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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  090227 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 090227 Document Transcript

  • February 27, 2009 • Volume 7, Issue 19 Published for those serving in the Republic of KoreaInside BOSS members Humphreys hosts Army couple hit the slopes for first 4-H Photo takes oath at annual Winter Games Club meeting Korea’s DMZ Page 11 Page 22 Page5Clinton visits YongsanSecretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signs the Distinguished Visitor Book on the same table General Mark Clark used to sign the Korean War Armistice during her visit to Combined ForcesCommand Headquarters on USAG-Yongsan Feb. 20. The Secretary is flanked by General Walter Sharp, Commander, United Nations Command/CFC/U.S. Forces Korea (right) and GeneralLee Sung-chool, CFC Deputy Commander (left). To view or download this or other photos from the event, visit — U.S. Army photo by Edward N. JohnsonBy Dave Palmer his CFC Deputy Commander. They marked reunification of the Korean Peninsula. the Republic of Korea and emphasized theUSFK Public Affaris the occasion by posing for a photo with ROK Secretary Clinton’s visit highlights our nations’ joint efforts to maintain security and US Servicemembers and the Secretary commitment to the ROK – US Alliance and to achieve the denuclearization of the In her first official trip overseas as signed the Distinguished Visitor Book on the and Asia.” Korean Peninsula.Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham same table General Mark Clark used to sign the “The U.S.-Korean alliance is one of the On this trip, the Secretary has alsoClinton visited Combined Forces Korean War Armistice agreement, bringing an most enduring alliances in the world,” he visited Japan, Indonesia and China.Command’s own White House. end to open hostilities nearly 56 years ago. said. “It remains a cornerstone of peace, In all capitals visited, the focus is Secretary Clinton was welcomed After their meeting General Sharp said, security and stability in the key region of on developing a common approach toby General Walter Sharp, Commander, “Our presence in the Republic of Korea is Northeast Asia.” the challenges facing the internationalUnited Nations Command/CFC/U.S. a long-term investment with clear goals: In Seoul, Secretary Clinton stressed the community; financial markets,Forces Korea and General Lee Sung-chool the preservation of peace and the peaceful growing global cooperative partnership with humanitarian issues, and climate change.
  • NEWS • PAGE 2 NEWS THE MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Published by Installation Management Command - Korea 2ID spouses learn to ride subway Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. John Uberti Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson Deputy PAO: Slade Walters Senior Editor: Susan Silpasornprasit USAG-RED CLOUD Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson CI Officer: James F. Cunningham USAG-YONGSAN Commander: Col. David W. Hall Public Affairs Officer: David McNally Staff Writers: Sgt. Im Jin-min, Cpl. Lee Min-hwi, Spc. Jason C. Adolphson USAG-HUMPHREYS Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy CI Officer: Lori Yerdon Writer-Editor: Ken Hall Designer: Pfc. Kim, Hyung Joon USAG-DAEGU Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman Staff Writer: Pvt. Park, Kyung Rock Staff Writer: Lee, Dodam This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of De- fense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM- Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way con- nected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. Katy Sloniker (pointing), relocation readiness program manger, ACS Yongsan, explains how to transfer the subway at Dongmyo Station during The appearance of advertising in this publication, including the transportation class for 2ID spouses. View this photo at — U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kim, Hyo Joong inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement Recall of peanut butter, paste products update by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or ser- vices advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or Courtesy of 65th Medical Brigade family about the dangers of Salmonella, the risk of infection is patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity relatively low. Salmonella is a bacteria that lives in the intestinal policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is The Food and Drug Administration is conducting a very tracts of humans and other animals. These microscopic organisms corrected. active investigation into the source of the salmonella typhimurium pass from the feces of people and animals to other people or animals Oriental Press President: Charles Chong outbreak that is believed to have killed six people and sickened at and may cause illness known as salmonellosis. Food may become Commercial Advertising least 485 others across the U.S. since late September 2008. At this contaminated by the hands of an infected food handler who did Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 time, the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, not wash hands with soap after using the bathroom. Contaminated Fax: (02) 790-5795 E-mail: and state partners have traced sources of salmonella typhimurium foods usually look and smell normal. Most persons infected with Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 contamination to a plant owned by Peanut Corporation of America Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 12–72 Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post located in Blakely, Georgia. PCA manufactures peanut butter and hours after infection. Infection is usually diagnosed by culture of a SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: peanut paste that are distributed to food manufacturers to be used stool sample. The illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days and often does not Phone: DSN 724-3366 E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly as an ingredient in many commercially produced products. Several require treatment other than oral fluids. Infants, elderly persons, and of the nations largest retailers and manufacturers are voluntarily those with impaired immune systems are more likely than others to recalling products that may contain the contaminated peanut butter develop severe illness. When severe infection occurs, Salmonella may or peanut paste. This is a precautionary measure to help ensure the spread from the intestines to the bloodstream and require prompt Visit us online safety of food products sold to consumers. None of the recalled treatment with antibiotics. The Morning Calm PCA peanut butter was sold directly in retail stores. For more information please refer to the links listed below which Commissaries, MWR and AAFES facilities throughout the includes a current list of FDA recalled products. PCA has set up Korean Peninsula were identified by Veterinary Food Inspectors to a toll-free hotline number 1-877-564-7080 to answer questions be carrying the recalled products. All listed products were removed or you can visit the company website at from the shelves and secured in medical hold to assure no further for additional information. You may also contact 106th Medical issue/sale/use of these items. Consumers should check for these Detachment (Veterinary Service) Food Inspection Team at DSN products at home and should dispose of or return the product 738-6155, 5th Medical Detachment (Preventive Medicine) at DSN immediately to the facility from which it was purchased. Force 725-4930 and Force Health Protection at DSN 736-3033. Health Protection has not received any reports of Salmonella related CDC Salmonella information: illnesses on any military installations within the Korean Peninsula. FDA information: With current recalls in place and by educating yourself and your Current list of FDA recalls: IMCOM begins new suicide prevention program By Ray Johnson knowing how to identify, manage, counsel concurrently with the first two phases and Submitting to The Morning Calm Weekly IMCOM-Europe Public Affairs and refer someone at risk.” will continue indefinitely - establishes annual Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, The second phase of the program runs training requirements, and institutionalizes story submissions and other items: “We can significantly reduce the number from March 15 to July 15, with units IMCOM suicide prevention training. of suicidal ideations by identifying warning holding a chain-teach session - which also “It is imperative that all IMCOM For all submitted items include a point of con- signs, confronting the individual with the clues highlights risk factors and warning signs Soldiers, DA Civilians and Family members tact name and telephone number. All items are you’ve observed, calmly and compassionately - for Soldiers, DA civilians and Family understand the individual suicide risk subject to editing for content and to insure they listening to them, and referring them to a members. Sessions will be held at all factors and warning signs, and take action conform with DoD guidelines. chaplain or mental health professional” said IMCOM-Europe organizational levels. to intervene on behalf of fellow Soldiers IMCOM-K Public Affairs Chaplain (Col. ) Doug Kinder who serves During this portion of the program, and others,” said Lt. Gen. Robert Wilson, and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located as the Installation Management Command commanders will use the “Shoulder to IMCOM commander, in a message detailing in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. Chaplain for Europe. “Suicide is a permanent Shoulder, No Soldier Stands Alone” the program, in which he stressed that For information, call 724-3365. solution to a temporary problem. Friends, facilitator guide and video. IMCOM “is committed to protecting the colleagues, and family can save a life by The sustained third phase - which runs entire force.”
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 NEWS NEWS • PAGE 3 MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the mili- tary police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. AREA I: Underage Drinking; Failure to Obey Or- der or Regulation (2ID Policy Letter #8); Subject #1 and Subject #2 were observed by MP in an off-limits area. Subject #1 and Subject #2 were apprehended by MP and transported to the USAG-Casey PMO where MP detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from their person. A check of Subject #1’s and Subject #2’s ID cards revealed that they were under the legal age to consume alcohol. Subject #1 and Subject #2 were administered PBTs, with results of 0.129% BAC for Subject #1 and 0.078% BAC for Subject #2. Subject #1 and Subject #2 were pro- cessed and released to their unit and were instructed to report to the USAG-Casey PMO at a later time. At 1330 hrs, 18 FEB 09, Subject #1 and Subject #2 reported to the USAG-Casey PMO where they were advised of their legal rights, which they waived, ren- dering written sworn statements admitting to the of- fenses. Subject #1 and Subject #2 were processed and released to their unit. This is a final report. AREA I: Failure to Perform PMCS; Investigation revealed that when Subject #1 turned his GOV into the TMP for routine dispatch, TMP personnel noticed damage to the vehicle. Damages to the GOV con- sisted of dents and scratches to the left rear quarter panel. Further investigation revealed on 06 FEB 09, Subject #1 dispatched the vehicle for his battalion. Over the next week, numerous unknown persons operated the vehicle and failed to properly fill out the dispatch. Prior to returning the vehicle to the TMP, Subject #1 failed to notice the damage on the vehicle. Chris Lycan, a Yongsan Army Family Member, explores the exhibits at the Seoul National Science Museum. The museum offers plenty of visual MP titled Subject #1 with failure to perform PMCS and hands-on exhibits for youngsters such as forming and painting wax hand sculptures and seeing a live demonstration of how a rubber ball is and a DD FM 1408 was issued. KNP was not noti- made. To see more photos of the museum, visit — U.S. Army Photo by Edward Johnson fied due to jurisdiction. ECOD is unknown. This is a final report. SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post events and activities AREA II: Communicating a Threat; Subject #1 communicated a threat to Victim #1 via e-mail. The Science Museum (Seoul) herbs, and various oriental medicinal foods and garden, five tourist hotels, 23 accommodation e-mail consisted of derogatory comments that of- The Seoul National Science Museum offers drinks which may be consumed regularly in the and 21 shopping centers. It is a suitable place fended Victim #1. Subject #1 was apprehended and three main exhibit areas devoted to: life home. Visit for information. for short family trips where you can relax your charged by KNP under RCC ART #307 (Defama- sciences, industrial technologies, and special tired body at the hot spring, and rest at the tion of Character). Subject #1 was processed and exhibits. The main exhibit area easily explains Ceramic Village accommodation and recreation facilities in the released into MP custody on a CJ Form 2. Subject #1 was issued an Appendix L and released to her the laws, rules, and practical applications of Icheon Ceramics Village in Gyeonggi-do, Icheon- complex. Visit or sponsor. At 1130 hrs, 18 FEB 09, Subject #1 reported science. The industrial technologies exhibit si, Saeum-dong (about an hour outside Seoul) for more information. to the USAG-Yongsan PMO where she was advised displays information on Korea’s chief industrial produces traditional, high-quality Korean ceramics. of her legal rights, which she waived rendering a writ- technologies and their course of production. The village became the center of traditional pottery Drawing Show (thru March 31) ten sworn statement denying the offense. Subject #1 Visitors can view diagrams of reduction during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) for about The Drawing Show is a nonverbal musical was processed and released to her sponsor. This is models for energy, vehicles, petroleum, 500 years due to the easily obtainable materials show in which performers complete amazing a final report. and much more. The special exhibit area is in the areas. Icheon Ceramics Village was also paintings on stage. This unique show combines changed on a yearly basis. The museum is the center of Joseon Baekja ceramics. Presently, art, theatre, and music to create a high-energy AREA II: Wrongful Destruction of Government open from 9:30 a.m. – 5:50 p.m. and is closed about 80 pottery factories are congregated at the performance that will delight audiences of Property; Person(s) unknown, by means unknown, damaged a GOV, which was secured and unat- Mondays and major holidays. Visit www. village, and about 300 pottery kilns are in use. all ages. Over a period of 90 minutes, the tended. Damages to the GOV consisted of dents to or, Visitors can observe the pottery production process, performers create 10 works of arts. Some of the left door. A search of the area for subject(s) met English) for information. and purchase them directly. It is worthwhile to the paintings are done on just regular pieces with negative results. ECOD is unknown. This is a see the crafts of these potters known as Living of paper, while others use the entire stage as a final report. Oriental Medical Science Museum Cultural Treasures of Korea for creating the highest canvas. The performers are extremely innovative The Oriental Medicine Museum in Seoul is quality handicrafts. Not only are the traditional with their use of materials, using everything from AREA III: Larceny of Government; Person(s) un- Cheongja,Baekja, and Buncheong pottery produced banana skins, to luminous paint and the latest located across from Gyeongdong Market, known, by means unknown, removed an XBOX 360 famous for selling oriental medicinal related here, but you can also view modern design pottery. technology. The hugely talented performers which was unsecured and unattended. The unknown individual then fled the scene. A search of the area products. The museum is located on the The Haegang Ceramics Art Center is the only keep the audience entertained with clowning for subject(s) and/or witness(es) met with negative second ground level of the Donguibogam ceramics Art Center in Korea, where you can learn as well as drawing large, complex paintings in results. There were no signs of forced entry. Witness Tower. The exhibition hall displays 500 types about ceramics. Visit or http:// just a matter of minutes. Sometimes you really #1 rendered a written statement attesting to the inci- of oriental medical herbs and 400 pieces of for information. won’t believe your eyes. Performances run every dent. ECOL is $300. This is a final report. oriental medicine related relics. Furthermore, week from Tuesday to Sunday (no performances Bojaewon, the medical center during the Hot Springs on Mondays) at 8:00pm from Tuesday to Friday, AREA IV: Traffic Accident without Injuries ; Dam- Joseon Dynasty, has been reproduced Bugok Hot Springs, located at the foot of Mt. at 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Saturdays, and at age to Government Property; Damage to Private showing famous historical oriental medical Deokamsan, Gyeongsangnam-do is one of the 3:00pm and 6:00pm on Sundays and holidays. Property; Failure to Report a Traffic Accident; Sub- ject #1, operating a GOV, struck Victim #1’s POV at doctors such as Heo Jun and Lee Jae Ma best hot springs in South Korea ‘Bugok’ was named This performance is playing now at the Drawing an unnamed road in Waegwan. Damages to Subject treating patients. Also, visitors can read about according to the iron pot shape of the land. The Show Theater in the Daehangno. Visit www. #1’s vehicle consisted of dents to the front right pas- historical figures like Heo Jun and Lee Jae temperature of the water is 78°c, and contains for details. senger’s side door. Damages to Victim #1’s vehicle Ma, and see ancient oriental medical books sulfur and more than 20 kinds of inorganic matters consisted of dents to the rear left bumper. KNP re- from different periods in history. Visitors can such as silicon, chlorine, calcium and iron. As a Kimchi Museum (COEX) sponded, but did not file a report. Further investiga- learn about some basic oriental medicine such multi-complex resort, Bugok Hot Spring Tourist Kimchi Museum displays historical relics related tion revealed Subject #1 failed to report the accident as the body’s vital energy flow, acupuncture Special Complex covers various facilities other than to kimchi, types of kimchi, and information on the to proper authorities. Subject #1 rendered a written points, features of the four different physical the large spa, such as the grand performance hall, kimchi processes.. sworn statement admitting to the offenses. All par- ties reported utilization of their seatbelts. ECOD is types, rare oriental herbs, poisonous oriental outdoor and indoor swimming pools, zoo, botanical unknown. This is a final report. Source:,,, — No endorsement implied.
