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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  061103 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 061103 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Nov. 3, 2006Volume 5, Issue 4 The Morning Calm Weekly is English Camp builds NEO carried out vocabularies, friendships across Korea Page 28 Pages 9, 16, 21 nline Visit http:// community aidsHabitat for HumanityBy Susan Barkley volunteers who planned to come fromArea III Public Affairs Area IV, but mission requirements CHEONAN — Sixty-five volunteers prevented them.gathered on a crisp, foggy morning “This is a popular program in theSaturday here — after having traveled States,” said Charlotte Huntsman, USOfrom as far away as Camp Bonifas and director for marketing and programs. “Itas close as Camp Humphreys — to lend gives volunteers a chance to help thosetheir muscle and talents to help in need and give back to theconstruct 16 Habitat for Humanity community.”apartments for low-income families. Air Force Master Sgt. Benjamin The volunteers, a mix of Soldiers, Huseman, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron,airmen, civilians and at least one family spoke for many of the volunteers whenmember, spent their Saturday removing he said “This is awesome.”trash, hauling wallboard, painting, Huseman said he is using the skillsplastering and installing insulation in an the Air Force gave him to give back toeffort that will eventually result in 20 the community.four-unit apartment buildings. Cpl. William E. Branch, United The volunteer effort was sponsored Nations Command Security Battalion,by the USO and represented the third was one of two volunteers who traveledyear the organization has supported from Camp Bonifas.Habitat for Humanity. “I want to give back to the Volunteers came from Areas I, II, III community,” he said. “The USO doesand Osan Air Base. Sgt. 1st Class Terri a lot for us and this is a way to thankL. Dickerson, 16th Medical Logistics them.”Battalion (Yongsan), said her unit had “Soldiers are used to volunteering,” said Army Lt. Col. E.W. Lilliewood, DAVID MCNALLY commander, 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. “They Ghouls Galore know Habitat for Humanity and it Cho Min-seung (left) and Park Joo-won experience the American Halloween tradition Saturday gives them a sense of home and at Yongsan Garrison. Forty-two Korean students put on costumes and joined in the holiday community.” fun as part of the Good Neighbor Program. For related stories, see Page 10. Lilliewood said this is the fifth Habitat project he has worked on. “The Soldiers are a good help,” said Yi Won-jae, Habitat for Humanity COLA rate in Korea falling COLA Cheonan-Asan project manager. “I’m 176th Finance Command prices in the United States go up and not surprised by Soldiers helping.” Special to The Morning Calm Weekly the prices in Korea remain the same, Habitat for Humanity began Servicemembers in Korea can blame there is less difference to compensate operating in Korea in 1992, when a stateside inflation for smaller paychecks for, so COLA goes down. group of volunteers investigated starting in October. Cost of Living The impact on Korea is a four-point whether the HFH concept could be Allowances have decreased due to rising drop in the COLA index. To make the effective in Korea. costs in the United States, although burden more bearable, the rates will Today HFH Korea is one of the prices in Korea have remained steady. drop two points a month, so most active parts of the Habitat world. Each year, the Department of servicemembers and families won’t Both building houses at home and Defense measures consumer prices experience a sudden change in their abroad. In 2001, HFH Korea hosted across the globe by examining the cost income. These drops will occur in the 10,000 volunteers from 31 countries of 120 goods and services in each months of October and November, with SUSAN BARKLEY for the Jimmy Carter Work Project. the reduction ranging between 10 to 18 location. The prices are statisticallyAir Force Staff Sgt. Stacy LeBlanc, 607th They built 136 units in 34 buildings. compared, then COLA everywhere is percent depending on your location.Combat Plans Squadron, sands a railing at For information on volunteering adjusted annually. For information, visit http://the Habitat for Humanity project in Cheonan with Habitat for Humanity in Korea, COLA is paid to compensate for go online to higher costs of living overseas. As index.html for information.
  • Nov. 3, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly B Protect yourself against MP Blotter E fraudulent e-mails The following entries were excerptedfrom the military police blotters. Theseentries may be incomplete and do notimply the guilt or innocence of any There has been a significant increase If you receive any Lperson. in the number, frequency and variety of suspicious e-mail purportedlyArea I bogus e-mails received by members of from a financial institution, Attempted Rape, Robbery, Burglary, the U.S. Forces Korea community. These contact your banking LAggravated Assault, Attempted Larceny e-mails are intended to solicit personal institution directly to discussof Private Property, Underage Drinking, or banking information from you. I the validity of the message. IfCurfew Violation — Subject 1 was out with encourage you to be vigilant in protecting you need assistance to discussfriends and had been consuming alcohol. your personal information in order to not irregular e-mails received inAround 1 a.m. Oct. 22, Subject 1 was become a victim of identity theft or bank your USFK e-mail account,walking alone adjacent to the Seoul fraud. immediately notify your unitHospital when Subject 1 approached Several versions of these misleading information assurance officer. SVictim 1, grabbed Victim 1’s purse and fled e-mails have been received by This will assist us in alertingon foot. Subject 1 ran to an unknown alley servicemembers and their families. Most the community and allow us towhere Subject 1 disposed of the purse and recently, they targeted Bank of America take action to block these Eits contents. Subject 1 continued to walk and DOD Community Bank customers. messages.around the TDC area and around 2 a.m., Gen. B.B. Bell Several media sources Although these e-mails appear to haveSubject 1 entered an apartment building United Nations Command/Combined regularly report on this legitimate logos and claim to be urgent Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea fraudulent activity. A good Web Nwith the intention of stealing property. messages, they are “socially engineered”Subject 1 attempted to enter numerous commander site to use for reference is http:/apartments in the building, which were all to trick you into providing personallocked. Subject 1 entered Victim 2’s place information you should not share openly. / Dof residence, which was unsecured. Upon To protect yourself against identity theft, you I encourage you to become familiar with this or similarentry into the apartment, Subject 1 should never divulge your social security number, sites and look for media reports on our USFK Webdiscovered Victim 2 asleep in his/her bed. date of birth or any other personal identity site and local newspapers. SSubject 1 removed his/her clothing, picked information via e-mail. Additionally, safeguarding You are the first line of defense in the protection ofup a frying pan located in the kitchen, and your financial account information is an important your personal identity and banking information.approached Victim 2’s bed, with the step to protect yourself against bank fraud. Financialintention of having sexual intercourse. institutions and other governmental agencies willVictim 2 awoke to Subject 1’s presence at never ask you for personal/identifiable informationwhich time Subject 1 struck Victim 2 in the via e-mail correspondence. This information ishead with the frying pan, causing the # usually collected by other secure means, but never GEN B.B. Bellhandle of the pan to break. Victim 2 started 04-07 by e-mail. Commander, UNC/CFC/USFKscreaming and Subject 1 fled the scene Life as KATUSA Soldier brings unique challenges, rewards rewar ewardswhere he/she was subsequently arrestedby the Korean National Police. Subject 1was advised of his/her legal rights, whichSubject 1 waived, admitting to the offenses. By Sgt. Park Myung Joon about the day when it would be my comfortable with foreign people,” heInvestigation continues by Criminal 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) time to serve. I just didn’t want to give said.Investigation Division and KNP, with the For Korean up two years in my 20s. I wanted to So I applied, passed my English testKNP as the lead investigative agency. males, it is use my two years doing something else and I was selected as a “KATUSA.”Area 2 mandatory to – anything else – like working for a While being a KATUSA did present Traffic Accident without Injuries, perform two company. But the Korean Ministry of its own set of challenges, theDamage to Government Property, Damage years of National Defense said that I’m qualified environment, food, housing andto Private Property, Inattentive Driving -- government to join the Army. Therefore, military facilities were so much more appealingSubject 1, operating a GOV, failed to service before service was in the cards no matter how to me than those offered by the ROKobserve and struck Victim 1’s POV. the age of 30. I shuffled the deck. Army.Damages to Subject 1’s vehicle consisted For most that One day, a friend of my elder brother Also, spending two years workingof dents and scratches to the left front conjures with Americans did help me learn to be who had been a Korean Augmentee tobumper. Damages to Victim 1’s vehicle mental images the U.S. Army Soldier, told me that more comfortable communicating andconsisted of dents, scratches and paint Park Myung Joon of two years joining the KATUSA corps would living with foreigners. But those are nottransfer to the right side of the vehicle. of uniforms, provide an easier lifestyle than serving the only reasons why people want to beSubject 1 rendered a written swornstatement admitting to the offenses. guard duty and rigorous pre-dawn in the Republic of Korea Army. KATUSA Soldiers. There are a varietyInvestigation continues. workouts. “You’re going to be with lots of Since I was a kid, I had worried Americans. This will lead you to be See KATUSA Page 4 KATUSA, Published by IMCOM-Korea This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Command-Korea Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. Editor Sgt. 1st Class Mark Porter responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Sustain, Support and Defend
  • The Morning Calm Weekly News Nov. 3, 2006 3 OHA utility survey OPMS Task Force VisitThe Officer Personnel Management begins MondaySystem Task Force from Human Special to The Morning Calm WeeklyResources Command, Officer The Annual Overseas HousingPersonnel Management Division, will Allowance Utility Survey isvisit Korea today, to train field grade scheduled for Korea Monday throughleadership on changes to OPMS. The Dec. 5.focus of the presentations will be onthe steps the Army is taking to broaden All uniformed servicemembers inofficer development, group skills Korea who reside in privately leasedfunctionally and grow “multi-skilled” quarters overseas and receive OHAleaders for the 21st century. Specifically, can reach the site via the PDTATACleaders will receive an introduction to home page at https://the new OPMS Development Model, new OPMS Functional Design and novoha.html/.the impacts on individual officers. The Overseas Housing Allowance TECH. SGT. JEFFREY ALLENThe briefing schedule is as follows: is a valuable entitlement for members Republic of Korea F-5 Tiger IIs (second from right and far right), from the 111th Fighter SquadronArea II: 8-9:30 a.m. Nov. 3, at the South stationed overseas. The time and here and Wolf Pack F-16s, fly over Kunsan City Oct. 13 during the Tiger II’s final flight. This wasPost Chapel effort spent answering the questionsArea III: 3-4:30 p.m. Nov. 3, at the Camp their last flight before the Korean squadron upgrades to KF-16s. The KF-16s are constructed in enables the Department of DefenseHumphreys Theater Korea using parts provided by the Northrop aircraft company. to set equitable OHA utility rates.For information, call Capt. JasonCavness at or Korean squadron ends chapter Annually, PDTATAC conducts the OHA Utility Survey to collect Utility in history, begins writing next and Recurring Maintenance expense data from servicemembers who Estate Claim Notice receive OHA. PDTATAC uses thisWilliam M. Guy, a civilian employeeserving in Korea, died Sept. 28 in By Staff Sgt. Nathan Gallahan After the aircraft touched down data to compute OHA Utility and 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Recurring Maintenance AllowancesHawaii. Anyone having a claim they were soaked by 8th Civilagainst the estate of Guy may contact for Service members worldwide. The KUNSAN AIR BASE — As the Engineer Squadron fire trucks, anBruce Taylor at 736-7038, or by e-mail rates are based on typical costs F-5s’ wheels touched down, it Air Force tradition, before parkingat incurred by servicemembers living in ended an era, and began a new one. near base operations. countries outside the continental It was a pivotal moment for the Col. Preston “Wolf II” Daegu Air Base Entry United States who live off post and Republic of Korea Air Force here. Thompson, 8th Fighter Wing vice Procedure Changes receive an Overseas Housing The ROKAF started its transition commander, was there to greet themBase access procedures at Daegu Air Allowance. to the KF-16 Oct. 13, when two F-5 with a bouquet of flowers andBase (K-2) have changed. All base To complete the surveys, Tiger II aircraft from the 38th heartfelt congratulations for theaccess will now be controlled by respondents should have actual bills Fighter Group completed their final upgrade in aircraft.Republic of Korea Air Force. or records of their utility expenses sortie. Afterward, there were speechesFor information, call Tech Sgt. Tony and maintenance expenses for the last The two Tigers were flown by by the two colonels and a smallKrolczyk at 766-4352. 