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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  070302 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070302 Document Transcript

  • Volume 5, Issue 19 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA March 2, 2007 The Morning Calm Black History Girls Far East Weekly is Month Basketball celebration Tournament Page 9 Page 26 nline Visit of Military Hoaxes Actcould receive fines, prison timeBy CID United States during a time of war status of a service member during a the perpetrator if death occurs as aSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly could be fined, imprisoned or both. time of armed conflict. In addition to result of a hoax. FORT BELVOIR, Virginia - According to the Stop Terrorist and fines, violators can face up to 5 years “The section was added by an actPersons making false or misleading Military Hoaxes Act of 2004, codified in jail for the hoax. When serious of Congress as a direct result of thestatements to families about the death, at Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1038, injury occurs as a result of a hoax, terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001,”injury, capture or disappearance of a it’s a criminal offense to convey false possible jail time increases to 20 years,member of the Armed Forces of the or misleading information about the and life imprisonment is possible for See Hoaxes Page 4 Hoaxes, HAES students experience Star Lab Presentation... See story and additional photos on page 22. P HOTO I LLUSTRATION F. N EIL NE E L E Y
  • March 2, 20072 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the NSPS to be implementedmilitary police blotters. These entries may be Special to The Morning Calm Weekly types of work within a career group. Finally anincomplete and do not imply the guilt or innocence Directorate of Human Resources Management employee will be placed into a pay band. A pay bandof any person. Yongsan Garrison– Two-hundred 8th United combines a range of work into a discrete level. ForArea 1 States Army General Schedule Employees will each pay band there is a pay range with a minimumBribery, Excessive Purchasing, Subject 1 and Subject convert to the National Security Personnel System and maximum pay rate.2 committed the offenses of bribery and failure to when it is implemented in October 2007. But NSPS is not changing everything.obey lawful order when they purchased a total of 17 “This is the biggest change to civilian pay and “The Army will continue to preserve employeecases of beer from various AAFES shoppettes to management in over 100 years and will impact protections and benefits, including the veterans’hold a party for a departing NCO. Prior to preference and the merit principles that have long most 8th Army civilian employees no later thantransporting nine cases of beer off post through fiscal year 2009. NSPS is a key element of the been integral to the civil service. Leave accrual,Gate 2, Subject 1 and Subject 2 bribed the gate guard Army’s overall transformation initiative,” said insurance and retirement will not change. Retirementwith $10 requesting for the gate guard to let themleave post. This is a final report. Sharon Alsop, Director, Directorate of Human calculations will be calculated the same way they Resources Management, 8th U.S. Army. are calculated today,” Alsop said.Area 2 NSPS is a performance-based personnel Training is critical to the successful implementationDrunk and Disorderly, Failure to ID, Failure to Obey system that provides an opportunity to link individual and integration of NSPS. All managers, supervisorsOrder, Simple Assault on Military Law Enforcement performance to organizational goals, giving and civilian employees will receive training on theOfficer, Flight from Apprehension, While adjacent employees direct opportunities to impact mission functional aspects of NSPS prior to the UN Club in Itaewon, Subject 1 pushed Victim accomplishment. This will be done through NSPS implementation occurs in three phases1 in the chest and shoulder area with open hands referred to as “spirals.” Within these spirals, there aligning employees’ performance goals with theand attempted to flee the scene. While MP were Army mission and their organization’s objectives. are sub-spirals that will continue through 2009.apprehending Subject 1, Subject 2 and Subject 3 It properly rewards employees based on their The NSPS regulations have established new ruleswere using profanity and making racial statements.Subject 1, Subject 2 and Subject 3 were apprehended achievement of those goals. for how civilians are compensated, hired, assigned,and transported to the Yongsan PMO where Subject Compensation changes include moving to a pay- promoted, and disciplined, and it also has elements2 refused to produce his ID and Subject 2 and banded and a pay-schedule system. that address labor relations, adverse actions andSubject 3 did not obey any orders. Subject 1, Subject Under the NSPS classification system, most GS appeals process. However, the labor relations2 and Subject 3 were administered a series of FSTs, positions will be assigned to a career group, pay system and employee appeals process is currentlywhich they failed, processed and released to their schedule, and pay band. A career group is a broad enjoined by the courts.units. The investigation continues by MPI. grouping of occupations that perform similar types This means that Bargaining Unit employees will of work and have similar career progression not be included in the implementation of the laborArea 3 schedules. Based on their occupation employees system (Subpart I) at this time.Aggravated Assault, Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3 will be placed in a career group and then assigned Local national employees will not be affected byand Subject 4 struck Victim 1, multiple times to thehead with a closed hand. Victim 1 fell to the ground to a pay schedule. A pay schedule combines similar this system. CID announcesand was kicked in the head, face and torso area. Investigative Unit. The CID Cyber Lookout is designedVictim 1 was transported to the Camp Humphreys to promote Internet safety by educating the ArmyUCA where he was treated and released for injuries community about the dangers posed by cyber-criminalsconsisting of a laceration to his upper lip, contusions on the Internet. new programto the upper left eye, right forehead and back of his The USACIDC is an independent criminalhead and transferred to the 121st CSH for furtherevaluation. Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3 and investigative organization that investigates serious,Subject 4 were apprehended. Subject 2 rendered a felony-level crime such as homicide, rape, sexual Special to The Morning Calm Weekly assault, robbery, arson, contract fraud and intrusionswritten sworn statement admitting to the offense. CID Public Affairs into Army networks.The investigation continues by MPI. FORT BELVOIR, Virginia — The U.S. Army “Solving and preventing crimes of this nature takesArea 4 Criminal Investigation Command, commonly known community involvement and cannot be achieved solelyTraffic Accident With Injuries, Drunken Driving, as CID, today announced their new Army-wide by CID Special Agents. Together, professional lawDriving without a License, Damage to Private crime prevention and awareness program dubbed enforcement officers and the Army community mustProperty, Improper U-turn, Subject 1, operating a “CID Lookout.” work hand-in-hand to fight serious crime,” said thePOV, with Victim 1 as a passenger, while making an The program is a CID initiative to partner with Provost Marshal General of the Army and Commandingillegal U-turn struck a tree. Subject 1 was charged the Army community by providing a conduit for General of CID, Brig. Gen. Rodney KNP under KRTL Art 25 (Improper U-turn), KRTL members of the Army family to help prevent, reduce Part of the new CID Lookout initiative will beArt 44 (DUI) and KRTL Art 43 (Driving without a and report felony-level crime. CID simultaneously disseminating topical and useful crime prevention andLicense). Victim 1 was transported by ambulance to announced its related “CID Cyber Lookout” crime awareness information to the U.S. Army via thethe Semyong Hospital where she was evaluated and program initiated by the Computer Crime See CID Page 4 CID,released without injuries. Published by IMCOM-Korea This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Command-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- Editor Andre Butler violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. Staff Writer Sue Silpasornprasit responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Area I Area III advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. including inserts or supplements, corrected. 96205. Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Bob McElroy does not constitute endorsement CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 advertised. Fax: 02-793-5701 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Area II Area IV Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Everything advertised in this E-mail: Phone: DSN 738-3355 publication shall be made Public Affairs Officer Vacant Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Mail address: Oriental Press, Fax: DSN 738-3356 available for purchase, use or CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, 96206-0758 Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won religion, gender, national origin, Sustain, Support and Defend
  • The Morning Calm Weekly News March 2, 2007 3 Specialists ease servicemembers’ USFK commander puts university area off-limitsThe commander of United States mindsForces Korea has designated theHongdae/Hongik University area inSeoul off-limits to all USFK servicemembers, civilian employees, By Andre Butlercontractor employees and their family IMCOM Public Affairsmembers between the hours of 9 p.m.and 5 a.m. daily for reasons of force The Association of the U.S. Army is pleased to F O R W A R Dprotection. announce its 12th ARMY Magazine photo contest. OPERATING BASEThe Hongdae/Hongik University area Amateur and professional photographers are invited to SALERNO, Afghanistanis located about two miles west of enter. - Long hours of stressfulYongsan Main Post, immediately The winning photographs will be published in ARMY work faced by deployedsouthwest of the Sinchon subway Magazine, and the photographers will be awarded cash troops, combined with littlestation and rotary and includes the prizes. First prize is $500; second prize is $300; third privacy and not much freeHongdae bar district. prize is $200; and five honorable mentions each will time, can end up taking a PFC. MATTHEW LEARYThis order does not apply to KATUSA Sgt. Travis Danley, is Black receive $100. mental and emotional toll.Soldiers or Korean employees. Hawk helicopter crew chief Entry Rules: Fortunately, Soldiers serving with the 82nd Airborne Division.For more details and maps go to theforce protection page on 1. Each photograph must have a U.S. Army-related in every Brigade Combat subject and must have been taken on or after July 1, Team in the Army will now behavioral health clinic offers Yellow Dust 2006. have a greater opportunity a variety of services, fromThe United States Forces Korea and 2. Entries must not have been published elsewhere. to visit a behavioral health smoking cessation tothe Korean Meteorolgical Evidence of prior publication of any winning entry will clinic and speak to a trained command consultation, but theAdministration have revised their disqualify it. specialist. Behavioral health main service it offers iswarnings concerning increase in 3. Each contestant is limited to three entries. used to be a division-level individual and groupYellow dust coming from the Gobi 4. Entries must be black-and-white prints, color prints function, but the Army’s counseling to Soldiers. TheseDesert in China. For more information or color slides. The entries must not be tinted or altered. adoption of a modular services give Soldiers anYellow dust as well as to check the 5. The minimum size for prints is 5X7 inches; the brigade combat team opportunity to just speak theircurrent Yellow dust concentration at maximum is 8X10 inches (no mats or frames). structure changed that, mind to someone, Kimble said.your location about Yellow dust, logonto 6. The smallest format for slides is 35mm, and slides explained Spc. Alex “I have experience workingindex.html, click on Yellow Sand, or must be in plastic or paper mounts. Townsend, a behavioral with World War II veterans 7. A sheet of paper must be taped to the back of each health specialist assigned to and Vietnam veterans whosites/yellowsand/default.asp. Or, entry indicating the following: the photographer’s name, the 82nd Airborne Division’s have been appropriatelycontact Deputy Chief of Staff Force Social Security number (for identification and tax Company C, 782nd Brigade diagnosed with post-traumaticHealth Protection, 18TH MEDCOM at purposes), address and telephone number; and caption Support Battalion, 4th stress disorder and have been736-3025/3033, mobile 010-7124-9512. information. Brigade Combat Team. dealing with it for years,”A few TIPS