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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  061110 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 061110 Document Transcript

    • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Nov. 10, 2006Volume 5, Issue 5 The Morning Calm Weekly is Soldiers pitch in Gyeongbok Palace during Waegwan Cleanup preserves history Page 25 Page 9 nline Visit http:// Female weight limit increases, standards remain same By Michelle L. Gordon Army News Service WASHINGTON — Weight limits for female Soldiers have changed to incorporate current research regarding differences between male and female body types. The change allows most females to weigh 5 to 19 pounds more under Army Regulation 600-9, “The Army Weight Control Program,” which establishes guidance for body-fat standards within the Army. The previous version of the regulation was last updated 17 years ago. “Training NCOs were telling us they had been needlessly taping female Soldiers,” said Hank Minitrez, public affairs officer for the Army G-1 Human Resources Policy Directorate. “It seems women were failing the weight portion of the test, but they were well under the maximum body-fat percentage allowed for their age group. In fact, we found that more than F. NEIL NEELEY half of all female Soldiers who were taped did not Off and Running need to be.” A team of Army and civilian physicians and scientists Pfc. Tyler Stonebaker, Company D, 55th Aviation Regiment “Timberwolves,” zooms past a 595th Maintenance player and on to a goal during a preliminary championship match held at Camp Humphreys’ Soldier Park Nov. 2. The Timberwolves beat the was appointed to find a better way to measure body maintenance squad 34-0 and went on to take the 8th U.S. Army Flag Football championship. See Weight, Page 4Army activates IMCOM to improve Soldier supportSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly more efficient, effective and agile Soldiers facing life and death can Management Command as a direct ARLINGTON, Va. – The Army organization to ensure the best Army focus on the mission at hand.” reporting unit in August. This initiativeactivated the Installation Management in the world is supported by the best As IMCOM commander, Wilson is is part of Army efforts to reorganizeCommand Oct. 24 to consolidate and installations in the world,” Wilson said. dual-hatted as the Army’s assistant its commands and specifiedstrengthen installation support services In keynote remarks, Campbell drew chief of staff for installation headquarters to obtain the most agileto Soldiers and their families through a parallel between the IMCOM and the management, reporting directly to the command and control structures tothe full authority of command. In new Army advertising slogan, “Army Army chief of staff. Brig. Gen. John support the expeditionary, modularKorea, the change redesignated the Strong.” He defined “strong” as the A. Macdonald, former IMA director, force.Installation Management Agency - ability to stand up for oneself, while became IMCOM’s deputy The full authority of command isKorea Region to IMCOM-Korea. “Army Strong” is the ability to stand commander. vital to effectively direct the vast Lt. Gen. Robert Wilson assumed up for everyone else. Under IMCOM, CFSC is renamed resources necessary to support troopthe IMCOM command at a Pentagon “In my mind, the Installation the Family and Morale, Welfare and deployments while meeting the needsceremony hosted by Lt. Gen. James Management Command shows that it Recreation Command, and becomes a of families, Army officials said inCampbell, director of the Army Staff. is Army Strong each and every day,” subordinate command of IMCOM, announcing the decision to formThe new command places the former Campbell said, “with the strength to commanded by Brig. Gen. Belinda IMCOM. Consolidating the installationInstallation Management Agency, the make an installation a community; a Pinckney, with its own flag. management structure under IMCOMformer Community and Family set of quarters a home; and complete The AEC is now the Army optimizes resources, protects theSupport Center and the Former Army strangers, friends. Environmental Command – also a environment and enhances well-beingEnvironmental Center under a single “(IMCOM has the strength) to ease subordinate command, commanded of the Army community. IMCOM willcommand as a direct reporting unit. separation and connect the Soldier on- by Col. Michael O’Keefe, with its provide fast, efficient and agile “Today we take the next step in the point with a family at home; the own flag. support to commanders in theevolution of Army installation strength to genuinely care for the The Army announced the performance of their tactical andmanagement … in order to create a loved ones back home so that young establishment of the Installation strategic missions.
    • Nov. 10, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted Why are we ‘Army Strong?’from the military police blotters. These By Lt. Col. Wayne Shanks parachuting out of an airplane at 800 bullets and repair parts; it’s theentries may be incomplete and do not Army News Service feet when you’re scared to death of Soldiers who ship, manage, prepare,imply the guilt or innocence of any WASHINGTON — I have to heights. repair and move all the things thatperson. admit when I first heard ‘Army Army Strong is more than being keep the Army rolling along.Area 1 Strong’ I thought, “That’s it?” But as smart; it’s having the knowledge and Army Strong is more than just Assault Consummated by a Battery, I’ve thought about it, Army Strong is tenacity to develop a way to solve doing what’s right; it’s the ArmyAssault on Law Enforcement Official, much more than two words. It seemingly impossible problems. values embodied by Soldiers whoDrunk and Disorderly, Resisting represents the best of the Army; the Army Strong is more than combat carry out their duties every day.Apprehension, Underage Drinking — best of America; the best of each and operations that Army Strong is moreSubject 1 and Subject 2 were involved in a every Soldier. destroy an “ No one can stop this than a “Welcome Home”verbal altercation with Victim 1, which I think Army Strong works better if enemy; it’s the team — it’s Army Strong.” sign taped to a fence; it’sturned physical when Subject 1 struck you imply “I am,” “You are” or “We Soldiers and the “Daddy, daddy,Victim 1 in the face with a closed hand and are Army Strong.” But what does it leaders who plan daddy!” yelled across aSubject 2 kicked Victim 1 in the back. mean to be Army Strong? and execute it – it’s Boots on the tarmac late at night and a longSubject 1 became belligerent towards Army Strong is more than muscles; Ground. embrace at the end of a deployment.Military Police and pushed Victim 2 and it’s the Soldiers who can endure long Army Strong is more than the Army Strong is more than anVictim 3. Both Subject 1 and Subject 2 pungent smell of burnt gunpowder individual Soldier’s strength; it’s the patrols constantly alert for hiddenattempted to resist apprehension but were dangers, or run faster and further than after a firefight; it’s the Soldiers teamwork of a well-trained squadapprehended and transported to the Camp they ever thought they could. whose well aimed fire protected their executing actions on contact.Casey Provost Marshal Office, where they Army Strong is more than sheer buddies. In short, Army Strong is far morewere not administered a series of FieldSobriety Tests and a Portable Breathalyzer military might (tanks, helicopters, Army Strong is more than than two words; it’s the underlyingTest due to their refusal. Further artillery, missiles, etc…); it’s the intelligence systems, UAVs and GPS; moral fiber, the deep-seated emotionsinvestigation revealed that Subjects 1 and Soldiers who drive, fly or shoot all it’s the Soldiers who bring that and the total determination every2 were under the legal age to consume that hardware. information to the leaders who can Soldier carries.alcohol. Subjects 1 and 2 were further Army Strong is more than use it to stop an insurgent attack. No one can stop this team – it’sprocessed and released to their unit. At completing tough training; it’s Army Strong is more than beans, Army Strong.2:04 p.m. Oct. 28, Subject 2 returned to thePMO where he/she was advised of his/her Holidays let us honor veterans, remember familylegal rights, which he/she invoked. At 4:01p.m. Oct. 28, Subject 1 returned to the PMO B We will celebrate two weekends and many of our USFK team members will Ewhere he/she was advised of his/her legal special holidays in take advantage of the time off to travel and enjoy therights, which he/she invoked. Victim 1 did November-Veterans Day beautiful sites in the Republic of Korea. We do notnot complain of any injuries or seek L and Thanksgiving Day. want these long weekends to be marred by a tragicmedical attention. This is a final report. While all Americans are death. To avoid needless tragedy and ensure ourArea 3 familiar with the history personnel return to their duties safely, first-line leaders Postal Violations – Oct. 23, Subject 1committed the offense of destruction of L of Thanksgiving, Veterans Day is a holiday must obtain a verbal behavior contract with their subordinates by conducting Under the Oak TreeU.S. mail when he/she dumped three bins for us to honor all those Counseling. The procedures to be followed arecontaining first and fourth class mail in adumpster adjacent to the post office. who have served before contained in Command Policy Letter #2, “Under theSubject 1 was advised of his/her rightswhich he/she waived, rendering a written S us and those who are serving now, both here Oak Tree Counseling.” Leaders at all levels are responsible and accountable Gen. B.B. Bell Esworn statement where he/she stated he/ and around the world. for the behavior and safety of their subordinates. Areasshe was unaware of the first class mail U.S. Forces Korea commander Originally called to focus on during the upcoming holiday periodsbeing in the bins. Armistice Day to commemorate the ending of World include the following:Area 4 Undetermined Manner of Death — After N War I, in 1954 the name of the holiday was changed to Veterans Day to honor those who served in World Personal Accountability. This is a core responsibility of leaders at all levels. Help your subordinatesVictim 1 failed to show up to accountabilityformation the unit commander ordered D War II and the Korean War. Today, the holiday honors all veterans for their selfless service. incorporate risk management into their holiday activity plans by emphasizing personal responsibility, hazards SWitness 1 to look for Victim 1. Witness 1 Of course, Thanksgiving allows us to remember of alcohol abuse, indiscipline, and the requirement toentered Victim 1’s room and found Victim 1 our many blessings and bounties. For those employ the buddy system (Command Policy Letterlying face down on the floor and accompanied Servicemembers and civilian employees, #6, “Buddy System”).unresponsive. Witness 1 checked Victim 1 it is time to be with family and open our homes to All too often abuse of alcohol contributes directlyfor a pulse and for breathing with negative # those who are separated from their loved ones thisresults. Military Police responded and 05-07 year. Notably, both of these holidays include four-day See Bell, Page 4assumed the scene. Investigation continues. Published by IMCOM-Korea This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Command-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. Editor Sgt. 1st Class Mark Porter responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Sustain, Support and Defend