  • NEWS • PAGE 4 NEWS THE MORNING CALM This Week’s Profile in Service: 2009: Year of the NCO Name: John Hodges Rank: Staff Sergeant Organization: Headquarters PLT, Alpha Battery, 3rd BN, 2nd Air Defense Artillery Brief Job Description: Staff Sgt. Hodges is currently the Headquarters Platoon Sergeant. He is responsible for the training, welfare, and mentorship of 6 NCO’s and 17 Soldiers. He is also responsible for ensuring that all maintenance and services are conducted on the PATRIOT Radar Station, Antenna Mast Group, Engagement Control Station, Electronic Power Plant, Battery Command Post, and eight Patriot Missile Launchers. Staff Sgt. John Hodges He also trains the Battery RSOP team andensures the Tactical Field Site is prepared to receive the equipment.Time in Service: 15 yearsRecent Accomplishments: 35th BDE 1SG Robert J. Dowdy Board Winner; Inductedinto the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara; 4 of his Soldiers recently reenlisted; BDENCO of the QTR representative.Why is it Important for the Army to Recognize its NCOs? Noncommissioned Officersare the backbone of the Army. We are where the rubber meets the road. Leading fromthe front is what we do daily. As a NCO, you are that professional image of authority thatSoldiers look up to. Soldiers are like sponges; eager to absorb the knowledge we NCO’spossess. In essence, we are consistently training our replacements, in order to keep ourArmy the best Army on the planet. This, in my opinion, is why it is important the Armyrecognize its NCO’s. Morning Calm digital image archive now available online: Download your photos from the Morning Calm online archive at
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 5 Tige Braun, 1-43 AMD administers the Army re-enlistment oath to Pvt. Keith Bell (right rear) and Pfc. Jasmine Bell (right front) on the Bridge of No Return, which crosses the DMZ at CampBonifas. They are the only Army couple to take the Army re-enlistment oath on the bridge. Additional photos from this event are available online at — U.S. Armyphoto by Jim CunninghamArmy couple re-enlists on Demilitarized ZoneBy Jim Cunningham the first Army couple. Maj. John Justice, Command Sgt. Maj. of For Soldiers in theater, re-enlisting on theUSAG-RC Public Affairs “Re-enlisting here is actually different the Joint Security Area. Bridge of No Return is a very unique thing from just taking the oath in our office,” “I sent out an e-mail with photos of the to do, Justice said. One thing is for sure, it is PAN MUN JOM, South Korea — In Pfc. Jasmine Bell said. “When we learned first re-enlistment on the bridge I did toward a hotly contested area for a Soldier to showan act that could be construed as an act of we could re-enlist at the DMZ we decided the end of last July,” Justice said, “mostly to his resolve and dedication to his country.staunch resolve, Pvt. Keith Bell and Pfc. to do so because it was unusual. It is a once every Sgt. Major on the peninsula, and my “You can’t re-enlist like this anywhereJasmine Bell took the Army re-enlistment in a lifetime thing to do.” Sgt. Major class. It continued from there.” else,” Justice said.oath Feb. 24 on the ‘Bridge of No Return’ Not only are the couple newly re-enlisting Since the re-enlistments on the bridge “Nowhere else can you re-enlist on thelocated in the Demilitarized Zone. in the Army, they are also newlyweds. started, more than 60 Soldiers have re- Bridge of No Return. This is good publicity They took an oath swearing to support “We have been married for 10 months enlisted. Weather conditions do not make for the boys at Pan Mun Jom. We are tryingand defend the Constitution of the United now,” Keith Bell said. “We plan to re-enlist much difference to the Soldiers when they to let everyone know there are still U.S.States against all enemies foreign and next year on the DMZ again.” go to re-enlist. Soldiers on the DMZ. This not only showsdomestic on one of the most contested Re-enlistments on the DMZ have been “We did a lot of re-enlistments when it the Army working as a team within itself, itpieces of land on earth, while North Korean done in the past, but not promoted well was very cold,” Justice said. “We did one two also shows the Army works as a team withsoldiers looked on. Although they are not enough to get the attention of most Soldiers Fridays ago and it was below zero and the other freedom loving countries within thethe first to do so in recent history, they are serving in South Korea, said Command Sgt. wind was blowing. That was rough.” United Nations. IMCOM Staff Chaplain visits Red Cloud Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson (right), USAG- RC commander, greets Col. David Smartt (left), IMCOM Headquarters staff chaplain, with his USAG commander’s coin in ap- preciation of his visit from the Pentagon to USAG-RC and USAG-Casey. Smartt made his visit to talk to garrison chaplains about their vast number of responsibili- ties. “Hopefully he goes back with helpful information to assist us and our mission here,” said Maj. Wayne Garcia, USAG-RC Chaplain. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ja- mal Walker
  • USAG-RC • PAGE 6 AREA I THE MORNING CALM News & Notes New! Mitchell’s Sunday Brunch Mitchell’s will offer Sunday Brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday. No reserva- tions are required. For more information call: 732-8189/8211. New Osan Bus Schedule The bus schedule has changed to reflect the actual ridership. Main changes are: 11:30 p.m. bus routes for Friday, Saturday and U.S. holidays are eleminated. Osan Express will run twice daily from 9 a.m. leaving Casey arriving Red Cloud 9:40 a.m. and Osan at noon, 11 a.m. Casey 11:40 a.m. Red Cloud, 2 p.m. at Osan. Leaves Osan 3:30 p.m. to Red Cloud 4:20 p.m. and Charles Lyons (third from left), USAG-RC Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Army Family Action Plan coordinator, presides over a Casey 5:10 p.m. Leaves Osan 6:30 p.m. to meeting held about the Army Family Action Plan Feb. 18 in the FMWR classroom. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jamal Walker AFAP committee gathers to discuss concerns on Red Cloud Red Cloud 7:20 p.m. and Casey 8:10 p.m. For more information call: 738-3380. Suicide Prevention Hotline By Pfc. Jamal Walker “A Soldier doesn’t work a “nine to five” “I went to the Troop Medical Center 2nd Infantry Division Suicide Prevention USAG-RC Public Affairs schedule on a daily basis; their hours are when I had food poisoning and when I Hotline is open 24 hours. The DSN is: 737- in a constant change and are much longer sprained my ankle,” said Claudia Figueroa, 5508. If no answer call: 011-9932-0187. RED CLOUD GARRISON — Family than an eight hour working day,” said a spouse whose husband is stationed here. members and representatives from different Charles Lyons, FMWR AFAP coordinator. “The Soldiers there are always courteous to Suicide Prevention Class organizations throughout the garrison “Therefore, their schedule may not meet me and take care of me,” There will be a mandatory Suicide Preven- attended a meeting held about the Army the schedule of the local Shoppette or Post Lia Abney was introduced as the new tion Class held in the Red Cloud Theater Family Action Plan Feb. 18 in the Family, Exchange. I cannot tell you how many times Customer Service Officer for Customer March 3 from 1 to 2 p.m. and Casey Digi- Morale, Welfare and Recreation classroom. I have seen a Soldier waiting by the PX for Management Services in the Plans, Analysis tal Conference Center March 5 from 1 to 2 p.m. All assigned U.S. military and U.S. The meeting gave representatives the it to open, or Soldiers trying to get to the and Integration Office, at the end of DA Civilians are required to attend and opportunity to identify issues and concerns Shoppette before it closes only to run into a the briefing. Abney will work directly spouses are encouraged to attend. For throughout the garrison, and learn if older locked door. They are not open early enough with people who have customer service more information call: 732-9103. issues were being corrected. or long enough.” problems in the garrison, and manage all the One of the many issues brought up Despite the issues brought up in the problematic issues within the USAG-Red EEO/POSH Training Schedule during the meeting were the hours of the meeting, spouses commended USAG-Red Cloud community. The next meeting for the EEO/POSH refresher training will be held Army and Air Force Exchange Service Post Cloud medical facilities for their customer AFAP committee will be held in the spring. in the FMWR classroom March 9 on US- Exchange on USAG-Red Cloud. service and professionalism. The date will be announced at a later time. AG-Red Cloud and in the Digital Confer- Soldiers get gassed in NBC chambers ence Center on USAG-Casey March 25. These courses are mandatory for all Dept. of the Army employees. For more informa- tion call: 732-6273. 2009 Texas Hold’em Championship By Pfc. Jamal Walker The 2009 Texas Hold’em Championship USAG-RC Public Affairs tournament will be held March 7 in Mitch- ell’s Sports Grill on USAG-RC. For more RED CLOUD GARRISON — While information call: 732-9187. on “sergeant’s time” training, Feb. 19, Year of the NCO 5K Fun Run Soldiers from Red Cloud Headquarters, Area I will host the Year of the NCO 5K Headquarters Company went to the Fun Run Feb. 28 beginning at 9 a.m. in the Nuclear Biological Chemical chambers Camp Casey Carey Physical Fitness Cen- for mandatory training as directed by the ter Bldg. S-1715 on USAG-Casey. The run Department of the Army. is open to all military, Family members, and Soldiers were shown how to properly put Civilians. Free T-shirts will be given for the on their joint service lightweight integrated first 150 to finish. For more information call: nuclear, biological and chemical suit in the 732-7167. event of a NBC attack. Women’s History Month Role The noncommissioned officers Model Award conducting the training stressed the The 2009 DoD Women’s History Month importance of not only putting your gear Foreign Language and Science, Technol- on in a timely manner, but making sure ogy, Engineering, and Mathematics Role everything fits comfortably. Model Award will accept electronic nomina- Soldiers were then moved into the NBC tion packages no later than March 3. Nomi- chambers to do exercises. nees are expected to attend the recogni- While inside the chambers, Soldiers were tion event in March with the concurrence of told to take deep breaths, move their head in their command and consistent with mission (from left to right) Staff Sgt. Daniel Boydston and Staff Sgt. John Ogle watch as Pfc. Crystal requiements. The recipient’s unit is respon- a circle, jog in place, and move their jaw as if they were chewing on a piece of gum. This Davis recovers from being in the NBC chamber without her mask. Soldiers during this training sible for paying related per diem and travel costs. The awareds will be presented at the is another safety measure making sure the exercise did not have to take their mask off while in the chamber yet Davis was one of the very Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Arlington, Va. March JSLIST gear is not only fitting comfortably few that did. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jamal Walker 19. For more information call: 732-6273. but tight. In the event of a NBC attack, a Soldier could not perform this entire task lower enlisted Soldiers. showed Soldiers how to properly place U.S. Phone Numbers Available had their JSLIST gear been loose exposing “It was a great learning experience. I additional gear on their sleeves and bodies for Troops in Korea the skin. have been through the training before but to help in the event of an attack. Army and Air Force Exchange Service is in- After they got used to their gear, Soldiers I wanted to get a better feel, which is why “The training environment was very troducing the availability of U.S. telephone numbers to troops in Korea through LG Da- were given the choice to enter the chamber I went through without my mask,” said realistic. NBC is something Soldiers need to com. Customers register for a U.S. num- without their mask. The goal of the drill Spc. Dominique Sampson, mail room be trained on because it is a rare but possible ber at any LG Dacom storefront located in is to gain confidence in case your mask noncommissioned officer in charge. factor on the battlefield. We always try to AAAFES Exchanges in Korea, and choose restricts breathing within the closed space. After the training was finished, Soldiers train on the basic warrior tasks, because if from an extensive range of U.S. area codes. The only Soldiers brave enough to walk in went through a class environment course you do not train on the little things, Soldiers For more information call:732-6307. the chamber without their masks were all about how to detect NBC hazards with lose their skill,” said Sgt. 1st Class Moses Senior NCO’s with the exception of two the help of a decontamination kit. NCO’s Dickens, USAG HHC first sergeant.
