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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  050429 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 050429 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA April 29, 2005Volume 3, Issue 27 The Morning Calm Weekly is Dental Soldiers Busan Aquarium hone tactical skills offers fishy fun nline Page 21 Page 16 Visit On the Move Guilty Akbar could face death penalty Army News Service F O RT B R A G G, N . C . – S g t . H a s a n A k b a r, t h e f o r m e r 1 0 1 s t Airborne Division Soldier accused of the March 23, 2003, grenade attack on three tents in Kuwait, was found guilty April 21. A court-martial panel of nine officers and six noncommissioned officers deliberated for 2 and a half hours before returning the verdict by a unanimous vote: guilty of two specifications of premeditated murder and three specifications of attempted premeditated murder. Akbar now faces three possible sentences: life in prison, life in prison without the possibility of parole, or death. Akbar was convicted of a PFC. PAUL ESPARZA grenade attack on three tents in A 2nd Infantry Division Soldier prepares equipment for the 50th Engineer Company’s move to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The unit expects to Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait, that depart the peninsula for the United States in the middle of May. For related story, See Page 5. took the lives of Capt. Christopher Seifert and Maj. Gregory Stone. Fourteen others were wounded fromYellow Dust brings health, safety issues the 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky., in the night grenade18th Medical Command visibility problems for pilots, hinder the issued guidelines for outdoor activity attack during the early days of YONGSAN -- Did you notice the operation of precision machines and levels based on measured levels of dust Operation Iraqi Freedom.brownish tinge to the air recently? It impair the growth of agricultural particles in the air. According to the EPA, Maj. Richard Patterson, publicis what the Koreans call “HwangSa,” products. people with heart or lung disease, older a ff a i r s o ff i c e r f o r Ta s k F o r c emeaning “Yellow Dust,” from the For humans, the small dust adults and children are at the highest risk, Bragg, said that althoughdeserts of China, Mongolia and particles in the 1- to 10-micron size but everybody should try to minimize T h u r s d a y ’s u n a n i m o u s v e r d i c tManchuria. can cause respiratory and eye their exposure to this dust phenomenon means Akbar is eligible for the death This seasonal phenomenon occurs problems. Lt. Col. Hee-Choon S. Lee, as the concentration level increases. penalty, the court must make otherintermittently throughout the spring and preventative medicine consultant, 18th As the dust concentration level climbs unanimous findings for that penaltyis usually seen in the dry spring months Medical Command, said the dust is above 200, people with heart or lung to be imposed.when meteorological conditions allow especially dangerous to individuals disease, older adults and children should Patterson said the court must findthe sand picked up from deserts with existing respiratory problems. try to avoid outdoor physical activity, unanimously that the Army hasthousands of miles to the west and north “The effect (of the Yellow Dust) is and everyone else should try to avoid proved aggravating circumstances,of Korea to settle on the Korean to trigger attacks of asthma and worsen prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion. and make a second finding that thepeninsula. (a person’s) respiratory status,” Lee Levels above 300 are a greater health aggravating circumstances It typically rises to a height of 3 to 5 said. “New research suggesting that concern, and those most at risk should outweigh any mitigating factorkm before blowing eastward at some those without asthma may actually remain indoors and keep their activity raised by the defense.30 meters per second, crossing the West develop asthma when exposed to levels low, while others should try to The sentencing phase was set to(Yellow) Sea and arriving in Korea a few particulate pollution such as in the Yellow avoid all unnecessary outdoor activity. begin at 9 a.m. April 25.days later. dust phenomenon.” Lee also suggested taking steps to ( E d i t o r ’s n o t e : I n f o r m a t i o n Unfortunately, the Yellow Dust brings To help prevent these problems, the p ro v i d e d b y Ta s k F o rc e B r a g gmany problems with it. It can create U.S. Environmental Protection Agency See DUST, Page 4 DUST, Public Affairs.)
  • 2 April 29, 2005 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted War on Terror 10 years old?from the past several weeks military police By Gary Sheftick was named in honor of Moss and Holland. Every year theblotters. These entries may be incomplete Army News Service best Army civilian journalist receives the Moss-Holland Award.and do not determine the guilt or ARLINGTON, Va. – Ten years ago today, my old friend Today several survivors of the Oklahoma City terroristinnocence of any person. survived the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. attack joined about 1,600 others — including former President ! Military police were notified of an Clark Peterson was the only surviving member of his Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney — at a memorialassault consummated by battery. Preliminary office. A total of 168 people died in the attack on the Murrah built on the site of the federal building. All bowed their headsinvestigation revealed that two Soldiers were Federal Building, including seven members of the U.S. Army for 168 seconds of silence beginning at 9:02 a.m., the time ofinvolved in a verbal altercation which turned Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion. the explosion April 19, 1995.physical, when the first Soldier struck the Clark was a member of the Advertising and Public Affairs For many of those who survived the tragedy, and even forsecond Soldier in the face with a closed fist. Office of the OKC Recruiting Battalion. He was talking with many involved in the recovery operations, the memories ofThe first Soldier was apprehended and the A&PA Chief, John Moss, minutes before the explosion. that day are still too painful to discuss. It was the worst terroristtransported to the MP station where he was His supervisor’s desk was at the front of the building, near attack in America at the time.administered a series of field sobriety tests, windows facing the street, and Clark was sitting there discussing Some even trace the beginning of the nation’s War onwhich he failed. The two Soldiers weretransported to a local medical facility where a project. Just moments before the explosion, Clark said he stood Terror to the attack in Oklahoma City. But it could also bethe first Soldier was administered a up and walked to his own desk at the rear of the office. said that the enemy there was from within.command-directed blood alcohol test, with That move saved his life, according to Clark. McVeigh was a former Soldier who reportedly wasresults pending. The second Soldier was As he sat down, Clark turned on his computer. At first, he retaliating for an incident exactly two years earlier in Waco,treated and transported to a local hospital thought that he was being shocked by an electrical short in Texas, when a number of Branch Dividians went up in flamesand treated for a broken ankle and released. the computer. But it was the shock wave from a bomb instead during a siege by government agents.The first Soldier was then transported back that sent him reeling through the air. Others claim the first terrorist bombing of the World Tradeto the MP station, where he was released to Timothy McVeigh had just detonated a homemade bomb Center Feb. 26, 1993 began America’s War on Terror.his unit. He was later advised of his legal next to the building in a truck filled with thousands of pounds Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker has said thatrights, which he waived, rendering a sworn of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. the War on Terror actually began with the Iran Hostage Crisisstatement attesting to the incident. This is Clark woke up on a pile of rubble a couple of floors below in November 1979. He participated in a mission that attemptedan alcohol-related incident. Investigation where his office had been. He was injured, but said at the time rescue of the hostages.continues by MPI. that the psychological trauma was worse than the physical. Perhaps the chief of staff’s vision makes the most sense! Military police were notified of an Whenever he closed his eyes to sleep, he said that he saw terror. when it comes to the roots of the War on Terror. In theaggravated assault. Investigation disclosed John Moss died in the explosion, along with the battalion’s hostage crisis, we were pitted against foreign terrorists, fromthat a Soldier and an unknown subject were newspaper editor, Peggy Holland, and the office secretary, nearly the same part of the world where we face them today.involved in a verbal altercation, which turned Karen Carr. In any case, it’s clear that the beginnings of the War onphysical, when the unknown subject In 1998, upon recommendation of the Recruiting Terror date back much further than Sept. 11, 2001.repeatedly struck the Soldier in the face with Command, the Army’s Civilian Journalist of the Year Award It just took that tragic attack to unite us to fight back in open fist. The Soldier was transported toa local medical facility for treatment of headinjuries and altered mental status, and thenMEDAVACed to a local hospital for furtherevaluation. The Soldier is currently being Letters to the Editortreated for injuries including lacerations tothe back of his head, swelling to the left side Ambassador thanks form U.S. Forces Korea . I have been to Osan Air Base, Kunsan Air Base, Chinhaeof his face, and small hematoma to the back USFK troops and the DMZ, and also participated in theof the head and left temple. Investigationcontinues by MPI. (The following is a letter from Ulchi-Focus Lens exercise.! Investigation by military police revealed Christopher R. Hill, outgoing What is evident in each of my visits isthat person(s) unknown by means unknown ambassador to the Republic of Korea, not only a strong foundation of patriotismremoved five U.S. dollars from a Soldier’s wallet, to Gen. Leon J . LaPorte, commander, toward the United States and pride in theirwhich was left unsecured and unattended in U.S. Forces Korea.) jobs, but also a dedication to the US-ROKa locker at the post gym. Unknown person(s) alliance that makes this the strongestthen fled the scene in an unknown direction. Gen. LaPorte, partnership I have seen anywhere.The Soldier stated that this is the second time As I leave my post as ambassador to Please convey my appreciation tothat this has happened. He stated that he only the Republic of Korea to take up my new every member of USFK for helpingput five dollars in his wallet this time to see if position in Washington as Assistant preserve peace and stability here in theit would happen again. The Soldier rendered a Secretary of State for East Asian and Republic of Korea.written sworn statement attesting to the above Pacific Affairs, I wanted to thank youincident. A search of the area by The MPs for and the incredible USFK team for the Christopher R. Hill Christopher R. Hillsubject(s) and or witness met with negative work you do in support of this alliance. visited with many of the outstanding Assistant Secretary of Stateresults. Since my arrival last August, I have Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who East Asian and Pacific Affairs Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from Area I Area III publication is the responsibility of the advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO including inserts or supplements, corrected. Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley AP 96205. CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Staff Writer Spc. Stephanie Pearson Staff Writer Roger Edwards by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Area II Area IV advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Alex Harrington Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Seo Ki Chul CI Officer Galen Putnam available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Staff Writer Cpl. Park Yung-kwi Staff writer Cpl. Oh Dong-keun patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • April 29, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 8th PERSCOM transformation enhances personnel service AFN-K SurveyAmerican Forces Korea-Network isconducting an online survey nowt h r o u g h M a y 1 5 . T h e s u r v e y, 8th PERSCOM Public Affairs Army, 8th PERSCOM will continue to battalions, which provide postal anddesigned to provide viewers andlisteners the best in programming, YONGSAN – Human Resource provide world class personnel services personnel service for all Soldiers, civiliansis available to all authorized Status Transformation is coming to Korea when support with Soldiers who are trained and family members in the Republic ofof Forces personnel — including Col. Michael J. Harris, commander, 8th in their warrior tasks and drills, and who Korea, will realign under the 19th TheaterDOD civilians, contractors and Personnel Command, and Command Sgt. are ready to fight tonight, up to the day of Support Command, with the EUSA G1/their families throughout South Maj. Carlos Martinez-Rivera AG providing technical oversight andKorea. officially case 8th “... 