    • The Morning Calm Weekly News Nov. 10, 2006 3 Transportation Soldiers conduct NBC training with ROK 56th HRD Contracting Command Closed WednesdayU.S. Army Contracting CommandKorea (Yongsan) will be closed for itsOrganization Day Wednesday, and will By Capt. Quiana Manningreopen for business Thursday. For 25th Transportation Battalioninformation, call Ken Kitahara at 724- SEOUL — Headquarters and5288. Headquarters Detachment, 662nd Movement Control Team,25th Yongsan Road Closure Transportation Battalion conductedX Corps Boulevard on Yongsan South Thorough Decontamination TrainingPost will close Friday thru Nov. 19 for with the Republic of Korea Army’sresurfacing. For details, visit the Area 56th Homeland Reserve DivisionII Web site at http:// Chemical Battalion, during or tune in to the training Sept. 19 at the 56 HRDMWR Channel 3. compound here. AFCEA Luncheon Over 64 ROK and U.S. soldiersThe next AFCEA Technical Forum participated in the training which wasLuncheon will be 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. designed to enhance readiness in theNov. 21 at Yongsan Garrison’s Hartell units’ NBC tasks and promote theHouse. The luncheon, featuring Vice U.S.-ROK alliance throughAdmiral Nancy E. Brown, Director, interoperability training.Command, Control, Communications “Our unit has a requirement to train COURTESY PHOTOSand Computer Systems (C4 Systems), on a task ‘Conduct Thorough Soldiers of Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 662nd Movement Control Team, 25thThe Joint Staff, is $15 per person Decontamination’ which required Transportation Battalion perform equipment decontamination Sept. 19.(buffet, including drink and gratuity). external NBC assets from a chemicalFor information, call Maj. Jennifer Piolo unit,” said Capt. Moses Lee, “With no U.S. chemical ‘decon’ unit “This was a great opportunity forat 725-6025. commander, HHD, 25th Trans Bn. existing in Korea, we had to reach out our unit — not just in training to our ROK friends, and 56 HRD together as an alliance, but to foster National Testing Day answered the call.” a great community relationship withThe Republic of Korea conducts The Soldiers were also introduced to U.S. units in 56 HRD’s area ofnational testing days throughout the ROK barracks, dining facilities and the responsibility.” Said Maj. Gen. Parkyear for Korean high school and unit’s NBC equipment. Chul Soo, commanding general, 56thKorean University National “This was a great opportunity for us, HRD.Examination. the next test will be Nov. in that we never trained with a ROK “It is great that we have16. In numerous schools across thecountry, students will take the Korean unit before. We learned a great deal outstanding organizations like 56thlanguage, English language and other about not only NBC training, but their HRD close to where our unit is,”foreign language hearing tests on this equipment, the way ROK Soldiers live added Lt. Col. Steven Rohlena,date. and eat.” Said Spc. Joshua Heard. commander, 25th Trans. Bn. “WeThe ROK government has requested The unit plans to continue the are looking forward to trainingU.S. Forces Korea keep noise to an relationship through monthly meetings together more in the future, not onlyabsolute minimum during these testing Vehicles from 25th Transportation Battalion to share culture and customs, and in NBC readiness, but in all areas ofperiods, and USFK will honor this clears through the ROK vehicle rinse point. enhance training. the Army’s Warrior Core Tasks.”request. All USFK units are encouragedto conduct noise abatement on allinstallations from 8:40-8:55 a.m. and Airmen plead guilty to BAH fraud1:20-1:40 p.m. Nov. 16. Daegu Air Base Entry By Master Sgt. Anthony Davis Procedure Changes 8th Fighter Wing Public AffairsBase access procedures at Daegu AirBase (K-2) have changed. All base KUNSAN AIR BASE — Three airmenaccess will now be controlled by were found guilty of defrauding theRepublic of Korea Air Force. government through false claims for basicFor information, call Tech Sgt. Tony allowance for housing during separate courtKrolczyk at 766-4352. martials here last week. All three pleaded guilty to the charges. Correction Senior Airman Wayne Williams signed anIn the Oct. 27 edition of The Morning official document stating his dependentsCalm Weekly an error appeared in the resided in New York City when they had beenPage 13 article entitled “Make the right residing in Oklahoma.moves when it comes to PCS.” The unauthorized entitlements resulted inA sentence in the article reads “Use of more than $10,000 in overpayments. He wasthis form to ensure a $500 MP3 player found guilty of failure to go, two counts ofis indeed packed in that box with the making a false official statement and larceny.stuffed animals.” The sentence shouldhave read “Use of this form will save He was sentenced to eight monthsyou if your $500 MP3 player is indeed confinement, a bad conduct discharge andpacked in that box with the stuffed reduction to E-1.animals.” We apologize for the error. Staff Sgt. Rodney White signed an official document stating his dependents resided in TMCW Submissions PFC. MIN SOO JUN Wakefield, Mass., when they resided in SanHave an item for The Morning CalmWeekly? Send stories and Together All Together Now ... Antonio. The unauthorized entitlements resulted in more than $10,000 inphotographic submissions to Members from the USFK Provost Marshall Office and the South Korean Police Comprehensive Academy in Bupyung, pull with all their might during a tug-of-war He was found guilty of making a falseFor information, call 738-3355. contest held as part of a sporting event day hosted at the Academy, Oct. 31. SeeFraud Page 4 Fraud, Fraud
    • Nov. 10, 2006 4 The Morning Calm WeeklyKorean War hero returnedto family after 50 yearsBy Gregory Frye children.Fort Campbell Courier Glenn Crater, Francis’ older brother FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — After and Jenkins’ grandfather, is the onlymore than 50 years of waiting, hoping immediate family member alive to seeand praying, the family of a Korean his brother’s remains brought home.War hero can rest easier knowing “It profoundly affected me becausetheir Soldier is finally home. it meant so much to my grandfather,” The remains of Pfc. Francis Crater Jenkins said. “I had to give the eulogyJr. were buried in the family plot in and kept choking up because I wouldAkron, Ohio, Oct. look at my21 – nearly 56 years grandfather andafter his death. “ I’d like the world to know see him crying. It Crater’s great there was a Francis Crater.” really meant a lotnephew, a current Glenn Crater to him.”Soldier, was one of brother of Pfc. Francis Crater Themore than 250 experience haspeople who attended the funeral. been very emotional for Glenn Crater, “He was part of our family and who thought they would never hearmeant a lot to us,” said Staff Sgt. Bob anything about the fate of his youngerJenkins, motor sergeant, 106th brother and was shocked when heTransportation Battalion, Fort heard the Joint POW/MIA AccountingCampbell. “As I grew up, I always Command found him.knew about my Uncle Shorty.” Fate of a hero Shorty was Crater’s nickname. “I’d like the world to know there wasStanding at 5 feet, 3 inches, the Ohionative was the youngest of three See Hero Page 13 Hero,Weight from Page 1fat in women, who carry weight want fit Soldiers. The tape test is stilldifferently than males, Minitrez said. going to help determine body-fat and “We took their findings and changed fitness levels compared to lean muscle-the screening weight table for female mass levels.”Soldiers. The screening table weight is The revised AR 600-9 was publishedthe maximum you can weigh before you Sept. 1 and implemented Oct. 2, buthave to be taped or tested for body-fat Army leaders decided to give active-dutypercentage,” he said. and reserve-component Soldiers a six- Instead of being taped at the wrist, month transitional period. March 31 isforearm, neck and hips, females will the mandatory effective be taped around the abdomen, neck “This revision didn’t happenand hips. overnight,” Minitrez said. “Researchers “Measuring the abdomen will give a have been working for at least a decademore accurate portrayal of a female to determine if current systems ofSoldier’s body-fat percentage,” Minitrez measuring body fat were the bestsaid. “We don’t want fat Soldiers, we systems out there.”Bell from Page 2to the death or injury of one of our is absolutely achievable. We must takeServicemembers. care of each other and remain ever Traffic Safety. Help your vigilant. We are accountable. I wish eachsubordinates prepare for their travel and of you safe holidays and I thank you forrecreational activities. If someone plans your continued selfless commitment toto drive, ensure they are counseled in our Nation and to our Armed Forces.accordance with our Winter Safety We go together!Campaign Memorandum and understandthe unique fall and winter drivingconditions of Korea. With everyone’s awareness and activeparticipation, our goal of no deaths, no GEN B.B. Bellsexual assaults, and no serious injuries Commander, UNC/CFC/USFKFraud from Page 3official statement and larceny. He was in nearly $9,000 in overpayments.sentenced to eight months He was found guilty of making aconfinement, a bad conduct discharge false official statement and larceny andand reduction to E-1. was sentenced to 11 months Senior Airman Johnathan Clark confinement, a bad conduct dischargesigned an official document stating his and reduction to E-1.dependents resided in Vacaville, Calif., The charges came after officialswhen they resided in Flat Rock, Ala. conducted an audit of BAH claims inThe unauthorized entitlements resulted December 2005.
    • Nov. 10, 2006 Page 5Teamwork in action: AFSC focuses on DOL, DPW issuesBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson departing Camp Red Cloud is noArea I Public Affairs longer the last free bus. The free CAMP RED CLOUD –This is bus now departs CRC at 6:20 p.m.part two of a three-part series about and arrives at Camp Casey at 7 p.m.issues from the 2005 Army Family Bus departure timesAction Plan conference to the Army “New schedules were completedFamily Steering Committee. and submitted to Korea Region Representatives from the 2nd Office transportation for approvalInfantry Division and Area I last December,” Ferguson said. “WeSupport Activity met in 2005 to have communicated to the busdiscuss ways to improve customer company manager to halt the lastservice at the annual Army and departing bus for the day fromFamily Action Planning Conference. Yongsan until the last bus has After months of study, the Army arrived. By doing this, Soldiers haveFamily Steering Committee connecting transportation to theircompleted 21 issues, sent six issues final destinations in Area I.”to 8th U.S. Army, rejected four CRC-Camp Stanley bus routeissues, and is currently working on Transportation is currently re-the remaining seven issues. evaluating the situation and, at a JIM CUNNINGHAM The purpose of the conference minimum, working to add an 8 a.m.was to “knock down the obstacles” shuttle to the current schedule. Soldiers wait to board buses at Camp Casey’s Bus Terminal Nov. customer satisfaction, said Col. “The other change the this running, but we are looking into about 400 yards away,” Lee said.Forrest Newton, Area I garrison transportation office is working on every option available.” Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, Caseycommander. is relocating the bus stop on Camp Camp Casey playground garrison commander, said there are The relocation, housing and Stanley to the Community Activity conditions buildings near the shoppettetransportation issues centered on Center instead of where it is “We now have money available available, but it is too far away fromDirectorate of Logistics and currently, which is at the from the Dongducheon road- the back gate for family members toDepartment of Public Works commissary,” Ferguson said. widening project for this project,” walk to with small children, strollersimprovement measure issues: Osan bus schedule said Ken Lee, Area I staff engineer. and laundry bags. Therefore, DPW,Bus schedule and services Due to multiple contractors/ “After we renovate the Pear Hodges and Army and Air Force “In July the on-post bus shuttle license agreements and the right Blossom Cottage, we will start work Exchange Services plan to meetat Camp Casey extended the route area of responsibility, service to on building a new playground in soon and finalize a suitable location.schedule one hour past curfew to Osan and return is only available front of Building 2603. The Sidewalk conditions near Firesprovide with a stop playground should be done within Brigade shoppetteSoldiers the “When we take great care of our through Yongsan. six months.” DPW is in the progress of makingtransportation folks, the mission is going to get “We are re- Classroom access to the Army repairs on the sidewalks.requested,” accomplished. ” looking the Community Service building “When we take great care of oursaid Mike possibility of an The ramp should be completed by folks, the mission is going to getFerguson, Col. Forrest Newton ‘Osan Express’ the end of this month, Lee said. accomplished,” Newton saidtransportation Area I commander shuttle that runs Camp Hovey laundry facilities (Editor’s Note: Part three ofdivision chief. directly from “DPW has been looking at finding AFSC will appear in the Nov. 17“In addition, the barracks curfew Camp Casey or CRC to Osan air a building close to the Hovey back edition of The Morning Calmwas lifted giving Soldiers more time Base during weekends and maybe gate for more washers and dryers Weekly.)once on post.” holidays,” Ferguson said. “There are for family members; however, the Furthermore, the 4:40 p.m. bus several hurdles ahead of us to get closest is a Quonset hut and it is E-mail Warfighter 2ID Reserve unit prepares for Warfighter By Mike Vail allowed the unit to conduct a mission analysis Area I Public Affairs Stringer and fragmentary order drill. CAMP CASEY — Providing trained and During the COA briefing, Brig. Gen. Tom ready Soldiers and units to support the nation Landwermeyer, 2nd Inf. Div. assistant during war is the mission of the Army Reserve. division commander for support, was present At Camp Casey, the 2nd Infantry Division to provide his guidance to the detachment. Detachment (Army Reserve) is doing just that. “We no longer look at Soldiers and ask them The Detachment is responsible to provide if they are Active, Reserve or Guard. We ask planning and coordination for rear/sustainment them what training they require in order to area security for the division. Assigned to the perform the mission,” Landwermeyer said. 2nd Infantry Division since 1994, the “The detachment is a valuable asset to the detachment is one of three Army Reserve troop division,” said Lt. Col. Tim LeTouzel. program units permanently stationed in the “Because our unit is composed of reservists Republic of Korea. who live and work in Korea as Department of During November’s Battle Assembly, formally MIKE VAIL Army civilians and contractors, our unit known as “weekend drill,” the unit trained in Bill Christopher instructs Rear Operation Center members experiences very little personnel turnover preparation for this year’s Warpath III and in the operation of Maneuver Controls System – Light. from year to year. We bring continuity and Warfighter exercises. – Light. Sunday, staff officers and leaders from experience to the division.” Saturday, Bill Christopher provided expert division plans and Sustainment Operations Cell For information on joining the 2nd Inf. Div. training on the Army’s Maneuver Control System provided a course of action briefing that Detachment, Army Reserve, call 730-4200.
