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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  070118 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070118 Document Transcript

  • January 18, 2008 • Volume 6, Issue 13 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea Dallas Cowboys Daegu communityInside The Morning Calm Weekly Cheerleaders joins oil spill clean up will not be published Feb. 8 in obsrvance of the pump up Casey efforts Lunar New Year holiday. Page 16 Page 25Army honors Martin LutherKing Jr., celebrates diversity Humphreys volunteers scour Korean This year marks the 79th anniversaryof the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Dr. King devoted his life to achieving his shoreline, assist in cleanup effortsvision of a world free from prejudice andinjustice...a world that values people forwho they are and what they can accomplish.As the Nation remembers Dr. King’sachievements and celebrates his life, it isuseful to reflect on how far we have come,and on the work we must still do. Today we live in the world’s most free andopen society. Our greatness as a country isbecause we are a people committed to thecommon cause of freedom for all. We area pluralistic society that is diverse in ourethnic, racial, and religious make-up. Thisdiversity is one of our Nation’s greateststrengths and the reason why so many wantto live in the “land of the free.” Our Army is a reflection of our society.We are a diverse force that is strengthened bydifferent perspectives, approaches, and skills.There is strength in diversity. Our militaryshares Dr. King’s vision, and one of ourprinciples is equality-regardless of race orgender. Military leaders understand that thevery effectiveness of military units dependson our ability to leverage our differences andwork together. Our Army is the Strength of this Nation.Today we have more than 220,000 Soldiers-supported by their Families and dedicatedArmy Civilians-deployed around the world,defending our country and our allies againsta global terrorist network that is determinedto destroy our freedom and way of life. Thisteam of brave Americans is willing to dothis because they believe in the principlesof freedom and equality for everyone - thevery principles Dr. King believed in. See page 21 for Although the Army has come a longway, we still have work to do. We must story and photoskeep working at it, never losing sight ofDr. King’s vision for America. We share his Cpl. Lee, Jong Woo, HHC, USAG Humphreys, wipes oil from the rocks at Taean Beach during the oil spill clean-up headed by Eighth Unitedbeliefs and are committed to turning his States Army. As part of EUSA’s Good Neighbor Program, 93 Soldiers from USAG Humphreys volunteered to participate in the clean-up, whichdream into reality. helped local residents severely affected by the spill. — U.S. Army Photos By Sgt. Im Suk-chunArmy announces ‘Grow the Army’ initiativeSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly grow are Infantry Brigade Combat Teams, be restationed to Ft Drum, NY and one through the activation of 2 BCTs in Support Brigades, Combat Support and MEB is planned to be restationed to FT Germany in 2008 and 2010. These two In January 2007, the President requested, Combat Service Support units. To support Richardson, AK pending completion of an heavy brigades are scheduled to restationfrom Congress, a 74,200 Soldier increase in these IBCTs and Support Brigades the Army environmental analysis in accordance the from Germany in 2012 and 2013.Army end strength across the Active, Guard is simultaneously announcing the stationing National Environmental Policy Act. They are tentatively designated to relocateand Reserve components. The initiative of approximately 30,000 Soldiers in Combat The Army also plans to relocate 1st to Fort Bliss, TX and White Sands Missileto “Grow the Army” provides additional Support and Combat Service Support units Armored Division from Germany to Ft Range, NM. Once complete, the Army’sground forces to meet strategic demands and throughout the United States as well as Bliss, TX, and 1st Infantry Division from adjusted posture will meet long termmitigate persistent capability shortfalls, and various overseas locations. Germany to Ft Riley, KS and Ft Knox, KY operational needs and sustain the Allreduce stress on our Soldiers and Families. In addition to the Grow the Army units, by September 2011 while extending BCT Volunteer Army. For more information, visitThe types of organizations the Army will one Maneuver Enhancement Brigade will capabilities in the European command
  • NEWS • PAGE 2 NEWS THE MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Published by Installation Management Command - Korea Bell Sends: Death of a US Servicemember Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. Al Aycock This weekend we experienced the unfortunate unaccompanied/remote tours, apart from the Family Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson death of a US Servicemember; a young Soldier on members who would typically notice symptoms of Senior Editor:Susan Silpasornprasit his first duty assignment in Korea who fell ill. He was illness. Commanders and supervisors at all levels USAG-RED CLOUD brought to a medical clinic by his roommate where should review wellness issues, be alert to symptoms, Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson despite life-saving measures and rapid transport to and make appropriate referrals to health professionals Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson CI Officer: James F. Cunningham the United States Army Hospital-Korea (Yongsan), as necessary. he was unable to saved. The loss of this young Soldier Under the Oak Tree Counseling policy concepts USAG-YONGSAN are time-tested and work. Be a leader and get involved Commander: Col. David W. Hall was an unexpected tragedy that deeply saddens our Public Affairs Officer: David McNally USFK Family. with your people now. See USFK Command Policy CI Officer: Kenneth Fidler An investigation has been initiated. While we do Letter #2, Command Safety. Staff Writer: Sgt. Jung Jae-hoon not know all the facts it is nevertheless important to �������������������� We all mourn the loss of this fine patriotic USAG-HUMPHREYS review some basic leadership, safety, and wellness Commander Soldier. Whether you are a Servicemember, civilian Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy issues. employee, invited contractor, or Family member, you Writer/Editor: Andre D. Butler Battle Buddies and combat wingmen remain our are our most valuable resource. Each of us must take CI Oficer: Stacy Ouellette first line of defense to recognize when things are not “normal” every precaution to assure our collective safety and well being. We USAG-DAEGU with one of our Servicemembers. They must be on the lookout need each and every one of you as we continue to work towards Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier for worsening symptoms when a Servicemember is ill and quickly excellence. Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman CI Officer: Samuel G. Hudson inform the chain of command. Leaders must remind everyone Staff Writer: Cpl. Na Kyung Chul to support each other. It is essential that the “battle buddy” and We go together! Staff Writer: Cpl. Jang Won il “combat wingman” concept is alive and well in every USFK This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for formation. This is what taking care of each other is about. See our members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily USFK Policy Letter #6, Buddy System. ������������� official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Over 90% of our Service members in Korea serve on Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO Vote from overseas in three easy steps AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial adver- by Capt. Holly B. Nostrant overseas citizen), (2) personal identifying county of legal residence to find out. To tising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, USAG Humphreys Consolidated Legal Center information (such as name, date of birth, determine your state of legal residence, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the social security number, driver’s license consult your local legal assistance office. If products or services advertised. Everything advertised 2008 is a federal election year. As you are number, telephone and fax numbers, and you uncertain as to what county you are in this publication shall be made available for purchase, email address), (3) address for voting (legal from, go to the U.S. Census Bureau website use or patronage without regard to race, religion, aware, primaries for the presidential election gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical have begun. Now is the time to register to residence in the U.S.), (4) mailing address at handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit vote and request an absentee ballot. Never where you want voting materials sent, (5) lookup and enter your zipcode. Once you factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser voted before? Don’t worry. Voting from political party preference (optional), (6) have this information, consult the VAG. is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising overseas is a lot easier than you think. All it additional information (if any), and (7) The VAG lists all local election officials and from that source until the violation is corrected. takes are three easy steps. your signature stating that you are eligible mailing addresses in every state. Oriental Press President: Charles Chong First: Fill out a Federal Post Card Application. to vote and the information you provided Third: once you receive your absentee Commercial Advertising is truthful. ballot, complete it and turn it in before the Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 Where can you get one? FPCAs are available Fax: (02) 790-5795 from Unit Voting Assistance Officers, Unsure how to fill it out? Consult your stated deadline. Since the FPCA lasts an E-mail: installation post offices, and other publicized UVAO or a Voting Assistance Guide. The entire calendar year, you only have to send Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post locations. They are also available online at VAG provides step by step instructions, in one to receive absentee ballots for all 2008, the website for the Federal guidance, and registration deadlines for elections and primaries. However, if you SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629) Voting Assistance Program. In Area III, each state. Not only is the VAG available PCS or move during the year, remember to Fax: DSN 724-3356 FPCAs are available at USAG Humphreys from your UVAO and places that hand out update your mailing address. E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly FPCAs, but it can be accessed online at For more information, check out www.fvap. Legal Center. The FPCA has two functions: (1) it registers you to vote and (2) it requests, the website for the Federal gov. The FVAP exists to protect your right an absentee ballot for you. Voting Assistance Program. to vote while you are stationed or living Visit us online Furthermore, the FPCA is easy to fill out Second: Mail the FPCA to your local overseas. So take advantage of it and let your The Morning Calm – all it asks for is the following: (1) category election official. Who is your local election voice be heard! of eligibility (Servicemember, dependent, official? You need to know your state and IMCOM-K Safety Update: Be prepared! Stear clear of winter weather road hazards Prepare your car for winter: are ice covered. These steps will increase your safety when You can avoid many dangerous winter travel problems by stranded: planning ahead. Have maintenance service on your vehicle as • Tie a brightly colored cloth to the antennaas a signal to often as the manufacturer recommends. Additionally, take the rescuers and raise the hood of the car (if it is not snowing). Submitting to • Move anything you need from the trunk into the passenger The Morning Calm Weekly following measures: Send Letters to the Editor, guest commen- • Have the radiator system serviced, or check the antifreeze area of the vehicle. taries, story submissions and other items: level yourself with an antifreeze tester. Add antifreeze to your • Wrap your entire body, including your head, in extra car, as needed. clothing, blankets, or newspapers. • Replace windshield-wiper fluid with a specifically designed • Stay awake. You will be less vulnerable to For all submitted items include a point of con- tact name and telephone number. All items are wintertime mixture. cold-related health problems. subject to editing for content and to insure they • Replace any worn tires, and check the air pressure. • Run the motor (and heater) for about 10 minutes per conform with DoD guidelines. During winter, keep the gas tank near full to help avoid ice hour, opening one window slightly to let in air. Make in the tank and fuel lines. sure that snow is not blocking the exhaust pipe—this will IMCOM-K Public Affairs and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located What to do if you get stranded: reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. Staying in your vehicle when stranded is often the safest For information, call 724-3365. choice if winter storms create poor visibility or if roadways — See Safety page 4 —