8th PERSCOM will continue control of theater HR assets.According to Douglas Griffin, PERSCOM’s colors in an to provide world class Personnel Some of the new enablers will bebroadcasting director for AFN Inactivation Ceremony implemented before 8th PERSCOM’sKorea, “The survey, which contains scheduled for June 15 on Services Support with Soldiers who inactivation, and they will continue after58 questions, serves as a primary Yongsan’s “Knight Field.” are trained in their warrior tasks the unit’s transformation. Theseinstrument used by AFN-K in Any unit inactivation brings initiatives include the introduction of ahelping us better gauge the and drills ...” with it change. In the case of new Turbo PCS Web site, installationinterests of our varied listening 8th PERSCOM’s inactivation — Col. Michael J. Harris of self-service personnel manifestand viewing audience.” and merger with Eighth Army commander, 8th PERSCOM kiosks at Incheon Airport and Osan Air He added, “While a number of the G1, however, change brings Base, distribution of Self Service Humanquestions address preferences in with it exciting opportunities. Eighth its lateral transfer and the casing of its Resource CDs, and implementation ofmusic and viewing habits, we want PERSCOM’s transformation will be colors,” said Harris. “There will be an a 24 hours per day, 7 days per weekto emphasize that our primarymission is that of providing both governed by three important factors: The overlap time with the merging commands Human Resources Call Center (24/7 HRaccurate and immediate command Army and 8th U.S. Army will remain taking over PERSCOM missions. And Call Center).information.” committed to “Taking Care of its People” there will not be a gap or interruption in The new Turbo PCS Web site hasThe survey can be accessed online with the merging of G1 and AG personnel; service to the Soldiers we support or their been implemented to assist Soldiers ina t w w w. a f n k o r e a . n e t , a n d o n Human Resources support on the commanders, from a readiness Korea who are changing duty stationsaverage takes less than 15 minutes Peninsula will improve; and 8th perspective. All Postal and Personnel somewhere outside of Korea. Everyto complete. PERSCOM and the G1/AG will missions will continue.” Soldier in Korea has to have a LevyResults of the AFN-K survey are implement several new personnel service The 8th PERSCOM consists of a briefing before receiving orders to hisexpected to be available by late support initiatives on peninsula, or directorate staff, two personnel services or her next duty assignment.summer, with programming changes enablers, that will capitalize on the latest battalions and a headquarters company, Turbo PCS automates the levyanticipated by early fall. information technology. These enablers for a total of about 700 Soldiers. The briefing and Soldiers’ requests for PCS will allow EUSA to offer human resource directorate staff will merge with 8th U.S. orders. Soldiers must be on assignment Seoul Schools services unlike anything available across Army G1 to form a consolidated G1/ instructions to access the new site. Re-registration the Department of Defense. AG. This merger aligns with emerging Once a Soldier is on AI, all he or sheRe-registration for all currently These factors will turn PERSCOM’s Army Doctrine and is part of an needs to do is log into the Turbo PCSregistered students returning to inactivation into a smooth incremental process that paves the way site using his or her Army Knowledgeschool and all new kindergarten transformation—a merger that blends for the Transformation of all PERSCOM Online user identification and password.students will be May 17-20. PERSCOM’s missions and personnel into units and their eventual realignment The 24/7 HR Call center andRegistration for students a continuous flow of service without under a Human Resource Services interactive Web site will offer serviceskindergarten through grade 12 will be interruptions to the customer or the US- Center. unlike anything available across DODat Hannam Chapel Annex May 17.Students with last name beginning ROK Partnership Alliance. To enhance HR resources on thewith A-L may register from 8 a.m. until “With the Transformation of the peninsula, the personnel services See PERSCOM Page 4 PERSCOM,noon. Students with names startingwith M-Z register noon to 3 p.m.Re-registration and registration willbe at the Seoul Americna High School Model United Nationsgymnasium May 18-20. May 18, SAHS students practice diplomacy at far East conferencestudents with names beginning with Chelsea RicketsonA-F may come from 8 a.m. to noon; Seoul American High SchoolG-L, noon -3 p.m.May 19 students with names YAKOTA AIR BASE, Japan — “Decorum, delegates,”beginning with M-R may register 8 ordered the chair of the council.a.m. to noon; S-Z, noon -3 p.m. May Model United Nations’ delegates are familiar with this20 registration is open to all students command; an order for them to maintain composure andwho have not yet registered. be quiet in formal session. The Far East MUN conference, organized by Yokota OES Starlight Ball High School and Kinnick High School, was held here fromFar East District #21, Oklahoma March 28 to April 1.Jurisdiction, PHA will celebrate the High school students from Korea, Japan and Guamsecond annual Order fo the Eastern gathered in Yokota to represent their assigned country andStar Starlight Ball May 7. The event debate about issues in selected committees: Security Council,will begin at 6 p.m. at the Naija Economic and Social Council, Permanent Forum onBallroom, Dragon Hill Lodge. Attire Indigenous Issues, and Non-Government Organizations.for the event is formal.For information on the event, contact Delegations from different countries convened for threethe appropriate area coordinator. In consecutive days to discuss selected issues in hope of an COURTESY PHOTOArea I, call Lisa Brown at 010-5847- eventual resolution in the form of a written document, called a Resolution. The resolution outlined measures member Several SAHS students pose for a photo during their trip to Yokota Air4088; Area II, (Yongsan) Candy states were urged to follow in order to resolve the issue at base, Japan, for the Far East Model United Nations conference March 28Johnson, 011-9164-3862 (Osan) Leslie hand. All the delegations’ cooperation and effort are required thru April 1.Chism, 010-7213-9875; Area III, LindaRollocks, 010-8695-8064; and Area IV, in order to follow through the lengthy process. that the United Nations doesn’t create resolutions in a matterChris Fullard, 010-3141-1837. “We would be stuck in council for nearly seven hours, of minutes. This process takes active participation from every discussing and debating on the same issue, sometimes member nation.” coming to no resolve,” said junior Aimee Miles, Seoul MUN sessions may seem drawn-out and wearisome to American High School. “But it is important to understand See MUN Page 4 MUN,
  • April 29, 20054 The Morning Calm WeeklyDUST from Page 1keep the dust out of homes and offices above 300 and a warning atand to clean off the dust when coming concentrations above from outside. “Washing exposed To minimize the adverse effects ofareas with soap and water after “Yellow Dust,” observe the EPAcoming in from the outside is also cautionary statements, wash exposedrecommended,” he said. parts of the body such as the hands The Korea Meteorological and face with soap and water afterAdministration issues an information coming in from the outside, and seeknotice at dust level concentrations medical attention promptly if youabove 200, a watch at concentrations experience adverse health effects.MUN from Page 3some people, however, in-depth also teaches you patience anddiscussions are essential, not only todevelop a simple conclusion but rathera firm and compromising solution. “The sessions could be prettytedious when not a whole lot wasgoing on, but once the debates got cultivates cultural awareness.” All delegations performing in session are expected to participate a c t i v e l y, b u t t h e S A H S M U N program has a reputation for going beyond expectations. ADgoing, I became more engaged in it,” At the January 2003 Far Eastsaid senior Michael Semple, Osan MUN conference held at Kadena AirAmerican High School. Base, Okinawa, Japan, Although MUN delegates surely representatives from the Unitedpractice their speech and writing Nations Association of the Unitedskills, there are other skills, States of America were impressedexperiences and enjoyment derived with the SAHS delegates’ GOESfrom MUN. performance in session and invited “In MUN, you learn how to be a the SAHS team to an internationaldiplomat — the art of softening your conference held later that year inspeech with euphemisms and New York City. The SAHS MUNdecorating it with formal pretense, team attended the international MUNso you can say something conference later in May 2003, andcompletely offensive, like, ‘Your placed first out of 90 is barbaric and ruthlessly SAHS won the Secretary-General’sslaughters innocent people’ into award, which was the highestsomething far more acceptable, like, award given to any single school.‘This country currently struggles The Far East MUN conference willwith human rights abuses,’” said be held at the Yongsan Garrison.Miles. “Diplomacy is a useful skill, (Editor’s Note: Chelsea Ricketsonespecially when you grow up. MUN is editor of the SAHS Wingspan.) “In MUN, you learn how to be a diplomat -- the art of softening your speech ... Diplomacy is a useful skill, especially when you grow up” — Aimee Miles, HERE Seoul American High School. Model U.N. delegatePERSCOM from Page 3today. The PERSCOM Web site will has a proud history of tailoring itsseamlessly realign under the newly services to meet the needs of theformed G1/AG. Soldiers will be able supported population. Postal andto access the 24/7 HR Call Center personnel services have beenany time of day for information. provided for Soldiers, civilians and Self-service personnel manifest family members stationed here everkiosks are coming to Incheon since North and South Korea signedInternational Airport and Osan Air the peace treaty consummating anBase. These kiosks will enable newly- Armistice to officially suspendarrived US military personnel — hostilities in 1953.whether Army, Navy, Air Force or Now, after 25 years of service,Marines — to swipe their military 8th PERSCOM will case its colorsidentification cards and register their and leave its mark in history as itarrivals in Korea with their respective transforms to enhance EUSA and thebranches’ personnel database. DOD Human Resources. The kiosks will store a digital photo For information about 8thof each newly-arrived P E R S C O M ’s transformationservicemember, facilitating enrollment mission, Web site change, postalin BIDS. When US Army personnel support or personnel services,swipe their ID cards, the kiosks will contact Sgt. 1st Class Patriciaalso display each Soldier’s projected J o h n s o n , S 1 / S 5 P u b l i c A ff a i r sassignment in Korea via the Soldier Office, at 724-8826 or 724-3732,Management System. or visit online at http://www- The Adjutant General Corps, or http:/community in the Republic of Korea /
  • April 29, 2005 Page 5 Soldiers load railcars Engineers prepare to depart Camp LaGuardia By Spc. Stephanie Pearson By Spc. Chris Stephens Area I Public Affairs 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs CAMP LAGUARDIA — Area I and 2nd Infantry CAMP CASEY — Soldiers from Camp Division leaders met April 6 to discuss the issues LaGuardia have been preparing for their mission surrounding the upcoming move of the 50th Engineer for months. The task – get their equipment loaded onto Company from Camp LaGuardia to Fort Leonard railcars for movement to Busan, then to the states. Wood, Mo. “All equipment is being prepared to go to Fort “We’re here to identify the standard for which 2ID Leonard Wood,” said Capt. David Stewart, 50th will vacate Camp LaGuardia,” said Brig. Gen. Charles Engineer Company commander. A. Anderson, assistant division commander for support. The bridge company is in the last stages of their Anderson said they set the standard with the movement to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., in the previous base closures in Korea, and coined the phrase middle of May. “clean, functional and empty.” To get the equipment to Busan, engineers had “That means that someone can move in and occupy to load and secure each piece of equipment onto the base without hesitation or concern of something railcars; however, the task was not an easy one not being right,” he explained. “The biggest challenge for the Soldiers. we face is ensuring that the standard is well “There’s a lot of work that has to get done,” understood.” said Staff Sgt. Keelin Scott, section leader. “We Anderson said the Engineer Brigade Commander, have to ensure everything is secured on the railcars Col. Rock Donahue and his team have, “established a and that all movements are done in a safe manner.” process that ensures the standard is the same in every To secure the equipment to the railcars, the facility we Soldiers used chains and shackles. Soldiers also vacate.” “I don’t expect anything to be placed chop blocks under each tire of the vehicles Anderson and too difficult to overcome in to prevent any kind of movement. Donahue walked our timeline.” “The Soldiers are very focused on safety,” through the —Capt. David Stewart Stewart said. “They take pride in their equipment camp, entering and how it is loaded.” every building to inspect it and identify what needs to To boost morale and help make the workday go be done. faster, the Soldiers held impromptu competitions The 2nd Inf. Div. plans to host a departure between three sections of railcar loaders to see who could get theirs loaded in the quickest and ceremony sometime in May. safest manner. “U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud, is “It’s a way for us to have a little fun while out DAVID MCNALLY responsible for all the real property, service activities A 2nd Infantry Division Soldier prepares equipment for the 50th See Railcars Page 8 Railcars, Engineer Company’s move to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. See LaGuardia Page 8 LaGuardia,CRC partners with local collegeBy Spc. Stephanie Pearson Shinheung College officials, Dr. Kang Shin-Area I Public Affairs kyung, founder, and Dr. Kim Pyong-ho, president, UIJEONGBU — Garrison officials strengthened expressed appreciation for the partnership.a relationship with a local Korean school April 19 with “It is an honor to have this meeting to promotea formal agreement. friendship between two great institutions,” Park said Camp Red Cloud Garrison Commander Lt. Col. at the signing. “It is also expected that we will haveWilliam Huber signed a memorandum of agreement a beautiful relationship between Korea and America,with officials from Shinheung College. as well as CRC and Shinheung.” “This establishes ground rules for mutual aid or Huber agreed, saying, “The agreement we aresupport,” Huber explained. signing today is an important Shinheung College is a “We are here to preserve symbol of the friendship between the United States andlarge, private institution in peace and encourage Korea.”Uijeongbu. The campus iscomprised of schools for friendship.” The agreement renewed a four-year partnership betweenstudents from kindergarten — Lt. Col. William Huberthrough college, and includes the two institutions. Garrisonthe Indianhead International Children’s School. signed the first such agreement with Shinheung “There are two colleges in the Uijeongbu Enclave,” College in April 2001.Huber said. “Area I and the 2nd Infantry Division “The importance of the U.S. here is not aspartner with Kyungmin College, and we support apparent to the younger generations,” Huber said.Shinheung.” “I think signing this document will show students Huber said the partnership is “in the spirit of the we are here to preserve peace and encourageGood Neighbor Program,” an 8th U.S. Army initiative. friendship.” The agreement establishes that the college and Agreements like these are effective only for thegarrison will meet when they can, and invite each term of the garrison commander who signs it; Huberother to special functions and holiday celebrations. is the third commander to enter into the agreement. “We’ll improve relations by inviting members to “This is a great opportunity to go forward and SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSONsocial functions, and they will reciprocate,” Huber said. maintain our strong alliance,” he said. The Shinheung College campus, nestled in downtown A provision also allows American Soldiers to teach Uijeongbu, contains schools for students from kindergartenEnglish language skills as volunteers at the school. E-mail through college.
