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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  050701 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 050701 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA July 1, 2005Volume 3, Issue 36 The Morning Calm Area IV Soldiers Seoul Land Weekly will not print conduct live-fire offers thrills, exercise family fun July 8. The next issue will be July 15. Page 26 Page 16Monsoon season yields potential furyBy David McNally Holbrook said many newcomers haveArea I Public Affairs no idea of the mountainous nature of CAMP RED CLOUD — Every year Korea and the serious consequences ofKorea experiences seasonal rains called heavy rains in this type of topography.monsoons. The power of nature’s fury “Last year was a mild monsoonhas arrived once again. From June to season,” Holbrook said. “However, weSeptember U.S. servicemembers can know from the 1998 flooding howexpect rainfall to have a severe impact damaging the rains can be.”on military operations. Monsoons and typhoons, during a Officials said people have good 30-40 day period, account for more thanreason to respect monsoon season. 50 percent of Korea’s annual rainfall. In 1998, four U.S. Soldiers, and more However, U.S. military officials have athan 300 Korean civilians, were killed plan and people on installation staffs haveduring monsoon season. United States parts to play.Forces Korea suffered $242 million in “We execute the plan in phases,”lost or damaged property. Kapaku said. “Phase one is preparation In 1999, a 2nd Infantry Division and planning. We have been doing thatSoldier died in a Warrior Country flash since April.”flood. The rains of 2000 caused severe DAVID MCNALLY In phase one, workers clear debrisfloods at Yongsan Army Garrison in Soldiers from the 122nd Signal Battalion conduct a full dress-rehearsal Monday for a change of from ditches on the sides of roads andSeoul. Damage was extensive. command and inactivation ceremony at Camp Red Cloud. The ceremony happened Tuesday. stream beds on installations. They fill sand “Some seasons are heavier than have never experienced monsoons.” Installation Management Agency, Korea bags, and store them - just in case.others,” said William Kapaku, the civilian In Korea, it is possible to have Region Office. “Ironically, we go through Commanders conduct periodic riskexecutive assistant for U.S. Army more than 20 inches of rainfall in a a personnel transition this time of year.” assessments and identify potentialGarrison, Camp Red Cloud. “Over a 24-hour period. Many people come to Korea that have problem areas. Key staff membersperiod of time people tend to forget, and “The key is awareness,” said Jeff never been here before and know nothingwith the turnover of our troops, some Holbrook an operations officer for of the dangers caused by a storm.” See Monsoon Page 3 Monsoon,8th Army transformation on schedule USFK switching to commercial flightsEighth U.S. Army Public Affairs being reorganized into a heavy brigade combat team. YONGSAN - Eighth U.S. Army confirms A UEx is a senior tactical headquarters with war starting star ting Oct. 1administrative measures taken to transform, continue fighting as its primary function. Across the entire U.S.troop reductions and consolidations while enhancing Army, Corps and Division headquarters are beingcapabilities for its deterrence mission in the Republic transformed into as many as 13 new organizations calledof Korea. UExs, eliminating one intermediate level of command. Special to The Morning Calm Weekly The changes undertaken by the 8th U.S. Army A heavy brigade combat team operates at the Following through on an announcement made insupport the over-arching effort to consolidate U.S. tactical, or engagement level of warfare and is typically February, Air Mobility Command officials said thatForces in Korea into two main hub locations south of attached to a UEx. the Patriot Express, a transit system that brings theSeoul by 2008. Once a division-centric organization, the U.S. Army majority of U.S. troops to South Korea, will cease The transformation of the 2nd Infantry Division is transforming to a brigade-centric model that enables flights to and from the peninsula as of Oct. 1.into a UEx, or unit of employment, the formation of it to increase the number of combat brigades from 33 The air service’s other flights, carrying officialits heavy brigade combat team, and the formation of to 43 or more by reallocating personnel and equipment. travelers to other assignments in the Pacific andthe Multi-Function Aviation Brigade required several Changes in Aviation Forces Europe, will be dramatically scaled down during theunits to inactivate, reorganize or consolidate into the The 17th Aviation inactivated June 16. Its remaining next few years, as organizations. elements were consolidated with the 3-6 Attack “The real issue boils down to the financial support While the changes were anticipated, public Helicopter Battalion from the 6th Cavalry Brigade and of a mission that didn’t generate the customer baseconfirmation required completion of a formal Host were designated as the 2nd Aviation Brigade, assuming to support it,” said Gen. John W. Handy, commanderNation Notification to the Republic of Korea Ministry a new “multi-functional aviation brigade” structure. for Air Mobility Command and U.S. Transportationof National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The 2nd Aviation Brigade activated June 16. Command.and Trade. The transformation by Eighth Army units to modular As of Oct. 1, servicemembers wil enter or leaveChanges in Ground Forces organizations enhances the capability to perform its’ the Republic of Korea aboard commercial flights The 2nd ID will transform into a unit of employment through Incheon International Airport.under a new modular structure with their 1st Brigade See Transformation Page 4 ransformation,
  • 2 July 1, 2005 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly Letters Commander salutes modern-day patriots to the America declared American servicemembers always have been its independence July 4, guardians of liberty. Millions worldwide now enjoy 1776, and in that bold security, prosperity and well-being because of the Editor announcement dedication and willingness of our modern-day patriots established a nation to place the needs of others ahead of their own. based upon the tenets Reminiscent of the Minutemen before them, the valor of democracy, equality a n d r e s o l v e o f t o d a y ’s f i g h t i n g f o r c e s a r e a nDear Editor, inspiration for all generations of Americans. and freedom. I wrote this after 9/11 but I recently For more than two As you celebrate over this holiday weekend, take arevamped it. It has never been publishedand I would like to dedicate it to all hundred years, moment to reflect on the courage of our original freedommilitary and civilians (and family freedom has had a fighters. They were the first idealists, the first to articulatemembers) who serve their country – but home and a defender. what America was and what it would represent. Theyespecially the military folks. Today, America’s established national ideals that continue to motivate and Joseph J. Youngblood message continues to resonate today. We honor them. inspire and motivate On this Fourth of July, I salute the members of the OLD GLORY humanity with the United States Forces Korea. It is through your basic principles that all are created equal and are meant personal efforts that American patriotism remains a Lifted up on wings of Eagles, to be free. living faith. Your enthusiasm and commitment are Held high by God’s great hand Every year, in response to that message, hundreds of as deeply rooted as our original founding fathers’. Old Glory waves on proudly, thousands of people from around the world willingly and Through your hard work, the citizens of the Proclaiming freedom thru our land. joyfully join our wonderful national melting pot so that they Republic of Korea continue to enjoy the freedoms of Equality and justice are the truths for which she stands. too, can call themselves “Americans.” democracy, peace and prosperity. Old Glory still waves on Like the patriots of 1776, the present generation of men and women serving in our armed forces are GEN Leon J. LaPorte Born from our quest for justice, she among the most courageous of our nation’s citizens. Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK has told us we are free. Wounded by the cowards strike, she withstood the tyrants’ heel. MP Blotter She flies above the martyr’s blood of a thousand battlefields, The following entries were assault. Military Police investigators suspected level of alcoholic intoxication and weeps a flood of bitter tears for excerpted from the past several weeks revealed through investigation that a and then released to his unit. He was later those who fell at home. military police blotters. These entries Soldier and his spouse were involved in a advised of his legal rights, which he waived Yet through loss of loved ones dear, may be incomplete and do not verbal altercation that turned physical and rendered a written sworn statement or pride of hero’s deeds determine the guilt or innocence of when the Soldier pushed his spouse to the admitting to the above incident. On foreign shores and at home any person. floor and struck her on the back of her head Investigation continues by MPI. Old Glory still waves on ! Military Police were notified of an three times with an open hand in their off- ! Military Police were notified by assault consummated by battery. post residence. She then escaped and fled United States Army Criminal She was with the founding fathers in Investigation revealed that a Soldier the scene to an unnamed friend’s Investigations Command of a larceny of the cold of Valley Forge. grabbed another Soldier around her residence where the Korean National government property. Preliminary She was there at Appomattox, and shoulders with both hands and pushed Police were telephonically notified. Prior investigation revealed person(s) again in two world wars, her against the wall, then began to shake to the arrival of KNP and the MPs, the unknown entered a connex and stole two In the canyons of the cities and the her, causing her head to hit the wall. He Soldier fled the scene on foot. When the Dell laptop computers containing amber waves of grain, then grabbed her by the throat and began Soldier returned his spouse telephonically classified information. The missing In the brilliant light of freedoms fight to choke her. When he released her and notified the MP station a second time. laptop computers were stored in a our Glory shall remain. turned his back, she escaped and fled the Upon arrival of the KNP and MPs the cardboard box, which was left Passed to us by our fathers, and scene to an unknown friend’s residence. Soldier was placed under apprehension and unattended and unsecured. USACIDC held in sacred trust, The assaulted Soldier rendered a written transported to the MP station. He was then coordinated with military intelligence, every generation has given her their sworn statement attesting to the above transported to a local medical facility for a who agreed to conduct a joint best. incident and the suspect was escorted to command-directed blood alcohol test, with investigation with the USACIDC. The (Editor’s Note: Due to space the MP station by his unit, where he was results pending, and treated for minor loss to the government is approximatelyconstraints, the poem could not be advised of his legal rights, which he injuries consisting of a small bruise to his $5,138 in U.S. currency. The risk ofpublished in it’s entirety. For a complete invoked, requesting a lawyer. The Soldier right forehead and small abrasions to the compromise to classified data wasversion, contact Youngblood at was further processed and released to his neck region. He was then transported back assessed as minimal. unit. Investigation continues by MPI. to the MP station where he was not continues by the USACIDC and military ! Military Police were notified of an advised of his legal rights due to his intelligence. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from Area I Area III publication is the responsibility of the advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO including inserts or supplements, corrected. Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley AP 96205. CI Officer David McNally Staff Writer Roger Edwards does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Staff Writer Spc. Stephanie Pearson by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Area II Area IV advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer Alex Harrington CI Officer Galen Putnam available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Staff Writer Sgt. Christopher Selmek Staff writer Pvt. Park Kwang-mo patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • July 1, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 Troop Command changes leaders By Sgt. 1st Class Patricia Johnson 509th PSB Helpline 8th Personnel CommandThe 509th Personnel Services Battalion YONGSAN — Lt. Col. David L. Ward assumedis now offering a call-in service for command of United States Army Troop Command Koreapersonnel questions regarding from the outgoing commander, Lt. Col Paul L. Legere, in aredeployment orders, promotions, change of command ceremony on Knight Field, June 23.clearing and more. On post, call 550- “It’s always uplifting to see Americans and [Korean4747. Off post or from a cell phone, Augmentation to the U.S. Army] Soldiers standing side bycall 0505-724-4747. side in the same formation, just as they have for over 50The line operates from 6 a.m. until 9 years,” said Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, 8th U.S. Armyp.m., Monday through Friday. After commander,hours and on weekends, callers may Campbell was the reviewing officer for the ceremonyleave a message and will be and passed the guidon from Legere to Ward. In his remarks,contacted by PSB staff when the Campbell said “American and ROK soldiers on the groundoffice reopens. are the ultimate instrument of national resolve and are the centerpiece for the ROK/U.S. alliance. The USATC-K is a SGT. 1ST CLASS PATRICIA JOHNSON Combined Joint Staff diverse and talented team; a team of Soldiers whose duties, Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, 8th U.S. Army commander, passes Seeks Narrator mission and accomplishments are important and varied.” USATC-K colors to its new commander, Lt. Col. David L. Ward.The Secretary Combined Joint Staff is Prior to this command, Ward’s last assignment was as II, said, “If you are looking for the finest of American andseeking a command narrator. The the senior intelligence trainer for C Team, Battle Command Korean youth, and the future of our Army, then look no furthernarrator performs duties for all UNC/ Training Program, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. He joins the than this formation. They represent the very best in our Army,CFC/USFK Honor Guard and Award USATC-K team with his wife Mary and two daughters. and two nations.”Ceremonies. The narrator must possess At the ceremony Ward said he has a reputation for getting USATC-K provides command functions to Headquarters,the ability to speak English United States Forces Korea and Headquarters, Eighth U.S. the job done and caring for Soldiers.clearly.Bearing, professional image and Army, as well as providing the U.S. Army Element Commanders “I truly relish the opportunity to lead one of the largestability to quickly adapt to changing to the U.S. Army Elements of the United Nations Command, battalions in the U.S. Army,” he said, “thoroughly integratedsituations is a must. The ability to Combined Forces Command and United States Forces Korea.communicate with foreign dignitaries, with the sons of one of our strongest allies and forward deployed on the frontlines of freedom.” During transition to hostilities, Troop Command plans,general officers and distinguished In his farewell remarks to the unit Legere, who leaves coordinates and executes transition to war operations for HHC,visitors is essential. The narrator USATC-K to become the director of Public Works for Area USFK and HHC, 8th U.S. Army.position is open to 0-1 through 0-3 and MonsoonE5 through E7. Interested personnel from Page 1may contact Maj. Floyd, at 723-5227 orSgt. Maj. Shirley Garrett, at 723-3615 to update alert rosters, so they can reactset up an interview. when the weather turns sour. ! Planning Electronic Documents ! Warning Available thru myPay ! Destructive weather In support of the President’s ! Post-destructive weather recoveryExpanded Electronic Government ! Lessons learnedInitiative, the Defense Finance and “If there is any lesson the flood ofAccounting Service will provide Wage 1998 taught us, it was to do everythingand Tax Statements and Leave and humanly possible to prepare forEarning Statements in electronic formatfor military and civilian personnel who monsoon season,” Kapaku said.view their pay data on the myPay Web Weather advisories or warningssite. Eliminating hard copies of these trigger the warning phase. In Seoul, Korea Region Office, forms a overlooks Camp Stanley. The terrificpaper documents and providing the Installation Management Agency, destructive weather response team. weight and power of the water sentelectronic copies through myPay will Area commands then go mud, rocks and large boulderssave several million dollars and decrease into action. crashing down the mountainside.the risk of identity theft. During emergency “It was very humbling to see part Therefore, effective Friday, all military conditions, the action phase of the mountain collapse,” Kapakumembers and Department of Defense of the plan goes into gear. said. “The boulders blocked the uppernon-bargaining unit civilian employees Area commanders account ammunition holding area.”with a customized PIN, who access for their people and respond The 2nd Infantry Division reactedmyPay are consenting to receive only an to conditions. immediately by sending a Campelectronic W-2 and Leave and Earning This means manpower Howze engineer platoon to clear theStatement. placing sand bags, debris, and to reopen access to the controlling traffic, relocating ammunition. Reserve CGSOC equipment, performing In the post-destructive weather Instructors Wanted search and rescue recovery phase, officials assessInstructors are being sought to teach operations, and evacuating damage. Area commanders integratethe Command and General Staff and sheltering victims. key staff members to assist inOfficers Course in Yongsan. Heavy rains create disaster assistance. UnitsApplicants must be an Army ReserveSoldier, hold the rank of major or hazardous conditions. There immediately move to clean up thelieutenant colonel, be MEL4 qualified, are dangers from lightning, aftermath and to minimize healthbe willing to transfer to the 4960th reduced visibility when hazards.MFTB, and meet the Army height and driving and hydroplaning. “We know the power of whatweight standards. Interested However, possibly the most happened in 1998,” Kapaku said.personnel should contact Lt. Col. serious danger comes from “That was when we wereDennis Davenport at 723-4394. flash floods. unprepared that we suffered the “In 1998 we had a major most damage.” Correction catastrophe at Camp Kapaku said his people are nowIn last week’s edition a Page 1 teaser Stanley,” said Kapaku. constantly prepared for the worst.for a story on the Expert Infantryman The infamous 1998 This is because of lessons learned D AVIDMN C ALLYBadge was misidentified. We regret theerror. Heavy rains leaves 4 inches of water streaming through the floodwaters weakened part from past disasters — lessons that Camp Red Cloud floodgates Monday morning. of the mountain that were hard earned.
