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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  050819 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 050819 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Aug. 19, 2005Volume 3, Issue 42 The Morning Calm Weekly is Area IV Soldiers Boryeong Mudtackle Adventure Training Festival nline Visit Page 26 Page 16 maximum coverageincreases to $400,000Special to The Morning Calm Weekly increase from $16.25 to $26.Eighth U.S. Army G1 These changes will not affect Effective Sept. 1, the maximum coverage under Family SGLI. Suchcoverage under Servicemembers’ coverage, and limitations on suchGroup Life Insurance will increase coverage, continue under previouslyfrom $250,000 to $400,000. existing rules. On the effective date, all Existing beneficiary designationsmembers eligible for SGLI will remain effective in the samebecome insured for the maximum proportion to $400,000 as thecoverage of $400,000 until they proportion of total benificiarymake a valid election on or after the designations stipulated under the lasteffective date to reduce or decline valid SGLV 8286.coverage. Thus, all members will be Such beneficiary proportionalfully insured for $400,000 designations remain effective untilthroughout the month of September, a new form SGLV 8286 (Septemberregardless of any election filed that 2005 version) is properly completedmonth. on or after Sept. 1. SGLI coverage is currently A member who does not make anavailable in $10,000 increments, but election to reduce or declineas of Sept. 1, the increment amount coverage from the $400,000 level ROGER EDWARDS Fit to Flightwill increase to $50,000. before Oct. 1, will be charged for The monthly SGLI premium the full $400,000 of coverage forremains $3.25 per $50,000 of September ($26), as well as for anycoverage. Troops opting for other month in which the level of Twelve-year-old Christina Deren uses handholds and footsteps to climb an Osan Aero Clubmaximum SGLI coverage — coverage remains in effect. Cessna 172 aircraft and check the fuel level from the top wing port. Christina and Bell Evans,$400,000 vs. the current $250,000 For information, contact the local a private pilot with 300 hours flying time, are doing a pre-flight check on the aircraft before he— will see their monthly premiums personnel office. takes it out later in the day. for related story, see Page 23.Negative effects of smoking not deterring servicemembersYounger enlisted among the increase of military smokers, he added. since they don’t necessarily feel the immediate Servicemembers who smoke often claim it’s a stress ramifications. But, if a smoker quits, as more than 50most likely tobacco users reliever. Talcott said that might be true, but only for percent of Defense Department personnel who smokeBy Samantha L. Quigley people who already are addicted. Before addiction have expressed a desire to do, there are benefits to beAmerican Forces Press Service occurs, smoking actually increases stress on the body, reaped. WASHINGTON – The lung cancer death of he explained. “A person would have to gain 100 “Your body has a very recuperativebroadcaster Peter Jennings, an admitted long-time Smokers ability,” Talcott said. “We have a verysmoker, has again brought smoking and its dangers to may see their pounds to equal the negative health young population, so the sooner you quitthe forefront of public consciousness. habit as a effects of continued smoking .” and the less amount of time you smoke, While an estimated 25 percent of Americans smoke, personal risk, the faster your body repairs itself. Withinthe military’s numbers hover at 34 percent, according but it affects force readiness, Talcott said. Even among 10 to 15 years (of quitting smoking) your risk forto Col. Gerald Wayne Talcott with the Air Force smokers who have no ongoing diseases related to cancer, if you quit early enough ... is almost the sameMedical Support Agency, in Falls Church, Va. That’s smoking, it impairs night vision, weakens the immune as it would be for a nonsmoker.”an increase of 4 percent for the military since 2002. system and can lengthen healing time. Smokers also Servicemembers have multiple excuses for not “We do have a higher prevalence of smoking for may have more frequent upper-respiratory ailments. quitting. The fear of failure or a failed first attemptour youngest people in the military,” Talcott said. Tobacco use also affects families, the colonel said. often keeps smokers from trying to quit again, Talcott“Now, if you look at officers, that’s not the case. But “We have a lot of young people that are just starting said. However, he said, a failure does not mean that afor our youngest members, that’s our E-1s through families,” Talcott said. “It has an impact on those young second, or even a third, attempt is going to fail.E-4s ... the overall prevalence is a little bit higher than children as well. If you’re smoking around them, their “You aren’t always successful the first time,” hethe national average.” risk for upper respiratory infections goes up as well.” “It’s a good suspicion” that the war is a factor in Smoking is a deceptive risk for younger people, See Smoking, Page 4
  • 2 Aug. 19, 2005 Commentary The Morning Calm WeeklySay ‘yes’ whenanswering call of duty Koreans celebrate liberation By David McNally powers in Korea by Oct. Area I Public Affairs Office 1, 1910. By that time,By Command Sgt. Maj. William Grant Monday was yet they had in place aTask Force Baghdad another holiday in the “Government-General,” BAGHDAD, Iraq — During this time in the Republic of Korea. I which replaced the Koreanhistory of our Army when recruiting is facing an was curious when I monarchy.unprecedented challenge, the need for great saw city workers The Japanese claimedAmericans to join or remain in the ranks of this putting up Korean lands in Korea, and soldteam (the Army) is paramount. flags on almost every them at low prices to However, the call to duty brings with it light pole around. Japanese farmers. Soon aresponsibility, commitment, dedication and personal What was the reason large number of Japanesecourage. for the celebration, I businessmen and What does it take to be a Soldier in today’s Army? wondered. entrepreneurs immigratedI would tell you that it takes saying “yes” regarding As it turns out, to Korea. Japan tookthose things that are good, true and team Koreans celebrated the control of newspapers andsupporting. 60th anniversary of the magazines. The colonial We all said “yes” when our journey began in peninsula’s liberation government gave Japaneseuniform, regardless of how long ago that decision from Japan Monday logging companies greatwas made. That “yes” was made with our limited with a national holiday. tracts of land, which soonperspective on what the future had in store for us. How many years became devastated. “I solemnly swear to support and defend the would it take for the I learned that life wasconstitution of the United States of America against Koreans to get over grim for the Korean people.all enemies foreign and domestic … so help me God.” what happened in the They struggled to tell the These are very interesting words, especially in past, I asked myself. world of the injustice ofthe situation in which we find ourselves today. What I didn’t realize their occupation. No one We say “yes” when faced with the prospect of is what an emotional would listen.promotion, understanding that much more would be issue this is to the By 1919, Korean patriotsrequired of us. We say “Oooh yes” when our raises Korean people. Many D MN announced a formal AVID C ALLYhit the bank, thus increasing our buying power. A m e r i c a n s m a y n o t Korean flags are displayed throughout the country in recognition declaration of Yet, are we continuing to say yes during these know what happened of Liberation Day Aug. 15. independence. This singletimes of getting down to the business of supporting when Korea’s ambitious neighbor to the south event led to a wave of national protests andand representing ourselves well in light of the felt the right to occupy the Land of the Morning independence struggles. Japan reacted with force.opening statement? Calm. I decided to hit the books to find out what Japanese military police strafed demonstrators with The call to duty comes in different shapes and really happened. bullets, arrested and executed movement leaders,sizes, yet the endstate is common for all concerned. T h e J a p a n e s e E m p i r e a n n o u n c e d i t s and systematically killed their family members. I believe that duty comes easy when we unconditional surrender to the Allied powers Aug. Hundreds of Koreans were killed.understand the “why” and the impact of an action 15, 1945. The day effectively marked the end of S o o n a f t e r, t h e J a p a n e s e a t t e m p t e d t oon the big picture. a bitter Japanese colonization of Korea. camouflage their militaristic colonization. The I believe it’s easy to say yes to the call to duty According to “The History of Korea,” a Japanese military police became a civilian policewhen Soldiers realize that they are integral members comprehensive textbook I found in our post f o r c e . T h e c o l o n i a l m a s t e r s r e m o v e d t h eof the team. Therefore, I believe that Soldiers will library, the path to Japanese occupation was well requirement for Japanese teachers to wear police-gravitate in and around duty in direct proportion to underway by 1904. like uniforms with sabers attached. However,the command climate they exist in. A combination of the weak Korean monarchy they finally banned the teaching of Korean I believe we are doing well in that area here in and foreign interference laid the blueprint for the language and history.the Marne Division and Task Force Baghdad fall of Korea. I learned how Korean fathers and mothers Are there key points of reference in your At the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, were forced to give their children Japanese namesprofessional endeavors that require a “yes” that Korea proclaimed her neutrality to the world, a t b i r t h . I s t a r t e d t o u n d e r s t a n d h o w v e r ywould move you to the next level? Nevertheless, Japan sent troops into Seoul in important this holiday is to the Korean people. I don’t normally end in this manner, but consider large number, and forced the Korean government Although Koreans have endured manythese ideas to repeated comments from the old to sign the Korea-Japan Protocol Feb. 23, 1904, hardships during a 5,000-year history, none have“Arsenio Hall Show” – this is something that makes in which it was agreed that Japan could interfere been so great or threatening as the potential lossyou go “hmmmm.” in Korea’s domestic affairs and could expropriate of identity, culture and language. (Editor’s note: Command Sgt. Maj. William M. lands in Korea for strategic use if the need arose, The Koreans are a proud people, and rightlyGrant is the Task Force Baghdad and 3rd Infantry states the history book. so. I think I can understand the reason Aug. 15Division command sergeant major.) The Japanese Empire consolidated its colonial is seared into the national psyche. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Director/P ector/Publisher Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from Area I Area III publication is the responsibility of the advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO including inserts or supplements, corrected. Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley AP 96205. CI Officer David McNally CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Staff Writer Spc. Stephanie Pearson Staff Writer Roger Edwards by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Area II Area IV advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ronald C. Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writers Sgt. Christopher Selmek CI Officer Galen Putnam available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Sgt. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pvt. Park Kwang-mo patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • Aug. 19, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 2ID Soldiers visit Denver Air Force BallThe inaugural Air Force Ball will beheld at 6 p.m., Sept. 15, at the Grand Broncos training campHyatt Hotel, Seoul. Tickets are $60 for By Spc. Clint Steincivilians and military E-5 and above, Army News Service$45 for military E-4 and below. Dress FORT CARSON, Colo. — Over the past couple offor the event is Mess Dress for military weeks Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantrypersonnel and formal wear for civilians. Division have left Iraq and been welcomed to FortThe ball will be hosted by Lt. Gen. Carson with open arms. A handful were also welcomedGarry R. Trexler, commander U.S. Air to the Denver Broncos’ training camp.Forces Korea. The Soldiers stood on the sidelines in awe as they watched some of the NFL’s superstars workout during USO Positions a Monday-morning practice in Englewood where they Seek Applicants were hosted by the team’s quarterback, Jake Plummer. USO Korea is seeking to fill two The Soldiers were able to enjoy unobstructed views ofpositions with their organization: the team’s practice as they were treated to an array ofDirector for Program and Marketing, VIP services.and an Information, Tickets and Tours When the morning’s practice came to a close, Mikemanager. Shanahan, the Broncos’ head coach, called for all the The director for Programs and BY SPC. CLINT STEIN players to gather around the Soldiers. Shanahan thankedMarketing would be responsible for the Spc. D. Williams, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, shakes hands with the Soldiers by saying he appreciated what sacrificesdevelopment, planning, implemen- Denver Broncos’ quarterback Jake Plummer after the Broncos’ morning they have made for him, his players and the rest oftation and monitoring of all program practice at the team’s training camp in Englewood. Several members America.and marketing activities for USO Korea, of the 2nd BCT were invited to attend the practice by Plummer.including development and “If not for the sacrifices of guys like you, wecoordination of country-wide and couldn’t live in a great country like this,” said Shanahan. Plummer about his experiences as a professionalcenter-based outreach and program Then, when Shanahan released the hungry players quarterback.activities, fundraising, advertising, for lunch, the Soldiers were surrounded by the entire “He’s (Plummer) such a down-to-earth guy,” saidmedia relations, grant writing and Broncos team whose members were giving their thanks Staff Sgt. Charles McMillen, who is a lifelong Broncosspecial events. The ITT manager would with handshakes of appreciation and photo fan. “It was cool to be able to get close and be able tobe responsible for planning, opportunities. talk with him.”developing, organizing, implementing Despite the break for lunch, the VIP service During their conversation over lunch, Plummer said heand evaluating Korea-wide tour and treatment for the Soldiers didn’t stop. The Soldiers was the one who felt honored to be at the table.leisure programs. were treated to lunch in the team’s own dinning facility “It’s amazing what you guys go through. You’re true Anyone intersted in either of these were they sat and ate with Plummer and other Broncos heroes,” Plummer said.positions may submit a cover letter and players. By the time the Soldiers had finished their lunch andresume by e-mail to As Soldiers and players ate, they swapped war stories visit with some of the Broncos’ players and staff, Resumes may over the dining-room table. Plummer asked about the had collected enough signed Broncos memorabilia andbe mailed to USO Korea, PSC 303, Box Soldiers’ experiences in Iraq, while the Soldiers asked memories to last their lifetimes.53, APO AP 96204 About 3,500 Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat MWR Cable “It’s amazing what you guys go Team, 2nd Infantry Division, are being stationed at Fort Scheduled Outage Carson. Just over a year ago, the 2nd BCT left Area I through. You’re true heroes.” in Korea to serve in Iraq.MWR Cable television service will bedown 2-5 p.m. Tuesday, at Yongsan and Jake Plummer (Editor’s note: Spc. Clint Stein is a member of theHannam Village for an equipment Denver Broncos quarterback Mountaineer newspaper staff.)upgrade. For information, call 738-2288. 