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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  090220 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 090220 Document Transcript

  • February 20, 2009 • Volume 7, Issue 18 Published for those serving in the Republic of KoreaInside Military Police 5K celebrates Yongsan clean up MP Hill ‘Year of the NCO’ community honors at Humphreys at USAG-Yongsan ACS volunteer Page 22 Page 9 Page 11 River Crossing 2-9 Infantry conducts joint training By Spc. Christen Best 1HBCT Public Affairs The Soldiers of C Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry crossed the icy waters of the Yang Pyong Chon River Feb. 5 in a joint training exercise with the Republic of Korea Army’s 26th Mechanized Infantry Division, in which both militaries combined forces to successfully complete the operation. The ROK Army’s K1 A1 Main Battle Tanks, the M 113 Armored Personnel Carriers and the 2-9’s M1 A1 Abrams Tanks forged the river in correlation with each other, only achievable through good communication and great teamwork. “One of the complications in this exercise was the language barrier,” said 2nd Lt. Robert White, the 2nd Platoon leader for C Co., 2-9. “We utilized our KATUSAs to help with the issue, and some of the ROK officers spoke English, – See RIVER Page 14 –A ROK soldiers’ armored vehicle rises from the icy waters of the Yang Pyong Chon River, Feb. 5, during a joint forces training exercise with 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry. To view other photographsfrom this event or download high resolution copies of this week’s Morning Calm photographs, visit — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Christen Best
  • NEWS • PAGE 2 NEWS THE MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Published by Installation Management Command - Korea Garrisons get heart healthy: Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. John Uberti Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson Deputy PAO: Slade Walters Yongsan, Humphreys to host fun walk/run for Senior Editor: Susan Silpasornprasit USAG-RED CLOUD Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson heart health; Casey, Walker hold screenings Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson CI Officer: James F. Cunningham By Marianne Campano free blood pressure, fasting cholesterol tests to 65 years need moderate-intensity physical USAG-YONGSAN 65th Medical Brigade and heart disease risk factor screenings on activity for a minimum of thirty minutes Commander: Col. David W. Hall Feb. 24 at the Food Court from 11a.m.-2 on five days each week, or a minimum of Public Affairs Officer: David McNally To get on the road to fitness or stay on p.m. and Camp Walker will host the same twenty minutes on three days each week. So Staff Writers: Sgt. Im Jin-min, Cpl. Lee Min-hwi, Spc. Jason C. Adolphson that road, join the 5k fun walk/run on Feb. screenings on Feb. 26 at the PX from what is moderate physical activity? These 28 at Collier Field House, USAG-Yongsan 10 a.m.-1 p.m. are activities that get your heart pumping USAG-HUMPHREYS Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. sponsored by 65th Medical Brigade, Force Six in ten adults don’t exercise regularly, and your body moving. Examples of this Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy Health Protection and Preventive Medicine and another two in ten are barely active. include walking briskly, hiking gardening CI Officer: Lori Yerdon But you don’t have to be part of those and yard work, dancing, bicycling and Writer-Editor: Ken Hall and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and MWR. Designer: Pfc. Kim, Hyung Joon Registration is from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m., and groups. If you don’t think you have time weight training workouts. the fun walk/run begins at 9:30 a.m. USAG- to be active, you might be surprised to With just 30 minutes a day, you’ll USAG-DAEGU Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier Humphreys is also hosting a 5k run and 1 learn that fitting exercise into your busy experience many benefits including a Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman mile walk starting at 9 a.m., with registration schedule is easier than you think. healthier heart, more energy, feeling happier Staff Writer: Pvt. Park, Kyung Rock Staff Writer: Lee, Dodam starting at 8 a.m. at their Super Gym. Free To promote and maintain health the and more confident, less stress, weight t-shirts will be given to all participants. Wear American College of Sports Medicine control, better sleep, healthier cholesterol, This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for and the American Heart Association blood pressure and blood sugar levels and members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The red to increase awareness about heart health. Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, Road vest required. USAG-Casey will hold recommend that all healthy adults aged 18 stronger bones, muscles and joints. or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of De- Commentary fense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM- Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way con- nected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The How to perfect the Army Physical Fitness Test civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. By Randy Behr rhomboids, back, and often neglected, exhaust prior to the abdominal muscles. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement USAG-Red Cloud Director-Sports, Fitness and the core. For the average Soldier the core Therefore, exercises involving strengthening by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or ser- Aquatics muscles will tire and the back and hips and quickening these muscles are beneficial. vices advertised. Everything advertised in this publication will drop, commonly referred to as the Exercises such as high knees, adductor shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, For those interested in perfecting the ‘sway’ back. and abductor work and dynamic running age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, Army Physical Fitness Test, it is fitting to More importantly, in addition to drills. or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity talk about what can be done to see positive resistance training, push-ups also must The last activity is the run, and many policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse fitness results. be performed. Do not do push-ups daily times the most difficult. To achieve optimal to print advertising from that source until the violation is results, one must initially create a ‘base,’ corrected. First, consult a physician if one has a because this will be counterproductive. concern about their health. Once this is On a technical aspect, the fingertips which means a general conditioning level. Oriental Press President: Charles Chong complete, he or she is now ready to move on and thumb should be spread wide apart This is true for many reasons. Commercial Advertising Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 to the next step. to produce more surface area, which First, to strengthen the connective Fax: (02) 790-5795 Second, set a goal for the APFT. More ultimately will allow for more power and tissues and second, the ‘base’ will allow the E-mail: Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 specifically, set a short, medium and long produce more push-ups. individual to be able to speed train properly Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post term goal. An example of a short term They must be performed at many at the correct intensities without a high risk goal would be ‘what I want to accomplish different angles and positions to strengthen of injury. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Phone: DSN 724-3366 this week.’ A medium range goal could be all of the muscles used during the Speed training is essential to improving E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly approximately a month from the starting date, evolution. one’s time in a 2-mile race. Speed training while the long term would be the actual test. Also, different types of push-ups such as comes in many different forms such as By breaking the goals into smaller increments wide, close, diamond, polymeric, medicine interval, in/outs, Fartlek, Speed Endurance it will seem more manageable. Also, keep ball, incline, physioball, decline, isometric, workouts and repeats, to name a few. For a Visit us online in mind, all goals must be achievable and partial, fast, slow, and one of my favorites, beginner speed training should occur one The Morning Calm realistic. It does not do any good to write the clock push-up. to two times per week. down an unrealistic goal. Clock push-ups consist of the person A more advanced runner may only want When one writes down the final goal he assuming a shoulder width hand position, to run one per week. As a general rule or she must count the days backwards from left hand stationary, while the right hand two consecutive ‘hard’ runs shouldn’t be the test date to the present day. This will allow moves clockwise in an arc motion from attempted. for the most favorable results. one o‘clock, two, three, four, five and a six One to two per week is probably the Don’t deviate. For example, if your goal for o’clock position. optimal. Always follow up a hard intensity the push-ups is 100 and initially started at 50 At each clock position, perform the day with a lower intensity or a ‘slow over and finished with 90 on test day most likely prescribed amount of repetitions, and then distance’ run. this could have been foreseen in one’s training move right hand to next position. Next, After the plan is set, it is time to get down much sooner. This training is a a process move on to the opposite hand and repeat to business. This will require motivation and of breaking up your workout into smaller the motion. This exercise works the entire sacrifice. In order to achieve the ultimate cycles (micro, meso, etc), varied intensities, shoulder, chest and back regions. goal one will have to dedicate himself or volume, frequency, duration, to ‘peak’ for Same thing is true for the curl-ups. herself to the plan. the right time. Don’t perform a full curl-up every day. In This will undoubtedly cause one to miss Submitting to The Morning Calm Weekly Once the goals have been written down, fact, only perform a full curl-up once per out on things others may be doing because Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, (where one can visually see them daily), the week. In my opinion, ‘crunches’ should they are not as motivated. Accept this and story submissions and other items: next step is to implement the plan. only be worked two to four times per week use it as motivation. If anyone needs more information, please How many days per week to work out: two if pushed to exhaustion levels. In fact, For all submitted items include a point of con- times per week, three times per week or maybe crunches are not the most effective exercise call 732-6276 or e-mail randy.behr@korea. tact name and telephone number. All items are a split routine of four days per week and so on? to improve core strength. Furthermore, subject to editing for content and to insure they Find a schedule that fits your lifestyle and stick stomach muscles need rest too and one In closing, remember to include adequate conform with DoD guidelines. warm-ups prior to taking the APFT even to it. be sure not to miss workouts. should vary the exercises. Use different IMCOM-K Public Affairs Resistance training is always beneficial. variations and equipment such as medicine though the activities are for brief times. and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located Lifts for the entire body are recommended balls, physioballs, upper and lower abs, Warm-ups will pay dividends. in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. with specific attention to the following muscle rotational, cables, etc. Remember, in order to achieve a goal one For information, call 724-3365. must sacrifice and omit what doesn’t allow groups to achieve optimum results for push- In addition, most people do not realize ups; the chest, rotator cuff, triceps, deltoids, hip flexors on the average individual will you to achieve that goal!
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 NEWS NEWS • PAGE 3 MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the military police blotters. These entries may be in- complete and do not imply guilt or innocence. AREA I: Traffic Accident Without Injury; Dam- age to Government; Subject #1, operating a GOV with Witness #1 as a passenger, while attempting to make a u-turn, rolled off of the roadway’s shoulder and dropped approximately 5 feet rolling over onto its roof adjacent to FP #180, Rodriguez Range. Damages to Subject #1’s vehicle consisted of a cracked front right fender and wheel well and scrapes to the roof. KNP were not notified due to jurisdiction. MP found Subject #1 at fault and titled him with traf- fic accident resulting in damage to government property. All parties reported utilization of their seatbelts. ECOD is unknown. AREA I: Traffic Accident Without Injury; Dam- age to Government; Damage to Property; Sub- ject #1, operating a POV, failed to clear the distance and struck Victim #1’s GOV. Damages to Subject #1’s vehicle consisted of scratches to the right front bumper. Damages to Victim #1’s vehicle consisted of scratches to the right rear quarter panel. KNP were notified and titled Sub- ject #1 with KRTL ART #19, PARA #1 (Failure to Maintain a Safe Distance). MP concurred with KNP. All parties reported utilization of their seat- belts. ECOD is unknown. This is a final report. AREA II: Traffic Accident With Injuries; Fail- ure to Yield the Right of Way to a Pedestrian; Subject #1, operating a GOV with Witness #1 as a passenger, struck Victim #1 at the protected Stoic guards and officials march to the palace gate with colorful robes and traditional flags flowing in the wind. Another day begins for the location. Victim #1 was transported by an un- reenactors of Gyeongbok Palace in central Seoul. To view more photos from this event and others featured in the Morning Calm online, visit the known ambulance to Soon Cheon Hyang Uuni- IMCCOM-K Flickr site at — U.S. Army Photo by Edward Johnson versity Hospital where Victim #1 was treated for a broken right leg. Subject #1 reported to the Yongsan KNP Station where he rendered a writ- SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post events and activities ten statement admitting to the offenses. Subject #1 was charged by KNP under KRTL ART #48 Jisan Forest Resort outdoor and indoor swimming pools, zoo, botanical great music and great fun. Seoul Plaza Ice (Obligation for Safe Driving) and Special Act Jisan Forest Resort is located in Icheon city, garden, five tourist hotels, 23 accommodation and Skating Rink, Jung-gu, Seoul, Outside rink, #3-1 (Traffic Accident Resulting in Injury). Sub- 21 shopping centers. It is a suitable place for short located in front of the Seoul City Hall; Walkerhill Gyeonggi-do province, near the Incheon ject #1 was released into MP Custody on a CJ Airport. All slopes are available for snow- family trips where you can relax your tired body Ice Skating Rink, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul; Olympic Form 2. Subject #1 was further processed and released to his unit. Subject #1 and Witness #1 boarders, and the moving staircases will help at the hot spring, and rest at the accommodation Park Ice Skating Rink, Songpa-gu, Seoul; Grand reported utilization of their seatbelts and no inju- children and beginners move more easily. and recreation facilities in the complex. Visit www. Hyatt Ice Skating Rink, Yongsan, Seoul; World ries. ECOD is unknown. This is a final report. In addition, the 6-seat chair lift is equipped or for Cup Park Ice Skating Rink, Songpa-gu, Seoul, with a heating system. Although the slopes more information. outdoor ice skating rink and snow sledding field; AREA III: Disrespect Towards Superior Com- are not that big, this resort is loved by many Lotte World Indoor Ice Skating Rink, Songpa-gu, missioned Officer; Disrespect Towards to a people because of its convenient facilities and Angel and the Woodcutter (Thru Feb. 22) Seoul, located inside the Lotte World Theme Non-Commissioned Officer; Failure to Go to close proximity to Seoul. Jisan Resort does A heartbreaking Korean theatre show with a Park; Bundang Olympic Ice Skating Rink, Appointed Place of Duty; Disobey; Investiga- not suffer from overcrowding, and so visitors powerful message, this performance tells the Seongnam city, Gyeonggi Province; Korea tion revealed Subject #1 told Victim #1 that he was not going to report to work or present here can enjoy skiing without experiencing story of how Koreans believe that a long time ago, University Ice Skating Rink, Seongbuk, Seoul, a military appearance. On 09 FEB 09 and 10 long waits at the lifts. Facilities at Jisan angels came down from the heavens to bathe. Indoor international ice skating rink located FEB 09, Subject #1 failed to report to the unit’s Resort are very reasonably priced. In terms Cho-In Theatre takes the beloved tale of an angel inside the university. Visit www.tour2korea for formations. Subject #1 was apprehended by MP of accommodation facilities, condos range who falls in love with a woodcutter, and in a striking more information on these venues. and transported to the USAG-Humphreys PMO from 85,000won to 195,000 won (condo prices new version sets it amidst a terrible war, where where he was advised of his legal rights, which differ by the weekend, the weekday and the the angel must sacrifice everything for her family. Snow Sledding he invoked. Subject #1 was processed and re- season), and restaurants and supermarkets Cho-In Theatre tells this story entirely without Many sledding facilities have separate slopes leased to his unit. This is a final report. are also available. Jisan Resort also operates words, using puppets, exquisite choreography for children and adults, some have tube sleds AREA III: Larceny of Private Property; a free shuttle bus from Seoul. Also available and traditional music, to give a unique insight into for children and extra-large sized sleds for Person(s) unknown, by means unknown, re- are a Snow park for kids, playground for Korea’s rich history and culture. Performances two or more people, as well as the traditional moved Victim #1‘s laptop, which was secured infants, ski shop, campsite, cycling course, are scheduled for: Tuesday-Fridays, 7.30 p.m.; plastic sleds. Korean Children’s Center Snow and unattended. Person(s) unknown then fled basketball court, soccer field, putting course, Saturdays, 6 p.m. and Sundays, 3 p.m. at Arreum Sledding Field, Gwangjin, Seoul, Includes the scene in an unknown direction. A search of and golf practice range. Visit www.jisanresort. Daun Theater, Daehangno, Seoul (Hyehwa subway other entertainment facilities, exhibitions, and the area for subject(s) and/or witness(es) met or station, exit 4, line 4). For more information, visit convenience facilities; Korean Folk Village Snow with negative results. Victim #1 rendered a writ- Sledding Field, Yongin city, Gyeonggi province, ten statement attesting to the incident. ECOL is Hot Springs enjoy snow sledding and learn about Korean unknown. This is a final report. Bugok Hot Springs, located at the foot of Mt. Goseong Sea Fest (Thru Feb. 22) traditional culture at the Korean Folk Village; AREA IV: Traffic Accident without Injuries; Deokamsan, Gyeongsangnam-do is one of the The Pollack Festival is held each February in to Seoul Land Snow, Gwacheon city, Gyeonggi; Obligation for Safe Operation; Subject #1, op- best hot springs in South Korea ‘Bugok’ was celebrate the local fish specialty of Goseong-gun in Everland Snow Buster, Yongin city, Gyeonggi erating a GOV, struck a canopy at Gate #4. named according to the iron pot shape of the Gangwon-do Province to ensure a good haul and province; Taereung Snow Sledding Field, Damages to Subject #1’s vehicle consisted of a land. The temperature of the water is 78°c, community. Visit Nowon, Seoul; Yongin Hanwha Snow Sledding scratch and a dent to the top of the roof. Damag- and contains sulfur and more than 20 kinds Field, Yongin City, Gyeonggi province, located es to the canopy consisted of top of the canopy of inorganic matters such as silicon, chlorine, Ice Skating (Around Seoul) inside the ski resort; Yangpyeong Hanwha tent being bent and torn. Subject #1 rendered Ice-skating is a special winter activity. Lotte World’s Snow Sledding Field, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi calcium and iron. As a multi-complex resort, a written Korean statement admitting to the of- Bugok Hot Spring Tourist Special Complex indoor facilities offer year round ice skating fun, province, located inside the Yangpyeong Resort, fense. Subject #1 reported utilization of his seat- belt and was released on his own recognizance. covers various facilities other than the large but to ice skate in true classic style, head to one skiing also available. Visit ECOD is unknown. This is a final report. spa, such as the grand performance hall, of these outdoors facilities and enjoy great views, for detailed information on these venues. Source:,,, — No endorsement implied.