  • July 1, 20054 The Morning Calm WeeklyPaperwork key to bringingforeign spouse to AmericaBy Jeffrey S. Tunis for visas. The information the embassyU.S. Embassy Seoul staff provides on IV is straight forward, This is the third installment of the by-the-numbers and well over 95 percentseries, “Bringing a foreign spouse to of all applicants in Seoul qualify.America.” Prior installments described The embassy immediately starts thethe first step of bringing a foreign spouse internal clearances after receiving theto the United States by filing an approved I-130. Korean staff membersimmigrant petition. This article will perform most of the administrativedescribe how a foreign spouse can apply processing and customer service.for the Immigrant Visa (IV). YONGSAN GARRISON – TheImmigration and Nationality Act of 1952and subsequent legislation make theDepartment of State responsible for visaprocessing at U.S. Embassies overseas. However, the beneficiary is responsible for gathering all required forms and documents, such as: ! Medical examination – the Department of Health and Human Services authorizes five Korean hospitals to AD After the Department of Homeland conduct the physical exam. It takes twoSecurity U.S. Citizenship and Immigration days and costs approximately 25,000 wonServices approves your spouse’s ! Vital records – you will need vital(beneficiary) I-130, “Petition for Alien records like birth, adoption, divorce,Relative,” it is then sent back to the marriage and death certificates. KoreansDepartment of State consular section have this information on their familywhere the beneficiary will apply for an IV. census register. Logon to http:// GOES If your beneficiary is in Korea, the U.S. consulate will receive the for informationapproved I-130 from the Department of ! Affidavit of support (I-864) – the I-Home Security and enter it into their 864 provides evidence of the petitioner’sdatabase. Afterwards, the State ongoing income after the beneficiary’sDepartment will e-mail or mail the IV arrival in the United States. Usually ainstructions to the beneficiary. Leave and Earnings Statement showing The responsibility for applying and continuing service, and the last three yearsqualifying for the IV rests solely on the of federal tax returns. If you don’t haveapplicant. Both the Department of the last three years of your tax return,Homeland Security and the State immediately logon to: must carry out regulatory, not faqs/faq-kw133.htmlassistance, roles. ! Police clearances from countries Since the U.S. Embassy in Seoul where the beneficiary lived after age 16. HEREprocesses nearly 2,000 new visa See each day, the staff is not able index.htm for detailsto offer personalized telephone or internet ! Complete, accurate English translationsguidance to individual IV applicants. Nor of any foreign language documentsdo they have the legal authority orresources to see that beneficiaries qualify See Visa, Page 13Transformation from Page 1deterrence mission in the Republic of ! 8th Personnel CommandKorea by making them more quickly inactivated and was absorbed into thedeployable, flexible and lethal than Eighth Army staff.currently structured. For each of these actions, a Host Nation2ID Transformation Notification was completed. A formal The transformation of the 2nd notification process is applied by theInfantry Division into a UEx, the United States to notify the Republic offormation of its’ heavy brigade combat Korea when a battalion-sized (or larger)team and the formation of the 2nd unit departs. Following the ROK-U.S.Aviation Brigade requires several units agreement to reduce 12,500 troops byto inactivate, reorganize or consolidate 2008, plans were initiated to outline theinto the new organizations. details. Once approved by the U.S. Under ! Headquarters and Headquarters Secretary of Defense (Policy), USFKCompany, Division Support Command formally notifies the ROK Ministry ofat Camp Casey (Inactivated June 15); National Defense and the U.S. Embassy ! 2nd Battalion, 72nd Armor, at in Korea formally notifies the KoreanCamp Casey (Inactivated June 15); Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. ! HHC, 122nd Signal Battalion at These administrative actions keep theCamp Castle (Inactivated June 15); Eighth U.S. Army on track to meet the ! HHC, 2nd Engineer Brigade at scheduled troop reduction of 8,000 byCamp Castle; the end of 2005. The troop reduction ! 2nd Engineer Battalion at Camp plan, part of the ROK-U.S. agreement,Hovey (Inactivated June 15); is split over four years: 2004, 5,000; ! 102d Military Intelligence Battalion 2005, 3,000; 2006, 2,000; and 2007-at Camp Essayons (Consolidates to 2008, 2,500. Personnel and equipmentbecome the support battalion of the 2nd needed to form the new organizationsInfantry Division (UEx); will remain in the Republic of Korea.
  • July 1, 2005 Page 5 By Spc. Stephanie Pearson Lorenzo Luna, class instructor. “The Area I Public Affairs focus is on how to overcome a bigger CAMP RED CLOUD — Sixty of and stronger opponent.” the 2nd Infantry Division’s toughest Luna said the program concentrates warriors gathered at the Camp Red on three phases of basic fight strategy: Cloud Physical Fitness Center June 22 close the distance to the opponent, gain to hone their ground-fighting skills in the dominant position and finish the the Modern Army Combatives, Level II fight. training course. “To finish the fight, you want to “The course teaches basic ground subdue the opponent by choking him, fighting techniques like arm bars and breaking an arm or shooting him,” Luna2nd Infantry Division Soldiers learn hand-to-hand combat at Camp Red Cloud June 22. choke holds,” said Sgt. 1st Class said. “That is what’s so effective about these moves – you can always apply them. These are real-life moves, and realistic training promotes combat readiness because you become confident knowing you can defeat any enemy.” Sgt. William Tannler, 501st Military Intelligence Battalion, agreed. “It’s building a lot of confidence for me to be able to close with an enemy, fight and actually have a chance of winning,” he said. “If you’re going to be deployed, this is must-do training.” Tannler said it is one of the best fighting programs he has seen. “Before joining the Army, I studiedSgt. 1st Class Thomas Keglovitz pins down martial arts for four years,” he said.Sgt. William Tannler at the Army Combatives Sgt. 1st Class Lorenzo Luna, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Infantry Division, “This is more practical than anything Icourse at Camp Red Cloud. instructs the Level II Modern Army Combatives class at Camp Red Cloud June 22. did then. It’s very hard, though; I’ve been through a few Army schools, and this is the most physically demanding.” According to the training handbook, the program began in response to the need for a realistic hand-to-hand combat fighting technique. A committee was formed in 1995 to explore existing forms of martial arts and to develop a base of instruction for the new program. The committee, made up of experienced Army Rangers, found that a program based on Greco-Roman wrestling techniques would be most successful because its basic components were easier to learn and less dependent on size and strength. With actual combat experience as a guide, the Rangers designed a system using Brazilian-style Jiu-jitsu as a basis for ground fighting. They added the throws and takedowns of wrestling and Judo, integrated the strikes of boxing and Muay Thai, and combined them with marksmanship and weapons training to create a totally integrated system of close- quarters combat. Combatives training became official Army doctrine in January 2002 PHOTOS BY SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSON with the publication of a new fieldSgt. 1st Class Lorenzo Luna, senior combatives instructor, shows the class the “Nutcracker” blood choke. The blood choke cuts off the blood manual. To spread the new system ofsupply to the brain, which makes a person pass out much quicker. See Training Page 7 raining,
  • July 1 , 20056 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Weather forecasters strive to be accurate Fourth of July By David McNally detachment commander. “I get it twice on weekdays and once Entertainment Area I Public Affairs daily on weekends.” Area I will feature the following free CAMP RED CLOUD — To know when bad weather will Tournay said he shares this information with the division shows over the July Fourth weekend: strike and react quickly to rapidly changing situations is what chief of staff and tactical operations center. ! Shaggy concerts Friday at Camp commanders consider the tactical advantage on the battlefield. If a chance of flooding is likely, Tournay could bring his Stanley and Sunday at Camp Casey. In Warrior Country, the 2nd Infantry Division gets that forecasters in for 24-hour operations. On-duty forecasters Both shows begin at 7 p.m. advantage from U.S. Air Force weather forecasters at stay in constant contact with the 20th Operational Weather !Ty England at 7 p.m. Monday at Detachment 1, 607th Weather Squadron. Squadron at Yokota Air Base, Japan. Camp Casey. “My forecasters provide me with a 48-hour weather “They are a hub of weather information,” Tournay said. “They !Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club forecast for Area I,” said Air Force Capt. Robert Tournay, have a large number of resources and experienced personnel will remain open until 2 a.m. Sunday at the 20th to forecast for the northwest Pacific.” and Monday. This network of weather units, which includes the 607th Unit set to Move Weather Squadron at Yongsan, helps to tailor forecasts for The 718th Explosive Ordnance Disposal the Korean peninsula. The 20th OWS issues advisories for unit will move from Camp Red Cloud to heavy rainfall when forecasters expect 2 inches of rain in 12 Yongsan Garrison July 13-18 to enhance hours, or 5 inches in 24 hours. response capability to all U.S. “Command Center Seoul relays warnings to my on- installations on the Korean Peninsula. duty forecaster, to me and to people at affected sites,” The company-sized unit disposes Tournay said. unexploded ordnance found on ranges Tournay discusses the warnings and advisories with the and post-Armistice ordnance found division chief of staff and Area I commander. Based on this during construction on installations. information, garrison and Area I officials may announce flood Officials said the new location will condition warnings and appropriate crisis action measures. improve response time to Areas II, III “During this time of year we’re aware there’s a more active and IV while sustaining the response weather picture,” Tournay said. “I’m confident in the abilities capability for Area I. During the move of my forecasters to provide the most superior weather EOD capability will be maintained. information to the 2nd Infantry Division.” Knowledge is power according to the weather forecaster’s Train the Trainer mantra. During this monsoon season Tournay hopes his Area I Equal Employment Opportunity DAVID MCNALLY forecasters are powerful. will offer a “Train the Trainer” A 2nd Infantry Division noncommissioned officer experiences the first Prevention of Sexual Harassment class heavy rain of the 2005 monsoon season. E-mail for Korean National employees July 12- 14 at Yongsan. Nominate one candidate for every 100 employees. Finance Soldiers count on new leader Contact Vivian George at 738-4472. By David McNally Area I Public Affairs Commissary Spending Online CAMP CASEY — Warrior Country All U.S. Forces Korea Members finance troops welcomed a new leader registered in the Defense Biometrics June 23 in a change of command Identification System can now view ceremony here. their commissary spending online at Lt. Col. Archie Davis III took Some command of the 177th Finance Battalion DBIDS registration information is also from Lt. Col. Carolyn Sharpe. shown to assist USFK members in “What a great day to be a Soldier,” keeping their registration information Davis said. “I am humbled and honored current. If any corrections need to be to be given the distinct privilege to be made, visit any DBIDS registration commanding a battalion with a great center to update information. legacy and heritage.” Davis comes to the “Diamond in the Korean Employee Training Rock” battalion from duty as deputy The Area I Civilian Personnel Advisory commander, 336th Theater Finance Center will conduct Introduction to Command during Operation Iraqi PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY Supervision of Korean Employees Freedom II. training in English 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. July Soldiers of the 177th Finance Battalion stand in formation June 23 during the unit change of “To Lt. Col. Carolyn Sharpe, thank command ceremony. 