    • Nov. 10, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly EEO/POSH Training ScheduleA variety of EEO training is scheduledfor Monday through Nov. 17, for bothU.S. civilian employees and Koreanemployees. Training includes: Mondayat Casey Warrior’s Club for Koreanemployees from at 9 to 11 a.m.; Tuesdayat Casey Community Activities Center9 to 11 a.m. for supervisors and 1:30 to3:30 p.m. for nonsupervisoryemployees; Wednesday at CampStanley for Korean employees only 9to 11 a.m. and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.;Thursday for Korean employees atCamp Red Cloud Army CommunityServices classroom from 9 to 11 a.m.and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.; and Nov. 17 atCamp Stanley for Korean employeesonly from 9 to 11 a.m. New TRICARE Web siteAs of Friday, everything you everwanted to know about TRICARE willbe under one virtual roof. The Pentagonplans on unveiling the new health care JIM CUNNINGHAMinformation resource, The new Web site will Students of the Camp Casey Pear Blossom Cottage quilting class show their quilts during graduation Nov. 1. Toy Curry (far right) judges the work. Quilting class graduates at Casey PBCcombine the information now availableto It will also serveas a portal to five user-specific content By Jim Cunningham The students pick what they want to interested in learning these skills.areas for information, whether someone Area I Public Affairs learn.” They send them home to theiris a TRICARE beneficiary or not. CAMP CASEY—Learning to After learning crocheting and mothers-in-law and other family Internet Explorer 7.0 Not make quilts may not be the first making scarves, they decided to members,” Curry said. “I will be Authorized thing that comes to mind when learn how to quilt. here all day long every Wednesday. IInternet Explorer 7.0 is not yet authorized thinking of cold weather. However, “I started teaching them how to love to pass along what I learn andon Army computers. Administrators and there are seven families of Soldiers make quilts in February this year,” what I do.”users who installed or upgraded to IE in Area I who will be warmer Curry said. “I started them out doing a Quilting is just as much science7.0 could be in violation of the because their spouses graduated small quilt. When they are ready, they as it is an art.Acceptable Use Policy and risk being quilt-making class Nov. 1 at the start making larger quilts until they “The most difficult part is makingbarred access to the Army Korea Camp Casey Pear Blossom Cottage. can make one for a king-size bed.” the backing,” Compton said.networks. For information, contact your “Spouses need useful things to do Curry always shops for the material “Cutting the pieces and laying outunit information management officer. while their husbands are in the field, the students use to make their quilts. the design is not as difficult. You that is why we have many classes She advises them on what colors have to stretch the material and Election Protection they can attend to learn useful skills, work for boarders, backing and make it even. You cannot cut the Hotline Up and Running such as quilt making,” said Tess stripes to separate the designs. pieces too small, but they can beThe nationwide Election Protection Compton, PBC manager at Camp “When I started I had nine adjusted if they are cut too large.Hotline was activated Oct. 16 to help Casey. “Many spouses come to the students, two of them moved to new The measuring and cutting takesresolve issues from Election Day PBC to do their laundry, cook and assignments, so now I have seven time, but the backing is the mostTuesday. The number is staffed with livevolunteers from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern bring their children to play on the students,” Curry said. “Today’s class difficult part of making a quilt.”Standard Time. For information, visit grounds outside or here in the is the graduating class; these students “We buy five yards of each building; so they come together here have made large quilts. Furthermore, of material for the quilt, and then we to learn skills taught by instructors we have some new students here cut and design the quilt,” Curry American Red Cross such as Toy Curry.” today who are just beginning to make said. “I calculate how much material Wash Rack Canteen is Toy Curry, wife of Sgt. Maj. their first one.” each quilt will take, and they choose Open Ronnie Curry of the Fires Brigade, The students make quilts for a the colors.”The Camp Casey Wash Rack Canteen learned how to knit, sew and make a bed. Next, they will learn to make Each graduate of the class madeis open for business. Volunteers are quilt when she was younger and purses. three sizes of quilts: small, mediumneeded to help handing out coffee, hot living in Thailand. “When they saw a purse done by and large.chocolate, popcorn and other items to “When I started with the spouses quilting in the sewing store, they “The first small quilt is for theSoldiers. For information, call 730-3184. here they asked me, ‘can you teach us decided to learn to make purses by student to get used to how quilts are basic sewing,’ so I started these quilting the material,” Curry said. made,” Curry said. “Then they can USO Bazaar classes,” Curry said. “I taught them Curry always tries the new go on to making larger sizes. TheThe USO will have its Persian and how to hem their own skirt and sew patterns before teaching the spouses larger quilts can take about two toOriental rugs and Korean gems and buttons on uniforms and things like in class. three weeks, working from two tojewelry on sale from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. that.” “We will start the same way we four hours every evening.”Saturday and Sunday, at the Community After the spouses realized how did in quilting class; we make a The class works as a group inActivity Center on Camp Red Cloud. For valuable these types of classes are, small purse and then make larger each phase of quilt making.information, call 730-4812/4813. they asked for more classes in ones,” Curry said. “I always make “When we begin we work on DA raises GPC limit sewing. the first one myself.” each step together, we cut theThe Department of the Army raised the “In October last year they asked Curry comes to the Camp Casey pieces and do the design,” ComptonGPC single purchase limit from $2,500 if I could teach them crocheting, PBC every Wednesday to teach said. “We do the stitching when weto $3,000. For information, call 724-8618/ and I said I could teach them basic sewing and quilting classes. go home in the evening.”7022. crochet,” Curry said. “I taught them “They make me proud of them how to crochet a scarf that time. because they are really very E-mail
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I 7 Nov. 10, 2006 and civilians receive OPSEC/SAEDA brief at CRCBy Jim Cunningham all hired, designated, and appointed to doArea I Public Affairs the job, all of you. That is why you have CAMP RED CLOUD— This is part the responsibility for OPSEC.”one of a two-part series about operational OPSEC needs to be continuous; theresecurity and subversion and espionage is no such thing as information peace.directed against the U.S. Army. OPSEC fundamentals are the same in Ever since there have been wars, smart peacetime or during war, the threat neveradversaries knew that the winning goes away. OPSEC is a continuousadvantage comes from knowing their process.opponent and knowing whether or not the “It is incumbent upon you to beperson is intelligent. responsible for operational security,” In knowing these things, they would Garcia explained. “You walk by an openknow how to attack their weaknesses. door, do you just walk by or do you shutOperational security today may involve the door? Close the door and make sure itmore technology but it is no different from is locked for the person that was there.”the past. Most of us feel we are in a closed “When you set up a computer community environment, and we thinknetwork, one of the many concerns you we are safe. J C IM UNNINGHAMshould have is the single point of failure,” “OPSEC needs to be continuous. If Paul Garcia, force protectionspecialist for Area I briefs Soldiers and civilians Nov. 6said Paul Garcia, force protection you become lackadaisical, that is what the on the subject of OPSEC and SAEDA.specialist for Area I, in his address to Area enemy wants,” Garcia said. “We doI Soldiers and civilians Monday. “In order subsequently analyzing friendly actions bag. The coffee will destroy the paper exercises so we are prepared; the enemyfor a computer network to be useful, it attendant to military operations and other with information on it yet enough that you does the same thing.”has to be able to talk to you in the area activities: are helping OPSEC.” In recent times, the threats havenetwork and with all the people included. Identify those actions that can be Most Soldiers do not have to worry increased. Terrorists, nation states,All it takes is one single virus, and observed by adversary intelligence about their vulnerability when going home businesses, criminal networks,everything crashes; everything fails, and systems after work, but civilians do and should. nongovernmental organizations, hackers,every computer. Operational Security, Determine indicators adversary “Don’t take the same route home. I crackers and individuals have all increasedSubversion and Espionage directed against intelligence systems might obtain that know it is difficult when you live so close the threat.the U.S. Army are the same. Moreover, could be interpreted or pieced together to by, like at [an] apartment because it is “Terrorists organizations are lookingright now I am talking to you, you are thesingle point of failure. Personnel are derive critical information in time to be across the street from useful to adversaries. [the installation],” “It is incumbent upon you to be for one piece of information at aresponsible for both OPSEC and Select and execute measures that Garcia said. “You have responsible for operational time. They willSAEDA.” eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level to be aware where you security.” continue to hunt To remind everyone why we are the vulnerabilities of friendly actions to are vulnerable.” Paul Garcia, for each piececoncerned, one can look back on photos adversary exploitation. Civilians who live off force protection specialist until they have putand news clips of the horror of Sept. 11, “Do anything that works,” Garcia said. post and work on post together enough2001. Those photos and memories say “If you think you can deploy something should be more aware. pieces to solve the information puzzle,”the most. that will improve operational security, do “You are also vulnerable on post. You Garcia pointed out. “Every single time they “All of you, every single person in here, it. If you know you are not breaking the work on a military installation; this is a take out a target, it is a victory,” he a point of failure,” Garcia said. “Whether law, do it. Do it all the time.” target that does not move,” Garcia said. “Think about this: when the Americanyou accept that responsibility or not, you Something as simple as shredding “The enemy knows we are here. In fact, Army moves out, victory is defined ashave it. Operational security is how you unused documents, personal and official, we have been here for 50 years. If there getting the mission done. For thesedo things on a daily basis. It is also can be crucial to security, both personal is a hole, they know about it; if there is a terrorist groups, loss of life does notdeveloped on the patterns of how you do and official. OPSEC is information pattern, they can pick it up.” become a question; it is a sacrifice. Theythings on a daily basis. The responsibility control. Personal security, information security, don’t care about well being; all they careis yours. This slide will remind us and “If you don’t have a paper shredder in communication security and physical about is destroying you.”will forever be on our minds until the next your office, go to another office where security are all related to operational (Editor’s Note: Part two of OPSEC/event.” there is one and shred unused documents security and must be mutually supportive SAEDA will appear in the Nov. 17 edition The definition of operational security with sensitive material,” Garcia said. “Rip to be effective. of the Morning Calm Weekly.)comes in Joint Publication 3-54. A process it up. That half cup of coffee you didn’t “Personal security is where operationalof identifying critical information and drink during the day, pour it in the trash security begins,” Garcia said. “You were E-mail Dooley, you know there is no drinking during an exercise, This is my now you have missed last chance to get drunk formation! before the exercise!