  • JANUARY 18, 2008 NEWS NEWS • PAGE 3 MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the military police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. AREA I: Under age Drinking; Failure to Obey Order or Regulation (2ID BAC Policy #8); MP observed SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 stumble out of a club. MP went to assist and detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 persons. SUBJECT #2 and SUBJECT #1 were escorted to the CMO box and a check of SUB- JECT #1 ID card revealed that SUBJECT #1 was under the legal age to consume alcohol. SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 were appre- hended and transported to the USAG-Casey PMO where they were administered PBTs with results of 0.096% BAC for SUBJECT #1 and 0.115% BAC for SUBJECT #2. SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 were not advised of their legal rights due to their suspected levels of in- toxication and were released to their units. At 10 a.m., Jan. 8, SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT #2 reported to the USAG-Casey PMO where they were advised of their legal rights, which they waived, rendering written sworn state- ments admitting to the offense. AREA II: Entry#2 Damage to Private Prop- erty, Person(s) unknown, by means unknown, damaged VICTIM #1 POV, which was legally parked, secured and unattended outside Protected location. Damages to VICTIM #1 vehicle consisted of scratches from front to back on both sides of the vehicle. A search Parades add to the festive spirit of Everland. Everland theme park is offering admission discounts for foreigners during the Lunar New Year holiday of the area by VICTIM #1 for subject(s) and/or week. Discounts apply to the Everland amusement park and Carribean Bay. — U.S. Army Photo By David McNally witness(es) met with negative results. VIC- TIM #1 rendered a written sworn statement attesting to the incident. ECOD is unknown. SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Current events and activities AREA III: Entry #1 Unlawful Transfer of AAFES Merchandise, Unlawful Possession of AAFES Snow Sculptures (Jan. 25-Feb. 3) Ice Fishing Fest (Jan. 31-Feb. 3) Merchandise, SUBJECT #1, was observed by The Taebaek Snow Festival at Mt. Taebaeksan Provincial Park The Ice Fishing festival is held annually at Soyangho Lake near WITNESS #1 entering Protected location #1 in the city of Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, is a major Bupyeong wharf, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. The Inje to purchase duty-free goods in order to resell winter event in Korea. A popular attraction of the Taebaek Ice Fishing Festival at Soyangho Lake in Gangwon-do is one of them on the Korean economy. SUBJECT Snow Festival is the array of beautiful snow sculptures created the largest wintertime events in Korea, drawing 700,000 visitors #2 was standing by outside in SUBJECT #2 by top sculptors from Korean and around the world. There every year. As part of the festival, the river ice is broken to reveal vehicle waiting for SUBJECT #1 to transport SUBJECT #1 to SUBJECT #1 off post resi- are also a variety of events including magic shows, music clean waters flowing through a beautiful landscape, offering dent and receive the items which has been concerts, snowman building and sledding. Near Jangseong, the pleasures of fishing. The Inje Ice Fishing Festival includes purchased by SUBJECT #1. SUBJECT #1 and visitors can enjoy a fabulous hands-on ice fishing experience at attractions under four different themes: First, the Nature Zone SUBJECT #2 was detained and escorted to the Geumcheon fishing spot and catch a smelt, which lives in includes ice fishing, a “zoo” featuring ice animal carvings, and an the Protected location #2 where SUBJECT #2 clean water only. The special ‘National Naked Marathon’ is also ice playground featuring a slide made out of ice. Second is the and SUBJECT #1 rendered written statements a favorite, in which almost-bare naked contestants run over a Leports Zone, featuring a football competition played on ice and admitting to the offenses. SUBJECT #1 RCP plateau 800 meters above sea level. Try Korean folk games in other various leisure activities that can be enjoyed in the snow- was confiscated. SUBJECT #1 and SUBJECT the snow, or savor the traditional winter food favorites. These covered field. The third is the Well-being Zone, where visitors #2 were released on their own recognizance. and other programs are sure to make your winter experience can savor foods made from ice-fish or take part in a cooking class AREA III: Entry #2 Drunk and Disorderly, at Mt. Taebaeksan all the more exciting and enjoyable. For specializing in Korean ice-fish cuisine. Lastly, there is the Family Provoking Speech/Gestures, SUBJECT #1 more information, visit or http://festival. Zone that features an ice-fishing lesson for children. Besides used profane statements and other deroga- these themed events there will be ‘Korea dog-sled championship’ tory remarks towards MP after MP refused to where you can watch the passionate dogs running on ice and give SUBJECT #1 information about an ongo- Polar Bear Swim (Saturday) ‘car racing (rally) contest’ on snow. For more information, visit ing investigation. MP asked SUBJECT #1 to This swimming contest is held every winter at Haeundae leave the PMO and SUBJECT #1 again used Beach in Busan Metropolitan City. Beautiful Haeundae profanity towards the patrol while walking out, Beach stretches far along the coast and is one of the greatest Everland Discounts (Yongin) at which time SUBJECT #1 was apprehended attractions in Busan. Visitors can swim and play in the water or Everland theme park is offering special admission discounts by MP. While SUBJECT #1 sat in the waiting room of the PMO, SUBJECT #1 pulled out a participate in the televised tournament, which involves running for foreigners over the Lunar New Year holiday week, Feb. 6- cell phone to call SUBJECT #1 commander. about 10m on the white sands, jumping into the ocean, and 10. Admission to Everland Park will be 23,000 won (regular Moments after taking SUBJECT #1 cell phone then swimming 80m. The first person to the finish line wins, price is 35,000 won); Caribbean Bay admission is 23,000 out of SUBJECT #1 purse, SUBJECT #1 pulled and contestants are ranked in order as they finish. Before the won (regularly 30,000 won). Foreigners may be required to a knife out of SUBJECT #1 right pocket. MP commencement of the tournament, participants can enjoy a show their passport to take advantage of the special discounts. took the knife and restrained SUBJECT #1. wide variety of games and recreational activities on the beach. Everland’s snow festival is underway--featuring fiireworks and SUBJECT #1 was administered a PBT with After the opening ceremony, participants warm up and then run laser light shows and a winter themed parade in honor of the a result of 0.171% BAC and was not advised into the water. They can enjoy a hotel sauna, rest, and a meal park’s 30th anniversary. Two sledding hills, one for adults and of SUBJECT #1 legal rights due to SUBJECT after the tournament is over. The Polar Bear Swim festival is one for children are also part of the winter fun at Everland this #1 level of intoxication and was released to SUBJECT #1 unit. At 1300 Hrs, 05 JAN 08, not meant to be a competitive event, but more an opportunity season. Everland is about an hour’s drive from Seoul. For more SUBJECT #1 reported to USAG-Humphreys for the participants to run on the beautiful white sands, feel information, call 02-759-1946-7/031-320-5555 or visit http:// PMO where SUBJECT #1 was advised of the cold winter wind on their faces, and wish for a year of good For information on Everland’s snow festival, SUBJECT #1 legal rights, which SUBJECT #1 health as they enjoy swimming and playing in the ocean water. check out waived, rendering a written sworn statement Visit for more information. denying the offenses. Source:,,,, — No endorsement implied.
  • NEWS • PAGE 4 NEWS THE MORNING CALM Safety from page 2 PAID ADVERTISING • As you sit, keep moving your arms • Do not travel in low visibilityand legs to improve your circulation and conditions.stay warmer. • Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads, • Do not eat unmelted snow because it overpasses, and bridges if at all possible. will lower your body temperature. • If you must travel by car, use tire chains • Huddle together with other people and take a mobile phone with you.for warmth. • If you must travel, let someone know Car winter survival kit: your destination and when you expect to Equip your car with these items: arrive. Ask them to notify authorities if • blankets you are late. • first aid kit • Check and restock the winter emergency • a can and waterproof matches (to melt supplies in your car before you leave.snow for water) • Never pour water on your windshield to • windshield scraper remove ice or snow; shattering may occur. • booster cables • Don’t rely on a car to provide sufficient • road maps heat; the car may break down. • mobile phone • Always carry additional warm clothing • compass appropriate for the winter conditions. • tool kit Taking preventive action is the best • paper towels defense against the effects of extreme cold- • bag of sand or cat litter (to pour on ice weather conditions. By preparing your caror snow for added traction) in advance for winter situations and by • tow rope observing safety precautions during times of • tire chains (in areas with heavy snow) extremely cold weather, you can reduce the • collapsible shovel risk of weather-related problems. • container of water and high-calorie There have been numerous cases ofcanned or dried foods and a can opener severe winter weather stranding families and • flashlight and extra batteries friends throughout the United States over • canned compressed air with sealant (for the past few weeks. Some households haveemergency tire repair) lived without electricity for weeks. There • brightly colored cloth is no reason to believe Korea could not be Be cautious about travel: struck by a similar winter storm. Winter • Listen for radio or television reports survival kits for your home and car can easilyof travel advisories issued by the National be worth the trouble to assemble the kit; theWeather Service. kit may even save your life. Postal news you can use: address standardization PAID ADVERTISING In order for our military mail to be processed using the latest USPS technology, we must comply with USPS addressing standards. This means that your UNIT # or PSC # and nine digit zip code must be the last two lines of your address. Your nine digit zip code consists of your APO # and the last four digits of your unit number. If you use a PSC #, the nine digit zip code consists of your APO # and your box number preceded by enough zeros to make four digits. See examples below: Tom Jones Tom Jones UNIT # 15317 Box 308 PSC 450 Box 21 APO AP 96205-5317 APO AP 96206-0021 Contact your local post office for more information. U.S. Forces Korea J6 to host conference USFK J6 will host its annual Information Assurance Conference May 6-8 at the Osan Air Force Base Officers Club in Osan AB, Korea. J/G6’s, DoD IA personnel, and other key IA personnel associated with information assurance and information systems in the USFK area of responsibility are cordially invited to attend. This year’s theme is “Strengthening Information Assurance Agility for the Joint War fighter”. We encourage attendees to suggest new topics that you would like to see presented and the desired presenter.
  • JANUARY 18, 2007 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 5, Meisler made honorary citizens of Dongducheon(From Left) Lt. Col. Donald Meisler, garrison commander USAG-Casey, Col. Larry “Pepper” Jackson, garrison commander USAG-Red Cloud, receive honorary citizenship to the city of Dongdu-cheon from (3rd from left) Hon. Jung, Sung-ho, National assemblyman, Dongducheon city, Lee, Jung-sik, chairman of Life Sport Association, Dongducheon city, Hon. Oh, Sea-chang, mayor ofDongducheon city. — U.S. Army Photo By Kil, Kwang-Chunby Spc. Alun Thomas the DOL workers, which was establishedUSAG-RC Public Affairs in 1983, and home to over 50 mentally and physically disabled people. The center USAG RED CLOUD — The festive is managed by the Catholic Covenantseason was brightened for the Naruter Foundation.Community Center and the ISACC The second stop was to the orphanage,Orphanage Dec.19, when workers from the which is home to 90 children and wasDirectorate Of Logistics delivered various opened during the Korean War in 1951,necessities vital for the establishments, as which helps children left homeless andpart of a holiday goodwill program. in need. The DOL employees handed out a “Both the disabled home residents andvariety of items to the center, a home for the orphans were happy to see us today,”the disabled, and the orphanage, including, Yi said. “They do not get many visitors, sofood, clothes, medical and bathroom this is a big thing for them.”supplies and candles. Geno Sergi, of DOL finance, said the Louis Scott, deputy director of the DOL, event went well and is, hopefully, thesaid not enough has been done to reach out start of continued involvement with bothto local Korean communities, which was the centers.basis for this outreach program “It was a good experience, although “The more we are able to do programs being a parent I can’t understand howlike this, reach out and touch lives and do someone could leave such beautiful childrenstories like this, people can see we truly like them behind,” Sergi said. “At least theycare,” Scott said. seemed happy.” Scott said the program started out as his Sergi said the DOL would put togetheridea, but was developed further by Che, Sil a better Good Neighbor Program to helpYi, transportation operation specialist, who the centers.found the local centers where DOL would “I came from Area IV, which is more of adeliver the collected items. family orientated base, something we don’t “Mrs. Yi is the backbone of the program. have down here,” Sergi said. “We can doShe is the one who went out and scouted and many things, like have them come down forinvestigated local institutions and came up a windshield tour of the base in buses andwith these two,” Scott said. “It started out as have them eat at the cafeteria for idea, similar to the Angel Tree program, We can do more and we will.”but she said we can do better.” Sergi said it although the event was Scott said DOL tried to collect items that enjoyable; it was a difficult experiencewould sustain the institutions for the year, seeing first hand the orphans and thenot just limit it to toys, instead, necessary handicapped.items like school supplies, toilet paper, “Seeing that stuff was an eye opener,” Che Sil Ye, Department of Logistics transportation operation specialist, helps deliver some oftoothpaste, and shampoo and bath towels. Sergi said. “It always grinds you and brings the goods collected by the DOL for the NARUTER Center, a home for the mentally and physi- The Naruter Center was visited first by you back to reality.” cally disabled. — U.S. Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas
  • USAG-RC • PAGE AREA I THE MORNING CALM ASAP 3-D News & Notes prevention 2ID Tax Assistance Center Free Tax Preparation 2nd Infantry Division Tax Center will be pre- paring tax returns free of charge from Feb 5 to June 15. For more information call: 730- campaign kicks 3598. At Camp Casey go to Maude Hall room 241 Tues., Wed., Fri., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thur. from 1 to 8 p.m., Sat. from 8 a.m. to noon. At USAG-Red Cloud in Free- off at Casey man Hall, go to room 122 beginning March 1 on Tues. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At Camp Stanley go to ADC(S) building beginning Mar. 1 on Wed. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ACS Employment Readiness Program The ACS Employment Readiness Program by Spc. Alun Thomas offers employment assistance for spouses USAG-RC Public Affairs Gloria Prince, the 3D campaign coordinator for USAG Casey, explains the significance of the of active duty members, civilians and retir- program to Staff Sgt. Randy Walker (center) and Sgt 1st Class Chris Moore (right). — U.S. Army ees with monthly workshops on job search, CASEY GARRISON – The 2007 Drunk Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas resume writing and career exploration. In- and Drugged Driving Prevention Campaign dividual employment counseling is by ap- was on display Dec. 19 at USAG-Casey, as The booth contained brochures, recipes drunk driving in the military, are people who pointment only. For more information call: part of the National 3D Prevention Month for nonalcoholic drinks and guides for at think they can only be caught in personally 732-7779. against drunk driving during the Christmas risk Soldiers to seek assistance. owned vehicles. AER Scharships and New Year holiday season. Prince, who retired as a Master Sgt. “Soldiers need to understand they can be Army Emergency Relief offers free money Organizing USAG-Casey’s 3D campaign after 26 years in the Army, said her goal caught in any military vehicle also,” Prince for education. The 2008-09 Army Emer- was Gloria Prince, prevention and employee with this program is to get people aware at said. “If a Soldier shows up to formation gency Relief Scholarship Program scholar- assistance program coordinator, who sought Christmas time of the dangers of drinking with a 0.5 alcohol limit, smells like alcohol ships are now available on the AER web- to inform both Army personnel and civilians and driving. and tries to drive, he or she will be found site: For more information about the 3-D program, with a booth set up To achieve this, Prince said, she uses out.” call: 730-3142. by the Post Exchange. leadership skills she learned in the Army Some of the brochures available at the “This time of the year is when we have to convince people to stop and listen to booth included ‘A Commander’s Top 10 Health clinic needs foreign language speakers the most problems with impaired driving,” the information she has to offer about 3-D Guides to the Army’s Substance Abuse USAG-RC Health clinic would like to ex- Prince said. “People are lonely and sad: their month. Program and ’Frequently Asked Questions tend an invitation for volunteers to assist girlfriends, boyfriends, wife or husband “I’ll snag people up as they go by and I about Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse.’ with translation. This is an opportunity for left them, they got a Dear John letter or know some of them are saying ‘there’s that Furthermore, recipes for nonalcoholic anyone in the community including active whatever, so we’re here to inform them lady again, I’ll try to avoid her’,” Prince beverages such as, Double-Lime Punch, duty or family members to be involved in what’s going on.” said. Peach Fuzz, Mild-Eyed Margarita and taking care of Soldiers. Language barriers Prince said it is up to Army leaders to Those that stopped to hear the meaning Holiday Punch, were offered by Prince as an in providing access to medical translators spread the message about the dangers of behind 3-D month, were rewarded with alternative to regular alcoholic drinks. has been identified as a JCAHO patient impaired driving, and tell people to wake up candy, a token of appreciation, or for the “The point of this campaign is to repeat safety goal. We are looking to compile a list of anyone with foreign language abil- and realize this is a major problem within most attentive a stainless steel mug. the message until people understand,” Prince ity (not Korean, we have several Korean the Army. “If they want candy or a token, they have said. “The first or second time they may have speaking employees). Our goal is to pro- “Hearing this message repetitively to not to listen, nobody gets anything from me for been asleep or not paying attention, but the vide a phone roster of these translators drive drunk makes a difference,” Prince said. free,” Prince said. third time hopefully it will get through to who could then be called to assist with “It lets them know people care.” One of the biggest misconceptions about those at risk.” translation, usually via telephone. In par- Spouse orientation informs new arrivals ticular, Tagolog and Japanese would be useful but any language is a great help. For more information call: 732-7373. Emergency/Urget Situation Help Get help by calling 730-5906 for USAG- by Spc. Alun Thomas Samarripa said some of the common Casey Fire Station or Military Police in the USAG- RC Public Affairs problems new spouses’ encounter is Dongducheon area. Call 732-9117 for Red finding adequate schooling for their Cloud Fire Station or Military Police in the USAG RED CLOUD — Spouse children and substandard housing. Uijeongbu area. Call 730-4357 to get help Orientation training took place at the “The biggest problem is the housing,” if contemplating suicide or if feeling de- USAG-Red Cloud Family Morale, Welfare Samarripa said. “The cost for housing pressed call: 730-4303. and Recreation conference room Dec.18, as is very expensive, and most families are part of the in-processing requirements for noncommand sponsored, so the conditions Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration new spouse arrivals to Warrior Country. they are living in are not good.” Celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King holi- The training consisted of briefings from Samarripa said the response to the day in the USAG-Casey Community Activ- local organizations, retailers and groups, training has been positive, since it was ity Center Jan. 18 6 p.m. For more informa- including the Red Cross, Army and Air deemed mandatory by Army regulations tion call: 730-4601/4602. Force Exchange Service, Family MWR, in January 2007. Judge Advocate, TriCare and the Woman, “The training is scheduled three times USAG-RC BOSS Infants and Children program. a month, twice at USAG-Casey and once Biggest Loser Contest Following the morning briefings, those at USAG-Red Cloud and Camp Stanley,” Enter the USAG-RC BOSS Biggest Loser in attendance were given an afternoon tour Samarripa said. “The second and fourth Contest today in the USAG-RC Physical Fitness Center, 9:30 a.m. registration and of surrounding bases, including Camp Tuesdays of the month the meetings are weigh-in. For more information call: 732- Stanley and USAG-Casey, in order to held at USAG-Casey.” 7519. familiarize them with the surrounding Haleh Rollerson, who represented area and local transit system, said Elizabeth TriCare, said it was important people Reggie’s Camp Stanley Closing Samarripa, acting family service manager remembered to change their address and Reggie’s at Camp Stanley will be closed and organizer of the orientation training. other details in TriCare while in South Jan. 28. Free chili dogs will be offered in “The mandatory orientation, as Korea. Tommy’s lounge beginning 5 p.m. Elizabeth Samarripa, organizer of USAG- enforced by U.S. Army Regulation 614- “If you are enrolled in TriCare you must Red Cloud spouse inprocessing orientation, 2, is to make sure all newly arrived Army update your status, otherwise you could be explains some key points of the program to spouses or civilian employees are familiar in trouble,” Rollerson said. “Unfortunately, those attending the orientation class. — U.S. with the local support agencies,” Samarripa only those who are command sponsored Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas said. are eligible for TriCare Prime also.”
  • JANUARY 18, 2007 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 7 Gateway Clubopens at Caseyby Jim Cunningham Officials from USAG-RC FamilyUSAG-RC Public Affairs MWR took their places in front of the ribbon and ceremonially opened U S AG C A S E Y — T h e n e w l y the club.remodeled Gateway Club opened at “We are about to enter a new year,USAG-Casey Dec. 31 to a crowd of so it is fitting we are opening up thismore than 70 people. The club, which renovated Gateway Club with newis next door to Primo’s restaurant just beginnings and new opportunities forinside of USAG-Casey’s Gate 1, has the year 2008,” said Lt. Col. Donaldbeen in renovation since August 2007. Meisler, garrison commander, USAG- “We are here to commemorate Casey. “This building is a little moreand celebrate the re-opening of the than 20 years old. This half of the USAG-Casey garrison leaders and MWR officials cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the newGateway Club,” said Fred Ware, Family building has been down for the last Gateway Club on USAG-Casey Dec. 31. (From left) Fred Ware, USAG-Casey Family and-and Morale, Welfare and Recreation eight months. We are happy to open MWR buisness manager, Avelina Richardson, Gateway Club manager, Lt. Col. Donald Mei-business manager, USAG-Casey. “After this new facility to give more support sler, USAG-Casey garrison commander, Denise James, USAG-RC Family and MWR director,we cut the ribbon, we will have free to the Soldiers and their families at Command Sergeant Maj. Nadal Saeed, USAG-Casey command sergeant major. — U.S. Armyrefreshments and door prizes.” USAG-Casey.” Photo By Jim CunninghamDallas Cowboys Cheerleaders entertain at USAG-CaseyThe famed Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders came to USAG-Casey Dec. 23 to entertain Warriors. The show was non-stop and filled with Cowboys Cheerleader’s special style dancing. “The reasonthe United Services Organization brought the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to USAG-Casey is to show the Soldiers we care about them,” said David Proch, executive director of USO Korea.“We are showing support for the more than 28,000 men and women of the armed services in Korea.” — U.S. Army Photo By Jim CunninghamWarriors slam dunk at Hoop it Up Indoor soccer tourney played at Hanson Field HousePfc. William Delaney fires home a slam dunk on his way to the runners up position in the Slam Players from USAG-Hovey (black and white shirts) compete with USAG-RC (green) for a head-Dunk contest at the BOSS Hoop-It-Up Extravaganza at Hanson Field House. — U.S. Army er during the final match of the Battalion Level Christmas Holiday Indoor Soccer Tournament.Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas USAG-RC won the final 3-2. — U.S. Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas
  • AREA IIJANUARY 18, 2008 USAG-Y • PAGE 9 CDC earns national accreditationReport: program one of first in U.S. under new, tougher criteriaby Kenneth FidlerUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — YongsanGarrison’s Child Development Center earnedaccreditation Dec. 31 from the NationalAssociation for the Education of YoungChildren, one of the first programs in theUnited States to do so under new and morerigorous criteria. “NAEYC accreditation demonstrates tofamilies that we are meeting the nationalstandards as far as providing quality childcare for their children,” said Claudette Mohn,child development services coordinator. “It’s areally big deal when programs are accreditedunder the new system.” The CDC’s staff, programs and classroomsexceeded nearly all standards, scoring 100percent or higher in nine of the 10 programsstandards, according to the evaluation report.Some of the programs are curriculum,assessment of child progress, health, andphysical environment. An inspector also evaluated eight of theCDC’s 16 classrooms during the site visit.“The requirement was that a classroom mustmake a 70 percent to pass,” Mohn said. “Ourlowest score was a 96. We actually had oneclassroom score a 100.” Though the CDC has been accreditedevery five years with NAEYC – and is Children at the Child Development Center run and play in the CDC’s indoor play room. An inspector from the National Association for the Education of Youngcertified annually to Defense Department Children gave the room high marks during the CDC’s accreditation evaluation in October. — U.S. Army Photo By Pvt. Lee Min-hwistandards – this is the first time under tougher approval is regarded as the gold standard by CDC for its number of male teachers and itsprocedures NAEYC established in 2006. “The parents, educators and facilities,” the Journal use of an indoor play room. Of the CDC’sadministration, teaching staff and families of reported. For comprehensive information on more than 40 teachers, about a dozen areYongsan Child Development Center are all NAEYC, visit the organization’s Web site at be congratulated for being one of the first “The assessor was impressed with theprograms in the country to earn the mark Preparing for the accreditation was number of male teachers and their ability toof quality represented by the reinvented a yearlong process for the CDC staff. It relate and interact with the children,” MohnNAEYC accreditation program,” according started in January 2007 with self-inspections said. “She was also impressed with our indoorto NAEYC’s congratulatory letter. graded against the new NAEYC criteria and play room that gives the kids a wide-open area NAEYC is a national organization that making improvements throughout the year. inside to run and play.”helps improve educational and developmental It culminated in October with an on-site Margaret Creed’s classroom was one ofpractices and working conditions in early inspection by a NAEYC evaluator. those inspected. She is the lead teacher forchildhood education, according to its mission “It felt like an initial accreditation,” Mohn one of the two infant classes.statement. In March 2006, the Wall Street said. “NAEYC has changed their standards “I’ve worked at different places withJournal reported that NAEYC accreditation from five years ago. They’ve added standards children, and I think that we really havewas a “gold standard.” and made it a bit harder to meet the new an amazing program here; I think that it’s “The primary gauge of quality has been requirements.” Five-year-old Jada Cannon reads before naptime.accreditation by (NAEYC) … who seal of She said the inspector commended the —See Accredidation, page 12— — U.S. Army photo By Kenneth FidlerChild, youth services to hold job fair Jan. 22by Kenneth Fidler services coordinator. “You see yourself be on hand to schedule physicals. “It will be instructors to offer classes under itsUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs making a difference in the lives of children, a very quick turnaround,” Chancellor said. SKIES Unlimited program. SKIES stands who often times have parents who are very “We’re hoping the selectees can start within for Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, YONGSAN GARRISON — A job busy. They are molding these children into a week, if not sooner.” Exploration and Skills.fair for Garrison child and youth services the people they will become in the future.” Working with CYS can bring educational Instructors work on a contract basis toprograms is 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Jan. 22 Applicants for the positions, which benefits, as well. Aside from progressive teach specialized classes such as martial arts,at the school age services building. would range from 21-39 hours per week, on-the-job training, all CYS employees dance, art, or piano. CYS is looking to fill 27 part-time, entry- must be at least 18 years old and be a high are offered free classes in early childhood Aundrea Witt, instructional programlevel positions, all with a starting salary of school graduate, must read, speak and education through Central Texas College. specialist, said, “We are always looking for$9.35 per hour and a benefits package that write English, and must pass a criminal That can lead to a college degree and become new instructors who want to share theirincludes medical care and a 401(k). background check. more proficient working with children, skills with the youth in the community.” Positions are open in the child development The job fair is designed to be a “one-stop” Chancellor said. The instructor sets a monthly fee,center, school age services, middle school/ shop for applicants, cutting down to one While CYS has some local national which is negotiated with CYS, and keepsteen program, and youth sports. These week a process that normally can take up positions, only U.S. citizens may apply to 70 percent. The other 30 percent coversprograms supported approximately 3,000 to two months. the current openings. administrative costs.children in 2007. Representatives from the civilian For more details, call 738-2311. “We’ve had a very large cry for guitar “It takes a special person to really want personnel office will review applications, and other stringed instruments,” she work with children,” said Dr. Roxanne military police will start the background SKIES Unlimited “We’re also looking for drama teachers.”Chancellor, the Garrison’s child and youth check process, and a public health nurse will CYS is also looking for additional For information, call 738-8122.