26 in the CPAC classroom on Camp Red you for your gracious support in Cloud. Those interested in attending your team have exhibited over the past Soldiers to carry on the pride and making this a fluid transition,” Davis said must submit form DD-1556 and an two years support efforts throughout tradition they had during Sharpe’s during his speech. “More importantly, Individual Development Plan to Han thank you for your selfless service, and this peninsula.” command. Kyu-un by July 19. For information, the tremendous contributions you and Davis previously served in Korea as “What an honor for me to have been call 732-9060. battalion executive officer, 176th your battalion commander,” Sharpe said. Click it or Ticket Campaign Finance Battalion, in Yongsan from “Keep up the good work and continue The national Click it or Ticket seatbelt August 1999 to August 2000. to serve with pride and passion.” campaign began Monday and runs “Welcome back,” Col. Jeffrey Field, Sharpe leaves the battalion to work through July 11. During this time, 175th Finance Command commander with the Office of Institutional Army military police will be stopping told Davis. “You are the right Adaptation. vehicles on post to check for and commander at the right place at the right During her tenure the battalion enforce seatbelt usage. time.” provided Soldiers to support the 2nd Davis made a pact with the Soldiers Brigade Combat Team in Iraq. Ration Control Hours and civilians of the battalion. “We will continue to provide the best The Camp Red Cloud Ration Control “Know that I come to you with an possible pay support to the Soldiers and Office’s new hours are: closed on open mind, a listening ear and a sincere families of a division that is second to Mondays, open from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. desire to take care of Soldiers and their none,” Davis said. Tuesday – Friday. The office is closed Lt. Col. Archie Davis III gives remarks June 23 families,” Davis said. for lunch from 1 – 2 p.m. after assuming command of the 177th Finance Davis also challenged his new E-mail Battalion.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I July 1, 2005 7Officials commemorate war anniversaryBy Spc. Stephanie Pearson and the United States is forged in blood.Area I Public Affairs “During the war, Americans shed UIJEONGBU — At about 4:15 a.m. their precious blood here for the nationalJune 25, 1950, North Korea attacked democracy of Korea,” he explained.South Korea along the 38th Parallel. “The U.S. still maintains friendly The line served as a border between relationships with Korea, and there isthe two countries. no change in the importance of the At 11 a.m., North Korea announced Korea-U.S. coalition today, even 55a formal declaration of war, starting what years after the start of war.”is one of the longest conflicts in history. Hong suggested that Koreans must Area I and 2nd Infantry Division have the United States with them everyofficials joined Korean and American step of the way for “unification anddignitaries June 24 at Kyungmin College world peace.”to commemorate the 55th anniversary Many dignitaries attended theof the start of the Korean War. ceremony. Brig. Gen. Joseph E. Martz, Hundreds of Kyungmin College 2nd Infantry Division assistantstudents filled the auditorium as the commander; Col. Jeff Christiansen, SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSONsolemn remembrance ceremony Area I commander; and Washington Robert Cox, secretary general of the United Nations Participating Countries Association (left),reaffirmed the Republic of Korea – U.S. state Senator Paull Shin attended the retired Sgt. 1st Class James Monk, association president and Korean War veteran, and Sen.alliance. commemoration ceremony. Paull Shin, Washington state legislature, stand for a moment of silence June 24 to commemorate “We shall never forget the tragedy of Two U.S. war veterans also gave the Korean War fallen during a memorial ceremony.the Korean War,” said Hong Woo-joon, personal accounts of their service herepresident and founder of Kyungmin 55 years ago. that the threat is still real. the lesson we had on our bones 55 yearsCollege. “It is all the more meaningful Lee Sang-hoon, Korean Veterans He said North Korea’s recent ago, and it is the lesson to prevent ato have this event today jointly with our Association president, gave the declaration of nuclear armament is second Korean War.”friend, the United States.” commemorative address. proof that the conflict is not over. The ceremony lasted 90 minutes; During the Korean war, nearly Lee urged the audience not to “There is a saying that peace is The Korean War continues to this day.37,000 Americans died in action. become complacent. not protected by words, but kept with Hong said friendship between Korea He cited several incidents as proof a show of force,” Lee said. “That was E-mail throughout the Army, committee from Page 5 Soldier takes oath, fulfills American dreammembers instituted the “train-the-trainers” program. Once the fighters finish the Level IIcourse, Luna said, they will be certified By Spc. Stephanie Pearsonto go back to their units and teach Level Area I Public AffairsI techniques to other Soldiers. CAMP RED CLOUD — When Yi “Combatives is something you have In-hae moved to the United States atto keep up with,” Tannler said. “The age 16, she immediately noticed howgood thing is we’re being trained to go different it was from her native Korea.back and train others, which is the best “Korea is so small and crowded,”way to stay proficient.” she said. “America was really different. Tannler said he hopes to continue to I loved the environment and theLevel III training when he goes back to schools, and knew right away that Ithe United States, but encourages wanted to live there permanently.”everyone to take advantage of the Living in Louisville, Ky., Yi got atraining available here in Korea. “green card” to stay as a legal alien, “Anybody on the peninsula who gets but always aspired to get herthe opportunity to participate in this citizenship.program should jump at the chance,” Now, seven years later, Spc. Yi hashe said. fulfilled her dream of becoming an Sgt. Bobbie Sumpter holds Sgt. Tina Young in American citizen. SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSON E-mail a headlock. “All of my family is so proud of Spc. Yi In-hae, Headquarters and me,” Yi said. “I’m excited, because I’m Headquarters company achieves her goal of the first one in my family to get my U.S. citizenship. citizenship. My dad applied, too, but Now that she is a citizen, Yi plans he’s still waiting.” to go back to America when she gets Yi said because she joined the U.S. out of the Army, finish school and Army, the process went more quickly. hopefully become a government “I was always like ‘someday I’ll employee. get it’,” Yi said. “It went faster for “I want to live in the United me. I applied in July, and got the States. I want my children to grow letter with my exam appointment six up there,” she said. “There are more months later.” benefits.” Yi headed back to the states in early Yi said although she is now an May to meet with an immigration American citizen she will always officer and to take the 10-question honor her Korean heritage. citizenship test. “I still have pride that I’m “They asked me basic questions Korean,” she said. “It’s not that I’m about U.S. history,” Yi said. “I was a ashamed of it. I just feel that there little nervous going in, but I answered are more opportunities in the U.S.” PHOTOS BY SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSON seven out of the 10 correctly andStaff Sgt. Noel Cabias, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, tries to keep his grip passed.” E-mail Cpl. Ko In-song struggles to free himself June 22.
  • 8 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
  • July 1, 2005 Page 9July 4th festivities begin tonight at YongsanIndependence Day fireworks England,” “Two Ways to Fall” and “Highways and Dance Halls.” Jamaican-born Shaggy has released 10 tournament beginning at 9 a.m., as well. Other Saturday events include a flea market and anshow blasts off Monday evening albums since 1993. The latest, “Sexy Gyal Whind” and “Ready Fi Di Ride” were released this year. 8-ball pool tournament at 10 a.m. at Moyer Community Services Center. A sand volleyball tournament will drawBy Steve Davis “We’ve been planning since April,” said Mario the sun-and-fun crowd 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at picnic areaArea II Public Affairs Farrulla, Area II Support Activity chief of recreation. #7. YONGSAN — Area II Support Activity will host a “There will be something for everyone. We’re all going Perhaps the top event on Saturday will be a tailgatethree-day America’s birthday celebration that will to have a great time.” party sponsored by the Better Opportunities for Singleinclude live entertainment, sports, a flea market, a The holiday weekend begins tonight with “Intensity” and Unaccompanied Soldiers, or BOSS, carnival, fireworks and more. Country star band playing at Harvey’s Lounge at 7 p.m. and “Blue “We’re really excited,” said BOSS President Pfc.Ty England and Reggae artist Shaggy top the billing as Eyze Band” at the Main Post Club at 8 p.m. Danielle Colson. “We have about 100 BOSSArea II rocks toward July 4th fireworks. Sports dominate the schedule tomorrow as an all- representatives in Area II and they’ve been putting the England, formerly in the band of country star Garth day softball tournament kicks off at 9 a.m. at LombardoBrooks, has released his own country albums, “Ty Field and Collier Field House hosts a basketball See Independence Page 11 Independence, BOSS, Here to help you Monsoon rains begin in Korea Potentially destructive weather may trigger local warnings By Steve Davis said Gerald T. Casey Jr., who heads the Area II Public Affairs Area II Support Activity DPTMS. “We YONGSAN — The first rain of the initiate public service announcements on monsoon season dumped more than two the Commander’s Access Channel inches of water in the Seoul area Monday (Channel 3) and on AFN-Korea television and kicked up brisk winds. and radio, and advise our tenant units. The monsoon season typically begins Casey said the mitigation plan for in June and can last as long as two destructive weather is a priority of the Area months, followed by the typhoon season. II commander. Because potentially destructive weather Area II directorates are also notified could begin with little warning, Area II and stand-by to deal with any resulting Support Activity works with its internal emergencies, including flooding and wind staff, local weather, military police and damage. safety officials to notify community Area II Safety Officer Jeffrey M. members when severe weather is Hyska said some Yongsan areas are prone forecasted for Area II. to flooding. Area II Support Activity has a detailed “Everyone should be careful when destructive weather plan managed by the driving or walking in heavy rain, or avoid it Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization altogether unless necessary,” said Hyska. and Security, or DPTMS, which coordinates Hyska said wind and flooding could cause response actions between the Area II staff associated hazardous electrical situations. duty officer or Non-Commissioned Casey said personnel from the Area Officer, the Provost Marshal’s Office and II Directorate of Public Works would be outlying installations to help mitigate severe available to handle monsoon-related CPL. SEO KI-CHUL weather damage. problems. He advises residents to report Pvt. Vanessa Guzman, right, 175th Finance Command, and Spc. Shannon Benak, 142nd “When we receive notification of problems to the Area II staff duty officer Military Police Command — members of the Better Opportunities for Single and potentially destructive weather, we start at 738-7404/7405. unaccompanied Soldiers organization —move school materials at Seoul American communicating internally with the Area II Elementary School June 24 to help prepare for the next school year . Support Activity staff and with the public,” E-mail Army Support Group Commander retiresBy Sgt. Christopher Selmek “It is a career that exemplifies leadership and selflessArea II Public Affairs service, both to the Republic of Korea, the United States, YONGSAN — The Republic of Korea Army and to the Soldiers under him. I have served with manySupport Group conducted a change of command outstanding Soldiers, but it is my honor that I haveceremony Monday at Collier Field House. served with none finer than Col. Kim.” Outgoing commander Col. Kim Deok-gon passed Lee enters the role with experience from his lastunit colors to incoming Col. Lee Yong-il in a patriotic position as Deputy Chief of Management Section, 2nddisplay of flags and music, including complimentary Army Headquarters. His awards include theremarks from Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, Presidential Award, Minister of National Defensecommander, Eighth United States Army. Award and many more. “I am turning over my responsibilities to Col. Lee,” “Col. Lee Yong-il joins a long tradition of excellentsaid Kim. “I am here to express my gratitude and commanders,” he continued. “His qualifications arefarewell and conclude my 30-year military service impeccable, and I know he will strengthen the bondsduring which I felt very proud of being a part of the of friendship and only serve to improve our U.S. CPL. SEO KI-CHULdefense and development of my country.” and ROK alliance.” Kim Deok-gon, outgoing commander of the Republic of Korea “Today’s ceremony marks the end of a distinguished Army Support Group, says farewell during the change of30-year career of Col. Kim Deok-gon,” said Campbell. E-mail command ceremony at Collier Field House Monday .