  • NEWS • PAGE 4 NEWS THE MORNING CALMLessons of the agesBuffalo Soldiers ofthe American SouthwestBy Col. Wes Martin horse Soldier regiments were designated the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry, commandedW ithout proper attention, history by Colonels Edward Hatch and Benjamin becomes the recording of Grierson respectively. Both officers were selective memory rather than extremely capable, and both were alsodocumentation of complete facts. Such was unburdened with the personal trait that wasthe fate of the deeds and contributions of the predominant on the western frontier: neitherBuffalo Soldiers of the American Southwest. was a racist. The Ninth was initially offeredUnfortunately, many generations of all races not to Hatch, but to the Army’s most famouswere denied the opportunity to understand cavalry officer. But George Custer refusedand appreciate these great warrior History the position, claiming that black Soldiersis now repairing itself. As if the desert wind were inferior fighters. Because of Custersis blowing a hundred years of sand off their attitude, the Soldiers of the Ninth Cavalrylegacy, the story of the Buffalo Soldiers is were much better off than their counterpartsfinally being unearthed. in the Seventh. Unlike Custer, Hatch was Following the Civil War, Congress not abusive to his Soldiers. Also, unlikeauthorized the establishment of two cavalry Custer, Hatch did not wage war on sleepingand four infantry regiments composed ofblack American enlisted Soldiers. The two – See BUFFALO SOLDIERS, Page 18 – This Week’s Profile in Service: 2009: Year of the NCOName: Ronald R.C. HelmRank: Staff Sgt.Organization: B Company 602D Aviation Support BattalionBrief Job Description: Shops Platoon Sergeant in the only AVIMCompany on the Korean Peninsula. Responsible for the health,welfare, morale, and training of 50 Soldiers. Responsible andaccountable for more than 22 million dollars of equipment.Time in Service: 13 years, 5 monthsRecent Accomplishments: Served as a Serial Commander forOperation Polar Tiger, organized a fundraiser and Christmas tripto a local orphanage raising sufficient funds to provide presentsfor 75 children and seven DVD players, served as the Battalion Staff Sgt. Ronald R.C. Helm Master Rider, and successfully trained 75 Soldiers as the RangeNCOIC for a Small Arms Range.What makes an effective NCO? An effective NCO is one who can get Soldiers to workfor him because they want to not because they have to. This requires respect from boththe Soldier and the NCO. It requires that the Soldier respect the NCO not solely for theposition he holds, but also for the person and leader he is. Also, an effective NCO is ableto get Soldiers to do the right thing without being told. This involves teaching Soldiersto live by the spirit of the law as opposed to simply the letter of the law. Although thereare many leadership styles, the NCO must have a Soldiers-always mentality in order tobe an effective leader.To feature an NCO from your organization in the Morning Calm, send a photo, brief description andsupervisor endorsement to or call 724-3366 for details. Yongsan resident accepted to West Point Class of 2013 Cadet Conor Wilson of USAG-Yongsan shows off his West Point appointment in front of the historic Chapel at Marion Military Institute. Wilson, son of Daniel and Una Wilson of the USAG-Yongsan community, has been awarded an offer of admission to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He currently attends Marion Military Institute as part of the college’s Service Academy Prep program. View this photo and others from the Morning Calm at — Photo courtesy of Marion Military Institute
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 5 left to right) Staff Sgt. Richard Pierce, 17th Ordinance, serves as a safety supervisor for Staff Sgt. Timothy Robinson, 52nd Ordinance, while Sgt. James Walker and Staff Sgt. KalimahShabazz, 538th Ordinance, pulls security during HEAT training. Additional photos from this event are available online at— U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jamal WalkerWarrior Country Soldiers go south for HEATBy Pfc. Jamal Walker is tipped over due to the path of travel or forced to communicate because we were all going to do and be familiar with their job,”USAG-RC Public Affairs some kind of negligence. fighting to get out of the vehicle,” said Staff added Staff Sgt. Kalimah Shabazz, 538 The class began with a class where the six Sgt. Lakisha Session, training NCO, 52nd Ordinance operations NCO in charge. H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N — NCOs where briefed on what to expect in Ordinance, during the after action report Once the NCOs became qualified, theyNoncommissioned officers throughout the the HEAT simulator. This was followed by following battle run drill four. discussed among themselves how they werepeninsula gathered Thursday at USAG- a short test to find how much they retained Battle run drill four had the crew going to run the HEAT simulator with theirHumphreys to conduct training certification during the class. The instructors followed the simulating a rollover in water. The up- Soldiers and what points they were going toon the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled test with a demonstration of the four drills armored vehicle was turned 90 degrees and emphasize to the class.Vehicle Egress Assistance Trainer. and the jobs each had to do in order to be the entire crew had to get out through one “We will train in a classroom to be aware The HEAT training class was designed certified to teach the course. exit point, the gunners hatch, versus battle of what could happen in a rollover, on thefor the NCOs to acquire certification on the The first of the four run battle drills run drill three where the NCOs could exit squad level, and after I feel they are awareHEAT device, enabling them to train more consisted of a four man crew entering the out of their respective doors. of all the safety hazards, and are familiarSoldiers on the simulator. The simulator is simulated M1114 up-armored vehicle and Staff Sgt. Paula Nahler, master driver, with the training; in the actual simulator,”a modified M1114-up armored vehicle with being turned over 25 and 30 degrees to get 25th Ordinance, said the opportunity to said Staff Sgt. Richard Pierce, master driver,the capabilities of being rotated and spun familiar with a rollover. Run battle drill two have hands on training prepared us for the 17th Ordinance.around on demand using a joystick. had the crew turned in a rollover of 180 drill, and the way we turned through each The HEAT class was the first such class The purpose of HEAT is to learn how and 360 degrees, followed by run battle position, helped in case some of us sat in the on the peninsula and was applauded byto react from a rollover and the proper way drill three where the crew was turned 180 back or in the driver’s seat. every NCO. The course can be taken notto get out of a vehicle in the event an up- degrees then forced to get out of the vehicle “It is important to know everyone’s only on USAG-Humphreys, but Camparmored or any vehicle is turned on its side while upside down. position despite your rank and title; every Carroll and USAG-Casey.or upside down. A rollover is when a vehicle “It was different, we (the crew) were Soldier needs to know what the other is “It was awesome,” Shabazz said Ceremony honors 46 Area I KATUSA soldiers on Red Cloud Garrison Lt. Col. Park Kwang Chul (center), 2nd Infantry Division Republic of Korea Army Staff Government commander, delivers a congratulatory address to soldiers be- ing honorably discharged in USAG-Red Cloud Chapel Feb. 1. A large number of U.S. Soldiers and ROKA soldiers attend- ed to honor their comrades. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Kim, Tae Hoon
  • USAG-RC • PAGE 6 AREA I THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Gyeong-Gi Province honors Soldier volunteer New! Mitchell’s Sunday Brunch Mitchell’s will offer Sunday Brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday. No reserva- tions are required. For more information call: 732-8189/8211. By Jim Cunningham called ‘and the kitchen sink,’ it is called that USAG-RC Public Affairs because it features everything a drummer 2009 Eighth Army can do,” Merwin said. “I will play all BATAAN Road March UIJEONGBU — Employees of the this on a snare drum, and I will probably Registration for the 2009 BATAAN Road provincial government of Gyeong-Gi improvise the second tune because I forgot March will be from 7-8:15 a.m. Feb. 21 in the Carey Fitness Center USAG-Casey. gathered in a conference room in their my music.” Race will begin 8:45 a.m. The event is building in downtown Uijeongbu Feb. 12 After Merwin leaves, the class will not open to active duty military personnel as- to honor and give appreciation to their lose pace. In the words of the employees signed to the 8th Army with a DEROS no volunteer English teacher Spc. Dan Merwin. team leader, “an old English proverb says ‘a sooner than April 4, 2009. For more infor- Merwin volunteered to teach more than 20 rolling stone gathers no moss,’ so we must mation call: 725-5064. students every Thursday evening in order to continue our class without interruption.” improve their English conversation as well Merwin’s replacement is Spc. Elliott New Osan Bus Schedule as reading and writing skills. Chodkowski, a pianist with the 2ID Band. The bus schedule has changed to reflect “They are giving me an appreciation “I have known Dan for more than a the actual ridership. Main changes are: 11:30 p.m. bus routes for Friday, Saturday plaque for volunteering to teach English,” year now,” Chodkowski said. “We trained and U.S. holidays are eleminated. Osan Merwin said. “Korea is a part of me, though together and we both came to Korea. We Express will run twice daily from 9 a.m. I did not know it at first when I came to have something in common, both being leaving Casey arriving Red Cloud 9:40 a.m. this country. All I knew was it was in my half Korean.” and Osan at noon, 11 a.m. Casey 11:40 blood. My mother is Korean and my father Chodkowski is no stranger to teaching a.m. Red Cloud, 2 p.m. at Osan. Leaves is American.” English. He taught creative writing to Osan 3:30 p.m. to Red Cloud 4:20 p.m. and Merwin believes he has learned as much community college students. Casey 5:10 p.m. Leaves Osan 6:30 p.m. to about Korea as his students have learned “I have experience teaching adults how Red Cloud 7:20 p.m. and Casey 8:10 p.m. about English. to write short stories and poetry, so teaching For more information call: 738-3380. Spc. Dan Merwin, volunteer honoree and “Teaching English is a great opportunity adults will not be new to me,” Chodkowski for these folks to learn, not only English said. “I am eager to find those who sit in member of the 2ID Band, plays a farewell Suicide Prevention Hotline conversation, but English customs; in this the back of the class and bring them to the solo on his field snare drum titled “And the 2nd Infantry Division Suicide Prevention Hotline is open 24 hours. The DSN is: 732- case, American customs,” Merwin said. “I front so they can participate. I want them kitchen sink” during his farewell address and 6637. The Military One Source number: teach more than just English, American to take part in skits and short small group ceremony in the offices of the Gyeong-Gi 800-342-9647. slang and humor as well. The students are projects.” Province Feb. 12. — U.S. Army photo by Jim from 30 to 50 years of age and appreciate Chodkowski will not throw his new class Cunningham Ash Wednesday Services learning.” into the fire at first. He plans to start slowly projects where the class writes something, Ash Wednesday Services will be held Feb. Because Merwin is a member of the 2nd and have the class introduce themselves like a simple story.” 