509th PSB HelplineThe 509th Personnel ServicesBattalion is now offering a call-inservice for personnel questionsregarding redeployment orders, Taking Chargepromotions, clearing and more. Onpost, call 550-4747. Off post or from acell phone, call 0505-724-4747.The line operates from 6 a.m. until 9 Incoming 304th Signal Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Anthony F.p.m., Monday through Friday. After Beck receives the battalion flag from Col. LaWarren V. Patterson,hours and on weekends, callers may 1st Signal Brigade commander. The change of command wasleave a message and will be contacted held Aug. 9 at Camp Colbern located in Hanam-shi, near PSB staff when the office reopens. A native of Arkansas, Beck has served in the Republic of Korea several times during his career. His second assignment was with Morning Calm Weekly the 2nd Infantry Division, where he served as a cavalry squadron Submissions signal officer and the division signal battalion companySend Letters to the Editor, story commander. After an assignment with U.S. Army Recruitingsubmissions and other items to Command in Omaha, Neb., Beck came back to Korea as deputy G6 for 19th Theater Support Command and operationsSubmissions may also be mailed to: officers for 122nd Signal Battalion.The Morning Calm Weekly For this latest assignment, Beck replaced Lt. Col. Clinton R.c/o IMA-KORO Public Affairs Bigger as commander of 304th Sig. Bn. Bigger’s nextUnit #15742 assignment will be as deputy brigade commander, 1st SignalAPO AP 96205-5742 Brigade.Deadline for submission is close ofbusiness the Friday prior to the datethe item is to be published. Forinformation, call 738-3355. GWEN SMALLS
  • Aug. 19, 20054 The Morning Calm WeeklyOpen Wide AD U.S. ARMY PHOTO Dental staff checks an Iraqi child as part of a medical screening conducted by Soldiers from the Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Mosul Tuesday.Majors should begin preparingfor Sept. 6 promotion boardSpecial to The Morning Calm WeeklyEighth U.S. Army G1The Major Promotion Board is rapidly My Board File: Eligible officers can now review their entire board files at https:// by selecting the MBF GOESapproaching. Eligible captains should icon. This allows officers in the zonesbe reviewing their records and ensuring of consideration to view theall documents are in place. The Major performance section of the OfficialSelection Board will convene Sept. 6. Military Personnel File, photo andParticulars for the FY06 major board Officer Record Brief. To sign-in, officersinclude: must use their AKO log-in andZones of consideration: All captains password. Evaluation Reports: In order to be HEREwith a date of rank between 01OCT99and 01JUN00 will compete in the eligilble for consideration by the board,Promotion Zone. Those officers with a all mandatory or optional OERs must beDOR 30SEP99 and earlier will compete received, error-free, in the Evaluationabove the zone. Captains with a date of Reports Branch no later than Aug. 26.rank of 02JUN00 and 31MAR01 will Official Photo: All officers arecompete below the zone. encouraged to review their photo and/Officer Record Brief: Signed ORBs are or submit a new one in accordance tonot required. Eligible officers must AR 640-30, if required.certify their board files electronically Now is the time to make sure all recordsusing MBF. are in order and accurately updated.Smoking from Page 1said. “What we know is that it seems classes in nearly all medicallike the more people try to quit, the treatment facilities, and nicotine-more likely they are to quit replacement therapies are available.successfully.” DoD also is working with primary Some smokers, especially care physicians to help them spotwomen, are afraid to kick the tobacco use early and providesmoking habit out of fear that they messages about quitting. Thewill gain weight as a result. That’s TRICARE Web site,not a good enough excuse, Talcott, also offerssaid. A person would have to gain information on why kicking the habit100 pounds to equal the negative is a good idea and how to effects of continued The military also is working tosmoking, he said. make smoking less attractive by Nor is the weight-gain theory hitting servicemembers who smokenecessarily true. Among recruits in in the wallet. The Army and Airbasic training — where smoking is Force Exchange Service isdisallowed, meals are controlled and restricted to discounting tobaccoexercise is a must — there is virtually products no more than 5 percentno weight gain, Talcott said. below what they would cost outside Help is available for those who a military installation. This is awish to quit but think they need change from deeper discounts thathelp. DoD offers smoking cessation were once offered, officials said.
  • Aug. 19, 2005 Page 52ID troops learn to survive, succeed By Spc. Chris Stephens perform hard labor and interrogated 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs by military police acting as OPFOR. CAMP STANLEY — Survive, “We hosed them down with water evade, resist and escape were to give them the initial shock, watchwords for Wolfpack Soldiers beginning their mental stress,” Giron Aug. 4-6 at Camp Stanley. said. “Throughout the exercise, we Soldiers from Battery D, 1st did what we could to push their Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment buttons.” went through an introductory Hard labor tasks included moving Survival, Evasion, Resistance and sandbags and digging up posts. Prison Escape course to learn how to react guards loomed over the Soldiers, to possible capture by enemy forces. shouting and shoving to ensure “We wanted the Soldiers to prisoners continued to work. The task understand what they need to do, once of moving sandbags proved fruitless behind enemy lines, to survive, evade for the laborers; when one prisoner capture and if captured, resist all would move a sandbag to a new pile, attempts by the enemy to extract another prisoner would move it right mission-essential information from back. them,” said Capt. Augustus Tutu, “If the task is futile, it plays on the battery commander. Soldier’s mind,” Giron said. “It’s Throughout the week, Soldiers another tool the enemy might like to use received instruction on survival and against prisoners so they can get what evasion, Law of Land Warfare and the information they need out of them.” Code of Conduct. When guards felt the Soldiers were “The Code of Conduct is the most ready to answer a few questions, they important thing,” said Chief Warrant escorted the prisoners to a building Officer Eddie Giron, prison where military police waited to commandant for the exercise. “It’s interrogate them. To enhance mental something everyone needs to live by stress, many of the Soldiers had to if captured.” wait in a small room while guards After the classroom instruction banged on the door. Once the MPs portion of training, the practical were ready, Soldiers were taken into exercise began. Instructors dropped the room one at a time. the participants off miles outside of “What was your mission?” asked Camp Stanley and told them to find Cpl. Robert Maxfield, 55th Military their extraction points by midnight and Police Company, during a mock to evade capture from the opposing interrogation. forces until morning. “To serve the people of the United If the students were captured, States of America,” a student prisoner enemy guards took them to a mock responded. PFC. PAUL ESPARZA prisoner-of-war camp, where theyGuards lead a “prisoner”to a building where opposing forces interrogators await him. were sprayed with hoses, made to See Survival Page 6 Survival,Thunder Inn rolls into Camp CaseyBy David McNally to deal with getting all the equipment set up.”Area I Public Affairs Much of the cooking equipment from the staffs CAMP CASEY — Second Infantry Division former dining facility used 110 volt power; however,artillerymen welcomed the new “Thunder Inn” in the new building the old equipment used 220 volt.dining facility Monday with a surf and turf inaugural “Its causing a lot of power surges,” Greenwoodlunch. explained. “We did the best we could to get the The FIRES Brigade, formally known as dining facility open.”DIVARTY, is in the process of moving from Camp The dining facility, located in Building S-0033Stanley to Casey. A major step toward completing near the H221 Heliport, used to belong to the 1stthe move is the grand opening of a place to eat. Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment. Greenwood “It took us about two weeks to make the move said they took much of the cooking equipment andfrom Camp Stanley,” said Staff Sgt. Lorenzo supplies with them when they vacated the building.Greenwood, dining facility manager. “I looked around in other buildings here to come DAVID MCNALLY Some of the first customers through the door up with the equipment we needed,” he said. Spc. William Chitty (right) and Pvt. Brian Vorderburg, both ofwere Spc. William Chitty and Pvt. Brian Vorderburg. Greenwood said he hopes to feed around 300 FIRES Brigade, enjoy lunch at the new Thunder Inn dining facility “They did a good job,” Vorderburg said. “The Soldiers a day. is good.” “This morning we had about 110 Soldiers, but Vorderburgs plate was covered with huge thats probably just a matter of getting the word Inn the best dining facility on Camp Casey.steaming crab legs and a tender steak. out,” he said. “We were the number one dining facility at Camp “We had meals like this at Stanley for special There are 19 Soldiers working at the Thunder Stanley,” Greenwood said. “We can make thatoccasions,” Chitty said. Inn. Some FIRES Brigade cooks are still at Camp happen.” Greenwood said he was proud of his staff. Stanley. “It was a lot of work,” he said. “Were still trying Officials said they would like to make Thunder email
  • Aug. 19, 20056 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Officials urge traffic safety Alcohol Restrictions By David McNally “It really is extremely unsafe accessing CRC in the General Order No. 1 is in effect Area I Public Affairs morning,” said Lt. Col. William Huber, U.S. Army Garrison, through Sept. 3 for all U.S. and CRC commander. Korean Augmentation to the U.S. CAMP RED CLOUD — Area I officials are urging drivers to use extreme caution and strict adherence to Korean traffic The offenses, while they occur outside the installation, Army Soldiers in Warrior Country. No laws when entering the main gate. could affect on-post driving privileges. alcohol will be consumed during this Many drivers cross the double yellow line and drive down The U.S. Army military police are monitoring the situation, time. Officials said this restriction will not apply to U.S. Air Force the opposite side of the road while rushing to make a left talking with offenders and taking down license plate personnel, Department of Defense turn into the Camp Red Cloud main gate while the traffic numbers, Huber said. civilians or contractors. signal is green. If warnings go unheeded officials said they would consider revoking installation driving privileges. Labor Day Events Sgt. Maj. Ricardo Soto-Acevedo, CRC garrison sergeant Tito Puente Jr., the son of the famous major, said he wondered if people who drive like that off latin star, will perform live at 7 p.m. post, will drive like that on post. Sept. 5 at Camp Casey. Find out more “Their driving habits don’t just change once they come about this salsa performer at http:// through the gate,” he said. “Driving on post is a privilege.” “This is especially a problem in the mornings,” Huber said. “We have been extremely lucky there have been no CRC Block Party accidents or someone killed.” Celebrate Labor Day at Camp Red Route 39, the four-lane highway outside the CRC main Cloud with live bands, food booths, gate is loaded with heavy traffic during most of the day. a chili cook-off, door prizes, a tae Because there is a left-turn signal into the installation, but no kwon do demonstration, sporting events and inflatable games. The left-turn lane, it is possible to have a green light and still featured band is “Wide Awake,” have to wait. Most cars are not entering the base, but courtesy of Armed Forces continuing straight. Entertainment. Events start at noon Huber urged drivers to be patient. “People need to wait Sept. 5 near Mitchells Sports Grill. until they have a green left-turn signal and a clear way to use it,” he said. “Going down the wrong side of the road just to Mitchells Sports Grill save a couple of minutes is not worth it.” Starting in August Camp Red Cloud Most incoming base traffic during the morning rush hour Mitchell’s Sports Grill will feature: is from Korean employees and U.S. civilian workers. !A peel-n-eat shrimp special. Look PHOTO DAVID MCNALLY ILLUSTRATION BY Huber wants all drivers to understand he is concerned for a half pound of shrimp served Many drivers decide not to wait for a clear, legal path into the Camp Red with their safety. “Our luck may run out if we do not get with cole slaw, ice tea or lemonade Cloud main gate. Military officials said if drivers continue to enter the for $8.95 from 5-8 p.m. Mondays. this under control,” he said. installation with an illegal left turn, their base driving privileges could be ! 