12 months. They will be expected to ROKAF Col. Kwang Nam Kim, reception of family and friends to compute a monthly average for each commander, 38th FG and Capt. celebrate the occasion. Marine Corps Ball of these expenses. This survey may Byoung Doo Choi, 111th Fighter The KF-16s are expected to beginCelebrate the 231st Marine Corps be taken at home. Squadron. arriving this winter.Birthday Nov. 10 at the Hyatt Hotel AAFES Pacific gas prices Pacificin Seoul. The evening will includecocktails, dinner, dancing and a cake- management program, as well as labor costs,cutting ceremony. Tickets are $65 and depreciation and other miscellaneous expensesdress is military and civilian formal.For information, call 723-7261. dropping in November associated with providing gasoline to customers overseas.Reservations are required. AAFES Public Affairs AAFES leadership can exercise discretion when Special to The Morning Calm Weekly setting prices at the first of the month only when ROCKS Inc. Meeting extraordinary circumstances impact the Department OKINAWA – The Army and Air Force ExchangeThe ROCKS Inc., Morning Calm Service announces a decrease in gasoline prices for of Energy average.Chapter, invites all commissioned the month of November. The average cost of a gallon “ Pump prices are still Discretion was lastofficers, peninsula-wide, to the dropping, just not at the same exercised in April ofROCKS’ “first Fridays night,” today. of gasoline in the United States has been falling dueThis is a call to all officers interested in to an oversupply of crude oil, which is good news rate as one month ago.” this year when self-making a difference in officer for Pacific drivers, who will see savings at the serve regular jumpedmentorship and the local community. pumps over last month of at least 14 cents. nearly a quarter a gallon in just two weeks andCome and find out what ROCKS is The November fuel prices at AAFES pumps in AAFES limited the May 1 price change at AAFESabout at Whispers in the Dragon Hill Korea are as follows: OCONUS stations to just 10 percent of the AprilLodge, beginning at 5 p.m. Unleaded $2.290 pump price. Premium $2.496 To establish November prices, AAFES used the Contracting Command Diesel $2.581 two week DoE average from the weeks ending Oct. Closed Tuesday “Gas prices are a very sensitive issue with our 16 and 23, per the discretionary authority in theU.S. Army Contracting Command customers here in the Pacific, and we are happy to OCONUS gas policy. The DoE average price for allKorea (Yongsan) will be closed for its pass along a price reduction this month, and hope grades of fuel including diesel decreased.Organization Day Tuesday, and will this trend continues,” said Dan Tompkins, AAFES In Japan/Okinawa, the price for midgrade gasolinereopen for business Wednesday. For Pacific Region Senior Vice President. was set at the “floor” selling price per AAFES Board ofinformation, call Ken Kitahara at 724- AAFES’ market-based gas policy, as approved by Directors Policy. The floor price is simply the price at5288. its military board of directors, is to set prices based which AAFES buys the fuel, plus the incremental TMCW Submissions on the U.S. Department of Energy’s monthly average dispensing costs. The price for regular unleaded inHave an item for The Morning Calm for each grade of gasoline in the continental United Korea was also set at the “floor” selling price.Weekly? Send stories and States. In overseas locations, the unique incremental Pump prices for gasoline are still dropping, justphotographic submissions to dispensing costs by country are added to the not at the same rate as one month ago. Crude monthly average. These incremental costs include prices remain near $60 a barrel on news of OPEC’sFor information, call 738-3355. (where applicable) costs related to the gas coupon plans to reduce daily output.
  • Nov. 3, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyK ATUSA from Page 2reasons. newspapers on a daily basis. I had to “After I entered my university, my talk and interact with lots of highmotto in life was ‘let’s have as large a ranking U.S. Army officers and NCOs.variety of experiences as possible’,” Working in this field also gave mesaid former KATUSA Lee Young Hee, exposure to people who worked in awho served with Company B, 58th variety of vocations. This gave me aAviation Regiment. “I’d had various chance to think about other job fieldsexperiences in my four years in college, and how different types of workbut I had been limiting myself and the interact with each other.experiences I sought out into certain Lessons Learnedcriteria. I thought being a KATUSA Being a KATUSA Soldier is a newmight be a new challenge, and I challenge for everyone who decides toapplied,” take this path. It might seem hard to According to an article I once read work in the U.S. Army, but the benefitsin “The Morning Calm Weekly,” are huge.KATUSA Soldiers comprise “I had lots of conflicts and problemsapproximately 10 percent of 8th United when I was in the Army. The steps IStates Army manpower. They can be took toward solving those problemsfound working in almost every part of gave me the chance to think aboutthe U.S. Army, from an infantry things differently,” said Lee.division to a small supply room, from a He also said his time in the Armymotor pool to the public affairs office. inspired him to become a managementIf you’ve worked with the U.S. Army consultant with an English-speakingin Korea, you’ve probably worked with company in the civilian world.KATUSA Soldiers. They do many of the “While serving in the KATUSAsame jobs U.S. Soldiers do. program, I learned what I’m good at. I Although working so closely discovered my talents, and that’s thetogether creates opportunities, it also reason why I’m working as acreates challenges such as cultural management consultant in mymisunderstandings or unintended company,” said Lee.slights. Most males in Korea finish their KATUSAs are supposed to be service while still in college, so mostrespected just like U.S. Soldiers. This is KATUSA Soldiers go back to schoolnot always the case. Referring to the after completing their mandatory serviceSoldier by the phrase “Hey KATUSA,” time. When they get back to school,ignoring cultural sensitivities and thoughts from their two years in theignoring KATUSA sergeant rank as if it Army inspire both future expectationswere no more relevant than private, are and regrets.some examples of the disrespect many “It’s true that I recieved many goodKATUSA Soldiers endure. things from the Army, but it’s also true Not everyone shows this kind of that I’m way behind the other studentsdisrespect, but it’s common enough who didn’t spend their two years in thethat every KATUSA Soldier can relate. Army, and stayed in school. But I knowLuckily, 8th Army and the ROK Army that I can say this strongly: I had a greathave been making efforts to rectify the chance to review my life and mysituation. service time provides me advantages as I am nearing completion of my two I prepare for my next step,” said Kim.years of mandatory service and looking After finishing his mandatory serviceback on my experiences. as a KATUSA Soldier, the experience When I made up my mind to join the that Lee had in the U.S. Army mayArmy, I knew nothing about the Army prove valuable to junior KATUSAand the way it does business. As a Soldiers, who are just starting to serve.KATUSA Soldier, I had to complete five “ It’s a challenge for anyone to live inweeks of ROK Army Basic Training a society which has a totally differentwith other ROK Army Soldiers. After cultural background,” he said. “You’llthat, came three weeks at the KATUSA have to take those mental conflicts thatTraining Academy. The KTA is where will come to you. But you’ll be growingKATUSA Soldiers learn about up by solving those and you’ll be adifferences between the ROK Army and prime example of a KATUSA Solder.”U.S. Army. My initial impressions of the U.S. During their time at KTA, KATUSA Army came from listening to theSoldiers are assigned to their units and opinions of others. After having spentmilitary occupational specialties based my own time in the military and makingon their English language skills, area of my own assessment, I would say thatstudy in college, Army Physical Fitness my life in the U.S. Army was quite anTest score and certificates. amazing and worthwhile experience. In I was assigned to be a journalist in spite of my trepidations about returningPublic Affairs Office at the 19th to the civilian world, I will value theSustainment Command (Expeditionary). experience more than I will regret it. Two years living as a KATUSA in (Editor’s Note: Park Myung JoonPAO was a new challenge for me. completed his mandatory service Oct. In college I majored in engineering. 20, 2006. He was awarded an ArmyThe transition from physics and math Commendation Medal for histo writing and photography was quite a contributions to the unit and was thedramatic change for me. winner of the 2005 Keith L. Ware Award Nevertheless I wrote stories and for Excellence in Army Journalism intook pictures for magazines and the Photojournalism category.)
  • Nov. 3, 2006 Page 5AFSC addresses AAFES issues: teamwork in actionBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson customer convenience programsArea I Public Affairs available for customers to request CAMP RED CLOUD – This is part merchandise not offered at a postone of a three-part series about the exchange.issues from the 2005 Army Family “Furthermore, AAFES will haveAction Plan conference to the Army more clothing merchandise comingFamily Steering Committee. into the stores here in Warrior Country Every year the Army Family Action next spring,” O’Brien said. “EvenPlan conference gives delegates an though Area I is a noncommand-opportunity to improve the quality of sponsored area and we are in anlife for fellow Soldiers and their artillery range, we know childrenfamilies in Warrior Country. clothing is needed and we will support Last year, Area I and 2nd Infantry their needs.”Division AFAP conference delegates Pricing in local PXprovided 38 issues for implementation AAFES has entry price points onto the Army Family Action Plan items at their stores. O’Brien said toSteering Committee. After months of look for the blue round circle. Thesestudy, the steering committee items are available at the lowest price.completed 21 issues, sent six issues For instance, depending on the type JIM CUNNINGHAM of toaster purchased a shopper canto 8th U.S. Army, rejected four issuesand is currently working on the Capt. Kimberly Carmickle of Headquarters, Headquarters Company, Area buy one for $6.95 or look at the otherremaining seven issues. I Support Activity, examines toaster prices at the CRC Post Exchange. two brands and pay more – it’s all a “There’s a limit to what we can do improvement measure issues: demographics change to boost up our matter of freedom of choice.and should do,” said Col. Forrest Post Exchange clothing assortment to cater to the needs of the “Also, when someone goes into theNewton, Area I garrison commander. “We have an assortment of clothing community. And, we will continue to PX to buy clothing, look at the tag,”“It is about priorities. We can’t do available; however, based on the collect ladies wear surveys so we can O’Brien said. “It will sayeverything. Many recommendations demographics at Camp Casey and determine customer demand on styles manufacturer’s price and then ourpresent significant challenges as they being a noncommand-sponsored area and sizes. However, fashionable price, which is significantly less.are implemented.” we cater toward the younger troops,” clothing is easily available from AAFES is regularly saving customers The Force Support and said Betty O’Brien, AAFES general Yongsan and Osan, our sister stores.” an average of 2l.89 percent on theEntitlements Committee centered on manager, Northern Exchange. “We do Baby and maternity clothes in PXArmy and Air Force Exchange Service have the flexibility as the AAFES has a shuttle program or See AFAP Page 7 AFAP,Area I awards volunteers of the quarterBy Jim Cunningham creates and enhances personal value and satisfaction,Area I Public Affairs provides a role model to our younger generations to CAMP CASEY—Area I celebrated volunteerism develop the art of unselfish service, and impacts ourand honored those volunteers who excelled in making Soldiers and families morale and creates communitya difference in the community of Soldiers and civilians. cohesiveness, which truly builds a strong Army,” Bunce “President Ronald Reagan once said, ‘No matter big and powerful the government gets, and the Bunce explained the products of volunteerism aremany services it provides, it can never take the place many, not the least being that the volunteers value theof volunteers,’” said Amanda Bunce, wife of Greg relationship with the community.Bunce, Area I command sergeant major and guest “They have personal feelings and self satisfactionspeaker for the volunteer awards ceremony. “A recent for giving, much like you would in a strong and healthysurvey revealed more than 70 percent of military relationship,” Bunce said. “Volunteering develops adependents volunteered a minimum of five hours a character quality everyone wants to achieve.”week. That has an amazing impact on the military Bunce closed her address with a quote fromcommunity.” Winston Churchill. “ ‘We make a living by what we do, Bunce continued to reveal how the Army values but we make a life by what we give.’ These volunteersshape the community through volunteerism. live up to those words.” “Truth be known, our military and our community Afterwards, Col. Forrest Newton, Area I garrisondepends on its culture of volunteerism, their dedication commander, presented the following awards: JIM CUNNINGHAMto duty, and their value-based living,” she said. Rhodora DiSilva was named the volunteer of the Amanda Bunce addressed the volunteers of “What impact does volunteering have on the second quarter and Chanravy Son, Yong Hui Nam, the quarter Oct. 25.“Often when we speak ofindividual? The majority of volunteers reported gaining and Yun Jun Burbank were nominees. volunteers we talk about how beneficial theyinterpersonal skills such as understanding people better, Chandani Buccino was honored as volunteer of the are, how much of an impact they make, howdealing with different personalities and cultures and third quarter and Cliff Hill, Toy Curry, Yin Kun Yi were we ‘couldn’t do it without them’ and wehandling difficult situations. nominees. pursue all the politically correct adjectives so “It is also proven there is a definitive increase in The Fires Brigade was awarded unit volunteer of that our volunteers will continue to help,” sheknowledge of issues on health, politics, criminal justice the second quarter. said. “And as factual as all of those statementsand their community in general,” Bunce explained. The 302nd Brigade Support Battalion took volunteer are, they often get lost in translation. I also Explaining exactly what Army volunteers do to unit of the third quarter and the 604th Air Support submit to you that those who volunteer valueimprove the quality of Army life was the point of Operations Squadron was nominated. the relationship they are engaged with inBunce’s address. continued support for community relations “Volunteering drives our family readiness groups, E-mail here in Korea.”