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 7 than 200 Soldiers start the Bataan Memorial Death March Qualifier Feb. 21 in front of the Carey Fitness Center on USAG-Casey. The event featured a banquet provided by the Warrior’sClub immediately following the run. Additional photos from this event are available online at — U.S. Army photo by Jim CunninghamMore than 200 run Bataan Memorial Death March QualifierBy Jim Cunningham “A free trip to the United States,” MooreUSAG-RC Public Affairs said as he lifted the pack from his back. “That is a good reason to put a 35 pound CASEY GARRISON — Alexander pack on my back and run. I came with aPagon crossed the finish line first in the 2009 bunch of guys in my company who wantedBataan Memorial Death March Qualifier to participate. Actually, I am going toheld on USAG-Casey Feb. 21with a time of gunnery so I will not get to go to the United1:48:49. More than 200 Soldiers, both male States. I want to say thanks to all the Family,and female, ran the course, which covered Morale, Welfare, and Recreation people forboth Casey and Camp Hovey from gate to putting on this event.”gate, and yielded times all under 2:45. “Being able to participate in the Bataan Jeffrey Gifford placed second with a time Memorial Qualifier on USAG-Casey instillsof 2:02:26. Arron Moore finished third with pride for the Soldiers,” said Command Sgt.a time of 2:02:57. In the Women’s Division Maj. Nidal Saeed, USAG-Casey CommandAmanda Miller finished first with a time of Sgt. Maj. “This is an 8th Army event and the2:25:40, Jennifer Adams finished second garrison supports it 100 percent. FMWRwith a time of 2:27:50 and Amy Breguet did a wonderful job.”finished third with a time of 2:33:40. More detail was paid to risk assessments In the team event, which consists of for the run this year, said Randy Behr,five members; team 49, James Shafer, Matt FMWR sports director.Dobyns, Joshua Dehnert, Rodrigo Pimentel, “The Army will be screening participant’sand Michael Mann, finished first with a profiles a little more for events such as this,”time of 2:31:29. In the Men’s Division there Behr said. “We have always been safetywere 119 participants, Women’s Division conscious.”had 22 participants, and 13 teams made The FMWR sports specialists put 15the team event. The winners will advance borrowed military manpower road guardsto the Bataan Memorial Death March held in strategic places along the route to helpat White Sands, N.M. with the situations that might arise with “In the last couple of months I put a 45 traffic while the march was going on. More Alexander Pagon crosses the finish line first in the 2009 Bataan Memorial Death March Qualifierpound ruck (sack) on to run,” Pagon said. than six military police were guiding traffic held on USAG-Casey Feb. 21with a time of 1:48:49. — U.S. Army photo by Jim Cunningham“Normally I just train for marathons, but as well, Behr the last two months I put on the extra “We have four military ambulances goingweight to train for this event. I was running along with the marchers for safety reasons,”at an average 8.5 minute mile pace and it Behr said. “We have medical personnel inpaid off.” the ambulances and in the Carey Fitness Pagon’s preparations did him well as his Center.”closest rival for first was almost 15 minutes The garrison began the event nine yearsbehind. ago and this recent running brought the Weather being well below freezing made largest number of entries in recent memory,some participants react well and some react said Jim Williams, USAG-RC sportsnot so well, but the icicles hanging from specialist. The largest number happenedGifford’s cap did not impair his ability to during Maj. Gen. Russell Honoree’s tenurefinish second. in 2001. He made it mandatory and more “My strategy for today’s run was to stay than 600 participated.constant,” Gifford said. “Take off easy and “Now it is all volunteer and we havekeep a steady pace, keep constant, and I did, teams including individual events for bothwhich allowed me to move from 20th place male and female Soldiers,” Williams second. I did not do any rucksack marches “The 8th Army is sponsoring our winnersto get ready for this; my regular running to compete in the international running ofphysical training sufficed. I really wanted to 26.2 miles.”do the Manchu Mile and I was not thinking The event honors the memory of allof the Bataan Qualifier, but when I saw it in those veterans who survived the Bataanthe paper, I decided to do it.” Death March (also known as The Death Within sight of Gifford’s finish was Arron March of Bataan) which took place in the Jeffrey Gifford crosses the finish line second Arron Moore crosses the finish line third withMoore finishing the race with his children Philippines in 1942 and was later accounted with a time of 2:02:26. — U.S. Army photo by a time of 2:02:57. — U.S. Army photo by Jimthere to cheer him across the line. as a Japanese war crime. Jim Cunningham Cunningham
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 9 Sand returns to Seoul skiesBy David McNallyUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Friday, Feb. 20 wasa “hazardous” day for Seoul air quality. In this case,hazardous means more than 400 micrograms per onemillion of Yellow Sand in the air. Friday, the measurement shot up to 883, putting Yongsancommunity members at risk for a couple of hours. By 5p.m., the sand had cleared. Medical officials warned everyone to “remain indoorsand keep activity levels low.” Officials will issue warningsto remain indoors and “keep activity levels low,” if the levelgets too unhealthy. Each spring, pollution and sand from China andMongolia decrease air quality on the Korean peninsula.High winds blow across the Gobi Desert and fill the air,cutting visibility and creating a health hazard. “USAG-Yongsan will continue to keep communitymembers informed at the garrison website and throughtargeted e-mail advisories,” said Steven Morgan, USAG-Yongsan webmaster. “You can monitor the current airquality level by visiting our site and choosing ‘YELLOWSAND’ in the upper right-hand corner.’” A Yellow Sand Activity Restriction Recommendationsdocument from the 65th Medical Brigade sayscommanders, supervisors and school leaders should,“Identify individuals at high risk and implement Friday, Feb. 20 was a “hazardous” day for Seoul air quality. — U.S. Army photo by David McNallyappropriate protective measures; and include Yellow Sandconditions in training risk assessments.” Officials say during a Yellow Sand or dust storm:nAvoid outdoor activities, especially the elderly, youngchildren, and persons with lung diseases (such as asthma), AAFES offers stateside telephone numbersheart disease or diabetes By Jeff Craven “The new phone numbers became active Feb. 14, justnKeep windows and doors closed AAFES Public Affairs in time for Valentines Day,” Dorcy said.nRemove contact lenses and wear glasses The U.S. numbers are in addition to currentlynBrush your teeth and wash your hands, face and eyes with DALLAS — Calling to and from the United States assigned phone numbers, which customers will retainwarm water upon returning indoors is now much easier for Army and Air Force troops for making and receiving calls in Korea.nDrink plenty of water to keep your tears flowing well stationed in Korea. AAFES concessionaire LG Dacom “Those calling the new phones numbers from the U.S.nUse air filters to keep air clear, and humidifier to increase has introduced the availability of U.S. telephone will notice more than the usual number of rings,” he said.indoor humidity level numbers to its customers. “That is due to the technology that switches incomingnWash fruits and vegetables exposed to Yellow Sand before “Family and friends in the U.S. can call the new calls to the current Korean numbers.”consumption numbers just like any other domestic call,” said Shawn Dorcy recommends warning family and friends in thenWash hands carefully before handling food. Don’t burn Dorcy, AAFES Yongsan General Manager. "There is a U.S. to be patient, “people need to wait a few extra ringscandles and don’t smoke indoors benefit of easier dialing and local or reduced rates.” when calling from the states while the system switches After the Yellow Sand or dust storm has cleared: Customers can register for a U.S. number at any between the U.S. numbers to the Korean ones.”nAir out room/house LG Dacom storefront located in AAFES Exchanges in This new service can be added to a current LG DacomnWash objects exposed to dust before using them Korea, and choose from an extensive range of U.S. areas calling plan for a minimal fee, contact the LG Dacom Officials say the sands can be a problem February through codes; however, not all U.S. area codes are available. customer service center for more information.June. For more information, call 736-3033 or 736-3025.MP Investigators stop ‘crime spree’By Spc. James Pippen M P I Sp c . E d w a rd Mc C oy, w h o142nd Military Police Company “Job well done in their efforts in stopping a apprehended the suspect, received an Army Achievement Medal from 94th YONGSAN GARRISON — A series ofvehicle break-ins last December until mid- crime wave that was affecting Yongsan.” MP Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Matthew Coulson.January put military police investigators on “Thanks to the great police work bythe trail of a thief. Capt. Michael Gillispie the Yongsan MPI section and watchful The U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Provost civilians, a predator is no longer negativelyMarshal’s Office saw an emerging pattern of USAG-Yongsan Provost Marshal affecting the Yongsan Community,”victims noticing a theft hours after the fact Coulson said. “These Military Policewhen they returned to their vehicles. MP Company Commander. lot in civilian clothes to observe the Soldiers truly live up to the MP creed of Military Police Investigators assigned to Gillispie said a CYS civilian employee potential crime scene and waited for the ‘Assist, Protect, and Defend.’”the 142nd Military Police Company, believed reviewed security camera footage of the thief to make his move. “This suspect was responsible for as manya thief was hanging around the parking lot parking lot. An individual matching the description as 10 separate thefts from Yongsan vehicles,”by Child and Youth Services on South Post, “The thief was caught on camera,” he of the suspect arrived at the bus stop Jan. Gillispie said. “He was subsequently chargedand watching as his victims parked. said. “After reviewing and confirming the 16, and proceeded to the parking lot. with ‘Unlawful Entry, Larceny of Private The thief then broke into the vehicles once footage, Military Police Investigators had a “He began moving around the parked Property, and Larceny of Private Funds.’”the victims were out of sight. “Unfortunately, description of the thief.” cars in a ver y suspicious manner,” Gillispie said he is proud of hisno one had witnessed a break-in and there MPIs planned an undercover sting Gillispie said. MPI Soldiers.was little evidence available to identify operation to catch the criminal in the act The suspect became wary and fled. MPIs “Job well done in their efforts inthe thief,” said USAG-Yongsan Provost and bring an end to his crime spree. pursued him on foot and apprehended the stopping a crime wave that was affectingMarshal Capt. Michael Gillispie, 142nd The investigators staked out the parking suspect about 400 meters down the road. Yongsan,” he said.