  • 6 April 29, 2005 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Communities celebrate volunteer week Black-Market Hotline By David McNally The Black-Market Hotline number has Area I Public Affairs changed to 738-5118. The number is CAMP STANLEY — Warrior Country officials celebrated monitored by an investigator during National Volunteer Week April 20-22 with luncheons at camps normal duty hours and switched to a Casey, Red Cloud and Stanley. recorder after hours. If an observation “It is always great to get a group of people together and requires urgent attention, call the military to be able to say thank you for everything you do for us,” police at 730-4417. said Col. Ross Ridge, 2nd Infantry Division, Division Artillery Asian-Pacific Heritage commander and Camp Stanley senior tactical commander. Celebration About 40 volunteers and community leaders gathered April The Camp Casey USO will host an 21 at the Pear Blossom Cottage for a luncheon. Asian-Pacific Heritage Celebration 11:30 Ridge said he truly appreciates what the volunteers do a.m. – 3 p.m. May 7 at the USO offices. for the community, adding, “We can’t accomplish half the There will be Asian food sampling, ethnic things we need to do in the Camp Stanley community without music and dance, and door prizes. your help.” “I thought it went wonderful,” said Jay Kelker, a retired Ordnance Corps first sergeant who works at Camp Stanley and volunteers to Association Ball coordinate the newcomer’s orientation. “It’s great that all The Ordnance Corps Association will the commands know about us and recognize us.” hold its first ball May 26 at the Osan Kelker said volunteering is what his Army family has Officer’s Club. Cost is $25 per person. always done. Dress is formal attire for civilians and “The Pear Blossom Cottage really did a great job with this dress blues for military. luncheon,” Kelker said. “By doing things like this, it give us DAVID MCNALLY a sense of community.” Fashion Show Jay Kelker, a volunteer, serves himself a plate of food at the Camp Better Opportunities for Single and E-mail Stanley Pear Blossom Cottage volunteer luncheon April 21. unaccompanied Soldiers is hosting a Warriors take children under wings casual and sportswear, business attire, and evening formal fashion show 7 p.m. Saturday at the Camp Red Cloud Community Activity Center. By Pfc. Giancarlo Casem are missing,” he said. “It is important the Han Eo Ul dance team from nearby Family Readiness Group 2nd Infantry Public Affairs for them to be reminded of why they Chung Bo Industrial High School in Kickoff CAMP CASEY — Warrior Division are here.” Dongducheon. The 2nd Infantry Division is hosting a Soldiers took a fun approach at One of the major highlights of the After the dancers’ performance, Family Readiness Group Kickoff event 2 establishing strong friendships between day was the kimchee donation. children from the orphanage sang and – 3 p.m. Wednesday at Camp Casey’s the United States and Republic of Korea The Manchus organized the acquisition danced for the Manchus. The Soldiers Hanson Field House. Army Community of over a thousand heads of cabbage. gave the children a very affectionate April 8 with an organizational day. Service officials encourage family As part of their day, the 2nd Soldiers and volunteers from the Sarang ovation after their performance. members to get involved in their Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment Hwe community group spent the whole The Soldiers cordially welcomed sponsor’s FRG. ‘Manchus’ invited children from a local day preparing kimchee to be donated. the opportunity to share their time with Upcoming Concerts orphanage to take part in the festivities. The Soldiers and children had fun as the orphanage. Rock bands Quiet Riot and Skid Row “It is really good to just bring them they slid down slides and wrestled each “It feels good to provide for them will perform outdoor concerts 7 p.m. May out and have fun with them,” said other inside an inflatable bounce house. and show them a good time,” said Pfc. 14 at Camp Casey and 5 p.m. May 15 at Command Sgt. Maj. Todd Wentland, “It is a lot of fun,” said Spc. Justin Scott Stein, A Co., Task Force 2-9. Camp Stanley. 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment Allred, Company E, Task Force 2-9. “It is also really important for Korean Country music acts Mark Wills and senior noncommissioned officer. “We are really enjoying ourselves.” citizens to see us with the children. Jolie Edwards will perform 7 p.m. May 20 The organization day was beneficial This was Allred’s first organizational It gives us a better understanding to at Camp Casey and 7 p.m. May 25 at for everyone involved, he said. day with any unit. live with them and understand them.” Camp Stanley. Unaccompanied Soldiers benefited “My old unit never had anything like The Manchu Soldiers invited Concerts on Camp Casey will be behind from the interaction with children this; it is a really good thing,” Allred said. Soldiers from their partner unit, the Primo’s Club, and concerts on Camp because they were reminded of what The Soldiers threw frisbees and Republic of Korea Army 107th Stanley will be in the parking lot behind played catch with the children. They Mechanized Infantry Battalion, for a they fight for, Wentland said. the commissary. “It reminds them of their own kids also had an opportunity to watch a friendly soccer game. or little brothers and sisters that they traditional Korean dance performed by Wentland said it was important for Volunteer Ceremony The quarterly Volunteer Awards the Soldiers of both countries to be able Ceremony will be held 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. to come together in an environment May 17 at Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s other than a training exercise. Club. For information, call 732-7277. “Normally, they would only see each other in a training environment,” Job Fair Wentland said. “It is good for them Army Community Service and the Army to see each other in a different way. Career Alumni Program are sponsoring It is important that they see us not just a job fair from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. May 18 at as a coalition partner, but as friends.” Camp Casey’s Primo’s Club. Advanced Wentland said that it is important Technology Systems, Exchange New Car for other people to see that his Soldiers Sales, General Dynamics, Lucas Group, genuinely care for people. Vinnell Corporation, Wackenhut and the “Inviting the orphanage to the Calumet Group will be represented. Manchus’ organization day is just one of the many events the unit holds for Hot Stuff Pizza Delivers Camp Red Cloud’s Hot Stuff Pizza, the children,” Wentland said. located inside the CRC Lanes Bowling “We take them out on trips and we Center, now provides food delivery have some Soldiers go and teach them services to camps Red Cloud and English,” he said. Jackson. For orders, call 732-6458 or 732- 9008 between 11:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. A Warrior Division Soldier wrestles with a child from My Home Orphanage inside an inflatable bounce house April 8 . E-mail
  • Area IThe Morning Calm Weekly 7 April 29, 2005 offers challenging trails By David McNally Historical markers tell the story of the Area I Public Affairs temple in English and Korean. S oyosan National Park offers “This mountain is like a little Warrior Country hikers and Kumgang Mountain,” said Chajaeam nature lovers a place to explore. Head Monk Do-am. “Even though it is The park, a little more than 2 miles not as big, it has everything.” from the Camp Casey main gate, has a North Korea’s Kumgang Mountain variety of trails leading to craggy is regarded by many as the most scenic mountain peaks, picturesque waterfalls peak on the Korean peninsula. and ancient Korean cultural sites. “Soyosan has many little After paying a small entrance fee, waterfalls,” Do-am said. “Like hikers walk about a mile up a paved road. Kumgang, it also has scenic ravines, The first stop is a picnic area near caverns and rocky cliffs.” the foot of a 25-foot waterfall. It is Do-am said many Americans from the last place on the trail without going the nearby Camp Casey Enclave hike up stairs. It is also the start of through Soyosan National Park. challenging trails, which take “There are different hiking trails adventurers through the peaks and which take anywhere from one and a valleys of Soyo Mountain. half to 4 hours to complete,” he PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY Chajaeam is a Buddhist temple to explained. “That’s why this is a favoriteTwo miles from the Camp Casey main gate visitors to Soyosan National Park pass under a the left of the trail after the first hiking place for both Koreans andunique mountain-shaped gate. waterfall. It was founded in A.D. 660. foreigners.” “Each hiking course has beautiful scenery,” said Park Sang-ho, Chajaeam business manager. “There are no problems for Americans to visit here.” E-mail Monk Do-am greets visitors to Chajae A traditional Korean gate arches over the pathway toward the Soyosan hiking trails. Along theTemple, a must-see stop on the trail. road there are restaurants and snack shops. A scenic waterfall cascades into a clear poolJagged peaks, steep climbs and magnificent vistas are the rewards for a hike through Soyosan National Park . of mountain water.
  • 8 April 29, 20056 Area II Area The Morning Calm Weekly The Morning Calm WeeklyLaGuardia from Page 5and support facilities on the installation,” primary duty to pool resourcessaid Lt. Col. William Huber, U.S. Army together.Garrison, Camp Red Cloud commander. “We have to clean all the installation“Departing units will remove all tactical facilities and sterilize buildings, barracksequipment and turn in all installation and the camp grounds,” he Anything the unit is unable to He said he is confident his troops willtake or turn in becomes ours to dispose finish their part in time.of in the proper manner.” “I don’t expect anything to be too Capt. David Stewart, 50th Engineer difficult to overcome in our timeline,”Company, said walk-throughs are a he said. “We’ve got a lot to do on thestandard part of the departure process camp, but we’ve got motivated Soldiersand this one was very successful. to get the job done.” “It’s always a best-case scenario Anderson said he will conduct awhen you can get all the parties together second walk-through after the unit AD identify what their responsibilities “We do it to ensure the standards weare, in terms of the work that still needs achieve are second to none,” he be done to vacate the camp,” he said. Stewart explained about their E-mail GOES DAVID MCNALLYRows of 50th Engineer Company vehicles stand ready to move out. The unit will formally departCamp LaGuardia sometime in May. The camp is located in the center of Uijeongbu. HERE SPC. STEPHANIE PEARSONChris Bradford, club manager (right), briefs Brig. Gen. Charles A. Anderson, 2nd Infantry Divisionassistant division commander for support at Camp LaGuardia April 6.Railcars from Page 5here,” said Pfc. Neil Coon. “It helped tasks had to be accomplished for uswith our teamwork and made the day to do the job.”more enjoyable.” When asked what the best part about To get ready for the rail-loading the job is, Scott said it was seeing theoperation, the engineers went through train roll off with their equipment.thorough rehearsals of what they “Once the train rolls out, wewould do. know the task was accomplished to “We wanted everyone to know standard,” he said. “And that makeswhat they had to do when we had everyone happy.”to do it for real,” Stewart said. “Wedidn’t want to have to waste anytime re-teaching them on what E-mail
  • April 29, 2005 Page 9Listening to Korean students helpcustomers bridge cultural gap Good Neighbor Program embodies the spirit of ‘Volunteerism’with ICEBy Col. Timothy K. McNulty By Chief Warrant Officer Teddy C. Datuin 1st Signal Brigade English,” said Yun, a student at Kookmin University. language tutoring, cooperative humanitarian and conservationCommander, Area II Support Activity YONGSAN “For me … I have a good chance projects, adopt-a-school programs, YONGSAN — Over the years, I have — “Any person to meet American friends and the orphanage sponsorship, andlearned as a Soldier and leader that the U.S. that volunteers to chance to understand American participation in local Korean-AmericanArmy takes care of its own. In Area II, we help other people culture, such as the American Friendship associations.continually do our best to improve the quality out is doing so language and lifestyle,” said Kim. “Our Good Neighbor programsof life for you, our customers – military, because they “And I think more Korean university across the peninsula will strengthencivilian and contractor personnel, and your find joy in students and more Americans should our Republic of Korea - Unitedfamilies. helping others,” join the Saturday Tour Program.” St a t e s Alliance through Because getting feedback from you is said Spc. Erik Spirit of Volunteerism comprehensive programs thatimportant, I have taken steps to reinvigorate McCulley, multi-media specialist with The spirit of volunteerism is an age- actively engage the local community,and redesign one tool that we use to get Korea Regional Office Visual Center, 1st old act embodied by all nations from government, media, business, feedback from Signal Brigade. around the world, especially in America. university, school and military in you – the McCulley is referring to Korean According to the Bureau of Labor order to provide public Interactive university students who volunteer their understanding and Customer time to help with Michael Lee’s appreciation of Evaluation system, Saturday Tour Program. “To them … “Our Good Neighbor Programs our mission on the or ICE. This user- helping Americans learn about their peninsula,” said culture brings them joy,” he said. across the peninsula will strengthen LaPorte. friendly, web- based customer Since last year, more than 30 Korean our Republic of Korea - United States The common comment card students, like Park Eun-ju, a junior at Alliance through comprehensive reason why system replaces Kookmin University, have dedicated their Korean university McNulty personal time to volunteer in the program. programs...” students volunteer the traditional — Gen. Leon LaPortecustomer comment card. You can access “I like to volunteer and I have been for the American U.S. Forces Korea commander community inICE either through one of the many terminals enjoying it,” said Park, who has been alocated throughout Area II, including the volunteer for more than a year with the Yongsan is theirDefense Commissary Agency, Army and Saturday Tour Program and Korean desire to betterAir Force Exchange Services, Collier Gym, language class. “I learned a lot about Statistics of the U.S. Department of understand the American culture andand 121 General Hospital. American culture and made a lot of Labor, more than 64 million Americans to share their culture, said Lee, the Additionally, you can access ICE at our good American friends.” volunteered at least once in Fiscal Year lead coordinator of the Saturdaynew Area II Web site through your Graduate students Kim Yee-kyoung 2004; representing nearly 29 percent Tour at work or home (http:// and Yun Jeong-hee, decided together to of 16-year-olds and older. For information on the volunteer to learn about American In 2003, Gen. Leon LaPorte, language class and the Saturday Tour Here’s what has changed. The list of culture and improve their English commander, U.S. Forces Korea, Program, call Michael Lee at 738-7999service providers has been updated to speaking skills. implemented the Good Neighbor or email our directors and senior managers “I want to learn the American Program to engage in variousto ensure that when you send an ICE culture and improve my spoken volunteer endeavors like English E-mail, it is handled directly by someone Come Out & Play!who is in the position to take corrective actionand get back to you with an answer quickly.Individual service providers are alsomodifying the questions on the Web site inorder to better understand what’s importantto you and how well we have delivered theservice. In turn, we will closely monitortrends in customer feedback to determineactivities that are highly valued by customers. However, I need your help in a few areas. When you receive a service that makesyou happy, send us a comment. We do alot of good things in Area II, but never hearback from our customers. Positive andnegative feedback is important to us. Got a good idea and don’t know how toget it to me? Send it through ICE. When PHOTOS BY SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEKyou receive a service that could use some Above: Students of Michelle Short’s age 3-5 dance group, Sky’s Unlimited, perform Swanimprovement, we need to know specifically Lake in front of parents and friends at the 23rd annual Community Fun Fair, April 23. Thewhat needs to improve and how we can event also included performances by the 6-9 age group, a solo performance by Candicecontact you to get more information. Our Johnson, 11, a magician and the blues band “Bluefrog.”biggest constraint in making changes is the Left: Tommy Song, “the best magician in Yongsan,” flourishes two scarves as part of hislack of specific information – customers incredible act. See ICE Page 11 ICE,