  • Nov. 3, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Ethics training enlightens Soldiers, civilians at CRC Flu VaccinationFamily members may walk in at the CampCasey Troop Medical Clinic to receiveinfluenza vaccinations. Hours ofoperation are 1-3 p.m. Monday thru By Jim Cunningham government employees andFriday. For information, call 730-4612. Area I Public Affairs servicemembers, Morris said CAMP RED CLOUD— Area I some limited personal use is EEO/POSH Training Soldiers and civilians gained an authorized. If anyone has any Schedule concerns, they can always understanding of basic ethics rulesAll Area I Support Activity employees to avoid actions that violate the contact the JAG office.must be trained in Equal Opportunity Uniform Code of Military Justice “However, what you cannotEmployment, Prevention of Sexual and federal law. The Army- do is conduct your personalHarassment, Diversity and No Fear Actby Dec. 20. The training schedule is as mandated ethics training was held business or view pornographicfollows: Wednesday, 9-11 a.m., Oct. 19 at the Camp Red Cloud or extremist/racist Web sites onsupervisory training; 1-3 p.m., Theater. a government computer,”nonsupervisory, both sessions are at “Ethics training is very Morris said. “Moreover, youCamp Red Cloud Army Community important,” said Capt. Danisha cannot buy or sell things, yourServices, Building S-16. For Korean Morris, chief of administrative law house, your car … you should JIM CUNNINGHAMemployees training is Thursday, 9-11 for the 2nd Infantry Division’s do that on a home computer.” Capt. Danisha Morris, chief of administrativea.m., supervisory from 9 to 11 a.m.; 1-3 Staff Judge Advocate’s Office. “It Morris also discussed law for 2ID staff Judge advocates’s officep.m., nonsupervisory, both session at is the only way we can ensure our misuse of government delivers ethics training to Soldiers andthe Camp Casey theater. For information, Soldiers and our leaders know resources, dealing with private civilians at CRC theater Oct. 732-6273. right from wrong, so that we are organizations, and guidance on able to self police.” types of restricted fund-raising Most ethicists, however, still side Annual OPSEC/SAEDA In addition, the training covered allowed: Combined Federal with Greek philosopher Socrates, Training use of government equipment Campaign, Army Emergency who concluded 2,500 years ago thatThere will be a 45-minute Operational such as copy machines, Relief, local (when approved people could be taught to do right.Security and Subversion and Espionage computers, cell phones and by the installation commander) While ethics courses “have a veryDirected Against the U.S. Army training and religious. low chance of changing people’s vehicles. Moreover, as far as e-class from 9:30-10:15 a.m. Monday, in mail and Internet access by “Failure to follow the behavior in the long run,” they’rethe Camp Red Cloud Theater for Uniform Standards of Ethical still an essential starting point forHeadquarters, Headquarters Company, “Failure to follow the uniform Conduct can lead to reprimand, laying out expectations, said HowardArea I Support Activity Soldiers andU.S. civilian employees at CRC and Camp Standards of Ethical Conduct suspension, demotion, or even Prince, a former Army general nowStanley. can lead to reprimand, removal, depending on the heading an ethics program at the suspension, demotion, or even circumstances,” Morris said. University of Texas in Austin. “It’s TRICARE Briefing removal, depending on the “If the conduct also involves the first step. What really matters isThere will be a TRICARE briefing in the circumstances,” Morris said. violation of one of the civil or the follow through.”Camp Casey Theater from 10-11 a.m. “If the conduct also involves criminal statutes, the penalty For questions regarding ethicalTuesday. violation of one of the civil or could include a monetary fine rules related to military service, call criminal statutes, the penalty and/or imprisonment.” the 2ID SJA Office at 732-8998, or Ethics Training at Casey could include a monetary fine In effect, the participants contact Morris by e-mail atEthics training will be held at the Camp agreed the most ethical issues Theater at 2 p.m. Thursday. For and/or imprisonment.” are similar, in that decisionsinformation, call 732-8998. Capt. Danisha Morris, focus on determining the right 2ID Staff Judge Advocate’s Office thing to do, and then doing it. E-mail Election Protection Hotline Up and RunningThe nationwide Election ProtectionHotline was activated Oct. 16 to helpresolve issues for Election Day Tuesday.The number is staffed with volunteersfrom 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern StandardTime. For information, Camp Casey Town Hall Culinar y Arts Culinary Arts MeetingThere will be a Town Hall meeting at ReviewCamp Casey at 2 p.m. Nov. 22 in the Col. Forrest Newton, Area I garrisonHanson Field House. commander and Yang Pyong-Yong, Area I garrison community relations officer, receive aARC Wash Rack Canteen tour from (middle ) Kim Byung-Uk, team chief Open for Business of International Cooperation Affairs, ShinThe Camp Casey Wash Rack Canteen is Heung College, Oct. 18, at their 10th culinaryopen for business. Volunteers are arts exhibition. The annual three-day eventneeded to help handing out coffee, hot celebrates culinary arts and gourmet foodchocolate, popcorn and other items to prepared by the students. Programs areSoldiers. For information, call 730-3184. designed to develop advanced culinary skills and provide managerial training while covering USO Bazaar all aspects of food preparation, presentationThe USO will have its Persian and and service at international standards.Oriental Rugs and Korean Gems andJewelry on sale from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.Thursday thru Nov. 11, at theCommunity Activity Center on CampRed Cloud. For information, call 730-4812/4813. MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSON
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Nov. 3, 2006 7AFAPAFAP from Page 5typical military family’s basic, regarding military installations,” taxi; it is the customer’s responsibility “AAFES has been told to removeeveryday necessities – and that’s O’Brien said. “The military has a to have the car seat with them. these items from all PXs because ofwithout considering the fact that they strict law concerning seat belts both Furthermore, AAFES has the low sales, so that space can bereceive sales tax relief.” on and off the installation and our placards in taxis now identifying the utilized for linens and perishableTaxi service taxi contractor is being instructed driver and points of contact. items,” O’Brien said. “However, A rate charge for taxi fares is not by the installation; during their Milk spoilage in the shoppette anyone can use the catalog service orauthorized in accordance with the drivers/safety course, that they For those who use the shoppette these items can be found in theMinistry of Transportation, Article must comply with military and find something is spoiled, a Military Clothing [Sales] store.”9, and its enforcement regulation regulation, AR 190-5, Motor Vehicle person can take the product back ComplaintsArticle 25-2 and Article 28. And, Traffic Supervision; page 19 (4-2) for a refund or exchange anytime. If there is a problem with customerAAFES contracts cannot apply a (2)- Restraint Systems.” “No AAFES shoppette employee service or someone just has a‘flat fare’ for taxi business in In addition, because of the various would know if the milk is defective until question, AAFES has a 24-hour hotlineaccordance with Article 7, Respect customers AAFES serves, it is difficult someone reports it if the expiration date available at 732-6285.of SOFA local law. for the taxi contractor to provide the has not passed,” O’Brien said. “Also, “Please help us to get better,”Infant car seats proper child seats restraints to comply our facilities have photos available of O’Brien said. “Positive or negative, AAFES considers the taxi with the regulation, due to the different the manager and general manager on the constructive feedback is alwaysbusiness a public form of types of seats required, based on a walls so anyone can get in touch with welcomed. When customers aretransportation the same as the bus child’s height, weight, etc, not to them at any time.” happy, so are store employees.”services that do not require, or mention proper installation of those Craft supplies and sewing materials (Editor’s Note: Part two of AFAPprovide infant car seats or even seats, O’Brien explained. Craft supplies and sewing materials will appear in the Nov. 10 edition ofsafety belts for their passengers. Because of this requirement are unavailable in the Area I exchanges The Morning Calm Weekly.) “We do realize off-post traffic AAFES position has always been; due to severely limited sales floorregulations differ from those since it is a customer choice to use a space. E-mail for breast cancer often Breast self-examination should be done every month to two years, and after age 50, have a mammogram from puberty until death. The most important thing to annually.By Pfc. Antuan Rofe look for is change from month to month. The best time In addition to the procedures already outlined, there2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs for women to do BSE is seven to 10 days after their are other tests a doctor may do if he/she finds a suspicious menstrual period. After menopause or following a breast lump or tumor that includes: surgical biopsy, core More than 180,000 women and 1,400 men in the hysterectomy, it’s a good idea to perform BSE on a biopsy, fine needle aspiration, ultrasonography, CAT scan,United States will develop breast cancer this year, and monthly basis, on the first day of the month or on a date and an MRI.over 43,000 women and 300 men die from it annually. every month that is significant to you, Spence said. There are also several treatments that are used if breast Breast cancer is a malignant growth that begins in the According to the American Cancer Society, one out cancer is detected to help save a life or the breast. Atissues of the breast. Worldwide, breast cancer is the of eight women in the United States will develop breast lumpectomy is a procedure that allows the breast to besecond leading cause of cancer death, after lung cancer, cancer at sometime in their lives. Age and ethnicity are saved. The tumor and surrounding tissues only areaccording to Dr. W.R. Spence, MD. significant factors in evaluating risk. Some other risk removed through a small incision. Partial and simple “Readiness through health is our motto,” said Kenneth factors include a family history of breast cancer, early mastectomies involve removing part of the breast.Cobb, 18th Medical Command Force Health Protection’s menstruation and late menopause, oral contraceptives Modified radical mastectomy is the removal of the breast,health promotion coordinator for Area I. (birth control pills), diet, hormone replacement therapy, underarm lymph nodes, and the two chest muscles, and Early detection is the key to the successful treatment physical characteristics-obesity, had first child after age a radical mastectomy removes the skin, breast, chestof breast cancer, and therefore, survival. Unfortunately, 30, began menstruation before age 12, alcohol muscles, and all underarm lymph nodes. Chemotherapy,some women ignore the early warning signs -- hoping consumption ( more than one to two drinks a day), and hormone therapy, drug therapy, radiation, and drugthat their symptoms will go away, or fearing that they exposure to radiation. therapy are all treatments that are meant to deter thewill die from breast cancer, Spence said. “Proactive prevention will keep women from getting spread of tumor and cancer cells in the breast. Signs of breast cancer include a lump in the breast, their breast taken away,” said Capt. Daisy Wilson, Army Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness monthan unusual increase in the size of one breast, a change in public health nurse for Area I. and this October marked over 20 years of public educationthe shape, a puckering of the skin of the breast, an In the fight against breast cancer, it is recommended about breast cancer.unusual swelling of the upper arm, an enlargement of that males and females get a mammogram. It is a “The good news is that women are more informedthe lymph nodes, a new dimpling of the mammilla, a healthcare provider’s most valuable diagnostic tool for about their health than ever before and are working aschange in the areola, and any unusual discharge from detecting breast cancer. It can detect breast tumors in partners with their healthcare providers to prevent breastthe mammilla. the earliest stages. Researchers recommend that every cancer,” Spence said. “Breast self-examination is the best way to check for woman should have a baseline mammogram at age 40. For information, visit or contactbreast cancer,” Cobb said. From 40-49, she should have a mammogram every one 18th MEDCOM at 737-3085. Always buckle-up Dooley. Never drive without wearing your seatbelt.