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 10 AREA II THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Annual Volunteer Recognition Culinary arts awardees let the competition begin Ceremony By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson The American Red Cross invites you to the USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs 2009 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. March 6 at the Main Post Club. YONGSAN GARRISON — T h e The buffet style ceremony will recognize all Installation Management Command-Korea Red Cross volunteer, please RSVP as soon as Region hosted the 21st annual “Army in possible. For information, call 738-3670. Korea Culinary Arts Competition” awards ceremony Feb. 18 at the Underground Volunteer of the Year Lounge inside Main Post Club where U.S. Do you know a volunteer that is need of recognition? Now is the time to recognize Army cooks from across the peninsula showcased their goods. Left: Spc. Melissa Woods, Brian Allgood their great work by nominating them for Community Hospital dining facility, points out a Volunteer of the Year! Nomination forms for “This Culinary Arts Competition is dish she prepared for the 21st annual “Army in Volunteer of the Year are available now at a unique and very special program for Korea Culinary Arts Competition.” Above is one ACS, Bldg.. 4106 and are due April 3. For military food service specialists who work of the sample platters showcased during the information, call 738-7510. endless hours in dining facilities or field awards ceremony Feb. 18 at the Underground kitchens around the world to provide Lounge inside Main Post Club. — U.S. Army Spouse Employment Workshop quality meals to our Army day in and day photos by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson. Army Community Services has partnered out,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Witt, with Contracting Command Korea to bring IMCOM-K senior noncommissioned won the “Installation of the Year” award one pride is Soldiers earning their respect in you a workshop on Spouse employment readiness. Find out how to apply for officer. “This competition is designed to train twice and won the best overall buffet table this MOS and learning confidence.” contracting jobs in Korea. The workshop is and enhance our food service capability.” in the flagship event three times. “When we come back they are all going 2-4 p.m. March 19 and 5-6 p.m. March 31 “It is a train the trainer course.” He In 2008, Team Korea was the runner up to their duty stations and this will allow in the ACS Bldg. room 118. continued. “These 12 awardees are given for “Installation of the Year;” Fort Carson, them to be the trainer for their subordinates state of the art, first-class training that Colo., came out ahead by a one point and peers,” Seo continued. “We don’t get this Models Needed for Boss Fashion Show enables them, once they return to their margin. This year, Team Korea will attempt kind of chance year around. This is really USAG-RC Camp Stanley BOSS needs units, to train others. And the end result to return the title to Korea in the 34th an honor because you have to be above and adult models for a fashion show 2-5 p.m. beyond to get here.” will be improved quality of the food Annual Culinary Arts Competition. May 16 at Camp Stanley Theater. The service program.” Spectators seem to be optimistic for Team The team manager, Sgt. 1st Class Gayle categories are: formal, night wear, club scene, business attire, Sunday’s best and This competition doesn’t even mark Korea to have a positive outcome. Anderson, closed out her speech during punk rock/emo. Child models are needed the beginning of the challenges Team One of the judges, who’s been judging the ceremony by saying, “It should be ages 3-12. The categories are: formal, Korea 2009 will face when competing on foods for Team Korea the past 15 years, remembered that all these competitions sleep wear and casual. For information, a military-wide level. said every year gets better. “From way back, give the Army, Marine, Air Force or call 732-5293. “The awards given today weren’t a matter the level of professionalism has genuinely Navy Chef the opportunity to sharpen of competition,” team captain Sgt. Moonhee increased,” said Tim Mitchell, food and and broaden his or her cooking and Smallpox Study Seo said after the ceremony. “We all prepared beverage director for Dragon Hill Lodge. organization skills, which ultimately Brian Allgood Community Hospital, 1RC benefit Servicemembers who eat in dining these dishes to see who will be the strongest “It’s really amazing.” and 65th Medical Brigade in conjunction candidate for our team when presenting for a The team captain said her primary facilities on and off the battlefield.” with Military Vaccinations and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of specific category during the competitions.” concern is for Soldiers to hone their skills The ceremony didn’t conclude without Infectious Diseases are making the Small The team will face off numerous for the overall good of their military warm and sincere wishes to the team. Pox vaccination safer and simpler through military chefs from around the world occupational specialty. “I want to personally congratulate the research. Volunteers that have not had at Fort Lee, Va., Feb. 28-March 13 to “This team is ready, has a great attitude team members and challenge you to do your a small pox vaccination will receive compete in several categories. In recent and they want to learn. That’s the most best, make us proud,” Witt told the group at benefits for contributing to the study. For years, since 2005, they have set records important thing,” Seo said. “Winning is not the ceremony. “I wish you the best of luck and information, call 736-3025. at the Department of the Army level and the number one pride to me. The number I know you will exceed our expectations.” Family Readiness Group Meeting VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT HHC Special Troops Battalion-Korea and 8th Army 6-7 p.m. March 11 at 8th Army HQ Building, Van Fleet Room, 2nd floor. The guest speakers are from Army Community Service Family Financial Melinda Sigler spends much of her time Day parade and Christmas Tree lighting, Readiness Program and USAG-Yongsan volunteering for both the American Forces the Space Derby and pack meetings, just Tax Center. Spouses are strongly to name a few. Spouses Club and Cub Scout Pack 89. encouraged to attend. For information, She was also nominated for the USAG- How many hours per week? call 723-2585. Yongsan Volunteer of the Quarter for the Melinda volunteers 30 to 40 hrs. per week. Faithlift 2009 1st quarter. What impact does she have? Ladies join us as the Spirit redeems, Her positions in both the AFSC and the restores, and revives our Lord. This Where does this volunteer work? Cub Scouts are vital to the organizations. is a Protestant Women of the Chapel She works for American Forces Spouses These organizations simply cannot run sponsored event. 9 a.m. March 27 - 9 p.m. Club and Cub Scout Pack 89. without these positions being filled. March 28 at the South Post Chapel. www. What did she do? They require a huge amount of For information, call behind the scenes time and energy. She For AFSC, she keeps the books for an 02-794-1983. organization that makes and distributes is conscientious in making sure that she Memorial Chapel Open hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. not only does everything necessary, but Renovations at the Memorial Chapel The annual budget estimate is over does it well. are complete and services will $330,000. The treasurer is the only Melinda Sigler Why does she volunteer? reconvene Saturday, Feb. 28. For position that requires membership in Sigler volunteers because she feels a information, call 738-3011. all five of the AFSC committees. She crucial to making the pack run, in fact the responsibility to her community and attends at least five committee meetings pack cannot recharter with the national because there were positions that needed Fall/winter Youth League per month. Boy Scout organization without this to be filled. Youths ages 6-18 are welcome to join this position being filled. Truly, the cub scout pack was in danger She is on call whenever there are money bowling league. The fun happens every questions or when funds are needed, She ensures that all pack events of not existing because no one wanted to Saturday at 10 a.m. in Yongsan Lanes. For information, call 723-7830. which happens frequently. are organized and any paperwork or step forward to fill the time-consuming Sigler is responsible for the estimated communications with other groups are committee chair position. $270,000 in charitable contributions for completed in a professional and timely Not only did she step up right after For a complete list of community the AFSC this year. manner. moving here, but she has offered to fill information news and notes, visit the For Cub Scout Pack 89, she is the In the past Quarter, she oversaw the the position until she leaves in more than USAG-Yongsan official web site at committee chairman. This position is cub scouts’ participation in the Columbus two years.
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 11 enjoy BOSS Winter Games at luxury resort In Focus: By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Regional Manager Shaun Ally. “We have about eight big events for the Volunteerism By Steven Morgan Soldiers each year and subsidize funds to help USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs WONJU, Republic of Korea — The allow them exposure to certain things they U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan hosted the may not experience otherwise,” Ally said. YONGSAN GARRISON — Volunteers 2009 BOSS Winter Games at the Hansol The winter games included ski races and snowboard half pipe competitions in levels play a major role in military life. From Oak Valley Snow Park Feb. 15-17. from beginner to expert. the Revolutionary War to the present, The event brought together more “There were a lot more snowboards volunteers mended uniforms, cared for than 145 Better Opportunities for checked out than skis,” Yongsan Command the sick and wounded and comforted our Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers Sgt. Maj. Ralph Rusch said. “It was pretty military Family Members. from across the peninsula. much pure ice under the snow, so they were Volunteer participation has been a part The Soldiers enjoyed a first-class resort moving fast and having fun.” of Army Community Service since the complex stay in a condo-like slope side hotel “It was a first time experience for me beginning of the organization, said U.S. with restaurants, saunas, pools and access and a lot of other troops there,” said Sgt. Army Garrison-Yongsan Army Volunteer to a 36-hole golf course. Byron McGainey, USAG-Yongsan BOSS Corps Coordinator Lisa Willadsen. The Soldiers were charged a discounted coordinator. “I found the whole experience “The Army Volunteer Corps is the Army’s rate of $99 per person as BOSS subsidized to be very entertaining.” agent of transformation for volunteerism,” she the costs, according to IMKOM-K BOSS The BOSS members attended a banquette said. “It’s an umbrella that encompasses all to announce winners and allow everyone a volunteers and organizations using volunteers.” chance to socialize. Willadsen said the Army Volunteer “Pretty much everyone who participated Corps communicates the vision of Army won something,” Rusch said, “So many of the leadership “to promote an environment that Soldiers came up to me really happy, not only values volunteers - one that is characterized about this event, but just to say all of the BOSS by mutual respect, institutional support, events have such a huge impact on them.” and opportunities for personal growth.” There was a larger turn out for the event Volunteers can be anyone in the this year. “This year was better than last community. They are Soldiers, retirees, year,” Rusch said. civilians, spouses and youths. There are Even though the troops were filled with many reasons why people volunteer and enthusiastic smiles throughout the trip, join the volunteer program. Rusch said he hopes to see next year’s winter “Some volunteer to meet other people games event be “the best” one yet. in their community and build lasting To participate in the Yongsan BOSS relationships and friendships,” WilladsenTroops enjoy the 3rd annual BOSS Winter Games at the Hansol Oak Valley Snow Park Feb. program, contact Sgt. McGainey at said. “Others volunteer in order to15-17. — BOSS courtesy photos. For more photos online, visit 738-5466. give back to their community, working toward improving the quality of life for themselves and others.” Some people volunteer to gain job High school bands rock the stage at Moyer experience and job skills while seeking employment. USAG-Yongsan Commander By Cpl. Lee Min-hwi Col. Dave Hall said volunteerism is a USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs “gateway to employment.” “Not everybody is going to get a job YONGSAN GARRISON — Three right away,” Hall said. “There are a myriad Seoul American High School bands of opportunities to put a spotlight on your performed in a free concert Feb. 21 abilities. For example, USAG-Yongsan has a at Moyer Theatre and showed off vibrant volunteer program. Our volunteers their abilities to rock and roll to are the best in the Army, bar none.” the Family and Morale, Welfare and Volunteering can give a person enough Recreation sponsored theme “Music experience to qualify for jobs that come is Our Anti-Drug.” open in the community, Hall said. FMWR Music and Theatre hosted “I was just sitting at home doing this performance to give high school nothing, so I wanted to get out of the bands an opportunity to use an open- house and do something,” said Raluca stage and meet an audience. Rorrer, former volunteer and a new “The bands occasionally borrowed USAG-Yongsan employee. “Volunteering this place for practice, but I thought it gave me connections in the community; it would be great to give them a chance let me develop my customer service skills to show actual performances on stage,” and gave me the experience I needed to said Wi Chae-son, recreation specialist of do the job I have now.” FMWR. “This is a win-win for us as well Another benefit of volunteering is training, because we can make a new program for Willadsen said. “Every volunteer receives the people in garrison.” orientation training, but many volunteers The bands sang famous rock songs and will receive pre-job training, on-the-job played original music. Piercing sounds of training or continuing in-service training.” drums and electric guitars attracted the The community also benefits from attention of nearly 30 people inside the SAHS 9th grader Richard McDonald rocks out with his band “Artificial Orange” during an on volunteerism. “An active volunteer program Moyer Community Activities Center. allows organizations to provide services that Richard McDonald, a 9th grader stage concert Feb. 21 at Moyer Theatre. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Lee Min-hwi. For more they otherwise would be unable to provide a n d a s i n g e r i n a b a n d n a m e d photos online, visit given the shortages in staff,” Willadsen said. “Artificial Orange,” said it was the “Volunteerism also brings the community band’s first time singing original songs on stage. them got into the rhythm of the music and responded with loud closer together creating a sense of belonging “We had some famous songs of Green Day like ‘2000 Light applause. A few people even videotaped the show. to members of the community.” Years Away’ and ‘Only of You,’ but today we tried to show some “The performance was great,” said Francine Imrie, a There are a number of ways and of ours, too,” McDonald said. “It was the first day and we did not language arts teacher at SAHS. “I think it is a productive organizations to volunteer in the community. have enough practice, but I think we can do better next time.” way for kids to spend their time together and this kind of For information call Willadsen at 738-7510, The lack of practice did not matter to the audience. Some of activity is necessary on this post.” or the American Red Cross at 738-3670.