for Yellow Sand Storms 8. Entries must be mailed to: Editor, ARMY Magazine, “Since the modularity has Kimble said. “If you speak to avoid outdoor activities 2425 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201-3385, ATTN: taken place, they want them now, they will say they keep windows closed remove contact lenses Photo Contest. people at the brigade to felt they were weak if they 9. Entries must be postmarked by June 30, 2007. focus on (behavioral had to talk to someone. Now, 2007 West Point Dinner Letters notifying the winners will be mailed in health),” Townsend said. they say if there’s one thingMembers of the Long Gray line and September. “You are living and (I) can convey to today’sguests are invited to the 2007 West 10. Entries will not be returned. working with the same Soldiers it’s that it does makePoint Founder’s Day Dinner at the 11. Employees of AUSA and their family members are people for months, and there a difference to just talk toDragon Hill Lodge, Sat., March 10. The not eligible. is literally no place to someone and get it out.”dinner will cost $25 per person. The 12. Prize-winning photographs may be published in escape for a moment,” said The critical-event debriefinguniform is Mess Dress and Army Blues. is another service the ARMY Magazine, other AUSA publications and the Capt. Maria A. Kimble, aFor more information, call 723-5938. AUSA web site as many as three times. behavioral health officer behavioral health clinic will AFCEA hosts Technical Forum 13. Photographic quality and subject matter will be the assigned to Co. C, 782nd Luncheon primary considerations in judging. Bde. Spt. Bn. In order toAFCEA International “Land of the help the troops, the See Specialists Page 4 Specialists,Morining Calm” Chapter 169 will hosta luncheon Tuesday, March 6. Theevent will be held in the Naija Ballroom Peninsula-wide Tax Centers open for 2007 season Peninsula-wide Taxat the Dragon Hill Lodge. The cost of Area I Activities Center (bus terminal), room 113 with CPAC and the Legal Assistance Office)buffet is $15 per person. OIC: Capt. Stacy Cohen Phone: 725-1040 Phone: 768-6680 Camp Casey at Maude Hall, Bldg 2440, Suite Open: Jan. 31 – May 10 (opens at 4 p.m. Open: Jan. 31 - June 15 Korea Homeschool Conference to 241 after ceremony) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 a.m. Phone: 730-3598 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6:30 p.m.; Thursday 1 - 5:30 p.m.; be held in Seoul Open: Feb. 1 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday from 1- 6 Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Closed Sundays,There will be a Korea Homeschool Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. - p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Closed holidays and training holidaysConference held tommorow, from 8:30 5p.m.; Thursday 1 - 8 p.m.; Sundays and holidays and training holidays Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Closed Sundays, Camp Carroll at Bldg T-125a.m., to 5 p.m., in Seoul. Mondays and holidays and training holidays Area III Phone: 765-7136For more information, contact Dawn OIC: Capt. Brian Tomasovic Open: Jan. 31 – June 15Snyder at 02-6355-5225. Camp Red Cloud mobile tax center Camp Humphreys at Bldg S-262 (across Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 a.m. Location: Freeman Hall from CAC, next to Red Cross) – 4:30 p.m.; Thursday 1 - 4:30 p.m.; Closed Opens: March 1 Phone: 753-3905/3904 Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and training holidays AAFES recall for Maytag Tuesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Open: Jan. 25 – May 20 Dishwashers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 Osan Air Base Camp Stanley mobile tax center a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday by appointment POC:Tech Sgt. BoyceMaytag Corporation is voluntarily Location: Bldg 2305 only; Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bldg 788, Rm 26recalling certain models of Maytag & Opens: March 1 Closed Sundays, holidays and training Call 784-8935 for more informationJenn-Air brand dishwashers due to fire Wednesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. holidayshazard. Kunsan Air Base Area II Area IV Bldg 755, 3rd FloorConsumers should immediately stop OIC: Capt. Denise O’Connell OIC: Capt. Eric Christeson Appointment onlyusing these dishwashers. Yongsan Main Post at Moyer Community Camp Henry at Bldg 1805 (building shared Call 782-1250 View slide
  • March 2, 20074 The Morning Calm WeeklyHoaxes from Page 1said Capt. Anthony Adolph, judge call will come from the Casualty andadvocate, Headquarters, 3d Military Mortuary Affairs Operations Center atPolice Group (CID). the U.S. Army Human Resources According to Lt. Col. Stephanie Command or the hospital where theStephens, U.S. Army Criminal Soldier is recovering.”Investigation Command’s staff judge According to Col. Pat Gawkins,advocate, terrorist hoaxes became an CMAOC director, if a Soldier dies inissue shortly after 9-11. Existing law theater or while recovering in aat that time generally covered fake medical facility, a casualty notificationbomb threats, but did not apply to fake officer will make an in-personthreats of biological or chemical attack, notification.such as anthrax scares. “Unfortunately, there have been The proposed “Hoax Act of 2001” circumstances beyond our controlwas intended to close the gap, but was when we have had to makenot passed because it was drafted too notifications by telephone,” Gawkinsbroadly. said. The “Stop Terrorism and Military “These calls are followed upHoaxes Act of 2004” includes much immediately by a Soldier or officer whoof the original basis of the 2001 statute, will extend well as the additional crime “We have had issues of the Recordconcerning hoaxes related to the status of Emergency Data (DD93) notof a military member. having current addresses or incomplete Adolph said some individuals next of kin information which havebelonging to anti-war and anti- caused us to make telephonicgovernment groups may sometimes notification,” he added. “In theseprey on family members as an act of cases, by simply trying to verify anrebellion to Soldiers actively engaged address, or one next-of-kin callingin conflict and could face stiff another while their Casualtypenalties if caught providing false Notification Officer was present, weinformation. have made notification. Again, this “Soldiers and their family members happens in very few cases, but it doesare easy targets for such groups who happen.”tend to prey on individuals with loved In addition to the personal visit,ones serving in combat,” Adolph said. Adolph said a casualty assistance “Victims of this scam should know officer will also provide immediatethat in the case of injury notifications, support for the family memberthe Soldier will be asked to personally whenever and wherever necessary tocall the family. If unable to do so, the help the family through their crisis.CID from Page 2internal Army media, according to On The Lookout” and to report crimesChris Grey, CID’s chief of Public and suspicious activity.Affairs, “We want people to know who we “The information will cover topics are, what we can do for them, and whatsuch as identity theft, logistics security, they can do for us to make our Armypreventing sexual assault and robbery even more Army Strong and safe,”– anything that prevents our Soldiers said Johnson.and their families from becoming “The new CID Lookout programvictims,” said Grey. provides that two-way communication CID Lookout also asks Soldiers, mechanism for members of the Armyfamily members and employees to “Be family to get involved.”Specialists from Page 3offer. A CED is a group-counseling problem,” Kimble said. Kimble hasservice conducted after a potentially seen firsthand the success thesetraumatic incident that could affect the programs can have, having beenSoldiers involved. deployed to Iraq in a similar capacity. “I strongly believe in the critical- There, Kimble treated more than 800event debriefing,” Kimble said. “These Soldiers and conducted 30 CEDs. “Perare done whenever there are extreme the new regulations, part of our missiontragic incidents Soldiers are involved is prevention, which you can’t reallyin. ... They are very hard for the do sitting in an office,” Kimble said.Soldiers to handle on their own.” While the behavioral health personnel These efforts are designed to keep are actively providing help for theparatroopers in the fight and have Soldiers of Task Force Fury here, theythem perform their duties at 100 also are combating the stigma attachedpercent, Kimble added. By to their profession at times, Townsendcoordinating with the ministry teams said. “Don’t be scared or worry that itand unit leaders, they are trying to will be detrimental to you or yourmaximize the effectiveness of their career to come here, because if you’recare. “If a command is having a at a low, we are here to help bring youparticular problem, we will develop up,” Townsend said. “And we are heregroup sessions specifically for that to help you maintain that.” View slide
  • March 2, 2007 Page 5Warrior country celebrates Black History Tu s k e g e e A i r m a n g u e s t s p e a k e r By Jim Cunningham Area I Public Affairs CAMP RED CLOUD —Two Black History other white fighter escorts didn’t show up one celebrations highlighted the weekend with an day, the Tuskegee Airmen were in the area and extravaganza of performances in honor of escorted them with fighter cover to where they black entertainers at Camp Red Cloud and a were going and came back with them. After gala celebration at Camp Casey featuring that time, they requested them.” Tuskegee Airman, James Price. No bombers were lost when escorted by the “I attempted to join the Tuskegee Airmen in Tuskegee Airmen in operations carried out in 1941,” Price said “They would not let me join the European theater of World War II. That is because I didn’t have four years of college. a unique fact of their history, Price explained. The letter just stated one had to have a high “When becoming a noncommissioned officer school diploma or better, but and going to the when I got there I was told Noncommissioned Officer different.” “They did not let colored C l u b t o g e t t o k n o w Price joined the Army as people fight with everyone in the Tuskegee a combat Soldier in spite of weapons, we had not Airmen; that was the best not being allowed to join the Tuskegee Airmen at that become ‘black,’ we were part aofa d e r iexperience, athe cam r my e was gre t,” time. still ‘colored,’” Price said. “Young people “I fought in the Battle of James Price, Tuskegee Tuskegee h a v e t o b e t o g e t h e r a n d the Bulge,” Price said. “I Airman forget about their was in ammunition differences, which is JIM CUNNINGHAM ordinance.” important.” They did not let colored people fight with Price had important orders that brought himTuskegee Airman James Price addresses the Camp weapons, we had not become ‘black,’ we were to Korea.Casey Black History Month celebration at the Camp still ‘colored,’ Price explained. “I was sent here on orders to write theCasey Community Activities Center Feb. 24. “They would only allow us to work in Republic of Korea army supply manual,” Price services, and after the war, I came back to said. “They sent me to Presidio, Calif., for one the states in 1945 and re-enlisted,” Price said. week to learn Korean so I could come over “They said to be sure to enlist with the here and do the job. When I got here, I was Tuskegee Airmen. That is when I joined the teamed with a colonel in the ROK army that Air Corps.” had majored in English and did post graduate Price served in the Tuskegee Airmen as a work in logistics; he was my counterpart. We nose gunner in B-25 medium bombers. put it together in two months.” “They had me on orders to come to Korea, “I went to the Pentagon and turned in my but they needed an advanced field service report and volunteered to come back to Korea. engineer in England so I jumped at that before I retired in Osan in 1966,” Price said. coming to Korea,” Price said. “So I served Although Price says there is still racism in there before coming to Korea.” the military, he sees that it is much better now When arriving in Asia. Price served in base than before and during World War II, the supply. Korean War and Vietnam. “The Tuskegee Airmen was the best part of “Before the 60s, we were colored people; my service because we had our own base, and during the 60s we became black,” Price said. everything was really nice,” Price said. “The “I always tell young black Soldiers to staySpc. Abigail Adutwum, CG’s Mess, performs a legend of the Tuskegee Airmen started in the focused, racism will never go completely away,traditional dance of Ghana during the Black History early part of World War II. The white bomber b u t i t i s c o n s t a n t l y g e t t i n g b e t t e r i n t h eMonth Extravaganza in the CRC theater. units would not recommend them, so when the service.” Sgt. 1st. Class Nathaniel Davenport, 2nd InfantryThe 2nd Infantry Division jazz ensemble performs popular rhythm and blues classics for the Black Division, performs a classic blues selection during theHistory Month Extravaganza Feb. 23. Black History Extravaganza in the CRC theater.