  • 10 July 1, 2005 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly A gospel choir from Yongsan Garrison’s South Post Chapel celebrates freedom with a song. The 8th U.S. Army Quintet and the Memorial Chapel General Protestant Choir also participated, along with the Kwanglim Methodist Church Men’s Choir and traditional Korean music. PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVIS Communities remember war, celebrate peace in Korea By Steve Davis the R.O.K.-U.S. alliance is the most Area II Public Affairs enduring alliance in the world.” SEOUL — More than 225 Area II LaPorte said the freedom and military personnel, civilians and family prosperity of the Republic of Korea is members joined with local community “a testament to the value of our members June 25 to commemorate the friendship.” 55th anniversary of the Korean War and “Today, the members of the United to honor those who served. States Forces Korea remain totally Ten bus loads of people traveled to committed to the defense of this great Kwanglim Methodist Church for the nation and to preserving peace and combined U.S. and Korean service, also stability in the region.” broadcast on several Korean television Will Daniel, 77, a retired command stations. It was among many sergeant major who served as a 21-year- ceremonies held across the peninsula to old combat medic in Korea from August commemorate the war. 1950 to December 1951 with the 3rd In his address, “Freedom at a High Infantry Division, said he was “honored” Cost,” Bishop Kim Sun-do recounted the to be among those remembered for their devastation caused by the Korean War and Korean War service. thanked America for coming to the aid of “The war in Korea was a long time his war-torn country and helping it to ago, but it seems like yesterday to me,” develop both economically and spiritually. he said. “Back then Korea was mostly “We are blessed to be a democratic trails and bicycles, rice paddies and country where freedom and human oxen. It’s amazing how much progress rights are respected,” said Kim. has been made.” Bishop Kim Sun-do delivers his address, “Freedom at a High Cost,” during a Korean War “However, we know that this was not Daniel said he was pleased to be in Memorial Service Saturday at the Kwanglim Methodist Church in Seoul. gained without a price. Our nation the ranks of those who served. honors the sons and daughters (of “I know that [Korean] people care America) who answered the call to and appreciate American fighting men defend a country they never knew and and Korean War veterans for the courage “I’m grateful that people still a people they never met.” and the sacrifices they made for the Kim said “we must never give up on defense of their country.” remember those of us who served God’s righteous will to defend freedom.” Sgt. Christopher Rolack attended the in the Korean War.” Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, commander ceremony with his wife Antoinetta and Cmd. Sgt. Maj. (ret) Will Daniel of the United Nations Command and the eight children, who range from 8 Combat medic during Korean War Republic of Korea-U.S. Combined months to 12 years old. Forces Command, also addressed the “We went to the Demilitarized Zone ecumenical gathering. a couple of years ago for the anniversary “On this day, we honor those men of the signing of the armistice that halted Korean War casualties and women who selflessly served in the the Korean War,” said Rolack. “Now U.S. 54, 246 dead; 92,100 wounded name of peace and freedom,” said we are here to honor those who Korea 227,800 dead; 717,100 wounded LaPorte. “While their sacrifices serve as served.” UN Forces 3,292 dead from 15 other United Nations countries a reminder that freedom is not free, they Source: American Battle Monument Commission also encourage and inspire us. Today, E-mail The congregation stands as the national anthems of the Republic of Korea and the United States Gen. Leon J. LaPorte and Bishop Kim Sun-do lead the official party into the Kwanglim Methodist of America open the memorial service commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Korean War. Church main hall at the beginning of the Korean War Memorial Service Saturday in Seoul.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II July 1, 2005 11 Summer Reading Book Club Judy LaPorte reads to children gathered at the Yongsan Library June 27 to start off the Summer Reading Book Club. The Summer Reading Book Club is a program, run by the Yongsan and Hannam libraries for children between the ages 5 to 12 in order to encourage reading. Right: Col. Timothy K. McNulty, commander, Area II Support Activity, gives opening remarks to kick start the Summer Reading Book Club. PHOTOS BY SGT. PARK JIN-WOOIndependence from Page 9word out to get people to the tailgate game will begin at 6:15 p.m. participation games and shows, remote MWR marketing chief. “It’s going toparty.” “The object of the game is for broadcasting by AFN-Korea, 30 be really intense.” The tailgate party starts at 4:30 p.m. people to find a way to melt frozen vendors offering products and a Bruce said the artificial turf soccerin the Collier Field House area on socks and put them on without variety of international foods, a Korean field (field 12) will be closed to theYongsan South Post. breaking them,” said Colson, adding entertainment show and the Ty public July 4 while crews set up Colson said several fun games will that the socks will be rolled up and England concert at 6 p.m. fireworks. Area II safety and MWRbe conducted at the tailgate party. A frozen for several days before the Monday sports events include a 5- officials will closely monitor theKorean pepper-eating contest begins contest. kilometer fun run at Collier Field House fireworks show. They advise peopleat 5 p.m. The two-hour Shaggy performance at 8 a.m. and on-going softball and not to pick up any unexploded or “Korean peppers, called Chungyang – sponsored by Morale, Welfare and basketball competitions. abandoned fireworks after the show.Cochu, are really hot,” said Colson. Recreation – will top off the tailgate Fireworks begin at 8:45 p.m. An inclement weather schedule will“We’re going to find out who can eat party at 7 p.m. Monday in the Collier Field House area. be broadcast on the Commander’sthe most. There’s no time limit.” On Sunday, a Community Festival “We are having an action-packed Access Channel (Channel 3) and AFN- An adult hula-hoops contest will will be held from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. in 15-minute fireworks show with 1,000 Korea if necessary.begin at 5:35 p.m., followed by a disc the Collier Field House area featuring bursts, including 20 different colorfuljockey. “Frozen socks,” another adult inflatable games for children, patterns,” said Tom Bruce, Area II E-mail Ad goes here
  • July 1, 200512 Area II provided. All women are welcome at The Morning Calm Weekly Officer Candidate School board will be Neighbor event 12:15 – 4 p.m. any time. For information, call 795-4073. held at 9:30 a.m. July 15 in the Area II Wednesday and July 28 and 29. 40 headquarters building command children are coming to the USO to meet Commander’s Hotline Summer Reading Club conference room. For information, call and get to know U.S. service members.Area II residents who have questions All 5 to 12 year olds are invited to 738-5017. You’ll eat lunch together and then goor comments for the Area II commander experience a summer long reading bowling. Please sign up early for ancan voice them by e-mailing fantasy called “Dragons, Dreams & The Dating Game in afternoon of goodwill, “ or by Daring Deeds” at the Yongsan and Bentley’s Pub Neighbor” and good times. Forcalling 738-3484. Hannam Village Libraries at 1 p.m. All entries for Bentley’s Pub “Dating information, call 724-7781 or 011-351- everyday now through Aug. 5. For Game” are due July 13. Letters should 9014. Housing hours of information, call 723-7300. be delivered to the Dragon Hill Lodge Yongsan Lanes Closer operation sales and marketing department or e- informationThe Yongsan Housing Office, Bldg. Christian Men’s Monthly mailed to The Yongsan bowling center (including4106, will close at 11 a.m. July 1 for Area Breakfast for July Four contestants will be selected based the snack bar and game room area) willII Organization Day. It will also be Men of the Morning Calm (Promise on their explanation of why they need be closed Aug.1 – 12 for a scheduledclosed all day Monday for Keepers) will host a monthly breakfast to be a contestant. The game will be lane resurfacing. For information, callIndependence Day. Hours of operation at 8 a.m. July 9 at South Post Chapel. played at 6 p.m. July 20 at Bentley’s Pub. 723-7830.through Aug. 25 will be 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. For information, e-mail The winning couple will win a dinner forMonday – Friday, including lunch or two at Sables restaurant. For Camp Adventurehours. For information, call 738-4069. information, call 738-2222. Yongsan/Hannam School-Age Services and Camp Adventure Youth Services Independence Day Seoul Computer Club Resource Management will host summer recreation programs Weekend Sports Meeting Closure Information for children 1st through 5th grades nowA pre-season tournament will be held The Seoul Computer Club will have a The Army Resource Management office through Aug. 19. Program activitiesfor the Area II Summer Basketball monthly meeting at 2 p.m. July 9 at the at Building 2254 will be closed for an include weekly field trips, swimming,League tomorrow through Monday. USO on Camp Kim. All are welcome to Organization Day picnic 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. arts and crafts, songs, games andAlso, there will be a double elimination attend and learn about computers from July 15. For information, call 725-9472. individual age group activities. Forsoftball tournament and sand volleyball the experts. For information, e-mail information, call 738-4707 or 723-4522.tournament. For information, call 736- or logon to Quiznos Grand Opening7746 or 736-4032. Quiznos Subs celebrated its Grand News and Notes Deadlines Opening June 22 at the U.S. Embassy Deadline for submission to Area II News Women’s Summer Bible Volunteer of the Quarter Association Building. The store, and Notes is Friday prior to the next Study The Volunteer of the Quarter ceremony located next to Starbucks in building week’s publication. Announcements willProtestant Women of the Chapel will will be held 3 – 4:30 p.m. July 13 at the 8105 South Post, is famous for its be published on a first-come, first-servedhold summer Bible study 9 – 11 a.m. Army Community Services Building. toasted subs. For information, call 790- basis. Submit items for publication toWednesdays now through Aug. 3 at For information, call 738-7510. 0925. EachSouth Post Chapel. The study will be announcement should include who, what,“Women of the Bible” by Ann Spangler Local OCS Board Good Neighbor Event when, where and a point-of-contact phoneand Jean E. Syswerda. Free childcare is The Area II Support Activity local The Camp Kim USO will host a Good number. Ad goes here
  • The Morning Calm Weekly July 1, 2005 13Keepin’ it Legal Visa from Page 4 Souvenirs may spell customs trouble After the beneficiary gathers all required documents, which are detailed in the IV instructions, the beneficiary requests anBy Capt. James P. Leary frequently. Many people traveling on vacation are excited appointment online at http://Area II Legal Assistance Office to find good deals at local shopping markets on name YONGSAN – Imagine that for the last two weeks you brand goods. Unfortunately, many of these name brand The State Department generally makes IVhave been exploring the wonders of Asia, the temples, items are counterfeit. appointments within one month forpalaces and markets. Now you’re on your way back, Simply put, if the price seems too good to be true … it immediate relatives of U.S. citizens.traveling through beautiful Incheon Airport, laden with probably is too good to be true. Once you qualify (and remember thatsouvenirs and bargain-priced trademarked items, when Bringing even small amounts of counterfeit items can more than 95 percent of all IVsuddenly you are approached by two Republic of Korea be a violation of Korean customs laws. Even items with applicants in Seoul do eventuallysecurity guards, asking you to follow them. misspellings or incorrect trademark symbols can violate qualify) the State Department will issue Before you even reach the customs room the guards customs laws so don’t bring counterfeit items back to the IV on the following workday via abegin to question you about your shopping habits abroad, Korea, even if intended as a joke gift for a friend. courier. However, the beneficiary mayand within minutes they are putting handcuffs on you and Tax-free status pick up the passport.contacting your commander. While Korean customs laws place limitations on what An IV allows the bearer to seek entry Every year dozens of United States Forces Korea can be brought into the country, there are special into the United States within six monthsmilitary personnel, civilians and dependents are detained provisions that allow U.S. servicemembers and of issue. Since the underlying I-130by Korea customs officials for violation of Korean customs dependents to bring in some goods without being taxed. only expires if the IV is used or thelaws. Most of these people are detained for bringing back According to the Status of Forces Agreement, personal relationship ceases to exist, there is nocounterfeit goods, like bogus Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton vehicle, small amounts of goods brought while on reason to delay filing the I-130, whichpurses and NBA jerseys while traveling abroad. vacation, household goods and personal effects brought starts this whole process.Four simple rules into Korea within six months of your arrival are not How to qualify the first time for an IV? By following four simple rules you can assure that you subject to import taxes. Start the immigration process early andand your dependents do not get into trouble with Korean Korean customs laws apply to all USFK personnel don’t delay filing an I-130. Be accurate.customs officials when you return from vacation: coming into Korea. The violation of Korean customs Follow instructions carefully and refer to ! First, do not bring items which are counter to laws is a matter that is taken seriously by Korean customs the Web site if you get stuck.constitutional order and discipline (i.e. Anti-Korean officials and USFK. Violation of Korean customs laws The biggest source of initial refusalspropaganda); is a crime punishable by confiscation of goods, criminal is the I-864. Complete it accurately, and ! Second, do not bring in items of a classified nature penalties and adverse administrative action. don’t fail to attach evidence of(leave your classified work at home); So be sure when you go on vacation you follow the continuing sustained income and the last ! Third, do not return to Korea with counterfeit or four rules listed above and ensure that you comply with three years of federal tax returns.copied money; Korean customs laws. For information logon to: http:// ! Fourth, do not return to Korea with counterfeited For information about what goods can and can’t be items; brought into the Republic of Korea, call the Area II Legal (Editor’s note: This is the third of a For the most part, the fourth rule is violated the most Assistance Office at 738-6841. five-part series.)