    • Nov. 10, 2006 Page 9 Gyeongbok Palace is one of Korea’s premiere royal sites PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYGyeongbok Palace is the centerpiece of Korea’s royal past. The palace complex features daily reenactments by costumed officials. A palace guard stands at the main gate. Gyeongbok Palace takes visitors to Korea’s past By David McNally ground in a 1592 Japanese invasion. Area II Public Affairs In 1911, the Japanese only left 10 buildings standing as construction S toic guards and officials march to the palace gate began on the Japanese administration with colorful robes and building. traditional flags flowing in the wind. Today, there are 330 buildings on Another day begins for the reenactors the palace grounds, including the of Gyeongbok Palace in central Seoul. National Folk Museum. Visitors are The city is home to five Joseon free to roam the complex. Dynasty palaces. But, Gyeongbok The ceremonies of opening and Palace is the centerpiece of Korea’s closing the palace gate and changing royal past. of the guard happen three times a day The complex is a living legacy of every day of the year, except 15th century Korea. Tuesdays, or in the event of rain. Extensive renovations over the past The Foundation for the decade have restored the palace Preservation of Cultural Properties isGuards wear authentic 15th century costumes grounds to a once regal air. the Republic of Korea office with Gyeongbok Palace reenactments bridgeto open and close the palace gates. During most of the 1910-1945 oversight of not only buildings and Korea’s past and present. Japanese occupation, a monolithic relics, but of how Koreans used pomp gray administration building stood and circumstance to rule the land. within the palace gates blocking the The foundation restages historical view of the former home of kings. ceremonies based on “careful and For decades after the Korean thorough historical investigations.” War, the government used the From November to February, the building as an administration palace is open daily from 9 a.m.-7 building and even as the National p.m., and closed Tuesdays. The Museum of Korea; however, it was entrance fee is 3,000 won for adults PFC. K IM SANG-WOOKGyeong Hwae Pavilion was once the site of always a painful reminder of the and 1,500 won for children. Serene ponds and ancient asian designs takeroyal parties. occupation. After its 1996 To get to the palace, use the Seoul visitors to a different time. demolition, Koreans began to restore Subway System Line 3, Exit 5 at the royal complex. Gyeongbokgung Station. The palace was originally built in 1394, but much of it burned to the E-mail
    • 10 Nov. 10, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Thanksgiving StorytimeThe Yongsan Library will host aThanksgiving Storytime from 10-11a.m. Saturday. General and Mrs. B.B.Bell are slated to be the guest storytellers. To round out the event,young readers are invited for Yongsan students take a field trip to the airport.refreshments afterward. Filling Station ClosureThe Yongsan Army and Air ForcesExchange Service Filling Station willclose 2-4 p.m. Nov. 23 during a PHOTOS BY PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONscheduled power outage. Korean Air provided an “insider” tour Nov. 3. Eighth-grader Briana Bennet sits in a Boeing 777 Worldliner cockpit. Craft Fair-BazaarSeoul American High School willsponsor its Annual Craft Fair and Students ‘take flight’ on Gimpo Airport field tripHoliday Bazaar 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Nov. By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon “As an airline, we wish to be able to Worldliner.24-25 at the Seoul American High Area II Public Affairs give hope and inspiration to all children,” “We did a lot of things,” said Eighth-School Gymnasium. SEOUL — Twenty-one Seoul said Korean Air Corporate Commu- Grader Keisha Clark. “Everyone enjoyed American Middle School students had nications Manager Koo Eun-kyoung. the time. It was a lot of fun.” American Red Cross an adventurous field trip to Gimpo The tour began with a visit to the This was a once-in-a-lifetimeThe American Red Cross is seeking Airport Nov. 3. The group of students, flight simulator. The students got to feel experience for the students.motivated individuals to provide parents and teachers got an insider’s like real pilots. “We were so glad to have thisemergency communications and view of Korean Air ’s training areas. At the Korean Air Operation Center, opportunity with our American friends,”casework services to members of Area II Child and Youth Services students learned how aircraft interact Koo said.the armed forces and their families. coordinated the event to “nurture with ground controllers. The group alsoThe applicant must be an American dreams for the future.” visited the cockpit of a Boeing 777 E-mail; at least 18 years of age; ahigh school graduate; have baseaccess; and possess basic computerskills. For information, call 738-3670. SOFA Community members receive SOFA stamps By Cpl. Lee Yang-won Turkey Shoot-Out Area II Public AffairsThere will be a Turkey Shoot-Out at YONGSAN GARRISON — Forthe Yongsan Main Exchange Nov. American civilians serving in Korea, a17. Compete to win a Popeye’s simple passport stamp is all it will taketurkey. Four turkeys will be given to satisfy Korean immigration officials.away at 11:30 a.m. and another fourwill be given away at 5 p.m. For To make it convenient, Koreaninformation, call 724-7781. workers visit Yongsan Garrison once a month to provide Status of Forces Thanksgiving with stamps to Area II community members. American Expats The Korean Immigration OfficeThe USO is inviting 20 offered the SOFA stamp service to moreservicemembers to join for a than 40 Americans Oct. 31 at the ArmyThanksgiving feast with American Community Service Center.expatriates 5-10 p.m. Nov. 23. The “Civilians that arrive in the country,USO will provide transportation to including A-3 visa holders, need to getoff-base condominium complex. For their SOFA stamp,” said Relocationinformation, call 724-7781. Manager Gina Mariano. “It is required by the Korean Immigration Office.” Good Neighbor CPL. LEE YANG-WON Program Volunteers See SOFA Page 12 SOFA, DeAnn Queen submits an immigration form to receive her SOFA stamp Oct. 31.Good Neighbor Program volunteersare needed to have a day of fun withSongjoong Elementary School Korean seamstress sews for nearly half centurystudents. The day will start at theUSO with lunch at the USO Canteenand then it’s off to the YongsanBowling Lanes. For information, call By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook724-7781. Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Generals’ photos and Community of Sharing autographs cover the walls of the Yongsan Mini-MallA holiday project to make sure select Alteration Shop. They tell the story of the invaluableArea II families have a merry contributions of an employee with almost 50 years of service.Christmas is under way. Soon after the Korean War, 76-year-old Shin Ok-ja foundApplications are available at Army work with the U.S. Army.Community Services in Building S- “The opportunity to work at the U.S. military base first4106, Room 205. The application came to my husband,” Shin said. “When the military neededdeadline is Dec. 8. For information, a seamstress, I applied for the job. Fortunately, we both gotcall 738-7505. to work at Camp Hialeah in Busan.” Area II Web site Initially, Shin’s husband worked as an ammo depotFor more community notes, news and assistant at the small post. Shin started her career to helpinformation, visit the Area II Web site PFC. K IM SANG-WOOK her family during the post-war depression. Luck came toat Shin Ok-ja, known to Americans as “Mrs. Gil,” celebrates nearly 50 her, she said. years of service to the U.S. military community. See Seamstress Page 12 Seamstress,
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Nov. 10, 2006 11USFK honors DoDDS-Korea educators Area II leadersBy David McNally meet with residentsArea II Public Affairs Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — The YONGSAN GARRISON —U.S. military’s top officer in Korea Area II leaders met with communitycongratulated the best teachers in members Oct. 31 at ArmyDepartment of Defense Dependents Community Service for the OctoberSchools-Korea District Nov. 3. Information Meeting. More than 200 key community The monthly forum allows themembers attended the ceremony at the command and community organ-Naija Ballroom at the Dragon Hill Lodge. izations to share information about United Nations Command/Com- upcoming and current Area II newsbined Forces Command/U.S. Forces and events.Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell Officials announced an upcomingpresented 83 administrators, staff and project to upgrade Yongsan Gate 17.faculty assigned to DoDDS-Korea Area II Public Works Directorschools with a framed USFK Scrolls Michael Chung said the project will DAVID MCNALLYand Commander’s Coins. provide two additional traffic lanes The awards and recognition USFK Commander Gen. B.B. Bell (right) honors 83 DODDS-Korea District educators Nov. 3. Seoul American Chemistry and Biology teacher Dave Cullen waits to receive his plaque. and provide more visitor parking.ceremony honored the best of DoDDS- The Yongsan Garrison Visitor CenterKorea District employees for their roles of you, in your capacity, as viewed by recognize the educators outside of the is near the gate. Gate 17 is a mainin providing an educational and learning DoDDS leadership, has achieved a level DoDDS framework. entrance for commercial traffic andenvironment for USFK children. of excellence in your profession.” “I know there is a DoDDS buses. “As teachers, administrators, faculty Among the 83 awardees, the general recognition system that may give you “We will start sometime in Marchand staff, whatever your position might specifically recognized four employees more money or promotions,” he said. or April and finish in July,” Chungbe with DoDDS, you are making our for more than 25 years of services to “This ain’t gonna give you anything. said.future,”Bell told the employees. DoDDS-Korea. But, it makes me feel good to stand here Currently, many Yongsan road“Nothing else matters except setting Superintendent’s Office Registrar and have a chance to see you for who construction projects are ongoing.those conditions for our youngsters to Kim Yun-pae has served 35 years. Taegu you are, the great educators of today, Area II Provost Marshal Maj. Josehave opportunity for the future.” American School Librarian Yu Myong- preparing our youngsters for Naputi advised the community to be The general told the crowd he would hoon has 34 years of service. Seoul tomorrow.” extra careful around the projects.have liked to bring all DoDDS-Korea American Chemistry and Biology Bell pledged to look after the “People need to pay closeDistrict employees to the ceremony to teacher Dave Cullen has been with the educators. “We’ll take care you today,” attention to changes in trafficthank everyone. school for 29 years, while Seoul he said. “You all have to take care of us patterns,” Naputi said. “While we don’t want to American Social Studies teacher David tomorrow.” Naputi also advised residents todiscriminate, we do want to thank you Clausen has served 27 years.for excellence,” Bell said. “Every one The general said it was important to E-mail See Residents Page 12 Residents,
    • 12 Nov. 10, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly KYE CHON- YEAmerican servicemembers and family members experiment with Korean cuisine Oct. 28 on aMorale, Welfare and Recreation trip to the Incheon Rice Festival.Americans enjoy rice festivalBy Richard Faucett performance of North Korean artist”Area II Morale, Welfare and Recreation said Area II Community Health Nurse INCHEON — About 52 U.S. Maj. Heng Mo McCall.servicemembers and family members The Americans received a free mealenjoyed the Incheon Rice Festival Oct. ticket enabling them to enjoy a traditional28 on a Morale, Welfare and Recreation Korean meal.excursion. In addition, many booths also The festival showed what traditional provided free samples of traditionalKorean rice farming was like in years Korean cookies, cakes, and fruits.past. “It was very nice of the city of Much like a small county fair, the Incheon and MWR to provide us thefestival offered plenty of food, games free transportation and a meal,” McCalland entertainment. Some of the said. “There was a volunteer interpreterentertainment included karaoke and a to help answer questions and to explaintalent show. to those [of us] who do not speak A performance by North Korean Korean.”artists highlighted the event. McCall said she would recommend “This was my first time to see a live this trip to anyone.SOFASOFA from Page 10 Visitors pick up packets to fill out in But, you could be fined if you don’torder to get the SOFA stamps. Mariano receive one before it expires.”said she also sends out applications online The Korean Immigration Officeif the applicant sends her an e-mail. offers this service the last Tuesday of “Community members must each month so people do not have to gocomplete the immigration forms we give off post to receive the stamps.them,” said Mariano. “We’re trying to get the immigration They’ll also need copies of their center to set up an office in this buildingidentification cards, orders bringing to do visa and SOFA stamps once athem to Korea and a letter of verification. month,” Mariano said. “We’re still “A lot of community members still working on that issue.”don’t know they need to get their SOFAstamps,” Mariano said. E-mail from Page 10 Shin took the American custom of “Her personality is excellent and sheusing her husband’s family name. never loses her smile during work.”Customers know her as “Mrs. Gil.” Shin’s personality and experience “The good thing about working on post motivate alteration shop the constant relationship betweenAmerican Shin is not the only one to contributeand Korean workers,” Shin said. to Yongsan Garrison. Her two sons also Her relationship with American work on the base.customers provided her with the “I can’t believe 50 years passed sostrength to sustain her during the half a fast,” Shin said. “I want to continue tocentury of work, she said. work until I can’t move anymore.” “She is a famous person aroundhere,” said coworker Shim Song-hyi. E-mail from Page 11use proper protective gear while running The Yongsan Tree Lighting Ceremonyor bicycling as the hours of darkness will be Dec. 7. Hannam Village will holdhave increased with the change in a ceremony Dec. 11.season. Area II holds an open community Area II Morale, Welfare and information meeting 9 a.m. the lastRecreation Director Paul Robinson told Tuesday of every month at the Armycommunity members about upcoming Community Service Building. Area IItree lighting ceremonies. residents are welcome to attend.