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 12 AREA II THE MORNING CALM PAID ADVERTISING Black History Month Yongsan’s Black Histor y Month disadvantaged in assignment and promotion.observance this week was incredible! The And then with the stroke of a pen, President65th Medical Brigade sponsored the event Truman launched the Army on the pathwith Dr. Spencer Walton to the color-blindas the guest speaker. institution we knowHis “Journey with FiveStops” speech highlighted “We all want to be part of today. The Army moved slowly andthe observance. It was an Army where the only stubbornly at first,a chance to pause and colors that matter are but now stands asreflect on what makes our the model for equalnation strong. red, white and blue.” opportunity in our Diversity makes this nation.”community strong as well. Col. Dave Hall What our seniorHaving served almost 29 USAG-Yongsan Commander leaders know, whatyears in uniform, I have we all know, is thatnever witnessed the true today we strivesense of “community” that I see in Yongsan every toward a higher standard. We all want today. I am truly proud to be Yongsan’s “Mayor” of be in an Army where the only colors thatalmost 25,000 incredibly diverse people. matter are red, white and blue. Recently, I listened to the Honorable Who among us was not proud to watchSecretary of the Army Pete Geren talk the first African American sworn in asabout advances in race relations in the U.S. President of the United States? I believe itmilitary over the years. was a watershed moment in our journey, and “Sixty years ago, our Army did not stand as Dr. Walton stated in his “Journey” speech,as one,” he said. “It was not a single band to realize the dream that is America.of brothers, rather, a collection of bands of Black History Month is an opportunitybrothers divided by race.” for our community to gain strength The Secretary went on to say, “When it through unity. I thank you for yourcame to race relations, our Army mirrored participation in our great events not justpart of our society - the worst part, this month, but throughout the year.with segregation, Soldiers of color were Strength through diversity! Black History Month: Community celebrates ancestral lineage Yongsan community members gather at the Multipurpose Training Facility Feb. 24, as Black History Month comes to a close, for an assembly to pay tribute to the progressional timeline of blacks throughout the years in U.S. history. Some attended the ceremony wearing attire that originates from their ancestral native lands. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Hwang Joon-hyun. For more photos online, visit
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 NEWS IMCOM-K • PAGE 13 Scouting Round-up for Korea Region All-Army Photo Contest winners Winners for the 2008 All Army from Korea. Photography Contest were recently Winning entries can be viewed at announced by Family, Morale, Welfare and Boy Scouts of America Korea District, Far East Council Recreation. The contest was open to Soldiers, Visitors will need to log in using their March 7: District Roundtable Army Civilians and Family members who AKO username and password. Viewers won at the Korea region level. There were can vote for “Viewer’s Choice” under the 24-26 April: 2009 Spring Camporee : Korea District, Far East Council BSA is holding its five first-place, six second-place, four third- “Contest Winners” category until March 3. 2009 Spring Camporee at Camp Carroll, Waegwan, Korea April 24 – 26. Events are designed place and 10 honorable mention winners to demonstrate and teach Scout skills, test physical fitness, and have fun. Scouts should be prepared for warm or cold weather and medical support will be on-site. Cost is $10. Please First Place Winners: 3rd Place Winners: RSVP no later than April 1 with the Troop Number and estimated number of boys and adults Staff Sgt. Paul Christophe, 1st Lt. George Cook, Color: Place planning to attend the Camporee. Color: Experimental category Pfc. Mark Whitford, 1st Lt. Andrew Kim, Color: Monochromatic: Military Life For additional information visit the Korea District online at Military Life Holly Swegle, Color: Military Life or 1st Lt. Andrew Kim, Monochromatic: Theme Honorable Mention: Slade Walters, Color: Object Staff Sgt. Paul Christophe, two honorable Girl Scouts of America David McNally, Monochromatic: Place mentions for Color: Experimental and 28 Feb: World Thinking Day, 1:30-4:30 p.m., SAMS Cafeteria. U.S. and Korean Girl Color: Theme Scouts will present booths on the eight provinces of Korea (U.S. Girl Scouts) and eight U.S. 2nd Place Winners: 1st Lt. Andrew Kim, two honorable States (Korean Girl Scouts) and reflect on their fellow Girl Guides and Girl Scouts through Staff Sgt. Joshua Johnson, mentions for Color and Monochromatic membership in World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouting -- Prospective new Color: Object Military Life Girl Scouts (girls and adults) may attend for a fee of $10 which provides registration is Girl Pfc. Mark Whitford, David McNally, two honorable mentions for Scouts of the USA Monochromatic: Military Life Color and Monochromatic Experimental Edward Johnson, Color: Object Holly Swegle, two honorable mentions for March 8-14: Girl Scout Week -- Girl Scouts will begin the week by serving in their respective Chun Tucker, Color: People Color and Monochromatic Object chapel services on Girl Scout Sunday. There will be an ice cream social on Wednesday, 11 David McNally, Color: Place Edward Johnson, honorable mention for March, at the Girl Scout Hut. Prospective new Girl Scouts (girls and adults) may attend for Monochromatic: Place a fee of $10 which provides registration in Girl Scouts of the USA. RSVP’s may be made by Chun Tucker, honorable mention for calling DSN 724-8029, M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Color: People TRICARE for dependent Dependent Parents & Parents- In-law: n Ineligible for TOP Prime, TOP Standard or TRICARE n Must be enrolled in DEERS For Life n May be eligible for care at a Military Treatment n The cost for civilian care is the sole responsibility of the parents, in-laws update Facility on a space available basis sponsor. n May also be eligible to receive prescriptions and For more information, contact the TRICARE Service refills at a MTF Center 736-7236No Endorsement Implied No Endorsement Implied
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 14 NEWS THE MORNING CALM65th Med Bde: Tuberculosis awareness Upcoming holiday worship services for USAG-Yongsan Catholic Service Community Good Friday Service April 10/1900 Onnuri ChurchBy Capt. Kevin Warwick and should be screened annually after their Date/Time LocationArmy Public Health Nurse Area II first birthday while living in the Republic of Ash Wednesday Feb. 25/1205 Allgood Hospital Ch. Seventh Day Adventist April 11/0900 Allgood Hospital Chapel 1205/1730 South Post Chapel Korea. The BAACH Pediatric Clinic (737- Stations of the Cross Feb. 27/1730 South Post Chapel Easter Sunrise Services April 12/0600 South Post (Collective) March 24th is World TB Day, which 8073) offers a free screening test without Lenten Community Meal Feb. 27/1800 South Post Chapel April 12/0730 K-16 CAC Parking Lotmarks the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert an appointment on Monday, Wednesday Stations of the Cross March 6 – April 3 (Fridays)/1730 Koch detected the cause of tuberculosis, the and Friday from 8-11 a.m., and Wednesday Memorial Chapel Easter Sunday Services April 12/0800 Memorial Ch. (Liturgical)TB bacillus. Tuberculosis is a disease caused afternoon from 1-4 p.m. Lenten Community Meal March 6 – April 3 (Fridays)/1800 0910 Hannam Village Chapel (Korean) Memorial Chapel 0930 South Post Ch. (Contemporary)by germs that are spread from person to TB germs are put into the air when a Lenten Penance Service April 7/1730 Memorial Post Ch. 0930 Allgood Hospital (Collective)person through the air. TB usually affects person with TB disease of the lungs or throat Holy Thursday (Morning Prayer) April 9/0900 Memorial Chapel 1100 South Post Chapel (Traditional)the lungs, but it can also affect other parts coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings. These Holy Thursday (Lord’s Supper) April 9/1830 Memorial Chapel 1030 K-16 Community Chapel of the body, such as the brain, the kidneys, germs can stay in the air for several hours, Holy Thursday (Night Prayer) April 9/2100 Memorial Chapel 1100 Hannam Village Chapelor the spine. Given the prevalence of TB in depending on the environment. Persons who Good Friday (Morning Prayer) April 10/0900 Memorial Chapel 1230 South Post Chapel (Gospel) Good Friday (Stations of Cross) April 10/1200-1500 1330 Memorial Chapel (UPCI)the Republic of Korea and Southeast Asia breathe in the air containing these TB germs Memorial Chapelmany people we come in contact with have can become infected; this is called latent TB Good Friday (Passion of the Lord) April 10/1830 Memorial Chapel Episcopallatent TB. infection. People cannot get infected with Holy Saturday (Morning Prayer) April 11/0900 Memorial Chapel Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist Feb. 25/1730 Religious Retreat People with latent TB infection have TB bacteria through handshakes, sitting on Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil Mass) April 11/2115 Memorial Chapel Center, SeoulTB germs in their bodies, but they are not toilet seats, or sharing dishes and utensils Welcome Reception (Newly Baptized Catholics) Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist April 5/1000 Memorial Chapel April 11/2300 Memorial Chapel Maundy Thursday Holy Eucharist April 9/1200 Memorial Chapelsick because the germs are not active. These with someone who has TB. Easter Sunday Mass April 12/0800 South Post Chapel Good Friday Liturgy April 10/1730 Memorial Chapelpeople do not have symptoms of TB disease, People with active TB germs usually have 1130 Memorial Chapel Easter Holy Eucharist April 12/1000 Memorial Chapeland they cannot spread the germs to others. symptoms of TB disease. People with TB Please direct all questions to Mr. Pagano, 725-5211However, they may develop TB disease in the disease of the lungs or throat are capable Jewishfuture. They are often prescribed treatment of spreading germs to others. They are Protestant First Seder of Passover April 8/1930 Religious Retreat Center Lent Special 40 Days Morning Prayer Second Seder April 9/1930 Religious Retreat Centerto prevent them from developing TB prescribed drugs that can treat TB disease. Feb. 25 – April 12/0510 Passover Shabbos April 10/1900 South Post Chapeldisease. Treatment of latent TB is essential If you have spent time with someone with South Post Chapel (Mon-Sat) (Korean)in controlling and eliminating TB. TB disease or someone with symptoms of Hannam Chapel (Sun) (Korean) For more information call USAG-Yongsan Religious Support Office, 738-3011 The most important measure to protect TB, you should be tested. Please contact theyourself and others is to know your TB 65th Medical Brigade’s Preventive Medicine received the BCG vaccine. Given thestatus. This is done by a simple screening tool Team at (736-6693) located in Building higher prevalence of TB in the Republic of Zumba Fitness location changecommonly called the “PPD” or “TST”. This 5447, which is next to the Commissary. Korea annual screening is recommended Zumba Fitness will temporily changetest may indicate your exposure to the TB The simplest measure to prevent the for most. location from trent Gym to Bldg. 2609 fromgerm. If you are unsure of your TB status, the spread of TB and other respiratory illnesses Screening for latent infection is a key Feb. 23-March 25 due to UFG.65th Medical Brigade offers free screening is to practice frequent hand washing and strategy in preventing the spread of TB. Classes will continueat the Brian Allgood Army Community cover your nose and mouth with your shirt For information on TB, contact the 65th Mon., Wed. and Fri. at 8:30Hospital through their Immunization Clinic sleeve when you cough or sneeze. Medical Brigade’s Preventive Medical Team at a.m. and Tues. and Thurs.(737-8396/8251). This test is performed Many people born outside the United 736-6693. The preceding recommendations 5:30 p.m. For information, contact Shelton Coonfieldwithout an appointment every business day States receive the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin are adapted from the Centers for Disease at 010-2041-7546 orexcept Thursday from 7:30-11:30 a.m. and vaccine in early childhood. There is no Control and Prevention website “Trends in Trent Gym1-3:30 p.m. Children are also at risk of TB reason to avoid TB screening if you have Tuberculosis, 2007” Feb. 27 - March 5 LOCATION Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday the 13th Marley and Me Seven Pounds CASEY (R) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. Friday the 13th Marley and Me No Show No Show Valkyrie Friday the 13th Valkyrie (R) 7:30 p.m. (PG13 ) 7:30 p.m. 730-7354 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories HENRY He’s Just Not That Into You (PG) 1 p.m. (PG) 1 p.m. Boy in the Striped Pajamas (PG13) 7 p.m. Valkyrie (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show No Show No Show He’s Just Not That Into You 768-7724 (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Marley and Me Marley and Me HUMPHREYS Friday the 13th Valkyrie Valkyrie Doubt Doubt (PG13) 3:30 p.m. (PG13) 3:30 p.m. (R) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. Friday the 13th Friday the 13th 753-7716 (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. HOVEY Seven Pounds Valkyrie Friday the 13th Valkyrie Fired Up (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7p.m. 730-5412 Bedtime Stories Valkyrie Valkyrie Doubt KUNSAN (PG) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. No Show No Show No Show Seven Pounds (PG13) 6 p.m. 782-4987 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. Fired Up Marley and Me Fired Up OSAN (PG13) 3:30 / 7 p.m. (PG13) 3:30 p.m. Taken Taken Valkyrie Valkyrie (PG13) 7 / 9 p.m. Valkyrie Valkyrie (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Valkyrie 784-4930 (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. He’s Just Not That Into You RED CLOUD (PG13) 7 p.m. Nothing Like the Holidays Yes Man Yes Man Marley and Me Friday the 13th Cadillac Records (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (R) 7 p.m. 732-6620 (PG13) 9 p.m. Valkyrie He’s Just Not That Into You STANLEY (PG13) 7 p.m. He’s Just Not That Into You Valkyrie Fired Up Transporter 3 (PG13) 7 p.m. Cadillac Records (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Marley and Me 732-5565 (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. Fired Up Valkyrie Valkyrie Seven Pounds Marley and Me Marley and Me Fired Up (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. YONGSAN (PG13) 5:30 / 8:30 p.m. Yes Man Punisher: War Zone Punisher: War Zone Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories Yes Man Despereaux (PG13) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. 738-7389 (PG13) 6:30 p.m. Despereaux Depereaux Seven Pounds Marley and Me Changeling Changeling (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. U.S. ID card holders enjoy free movies courtesy of Army MWR at U.S. Army installations in Korea.