  • July 1, 200514 The Morning Calm Weekly July 1-7 The The Hithchhikers Hithchhikers The Interpreter Honeymooners Honeymooners Mr. & Mrs. The Interpreter Guide to the Guide to the PG-13 PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Galaxy PG Galaxy PG The King’s Ransom Hostage R Amityville Sahara PG-13 No Show A Lot Like Honeymooners PG-13 Horror R Love PG-13 PG-13 A Lot Like Sisterhood of the Sisterhood of the The Interpreter Traveling Pants Traveling Pants No Show No Show No Show Love PG-13 PG-13 PG PG Mr. & Mrs. The Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. No Show No Show No Show Honeymooners Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG-13 Sisterhood of the Amityville Amityville Traveling Pants No Show No Show No Show No Show Horror R Horror R PG Hithchhikers The The The Interpreter The Interpreter Mr. & Mrs. XXX: State of Guide to the Honeymooners Honeymooners PG-13 PG-13 Smith PG-13 the Union R Galaxy PG PG-13 PG-13 The Longest The Longest The Longest No Show The Interpreter XXX: State of XXX: State of Yard PG-13 Yard PG-13 Yard PG-13 PG-13 the Union R the Union R Sisterhood of the King’s Ransom Batman Begins The Honeymooners Sahara -- Master Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. Traveling P ants Pants Malcolm is a wealthy and The origins of the Batman New York City bus driver explorer Dirk takes on the John and Jane Smith are an Four best friends, Tibby, arrogant businessman legend and the Dark Ralph and his feisty wife Alice adventure of his life when ordinary suburban couple Lena, Carmen and Bridget whose soon to be ex-wife Knight’s emergence as a struggle to make ends meet. he embarks on a treasure with a seemingly ordinary, spend their first summer has plans to take him for force for good in Gotham. Despite Ralph’s many get- hunt through some of the lifeless suburban marriage. apart from one another, everything he’s worth in their In the wake of his parents’ rich-quick schemes, they’ve most dangerous regions of But each of them has a they share a magical pair divorce settlement. murder, disillusioned North Africa. Searching for secret — they are actually managed to save some Determined to avoid losing industrial heir Bruce travels what locals call “The Ship both legendary assassins of jeans. Despite being of money and, along with their his fortune to her, Malcolm of Death,” a long lost Civil working for competing various shapes and sizes, the world seeking the best friends Ed and Trixie, organizations. When the each one of them fits plans his own kidnapping means to fight injustice and they seem to have almost War battleship filled with truth comes out, John and perfectly into the pants. To with the help of his dim- turn fear against those who enough money for a down coins, Pitt and his Jane end up in each other’s keep in touch they pass witted mistress and her ex- prey on the fearful. He payment on a Brooklyn wisecracking sidekick use cross-hairs. these pants to each other con brother. Unfortunately returns to Gotham and duplex. However, when their wits and clever heroics as well as the adventures for Malcolm, he is not the unveils his alter-ego: Ralph’s latest scheme costs to help Doctor Eva Rojas they are going through only one with a kidnapping Batman, a masked him all his money and his who believes the ship may while apart. plot. crusader who uses his marraige, it takes all his be linked to mysterious strength, intellect and an determination and love for deaths in the very same array of high tech Alice to get things on track area. deceptions to fight the again. sinister forces that threaten the city. Upside of Monster-In-Law Monster-In-Law Upside of No Show No Show No Show Anger R PG-13 PG-13 Anger R Batman Begins Batman Begins Batman Begins Batman Begins XXX: State of The Interpreter The Interpreter PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 the Union R PG-13 PG-13 The Honeymooners The Interpreter Mr. & Mrs. The Interpreter A Lot Like No Show Batman Begins PG-13 PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG-13 Love PG-13 PG-13 Hithchhikers Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. The Interpreter King’s Ransom No Show Batman Begins Guide to the Smith PG-13 Smith PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Galaxy PG Hithchhikers Hithchhikers Batman Begins Batman Begins Batman Begins Guide to the Guide to the The Interpreter The Interpreter PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Galaxy PG Galaxy PG PG-13 PG-13 Batman Begins Batman Begins Batman Begins Upside of Upside of Sahara PG-13 Sahara PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Anger R Anger R Batman Begins Batman Begins Batman Begins Amityville Amityville Racing Stripes Racing Stripes PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Horror R Horror R PG PG
  • July 1, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly 15Keeping your marriage’s ‘love tank’ fullBy Chaplain (Capt.)B. Christopher Thereault these relational skills, they become tools by which other we still love them and they need us to express this love.3-6 Cavalry Squadron marital obstacles can be overcome. All marriages have issues that need to be dealt with. It has been said that “marriage is the most risky Chaplains regularly offer a premarital and/or marriage Staying committed to filling each other’s love tank helpsundertaking routinely taken on by the greatest number workshop based on the Prevention and Relationship couples weather the inevitable marital storms.of people in our society.” Enhancement Program. The research is academically In regards to resolving conflict, often one partner Stop and think about this. The marriage that begins solid; it works. When you get a chance to attend one of avoids it and the other wants resolution immediately. Anwith love, excitement and hope can become a conduit these workshops, do it. It will make a positive difference. important rule is to make resolution before the day ends.of pain, frustration and hopelessness. There are a variety Meanwhile, I challenge you to intentionally take it upon This gives time and respect to the one who needs it. Itof issues that work destructively on marriages; issues yourself to grow in these two areas. also ensures that the issue is dealt with. If conflict is notlike communication, how you grew up, maturity, Everyone has a “love tank” which diminishes or fills resolved or is avoided, it will poison the relationship andspending habits, how you deal with conflict, etc. according to our communication. become a point of contention repeatedly. If it cannot be The list is long. The good news is that marriage is not When marriage is at its best, this tank is probably resolved, agree to disagree or seek counseling.risky if you practice and learn some good relational skills. “topped off” and is associated with the love felt towards Resolving conflict in relationships is good. It becomes Research shows that there are two areas of relational one another. one less issue to deal with, matures the relationship andimprovement that can provide better marital satisfaction Expressing appreciation and love on a daily basis keeps ensures a joyful path into the future. This may mean someand stability (despite the multitude of issues a couple our tank filled. A filled tank instills significance and value sacrifice on your part, but love sacrifices for the other.may experience). These two areas are communication – a basic need for all spouses and children. This expressed Learn and practice communication and conflictand conflict resolution. When a couple is proficient with love needs to be unconditional. Despite any “problem,” resolution. Your marriage will appreciate it. Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Gospel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Sunday 1 p.m. Suwon Air Base Lutheran Sunday 8 a.m. Freedom Chapel Latter-day Saints 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 3 p.m. Camp Long Collective 10 a.m. Suwon Air Base Contemporary 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 4:10 p.m. Camp Eagle 2 p.m. Camp Eagle Korean 7 p.m. Camp Long Area III Chaplains Collective 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) Matthew B. Ahn Collective 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7274 Chaplain (Capt.) Thomas Vaughn 11 a.m. Camp Long Mass Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel 721-3356 Ad goes here
  • July 1, 200516 The Morning Calm Weekly Roller coasters, like the one pictured here, stand as a challenge to the most daring of thrill seekers. PHOTOS BY CAPT. STACY OUELLETTE The gates to Seoul Land welcome visitors and hint at the color and adventure that awaits them inside. Seoul Land offers thrills, family fun By Capt. Stacy Ouellette atmosphere with shops, food vendors and 8th U.S. Army Future Operations a rest area. The haunted house and mini SEOUL -- The amusement park Seoul train are also located in this area. Land is a popular attraction in Korea. Tomorrow Land is truly for the thrill Whether it’s due to the three adrenaline- seekers in the group. All three roller pumping roller coasters or the family coasters in the park are found here. The A Korean family takes a turn in the water bumper boats. Seoul Land atmosphere, it’s a great place for a day of Double Loop Coaster, Black Hole 2000 offers a variety of rides for adults and children. fun and excitement. and Crazy Mouse will send you spinning “It was fun to go to the amusement park and coiling through curves and turns. because those kinds of places are universal,” “Americans are big on the roller said 2nd Lt. Alice Garcia, Alpha Detachment, coasters that have huge drops but Koreans 509th Personnel Services Battalion. “I went seem to like rides that loop and flip you to the zoo a few weeks ago and saw the upside downside or spin you,” Garcia roller coasters from there and thought it added. “I enjoyed the feeling of excitement would be a fun place to go for the day.” that comes from riding roller coasters.” The layout of the park is similar to those For those who cannot ride the big three in the United States. Visitors will find the park offers two kiddie roller coasters. Adventure, Fantasy, Samchulli and The park has a mixture of rides for Tomorrow lands full of rides, arcades and adults and children evenly spread across a variety of restaurants. Other similarities each section and a variety of performances are also found throughout the park. to keep everyone entertained. For instance, the Flying Elephant ride can “Whether a person likes big roller The attractions at Seoul Land offer thrills, a few scares and in this case, be compared to the Dumbo ride at Disney coasters or kiddie rides there’s something a bird’s eye view for those brave enough to ride. World. The giant silver ball at the park’s for everyone to enjoy,” said Cadet Priya entrance resembles the one at Epcot Center. Rednam, United States Military Academy In addition to these familiar attractions, at West Point. “There are many exciting though, Seoul Land definitely has its own rides and foods to try as well as having a unique atmosphere. great atmosphere. I also got the Adventure Land is where patrons find the opportunity to see a bit of Korean family King Viking pirate ship that will rock culture and interact with the friendly passengers into the air. The water bumper people at the park.” boats are also here. For a real adventure, Cost for admission is 26,000 won per check out the Den of Lost Thieves, where adult. Visitors can purchase an all-access riders can shoot at targets during the ride. pass to everything offered within the park Fantasy Land has a variety of exciting including shows for this price. Other rides like the Monster, Super Swing and Hi- options are available, but may limit your Roller. For those looking to have a more activities. There is also an additional fee relaxing visit, the Big Merry-Go-Round or for the Tram, which will take you to the Sky Cycle are the rides to seek out. gate of the park. Although relaxing, the Sky Cycle offers a To get to Seoul Land, take the Seoul The Flying Elephant Ride is one of several children’s rides offered to bit of a workout since patrons pedal their Subway light blue line to the Seoul Grand the park’s younger visitors. cart like a bicycle around an elevated track. Park stop. It is collocated with the city’s Samchulli Land provides a family zoo. A separate fee applies to visit the zoo.