25 11:45 a.m. Camp Hovey, 11:45 a.m. Camp Stanley, 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. US- Infantry Division Band, he promised he in English with ‘getting to know you’ Chodkowski plans to take the class on AG-Red Cloud, 7 p.m. USAG-Casey. For would bring his instrument, a snare drum, activities. monthly excursions: movies in English or a more information call: 732-8854. to class and play for them. This occasion “Each class should have a topic such restaurant featuring American dishes. being his last chance to do so, prompted as going to a restaurant and how to order “After all, there are a few Outback Spouses Orientation Program Dates more students to show for class than food,” Chodkowski said. “How to interact restaurants around, and who knows, maybe The Spouses Orientation Program sched- normally would attend. with family members is another way to start I can take the class on post for a night,” ule dates are Feb. 24 for USAG-Casey, At- “The tune I will play for them tonight is learning conversation, and I like to have Chodkowski said. tendace is mandatory. For more informa- tion call: 732-7779. Suicide Prevention Class There will be a mandatory Suicide Preven- tion Class held in the Red Cloud Theater Area I Personnel learn about post access Feb. 25 from 1 to 2 p.m. and Casey Digital By Pfc. Jamal A. Walker There are three types of background checks sure everything is filled out,” said Iafelice. Conference Center Feb. 26 from 1 to 2 p.m. USAG-RC Public Affairs conducted by the Korean NPA and the “Most passes are sent back to the requestor All assigned U.S. military and U.S. DA Ci- United States Embassy-Korea. because of some simple mistake. These vilians are required to attend and spouses R E D C LO U D g A R R I S O N — “We have a new system, which is giving errors can be avoided,” are encouraged to attend. For more infor- Representatives from Family, Morale, out passes in a timelier manner even if the mation call: 732-9103. Welfare and Recreation, Directorate applicant’s background check is not finished. EEO/POSH Training Schedule of Logistics, Directorate of Emergency Because, in some cases, a background check EEO/POSH refresher training will be held Services, the 17th Ordinance Company can take as long as 60 days,” said Anthony in the FMWR classroom March 9 on US- and G9 employees came to the USAG-RC Iafelice, USAG-RC access control officer. AG-Red Cloud and in the Digital Confer- Education Center Feb. 11 to learn more “However,” Iafelice added, “if something ence Center on USAG-Casey March 25. about the installations access control policies negative does come up in the background These courses are mandatory for all Dept. and procedures. check, the plan of action is up to the of the Army employees. For more informa- The main focus of the class was to approving command for the pass, and tion call: 732-6273. instruct personnel how to apply for passes in some cases, the pass can be revoked, to get on the installation and vehicle decals. restricted, or just ignored depending on the 2009 Texas Hold’em Championship The 2009 Texas Hold’em Championship The class also notified personnel about the severity of the negative comment.” tournament will be held March 7 in Mitch- changes made in a few areas for requesting The approval process will be the same for ell’s Sports Grill on USAG-RC. For more a pass. For example, there will no longer be parties requesting either a vehicle decal or information call: 732-9187. guest passes because guest passes are now an installation pass. The approving authority considered as good neighbor passes. is either, Richard Davis, USAG-RC deputy Mardi Gras 2009 The steps one must take to apply for an garrison commander, Lt. Col Donald Mardi Gras 2009 will be held in USAG- installation pass are different than in the Meisler, USAG-Casey garrison commander, Casey’s Gateway Park Feb. 21 beginning past, but they can be reviewed in United or Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG- Red at noon. It will feature many events includ- States Forces Korea Form 82 E, and USFK Cloud commander. ing: Cajun cook-off at the Gateway Club, Mardi Gras Parade on USASG-Casey regulations Form 190-7 and 190-1; revised Before ending the class, Iafelice concluded Main Blvd. at 3 p.m., Children’s Raging as of Oct. 1, 2008. The form, which governs with some helpful hints on how to speed up Anthony Iafelice, USAG-RC access control Cajun Carnival with children’s games, face the application for registering vehicles decals the application process for passes and decals officer, teaches a classroom full of students painting and a magic show. Evening events can be found in USFK Form 195EK-E, while explaining common errors he finds from FMWR, DOL, DES, and 17th Ordinance for adults begin at 6. p.m. For more infor- published July 31, 2008. while reviewing the applications. Company along with G9 employees during a mation call: 732-7292. Background checks, authorized for some “It really is attention to detail, explain class about post access control Feb. 11. — passes, were discussed in the class as well. very clearly why you need the pass and make U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jamal Walker
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 7 fete Valentine’s Day at Gateway ClubBy Jim Cunningham partnered event with the Gateway ClubUSAG-RC Public Affairs providing the food and space. “At first we were worried because this CASEY GARRISON — More than event was planned during a long holiday200 Soldiers, Civilians and Family members weekend,” Hall said. “We were keepinggathered in the Gateway club on USAG- our fingers crossed because we knew manyCasey the evening of Feb. 14 to celebrate Soldiers and their Families may have madeValentine’s Day. The party was sponsored other plans.”by the Casey Community Activities Center Best dressed couple award winners Cpl.and supported by the Gateway Club. The Dustin Grissom and his wife Stormy dressedcelebration included prize drawings, a for success in that category before comingkaraoke competition, and prizes for the best to the Gateway.dressed couple, and giveaways. “We purposefully dressed to win the ‘best “We wanted to do a Family oriented dressed couple’ award tonight,” Stormy said.event for Valentine’s Day this year,” said Sally “I had a different dress picked out, but myHall, USAG-Casey CAC manager. “All our husband suggested I wear this one and weprograms are for Soldiers and since we have got lucky.”more Soldiers with Families now, we wanted “Before we came to the party, we knew Cpl. Dustin Grissom and his wife, Stormy, coo together whispering sweet nothings just beforea Family Valentine’s Day.” we were happy with each other,” Grissom winning the “Best Dressed Couple” awards during the Valentine’s Day celebration in the Gate- Planning for the event began more than said. “This is a wonderful event and were way Club on USAG-Casey Feb. 14. Additional photos from this event are available online ata month ago with a decision to make it a glad to see so many people there.”— U.S. Army photo by Jim CunninghamPatrick Rautert (left), stares down his opponent, Justin Uno (right), in the championship match of the wrestling tournament held at the USAG-Red Cloud Fitness Center, Feb. 14. Rautert wentundefeated during the tournament to win first place followed by Uno and Ryan Wilson in third. — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jamal WalkerSoldiers wrestle in Valentine’s Day smackdownBy Pfc. Jamal Walker The first match was Ryan Wilson, against defeated Rautert in the second period 3-2. against Wilson and me,” Rautert said. “IUSAG-RC Public Affairs Patrick Rautert, where Rautert continued on With the Championship on the line just started pushing a little harder because and defeated Justin Uno. and the score even, the final period was the it really is mostly will power in the end,” RED CLOUD GARRISON —Soldiers Rautert, who had clinched a spot in the highlight of the event. Uno put Rautert in Rautert added, explaining what was goingcame to watch and participate in a wrestling championship fight, was then able to have a commanding hold, yet Rautert managed in his head during the third period of thetournament held at the USAG- Red Cloud a resting period while Uno wrestled against to escape and receive the first point of the championship match.Fitness Center Feb. 14. Wilson in the deciding match of who will period and score ahead of Uno. Uno was designated as the runner up The tournament kicked off at 10 a.m. face Rautert in the final championship “He slipped up a little right there and and Wilson was rewarded with 3. Michaelwith a weigh in followed by a safety briefing. match. Wilson came out strong very early I capitalized on his mistake,” Rautert said. Gossett, who was in a higher weight class,The matches began at 1:30 p.m. during the match, but was unable to defeat “I didn’t come here to win a trophy, I just received 1 as well since no one showed up The tournament consisted of four Uno, who defeated Wilson during the first love to wrestle, who has been wrestling since to wrestle against him. Although he wondouble-elimination matches, each match two periods. junior high school.” by technicality, Gossett said he is lookingconsisting of three 2- minute periods. The As soon as Stacy Sparks began the Rautert took the lead and never gave forward to the next tournament in May.wrestler with the most points at the end of match, the two Soldiers went after each it back as he won the final match 3-0 for For more information about comingthe period won the period and the wrestler other immediately. Rautert won the first first place. wrestling events, read the Morning Calmthat wins two out of the three periods wins period 2-0 but Uno, who weighed in as the “Uno was a tough opponent; he deserved Weekly Newspaper.the match. lightest wrestler of the event, came back and a rematch because he wrestled very well
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 9 spouses to get preference By David McNally USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Military Spouses and Family Members will soon find it easier to get a Yongsan job. The Garrison is going to be part of a pilot program to help military spouses maintain government employment. Ken Stark, U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Civilian Personnel Advisory Center director said help is on the way. “Military spouses who are immediately appointable to a competitive service position in the continental United States exercise their preference through registration in the Priority Placement Program,” Stark said. “Until now, the program did not apply to overseas areas. However, we will soon be participating in a pilot program for registering our military spouses in the PPP.” Stark said this will result in an increase in the number of military Family Members getting hired here in Korea. “Spouse preference applies when management wants to fill a position from a competitive list of applicants,” he said.Yongsan Family Members Haeyong Demcko (left) and Yongah Outten work at the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Civilian Personnel Advisory CenterFeb. 13. The Garrison is working to expand employment opportunities for spouses. — U.S. Army photo by David McNallySAHS students sendValentine’s wishesBy Spc. Jason C. AdolphsonUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — The Seoul AmericanHigh School 9th Grade Honors Class presentedValentine’s Day cards and candies to representatives oftwo Yongsan military units Feb. 13. The students want to show their appreciation for the“outstanding dedication” Servicemembers display on thedaily basis, they said. Although the class wanted to share their Valentine’swishes with all Servicemembers, it was the U.S. AirForce’s 607th Weather Squadron and the United NationsCommand Honor Guard that were selected for thepresentation. “We’d definitely like to thank you very much,” saidMaster Sgt. Richard Webber, 607th Weather Squadron.“We also got Christmas cards sent from the states and theywe’re very touching. It’s also nice to see the appreciationcoming from here too.” The majority of the gifts were in boxes, but some The Seoul American High School 9th Grade Honors Class presents Valentine’s Day cards and candies to Servicemembers Feb. 13. — U.S. Army photos by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson. For more photos online, visit voiced a personal “thank you” and handed theirpersonally made cards to the troops. Some students were modest about their attributions.One particular card was signed - A student who cares “This is touching on behalf ofabout the cause. “This is touching on behalf of all Servicemembers saidMaj. Ryan Samuelson, U.S. Forces Korea. “I remembergetting letters from people at organizations when I was all Servicemembers.”in Iraq and sometimes it’s the little things that get usthrough.” Maj. Ryan Samuelson Francine Imrie and Sabrina Benavides, SAHS U.S. Forces Korea9th Grade honors teachers share that sentiment ascoordinators of the project. Imrie said the weather is also a factor. “It’s been reallycrummy, so when you can’t get out much and you feellike there’s not a lot to do you get kind of homesick thistime of year,” she said. “I’ve read statistics about young people and Soldierscommitting suicide and I wanted to do something herebecause I know it happens here, too,” Imrie continued,“Plus, I wanted my students to give back to the Students personally thanked Servicemembers with gifts andcommunity and think of others.” cards Feb. 13.