10-cent Wing Night will be revoked. E-mail Tuesdays and Fridays. FAST Class for Test Score Improvement For customers only The Camp Red Cloud Education Center will offer a class to help improve your Army General Technical score from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday thru Aug. 26. Education center officials will offer a pretest at 8 a.m. every Monday. Contact the center for information. Band seeks Vocalist The 2nd Infantry Division Warrior Band is looking for a male vocalist. Soldiers E-3 to E-6 with at least six months remaining in Korea are eligible. Soldiers must: !Be able to sing the National Anthem in Bb (starting pitch is an F), the Warrior March and the Army Song. !Present a professional appearance and meet the standards set by AR DAVID MCNALLY 600-9. Garrison officials emphasized the Camp Casey Main Exchange and Commissary parking lot is for customers only. Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, U.S. ! Obtain the consent of their Army Garrison, Camp Casey commander, said military vehicles cannot use the area for parking at any time. The garrison designated a parking command to be released to the band lot near Maude Hall for exchange and commissary employees. before auditioning. Auditionees also may sing a song in a style of their choosing. Once Survival from Page 5 accepted for the position, the Soldier “Wrong answer!” Maxfield shouted. is to instill the will to survive. “Maintain and cadre reflected on the training. will be attached to the band. Warrior “Playing the role of an interrogator, my fellowship with your fellow prisoners Tutu said one of the biggest lessons Band vocalists sing at ceremonies, job was to try to get basic information and find something to take your mind students learned was the value of as well as with the concert band and out of the prisoners,” Maxfield explained. off the task at hand,” he said. “Do teamwork. other ensembles as their talents “We used bribery tactics to try to get something to get your mind off the pain “Teamwork is very important warrant. Contact Band Operations at anything we could out of them. We tried you’re going through.” throughout all four stages of S.E.R.E.,” 732-6695 or 011-9497-0292. to make them as uncomfortable as For prisoner Pfc. Daniel Ward, small Tutu said, “either when alone possible, but none of them budged.” victories were the key to keeping up his communicating with the extraction team Incheon Shuttle Service After interrogation, prisoners were will to survive. during your evasion, or in a group The Camp Red Cloud Incheon Express Shuttle now departs CRC at sent back outside to continue hard labor “A little victory is a lot bigger than it establishing a Chain of Command and 7:05 a.m. instead of at 6 a.m. because they would not give any seems,” Ward said. “It’s something that duties once captured.” information. can keep you going that much longer.” Giron said his goal in training Soldiers After the exercise ended, participants E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Aug. 19, 2005 7Warriors invade Sungnam Golf Course as ...By Spc. Stephanie Pearson competitors with a brand-new Lexus 330 to anyArea I Public Affairs player who scored a hole-in-one, but no one could SUNGNAM — Area I Soldiers and civilians meet the challenge. Army and Air Force Exchangejoined locals on the links Aug. 10 at the Sungnam Service and Morale, Welfare and Recreation alsoGolf Course for a friendly tournament. donated baseball hats, golf balls, towels, phone The participants from Headquarters and cards and dinner tickets from Mitchell’s Club asHeadquarters Company, Area I, hosted the door prizes.tournament to raise Wright said his company raised over $3,500 atunit funds, said Sgt. the tournament, the most they have1st Class Daniel raised at one event. “The golf course is awesome, “The tournament was veryMurrah, eventorganizer. just gorgeous ... It was successful,” Murrah said. “We “The funds will challenging but fun.” raised a lot of money, and everyonego toward holding enjoyed themselves.”company events, — Pvt. Dustin Rutledge Pvt. Dustin Rutledge, HHC, Areabuying company T- I, said the best part of the day wasshirts and other getting to play at Sungnam.morale events for the Soldiers,” he said. “The golf course is awesome, just gorgeous,” The tournament was divided into two Rutledge said. “I’d never heard about it before thiscompetitions, one in the morning and one in the tournament, and would never have made it downafternoon. here otherwise. The greens were great, there were “The morning tournament was mostly non-U.S. a lot of hazards, and the rough was very tall. Itaffiliated players,” Murrah said, “but in the afternoon was challenging but fun.”we had a lot of U.S. military, Korean National Police Sungnam Golf Course is an MWR facility locatedand even some of the cast of the show Phantom of 18 miles southeast of Yongsan Garrison. The coursethe Opera.” offers 18 holes in over 7,000 yards; a clubhouse Capt. James N. Wright III, company commander, with locker room and shower facilities; a 20-stallsaid the event was a good opportunity to interact covered driving range; two practice putting greenswith the Korean community. and practice sand bunker; a full-service pro shop; “This tournament was not only a fundraiser, but a fleet of 100 electric golf carts; caddie service;also an event to bridge the cultural gap with our golf lessons; and full dining and banquet facilities. SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSONKorean hosts,” Wright explained. For information about Sungnam Golf Course, call Torben Brookman, of the Seoul production of “Phantom of the Winners took home prizes for best overall score, 736-3483. Opera,” chips his ball onto the green at the Area I Invitationalbest female score, longest drive, closest to the pin Golf Tournament Aug. 10.and worst overall score. One of the sponsors enticed E-mail Below: First Sgt. Phillip Losalio, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area I, plays the course at Sungnam. PVT. DUSTIN RUTLEDGE
  • Aug. 19, 2005 Page 9Kids learn ‘Safety First’ through Bike Safety Rodeo By Cpl. Seo Ki-chul Reaction Team, kids carried out a bike Area II Public Affairs race by themselves in compliance with YONGSAN — Area II kids attended safety regulations. a Bike Safety Rodeo held at the For their successful completion of the commissary parking lot Aug.13 to entire course, a certificate of bicycle safety learn the importance of safety when and giveaways, including three bicycles, riding a bicycle. were awarded at the end of the event. The Bike Safety Rodeo is one of “This is a great event for kids. Any several annual events the Yongsan Drug kid who is going to plan on riding a Abuse Resistance Education office hosts bicycle to school or for recreation should in conjunction with Area II’s Safety definitely come to the event, because Office to get kids in Area II to be aware those SRT Soldiers have a vast experience of the important slogan, ‘Safety First.’ in bicycles and teach many informative “This safety event is a great things to those interested in bicycles,” opportunity for all of us. We need to teach said Pfc. Rachel Hebner, DARE officer, our kids right so we can keep everybody 142 Military Police Company. safe on the road,” said Col. Ronald C. Sponsored by USO and Morale, Stephens, Area II commander. Welfare and Recreation, the second Bike During the event, accompanied by Safety Rodeo will be held 10 a.m. – 1 parents, kids learned how to put on p.m. Aug. 27 at Hannam Village. Anyone PHOTOS BY CPL. SEO KI CHUL safety gear and perform basic bicycle interested in the Bike Safety Rodeo isEvan Boone, middle, is about to start a bike race with other buddies at the front line. In conjuction maintenance through several courses. asked to call 724-4290 or e-mailwith the Area II Safety Office, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education office held a Bike Safety Following the bicycle safety and Aug. 11 in hopes of helping kids understand the importance of safety. maintenance instruction at five different stations led by Soldiers from the Special E-mail Pfc. Ryan Jones, Special ReactionTeam, 94th MP Battalion, adjusts EmilyBoones helmet during the Bike Safety Rodeo.Right: Maria Turmaln,left, smiles afterwinning a new bike in the Bike Safety Rodeoraffle Aug. 13. Andrew Stephens puts up a hand signal during the bike safety lesson. YongsanEnglish teachers visit YongsanBy Sgt. Christopher Selmek each other like this.”Area II Public Affairs Most of the teachers instruct classes YONGSAN — Forty three high of approximately 30 children in gradesschool English teachers from Daejeon seven through 12. In Korea, English isvisited Yongsan Aug. 11, to gain first- a required course from third gradehand experience with Americans and onward and is an important part of thetour the base, described by one as “the SAT.little America inside Seoul.” “English is very difficult for most kids This satisfied one of the final but the ability to learn English is veryrequirements in training to become an important,” said Kum Suk-young,English teacher and also gave the group English teacher. “English is not just anvaluable insight into American culture American language anymore, it isthat they might not have been able to becoming an international language andexperience in Daejeon. you need to know it to get into a good “Language is much related to college and get a good job.” CPL. SEO KI-CHULculture,” said Hwang Jung-hwan, Many of the teachers were impressed Kum Suk-young, an English teacher from Daejeon City tours the Yongsan library with her colleaguesEnglish teacher. “English teachers need with “little America” and wished the tour Aug.11. The teachers visited Yongsan Garrison in an effort to comprehend the U.S. Army andto learn more about American culture had allowed them more time to meet and American curricula.than many other people, and it helps keep interact with the people of Yongsan. the beauty of the landscape,” said Kang felt like I had visited America.”things interesting in the classroom. It “When I first came here I was very Min-jung. “I wish that I could have E-mail be very rewarding learning from surprised by the size of the base and spent just a few more hours here. I
  • 10 Aug. 19, 2005 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Bible School provides Christian fun for children By Sgt. Christopher Selmek the kids can then use as a theme for the Area II Public Affairs rest of the day. YONGSAN — Vacation Bible School “Today we are telling the story of Daniel ran from Aug. 8-12 at South Post Chapel, in the lions den,” said Sherry Alexander, putting nearly 300 kids on the roster to program coordinator. “The kids get to play experience this year’s theme, the a game where they pretend to be lions, Serengeti Trek. and then we’ll eat a snack that’s designed This annual summer program, held to look like a lion. It all ties in, and it’s every year just before the start of school, supposed to be fun.” is designed to teach elementary school- According to Alexander, the songs and age children about the Bible and other excitement often begin to affect the fundamental Christian values. Helping volunteer help and the program can be as them in their journey are five animals that much fun for helpers as it is for the kids. preach a new value every day: Zachary “I decided I should volunteer because the Zebra, Roary the Lion, Elaine the Crane, it’s always a good idea to help little kids Gigi the Giraffe and Lug the elephant. learn about God,” said Ericka PHOTOS BY SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK “We want to teach the children about Witkowski. “It’s been fun and everyone The preschoolers are separated from the older children taking part in Vacation Bible School, Aug. God, and the animals are just another way has a good time.” 8-12, and hold their own classes on the first floor of the South Post Chapel. The Vacation Bible to help them relate and make it fun,” said Though the favorite activity is still School advised children along five daily themes: know God, talk to God, tell about God, love Maj. Susan Argueta, music director. “The snack time, there are some indications God and work for God. music has been very popular, plus there that the kids are learning something that are skits and snacks that all tie in to the may go with them and help them in the day’s theme. Everybody seems to have a rest of their lives. great time doing it.” “They talk about God a lot and tell us The daily themes, each taught by one that he loves us,” said Sarah Park, 7. “I of the cartoon animals, are “know God,” like to hear that, and it makes me happy “talk to God,” “tell about God,” “love that I came.” God” and “work for God.” Each lesson is related to a particular biblical story that E-mail Above: Maj. Susan Argueta, music director, sings along with her son, Alec Argueta, and Erin Ray before Vacation Bible School Aug. 9. Left: Eunice Kim asks a question at the crafts table, where a long line of children create braclets. Soyon Barber, a parent volunteer at the Vacation Bible School, instructs several children from her group in one of the daily lessons Aug. 9 at South Post Chapel.The 65-year-old ‘Godzilla’ defends Area II from danger By Cpl. Seo Ki-chul worse, my father passed away so early that I had to Area II Public Affairs quit school to support my family as a bread winner.” YONGSAN — It is raining hard outside, with Thanks to an American Soldier stationed in his cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning. Suddenly, hometown of Yeoju, Chon began his long relationship the lights go out and all operations are paralyzed. with the U.S. Army. The whole area is plunged into confusion and people “The first job I got on the base there was to do a are getting frustrated by the inclement weather and regular function check on heating units in the the loss of their important work files. barracks. Even if I had a difficult time getting used Coming to the rescue of those impatiently