  • July 1, 200518 The Morning Calm Weekly Army Soldier Show hit the road to show ‘America Cares’ By Tim Hipps USACFSC Public Affairs FORT BELVOIR, Va. – When it opened May 6, the 2005 U.S. Army Soldier Show unveiled “Operation Independence Day Sports America Cares,” a 90-minute song Events in Area I and dance production that expresses The Camp Red Cloud Enclave sports will host the 2005 the importance of giving deployed Independence Day Sports Events Soldiers a touch of home. Saturday thru Monday. After three shows at Fort Belvoir, Softball, basketball and sand the 19-Soldier troupe hit the road for volley ball tournaments will be held 102 performances across America, CPL. SEO KI-CHUL each day at Camp Red Cloud and Korea and at Camp Zama, Japan. The Stephen Lang, the actor in the play, "Beyond Glory" pretends to point a rifle at the enemy giving Camp Stanley. six-and-a-half-month tour will end the audience an account of Vernon J. Baker, a veteran who served as 1st Lt. in U.S. Army in Italy. A 5 K Fun Run and swim contests Nov. 13 back at Fort Belvoir, home of ‘Beyond Glory’ honors will be held July 4 at Camp Red Cloud the Army Entertainment Division, one and Camp Stanley. Registration & of more than 50 programs provided briefing will be immediately before the to Soldiers and their families by the competition. A biathlon competition U.S. Army Community and Family will be at Camp Red Cloud. Registration and briefing will be right before the competition. heroic veterans By Cpl. Seo Ki-chul Support Center in Alexandria, Va. Along the way, the Soldier Show already has or will deliver Team coaches or individuals who legacy written by service members Area II Public Affairs everyday. I think the Korean War is an “entertainment for the Soldier, by the will participate in the sports event Soldier” at the Armed Forces must register and attend pre- YONGSAN – Operation important part of American history. And Homecoming: “Beyond Glory”, the one- I know there were so many acts of Retirement Home, Warner Theatre and tournament meeting. For information, man play which depicts the wartime heroism in this peninsula that went the 230th U.S. Army Birthday Ball in call the CRC Gym at 732-6309, or the experience of eight American veterans, beyond call of duty for eight recipients Washington, D.C.; the 45,000-seat Camp Stanley Gym at 732-5460. the Medal of Honor recipients, was I portrayed. So, it gives me special Tacoma Dome near Fort Lewis, Go For the Green performed recently at the Balboni pleasure to bring the play to Korea.” Wash.; and the United States Military Make three putts in a row and walk Theatre. It is also playing at other “This was a great event. I appreciate Academy at West Point, N.Y. away with $ 10,000 at the “Putt 4 dough” military bases across the peninsula. how Mr. Lang brought to us the “The message of the show is that promotion at Camp Red Cloud’s Golf Adapted for the stage from Larry depiction of all these Medal of Honor it doesn’t matter how tough we are Course. The golf course will host the Smith’s book, ‘Beyond Glory: Medal of recipients and how they explained the and it doesn’t matter how fit to fight event Monday at 8 a.m. Honor Heroes in Their Own Words’ painful experience they went through and we are, Soldiers are still human and For information, call 732-6843. For which features 24 veterans during how humble they were to receive the longing for the familiar and America’s official rules log on to wartime, the one-man play has been Medal of Honor.” said Capt. Claudia affection,” Soldier Show director bringing to military bases around the Luna, 38th Medical Detachment Victor Hurtado said world the personal stories of military Commander. “I particularly found this The cast and crew will attempt to ‘Friends Fun Time’ bring his vision to life with musical veterans who have been honored for uplifting and encouraging for Soldiers. Bowling genres rhythm and blues, new rock, The Camp Casey Bowling Center is their heroic exploits. Beyond doubt, it depicts how U.S. “Since the first play at Arlington military personnel and families can country, gospel, eclectic new wave/ offering “Pizza, Pop N Bowl Friends Fun new age, patriotic and newly arranged Time” starting at 4 p.m. every National Cemetery Theater in benefit from hearing the stories.” Washington D.C., we have been on tour Presented by The National movie themes. Wednesday. This is a package for a to many countries to include South Endowment for the Arts in cooperation Calling the show “our gift to the group of four, offering one large one Korea to run the play,” said Stephen with the Department of Defense and the American Soldier,” Hurtado stresses topping pizza, a pitcher of soda, two Lang, the actor who portrayed eight Boeing Company, Operation his desire to leave audiences with a hours of games and free shoe rental. Bring your own music CD and the veterans from World War II, Korean and Homecoming ‘Beyond Glory’ will be sense of newfound knowledge. bowling center will play for your party. Vietnam wars. performed in Europe and the United The Soldier Show will perform at For information, call 730- 4577. “We have a story such as a military States for another year. camps throughout Korea Sept. 17-29. Concerts highlight holiday weekend MWR Happenings Radio Show Check out the MWR Happenings Radio Show on 102.7 FM, American Korea Region MWR Marketing The shows may contain adult-themed subject matter. Forces-Korea Network’s Warrior Radio every Friday between 3 and YONGSAN -- Morale, Welfare and Recreation is Parental discretion is advised. 4 p.m. MWR Happenings provides bringing a variety of musical acts to Korea over the July Also performing at military installations across the the latest information on upcoming Fourth weekend, including Grammy-winning, reggae-pop peninsula is country music’s Ty England. Well known recreation entertainment, sports, star Shaggy. as a guitarist and back-up vocalist for friend Garth club and bowling events in Area I, Shaggy, though he spent his adult life in America, grew Brooks, England has now started a solor career with as well as an opportunity to win up in Jamaica. After serving as a Marine in the Gulf War, the release of his debut album, “Should’ve asked her cool MWR giveaways. For he decided to pursue a career in music. His first album faster.” information, call 730-6514. “Pure Pleasure” featured the song “Oh Carolina” (1993). He will perform at Kunsan Air Base , Friday; Chinhae His 1995 album “Boombastic” won the Grammy award Naval Station, Saturday; Yongsan Garrison, Sunday; and Submitting to TMCW for Best Reggae album. Camp Casey, Monday. All shows will begin at 7 p.m. To have an event or activity highlighted In September of 1996, soon after finishing his globe- England’s shows are presented by MWR, USO and in The Morning Calm Weekly, send trotting world tour, Shaggy was back in the studio working Armed Forces Entertainment. event information and a point of contact on his third album, “Midnite Lover,” which was released The Carson Downey Band will also perform this name and telephone number, to in 1997. By then, Shaggy’s diverse pop, reggae, R&B and weekend, with shows scheduled at Kunsan Air Base, All submissions are subject to editing world beat audience had been solidly established. Friday; Kwangju AB, Saturday; and Osan AB Sunday and to ensure they meet publication The schedule of performances includes: Friday, Camp Monday. standards and Associated Press Humphreys, 7 p.m.; Saturday, Yongsan, 7 p.m.; Sunday, All shows are presented free of charge. For information, guidelines. Camp Casey, 7 p.m.; and Monday, Camp Walker, 7 p.m. call the local MWR Entertainment Office or 723-3346.
  • July 1, 2005 Page 21Area III recognizes 38 “Good Neighbors”By Susan Barkley are beautiful.”Area III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – U.S. Army Anderson went on to say that he was confident the strong bonds of friendship Area III Good NeighborsArea III Support Activity recognized 38 “would serve us well as USFK re-aligns and Sohn Hak-kyu, governor, Gyeong-gi Provinceindividuals and one military unit as Good consolidates troops, family members and Song Myong-ho, mayor, Pyeongtaek CityNeighbors following a dinner held at the civilian employees in the Pyeongtaek area.” Kim Young-mi, vice president, Pyongtaek UniversityCommunity Activity Center June 24. In Individual certificates were presented to Cha Myong-ho, outreach director, Pyongtaek Universityremarks to the 150 guests, Col. Michael J. 19 Korean civic, business and educational Song Young-kyu, president, Korea Freedom League, Chonan ChapterTaliento Jr., U.S. Army Area III Support good neighbors. Joo Yeon- sook, head nurse Yi Hoon-hee, president, KSTA, Pyeongtaek ChapterActivity commander, noted that it was the of the outpatient department at DanKook Kim Ki-ho, president, K-6 Merchants Associationeve of the outbreak of the Korean War 55 University Hospital, was recognized for her Yi Dong-hoon, president, People to People International, Pyeongtaekyears ago. outstanding care of U.S. personnel referred Chapter “It is especially significant that we to the hospital. Yi Young-sok, CEO, DanKook University Hospitalcelebrate this enduring friendship tonight on “I’m just glad to help the American Joo Yeon-sook, head nurse, Outpatient Dept. DanKook Universitythe eve of the 55th anniversary of the patients,” Joo said. She added that the six Hospitaloutbreak of the Korean War. We can take a years she spent living in the United States Moon Young-du, president, Korean American Partnership Associationmoment to look back and reflect on the gives her a first-hand understanding of Park Jeong-jun, director, External Affairs, ShinHan High Schoolsadness and loss as a result of that war; the dealing with a different culture and language. Shin Chong-sik, Korean National Police liaison officer, Pyeongtaekseparation of families and of the nation itself. Capt. Steven Anderson, commander, Yi Chin-woong, chief, ROK Military Intelligence, PyeongtaekWe can also reflect on the accomplishments 46th Transportation Company, was cited for Kim Nam-choon, Bio-Resources Dept. DanKook Universityof the Korean people and the Republic of spearheading the Common Values project Pae Cheong-hann, Landscape Architecture Dept. DanKook UniversityKorea over the course of those 55 years,” with Pyongtaek University; and So Hyon- Choi Jae-goo, principal, Songtan High SchoolTaliento said. hui was recognized for her work in Kim Moon-sook, English teacher, Songtan High School “The people we are honoring tonight familiarizing U.S. personnel with traditional Kang In-sik, national president, Korean Employee Unionrepresent why the friendship between the Korean dance. Seventeen other U.S. Choe Sang-kyu, president, Korean Employee Union, Pyeongtaek ChapterRepublic of Korea and United States has personnel also received certificates. Capt. Brian Moore, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 35th Airpersisted for over five decades,” he continued. Following presentation of certificates to Defense Artillery Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, deputy the individuals, 527th Military Intelligence Spc. Jeong Hinton, HHB, 1st Battery, 43rd Air Defense Artillerycommanding general, U.S. Forces Korea Battalion was recognized as the Good Cpl. Jung Seung-woo, A Company, 1st Battery, 43rd Air Defense Artillery(Advance Element), echoed Taliento’s Neighbor military unit. The citation stated Pfc. Kim Hak-seo, HHB, 1st Battery, 43rd Air Defense Artillerythoughts in saying that his father served in unwavering support for community relations Pfc. Zachary Roundtree, A Company, 1st Battery, 43rd Air Defensethe war and one of the things he most programs such as their “Reach Out and Artilleryremembers his father saying about Korea Read” and “Get Out and Talk” programs Pfc. Joshua Marquis, A Company, 1st Battery, 43rd Air Defense Artillerywas, “the country is beautiful and the people held weekly at the Pyeongtaek Library. Capt. John Baker, commander, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 23rd Area Support Group 1st Sgt. Bob Brown, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 23rd Area Support Group Sgt. 1st Class Jimmie Smith, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 23rd Area Support Group Spc. Siniva Kilioni, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 23rd Area Support Group So Hyon-hui, 23rd Area Support Group Bill Spearman, relocation assistant, Army Community Services ROGER EDWARDSSharing good conversation and good food during the Area III Good Neighbor recognition dinner Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Sinsel, 527th Military Intelligence BattalionJune 24 are (clockwise from lower left) Lt. Col. Scott Kubica, 2-52 Multifunctional Aviation Brigade Sgt. Patrick Matranga, 527th Military Intelligence Battalioncommander; Kasey Lee, Songtan Chamber of Commerce president; Moon Yong-do, Korean- Sgt. Patrick O’Conner, 527th Military Intelligence BattalionAmerican Partnership Association president; Lt. Col. Gerald Phifer, 527th Military Intelligence Military unit: 527th Military Intelligence BattalionBattalion commander; Yi Dong-hoon, People-to-People International Pyeongtaek Chapterpresident; Hwang Chan-kyu, Shin Han High School principal; and Kim Ki-ho, K-6 MerchantsAssociation president. Ready, Aim ... Ready, Cub Scout Buck Castle,gets a few hands-on tips on making an arrow hit a target from camp staff member, Boy Scout Robert Ahlers, during the week-long Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Humphreys June 20 to 24. Thirty-two boys and 20 adults from Yongsan, Daegu and Osan attended the camp. “It’s an annual event that we hold at Camp Humphreys because Hurmphreys has the best facilities and services available,” said Peter Vieira, head of the Boy Scouts of America, Far East Council, Korea District. “We camp in the training areas, using tents made available to us and eating meals provided by 3rd Military Intelligence,” he said. Boy Scout Camp, held in the same facilities used by the Cub Scouts, started June 26 and wrapped up Friday. “This is fun,” said six-year-old Cub Scout Nick Flint, ROGER EDWARDS when asked what he thought about camp. “I’ve only been a Cub for a year and this is my first time at camp.”