  • Nov. 3, 2006 Page 9Area II practicesevacuation planBy David McNallyArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 5,200 AreaII community members practiced processing throughan Emergency Evacuation Center Oct. 26 to Saturdayat Collier Field House for a biannual exercise, named“Courageous Channel 06-2.” The exercise is a regularly scheduled biannualexercise that rehearses procedures in the event of aNoncombatant Evacuation Operation. “By Saturday, all major commands reported 100percent participation,” said Area II NEO CoordinatorJose Toro. “It went very well.” “We improve every time we do this exercise,” saidArea II Commander Col. Ron Stephens during an Oct.27 walk-through. DAVID MCNALLY Camp Casey Soldiers set up stations at the EEC Lynn Ro smiles during a search at the Courageous Channel Noncombatant Evacuation Operation exercise. “We improve every time andv a c u e e s ” “e walked we do this exercise.” through the —Col. Ron Stephens exercise, givingbriefings, answering questions and maintaining order. “We’ve been rehearsing for the past two weeks,”said Capt. William Taylor, Company D, 1st Battalion,72nd Armor Regiment. As part of the exercise, more than 50 Area IIcommunity members actually evacuated to MarineCorps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. Toro said he had received positive feedback fromthose participants. “There was a lot of attention to detail,” Toro said. DAVID MCNALLY PFC. K IM SANG-WOOK“We improved in many areas on the operational side.” U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell speaks with Area II Commander Col. Community members line up for See Evacuation Page 12 Evacuation, Ron Stephens during a visit to the exercise area Oct. 27. processing at Collier Field House. Contact your IMO Dragon Hill Lodge before getting a new roof project continues By David McNally Common Access Card Area II Public Affairs Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Korean YONGSAN GARRISON — workers scale the tallest building on the Computer users who get a new base daily as they continue a four-month Common Access Card, or CAC, construction project to replace the may find themselves unable to read Dragon Hill Lodge roof. old encrypted e-mail. A Korean company started the $1.3 A bit of prior planning, however, million project in August. Work is may remedy that potential scheduled to continue through frustration. December. The Area II Directorate of The roof repair involves replacing Information Management wants more than 31,000 square feet of tiles on users to understand that before they the Dragon Tower and Point Annex. get a new CAC, they are required to “We are behind original schedule due have a software utility program to our stringent safety requirements,” DAVID MCNALLY called “CAC Exchange” installed on said DHL General Manager Jim Thomas. Construction worker Lee Sung-yong directs work on top of Yongsan’s tallest building. their computer by their unit “The scaffolding installation was more worker Lee Sung-yong. “I work on improvement plan.” Information Management Officer. difficult than the contractor anticipated.” taller buildings all the time.” Thomas said the Point swimming “A new Common Access Card “We have a safety first policy,” said The base offers a nice working pool will be closed Tuesday-Thursday has a new certificate for signing and Krima Construction Project Manager Yi environment, Lee said. because of the construction project. reading encrypted e-mail, so it won’t Kwang-pok. “It took a lot of time to “Management is totally committed to Although there were some delays, the read old e-mail encrypted with the prepare the safety procedures.” maintaining our facility to very high contractor still plans to finish the entire previous certificate,” said Mike Scaffolding runs along the rooftop. standards to continue its legacy as the project by the original target date in mid- Page, Area II deputy director of Workers move from point-to-point in best place for the USFK community to December. information management. complete safety. gather,” Thomas said. “Our new roof is See Card Page 12 Card, “It’s not dangerous at all,” said an important element of our facility E-mail
  • 10 Nov. 3, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly American Red CrossThe American Red Cross is seekingmotivated individuals to provideemergency communications andcasework services to members ofthe armed forces and their families. Theapplicant must be an American citizen;at least 18 years of age; a high schoolgraduate; have base access; andpossess basic computer skills. Forinformation, call 738-3670. Native Heritage MonthU.S. Army Troop Command – Korea willhost an American Indian and AlaskanNative Heritage Month program 3 p.m.Wednesday at the MultipurposeTraining Facility, Theater No. 1. Thecommunity is invited to attend. Prizesand mementos will be given away. Forinformation, call 723-7743. Cross Cultural SchoolThe Cross Cultural School is a two-weekprogram to help new spouses ofAmericans and the U.S. militaryassimilate into the United States and PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYmilitary lifestyle. Classes are 9:30 a.m.-noon Monday thru Nov. 17 at the Seoul Yoon Hae-hyeong (left) and Choi Yoon-hyeong show candy-filled buckets Saturday during a Halloween visit to Yongsan Garrison.USO. For information, call 724-7781. Turkey Shoot-Out Korean children learnThere will be a Turkey Shoot-Out at theYongsan Main Exchange Nov. 17.Compete to win a Popeye’s turkey. Four Halloween tradition By David McNallyturkeys will be given away at 11:30 a.m. Area II Public Affairsand another four will be given away at 5p.m. For information, call 724-7781. YONGSAN GARRISON — A group of Korean elementary school students learned a little bit about anThanksgiving with Expats American tradition Saturday as they put on costumes andThe USO is inviting 20 servicemembers roamed the housing areas shouting “trick or treat.”to join for a Thanksgiving feast with Soon, buckets filled with candy, and smiles and laughterAmerican expatriates 5-10 p.m. Nov. 23. became the international language.The USO will provide transportation to “They really enjoyed the visit,” said Area II Communityan off-base condominium complex. For Relations Officer An Chang-sin. “They have a goodinformation, call 724-7781. memory to take with them, also lots of candy.” For the 42 Daechi Elementary School students, Good Neighbor Program Halloween is a foreign concept. Koreans do not celebrateGood Neighbor Program volunteers are Halloween like Americans do.needed to have a day of fun with “Stores sell costumes, and there may be some parties,Songjoong Elementary School students. but we don’t have trick-or-treating in Korea,” An said.Activities start at the USO with lunch at An said the visit by local children included dinner at thethe USO Canteen and then it’s off to the South Post Burger King. Forty-two Korean elementary school students walk YongsanYongsan Bowling Lanes. Forinformation, call 724-7781. See Halloween Page 12 Halloween, Garrison streets Saturday and discover Halloween. United Through ReadingUnited Through Reading is available to scares BOSS Haunted Theater scares brave soulsall active-duty servicemembers. TheUSO will provide the book, and tape you By Pfc. Kim Sang-wookwhile youre reading the book. The USO Area II Public Affairswill send the book and video to your YONGSAN GARRISON —child back home. The tradition of reading Yongsan Better Opportunities forbedtime stories at night can continue. Single and unaccompanied SoldiersFor information, call 724-7781. opened a Haunted Theater Saturday at Moyer Community Services Community of Sharing Center. The Halloween event gaveA holiday project to make sure select brave Area II community members aArea II families have a happy unique experience.Thanksgiving is under way. The “evil-possessed” theaterApplications are available at Army enticed more than 150 communityCommunity Services in Building S-4106,Room 205. The application deadline is members to enter its dark domain.Monday. For information, call 738-7505. Ghosts and goblins popped up to surprise Halloween visitors in the dark Area II Web site and foggy theater.For more community notes, news and “All the children are really having PFC. KIM SANG-WOOKinformation, visit the Area II Web site at a good time and it’s pretty scary,” Area II community members experience fear and trembling Saturday at Moyer Community See Haunted Page 12 Haunted, Services Center during the 2006 BOSS Haunted Theater.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Nov. 3, 2006 11Yongsan students meet USO seminar helpsNASA Astronaut Korean spouses SBy Pfc. Kim Sang-wookArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — A NASA astronaut By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon Area II Public Affairsvisited Yongsan schools Oct. 23 to give students ataste of the astronaut life at Seoul American High YONGSAN GARRISON — For a KoreanSchool Auditorium. woman married to an American, life can be full of More than 300 Seoul American Middle School cultural challenges, at least that was the messagestudents flocked to the auditorium to see videos of of an Oct. 26 USO seminar at Dragon Hill lodge.astronaut Jerry L. Ross’s zero gravity spacewalks. Guest speaker Chon Edwards, founder of a “I hope I gave confidence to the students,” Ross Korean Bride School in 1957, told 20 Koreansaid. “I encouraged students at least making them women how they could fit in as a foreign spousethink about working at NASA and potentially becoming in America.astronauts.” Edwards has been working for the well-being NASA PHOTO Ross joined the National Aeronautics and Space of Korean-American families for the past 49 years,Administration in February 1979. He was the first both in Korea and in the United States.human to be launched into space seven times. He holds Also a Korean spouse married to an American,the current United States records for spacewalks. Ross Edwards has been trying to help women in the samemade nine spacewalks for a total of 58 hours and 18 situation.minutes. “I’m here to teach them the American way of Ross showed the students a video of space shuttle life,” Edwards said. “You can’t just go to Americalife that he recorded. Students enjoyed the zero gravity unprepared.”situations that differed from earth. The most important thing is to learn to speak “It was interesting and fun,” said Seoul American English fluently, she said.Middle School student Jasiel Zapata. “I like learning PFC. KIM SANG-WOOK “You need to learn how to communicate withabout galaxies and it was good to see the spacewalk.” NASA astronaut Jerry L. Ross speaks with Yongsan students your husband or else your marriage could be a At the end, Ross answered questions from students Oct. 23 at the Seoul American High School Auditorium. disaster.” Edwards said.who wanted additional information about outer space interested in space science,” said Seoul American She also said everyone should learn how to driveand how to become an astronaut like Ross. Middle School Assistant Principal Samia Mounts. “We and learn any kind of job skills so they can get a “I tried to help them understand that it takes lot of had them see the film ‘October Sky,’ which talks about job and help their and hard work to be an astronaut,” Ross a young man who develops his space rockets, and “Military service is a most honorable and proudsaid. “In my case it also takes some luck to get an the teachers prepared them for today’s session.” career,” Edwards said. “I want you ladies to workopportunity.” Seoul American elementary and high school harder and support your husband’s career so they Hard work and effort is the way to be an astronaut, students also attended the session. will be promoted to higher ranks.”he said. See Spouses Page 12 Spouses, “The goal was to inspire the students who are E-mail