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 10 AREA II THE MORNING CALM News & Notes USAG-Yongsan’s sergeant major to retire Tax Center Opens Feb. 1 The Yongsan Tax Center begins operations Change of responsibility take over responsibilities from Foster. This will be Rusch’s third tour in Korea. Feb. 1 at the Moyer Community Activities Center, Room 113. The tax center will op- ceremony set for Jan. 25 He was assigned to 8th U.S. Army 1980-1983 and again in 1987. During his second tour, erate the following hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs he served at the United Nations Command Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays; 1-6 p.m. Thursdays; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Combined Forces Command and Saturdays. For information, call 723-8940. YONGSAN GARRISON — U.S. Army subsequently became the noncommissioned Garrison-Yongsan will bid farewell to its officer in charge of the Garrison’s Army MLK Day Candlelight Vigil command sergeant major and welcome her Community Service. CSM Diane Foster CSM Ralph Rusch A candlelight vigil march is scheduled for successor during a change of responsibility His other assignments include serving Brigade, and Headquarters and Headquarters Jan. 20 to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther ceremony 1:30 p.m. Jan. 25 at Collier Field as a platoon sergeant, operations sergeant, Company, 3rd Armored Division. King Jr. Day. The march starts at 5:30 p.m. House. recruiter, first sergeant and battalion Her other assignments have included tours at Collier Field House and ends at the South Command Sgt. Maj. Diane Foster, who command sergeant major. He holds a master’s at Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Rucker, Ala., and Post Chapel. A birthday celebration with re- has served as USAG-Yongsan’s command degree in public administration. South Korea. She holds a master’s degree freshments follows the march. For informa- tion, call 738-3320. sergeant major since November 2006, will Foster joined the military in May 1983 human resource management and a master’s retire after nearly 25 years of service. and became a Cobra helicopter mechanic. in public administration with a concentration ‘Faithlift’ Registration Ongoing Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph J. Rusch, Her duty assignments include eight and in criminology. Registration is ongoing for Faithlift 2008, currently the Garrison sergeant major for a half years in Germany at the 503rd Go to for an interdenominational Christian women’s USAG-Schinnen in the Netherlands, will Attack Helicopter Battalion, 4th Aviation compete biographies. weekend March 7-8 at Yongsan Garrison. The event, organized by the Protestant Women of the Chapel, is limited to 300 participants. Send an e-mail to yongsan. Ceremony honors KATUSA service to register or visit the PWOC Web site at Army Family Team Building by Sgt. Kim Sang-wook A three-day Army Family Team Building Lev- USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs el II seminar is scheduled 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Feb. 13-15 at the Community Services Building YONGSAN GARRISON — Two To RSVP and for information, call 738-3617. years of Army service, an obligation for Korean males, came to an end Saturday Dental Appointments The 618th Theater Dental Command will Jan. 14 for 30 Korean Augmentation provide Saturday appointments 8 a.m. to to the U.S. Army Soldiers. 1 p.m. at USAG-Yongsan Dental Clinic #2 Republic of Korea Army Support beginning Jan. 26. This appointment-only Group staff honored the KATUSAs service is available to Servicemembers E-7 on their last day of active service and above and their eligible family members. with an “expiration of term of For information, call 736-4779/7096. service,” or ETS, ceremony at USO Highlights Volunteers of the quarter Myrna Loge (left) and Michelle Morgenstern cut the cake at the Jan. 4 quarterly Balboni Theater.  USO 67th Birthday Celebration: volunteer recognition ceremony. — U.S. Army Photo By Cpl. Im Jin-min “It is indeed an honor just Yongsan honors volunteers USO has served Servicemembers since to say congratulations for your Feb. 4, 1941. The USO’s 67th borthday cel- commitment to your country and ebration is 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Feb. 1. Enjoy the alliance between U.S. and free cake and ice cream for all participants by Cpl. Im Jin-min said Mary Jernigan, USAG-Yongsan Army Korea,” said Col. Brian Moore, 1st and $1 canteen special for all active duty USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Volunteer Corps coordinator. Signal Brigade commander and Servicemembers. Win great raffle prizes. Michelle Morgenstern, selected from guest speaker. “We cannot achieve For information, call 724-7781 or 795-3028. YONGSAN GARRISON — U.S. among six nominees, put in 60 hours of  Pick up the USO monthly calendars at the high standard we currently enjoy Army Garrison-Yongsan honored its her own time to help organize events for the Main Exchange, Commissary, Dragon volunteer corps Jan. 4 and selected the top here in Korea without the Alliance the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She Hill Lodge, and Town House. The calendar volunteers for the last quarter of 2007. and the KATUSA program.” volunteers to help operate the Hannam is available on-line at the USO Web site at Of the 19 volunteers nominated, Moore said the KATUSA program Village Middle School and Teen Center, For information, call officials chose Myrna Loge as the adult has given both countries a “well- contributing to the development of 724-7003. volunteer of the quarter and Michelle organized bond” throughout history the youth and teen programs such as Morgenstern as the youth volunteer of education, life skills and recreation. since the program’s inception under AAFES Lunar New Year Hours the quarter. According to her nomination package, Gen. Douglas McArthur in July Army and Air Force Exchange Service an- nounced its Lunaray New Year operating Each quarter, the Garrison holds she takes on a leadership role and helps 1950. U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan hours. The Lunar New Year holiday is Feb. a volunteer recognition ceremony to design programs and activities. has about 1,000 KATUSA Soldiers 6-8. For a complete listing, see http://yong- highlight the achievements of USAG- “As a BGCA youth leader, Michelle working within its ranks. and click on the “View Yongsan’s more than 2,000 volunteers. carries on her role with outstanding team The KATUSA program provides Announcements” link under Community Don Moses, the Garrison’s deputy work, always striving to participate in the U.S. military with Korean- Happenings section. commander, thanked all volunteers who speaking Soldiers, allowing the community with a positive attitude,” take time to help in the community. Jernigan said. “She is always willing to try greater military functionality and Induction Ceremony “We could not function without our to new things to improve the program and maneuverability. The first quarter Sgt. Audie Murphy/Gen. Paik Sun Yup/Dr. Mary E. Walker Induction volunteers,” he said to the 70 people who put up the cost of life of others.” Lt. Col. Lee Kyung-soo, Ceremony is 1-2 p.m. Jan. 23 at the multi- attended last week’s ceremony. This quarter’s volunteer ceremony commander of the USAG-Yongsan purpose training facility on Yongsan Garrison Loge, selected from among 13 nominees, theme was “Volunteers Warm the Heart,” ROKA Support Group, expressed South Post. For information, call 724-6779. is an active Girl Scouts volunteer. She and guest speaker Brenda McCall reflected his appreciation to the KATUSAs contributed about 250 hours as leader of that theme in her remarks. for their service. Army Aviation Winter Ball her Brownie Troop. Under her leadership, “Take a minute to think about those The Army Aviation Winter Ball is Feb. 9 “I am so proud of you all for her troop organized a three-month winter who have helped you in your life, and at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. Tickets completing your service brilliantly,” clothing drive for children in Afghanistan. that brings a smile to your face and warms are on sale for $45. The event, themed he said. “I wish that you become Her Scouts also worked with Korean your heart,” said McCall, chief of the “Keeping the Morning Calm for 55 Years,” great leaders in each field of active starts at 5:15 p.m., and planners invite all Girl Scouts to make more than 75 fleece Installation Management Command’s pillows to send to cancer hospitals in the society and hope that you strengthen aviation enthusiasts. Military dress is dress Family Support Division. “I challenge you United States and more than 200 fleece and maintain the ROK-U.S. alliance mess or dress blues with bow tie. Civilian to be that person: a volunteer who warms attire is coat-and-tie. For information, con- scarves to donate to a local orphanage and even more.” the heart of someone else when they think tact Capt. Tobin Brown at 741-6207. battered women’s shelter. about you. Sometimes one volunteer is all — See KATUSA, Page 12 — “Loge absolutely deserves the award,” that is needed to make a difference.”
  • JANUARY 18, 2008 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 11 PROFILE • MARIO FARRULLACareer MWR employee earns lifetime achievement award By Kenneth Fidler USAG-Yongsan Public AffairsAfter 32 years in the recreation business, Mario Farrulla knows a little something aboutproviding services to U.S. military communities overseas. Looking at his accomplishments,you’d think he doesn’t sleep much. He runs the Community Activities Center, advises theBetter Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldier program, and oversees theGarrison’s arts and crafts program and pet care center, all with one objective in mind: striveto provide the best recreation services to the community. Not an easy task consideringlocation, but one that earned him a Career Service Award from the Armed ForcesRecreation Society late last year. And he’s quick to pass the recognition to his employees.“I may come up with the ideas, but they are the ones who make it all happen.”Do you ever sleep? able to communicate back here. When weI’m always trying to think of ways to do finally got back, we were welcomed home bysomething different. My thing is I go everyone. I was amazed at how warmly weto places and look at things and look at were welcomed home. It was that day thathow we can bring it to Yongsan. I was on I realized how much they cared about me Kenneth Fidlervacation in Dallas to a shopping center and and my family, and ever since it had made performers, too, but they were top celebrity MARIO ENRIQUE FARRULLAsaw how they made beautiful sculptures out me want to work even harder. So that’s why groups coming on base to entertain our Position: Director, Community Activitiesof food cans. How can we bring that here? when you said if I ever sleep, the answer was community. It was outstanding. What I like Center since June 2004My mind is always looking for new ideas no, because I do it for them. here at Yongsan is not only do we go out to Career: 32 years in MWR service, 30 withand not following the same traditions. I Korean entertainers, they also come to us to the Army and two with the Air Force. Beganlove tradition, but let’s make it something The BOSS program seems pretty active. play for the Soldiers. Our biggest sports event career in 1975 as a recreation specialist indifferent for the troops. For me, BOSS is my life. Since I began is the Superbowl; this year it’s Feb. 4 at the Puerto Rico. Worked 12 years in Germany working for the Army overseas, I always Main Post Club and K-16 Landing Zone as a sports specialist and youth servicesWhat recent event comes to mind? try to work with single Soldiers away from Club. You’ll see people on line at 2 a.m., programs manager. CAC director at CampMost recently was the dog show in August. home. I learned about the BOSS program having tailgate parties and barbecuing. We Humphreys from 2000-2002 and Osan AirCommunity dog shows were a trend back in 1995 when I was in Dexheim, Germany. give away prizes – plane tickets to the States, Base from 2002-2004. Named 2006 Out-in the States. I didn’t expect the show to be The BOSS program is the life of the base for big-screen TVs. And this year, the St. Louis standing BOSS MWR Advisor of the big as it was, and we had 80 something the troops. And simple things go a long way. Rams cheerleaders are coming. Programs earned honors in 2006 as thedogs and hundreds of people attend. We had One Friday night we had bowling, and 20- best in the Pacific. Arts and Crafts Centercontests, too, like “best look alike” dog and 30 people showed up. They really had a ball. Looking over 32 years, what are some of named in 2006 as best in the Army.“best dressed” dog. The next step now is to see They enjoyed that. We also take them to the your thoughts?if we can look for a place in the community Seoul Auto Show every other year. We send Yongsan has been my dream job, because game. When I worked in youth services, oneto have a dog park. the Soldiers down so they can have some fun I have been able to expand my interests, of the biggest programs we had was the most and see the new trends. my work and develop things that have simple and cost effective: we took the kids toWhy do you put so much energy into the always been on my mind, and we have great a lake to skip rocks. The kids spent the wholeprogram? What are some of the big events here? leadership. I wouldn’t change it. Getting new afternoon doing that, just like we did whenI was in the tsunami in Phuket (Thailand) The Fall Festival is every year. Last year we ideas is exciting. I try listen to the community we were kids. They loved it. Here, the staff ison Dec. 26, 2004. We were out in a boat had our biggest turnout ever, with about and take notes. We try to mix it up a bit: the best. I may come up with the ideas, buton the other side of the island. We saw 5,000 people. We had a parade with floats, softball in winter and basketball in summer or they are the ones who make it all happen. Ithe tsunami, the devastation. We were not bands and performers. We had Korean halftime entertainment events at a basketball just can’t thank them enough. “Around Yongsan” is a place to publish your photos of commu- ganization; describe the action; name and date of event; name of AROUND YONGSAN nity events. Send high-quality digital photos to yongsan@korea. photographer; and a contact name and phone number. Photos will Include the following information with each photo: iden- be published based on quality and space availability and may be TAKE YOUR PIC tify people in the photo with first name, last name, rank, and or- posted to the Garrison web site at HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPS: Seoul American High School basketball players show off their championship plaque after beating 8th U.S. Army 42-24 Dec. 30 at Collier Field House to win the Yongsan Holiday Intra- mural Basketball Tournament. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kim Sang-wook) RED CROSS HOLIDAY HELPERS: Melinda Kim gets her hair styled by children at the Hae Sim Orphanage in Seoul near the Garrison. Kim was one of a dozen American Red Cross youth volunteers who visited the orphanage Dec. 28 to deliver cookies, candies and small gifts. To volunteer with the ARC, call Vicky Porter 738-3670. (American Red Cross courtesy photo)