  • March 2, 20076 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Friends of USO lauded in banquet AER Campaign Kicks Off By Jim Cunningham community, as well as the general Today Area I Public Affairs business sponsors here tonight.” The Army Emergency Relief Fund- CAMP CASEY—The USO The USO has always been the No. raising Campaign will begin today at showed its appreciation Feb. 21 by 1 example for all the other USO the Camp Casey Digital Conference throwing a gala banquet in honor of facilities in Korea to follow, Perry Center at 11 a.m. For more explained. The USO at Camp Casey 10 corporations, both Korean and information call: 730-3142. has always been successful in American, along with many organizations who support USO rounding up support for programs that Casey Beauty Shop Renovation benefit the Soldiers and the programs and efforts made on behalf The Camp Casey Beauty Shop is of Soldiers in Area I. surrounding community. scheduled for a facility upgrade to “To all our supporters, Korean and Furthermore, the USO could not improve the current facility from American, we thank you tonight not have been able to compliment and March 12 through 14. For more only for the amount in cash but the support the many programs provided information call: 732-6263. volume of in-kind donations all of you by Morale, Welfare and Recreation JIM CUNNINGAHM have given in support of the 2nd and Army Community Services Stan Perry Jr., director, USO Korea, addresses Promotion Points for AFTB 10 corporations and Area I supporters and Class Infantry Division and USAG- without the support of the many private corporations, organizations and guests during Friends of the USO Appreciation A total of four promotion points can Uijeongbu area events,” said Sally Hall, individuals who lend their support, Banquet Feb. 21. be awarded for 40 accumulative Camp Casey USO manager. “Not only hours of course instruction and for the free usage of facilities and gift Perry said. sandwiches provided at Rodriguez training. For more information call: certificates or tickets to somewhere, “Because there is such a great Range, really makes a big difference 221-3958. food and drinks, barbecue and block synergy among the organizations to the Soldier.” parties, not only for your efforts and present here tonight that give such “The people in this room realize Area I Redesignation time in programs, but for one intangible dedication and determination to USO there are a lot of young Soldiers and Ceremony and precious item that everyone here programs, we will present awards to some of us that are not so young, who The Area I Redesignation Ceremony will always remember; your you to show our appreciation,” Perry are a long way from home and over to change the Area I moniker to friendship.” said. “The year 2006 proved to be a here to do a job, but need to feel like USAG-Uijeongbu will be held March “From block parties to cookie banner year for the USO here and the they belong to something bigger than 9 in the gym at 2 p.m. For more caravans, ski trips and countless other number of programs and the amount themselves,” said Brig. Gen. John information call: 732-8854. programs, events throughout 2006, you of support provided. I have no doubt Johnson, assistant division commander and others contributed more than 2007 will be an even better year.” for maneuverability. Mardi Gras Celebration $400,000 worth of cash, in-kind “More than 275,000 people “It can be intimidating, being so far Can’t make it to New Orleans for contributions and volunteer time for contacted and participated in USO from home and so far from family, and Mardi Gras? Come to Camp Casey the Camp Casey USO missions,” said events here in Area I,” said Col. being in a foreign country and being in for a Mardi Gras parade from the golf Stan Perry Jr., USO Korea director. Forrest Newton, garrison commander a foreign culture so different than the course to the Digital Conference “These contributions and efforts Area I. “That is more than the number culture you were raised in.” Center March 10 at 3 p.m. For more provide for an improved quality of life of people we have in our area.” “When you get here and you have information call: 732-9187. for the Soldiers here as well as The Soldier sees all the programs the USO reach out to you, it makes all providing an opportunity to interact the USO does and all the services the the difference in the world,” Johnson Customer Service Excellence USO provides, but what he does not said. with the local community through our Course see is all the work and dedication the “I’m an old Soldier. I have been in virtues and good neighbor programs.” The customer service excellence USO staff commits to these programs the Army for 30 years, and I have seen The USO made headway into new course will be offered March 8 areas of interest to the Soldiers and and services to make them real, the USO all over the world.I have through 9 at CRC Education Center the community in 2006. Newton explained. benefited from the USO in all those room 207. Each applicant needs to “Last year we conducted the first “We want to thank all the USO staff places and the Soldiers have benefited get in to the CHRTAS to register for Good Neighbor English Camp here in for their hard work and dedication,” as well.” the course. For more information call: 732-9060. Area I, instituted a monthly foreign Newton said. “When you see more “I can tell you I have never seen a spouses meeting, which had more than than 300 family members gather at the better program than we have right here Education Extravaganza 320 Soldiers and KATUSAs USO just to get all the information they in Area I,” he said. Camp Red Cloud Education Center participating in a USO Virtues can, then you see the result of their The entire USO staff and all those will hold its Education Extravaganza Program,” Perry said. “None of this efforts and the USO. Because of that who make their mission possible March 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For would be possible without the support it makes the Pear Blossom Cottage deserve a round of applause, Johnson more information call: 732-7015. of you dedicated volunteers, the and other programs work better. explained. support of the local military command, Everything you do to make Soldier’s The USO will continue to support Voting Slogan Contest and the support of the local Korean lives better, even the hot coffee and the Soldier until everyone goes home. The 2008 primary and general elections need a slogan to inspire interest and participation. Submit your Te Casey sports Te xas Hold’em tourney entries today. For more information By Margaret Banish-Donaldson call: 723-7514. Area I Public Affairs CAMP CASEY—Sgt. Dylan Gray, AFSC 702D BSB, receives a Volunteer Luncheon case of poker chips from Chris Bradford, chief, business operations The annual Volunteer Luncheon will division, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, and a free pass to the be held in Mitchell’s Club from 11:30 Walker Hill poker tournament from Dan Park, director, Korean a.m. to 1 p.m. April 27. For more Professional Poker Tour, for being the first one to take a bounty out information call: 730-3183. of play from the Texas hold-em tournament Feb. 24 at Camp Casey Warriors Club. St. Patrick’s Day Deal or No Winners: Deal 1st place-Theodore Stevenson, BFSC, 702nd BSB, $1200 (Army Mitchell’s Club will hold its St. and Air Force Exchange Service gift certificate with trophy) 2nd Patrick’s Day Deal or No Deal game place-Staff Sgt. Stephen Schroeder, 552nd Signal Company, $500 5 p.m. March 17. For more (AAFES gift certificate with trophy) 3rd place-Sgt. Christopher Driver, information call: 732-8189. B Battery 1/15th FA, $300 (AAFES gift certificate with trophy)
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I March 2, 2007 7Casey salutes fROM PAGE 5Bataan survivors insporting eventBy Jim Cunningham are on dirt paths by the Hovey gates,”Area I Public Affairs LeBorgne said. “This route presents CAMP CASEY—Soldiers and a lot of challenges.”civilians saluted the courage and The Bataan Memorial Deathheroism of those who gave their lives March is eight years old and wasand those who survived the Bataan planned to cover both Camps CaseyDeath March of 1942 by holding a and Hovey, explained LeBorgne.sporting event Feb. 24, which covered “Because both camps are not verymore than 13 miles on Camp Casey. large it is always challenging to find “We are honored at Camp Casey the right routes for these types ofto be the host for the actual events.” JIM CUNNINGAHMprequalifying runs of the major “The route for this event is exactly the same as the first event in 1999,” Soldiers gather at the start/finish line outside of Carey Fitness Center on Camp Casey to participatecommemorative march held in New in the Bataan Death March event. More than 193 entries, which included civilians, participated.Mexico,” said Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, said Scott Meredith, communitycommander Camp Casey. recreations director for Area I MWR. LeBorgne. They are not required to said Kim, Pok Man, Area I sports The Bataan Memorial Death “We have held this event at different wear any load bearing equipment. specialist. In the men’s division, Lt. Col.March, to be held March 25 at White locations in the past. Camp Casey is “They must wear the normal Army Troy Busby, J 35, United States ForcesSands Missile Range, is a a great location for this event because boots. No sneakers are allowed,” Korea from Yongsan finished in firstchallenging march through the high you don’t have to retrace the route to LeBorgne said. place with an elapsed time of 1:49:51.desert terrain of N.M., conducted in go 13 miles.” Safety is always the main concern Capt. Max Self of HHC, 2nd Infantryhonor of the heroic service members There are more than just distance in all of MWR sporting events. Division from Camp Red Cloudwho defended the Philippine Islands and time challenges for those that enter “We have medical vehicles at the finished second with an elapsed timeduring World War II, sacrificing their the event. Hovey gate, at the Carey Fitness of 1:54:11. Command Sgt. Maj. Markfreedom, health and, in many cases, “The competition is the most Center and one trailing the Sullivan of 176th Finance Battaliontheir very lives, explained Hodges. challenging aspect of the march,” competitors,” LeBorgne said. “Also, from Yongsan finished third with an “We have the largest number ever LeBorgne said. “He or she has a 35 we have medical way-stations along elapsed time of 1:57:35. 1st enter this event today,” Hodges said. pound sack, and must beat the other the route.” Andrew Rhoades of C Company,“This includes members and teams Soldiers to the finish line.” The 8th Army will send 15 302nd BSB from Camp Casey finishedfrom other services like the Air Force, There are several categories for competitors to the main event in N.M. fourth with an elapsed time of 2:00:22.Korean soldiers and civilians from the Soldiers to enter. “There will be the best team of five Spc. Chao Carvalho of HHD, 36tharound the peninsula.” “We had 12 teams of five enter members, the first five men, and the Engineering Battalion from Camp Official entries tallied 193 Soldiers today and the rest of the entries were first five women, 15 in all to attend the Walker finished fifth with an elapsedand a number of unofficial entries individuals,” LeBorgne said. “There main event in New Mexico,” said time of 2:05:34.including civilians, said Henri will be trophies given for the top five LeBorgne. “White Sands does In the women’s division a civilianLeBorgne, sports manager for Morale, winners in the men’s category and the resemble the weather that the victims Jamie Sullivan of the 176th FinanceWelfare and Recreation for USAG- women’s category and one winning suffered in 1942 because of the heat. Battalion from Yongsan finished firstUijeongbu. team.” I remember one time we had to pull with an elapsed time of 2:34:52. Spc. “This route is challenging. There The rules state that entries must 900 people from the event at White Vicki Cody of 16th Medical Logisticsare some very steep stretches and some wear their Army uniform, a 35 pound Sands with heat injuries.” Battalion from Camp Carroll finishedof it is on pavement and other segments pack, and a soft cap, explained The elapsed times are astonishing, See March Page 16 March,
  • March 2, 20078 The Morning Calm Weekly
  • March. 2, 2007 Page 9Area II leads Black History Month commemoration By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook Now” to open the commemoration. Area II Public Affairs Sgt. Sirrisa Miles from 18th Medical YONGSAN GARRISON — Command presented a mime Area II capped a month of performance called “I want commemorations, activities and Complain.” events to honor African Americans “We must make ourselves an Army Feb. 23 as more than 100 community of one,” said guest speaker Lt. Col. members gathered to celebrate at Samuel Fields. “When we meet Yongsan Main Post Club. obstacles, we must go around, under, “Each month we celebrate over and if necessary through them. different kinds of ethnic contributions I am often inspired by those who across all cultures,” said Area II have the great desires to achieve.” Support Activity Command Sgt. Maj. Fields summed up the history of Diane Foster. African Americans, which contained Throughout February, Area II and the story of slavery, struggle and tenant units have conducted events achievements. He emphasized the to celebrate Black History Month. importance of education to elevate Foster said the key to this the living standards of African program is to educate community Americans. PHOTOS BY PFC. KIM SANG-WOOK members and to recognize the “It was a great time to go backStudio 2B38 Girl Scouts members introduce African-American heroes Feb. 23 at the Main Post Club. contributions of African-American and observe the past,” said 175th culture. Financial Management Center Lt. Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt. Col. Sharon Green. “To celebrate Gen. David P. Valcourt and Area II where we come from and look Support Activity Col. Ron Stephens forward where we’re going, I think also attended the event. it was good to learn our struggles that The Area II Support Activity Equal we had and how to make great Opportunity Office organized differences for our children.” numerous activities. 532nd Military The theme of the event is “From Intelligence Capt. Laketha Prioleau Slavery to Freedom: The Story ofGuest speaker Lt. Col. Samuel Fields Sgt. Sirrisa Miles presents a mime and 8th U.S. Army Capt. Simone Africans in the Americas.”addresses the crowd. performance. Jenkins sang, “I Just Can’t Give Up Troop Command hosts Black History Month event By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — With Jazz rhythms playing along, Area II servicemembers gathered to celebrate Black History Month Feb. 21 at the Multipurpose Training Facility. More than 150 servicemembers attended this year’s U.S. Army Troop Command - Korea commemoration “From Slavery to Freedom: The Story of Africans in the Americas.” “We commemorate National African American History Month to educate and bring awareness of African Americans struggles, contributions and achievements,” said USATC - Korea Equal Opportunity Advisor Sgt. 1st Class Desiree Tomlinson. Since 1994, Americans have set aside the month of February to learn about the heritage, PFC. KIM SANG-WOOK history and traditions of African Americans. Yongsan 5K fun run participants cross the finish line Saturday at Collier Field House. The event was part of Black History Month. Area II fun run honors African Americans “This year’s program included lots of music,” Tomlinson said. As one of the main events, the 8th U.S. Army By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook community members participated in the running Band played jazz music that turned the quiet Area II Public Affairs event. atmosphere into a small concert. In addition, Staff YONGSAN GARRISON — As weather “We do 31 races every year,” said Area II MWR Sgt. Earl Bowers Jr. and Sgt. Gayle Bronner warms up, Area II will continue to sponsor weekly Director Paul Robinson. “Every run is open to the presented a dance performance by lip-syncing fun runs each Saturday at Collier Field House. Area public and we have free T-shirts for all participants.” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” II Morale, Welfare and Recreation used the Feb. 24 Robinson said the running events are also Guest speaker Maj. Edwin Nall, USATC 5K fun run to celebrate and promote African coordinated on annual holidays. Officials offer Army See Black Page 12 Black, American Black Heritage Month. and Air Force Exchange Service gift cards to each Despite chilly morning weather, more than 100 See Run Page 12 Run,