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 CHAPLAIN IMCOM-K • PAGE 15 Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule Protestant Services Protestant Services NOTE: Services will be held in the Protestant Services Collective Super Gym until further notice. Collective Sunday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Collective Protestant Sunday 1000 Stone Chapel Sunday 1030 K-16 Chapel Protestant Services Sunday 1000 Camp Carroll Sunday 1000 Stanley Chapel Sunday 1030 West Casey Chapel Sunday 1100 Hannam Chapel Collective Protestant 1030 Camp Walker Sunday 1100 Protestant Sunday Liturgical Sunday 0800 Memorial Chapel Sunday 1100 Freedom Chapel Church of Christ 1700 Camp Walker School-Coffee House 1100 Suwon Air Base Chapel Gospel 1215 Camp Walker Sunday 1100 Warrior Chapel Contemporary Sunday 0930 South Post Chapel 1300 Camp Carroll Sunday 1100 Crusader Chapel 1100 Camp Eagle Chapel Gospel 1300 Freedom Chapel Contemporary Sunday 1100 Hovey Chapel Wednesday 1130 Bible Study-Coffee House Traditional Sunday 1100 South Post Chapel Contemporary 1800 Freedom Chapel Friday 1900 Camp Walker Gospel KATUSA Korean Sunday 1100 Casey Memorial Chapel Gospel Sunday 1230 South Post Chapel Tuesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll 1230 Camp Stanley Chapel Wednesday 1830 Camp Walker Wednesday 1800 Gospel Bible Study Korean Korean Sunday 0910 Hannam Chapel Wednesday 1730 Freedom Chapel Stanley Chapel Thurday 1900 Gospel Practice Wednesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Catholic Services Stanley Chapel United Pentecostal (Bible Study) Mass COGIC Sunday 1330 Memorial Chapel Catholic Services Sunday 0900 Camp Walker Sunday 1230 CRC Warrior Chapel Mass 1130 Camp Carroll KATUSA KATUSA Tuesday 1830 Memorial Chapel Daily 1145 Freedom Chapel Saturday 1700 Camp Walker Sunday 1930 CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 1300 Jackson Auditorium Sunday 0930 Freedom Chapel Tuesday 1900 Camp Stanley Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist 1700 Camp Eagle Chapel Jewish Tuesday 1840 Casey Stone Chapel Saturday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital 1700 Suwaon Air Base Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea. Tuesday 1800 Camp Castle Chapel Tuesday 1830 Casey Memorial Chapel Jewish, 723-6707 Early Morning Service Tuesday 1830 Camp Hovey Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea. Thursday 1830 West Casey Chapel Mon-Sat 0510 South Post Chapel, 723-6707 (Korean) Catholic Mass Sunday 1130 Camp Stanley Chapel Episcopal Sunday 1000 Memorial Chapel Sunday 0900 CRC Warrior Chapel The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total religious support to the Sunday 1215 West Casey Chapel Sunday 0930 Camp Hovey Chapel Catholic Services United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and Orthodox Service Mass Saturday 1700 Memorial Chapel authorized civilians across the full spectrum of operations from armistice to war. 1st and 2nd Sundays 1000 Old Hovey Chapel Sunday 0800 South Post Chapel Later Day Saints Sunday 1130 Memorial Chapel Sunday 1400 West Casey Chapel Mon/Thur/Fri 1205 Memorial Chapel Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at: Tues/Wed 1205 Brian Allgood Hospital Jewish 1st Sat. 0900 Memorial Chapel Friday 1830 West Casey Chapel for helpful links and information. Jewish Friday 1900 South Post Chapel Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact USAG-Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud/Casey USAG-Daegu Chaplains Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David B. Crary: Chaplain (Maj.) Klon K. Kitchen, Jr.: 2ID Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Richard Spencer: Chaplain (Maj.) Eddie Kinley:, 738-3009, 753-7274, 732-7998, 764-5455 Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph G. DuBose: Chaplain (Maj.) James E. O’Neal: Red Cloud Chaplain (Maj.) Fredrick Garcia: Chaplain (Maj.) Edward Martin:, 738-4043 , 753-7276, 732-6169, 765-8004 Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr.: Chaplain (Capt.) Anthony Flores: Red Cloud Chaplain (Capt.) Mario Rosario:, 736-3018,, 753-7042No Endorsement Implied No Endorsement Implied
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 16 FEATURE THE MORNING CALM A challenging hike up this mountain north of Seoul will leave you with a breathtaking view and a sense of accomplishment. — U.S. Army photos by David McNallyThe distinctive rock face of Dobong Mountainis visible for miles. Hiking Korea Exploring Dobong Mountain By David McNally other food you may desire. But, nothing Dobong Mountain is 739.5 meters tall, which USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs beats eating lunch at the peak of Dobong figures out to 2,426 feet above sea level. Mountain. Tip: Get some lunch to go and UIJEONGBU, Republic of Korea – take it to the top. For adventurers who want to explore Many Koreans enter the park just to the peninsula, look no further than the have a picnic near the entrance. They set up horizon. Koreans have a saying: “You will small day camps along the cool, mountain see a mountain in Korea no matter where stream that runs along the main trail. you look.” Motivated hikers, though, will find a Here on this mountain range north challenge in the trail to the top. The path of Seoul, a trek up the trails is a national turns austere the higher up you go. From pastime. Ride the subway between Seoul well-worn rock stairs to dirt slopes, the trail and Uijeongbu and see one of the most gets more and more difficult. About two- prominent geographical features in the hours into the ascent you come to an area area: Dobong Mountain. with restroom facilities. From this point The mountain’s rock face is a spectacular the peak is another 700 meters, and the sight. This is Bukhansan National Park , trail is more physically taxing. and for a challenging hike, many people A trip to the peak is accomplished at try the Dobongsan entrance. your own risk. An occasional rope is all On weekends, if you arrive on Subway the help you can expect. If you attempt toA man rings an ancient Buddhist bell at a small climb to the peak, it will test your rock- Line No. 1 or No. 7, you’ll see hundreds oftemple near the top of Dobong Mountain. climbing abilities. The reward at the top is Korean hikers getting off at the same stop. They dress from head to toe in hiking garb, the view and the cool breeze in your face. backpacks, vests, hats, canteens, even bells The hike is hardy cardiovascular exercise. — nothing is too exotic for the Korean If you drink enough water, you should hiker. be soaked with sweat. Tip: Bring enough Follow the hikers across the street to water and avoid dehydration. a ticket booth at the park entrance. The After a well-deserved rest, you begin entrance fee is nominal, less than a couple your trip down the mountain. This of thousand Korean won per person. There requires extra caution and concentration. is even a discount for a group of three Your knees may be weak from the stress ofGwangryun Temple welcomes visitors near the climb. Choosing which rock to step on people or more.Dobong Mountain. becomes essential — your descent becomes Although the majority of signs in the park are written in Korean, you will not a controlled fall. The trip down is by far Korean hikers enjoy an early morning winter have any difficulty if you follow the crowds. easier. hike in the park. Tip: The mountain is up! Koreans are proud of their country and Good weather draws thousands to the what it offers. As you pass the hundreds of park on Sundays during the summer. fellow hikers up and down the mountain, Park officials estimate more than 16,000 you will be greeted with smiles and people take to the trails on a good day. The salutations. Although you may see an Bukhansan National Park swells almost to occasional foreigner, not many choose to capacity. Yes, there are even traffic jams on explore Korea in this way. mountain trails — but with people. Whether your hiking experience is During your trek from the subway stop Dobongsan, or any other mountain in to the park entrance you will find a myriad Korea, a trip to the countryside can be a of snack options: cucumbers, kim-bob, rice rewarding experience. Hiking can be anA woodpecker breaks the silence of the hike and boiled eggs. There are scads of eateries inexpensive way to get out and discover Well-marked paths give hikers many optionswith a loud hammering rat-tat-tat. offering roast pig, beef, or almost any Korea, and get in some healthy exercise. to explore Dobong Mountain.
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 18 NEWS THE MORNING CALMArmy expands youth career 2009 Eighth Army BATAAN Memorial Death March Qualifier resultsguide program to all garrisons Feb. 21 at USAG-Casey Men’s Division: Place No. Rank Name TimeBy Wiliam Bradner and Scott Copus students, reflect on their lives’ journey and 1st 219 Capt. PAGON, ALEXANDER G 1:48:49FMWRC provide useful insights about their own ca- 2nd 149 Staff Sgt. GIFFORD, JEFFREY 2:02:26 reer paths. In doing so, the “Virtual Role 3rd 125 1st Sgt. MOORE, ARRON V. 2:02:57 The U.S. Army launched a new youth Models” show that there are many roads to 4th 49 1st Lt. SHAFER, JAMES 2:07:12educational program called LIFE, Inc.: The success. 5th 49 2nd Lt. MANN, MICHAEL 2:07:13Ultimate Career Guide for Young People Students will also learn how to investi- at an event at the Tolson Youth Activities gate career options and acquire interview- Women’s Division: Center at Fort Bragg last month. LIFE, Inc. ing and financial literacy skills while dis- 1st 266 Sgt. MILLER, AMANDA N. 2:25:40is available to all Army Garrisons through covering their unique interests. 2nd 255 SSgt. ADAMS, JENNIFER S. 2:27:50installation Youth Centers and is sponsored One of LIFE, Inc.’s goals is to motivate 3rd 253 2nd Lt. BREGUET, AMY L. 2:33:49by Deloitte Foundation. the Next Generation to get out of bed ev- 4th 273 Capt. GLADE, ALEX 2:34:03 The LIFE, Inc. program consists of a ery morning and be excited about seizing 5th 260 Capt. CUSHING, ROBIN 2:39:26Student Book, a Teacher’s Guide with seven the work day. Another of its missions is toeasy-to-teach lessons and activities, a Stu- “connect-the-dots” for today’s youth, so Team Event dent Journal that each student receives to that they can understand the importance 1st 49 1st Lt. SHAFER, JAMES 2:31:29 record their individual findings, an interac- and relevance of the subjects they are learn- 49 1st Lt. DOBYNS, MATT tive website ( and ing and be encouraged to stay in school. 49 SSgt. DEHNERT, JOSHUA Instructor Training. These were created by “We are thrilled to partner with Delo- 49 PV2 PIMENTEL, RODRIGO New York Times #1 Best-Selling author and itte Foundation to bring LIFE, Inc. to the 49 2nd Lt. MANN, MICHAEL financial literacy expert, Neale S. Godfrey. youth at our garrisons,” said Col. Brick LIFE, Inc. gives today’s youth the op- Miller, Commander of the Army Family 2nd 44 2nd Lt. GREGORY, SHANE 2:40:44 portunity to view their future in an inspi- and MWR Command, headquarters for 44 Pfc. PIGUERO, ANDERSON rational way. One of the most important Army Child, Youth and School Services. 44 Pfc. NELSON, GERLAD aspects of the LIFE, Inc. program is its LIFE, Inc. materials are available for 44 2nd Lt. SILAYEV, VLADISLA ability to help students “envision” future FREE PDF download. Army garrisons or 44 1st Lt. PARK, ROBIN career possibilities through the use of in- Youth Centers interested in the LIFE, Inc. terviews with “Virtual Role Models.” These program can contact Marshall Scott Copus Total Participants: Mens Div (Individual) 119 are real people who serve as mentors for the at: Womens Div (Individual) 22 Teams (5 persons): 13 teams 65 Eighth Army encouragesWorkforce Recruitment ProgramEighth U.S. Army Public Affairs 1,800 college students and recent gradu- ates seeking temporary or permanent jobs. Job announcements in Korea The Workforce Recruitment Program The database is then made available via the internet at This database is Department of Defense Dependents Schools,for College Students with Disabilities is arecruitment resource that allows the Eighth available year around and is updated every Korea District Vacancy AnnouncementUS Army here on Korea to employ talent- March. Employers may search the databaseed, motivated college students with disabil- by state or by job category to identify ap- Announcement Number: 09-005- Korea District School Support Positionsities, while incurring no salary costs. WRP plicants with qualifications for their job Opening Date: Jan. 1, 2009 /Closing Date: Dec. 31, 2009provides summer work experience and the openings. Each search will generate candi- Positions:opportunity for full-time employment to date profiles, which include academic and Monitor, YB-0303-01college students with disabilities. Co-spon- demographic data, contact information, Monitor (Lead), YB-0303-01sored by the U.S. Department of Labors and recruiter comments. Educational Aid, YB-1701-01Office of Disability Employment Policy Employers are free to conduct indepen- Educational Aid (Kindergarten), YB-1702-01and the U.S. Department of Defense with dent interviews with candidates and are Educational Aid (Special Education), YB-1702-01the participation of many other federal under no obligation to hire. One of the Educational Aid (Sure Start Program Assistant), YB-1702-01agencies, the program develops partner- greatest benefits of WRP is that college Health Technician (Office Automation), YI-0640-01*ships with federal agencies, each of whom students with disabilities gain work experi- Library Aid, YB-1411-01*makes a commitment to provide summer ence during the summer with the potential Library Technician (Office Automation), YB-1411-01*jobs and a staff recruiter. Each year, recruit- to be hired full time. Office Automation Clerk, YB-0326-01*ers inter-view students with disabilities at In fiscal year 2008, employees with dis- Office Automation Assistant, YB-0326-01college and university campuses across the abilities represented 18.5 percent of the Office Automation Assistant (Special Education Assessor),YB-0326-01*nation, and develop a data-base listing the total 8th US Army work force. Programs Secretary (Office Automation), YB-0318-01qualifications of each student. Under the like WRP are an exciting and effective way School Information Assistant (Office Automation), YB-0303-01*WRP, DoD funds summer interns salaries. of strengthening our participation rates for School Support Assistant, YB-0303-01One of the strongest aspects of the program employees with disabilities at every site. For School Support Coordinator, YB-0303-02*is that it provides 8th US Army with access 8th US Army, this partnership should helpto potential hires from more than 175 col- increase the participation rate of individual DoA Vacancy Position:Food Service Workerleges and universities, representing all ma- with disabilities and to meet DoD goal ofjors. WRP interns range from college fresh- 2 percent by 2010. We encourage all man- Announcement Number: KRNAFEZ09001-K1-LNOCmen to graduate students and law students, agers to take advantage of this tremendous Opening Date: February 10, 2009 /Closing Date: December 28, 2009giving the Installation an opportunity to resource. Government-wide, employees Periodic Cut Off Date: 15th day of each monthemploy summer interns from a variety of with targeted disabilities represented 0.92 Place of Work: USAG-Camp Casey/CRC, COD, APO AP 96224-5543, Tongduchon/specialties. WRP helps prove that people percent of the total work force in fiscal year Uijongbu, Koreawith disabilities make excellent employees. 2007. Targeted disabilities refer to deafness, Position Status: This announcement may be used to fill permanent full-time, part-Last year, DA allocated the very first slot blindness, missing extremities, partial pa- time or intermittent positions. Indicate on your resume your availability for any of theseslots for Korea to hire college students with ralysis, complete paralysis, convulsive dis- appointments.targeted disabilities. orders, mental retardation, mental illness, Number of Vacancy: Multi Annually, trained recruiters conduct and distortion of limbs and/or spine. For Changes to the Job Announcement: Local National (LN) Designated Position: Thispersonal interviews with interested students additional information on the Workforce position is designated for LN occupancy. Selected applicant will have no rights underon college and university campuses. From Recruitment Program please contact Ra- reduction in force and will be subject to displacement under a local national reductionthese interviews, a database is compiled fael J Reyes at in force.containing in-formation on more than mil or by phone at DSN 724-6603.