waiting to the totally different environment, I tried to work for lights, a man nicknamed “Godzilla” climbs power harder than any other worker so I could keep myself poles at the risk of his own life and limb to save the and my family from poverty,” said Chon. “Just one disturbed area. In a few moments, his proficiency decade ago, I didn’t buy lunch in a restaurant in order in electricity equipment enables all of Yongsan to save slight money. My lunchbox has been a good Garrison to be brightly lit and stabilized. Pausing to mate to me.” CPL. SEO KI-CHUL make sure everything is “good to go,” Godzilla then In his many years of service, Chon has worked as mechanical engineer, a security guard and as an Nicknamed ‘Godzilla,’ Chon Chae-son, 65- year-old electrician descends the power pole with a sense of electrician. He took a break in 1979, and went to in Utilities Division, Directorate of Public Works, Area II Support accomplishment and, some might say, even joy. Iran to work as a construction worker, but eventually Activity, climbs a power pole on South Post to conduct a regular This gigantic monster of a man is 65-year-old returned to USFK and the Area II Support Activity safety check on electric wires. Chon Chae-son, an electrician with theArea II Support Activity Directorate of Public Works Utilities DPW, where he earned the nickname, “Godzilla.” accidents,” said Chon. His command extended him, Division. For 47 years, Chon has devoted himself to “Mr. Chon got the nickname ‘Godzilla’ because so Chon was able to work longer. He said he is still helping maintain a high quality of life for those serving of his aggressive nature in correcting a problem driven by the need to help people. “I am constantly at Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. during a power outage. He is an aggressive and hard- doing my best to make sure my clients can work in a He began working for U.S. Forces Korea in 1958. working gentleman.” said Arthur Gartner, chief of cozy and bright environment,” said Chon. “The economic situation in South Korea was so the Directorate of Public Works’ Electrical Branch. terrible,” said Chon. “It wasn’t unusual for most “The U.S. Army labor regulation set the retirement people to skip a meal once a day. To make it much age of the electric workers at 60 for fear of unexpected E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Aug. 19, 2005 11USO visits students at Kangwha IslandBy Sgt. Park Jin-woo guys can be enriched by these youngArea II Public Affairs students here,” said Beenhouwer. KANGWHA ISLAND — A group of Each Soldier and volunteer was assigned14 Soldiers and USO volunteers attended a class of students to spend the day with.the Bukbu Summer English Camp, July They made introductions to each other,27, in order to spend time with the children talking about their hometowns, their jobs inand relax around Kangwha Island. the military and answering any other A group of foreigners is invited every questions the students had.year to participate in the event, consisting “The children were great. I couldn’tof 80 Korean middle school children have asked for a better group of children.gathered from various schools in Incheon. Right from the start they were asking a “We had first established relationships bunch of questions about what I do andwith the U.S. Army through the USO they were so curious,” said Sgt. Lucasvirtues program and we had visited Benson, 2-52 Aviation Battalion. PHOTOS BY SGT. PARK JIN WOOYongsan through invitations from USO The tour was conducted visiting various Staff Sgt. Mark Rodriguez greets a student teaching him to say "wassup."several times. So, we decided to invite historical monuments and museums locatedthe U.S. military over in return,” said Jung throughout the Island of Kangwha.Eu-jung, camp supervisor. “I learned about various programs on “This relationship with the U.S. military New Horizons Day and I thought I shouldprovides the children an opportunity to try to get involved with the community asexperience first hand what American people best as I can,” said Spc. Leon A. Eldridge,are like and what the U.S. military is like, 2-52nd Avn. Bn. “I am glad I did becauseinstead of just reading about them through the children were great. I think we bothother sources,” she added. learned a little about each other.” The group was welcomed at Kangwha The tour ended late afternoon and the Above: Students and USO members walk intoIsland with a welcome ceremony group parted, exchanging contact numbers Gwangsong dondae to begin their tour. Theincluding a speech from Chris and e-mails to stay in touch. Gwangsong dondae is a battery built in 1679 toBeenhouwer, USO program manager. “I had a lot of time to talk to the kids protect the sea lanes from incoming ships. “Today they are here to share and talk and I feel good that we can make an Right: Spc. Leon Eldridge and two middleabout their homes, family, their different impression on these young children. I think school students from the Bukbu English Campcultures and they are also here to learn about everyone should volunteer at least once to walk while studying their guide book.your interests and your friends and families, this kind of good relations programs. It Rodriguez, Special Operations Command. I realize I don’t need to be scared of themand I hope you guys together will maybe not only gives you a chance to explore, “I was usually a little nervous and scared so much. I had a good time and they weremake some new friends or new big brothers but it is a chance to interact with the when I saw U.S. Soldiers,” said Kim Ki- very friendly.”and sisters and at the same time I hope you community,” said Staff Sgt. Mark min, 16, a student at the camp. “After today E-mail Ad goes here
  • Aug. 19, 200512 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly information, call 738-5311. Free Concert offered Sept. 7 Labor Day Jam The Korean American Association is MWR buses will be available to Hospital Appointments The Brothers of Lambda Xi Chapter, sponsoring a special concert of the transport personnel from Yongsan MainThe 121st General Hospital will experience Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. will host a Korean Symphony Orchestra for United Post to the Seoul Arts Center and return.a decrease in available appointments in Labor Day Jam 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. Sept. 4 in Nations Command, Combined Forces Round-trip bus fare is $3 per person.certain specialties through Aug. 29. The the Naija Ballroom. Tickets cost $15 in Command and U.S. Forces Korea members Personnel planning to ride the bus toemergency room will remain open. For advance and $20 at the door. Proceeds and families, 8 p.m. Sept. 7 at the Concert the concert must pay for bus tickets ininformation, call 737-6890. go towards scholarships and other Hall in the Seoul Arts Center. Advance advance. Bus tickets may be purchased community projects. For information, reservations required. To reserve free no later than Sept. 2 at the Multi-Game Labor Day Block Party call 010-8697-7836. concert tickets, call 723-4685 no later Room Information Desk, 723-3291,Raise money for your unit at the Labor than Aug. 31. Free tickets may be picked located in the Moyer CommunityDay Block Party. The deadline to reserve Soccer and Flag Football up at the USFK Community Relations Services Center, Yongsan Main Post.a selling space is Saturday. The party itself The deadline to enter the Area II Office, Bldg. 2514, Yongsan Main Post in The buses will depart from Moyer at 6:45will be noon – 6 p.m. Sept. 4, in front of intramural soccer and the Area II front of the Balboni Theater Sept. 2 and p.m. and return at about 10:30 p.m. MWRMoyer Community Services Center and intramural flag football leagues is Sept. Sept. 6. will not refund unused bus tickets.Main Post Club. For information and to 5. Coaches meetings will be held atregister, call 738-5254. Collier Field House at 1 p.m. Sept. 6 for soccer and at 2 p.m. the same day for three classes will be black and white 738-7707. Hannam Bike Rodeo flag football. Both leagues start Sept. 10. prints, color prints and short film.A Bike Rodeo for youths, ages 5-15 will For information, call 736-4032. Winning entries will be forwarded to the Commander’s Hotlinebe held 10 a. m. - 1 p.m. Aug. 27 in Hannam All-Army Photo Contest. For Area II residents who have questionsVillage. The rodeo will include bike Case Lot Sale information, call 738-5254 or contact or comments for the Area II commandermaintenance and safety tips, an obstacle The Yongsan commissary is holding a MWR Arts and Crafts. can voice them by e-mailingcourse, a bike race and a raffle of two Mega Case Lot Sale 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. or bybicycles. Participants will receive a 10 and 11. Come out and enjoy savings School Registration calling 738-3484.certificate of completion and will be eligible on a variety of brands. For information, Parents may register their elementary,for prizes. For information, call the Drug call 736-7070. middle and high school students at the News and NotesAbuse Resistance Education office at 724- School Registration Office in Room 121 Deadlines4290. Photo Contest of the Community Service Building, Deadline for submission to News and The 2005 Korea-wide photo contest is Bldg. 4106, on Yongsan South Post. A Notes is Friday prior to the next week’s AFSC Welcome open to all U.S. servicemembers on birth certificate or passport and a shot publication. Announcements will beThe American Forces Spouses’ Club will active duty, Army reserve, family record are required to register published on a first-come, first-servedhost a welcome and activities sign-up 10 members, retirees and Department of kindergarten and first-grade students. basis. Submit items for publication toa.m. – 2 p.m. Sept. 1 at the Dragon Hill Defense civilians. Deadline is Sept. 30 Command sponsorship or other Join the group for their annual and the award ceremony will be Oct. 25. eligibility documentation must also be Each announcement should include who,membership drive, enjoy light There are five categories to enter: presented for all students, depending what, when, where and a point-of-refreshments and learn more about the people, places, things, military life and upon military service affiliation or contact phone number. For information,AFSC and Yongsan Community. For experimental processes. In addition, the employment status. For information, call call 753-7352. Ad goes here
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 19, 2005 13USFK’s top NCO visits Kunsan ‘Wolf Pack’By Master Sgt. Brian Orban “In past years, an assignment to Korea8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs was once dreaded by servicemembers KUNSAN AIR BASE — U.S. of all military branches … becauseservicemembers stationed in the historically the quality of life wasn’tRepublic of Korean continue to perform where it should be,” Wheeler said.a vital role in maintaining stability in the “We want Korea to be the assignmentregion and they remain committed to of choice. Only by improving the servicedefend the freedoms of those living in members’ quality of life are we going tothis country, according to the U.S. be able to turn it into the assignment ofForces Korea’s top enlisted man. choice. We want servicemembers to During a stop at Kunsan Aug. 9, want to come to Korea, and we owe itCommand Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler said to our sons and daughters of Americathe dedication of Soldiers, airmen, sailors to give them our best.”and Marines based on the peninsula has Turning to other issues, the commandkept the peace for the last 53 years. sergeant major focused on the U.S. “What we do here in the Republic of military’s move to joint basing toKorea is very important because it [also] consolidate U.S. forces onto fewer military AIR FORCE STAFF SGT. RAYMOND MILLSallows our armed services to focus their installations stateside as well as overseas.attention on the War on Terror, and that’s Command Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler chats with Soldiers at Kunsan Air Base Aug. 9. During his visit, Joint basing is the way of the futurevery important,” said the command the U.S. Forces Korea command sergeant major shared some of his concerns with the Soldiers. and good fiscal sense to be able tosergeant major, who also serves as the “leadership laboratory” where the focus theater, Wheeler said quality of life at consolidate, he said. For example, Fortsenior enlisted person for United Nations on one mission and one fight offers Kunsan and other installations in Korea Lewis and McChord Air Force Base nearCommand, Combined Forces Command fewer distractions to allow NCOs and will receive millions of dollars in needed Seattle share a fence line but have separateand the 8th U.S. Army Command. “If officers to build strong leaders over the improvements over the next several housing and recreation facilities. Underwe didn’t maintain that ‘ready to fight course of 12 short months, he said. years. The command sergeant major joint basing, the installations wouldtonight’ mentality, other [countries] He added that these short, 12-month pointed to the $400 million in consolidate these types of facilities inmight make some very poor decisions tours makes assignments to Korea improvements currently planned at addition to merging military operations intothat we would have to deal with.” extremely challenging for today’s leaders Camp Humphreys as an example of fewer, but larger organizations, which in Speaking to Soldiers and airmen at because they have an extremely short what awaits other bases. turn saves limited defense dollars.the base theater, the 32-year career amount of time to train their people. By Meanwhile, Kunsan has opened a “The armed service of the future isinfantryman said assignments to places the time troops adjust to the mission in new fitness center, base exchange, going to be joint. After all, we can’t belike Kunsan pose unique challenges for Korea, it’s time for them to leave, said commissary and two dormitories in the successful in our Army operationsnoncommissioned officers entrusted the sergeant major, who is now serving past 12 months, with construction under without the Air Force’s help, and wewith training their people and nurturing his third tour on the peninsula. way to build a new eight-story dormitory need to be able to know how to operateup-and-coming leaders. Korea is a During his town hall meeting at the behind the base chapel. together,” Wheeler said.