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 10 AREA II THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Yongsan noncommissioned officers lead the way in 5K fun run USO Parking Lot Closure By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson The USO Camp Kim parking lot will be closed USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs all day Monday, Feb. 23 due to construction. Any vehicles in the parking lot first thing that YONGSAN GARRISON — Hundreds of morning will be towed at the owner’s expense. runners turned out to celebrate the Year of the For information, call 724-7781. Noncommissioned Officer at a Yongsan 5K fun run USFK FRG Meeting Saturday. A Family Readiness Group meeting is USAG-Yongsan Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph scheduled for 10:30-11:30 a.m. Feb. 24 Rusch ran with his dogs. “This is a great way to honor at Balboni Theater. Learn about NEO the accomplishments of Army NCOs,” he said. and how to fill out your packet. Listen to “We have many more Yongsan events planned a short briefing about suicide prevention throughout the year to highlight the great work and hear from the Special Troops done by NCOs.” Battalion commander. Families from all Seoul American Middle School student Michael services are welcome. For information, call 02-6355-4143. Neaverth Jr. crossed the finish line on his bicycle during the run. Go Bowling Day He said he rides his bike during on post races to Bowl three games and only pay for two keep up with the crowd and to make sure he beats games. Get one game free 4-9 p.m. Feb. his dad, Lt. Col. Michael Neaverth. 25. at Yongsan Lanes. For information, Motivated community members, some running call 723-7830. with their babies in strollers, received a free T-shirt for their efforts. Appreciation Night The Saturday event was sponsored by the Seoul The Main Post Club is having Korean employee KATUSA and ROK Soldier USO and the Korea Chapter of Noncommissioned Appreciation Night Feb. 26. There will be Officer’s Association. USAG-Yongsan Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph Rusch crosses the 5K fun run finish line. — free snacks and T-shirts while supplies last. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson For information, call 723-5678. Family Readiness Group Workshop ACS - Mobilization and Deployment Program Do you want to learn how to communicate your FRG message to your Soldiers and Families? Then join us 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Feb. 26 Building 4106, Room 118 for our next Foreign Spouse None FRG Workshop. It is open to everyone, Commanders, Volunteers, FRG Leaders and FRSAs. For information, call 738-7510. Family Practitioner Position Brain Allgood Army Community Hospital, Yongsan is accepting applications foir a contract position. Qualifications for education: Be a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Osteopathy (D.O.) who is board-certified or board-eligible in Family Practice. For information on qualifications. Please contact Mr. Kim, Hyon Il at 737-6010. For information, call 737-6010. Veterinary Clinic Renovation Yongsan community members can find answers and help at during the tax season at Moyer Community Activities Center, Room 113. Filing taxes with a foreign spouse The Veterinary Clinic is currently under extensive renovation. During this facility upgrade, the clinic will remain open and provide full service clinic vaccinations and sick call appointments only. No surgery appointments will be available Service to identify a taxpayer. An ITIN cannot electronically file your tax return if By Capt. Minna M. Oh at this time. Renovations are projected Yongsan Tax Center serves tax purposes only and does not your spouse is applying for an ITIN, you to be completed by February 2009. For information, call 738-4257. have anything to do with your spouse’s must file a paper return. YONGSAN GARRISON — If you are immigration status or your spouse’s eligibility Mail the Form W-7, the supporting Spouse Employment Workshop single, you file your income tax returns to work in the United States. documentation, and the signed federal tax Army Community Services has partnered using your Social Security number. If you However, the ITIN does subject your return to Internal Revenue Service, Austin with Contracting Command Korea to bring are married, you provide your spouse’s SSN spouse’s worldwide income to U.S. income Service Center, ITIN Operation, P.O. Box you a workshop on Spouse employment as well. tax. If your spouse earns a significant amount 149342, Austin, Texas 78714-9342. readiness. Find out how to apply for How do you file your tax return if you are of income, you may want to reconsider filing You may have to wait up to ten weeks contracting jobs in Korea. The workshop jointly with your spouse. before you receive a response from the married to someone who is not eligible is 2-4 p.m. March 19 and 5-6 p.m. March for a SSN? How does my spouse apply for an ITIN? IRS. To check on the status of your ITIN 31 in the Community Services Building, Room 118. Many Servicemembers in Korea find Your spouse will need to complete IRS application, call the ITIN help desk at themselves in this situation because they Form W-7, which is available at the Yongsan 1-215-516-4846. Memorial Chapel Worship Services marry foreign nationals while stationed Tax Center and online at You Can I claim my spouse’s children as my Worship services have been relocated from here. will also need to obtain an authenticated dependents? Feb 9-27. Catholic Mass: South Post Chapel If you want to file jointly with your copy of your spouse’s passport. In most cases, you cannot claim a person 5 p.m. Saturdays. Protestant (Liturgical): spouse who has no SSN, then you may Notaries are available to make an as a dependent for income tax purposes Hospital Chapel 8 a.m. Episcopal/Lutheran: want to consider applying for an Individual authenticated copy of your spouse’s passport unless that person is a U.S. citizen, U.S. Hospital Chapel 11 a.m. Sundays. Catholic (for the limited purpose of applying for an resident alien, or a resident of Canada or Taxpayer Identification Number, also Mass: Suspended Feb. 15 and 22 United known as an ITIN, for your spouse. ITIN) at both the Yongsan Tax Center and Mexico. Pentecostal: South Post Chapel 3 p.m. For information, call 725-8182/4076. Filing jointly with your spouse potentially the Client Legal Services Division, which is An exception is available if you have qualifies you for greater tax breaks than if located in the Community Service Building legally adopted your spouse’s children. For a complete list of community you file separately. (B-4106) on South Post, U.S. Army For more information, please call 723- information news and notes, visit the What is an ITIN? Garrison - Yongsan. 7887 or stop by the Yongsan Tax Center, USAG-Yongsan official web site at which is located in the Moyer Community Like a SSN, an ITIN is a nine-digit Staple your completed Form W-7 to the number that allows the Internal Revenue front of your federal tax return. Since you Activities Center, Room 113.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 11 housing decision saves $250K annuallyBy David McNallyUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Garrisonofficials announced a plan in August 2008to open some on-post field-grade housingunits to captains and senior warrantofficers. At the time, 10 government-leasedhousing units on Yongsan Garrison SouthPost in the Itaewon Acres neighborhoodwere vacant. The Army pays about $20,000 annuallyfor each of these quarters regardless ofoccupancy. “Our plan is saving the Army about aquarter million dollars a year,” said U.S.Army Garrison-Yongsan CommanderCol. Dave Hall. “The reason we did this isbecause of demographics. It was a businessdecision.” The garrison has more than 150 company-grade officers who live off post with theirfamilies. Seoul is the fifth largest city in theworld, and housing costs are high. “The majority of those captains andsenior warrant officers want quarters,” Hallsaid. “We only have 58 sets of company-grade quarters in the Garrison. What wemay do in the future is make Itaewon Acres Since August, USAG-Yongsan has assigned 13 captains and one chief warrant officer 3 to Itaewon Acres, formerly a field-grade housing areaa company-grade housing area.” on Yongsan Garrison. — U.S. Army photo by David McNally. For more photos online, visit Company-grade family housing at Acres quarters has been a success. Acres, which we expect to assign to a housing units from one grade categoryYongsan is normally at Hannam Village; “It makes good business sense,” captain next week,” Jones said. “I have to another when there is a disparityhowever, that housing area is at 100 percent Jones said. “When you consider we not received any negative comments or shortage in another grade,” Jonesoccupancy. were paying money for vacant quarters from residents since we initiated this said. “If we didn’t open up these vacant at the rate of $20,000 a year and then policy change.” Before housing began assigning fieldquarters to captains and senior warrant figure in the cost of a statement of Jones said the response from captains grade quarters to captains and seniorofficers, we would have had to issue nonavailability at more than $40,000 and their spouses who now have the warrants, a notice went to all Itaewon‘statements of nonavailability’ so they a year … it just makes sense to keep option to live on Yongsan Garrison Acres residents to explain the policycould reside off post,” said USAG-Yongsan them occupied.” instead of off post is one of “extreme shift, Jones said.Housing Manager Carol Jones. Since August, USAG-Yongsan has gratitude and happiness.” “Now we have more places for these Jo n e s s a i d t h a t t h e c o m m a n d assigned 13 captains and one chief “It is within the realm of regulatory officers and their families to live,” Halldecision to move captains and chief warrant officer 3 to Itaewon Acres. “We guidance that garrison commanders said. “We’re also being good stewards ofwarrant officers 3 into vacant Itaewon currently have one vacancy in Itaewon have the authority to reallocate family Army funds, so it’s a big deal.” VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Post-9/11 GI Bill to begin Aug. 1 Raluca Rorrer donated her time volunteering Without the behind-the-scene work for Army Community Service. She was also completed by Ms. Rorrer the USAG- By Samantha L. Quigley nominated for the USAG-Yongsan Volunteer Yongsan volunteer program would have American Forces Press Service of the Quarter for the 1st quarter. been unable to make the improvements it did in the past quarter. WASHINGTON, D.C. — A series of Where did this volunteer work? As a direct result of her hard work educational assistance programs administered Army Community Service. Her volunteer in the AVCC office the number of by the Department of Veterans Affairs, work led to permanent employment with registered volunterers increased from commonly called the GI Bill, have helped USAG-Yongsan. 388 in September to 559 in December. servicemembers pursue post-secondary What did she do? Her efforts directly impacted the learning for decades. Rorrer worked as the volunteer program number of volunteer contacts, follow- Soon another program will be added to manager for the tasks that are vital to the Raluca Rorrer ups and referrals by increasing the the mix: The Post-9/11 Veterans Education volunteer program. She completed large number from 144 to 344. This increase Bill will be available to qualified individuals numbers of behind-the-scene tasks vital to recognition events, and the quarterly is a reflection of the work she did in the Aug. 1. the volunteer program both internal to the Volunteer of the Quarter ceremonies. AVCC office. “The new Post-9/11 GI Bill has different Army Community Service and external to Rorrer was also responsible for all the Why does she volunteer? eligibility criteria (and) pays for different the Garrison as a whole. administrative tasks for the Army Volunteer She volunteered because she has types of training,” said Keith M. Wilson, She was the organizational point of contact Corps Coordinator’s office. a love for the Family and has a deep VA’s education service director. for all of ACS programs, which includes These tasks included copying and commitment to the military community. The new GI Bill provides three separate managing the database and information for preparing lesson material for the four plus She was a steadfast companion to the types of benefit payments to those who over 113 volunteers. monthly classes that the AVCC conducts, ACS Volunteer Coordinator and a big entered the military on or after Sept. 10, She managed and updated the internal updating and managing the volunteer help during the 4th quarter. 2001, and have at least 90 days of active ACS awards recognition program to ensure files, updating and managing the volunteer She was always willing to work extra service. the awards tracking sheet was updated for recognition spreadsheet and inventorying hours and pitch in when necessary. If For more information the Veterans the incentive items associated with their and filing volunteer marketing material. you would like to learn more about Affairs GI Bill site at or volunteer work with ACS. How many hours per week? volunteer opportunities at Yongsan, call (888) GIBILL-1 toll-free. Visitors will She was also instrumental in planning and 20+ hours per week. call the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan find a link that will allow them to receive implementing the monthly ACS volunteer What impact does she have? volunteer coordinator at 738-7510. updates on the new GI Bill via e-mail as they become available.
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 12 AREA II THE MORNING CALM PAID ADVERTISING Family Member EmploymentW hen the U.S. Army Garrison- Walter Sharp has made this clear. This all Yongsan signed the Army ties into tour normalization. If Korea is Family Covenant in December going to attain the quality of life found2007, we made a commitment, a solemn at other normal overseas tours of duty,promise to “expand education and we must think outside the box to createemployment opportunities for Family opportunities for our Family MembersMembers.” to get work. Today, I am pleased to be able to tell We believe we are getting much betteryou that we are making progress. Family at doing this. Not everybody is goingMember employment opportunities are to get a job right away, but there are areally expanding at USAG-Yongsan. myriad of opportunities to put a spotlight This is a priority for the Garrison. It on your our intention to be innovative and For example, USAG-Yongsan haslead the way. a vibrant volunteer program. Our Each month, USAG-Yongsan features volunteers are the best in the Army, barresume training at the Civilian Personnel none.Advisory Center. These classes teach Volunteering is a door to employment.potential new employees how to fill out It provides job skills, allow for people toa government resume, use the online showcase their abilities and serves as aapplication procedures and prepare for gateway to employment.government employment. If you’re interested in finding work, In the very near future, the Garrison I highly recommend that you learnwill be combining resume training with a more about volunteer opportunitiesmini-job fair and interviewing techniques at Yongsan, by calling the U.S. Armyclasses for quarterly Family Member Garrison-Yongsan volunteer coordinatorEmployment Readiness Training. at 738-7510 or the American Red Cross Look, it’s always been difficult for at 738-3670.Family Members to get a job. But, As of the end of last month, we havemanagers at all levels are embracing more than 300 Family Members workingspouse employment because this is an at USAG-Yongsan. This number is goingArmy Family Covenant priority. to grow. Stay tuned for more information Our Combatant Commander, Gen. on employment seminars. Hooah! EMPLOYMENT from Page 9A spouse preference eligible applicant who that promise seriously.”is ranked among the ‘best qualified’ on a Hall said the Garrison is aggressivelycompetitive list must be selected for the pursing Family Member employmentposition.” issues. If more than one spouse is determined “We’re developing a Family Employmentto be best qualified among the candidates, Seminar through our Army Communitymanagement may select any one of them, Service,” he said. “This seminar will featurehe added. classes on how to interview, how to dress, As of Jan. 31, there are 205 appropriated what your opportunities are here at Yongsan,fund Family Members and 119 non- and we’ll even have a ‘job fair’ flavor byappropriated fund Family Members inviting local prospective employees.”employed at USAG-Yongsan. There is also an executive order recently “Within the last couple of weeks we signed allowing for noncompetitivehave hired a military spouse as a staff appointments of certain military spouses.historian; a spouse as the USAG-Yongsan “We’’re waiting for further guidance onadministrative officer, DeCA hired three how we will implement this,” Stark said.Family Members and CPAC hired a military United States Forces-Korea is is currentlyspouse equivalent to a GS-12,” Stark said. taking a survey on Spouse/Family Member“We have also hired a new family member Employment. “We encourage our communityin CPAC Room 501. CPAC now has a total members who are interested in employmentof three Family Members.” on post to visit the Employment Survey and “This is a significant promise in the fill it out,” Hall said.Army Family Covenant,” said USAG- There are also additional employmentYongsan Commander Col. Dave Hall. “We resources at the Garrison and Installationare expanding education and employment Management Command-Korea Regionopportunities for Family Members. We take websites.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 NEWS IMCOM-K • PAGE 13 Scouting Round-up for Korea Region Top 4 Performer of the Month Unit: 607 WS/DOW Duties: Unit Training Monitor Hometown: Pana, Ill. Follow-on: Scott AFB, Ill. Boy Scouts of America Why he’s February’s Top 4 Performer of the Month: Korea District, Far East Council “Staff Sergeant Endris serves as the 607th Weather Squadron Unit Feb. 20-22 Klondike Derby, Camp Long (Boy Scouts) Staff Sgt. Daniel M. Endris Training Monitor and supports Main event Feb. 21, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Nine events of Iditarod sled race, winter 67 assigned personnel. During survival, first aid, “turkey shoot” with hatchet/knife throws, the month of January, Sergeant Endris focused on the transfer of 90 Master Task List Crazy Horse Stew, etc. Camp fire with skits/songs that night. training hours into AF Training Records for the squadron. His superb management of Awards Feb. 22 from 8:30 - 10 a.m. District Boy Scout competitions. the squadron’s Standardization/Evaluation program ensures the 607 WS is trained and mission ready and directly led to a successful staff assistance visit conducted in January. March 7: District Roundtable Sergeant Endris was recently certified as a Self-Aid and Buddy Care instructor and stepped in during a critical manning shortfall to become the unit’s postal clerk responsible for the For additional information visit the Korea District online at control and processing of more than 100 accountable correspondences each month. In or addition, Sergeant Endris volunteered during a recent USO event and briefed more than 80 visiting Korean elementary students on UTM duties and USAF history. He is a model Girl Scouts of America Airman, a role model to his peers, and a diplomat in the local community.” — MSgt. Patrick Hudson, President, Top 4 Association Cookie Sales: Every weekend from through Feb. 28 - Yongsan Main PX, Yongsan Commissary, South Post Shopette Career opportunities solicited by 411th Contracting Support Brigade/U.S. Army Contracting Command Korea Send us your Scouting events schedule! Are you a Scouting leader? If yes, tell us what your are doing and we will run it in the paper. Send your If you are interested in providing Admin Support Services as an submissions to independent contractor for Assistant Chief of Staff (ACofS) CJ5, please contact Maj. Carter at (DSN) 724-8624 or Jenny Suh at (DSN) 724-3156/3334.No Endorsement Implied No Endorsement Implied
  • Republic of Korea — U.S. Army Installation Guide Online Resources for U.S. Army Garrisons (USAG) in Korea Official Website (IMCOM-K)............... Welcome Videos and News................ Morning Calm News Photos............... Social Networking (Army Korea)........*This map is not for navigational purposes and should only be used for general reference.