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 21 of the NCO‘You really have to come in and do your job right’By Ken Hall Robinson said serving in the Army was aUSAG-Humphreys Public Affairs great way of getting help to pay for college courses early in his career. H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N — “Civilian education was a big part of myHistorically, the largest segment of Army equation in the ‘80s but it wasn’t drivenrecruits are between 18-24 years of age. into Soldiers like it is today,” he said. “FirstCollege benefits and enlistment bonuses are sergeants tell us to go through school andamong key incentives motivating this part of there are several programs in place to assistAmerica’s population to go Army. Soldiers along the way. There really is While most troops complete their no excuse today to not complete civilianinitial service obligation and move on to education courses.”college, some discover Army life to be a Robinson said he still takes collegecareer of choice as they advance into the courses because someday there will be a lifeNoncommissioned officer ranks. after Army. Staff Sgt. Timothy Robinson, Movement “The best opportunity for Soldiers todaySupervisor, 52nd Ordnance Company said is education and I still take advantage ofhe wanted to do something more with his that,” he said. “The Army changes withlife and make better choices than his high the times and you have to have that mindschool classmates were making. set to not be stuck in one mode. You have “I noticed that many of my friends did to be prepared to change along with thenot really properly prepare for college, and times. Even though I was born in the 60sI didn’t want to fall into that same groove,” I still have to have an open mind to worksaid Robinson. “I wanted to get out into with today’s new Soldiers who were born 20the world and see places and my first step years or more after I was.”was the Army.” Robinson said he’s in a perfect position Robinson said after serving his initial to share Army experiences with new Soldiersactive duty obligation and several years in and notes solid work ethics is a cornerstonethe Army Reserve he had more to accomplish of Soldier success.on active duty service. But opportunity for “If you have a good, honest work ethic,promotion to the NCO ranks was different it pays off. Your work ethic, and the wayduring the 1980s. you handle different tasks and assignments “The biggest challenge I faced when I makes a difference – and you really have towent active duty was high cutoff scores for come in and do your job right.”promotion,” he said. “When I first starting “You’ve also got to share informationgetting into my promotion window for learned from mistakes you’ve made and looksergeant, the cutoff score on the old point out for them and give Soldiers constructivesystem was 998, but I stayed focused, went advice. Imparting good knowledge intoto college and built up my civilian education Soldiers will help them progress to the NCOpromotion points.” ranks and through their lives” Staff Sgt. Timothy Robinson, 52nd Ordnance Co. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall US, ROK Armies enhance capabilities Maj. Gen. Lee, Young-Seok, 36th Infantry ivision Republic of Korea Army commander and Col. John E. Dumoulin, Jr., USAG-Humphreys commander sign a memorandum of agreement at a ceremony recently here. The MOA signified a mutal security agreement between the U.S. and ROK Armies, allowing each to defensively posture against the war on terrorism. View this photo online at — U.S. Army photo by Lori Yerdon
  • USAG-H • PAGE 22 AREA III THE MORNING CALM News & Notes 4-H Club teaches hands-on learning to youth Tobacco Cessation Program Area III Health Promotion is offering monthly tobacco cessation classes Wednesdays from 10 until 11:30 a.m. This program is free to participants. To register contact Jean Dumoulin at 753-7657 or February is American Heart Month Humphreys American School Parent Teacher Student Organization, USAG-Humphreys School Liaison Services and the 65th Medical Brigade Area III Health Promotions are hosting Walk 1 Mile for Heart Health. The event will be held at the Super Gym Feb. 28. Registration begins 8 a.m. and the walk begins at 9 a.m. Participants are asked to wear red for heart health awareness. Aviation Birthday Ball The Morning Calm Chapter of the Army Aviation Association of America will sponsor the Aviation Birthday Ball Friday, Apr. 17 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. Social begins at 5:15 p.m. and dinner begins at 6:15 p.m. The attire is mess dress, dress blues or Class A’s, or formal civilian dress. Tickets are $45 each. The event is open to all 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Servicemembers, Civilian employees, and Families. For more information, contact Capt. Laura McKenna at 753-5863. EDIS Well Baby Clinic The Educational and Developmental Intervention Services is offering a clinic on raising your baby. Humphreys American School elementary students learn how phototography cameras work during their first 4-H photography club meeting at the Clinic is held every third Friday of the month from USAG-Humphreys Child Developement center recently. Visit — U.S. Army photo by Lori Yerdon 2 to 4 p.m. by individual appointment only. To sign up, call EDIS at 738-4422. By Lori Yerdon 4-H Club, which focuses teaching and vice president of their photography club. USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs mentoring aspects of “head, heart, hands, “4-H Club teaches children the Stress Management Classes and health.” importance of democracy because for each ACS offers weekly stress management classes H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N — “I think 4-H Club helps children become club we elect a president and vice president,” Thursdays from 1:30 until 2:30 p.m. at Bldg. 311. Humphreys American School students well-rounded individuals,” said Alyssa said Herron. “It also teaches them how to be Sessions are designed to help individuals learn have joined one of America’s oldest youth Herron, 4-H club leader and lead program more involved with their communities.” more effective ways for handling stress in everyday organizations at the Child Development assistant for the after-school kindergarten During the meeting, Herron showed the life. All ID Card holders are eligible for the course. Center here. classroom. “It is also important I think children how a camera’s view finder works Contact ACS at 753-8401 for more information. Six after-school kindergarten students because it will also help them to be better with a piece of paper and then the inagural Change in Sick Call Hours met for their first 4-H photography club people in society.” Humphreys Garrison 4-H photography club 75th Medical Company Area Support, U.S. Army meeting recently at the CDC to learn about The photography meeting began with meeting adjourned. Health Clinic - USAG-Humphreys announces photography and how to take photos. Herron calling the meeting to order and “I think the 4-H program is an awesome a change in sick call hours. Sick call hours are The year-round 4-H Club meetings then in unison, Miriya Burke, 6, Devon program and this is our first year that we 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and held at the CDC are optional for children Hurt, 5, Amaya Johnson, 5, Hope Yerdon, started the program at the CDC,” said Joyce Fridays. There will be no sick call Thursdays. In the and they can participate in a variety of 6, Luke Clements, 6 and Kayla Spangler, 5 Sumpter, Child and Youth services acting event of an emergency, dial 119 if living off post, clubs which meet on a weekly basis for six recited the 4-H pledge. director. “It also gives children a glimpse 911 if living on post or call the After Hours Clinic at weeks. “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my of what they have to look forward to at the 0505-753-8111. The 4-H Club had its grass-roots heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger youth center, when they go into the school New Humphreys Flickr Website beginnings in Ohio in 1902. In 1914, service, and my health to better living, for age services next year.” Want to get copies of photos of a community Congress created the Cooperative Extension my club, my community, my country, and Humphreys Child and Youth services event? It’s easy now that USAG-Humphreys Service, a part of the U.S. Department of my world,” said the students in unison. offer several 4-H Club activities for 1st has its own Flickr photo-sharing webpage. To Agriculture. This became known as the Next, the students elected a president and through 5th graders. view or download your own high-resolution images of community events go to: www. USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Office will post images weekly. New health care options for Humphreys inspired by AFAP forum Call 754-8598 for more information. By Ken Hall down twice every month from Yongsan all the way to Yongsan for this type of health Military Police conduct Bicycle round-up USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs to support patient care needs here,” said care,” he said. Beginning March 2, any bicycle found on Meyers. “Patients and Family Members I AFAP forums are conducted annually at USAG-Humphreys that has not been registured HUMPHREYS GARRISON — An was treating here told me they wished I was the installation level. Delegates are chosen will be impounded for ninety (90) days and if answer to one critical issue raised during here all the time.” from active and Reserve Soldiers, retirees, not claimed will be disposed of. USAG-Humphreys most recent Army Meyers said that women who are early surviving spouses, Department of the Army To register bikes on USAG-Humphreys, go to Family Action Plan forum has arrived for the along in their pregnancies have taken Civilians, Family Members, and tenant Pass and ID section, Bldg 544 and pick up a benefit of community members here. advantage of the new health care option organizations to identify issues they believe registration form. Last October’s AFAP forum highlighted here, but some of the patients who are very are important to improving quality of life Impounded bicycles can be claimed by issues and concerns that elected far along in their pregnancies being treated in their community. calling the Military Police Traffic Section at DSN: 754-6600 or Cell: 010-7178-0249 representatives from throughout the by other OBGYN’s at Yongsan continue to Installation commanders participate in Humphreys community voiced and debated receive health care there. the forum, interacting with delegates to try during the three-day event. “There have been a lot of good comments and resolve issues. About 90 percent of AFAP We Want Your Stories! Lt. Col. Bart J. Meyers, a Family Practice and the patients are very happy that they issues are worked at a local level, resulting in We want to publish your stories and and Obstetrics and Gynecologist, assumed no longer have to make the long trip to ongoing community improvements. photos in The Morning Calm Weekly duty as the USAG-Humphreys Medical Yongsan for their Family health care needs,” “Peoples voices are heard,” said Jean and on the USAG-Humphreys Command Clinic Officer in Charge Jan. 15. Meyers he said. Dumoulin, USAG-Humphreys health Channel. Please send any information transferred to the Humphreys Medical Staff Sgt. Christopher Slaughter, 75th promotion coordinator. “Many women or products to Ken Hall at the USAG- Clinic as a result of community concerns Medical Company said it’s nice to have an have told me how happy they are with the Humphreys Public Affairs Office at 754-8847 brought up during AFAP, and from patient OBGYN provider at Humphreys to treat convenience of not having to drive all the or needs he was already familiar with. his expectant wife. way to Yongsan. It shows that the AFAP “For several months, I was coming “It’s great that we no longer have to drive process really does work.”
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 23 History month observed because it enhances cross-cultural awareness and harmony among all military members, their Families and the Civilian workforce. “Our vision today is that you leave here with a sense of duty to educate and empower yourselves and others to work in harmony with all people regardless of their race, creed or color,” she said. Featured guest speaker Maj. Michael Bruens, 194th CSSB Support Operations officer said he was honored to be with Soldiers in attendance. “We take the month of February every year to celebrate the long and distinguished history of African-Americans and their roles of influence in American history,” said Bruens. “At the heart of this history is hard work, dedication, and determination. “Throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s, African-Americans were not without strife and with each success came much sacrifice, and many setbacks,” he said. “There have also been many success stories towards equality. There are countless acts of courage and valor by African-Americans serving in the U.S. military during times of war.” Bruens said Barrack Obama’s presidentialStaff Sgt. Lorenzo Thompson, 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion reads original poetry during an African-American observance event election win was a great accomplishmentat the Provider Grill here, Feb. 19. View this photo online at — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall and an positive result of perseverance of African-Americans.By Ken Hall Provider Grill here Feb. 19. 194th CSSB Command Sergeant Major “Make no mistake – I don’t see thisUSAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Guest speakers read poetry and shared their Nichelle Fails. “We use this opportunity as accomplishment as an achievement of the insights on African-American heritage. a vehicle to continue to educate and uplift African-American community alone, I see HUMPHREYS GARRISON — Soldiers “The purpose of African-American History our community while fostering interaction this and all successes by African-Americansfrom the 194th Combat Sustainment month observance is to recognize the of personnel of all races, ages, and gender.” in business, entertainment, professionalSupport Battalion hosted an African- continuous achievements and contributions Fails said it’s important for military sports and government as an achievementAmerican History month observance at the made by African or Black Americans,” said installations to host observances like these of the United States of America.”Army Emergency Relief fundraising kicks-off March 1By Ken HallUSAG-Humphreys Public Affairs HUMPHREYS GARRISON — Anopportunity for Soldiers to help theirfellow Soldiers begins March 1 with theArmy Emergency Relief annual fundraisingcampaign here. According to Brenda Reta, AERCommunity Area Project Officer, AERhopes to raise $110 thousand betweenMarch 1 and May 15. “A lot of people still have the CombinedFederal Campaign in their mind, and arewondering why people are still asking forfinancial donations,” said Reta. “The AERprogram is only for Soldiers and fundsraised during this campaign are channeledto Soldiers and their Families. CFC is world-wide, and AER funds raised are for ArmyFamilies in need.” Soldiers prepare for the 2009 Army Emergency Relief Campaign, taking place March 1 through May 15. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall Reta said that money raised is given assistance is available to Soldiers and their unit representatives reach every Soldier from plane ticket or money to pay a bill, they’reto Army Families who are facing tough Families at more than 1,000 locations Private through Colonel, and hopefully there to help Soldiers make ends meet.”financial times to help them catch up. around the world, and all contributions are people will be inspired to give donations to Since it was established in 1942, AER “What AER can do is provide no-interest tax deductable. Unit representatives from Army Emergency Relief.” has helped more than 3 million Soldiersloans or grants for Soldiers who qualify throughout Area III are now available to Dumoulin said that all Soldiers will have and Family Members with more than $1to help them pay for life expenses such as take AER donations. some kind of emergency at some point billion in financial assistance. Soldiers,college tuition for their dependants, and “I want to make sure that all of our during their careers and that AER is there Family Members, Civilians, and retireesemergency financial relief,” she said. “The Soldiers have an opportunity to give to help. can donate to AER. For more informationtype of loan or grant awarded will depend something to AER,” said Humphreys “You may have the cash on hand or you about making a donation, see your uniton the financial history and ability of each Garrison Commander Col. John E. may not have the cash on hand – that’s what representative or call Brenda Reta at DSN:Soldier on a case-by-case basis.” Dumoulin during the AER kick-off event AER is all about,” he said. “When you’re 753-7327 or email at brenda.reta@korea. According to their Web site, AER here Feb. 19. “It is our intention that AER really in a bind, and you need help with a
  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 25’s Good Neighbor Programinvites Nam-gu residents to garrisonBy Kim, Moon-heeUSAG-Daegu Public Affairs CAMP WALKER — Daegu localresidents and their English instructorfrom English class at Namgu districtoffice visited United States Army GarrisonDaegu’s installations, Feb. 24. As a part ofthe Good Neighbor Program, communitypeople get to visit USAG-Daegu, whichpromotes a better relationship between thelocal community and U.S. Army. The installation tour began with abarracks tour at Camp Henry. HHC,USAG-Daegu Soldiers led the visitors intotheir barracks, showing the visitors theirrooms and facilities. “It was great and fun to see U.S. ArmySoldiers and how they live. It was first timefor me to visit and I wish there is moreopportunity for us to visit more often,” saidLee, Young-ja, one of the visitors. After the barracks tour, the visitorsgot to tour Camp Henry and went to theDining Facility at Camp Walker for lunch.After lunch they visited the Camp Walker HHC, USAG-Daegu Pvt. Kayla Morgan explains barracks-living to Nam-gu local residents, showing the visitors her room and otherCommissary. barracks facilities during the installation tour held by USAG-Daegu, Feb. 24. — U.S. Army photo by Kim, Moon-hee Then they went to Camp WalkerCommunities Activity Center to meet games including ping-pong. what the Soldiers said,” said Yoon, Jeong- USAG Daegu hopes to encourage moreHHC, USAG-Daegu Soldiers. They got to “It was fun to visit! I was a little bit sook, one of the visitors. visits to the camp, which serves as a meanshave a conversation among the visitors and afraid of speaking English but I was After the Community Activity Center tour, to strengthen the friendly ties with the localSoldiers. The visitors also played various surprised that I was able to understand they concluded the tour of the installation. community.Year of the Noncommissioned officerSgt. 1st Class Tara Jamale Abrams 501st Sust. Bde., 19th ESCBy Master Sgt. Christine S. Thompson noncommissioned officer mentors of her19th ESC Public Affairs own from whom she has learned many of the traits of being a great NCO. “I have been most inspired in the Army She stands tall and quiet, unassuming by Sgt. 1st Class Simmons and Commandeven, but no one would ever mistake Sgt. Maj. Joanne Bridges, because they wereher for meek, for there is a strength that both females who did not allow anythingemanates from her very character, for she is to hinder them from achieving their goals,”a noncommissioned officer assigned to the said Abrams. “They always upheld the501st Sustainment Brigade. standards and firmly believed in taking care Sgt. 1st Class Tara Jamale Abrams, of Soldiers.”noncommissioned officer in charge Abrams also contributes a lot of herof host nation support, 501st Sust. accomplishments in life to forces outside ofBde., 19th Expeditionary Sustainment the Army, without which, she would not beCommand, joined the ranks of the Army where she is November of 1993 from her hometown “My parents have inspired me most inof Milledville, Ga., in part due to her my life,” said Abrams. “They provided me acompetitive nature. sound foundation that attributed immensely “I joined the Army because it was a to my success.”challenge between my friend and I,” said Although Abrams has had many successesAbrams. “It started out as something to do, and achievements in her career, a coupleI just wanted to serve my initial term and stand out above all the others.then go to college.” “My most significant accomplishments Just doing the bare minimum was never since joining the Army are earning myreally part of Abrams nature, a trait that degree and being inducted into the Sergeantworked to the Army’s advantage as Abrams Audie Murphy Club,” said Abrams.made the decision to make the Army a Always humble Abrams does not mentioncareer. being elected president of the Daegu chapter “I excelled quickly after I joined the of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.Army and I liked being a leader,” said What is Abrams advice to new SoldiersAbrams. “Simply put, I enjoy training and just joining the ranks today?mentoring Soldiers.” Sgt. 1st Class Tara Jamale Abrams, noncommissioned officer in charge of host nation “Strive everyday to be better than you Abrams ability to lead and mentor support, 501st Sust. Bde., 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, was recognized were the day before.”Soldiers is inspired by having strong as year of the NCO. — U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Christine S. Thompson Sound like good advice for all Soldiers.