  • Aug. 19, 200514 The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 19-25 Land of Land of Stealth Stealth Batman Begins The Perfect Man The Perfect Man the Dead R the Dead R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG PG The The The Adventures The Adventures Honeymooners Interpreter of Sharkboy and No Show of Sharkboy and Batman Begins Stealth PG-13 PG-13 Lavagirl PG Lavagirl PG PG-13 PG-13 The The Island The Island Batman Begins Honeymooners No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Stealth Stealth Stealth Batman Begins Batman Begins Land of Land of PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R The Island Sisterhood of the Mr. & Mrs. Traveling Pants No Show No Show No Show No Show PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG Batman Begins Stealth Batman Begins The Perfect Man Stealth Land of Land of PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R Charlie and the Charlie and the The Perfect Man Batman Begins Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory No Show No Show No Show PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13Stealth -- The Navy The Perfect Man The Island -- Lincoln is Land of the Dead The Dukes of Hazzard Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr.develops a fighter jet piloted Holly conceives the perfect a resident of a seemingly In a modern-day world where Bo and Luke Duke, who with John and Jane Smith are anby an artificial intelligence plan for the perfect man— an utopian but contained facility the walking dead roam, the the help of their eye-catching ordinary suburban couple withcomputer. The jet is placed imaginary secret admirer who in the mid 21st century. Like living try to lead “normal” lives cousin Daisy and moonshine- an ordinary, lifeless suburbanon an aircraft carrier in the will romance her mother Jean all of the inhabitants of this behind the walls of a fortified running Uncle Jesse, try and marriage. But each of themPacific to learn combat and boost her shaky self- carefully controlled city. Outside the city walls, an save the family farm from has a secret — they aremanuevers from the human esteem. When the virtual environment, Lincoln hopes to army of the dead is evolving. being destroyed by Hazzard actually both legendarypilots aboard. But when the relationship takes off, Holly be chosen to go to the “The Inside, anarchy is on the rise. County’s corrupt assassins working forcomputer develops a mind finds herself having to Island” - reportedly the last With the very survival of the city commissioner Boss Hogg. competing organizations.of its own, it’s the humans produce the suitor, borrowing uncontaminated spot on the at stake, a group of hardened Their efforts constantly find When the truth comes out,who are charged with her friend’s charming and planet. But Lincoln soon mercenaries is called into the “Duke Boys” eluding John and Jane end up in eachstopping it before it incites a handsome Uncle Ben as the discovers that everything action to protect the living from authorities in “The General other’s cross-hairs.war. face behind the e-mails, notes about his existence is a lie. an army of the dead. Lee,” their famed 1969 and gifts. Holly must resort to He and all of the other orange Dodge Charger that increasingly desperate inhabitants of the facility are keeps them one step ahead measures to keep the ruse actually human clones whose of the dimwitted antics of the alive and protect her mom’s only purpose is to provide small southern town’s Sheriff newfound happiness, almost “spare parts” for their original Coltrane. missing the real perfect man human counterparts. when he does come along. Kingdom of War of the War of the Kingdom of No Show No Show No Show Heaven R Worlds PG-13 Worlds PG-13 Heaven R Dukes of Dukes of Dukes of Batman Begins Batman Begins Land of Land of Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R Stealth Batman Begins Batman Begins Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. No Show Dukes of PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Batman Begins Land of Land of Batman Begins No Show Dukes of The Perfect Man PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 PG Dukes of Dukes of Dukes of Land of Land of Batman Begins Batman Begins Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 Hazzard PG-13 the Dead R the Dead R PG-13 PG-13 Dukes of Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Monster-In-Law Monster-In-Law Monster-In-Law Hazzard PG-13 Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Because of Because of Madagascar PG Madagascar PG Madagascar PG Winn-Dixie Winn-Dixie The Perfect Man The Perfect Man PG PG PG-13 PG-13
  • Aug. 19, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly 15Seek guidance in deciding what is rightBy Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King questions we can ask to help identify through the issue and may have valuable while adhering to our own limits.Religious Retreat Center what is right: insight for us. ! How will this decision affect the Sometimes we face difficult ! What does the Scripture say? On ! How will this decision affect my faith of others? Each person’s exampledecisions, trying to determine what is many issues, Scriptures give simple and relationship with God? Anything that influences others. We want all of ourright. While stationed overseas, some clear instruction. Following God’s hinders our relationship with God should actions to encourage and inspire faith.are tempted to live differently than they teaching is always the right course. be avoided, even if it is not bad in itself. Pray through the questions, askingdo back home. Circumstances are not ! What does my heart say? God We should participate in activities that God to guide you in your decision.always clear, and situations are not encourages us to listen to our own strengthen our faith. Boldly accept the freedoms we have inalways simple. hearts. This may seem confusing, ! How will this decision affect my faith and enjoy life as God intends. At Even those who are trying to “do the because one person’s heart may have a own health and well-being? A lot of ethical the same time, diligently obey the limits,right thing” may find it challenging when different answer than another’s. We issues relate to our physical and mental which are really for our own good.they are in unfamiliar territory. Even should respect each other’s decisions, health. God created us, and encourages Accept personal responsibility for yourmore complex is the challenge of but we should never violate what our us to take good care of our bodies. choices and their consequences.figuring out what is right at a particular own heart tells us. ! How will this decision affect my When in doubt, wait for God to showtime. Some things are right or wrong in ! What do people I respect say? relationships with others? As we respect you the best way. God is not trying toand of themselves, while others may be Asking someone we trust, like a parent, each other, we should be careful not to hide what is best from us. As we seekmore cultural or situational. teacher, or chaplain may be helpful. allow our ethical decisions to separate God, we can decide the best way in How can we tell? Here are some Other persons may have already thought us. We can respect each other’s liberty, every situation. Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Gospel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Sunday 1 p.m. Suwon Air Base Lutheran Sunday 8 a.m. Freedom Chapel Latter-day Saints 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 3 p.m. Camp Long Collective 10 a.m. Suwon Air Base Contemporary 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 4:10 p.m. Camp Eagle 2 p.m. Camp Eagle Korean 7 p.m. Camp Long Area III Chaplains Collective 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) Raymond A. Robinson Jr. Collective 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain’s Assistant (Pvt.) Byong K. Min 11 a.m. Camp Long Mass Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Ad goes here
  • Aug. 19, 200516 The Morning Calm WeeklyBoryeong Mud FestivalSlip-sliding away at Korean beachfrontthrills foreign and local visitors alikeBy Stacy Ouellette and meet the good people that resideEighth U.S. Army Future Operations here.” BORYEONG CITY – The 8th The festival kicked off July 16 andAnnual Boryeong Mud Festival is a ended July 22. Each day, large mudweek-long celebration held every bath tubs were filled for visitors tosummer in South Korea. climb into and slather themselves with People from all around the world the smooth substance.participate in events such as mud Rainy weather on the opening daysliding, mud wrestling and beach didn’t stop the party goers. Theactivities. evening had a mud street parade, Known for its mud, Boryeong has fireworks and bonfires as part of thebeen promoting the positive affects the celebration.mud in this region has on skin and On the beach, participants playedbeauty for years. The festival began as in a mud soccer game or simplya way to promote a variety of mud-based enjoyed the water. Kayaks and innercosmetic products. It’s grown over the tubes were also available for a smallyears to attract more visitors to the area. rental fee. “Since I came to Korea four years Many of the photos on the festival’sago, I’ve heard how fun the mud Web site depict a majority of non-festival was. I gained a lot from this Koreans partaking in the festivities.experience. It was everything I Still, there are many Koreans whothought it would be,” said Jill Reiner, enjoy sharing this festival side-by-sidean English teacher in Seoul. with foreigners. “I met new people and made a few “I thought that the festival would befriends. I had a lot of fun getting really a bunch of foreigners having fun in themuddy together. I would highly mud while the Koreans stood by andrecommend others to go.” did not participate. This was not the Reiner was one of 90 people who case,” said Capt. Robert Amstead oftraveled south to the festival with the Headquarters and HeadquartersAdventure Korea Travel Club. For the Company, 8th United States Army, frompast four years, Adventure Korea has Mission Viejo, Calif. “There were aorganized trips to this event. variety of nationalities there and According to the Trip Coordinator, everyone was enjoying the festivitiesSuk Jin-Park from South Je0lla and having a good time.”Province, there is so much more than Amstead drove down to the sitethe club scene in Korea. The with a group of friends for theorganization’s purpose is to encourage weekend.foreigners to get out and see Korea. “I have gone to many festivals in “Our purpose is to provide other Korea, so once I heard about the Mudoptions for foreigners to get out and Festival, I wanted to go. It was bettersee Korea. We plan outdoor activities than I expected and a really goodevery weekend to promote our culture time,” Amstead added. The Mud Festival Internet site PHOTOS STACY OUELLETTEand what our country has to offer,” BYPark said. ( provides Festival-goers caked in mud slide downthe tongue of a huge inflatable shark at the Boryeong “Visitors get to see the real Korea information about the festival. Mud Festival. The festival,held each summer, attracts foreigners and locals out to enjoy the beach, water sports and entertainment like mud wrestling. There is always plenty of mud on hand, which many plaster on their bodies like a cosmetic. Visitors walk along Boryeong beach during the mud festival July 16-22.Locals carefully exit this attraction after wrestling each other in the mud. Mud-covered guests pose for a photo. Buckets of mud await festival-goers.