  • USAG-Y • PAGE 12 AREA II THE MORNING CALM PAID ADVERTISINGHappy New Year!I wish everyone in the U.S. Army the Army Family Covenant, which is our Garrison-Yongsan community a firm commitment to create, sustain and Happy New Year! Our community improve quality of life programs for ouraccomplished some amazing things in 2007, Soldier Families.and 2008 is shaping up the same. This is an appropriate time to reflect on In 2007, thanks to your hard work and our past year’s accomplishments as well asdedication, we clinched a finalist spot as an look ahead with renewed optimism. WeArmy Communities of Excellence. Of all the know we’ll face another challenging year. Iinstallations across the entire Army, we are know you have what it takes to accomplishin the top four. Congratulations! whatever unknown challenges and missions You opened your hearts, too, through may lie ahead.your donations in 2007. I was pleased to see We’ve already started off on a goodour community donate more than $100,000 foot. Our child development center was re-through chapel offerings to support our own accredited through the National Associationjunior Servicemembers and their Families for the Education of Young Children,through the holidays, those of Korean exceeding new, tougher standards forfamilies in Seoul, and to help with oil spill child development and scoring some ofcleanup efforts. You continued to pour the highest marks in the Army. For you,out your support through the Combined this means you can rest assured that yourFederal Campaign, donating $370,212.01 children are in very, very good worthwhile charities. That’s more than I share a deep pride and admiration oflast year, and some of your donations will your tremendous accomplishments, andcome right back into our community’s youth Beth Anne and I are glad for the opportunityprograms. to be a part of it with you. As always, I’m Finally, just before Christmas, we signed very proud to serve with this team. Accreditation Continued from Page 9a model for other CDCs in the Army,” she “Changing the way we assess the children,said. learning how to assess the children in a better, This was her first inspection. “Once we more fine-tuned way, helps us, and I thinkbegan to having training programs and some that parents are happy as well.”information about how NAEYC would Meyer Ragin, who’s worked at the CDCimprove how we did things here, I became for 13 years, agreed. He’s the lead teacher forvery enthusiastic about it. I saw it as a learning one of the preschool classes and looks afteropportunity,” added Creed, who’s worked the 3- to the CDC for three years. “Through the “I always felt confident in our ability and inaccreditation process and training I received, what we do to maintain the goal that NAEYCI feel now a lot more professional and really sets forth,” Meyer said. “The amount of workunderstand how to pull it all together.” and effort that we put into preparing … we Creed said one benefit of the accreditation felt really proud about what we were doing, PAID ADVERTISINGwas improving curriculum “It helps us to we felt really good about what we were doing,write a curriculum that assesses the needs of and we were confident in what we were doing.each child and provides each child almost We really didn’t have any question about whatwith an individual program,” she explained. the outcome would be.” KATUSA Continued from Page 10 Sgt. Cho, Suk-choon, a 1st Signal day when I entered the Army,” Cho said.Brigade Soldier, expressed the importance “Basic training and confronting differentof friendship between comrades and the circumstances in a foreign communityalliance. gave us a hard time, but I could stand “Today is my last day of military with you. I will never forget the timeservice, but I want to talk about the first with you guys.” u h�p:// S yo e NEW n us for more stories and photos on community events and activities ca
  • JANUARY 18, 2008 NEWS IMCOM-K • PAGE 13 bankruptcy a realistic option for Servicemembers?by Capt. Hans Zeller as an aside, you may have rights under the bankruptcy? The property that you can regular to enable you to make the necessaryEighth Army Client Legal Services Servicemembers Civil Relief Act that can keep is called “exempt property.” Exempt payments. Once you file your plan, there help prevent evictions). Bankruptcy further property includes: a motor vehicle up to a will be a meeting of your creditors to Bankruptcy laws provide protection to cannot discharge child support, alimony, certain value, reasonably necessary clothing, determine if the plan is acceptable to them.individuals who find themselves unable some student loans, court restitution orders, reasonably necessary household goods and Any creditor who disagrees with your planto pay debts owed to their creditors. The criminal fines, debts you did not list or furniture, household appliances, jewelry has the right to submit its own repaymentidea of filing for bankruptcy can be a scary schedule with the court, debts from willful up to a certain value, pensions, a portion plan.prospect because of all its implications, both and malicious injury to another, some taxes, of equity in your home, trade tools up to a Chapter 13 provides some advantagessocial and economic. However, for some, it and debts incurred through false pretenses certain value, a portion of unpaid but earned over a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For example,may be the only way to escape debt that is or fraud. Finally, depending on which kind wages, public benefits, and damage awards. it provides temporary protection for co-beyond their means to manage, and the only of bankruptcy you file for, protection does While these exemptions allow you to keep debtors. You, rather than the bankruptcyway to find a fresh financial start. not always extend to the co-signer on a debt. property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they trustee, retain possession and control Bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate the Therefore, even if you have discharged a do not terminate the rights of a mortgage over most, or all non-exempt obligation to pay most or all of your debt, the creditor may still hold the co- holder, car loan creditor, or other lien holder Further, some debts not discharged underdebts. Whether your debt is reduced or signer responsible for the entire amount of who has the right to take the property to Chapter 7 are partly discharged undereliminated depends upon which kind of the debt. cover the debt that is past due. Chapter 13. Finally, the negative effects onbankruptcy filing you are eligible to use. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the The property you must give up to the future credit are less severe. However, theFor example, you may wish to eliminate Bankruptcy Code provide the two primary bankruptcy trustee is called “nonexempt major disadvantages are that Chapter 13your debt through what is known as a kinds of filings through which individuals property.” Nonexempt property includes: bankruptcies are lengthier, more expensive,Chapter 7 filing, but may be earning too may seek bankruptcy protection and a expensive musical instruments, collections and require sufficient current income tomuch income to do so. In that case, your discharge of debts. of stamps, coins or other valuable items, make partial payment of at least somedebt may only be reduced and subject to By filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (the family heirlooms, cash, bank accounts, debts.a repayment plan under what is known as most commonly filed bankruptcy) you are stocks, bonds, and other investments, a The most important point to remembera Chapter 13 filing. Regardless of what asking the court to eliminate your debts in second car or truck, and a second home or about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that itkind of bankruptcy law you do use, in exchange for giving up property you own. vacation home. will allow you to keep valuable propertyall cases, filing for bankruptcy triggers an You are required to disclose to the court all Commonly known as a “wage earner (especially a home or car) which you mightinstrument of power- the automatic stay of your property and debts. The court will plan” or “debt adjustment,” Chapter 13 otherwise lose in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Itof the Bankruptcy Code. The automatic next determine what property you must give is designed for individuals with regular will depend upon whether you can make thestay takes effect immediately when you up and what you may keep. The property income who desire to pay their debts but payments that the bankruptcy court requiresfile a petition for bankruptcy and it stops you give up goes to a bankruptcy trustee. are unable to do so. The purpose of Chapter you to pay to creditors. In most cases, theseall collection efforts, harassment, and A bankruptcy trustee is a court-appointed 13 is to enable you to propose and carry payments will be at least as much as yourforeclosure actions. individual who will represent the interests of out a repayment plan under which you regular monthly payments on your mortgage Bankruptcy does not automatically unsecured creditors. The trustee will convert pay creditors over an extended period with or car loan, with some extra payments to geteliminate mortgages or “secured” debts. A the property to cash for distribution to the court supervision and protection. The court caught up on any past due amounts. Forsecured debt arises when a creditor has taken creditors. You then receive a discharge of all will allow you to repay creditors, in full or information about bankruptcy contact thea security interest in the property for which dischargeable debts. in part, in installments over a three-year to Yongsan Legal Assistance Office at DSNthey extend the loan or credit. Bankruptcy So what property can you keep and five-year period, during which you must 738-8111 to make an appointment to talkalso cannot stop eviction actions (however, what must you give up under Chapter 7 have income that is sufficiently stable and with an attorney.
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 14 NEWS THE MORNING CALMKnow the options: Article 139 claimsWhat to do when a Servicemember damages your propertyby Capt. Luke S. Rose their loss. If the claim is substantiated, file their Article 139 claim within 90 days final decision on the claim and notificationMilitary Claims Division the wrongdoer’s pay may be garnished by of the incident that gave rise to the claim. is provided to the parties involved. Both Finance in order to pay the injured party The claim should be submitted in writing, the claimant and the service member have Have you suffered property damage for their damages. However, claims for though claims made verbally are adequate the right to request reconsideration. If theor loss due to the actions of a Service- intentional or reckless damage to property as long as they are put into writing within claim is approved it is forwarded to Financemember? If so, an Article 139 claim may are not cognizable under Article 139. ten calendar days. The claim is made for a and the pay of the service member is paidassist you in recovering your losses. Below Specifically, breach of contract claims are specific dollar amount and can be submitted directly to the claimant for the amount ofare a few important points to consider when not proper. to any Army officer. The claim is then the damages.determining whether an Article 139 claim Proper Parties to the Claim: Proper forwarded to the Special Court Martial For more information on Article 139is right for you. claimants include civilians, service members, Convening Authority of the service member claims, please visit Client Legal Services, Substance of a Claim: Article 139 of the business entities, state, local or territorial, accused of causing the damage. located on the second floor of the ArmyUniform Code of Military Justice allows governments, and non-profit organizations. If the claim appears cognizable to the Community Services building, across theindividuals who believe a service member These entities may file an Article 139 claim SPCMCA he or she appoints an Investigating street from the Dragon Hill Lodge, or callwrongfully took or willfully damaged their against any member of the Armed Forces. Officer to conduct an investigation and make 738-8111.real or personal property to recover for Procedure: The damaged party must a recommendation. The SPCMA makes a Be specific with your shipments When doing a household goods move, remember to specifically describe your expensive items on the inventory. For example: 5 Lladro figurines, 2 Waterford crystal glasses, 1 Stiver print. For more information, contact the Military Claims Division of Client Legal Services, Bldg. 4106, 738-8111. 738-8111 January 18-24 Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Casey Comebacks We Own the Night Beowulf Bucket List Enchanted Beowulf Enchanted 730-7354 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. Henry Water Horse Water Horse Water Horse Beowulf No Show No Show No Show 768-7724 (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Humphreys Bucket List Bucket List Bucket List Gone Baby Gone Gone Baby Gone Hitman Hitman 753-7716 (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. Hovey Enchanted Bucket List Why Did I Get Married Beowulf Bucket List Enchanted Beowulf 730-5412 (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Kunsan No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show 782-4987 Osan No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show 784-4930 Red Cloud Lions for Lambs Enchanted Enchanted Beowulf Enchanted No Show First Sunday 732-6620 (R) 9 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Stanley Rendition Beowulf Enchanted Beowulf No Show First Sunday Enchanted 732-5565 (R) 8 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. First Sunday First Sunday First Sunday Beowulf Beowulf Beowulf Beowulf Yongsan I (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Wonder Emporium Wonder Emporium Wonder Emporium Underdog Underdog Elizabeth: Golden Age Elizabeth: Golden Age Yongsan II (G) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. Yongsan III Shrek the Third Shrek the Third Enchanted Enchanted Enchanted Sydney White Sydney White 738-7389 (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
  • JANUARY 18, 2008 CHAPLAIN IMCOM-K • PAGE 15 Area IV Worship Services The power of 31 words The meaning behind the Pledge of Allegiance ������������������� Collective Sunday 1000 Camp Carroll Sunday 1030 Camp Walker Sunday 1030 Camp Henry by Maj. Chaplain Edward Martin one mind. We are the benefactors and beneficiaries Sunday 1245 Camp Walker Sunday 1300 Camp Carroll USAG-Daegu Chaplain of a powerful democracy, the strongest republic in � the civilized world. We are the most liberated, most ����������������� � � � 1700 Camp Walker You learned these words as a child-when you were prosperous, and most blessed people on the face of the Collective Friday 1900 Camp Walker too young and too naïve to understand their promise... earth. And we own it all to a sovereign God, to our Korean Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll their demands. American citizenship, and in part to these thirty-one Korean Wednesday 1830 Camp Walker You recited them morning after morning, year words. Let us pray: Gracious Lord, thank you for our Korean Thursday 1100 Camp Hialeah after year, never realizing the price that the proud nation and the gift of liberty. Thank you for those revolutionists paid to make them real and the price our gone before us who secured, through their sacrifice, �������������� brave contemporaries would pay to keep them real. the freedom we enjoy. Continue to bless our nation, Saturday 1700 Camp Walker Sunday 0900 Camp Walker But now that we’re grown, we realize that we are the our leaders and citizens. In your great name we pray Sunday 1130 Camp Carroll ones responsible - the ones upon whose shoulders rest Amen. the honor, the charge, the privilege of sustaining their �������������������� legacy for generations to come. Bible and Bagels Whether we were aware of it or not, these thirty-one Tuesday 0630 Protestant Women of the Chapel Camp Walker Chapel Annex words carved out a place in our hearts-in the shape of In the beginning... History of the pledge a true patriot: a lover of liberty, a defender of faith, a Tuesday 0930 Walker Chapel Sanctuary promoter of unity, a champion of peace, a protector of Korean Bible Study democracy, and a guardian of all things sacred to life. Tuesday 1030 Walker Chapel Annex I Catholic Women of the Chapel What thirty-one words? You know them. n Sept.1892, the children’s magazine Saturday 1000 Walker Fellowship Hall “I pledge allegiance Youth’s Companion published The Pledge Church of Christ Bible Study To the flag of Allegiance written by Christian author Wednesday 1900 Walker Fellowship Hall Of the United States of America and minister, Francis Bellamy. Ladies Prayer Meeting And to the Republic The piece was published for students to Monday 1400 Camp Carroll Chapel Sanc. For which it stands, repeat on Columbus Day that year. The pledge Contemporary Bible Study One Nation Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll Chapel Annex was reprinted on thousands of leaflets and sent Under God, out to public schools across the country. Indivisible, On Oct. 12, 1892, more than 12 million ���������������� �����������������������������, With liberty and justice children recited the Pledge of Allegiance in, DSN 768-5455 For all.” commemoration of the 400th anniversary of ��������������������������, Perhaps it’s time we commit to America, to her values, Columbus’ arrival, and beginning a national, DSN 765-8991 her traditions, her history, her heritage, her majesty, her school-day ritual. nobility, her compassion, her humility, and her holy awe. In all of our diversity, one people with one heart and