    • Nov. 10, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Hero from Page 4 “In the 1970s,” Kitch said, “the a Francis Crater,” Glenn said. “He was mission was born out of the Vietnama good kid, never got into trouble … an War. People wanted to see their lovedaverage young guy growing up. When ones brought home.”he was 18, his friend decided to join the Since then, the mission has evolvedArmy, and Francis joined, too.” into JPAC. Investigation teams and“There were a lot of people lost over recovery teams travel the world,there the same time my brother was,” covering all of the nation’s wars in theGlenn said. past century. Francis was killed in Korea as he “People deserve to come home andfought the enemy off his fellow Soldiers, be buried with full honors,” Kitchhopping back and forth between said.machine gun nests. JPAC has about 1,100 boxes of Charles Rachac, who now lives in remains, 40 percent of which areMichigan, was one of only three people from North Korea.from the unit to survive the battle at “When we have remains come in,”Chosin Reservoir. They held their Kitch said, “we analyze as much asground for five days until the enemy possible. If we can’t figure out who itfinally prevailed. is, it goes back on the shelf until we COURTESY PHOTO “Crater was my assistant on the get more evidence.”machine gun,” he said. “He was a small Pfc. Francis Crater Jr. is transported to his final resting place in Akron, Ohio, Oct. 21. Crater was Kitch stresses the importance ofguy but had a giant stature.” killed during the Korean War in 1950, but his remains were not identified until recently. being absolutely positive about a given Rachac recalls the last meal he had to him,” he said. “He’ll always be remains reveal that he was shot through identity before contacting familywith Francis; the temperature was 40 forever young; I’ll always remember the back of the head.” members.below freezing, and their food was so him as a 20 year old.” Joint POW/MIA Accounting JPAC needs mitochondrial evidencefrozen they could barely eat. “The last Francis was killed Nov. 28, 1950. The Command from living family members in ordersupper,” he called it. next day his mother, Beatrice, received Now, thanks to teams from JPAC, to identify many of the remains. “He died with a lot of heroes up a telegram stating her son was missing 88 percent of Francis’ skeletal remains Rhachac encouraged Glennthere,” Rachac said. “I was fortunate in action but presumed dead. are finally where they ought to be. Crater to send a blood sample toenough to come back, and I don’t know “She always hoped he would come JPAC is a Hawaii-based military JPAC, which had actually foundwhy. I’ve been living with this burden back, knocking at the door,” Jenkins said organization dedicated to finding fallen Francis’ remains in 2000. Glenn’sfor a lot of years. I think everybody up of his great grandmother. “She went to Soldiers. blood sample helped JPACthere was wounded one way or another, her grave thinking that.” “It’s an important mission to our positively identify Francis’mentally or physically.” Until now, Crater’s family was never country,” said Troy Kitch, deputy remains. Rachac jokes about how everyone sure what happened to him. public affairs director for JPAC. “It’s Francis Crater Jr. is buried nextused to “razz” Francis about his name. “We weren’t sure if he was injured a valuable and honorable mission to his mother in Greenlawn “I never had a chance to say goodbye or killed,” Jenkins said, “but these we’re proud to be a part of.” Memorial Park in Akron, Ohio.
    • Nov. 10, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Nov. 10-16 Nov. Crank R Crank R Running With Running With Miami Vice R Crank R Hollywoodland Scissors R Scissors R R Crank R Flags of Our Flags of Our Hollywoodland No Show No Show No Show Fathers NR Fathers NR R Running With Running With Running With Hollywoodland Hollywoodland Crank R Crank R Scissors R Scissors R Scissors R R R The Descent Running With The Last Hollywoodland Running With Idlewild Crank R R Scissors R Kiss R R Scissors R R The Departed The Departed The Departed No Show No Show No Show The Black R R R Dahlia RFlushed Away — (Ian Crank — (Jason Statham, Amy Flags of Our Fathers Running With Scissors Hollywoodland — (AdrienMcKellen, Andy Serkis) Smart) (Ryan Phillippe, Adam Beach) (Annette Bening, Brian Cox) Brody, Diane Lane)The story of an uptown rat that gets Chev Chelios is about to begin his February 1945. Even as victory in In 1971, the neatness-obsessed but George Reeves, the heroic Man offlushed down the toilet from his morning with an unexpected wake- Europe was finally within reach, the sharply observant 6-year-old Steel on TV’s “Adventures ofpenthouse apartment, ending in the up call. Chev has been poisoned in war in the Pacific raged on. One of Augusten finds himself trapped Superman,” dies in his Hollywoodsewers of London, where he has to his sleep and only has an hour to the most crucial and bloodiest between his troubled parents: his Hills home. Felled by a singlelearn a whole new and different way live. Now, Chev must keep moving battles of the war was the struggle mother Deidre, an unplublished -not gunshot wound, Reeves leavesof life. to stay alive: the only way to prolong for the island of Iwo Jima, which to mention unstable – confessional behind a fiancée—aspiring starlet the poison from stopping his heart culminated with what would become poet with delusions of being hugely Leonore Lemmon—and millions of is to keep his adrenaline flowing. As one of the most iconic images in famous; and his father Norman, an fans who are shocked by his death. the clock ticks, Chelios cuts a swath history:The raising of the American alcoholic math professor who long But it is his grieving mother, Helen through the streets of Los Angeles, flag on Mount Suribachi. The inspiring ago gave up trying to solve the riddle Bessolo, who will not let the wreaking havoc on those who dare photo capturing that moment of his wife’s problems or his son’s questionable circumstances stand in his way. became a symbol of victory to a precocious behavior. When the surrounding his demise go nation that had grown weary of war Burroughs’ marriage goes to pieces, unaddressed. Helen seeks justice, and made instant heroes of the six Deidre signs up for therapy with the or at least answers but truth and Americans at the base of the flag, eccentric Dr. Finch, a highly justice are not so easily found in some of whom would die soon after, unconventional shrink who takes the Hollywood. never knowing that they had been family under his wing. immortalized. The Departed No Show Crossover The Wicker No Show No Show No Show R PG-13 Man R Flushed Away Flushed Away Flushed Away Crank R Crank R Hollywoodland Hollywoodland PG PG PG R R Running With Crank R Hollywoodland The Descent Crank R No Show Hollywoodland Scissors R R R R Crank R Hollywoodland Crank R The Last No Show Crank R Hollywoodland R Kiss R R Flushed Away Flushed Away Flushed Away Crank R Crank R Hollywoodland Hollywoodland PG PG PG R R Flushed Away Step Up Step Up The Break-Up The Break-Up Little Man Little Man PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The Wicker The Wicker The Wicker The Devil Wears The Devil Wears The Last Kiss The Last Kiss Man R Man R Man R Prada PG-13 Prada PG-13 R R
    • Nov. 10, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Finding a nameless friend in ever yday lifeChaplain (Lt. Col.) Robert C. Warden Friend also is one who gives assistance. Persons are parable Jesus asks the questioner: “Which of the three35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade designated as “friends of the zoo” from contributions would you say is the neighbor?” I do not know his name. I saw him once then or assistance to the organization. This unknown man Descending Nam San, surprisingly, I saw the never again. My assumption was that he was assisted an unknown runner — me. He was a friend. unknown man not far ahead. Competitiveness kicked Korean, older than me, and enjoyed badminton With legs aching and lungs screaming, I saw him in. I sped up. As I got beside him, he spoke in Korean. Iand running. However, assume is all I can do because ahead as I climbed. Coming beside him, we nodded, replied in English. He smiled warmly, and with motionswe exchanged few words; many I did not understand. smiled and ran together. His racquet in hand, I encouraged me to run taller and to get more air in my Until we met, the only ones to share that crisp marveled at his effortless appearance as I fought to lungs. We got into an accelerating rhythm moving everSeptember Friday morning at the Nam San run were hide my labored breathing. He picked up the pace, and faster downhill. We, two old guys, laughed as westrangers sharing asphalt and destination. Soon, this I watched him go to the tower base, make the turn, start raced, enjoying the moment. He stopped at thenameless man was no stranger but a friend. the descent, and nod as we met. Our paths, I thought, badminton court; we slapped hands. Glancing back as I Many might ask how an unknown could be a friend. would never cross again. continued on to the Religious Retreat Center, heThe title of “friend” often is reserved for few A story from the Christian faith is of a learned man reminded me one last time to stand tall.individuals among acquaintances. A friend is a person asking Jesus “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus answered At first I thought: now, that was a neighbor. Then Iwe would do anything for and never expect reciprocity. with a parable many call The Good Samaritan. The realized joy had replaced running pain. On that day, IHowever, the friend would be the first person parable surprises the listener with who stops to help a found a friend. Nevertheless, my real hope is that I doresponding in our crisis. There often is a sense of person beaten by bandits and left to die. The the same so that strangers will remember my neighborlyaffection. unexpected one stops to help. At the end of the ways, and wonder, “who was that nameless friend?” Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Collective Contemporary For information on Bible study groups and other religious services and Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel activities, contact the nearest installation chaplain’s office. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Station Chapel KATUSA Area III Chaplains 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel, Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson Camp Long Chapel 753-7274 Suwon Air Base Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) James O’Neal 3 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 p.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7276 Gospel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Kyle Taylor Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel 721-3356 Ad goes here
    • Nov. 10, 200616 The Morning Calm Weekly Korean WeddingArea III Couples experience a Korean WeddingBy F. Neil Neeley For one couple, the event presented their third Environmental Bureau, said after the ceremony. “ButArea III Public Affairs opportunity to participate in a marriage ceremony we will do our best today to help people live a CAMP HUMPHREYS – Five Area III couples together. graceful and a wise life.”joined together to experience a traditional Korean Steve and Morgan Brissette met and married in Yun added that he thought it’s important to sharewedding ceremony held at the Pyeongtaek Etiquette Botswana Africa 10 years ago. cultures and to promote friendly relations betweenEducation Center Oct. 19. Morgan’s father Joseph McDonald explained. Korea and the United States. “We want to have our The couples were Chief Warrant Officer Steven “We lived in Botswana for 20 years and Morgan met foreign guest the opportunity to experience KoreanBrissette Jr., Company B, 2-52 General Support Steve while he was a Marine embassy guard culture by participating in this wonderful event,” heAviation Battalion, and his wife Morgan; Command stationed there. said.Sgt. Maj. Franz Philippe, 602 Aviation Support “When they married, they first had a civilBattalion, and his wife Emily; Staff Sgt. Darrell wedding with the Botswanian commissioner,” saidMartin, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, and his McDonald, “and then they had a Catholic wedding.”wife Rebecca; Area III Command Sgt. Maj. Jason McDonald found some similarities between theKim and his wife Anna; and Lt. Col. Koh Young- Korean wedding and those that he had witnessed inmoon, director of operations, 7th ROK Air Force Air Africa.Communication Service Group and his wife Kim “There they also sit separately and have a greatYoung-hoon. deal of color in the ceremony,” he said. “I thought As part of the Korean wedding, the five couples this Korean wedding ceremony was very nice. Iwore traditional Korean dress and participated in an loved its detail and color.”elaborate ceremony that included the exchange of “Unfortunately, people are less interested thesesymbolic gifts and the sharing of wine from two days in traditional Korean culture,” Yun Sung-jin,halves of the same gourd dipper. Director General of the Pyeongtaek Society of “The dipper represents half of a whole andsymbolizes man and wife,” said Cho Su-ha, directorof the Pyeongtaek Etiquette Education Center. “Itsignifies that the bride and groom were once one,born separately, and now reunited through theirmarriage.” Although most of the couples have been marriedfor more than 10 years, the ceremony gave them alla unique chance to experience Korean culture. “Even though Anna and I are both Korean, weweren’t married in a traditional Korean ceremony,”said Kim. “When we were married back in 1981, weopted for a western-style wedding. It’s interesting tolearn all of the traditions of a Korean wedding.” “My wife Emily and I have been married for 19years,” said Philippe, “This is a new experience forme. It’s a great experience and I’m excited about A helper assists Staff Sgt. Darrell Martin, 3rd MI Battalion, into PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEYbeing able to participate.” his wedding costume. A helper adjusts Emily Philippe’s hair prior to the ceremony. Chief Warrant Officer Steven Brissette Jr., joins in a tea ceremony.Helpers assist Anna Kim into her wedding costume. Area III’s Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Kim has his hat adjusted. (from left) Chief Warrant Officer Steven Brissette Jr., Company B, 2-52 General Support Aviation Battalion, and his wife Morgan; Staff Sgt. Darrell Martin, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, and his wife Rebecca; Command Sg.t Maj. Franz Philippe, 602 Aviation Support Battalion, and his wife Emily; Area III Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Kim and his wife Anna; and Lt. Col. Koh Young-moon, director of operations, 7th ROK Air Force Air Communication Service Group and his wife Kim Young-hoon pose in traditional KoreanMorgan Brissette takes a sip of wine from one half of a gourd wedding garb.representing half of a whole and symbolizes man and wife.