  • Aug. 19, 200518 The Morning Calm Weekly Deadline nearing for Army lent tech support Area II Military Idol to ‘The Great Raid’ hopefuls to sign up By Maj. F. Lee Reynolds Area II Public Affairs Army News Serv ice “The crew that I worked with YONGSAN — Area II Military Idol on this production ... had a contestants have about two more LOS ANGELES -- Hollywood and weeks to register for the Army-wide Rockers Tour Area I the Army continued their cooperative desire to ‘do it right’ ...” talent contest affiliated with the association with the making of the film David Cole, Armed Forces Entertainment and “American Idol” television show. “The Great Raid.” U.S. Army Center for Military History Morale, Welfare and Recreation have Contestants must register at the Set in the Philippines near the end teamed up to bring the rock ‘n’ roll Moyer Community Services Center by World War II, “The Great Raid” tells Cole also helped locate the four surviving group, Jason James & the Bay State Aug. 31, according to Mario Farrulla, House Rockers, to Area I installations. the true story of the rescue of 500 P-61 aircraft from World War II and provided chief of recreation for the Area II The group will perform at Camp Prisoners of War by the 6th Ranger specifications on U.S. Army Branch and rank Support Activity. Stanley’s Reggies Friday, Camp Battalion and Filipino guerillas. insignia used in the southwest Pacific Area Competition will begin 7 p.m. Sept. Hovey’s Iron Triangle Aug. 26, Camp Infiltrating 30 miles behind Japanese in World War II. 1 at the Main Post Club Uptown Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Aug. 28 and lines, the Rangers risked everything to There were also several procedural Lounge. Contestants need to be ready Camp Casey’s Primo’s Aug. 30. Each save men imprisoned for almost three points that took persuasion. with an unaccompanied song in order show begins at 7 p.m. for information, years at the infamous Cabanatuan “It was difficult to get across the to participate. The song must be longer call 732-6819. Japanese POW camp. concept that privates don’t hang around than 90 seconds and no longer than 4- To provide an accurate portrayal of with officers,” Cole said. “I still had to Wrestling Superstars 1/2 minutes. Judges, local events, the film makers reached out to convince people that first sergeants do not Visit Stanley entertainment and music professionals, the Army for technical assistance. ‘take the point’ during the march.” Armed Forces Entertainment will will determine which contestants “We reviewed the script for Hollywood can’t be expected to know present Wrestling Superstars at advance to the next round Sept. 8. accuracy and gave advice on things every detail about the Army, officials said. military installations across the Sept. 8, contestants need to bring a unique to Army language,” said Maj. They pointed out that’s why the Army Republic of Korea. World Wrestling CD with the song they plan to sing that Todd Breasseale, Army Public Affairs Public Affairs office in Los Angeles and Association stars such as “The night. Only one song per performance office in Los Angeles. the Center of Military History contribute Patriot,” Brandi Wine and Allison will be accepted. Contestants may elect However, the Army support went an essential element to the accuracy of Danger will meet in the ring, and hold to sing a different song each time they well beyond advice on language. David Army-based projects. It adds credibility to autograph and photo sessions at advance. Judges and the audience will Cole of the U.S. Army Center for the film and provides an accurate and Camp Walker, Friday, and Camp decide who advances. Military History worked as the positive image of the Army to the American Stanley Fitness Center, Sunday. Contestants will be interviewed Matches will begin at 7 p.m. and are historical and technical advisor for the public, officials said. from 1-3 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Main Post free and open to the public. The film. “My reviews covered historical The film makers can use the information Club. The interviews will be sent to autograph and photo sessions will accuracy in the storyline, appropriate or choose to ignore it. But, as seen with the U.S. Army Community Family begin one hour prior to the match. military action and in some cases for “The Great Raid,” they reached out to the Support Center for promotion of the For information, call 732-6819 continuity,” said Cole. Army from the beginning to make the movie Military Idol contest. According to Cole, some of the in- as accurate as possible. Judges will critique performances Tour Program Heats Up depth technical information included “Fortunately, the crew that I worked with Sept. 23 and 30, but only the audience in August the types of U.S. and Japanese on this production were very professional will vote for contestants to advance. The Camp Red Cloud Community weapons and equipment, uniforms and and had a desire to ‘do it right’ for which I Activity Center is offering a Contestants who would like to the specific color of paint used on am very grateful,” Cole said. bungee jumping tour Saturday. rehearse their performance may equipment. Even the actual 6th Ranger (Editor’s Note: Maj. F. Lee Reynolds is Interested individuals may register contact Music and Theater Branch stationary letterhead and maps carried with USAR, 361st Press Camp at the nearest installation CAC. Director John Wood at 723-5721. during the raid were duplicated. Headquarters, Fort Totten, New York.) Buses for the bungee jumping tours For information, call 738-5254. will depart the CAC at 8 a.m. the day of the event. For information, call 732-6246. Making ‘Memories’ Golf Course Breakfast The Camp Casey Golf Course Restaurant is serving breakfast from 6-9 a.m., Monday thru Friday. For information, call 730-4334. Bowling Center Specials The Camp Casey Bowling Center offers many special events during the summer months, including: Purchase a Mean Gean’s Burger combo meal or 14” pizza and get one free game as part of the free bowling program, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday thru Friday; The Camp Hovey Bowling Center offers Dollar Bowling Sunday thru Thursday. For information, call 730- 5168. Submitting to TMCW To have an event or activity highlighted JON HEWITT in The Morning Calm Weekly, send Actors Alphonso Gordon Mills and Avery Fields (standing) and Staff Sgt. Cedric Dupins event information and a point of contact and Kereta Mills, rehearse a scene from Musical Memories, a look at yesteryears Staff Sgt Cedric Dupins and Heejung Gilbert rehearse a name and telephone number, to through song, dance and literature, will be staged by the Area Community Theatre scene from Musical Memories. Billed as a revue of the All submissions are subject to editing Music & Theatre Branch Aug. 26-28 at the Moyer Theatre, Building 2259. Showtimes 1930s and 1940s, the production will also include music to ensure they meet publication are 7:30 p.m. Aug. 26 and 27 and 2 p.m. Aug. 28. General seating is available at $3 from “Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Miserables,” “Cats,” standards. each. For information, call John Wood at 723-5721. and other contemporary musicals.
  • Aug 19, 2005 Page 21Dental services available through TRICARE DentalBy Roger Edwards some restorative services. In order to access Korean dental care more limited.Area III Public Affairs Everything else from diagnostic and under TRICARE Dental rules, a member “Seek the care you need now, CAMP HUMPHREYS – “Uniformed cleaning services to oral surgery and must be examined at the clinic and have even if it means paying out of yourSoldiers are our first priority in post surgical services, are fully a non-availability referral form. own pocket. Keep simple problemstreatment,” said Col. Samuel W. covered.” Snelson said that anyone who from becoming serious.”Snelson, officer in charge of the Camp “Members pay for care when it’s wants to see a dentist under A wealth of detailed TRICARE DentalHumphreys received,” said TRICARE rules will get the exam Plan information is available forDental Clinic. Sgt. Kenneth and non-availability referral. download online at http://“That includes our R o b e r t s , “I just want to make the point KATUSA TRICARE Dental that people who need dental care tdp.jspp. Online enrollment can also beSoldiers.” Representative at should not wait for a better day,” done at this site. Information is also Snelson was the clinic, “but said the colonel. “Space available available from Roberts at the Campaddressing they will be care is limited now, and is growing Humphreys Dental Clinic.attendees at the reimbursed in fullA u g . 9 To w n in about threeHall Meeting weeks.concerning “ T h a t ’s f a roptions for better than thedental treatment cost of servicesin Korea for under thethose not in program in theuniform. states,” he “ A f t e r continued. R E OGER DWARDStreating our “There, based on Sgt. Kenneth Roberts is the Camp HumphreysSoldiers, we can rank, an insured TRICARE Dental Representative and is availabletreat other member will pay to answer questions concerning the program.priorities on a anywhere fromspace available basis as our very 20 percent to 50limited resources will allow,” he p e r c e n t f o r e v e r y t h i n g e x c e p tsaid. “But there is an alternative to diagnostic, emergency and mostwaiting for space-a treatment. preventive services which are fully “Under TRICARE Dental, those covered.who qualify for coverage can get “Considering that the level ofexcellent dental care from Korean dental care in Korea matches thatdental professionals,” he said. “And available in the states,” he said, “andbecause you are in Korea, most that care cost far less in Korea than ROGER EDWARDS Meet the Doctortypes of treatment will cost nothing i n A m e r i c a , t h e r e a r e r e a lexcept the monthly enrollment fee.” advantages to taking care of dental TRICARE Dental Insurance is a problems while assigned to Camp Col. Samuel Snelson is a native of Shreveport, La. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degreed i f f e r e n t p r o g r a m f r o m t h e Humphreys.” in Biology from Northeast Louisiana University in 1975 and went on to be awarded his DoctorTRICARE Medical with which most The clinic keeps a growing list of Dental Surgery Degree at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1979. He didpeople are familiar. For one thing it of Korean dentists who meet high his General Practice Residency at the Silas B. Hayes Community Hospital at Fort Ord, Ca,requires a separate enrollment. For standards of infection control and 1979 to 1980 and has practiced his profession and served the Army in NATO, Fort Sill, Ok;a f a m i l y o f f o u r t h e m o n t h l y professionalism, and who speak Honduras; Germany; and Fort Lewis, Wa, and here in Korea. He has attended the AMEDDenrollment fee might run as much English. “Most of the dentists have Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, Combined Arms Services and Staff School, Commandas $24. their practices in and around Seoul,” and General Staff College and the Advanced Education in General Dentistry two year program “ I t ’s a b a rg a i n , ” S n e l s o n s a i d R o b e r t s , “ b u t t h e r e a r e a at Fort Hood, Texas. He has been awarded the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Aircontinued. “Enrolled members will growing number in the local area, Assault Badge and is certified by both the Federal Services Board of General Dentistry andp a y 5 0 p e r c e n t o f t h e f e e f o r and there is one clinic just down the the American Board of General Dentistry.p r o s t h o d o n t i c , o r t h o d o n t i c a n d street in Anjung-ri.”Maj. Raymond Robinson Jr.New chaplain seeks to strengthen spiritual focus By Eric Griess and Roger Edwards Yo n g s a n , w h e r e h e w a s s h i f t Humphreys from Fort Myer, Va. Area III Public Affairs supervisor of the heliport. After his “One of my main goals over the CAMP HUMPHREYS – Korea is discharge he returned to school was next two years at Camp Humphreys familiar territory for Area III’s ordained and reentered the Army in is to bring Soldier morale to a high newly assigned chaplain, Maj. June 1992. level,” he said. “I will encourage, Raymond Robinson Jr. He was first “God called me to his ministry,” equip and empower the people of assigned to Yongsan as an enlisted said Robinson. God to fulfill their God-ordained Soldier in 1983, and has also served The major has previously served purpose in life and in service, and as an installation staff chaplain at at Arlington National Cemetery as will strengthen the spiritual focus of Camp Hialeah in Pusan. the Cemetery Chaplain and as a this community. Robinson enlisted in the Army in battalion chaplain at Fort Stewart, “I intend to be a friend, advocate, September 1982 and was awarded Ga.; Fort Polk, La.; and Fort Bliss, pastor and enabler for the Soldier U.S. ARMY PHOTOGRAPH his sergeant stripes while at Te x a s . H e c o m e s t o C a m p while I am here,” he concluded. Chaplain Raymond Robinson, Jr.