  • 10 March 2 , 2007 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Students to continue riding shuttle buses Theater Auditions By David McNallyThe Missoula Children’s Theatre is Area II Public Affairscoming to town. The play will beRumpelstiltskin with two performance YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II officials announced2 p.m. and 7 p.m. March 10 at the Seoul they will not be denying shuttle bus service to student riders.American High School Auditorium. “We looked at the proposed restrictions again and cameThe play will be free to the public. For up with a better answer,” said Area II Commander Col.information, call 738-5556. Ron Stephens. “This new plan will help meet the needs of our official duty passengers as well as our community Women’s History Month members as a whole.”Area II will celebrate Women’s History Rather than deny service to students at 3 p.m. and 4: 15Month 12 p.m. March 7 at the Main p.m., officials plan to adjust the Moyer to Hannam VillagePost Club. The theme is “Generations bus schedules.of Women Moving History Forward.”Brig.Gen. Mary Legere will be the The new schedule will shift Moyer to Hannam Villageguest speaker. Everyone is invited. For shuttle services for all afternoon and evening shuttles toinformation, call 723-3065. 30 minutes later. “By reworking our schedule, we will still be able to Mardi Gras accommodate our duty passengers,” said Area II LogisticsOmega Phi Fraternity, Inc. Lambda XI Director Lydia Grohmann. “We hope the later scheduleChapter is hosting a Mardi Gras will encourage students to use the earlier authorized schoolcelebration 9 p.m. March 10 at the Main and activity buses for transportation to Hannam Village.”Post Club. Donations are $15 for Grohmann said the new schedule will also meet aadvance tickets or $20 at the door.Dress is casual or costume (African community need by providing a dedicated Hannam VillageAttire). There will be prizes offered for bus at 8:30 p.m.the best costume. For information, call School officials will continue to encourage students to723-8839. use authorized school and activity buses. “There are enough authorized buses for students to use,” Women’s Health Grohmann said. “If students use those buses, it will improve PFC. JUNG JAE-HOON Seminar their safety and security.” Officials continue to encourage students to use school buses instead18th Medical Command will host a The new schedule will start March 5. of the official Moyer-Hannam Village shuttle buses.Womens Health Seminar 8:30 a.m.-3p.m. March 15 at the Dragon Hill LodgeNaija Ballroom. Topics will include Gate 17 Visitor Center renovation set to beginnutrician, diabetes awareness, and By David McNallywomens health issues. For Area II Public Affairsinformation, call 737-3110 or 736-6693. YONGSAN GARRISON — Men and Womens Extensive Gate 17 Visitor Center Softball renovations are set to begin Friday.Area II Sports is looking for Coaches Gate 17 usually processes moreto coach the Yonsgan Men and than 1,200 visitors a day, more thanWomen Post Level Softball Teams for any other Area II gate.the 2007 season. Submit resumes to Area II Emergency Servicesthe Area II Sports Office no later thanMarch 15. This program runs April 1 Operation Officer Jim North saidthrough August. For information, call visitor center operations will738-8608. temporarily move to the adjacent location, Bldg. 5254. Anger Management “Visitors can still be signed in at Workshop Gate 17 during phase one of thisGrowling Grizzlies Anger Management construction project,” North said.Skill Building Workshop 6-7:30 p.m., “There won’t be any changes otherMarch 29. Kids in Grades 3-5 will focus than the location.”on healthy anger. Parents will meet atthe CSB Bldg. 4106, Room 226. For However, North said parking willinformation, call 738-8861. be limited for the next several months. DAVID MCNALLY Girl Scouts Ball “Gate 17 parking will be restricted Building 5254 will be the temporary Gate 17 Visitor Center starting March 1 during a six-weekThe Girl Scouts will be holding their to short-term, visitor center renovation project.95th Anniversary Celebration Ball 6 customers only,” he said. “We will June 20-Sept. 20, visitors, guests, renovated visitor center, a betterp.m. March 17 at the Dragon Hill Lodge. be ticketing and booting violators.” contractors and deliveries will be quality of life for the Area IIKatie Bell will be the keynote speaker. The visitor center project is part rerouted to Camp Coiner Gate 20 community.” Oxendine said theSocial hour and photo sessions will of a larger plan to improve safety Visitor Center. visitor centers have never beenbegin at 6 p.m., followed by dinner at 7p.m. in the Naija Ball Room. The cost and security at Gate 17. Starting June “Pedestrians with valid access renovated since their construction inof the dinner is $30 per person/$50 per 20, contractors will begin a cards will still be able to use Gate 17 the 1960s. “We’re dealing with ancouple (includes salad, roast beef/ construction project on the gate and during the closure of the gate,” North aging infrastructure and a largeChicken Cordon Bleu or pacific salmon, parking lot. The gate will be closed said. “But, vehicles or visitors will community,” Oxendine said.seasonal vegetables, New York for three months. not be allowed.” “We just finished extensivecheesecake and a memento). For “When the project is finished, we Area II Emergency Services renovations at the Camp Coinerinformation, call 724-8029 or 010-2354- will have four traffic lanes and Director Ricky Oxendine said the Visitor Center. If you take a look at5889. parking for many more vehicles at Gate 17 upgrade will feature that project, you’ll see quite an the gate,” said Area II Public Works improved safety and security. improvement. The Gate 17 upgrade Area II Web Site Director Michael Chung. “The “It will put us in line with current and visitor center renovation willFor more community notes, news andinformation, visit the Area II Web site pedestrian entrance will also be regulations,” he said. “The end state enhance our working environmentat safer.” will offer better security, enhanced and allow us to better process During phase two of the project, pedestrian safety and with the guests.”
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II 11 March 2, 2007 Area II trains up for 2007 AER campaign By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II continues to prepare for the 2007 Army Emergency Relief Campaign, as more than 40 key person representatives took training Feb. 21 at the Community Services Building. The campaign will run from today through May 15. Army Emergency Relief assists Army active- duty personnel, as well as retirees, reservists, widows, and military orphans with emergency financial needs. “AER is an Army-only program and it is run once a year,” said Human Resources Specialist and AER Area II Coordinator Clayton Blake. “Soldiers can actually donate money to the Army PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONPeople-to-People New Seoul Chapter President Hwang Moo-young (left) and Area II Commander Col. Ron Stephens sign Emergency Relief fund to help other Soldiers ina partnership agreement Feb. 15 at the Area II headquarters. need.” Every unit has a key person to inform SoldiersPTP - New Seoul Chapter, Area II sign partnership about the AER fund and to help coordinate the fundraising. “This briefing was to make sure theArea II Public Affairs to help one another to make peace and to have a key members of the unit count the numbers of YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II and the good relationship between the two countries.” the Soldiers they have contacted, because it isPeople-toPeople New Seoul Chapter signed a The organization sponsors many community the Army’s policy that 100 percent of personnelpartnership agreement Feb. 15. events such as the 4th of July, Fall Festival and know about the opportunity to give.” Blake said. The agreements establishes closer cooperation the Super Bowl Party. They contributed more than “Every Soldier should know they have a chanceand an enhanced spirit of friendship. $74,000 in 2006 and continue to support the to help other Soldiers.” “We have 80 members in our chapter and today’s community. “The success of this program lies in the handssigning event was to reassure we have a strong “We appreciate all that you do to help our of the unit key person,” said Area II Humanalliance with each other,” said New Seoul Chapter community,” said Area II Commander Col. Ron Resources Director Steven Carpenter. “ThisPresident Hwang Moo-young. “This is a promise Stephens. “I hope that our relationship grows.” See Campaign Page 12 Campaign,
  • 12 March 2, 2007 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyArea II communitymember wins bigBy Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — AnArea II shopper took home a $5,000shopping spree in an Army and AirForce Exchange Service, Sony andMilitary shopping Sweepstakes.Presentation took place Feb. 16. Sheila Hill was one of 10 winnersworldwide to win a $5,000 AAFES giftcard. Area II Commander Col. Ron PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONStephens, AAFES Area II General Sheila Hill takes home a $5000 AAFES giftManager Ron Daugherty and Sony card Feb. 16 at the Main Post Exchange.Representative Lee Seung-jae The winner Sheila Hill and herpresented the prize. family were all smiles as they arrived “The sweepstakes gives out $50,000 at the Main Exchange to receive theworth of AAFES gift cards to ten lucky worldwide,” Daugherty said. “It was the day after Thanksgiving“We had two sweepstakes in a row and that I signed up for the sweepstakes,”I’m so happy to see Area II winning Hill said. “I never won anything likebig prizes.” this before so I was very excited when “It is always good to give something I got the call.”back to the community and AAFES “This was a good opportunity toand Sony gave us the chance to do show our appreciation for thethat,” Stephens said. “It’s good for the community,” Lee said. “I hope moremorale of the Soldiers and community community members will try out andmembers as well.” win prizes in the future.”Black from Page 9Executive Officer, presented a special impact, since the beginning of thespeech during the event. United States. He also emphasized “I realized it will take forever to the need to learn more about Africantalk to everyone about struggles, and Americans that have contributed toachievements that African the country.Americans had contributed to “Overall, I really enjoyed theAmerica,” Nall said. “Black History ceremony which was veryMonth is not only for celebrating the informative,” said 8th U.S. Armyhistory of African Americans. It’s Sgt. 1st Class Jeretha Moore. “I amabout continuing to strive for a better always interested in Black historyfuture for everyone.” and I will attend other ceremonies.” Nall briefly introduced AfricanAmerican heroes who has greatRun from Page 9male and female winner. race,” said Sean Kincaid. “Brisk The weekly running course starts wind caused a little problem on myfrom the Collier Field House, passes breathing pace but everything elsethe commissary, Blackhawk Village, was good.”Lombardo Field and returns to Collier. Micha Kincaid said she also The male winner of the fun run was enjoyed the run with her son.Sean Kincaid, completing the race 19 “If the weather warms up, I thinkminutes and 31 seconds. His mother, there will be more people on track,”Micha Kincaid proved the fastest Robinson said.female runner at the event at 23 The next fun run will be Marchminutes and 47 seconds. 17 to bring attention to National “This is my first time winning the Nutrition Month.Campaign from Page 11training is important to kick start the this.” Blake said. “This could helpentire campaign.” you or other Army people in time “This is a great program and most of emergency.”of the Soldiers don’t know it, but at For information, call 738-4655, orone point or another they will need go online at Area II on the Web Area Web Check out new AAFES facility hours at
  • The Morning Calm Weekly March 2, 2007 13EXCESS PURCHASING, MULTIPLEPURCHASES TO AVOID SHELFLIMITS (RACE TRACKING)Be sure you know the regulation USFK Regulation 60-1, Ration Control Policy— then you may be in violation of the rules and subject if charged with these violations. The penalties mayAccess to Duty-Free Goods, lists among others, the to loosing your ration control privileges. range from oral reprimand to courts martial in the casefollowing two prohibitions: 2. USFK Reg 60-1, Chapter 7, Paragraph 11-2 (b) of military members. In the case of family members 1. USFK Reg. 60-1 Chapter 7, Paragraph 7-2 b (1) (3) “Personnel subject to the regulation will not … or civilians they can range from warning letters, loss“Personnel subject to the regulation will not … Make multiple purchases in the same day from the of ration control privileges, loss of driving privilegespurchase in excess of personal needs and the needs of same or different sales facilities for the purpose of (if a vehicle was used), loss of command sponsorship,authorized family members except for use as bona circumventing established shelf limits or daily purchase early return to the United States, being barred from allfide gifts as permitted by the SOFA and USFK Regs limits.” USFK installations. Any or all of these punishments643-1 and 643-2.” We call this race tracking. This is when someone may be applied based on the severity of the incident as What does this mean to you the person authorized goes from one facility to another in a circuit buying determined by the Area purchase items duty free in the Republic of Korea? the same items to hide the fact that they are in excess Excess purchasing deprives other members of theIt means simply that when you purchase items in of daily shelf limits and in violation of purchasing items community access to goods that are intended for all inexcess of your needs then you are in violation of a in excess of personal needs. For example, visiting all the community. Being overseas requires we worklawful regulation. Examples of excess purchasing the shoppettes on the installation and buying the two together to enjoy our tour and the small comforts ofinclude going to the PX and purchasing three bottles case limit of beer at each one. This conduct is a home that we enjoy while abroad. If you see violationsof shampoo each day for a week or going to the violation of ration control rules. of these policies report it to the Black Market Hotlinecommissary and buying 15 packages of hot dogs. It Customs and other law enforcement personnel are at 738-5118 or send an e-mail tocan also include purchasing baby formula when there watching purchasing patterns to identify these patterns. When reportingare no infants in your family. Can you justify these Often, excess purchasing is an indicator of black please include date, time, facility, and a vehiclepurchases as within the limits of normal use? If not market activity. Violators may suffer several penalties description with license number.