  • 12 Nov. 3, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyEvacuation from Page 9 Community members agreed. Toro also pointed to additional “This is my fourth or fifth NEO activities during this NEO exercise.exercise,” said evacuee Donna Cole. “We had more people involved,” he“They were pretty fast. They were kind said. “The 18th Medical Commandand efficient.” provided community members with Unit NEO wardens also processed voluntary flu shots at the exercise site.”evacuees during the 24-hour a day An evacuation may be in response toexercise. natural or man-made disaster, epidemic, “The speed was really good,” said hostilities or any other reason when the41st Signal Battalion NEO Warden Sgt. safety of American citizens is deemedJacqueline Smith. “It was better at “undue risk” by the U.S. ambassador.organized than before. It seemed to gofaster.” E-mail from Page 9 Page said users must convert the Users with a new CAC who haveencryption from the old certificate to completed the “CAC Exchange”a temporary certificate, get a new process should also send a digitallyCAC, and then convert the encryption signed e-mail to let others know aboutto the new certificate. the new certificate. The process takes about 30 minutes “You should send an e-mail toor less, and requires help from a people you correspond with regularlycomputer professional. Page said a and ask them to remove your oldunit Information Management Office contact entries,” said Page. “Theyor Directorate of Information should create a new contact entry forManagement computer support team you; otherwise, the old certificate willis available to help with the certificate continue to complicate reading newconversion. e-mail.” “You should plan this conversion Users who have a new CAC, orprocess before getting a new CAC,” have lost their old CAC, shouldsaid Page. contact the IMO or call TECH (8324).Halloween from Page 10 The students were 4th- and 5th- Yongsan streets to celebrate Halloweengraders from the Gangnam area school. 6-8:30 p.m. Saturday. “This is part of the Good Neighbor Many Yongsan Garrison residentsProgram,” An said. “The school requests dressed up as well to hand out candy tothe visit every year so the children can the children.learn about American culture.” Hundreds of American children filled E-mail from Page 10said BOSS Vice President Pfc. Joshua While BOSS members organized thePresent. “BOSS organized the event for event, volunteers also joined in to playthe community.” ghosts and scare people. Screams and laughs continued during “We did a lot of work,” Present said.the five-minute trip. Unpredictable ghost “It took two full days to put it together,appearances shocked visitors. Zombies, but several weeks of buying all the stuffghosts, murder victims and monsters to put inside.”welcomed the living with screams and “Im losing my voice,” said Area IIshouts in monstrous voices. BOSS Coordinator Sgt. Yvette Hamilton. “Scary. Really scary,” said visitor “I had a lot of fun scaring kids.”David Wiemken. “Things like someone Hamilton acted like a murder victimjust popping up and screaming and at the haunted theater. She played deadgrabbing your leg. It scared me a lot.” until visitors came, but suddenly Wiemken went through the theater screamed and acted offensively towith his family to enjoy Halloween. frightened visitors. “All the children are really having a Present said BOSS will hold anothergood time and it’s pretty scary,” Present Haunted Theater next Halloween.said. “Adults feel scared and they arehaving a good time also.” E-mail from Page 11 At the end of the class, Edwards they are up against and how to getgave out written material on what she ready for it.thought the women should do and not “It helped out a lot for my future,”do; such as “don’t keep yourself like said Hye Suk Knotts. “I learned thereyou just got out of bed with no make are many ways I could support myup and messy hair” or “a wife and husband.”husband should be always truthful to The 75-minute seminar was sponsoredeach other.” by the Seoul USO. The USO also offers a “I didn’t know there were so many monthly Korean spouses meeting. Forcultural differences between the two information, call 724-7781.countries,” said Jeong Min Gillen. Others said they now know what E-mail
  • Nov. 3, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Army Strong campaign attracts recruits in many waysBy Lt. Col. Wayne M. Shanks Soldiers who demonstrate what it WASHINGTON – The new means to be Army Strong. The“Army Strong” recruiting ad advertising campaign is one importantcampaign kicks off in early component of this recruiting effort.November. The Army’s recruiting “The Army is fighting a toughadvertising contract, managed by recruiting battle and must do all it canMcCann Worldgroup, commits up to to make the U.S. Army message$200 million in 2007 to market the distinctive and powerful, and thenArmy to potential recruits. deliver that message in ways that The contract covers the full range reach eligible recruits and those whoof marketing efforts to include ad care about them,” said Lt. Gen.development and the purchase of time Robert Van Antwerp, commander ofand space for television, radio, print U.S. Army Accessions Command.and online ads. “The Army Strong campaign aims to This price tag represents a demonstrate the value of Army servicesignificant investment, but by way and being a Soldier.”of perspective, the Army’s $200 The advertising contract reachesmillion is not large enough to rank in out to prospective recruits bythe Top 100 U.S. marketers. supporting recruiting efforts in localAccording to industry publications, communities as well as through directAdvertising Age and Adweek, the mail and marketing, public relationsworld’s largest companies spend and community events. It also funds U.S. ARMY PHOTOmuch more on advertising. For the Army’s extensive online presence The Army Strong recruiting campaign is introduced in Washington. The campaign kicks off inexample, Procter & Gamble spends at and other Web-based Novermber.about $4.6 billion annually on activities. These efforts attract individuals Soldiers than all the other militaryadvertising and promotion alone. The contract also funds national to active and reserve components, services combined. Only three out Similarly, Walt Disney spends sponsorships that help to drive to the Reserve Officer Training of every 10 people in the U.S. meetnearly $2 billion on advertising and awareness and interaction with the Corps, and to special missions such the Army’s high standards thatpromotion, while Target and J.C. Army, such as sponsored drivers as the medical and legal qualify them to enlist.Penney each spend more than $1 with NASCAR and the National Hot professionals, and chaplains. This 30 percent is the same groupbillion. Rod Assocoation, and sponsored The Army currently faces a being recruited by other services as The Army’s marketing campaign is athletes who compete as unique recruiting environment given well as civilian corporations at a timea continuous effort that helps connect professional bull riders, cowboys, that the nation is at war. Each year, when the unemployment rate in theAmerica to America’s Army and its and in arena football. the Army must recruit more new U.S. is relatively low.
  • Nov. 3, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Nov. 3-9 Nov. Idlewild Flags of Our Flags of Our Flags of Our The Wicker Idlewild Accepted R Fathers NR Fathers NR Fathers NR Man R R PG-13 The Devil Wears The Departed The Departed The Wicker No Show No Show No Show Prada PG-13 R R Man R Flags of Our Flags of Our Flags of Our Idlewild Idlewild The Last Kiss Crank Fathers NR Fathers NR Fathers NR R R R R The Wicker Flags of Our Idlewild Invincible Flags of Our The Wicker Idlewild Man R Fathers NR R PG Fathers NR Man R R The Marine The Marine The Wicker No Show No Show No Show Hollywoodland PG-13 PG-13 Man R RIdlewild — (Andre Benjamin, Zoom — (Tim Allen, Courtney Cox Flags of Our Fathers Running With Scissors The Departed — (LeonardoAntwan Patton) Arquette) (Ryan Phillippe, Adam Beach) (Annette Bening, Brian Cox) DiCaprio, Matt Damon)Set against the backdrop of a 1930s When Earth is faced with certain February 1945. Even as victory in In 1971, the neatness-obsessed but Two men from opposite sides of thesouthern speakeasy, this musical destruction, an over-the-hill Europe was finally within reach, the sharply observant 6-year-old law are undercover within the Bostonstars hip-hop artists Big Boi and superhero is charged with the task war in the Pacific raged on. One of Augusten finds himself trapped State Police department and the IrishAndre 3000 -- who together form of training four super-powered kids the most crucial and bloodiest between his troubled parents: his mafia, but violence and bloodshedOutcast. They play Percival, a shy to harness their powers and save battles of the war was the struggle mother Deidre, an unplublished -not boil when discoveries are made, andpiano player, and Rooster, the club’s the planet in an out-of-this-world for the island of Iwo Jima, which to mention unstable – confessional the moles are dispatched to find outshowy lead performer and manager, comedy adventure for the whole culminated with what would become poet with delusions of being hugely their enemy’s identities.struggle to keep their dreams alive. family. one of the most iconic images in famous; and his father Norman, an history:The raising of the American alcoholic math professor who long flag on Mount Suribachi. The inspiring ago gave up trying to solve the riddle photo capturing that moment of his wife’s problems or his son’s became a symbol of victory to a precocious behavior. When the nation that had grown weary of war Burroughs’ marriage goes to pieces, and made instant heroes of the six Deidre signs up for therapy with the Americans at the base of the flag, eccentric Dr. Finch, a highly some of whom would die soon after, unconventional shrink who takes the never knowing that they had been family under his wing. immortalized. The Marine No Show World Trade Beerfest R No Show No Show No Show PG-13 Center PG-13 Running With Running With Running With The Wicker The Wicker Idlewild Idlewild Scissors R Scissors R Scissors R Man R Man R R R Flags of Our Idlewild The Wicker Beerfest R The Wicker No Show Running With Fathers NR R Man R Man R Scissors R Idlewild The Wicker The Wicker Idlewild No Show Running With The Wicker R Man R Man R R Scissors R Man R Running With Running With Running With Idlewild Idlewild The Wicker The Wicker Scissors R Scissors R Scissors R R R Man R Man R Zoom Zoom Zoom Accepted Accepted Monster House Monster House PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 PG PG How to Eat How to Eat How to Eat Fried Worms Fried Worms Lady in the Lady in the Nacho Libre Nacho Libre Fried Worms PG PG PG PG Water PG-13 Water PG-13 PG
  • Nov. 3, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Seeking help when the odds are stacked against youChaplain (Capt.) Michael A. Kelly works the same with faith. God will allow all manner you depend on. He does this in order to teach you to524th MI BN of trials to come into your life in order to give you an be very dependent upon him alone. Remember, when H ave you ever felt like the odds were stacked opportunity to build your faith in him. Gideon’s army marched into battle, the only weapons against you? I have experienced days like God often requires of us to do that which does not they carried were trumpets, pitchers and torches. That that. make sense. In the Book of Judges, Gideon was asked is not the sort of things you can have confidence in to Now there are two different ways to respond to to go against the Midianites with just 300 men. Joseph win a war.situations like these. First, we can use the traditional was sent to jail for a crime he did not commit for 10 He also knows when you will need encouragementapproach, using profanity at each block in the road; years. Moses was exiled from Egypt and sent to a as demonstrated in Judges 7:12-15. God will also workor express our anger at inanimate objects around us foreign land for 40 years. Just when he thought he in the enemy’s camp on our behalf as verse 19 tellsor other people. We can also go into a shut down could retire at 80, he was sent back to Egypt. Does us. In short, just when the enemy had posted theirmode, do nothing and feel quite justified in doing so any of this sound reasonable? I do not think so. watch for the night, the men with Gideon attackedbecause we know that “they’re all against me!” Now, on the up side of these stories, we know and the enemy started killing each other. The second approach is radically different: Stop Gideon was victorious; Joseph became the most You see, God gives you directions on your end whileand take a moment and say, “Lord, what are you trying powerful man in all of Egypt next to Pharaoh; Moses he works in the enemy camp. The result is ultimateto tell me?” Faith is just like a muscle. Now everyone helped to free his entire nation. victory for those who obey God. The only reason wehas muscle, some are bigger than others are and, of Now here is the question: What will you miss if are defeated when the odds are against us is that wecourse, some are smaller than others. You do not have you are not obedient to the unreasonable thing God is choose to be disobedient.more muscles than anyone else does; it is just that asking you to do? What do you say? Could you use some victory inthose who exercise their muscles have bigger ones. It In God’s training, he will strip you of everything your life? Area II Worship Services CatholicMass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30a.m. HannamVillageChapel 3rd Tues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel 11:30a.m. MemorialChapel (Korean) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - For information , call 738-3011 Tues./Wed. 12:05 p.m. 121HospitalChapel 10 a.m. South Post Chapel Mon./Thur. 12:05p.m. MemorialChapel 10 a.m. Multipurpose Area II Chaplains Saturday 5 p.m. MemorialChapel Training Facility (R.O.C.K.) Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel 10:30a.m. K-16 Community Protestant Services or 738-3011 Chapel Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. MemorialChapel 11 a.m. HannamVillageChapel Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr. United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. MemorialChapel Noon South Post Chapel 725-3018 Collective Protestant (Gospel) Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph DuBose Sunday 8 a.m. MemorialChapel KATUSA Thursday 6:30 p.m. MemorialChapel 9:30a.m. 121HospitalChapel KCFA 2ndTues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel Ad goes here