  • 10 April 29, 2005 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Celebrate Law Day on May 1, 2005: PART III Korean Festival of the jury’s role. He told them that they under law; Whereas, one of the principles The ROK Ministry of Culture and Tourism will host a Korean festival at keepin’ it “are to see with their own eyes … and to we fought for in the Revolutionary War the H-208 Helipad Site, located immediately east of Gate 17 Sunday. The legal make use of their own consciences … in judging … their fellow subjects.” He said was the right to trial by jury. The Declaration of Independence pointed out Capt. Joon K. Hong they should acquit Zenger if they found that George III had deprived Americans, festival will be from 1 -6 p.m. There will that the statements he printed were not “in many cases, of the benefits of trial be performances by tae kwon do experts, YONGSAN — Law Day is an annual false.The jury did acquit him. Gouverneur by jury”; Whereas, a jury of one’s peers Korean dancers and Korean pop singers, and childrens activities. event hosted by the American Bar Morris, one of the Founders, later wrote is a cornerstone of American democracy. Parking is not available at Gate 17, so Association, and it is held every May 1. “The trial of Zenger was the germ of Along with voting, it’s one of the main attendees are encouraged to walk. The The purpose of Law Day is to educate American freedom, the morning star of ways people take part in the public life Ministry of Culture takes ownership of the public about our legal heritage and how … liberty.” of this nation; Whereas, trial by jury is the helipad Sunday, in preparation of the rule of law makes is possible for Juries as a Focus of Controversy guaranteed in the Fifth, Sixth, and transforming the site in to the grand democracy to exist. This week, we will In response to cases like this, the Seventh Amendments; entrance for the new National Mesuem discuss how juries helped win America’s British set up special courts that did not Whereas, jurors decide whether of Korea. independence. After reading the article use juries. This became one of the major defendants are guilty or not guilty, liable below, imagine the kind of changes you complaints of the colonists against the or not liable; Area II Web site could make by serving on a jury panel. British as America moved toward Whereas, the decisions that jurors make For information about Area II, log on to And remember to mark your calendar for revolution. The Declaration of affect millions of lives everyday and have the upcoming May 7 Law Day 5K race at Independence castigates the British king a profound impact on our economy and Collier Gym starting at 9:30 a.m. “for depriving us in many cases, of the our society. By entrusting jurors from the Area II Internship Juries Helped Win America’s benefits of trial by jury.” The commitment community to decide legal cases — some Program Independence of the colonists to trial by jury guaranteed of them involving millions of dollars or The Area II Commander’s Internship Juries were at the forefront of the that it would be an important feature of life and death issues — we reinforce our Program is looking for college students American colonists’ struggle for the new republic. belief that everyday people can make the to attain practical and professional independence. Some local juries refused Juries in the Constitution right decision, that we are an open, experience and organizations to take to convict people who violated unpopular To prevent oppression by the democratic government; and part in the program to provide British laws. government, the founders made trial by Whereas, few activities in our civic opportunities to the students. For information, call 738-7355. The Zenger Trial jury one of our great constitutional life provide such a direct contact with In 1735, the English authorities guarantees. Trial by jury in both civil and our democracy as does jury service; AFCEA Scholarship charged a New York newspaper printer, criminal cases is explicitly granted by the Now, therefore, as we celebrate Law The Armed Forces Communications John Peter Zenger, with publishing articles Sixth and Seventh Amendments to the Day 2005, we acknowledge the central and Electrnoic association is offering critical of the government. The judge, who U.S. Constitution and is also guaranteed role of juries in American life, and we scholarships to unmaried children of was sympathetic to the king, told the jury by every state constitution. In the words recognize the importance of educating active-duty Resrve, National Guard that under English law the very fact of of Thomas Jefferson, “trial by jury [is] our fellow citizens about the rewards and and retired military personnel. printing the critical articles was enough the only anchor yet imagined by man by benefits of jury service. Applicants must be under the age of to convict the printer. It didn’t matter if which a government can be held to the NOW THEREFORE, I, Colonel 23 and must be enrolled or planning to they were true or false. Zenger’s lawyer, principles of its constitution.” Daniel F. McCallum, of the U.S. Army enroll full time in the fall of 2005 in an Andrew Hamilton, had a different view Focus Questions Judge Advocate General Corps. of undergraduate program of study in the In colonial America, the jury United Nations Command/United States area of communications, enringeering gained its reputation as a “bulwark Forces Korea, do hereby proclaim or sciences, leading to a bachelors of liberty” for standing up to laws Sunday, May 1, 2005, as Law Day. I urge degree at an accredited college or imposed by the Crown. The the citizens, schools, businesses, and university. colonists had no voice in making media of Yongsan, Korea to use this Applicants must also submit a 500- these laws, so the jury was their occasion to dedicate ourselves to preserve word essay. All documents must be main chance to be heard. But now and strengthen the jury system. mailed to: we do elect the legislators who IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have Carolyn Cooper HHC, 1st Signal Brigade make the law. Do you think the hereunto set my hand this 1 day of April, Unit 15271 Box 195 jury still plays an important role in the year of our Lord two thousand Apo AP 96205-5271 as the protector of our liberties? and five, and of the Independence of For information, call Cooper at 010- Why or why not? the United States of America, the two 3132-3466 2005 Law Day Proclamation hundred and twenty-ninth. C P OURTESY HOTO Whereas, Law Day is a NEO Exercise The Staff Judge Advocate, Colonel McCallum signs celebration of our great heritage The Courageous Channel NEO exercise 2005 Law Day Proclamation. of liberty, justice, and equality E-mail will be conducted through Sunday in Area II Honors Heroic KNPs Area II. All military, emergency essential DoD civilian family members, non- essential DoD civilians, invited contractors and technical Col. Timothy K. McNulty, Area II representatives are required to Support Activity commander, honors participate. Evacuation control centers two Korean National Policemen, Cpl. at Collier Field House and Hannam Kim, Bo-Hyun and Pfc. Kim, Hoon Village Chapel will be in operation from April 21, for their efforts to save an 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. today, and 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. American Soldier. The two KNPs Saturday. For information, call 738-3291 extricated a USFK family member or 738-3429. from danger following an automobile accident near Gate 37 March 17. Community Health Fair Commander, Area II Support Activity, and 18th Medical Command will host a Community Health Fair 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday in the 121st General Hospital front parking lot. There will be booths providing health information along with entertainment, food and prizes. For information, call 737-7426. PFC. SEO KI-CHUL
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II April 29, 2005 11Aviation unit bids farewell to KATUSAsBy Pfc. Seo Ki Chul KA The redeployment necessitated theArea II Public Affairs redistribution of the battalion’s 42 assigned YONGSAN — During a ceremony April 20, KATUSA Soldiers across the peninsula.the 1-52nd Aviation Regiment bid farewell to the Those KATUSA Soldiers who have timeKorean Augmentation to the United States Army remaining on their commitments will transitionSoldiers before the American unit redeployed to from K16 to other units within Eighth U.S. ArmyFort Wainwright, Alaska, in support of the U.S. officials said.Army’s transformation process. “ I h a v e b e e n w i t h t h e 1 - 5 2 n d Av i a t i o n “Our [KATUSA] Soldiers made a very good Regiment for more than a year since joining theunit,” said 17th Aviation Brigade Commander Col. U.S. Army,” said KATUSA Soldier, Cpl. Kim HyunDavid Abramowitz. “Our unit departing will very Geun. “It’s a pity that I should be separated from PFC. SEO KI-CHULwell learn how much the KATUSA Soldier meant my KATUSA Soldiers.” KATUSA Soldiers are awarded a medal by Lt. Col. Fred this unit when they get to Alask and they don’t Manzo Jr.,commander, 1-52nd Aviation Regiment, for theirhave them anymore.” E-mail dedication to the unit.ICE from Page 9tell us they are unhappy, but don’t provide others. terminals we have listed in the table is drawing. To be eligible for the drawing,enough specific information for my Further, we have found that many ICE important to you, please send us a you need to submit a recommendation formanagers to make improvements. Leaving terminals located throughout Area II comment. You can access the Area II improvement along with your contactyour name and contact information will help installations are not being used, and the cost Community Web page at information through improve service to you, as well as for of maintaining them outweighs the benefit. , and then type “Area II” into the search Recommendations without contact But before I engine. Click on “Area II” and then click information will be disqualified. The prizes remove one, the link titled, “Site Suggestions, Questions are three $25 gift certificates. I need to and Comments” at the bottom of the page Again, I encourage every military, civilian, know if that and type in the name and location of the contractor and family member to take an terminal is terminal you think is important and how active role in improving the delivery of our important to often you use this terminal. I will make programs. ICE is a great way to let us know a large sure we review all input before we make how we are doing and giving us suggestions number of our final decision of removing any of the for improvement. Our commitment is to customers. selected terminals in the table. continually improve quality of life for you in So I need To encourage your participation and get Area II and Yongsan, and to make this “The your help. If your ideas for improvement, during the Assignment of Choice in Korea.” one of the month of May the Directorate of Morale, following Welfare and Recreation is sponsoring a E-mail Ad goes here
  • April 29, 200512 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Community News Traditional Performing Arts. For 6th Annual Playaz Ball are 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday and Saturday information, call 580-3054 or log on CSC Productions will host the Sixth and 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Wednesday. For to Annual Playaz Ball 8 p.m. - 3 a.m. May information, call 795-7675. 13 at Main Post Club. For information, call 010-3149-2360 or 010-8671-4619. Exhibitions and Festivals Seoul Selection’s Movie Screening 3rd World Ceramic The Seoul Selection’s movie screening Good Neighbor English Biennale will be held every Saturday in Seoul Camp The Third World Ceramic Biennale Selection bookshop. For infomation, call The U.S. Forces Korea Good will be held with the theme of 734-9564 or log on to www. Neighbor program hosts an English “Ceramics: The Vehicle of Culture” for Camp May 17 – 21 in Yongsan to help immerse Korean youth into an English 58 days through June 19 in Icheon, language family environment. For Yeoju and Gwangju. For information, information, call 723-6085. call 031-631-6504. Religious activities Community Events, Classes and Meetings 3rd PCS Garage Sale 6th Annual Hwaseong Spirit Warrior 2005 The 1st KSC The Third Annual PCS garrage sale Piety Marathon Spirit Warrior 2005, “A Warrior’s Truth” Performance will be 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. May 21 beside Hwaseong City Hall and Korean- will be Friday - Saturday at South Post KSC performance club will host “A the point upper parking garage. For American Partnership Association Chapel. Free food and lodging is available Streetcar Named Desire” 6 p.m. information, call 738-2222. will host the Sixth Annual Hwaseong for attendees traveling to Area II. For Wednesday - Thursday at Balboni Peity Marathon. U.S. Forces Korea information, call 738-4043/723-8716 or e- Theater to foster good neighbor-to- 12-Week Weight personnel are invited to participate mail neighbor relations between USFK Management at 8:30 a.m. May 8 at Suwon and KSC. For information, call 723- Yo n g s a n We i g h t S u p p o r t G r o u p University Stadium. Bus Habitat for Humanity 4736. hosts a 12-week weight management transportation is available for all Yongsan South Post Chapel is looking program. All participants can learn participants. The Bus departs Osan for a caring and hard-working individual Home School how to burn fat, shrink fat cells, and Officers Club at 7:30 a.m. For to take over as a coordinator for its Conference lose weight. For information, call 010- information, call 011-745-2989. Habitat for Humanity-Korea program to IDEA, The home schooling and 8671-7461 or e-mail build several apartments in Chuncheon correspondence program of the Korean Traditional for needy families. For information, call International Foundation, will host Music and Dance Classes 725-4408 or 010-3132-9825. a “Home School Conference” 1 - 5 for Foreigners p.m. May 7 at the South Post Chapel, The Thrift shop looks for Classes of Korean traditional music Submitting to TMCW Room 201. For information, call 010- volunteers and dance for foreigners will be every To submit items to Area II Community 8671-6561 or e-mail The Secondhand Rose Thrift Shop is Saturday through June 4 at the News, send all pertinent information to looking for volunteers. The opening times National Center for Korean Ad goes here
  • The Morning Calm Weekly April 29, 2005 13Runners go distance at Boston Marathon in IraqBy Master Sgt. Lek Mateo and beyond” in making the eventArmy News Service complete by providing official Boston TALLIL, Iraq -- Hundreds of Marathon medals, certificates and T-runners traded their combat boots for shirts for the participants.running shoes to compete in the “It is phenomenal to see theinaugural Iraq / Boston Marathon held overwhelming show of support by theat the large air base here April 20. people back at home for our servicemen The event was held in conjunction and women to include the multitude ofwith the prestigious Boston Marathon volunteers here at the base who helpthat normally has thousands of runners make this event a reality.” Freeman said.competing in the grueling 26.2-mile Although the race was non-race. competitive, all of the runners gave their A loud crack of the starting gun personal best to test their will andsignaled the start of the race in Iraq for endurance against time and distance.the small mass of runners. Army Sgt. Luis A. Soto, of Morovis, As colossal U.S. Air Force C-130 Puerto Rico, and a Soldier of the 89thHercules cargo aircraft roared overhead Transportation Company based in Fortduring takeoff, runners slowly Eustis, Va., finished in three hours and threemeandered through the course located seconds, taking first place in the race.within the confines of razor-sharp Soto , who will return home in a fewtriple-strand concertina wire and heavily weeks, said for him it was a very specialarmed guard towers protecting the base. accomplishment because he not only ran The route took the runners by one the Boston Marathon but also did it in Iraq.of Iraq’s archaeological treasures, the COURTESY PHOTO “Every runner, no matter whatZiggurat of Ur, a 4,000-year-old Sgt. Luis A. Soto of the 89th Transportation Company based at Fort Eustis, Va., finished in three distance they run, always looks to runSumerian temple that rises hours and three seconds, taking first place in Iraq’s Boston Marathon. a full marathon to see what they areapproximately 50 feet above the desert stationed at the base. is taking place back at home,” Freeman made of,” Sota said. “Now I can sayfloor of the Euphrates Valley. Freeman said he coordinated the event said. “They were very supportive of that I am a runner after having Capt. Rodney T. Freeman, of York, with the Boston Athletic Association as a the idea and that is how this event got completed a full marathon on my ownMaine, and an artillery officer of the New way to give all the servicemembers a started.” and that is something that I will alwaysHampshire Army National Guard’s small taste of home and to take their mind Freeman added that the BAA and the remember.”197th Field Artillery Brigade, is away from the combat zone. Outdoor Life Network, which (Editor’s note: Master Sgt. Lekresponsible for overseeing the Morale, “I contacted the BAA about the idea incorporated footage of the Iraq Mateo serves with the 56th BrigadeWelfare and Recreation programs for of running our marathon at the same time Marathon with their television broadcast Combat Team Public Affairs Office,the military and civilian personnel that the 109th Annual Boston Marathon back in the United States, went “above Texas Army National Guard.)