  • March 2, 200714 The Morning Calm Weekly March 2-8 We Are Marshall Night at the Museum Code Name: The CLeaner Bridge To Terabithia Children Of Men Rocky Balboa Apocalypto (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. Pursuit of Happyness Norbit Norbit Code Name: The CLeaner No Show No Show No Show (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Bridge To Terabithia Code Name: The CLeaner Code Name: The CLeaner Charlotte’s Web Apocalypto Primeval Primeval (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6:30 p.m. Children Of Men Bridge To Terabithia Night at the Museum Apocalypto Bridge To Terabithia Code Name: The CLeaner Night at the Museum (R) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. The Messengers The Messengers Night at the Museum No Show No Show No Show Apocalypto (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. Apocalypto — From Academy Night At The Museum — Ben The Pursuit Of Happyness — The Number 23 — The Bridge To Terabithia — Based on Award winning filmmaker Mel Stiller plays Larry Daley, a down- In The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris psychological thriller "The Number Katherine Patersons beloved Gibson comes ‘Apocalypto’: a on-his-luck divorced father in this Gardner (Will Smith) is a family man 23" stars Jim Carrey as a man childrens book, Bridge to Terabithia heart stopping mythical action- family-friendly tale directed by struggling to make ends meet. whose life unravels after he comes spins the lovely coming-of-age tale adventure set against the turbulent Shawn Levy (Just Married, Cheaper Despite his valiant attempts to help into contact with an obscure book of two lonely fifth-graders (Josh end times of the once great Mayan by The Dozen). Larry has lots of keep the family afloat, the mother titled The Number 23. As he reads Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb) civilization. When his idyllic ideas and dreams, but none of them (Thandie Newton) of his five-year- the book, he becomes increasingly who create a magical fantasy existence is brutally disrupted by come to fruition. In an attempt to old son Christopher (Jaden convinced that it is based on his world where they can retreat from.a violent invading force, a man is prove his stability to his ex-wife Christopher Syre Smith) is buckling own life. His obsession with the the unhappiness of their real lives. taken on a perilous journey to a (Kim Raver) and his son, Nicky (Jake under the constant strain of number 23 starts to consume him, world ruled by fear and Cherry), Larry accepts a job as a financial pressure. No longer able and he begins to realize the book oppression where a harrowing night guard at the Museum of Natural to cope, she reluctantly decides to forecasts far graver consequences end awaits him. Through a twist History. leave. Chris, now a single father, for his life than he could have ever I of fate and spurred by the power continues doggedly to pursue a imagined. Directed by Joel of his love for his woman and his better-paying job using every sales Schumacher (“Phone Booth"), the family he will make a desperate skill he knows. He lands an film co-stars Virginia Madsen break to return home and to internship at a prestigious stock ("Sideways"), Danny Huston ("The ultimately save his way of life. brokerage firm, and although there Constant Gardner," "The Aviator"), is no salary, he accepts, hopeful Logan Lerman and Rhona Mitra. he will end the program with a job and a promising future. Catch And Release No Show The Good Shepherd Rocky Balboa No Show No Show No Show (PG13) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. (PG) 6:45 p.m. The Number 23 The Number 23 The Number 23 Casino Royale Children Of Men Pursuit of Happyness Pursuit of Happyness (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Night at the Museum Code Name: The CLeaner Night at the Museum We Are Marshall Apocalypto No Show The Number 23 (PG) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. Night at the Museum Night at the Museum Code Name: The CLeaner Apocalypto No Show The Number 23 Code Name: The CLeaner (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. The Number 23 The Number 23 Night at the Museum Night at the Museum Code Name: The CLeaner Code Name: The CLeaner Code Name: The CLeaner (R) 8:45 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Flicka Flicka Charlotte’s Web The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd Deja Vu Deja Vu (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. Unaccompanied Minors Unaccompanied Minors Charlotte’s Web Stranger Than Fiction Stranger Than Fiction Pursuit of Happyness Pursuit of Happyness (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
  • March 2, 2007The Morning Calm Weekly 15When our weaknesses are our strengthsChaplain (Lt. Col.) Robert Warden for patience. Conversely, I know people like me can took her script. She likes my tenacity. It attracted her to35th ADA BDE, Osan Air Base, Korea me. However, that same persistence creates a wedge drive the laid back crazy. A chaplain assistant helped me A husband commented: “What I like about her is between us. When I become completely absorbed in a with this. In Bosnia, we were walking but there was nowhat I dislike about her.” It is a paradox, but often true. project that could be delayed and I ignore her, strength of need to hurry. He said something like, “Chaplain, I don’tWhat one sees as a weakness may actually be a perseverance can cease. Saying “give me five minutes” know about you folk from Texas, but in Alabama we canstrength, and in marriage may be part of the attraction but taking 70 alters strength to weakness—if, she walk without thinking there’s a fire.” I slowed down andand then part of the demise. Settings and events filter chooses to allow the event to define me. I must had some remarkable conversations that day. Thatthe action causing the perceiver to see weakness or constantly work to balance determination. Nevertheless, outstanding NCO and I shared our strengths three years.strength. when I do not, the better response to “you make me so Most leaders recognize and understand the However, this incongruity is not restricted to marriage mad” is “I really loved how you stick to getting weakness/strength tension. Getting to know thebut is prevalent in much of life. something fixed, but I also could use some of your time individual and constant focus on the strengths the Our filters convince us someone has a weakness to and energy.” The focus remains on the strength. individual brings make the organization and us fixed, or persuade us to believe someone is inferior Our strengths may also filter how we view another From my faith tradition, one of the many scriptures I likeand must go. leading us to not seeing just a weakness but defining the about perseverance says, “…let us run with The question to ask: Would we see strength in person as weak. As a tenacity driven person, everything perseverance the race marked out for us (Hebrewsanother setting or situation? Shifting focus to strengths is important now. Laid-back folk can be difficult to 12:1). For me, I attempt to persevere in seeing positiveoften allows us to subdue weaknesses. understand. Those that cannot juggle a myriad of tasks in others. Inevitably, what looked like a weakness I understand the husband. My wife would think he simultaneously sometimes force me to reach deep down morphs to strength. Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Collective Contemporary For information on Bible study groups and other religious services and Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel activities, contact the nearest installation chaplain’s office. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Station Chapel KATUSA Area III Chaplains 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel, Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson Camp Long Chapel 753-7274 Suwon Air Base Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) James O’Neal 3 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 p.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7276 Gospel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Kyle Taylor Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel 721-3356
  • March 2, 200716 The Morning Calm WeeklyMarch from Page 7 second with an elapsed time of2:40:00. Staff Sgt. Jennifer Adams ofHeadquarters and HeadquartersDetachment, 41st Signal Battalion fromYongsan finished third with an elapsedtime of 2:42:04. Lt. Evelyn Kudary ofHeadquarters and HeadquartersCompany, 2nd Infantry Division fromCamp Red Cloud finished fourth withan elapsed time of 2:47:26. 1st Lt.Shavonne Holden of 210th FiresBrigade from Camp Casey finishedfifth with an elapsed time of 2:56:02. For the team event, teams took bothfirst and second place from the 1/72Artillery from Camp Casey, first placetime was 2:21:15 second place time was2:35:33. The first place team members are:Cpl. Michael Young of A Co. 1/72d AR, JIM CUNNINGHAMCapt. Patrick Stone of A Co. 1/72d AR, Soldiers begin the 13.1 mile trek for the Bataan Death March memorial run at Camp Casey. The event is the Korean peninsulaCpl. Gavin Erickson of A Co. 1/72 AR, qualifier for the annual march at White Sands Missile Range N.M. to be held March 25.Pfc. Brian Gottersen of A Co, 1/72dAR, and Lt. Walter Pratt of E Co, 1/72d AR. The second place team membersare: Pvt. Ryan Henderson E Co, 1/72dAR, Pfc. William Moogan E Co, 1/72dAR, Pfc. Ivan Verela of E Co, 1/72dAR, Staff Sgt. Sovath Keo of E Co, 1/72d AR, and Pvt. Mitchell Surrate ofE Co, 1/72d AR. Medical vehicles follow marchers Feb. 24 during Bataan Death March event. Safety is always the main concern in all of Morale, Welfare and Recreation sporting events.“We have medical vehicles at the Hovey gate, at the Carey Fitness Center and one trailing the competitors,” Henri LeBorgne , Area I sports director, said. “Also, we have medical way-stations along the route.” Capt. Max Self of Headquarters,Lt. Col. Troy Busby, J 35, United States Forces Headquarters Company, 2nd Infantry Division Command Sgt. Maj. Mark Sullivan of 176th 1st Sgt. Andrew Rhoades of C Company,Korea from Yongsan finished in first place with from Camp Red Cloud finished second with Finance Battalion from Yongsan finished third 302nd BSB from Camp Casey finished fourthan elapsed time of 1:49:51. an elapsed time of 1:54:11. with an elapsed time of 1:57:35. with an elapsed time of 2:00:22.