  • 22 Aug. 19, 2005 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Eighteen run Area III race Help Wanted Area III Public Affairs Men’s Senior Division Applications are being accepted CAMP HUMPHREYS – Eighteen Capt. Brian Burgemaster – 45.47 for full and part time Child Care athletes participated in the quarterly Area 602 ASB Givers at the new Camp Humphreys III Mini-triathlon Saturday. A triathlon is CW-3 Edward Lopez – 53.39 Child Development Center. a race involving swimming, bicycling and 520th Maint. Co. Applicants must be 18 or older, be running. The Area III Mini-triathlon CW-3 Donald Estep – 59.31 able to lift 40 pounds, able to read and write English, be a U.S. citizen, requires participants to swim 250 meters, 2nd MFAB be available between 5:30 a.m. and bike 20 kilometers and run 5 kilometers. Mark Kuwik (Civ.) – 59.32 6:30 p.m. and be able to pass a Finishers in each division in order are: AFTEL-3rd MI background check required for Women’s Division CW-5 Paul Barnes – 63.49 working with children. Forms are Capt. Lindsey Halter – 56.35 USASA available at the Civilian Personnel 602nd ASB Men’s Open Division Office. Call 753-8773 for 2nd Lt. Francesca Campos – 56.59 2nd Lt. Andrew Taylor – 48.1 information. 527th MI 568th Med. Co. Maj. Lisa Keough – 61.55 Sgt. Noah Bickell – 48.34 Safe On My Own 194th Maint. Bn. 607th CBCS The American Red Cross offers Lori Hayden (Civ.) – 65.09 Staff Sgt. Ken Harte – 51.32 “Safe On My Own” Saturday, for 377th Med. Co. 527th MI children 10 and 11 years old. The Capt. Racquel Obmerga – 67.53 David Mattingly (Civ.) – 52.39 course will be held from 10 a.m. 568th Med. Co. Dyn Corp to noon in Building 262. Cost is Annette Geringer (Civ.) – 72.47 Spc. Albert Dyk – 53.32 ROGER EDWARDS $10 per student. Pre-pay is 607th CBCS 2nd MFAB Maj. Lisa Keough starts out on the bicycle required. For information, call 753- Kirsten Simonsgaard – 74.53 Pvt. Freddie Davis – 75.53 leg of Area III’s Mini-triathlon Saturday. Her 7172. 602nd Avn. 568th Med. Co. time for all three legs was 61.55. Touch Up Baby-Sitter Training The American Red Cross offers “Baby-Sitter Training” from 6 to 8 A workman puts the finishing touches on p.m. Tuesday thru Thursday, for the new Camp Humphreys Commissary ages 12 and up in Building 262. All parking lot Saturday. They painted in three nights of training are required parking divisions, directional arrows and a to complete the course. Pre- special lane specifically for the use of Army payment of a $25 course fee is and Air Force Exchange Service taxis. The required. For information, call 753- lot is open and is providing much needed 7172. parking for the commissary, the exchange, the gym and the theater in Humphreys’ Area III School downtown area. Registration The Humphreys American Elementary School office is now open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon.- Fri., for ongoing student registration. Command and non- command sponsored families are Safety, construction drives traffic flow By Roger Edwards Road Closure One Way Traffic encouraged to register before the Area III Public Affairs New construction on a 96-person Drivers who wish to reach the first day of school. Please bring the following documents when CAMP HUMPHREYS – Traffic bachelor officers quarters and multi- Department of Public Works, Travel registering: patterns are changing for the foreseeable story parking garage has begun in the Office, Household Goods and other -birth certificate future on Camp Humphreys, due to safety O’Flahavan Loop area, and will be facilities along the newly designated one -immunization record considerations and new construction. affecting traffic for the next few years. way section of O’Flahavan will find their -PCS orders to Korea P.T. Safety O’Flahavan Loop, from the housing way blocked with the road closure on -Social Security card for student Driving on Perimeter Road around office to the public affairs office in O’Flahavan. Drivers can still get where -AIP/extension documents if the northern end of the flightline is now Building 728 is closed. “We’ve retained they need to go by taking Gorvad Drive applicable prohibited from 6 to 7 a.m. Monday the sidewalk on the north side of the at the KATUSA Snack Bar and turning -A passport with Status of through Friday. The closure has been street,” said Vincent, “to give Soldiers right, or by entering O’Flahavan Loop Forces Agreement stamp is ordered to provide Soldiers with a safe a safe place to walk – but auto and from Freedom Road by Freedom Chapel, required for all non- command place for Physical Training during the truck traffic is out.” bypassing the closed section of the street. sponsored students early morning hours. Traffic is stopped For information call 753-8894. from the “Y” intersection at Building 1319 at Zoeckler Station on the Ration Control northeast side of the flightline, to the Hours of Operation 3rd Military Intelligence area on the Ration control is now open 10 a.m. southwest side. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Traffic Safety Wednesday and Friday. Ration Drivers who in the past have made a control closes for lunch from noon left-hand turn across traffic into to 1 p.m. daily. The office is closed O’Flahavan Loop next to Freedom each Thursday and on the 1st and Chapel, are now being directed to 3rd Tuesday of the month for continue west between 7:30 and 8:30 required trips to Yongsan and to a.m. “It’s a safety consideration,” said camps Eagle and Long. For Acting Installation Safety Manager information, call 753-6123, or go Philip Vincent. “It helps keep traffic ROGER EDWARDS to the Ration Control Website at from backing up and cuts down on the The section of O’Flahavan Loop that runs from Housing to Information Management will be congestion drivers have experienced closed until new constuction is completed on the south side of the street. The sidewalk on the default.aspx. there in the past. north side of O’Flahavan will remain open for foot traffic.
  • Aug. 19, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23 Young flyer aims high, wants to be future pilot By Roger Edwards will be attending Osan’s American High Area III Public Affairs School. She said that her favorite OSAN AIR BASE – Christina Lee subjects are science and language arts, Deren’s father Art is proud of his little and, “I enjoy Discovery and Animal girl. Christina is a young lady with her Planet on television.” feet firmly on the ground but with her Although still a few years away from head high in the air. She is a 12 year old being able to solo (age 16) and be issued who is determined to become a pilot and her private pilot’s license (age 17), is already working toward that goal. Christina has already completed her Art is a civilian employee in Area III formal flight school training and has Logistics at Camp Humphreys. The begun to amass flying experience. family arrived in Korea a little more than According to her father, she has earned a year ago and Christina started flight 10 flying hours learning maneuvers and school at Osan’s Aero Club in October. doing take offs and landings. “I just like to do stuff like this,” she “Flying may be more expensive than said when asked why she had decided other youth activities,” said Christina, “but to be a flyer. “I don’t know why, but I it’s lots of fun and may be a career builder. want a career as a commercial pilot or a “I’d like to encourage others my age marine biologist.” to come out and get involved,” she Christina enters the seventh grade continued. “If I can do it, they can do it when school begins later this month and too.” PHOTOS BY ROGER EDWARDSChristina Deren sits at the controls of a Cessna 172 at Osan’s Aero Club Saturday, whileperforming a preflight check. According to Tom Morton, Aero Club manager, The Cessna 172is worldwide, the most popular market model aircraft in which to learn to fly. In a pre-flight routine that is religiously followed, Christina Deren and Bill Evans sample the gas in the Cessna’s tanks for water. Water can condense inside the tank and bring the engine to a halt while in the air.Christina Deren checks engine oil during her pre-flight check while under the watchful eyes of Bill Evans gives Christina a few tips about the instrument panel during the pre-flight check ofBill Evans, a private pilot with 300 hours flying time. an Aero Club Cessna 172. SSRT assumes telecom contract Area III Public Affairs The former Korea Telephone Kiosk in the lobby of the Camp Humphreys Army and Air Force Exchange Service now carries the name of a new service provider. Samsung Rental Telecom underbid K.T. for the contract in 2001 but left K.T. in place until they were able to put in their infastructure. SSRT is now providing both telephone and internet service to more than 1,500 Camp Humphreys residents, and is selling cell phones and telephone calling cards at the post exchange. “We need those people who had service through K.T. to come in and renew their service with us,” said Jonathan Oh, SSRT general manager for Camp Humphreys. “It will not cost anything extra, but will help provide uninterrupted service to our customers.” To reach customer service call 031-691-5114. From left, Rock Lee , Kim Ha-na and Sue Kwan are three of the 10 employees SSRT has in place to serve customers at Camp Humphreys.
  • Aug. 19, 2005 Page 25Korean National Police tour Daegu enclave By Kevin Jackson the Area IV Support Activity mission, Area IV Public Affairs which is to provide responsible CAMP HENRY – Force protection management of the installations and to is every Army commander’s concern. support mission readiness and However, it wasn’t until recently that execution, while providing for the well- the Nam-bu Police Station’s new being of the people who work and live leader and his senior staff had an inside the camps. opportunity to visit U.S. Army Leaders also had an opportunity to installations in Daegu to see from the tour the newest barracks on Camp inside looking out what their combat Henry, the Community Activities Center, police are safeguarding. Commissary and the Hendrix family The Area IV Support Activity hosted quarters for a first-hand look at the Nam-bu Senior Superintendent Cho Mu- facilities. ho and 15 senior members of his staff As part of the visit, the KNP dined Aug. 12 for a tour. The visit was among U.S. and Korean Augmentation organized to permit the Korean National to the U.S. Army Soldiers, and ate Police leadership to meet their U.S. American food in the Camp Henry Dining Army counterparts and to tour the Facility. installations. The half-day visit concluded with a The tour was preceded by a first-time tour of the Provost Marshal Office, meeting between Col. Donald J. detention cell and motor pool, where the Hendrix, the Area IV Support Activity 3rd Platoon, 188th Military Police commander, and Cho, who just assumed Company provided a display of its the Nam-bu Police Station’s top post. weapons and equipment for the KNP. “More than anything else, my intent According to Jang Bom-sok from today is for us to get to know one the Nam-bu Police Station’s Foreign another a little bit better and share the Affairs Section, the highlights of the expertise here,” Hendrix said during brief day were visiting the Hendrix family welcoming remarks to the Nam-bu quarters and the static weapons police and attending U.S. Army law display. enforcement and force protection “They were very satisfied with the professionals. tour,” he said of his Nam-bu Police KEVIN JACKSON “There are a number of things that we Station coworkers. “They especiallySenior Superintendent Cho Mu-ho of the Nam-bu Police Station checks out an M68 Close Combat talked about, such as expanding (joint) appreciated Col. Hendrix showing hisOptic Sight mounted on an M4 rifle with M203 grenade launcher during a tour of the Daegu enclave. training opportunities,” said Hendrix, house to everyone and the weaponsCpl. Yang Tae-ju, 3rd Platoon, 188th Military Police Company, conducted a briefing on military police referring to his meeting with and weapons systems for Cho and 15 senior members of his staff. The visit began with an overview of See KNP Page 27 KNP,Army, Kyungpook National University team up for intern programBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – In “Hey Jude” the Beatles sang“take a sad song and make it better.” Taking that maxima step further, Area IV Support Activity and KyungpookNational University officials are taking a good thingand making it even better by building upon an alreadypopular volunteer program and expanding it into amutually beneficial internship program. The Good Neighbor Student Volunteer Program gotits start in 2000 when several KNU students wereinvited to assist with the Child and Youth ServicesAfter-School Program. The program was formalizedin 2003 and since then more than 200 participantshave logged hours with various agencies within theDaegu enclave such as Morale, Welfare and Recreation,Army Community Service, the Directorate of PublicWorks and many more. Approximately 40 studentsvolunteer each semester. Since its inception, Keimyung University, YeungnamUniversity and Daegu Health College have also joinedthe volunteer program. Student volunteers are required to log a minimumof two half-days per week. While the volunteer GALEN PUTNAMprogram has been hugely popular with students and Student intern Kim Jun-hwan, a sophomore from Kyungpook National University majoring in electrical and computer science,supervisors alike, there are some logistical drawbacks, takes to the controls at the American Forces Network – Daegu Detachment. Kim is scheduled to become a Korean Augmentee See Interns Page 28 Interns, to the United States Army Soldier in December.