  • Nov. 3, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyArea I volunteers participate in NEO exerciseBy Jim Cunningham the Fires Brigade. “This exercise is veryArea I Public Affairs exciting for me and a new experience. CAMP RED CLOUD—Three Area Korea is a country where anything canI volunteers and one escort set out to happen, and if we participate in the NEOparticipate in the Noncombatant exercise, we can prepare ourselves forEvacuation Operation Oct. 27 to evacuation when the time comes. Werehearse a flyaway to Okinawa, Japan. will know where to go and what to do “We participate in this exercise to get for the safety of our spouses and ourused to the evacuation process in children.”moving from Korea to a safe area in Curry had a special opinion of thisanother country,” said Chalton Park, recent NEO exercise.Korean Service Corps supervisor for “For me everything was very good,Area I. “When the actual time comes to I had no snoring roommate,” Curry said.evacuate it will be better to have come “We went shopping on a tourist islandon this exercise so one will know what and there were no places to exchangeto expect.” currency, so we could not do much Park has been on previous NEO shopping there. But we had a lot of funexercises and has experienced mixed with the deer roaming around the shops.”results. Curry offered some advice for anyone J C IM UNNINGHAM “The last exercise I participated in volunteering for future NEO exercises. Toy Curry, wife of Command Sgt. Maj. Ronnie Curry, and Chalton Park, Korean Service Corpswas not as well executed as this “Be ready for anything that might supervisor for Area I, board the CH-47 Chinook helicopter to begin their journey to Japan.exercise,” he said. “This exercise is a occur,” she said. “Be prepared forlot better. It is 100 percent improved anything, good or bad, that mightover the last time I volunteered.” happen on the way to and from Japan. For Park it was a good experience, If you intend on doing a lot of shopping,especially when taking into account that bring extra suitcases.”evacuees will have to get used to Many realize in an emergency thatunexpected situations. NEO may be a lot different and more “Nothing can be perfect, but I am hurried or confusing if one has notvery satisfied with this experience going participated in an exercise. One suchas well as it has,” Park said. “There individual is 1st Sgt. Mark Draper. Chalton Park, Toy Curry, and Mark Draper boardwere unexpected situations arising when “Basically, NEO is for civilians that the ferry for Miyajima Island, a favorite touristI realized my roommate has a snoring will not be on the battlefield if the Korean spot in Okinawa.problem.” War becomes active. We try to get all Area I volunteers gathered and the noncombatants off the peninsula andboarded a CH-47 Chinook helicopter for get them to a safe haven.” Draper said.Area III at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 27. Once at “I have been on one NEO [flyaway]Area III they took a bus to Osan Air prior to this exercise, and my first oneBase to board a C-130 aircraft for didn’t go as well as this one and wasIwakuni, Japan. They disembarked the not as smooth an operation. Many flawsC-130 approximately two hours later at in the previous exercise have been Area I volunteer escort 1st Sgt. Mark Draperthe Marine Corps Air Station in Japan, straightened out and this operation is 100 installs ear protection during the ride to Japanwhere they billeted in the Kintai Inn on percent better.” from Osan on an Air Force C-130 Hercules.the base. The next morning the Draper too had good advice for futurevolunteers were given tickets to take a flyaway volunteers.ferry to one of Japan’s most frequented “The advice I would give anyonetourist spots for shopping. After choosing to volunteer for NEO is go toshopping and sightseeing for most of get the experience,” he said. “I think itthe day, they returned to Iwakuni. The is a good thing for the civilians to gonext morning they returned to Korea. out, and be a part of an exercise so they “This is my third time with NEO will know what to expect if they haveexercises, and it is the first time I went to evacuate in the future.”on the trip,” said Toy Curry, wife ofCommand Sgt. Major Ronny Curry of E-mail Chalton Park, Korean Service Corps supervisor for Area I, poses with a Japanese lady in traditional dress during the shopping trip the A fawn follows Toy Curry for most of the group took Saturday. Most all the volunteers day on the shopping trip on Miyajima went to the island of Miyakuni for shopping. Island. The fawn seems attracted to the Some elected to go accross the bay to smell of roasted chestnuts Curry was Hiroshima for sightseeing and shopping. carrying in her bag.Area I volunteers say sayonara and depart Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station in Japan for KoreaSunday. They boarded the C - 130 Hercules at noon and arrived in Camp Red Cloud , on a busfrom Osan, at 5 p.m.
  • Nov. 3, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Wolf Pack takes time out to teach By Senior Airman Stephen Collier 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs OKBONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Kunsan City — Volunteerism. Wolf Pack members exemplify this trait every day they don their uniform. And when it comes to Free Concert Nov. 14 giving their time to those who need it The Korean American Association is most, these servicemembers are sponsoring a special concert for UNC/ willing and ready to do just that. CFC/USFK members and families 8 p.m. Nov. 14, at the Concert Hall in the Seoul Members of the Wolf Pack have Arts Center. The concert will be and continue to donate their time and performed by the Korean Symphony English skills to the children of the Orchestra with conductor, Eun Sung Okbong Elementary School. Located Park, and violinist, Yoo Kyung Min. one mile outside the gates of Kunsan, Advance reservations are required for the school’s first through sixth those who qualify (military members and graders have welcomed Airmen and families, U.S. government employees, Soldiers alike from the base for more P HOTOS BYS A S ENIOR C IRMAN TEPHEN OLLIER invited contractors and U.S. retirees and than five years with open arms and Tech. Sgt. Patrick Barrett has each side of the class stand up as he instructs them on how to their families. To reserve free concert larger-than-life smiles as they learn e-mail requests to pronounce words. The 8th Logistics Readiness Squadron member then directs each side to English with an American flare. Tickets may be speak with the other. “It’s really something different,” reserved until Friday, and will be said Tech. Sgt. Patrick Barrett. “You challenging, the students themselves relying on volunteers to be there as reserved on a first-come, first-served come to a different country [and] it’s begin learning the textbook version as much as possible. basis pending confirmation of interesting to see how another country early as the first grade. This helps a “[You can teach] any subject … reservation. Children under 8 years of learns English. There’s a lot of lot, according to Sgt. Barrett, as the there is no set curriculum. age will not be admitted. Americans who come here and when students tend to have problems with Sometimes teachers want you to Guests will also be able to purchase they go aboard, they don’t take the some words, especially pronouncing teach what they want to teach,” he MWR roundtrip bus tickets, from time to learn [about] the local the “f” sound. said. “The textbook we have is just Yongsan Garrison to the Seoul Art cultures.” “They still have problems with a lot conversational. Every time I think of Center, for $3. Once arriving at the Art Center, guests will be able to pick up Barrett, assigned to the 8th of letters, such as ‘f.’ They pretty teaching, I think of the movie ‘Good their reserved tickets from 7-7:45 p.m. Logistics Readiness Squadron in the much understand a lot. The first day I Morning Vietnam.’ If I can teach All guests are asked to be in their seats inventory section, came in them the basics, like how to count first took part in the here, they no later that 7:50 p.m. English volunteer “You really get a sense of personal were ready and tell to getthen they can learn enough time, by.” Casual wear is not allowed. Men’s coat/ jacket/sweater (with/without tie)/ladies’ program 10 years gratification from this program.” to learn And teachers working side-by- equivalent attire are recommended. ago during his first more side with Barrett agree the influence Patrick Tech . Sgt. Patrick Barrett Guests planning to ride the bus to the tour of duty at English. I of an American helps tremendously volunteer English teacher concert must pay for bus tickets in Kunsan. Since then, would say with the student’s learning. advance. Bus tickets may be purchased the technical sergeant said, he has the biggest thing I do is insert some Choi Young Ok, a teacher at NLT Monday at the Multi-Game Room done many things in the community, harder or challenging words. I speak Okbong Elementary, said American Information Desk, 723-3291, located in but he’s enjoyed teaching as though we were having a speakers are important for her the Moyer Community Services Center, conversational English the most. conversation instead of breaking it school and her students. Building 2259, Yongsan Main Post. The “I learned about (the program) down into little words. Hopefully they “The students don’t have the MWR buses will depart from the Bus from a friend of mine who did it,” he can use this all their lives.” opportunity to meet and learn English Terminal in front of the Moyer CSC at said while holding up the class’s For members interested in the from native speakers,” she said. 6:30 p.m. and return to Moyer CSC at textbook. “He told me to come out program, schools need dedicated “Luckily, my school is close to about 10:30 p.m. MWR will not refund and see it. The teachers got hooked on individuals able to give a set amount Kunsan. It’s very good to learn from unused bus tickets. me. They liked my style and put me in of time each week to the children. (Americans). They have a chance to an empty room and video taped my This program is not tailored for meet Americans. It’s better to have Yongsan Lanes Planning New Years Party voice. After I PCSed, they continued those who can only dedicate a set volunteers than the textbook.” Yongsan Lanes bowling center will be with the lessons because of my amount of time to helping local But Americans who donate their presenting its annual “New Years Eve voice.” orphanages and the like. Barrett said time at the school, according to Extravaganza” bowling party starting at While teaching conversational individuals have to stay dedicated to Choi, also become students. 8 p.m. Dec. 31. English to the students may sound the program because teachers are “Korean elementary school students The New Year’s Eve party at Yongsan like to learn English from American Lanes has been a tradition for seven speakers,” she said. “(Americans) years. It has always been a successful have a lot of chances to meet and hit with families, offering both adult and learn and have the experience of children oriented activities. Korean culture. If they help to learn There will be Colorama open bowling, together, then the students can learn prize drawings, spin-the-wheel prize too. The parents, students and games, an unlimited pizza buffet and teachers hope that.” Cosmic Bowling. There will also be kids, Barrett agreed. women and men 7, 8 & 9 pin no-tap “You really get a sense of tournaments. After the countdown to personal gratification from this the New Year, there will be an early program,” he admitted. “It helps me morning continental breakfast. understand they are in school too Tickets will be sold in advance and are and what they have to go through. limited. For information, call 723-7938. “I would challenge anyone with TMCW Submissions families who misses their kids and To have an event featured in The really likes to do things with kids to Morning Calm Weekly’s News & Notes, get involved. The young kids here e-mail information to are versed. They try hard and that’s Elementary school students in Tech. Sgt. Patrick Barretts English class talk during a break. all you can really ask from them.”