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  • March 2, 200718 MWR The Morning Calm Weekly Camp Humphreys establishes ‘Excellence in Swimming Championship The 2007 8th U.S. Army Indoor Education’ award Special to The Morning Calm In addition, all Camp Humphreys “And the number will grow,” Swimming Championship will take place Morale, Welfare and Recreation Honor Roll Students are to be Shuman said. March 31 at the Camp Humphreys CAMP HUMPHREYS – Alaska honored in the monthly Leisure “And, of course, our Excellence in Indoor pool. Registration begins at Mining Co. Manager Rick Shuman Informer and Youth Newsletter. Education program will grow with 9 a.m. and the competition starts at 10 has announced the establishment of a School Liaison Officer Sunghyae the post. a.m. For more information, contact your new program designed to reward ‘Michelle’ Lingg already has the Gift Despite our small size, we still local MWR Sports Office or the Korea Camp Humphreys children in the have more than 100 youngsters who Cards, which can be picked up at Region sports director at DSN 725- fourth grade or above who are Youth Services. “I think it’s made the Honor Roll between the 5064. Half and Full Marathon named to the Honor Roll at important for us to recognize the kids four schools. The 2007 Eighth Army Half and Full Humphreys Elementary School, Osan that are doing a good job in the “Our program is just a way to Marathon is scheduled to take place Middle School, Osan High School or recognize the kids and say classroom,” Shuman said. April 28 at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field International Christian School- “There are a lot of community ‘congratulations’ for a job well House. Awards will be presented to the Pyongtaek. “As long as the student’s recognition programs in the States done.” 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each Men’s and Women’s category. Father or Mother works or is but, as far as I know, we’re the first Lingg has the gift cards at Youth Registration runs from 6:30 - 7:30 a.m. stationed at Camp Humphreys, we Military Club System to initiate this Services, along with a list of The race will kick off at 0800 following are going to recognize them,” kind of program.” Although Camp honorees. a course briefing. Course maps are Shuman said. “Students with a GPA Humphreys and Area III is primarily “Hopefully, we have a complete available in advance from the Camp of 3.5 or above or straightA students a Non-Command Sponsored area list,” she said, “but if we missed Casey Sports Office which may be will receive a $10 Gift Card from the with more than 90 percent of its anyone, we’ll still take care of them reached at DSN 730-2322. For more Alaska Mining Co., while all students soldiers serving an unaccompanied by giving them their Gift Card now information, contact your local MWR on the A-B Honor Roll or with a and listing their names in a tour, the installation does have Sports Office or the Korea Region GPA of 3.0-3.49 will receive a $5 Command Sponsored and Non- supplemental list in the April Leisure Sports Director at DSN 725-5064. Gift Card for their hard work.” Command Sponsored families. Informer and Youth Newsletter.” Looking For Work Family Child Care provides work and life options for individuals residing on- post looking to earn an income while staying home. Individuals living in on- post quarters are authorized to care for up to 6 children (including their own). The FCC program offers free training, monetary subsidies, a lending closet and technical and morale support. For more information on how to become a Family Child Care provider, please contact your local ACS office or DSN 725-3205. COURTSEY PHOTOThe Morale, Welfare and Recreation hosted its “HALO” tournamet Saturday at K-16 Air Base. Sixteen Soldiers descended on K-16 to do battle in the IMCOM-Korea Region team competition.The 595th Maintenace Company team took the overall victory. (L to R) Pfc. Jason Stoops, Spec. Robert Leisure, Pvt. Mark Halvorsen and Pfc. Olsen Jarrod, were the 1st place winners.
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  • 20 March 2, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly
  • March 2, 2007 Page 21Soldier sets the standard for other LSA Mayors gave me a strong sense of Despite the initial challenges Figgs responsibility to perform my duties had, she performed her duty well, well. As point of contact for any trouble submitting reports, feedback and the Korean Service Corps workers check lists to her supervisor as well were experiencing, I did my best to as facilitating communication coordinate with the KSCs in the field,” channels for KSC workers. Figgs said. “I also left a few additional tips and Figgs said that the KSCs were information for the next Mayor plus charged with setting up the LSA. Her operation order instructions to job was to be the Army liaison to them enhance continuity,” Figgs added. and assist them as necessary. She said Figgs attributed her success at the that she spent about six days per week LSA to the KSCs. on site, usually for about three hours “I strongly appreciate Mr. Han, each day. Sung-pil, General Trade Assist The Yongin LSA is one of several Foreman of the 22nd KSC Company Area III Soldiers have set up in Mobile Labor Force and other KSCs, PFC. IM, SUK-CHUN preparation for an upcoming exercise. for job well done. With suchSgt. 1st Class Crystal Figgs (right) discusses the construction progress of Yongin Logistics The LSAs provide tents and support experienced and professional workers,Support Area with Han Sung-pil, general trade assistant forman from the 22nd Korean Service facilities for Soldiers and Marines who I felt more than confident with theCorps. deploy to Korea for the exercise. progress of the LSA work,” FiggsBy Pfc. Im Suk-chun Figgs, who has served as NCOIC And, like any other military mission, stressed. “The construction wouldArea III Public Affairs at Desiderio Army Airfield since June Figgs found the job at Yongin very never have gotten done in the first CAMP HUMPHREYS—About a 2006, had never been an LSA mayor, challenging in the beginning. place without them.”month ago Sgt. 1st Class Crystal Figgs but she attacked the job with the same “When I was first put out on this Han, expressed his confidence injumped from the frying pan into the fire initiative and dedication she brings to mission, it took strong initiative to ask his workers and the job they did.when she took time away from her job work daily. a lot of questions and explore the “We have done these kinds ofas noncommissioned officer in charge of “Honestly speaking, at first I was construction site for I have never done construction since 1996, and we arethe busiest overseas Army Airfield and overwhelmed with the mission, thinking this job before. In addition, no one was already on top of our jobs. There isaccepted the task of being the “mayor” how the training and other Soldiers’ really out there to give me detailed just nothing to worry about out hereof the Logistics Support Area in Yongin. duties depend on my work. This idea instructions,” she said. for we are on this mission,” Han said.Force Protection Exercise tests staffBy Bob McElroy Key to the situation was to determine if the Day One of the CPX ended about noon and wasArea III Public Affairs incident was terrorist-related. US Army Garrison followed by a “hot wash” an informal review of the CAMP HUMPHREYS—The US Army Humphreys Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. exercise by the participants and the exerciseGarrison Humphreys staff was put to the test during directed that the post’s force protection status be intense two-day command post exercise last raised until a clear determination could be made. Day Two followed a similar pattern as the first,week and emerged better-trained and ever ready Firefighters extinguished the fire and ensured with one major event spiraling into several deal with emergency situations. the injured were evacuated to the nearest medical The day began with reports of 10,000 to 20,000 people A command post exercise is designed to facility. Military Police secured the scene until agents gathering to march on Humphreys.test a staff’s ability to respond to a number of from the Criminal Investigative Division arrived and The numbers exceeded those of the Koreanscenarios while at the same time acting as a investigated the accident. National Police contingent protecting the installation.teaching tool. While the incidents are normally Meanwhile, the scenario veered in a new direction Disorder ensured and the mob succeeded in breachingsimulated the staff—especially Directorate of necessitating different decisions and actions. part of the Camp Humphreys perimeter on MP HillEmergency Services first responders—must deploy The JP8 fuel had also leaked down a nearby storm when they pulled down the fence with ropes andto the scene when the exercise controllers initiate drain and into the local sewer system creating an grappling hooks.a scenario. environmental hazard to the post and the nearby With the safety of the post headquarters in The first scenario was representative of community. jeopardy, the staff moved its operations to an alternatethe multi-faceted problems the staff was presented The Directorate of Public Works location on post and continued to manage the multipleover the two-day exercise. Environmental staff responded and took immediate situations the exercise presented. The CPX kicked off Wednesday morning action to mitigate the spread of and damage from The exercise concluded about noon with the KNPswith a report to the Installation Operations Center the fuel spill, emplacing blocking material to stanch regaining control and the situation stabilizing.of a traffic accident between a fuel tanker and a the flowing fuel. They also pumped a compound into In the out briefing that followed the exerciseprivately-owned vehicle at CPX Gate. the drains that eliminated odor from the leaking fuel. controllers praised the staff for its flexibility and the According to initial reports the fuel tanker While all of this was happening, the rest of quickness it displayed in acquiring and sharingwas leaking JP8 fuel which soon caught fire and the post staff provided the command with updates information about an incident.exploded. MPs and firefighters responded within and information germane to their area of expertise, The result was greater situational awareness forminutes and quelled the blaze but at a cost: two especially if contact with the local community was the commander which allowed him to make rapidfirefighters and one emergency medical technician deemed necessary. decisions.perished and four firefighters were injured. Note: More scenarios followed: a report of a suspicious Taliento commended the staff for its hard work inThe casualties were simulated/exercise play; no package at the main gate, a gas leak at the the exercise and reminded it that the CPX was onefirefighters, EMTs or other personnel were injured elementary school, a fire in a building and a possible more means of assessing its performance andor killed during the CPX. demonstration by about 1,000 people at the main gate. providing suggestions for improvements.