  • Aug. 19, 200526 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly SAS Open House Child and Youth Service on Camp Carroll will host a School Age Services Open House 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday. For information, call Lloyd Buster at 765-8824. Military Idol Competition Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation is sponsoring “Military Idol” a singing competition, with installation- level winners receiving $500 and a trip to the United States to compete in the Army-wide competition. Sign up at the Hilltop Club on Camp Walker, Henry’s Place on Camp Henry, the Busan Pub on Camp Hialeah, or Camp Carroll’s Hideaway Club. Contestants can also sign up at the Camp Walker, Carroll and Hialeah community activity centers. Registration deadline is Thursday. For information, call Luis R. Rios at 764-4440. Labor Day Sporting Events Labor Day sporting events including softball, sand-pit volleyball and racquetball will be held Sept. 5 at Kelly PHOTOS BY SEBASTIAN SCIOTTI Field on Camp Walker. Registration Master Sgt. Matthew W. DeLay, rappel instructor, provides guidance to Spc. Tiffany Vogel as she begins her descent from the 45-foot rappel tower deadline is Aug. 31 at the Kelly Fitness on the Republic of Korea Army’s 201st Special Forces Brigade compound Aug. 11. A Republic of Korea Soldier (left) provides assistance. Center on Camp Walker. For information, call Chong-hwan Kim at 764-4225. Area IV Support Activity Soldiers BOSS Cruise, Tour BOSS is conducting a Weekend Han experience adventure training River Cruise 6 - 10 p.m. Sept. 3 and the importance of personal courage, one Seoul City Tour 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sept. By Pvt. Park Kwang-mo Area IV Public Affairs of the seven Army Values. “There’s 4. Registration deadline is Aug. 29. nothing wrong to feel nervous or fear,” Tickets are $25 for Han River Cruise CAMP HENRY – The Soldiers of she said. “The important thing is to face and $20 for Seoul City Tour. For the Area IV Support Activity perform fear with confidence.” information call, Sgt. Kenneth a wide variety of jobs but rappelling As always, safety was Richardson at 764-4426. isn’t one of the tasks they are e m p h a s i z e d d u r i n g i n s t r u c t i o n , typically called upon to accomplish. practice and the actual training. Flag Football And That all changed Aug. 11, as about Noncommissioned officers checked Soccer Leagues 30 Area IV Support Activity Soldiers every Soldier’s safety seat and other Company-level soccer and flag from Camp Carroll and the Daegu devices to ensure safety. Every football leagues will begin Sept. 6 and Sept. 12, respectively, at Sweeny Field enclave experienced the thrill of Soldier practiced on the ground and Storey Field on Camp Carroll. walking off the edge of a perfectly before descending from the tower. Registration deadline for both leagues good platform at the Republic of The off-site training was Korea Army’s 201st Special Forces particularly meaningful to the Area IV Sgt. 1st Class Delma Chapa helps Spc. Oh is Aug. 31. For information, call Mark Jung-hoon fasten his belt and safety seat Juliano at 765-8287. Brigade compound. The compound is Support Activity Soldiers, since a about a 45-minute drive from Camp majority of them work in before ascending the tower. Case Lot Sale Henry. administrative specialties. Master Sgt. time to work with the ROK Army but it The Pusan Commissary will have a case Standing atop the 45-foot rappel Matthew W. DeLay, who led the turned out to be really good experience,” lot sale 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sept. 10 and 11 tower, designed to resemble a training, said he wanted to share some he said. a.m. - 5 p.m. Sept 11. For information, helicopter body, made a few Soldiers of his Infantry experience with the Bruns was glad the ROKA facilities call Charles Phillips at 763-7231. queasy. Even though it was only the support Soldiers. “Soldiers will be were made available to the American first or second time rappelling for more energetic and motivated through Soldiers. “Hopefully, we will have AFTB Training most of the this kind of more chances to use ROK Army Army Community Service is Soldiers, every infrastructures which we don’t have sponsoring Army Family Team participant “It is my first time to work with training,” he but need,” she said. said. Building Training 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sept. made two the ROK Army but it turned out Training at Three ROK Army Special Forces 14 at Camp Hialeah ACS Building. d e s c e n t s to be a really good experience.” the ROKA site Soldiers assisted with the training. “It Reservations are required as soon as w i t h o u t was supported is great to provide our training site to possible. For information, call Jae mishap. – Master Sgt. Matthew DeLay by the Republic them and work together,” said Sgt. 1st Bowers at 763-7271. “When I of Korea Army’s Class Kim Ki-hwan. EO Course first got up there, I was scared,” said 201st Special Forces Brigade, DeLay and The training turned out to be a good An Area IV Equal Opportunity Spc. Tiffany Vogel. “But it was an Capt. Kim Jung-gu, Area IV Support experience for most Soldiers. Representative Course will be held exciting and thrilling moment.” Activity ROKA staff officer, worked “Although it looks pretty Sept. 12 - 23. Registration deadline is 1st Sgt. Robin D. Bruns, together to coordinate the training. challenging the first time, more Sept. 5. For information, call Master Headquarters and Headquarters DeLay said this kind of cooperation practice makes more confidence and Sgt. Matt DeLay at 768-8972, Sgt. 1st Company, Area IV Support Activity, said reminds us of where we are working excitement at the end,” said Cpl. Class Stephanie Buxton at 768-8542, completing this challenging training was and helps foster positive relations Hwang Ho-suk. “It is pretty helpful or Sgt. 1st Class Monte Tartt at 8692. a good way to remind participants about between the two countries. “It is my first to increase combat readiness.”
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Aug. 19, 2005 27Area IV facilities offering extended business hours NEWS & NOTESArea IV Public Affairs Food Court: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Select Area IV Army and Air Force Exchange Burger King: 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. Master SergeantService facilities will be offering extended operating Camp Hialeah Promotion Boardhours through Sept. 4. In addition, the Daegu PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. A Department of the Army master sergeantCommissary will be offering extended hours through Cafeteria: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. selection board is scheduled to convene Oct. 4.Sept. 3. Camp Henry Eligible non-commissioned officers must log on to Several Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities Shoppette: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. the Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center Websitewill be extending their hours as well. American Eatery: 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. at in advance. To make any Child care facilities including the Camp Henry Child Camp Carroll data corrections, visit Charlie Detachment, 516thDevelopment Center and Camp Walker School Age PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. Personnel Support Battalion, Camp Henry, Bldg. 1685Services will be offering extended hours through Sept. Food Court: 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. (Pizza Hut, or Camp Carroll, Bldg. T-125. For information, call2. Daegu Enclave fitness facilities will be opening earlier Popeye’s Chicken, Subway, Burger King only) Chief Warrant Officer NaAngela O’Neal at 768-6957.and closing later through Sept. 5. CHILD CARE FACILITIES: Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop on Camp Walker Camp Henry CDC: RESUMIX Trainingwill be open additional days through Sept. 3. Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m.– 8 p.m. (will close early if The Employment Readiness Program at the Camp See below for details. all children are picked up) Henry Army Community Service is offering hands-on Camp Walker SAS: RESUMIX training. For information or an DAEGU COMMISSARY: Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. (will close early appointment, call Lettie Villarosa at 768-7951. The AreaMonday: closed; Tuesday – Friday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. if all children are picked up) IV Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is offering is also RESUMIX training 1:30 p.m. the last Wednesday(open one hour earlier, close one hour later); Saturday: FITNESS FACILITIES: of each month at the Civilian Personnel Operations9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Kelly Fitness Center, Camp Walker: Center Training Center, Bldg. 1208 on Camp Henry. AAFES FACILITIES: 4 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily For information, call Irene Francis at 768-6650. ForSROKA Indoor Pool, Camp Walker: enrollment, call Kim Sang-yun at 768-6625.Mobile PX and Food: 9 a.m. –1 p.m.; 6 – 9 p.m. daily 5 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily(thru Sept. 4) Fit-To-Win Center, Camp Henry: Fall BazaarCamp Walker 5 a.m. - midnight (24-hour access to showers and The annual Taegu Spouses Association Fall BazaarMain PX: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily. restrooms from rear of building) will be Oct. 1 – 2 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Several new vendors will be participating thisKNP from Page 25 year. For information, call Christie Holmes at 210-6129 or Sherry Page at 210-6005.exhibition was good. Only a few of our people saw the installations to provide security.U.S. weapons at the open house three months ago.” “We have worked together out(side) of the installation, Carroll Bank Hours Cho also appreciated the tour and acknowledged the but it is the first time inside the camps, which is pretty helpful The Camp Carroll Community Bank’s hours areimportance of cooperation between his police station and to look over our current security posture,” Cho said. “The now 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 – 5 p.m. Tuesday- Friday,the U.S. Army. Each day up to 40 of the Nam-bu Police Korean National Police will pursue even stronger cooperation and 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Saturday.Station’s auxiliary combat police stand guard outside Daegu with the U.S. Army with regard to security.” Ad goes here
  • Aug. 19, 200528 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyInterns from Page 25such a commuting between campus and the work benefits. KNU credits the cross-cultural experience administrators and the Area IV Army Communitysite as well as coordinating work, class and study as an “international” internship, all without the student Service volunteer coordinator, and other criteria.schedules. having to leave the country – saving both travel and Selectees are matched as closely as possible to an “When we started to formalize the volunteer lodging expenses. Students also receive a full semester organization that requires their particular skills.program we discovered one of the biggest problems of credit hours for the experience. “I was interested in an international internship sowe had was the limited amount of time the students The pilot iteration of four interns, including an when I saw this on the university home page I thoughthave because they are volunteering while they are also exchange student from Kwangju University, just it would be very helpful for my job career and as aattending classes,” said Lorne Hwang, KNU completed their semesters. Two of the four extended KATUSA because I will become a KATUSA ininternational advisor. “We require a minimum of four their internships through August to garner additional December,” said Kim Jun-hwan, a sophomorehours, twice a week so that’s two mornings or two experience. Expanded to eight interns in order to majoring in electrical and computer science who isafternoons a week. That means students have to accommodate more students, the next batch of interns working with the American Forces Network – Daegucommute during the school day from campus to Camp is set to begin the second week of September. Detachment. “I have learned a lot about AmericanHenry or wherever their position. Also, midterms come Officials anticipate eight to 10 KNU interns will Soldiers and what they think, and about the cultureup, final exams come up or they miss a week for participate in the program each six-month semester. by working with them. It has been very helpful. Iwhatever reason and they can’t contribute as much “I wanted to take a break from my studies and have also learned a lot of different aspects ofas they want to, or as much as would volunteer in England broadcasting and broadcast engineering.”benefit them in terms of theirprofessional experience.” “The program provides a great for a semester, but my mother was worried Supervisors praise the work of their student interns. “Jun has been a pleasure to work with. He has The Good Neighbor Student Intern opportunity for both the Army about it,” said Lee contributed a lot to the office. It was also a valuableProgram eliminates those challenges and the interns.” Shin-hye (Alice), a opportunity for the Soldiers to learn more about thewhile offering a number of advantages sophomore social Korean culture,” said Sgt. 1st Class Rick Black, Americanto student participants and the Army – Sgt. 1st Class Rick Black work major who Forces Network – Daegu Detachment commander. “Theas well. The Army receives full-time worked at Taegu additional manpower contributed to missioninterns for entire six-month terms. Students receive American School during the school year and is now accomplishment and freed up time for the Soldiers toan in-depth educational and professional experience with ACS on Camp Henry. “At first I was afraid of work on other projects. The program provides a greatwithout having to juggle classes and commute foreigners but I found they are easier to get to know opportunity for both the Army and the interns.”between campus and the installation. than Koreans. I have learned from a lot of different Program administrators point out the Army receives The intern program got its start informally when a people. It was like a family at TAS and it is like a a positive return from the relationship.couple of students decided they would like to spend family here at ACS. I’m really, really satisfied with “This is one way for us to communicate withmore that just twice a week volunteering so they took my experience. I would like to come back to work the Korean community. It is important for thema semester off of school and immersed themselves in for the Army some day.” to know that Americans aren’t bad people,” saida full-time volunteer experience. Although still fairly new, the intern program has Bonnie McCarthy, Area IV Support Activity The intern program was formalized between KNU proven to be extremely popular – and highly volunteer coordinator. “Staff members alsoand the Area IV Support Activity in January 2005. competitive. Interns are selected on the basis of their experience mentoring a Korean student andBesides gaining valuable language skills and resume, recommendations from professors, their learning from them and gaining insight to theirprofessional experience, the internships offer other English language skill, interviews with KNU cultural background.” Ad goes here
  • Aug.19, 200530 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “ Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘chahn-mool’ The phrase of the week “Please give me cold water.” Chahn-mool joo-sheep-see-oh. cold water Please give me Conversation of the week Nahl-see-gah noe-moo doe-woe-yo. Mwoe john mah-sheel-ggah-yo? Gue-roep-see-dah. Mwoe-gah jo-uel-ggah-yo? Nehng-koe-pee-yo.