  • USAG-D • PAGE 26 AREA IV THE MORNING CALM t News & Notes Let go of the rountine and join the party: Camp Carroll Lunch Buffet Camp Carroll Exclusive Fitness Programs Camp Carroll Bowling Center provides All-you-can-eat daily international lunch buffet. The menu varies daily. Monday is Italian, Tuesday is Mexican, Wednesday is oriental, Thursday is all American and Friday is fish fry. It opens from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It costs $7.95. For more information call 765-4470. 2009 DSA Tuition Scholarship Applications for five tuition-only scholarships totaling $10,000 are now available to qualifying Daegu Spouse Association members and their dependents. The application with applicable rules is available online at Submission deadline is March 31, 2009. Contact Laurie Slade at or 010-8671-6061 for more information. Daegu Spouses Association Camp Carroll sports, fitness & aquatics director Modesto C. Algarin conducts spinning class every monday and wednesday at 5:30 DSA is accepting application for p.m. The entire USAG-Daegu community is welcomed to experience fun-exercise. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodam 2009-2010 board positions. Positions By Modesto C. Algarin follow dance steps,” nothing that will create ride but there will not be definable pattern available are president, first and Sports, Fitness & Aquatics Director or give you any stress if you are one of those to the exercises. second vice president and secretary. people who have only a left foot or better Each person in the class can choose their DSA will accept application from Winter is now almost over and the to say no rhythm. More so the class “It’s own goals for the session. Some participants Feb until Apr. 10. If interested please weather gets warmer day by day. It is time fun and addictive it will make you want to choose to maintain a moderate, aerobic contact Kelly Gemin at geminkl@ to wake up from hibernation and start come back over and over again for more fun intensity level, while others drive their, 010-8671-7042 or you exercise for new fresh spring. Camp Carroll on the move. Zumba class begins March. heart rates higher in intervals of anaerobic can pick one from the Apple Tree. Crown Jewel Fitness Center, fortunately, 2 every Monday through Wednesday at activity. provides several programs for Soldiers 6:30 p.m. You must bring a towel and a Besides being a great form of aerobic 501st Brigade Dining in and civilian personnel to work out more water bottle. activity (burning between 500-700 calories They are having a 501st Brigade Dining interestingly. They currently work with Speaking of Spinning class, a typical class in 45 minutes), indoor cycling is also in, Apr. 17 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the two successful programs: Spinning and involves a single instructor at the front of beneficial in strengthening the muscles Evergreen Community Club on Camp Zumba. the class who leads the participants through of the lower body. It tones the quadriceps Walker. The event is for military E7 During Zumba class, they utilize the routines that are designed to simulate and hamstrings, along with working the and above. The cost is $35.00 and all principles of fitness interval training and terrain and situations similar to riding a back and hips. It can be difficult to stay at tickets must be purchased by Apr. 10. resistance training in a blend of musical bike outdoors. Some of the movements and the moderate level in a class that is geared POC to purchase tickets is Sgt. Maj. beats from all across Latin America in positions include hill climbs, sprints and towards more intensity Patterson at 765-7517. an easy-going atmosphere; some can say interval training. A well-trained instructor You will find yourself having a blast a party type of atmosphere. You add uses music, motivation and enthusiastic while you ride your way to a leaner, Camp Carroll Worship Service kicking, punching or Cardio-Kickboxing coaching to lead students through a ride stronger body. There are only 10 bikes Every Tuesday there will be an 11:40 to maximize caloric output, fat burning, that best suits their fitness level and goals. available by reservation. Classes are on a.m. worship service at the Camp and total body toning. Most instructors will lead what is called an Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Carroll Chapel. Everyone is invited. They call this class, “It’s a way of mixing interval ride. This is where students will For more information call Camp Carroll Lunch will be provided after the service. body sculpting movements with easy-to- sprint, run, climb, and jump all in the same Crown Jewel Fitness Center at 765-8287. For more information, contact the Camp Carroll Chapel staff at 765-8343. USAG-Daegu job profile: USAG-Daegu Fire Prevention Chief DAS Leadership Conference How do you help USAG-Daegu to Daegu American School holds third accomplish its mission? annual leadership conference Feb The mission of the Fire & Emergency 27-28 from Friday 5 p.m. until Saturday Service is to protect lives, property and 7 p.m. It is at DAS annex building. The the environment; we do this as a team of conference is for DAS students interested professionals in fire prevention, training in leadership training and community and fire fighting operations. By doing members willing to train the students. If this job we ensure that the personnel and interested contact Thelberstine Buford at equipment needed by USFK are available to fight not burnt up in a fire. With the added requirement of protecting the environment Apple Tree Gift Shop we make sure we leave this world better off Come visit the apple tree gift shop. It for future generations. is located next to the Evergreen Golf What qualities does your job require? Club parking lot. Ask about group I must have the ability to interact with shopping dates, 60 days layaway everyone on the installation from the Korean Furniture, Souvenirs, Celadon, Mr. Andrew M. Allen children up to the Commander. I must be Jewelry and much, much more! It USAG-Daegu Fire & Emergency Service, Fire Prevention Chief able to convey the fire prevention message to opens on Wednesday and Saturday everyone regardless of their background. firefighters what I know and learning new wash it off or get it out. It is this past that from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. What do you like most about your job? aspects of this profession gives me a thrill drives me to try and prevent fires from Visit to I have been a firefighter for 31 years; every day. starting in the first place and minimize the download high-resolution versions cutting away a car wrapped around a What is one thing about your job that effects a fire can have should a fire occur. I of the photos featured in the USAG- person, stopping a fire before it can destroy, most people don’t know? have learned over the years it is far cheaper Daegu section of the Morning Calm. saving a life, these are unbeatable rushes. This is not Hollywood; what I see, smell and easier to prevent a fire then it is to fight a The incredible joy I get in teaching other and feel at a fire never leaves me; you cannot fire and try to restore all that is lost in a fire.
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  • FEBRUARY 27, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 27 Fire Safety Corner Electrical transformer dangers! By Andrew M. Allen kitchen counters, under sinks or USAG-Daegu Fire & Emergency Services bathroom floors. 6. Do not place transformer where In the Korean community the you cannot easily turn the unit off or electrical system is different than what unplug it. we have in America; here we have 220 7. Most transformers do not have volts compared to the U.S. at 110 volts. grounding plugs! Just because the unit The problem many Americans face is the has the U.S. “3-Prong” receptacle does use of ‘step down transformers’. not mean it is grounded. Here is what you need to know: Look at the Korean plug end; if it has 1. Many appliances are multivolt, the two metal tabs on the side that line check the appliance, if it is rated for 220 up with the plug receptacle side tabs, volts, then plug it into the appropriate then the unit should be grounded. outlet. Some appliance have a switch to go between 110 to 220 volts while others are automatic; check before plugging it in. Example of what to look for: I N P U T / A L I M E N TAT I O N : 100-240V~50-60Hz 1.6A Max This plug has the two side tabs, one 2. If transformers are very warm or on top, one on the bottom. hot, you are overloading it! Get another 8. If you have received shocks from transformer or a larger capacity unit. appliances in your home, you need to 3. Transformers generate some heat, have the electrical system tested right so keep the vent holes clear. Keep away. Many older Korean homes and combustibles such as paper and trash apartments have incorrect ground cans at least 18 inches away. wiring or no ground wire at all. Contact 4. Turn transformers off when not in the owner if you suspect a problem. use. Transformers are always drawing If you have any questions about Fire power when turned on. If the unit does Safety, please contact your local Fire not have a switch, then it is pulling power Prevention Office. For Camp Walker, whenever it is plugged in! Unplug them Henry and George call Mr. Sin at 768- when not in use and save money. 7867, for Camp Carroll and Apo call 5. Do not place transformer where Mr Yon at 765-7190 and for BSF call water can spill on to them, such as Mr Kim at 763-7209.
  • USAG-D • PAGE 28 AREA IV THE MORNING CALM AREA IV Job Opportunities ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER VACANCY GRADE LOCATION CLOSE DATE APF US CITIZEN POSITIONS KOEZ09293433 Supv Logistics Management Specialist YC-2 19th SC(E), Cp. Henry Mar. 3 KOEZ09319832 Admin Support Assistant YB-1/2 CHRA, CPAC, Cp. Henry Mar. 5 KOEZ09270281 Pans & Ops Specialist GS-11 USAG, DPTMS, Cp. Henry Mar. 6 KOEZ09308975 Family Readiness Program Asst. YB-1 25th Trans Bn, Cp. Henry Mar. 6 KOEZ09308883 Supv Supply Spec YC-2 MSC-K, Cp. Carroll Mar. 6 KOEZ09308871 Supv Maintenance Manager YC-2 MSC-K, Cp. Carroll Mar. 6 KOEZ09329369 Office Support Assistant YB-2 AFSBN-NEA, Cp. Carroll Mar. 6 KOEZ08137896 Health Promotion Coordinator GS-11 18th Med Com, Cp Henry Mar. 9 KOEZ08186601R Medical Support Assistant GS-5 Medical Clinic, Cp. Carroll Mar. 9 KOEZ09334712 Store Worker GS-4 Commissary, Cp. Carroll Mar. 9 KOEZ09228585 Supervisory Industrial Engineering YC-2 USAG-D DPW, Cp. Henry Mar. 11 KOEZ09228588 Civil Engineer GS-11 USAG-D DPW, Cp. Henry Mar. 11 KOEZ09293680 Multiple YF-2 Army Engineer, Cp. Henry Mar. 13 KOEZ09312701 Food Service Mgt Specialist GS-11 USAG, DOL, Cp. Henry Mar. 18 NAF US CITIZEN POSITION KRNAFEZ090008WW Supv Sports Specialist NF-4 FTW Center, Cp. Henry Mar. 3 KRNAFEZ090007WW Librarian NF-4 CRD, Library, Cp. Walker Mar. 3 KRNAFEZ09-003-K4-R Administrative Assistant NF-2 CYS2, CDC, Cp. George Mar. 4 WENAFFC09319247 District Manager NF-4 Stars&Stripes, Cp. Henry Jun. 1 CONTRACT NAFIB3-09-R-0008 Gymnastics Instructor N/A CYS2, Cp. Walker Mar. 18 N/A On-Call HR Specialist N/A MPD, Cp. Henry Until Filled N/A Part-Time ACAP Counselor N/A ACAP, Cp. Henry Until Filled N/A Various Duties N/A Education Center Until Filled For more information, contact Employment Readiness Program Manager, Steven Wegley at 768-7951
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