  • April 29, 200514 The Morning Calm Weekly April 29 - May 5 Alone in the Hide and Seek Sahara PG-13 Sahara PG-13 Cursed PG-13 Cursed PG-13 The Pacifier Dark R R PG Because of Coach Carter Hitch PG-13 No Show Hitch PG-13 The Pacifier Sahara PG-13 Winn-Dixie PG PG-13 PG Hitch PG-13 Beauty Shop Beauty Shop Alone in the No Show No Show Man of the PG-13 PG-13 Dark R House PG-13 Sahara PG-13 Sahara PG-13 Sahara PG-13 Hitch PG-13 Hitch PG-13 Constantine Constantine R R Beauty Shop Hitch PG-13 Constantine No Show No Show No Show No Show PG-13 R Assault on Sahara PG-13 The Pacifier The Pacifier Sahara PG-13 Man of the Man of the Precinct 13 R PG PG House PG-13 House PG-13 Miss Miss Congeniality 2 Man of the No Show Man of the Cursed PG-13 Cursed PG-13 Congeniality 2 PG PG House PG-13 House PG-13 Amityville Horror Constantine -- Beauty Shop -- Gina The Wedding Date Because of Winn- Cursed -- Ellie and her In 1974, police discovered Based on the DC-Vertigo Norris is a long way from Kat Ellis’s worst nightmare Dixie -- A 10-year-old brother Jimmy are on their the entire DeFeo family, all comic book “Hellblazer,” the Barbershop - she’s is about to come true. Not girl, abandoned by her way home when they get slaughtered as they slept Renegade occultist John moved to Atlanta so her only is her younger, half- mother when she was into a car accident. While calmly in their beds. Constantine has literally gifted daughter can attend sister, Amy, getting married three, moves to a small trying to help the other Ronald DeFeo confessed been to hell and back. He a prestigious music school before her, but to add insult town in Florida wirh her driver out of an overturned to murdering his parents teams up with skeptical and made a name for to injury, the groom’s best father, a preacher. She also vehicle, the other driver is and four siblings, and policewoman Angela herself at a posh salon. But man is Kat’s ex-fiancée, adopts a stray dog whom attacked by what Jimmy claimed it was the “voices” Dodson to solve the when her egotistical boss Jeffrey. Unable to bear the she names after the local swears was a “huge man- that told him to do it. One mysterious suicide of her takes credit for her work, thought of attending alone, supermarket where she like wolf.” Both siblings end year later, George and twin sister. Their she leaves the salon to she hires an escort to play finds him. With her goofy up scratched and possibly Kathy Lutz move their family investigation takes them open a shop of her own. her boyfriend. Her rented pooch by her side, she bitten by the creature. into the house, thinking it through the world of Gina buys a rundown salon date, fits the bill perfectly. meets an eclectic group of When they begin noticing was going to be their demons and angels that and inherits a motley group He’s handsome, intelligent, townspeople, and re- strange physical effects dream home. The Lutz exists just beneath the of headstrong stylists, a well spoken, and a perfect kindles an almost lost and behavior, including family only lasted 28 days landscape of colorful clientele, and a sexy gentleman. The plan? Make relationship with her father. both of them suddenly in their home after they were contemporary Los piano-playing electrician. Kat’s ex sorry that he ever becoming more assertive terrorized by a demonic Angeles. It’s a rocky road to fulfilling left her. socially, they begin to force that drove them away. her dreams, but you can’t wonder if a werewolf has Based on the true story. keep a good woman down. bitten them. White Noise No Show The Wedding Boogeyman No Show No Show No Show PG-13 Date PG PG-13 Amityville Amityville Amityville Closed Closed Cursed PG-13 Cursed PG-13 Horror R Horror R Horror R Sahara PG-13 Hitch PG-13 The Pacifier The Pacifier Cursed PG-13 No Show Amityville PG PG Horror R Assault on Alone in the Man of the Man of the No Show Amityville The Pacifier Precinct 13 R Dark R House PG-13 House PG-13 Horror R PG Amityville Amityville Amityville Man of the Man of the Cursed PG-13 Cursed PG-13 Horror R Horror R Horror R House PG-13 House PG-13 Because of Because of Winn- Because of Winn- Hitch PG-13 Hitch PG-13 Elektra PG-13 Elektra PG-13 Winn-Dixie PG Dixie PG Dixie PG Because of Because of Winn- Because of Winn- Man of the Man of the Cursed PG-13 Cursed PG-13 Winn-Dixie PG Dixie PG Dixie PG House PG-13 House PG-13
  • The Morning Calm Weekly April 29, 2005 15HMS Bounty: a real reality series Area II Worship ServicesBy Chaplain (Lt. Col.) O. Wayne Boyd in a different way. Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel8th PERSCOM The alcohol created fighting and abuse until the 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel April 28, 215 years ago, Fletcher Christian, women rebelled, leaving McCoy and another dead. Tuesday 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapelmaster’s mate of the British ship HMS Bounty, led a This left only two men, Smith and Ned Young, along 7 p.m. South Post Chapelmutiny against the acting captain, Lieutenant Bligh. with the women and children. They quickly Mon.-Wed., Thurs.-Fri.Theories abound as to who was most guilty. Possibly, destroyed the still and finally the community began 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapelthe rest of the story will shed some light, or not. to flourish. Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel Capt. Bligh was an extremely gifted naval officer After Young’s death in 1800, Smith, alias John Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapeland, despite being thrown onto a very small vessel Adams, became the leader, minister and educator of Protestant Serviceswith 18 men after the mutiny, he was able to navigate the island. He incorporated regular worship services Contemporary Sunday 10 a.m. Multipurpose Training3,500 miles of rough ocean to safety (12 survived the and instilled religious values to this second generation, Facilityvoyage). Bligh was later appointed governor of New which included Fletcher Christian’s son, Thursday Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial ChapelSouth Wales only to be ousted once again for cruelty. October Christian. United Pentecostal Sunday 1 p.m. Memorial Chapel The colonists imprisoned him and Humanity left Church of Christ Sunday 2 p.m. South Post Chapelsent him back to England. Despite the alone will almost Church Internationaltwo mutinies and numerous “One man’s discovery of the Word always produce Collective Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel of God prevented the complete s e l f i s h n e s s , 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapelaccusations of his cruel leadership, 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Chapelhe was promoted to Vice Admiral. annihilation of all parties.” which leads to (Korean)Hmmm … disastrous 10 a.m. South Post Chapel Christian assumed command of outcomes — 10:30 a.m. K-16 Communitythe Bounty along with 24 crew members. They sailed here illustrated by Bligh’s cruelty and the Chapelto a safe haven via Tahiti to hide from the wrath of mutineers’ actions. 11 a.m. Hannam Village ChapelEngland and Bligh. Fifteen of the 24 decided to stay at One man’s discovery of the Word of God noon South Post ChapelTahiti. Nine sailors, along with six Polynesian men prevented the complete annihilation of all parties. (Gospel)and 12 Polynesian women, sailed to Pitcairn Island, a Jesus Christ’s summary of the law (to love God Collective Sunday 1 p.m. Camp Colbern Chapelvery small and desolate location. completely and to love your neighbor as yourself), 6 p.m. South Post Chapel Despite the semblance of democracy that Christian when correctly applied always produces a more Korean Tuesday 6 p.m. Camp Colbern Chapelset up, havoc ruled when jealousy and greed led to the desirable product. Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapelmurders of all of the Polynesian men and all but four Pitcairn Island still exists today and the inhabitants KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapelof the sailors. are all descendents from this original group of 3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Two “spiritual” forces then entered the lives of the mutineers. Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Vincent Burnsremaining survivors: a still and a Bible. Alexander Smith The inhabitants choose to have few conveniences or DSN 725-2955was transformed as he found and read a copy of the and live much like their ancestors did 215 years ago. Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David ColwellBible. William McCoy built a still and enlightened himself Christianity still flourishes there. or DSN 738-4043 Ad goes here
  • 16 April 29, 2005 Feature The Morning Calm Weekly PHOTOS BY SGT. JIMMY NORRISA pair of grey nurse sharks circles the shark tank at the Busan Aquarium. The aquarium houses 30 sharks from eight differentspecies, and offers visitors a chance to enter the water with the animals.At Right: Deadly pirhanas circle their latest victim as part of the freshwater fish exhibit. The small carnivores aren’t the only predatorson display at he Busan Aquarium, as visitors may also see electric eels, color-changing poisonous jellyfish and a giant pacificoctopus.Busan Aquarium offers ‘fishy’ family funBy Sgt. Jimmy Norris being bitten, divers are instructed not to play to 8 p.m. weekdays, and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekends19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs with the animals or other people while in the and holidays. From July 17 to August 24, the BUSAN -- Many Soldiers may believe the most water, to keep their hands on their stomach to aquarium will be open from 9 a.m. until midnight.dangerous animals they’ll encounter while avoid the chance of having their limbs mistaken Admission is 14,500 won for adults, 12,000stationed in Korea are the mosquitoes. But the for prey, and not to exhale while the sharks swim won for students ages 14 to 19 and seniorskeleton greeting visitors from the bottom of a overhead. citizens, and 9,500 for children ages four to 13.piranha tank in Busan tells a different story. Visitors who don’t feel daring enough for a Children under four receive free admission. While the skeleton may be artificial, the shark dive, but still want a closer view of the Special rates are available for groups largerpiranhas, along with a sign warning visitors to animals, can take a glass bottom boat ride over than 20 people. The Busan Aquarium acceptskeep their hands out of the water are very real. the tank for 5,000 won. most credit cards and there is an ATM availableAnd piranhas are just one of the many There are also temporary and seasonal displays in the adjacent food court.underwater attractions awaiting tourists at the at the aquarium. Currently a frog exhibit, featuring Whether visitors are in the mood for anBusan Aquarium. 80 frogs from 12 different species, is on display adrenaline filled shark-diving adventure, or just Located adjacent to Busan’s Hyundae Beach, on the upper floor of the aquarium. a pleasant afternoon with their families, the Busanthe aquarium is home to more than 250 species In the near future, the aquarium staff will add Aquarium provides some unique opportunities forand features the largest grey nurse shark and more sharks and ocean sunfish to their collection. tourists looking for something different to dopenguin colonies in Korea. The aquarium is open year round – from 10 a.m. during their time in Korea. Its two floors feature 50 tanks, containing avariety of marine animals housed in about 3,500tons of water. The main portion of the aquarium is divided intotwo floors, with the tour starting on the upper floor. The first (upper) floor features a variety offreshwater fish, Korean small-clawed otters andblack-footed penguins. The first floor is also where visitors can get theirfirst view of one of the aquariums’ more impressivedisplays, a two-story (22-foot) coral reef displayfilled with colorful tropical fish and corals. The lower floor features some of the morefrightening displays. Here’s where a visitor can get a glimpse ofelectric eels, color-changing poisonous jellyfishand a giant pacific octopus. Also on the second floor is the aquariumsmain attraction – the shark tank. Here 30 sharksfrom eight different species swim peacefully withgiant sea turtles and stingrays. Those who feel the glass on the shark tankprovides too much of a barrier can take a dipwith these predators of the deep for pricesranging from 55,000 to 75,000 won, dependingon the experience of the diver. As a safety measure to keep visitors from Aquarist in charge of otters and penguins, Ji-Yoon, talks to aquarium visitors while feeding the Korean small-clawed otters.