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 14 NEWS THE MORNING CALM‘Good Neighbor’ medics tour DMZ Upcoming holiday worship services for USAG-Yongsan Catholic Service Community Good Friday Service April 10/1900 Onnuri ChurchEighth Army Public Affairs “We wanted to bring people from the Date/Time Location U.S. medical community and the ROK Ash Wednesday Feb. 25/1205 Allgood Hospital Ch. Seventh Day Adventist April 11/0900 Allgood Hospital Chapel For a day and a half three Soldiers, medical community and learn from each 1205/1730 South Post Chapel Stations of the Cross Feb. 27/1730 South Post Chapelstationed with medical units on USAG- other,” said Lt. Col. Jason Pike, the Force Easter Sunrise Services April 12/0600 South Post (Collective) Lenten Community Meal Feb. 27/1800 South Post Chapel April 12/0730 K-16 CAC Parking LotYongsan, had the opportunity to meet Health Preventive Medicine executive officer Stations of the Cross March 6 – April 3 (Fridays)/1730 Republic of Korea Army soldiers stationed for the 65th Medical Brigade. Memorial Chapel Easter Sunday Services April 12/0800 Memorial Ch. (Liturgical)with medical units not too far from the “The ROK community has some Lenten Community Meal March 6 – April 3 (Fridays)/1800 0910 Hannam Village Chapel (Korean)DMZ during a recent Good Neighbor capabilities, which are different from ours, Memorial Chapel 0930 South Post Ch. (Contemporary) Lenten Penance Service April 7/1730 Memorial Post Ch.Program Tour. one of them being Oriental medicine, which 0930 Allgood Hospital (Collective) Holy Thursday (Morning Prayer) April 9/0900 Memorial Chapel 1100 South Post Chapel (Traditional) On the first day, they toured the ROK I didn’t know about.” Holy Thursday (Lord’s Supper) April 9/1830 Memorial Chapel 1030 K-16 Community Chapel 5th Infantry Division medical facilities, an When asked to give a little clarity on Holy Thursday (Night Prayer) April 9/2100 Memorial Chapel 1100 Hannam Village Chapeloutpost on the DMZ and Bengma-Goji, a what Oriental medicine is, Pike’s good Good Friday (Morning Prayer) April 10/0900 Memorial Chapel 1230 South Post Chapel (Gospel)hill located on the DMZ which is translated friend and co-founder of the trip, Lt. Col. Good Friday (Stations of Cross) April 10/1200-1500 1330 Memorial Chapel (UPCI) Memorial Chapelto White Horse Hill. These locations might (retired) Park, Seong-Ha, the Suwon Air Good Friday (Passion of the Lord) April 10/1830 Memorial Chapelbe considered unique for a Good Neighbor Base manager for the 51st Medical Group, Holy Saturday (Morning Prayer) April 11/0900 Memorial Chapel Episcopal Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist Feb. 25/1730 Religious RetreatProgram because most U.S. Soldiers will said “Oriental medicine combines the use of Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil Mass) April 11/2115 Memorial Chapel Center, Seoulnever have the opportunity to see these acupuncture and natural herbal medicine as Welcome Reception (Newly Baptized Catholics) Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist April 5/1000 Memorial Chapelplaces. the most common cure for ailments.” April 11/2300 Memorial Chapel Maundy Thursday Holy Eucharist April 9/1200 Memorial Chapel Easter Sunday Mass April 12/0800 South Post Chapel On the second day of their tour the All together, the participating Soldiers Good Friday Liturgy April 10/1730 Memorial Chapel 1130 Memorial Chapel Easter Holy Eucharist April 12/1000 Memorial ChapelSoldiers woke up bright and early to enjoy not only had a chance to see how their Please direct all questions to Mr. Pagano, 725-5211a little bit of kimchi, rice and sweet and sour ROK counterparts live, but rather they Jewishpork for breakfast with the ROK soldiers at experienced it. After giving their goodbyes, Protestant First Seder of Passover April 8/1930 Religious Retreat Centertheir dining facility. From there, they took the U.S. Soldiers invited the ROK soldiers Lent Special 40 Days Morning Prayer Second Seder April 9/1930 Religious Retreat Center Feb. 25 – April 12/0510a small hike into the cold mountains for a to Yongsan with the hopes of them visiting Passover Shabbos April 10/1900 South Post Chapel South Post Chapel (Mon-Sat) (Korean)look at one of the oldest Buddhist temples in in the future and experiencing what it’s like Hannam Chapel (Sun) (Korean) For more information call USAG-Yongsan Religious Support Office, 738-3011South Korea called Freedom Temple. to live and work on a U.S. base.RIVER from Page 1 went downstream toward the bridge for appreciated the close partnership the two Zumba Fitness location changewhich helped.” the main objective. With all the elements units shared in the days leading up to the Zumba Fitness will temporily change The two sides worked closely together so in place, we took the bridge.” Much of event. location from trent Gym to Bldg. 2609 fromthat the complex procedure moved forward the professional teamwork and success “I’m new to Korea, and it was nice to Feb. 23-March 25 due to UFG.without any complications. came from recognition of the similarities have the opportunity to work with the Classes will continue “The first step of the joint operation was between the two militaries.“We have similar ROK Army,” said Pfc. Richard Mallon, a Mon., Wed. and Fri. at 8:30for the Korean Army to cross and take the techniques and the same doctrine,” said tanker for C Co., 2-9. “We stayed in their a.m. and Tues. and Thurs.far side of the river,” said White. “The K1 Sgt. Brandon Thom, a tanker for C Co., barracks, spent time with them, and saw 5:30 p.m. For information, contact Shelton Coonfieldthen successfully completed the underwater 2-9. “We’re still doing the same mission of their day-to-day life. For me, it was a great at 010-2041-7546 orcrossing. Our support mission was set up covering each other.” experience to perform this training with the Trent Gymbefore hand, so once we got the word we The Soldiers of 2-9 understood and ROK Army.” Feb. 20 - 26 LOCATION Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Yes Man Seven Pounds Bedtime Stories CASEY (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. He’s Just Not That Into You Seven Pounds No Show No Show He’s Just Not That Into You He’s Just Not That Into You Yes Man (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG13 ) 7:30 p.m. 730-7354 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. Delgo Delgo HENRY Taken (PG) 1 p.m. (PG) 1 p.m. Seven Pounds (PG13) 7 p.m. Yes Man (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show No Show No Show Taken 768-7724 (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Igor Igor HUMPHREYS He’s Just Not That Into You Seven Pounds Seven Pounds Yes Man Yes Man (PG) 3:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. He’s Just Not That Into You He’s Just Not That Into You 753-7716 (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. HOVEY Cadillac Records Yes Man He’s Just Not That Into You Yes Man Friday the 13th (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7p.m. 730-5412 Friday the 13th Friday the 13th Mall Cop Bedtime Stories KUNSAN (NR) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (NR) 6 / 8:30 p.m. No Show No Show No Show (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. 782-4987 Tale of Desperaeux Tale of Desperaeux Tale of Desperaeux OSAN He’s Just Not That Into You (PG) 1 p.m. (PG) 3:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 p.m. Seven Pounds Soul Men Soul Men (PG13) 7 / 9 p.m. He’s Just Not That Into You He’s Just Not That Into You Notorious (R) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. 784-4930 (PG13) 3:30 / 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. Taken RED CLOUD (PG13) 7 p.m. Soul Men Yes Man Delgo Four Christmases He’s Just Not That Into You Title (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. 732-6620 (PG13) 9 p.m. Nothing LIke the Holidays Taken STANLEY (PG13) 7 p.m. Taken Yes Man Friday the 13th Seven Pounds (PG13) 9 p.m. Bedtime Stories (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. No Show (NR) 7 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Cadillac Records 732-5565 (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. Friday the 13th Bedtime Stories Sex Drive Sex Drive Seven Pounds Seven Pounds Friday the 13th (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (NR) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (PG) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. YONGSAN (NR) 5:30 / 8:30 p.m. Punisher: War Zone Twilight Twilight Bolt Bolt Punisher: War Zone Nothing LIke the Holidays (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. 738-7389 (PG13) 6:30 p.m. Delgo Delgo Yes Man Yes Man Cadillac Records Cadillac Records (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. U.S. ID card holders enjoy free movies courtesy of Army MWR at U.S. Army installations in Korea.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 CHAPLAIN IMCOM-K • PAGE 15 Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule NOTE: Memorial Chapel Worship Services are relocating Protestant Services through Feb. 29. For more information, call Memorial Chapel at NOTE: Services will be held in the Protestant Services 725-8182/4076 or the Religious Support Office, 738-3011. Super Gym until further notice. Collective Collective Protestant Sunday 1000 Stone Chapel Protestant Services Protestant Services Sunday 1000 Camp Carroll Sunday 1000 Stanley Chapel Sunday 1030 West Casey Chapel Collective Protestant 1030 Camp Walker Sunday 1100 Protestant Sunday Collective Sunday 1100 Freedom Chapel Church of Christ 1700 Camp Walker School-Coffee House Sunday 0800 Hospital Chapel (Liturgical) 1100 Suwon Air Base Chapel Gospel 1215 Camp Walker Sunday 1100 Warrior Chapel 1300 Camp Carroll Sunday 1100 Crusader Chapel 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel 1100 Camp Eagle Chapel 0930 (Korean) Hannam Chapel Gospel 1300 Freedom Chapel Contemporary Sunday 1100 Hovey Chapel Wednesday 1130 Bible Study-Coffee House 1100 Hospital Chapel (Episcopal/Luthern) Contemporary 1800 Freedom Chapel Friday 1900 Camp Walker Gospel 1030 K-16 Chapel KATUSA Korean Sunday 1100 Casey Memorial Chapel 1100 Hannam Village Chapel Tuesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll 1230 Camp Stanley Chapel Wednesday 1830 Camp Walker Wednesday 1800 Gospel Bible Study Contemporary Korean Stanley Chapel Sunday 1000 Multi Purpose Training Facility Wednesday 1730 Freedom Chapel Thurday 1900 Gospel Practice Wednesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Catholic Services Stanley Chapel Gospel 1200 South Post Chapel (Bible Study) Mass COGIC Sunday 0900 Camp Walker Sunday 1230 CRC Warrior Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Catholic Services Saturday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel Mass 1130 Camp Carroll KATUSA Sunday 1930 CRC Warrior Chapel Daily 1145 Freedom Chapel Saturday 1700 Camp Walker Sunday 1300 Jackson Auditorium United Pentecostal (UPCI) Sunday 0930 Freedom Chapel Tuesday 1900 Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 1500 South Post Chapel 1700 Camp Eagle Chapel Jewish Tuesday 1840 Casey Stone Chapel 1700 Suwaon Air Base Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea. Tuesday 1800 Camp Castle Chapel Tuesday 1830 Casey Memorial Chapel KATUSA Jewish, 723-6707 Tuesday 1830 Camp Hovey Chapel Thursday 1830 Memorial Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea. Thursday 1830 West Casey Chapel, 723-6707 Episcopal Catholic Mass Sunday 1000 Memorial Chapel Sunday 1130 Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 0900 CRC Warrior Chapel Catholic Services The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total religious support to the Sunday 1215 West Casey Chapel Sunday 0930 Camp Hovey Chapel Mass United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and Orthodox Service Sunday 0800 South Post Chapel authorized civilians across the full spectrum of operations from armistice to war. 1st and 2nd Sundays 1000 Old Hovey Chapel 1130 Mass suspended for two Sundays Later Day Saints Saturday 1700 South Post Chapel Sunday 1400 West Casey Chapel Mon/Thur/Fri 1205 Memorial Chapel Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at: Tues/Wed 1205 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel Jewish 1st Sat. 0900 Memorial Chapel Friday 1830 West Casey Chapel for helpful links and information. Jewish Services Friday 1900 South Post Chapel Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact USAG-Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud/Casey USAG-Daegu Chaplains Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David B. Crary: Chaplain (Maj.) Klon K. Kitchen, Jr.: 2ID Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Richard Spencer: Chaplain (Maj.) Eddie Kinley:, 738-3009, 753-7274, 732-7998, 764-5455 Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph G. DuBose: Chaplain (Maj.) James E. O’Neal: Red Cloud Chaplain (Maj.) Fredrick Garcia: Chaplain (Maj.) Edward Martin:, 738-4043 , 753-7276, 732-6169, 765-8004 Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr.: Chaplain (Capt.) Anthony Flores: Red Cloud Chaplain (Capt.) Mario Rosario:, 736-3018,, 753-7042No Endorsement Implied No Endorsement Implied
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 16 FEATURE THE MORNING CALMThe Buddha statues, Korean National Treasure No. 93, look out from the mountain side. The statues were sculpted in the 11th century. — U.S. Army photos by David McNallyGiant granite statues guard Korean templeBy David McNally percent of Koreans, or about 10 million During the Korean War, Jangji MountainUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs people, are Buddhists. was the site of a fierce battle between North The religion first came to the peninsula and South Korean YONGMIRI, Republic of Korea — On through Chinese missionaries in the fifth soldiers.the side of a mountain sits a Buddhist century. Korean architecture, attitudes “Look closely as the faces of the statues,temple. In Korea, there are hundreds of and culture were strongly influenced by and you will see bullet holes from thetemples so at face value this is nothing Buddhism. fighting,” Yi said. “Northspecial. The Paju statues were carved out of Korean soldiers were hiding behind the But, this temple is special because it is Jangji Mountain 900 years ago. The legend statues during the battle.”being watched over by two huge granite says King Sunjong of the Koryo Dynasty About 2,000 Korean soldiers were Yongam Temple is watched over by ancientstatues. Out in the countryside, close to was trying to have a son. He ruled in the killed on the mountain during the battle stone Buddhas carved into a Koreanthe Korean Demilitarized Zone, Yongam 11th century. according to Yi. mountainside like Mount Rushmore.Temple is home to the “Yongmiri Stone The king found a woman, but was To travel to the site, drive on HighwayStanding Buddhas.” unsuccessful at producing an heir. One day, 1 toward Munsan. Before arriving in Paju, The 17.5 meter stone couple has stood the woman dreamed of two monks who take a right at Goyangsi.silently for almost a millennia. On the left lived as beggars at foot of Jangji Mountain. At the fork in the road, there is a brownis Miruk Buddha, the statue is a depiction She told the king about her dream. sign, which says the statues are anotherof a Korean man. On the right is Miruk King Sunjong sent his servants to the 2.5 kilometers. Soon, the statues can beBosal, a Korean woman with a square hat. mountain, and found out about two seen sprouting out of the trees on JangjiThe South Korean government lists them big rocks next to each other. He ordered Mountain on the a national treasure. sculptures to be made in the rock face, and The monks said many foreigners visit According to a government census from a temple to be constructed nearby. As the the landmark because of the close distance1995, 42.6 percent of South Koreans claim story goes, the king and his chosen one had to follow an organized religion. About 20 a son the same year. “We welcome visitors anytime,” Yi said. The temple is filled with intricate wood carvings and religious symbols. For a map to Yongmiri, visit Google Maps Yi Sung-hyun, a Buddhist monk, shows off the online at inside of the temple.