  • FEATUREIMCOM-K • PAGE 16 THE MORNING CALMCowboys Cheerleaders entertain at Casey The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders put on a show for the Warrior Country community Dec. 23. The Cheerleaders brought thier unique style of dance routines to the USAG Casey community over the holidays. The group has been a long-time supporter of the USO, performing for troops overseas. — U.S. Army Photos By Jim Cunningham
  • IMCOM-K • PAGE 18 MWR THE MORNING CALMComedy ROK’s with Morale Welfare and RecreationSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly Bruce Bruce, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Tucker. Credits include HBO Def Comedy Jam, HBO Bad Boys of MWR will begin the second showcase of “Comedy ROK’s with Comedy, and BET Comic View.MWR” on January 18th. Comedians Tyler, Mugga, and Drew A 12-year veteran and Brooklyn native, Mugga is a powerhouseFraser will tour alongside ventriloquist duo Will Brown and Woody. comedienne. Her topics hit on serious life issues, love, andShow will travel the peninsula from Jan 18-23 and is free of charge, relationships – which has everyone laughing because they cancourtesy of MWR. relate. Mugga has appeared regularly at The Comedy Store, Boston Willie Brown and Woody focus more on modern, savvy jokes for Comedy Club, Caroline’s, and the Comic Strip as well as on Defthe new generation. It’s not about watching his lips not move; it’s Comedy Jam, Chris Rock Show, and Comic View.about the jokes. Family, how to deal with the homeless, and current Drew Fraser’s is a popular comedian because of his ability toevents are some topics they cover. The comedian/ventriloquist team perform for any group regardless of race or age. He has hostedis nationally known and has appeared on BET Comic View, HBO “Amateur Night” at the Apollo Theater as well as “Warm Up” forDef Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jan, Phaturdays, The Jenny Jones Show, The Queen Latifah Show. Drew has been credited for appearing onand most recently a recurring role on the series Barbershop. Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam, BET Comic View. Comedy ROKs Tyler (Craig) is known for his “story jokes” ending with a “moral is brought to you by MWR. The quarterly series features top-notchof the story” one liner. Labeled a top-performer, he is well respected comedians in MWR club venues. All performances are open to IDin the industry for his originality and ability to make fans laugh at card holders & free of charge. Material is not suitable for those 17his facial expressions. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Tyler has or under. For more information, please contact your local MWRbecome a hometown favorite and given the nick name “Atlanta’s Entertainment Office or DSN 723-3749.Prince of comedy.” Tyler has opened for well-known comics such as Comedy ROK’s peninsula-wide performance schedule Sun, Jan. 20 Camp Walker, Hilltop Club 9 p.m. Fri, Jan. 18 Camp Humphreys, Tommy D’s 8 p.m. Tue, Jan. 22 Camp Red Cloud, Mitchell’s 7 p.m. Sat, Jan. 19 Yongsan Garrison, Main Post Club 8 p.m. Wed, Jan. 23 Camp Casey, Gateway club 7 p.m.Boss Winter Games to hit the slopes MWR Events BOSS Winter Games Register now to join the ski and snowboarding fun at the BOSS Winter Games Feb. 17-19 at Oak Valley Resort. The bargain price of $99 includes lodging, one night and one day lift tickets, rentals, and tickets to the awards banquet and dinner. Bus transportation will be arranged from each CAC at an additional cost. Full payment is required at the time of registration. Visit your local MWR CAC for more information and to register. 2008 Eighth Army Women’s Basketball Championships Come watch women from throughout the peninsula compete for title of best of the best in Korea. The event will take place Jan. 24-26 at the Camp Casey Carey Fitness Center. For more information, contact your local sports office or DSN 725-5064. 2008 Eighth Army Company and Senior’s Basketball Championships The annual basketball championships will take place Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 at the Camp Humphreys Gym. For more information on the championship, contact your local sports office or DSN 725-5064. Family Child Care Family Child Care is a child care choice for military family members, Department of Defense civilians, and Department of Defense contractors. The FCC program offers free training, monetary subsidies, a lending closet, and technical and morale support. FCC providers are trained in first aid, CPR, child abuse prevention, and business practices - to a name a few. Providers are required to complete an in-depth training program that teaches them about child development. Some colleges offer up to nine college credits for completion of the Army Foundation training. Minimum qualifications to apply for an FCC position: Reside in on-post quarters, be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED, some experience with children, pass a background screening and health physical, speak, read, and write English. If you are interested in becoming an FCC provider, contact your local CYS office.The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Winter Games is an popular annual event for Soldiers stationed in Korea.This year’s event will be Feb. 17-19 at Oak Valley Resort. For more information, see the MWR Events section on thispage or contact your Morale Welfare and Recreation office.
  • January 18, 2007 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 21 from United States Army Garrison Humphreys volunteered to help with the clean-up of Taean Beach after an oil spill left local residents in need. — U.S. Army Photo Sgt. Im Suk-chun.USAG Humphreys Soldiers volunteer in oil clean-up by Im Suk-chun The volunteers knew their actions were USAG-H Public Affairs Office for a good cause, and it would benefit the local Korean residents severely affected by TAEAN BEACH, Taean Peninsula the oil spill. — Ninety-three Soldiers from USAG “I watched what happened at Taean Humphreys recently volunteered to take Beach through news broadcast from the part the oil clean- up at Taean Peninsula. Korean media. I have always wanted to give Led by United States Army Garrison volunteer services to my military community Humphreys Command Sgt. Maj. Jason K. and to the country of Korea,” said Kim. Kim, the party left Humphreys and joined “I was able to coordinate with Eighth the already established Eighth United States Army leaders and to take 93 Soldiers from Army team which was set up as part of its USAG Humphreys to join their team,” Good Neighbor Program. Kim said. Soldiers arrived at the site and were “I was so glad to see so many Soldiers immediately issued protective gear and volunteer their valuable time to help those given a safety briefing. in need.” “This is a direct reflection of our Lt. Col. Thomas N. Whitaker, Eighth Army values we live by daily,” he said. U.S. Army G-9 assistant chief of staff, Because of their hard work, lunch explained that the area was not hazardous was prepared for the Soldiers by the local so long as the Soldiers exercise caution residents. when navigating through the slippery rocks Among the volunteers were 14 KATUSA covered by oil from the spill. Soldiers from Headquarters Headquarters U.S. and Korean Augementation to Company, USAG-H. the United States Army Soldiers found They were excited and motivated about (above) Capt. Natalie M. Mills, out early on it was no easy task using the the service just as other Korean Nationals Headquarters and Headquarters clean-up gear provided them to wipe oil were at the site. Company, USAG Humphreys from rocks. “I am excited to come out here with my commander, lends a hand in the Some of the oil was sunk deep inside the other battle buddies.” said Sgt. Lee, Joon oil clean-up at Taean Beach. sand and most of the rocks were covered Ho, from HHC, USAG-Humphreys. (left) Spc. Quinn Cox, Com- with charcoal which was used to absorb “I wanted to come out and volunteer my pany A , 3rd Military Intelligence the crude oil. help to the oil cleanup,” Lee said. Battalion, holds up a crab that Both of the products were completely “It took us a while to get used to the oil was cover by oil during the spill. black and consequently, some had a difficult smell. When we were, we developed more — U.S. Army Photos by Sgt. Im time discerning charcoal from oil. However, efficient techniques to clean up more oil.” Suk-chun. after minutes of practice the issue was “If possible, I would like to volunteer again overcome. in the future,” said Lee. USAG Humphreys Tax Center The USAG Humphreys tax center will employees and retirees should make sure to (e.g. a blank check), and a Power of Energy Credits Form 5695, Child open Tuesday. bring all relevant documents to process taxes Attorney if married and filing jointly but and Dependent Care Expenses Form The tax center is a full service tax center The W-2s for the Army should be available geographically separated. The Power of 2441 (Sch 2 on 1040a), Mortgage that is able to e-file both federal and state electronically on MyPay Jan. 22 Attorney needs to give specific authorization Interest Credit Form 8396, or District income taxes (where available) free of Soldiers need: all their W-2’s (just one if for filing taxes. A General Power of Attorney of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer charge for all Soldiers, Family Members they worked one only job i.e. Army), any from a JAG office contains this information. Credit Form 8859. Civilian employees and retirees. 1099’s, 1098’s, or any other tax document, One can also get a special power of attorney To call and make an appointment dial The center is located at building S-751. their SSN Cards and the SSN cards of their or use the IRS power of attorney form. 753-5680. For additional information Operating hours are Mon. - Wed. and Fri. dependents, last years tax return, any divorce Note that the IRS cannot accept e-filed contact the Capt. Jason Moy 753-3170 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays from 1 or separation agreement paperwork, child returns until after Feb. 11 if they contain: or at to 5 p.m. care provider’s identification number (if Education Credits (Hope and Lifetime Information provided by USAG Soldiers, Family Members, Civilian applicable), routing and account numbers Learning Credits) Form 8863, Residential Humphreys Legal Office.
  • USAG-H • PAGE AREA III THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Happy Clown Ministry gets laughs at Humphreys Army Nurse Corps seeks Soldiers looking for change Are you interested in becoming a health care provider? Do you know of any Sol- diers who are interested in continuing their education? Do you want a free education while receiving full pay and benefits? Now New program brings smiles to children, adults there is a program in place for you or one of your Soldiers to take advantage of. The In- by Stacy A. Ouellette terservice Physician Assisant Program, the USAG-H Public Affairs Office AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program, the Funded Nurse Education Program and USAG HUMPRHREYS —There’s now other AMEDD training opportunities are a place here where you’ll never hear the open to officers, warrant offices and enlist- phrase “stop clowning around”. ed Soldiers. Briefings will be conducted at Happy Clown Ministry is a new program different times throughout December. For that uses creativity to spark laughter and joy more information contact 1st Lt. Warrentina in children and adults alike. Berry at 011-9972-9268. “Happy Clown Ministry is designed as Virtues Volunteers Needed an outreach tool to reach out to orphans, at USO Korea seniors, and hospitals in the local community The Virtues English Program allows ac- while drawing people into a fellowship,” said tive-duty Servicemembers to volunteer two Spc. Gary MacDonald, 602nd Aviation Saturdays per month (second and fourth- Support Battalion. Saturday). Being a volunteer for the Virtues MacDonald has spearheaded the effort English classes will help to satisfy your for this program. As a balloon artist and face Spc. Gary MacDonald paints a flower on the hand of Mi Yom Lee. (below) Sgt. Tiffani Hirst and Good Neighbor Program requirement. For painter extraordinaire, MacDonald uses his Pfc. Marlinda Peshlakai take lessons on making balloon animals as part of the Happy Clown more information, call Mi-Hwa and Minna Ministry program offered at USAG Humphreys — U.S. Army Photo by Stacy A. Ouellette. free time to teach participants how to tap at 724-7781. into their creative sides by learning how to Clown Ministry, a Christian organization is getting the word out and people to give USAG Humphreys Health Clinic make balloon animals, paint faces and basic designed to spread their message through it a try. Some don’t take it seriously as they Announcement clowning skills. clowns, balloons and fun. do other activities. I hope this will change The USAG Humphrey’s Health Clinic will For MacDonald, his interest began 10 “We participated in events for the city, with time and people will give it a chance,” have minimal staff available for the month years ago while he was residing in San the Young Men’s Christian Association, MacDonald said. One challenge is getting of January. Diego, Ca. local parades, hospitals and even the people to look past the initial image of He was introduced to the Horizon United Services Organizations. It was great clowns and into their hearts. The talents USAG-H New CDC Opens to put on a show gained from participating in this group The USAG Humphreys Child Develpement and also touch the are used to spread the message of giving to Center will offically open Jan 23 with a rib- bon cutting ceremony starting at 11 a.m. lives of kids,” said others through laughter and smiles. Mi Yom MacDonald. Lee, an Anjeong-ri native, is learning how to Humphreys Child Developement Center Upon arriving in face paint. After three lessons, she is able to Child and Youth Services, Child Develop- Korea, MacDonald perform basic steps while working towards ment Center is currently looking for Pro- thought it was the full face paintings. gram Assistants to fill full-time, part-time, perfect place to Each week, Lee meets with MacDonald and flex’s positions, which are willing to share his talents for an hour. support the CYS program hours, 5:15 a.m. since many units “I hoped they can share in God’s grace - 6 p.m. Salary ranges from $10 - $13.12 participate in good and glory by being a balloon artist. It’s per hour based on education level (Child Development Associates, completion of the neighbor projects more about reaching out to the community. Army Youth Practicum, possession of AA and are already Perfection isn’t required to make a difference degree or higher with major emphasis on reaching out to the in the life of children,” MacDonald said. Early Childhood Education. Visit the web- local community. The Happy Face Clown Ministry meets site at for the job. “The major Wednesday evenings at Freedom Chapel challenge right now from 7-8 p.m. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders The cheerleading team brings the sideline MWR gets creative with new activity book excitement front and center for a show that really kicks. This precision cheer squad will perform their choreographed dance moves, kicks, turns and leaps Jan. 31, starting at 7 p.m. at the Humphreys Community Activ- by Stacy A. Ouellette means. This book is a creative way to should customize their own. Seeing the kids ity Center. USAG-H Public Affairs Office promote and education our programs to color in the book makes it well worth the our up and coming patrons,” said Candance effort,” said Godfrey. Arizona Cardinal Cheerleaders USAG HUMPRHREYS —The Morale, Godfrey, Humphreys MWR Marketing This cheerleading team brings some desert Welfare, and Recreation marketing office Assistant. heat to the stage for a night of high-spirited here has developed a new tool to promote Captured in the book are the Strike Zone fun. Their routines range from Elvis to Hip their facilities to the community – a bowling center, Splish and Splash waterpark Hop, plus singing and lots of audience par- ticipation. The cheerleaders will be visiting children’s coloring and activities book. and special events such as Eggstravaganza, Suwon and Camp Eagle Feb. 1. Times to “The MWR activity book showcases our an annual Easter celebration. be announced. facilities and different activities offered here. Godfrey led the production and design We’re trying to reach the parents through of this book and wanted to highlight Youth Piano Player Needed the kids to show them how we’re here to programs that were designed for children The Missoula Children’s Theater will be take care of Soldiers, their families and to participate in. coming to USAG-Humphreys in late Febru- their kids,” said Michael Mooney, MWR “We produce a lot of promotional ary. MWR is seeking a youth piano player marketing director. material through out the month, but for this musical. This will be a paid position. With 20 full pages of coloring and nothing for the much younger children. Please call 753-8601 for more information. puzzle solving activities, this book is a The coloring book helps us educate these Please Send Us Stories and Photos unique way of advertising the many facilities children about our facilities and programs,” To submit info for publishing in The Morn- offered for all members of the Humphreys said Godfrey. ing Calm Weekly, USAG Humphreys com- community. This is the first time Godfrey has seen a mon pages, call 754-6132, 8847 or 8598. “The purpose is to focus more on the book such as this during her marketing career Or e-mail younger children which are difficult to spanning three different installations. market to by our normal promotional “It’s a great concept; more installations
  • January 18, 2007 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 23 simultaneously conducting command and Closing out 2007, 2nd CAB once again control of all U.S. Army Aviation forces in conducted a complex aerial and convoy live Korea during the annual Joint Chiefs of fire exercise. Staff directed RSOI and Ulchi Focus Lens These exercise included a downed aircraft exercises. recovery with AH-64Ds conducting live During the summer the brigade replaced close combat attacks in support of the its legacy communications system and pinned down convoys as an added training fielded the Joint Network Node network, step of the convoy live fire exercise program. a mobile system that uses an array of Following gunnery, the brigade conducted networking components. the final external evaluation of 4-2 Attack The JNN uses satellites and up-to- as they conducted operations in the live, date commercial internet technology virtual and constructive training profiles to increase bandwidth throughout the while operating in support of 1st Heavy brigade and allows brigade units to operate Brigade Combat Team and closing on autonomously throughout the Peninsula. OPFOR replicated by elements of the 1st The JNN will also provide voice-over ROK Division. internet protocol which is more efficient use This was an extremely successful year of bandwidth than the old circuit switched for the Warrior Talon Brigade. Korea is a voice system used by the old system. unique environment, with an extremely As fall approached Soldiers from the 2nd high turn over rate of both senior leaders CAB traveled to Camp Casey to participate and junior Soldiers. New Soldiers take up in a series of division level command post where the past Warrior Talon Soldiers left exercises enabled by BCTP, called Warpath. off and continue to build on the success of Warpath is unique in that it is one of the the predecessors. few exercises where the Army still focuses on The Soldiers of this Brigade stand ready the high end spectrum of conflict which 2nd to ‘fight tonight’ in defense of the Republic CAB may face if war breaks out in Korea. of Korea. During Warpath units of 2nd CAB also Soldiers here understand their mission provided air support to the Secretary of and they are proud of what they do. So as Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs the brigade looks to 2008, we can expect of Staff and the PACOM commander nothing short of another incredible year for during the biannual secretary and military the Soldiers and Family members of the 2nd cooperative meetings. Combat Aviation Brigade. The aircrews moved these distinguished visitors and their staffs throughout the Editor’s Note: This is an edited version2nd CAB looks Korean peninsula during a busy and exciting of the original story submitted by 2nd CAB week. Public Affairs Office.back at 2007by Capt. Brad DeLoach many new and improved tactics, techniques2nd CAB Public Affairs and procedures in relation to the integration of running and diving fire while conducting USAG HUMPHREYS — The Second simultaneous engagements for the aviatorsCombat Aviation Brigade has just completed of the attack battalions. This was followedanother successful year “Keeping the on by the brigade’s door gunnery week forMorning Calm” as Army Aviation has for the all CH-47 and UH-60 crew chiefs andpast 57 years in the Republic of Korea. As is culminated with the complex convoy livetypical in Korea, 2007 was an extremely busy fire operation which introduces all of theyear for the brigade. After full completion components of the Warrior 40/11 tasksof transformation, the brigade continues to while subjecting convoy leaders to realisticfacilitate keeping peace and stability on the scenarios which culminated with a fullypeninsula as a key component of the ROK- integrated live fire which include all of theU.S. alliance. weapons systems of 2nd CAB. Warrior Talon Soldiers performed Transitioning to spring, the brigademissions across a spectrum; from over water participated in several-combined brigade-counter-special operations forces training level Interdiction Attack operations inmissions, to operations in support of support of the 2nd and 7th ROK CorpsOperation Enduring Freedom -Philippines, during the annual Foal Eagle Exercise. Byto combined air assault and attack helicopter positioning liaison officers and KATUSA (top left) Soldiers from all over 2ndoperations and numerous distinguished Soldiers within the ROK Corps and Division Infantry Division came togethervisitor movements which included multiple Command posts, the brigade’s battalions at USAG -H to learn how to prop-trips to the De-Militarized Zone. “Warrior were able to operate within the complex erly inspect and attach sling loadsTalon” Soldiers quietly continue to get the terrain and overcome the language barrier to to aircrafts. Instructors from Fortjob done in this key region of the world. The ensure successful training and introducing Lee, Va., came to Korea to teachbrigade is spread over a battlespace which the ROK forces to the planning processes the Sling Load Inspector Certifica-includes the 2-2 Assault “Wild Cards” at K- and capabilities of U.S. Army Aviation in tion course. (above) Chief Warrant16 in Seoul, to the 1-2 Attack “Gunfighters” Korea. While executing Foal Eagle and Officer Paul Santos embraces hisat Camp Eagle in Wonju, to the 4-2 the annual Reception, Staging, Onward daughter after his last flight as aAttack “Death Dealers,” the 3-2 GSAB Movement and Integration Exercise, 2nd U.S. Army Blackhawk pilot last“Nightmare” and 602 ASB “Warhorse” at CAB operated with the Combined Aviation October. (left) Crewchiefs fix me-Camp Humphreys. Force Headquarters, at their command post chanical problems on Apache’s at As the year began, 2nd CAB Soldiers in Icheon, Korea. Formerly a mission of TA Tom during an aerial gunneryfound themselves at the Rodriguez Live Fire 17th Aviation Brigade, 2nd CAB continues exercise. These soldiers play vitalComplex where the brigade executed its to provide C4I systems, planning teams roles during wartime. — U.S. Armystandard gunnery density which included and professional development classes, while Photos by 2nd CAB PAO.
  • JANUARY 18, 2008 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 25 Daegu volunteers clean Taean oil spill “I appreciate the U.S. Soldiers’ helping us,” said Lee. “I think that it’s very meaningful for them to volunteer as foreigners. They did it without any complaints, only with pleasure.” Capt. Matthe w J. Kiger, 501st Sustainment Brigade also participated in the cleanup effort. “Koreans do so much for us to make us feel welcome here,” said Kiger, “so it’s really common sense to help them when they are in trouble. It’s a good chance to show them that we are here for them, without [expecting] any reward. I feel really good about it.” By the end of the day, the Daegu volunteers had collected many bags of spilled oil from the rocks of Taean beach, and strengthened the bonds of cooperation, trust and friendship with their Korean(Left) Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Berry, USAG Daegu Transportation Motor Pool and Sgt. Kareen hosts. With such exemplary efforts, the area A Korean community volunteer and a U.S.T. Richardson, USAG Daegu Command Group clean rocks affected by the Taean oil spill. U.S. affected by the oil spill and the ROK/U.S. volunteer from USAG Daegu tear a cloth toArmy Photos By Cpl. Na Kyung-chul alliance can only continue to get stronger, use it for removing oil from the rocks. Koreansby Cpl. Na Kyung-chul December to assist with the cleanup shortly and USAG Daegu is honored and proud to and Americans saw beyond their nationalitiesUSAG Daegu Public Affairs after the spill occurred. do their part in furthering both. to become one team. Rain, bitter cold and sleet couldn’t CAMP HENRY – More than 30 United dampen the volunteers’ spirits as they pitchedStates Army Garrison Daegu Soldiers, in side-by-side with local volunteers to cleanKATUSA, Department of the Army oil from the rocks on more than 100 metersCivilians and Family Members traveled of ocean front. Many of the volunteersto Taean Beach, South Korea, Jan. 11, the were young, single U.S. and KATUSAsite of the worst oil spill disaster in the Soldiers who were happy to be able to makecountry’s history, to show the garrison’s a contribution to the environment theyfirm commitment to the long-term health share with their neighbors. USAG Daegu’sof South Korea’s environment by assisting Better Opportunities for Single Soldiersin cleanup efforts. organization coordinated the all-volunteer Since the Dec. 7 spill, tens of thousands effort; BOSS is a U.S. Army program forof volunteers, including many USFK single Soldiers which provides them withpersonnel, have worked tirelessly to restore opportunities for recreation, leisure andthe beaches affected by the disaster to their community service. USAG Daegu’s Publicoriginal condition. Jan. 11, the group from Works Environmental Division providedDaegu traveled five hours to Taean Beach protective suits for the group, and ensuredto make a positive difference and reverse the safe conduct of the event.the tide of ecological devastation caused “I feel great to do something positive forby what has been called “a sea of oil.” This the Korean community,” said Sgt. Kareen the second time since the incident that Richardson, USAG Daegu, one of the 36volunteers from USAG Daegu have assisted volunteers who participated.with cleanup efforts; 10 Soldiers from Lee Haeng-ja, from Kyunggi province, Volunteers from USAG Daegu help Korean community volunteers climb the rocks. Volunteersthe 1-44 Air Defense Artillery Battalion cooperated with USAG Daegu Soldiers as had to climb the rocks to get out of the cleaning area because the way that volunteers hadat Camp Carroll traveled to the area in a volunteer. passed was blocked by the rising tide.Does Your Home Have a winter survival kit?Compiled by USAG Daegu Public Affairs and the elderly are particularly at risk, but perfect kit. Each kit should be made to fit detailed list of items. anyone can be affected. To keep yourself your own family. Although periods of extreme cold CAMP HENRY – When winter and your family safe, you should know how These kits should be able to maintain cannot always be predicted far in advance,temperatures drop significantly below to prevent cold-related health problems your family/home for seven days, so weather forecasts can sometimes providenormal, staying warm and safe can become and what to do if a cold-weather health ensure that you buy enough supplies. Food you with several days’ notice. Listen toa challenge. Extremely cold temperatures emergency arises. that needs no cooking or refrigeration, weather forecasts regularly, and check youroften accompany a winter storm, so you Whenever temperatures drop decidedly such as bread, crackers, cereal, canned emergency supplies whenever a period ofmay have to cope with power failures below normal and as wind speed increases, foods and dried fruits should be the extreme cold is predicted. Your ability toand icy roads. Although staying indoors heat can leave your body more rapidly. main staple of food for this kit. If you feel a change in temperature decreases withas much as possible can help reduce the These weather-related conditions may lead have an infant, don’t forget baby food age, and older people are more susceptiblerisk of car crashes and falls on the ice, you to serious health problems. Extreme cold is a and formula. Your water supply should to health problems caused by cold. If youmay also face indoor hazards. Many homes dangerous situation that can bring on health be about 5 gallons per person and should are over 65 years old, place an easy-to-readwill be too cold—either due to a power emergencies in susceptible people, such as consist of bottled water or water stored in thermometer in an indoor location wherefailure or because the heating system isn’t those without shelter or who are stranded, or clean containers, in case the water pipes you will see it frequently, and check theadequate for the weather. When people who live in a home that is poorly insulated freeze and rupture. An adequate supply temperature of your home often during themust use space heaters and fireplaces to stay or without heat. of medicines should be available in the winter months.warm, the risk of household fires increases, Prepare for extremely cold weather every kit. Blankets, battery powered flashlights, It is important not to forget the safetyas well as the risk of carbon monoxide winter—it’s always a possibility. No home a non-electric can opener, and a first-aid aspect of heating your home. Ensure thatpoisoning. should be without a winter survival kit. kit with an instruction manual should Exposure to cold temperatures, whether Here are a just a few things that you should also be made readily available. These areindoors or outside, can cause other serious remember when creating your own winter just a few of the items suggested. Contact - See Winter Survival Kitor life-threatening health problems. Infants survival kit for your home. There is no one your local Red Cross representative for a page 27 -