  • Nov. 3, 2006 Page 21Mock terror attack tests Humphreys personnelArea III Public Affairs explosion outside the visitor pass and According to post commander CAMP HUMPHREYS – Camp ID section at the CPX gate. Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., theHumphreys experienced a mock Passers-by were given cards exercise gave newly arrivedterrorist attack Oct. 23 in an effort to telling them what role they were to personnel important training. Becausetest post personnels’ response to a play in support of the exercise. of the annual rotations on thereal crisis situation. The scenario called for eight peninsula, this is the first such The exercise involved the post’s injured victims, four of them in training for many members of thefire department, military police, critical condition. Camp Humphreys team.medics, criminal investigators, and The injured were triaged on the Although some roads were closedlocal national fire and police scene and transported aboard as part of the exercise, postpersonnel. ambulances to the post medical clinic personnel probably had less The exercise kicked off at 10 a.m. for treatment or evacuation to a local disruption in their daily routine thanwith a simulated vehicle bomb hospital. they might have expected, he said. Medical corpsmen load a casualty into a waiting ambulance for transport to the Humphreys clinic. Medical corpsmen rush a casualty from the PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEY clinic to a waiting ambulance for transport toSecond Lt. Cameo Shoemaker, (left) a physician with the 168th Medical Battalion, treats a Desiderio Army Airfield and onward viacasualty at the Humphreys clinic, with the assistance of a medical corpsman. Firemen move a walking casualty to safety. helicopter to DanKook University Hospital.The other side of NEOBy Susan Barkley and post gym in addition to reserving space for tentsArea III Public Affairs and vehicles. Troops from 2ID fell in quickly and CAMP HUMPHREYS - Family members and set up the hardware and were ready to roll.nonessential civilians completed their Noncombatant “We’ve been getting positive feedback about theEvacuation Operation requirements in less than 15 through-put,” said Capt. Trevor Cobb, commander,minutes Oct. 26 at the Camp Humphreys Company B, 2-9 Infantry, and officer in charge ofCommunity Activity Center. the evacuation control point here. The smooth operation was due to the work put He added it was taking an average of 11 minutesinto setting up the operation by Area III and 2nd for people to complete the process.Infantry Division Soldiers in the days leading up to “We try to make the process as smooth asthe first person going through the stations. possible,” said Sgt. 1st Class Troy Rogers, Co. A, Lauren Edmondson, age 4, stands still while Pvt. Michelle E. Area III provided the inside setup for the CAC 2-9 Inf. Patterson, E Company, Battalion Support Battalion, checks her at the NEO search point Oct. 26. as she and her Mom, Judy Edmondson, participated in the NEO evacuation exercise at Camp Humphreys. Officer in charge, Capt. Trevor Cobb, commander, B Company PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEYU 2-9 Infantry, discusses the evacuation control point layout withSoldiers from 2nd Infantry Division set up more than 280 cots in the Camp Humphreys gym for the duration of NEO. Camp Humphreys NEO wardens Oct. 25.
  • 22 Nov. 3, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Festival HAES celebrates Festival of Thoth By Nancy Turner Free Aerobics Classes at Humphreys American Elementary School Humphreys Gym CAMP HUMPHREYS – AfterChoose from kick boxing, yogalates, reading the book “Egypt Game,”yoga, step, water aerobics, sculpt and Kate Prine’s 5th- and 6th-gradecardio sculpt, cardio combo or just students researched ancient Egypt.ABS. All are offered free by certified In their research they learned aboutinstructors. Contact the CampHumphreys gym at 753-8810 or 753- Egyptian mythology, hieroglyphics,8811 for times, locations and complete mummies, Queen Nefertiti, Kinginformation. Ramses, King Tut and much more. Students designated Tuesday the Area III Mandatory “Festival of Thoth,” made posters Ethics Training based on their research and put themThe Area III Legal Center conducts on display in their classroom to sharerequired annual Ethics Training every with the other students in the school.Thursday for the rest of the calendar Children in grades Sure Startyear. Training focuses on the Joint through sixth visited Prine’sEthics Regulation and particularly on classroom to learn about Egypt.proper uses of government property, To get everyone in the mood, theprivate organizations, gift giving, 5th- and 6th-grade researchersinformal funds and fund raising. Area dressed like the characters of theirIII Ethics Training will take place research. Present at the festival wasevery Thursday at the Camp the Egyptian goddess Isis and her NANCY TURNERHumphreys Post-Theatre at 1 p.m. husband Osiris, several Egyptian (Left to right) Conan Quitugua, Alexander Brink and Tyler Anderson, as Thoth, pose in their EgyptianContact Capt. Graham Smith at 753- pharaohs and queens, a mummy, and style eye makeup, in front of their projects.3756 for information regarding the a great crocodile from the Nile great Egyptian moon god, Thoth, a patron learning of Egypt with the Humphreystraining. River. of civilization and higher learning. Like American Elementary School DFAC/Barracks Grand The festival was named after the Thoth, Prine’s students shared their higher community. OpeningThe 501st Military IntelligenceBrigade Consolidated Dining Facilityand Barracks Complex will have agrand opening beginning at 1 p.m. 348th partnersThursday, at Zoeckler Station.Everyone is invited to see the largest with Shin Han HSbarracks in Korea and the first Capt. Megan A. Brogden, commander,complex of this design. 348th Quartermaster Company and Hwang Chan-kyu, (right) principal of TMC Reduces Services Shin Han high school, sign a During FTX memorandum of agreement Oct. 20,A Field Training Exercise scheduled while Park Jeong-jun, director of externalfor Nov. 14-22 may cause a reduction affairs assists.of services at the Troop Medical The agreement states the school andClinic, including routine the unit will work together for mutualappointments, immunizations, cooperation and cultural exchange.physical examinations, hearing tests, The 348th QM conducts regular Englishoptometry, mental health, physical classes at the high school and plans totherapy, pharmacy, lab and radiology. join the students in a soccer match later this year. Driver’s Testing Moved F. NEIL N EELEYDrivers’ testing has moved toBuilding 712. Hours of operation are8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Eagle Firefighters Newcomers’ Brief join in local exerciseLearn about Area III at the monthly Area III Public AffairsNewcomer’s Brief from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Nov. 14, at the CAC. For information, CAMP EAGLE – The Campcall 753-8401. Eagle Fire Department joined with Wonju City in a mutual aid Holiday Food Vouchers exercise Oct. 20 at the KTA limited number of Holiday food Building in downtown Wonju.vouchers will be available for those The scenario had terroristin need this holiday season. For entering the KT Building andinformation contact individual unit taking hostages. Wonju Policefirst sergeants, or the Camp and ROK military units reactedHumphreys Chapel at 753-7274. to the “attack” which resulted in explosions, fire, mass casualties Duathlon and a release of a poison gas.Pyeongtaek Chapter People to People Two hundred sixty “firstinvites you to participate in a responders” from all overduathlon 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 19, at Gangwon-Do, including theCamp Humphreys. The race will crew from Camp Eagle, joinedconsist of a 20K bike ride and 10K with 62 emergency vehicles and CHRISTOPHER FLETCHERrun. Contact the post gym at 753-8810 A crew and fire truck from Camp Eagle (right) joins in a mutual aid exercise with other fire andfor information. two helicopters at the exercise scene. rescue elements from the Wonju area.
  • Nov. 3, 2006 Area IIIThe Morning Calm Weekly 23 brings new driving challengesBy Susan Barkley darkness and slick roads.Area III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Driving “Increase intervals! Slow down! Know your vehicle!” are the cardinal Understanding Road Conditionsin Korea can present many rules for winter driving safety Drivers seeking extreme caution and arechallenges to Soldiers, civilians according to Randy Turnage, U.S. information on current road encouraged to observe the rulesand family members, and the Army Area III Support Activity conditions in the areas where established for military vehicles.winter driving season brings some safety director. they will be driving can call REDchallenges of its own such as “You must understand how cold weather affects your vehicle before, 738-ROAD (7623) or 02-7918- Military vehicles, other thandecreased visibility, earlier during and after operation,” he 7623. Road conditions are emergency/essential business, added. also posted on the USFK Web will not be driven. O-5/GS-13 or He warns that fog and black ice site at, above may authorize usage for are the primary culprits around Camp business that can not be Humphreys. Drivers at Camps Long Conditions/Road- postponed without jeopardizing and Eagle may have more snow to Conditions.htm or the Area military requirements. deal with in addition to black ice. According to III Web site at Snow chains or similar wiki/Black_ice, black ice is a thin devices will be used. coating of ice on a surface, often a ROAD CONDITIONS BLACK roadway. While not truly black, it is All U.S. government vehicles transparent, allowing the usually- GREEN are prohibited from movement. black asphalt/Macadam roadway to Highway conditions are Commanders O-6 and above be seen through it, and masking the normal. must personally authorize the fact that ice covers the road. Lee Gourley, auto skills center AMBER use of emergency vehicles after manager, advises that it’s not too late Military vehicles, other the appropriate risk assessment to winterize vehicles. He advises that than those required for and mitigation actions are drivers make sure their tires are in essential business, will not be considered. Snow chains or top condition so they will be able to driven on highways. similar devices are required, no grip the road better in poor driving POV owners need to use waivers are authorized. conditions. Antifreeze is the second most necessary to get the vehicle in 7623. Road conditions are also important thing next to having good top shape for winter conditions. posted on the USFK Web site at tires according to Gourley. Drivers needing to stay, Drivers can bring their vehicle to informed as to the current road the auto skills center and perform the conditions in the areas where Conditions/Road-Conditions.htm work themselves, or Gourley and his they will be driving can call or the Area III Web site at staff are ready to do everything 738-ROAD (7623) or 02-7918- ILLISTRATION BY BRODERBUNDArea III Cook of Quarter 527th MI, 198th ROK share ‘Org Day’ SUSAN BARKLEYDavid Duffie, Area III food program manager, reads a certificate of appreciation topresented to Spc. Terry Nowak, Battery b, 1-43rd Air Defense Artillery, (right center)during an awards ceremony Oct. 19 at Camp Humphreys. Also pictured are Sgt. RobertStratton, Company E, 2-52 General Support Aviation Battalion (left center); Sgt. 1stClass Wanda M. Pitts, Headquarters Operations Company, 527th Military IntelligenceBattalion (standing in for Spc. Bryce Christensen, HOC, 527th MI; and Col. Michael JTaliento Jr., commander, Area III Support Activity. SUSAN B ARKLEYWinners in the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Area III Culinary Lt. Col. John N McCarthy, commander, 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, tries to dunkArtist of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter Fiscal Year 2006 are. Sgt. Joe Quesada, Company Lt. Col. Park Hyun-jae, commander, 198th ROK Unit, at their combined organizationD, 1-43 ADA, and Spc. Bryce Christensen, HOC, 527th MI Bn. day Oct. 20 at the Zoeckler Station field. McCarthy demonstrated his “one shot, oneRunners-up were Sgt. Robert Stratton, Co. E, 2-52 GSAB, and Spc. Terry Nowak, Btry. kill” style by dunking Park on his first pitch. Park had already dunked McCarthy duringB, 1-43 ADA. his turn in the tank.