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  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 18 NEWS THE MORNING CALM BUFFALO SOLDIERS from Page 4 ror. However, the territory was also too big among the Comanches, Cheyennes, and for one command to protect. Apaches.on sleeping villages and never led his men civilization. Solving this problem, Grierson moved Yet, despite how great the feats and howto slaughter in a glory-seeking endeavor. If hostility among the population his Tenth into New Mexico to support well they served, the Buffalo Soldiers were The respect Hatch and Grierson had wasnt bad enough, the environment Hatch. To avoid certain capture, Victorio condemned by many of the same peoplefor their Soldiers was soon to be shared by added to the situation. In their new as- once again escaped into Mexico with the in- they protected. It was during the campaignComanche and Southern Cheyenne war- signment, the Buffalo Soldiers had left tent to return through Texas. Victorio was against Victorio that one of the most bla-riors. At first, the presence of black Soldiers behind the tall grass and trees of the west- now at war with the most skilled adversary tant acts of discrimination and disrespectin blue uniforms was an oddity for Native ern plains for sand and cactus. They now he would ever experience, Grierson. Writ- occurred.Americans. had to survive in blazing heat and bitter ing his own rules of While on patrol, Through the sting of battle, the warriors cold, patrolling desert floors and moun- engagement, Grier- “No professional force of Soldiers has Corporal James Bet-came to realize that they were fighting a tain ranges, suffering in dust storms and son stationed ten- ever endured the never-ending difficulties ters died. His bodydetermined and skilled force such as they ice storms, experiencing drought and flash man detachments faced by the Buffalo Soldiers. They stood was returned to Forthad ever met. First, as a means of iden- floods, and living among scorpions and of Buffalo Soldiers against the elements of nature and the Bayard for burial.tification, then as a statement of respect, rattlesnakes. The Buffalo Soldiers had left at every west Texas hostility of mankind.” When his troopsthe Comanche and Southern Cheyenne behind a much more hospitable natural watering hole. With returned to the fortbraves applied the term “Buffalo Soldiers” environment. a pursuit force ready they learned theirto this force. Rather than take offense, the The one thing they were not able to to ride, he waited for Victorio. Grierson comrade had been hauled to the cemeterySoldiers embraced the name, applying the leave behind was the racial hatred borne knew his risk. By assigning small detach- in a cart used for garbage and driven byterm to themselves. out of an environment of ignorance, big- ments to stand between water and a three- a convict. Betters’ commander, Captain After serving in the mid-west, the two otry, and hate. Their presence in New hundred member Apache war party until Beyer, demanded an investigation. The de-regiments were transferred. Hatchs Ninth Mexico was recognized by a Las Cruces he could arrive with the main body, Grier- mand was fulfilled, but no action was takenassumed responsibility of various posts in editor who recommended that the Ninth son was basically asking the same thing that against those responsible. New Mexico. Griersons Cavalry be disbanded and its soldiers used Travis had forty years earlier at the Alamo. Many years after leaving the southwest, African A Tenth first to “contribute to the nation’s wealth as Yet, when the series of conflicts was over, Buffalo Soldiers were summoned to battle pickers of cotton and hoers of corn, the Buffalo Soldiers did not suffer a single at Wounded Knee. The legendary 7th Cav- merican or to its amuse- desertion, nor lose a single watering hole. alry was once again surrounded and on the With Grierson’s main body always on his verge of suffering a defeat greater than thattook History M heels, Victorio finally fled Custer led them into twenty years earlier. for the In a twist of fate, the very command thatup positions in western onth pro Custer once refused to lead would file in heTexas and eventually moved to Arizona. deliver the com-Their area of operation consisted of Ameri- ment as a trav-can territory, populated by three culturesand races stacked upon each other. Onboth sides of the Mexican border, the origi- eling minstrel troupe.” As unjustified as this statement was, its timing was even worse. The Ninth, soon safety of Mexico. ritagenal residents were members of the Apache to be supported by the Tenth, was engaged Victorio’s feeling of safety having crossednation. Not since the Mohawks had the in defending New Mexico settlers against the Rio Grande was short lived. Making a mand he did ac-United States seen such independent and Victorio. Next to Cochise, Victorio was decision that would one day be copied in cept from certain annihilation. Forfierce fighters as the Apaches. Because of the most powerful and skilled warlord of John Wayne’s cavalry classic “Rio Grande,” heroic service in this action, the Buffalotheir ferocious independence, Apaches were the Apache Nation. Victorio had been Grierson risked court-martial and followed Soldiers earned yet another Congressionalnever able to band themselves together in forced into a devils alternative. Indian Victorio into Mexico. Grierson and his Medal of Honor.great numbers like the Sioux and Chey- agent John Clum, who would later as Buffalo Soldiers were tired of the slaughter. At a time when the western frontier wasenne. This was very fortunate for the set- mayor of Tombstone give political support To Grierson and his Soldiers, enough was like a series of powder kegs spread over atlers who came into the area. to the Earp brothers, decided to move the enough. vast region with fuses that were often ig- Apaches to a bar- They risked their lives every day in pur- nited, it was the Buffalo Soldiers who pre- ren Arizona reser- suit of Victorio. They made the decision vented the explosion. For a generation vation. that risking their careers was a compara- of the wests most turbulent years, these Victorio was tively small price to pay to bring peace to Americans provided stability. Sometimes left with two the western frontier. Joining forces with the in this effort, they paid the ultimate sacri- choices: his people local Mexican Army commander, Grierson fice. Finally, when their mission was suc- could either starve was finally able to pin Victorio down. cessfully completed, they were denied the to death on gov- While both armies prepared for the final legacy they had earned. ernment reserva- fight, Grierson was instructed to return his The last of the western frontier Buffalo tions, or he could forces to the United States. As the Buffalo Soldiers have long since passed from our lead them away. Soldiers returned across the Rio Grande ranks. Each has been returned to the earth, While the former and back into the United States, Victorio from which they came, and which they pa- offered no hope, crossed the great divide that separates life trolled. the second of- and death. Although denied the opportu- No professional force of Soldiers has fered the chance nity to participate in the final destruction ever endured the never-ending difficultiesSergeant John Hill riding on Jumping Dan Ware, the finest jumping to hunt. Victorio of Victorio’s band, it was the Buffalo Sol- faced by the Buffalo Soldiers. They stoodhorse in the Infantry Stables. Ft. Benning, Georgia (July 25, 1941). chose the latter diers who had chased them into the jaws against the elements of nature and the hos- — U.S. Army archive photo by the 161st Signal Photo Co. and led 300 fol- of death. tility of mankind. Most had been born lowers off the Ojo The deeds of the Buffalo Soldiers were into slavery, only to be freed in a land that Onto the lands claimed by the Apaches, Caliente Reservation. Had Victorio sim- not limited to battles against Victorio and offered them little.first came Hispanics. With the exception ply left, he would not have been aggres- his successor, Nana. Buffalo Soldiers were As a chance to better themselves, theyof a dozen years following the Pueblo Re- sively pursued. He and his followers went directly or indirectly involved in the Lin- accepted the uniform of the American sol-volt, their presence had been growing since on a warpath, continually slashing trails of coln and Catron County Wars, provided dier. In wearing that uniform, they servedthe 1600s. Two hundred years later came death across southern New Mexico. Vic- exploration and mapping of the southwest- to protect the lives of others -- many ofthe Anglos. With the Pueblo Revolt and torio, like many great warlords of the ages, ern frontier, protected wagon trails and whom accepted the protection while stillTaos Rebellion serving as grim reminders, understood the concepts of mobility and railroad crews, removed unlawful settlers harboring hate over the shade of a mansconflict between any two of the three could personal leadership. from reservation lands, and fulfilled every skin. Yet, the Buffalo Soldiers continuedresult in heavy bloodshed. Just as native His knowledge of the country and other detail expected of American Soldiers. to serve.American tribes were subject to warring his ability to move back and forth across Their efforts in the southwest earned It is most appropriate that they are nowamong themselves, range wars among the the U.S./Mexican border allowed him to them several Congressional Medals of receiving the recognition they have alwaysAnglos were not uncommon. Three races, elude the armies of both nations. At first, Honor. Despite Shermans comments be- deserved. They have a right to be remem-three separate cultures, coming from three Victorio was pursued only by members of fore Congress, the Buffalo Soldiers proved bered for their worthy contribution to theparts of the world - all in one land. It is the Ninth, lead by the very capable Major themselves to be far more than a quiet, development of our country.ironic that the task of bringing peace to Albert Morrow. kindly, peaceful race of men. To learn more about the Buffalo Sol-this land was given to a fourth race, the one Numerous skirmishes kept Victorio on They proved themselves fine warriors, diers, or view additional photographs, visitwhich had suffered the most from western the run and prevented a total reign of ter- equal to the reputation they had earned
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 21 of the NCO‘You’ve got to be patient, listen to your Soldiers’By Ken Hall educational goals.USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs “I believe the best Army opportunity there is for NCO’s and all Soldiers is HUMPHREYS GARRISON — In education,” said Hoy. “They don’t have torecent years, the U.S. Army has increased have a degree when they enter active dutythe maximum age for initial entry into active service, but they should try to start oneduty, National Guard, and Reserve service. and if they completed a few college coursesThis allows thousands of applicants up to 41 before they were Soldiers, they should finishyears old to pursue potential Army careers, their degree, and also pursue advance-leveland reap the education incentives the Army degrees when they can.”has to offer. Hoy said continuous learning is Sgt. William Hoy, a medic with the important for everybody because a college568th Medical Company, enlisted into education helps them improve their chancesArmy active duty at the age of 33. A single for Army career progression and life afterfather of two when he enlisted, Hoy says the active Army service.hardest challenge he faced during his early “For NCO’s, if we want to strive to beyears in the Army was adjusting to the day- officers, a college degree will help us qualifyto-day pace Soldiers interact. for the officer corps, but it will also prepare “I had no patience when I first enlisted in us for getting a job in the civilian worldthe Army eight years ago and since I became because a degree, combined with all thea Noncommissioned officer, I’ve developed Army leadership training we receive willpatience,” he said. “I know that patience make us competitive with the rest of thewill be among the best traits that I’ve gained applicants that are out there,” he said.while serving in the Army.” Hoy credits early mentors in his Army Hoy said there were times in the beginning career and a deployment to Operation Iraqiof his career when he didn’t know how he Freedom for inspiring him to serve a 20-yearwas going to get through morning physical career in the training, but accepting defeat was not “As an NCO, I’ve learned you’ve gotpart of his success plan. to be patient and listen to your Soldiers,” “I refused to give up, and it’s important said Hoy. “Building up their knowledgethat all new Soldiers – no matter what their within their jobs, and teaching them how toage – always strive to learn, and never give manage their finances is also important.”up on themselves,” he said. “I succeeded in “As NCO’s we must teach young Soldiersreaching the NCO ranks because I refused how to deal with different personalities andto quit.” people, and also teach them how to learn Hoy said patience is critical while about themselves,” he said. “Once youmentoring young Soldiers to become learn how much stress you can take, andbetter adults, and a quality needed to help how to talk with people, you’ll be better atSoldiers work through and complete their every-day life.” Sgt. William Hoy, 568th Medical Company. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall 557th MPs pitch in, help clean up around Family housing Soldiers with 557th Military Police Company conduct a community service trash clean-up around USAG-Humphreys Family housing Feb. 12. The clean-up is among several community relations activities by 557th Soldiers. Other activities include joining Humphreys American School students during trips to the Strike Zone bowling alley and sharing lunch with students at HAS. — U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. David Feyen