  • USAG-D • PAGE AREA IV THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Girl Scout Cookie sales are still a success Newborn Basics Compiled by Park Hye-ji Butter Sandwich and Shortbread. More Girl Scouts we pride ourselves on building Hands-on Workshop USAG Daegu Public Affairs bold and bright boxes of Girl Scout cookies confidence, courage and character in every Army Community Service holds a Newborn capture the sprit of Girl Scouting. girl.” said Anderson. Basics Hands-on Workshop from 6 – 8 p.m., Jan. 23 at Camp Henry’s ACS. It will CAMP WALKER – With a variety The reason Girl Scout Cookie sales What made the cookie sales more special show you what to expect during the first six of tastes and colorful boxes, Girl Scout remain an important Girl Scout program was that 100percent of all donations other weeks with your newborn and how to handle Cookies were sold at the Camp Walker, PX is that the activity of selling cookies is than the sale of cookies will go towards it. Register in advance. For information, call (Main Exchange) Jan. 12-13 from 11 a.m. directly related to the Girl Scout purpose buying Girl Scout cookies and sending them Tiana Marratta at DSN 768-8090. to 7 p.m. in terms of helping all girls realize their full to the troops in Iraq. Even though the recipes and box designs potential and becoming strong, confident, If you missed the chance to taste the Girl Fee Free Bus have changed, cookie sale remain an and resourceful citizens. Girl Scouts can Scouts’ delicious cookies, there is good news Effective, Jan. 7, there is a “fee free” practice life skills like goal-setting, money for you. The Girl Scout will be selling their important part of today’s Girl Scout bus for US/Civilian personnel providing program. management and teamwork. The revenue delicious cookies from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., transportation to the 121st Combat Support Hospital in Yongsan. Passenger The history of Girl Scout Cookies from cookie sales helps the troops do their Jan.19 and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., Jan. 21 at the priorities will be US military or dependents dates back to the early 1910s. It began in activities as well. Camp Walker Main Exchange, and at Camp with a medical appointment, US Civilian or the kitchen and ovens of members, with Here in Area IV, there is a relatively small Carroll PX from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Jan.19. dependents with a medical appointment, mothers volunteering as technical advisors. Council with approximately 40 registered Don’t miss the last chance of this year. military or civilian on official business and In 1917, five years after Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scouts. The Council is divided into lastly, space available for non-official travel started Girl Scouting in the United States, three groups, Brownies (1st~3rd Grade), personnel. The medical bus schedule is cookies were sold as a way to finance troop Juniors (4th~6th Grade) and Studio 2B from Monday to Friday but will not operate (6th~12th Grade). In addition, there are a activities. on US holidays. For the bus schedule and In 1934, Greater Philadelphia became number of outstanding adult volunteers who more information, call Al Roach at 768- 8755. the first council to sell commercially are the backbone of the USA Girl Scouts baked cookies to raise funds for their Overseas Daegu. Burger King Photo Contest local Girl Scout council program. With At the cookie sales activity in Daegu, Camp Walker’s Burger King is holding a the enthusiasm of cookie selling activities, Girls Scout members learned a lot. “We photo contest. Bring a print of a photo you Girl Scout Cookies spread nationwide. In should ask people politely, ‘Would you have taken of USFK personnel working 1936, the national Girl Scout organization like some cookies?’ and we should always with our local Korean community. Camp began to license the first commercial baker say ‘thank you’ when we’re done,” said Walker Burger King will post the pictures DAS fourth grade student, Brianca to produce cookies for sale by Girl Scout and our customers will vote to determine councils. Jackson, one of the Junior Girl Scouts who presented the best photograph. Submit your photograph from Feb. 1 – 15’s Girl Scout Cookies came in three Troop 21, pointing out that she should to Walker Burger King. Voting will start from varieties in their taste in 1951; Sandwich, learn how to be polite to people. Feb. 15 – Mar. 10, prizes will be awarded Shortbread, and Chocolate Mints (now The adult leaders’ expectation of the girl Mar. 15. The first prize is a $249 iPod known as Thin Mints). During the 1960s, members through this event was big as well. Classic, the second prize is a $99 HCT Mini cookie sale volume increased significantly “It sharpens their business skills as they System and the third prize is a $50 AAFES with the wave of baby boomers expanding learn how to be outstanding salespersons. Gift Card. For information, call Kurt Brunen Girl Scout membership. This Girl Scout activity builds decision- at 764-5171. making skills as they have to prioritize In the 1970s, the designs of all Girl Scout Cookies boxes featured for the first time, their busy schedules to make time to sale Army Family Action Plan Conference scenes of Girl Scouts in action, including cookies and ensure school and other extra Army Family Action Plan Conference will hiking and canoeing. More creative cookie curricular activities are taken care of,” be held from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Jan. 25 at packaging promoted the benefits of Girl said Maj. LaTondra Anderson, 19th ESC Daegu American School fifth grades (Left) the Camp Walker Chapel. It is a chance to Scouting. Public Affairs Officer. This is one of many Bethann Slade and Joanna Bopp, pose hold- voice quality of life issues and be heard. Fill Today, Girl Scout cookies came in a wonderful opportunities for young ladies ing cookies to sell for the Girl Scouts’ fund out an issue form located with AFAP boxes maximum of eight varieties, including three to learn a myriad of skills and character- raiser Jan. 12 at the Camp Walker PX. throughout the USAG Daegu community, mandatory cookies; Thin Mint, Peanut building traits. “Most importantly, in the or email For information, call DSN 768-7232. President’s Day Basketball Tournament There will be a President’s Day basketball tournament from Feb. 15 – 17 at the Camp Walker Kelly Fitness Center. Registration is open until Feb. 11 and is open to the first eight teams to register. All participants receive a T-shirt. For information, call DSN 764-4800/4225. Daegu American School PTO Daegu American School Parents and Teachers Organization meeting will be held from 6 – 7 p.m., Jan. 24 at the DAS Multi-Purpose Room and cafeteria. Dan Crow will perform for the children, parents and community members after the short PTO meeting. DAS Drama students will sell desserts. For information, call Dr. Marguerite Green at DSN 768-9501. Commemoration Program There will be a commemoration program for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Jan. 18 at Camp Walker’s Evergreen Community Club. Anybody can participate and there will be free food sampling. Please come and join us. For information, call Master Sgt. John Gough at 768-8972. Girl Scout adult leaders and Junior Girl Scout Troop 21 members cooperate to sell their cookies for fund raising and to receive donation for Soldiers Jan 12. The most popular cookies were Caramel Delites and Thin Mints. U.S. Army Photos By Park Hye-ji
  • AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 27 Sustainability – the way to provide for the future, nowby Cpl. Na Kyung-chul can apply elsewhere in our community, like vehicle fleet management and electronicsUSAG Daegu Public Affairs upgrading buildings or grounds that need stewardship. to be repaired.” The United States Army Garrison CAMP HENRY – As the effects of The new Presidential Executive Order Daegu DPW Environment Division willenvironmental pollution become more related to sustainability requires that all hold a Sustainability and Environmentalintensified and the number of environmental United States federal agencies conduct Management System working groupresources is declining, the concept of their environmental, transportation and meeting from 2 – 4 p.m. Jan. 29, discussingsustainability is focused on the way society energy-related activities under the law in issues involved in the Executive Orderfunctions from day to day. support of their respective missions in an and setting/making achievable targets for Sustainability is the conservation of our environmentally, economically and fiscally sustainability.scarce resources so that they may be used sound, integrated, continuously improving, The sustainability framework recognizesand enjoyed by future generation rather than efficient and sustainable manner. What does that survival is not just about short-termconsumed by today’s society. The resources this mean in short? All federal agencies must profit, but long-term management of threeinclude environmental resources such as Chartier explained sustainability with an ensure that the resources used to accomplish capital accounts: financial, human andnatural resources like land, trees, water and example: gasoline. the mission must be used effectively and not natural. It is important not just for ourothers which all relate to business practices “Gasoline is a natural resource of wastefully. generation, but also future generations.and have a direct effect on our financial commodity,” said Chartier. “By saving our The order contains eight sustainability “The way to support our mission,resources as well. natural resource of fossil fuels and taking objective areas. The areas include sustainability, is by conserving our limited “Sustainability is not a new concept,” sustainability measures or consumption- environmental management systems, resources so that we can exert the right effortsaid Environmental Division Chief Robert type measures so that we consume less, we energy and water management, acquisition in the right processes for the communityChartier, USAG Daegu Directorate of are saving some of that fuel for our future and green products, pollution prevention instead of wasting those resources,” saidPublic Works. “It has really been placed at generations so they will have gas in the and management of toxic and hazardous Chartier. “It’s not just for the militarythe forefront within the last five or more future. At the same time, by conserving wastes, solid waste diversion and recycling, community, but also for our Daegu Cityyears across the United States.” gasoline, we are also saving dollars that we sustainable design/performance buildings, neighbors.” Winter Survival Kit from page 25there is proper ventilation if you are using cords should never be used to plug in your adults; and (2) unlike adults, infants can’t the baby.kerosene heaters. Use only the type of space heater. An ample supply of blankets is make enough body heat by shivering. Pillows and other soft bedding can alsofuel your heater is designed to use-don’t another staple that is an absolute must for Provide warm clothing for infants and try to present a risk of smothering; remove themsubstitute. It is not recommended to all winter kits, home, car, office, etc. maintain a warm indoor temperature. If the from the area near the baby. Older adultsplace a space heater within three feet of Monitoring your body’s temperature is temperature cannot be maintained, make often make less body heat because of a sloweranything that may catch fire, such as drapes, something that people should be mindful temporary arrangements to stay elsewhere. metabolism and less physical activity. Checkfurniture or bedding, and never cover your of. Infants less than one year old should In an emergency, you can keep an infant on elderly friends and neighbors frequentlyspace heater. Children should not be left never sleep in a cold room because (1) warm using your own body heat. If you must to ensure their homes are adequatelyunattended near space heaters. Extension infants lose body heat more easily than sleep, take precautions to prevent rolling on heated. PAID ADVERTISING
  • USAG-D • PAGE AREA IV THE MORNING CALMAwardees visit Camps Walker and Georgeby Cpl. Jung Seo-jin they actually go to school where the kids are English.” added Yoo. I’m not sure how often they will come to19th ESC Public Affairs to see the American side of our kids, and “This is just a beginning of many other Daegu but I’m sure it will continue.” said what the building actually looks like versus events, in December we went to Uljin, and Sgt. 1st Class Abrams. CAMP WALKER – Members of the us just telling them what the schools look next month in February we will go to Uljin.Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC), their like.” added Abrams.families and awardees from the Uljin Lohas Children were shown around and taughtEnglish Speech Contest held in December, about the American school system by thegathered at Camp Walker Jan.11. teachers of Daegu American School, and “The Area IV Sergeant Audie Murphy sons and daughters of the members fromClub is sponsoring the kids from the city the SAMC helped.of Uljin, normally we would go to Uljin “I think what children need is notand teach English, but this time they textbook information, it’s experience.actually came to Daegu to see how we live.” Experiencing culture is what they need.said Sgt. 1st Class Tara J. Abrams, Non- Children viewing how the AmericansCommissioned Officer in-charge, 501st live, knowing American food culture,Sustainment Brigade. and class room culture, will give them First, participants met each other more advantages.” said Yang Yoon-seung,at Evergreen Community Club with a Pyunghae elementary school teacher.luncheon and a show presented by four The group also went on the Daegu cityelementary school children, who told about trip. They had a tour of a Currency Museum,the Uljin city. The distinguished guests where the Bank of Korea was created. Theincluded not only the awarded children and museum had two rooms, one with Koreanmembers of the SAMC, but also Dennis currency, and the other room with foreignKang, honorary member of SAMC and currency.his wife, Col. Campbell D. Allison, Chief The guest ended the day with a visitof Staff, 19th Sustainment Command to Daegu children’s center and Daegu (Above) Awardees from Uljin Lohas English(Expeditionary), and Command Sgt. Maj. Gymnasium where they watch a Basketball Speech Contest visit Daegu American SchoolCharlie L. Dailey, command sergeant match, with the members of the SAMC. on Camp George Jan. 11. It was a greatmajor, 19th ESC. “For those people who live in the opportunity for them to meet Americans and After the luncheon, they took a tour of countryside like us, we do not have an experience new culture.Daegu American School, located at Camp opportunity to meet Americans, but with (Right) Awardees from the Uljin Lohas EnglishGeorge, to see how the American school this event, we could actually speak with Speech Contest play the piano at Daegukids are educated in school. They had an them, it was a great experience,” said Yoo American School on Camp George as a partopportunity to see the classrooms from So-jung, student from Onjung elementary of U.S. Army installation tour Jan. 11. U.S.kindergarten to high school, and to observe school. Army Photos By Cpl. Jung Seo-jinthe actual class. “After I got to talk with few Americans, “This trip gives me a great joy, because I got a little more confidence in speaking in PAID ADVERTISING
  • PAGE 30 LEARN KOREAN Ceremony Ceremony honors KATUSA KATUSA ser vice service