  • April 29, 200518 The Morning Calm Weekly Warrior Post-Level Softball Tournament Warrior sports will host a post-level men’s softball tournament Saturday and Sunday at Camp Red Cloud Field. This event is open to men’s post-level teams from Warrior Division men’s post level softball league play. For information, call 732-6276/6927. Quiet Riot joins fellow metal band Skid Row for a tour of Korea May 12-15. The bands will perform at military installations across the peninsula. TAE JANG JUM Setting Park Tour The TAE JANG KUM setting park tour Quiet Riot, Skid Row tour Korea Korea Region MWR will be Saturday. The bus will leave at 9 a.m. from the Camp Red Cloud YONGSAN – Two trend-setting rock the spotlight themselves. Composed of Skid Row reformed with new singer Community Activity Center. ‘n’ roll bands touring Korea will surely vocalist Kevin DuBrow, drummer Frankie Johnny Solinger and toured as the opening For information, contact the local delight all retired “headbangers” that Banali, bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist band for KISS’s Farewell Tour. community activity center or recreation remember the advent of heavy metal. Alex Grossi, Quiet Riot has regrouped and MWR is dedicated to bringing quality center. Quiet Riot and Skid Row both hit released their first official live CD “Quiet entertainment to the military in Korea. All stardom in the 80s and remained legends Riot Live & Rare” in January 2005. performances are open to ID cardholders BOSS fashion show ever since. Quiet Riot’s first hit success Skid Row was one of the last hair- and are free of charge. For information, The CRC Better Opportunities for Single was in 1983 with the smash hit, Metal metal bands to hit mainstream before contact your local MWR Entertainment and unaccompanied Soldiers fashion Health. The band was distinguished for grunge took over in the early 90s. They Office or 723-3749. show will be held at the Camp Red Cloud having the highest debut metal band found enormous fame and fortune with Tour dates for Korea are as follows: Community Activity Center, Uijeongbu album. their hit releases of “18 & Life” and “Youth May 12 - Camp Walker Enclave, starting at 7 p.m. Saturday. Quiet Riot toured America as a support Gone Wild.” Skid Row’s vocalist left a May 13 - Yongsan Garrison The categories are casual/sportswear, act for bands such as ZZ Top, Iron Maiden lasting impression for his fierce, May 14 - Camp Casey business attire and evening/formal and Black Sabbath before stepping in to overheated delivery. After some time off, May 15 - Camp Stanley wear. Judging criteria are stage presence, originality of attire, accessory coordination and audience response. Fine arts exhibit program Prizes awarded to the top two winners in all three categories, plus the critics enriches young participants choice. For information, call 732-6246. MWR Public Affairs OSAN AIR BASE -- Fine Arts Exhibit Program Red Cross Classes offers opportunities for students as individuals and The American Red Cross is offering a as small groups to be exposed to a broad range of variety of classes in May. Upcoming arts education activities and continually to develop classes include first aid and adult, child and infant CPR. new skills and talents, express themselves, and to To sign up on Yongsan Garrison, go to expand individual creativity. the American Red Cross office located It is a wonderful program that helps to uphold upstairs in the Moyer Community the importance of the arts in the army community. Services Center. Payment must be made The year-round program encourages artistic at the time of signup. For information, expression among Club members through drawing, call 738-3760. painting, print making, collage, mixed media and sculpture according to age classifications (9 or Pacificwide Slowpitch younger, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18) displayed at local and Softball Tournament regional exhibits. The Community Recreation Artwork selected through a national competition Division, DMWR, Area II Support is displayed at Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s Activity, Yongsan, Korea will host the national headquarters and at special events around Pacificwide Men’s and Women’s the country for the ensuing year. All participants Slowpitch Softball Tournament, 27- will receive a certificate of merit. 30 May 2005. This tournament is One hundred and eighty-three pieces of artwork open to active duty military, DOD, were submitted to the local exhibits across Korea DAC personnel and dependents who and fifty one pieces selected from local exhibits were are 19 years of age or older and not TIM HIPPS Locked down forwarded to the regional exhibit at Osan Air Base in high school. An entry fee of $200 March 11-13, 2005. is required payable to MWR, Area II Korea had eleven first place winners (Yongsan Support Activity no later than 15 May. Army Sgt. Oscar Wood (top), a 2004 Olympian, locks down on Senior 4, Hialeah 3, and Osan 4), ten second place winners Registration will be limited to the first Airman Johnny Gunn in the 66-kilogram/145.5-pound freestyle division of (Walker 6, Hialeah 3, and Humphreys 1) and nine 32 men’s teams and the first 16 the 2005 Armed Forces Wrestling Championships. third place winners (Yongsan 2, Walker 1, Hialeah women’s teams. Billeting will be All-Army wrestlers won 38 of 42 individual matches and captured the 1, Humphreys 2, and Osan 3), a total of 30 pieces provided by the host command at no Greco-Roman and freestyle team titles in the 2005 Armed Forces Wrestling of artwork. The first place winners’ artwork was cost with priority given to out of Championships March 31 and April 1 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. forwarded to the national level. country teams. All told, the Soldiers won 10 gold and four silver medals. First place winners included: Alana Hutchinson/ For information, contact the In round-robin team competition, the All-Army Greco-Roman squad 8; Hana Noguchi, age 11; Dominic Maluski, 12; Tournament Director, Bennie L. defeated Navy, 22-0; Air Force, 21-7; and the Marine Corps, 19-7. In Angela Vandersys, 14; Seung Min Lee, 15; Khalia Jackson at Yongsan at 738-8608 or freestyle, Army prevailed 21-4 over Air Force; 26-3 over Navy; and 20-5 Threlkeld, 14; Kyra Toffex, 16; Aaron Quincey,16; against the Marines. Olivia Davidson, 16; and Sandra Yoshikana,16.
  • April 29, 2005 Page 21Patients are greeted by Staff Sgt. DalmidaCooper as they arrive for treatment at the 618thDental Company field site near CampHumphreys. PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVIS Spc. Daniel Yaws delivers dental records to the treatment tent. Cpt. Ken Jo, center, works on Chief Warrant Officer 2 Eric Johnston. Dental Soldiers hone tactical skills 618th Dental Company operations NCO for the 618th Dental eased them into chairs for exams, Company. cleaning, fillings or other dental conducts field training Gasper said the field training exercise services. near Camp Humphreys began with an alert that prompted 130 Col. Joe Potoky, deputy commander Soldiers, including 27 dental officers, to of the 618th Dental Company (Area By Steve Davis convoy from as far away as Camp Support), said field dental clinics use the Area III Public Affairs Casey, Yongsan, Daegu and Busan to the same steam autoclave sterilization CAMP HUMPHREYS — Still numb Camp Humphreys training area. process on instruments as they do in from an injection of local anesthesia, “An advance party arrived on Sunday fixed clinics. Sgt. 1st Class Alfred C. Kirk Jr. waited and began setting up,” said Gasper. “Everything we do here in the field is for a ride after getting a tooth filled in a They established a secure perimeter, to the same standard as back at post,” tent near Camp Humphreys. a tactical operations center, three dental he said.Spc. Iman Malone prepares Command Sgt. One of nearly 90 patients treated in clinic tents, a patient holding tent and While patients were treated, 618thMaj. Ricardo Alcantara for treatment during the the field during the 618th Dental support areas that included a motor pool, generator and motor pool mechanics618th Dental Company field training exercise. Company (Area Support) field training a mobile kitchen trailer, sleeping tents stood by to perform any requiredAlcantara is command sergeant major for the exercise April 17-22, Kirk said he had and other service and support areas. maintenance on the 10 generators that18th Medical Command. never been treated in a field dental clinic The three treatment tents were staffed powered the field dental complex or to in his 18 years in the Army. by dental personnel from the company’s fix any of the unit’s 28 vehicles. “I was curious what it would be like, area platoons: Northern (camps Casey, “We had one generator go down, so I agreed to get a tooth filled out here,” Stanley and Red Cloud), South (camps but we had power back in 15 he said. “Everything worked out fine.” Carroll, Walker, Hialeah, Humphreys and minutes,” said Sgt. Corey Ballard, one Kirk and other dental patients from Long) and Treatment (Yongsan). of the generator mechanics. Camp Humphreys said receiving Each tent had a handheld X-ray unit, After two full days of tending to treatment in the woods was pretty much sink, sterilizer and several treatment patients, the unit turned its attention to the same as in a fixed clinic, except for stations comprised of a dental chair and learning Soldier skills, focusing heavily generator noise and the obvious light and an air compressor-powered on response to nuclear, biological and “environmental” change to an olive-drab field dental kit. chemical threats. tent with camouflage netting. Patients arrived at a holding tent, Gasper said the field training exercise The Camp Humphreys Dental Clinic where their records were screened. is a prelude to a “Commander’s scheduled all of the patients and provided They were then escorted to one of the Challenge” in May during which unitsSgt. Corey Ballard repairs a generator used to round-trip van transportation to the field treatment tents, where teams of dental will be timed on deployment and set-upprovide electricity during the field training site, said Sgt. 1st Class Crystal Gasper, assistants, hygienists and dentists of their field dental clinics.exercise. Col. Kang Dong-ju, chief of the Republic of Korea Army Dental Corps, visits with Col. Bill Bachand, commander of the 618th Theater Dental Command. Kang and several of his staff Spc. William Mullen, a light wheeled officers showed Bachand and other members vehicle mechanic with the 618th Dental of the 618th Dental Company (Area Support) Company, works on a Humvee in the one of 40 mobile dental clinics the Republic of field motor pool. Mullen said he likes Korea Army uses to treat ROK Army soldiers. the unit so much that he will train to Kang said the Republic of Korea Army also become an Army Reserve dental Pfc. Shewonna Waters, from Yongsan’s Carius Dental Clinic, teaches how to treat a nerve agent uses American-style tent clinics to provide assistant when he leaves the Army in a casualty. Her class was one of many nuclear, biological and chemical, and other common task dental service in off-road areas not accessible few months. training classes held during the exercise, that focused on patient care and unit survivability. to mobile clinics.