    • Nov. 10, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Trout invade and will be placed in the run to provide the unique Humphreys’ fishing opportunity. “Our goal in the Area III Morale, Welfare & Jethro’s Run Recreation program is to provide unusual and different activities to Free Concert Tuesday By Mike Mooney keep our Soldiers, The Korean American Association is Area III MWR Marketing Airmen, civilian sponsoring a special concert for UNC/ That’s not mermaids being placed employees and family CFC/USFK members and families 8 p.m. into Jethro’s Run, the small stream next members entertained,” Tuesday, at the Concert Hall in the to Soldiers’ Park at Camp Humphreys. said Area III Director of C OURTESY PHOTOS Seoul Arts Center. The concert will be But for activity-starved fishermen, it’s Morale, Welfare & Fishing fans try to catch some luck at Jethro’s Run performed by the Korean Symphony just about as good. Recreation Dave Orchestra with conductor, Eun Sung Jethro’s Run, normally a run-off for Watson. “I guess a fishing derby in a United States. Park, and violinist, Yoo Kyung Min. the pond located adjacent to the field, is ‘cement pond’ qualifies as something The speckled trout, which average a Advance reservations are required for being dammed for the annual Jethro unique.” kilogram each, are being trucked from those who qualify (military members and Bodine C-ment Pond Fishing Derby Inspiration for the Fishing Derby was Korea’s East Coast and will be put in families, U.S. government employees, Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. provided by Jethro Bodine of Beverly the run upon arrival. invited contractors and U.S. retirees and Trout weighing 3-to-5 lbs. each were Hillbillies fame, who made “fishin’ in the The Fishing Derby entry fee is $5 for their families. To reserve free tickets, e- purchased from a Korean Trout Farm C-ment Pond” famous throughout the adults. Children’s admission is free. mail requests to Fishermen will be allowed to catch up Tickets may be to three fish, which they can clean and reserved until Friday, and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served cook at the pool or take home with them. basis pending confirmation of The Camp Humphreys Boy Scouts reservation. Children under 8 years of will be selling concessions and helping age will not be admitted. bait hooks. Guests will also be able to purchase As a new feature of this year’s derby, MWR roundtrip bus tickets, from all paying adults will go into a drawing Yongsan Garrison to the Seoul Art for one of three $250 Pflueger Baitcast Center, for $3. Once arriving at the Art Fishing Reels. Additional chances for the Center, guests will be able to pick up reels will be sold for $3 or two for $5. their reserved tickets from 7-7:45 p.m. Whatever fish are left after the Derby All guests are asked to be in their seats will be released in a Camp Humphreys no later that 7:50 p.m. Pond. Casual wear is not allowed. Men’s coat/ MWR will provide the fishing poles. jacket/sweater (with/without tie)/ladies’ Personal equipment will not be allowed, equivalent attire are recommended. although individuals can bring their own Guests planning to ride the bus to the “secret” baits. Participants may bring a concert must pay for bus tickets in container for taking home any fish they advance. Bus tickets may be purchased Fishing enthusiasts participate in Camp Humphrey’s annual Jethro Bodine C-ment Pond catch. The event will be held rain or shine. NLT Monday at the Multi-Game Room Fishing Derby near Soldiers’ Park. Six Soldiers sing their way into Information Desk, 723-3291, located in the Moyer Community Services Center, Building 2259, Yongsan Main Post. The Military Idol semifinals MWR buses will depart from the Bus Terminal in front of the Moyer CSC at 6:30 p.m. and return to Moyer CSC at about 10:30 p.m. MWR will not refund By Tim Hipps during those a cappella, first-round elimination unused bus tickets. U.S. Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command performances. Far East Class AA FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Six Soldiers sang their way into Each of the finals week performers won a contest on Football Championship the Military Idol semifinals at Wallace Theatre Monday. one of 29 Army installations around the world, where The 2006 Department of Defense Spc. Dave Boholst, Fort Polk, La.; Pfc. Randy Holmes, competitions ranged from one night to eight weeks. Dependent Schools Far East Class AA Schweinfurt, Germany; Spc. Vicki Golding, Fort Myer, Va.; The finals are scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday. The Football Championship will be played Sgt. 1st Class Constance Campbell, Fort Hamilton, N.Y.; winner will be determined by audience voting on AKO Saturday at the Seoul American High Staff Sgt. Angelo Johnson, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; and for two hours following the finals. School Falcon Field. Kick off is set for 1 Sgt. Quanda Brown, Fort Lee, Va., are now vying to become A 30-minute reveal show is scheduled for 2 p.m. p.m. with U.S. Forces Korea Commander the second Military Idol. Sunday, during which the 2006 Military Idol will be Gen. B.B. Bell performing the ceremonial The field is paring from six to three performers as selected announced. coin toss at the beginning of the game. by judges today at Fort Belvoir’s Wallace Theater. The show The game is between the Seoul will be available for viewing on Army Knowledge Online American Falcons and the Kadena tomorrow. Panthers from Okinawa. Military Idol is a singing contest based on the premises of Leading up to this game, in the FOX Television’s “American Idol.” For details on how to semifinals played Nov. 4, Seoul watch the competition on AKO and vote for your favorite American beat Guam High 22-18 and performer, visit Kadena beat Yokota 37-30 to earn their The six semifinalists were selected by Military Idol judges spots in the championship game. Jack L. Tilley, the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army; Debra TMCW Submissions Byrd, vocal coach and arranger for “American Idol;” and To have an event featured in The Grammy award-winning country music artist Michael Morning Calm Weekly’s News & Notes, Peterson, best known for “I am a Soldier” and “From Here to e-mail information to Eternity.” Miss Virginia 2006, Adrianna Sgarlata, is the emcee for TIM HIPPS All submissions should include a Military Idol finals week, which began with two closed-set Sgt. 1st Class Constance Campbell of Fort Hamilton, N.Y., sings contact name and telephone number. shows taped for webcast via streaming video on AKO. The “Boogie Oogie Oogie” by A Taste Of Honey to earn a place in the For information, call 738-3355. field of contestants was trimmed from 13 to six Soldiers 2006 Military Idol semifinals.
    • Nov. 10, 2006 Page 21Veterinarians touch daily lives of pets, humans Szuszka explained that etymologists at Yongsan must pass any food that shows evidence of bugs. Products are put on a medical hold until a determination is made. If the food checks out, it is released to the outlet. If not, it is transported to Yongsan and is incinerated by a contractor. According to Szuszka, the three specialists assigned to the unit walk Veterinary inspectors check the expiration date through the commissary weekly to look on an item from the commissary shelf. for anything out of the ordinary. Szuszka said. The inspectors must determine makes a monthly sanitary inspection and how long the food can be maintained the officer in charge, a veterinarian without refrigeration. stationed at Osan, makes a quarterly In addition to their varied duties, inspection. Szuszka says they have the only Military They inspect beef and other Occupation Specialty that can be perishables received from Osan on a stationed on Navy, Marine, Air Force and daily basis, attend quarterly menu board Coast Guard bases. meetings and are on-call if a dining “We even have a ship-rider program,” facility has a problem or needs them to he said. Food inspectors go out for up check foods with an expired shelf life. to six month on Navy ships that deliver They also receive product recall notices food to other ships in the fleet. Ship- and visit the commissaries or other riding Soldiers are stationed at Guam, SUSAN BARKLEYSpc. Cherish H. Masters, 129th Detachment, holds 4-month-old Sugar, a male Turkish Angora outlets to see if the recalled items are in Norfolk, Va. or, while Capt. Dennis R Ball, 106th Veterinary Medicine Detachment officer in charge, gives the inventory. If they are, they are Szuszka summed up the impact ofSugar a shot. removed from the shelves. the food inspectors on the communityBy Susan Barkley “We’re the first ones they call when by saying, “if they’re eating, we’re armistice mission.”Area III Public Affairs there is a refrigeration failure,” Szuszka touching them.” Their MTOE mission requires that CAMP HUMPHREYS – The daily they keep operational rations in theactivities of five Camp Humphreys required state of readiness and assist inSoldiers touch the lives of nearly every Non-Combatant Evacuation Operationsperson in Area III each day and by registering all animals Area IIIoccasionally they touch the lives of our evacuees are taking with them.dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets too. They Their two-fold armistice mission ishave unique missions that can take them to ensure that all food in the Area IIIfar beyond the usual Army fort, post or commissaries, exchanges and foodgarrison. outlets such as the snack bars is safe, These Soldiers are the members of sanitary and meets all regulatorythe 4th Squad, 106th Veterinarian requirements; and, they assist when theDetachment, and they are all food veterinarian from Osan Air Base sets upinspectors. a quarterly clinic at Camp Humphreys. “We are the only unit in the world “Our most important job is receivingwith two missions,” said Staff Sgt. food and checking for sanitation,Timothy R. Szuszka, 4/106th NCOIC. temperature and insect infestation,” said“We have an MTOE mission and an Spc. Ellswood P.K. Sanborn. Staff Sgt. Timothy R. Szuszka checks grocery items on the commissary shelf. AFAP – Your voice to Army leadership Area III Public Affairs are now being studied by Col. CAMP HUMPHREYS – Area III Michael J Taliento Jr., Area III hosted the annual Army Family commander. Action Plan symposium Nov. 3 in His decision will help determine the Community Activities Center at which issues Area III sends to the Camp Humphreys to provide peninsula-wide AFAP symposium to community members a chance to be held April 23 -27, 2007. identify issues, recommend George Riker, AAFES Area III solutions and try to solve problems general manager, said the forums are at the lowest level. a good way for him to prioritize Problems that cannot be solved issues patrons may have with locally may be submitted up the AAFES. “Some of it is not pleasant, chain of command for further but it is certainly an essential part of study and/or action. the process,” he said. Approximately 85 Soldiers, “I’m new here … and this is a family members and subject matter great way to meet the community F. NEIL NEELEY experts identified a number of and make things better for the George Riker, AAFES Area III general manager answers a question from the panel. issues and recommendations that community.”