  • 22 March 2, 2007 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly IG POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN HAES students stargaze AREAS II/III By Buddy Leavitt The United States Forces Korea HAES Teacher and Eighth Army Inspector CAMP HUMPHREYS – General’s Office is looking for Students and teachers of Officers and NCOs who desire to become Inspector Generals in Areas Humphreys American Elementary II and III. You should be in the rank School (HAES) got to experience of Maj. (Branch immaterial) and Sgt. “Star Lab” Feb. 21 and 22. The Star 1st class (MOS 42A/42L and 92Y) Lab is a classroom sized inflatable to serve as Inspectors General. igloo containing a simple There is also an opening for an planetarium. Inspector General position in the They were given an opportunity rank of Capt. (Career Course to view stars and constellations graduate and successful Company- from within the setting of a level command) at Camp classroom. Humphreys. Info call Ltc. Eady at 725-6739. The students learned about constellations, Ancient Greek TAX ASSISTANCE mythology, Native American CENTER NOW Mythology, African American OPEN Folktales, and astrology through the NANCY TURNER Offering tax assistance, tax guidance of fourth grade teacher Sixth grader Phillip Limb helps second grader twins Aubrey and John McMahan into the preparation, and free e-filing. Sarah Milner and sixth grade Sky Lab to learn about star constellations and mythology about the constellations. The Tax Center is located at Camp teacher Buddy Leavitt. Humphreys Bldg. S-262, co-located Leavitt’s sixth grade students with the Red Cross. Hours are Mon., were given the opportunity to study Tue., Wed. and Fri. 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Thur., by Appointment Only, and and memorize a Greek Myth to Sat., 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Call 753-3905 for share with other students. Most an appointment and to ensure that myths were retold, using age you are bringing the required appropriate language for their documentation, including W-2s. younger counterparts. A mobile tax center will make The goal was set and met for Wednesday visits to Camps Long students to enjoy their experience. and Eagle, appointments required. They left with lots of questions and lots of compliments towards their YOUTH SPORTS older peers. SEEK COACHES Star Lab is on loan from Seoul Coaches needed for the American Elementary School and upcoming T-ball and baseball season. Applicants must undergo will be coming back to HAES a background check and attend during the next school year. It will Certification Training. Contact YS no doubt offer lots more exciting F. NEIL NEELEY Lisa Hogue at 753-5051. lessons for students. Sixth grade teacher Buddy Levit (center) teaches in the Sky lab. OSAN VET TO VISIT CAC A new USFK directive requires that all dogs & cats belonging to USFK personnel must be microchipped to Kite fest lifts assist in evacuation. The Osan vet will be at the Camp spirits, kites Humphreys CAC from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. By F. Neil Neeley Monday, March 12, to do micro- Area III Public Affairs chipping ($20 fee per animal), inoculations, physicals, parasite CAMP HUMPHREYS – testing and general health checks. More than 50 Camp Humphreys Please call 784-6614 to make sure Soldiers, civilians and family they bring your pet’s records. members attended the 21st annual kite flying festival Saturday at the OSAN BAZAAR Buyong Korean Elementary SET School playground near Camp The Osan Officers’ Spouses’ Club’s Humphreys. Spring Fever Bazaar is scheduled for The Americans joined their Saturday, March 31, from 10 a.m. -4 p.m. at the O’Club. Korean neighbors in traditional Vendors will be selling furniture, games and were given lunch and a jewelry, fabric, and more! Proceeds free kite. from the Bazaar are deposited into The weather was sunny and the OSC’s Welfare Fund. Open to all mild, perfect for kite flying, playing DOD ID/Rations Card holders. games and making new friends. For more information, please visit the F. NEIL NEELEY The highest flying kite was flown OSC’s website: Festival participants (from left) Michelle Atvater, Sgt. Gordon Brooks, 557th Military Police by Spc. Tim Silva, 557th MP Co., and Charlie Altvater, prepare to launch their kites. Company.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area III March 2, 2007 23 DFAC DFA By Area III Public Affairs award winners Defense Artillery Battalion, Suwon Tuskegee Airman CAMP HUMPHREYS – Area III Dining Facilities and Soldiers recently received plaques and Air-base and runner up: 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, Camp Humphreys. visits Humphreys certificates of appreciation from Chefs of the first quarter NCO Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. in Level winner: Sgt. Mandi Metzger- recognition for their fine culinary HHD 524th Military Intelligence expertise and accomplishments on Battalion and runner-up Sgt. Susan Thanksgiving Day and as Chefs of Peterson- HHB 1-43rd Air Defense the first quarter of FY ‘07. Artillery. Thanksgiving Day Large Enlisted Level winner: Spec. Category winner: 194th Richard Baker- HHD 524th Maintenance Battalion and runner Military Intelligence Battalion and up: 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade. runner-up Spec Terry Nowak- Small Category winner: 1-43rd Air Bravo Battery 1-43rd ADA. F. NEIL N EELEY Tuskegee Airman Jim Price takes a simulated helicopter flight. By F. Neil Neeley where he took a simulated OH58D Area III Public Affairs Office helicopter flight. CAMP HUMPHREYS – In Next Price was presented Army honor of Black History Month, flight wings by Col. William H. Morris, Tuskegee Airman Jim Price visited 2nd CAB commander. Camp Humphreys Tuesday. Price finished the day as honored After an office call with Area III guest at the Black History Month F. NEIL NEELEY commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Celebration. Area III DFAC award winners proudly display their plaques Jr., Price was treated to a visit to an Price is 85 years old and has resided Aviation Combined tactical trainer in Osan since 1966. The Camps of Korea Past and present Remembering the past while building the future By Bob Frace members or military units. Some were Korean Army invaded on June 25, have been inactivated but they are Special to USAG Humphreys PAO named for the geographic location in 1950 until his death. not forgotten. Who are Humphreys, Long, which they sat. Still other camps were named after The history of the U.S. military Casey, Bonifas and Walker? Some camps were named after the location in which they sit—Osan, in Korea is significant and has many And, what is K-6, K-16 or Medal of Honor recipients: Camp Kyle Kunsan, Pohang, Yongin and Hannam proud traditions as well as a lineage many of the other names of the for 2nd Lt. Darwin Kyle and Camp Village. of service members who have American military installations Long for Sgt. Charles R. Long. Others Over the years many of the camps served and continue to serve here. here in Korea? such as Camp Bonifas, Camp Gary and installations have been inactivated I ask that when you tour this Are they made-up names or Owen, Camp Essayons and Camp and turned over to the Korean military. great country and see the old do they have historic Semper Fidelis owe their Some of the camps include: Camps camps or hear stories from significance? Are they the names to history and Beaver, Clinch, Lawton, Paine Rice someone who has served at one, names of Medal of Honor or tradition. and Wally. take a moment to reflect on our Silver Star recipients or are Camp Bonifas Another, history here. they the names of service was named in honor Camp If you would like additional members who made some sort of the late Capt. Mosier, in information on U.S. military history of significant contribution to Arthur G. Bonifas Uijeongbu, was home to here stop by your installation public their community? who was killed in the unit that inspired the affairs office, installation historian As I go around I ask many the “Axe Korean War book, movie and or visit the 2nd Infantry Division people and their first response Murder” television series M*A*S*H. Museum at Camp Red Cloud or is that they just don’t know or incident in The Army turned over control of the Dean Heritage Center in they have little knowledge of Panmunjon on Camp Mosier to the Korean Army Yongsan. the history of the camp names. August 18, 1976. in 1979. You will enjoy the past as we Others have served in Korea Camp Walker The history and lineage of build the future in Korea. before and talk about the in Daegu was many of these camps is in Bob Frace is a retired camps that have closed. named after Lt. keeping with the proud traditions command sergeant major. His For the past 57 years that Gen. Walton H. Walker who of military service. There was a time final Army assignment was as the U. S. forces have served in commanded Eighth U.S. Army from when these installations were needed Camp Humphreys and Area III Korea there have been Sept. 3, 1948, until he was killed in a but those times are past. Today, with Command Sergeant Major. He approximately 250 camps, jeep accident on Dec. 23, 1950, at the transformation of the Army in now works at Army Community installations, hill sites and Uijeongbu. Walker led the defense of Korea and the development of state- Services as a Volunteer airfields named after service the Korean Peninsula after the North of-the-art hubs many of these camps Coordinator.
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  • March 2, 2007 Page 25Family Child Care provider offers new nicheThomas the first training schedule. Thomas received certification only after a week-long services. She has an ample supply of arts and crafts, a dining area, sleeping orientation class that covered a broad accommodations, a play area, and ato be accredited range of subjects including child health, communicable disease, administering plethora of books, games and activities geared towards all age Daegu enclave medication, special needs, fire safety, first aid, learning environments, “In keeping within Child Development Services regulations,”By Nathan T. Van Schaik identifying and reporting child abuse, Jones added, “FCC providers areSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly sanitation and nutrition. required to follow a curriculum with the CAMP WALKER – The Area IV “I love children and I have five children.” Weekly activity plans areSupport Activity is the first organization years of experience in child care,” based on monthly themes such aswithin the Installation Management Thomas said. Thomas, whose soft health, nutrition, gardening, plants andCommand – Korea Region to certify demeanor pulsates with tenderly transportation.a Family Child Care home in five years. maternal instinct, exceeds licensing In order to sign-up children in theThe Army Child Development Center requirements. As one who describes Family Child Care program, parentscertified Arlanda L. Thomas Feb. 13. herself as being good with all age must first register at the CentralThe only previous certified homes were groups of children, her background Registration Office in Bldg. 257 onin Seoul. certainly backs it up. As a mother of Camp Walker. According to Patty The FCC program offers home- two children who have since grown Norton of Central Registry,based child care provided by authorized and moved out of the house, she registration is $18 ($40 for threemilitary family members operating as provided similar child care services in children or more) for one year.independent contractors from on-base the U.S., as well as at Army “Parents should bring their children’shousing. Thomas is the only certified installations in Germany. health assessment and immunizationFCC provider in Area IV. Command-sponsored programs records,” Norton said. “Afterwards, “Family Child Care providers like such as FCC serve as an extension to parents can enroll children at the ChildThomas are home-based and the the Child Development Center. Building Thomas Development Center.”CDC’s daycare is center-based,” 3210 on Camp George, the Child children to look forward to coming to Those eligible to use FCC includeMaryvel Jones, director of Area IV’s Development Center provides child my house. I want to help kids with their active duty military personnel, DoD,Child Development Center and head care 6 a.m. – 6 pm. Weekdays. homework or engage them in APF and NAF civilians, DoDof the FCC program. “This relieves Although CDC providers can work activities.” She scorns the idea of contractors and reservists on activesome of the pressure on our Child past those hours, new FCC providers plopping children in front of a television duty or inactive duty personnel training.Development Center.” like Thomas allow for expanded child set. “I intend on taking kids to the Fees are based on rank. However, “I can provide quality child care at care hours. In addition, since the care public library and the Daegu Zoo and the Army can subsidize a percentagemy own house to people at work, 24- is provided in their quarters, there is Aquarium.” of the fee for parents unable to make7,” Thomas said. no expenditure for facilities. As an FCC provider, Thomas’ full payments. Thomas satisfied all qualification Thomas is insistent that parents household caters to age groups The recent certification of an FCCrequirements in accordance with Army realize that her home is not just a between four weeks to 12 years-old. provider in Area IV has been wellregulations. The qualification process holding cell for children. “My house is She can accommodate up to six received.included a rigorous background check, much more than a place to keep children at one time, and there is no In a visit to Area IV in May 2006,a home certification and a robust children,” she explains. “I want limit on how many families can use her See FCC on Page 28 American Corner Chat Galen Putnam (left), Area IV Support Activity Public Affairs Office command information officer, conducts an English language and American culture session with Korean college students at the U.S. State Department’s American Corner located in the Daegu Metropolitan Library. Putnam meets with students at the American Corner every other Saturday to discuss current events, cultural issues and other topics of general interest. Individuals interested in volunteering at the American Corner or other locations in Area IV can learn more by calling Bonnie McCarthy, Area IV Support Activity volunteer coordinator, at 768-8126. PHOTO BY HWANG KI-HYUN, DAEGU METROPOLITAN OFFICE OF EDUCATION