  • 22 July 1, 2005 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Camp Humphreys HAVE A HAPPY! Freedom Fest The event will take place at the Main Exchange Parking Lot. Check with Morale, Welfare andRecreation offices, or the Community Activity Center for contest times, details and prizes. Activities include: Friday 50-Hour Beard Growing Contest 8-Ball Doubles, Mixed Doubles Table Tennis and Foosball Saturday Darts Clinic, Doubles Air Hockey,X-Box Marathon, One-Pitch Softball at Soldier’s Park (July 2 and 3) Summer Basketball and Racket Ball Tourneys (From top) Spc. William Leatherbery, (July 2-4), Chop Stick Skills, BK Spc. Carlos Escobar, Staff Sgt. Phillip Wimpy Challenge (Burger Eating Howell and Pvt. Jeff Dasalla load the Contest), Water Balloon Toss, No- last of 46th Transportation Company’s Hands Kimchi Pie Eating Contest, furnishings on the last truck to leave How Low Can You Go Limbo Camp Humphreys in their move to Sunday their new duty location, Camp Stanley. Gaming Challenge – 3-Person The 120 Soldiers of 46th Trans. held Cutthroat Pool, Pocketless Korean their official farewell ceremony June 16. Pool, American 9-Ball, Patriotic Movie “They have done a remarkable job,” Marathon, Wrap Your Mummy, said Capt. Stephen Anderson, Popeye’s Wing Challenge, Balloon Blowin, Apple Pie Eating, company commander. “They’ve made Humphreys Fear Factor this move happen, packing up all Monday company and personal gear and 5, 10 and 20 K Run getting it all moved without incident.” (Register at 7 a.m. Race at 8 a.m.) Lip Sync Contest, Pepper Eating Contest, Humphreys Trivia, Unit ROGER EDWARDS Humvee Pull, Miniature Golf (free), Open Bowling (free), Paintball on the Lemon Lot Course (Gun, protective Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers held gear and 50 paintball rounds free). the second block party of the summer Tuesday Saturday in the Camp Humphreys SUWON HYUNDAI UNICORNS Community Activity Center parking lot. Professional Baseball Games, barbecue, beverages and musicFree box seats, $10 per person includes attracted passersby to the event with aroundtransportation, box lunch. Reservations 150 answering the call. The next party ismust be made by Monday. See the local currently scheduled at the walk through gateCAC for information. July 30. ROGER EDWARDS Camps Long and Eagle Friday The bar takes on a perceptible curve as Swim Meet Eagle Indoor Pool Calvin Thompson, assisted by Swindell Saturday Autry, goes into his initial squat with 550Samaksun Holiday Hike, DVD Movie pounds at the Area III Powerlift weight- w/popcorn, American Pool, Table lifting competition Saturday. Top finishersTennis, Darts and One Pitch Softball were: Thompson at 1,500 pounds for the Tourneys squat, bench press and deadlift; Autry at Sunday 1,420 pounds; Jeremy Johnson, 1,340Horseshoe, 4-on-4 Volleyball, Tug-O- pounds; Jessie Dixon at 1,335 pounds;War, X-Box/PS2, Chess, Korean Pool, Mario Carranza at 705 pounds; Keith Bailey 9-Ball, Spades Tournaments with 575 pounds; Eusebio Lopez with 525Big Glove Boxing, Mini-Golf, Jousting pounds; Debbie Shelton at 355 pounds; Arena, Sumo Suits, Air Bubble Gym, Kirk Werherbee at 315 pounds; and Mike Dunk Tank and Pie Throwing. Sullivan at 205 pounds.The fireworks display will ROGER EDWARDS begin at 9 p.m. EEO/POSH Training The kindergarten to second grade class The Equal Employment at Camp Humphreys “Vacation Bible Opportunity/Prevention of Sexual School” shout out what they’ve learned Harassment training originally during the school’s final rally Saturday, scheduled for July 28 has been June 25. After the rally, VBS staff, studentschanged to Aug. 18. Training is held and parents gathered for a cookout on at the Education Center. This is the Freedom Chapel grounds. The school, a last training for FY05. For infor- full week long, had 44 students from mation, call 738-4472. kindergarten through sixth grade in attendance. ROGER EDWARDS
  • July 1, 2005 Area IIIThe Morning Calm Weekly 23It’s a good neighbor kind of thingBy Susan Barkley Saturday. They were preparing for an Litter, trash and debris were the featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, kimchiArea III Public Affairs assault. The assault began shortly after enemies the small army faced. Armed and yaki mandu. CAMPHUMPHREYS -- Approximately 9 a.m. as Soldiers and civilians streamed with blue trash bags, gloves and long Yi In-chae, Paengsung County mayor300 Soldiers, many wearing unit T-shirts through the gate to meet their 100 tongs, the attack began in earnest and was satisfied with the clean up.and carrying guidons, gathered at the civilian partners in the campaign to clean the battle ended by 11 a.m. at the “We really appreciate good neighborpedestrian gate at Camp Humphreys early up Anjung-ri. Nongsung Fortress with a cookout programs like this,” he said. He added that he hopes to make this an annual event. Yi also expressed his thanks to Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, deputy commanding general, U.S. Forces Korea (Advance Element) and Col. Michael J Taliento Jr., U.S. Army Area III Support Activity commander, for their support in the effort to make the city better and cleaner. “We go together to make the community better and be good neighbors for each other,” he said. “It’s our ville – we’ve got to keep it clean,” added Sgt. 1st Class Mack Dyer, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Multifunctional Aviation Brigade. Spc. Saidah Cowan, 557th Military Police Company, said the MPs are “out here every day and rely on the professional support of the city and Korea National Police.” She added that PHOTOS BY ROGER EDWARDS coming together for the clean up makesHarry Parent, head of the Area III Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, lays out the plan of attack for volunteers Saturday morning, it truly one they prepare to clean up the town outside the Humphreys gate. Kirill Shershnev, 9-years-old, and Cody Kubica, 12-years-old, were working alongside their dads, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Mullen, D Company, 2- 52 Multifunctional Aviation Brigade and Lt. Col. Scott Kubica, commander, 2- 52 Multifunctional Aviation Brigade. Capt. Nick Smith, C Company, 2-52 General Support Aviation Battalion, and about 20 other Soldiers from the unit participated. He observed that anyone who did not come out for the event, “missed a good opportunity to build relations, do something good and see another side of the community.”Teamwork makes the job easier, whatever the With Soldiers, civilian employees and family members from Camp Humphreys; and Koreantask might be. merchants, officials and citizens all picking up litter, it seemed cleaners were everywhere.Cold watermelon was one way to cool down after a morning spent Filled trash bags were dropped off at the entrance of the Nongsungcleaning up the town. Fortress Park parking lot. Hamburgers and hot dogs dominated oneSaturday was a hot day for cooking but hungry people were waiting to be fed after a morning of food service line, while Korean dishes werecommunity clean up. served on a second line. Everyone wanted to get in on the act.
  • July 1, 200524 The Morning Calm Weekly Ad goes here
  • July 1, 2005 Page 25New course teaches environmental complianceBy Galen Putnam day course will act as the “eyes andArea IV Public Affairs ears” of unit commanders regarding CAMP HENRY – When it comes to environmental issues according totaking care of the environment, the best Robert J. Chartier, chief of the Area IVplace to start is at the grass-roots level. Support Activity Directorate of PublicWith that maxim in mind the Area IV Works Environmental Division.Support Activity Environmental Division “They are the link between thehas implemented a Korea-specific command and the experts at theEnvironmental Compliance Officer installation environmental office,” heCourse to ensure each unit has a trained said. “The intent is not to train them uprepresentative to take the lead regarding to be experts on PCBs, hazardousenvironmental issues. materials, hazardous waste and things The inaugural Area IV ECOC was held like that but to give them enoughat Camp Henry June 20-22 with 36 knowledge to reduce hazards andstudents. Those students will go back minimize the unit’s impact on theto their units where they will provide environment.”basic environmental awareness training Chartier, who previously served at thefor all Soldiers and also ensure U.S. Army Engineer School at Fortenvironmental considerations are taken Leonard Wood, Mo., the Army’sinto account during all unit operations. proponent agency regardingAccording to Area IV Support Activity environmental considerations, noted thatofficials the course will be conducted environmental compliance training wastwice each year to ensure that, with the common throughout the continentalhigh turnover rate experienced in Korea, United States and Europe, and wasan adequate number of trained determined to bring Area IV up to the MARK GETTELenvironmental compliance officers will same level. He pointed out the Engineer Members of the Camp Walker Fire Station Hazardous Material Response Unit demonstrate abe available at all times. School had developed a generic Web- decontamination shower unit on Environmental Compliance Officer Course student Chief Warrant Officer In bygone years, the military earned based course but it didn’t really suit the Stephen Kono, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Osan Air Base.a reputation of not being particularly needs of Soldiers here because of theconscientious when it came to caring environmental considerations in military ensure that we are in compliance with host nation laws and sensitivities.for the environment. In recent years, operations; environmental laws the regulations and we are keeping “Our end state here in Korea is to usehowever, the Army has stepped to the regulations and policies; how to everyone safe from environmental the online course to get all of theforefront in regards to environmental document, handle and react to hazardous hazards,” said Master Sgt. Beverly Riley, administrative and general material outstewardship by implementing numerous waste and hazardous material Headquarters and Headquarters of the way then conduct anywhere fromprograms to ensure compliance with contamination; how to conduct Company, 19 th Theater Support a one to three day course here on justfederal laws and, more importantly, to environmental self-assessments and Command. “The environment is where the Korea-specific items,” he conserve our natural resources for inspections, and much more. we live so we need to take care of it. It Bruce Travis, a training developerfuture generations. “The important thing I learned in the is much more difficult to accomplish with the Directorate of Environmental The environmental compliance course was making sure we provide a our mission in a hazardous Integration at the U.S. Army Engineerofficer course is designed to give unit good environment for the Soldiers. The environment.”representatives an understanding of course provided me a lot of tools to Essentially, graduates of the three- See Environment Page 28 Environment, Independence Day activities abound throughout Area IV Camp Carroll, Today ! 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, 11 a.m., Youth ! Independence Day Picnic (free), 11:30 a.m., CAC Services basketball court ! 800 Meter Relay Race, 1 p.m., Kelly Field Camp Hialeah, Saturday ! Rumble on the ROK Open Boxing Competition, ! Firecracker Fun Run, 9-10 a.m., Fitness Center 3 p.m., Kelly Fitness Center ! Family Games, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Busan Pub ! Community Barbecue, 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m., Kelly ! Inflatable Games, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Busan Pub Field ! Train Rides, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Busan Pub ! Live Band & DJ, 1-6:45 p.m., Kelly Field ! Softball Tournament, 11:30 a.m., Fitness Center ! Carnival Games, 1-7 p.m., Kelly Field ! Barbecue, 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Busan Pub ! Children’s Ballet Demonstration, 1–1:30 p.m., ! Live Band/DJ, noon -4 p.m., Busan Pub Kelly Field ! Beach Volleyball, 1 p.m., Swimming Pool ! Family Games, 1:30–2 p.m., Kelly Field ! Pool Tournament, 1-2 p.m., CAC GALEN PUTNAM ! Old Fashioned Picnic Games, 2-3 p.m., Kelly ! Tug-of-War, 1-2 p.m., Custer Field Contestants duke it out at the 2004 Liberty Fest boxing Field smoker at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. ! Old Fashion Picnic Games, 1-3 p.m., Busan ! Celebrity Concert featuring Shaggy, 7-9 p.m., Pub ! Dart Tournament, 4-5 p.m., CAC Kelly Field ! Horseshoe Tourney, 2-3 p.m., CAC ! Karaoke Contest, 5-9 p.m., Busan Pub ! Autograph Session and Grand Prize Give Away ! Water Basketball, 2:30 p.m., Swimming Pool for two round trip tickets to anywhere in U.S., 9 ! Foosball Tournament, 3-4 p.m., CAC Camp Walker, Monday p.m., Kelly Field ! Racquetball Tournament, 4 p.m., Fitness ! Firecracker Fun Run, 8 a.m., Kelly Field ! Fireworks Display, 10 p.m., Kelly Field (rain Center ! Sand Pit Volleyball Tournament, 11 a.m., Kelly Field date Tuesday, 9:30 p.m.)