  • 22 April 29, 2004 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly ‘Quality of Life’ dominates town hall meeting By Susan Barkley expressed concern regarding the taxi issues. NEO Information Area III Public Affairs shortage of dental care for family The interim child development center U.S. Forces Korea will conduct Courageous Channel 2005-1, a CAMP HUMPHREYS — Krispy members. Taliento acknowledged the is still under construction and there is semi-annual Noncombatant Kreme doughnuts, dental care, problem and said a possible solution not a firm opening date. Dave Watson, Evacuation Operation, through installation shuttle buses and taxis were may be a referral to the DanKook director of Community Activities, said S a t u r d a y. P a r t i c i p a t i o n i s some of the issues discussed April 19 University Hospital Dental Clinic. they are working on hiring staff and mandatory for all Area III during the quarterly town hall meeting Shanon Robinson, another family anticipate opening this summer. noncombatants, who may process hosted by Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., member, said she has been seen at Leisure activities was high on the list at an Evacuation Control Center Area III commander. Quality of life that clinic and was pleased with the for several people who had questions at Camp Humphreys or Camp issues dominated the discussion. care. She said there is even a van about opening the outdoor swimming Eagle. Taliento began the meeting with an for transportation from Camp pool at Zoeckler Station, women’s overview of the future of Area III and Humphreys. The commander said softball and laser tag. There was no Camp Humphreys ECC hours are: Camp Humphreys followed by a review he recently toured the DKUH shortage of support for opening the Thursday: Noon-6 p.m. of issues raised at the last town hall. facilities and was very favorably Zoeckler Station pool or of volunteers Friday: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Solutions for many issues have been impressed. Charice DeGuzman to staff it. One young man, age 11, put Saturday: 8 a.m.-Noon implemented and include extending stated that her baby received in- in a plug for the younger set when he Bus transportation to the Camp shuttle bus hours to better patient care at DKUH and she was requested laser tag be looked into. He Humphreys ECC will be available at accommodate early morning physical very pleased with the care. said, “You have to be 18 to play paintball, the CPX Gate (wash rack area training and the curfew hours; opening Transportation issues centered but laser tag would be fun for both across from the gate) and at the post the post gym at 5 a.m. on duty days, around taxi problems and requests to Soldiers and kids.” exchange parking lot. and many more. change the installation shuttle bus Taliento promised to continue to Camp Eagle ECC hours are: New issues raised by community route. Rick Slawson, installation work on unresolved issues from the Thursday: Noon-5 p.m. members fell into four main categories: transportation officer, advised that a last town hall and add the new issues Noncombatants should report to medical and dental care; transportation; bus stop will be placed near the to the list. He will report on progress the Eagles Nest Club for processing. child care; and leisure activities. commissary. Army and Air Force at the next town hall scheduled for Bus transportation will be available Diana Juergens, family member, Exchange Service is still working the July 19. from Camp Long. For information, call 753-6143 or 753-6583. Town Hall Project Status Three months ago trian gate and one in the PX in Korea when it opens in Area III Central Issue • PX needs automatic doors • Will conduct survey on library hours September) Facility • More ATMs • Bus schedule extended one hour • Camp Humphreys to have Customer Service Point WILL BE • Library hours need to be earlier on duty days and one hour later largest barracks in the Army CLOSED Tuesday through May 6 for extended on the weekend • Plan to renovate Beacon Hill a 100-percent Physical Inventory. • Bus and taxi schedules do not • A covered shelter has been moved Park with Korean theme For information, call 753-5807. accommodate very early physical to the Zoeckler Station bus stop • Ground breakings planned for training or curfew hours • Housing Chief meeting with realtors three fitness centers, aquatic Area III Interactive • Need for a covered bus stop at pursuing solutions to off post housing park and shopette Customer Service Zoeckler Station issues • Humphreys American Community members can rate • Assistance is needed to contact Elementary School will have six Camp Humphreys, Long or Eagle landlords for repairs off post The way ahead portable class-rooms for next services and facilities at the • Two gates for contractor vehicles school year. Interactive Customer Service Web Where we are now are in the works • Two barracks and a one-story site at Simply • Automatic PX doors installed • Senior enlisted barracks, building building being converted into a go to the Web site, click “Pacific” S-256, under renovation (to be best • Three new ATMs at the pedes- school campus. and then the camp you wish to evaluate. For information, call 753-8847. Heather Didier named Area III Volunter of Year Multi-Culture Seminar Area III Public Affairs expanding to 50 this year. She has Volunteer of the Quarter Army Community Services will CAMP HUMPHREYS — Heather also trained seven new leaders to January – March 2005 sponsor a seminar by the U.S. Didier was named Area III Volunteer help keep the program going. Suwon – Chantia McCray-Hogan Embassy staff 1-4 p.m. May 18, of the Year for 2005 in an April 29 “Girl Scout leaders have to undergo (Suwon – October – December that will cover what Soldiers need Camp Humphreys ceremony. a training program in outdoor skills Jessica Ridenour) to know about getting married to Didier has logged before they can take girls Camps Long and Eagle a non-U.S. citizen, having a child overseas, filing petitions, more than 500 volunteer out camping and doing Michael Carnley applying for visas, getting a hours during the last 12 things in the field,” said Camp Humphreys – Susan Davis green card, becoming a U.S. months. She spent the Didier. Community Achievement citizen and Status of Forces majority of her time Didier and her April 2004 – March 2005 Agreement status stamp coaching youth husband, Capt. Hannon Heather Didier information. Interpreters will be at swimming and as a Girl Didier, will be returning Army Community Service the seminar, and all interested Scout leader and Girl to the United States in R. Cynthia Jacobs persons are encouraged to attend. Scout leader trainer. August, where both will Moon Jong-chul The event will be held at Camp “I started out enroll in graduate school David Hennies Humphreys Community Activity coaching about 30 kids at Louisiana State Military Outstanding Center, Bldg. 110. on the swim team,” said University. Volunteers Pre-registration is required no D i d i e r, “teaching Vo l u n t e e r s have Charles Clark, Mack Dyer, Phillip Coe, later than Thursday. diving, flip turns and dedicated 5,465 hours Shirley Link, Dathan Duplichen, Paul For information and registration Heather Didier other techniques. valued at $66,488 to George, David Hennies, Lawerence contact Bill Spearman, Relocation I’ve been involved in Scouting Area III, from October 2003 to Blackwell, Richard Winchester, Readiness coordinator at 753- since I was a little girl that was a September 2004. Yolanda Rancher, William Smith. 8804 or 8401, or online at natural thing for me to get into too.” The following awards were also Outstanding Unit Achievement S i n c e h e r a r r i v a l a t C a m p announced during the ceremony: April 2004 – March 2005 Humphreys two years ago, Didier Outstanding Youth Volunteer 527th MI – More than 66 volunteers has been the leader for two Girl January - March 2005 dedicating in excess of 1,200 hours to Scout troops, starting with 14 girls, Mary Juergens the community.
  • April 29, 2005The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23Members concerned with Quality of Life issues Camp Humphreys hosts single Soldier forumBy Roger Edwards four-day forum included sports and Irvin Simpkins, 102nd Military awareness of what BOSS can do, andArea III Public Affairs games, a “Best Event” competition, Intelligence representing camps it has been fun.” CAMP HUMPHREYS — Camp funding projects and events at the Essayons, Sears and Kyle. “Our “Our goal has been to have eachHumphreys hosted the 15th Annual local level, Soldier issues, recreation program has been dormant for a person finish the four days with newInstallation Management Agency Korea and entertainment programs, and while. We’re reviving it now and knowledge and ideas to take back,” saidRegion Office Better Opportunities for planning events. something like this just helps get it off Robert Lattanzi, KORO BOSS ProgramSingle and unaccompanied Soldiers Although attendees were kept busy, to a good start. manager. “We want each person to beForum April 19-22. The event drew more they had time for fun as well. This Spc. Nicole Brooks of Camp Casey able to put to use what they’ve learnedthan 70 Soldiers, program leaders and included an afternoon trip to the agreed. “What we’re doing here will here and create a better program thanadvisors from throughout the peninsula. Korean Folk Village, a living museum make a difference with how we what they’ve had.” “We’re here to talk about how exhibiting the traditional culture of the approach Soldiers issues,” she said. The four-day forum was also anBOSS can help improve life for the Yi Dynasty. “The forum has been very opportunity to award people for theirsingle and unaccompanied Soldier in “It’s been a good event,” said Sgt. informative. It’s increased my BOSS efforts.Korea,” said Staff Sgt. Javois Awards presented were:Bernadette, 8th U.S. Army BOSS Outstanding BOSS Soldierr e p r e s e n t a t i v e . “ We ’ l l d i s c u s s Area I: Spc. Lauren Brackeverything from how to put on a Area II: Pfc. Danielle Colsonbetter recreational event, to how to Area III: Spc. Christopherpay for it, to ‘Quality of Life’ for Mastromarinothe Soldier in the barracks.” Area IV: Spc. Brandon Hildreth BOSS supports the overall quality Best event under 750 populationof life for single and 1st place: Camp Hialeahunaccompanied Soldiers. It supports Runner up: Camp Long/Eaglethe chain of command by identifying Best event over 750 populationissues and concerns and providing 1st place: Camp Essayons/Kyle/recommendations for improvement. SearsThe program encourages and assists Runner up: Camp Humphreyssingle Soldiers in identifying and Best Installation Competitionplanning recreational and leisure ROGER EDWARDS 1st Place: Camp Humphreysactivities. It also provides Eighth U.S. Army and Department of the Army staffers judge Camp Stanley’s BOSS display Runner up: Camp Walker/Henryopportunities for single Soldiers to during the Forum. Judges are (left to right) Staff Sgt. Bernadette Javois, EUSA BOSS Outstanding Military Advisorparticipate in and contribute to their representative; Marlon Martin, USA Command Family Support; and Robert Lattanzi, KORO Master Sgt. Pedro Saldana, Area Icommunities. BOSS Program manager. With its final combined score from the display and the multimedia Outstanding MWR Advisor The topics and events during the presentation, Camp Humphreys won “Best Installation.” Camp Walker/Henry was runner up. James Hogrebe, Area III Did you change the date on Pg. 24? Ad goes here
  • April 29, 2005 Page 25SMA Preston drops in on Daegu, CarrollBy Cpl. Hwang Kyoo-won between the Army stations in the U.S. and19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs Area IV,” Karen said. “It was nice to see CAMP HENRY – Five months after the good living conditions in Area IV.”his first visit to Korea as the Army’s top After the Daegu town hall meeting,enlisted Soldier, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Preston traveled to Camp Carroll whereKenneth O. Preston, accompanied by his he met with Soldiers from the 307thwife, Karen Preston, and Command Sgt. Signal Battalion, who briefed him onMaj. of the U.S. Army Reserve Michele their mission and some of their high-Jones, stopped in Area IV Monday to tech with Soldiers during his foray to Some Soldiers appeared a bit nervousthe peninsula, which began April 21 and when briefing the sergeant major of theended Wednesday. Army, but were proud to have the He held a town hall meeting with opportunity.Daegu-area Soldiers at the Camp Henry “I was excited because not everyoneTheater Monday where he discussed gets to meet the sergeant major of thesome of the primary concerns on Army,” said Spc. Terry Glass, 307thSoldiers’ minds. Sig. Bn. “It was my second time meeting One concern brought up by the him, so I must say I’m pretty lucky.”Soldiers in attendance was the new Army Preston made an additional stop toCombat Uniform. As he pointed out the visit the 20th Area Support Group andmany benefits of the new uniform, Preston the 6th Ordnance Battalion, where heexplained how the color and the pattern had the opportunity to reenlist a Soldier.of the new uniform is ideal in desert, urban For Pfc. Jessica Trevithick, 6th Ord.and wooded areas. Bn., it was quite a unique experience to CPL. HWANG KYOO-WON Another hot topic was Army have her reenlistment ceremony in fronttransformation and how important it is. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston talks to a Soldier from the 6th Ordnance Battalion of the sergeant major of the Army. “I want you to remember following a reenlistment ceremony. “This may be a career highlight for‘predictability’ and ‘stability’ because one-to-two rotation – meaning that if you Soldiers, his wife had a chance to tour me,” she said. “It’s a big deal for thethat’s what the Army transformation is spend one year deployed, then you’ll Daegu’s installations and facilities to see enlisted Soldiers to meet the sergeantgoing to bring to Soldiers and families,” spend at least two years at home station.” how Soldiers in Korea live. major of the Army, and by meeting him,Preston said. “We want to get to at least a While Preston was meeting with “It was hard to find any differences I got a clearer meaning on leadership.”Area IV volunteers recognized for selfless serviceBy Galen Putnam continually give back to the community,” said CyndiArea IV Public Affairs Bisacre, Daegu Army volunteer coordinator, who put CAMP WALKER – Volunteers often work behind together the Daegu event. “We have a huge populationthe scenes while bettering their communities. To ensure within the community that does nothing but give backthose unsung heroes receive the credit they deserve, so it is important that we recognize those people,”volunteers from throughout Area IV were recognized, Daegu Enclave volunteers were also recognized atand the Area’s top volunteers were announced, at three the dinner.Area IV volunteer recognition ceremonies. Kim Hye-ri, who spends two days a week at the Previously known as the Army Installation Volunteer Camp Walker Library, was named Korean NationalProgram, the Army’s volunteer program is celebrating Volunteer of the Year. The Youth Volunteer of the Yearits first year as the Army Volunteer Corps. is Whitney Dalton who was recognized for her efforts In a change from tradition, the Daegu Enclave and on behalf of the Multicultural Gospel Service at SoldierArea IV overall awards were presented jointly at the Memorial Chapel on Camp Walker. Daegu’s otherDaegu and Area IV Outstanding Volunteer Ceremony winners were Cannon and Hildreth.April 22 at the Evergreen Community Club on Camp Top volunteers from each organization within theWalker. Daegu Enclave were also honored for their efforts. This year’s Area IV volunteers of the year are: Things started off with the Camp Carroll VolunteerCivilian – Michaela Cannon, who volunteers in a variety Awards Luncheon April 15 at the Community Activitiesof capacities, primarily with Taegu American School; Finding it, and employing it in our community is just Center, where three top winners were saluted.Korean National – Kim Kang-hee, who contributes her awesome. It just makes all the difference in the The Military Volunteer of the Year is Spc.time to Occupational Health Service at Camp Carroll; world,” said Col. Donald J. Hendrix, Area IV Support Catherine Keating, 332nd Biological IntegratedSoldier – Spc. Brandon Hildreth, Headquarters and Activity commander. “Volunteers are very special Detection System Detachment, president of theHeadquarters Company, Area IV Support Activity, people. They hold a special place in my heart. As you Camp Carroll BOSS Program who logged 660Camp Henry, who is active with the Better look around, I know that the same thing is happening volunteer hours over the past year. Donald L. WilsonOpportunities for Single and unaccompanied Soldiers to you as you think ‘wow, there are lots of great was selected as the Civilian Volunteer of the YearProgram; Youth – Justin Sprague, who logged 170 people here.’ ” for his work at the Area IV Support Activityvolunteer hours with the Camp Hialeah Child and Youth The nearly 1,000 registered volunteers from Area Information Management Office at Camp Carroll.Services this year. IV logged 55,922 volunteer hours over the past year. Kim was the third winner. There was no youth The Area IV nominees consisted of category Volunteer hours are tabulated annually based on a year winner selected, because Camp Carroll has anwinners from Camps Hialeah, Carroll and the Daegu that runs from April 1 – March 31. This year’s events extremely limited number of family members locally.Enclave. were timed to coincide with National Volunteer Week, Camp Carroll volunteers logged 12,024 hours this year, “If you talk to a counselor, if you talk to a preacher, which was celebrated April 17-23. See Volunteers Page 26 olunteers,anywhere, they will tell you everyone has a gift. “This is to recognize those individuals who