  • March 2, 200726 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Camp Walker Faith Academy takes girls Far East title Speed Limit Change The speed limit on Nebraska Street, Defending champs Rhode Island Street and Pennsylvania Avenue on Camp Walker will be TAS look ahead reduced from 40 kph to 25 kph Monday – Apr. 2. For information, call Rolen By Galen Putnam Johns at 768-8650. Area IV Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – The Faith Daegu Enclave Indoor Academy Vanguards from Manila held Soccer Program on to take a hard-fought victory over Daegu Intramural Indoor Soccer competition will be held Mar. 24 – Apr. the Sacred Heart Symbas from Tokyo 1 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp 51-49 to claim the 2007 Girls Far East Walker. The entry deadline is Mar. 19 Class A Basketball Tournament Feb. and the pre-meeting for team 23 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp representatives is Mar. 21 at Kelly Walker. Gym. For information, call Kim Chong- With 17 seconds remaining in hwan or Neil Fleisher at 764-4225/4800. regulation time, tournament MVP Leyna Arbour from Sacred Heart, Military Retiree missed two free throws with the score Council Meeting knotted at 49-49. Faith took the ball the The Area IV Military Retiree Council will meet 11 a.m. Mar. 10 at the Hilltop length of the court with Hannah Innes Club on Camp Walker. All Area IV dropping in a layup to end the game. military retirees and their spouses or “There was some great widows are invited to attend. The key competition,” said Michelle Chandler, speaker will be Jack Terwiel, Korea TAS girls basketball coach and athletic retirement services officer. Free food director. “The championship game was and refreshments will be served. For very exciting.” information, call Will Plumley at 768- The Taegu American School 8969. Warriors, last years Class A tournament champions, were knocked out of the Easter Sunrise Service There will be an Easter Sunrise Service tournament in the double-elimination for the Area IV community 7 a.m. April 8 playoff round. They lost to the St. Paul at the Evergreen Community Club on Christian School Warriors from Guam Camp Walker. The guest speaker will be by a score of 57-43 in front of a large Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Michael Charles, 19th and enthusiastic crowd at the school- Sustainment Command (Expeditionary). day game held at the TAS gym. A free breakfast will follow the service. “We have a young team, but I have For information, call Chaplain (Maj.) Lee very high hopes for them,” Chandler Yo-sup at 768-8776. said of her squad that consists entirely of freshmen and sophomores. “They Area IV “Hotline” In an effort to make urgent information worked hard and impressed a lot of PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM available to personnel who live and people. They remind me a lot of last Monica Kusaka (#10) from Sacred Heart of Tokyo drives down the court during the championship work within Area IV, an information year’s bunch that won this tournament.” game of the girls Far East Class A Basketball Tournament Feb. 23 at Kelly Fitness Center on hotline has been established which Camp Walker. The Symbas fell to the Faith Academy Vanguards from Manila 51-49. enables anyone to call in 24/7 to receive current information about road conditions, force protection conditions, protests/gate closures and school delays or closures. The number is 764- 4094 for DSN phones or 0505-764-4094 from off-post. For information, call Victor Lowe at 764-4167. Power Yoga The Crown Jewel Sports and Fitness Center on Camp Carroll holds Power Yoga classes 5:30 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. Power Yoga can help you achieve many positive things in life including weight loss, anti-aging, peace of mind and reduced stress, etc. The instructor is Cho Kui-cha. For information, call the Sports and Fitness Center at 765-8287/8118. Spinning Class The Crown Jewel Sports and Fitness Center on Camp Carroll has a biking program 6 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday. Certified instructor Sandy Clark leads the sessions. Ten bikes available on a first come, first served basis. For information, call Tournament MVP Leyna Arbour from Sacred Carlos Algarin at 765-8118. Heart lines up a shot during the final game. Faith’s Anna DeHart is defended by tournament MVP Leyne Arbour from Sacred Heart.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV March 2, 2007 27KATUSAs share wisdom, insights in essay competitionBy Sgt. Oh Kyo-dae read it, according to Kwak. had never lived in foreign country before. He didn’t19th ESC Public Affairs Top finisher Jo said it was hesitate to introduce Korea and to take anyone who CAMP HENRY – The 2006 KATUSA Korean an honor to win the want to know real Korea to everywhere in Korea almostLanguage Essay Competition was held recently to allow competition every weekend. Whenever American soldiers had aKATUSA Soldiers from Area IV to show off their writing “I just wrote what problem with life in Korea or they were curious aboutskills to other Soldiers. Ten units in Area IV which have happened and what I felt while Korea, they found A at first. As a result, A occurredKATUSA Soldiers submitted a total of 25 essays I was a KATUSA Soldier,” he that GIs had friendly attitude to KATUSA and more The essays were submitted from Dec. 20, 2006 through said. “I wanted to tell people and more people thought Korea is not just boring placeJan. 4, 2007 and the results were announced at a Jan. 30 that it is not easy to be a as a duty station but interesting country. It was obviousawards ceremony at the ROKA Staff Office here. KATUSASoldier. For the time fact that this experience made his English skill grow Five essays were chosen for excellence. Cpl. Jo Ji- left in the military, I will try hard wonderfully.sung, 16th Medical Logistics Battalion, won the first place Jo to be a good example to fellow He was also impressive in the time wearing uniform.with his essay “Different Story about Two KATUSAs.” KATUSA Soldiers and the U.S. Soldiers.” He always completed his mission having belief basicallyRounding out the top five were: Sgt. Kim Yoo-kyum, The following is Jo’s winning essay: trying to do best all the time. Even NCOIC sometimesMaterial Support Center – Korea; Sgt. Kong Sang-hyuk, A lot of KATUSAs are serving with hard work and asked him about the mission. He prepared new SOP501st Sustainment Brigade; Sgt. Jung Jae-ho 19th loyalty to their country in US camp located in Korea. and updated it regularly in order to make hisSustainment Command (Expeditionary;) and Sgt. Baek Although most of KATUSAs feel difficulties about life replacement and other GI have not deficiency in theSeungyoon, 19th ESC. with foreigners which is not accustomed to, they are work. “The essays were about the success or failure as a always trying to make meaningful time having pride to It is important to him to have special and differentKATUSA Soldier during their military service. The idea a representative of Korea and a member of ROK Army. experience compared with regular ROK army. So hefor the competition was to use them while training the new Army life worth living can be made by traces of senior had various activities beyond his MOS. He volunteeredKATUSA Soldiers who came to Area IV and allow the KATUSAs. I have a story about two KATUSAs which for board which is considered important to GI but a lotexisting Soldiers to refer to it while they serve as a KATUSA can be a good example to all of KATUSA. of KATUSA want to avoid and won several majorSoldier,” said Capt. Kwak Kyun-bai, a Republic of Korea A and B were peer and they already left army last board. Moreover he reduced weight from 100KG toArmy staff officer with the19th Sustainment Command summer. But their ETS were totally different compared 80KG and made his effort to physical training. Finally(Expeditionary). with a fact that they join army having similar dream. he got PT master. His motivation in the basic part gave “As intended, many good essays were submitted so it A was always positive. He didn’t care that he had good impression to American soldier. Besides, he alsowas hard for the ROKA staff officers to judge which ones been a student of second rate university. He considered challenged EFMB, so showed we don’t spend just 2to pick,” Kwak added. “I hope these essays help the new KATUSA life as a good chance to improve himself and years and KATUSA is active enough to challengeand existing KATUSA Soldiers.” it can be a turning point in his life. Like his attitude something else all the time. 1SG, CSM, company The evaluation criteria were how well the essay became the motive power of successful army life. commander, battalion commander admitted his thesecovered the subject, composition of the essay and how At first, he thought cultural interchange can be good traces. They appointed him as a supervisor ofhelpful it will be to other KATUSA soldiers when they opportunity to advance in his English skill because he See Essay on Page 28
  • 28 March 2, 2007 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyFCC from Page 25USFK Commander, Gen. B.B Bell, tour of the Thomas household. home child care while caring for your certificates. All applicants must pass aopened dialogues to initiate an FCC In addition to expanding child care own children,” Jones said, “The FCC comprehensive background check andprogram in order to expand the options options, Bell voiced the need to program offers extensive free a series of agency checks. Licensefor child care. increase the opportunity for spouse equipment to hopeful candidates requirements include orientation and “I intend to take care of the well- employment within the framework of including safety items, outdoor ongoing training.being of our force, including our FCC. Thomas said that she will act as equipment, cribs and general For employment or enrollmentfamilies. … We need to make an a mentor for those wanting to follow supplies.” opportunities, call Jones at 768-7707.assignment to Korea ‘normal,’” said in her footsteps. The CDC is looking Those seeking employment in the Thomas can be contacted via e-mailGen. Bell at his Dec. 19, 2006 for family members who reside on post FCC program must be at least 18 at’s Intent Speech. interested in becoming FCC providers. years-old in good health and possess a For more information on Child During his Feb. 13 visit to Area IV, Bell “The FCC program provides you high school diploma. $500,000 liability Development Services and Familyexpressed his pleasure with the progress with the opportunity to set your own coverage is required along with current Child Care, search online for Armyof the program. He even stopped by for a hours and fees and provide quality in- immunization and pet health Regulation 608-10Essay from Page 27 relationship between GI, working efficiency and KATUSA support for the benefit of each other. After the army service, section. Therefore, it was not strange that US Soldier ignorelife. He always tried to treat and think junior KATUSA he tried to prepare to get the admission of the medical him. GI soldiers ignore him even like inspection that helike real brother and act like senior NCO. It is matter of graduate school. must do. Junior KATUSAs evaluate him as a pitiful soldier.course that army life is stressful but he always showed On the other hands, B fell into the wrong path before He got communication extinction between KATUSA asconstant military bearing and never complaint anything. he finished the army service. B was very negative person. well as GI. Except meal time and KATUSA training.He usually got exercise with junior KATUSA who had For example, he compared working at the army with He was reluctant to infringe on his personnel time.difficulties in PT for cheering them up. He gave many tips SamChung KyoYookDae. He complained about his life Furthermore, He shows many contradictory behavior thatto juniors to manage their free time. He tought them how being controlled by other people. Because of these attitude, he made junior KATUSA as his roommate using authorityto use 1 hour like 10 hour. Foremost, he made someone he started to dislike other soldiers and had problems talking and used Junior KATUSA as a protective mean of GIinterested in private business realize positive attitude trying with them. Especially, evasion of US Army is greatly intense. avoiding do best can get lots of valuable thing from army life He who has a his office because of his MOS always hide I can evaluate him severely contrast to the speech of Athrough his army life style. In the last formation before in his office, and he hates to have private conversation that I reference before. He finished his Army life withETS, his speech left a deep impression on the minds of the with US soldiers. Discontent of US Soldiers who work in disgrace word from 1SG that she did not know he couldaudience. He was decorated with a medal of ARCOM, the same section is enormous. Naturally, he got to be alone speak English.and he also had a speech for US soldiers and KATUSA in personal communication about information. The brilliant and young Koreans apply KATUSA withusing English. He has tried to accomplish the purpose Therefore, consequently, he was so anxious that he their splendid vision and work diversity on everywhere. Iwhich makes US and KATUSA soldiers as a friend. checked even basic information like formation time, place hope in too long and short army years, we should take theEverybody thinks that he is the best KATUSA soldier and uniform. Naturally, he could not be good at not only thing benefit to us and abandon the thing useless to us bybecause he understood each other and emphasized the cooperative work with US Soldiers but also his work in his trace of senior KATUSA , so we can make valuable result.
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  • Mar. 2, 200730 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “I’m on vacation.” Hyugacha wassumnida. on vacation I’m Vocabulary airplane ‘beehenggi’ airport ‘gonghang’ America ‘meegook’ Week Situation of the Week : On arrival I’m American. Meegugeso wasuumnida. Here’s my passport. Je yokwonimnida. I can’t find my luggage. This story is Je suhwamuri an boinundeyo. about: My luggage is lost. Je suhwamuri opsojyossumnida. Gate 17 Suhwamurun odiso chassumnikka? Where is the baggage claim? Visitor I want the limousine bus to Wokohil ganun bosurul taryogo Walker Hill. Center hamnida. Korean Expression of the Week Week renovation If your tail is long, Kkoriga gilmyoen somebody will step on set to begin balpinda. it. Don’t dwell on something too long.
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