  • July 1, 200526 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly YS Summer Camps Soldiers experience live fire exercise Sgt. Jimmy Norris Four middle school camps will be 19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs offered to 6th - 8th grade students this summer. Camps are one week RODRIGUEZ RANGE – Wordlessly, long and each costs $25, including weapons at the ready, a file of troops morning snacks and field trip fees. emerged from the wood line. Their squad Camps include: All About Fashion, leader waved each of them across the July 11-15; Soccer Camp, July 18- bridge and into their individual fighting 22; Basketball Camp, August 15-19; positions using hand and arm signals to Golf Camp, August 22- 26. For maintain noise discipline. information, call Victor Taitano at Almost as soon as the Soldiers found 764-5721. their way into the fighting positions, a blaring alarm sounded. Coupled with Junior Golf Program yellow smoke, the alarm signified a toxin The Evergreen Golf Club will in the air. conduct its 2005 Junior Golf “Gas! Gas! Gas!” cried each of the Program July 11-15 for golfers age Soldiers as they donned their masks and 5-17. Registration and payment of began decontamination procedures. fees will take place 5:30 p.m. July 8 at the Evergreen Golf Course Pro So far there were still no casualties, PHOTOS BY SGT. HWANG KYOO-WON but the gas was only the first threat the Shop. Registration fee of $25 Spc. Neketa Gundy, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Theater Support Command, Soldiers would face during their live-fire includes instruction, amenities takes aim as her squad leader identifies a target reference point during the live-fire exercise. bag, awards and party. For perimeter defense exercise at Rodriguez information, call Ray Cragun at 764- Live Fire Complex June 5-11. medical evacuation, submit an intelligence 4601 or the Golf Shop at 764-4628. Before the day was over, the Soldiers report and evacuate a casualty. Squads would face sniper fire and a full-blown were under constant simulated enemy fire Head Start Class attack by enemy forces. and under the threat that observer- The 19th Theater Support Command Eight squads from Headquarters and controllers would declare members of the is sponsoring a Head Start class July Headquarters Company, 19th Theater squad dead, while performing their tasks. 20-22 for all area IV Soldiers and Support Command, and the 55th Theater In some cases they even killed squad spouses. The program includes 2 Materiel Management Center participated leaders, forcing assistant squad leaders to days of classroom instruction on in the exercise. While live-fire exercises fill the position. Korean culture and language and 1- are pretty common in Korea, it was a first Emerson explained that this was all to day tour. Registration is due to July for HHC, 19th TSC. make the training more realistic and 15. For information, call Stephanie The purpose of the exercise, said HHC, highlight the importance of the exercise. Hendrix at 768-8596. 19th TSC Commander Capt. Jibraun “It is extremely important that each and Emerson, was to validate Soldiers under every Soldier consider themselves riflemen ACS Birthday simulated battlefield conditions on their first. Recent events in [Operation Iraqi Celebration ability to defend a perimeter against Freedom] highlight how important it is for Army Community Service will enemy attack. all Soldiers to be proficient in basic battle celebrate its 40th birthday 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. July 25 at the Camp While there are six battle drills tasks and to be able to collectively employ associated with perimeter defense, those tasks to ward off attacks against Pfc. Tracyann Ellis, Headquarters and Henry ACS, Bldg. #1103. For Headquarters Company, 19th Theater information, call Kiya D. Reed at Emerson explained, the Soldiers of HHC, our convoys and our perimeter. There is 19th TSC focused on the three most no better time than now. Now prepares Support Command, pulls security on a bridge 768-7610. closely associated with the unit’s mission us for tomorrow,” Emerson said. while members of her squad cross it on their essential task list – react to nuclear, The chance to employ tasks collectively, way to positions along the perimeter. Sure Start The Taegu American School Sure biological and chemical attack, react to was what many thought was the most individual tasks work together.” Start program is accepting sniper fire and react to enemy contact. beneficial part of the exercise. Lee was a team leader for the applications for fall 2005. Children The three battle drills consisted of multiple “It was a good experience for me,” said Information Management (G-6) squad must be four years of age or older tasks. The Soldiers had to prove their Sgt. Lee Seung-hoen, HHC, 19th TSC. during the exercise, and said that one by Oct. 31. Applicants must be proficiency at each of them during the “While we can learn a lot in the rear, we of the most important challenges he military command sponsored and exercise. don’t get the opportunity to fire our faced, was the task of keeping his have ranks between E-1 and E-4. The Soldiers’ tests included request weapons or to see how all of those Soldiers motivated throughout the Class size is limited. Applications are exercise. He accomplished this by due by Aug. 5. For information, call constantly reminding them of the the school at 768-9501. incentive that Emerson had in place for the best squad – 30 days exemption from Camp Carroll Pool the duty roster. Hours But motivation, Emerson said, wasn’t Hours for the Camp Carroll indoor a problem. pool are 5:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. “The best part of this exercise was Outdoor pool hours are 11:30 a.m. – seeing the Warfighter in each Soldier 4:30 p.m. daily. For more information, expose [emerge]. Each day I saw the call Mark Juliano 765-8118. confidence grow in our young leaders of tomorrow. Soldiers want to train and Rape, Drug and Fraud I want to see them trained,” he said. Awareness Briefings While the exercise only lasted seven The 20th Military Police Detachment days, the Soldiers will carry the lessons (Criminal Investigation Division) on they learned throughout their military Camp Henry offers rape, drug and careers. More importantly, they’ll carry fraud awareness briefings upon this training on to the next exercise, request. All commanders and first which Emerson said is scheduled to take Sgt. Lee Han-jae, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Theater Support Command, sergeants are encouraged to schedule place in early August. Emerson said the empties his canteen in an effort to stave off the heat during the unit’s perimeter defense live-fire these briefings for the unit. To next exercise will build on the skills exercise June 5 – 11 at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex. An assistant squad leader for the 2nd schedule a briefing or for information, Soldiers learned during this live-fire call James Seaton at 768-8225. Platoon’s 2nd squad, Lee also had to ensure his Soldiers remained hydrated throughout the intense training. perimeter defense exercise.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV July 1, 2005 2736th Sig. Bn. welcomes new commander NEWS & NOTESBy Pvt. Park Kwang-mo executive officer TECH HelpArea IV Public Affairs of the 57th If you are experiencing computer problems at work, CAMP HENRY – Lt. Col. Michelle P. Bolinger Signal Battalion, the Korea Theater Support Center can solve yourrelinquished command of the 36th Signal Battalion 3rd Signal technical issues. Dial TECH (8324) from any DSNto Lt. Col. Aaron A. Webster at a change of Brigade, Fort phone for technical support. For information, call 2ndcommand ceremony June 22 at Camp Walker’s Hood, Texas. Lt. Frank Barrell at 764-4433.Kelly Field. He received Webster’s previous assignment was at Fort Hood, master’s degree RESUMIX TrainingTexas, where he served as operations chief of the in computer The Employment Readiness Program at the CampIII Corps Directorate for Command, Control, resource and Henry Army Community Service is offering hands-Communications, and Computer Systems. He also information on RESUMIX training. For information or an management appointment, call Lettie Villarosa at 768-7951.deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedomduring that assignment. from Webster Travel Voucher Submission Bolinger returned to the 516th Signal Brigade, University. He is Travel vouchers submitted to any Area IV finance officeFort Shafter, Hawaii, as the deputy brigade also a graduate must include the original voucher and one copy. For S S EBASTIAN CIOTTIcommander, where she served as the operations of the 1st Signal Brigade Commander Col. information, call Staff Sgt. Stacy Drexel at 768-6125.staff officer 2002-2003. Command and LaWarren V. Patterson (right), passes the Webster graduated from Florida A&M University General Staff Warden Cell Phone Messages 36th Signal Battalion colors to incomingwith a bachelor’s degree in computer science in College, Fort The U.S. Embassy is launching a new way to inform commander Lt. Col. Aaron A. Webster at1987 where he received a commission in the Signal Leavenworth, American citizens of security related matters. Any the unit’s change of command ceremonyCorps through the Reserve Officer Training Corps. Kan. security related information such as warden on Camp Walker’s Kelley Field June 22. messages, travel warnings, and public Webster started his military career as a platoon His awardsleader in the 267th Signal Company, 73rd Signal and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, the announcements can now be sent to cell phones asBattalion, Pirmasens, Germany. While in Germany Meritorious Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters, text messages. To receive a text message on your cellhe also served as assistant operations officer of the the Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf phone, visit and type your cell73rd Signal Battalion and commander of the 270th clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with two oak phone number, choose “subscribe” and press “submit.” For information, send an e-mail toSignal Company, 160th Signal Brigade. leaf clusters, the National Defense Service Medal, the In addition, he served as battalion signal officer Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, thewith the 1-66th Armored Battalion, 2nd Armored Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Korean Camp Walker Dental ClinicBrigade, Fort Hood, Texas; battalion communications Defense Service Medal, The Armed Forces Reserve The Camp Walker Dental Clinic has relocated insideofficer, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, K-16 Medal, the Army Service Ribbon and Overseas Service Wood Medical Clinic due to renovation. The dental clinicAir Base, Seoul, Korea; brigade communications Ribbon. will remain inside Wood Clinic for the duration of theofficer, 2nd “Blackjack” Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, The 36th Signal Battalion provides strategic renovation, expected to be completed Jan. 2006. ForFort Hood, Texas; communications officer of the 13th communications and support to Areas III and IV information, call Staff Sgt. Doricina Hendricks at 764-4307.Corps Support Command Fort, Hood, Texas and as in Korea. Ad goes here
  • July 1, 200528 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyDunn takes charge of Combat Support Coordination Team #2By Pvt. Park Kwang-mo including several international peacekeeping operations. Commendation and Achievement Medals, ArmyArea IV Public Affairs He deployed in 1993 with the 10th Mountain Division Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Air CAMP HENRY – One of the peninsula’s most unique Task Force to Mogadishu, Somalia for Operation Force Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Serviceunits, Combat Support Coordination Team #2, welcomed Restore Hope, and later served with the United Nations Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armeda new leader as Lt. Col. Kevin D. LeFever passed the Logistics Support Command-Somalia. He deployed Forces Service Medal, NATO Medal, the Jointcolors to Col. Gracus K. Dunn, symbolizing the transfer again in 1994, serving both in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Meritorious Unit Award and the Army Staff Badge.of command responsibility at a change of command with the Third U.S. Army for Operation Vigilant The host of the ceremony was Maj. Gen. James A.ceremony June 16 at the Small Parade Field, on the Warrior. In 1998, he deployed to Sarajevo, Bosnia, in Coggin, assistant chief of staff CJ3, United StatesSecond Republic of Korea Army Compound in Daegu. support of Operation Joint Forge, where he was dual- Forces Korea. CSCT #2 is a multi-composition, joint, and hatted as the NATO liaison officer and brigade assistant Combat Support Coordination Team #2’s mission is tocombined organization with wide-ranging operation staff officer for the newly formed Multi- provide the coordination link between Combined Forcesresponsibilities. National Specialized Unit structured around the Italian’s Command, United States Forces Korea, the Second Dunn comes from the Pentagon where he was “Carabinieri” para-military police force. Republic of Korea Army, and the service components; todivision chief for Strategic Plans, Exercises, Concepts Dunn earned his Bachelor of arts degree in Music facilitate U.S. combat, combat support, and combat serviceand Force Integrations, Office of the Deputy Chief of from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Ark. support, operational planning and execution during armistice;Staff for Logistics. He replaces Col. Charles Hash who His military education includes the Transportation to provide key command staff sections with linkage todeparted May 15 for his next assignment as deputy Officer Basic and Advanced courses, Fort Eustis, the Second Republic of Korea and the Combined Rearchief of staff, Office of the Chief, U.S. Army Reserve Virginia; Combined Arms Staff School and Command Area Coordinator; to support the Combined All Sourceat the Pentagon. LeFever had been serving as acting and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Intelligence Center during contingencies and hostilities withcommander and will return to his position as deputy He also has a masters of arts in strategic studies from a focus on reception, staging, onward movement, andcommander. the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. integration and force protection. Dunn entered active duty as a commissioned His awards and decorations include the Defense “I look forward to working with the SROKAtransportation officer in1982. His military career Meritorious Service Medal, Army Meritorious Service command and above all taking care of our soldiersincludes a variety of command and staff positions, Medal with two oak leaf clusters, Joint Service and their families,” Dunn said.Environment from Page 25 School, was brought in to help develop to correct the situation,” he said. “The “The first thing I’m going to do is Management Center. “The Army isand instruct the Korea-specific portion environment is every Soldiers’ business. conduct an assessment of the unit to getting smarter about doing things.of the class. Everybody needs to step up and do see where we’re at because we haven’t For example, with this training we are “It is important we work with the what’s right to protect the environment. had an environmental compliance learning to appreciate the environmentlocal communities here in Korea and It’s not just for us or for the Koreans, officer since I’ve been here. When I more and appreciate the impact wehave a good working relationship with it’s for our future generations who will identify what we need to do, I’ll have on the environment. Conversely,them so if there is a release or spill on live and thrive on the Earth.” establish a timeline to determine when we are learning how environmentalthe installation we can let them know Students were eager to put what they things will get fixed, said Staff Sgt. hazards can impact missionwhat is going on and what we’ve done learned to work. Dean Vaughn, 55th Theater Materiel accomplishment.” Ad goes here
  • July 1, 200530 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “ Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘jahng-mah’ The phrase of the week “It will be monsoon soon.” Goht jahng-mah eem-nee-dah. soon monsoon It will be Conversation of the week Nahl-see-gah moo-doe-woe-yo. Jahng-mah ddeh-moon-eem-nee-dah. Dah nook-nook-heh-yo. (Moh-gee)-doh mah-nah-yo. Soh-dohk-hah-seh-yo. Neh.