    • 22 Nov. 10, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly HAES holds Fall Free Aerobics Classes at Humphreys Gym Festival ParadeChoose from kick boxing, yogalates, By Nancy Turneryoga, step, water aerobics, sculpt and Humphreys American Elementary Schoolcardio sculpt, cardio combo or just CAMP HUMPHREYS – The FallABS. All are offered free by certified Festival Parade is an annual eventinstructors. Contact the Camp held on Halloween every year. ThisHumphreys gym at 753-8810 or 753- year, students were encouraged to8811 for times, locations and complete dress as literary characters ratherinformation. than traditional Halloween creatures. Area III Mandatory Students in American schools Ethics Training cannot participate in the traditionalThe Area III Legal Center conducts trick-or-treating on campus,required annual Ethics Training every therefore every effort is made byThursday for the rest of the calendar the school and the base to provide ayear. Training focuses on the Joint celebration for children on this day.Ethics Regulation and particularly on The students, already excitedproper uses of government property, about Halloween, seemed to enjoyprivate organizations, gift giving, wearing their costumes to schoolinformal funds and fund raising. Area and showing them off to theirIII Ethics Training will take place family and friends.every Thursday at the Camp Following the afternoon parade,Humphreys Post-Theatre at 1 p.m. students celebrated the day withContact Capt. Graham Smith at 753- their classmates in their classroom.3756 for information regarding the Holidays are a part of the primary NANCY TURNERtraining. school curriculum and providing a Second-grade teacher, Kathleen Crisp, stands with her students John Robert Salas and celebration reinforces the holidays. Madeline Prine TMC Reduces Services During FTXA Field Training Exercise scheduled Area III kicks off Native American Heritage Monthfor Tuesday thru Nov. 22 may causea reduction of services at the Troop By Susan BarkleyMedical Clinic, including routine Area III Public Affairsappointments, immunizations, CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Students from thephysical examinations, hearing tests, Equal Opportunity Representatives Course tookoptometry, mental health, physical some time out away from the classroomtherapy, pharmacy, lab and radiology. recently to cut a cake and kick off the Area III observance of Native American Heritage Month. University of Phoenix The participants are all students in the EOR Registration OngoingRegistration for the Master of Course given Oct. 23 to Nov 3. by Sgt. 1stManagement-International program is Class Renee L. Wray, Area III Equal Opportunityin-progress. Classes start online Nov. advisor.28. For questions or registration, Wray said the students planned the kickoffcontact the UOP Osan site manager at event and the other events to be held throughout784-5664 or by e-mail the month. The United Services has partnered with them to provide programs and trivia games at the USO office through Nov. Holiday Food Vouchers S USA BARKLEY 30. A Native American Heritage program andA limited number of Holiday food Six students from the Area III Equal Opportunity Representatives Course cut a cake lunch, sponsored by USO, will be held Nov. 28vouchers will be available for those to kick off the Area III observance of Native American Heritage Month. at a location to be determined need this holiday season. Forinformation contact individual unitfirst sergeants, or the CampHumphreys Chapel at 753-7274. DuathlonPyeongtaek Chapter People to Peopleinvites you to participate in aduathlon 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 19, atCamp Humphreys. The race willconsist of a 20K bike ride and 10Krun. Contact the post gym at 753-8810for information. HAES Workshop SetThere will be a “Helping Your Child withReading” parent workshop from 11:30a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nov. 21at HumphreysAmerican Elementary School, NorthCampus conference room. TMCW SubmissionsTo have an item included in the Area III Goodies On the GoNews & Notes section of The Morning (From left) Bill Spearman, camps Long and Eagle Army Community Service manager, Pfcs. Justin Henckle and Ryan Sparling, 2nd Platoon,Calm Weekly, call 754-8847 for 557th Military Police Company, Sheena Buford, USO volunteer and Daisy Watson, Area III USO manager share goodies as Area III USO staffinformation. and volunteers visited camps Long and Eagle Oct. 27 for reverse Trick-or-Treating. Instead of the trick-or-treaters knocking on doors, USO and camps Long and Eagle Army Community Service knocked on office doors and distributed goodies to surprised Soldiers working in the areas.
    • Nov. 10, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23Softball Diplomacy 35th ADA plays local women’s team in ‘Friendship Game’By 1st Lt. David C. Marlow35th ADA Public Affairs OSAN AIR BASE – It was not the type of event really helps remove a lottraditional Fall Classic, but a Sept. 22 of misunderstanding and brings peoplesoftball game at Osan Air Base was a closer together.”real victory for all who participated. In the spirit of friendship, the teamsThe Headquarters and Headquarters merged after the fifth inning so thatBattery, 35th Air Defense Artillery each team consisted of both KoreanBrigade played the Songtan Jisan and American players. “This eventVillage women’s softball team in a really exceeded our expectations,” said“Friendship Game” that was followed Capt. Josh Fishman, commander,by a get-together which served both HHB, 35th ADA Bde. “Everyone madeKorean and American barbecue. new friends, the game was “We really wanted to play an competitive, the barbecue was greatAmerican team from the base -- not and players from both sides canonly for the athletic challenge of honestly claim victory.playing a men’s team, but also to “There was no final score,” hemake friends and welcome them to added. “We considered it a gamethe community,” said first baseman where everybody won.”Kim Ok-ran. “I used to think that it would be “I really think it’s great to use hard to approach American Soldiers,sports to improve relations,” said Jeon but now I realize they are goodGi-oh, third baseman. “I think because neighbors,” said Jung Soon-moon,of language and cultural differences, Songtan team captain. “I hope we 1 L . D C. M ST T AVID ARLOWthere is often misunderstanding have more opportunities like this and First Sgt. James Herlihy, HHB, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, “sends one to the cheapbetween Koreans and Americans. This maintain our friendship.” seats.”Delta Company, 58th Aviation wins 8th Army Flag Football Championship Area III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Delta Company 58th 8th U.S. Army Flag Football Aviation Regiment “Timberwolves” swept all Final Standings competitors aside in their quest for the 8th U.S. WINS LOSSES Army Flag Football Championships held at Camp Humphreys’ Soldiers Park Nov. 2 thru Saturday. Co. D, 58th Avn. 4 0 The double-elimination tournament paired the 595th Maint. 4 2 same teams in opening round action with the A CO 302nd BSB 2 2 Timberwolves winning by a 20-18 margin. HHC 19th ESC 2 2 The championship game saw the Timberwolves HHC 1st Sig. 1 2 triumph over 595th Maintenance Company from 168th Med. 1 2 Area II, 34-0. The championship game completed a E CO 302nd BSB 0 2 F. NEIL NEELEY perfect season of 21 wins and no loses for the58th AR’s Pfc.Tyler Stonebraker (center) rushes to a goal. Timberwolves. F BTRY 1-43 ADA 0 2Return to Spooky HollowArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Camp Humphreyscelebrated Halloween at Spooky Hollow Oct. 31 atthe Commander’s Community Center and ZoecklerStation Sports Field. The event featured community trick-or-treating,a costume parade, haunted woods, unit boothdecorating contest and live music. According to Mike Mooney, marketing directorof Morale Welfare and Recreation, more than 450children of U.S. and Korean military, civilianemployees and U.S. contractors were in attendance. PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY
    • Nov. 10, 2006 Page 25Carroll Soldiers help with Waegwan Clean-up2-1 ADA troopsget to know theirnew neighborsBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs WAEGWAN – Fall cleanup is asmuch a part of Army life as GI parties,head count and Physical Training. However, fall cleanup isn’t an Armyexclusive, as a group of 20 U.S. Armyand Korean Augmentation to the UnitedStates Army Soldiers from Camp Carrollfound out as they joined 25 members ofthe Waegwan Female Volunteer FireBrigade on a beautification project inWaegwan’s industrial district Nov. 2. PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM The group, including 14 members of Pvt. Rob Stohan, a nuclear, chemical and biological specialist with Headquarters and Headquartersthe 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Battery, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery, works side-by-side with members of the WaegwanArtillery, raked, swept and bagged Female Volunteer Fire Brigade during a joint fall clean-up event Nov. 2.leaves, trash and debris along a main Others agreed. we were to do this road cleaningthoroughfare near Waegwan’s Oae “I’ve only been here since yesterday through a public works project, then itKwan Industrial Complex Sewage & but I feel like I belong already,” said Pvt. will take at least a couple of months,Wastewater Treatment Plant. Jack Gallagher, a welder with Echo but with the American Soldiers’ help it For the 2-1 Soldiers, it was the first Service Battery, 2-1 ADA. “I like being will be settled up in a couple of days.”opportunity for most of them to visit able to help out in the community, The 2-1 ADA is eager to forge athe city and mingle with its citizens. The especially since it helps build the positive relationship with its new2-1 ADA is currently integrating at relationship between the local Koreans neighbors in Waegwan.Camp Carroll, following their relocation and the American military. It shows that “This is a great opportunity to beginfrom the Republic of Korea’s Gwangju we care and gives us a chance to meet a cooperative and mutually beneficialAir Base where it was stationed for people.” relationship with the Waegwannearly two years. Camp Carroll Soldiers join with local community,” said Maj. Doug Reynolds, “It feels good to be able to help out organizations several times a year to the battalion’s incoming executive Spc. Carlos Santos, a communicationsand see the city a little bit,” said Spc. conduct similar projects. officer. specialist with Headquarters and HeadquartersCarlos Santos, Headquarters and “The residents of Waegwan are really “We are excited about this early Battery, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery,Headquarters Battery, 2-1 ADA, who pleased with the American Soldiers’ help opportunity to engage the citizens of rakes leaves during a joint beautification projecthas been at Camp Carroll for four days. with this cleaning work,” said Jang In- Waegwan and are looking forward to with members of the Waegwan Female“It also shows that we are interested in soon, a Waegwan Village representative many more collaborative events in the Volunteer Fire Brigade Nov. 2.being a part of the community.” who coordinated the cleanup effort. “If future.” Taste of Korea to offer free cultural cuisine, entertainment By Steven Hoover the Great,” to the Camp Walker Library. Copies Area IV Public Affairs of either book about these key figures in Korean CAMP HENRY – In an effort to say thank you history can be picked up at the Area IV Public to the U.S. military community serving in Daegu, Affairs Office, Bldg. S-1211, here. the Cheongwoo Buddhist Association, in On the menu for the food expo are: bulgogi, coordination with Area IV Morale, Welfare and bibimbap, seafood pancakes, meat mandu, tofu, Recreation, is offering a “Taste of Korea” food white rice, cucumber and vegetable kimchi, bean PHOTO COURTESY CHOI EUN-GYUNG expo event, 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Nov. 18, at Camp paste soup, cold rice punch, rice cakes and The Busan City Palace Music Association, Gimhae City Walker’s Kelly Fitness Center. fruits. The meal will be served at noon. Branch, will perform traditional Korean farm music, at the Along with a meal for the first 200 U.S. To accommodate the event, the fitness center MWR “Taste of Korea” food expo event, 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. identification cardholders, this local group has floor will be closed that day, but all other Nov. 18 at Camp Walker’s Kelly Fitness Center. planned an hour-long show that will feature facilities will be available. traditional Korean music, costumes, dances and “We want to thank the Soldiers of United States “This is a really great opportunity for our ceremonies. Forces Korea for their efforts in defending our community to participate in Korean culture, eat Korean farm music, or “pungmul,” will be country’s security and freedom over the last half- some really great food and allow this provided by the Busan City Palace Music century, since the Korean War,” said Chong Yoon- organization to show it’s appreciation for what Association, Gimhae City Branch. Drumming is kyung, Daegu branch director of the Diamond the United States means to them,” said Kevin the central element of pungmul. The group is led Sutra Recitation Group, “and, to introduce our Jackson, Area IV Support Activity public affairs by a gong player and includes several additional country’s beautiful cultures and traditions to them officer. traditional Korean instruments. Pungmul is also as well.” For information about the event, call Chong performed in numerous Korean-American The organization also recently donated copies of Yong-kon, Area IV community relations officer, communities across the United States. the books, “Admiral Yi Sun-sin” and “King Sejong at 768-6907.
