O’Neal at 768-6957.Development Center and Camp Walker School Age PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily.Services will be offering extended hours through Sept.2. Food Court: 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. (Pizza Hut, RESUMIX TrainingDaegu Enclave fitness facilities will be opening earlier Popeye’s Chicken, Subway, Burger King only) The Employment Readiness Program at the Campand closing later through Sept. 5. CHILD CARE FACILITIES: Henry Army Community Service is offering hands-on Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop on Camp Walker Camp Henry CDC: RESUMIX training. For information or anwill be open additional days through Sept. 3. Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m.– 8 p.m. (will close early if appointment, call Lettie Villarosa at 768-7951. The Area See below for details. all children are picked up) IV Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is offering is DINING FACILITIES (daily): Camp Walker SAS: also RESUMIX training 1:30 p.m. the last WednesdayCamp Walker Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. (will close early of each month at the Civilian Personnel OperationsBreakfast, 5 – 8:30 a.m.; Lunch, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.; if all children are picked up) Center Training Center, Bldg. 1208 on Camp Henry. DAEGU COMMISSARY: For information, call Irene Francis at 768-6650. ForDinner, 4:30 – 8 p.m.; Midnight, 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. Monday: closed; Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. enrollment, call Kim Sang-yun at 768-6625.Camp HenryBreakfast, 5 – 8:30 a.m.; Lunch, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.; (open one hour earlier, close one hour later); Saturday: Fall BazaarDinner, 4:30 – 8 p.m.; Midnight, 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. The annual Taegu Spouses Association Fall BazaarCamp Carroll FITNESS FACILITIES: will be Oct. 1 – 2 at Kelly Fitness Center on CampBreakfast, 5:30 – 8:30 a.m.; Lunch, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.; Kelly Fitness Center, Camp Walker: Walker. Several new vendors will be participating thisDinner, 4:30 – 8 p.m. 4 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily year. For information, call Christie Holmes at 210-6129Camp Hialeah Indoor Pool, Camp Walker: or Sherry Page at 210-6005.Breakfast, 5:30 – 8:30 a.m.; Lunch, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.; 5 a.m. – 8 p.m. dailyDinner, 4:30 – 8 p.m. Fit-To-Win Center, Camp Henry: Carroll Bank Hours AAFES FACILITIES: 5 a.m. - midnight (24-hour access to showers and The Camp Carroll Community Bank’s hours areSROKA restrooms from rear of building) now 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 – 5 p.m. Tuesday- Friday,Mobile PX & Food: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 6 – 9 p.m. Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop: and 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Saturday.daily (Aug.12 – Sept. 4) 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday. Ad goes here
    • Aug. 26, 200530 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “ “The weather is getting cooler.” Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘bah-rahm’ The phrase of the week “It is windy.” . Bah-rahm-ee bool-oe-yo. wi n d y - It is Conversation of the week Dow-we-eh jahl jee-neh-syoe-suem-nee-ggah? Jahl jee-neh-suem-nee-dah. Yo-juem shee-woen-heh-jyoe-soe-yo. Ah-jeek nah-jehn doe-woe-yo. Gue-dohng-ahn noe-moo doe-woe-soe-yo. Neh.