  • USAG-H • PAGE 22 AREA III THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Soldiers learn importance of security during exercise Tobacco Cessation Program Area III Health Promotion is offering monthly tobacco cessation classes Wednesdays from 10 until 11:30 a.m. This program is free to participants. To register contact Jean Dumoulin at 753-7657 or February is American Heart Month Humphreys American School Parent Teacher Student Organization, USAG-Humphreys School Liaison Services and the 65th Medical Brigade Area III Health Promotions are hosting Walk 1 Mile for Heart Health. The event will be held at the Super Gym Feb. 28. Registration begins 8 a.m. and the walk begins at 9 a.m. Participants are asked to wear red for heart health awareness. Aviation Birthday Ball The Morning Calm Chapter of the Army Aviation Association of America will sponsor the Aviation Birthday Ball Friday, Apr. 17 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. Social begins at 5:15 p.m. and dinner begins at 6:15 p.m. The attire is mess dress, dress blues or Class A’s, or formal civilian dress. Tickets are $45 each. The event is open to all 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Servicemembers, Civilian employees, and Families. For more information, contact Capt. Laura McKenna at 753-5863. EDIS Well Baby Clinic The Educational and Developmental Intervention Services is offering a clinic on raising your baby. Command Sgt. Maj. Scott Campbell, 3-2 General Support Aviation Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, rallies D Company Soldiers as Clinic is held every third Friday of the month from notional rioters threaten to breach the training scenario entry control point during the battalion’s exercise evaluation conducted at Tactical 2 to 4 p.m. by individual appointment only. To sign Training Area Tom Feb. 8. — U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Ma, Ju-ho up, call EDIS at 738-4422. By Sgt. M. Benjamin Gable Soldiers for events during war time,” he Aviation Brigade, played the role of an Stress Management Classes 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs said. “Soldiers must act decisively on instigator from the civilian population. ACS offers weekly stress management classes Thursdays from 1:30 until 2:30 p.m. at Bldg. 311. the battlefield and react quickly to every “The Soldiers were a little rough with Sessions are designed to help individuals learn HUMPHREYS GARRISON — A situation they face.” us at times, but they used escalation of more effective ways for handling stress in everyday training exercise, pitting Soldiers from 3-2 During the exercise scenario, a local force properly and kept the rioting to a life. All ID Card holders are eligible for the course. General Support Aviation Battalion and the youth was allegedly shot and killed by a minimum,” said Lee. Contact ACS at 753-8401 for more information. 602nd Aviation Support Battalion against Soldier during demonstrations days prior. As the training scenario neared a real-world scenario took place at Chung As the training scenario continued, completion, 1st Sgt. Casey Jones was Change in Sick Call Hours Ju, Feb. 8. concerned citizens gathered at the gate and notionally shot from an unknown sniper. 75th Medical Company Area Support, U.S. Army Soldiers honed critical tasks and tactical waited for a mediator who would speak As Jones lay on the ground, Soldiers called Health Clinic - USAG-Humphreys announces movement skills as battalion commanders and address their concerns. But before the for medics. Jones was quickly recovered from a change in sick call hours. Sick call hours are 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and evaluated their war-fighting and battle mediator could arrive, the once peaceful the battlefield and taken to an aide station Fridays. There will be no sick call Thursdays. In the command capabilities. crowd turned hostile, notionally throwing and treated for his injuries. event of an emergency, dial 119 if living off post, According to Capt. Kenneth Ferguson, rocks, knocking over signs and advanced Exercise participants eventually regained 911 if living on post or call the After Hours Clinic at Delta Company 3-2 GSAB commander, the on a military vehicle. The Soldiers banded control during the training scenario and 0505-753-8111. three dimensional training helps Soldiers together in small groups to attempt to calm brought the rioting to an end. Two notional attain a level of proficiency to better defend the situation. rioters were detained and the others were New Humphreys Flickr Website the U.S. and its allies. Sgt. Lee, S. D. a senior Korean augmentee congregated into a safe area where they Want to get copies of photos of a community “It’s important to train in a tactical to the U.S. Army with Headquarters and spoke with a mediator and their concerns event? It’s easy now that USAG-Humphreys environment during peacetime to prepare Headquarters Company, 2nd Combat were addressed. has its own Flickr photo-sharing webpage. To view or download your own high-resolution images of community events go to: www. USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Office will post images weekly. New $450 million contract awarded for Humphreys infrastructure Call 754-8598 for more information. By Doug Young and Tom Kwiat water treatment plant, providing up to an (electrical and water), road closures, and Adult, Infant and Child First Aid Class USAG-Humphreys Master Planning and U.S. additional 240,000 gallons per day to meet facility demolitions. Participants included The American Red Cross will have a CPR/AED Army Corps of Engineers Far East District near-term demand growth. members of a biweekly working group who and First Aid class Saturday, Feb. 21 from 8 The contract includes repairs and upgrades develope strategies and measures to reduce a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in building 262. HUMPHREYS GARRISON — A of selected portions of the installation’s disruptions to the garrison community, and Call the Red Cross at 753-7172 $450 million Land Development, Utilities electrical power distribution system. It the garrison’s mission and operations. for more information. and Infrastructure Design-Build contract also includes an expansion of the electrical Once construction begins in summer for USAG-Humphreys was awarded to switching station at Beacon Hill. 2009, field crews will work simultaneously First Term PCS “Money and Moving” Class Sun Kyong Engineering and Construction Combined with new connection lines to in the expansion land, as well as the For personnel who have never PCS’d before, Company, LTD, recently. be provided by the Korea Electrical Power existing installation. FED and DPW have knowledge is power for a successful move! Classes are offered February 26 and March 26, This contract will replace, upgrade and/ Corporation, the installation will benefit begun coordinating efforts to ensure lines 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. at Army Community Service or realign substantial segments of water from an increase in electrical capacity critical of communication will be in place before Family Readiness Center Bldg. 1127 and wastewater systems, new natural gas for new facilities coming online within the physical work actually begins. lines, sidewalks, bike lanes, jogging trails, next several years. Construction is expected to continue We Want Your Stories! lighting, and road corridors, including Directorate of Public Works Master through fall 2013. The contract, the single We want to publish your stories and replacing all the old, fragile asbestos-cement Planning Division, U.S. Army Corps largest contract ever awarded by FED, will photos in The Morning Calm Weekly water pipe with new polyvinal chloride pipe of Engineers Far East District and SK provide for 570 acres of land development, and on the USAG-Humphreys Command throughout the existing installation. hosted a project kickoff meeting at the and placement of new utilities, roads Channel. Please send any information This effort will substantially reduce the Humphreys Community Activity Center and drainage in the new land adjacent or products to Ken Hall at the USAG- frequency of water breaks, which impair daily Feb. 10 to provide planning information to Humphreys as an ongoing part of the Humphreys Public Affairs Office at 754-8847 or operations here. Eight new water wells will to staff sections and key stakeholders Humphreys transformation and Yongsan be drilled and connected to the installation’s about potential impacts to utility outages Relocation Program.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 23 Long legacy recognized during ceremony posthumously for heroic deeds preformed near Wonju on Feb. 12, 1951. “While serving in Company M, Sgt. Long stood his ground during a fierce battle, without regard to his own person safety,” said Col. John Dumoulin Jr., USAG-Humphreys commander. “Sgt. Long’s actions during the Korean War were that of a hero.” Gen. Paik, Sup Yup former First Republic of Korea Army commander and revered Korean War hero spoke during the ceremony and expressed his admiration for Sgt. Long. “I greatly admire Sgt. Charles Long and his contributions as a war hero,” said Paik. During the ceremony, Abare presented Paik with an album of recently discovered Korean War-era photos. Photos in the album included images of Paik during Camp Long’s dedication ceremony – 54 years ago. “It doesn’t seem to have happened that long ago,” said Paik. “I have many memories coming back.” Abare praised guest speaker Maj. Gen. Lee, Yong Seok, 36th Infantry Division commander Republic of Korea Army for the safety and security of not only Camp Long, but for the city of Wonju as well. “As I look around today, it’s heartwarmingBrent Abare, executive assistant for base operations in Wonju presents Gen. Paik, Sup Yup former First Republic of Korea Army commander and to be surrounded by such history, espirit derevered Korean War hero an album of recently discovered Korean War-era photos as Col. John Dumoulin Jr., USAG-Humphreys commander corps and camaraderie,” said Dumoulin.and Anthony Marra, Area III chief of fire emergency services look on. Photos in the album included images of Paik - nearly 54 years ago - during “For over 50 years the United States andCamp Long’s dedication ceremony. Download this picture online at — U.S. Army photo by Lori Yerdon Republic of Korea have been staunch allies.By Lori Yerdon to Sgt. Charles R. Long – the namesake of “The ceremony really brought the I feel very fortunate to have been servingUSAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Camp Long – at a memorial ceremony near community together,” said Brent Abare, in the Republic of Korea, side-by-side with Wonju Feb. 12 executive assistant for base operations in true professionals.” HUMPHREYS GARRISON — More The recognition ceremony is thought Wonju. “There was a lot of good energy Abare’s goal is to continue hosting thethan 40 Area III Soldiers, Civilians, retirees to be the first held since the dedication of surrounding this event.” memorial ceremony each year to recognizeand Republic of Korea Soldiers paid homage Camp Long in 1955. Sgt. Long received the Medal of Honor and honor Sgt. Long’s ultimate sacrifice.Medical clinic renovations expanding space for patient careBy Ken HallUSAG-Humphreys Public Affairs H U M P H R EY S G A R R I S O N —Medical services continued as Koreanconstruction workers recently combined anadjacent facility with the existing medicalclinic here. Renovations of the clinic began twomonths ago, proceeding in stages to allowpatients access to healthcare. “We’re doing the clinic in four phasesso people can still be treated,” said JordonShoop, Project Manager Johnny and JamesWorldwide Services. “We’ve been isolatingareas of the clinic and blocking them off aswe renovate them. We didn’t have a choice asthis is the only clinic Humphreys Garrisonhas. We’ve utilized as much space as existed, Perspective view of the completed Humphreys Garrison medical and dental clinic. Illustration courtesy Jordan Shoop.including expanding into the ambulance bayfor after-hours care.” our partnerships in Korea,” he said. We’ve received many compliments about to treat them, and this will enable the clinic Shoop said J and J has been supporting A key aspect of American and Korean our renovation and expansion from Soldiers to hire more health care providers,” saidmilitary facilities throughout the peninsula cooperation during the USAG-Humphreys and Family Members. One of the benefits Lt. Col. William McCarthy, Director offor more than 30 years and noted that one multi-billion dollar transformation is of the expansion has been the addition of a Facilities, U.S. Army Medical Departmentof the best parts of the company’s success the positive attitudes of the Soldiers and physical therapist and therapy room, which Activity-Korea. “I’m very impressed withhas been in the way J and J construction contractors who work together on what we didn’t have before.” how the contractors are performing the workprojects are supported. has been highly regarded as the peninsula’s Miller said before the renovation and and following all the building codes. All eyes “We specialize in medical facilities and installation of choice to serve. expansion of the clinic, Soldiers requiring are on USAG-Humphreys as reconstructionour Korean contractor, Yi and Qwon is “We’ve been coordinating well together physical therapy had to travel to Yongsan moves forward, but I won’t sacrifice a qualitywell-prepared and ready to go,” he said. during the construction,” said 1st Lt. for their appointments and as Humphreys outcome for the sake of a faster renovationShoop attributes Y&K’s experienced workers Ashley Miller, executive officer, USAG- expands its population it will now be more completion time.”as crucial for successful completion of the Humphreys medical clinic. “The progress practical for treatment here. McCarthy said he anticipates theprojects. “The way we get things done has been excellent and the workers have “ When troops star t arriving at Humphreys Medical Clinic renovationstogether is one of the things I love about always showed up and have done a great job. Humphreys, we’ll have more exam rooms will be complete during summer, 2009.
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 25 conducts Emergeny FirstResponder Exercise at Camp CarrollBy Pfc. Lee, DodamUSAG-Daegu Public Affairs CAMP CARROLL — USAG-Daeguconducted an installation-wide EmergencyFirst Responder Exercise at Camp CarrollFeb. 13. The exercise included multipleevents and stressors which are intendedto task the command’s ability to providecoordinated command and control,coordinated Force Protection Conditionactions and respond to a terrorist threat orincident. Soldiers, civilians, fire fighters,medical personnel and military policeforces all participated in this comprehensiveexercise. Participants and trainees learned how torespond to each different situation quickly.They also got to determine their abilityto deter, detect, defend, respond to andthen recover from a variety of simulatedactivities and situations. USAG-Daegu Supervisory OperationPlans Mark S. Faivre explained this day’sexercise scenario. “This exercise today wassimulated vehicle accident with two vehiclesthat has number of injured personnel. Acall was made initially to the MP stationreporting vehicle accident then the firstresponders, military police, arrived at thescene. They access the situation and call the Soldiers, civilians, fire fighter, medical personnel and military police forces participated in Emergency First Responder Exercise. Theyfire department. The medical personnel was try to figure out what reaction to take with casualties. — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodamcalled at TMC. They dispatched ambulancesto help evacuated wounded.” The exercise was planned systematically performed to see how the exercise was well was not helpful, the exercise went smoothly. Participants tried to simulate every to make this event successful. The training planned and organized and how it could Soldiers took charge of military police andsituation as realistically as possible so was divided into four phases. Initially, be improved for next time. medical role in the meanwhile civilianthat they can be fully ready for the actual a rapid shield tabletop exercise was As the exercise was fully organized personnel contributed as fire departmentincidents. They used ‘moulage’ method conducted on Jan. 23 which was to educate prior to the actual event, Soldiers and and medical staff.which is applying mock injuries for the participants on the basics of the exercise. civilian personnel could help each other Cooperation between Soldiers andpurpose of training. Moulage is used to The second phase was ROC-drill which is by playing their roles out effectively. Each civilian personnel is essential in case whendress up role players with a variety of to get ready for the actual training, Feb. member knew what their appropriate there is a terrorist attack or any othersimulated injuries for medical providers to 6. The third phase was an actual full-scale reaction should be and how to handle the incident occur. By helping each other, thepractice appropriate treatment. exercise. Lastly, after action review was situations. Even though the rainy weather problem can be solved more quickly and effectively which in the end can save more lives. Working together as an integrated response force, they ensured that resources were focused on getting each incident under control. According to Faivre, “Calls were made to civilian Korean facilities off post that we have an agreement with like hospital, police and fire unit in Waegwan and Gumi community in case we have situation we need additional help.” It is not the first time when this kind of exercise was conducted. Rapid Shield Training was held last September with similar concepts. It is important to perform emergency exercise occasionally to get ready for any probable incident. It is similar to Soldiers get trained for war. The purpose of the training is to save lives and get adverse situations under control as soon as possible. From the huge success of the exercise with a lot of effort from every participant, the Daegu community can assure that its emergency first responders are fully trained and can handle any probable situations. “There were many people who were present to observe and record to see if things went well, and things we need to improve. FromWith cooperation among all participants including Soldiers, fire fighters and military personnel, they can safely treat a casualty and this comprehensive exercise, we learnedcarry him or her to an ambulance. Download this photo at — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodam many valuable things,” said Faivre.