    • Nov. 10, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Volunteer Luncheon Carroll hosts 8th Army table tennis By Cpl. Cha Hyun-joon A volunteer luncheon will be held Area IV Public Affairs 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday at the Evergreen Community Club on Camp CAMP HENRY – The Crown Jewel Walker. For information, call Bonnie Fitness Center at Camp Carroll hosted the McCarthy at 768-8126. 8th Army Table Tennis Tournament Nov. 4 with 24 players from throughout the Thanksgiving Sporting peninsula vying for top honors in both singles Events and doubles divisions. Several sporting events are scheduled In the singles division, first place went to for the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Seo Hyung-suk, Headquarters and Events include a colonels vs. sergeants Headquarters Company, 2nd Infantry major volleyball game (1 p.m., Nov. 24), Division, Area I, who topped Ben Fuller, as well as Racquetball and Volleyball Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Tournaments (Nov. 24 and 25). The 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casey, Area I. entry deadline for these events is Nov. Third place went to Paul Elliott, United 19. There is also a Turkey Trot 5- States Army Contracting Command Korea, kilometer run and 2-mile walk (9 a.m., Camp Coiner, who represented Area II. Nov. 25). Registration is 8:20 – 8:50 a.m. Nov. 25 at the Kelly Fitness Center on In the doubles division, first place went Camp Walker. For information, call Neal to Alan Kincaid, United States Forces Korea Fleisher at 764-4800. Provost Marshall Office, and Jerome Gibson, 121st General Hospital, Yongsan Garrison, Holiday both of Area II, who defeated Hwang Sun- Gift Wrapping ku, Directorate of Public Works, Camp Holiday gift wrapping hosted by the Humphreys, and Kim Sang-moon, Taegu Spouses Association and the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Camp Walker Post Exchange will be United States Army Support Activity, Camp conducted Nov. 24 – 26, Dec. 2 – 3, Humphreys, both of Area III. and Dec. 9 – 24. Community groups Coming in third were Kim Won-dae, 1st wanting to participate should complete Battalion, 38th Field Artillery, Camp Casey, an application no later than Nov. 15. and Heine F. Nzumafo, Headquarters and Applications are available at the Apple Headquarters Company, 304th Signal GALEN PUTNAM Tree Gift Shop. For information, Battalion, Camp Stanley, who represented Eric Wheeler, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 176th Finance Battalion, Yongsan contact Amy Duray at 010-8671-6868, Area I. Garrison, representing Area II, warms up prior to the 8th Army Table Tennis Tournament Saturday. or, Vehicle Registration Office Relocation Former ambassador visits 2-1 ADA Soldiers The Area IV Vehicle Registration By Capt. William Blake “It is young Soldiers like you who which the ROK – US Alliance is all Office has moved from Camp Walker HHB, 2-1 ADA Bn. promote and strengthen the ROK-US about. Going all the way back to his to Bldg. S-1712 on Camp Henry. For GWANGJU AIR BASE – Soldiers Alliance,” he said. “On behalf of the Fort Bliss visit (to the unit prior to its information, call the new office Korea American Friendship Society, I move to the peninsula) in 2004, from 2nd Battalion, 35th Air Defense number, 768-6108. want to thank each of you for your Ambassador Park has been our most Artillery, were honored by a special visit from a former Korean Ambassador to service to the Alliance.” ardent supporter.” Holiday Luncheon the United States, the Honorable Park The 2-1 ADA is currently integrating Park has built a strong bridge of The Taegu International Women’s Young-chul Saturday. at Camp Carroll following their friendship between United States Association is hosting a holiday luncheon 10:30 a.m. Nov. 30 at the Park, who currently serves as chairman relocation from here, where it was Forces Korea personnel and the Evergreen Community Club on Camp of the Korea American Friendship Society, stationed for nearly two years. Korean community. He personally Walker. The cost is $18 for members met with Soldiers remaining at Gwangju “Special thanks and appreciation welcomed the 2-1 ADA Soldiers upon and $20 for guests. For information, Air Base to thank them for their service really go to Ambassador Park,” said their arrival in Gwangju and provided call Kim Granado at 010-8695-3184 or here. He credited the 2-1 ADA “Stalker” 1st Lt. David C. Marlow, 35th ADA them with a taste of Korean Chona Nufable at 010-3040-1136. Battalion with promoting and strengthening public affairs officer. “He has been a hospitality. Additionally, he laid the the relationship between the Republic of great teammate and the embodiment foundation for an ongoing exchange Community Seeks Korea and the United States. of the cooperation and friendship of culture and camaraderie through Cantata Participants the establishment of annual holiday Be a part of presenting “Emmanuel – events, dinners and other cultural God With Us!” the story of the birth exchanges designed to strengthen the of Christ in a multi-denominational Alliance. community Christmas Cantata. Community relations are particularly Rehearsals are 7 – 9 p.m. each important for 35th ADA as their unit Tuesday and Thursday, and will spans the length of the Peninsula, continue until the performance, 7 p.m. presently on four U.S. and two Republic Dec. 10 at the Camp Walker Soldier of Korea installations. Memorial Chapel. All community “Ambassador Park has played a members are invited to participate. tremendous role in the wonderful Child care is available upon request. interaction and support between 2-1 For information, call Deborah Lee at 656-3506. ADA, the ROK Air Force, and the entire Korean community,” said Maj. Holiday Mailing Pablo Batista, 2-1 ADA Battalion Deadlines operations officer. “The entire 35th Military Post Offices remind everyone ADA family is truly grateful for the to mail early for the upcoming holiday outstanding support over the last two season. Check with your mail room or years. The relationship has been Military Post Office for mailing CAPT. JANELLE DAGOSTINO exemplary and we look forward to deadlines. Former Korean Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Park Young-chul visits with our continued partnership in the Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 35th Air Defense Artillery at Gwangju Air Base Saturday. future.”
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Nov. 10, 2006 27Army recovers Korean artifacts from HialeahBy Steven Hoover during the lateArea IV Public Affairs Goryeo period of CAMP WALKER – Army installations in Korea are the 14th century,home to many important Korean cultural resources and so it is assumedhistoric properties, as was the recent case of Camp that the monumentHialeah, which officially closed Aug. 10. dates back to that Four of those carved stone properties, believed to Buddhist figures about 1,000 years old, are In an effort tocurrently being stored here by the Area IV Support begin the processActivity Department of Public Works’ of returning theEnvironmental Division. properties to the These pieces were brought to Camp Walker for Koreansafekeeping until the Korean government determined government andwhere they would eventually be placed, according to then the city ofRobert Chartier, DPW Environmental Division chief. Busan, Lee Joo- “At least three of the four properties had been wan, akept indoors during the past couple of years before This carved stone figure is one of conservationistwe moved them here,” he said. “Although they are four Korean cultural properties with the Nationalheavy, they are items that could have easily been saved when Camp Hialeah closed. Research Institutetaken by anyone, so that is why we brought them to of CulturalCamp Walker; to make sure that they wind up in the Heritage, in Daejeon, inspected the pieces Oct. 31.proper hands.” His primary mission was to examine how the According to an August 1999 Forest Service artifacts were packaged and to see what kind ofreport, the figures, two standing and one sitting, of shape they were in.similar design and decorative technique, were stored PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER “Overall, he was pleased with the condition of theinside the Camp Hialeah DPW Environmental Office Lee Joo-wan, a conservationist with the National Research pieces and said that it was obvious that DPW hadfor safekeeping. The overall design, shapes, Institute of Cultural Heritage, in Daejeon, inspects a carved taken great caution with them,” said Yeo Hee-engravings and expressions date back to the late stone figure, one of four Korean cultural properties saved kyoung, with the Cultural Heritage Administration.Unified Silla and early Goryeo Dynasty of the late during the closure of Camp Hialeah. They are currently She said that once all of the proper procedures have9th and early 10th centuries, respectively. Although being stored by the Area IV Environmental Division at Camp been completed, the pieces would most likely go totheir origin is uncertain, they are believed to Walker, awaiting return to the Korean government. the National Museum in Busan or another prominentrepresent one of the most valuable cultural here as well. According to the report, the inscription found on 8th U.S. Army installations. identifies worship of the Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara Chartier said that the pieces could be returned as A block of stone with an inscription was brought Haragriva. Worship of Bodhisatva was only popular early as mid-November. Ad goes here Ad goes here
    • Nov. 10, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyTSA welcomes Patti Mason to Daegu NEWS & NOTESBy Maj. Catherine Morelle-Oliveira NETOPS Workshop Scheduled19th ESC Public Affairs A Defense Information Systems Agency Network CAMP WALKER – Members of the Taegu Spouses Operations 100/200 Workshop will be held forAssociation hosted a community welcome for Patti information technology and operational personnelMason, the wife of Brig. Gen. Raymond V. Mason, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday thru Nov. 17, at the19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Camp Henry Theater. The training will help participantscommander, at the Evergreen Community Club Nov. 2. understand Net-centric services across strategic, Participants were welcomed and introduced to operational, and tactical boundaries supporting theMason through a traditional receiving line; co-hosted Department of Defense’s full spectrum of war fighting,by Jackie Duncan, wife of Command Sgt. Maj. George intelligence, and business missions.Duncan, 19th ESC’s command sergeant major. Then For information, call Butch Cartwright at 764-5575.they signed the welcome scroll, which was laterpresented to Mason, along with a floral arrangement Club Beyond Meetingsand a Korean platter. Club Beyond meets 4 – 6 p.m. every Sunday at the “It’s always a wondrous thing when a community Soldier Memorial Chapel Fellowship Hall on Campcomes together to welcome someone into their midst,” MAJ. CATHERINE MORELLE-OLIVEIRA Walker. This is a youth ministry program for all teenssaid Victoria Hatch in her opening remarks. “The Daegu Taegu Spouses Association vice presidents, Kim Hales (left) and (grades 7 – 12) in Area IV. For information, contactcommunity is one of the most generous and warmest Jeanette De Los Santos (right) present Patti Mason with a floral Latasha McCoy at 010-5810-2072, or,in South Korea.” arrangement and a Korean platter as welcome gifts at a community The lively chatter and informality of the event greeting for her at the Evergreen Community Club Nov. 2. After School Study Hallprovided a contemporary twist to the otherwise gave the time-honored event a more up to date and The Camp Carroll Digital Training Facility (Bldg. 205) istraditional event, which most found warm and personal feel. offering after school study hall for identification card-hospitable. “Thanks so much for coming tonight, for taking holding school-age children (age 10 and older), “This is my first reception,” said TSA member time from your families and busy schedules to be here Weekdays, 2 – 5 p.m. An atmosphere conducive toTami Lejeune. “I think the people here are very sincere tonight,” Mason said. “I’m honored to be here with all studying, computers with limited access to the Worldand it’s nice to have such a spirit of community so far of you. It didn’t take me long to see what a caring and Wide Web for students to research and completefrom home.” generous group of people you all are. Let’s just have homework assignments are provided. “This provides the community a chance to welcome fun together and watch out for each other the best we For information, call Kimberly Davis at 765-4905 or 011-Patti and get a chance to meet and know her, where can and just make some great memories while we are 9689-7963.they might not otherwise get that chance,” said TSA here.” CFC Campaign Continuesmember Millie Atchison. “It also provides her a chance “We want to make sure Patti doesn’t feel the need The Area IV Combined Federal Campaign continuesto meet the other spouses in an informal, more personal to fill anyone else’s shoes,” Lejuene said. “It’s always through Dec. 1. For information, contact your unitway, while still maintaining some of our unique Army a good thing when someone new arrives to bring coordinator or Sandra Jackson, Area IV CFC projecttraditions.” something original to the community. We want her to officer, at 768-6052, or, Both ladies agreed that the blending of informality walk in her own shoes.” Ad goes here
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Nov. 10, 2006 29
    • Nov. 10, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “I want this washed.” Igot jom setakae juseyo. this washed I want Vocabulary A.M. ‘ojon’ P.M. ‘ohu’ noon ‘jongo’ Week Situation of the Week : Laundry When will it be ready? Onjetjum doelkkayo? I need it for tonight. Onul bame piryohamnida. Can you get the stain out? Ee olluk bbael su issoyo? Can you sew this button on? Ee damchu jom dara juseyo. When shall I come for them? Onje omyon doelkkayo? I want this dry cleaned. Eegot jom durai hae juseyo. : Korean Expression of the Week Week Korean seamstress It’s like slurping cold sews for nearly porridge. Sikeunjuk meogi half century It’s a piece of cake.