  • April 29, 200526 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV NEO Exercise ECC Hours Area IV Evacuation Control Center operating hours for the remainder of the Courageous Channel NEO exercise are: 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. today and 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday at Taegu American School on Camp George. For information, contact your NEO warden. College Fair Volunteers Needed The Senior Girl Scouts will host a college fair 9 – 11 a.m. and 1 – 3 PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM p.m. May 26 at Taegu American Girls Scouts march in the parade preceding the Month of the Military Child celebration at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field Saturday. Kids celebrate Month of the Military Child School. College alumni are needed to represent their schools. If interested, send an e-mail to By Galen Putnam organizations. popular mud pie eating contest, a including your name, school and Area IV Public Affairs Col. Donald J. Hendrix, Area IV Support scavenger hunt, arts and crafts and more. the school’s location. Deadline is CAMP WALKER – Kids from Activity commander, got things rolling at Entertainment included hula dancers, Saturday. For information, call throughout the Daegu community the opening ceremony. a tae kwon do demonstration and a Brittany Weigle at 764-4085. gathered at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field “This is a great day. It is great to see picnic lunch. Saturday for a day of fun and so many happy young people gathered One of the big thrills of the day was Starlight Ball festivities in recognition of Month of together here today. In fact, you might when a whirlwind tore two canopies from The Far East District #21 of the Military Child. even get to see the Yankees talking to the their moorings and sent them aloft, Oklahoma Jurisdiction, Prince Hall The day started off with a parade from Red Sox for a change,” he said referring spinning higher than the Kelly Field lights Affiliated is hosting the Order of the Hilltop Club to Kelly Field featuring to the annual Little League season opener. for several seconds. Several adults secured the Eastern Star Starlight Ball 7 scout troops, little leaguers and children The event featured a variety of activities, the canopies when they landed. Nobody p.m. May 7 in Naja Ballroom of representing a number of other games and contests including the ever- was injured in the incident. the Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan Garrison. For information, call Chris Fullard at 010-8695-8064. Heavy Metal Concert Area IV MWR presents Quiet Riot and Skid Row in concert 7 p.m. May 12 at Kelly Field on Camp Walker. For information, call Luis Rios at 768-7418. TAS Re-Registration Taegu American School re- registration will take place 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. May 16–19 at the school’s main entrance. Re-registration for students with last names A – D will be May 16; E – K, May 17; L – Q, May 18 and May 19 for R – Z. Re- registration for families at Camp Carroll will be 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. May 20 at Camp Carroll Army Community Service, Building S- Tae kwon do instructor Master Song In-sun fields kicks from student Mariel Keene who is a Athletes-in-training test their skills by 264. For information, call Karin fifth-grader at Taegu American School. running through a series of tires. Puffenberger at 768-9501. Volunteers from Page 25 ACAP Job Fair Camp Carroll volunteers logged 12,024 21 at the Pusan Pub. Camp Hialeah Camp Hialeah garrison commander. The Army Career and Alumni hours this year, which represents an volunteers racked-up 10,141 volunteer “Every time I see a volunteer I realize Program is hosting a job fair noon increase of 2,214 over last year. hours over the past year. how honored I am to have people who – 3 p.m. May 19 at the Evergreen “Last year we had 67 registered Camp Hialeah’s volunteers of the year make my job easier and really do inspire Community Club on Camp Walker. volunteers and this year we have 113 are: Civilian – Sondra Ludwig, who was the rest of us to look inside ourselves The job fair is open to any adult so we are very happy about that,” said recognized for her assistance to the Hialeah and ask what we can do to help each who has access to the post. Sandra Jackson, Camp Carroll Army Women’s Club; Soldier – Spc. Andrew other.” Participants should dress Community Service Program Martinovich, 4th Quartermaster If you are interested in volunteering, appropriately for job interviews Coordinator. “We were also very happy Detachment; Youth – Justin Sprague; and contact your Army volunteer and bring sufficient number of with the Soldier participation we had this Local National – Park A-young, all of whom coordinator. In Daegu, call Cyndi copies of their resume. For year. We had 15 Soldiers who devoted their time to helping out at the Camp Bisacre at 768-8126. At Camp Hialeah, registration, visit contributed more than 100 volunteer Hialeah Child and Youth Services. contact ACS at 763-3571. At Camp and for hours, two of whom contributed more “Pusan is a small community with a Carroll, call ACS at 765-7900. information, call Camp Henry than 500 hours.” great corps of volunteers. They help us For information on the Army Army Career and Alumni Program Camp Hialeah, a small community that out all over post, come from all walks Volunteer Corps, visit the Army at 768-7571. depends on the boost provided by of life and possess many beneficial Community Service Web site at: volunteers, held its recognition event April skills,” said Lt. Col. Jeffery K. Ludwig,
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV April 29, 2005 27Environmental Division, Nam-gu district stress recyclingBy Cpl. Oh Dong-keun points throughout camps Walker, Henry and George.Area IV Public Affairs In addition, recyclable waste must be placed in the CAMP WALKER – In response to the Korean appropriate color bins. Paper items should be placed in greengovernment’s recent enforcement of more stringent laws bins, glass items in red bins, aluminum and metal items inon waste disposal primarily affecting Area IV off-post yellow bins, and plastic items should be placed in blue bins.residents, the Area IV Environmental Division, in a joint effort “Recycling helps to preserve and better our environment.with Daegu’s Nam-gu district, presented an informational Army (personnel have) just as much to do with this as anyrecycling exhibit at the Camp Walker Post Exchange in citizen of the world,” said Col. Donald J. Hendrix,conjunction with its Earth Day events April 22. commander, Area IV Support Activity, when he paid a visit The purpose of the exhibit was to inform and educate to the display. “(Recycling) is important in the Army becausethe community regarding the proper on- and off-post we live and we work on the same land today that we did inrecycling procedures. the past and that we will in the future. If we don’t take care “The transition of the Soldiers that brings new people in the of it now, it won’t be available to us in the future. So (bycommunity every year (or) two years requires us to periodically CPL. OH DONG-KEUN recycling), we are taking care of our future.”re-educate the community members on the requirements of Choe Kyong-ae, environmental engineer, Area IV Directorate of Hendrix also mentioned the benefits of working with the localrecycling both on and off post,” said Robert J. Chartier, Public Works, hands a recycling information flyer to a customer at agency to get the important information out to the community.environmental chief, Area IV Directorate of Public Works. the recycling exhibit at the Camp Walker Main Exchange April 22. “I think it’s a marvelous opportunity for us to come together According to Choe Kyong-ae, Environmental Division waste, use the specially marked green plastic bags for with Nam-gu and address this important issue,” Hendrix said.environmental engineer, the idea of recycling, and knowing household waste available for purchase at local supermarkets. “When you bring the talents and experiences from bothhow to do it correctly, is important not only because it helps The bags come in several different sizes and must be disposed organizations together, it brings synergy to the project.”the environment and saves money, but also because non- of between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. on weekdays. Food waste Choi agreed and shared the blueprint of future plans.compliance may result in penalties, especially off post. must be separated from all other household waste and placed “Environmental issues are not local issues anymore. They “On-post, (a penalty) only may be getting a ticket from in designated food waste bins. are worldwide issues,” he said. “Korea and the U.S. sharethe military police, but off-post, a penalty for illegal dumping “It is very important to completely separate food waste and face the same problems regarding the environment. Sois at least 100,000 won,” Choe said. “So it’s good for the from other recyclable and non-recyclable waste,” said Choi I plan on setting up a network between us and Area IV toSoldiers and other community members who live off-post Jong-hwan, Nam-gu Environmental Management Division share information and work together towards promotingto know how the local government does recycling.” director. “Also, I would like to stress thorough separation (a) better environment.” Nam-gu recommends residents do a few things to make between recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and the “I hope today’s event fosters a better relationship betweenthe recycling process easier beginning with separating recyclable use of designated plastic bag for disposal, because using our military community and the Nam-gu community,”materials from non-recyclable items. Recyclable materials any other type of bag would constitute illegal dumping and Chartier said. “There were some misunderstandings aboutinclude paper, glass, tin cans, metal, plastic and clothing. Then, be subject to fine.” the local requirements and this will help us to be betterseparating the recyclable materials further by category and On-post recycling and waste disposal procedures are neighbors in the community.”placing them in designated color-coded recycling bins located similar to off post, other than the special off-post disposal For information about on- and off-post recycling andin and around residential areas including apartment complexes. bags. TheArea IV Environmental Division and Housing Office waste disposal, call Chartier at 768-8730 or the housing For disposal of non-recyclable materials excluding food have established many recycling bin and food waste collection office at 768-6974. Ad goes here
  • April 29, 200528 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly168th Med. Bn. teaches Carroll firefighters CPR techniquesBy Cpl. Oh Dong-keun such as defibrillation and how to use an (automatedArea IV Public Affairs external defibrillator).” CAMP CARROLL – It is obvious that Defibrillation is a process in which an electronicfirefighters combat flame but their other skills, device gives an electric shock to the heart. It stimulatesthough equally important, are lesser known. Camp a heart in a cardiac arrest into resuming normalCarroll firefighters received specialized training function. In recent years, small portable defibrillatorsrecently not to put out fires, but to improve their called automated external defibrillators have becomeability to save lives. widely available. Firefighters from the Camp Carroll Fire Station “AEDs have become very popular in the states thereceived emergency medical technician training with past couple of years,” Mateen said. “Now most officesan emphasis on cardiopulmonary resuscitation and and other workplaces in the states have an AED ondefibrillation April 14 – 15 at the Camp Carroll Education site. Even at Camp Carroll, some of the shops have anCenter. AED even if they don’t have medically trained The training for the 24 firefighters was provided personnel. It is very important piece of equipmentby 168th Medical Battalion Soldiers and staffers because it saves lives.”including 1st Lt. Justina Mateen, physician’s CPL. OH DONG-KEUN The firefighters were glad to have a chance to brushassistant, Camp Carroll clinic, and Sgt. 1st Class Kim Ki-chul, a firefighter at the Camp Carroll Fire Station, up on their skills and were eager to learn about theBryan Briscoe, treatment platoon sergeant, performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a training new equipment. They also appreciated the time andCompany D, Camp Carroll, who were assisted by mannequin as Im Moo-kwang, assistant fire chief, Camp Carroll effort the instructors put in to make the trainingSpc. Daniel Farias, Company D, Camp Carroll, and Fire Station, and Sgt. 1st Class Bryan Briscoe, treatment platoon successful.Heo Cheong-nam, nurse, Camp Carroll clinic. All sergeant, Company D, 168th Medical Battalion, look on during “What we learned at the training will come in veryfour are EMT certified. training for Camp Carroll firefighters April 14. handy when one of us happens to be the first one on According to the American Heart Association, resuscitating the victim to increase the chance of the the scene of an emergency,” said Im Moo-kwang,cardiovascular disease is the single greatest cause of victim’s survival. Without the Chain of Survival, most assistant fire chief, Camp Carroll Fire Station. “Thedeath in the United States. Every year, more than victims will die if they are having a cardiac arrest or a combination of verbal instruction and hands-on training480,000 adult Americans die of heart attacks or heart attack.” prepared us quite well for those life-and-deathcomplications from heart attacks. About half of those According to Pak Hae-chun, chief, Camp Carroll situations when immediate action is needed. It wasdeaths could be prevented by implementing a series Fire Station, all firefighters stationed at Camp Carroll also interesting to learn how to use an AED. I thinkof immediate actions called the “Chain of Survival.” are CPR certified. it’s very easy to use and will be able to save a lot ofThe Chain of Survival is a four-step process of “This training serves as a refresher to our lives.”providing treatment to victims of sudden cardiac personnel,” Pak said. “We are required to retrain “I truly appreciate the support we received fromarrest. our certified personnel every two years. So this is the Camp Carroll clinic for this training,” Pak said. “(The firefighters) are usually the first responders a good opportunity to refresh their memory and “Today’s training helped the firefighters to excel aton the scene (of a cardiac arrest),” Mateen said. “They learn the improvements that have been made to the what they do by being better prepared for differentmust know how to perform the first steps of manual. Plus, they get to learn some new things situations they may face in the future.” Ad goes here
  • April 29, 200530 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “Nahl-see-gah chahm jo-suem-nee-dah.” “The weather is very nice.” Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘ yah-weh ’ The phrase of the week “Let’s go outskirt.” . Yah-weh-ro gahp-see-dah. some place - (to) Let’s go Conversation of the week Joo-mahl-eh (yahk-sohk) ee-sue-seh-yo? Ah-nee-oh. Yah-weh-ro nah-gahl-ggah-yo? Jo-ah-yo. Oe-dee-gah jo-uel-ggah-yo? Ah-moo-deh-nah-yo.