  • USAG-D • PAGE 26 AREA IV THE MORNING CALM t News & Notes Military Parents Join Ranks of Heroes Camp Carroll Lunch Buffet Camp Carroll Bowling Center provides at Home for the Children of Warriors All-you-can-eat daily international By Rob, Mcllvaine us balanced through the extreme changes we military Families move from one garrison lunch buffet. The menu varies daily. FMWRC Public Affairs experience as a military Family,” to another, the program would already be Monday is Italian, Tuesday is Mexican, Melinda and her husband, Capt. Peter in place and could pick you up where you Wednesday is oriental, Thursday is “Heroes at Home,” a military partnership Thayer, Delta Company, 90th Civil Affairs, left off.” all American and Friday is fish fry. with the Parents as Teachers National first joined PAT-HAH at Fort Lewis, Wash., “I went to the week-long training in St. It opens from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It Center, will be expanded this year to serve two years prior to being transferred to Fort Louis and learned how to work with Families costs $7.95. For more information call Families at 24 more garrisons. It has been Bragg. The were thrilled to discover the and give them emotional support by building 765-4470. serving military Families at 12 garrisons program in place at their new duty station. on each Family’s strengths through home since 2006. Integral to the success of PAT-HAH are visits,” Blansett said. “For me, this job is so 2009 DSA Tuition Scholarship This expansion includes additional the Parent Educators, many of whom are rewarding. You see the difference you can Applications for five tuition-only parent educators, training, technical military Family members themselves and make in their lives, immediately.” scholarships totaling $10,000 are support and outreach to states heavily step up to help their fellow parents. Deployed parents enrolled in the now available to qualifying Daegu impacted by National Guard and Army Kajsa Blansett has been a PE for two program (Blansett visits 38 Families per Spouse Association members and Reserve deployments. It also includes the years. She previously worked as a pre- month) receive updates about their child’s their dependents. The application with development of Parents as Teachers-Heroes school teacher at the Child Development development monthly. They also receive applicable rules is available online at at Home programs in new locations across Center in Vilseck, Germany when she was handouts on topics such as preparing for Submission the country. stationed there with her husband, 1st Sgt. deployment, staying connected during the deadline is March 31, 2009. Contact “Our mission is caring and it’s a mission Chad Blansett. deployment, and preparation for reuniting Laurie Slade at or we take very seriously,” said Shirley A. “When I got to Fort Bragg,” recalled after a deployment is complete. Information 010-8671-6061 for more information. Young, Child and Youth Specialist with Blansett, “I started looking for a job and saw is provided through email or through regular the U.S. Army Child, Youth and School an ad about the Parent Educator program, so mail to a parent’s deployment location as Daegu Spouses Association. Services Center of Expertise who oversees I called up and spoke with Dr. Janet Crow. well as to the home. DSA is accepting application for staff training. “Supporting military Families, She filled me in on what the program was “At many sites, we have been able to keep 2009-2010 board positions. Positions particularly those with very young children, all about, and I became inspired.” fathers or mothers who are currently stationed available are president, first and strengthens our Army Families, our service Dr. Crow, PhD, CFLE, recently joined in Iraq or Afghanistan connected with what’s second vice president and secretary. members and our nation.” Baylor University as a faculty member in going on at home through webcams and DSA will accept application from The mission is more important than ever the Child and Family Studies program. video conferencing,” Young said. Feb until Apr 10. If interested please because of the frequent deployments which She was the PAT National Center project For two years now, PAT-HAH has contact Kelly Gemin at geminkl@ have turned some garrisons into “revolving manager for “Heroes at Home” working served hundreds of military Families at, 010-8671-7042 or you can doors” for Soldiers, according to Young. with DoD and the Army to implement the Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.; Fort Riley, Kan.; pick one from the Apple Tree. Almost half of all active service members pilot programs at the original 12 military Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; Fort Hood, Texas; have children, with nearly 40% of these installations. Currently, the project manager Fort Bragg, N.C.; Fort Stewart, Ga.; Fort Mardi Gras children under the age of five. Because more coordinating with Shirley Young at the Campbell, Ky.; Fort Lewis, Wash.; Fort Come and celebrate Mardi Gras at than a third of first-time military parents are national center is Kate DeKoning. Wainwright, Ala.; Camp LeJeune, N.C.; Hiltop Club, Feb. 20 and at Hideway 21 or younger, the pressure to recognize the Crow’s 20-year career in childhood Whiteman AFB, Mo.; and Norfolk Naval Club, Feb. 21 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on child’s needs and where to go for help while development, education and Family support Station, Va. both days. There will be food, special serving our country becomes intensified. (with 11 years specifically serving military Under the new contract, these 12 drinks, games and door prizes. Do “As a military Family, we lose our support Families,) in addition to being a military programs will continue with 24 additional not miss the prize for best costume! network because of deployments and changes spouse, has given her inside expertise sites added in the first year. For more information call 764-4985 or of station. As a result, we do not have the into the U.S. military, military Families, By the end of the first quarter, 2009, the 765-8574. immediate assistance of Family and friends,” deployments and how the military lifestyle following ten sites will be implemented: Fort said Melinda Thayer, a mom of three at affects young children. Richardson, Ala.; Fort Huachuca, Ariz.; Camp Carroll Worship Service Fort Bragg, N.C. “HAH provides a support “Heroes at Home was her baby,” Blansett Fort Carson, Colo.; Fort Benning, Ga.; Every Tuesday there will be an 11:40 network, teaches us activities so we can said. “Her vision was to have the program a.m. worship service at the Camp interact with our children, and helps keep at all military installations so that when – See HEROES Page 28 – Carroll Chapel. Everyone is invited. Lunch will be provided after the service. For more information, contact the Camp USAG-Daegu Spotlight: UFC members visit AREA IV Carroll Chapel staff at 765-8343. DAS Leadership Conference Daegu American School holds third annual leadership conference Feb 27-28 from Friday 5 p.m. until Saturday 7 p.m. It is at DAS annex building. The conference is for DAS students interested in leadership training and community members willing to train the students. If interested contact Thelberstine Buford at Apple Tree Gift Shop Come visit the apple tree gift shop. It is located next to the Evergreen Golf Club parking lot. Ask about group shopping dates, 60 days layaway Korean Furniture, Souvenirs, Celadon, Jewelry and much, much more! It opens on Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Visit to download high-resolution versions of the photos featured in the USAG- Ultimate Fighting Championship members visit Camp Carroll Feb. 10 and conduct a combative clinic teaching fighting skills to Daegu section of the Morning Calm. Soldiers and the community. Download this photo at — U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Lee, Dodam
  • FEBRUARY 20, 2009 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 27 Safety Corner HEROES from Page 26 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Fort Polk, La.; my children surrounded by my parents, Fort Drum, N.Y.; Fort Bliss, Texas; and Fort relatives, and friends. PAT has helped our Space Heaters – Give Em’ space! Eustis and Fort Story in Virginia. Fourteen Family gain access to social activities for our more sites will follow later in the year. children, demonstrated wonderful ways to By Andrew M. Allen PAT-HAH is based on the premise teach our children through play, and has USAG-Daegu Fire & Emergency Services that parents are the first and best teachers. referred us on to other programs when our Space heaters are one of the most Following an intense certification process son needed extra assistance.” common causes of fires during the colder at the PAT National Center where PEs take The expansion of the program will not winter months. Last year alone, portable the “Born to Learn” course, these parent only provide additional support for military space heaters accounted for 21,800 fires educators will be able to help other military Families with infants and toddlers, it will and 300 deaths in the United States. parents mitigate risk factors of military allow Families to consistently receive Parents Here are some safety tips for buying lifestyle, repeated deployments, separation as Teachers services as they relocate around and using space heaters: and geographic single parenting. the country. 1. On post, to include military “Before we enrolled with PAT-HAH, Stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky housing, the use of privately owned I was getting parenting advice by phone are Jessica Bryan and her son, Adrian. Her space heaters is prohibited in all and struggling with being away from my husband, Spc. Dave Bryan is currently buildings, tents and vehicles. (Ref. 8th friends and Family and the help they could deployed to Afghanistan. AK PAM 420-1) provide,” Capt. Thayer said. “No amount of “I know that our Parent Educator Angie 2. Off post residence: Select or talking about parenting can teach as much Enlow and Parents as Teachers will never purchase only a space heater with a as the advice our Parent Educator can give replace Family, but they are a close second,” guard around the heating element, and on effective ways to speak to a child so she Jessica said. “Dave and I, and our son, Adrian, choose a space heater that has been will listen.” are truly happier people to be part of a program tested and certified by a nationally Heroes at Home Parent Educators are made for military Families like us.” recognized testing laboratory such as also trained in ways to facilitate continued Parents as Teachers National Center is UL. These heaters meet specific safety connections between parents and their the resource base and backbone of Parents standards. children during separations; improve as Teachers, based in St. Louis. It is a parent 3. Place the heater on a level, hard parenting practices, enhanced parent- education and early childhood development and nonflammable surface, not on child interactions, and increased parent program serving parents from pregnancy rugs, carpets or wet surfaces. Keep the competence and confidence. PE’s help with until their child enters kindergarten, usually heater at least three feet from bedding, early detection of developmental delays and age five. drapes, furniture, or other flammable other health issues, help prevent child abuse The nonprofit National Center oversees materials. and neglect and increase school readiness approximately 3,000 programs offering 4. Never leave a space heater on If you have any questions about Fire and academic success by facilitating strong Parents as Teachers services nationwide as when you go to sleep and never place Safety, please contact your local Fire parent/school partnerships. well as in several other countries. Heroes at a space heater close to any sleeping Prevention Office. “We initially contacted PAT because our Home program is customized to address the person. For Camp Walker, Henry & George daughter was fighting us to get her way,” needs of military Families, and is just one of 5. Turn the space heater off if you call Mr. Sin at 768-7867, for Camp Melinda Thayer said. “Our PAT educator the programs offered by PAT. leave the area. Keep children and pets Carroll and Apo call Mr. Yon at 765-7190 taught us by example how to interact with For more information about Parents as away from space heaters. and for BSF call Mr. Kim at 763-7209. our daughter. I miss not being able to raise Teachers, visit
  • USAG-D • PAGE 28 AREA IV THE MORNING CALMThis week’s USAG-Daegu job profile: Camp Henry food court ManagerHow do you help USAG-Daegu to What qualities does your job require? of customer service, receiving no complaintsaccomplish its mission? As a manager, it is essential to set a good is very meaningful, indicating superior In general, I am in charge of managing example to other employees to create a better customer service.three different Army and Air Force Exchange team spirit. Also, Eventually, good team spirit When costumers are appreciative of myService locations: Camp Henry food court, causes good customer service. Trying not to management and customer service andCamp Henry theater snack-stand and over-exercise authority on employees helps in when my employees get promoted by theirDaegu American School cafeteria. I mostly building a team spirit. Also, No matter if I am great working attitude, I feel proud.educate AAFES employees to provide in good mood or not, it is important to give What is one thing about your job thatbetter customer services in order to make warm hospitality to customers all the time. most people don’t know?customers feel at home, a comfort zone for What do you like most about your job? We, as a team, always work hard to provideU.S Soldiers and civilians living away from I have worked for 15 years in Camp Henry the best service to customers. I want peoplehome. The parts of customer services include Ms. Yi, Hye-kyong and I’ve never got customers complaining to understand we actually care aboutsanitation, kindness and fresh food. AAFES Camp Henry food court Manager about our services. As a manager in charge customers from the bottom of our heart. AREA IV Job Opportunities ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER VACANCY GRADE LOCATION CLOSE DATE APF US CITIZEN POSITIONS KOEZ09228526 Telecommunications Specialist GS-12 36th Sig Bn, Cp. Walker Feb. 20 KOEZ08783038R-1 Marine Cargo Specialist GS-9 837th Trans Bn, Busan Feb. 21 KOEZ0889914R-1 Range Operations Specialist GS-11 TSAK, Cp. Carroll Feb. 23 KOEZ09255761 Lead Human Resources Assistant GS-5/6/7 CPOC, Cp. Henry Feb. 23 KOEZ09293557 Mail and File Clerk GS-5 USAG-D DHR, Cp. Carroll Feb. 25 KOEZ09297592 IT Specialist (Network/Sysadmin) GS-11 6th Sig Cent. Cp. Walker Feb. 25 KOEZ08877082R Supv Financial Administrator YC-2 MSC-K, Cp. Carroll Feb. 27 KOEZ09293433 Supv Logistics Management Specialist YC-2 19th SC(E), Cp. Henry Mar. 3 KOEZ09228585 Supervisory Industrial Engineering YC-2 USAG-D DPW, Cp. Henry Mar. 11 KOEZ09228588 Civil Engineer GS-11 USAG-D DPW, Cp. Henry Mar. 11 NAF US CITIZEN POSITION KRNAFEZ090005WW CYS Facility Director NF-4 CYS2, Cp. Walker Feb. 20 KN NAF POSITIONS(Open to KN & 3rd Country Family Members) SN-09-0095T Electronics Worker KWB-5 MWR, Cp. Walker Feb. 23 SN-09-0102T Recreation Aid(Lifeguard) KGS-3 MWR, Cp. Carroll Feb. 26 SN-0900103T Waiter/Waitress KWB-2 MWR, Cp. Walker Feb. 26 For more information, contact Employment Readiness Program Manager, Steven Wegley at 768-7951