  • Nov. 3, 2006 Page 25Upgrades bolster AFN’s Daegu DetachmentBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs is like walking into a candy store. It’s CAMP WALKER – The American great to have up-to-date equipment andForces Network – Korea is well known facilities that allow you to do your jobas the primary source of “back home” to the best of your ability,” said Staffentertainment for servicemembers, Sgt. J.R. Williams, Daegu BroadcastDepartment of Defense civilian Detachment operations NCO. “Evenemployees, their family members and though it costs money, by streamliningother American citizens throughout the things and improving efficiency we endpeninsula. Their most important mission, up providing a better product to thehowever, remains providing critical community.”command information to the United While the upgrades are welcome, theStates Forces Korea family during both project isn’t about providing fancy toys,peacetime and war. but rather preparing for contingency The AFN–K Daegu Detachment operations and combat.serving Area IV, an area covering more “We [AFN] are a combat multiplier,”than 10,000 square miles, is currently Bell said. “These upgrades and GALEN PUTNAM improvements will better allow us toundergoing an expansive renovation andequipment upgrade to bolster both its day- Sgt. 1st Class Kevin P Bell, AFN – Korea Daegu Broadcast Detachment commander, points out . fulfill that role.”to-day peacetime operations and to train some of the new equipment installed as part of a $1 million renovation and upgrade project. The upgrade is part of a worldwidefor its wartime mission. P. Bell, Daegu Broadcast Detachment seamless transition when we need to modernization plan that will allow all AFN The $1 million project will upgrade the commander. “Like other entities that ‘take over.’ A side benefit is it will and other media entities to communicatedetachment’s equipment to beyond the would move south during wartime, we improve the quality and quantity of and share products via the Internet.current industry standard and will also are the fall-back for AFN headquarters command information we provide “The big picture is that eventuallyallow for live broadcasts from the in Yongsan.” across the peninsula.” everyone within the system will beremodeled and upgraded television studio. To “ramp up” Bell anticipates the As far as quantity is concerned, the interconnected and will be able to An additional radio studio is also being detachment will participate in live news addition of six laptop editing stations and efficiently and effectively transfer mediabuilt. In addition, improved Internet broadcasts during next spring’s a state-of-the-art master editing suite will all over the world,” said Rick Blackburntechnology will enhance the distribution Reception, Staging, Onward movement vastly increase productivity. Previously, from the Army Broadcasting Serviceand reception of audio and video products, and Integration exercise. The goal is to broadcasters were able to edit on a who was in Daegu to assist with theallowing the detachment to both “push” produce a live newscast locally during solitary editing station. Now, with no upgrade project.and “pull” products from headquarters, next year’s Ulchi Focus Lens exercise. waiting in line, video packages can be “You used to have to send productsother detachments in Korea and in the “Our goal is to be fully integrated with shot and immediately edited, eliminating by mail. Now you can transfer mediafuture, locations around the world. our headquarters,” Bell said. “We want the previous bottleneck and increasing the same day. Soon everything will be “We are the alternate headquarters for to be able to do everything they do the production exponentially. digital and we will be a part of thatAFN – Korea,” said Sgt. 1st Class Kevin same way they do. This will provide a “I just got back from BNCOC, so it advance in technology,” he added. Under Control Area IV Retiree Appreciation Day slated for Nov. 10 Area IV Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – Military retirees and their family members, from throughout Area IV, are invited to the Area IV Military Retiree Appreciation Day here, Nov. 10. The primary Retiree Appreciation Day activity will get started around 10 a.m., with the opening of registration, information and medical booths at Kelly Fitness Center. Company D, 168th Medical Battalion personnel will be on hand to conduct blood pressure and cholesterol tests. Information on health and overall well-being, cancer awareness, along with TRICARE and host nation medical data, will also be available. In addition, information tables will be staffed at Kelly Fitness Center until 2 p.m. by a variety of organizations including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, American Red Cross, Army Community Service, American Legion, Area IV Military Retiree Council, Veterans of Foreign Wars and many others. SGT. 1ST CLASS PAMELA VOSS For information or to register, contact Steven R. Davis, Sgt. 1st Class William Brockington, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), and Area IV Directorate of Human Resources, at 768-6922. his Korean Augmentation to the United States Army Soldier, Cpl. Kwon Joong-hoon demonstrate hand-to-hand fighting techniques, The Daegu Commissary will conduct retiree also known as combatives, to Soldiers from their unit during Sergeant’s Time Training Oct. 26 at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field. appreciation activities Nov. 11.
  • Nov. 3, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly TAS PTO Book Fair The Taegu American School Parent Teacher Organization will hold a book fair 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday – Thursday (and 5 – 8 p.m. Tuesday); 9 a.m. – noon Nov. 10 in the TAS library. Come out and support the school and get started on your holiday shopping. For information, call Robert Chartier at 010- 3333-6436. Parent Night The Taegu American School is holding an informational presentation on bullying 6 p.m. Tuesday in the TAS multipurpose room/cafeteria. The presentation will be conducted by Peter Greiner, Korea District assistant An artisan demonstrates his pottery prowess (From left) Erica Conner, Irene Malenky and Yoo Su-bin get instructions in how to make traditional superintendent, TAS faculty and other outside the Daegaya Museum Saturday. Korean figurines out of clay while waiting for others to finish touring Daegaya Museum. Daegu offers foreigners free tour guests. Tournaments Set A Veterans Day basketball tournament will be held Nov. 10 and a soccer By Steven Hoover tournament will be held Nov. 11. The Area IV Public Affairs entry deadline is Tuesday and a CAMP HENRY – It’s not every day that military coaches meeting will be 5:30 p.m. community members from Daegu and Camp Carroll get an Wednesday at the Kelly Fitness Center opportunity to step back in time, but that’s what happened on Camp Walker. Individual trophies will be awarded to players on the first Saturday for those attending the Invitation to Korean and second place teams. For Culture Tour 2006 for foreigners, sponsored by Daegu information, call 764-4225/5217. Metropolitan City’s International Cooperation Division. Tour participants were treated to visits to Daegaya AAFES/DECA Museum and Gaesil Village in Goryeong County, Advisory Council approximately a one-hour drive from Daegu. An Area IV Community Army and Air At the museum, the hosts provided English language Force Exchange Service/Defense tour guides who highlighted the various exhibits. Many, Commissary Agency Advisory Council such as one about pre-historic weaponry, provided English meeting will be held 6 p.m. Thursday in descriptions as well. Afterward, just outside the museum, the Camp Walker Army Lodge (Bldg. S- 701) conference room. Patrons wishing visitors participated in traditional Korean games and to attend the council are invited to activities such as making pottery and playing instruments. participate. For information, call Then it was on to Gaesil Village, which at first looks like Herbert Stankiewicz at 768-7355/7393. the village that time forgot. After lunch, everyone had the opportunity to make Korean traditional “glutinous rice jelly Christmas Cantata (yeot),” better known to Americans as taffy. Besides the Be a part of presenting “Emmanuel – taffy pull, group members also made egg baskets using God With Us!” the story of the birth of rice straw, then picked and later ate roasted sweet potatoes Christ in a multi-denominational and finished the day with a tug-of-war between all of the community Christmas Cantata. Rehearsals are 7–9 p.m. each Tuesday participants. and Thursday, and will continue until “I think it was a great experience,” said Terry Heath, the performance, 7 p.m. Dec. 10 at Area IV Alcohol drug control officer. “I met a lot of very Soldier Memorial Chapel on Camp interesting people and learned a lot about Korean culture. PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER Walker. All community members are One theme that seemed to repeat itself over and over was At Gaesil Village, tour members learned how to make taffy candy invited to participate. Child care is the ‘magic of teamwork.’ It was obvious that the village by hand, made traditional egg baskets and dug up, roasted and available upon request. For worked together as one team to please their visitors.” then ate Korean sweet potatoes. information, call Deborah Lee at 656- Toastmasters forming Daegu chapter 3506. Volunteer Luncheon A volunteer luncheon will be held 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Nov. 13 at the Evergreen By Galen Putnam purpose is communication development.” the former president and founding father Community Club on Camp Walker. Area IV Public Affairs Members have an opportunity to make the Busan Gaya International Toastmasters Tickets are available at the Army CAMP HENRY – Jerry Seinfeld once speeches and give presentations on a Club. “I anticipate having a very active Community Service on Camp Henry and said that at a funeral, most people would variety of topics to fellow members, and successful club. should be picked up by Nov. 7. For rather be in the casket than giving the obtaining valuable experience and For information about the Daegu information, call Bonnie McCarthy at eulogy. constructive feedback from their peers. chapter, call O’Leary at 768-8664, or 768-8126. Indeed, according to a 2001 Gallup An organizational meeting for those DaVona Kirkwood at Camp Carroll, 765- Poll, 40 percent of adults have a fear of interested in helping initiate the club will 8354. Membership is open to all Participants Needed for public speaking. In fact, death came in at be 7 p.m. Thursday at the home of Darryl servicemembers, American and Korean Heritage Observance only number 7 on the list. What was the Chandler, Area IV Support Activity USFK employees, contractors and their The Area IV Equal Opportunity chart topper? You got it – public speaking. community recreation director. For family members. Office is soliciting assistance for the information about or directions to the Established in 1924, Toastmasters “Toastmasters International is a upcoming Native American Indian professional development organization meeting, contact Chandler at 764-4432, International now has more than 10,000 Heritage Month Observance Nov. that, by nature, has social aspects,” said or clubs worldwide with more than 200,000 22. Anyone with ideas or would like to Paul O’Leary, who is helping to establish “We should have a bigger club with a members. participate, should contact Sgt. 1st Class Adam Morrison at 010-8671-4788. a Toastmasters chapter in Daegu. broader selection of members than we did For more information, visit their Web “Although we have fun, the primary at Camp Hialeah,” said O’Leary who is site at
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Nov. 3, 2006 27Remote control vehicle show creates a buzzBy Steven HooverArea IV Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – More than 100people, including Daegu Boy and GirlScout chapter members, attended aRemote-Controlled Air and Ground Show,featuring airplanes, helicopters, cars andtrucks, here Sunday at the H-805Heliport. American and Korean operators of Peter Talbot (right) and other members of Boyremote controlled vehicles, including Scout Troop 81, assemble airplanes with theirmembers of the Young Falcons of Korea, Korean Boy and Girl Scout counterparts.demonstrated a variety of stunts and “This is my first time to see remote-techniques during the five-hour event. controlled airplanes and other stuff like “Although we had a pretty good this,” said Gu Seong-yeon, 15, a memberturnout the first time, back in August, we of Daegu Girl Scout Troop 503. “Weexpected to see at least as many folks as (members of her troop) are very excitedwe did because word about the show has to see the planes flying just above ourspread and using H-805 is very convenient PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER heads as people control them. Althoughfor those with airplanes,” said Master Sgt. Korean children watch as Pfc. Mike Williams “drives” his Mercedes SLR McLaren Sunday. this is our first time at this event, we haveNorman Carter, 19th Sustainment helping assemble airplanes from kits fund-raiser for the scout troop, we also had several opportunities before to meetCommand (Expeditionary) chief food that were sold at the event. wanted to try and recruit some of those and join with the American Scouts, like atmanagement noncommissioned officer “Sang has been flying airplanes for kids interested in remote-controlled our school’s festival and the tree-plantingand remote control vehicle enthusiast. many years,” Carter said. “He has a shop vehicles to join the scouts as well,” Carter event on Arbor Day. We hope we can have He got the kind of crowd he was where he teaches flight training to children. said. “Scouting is a great way for children more times like this after today.”expecting and more. Besides all of the folks He has been a great inspiration and help to get into organized activities, where they If Carter and the Scouts have theirthere to show off their vehicles, there were to me and Dima (Carter’s son), often can have fun learning new skills, way, there will be plenty moreat least twice as many people there to learn working late into the night to help get our citizenship, responsibilities and opportunities for shows like this to build and fly planes. plane ready for a flight the next day.” leadership.” Anyone wishing to participate, in Scouts Kim Sang-moon and Chong Jung- Carter, who also serves as a leader with In that regard, the Scouts set up the race or with the remote control group, shouldho, members of the Young Falcons of Boy Scout Troop 81, saw some of his course for the four-wheeled vehicles, set contact Carter at 768-8509 or 011-9351-Korea, took the time to work with influence rub off on some of the scouts, up chairs for the event, cooked the food 8014.interested spectators, demonstrating and their friends. and took time to help their Korean (Kim Jin-yeong, Public Affairs Officehow to operate remote controls and “Although we used this event as a counterparts with putting together airplanes. intern from Kyungpook National University, contributed to this story.) Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • Nov. 3, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyDaegu enclave supports Korean Girl Scout English CampBy Sgt. 1st Class Pamela Voss the Soldiers are good teachers.”19th ESC Public Affairs The Soldiers weren’t the only POHANG – Giggles, whispers, teachers. Spouses and even childrensmiles and friends are unavoidable joined in the conversations.sugar-and-spice elements when you “This was a good way to give. Iput 435 eight- to 13-year-old girls speak English so it is a way I cantogether, no matter what culture. As share,” said Sarah Leong, an Area IVpart of the Third Korean Girl Scout family member.English Camp Saturday and Sunday, Stagg said she wanted the26 Soldiers and family members from experience of an English Camp; shethe Daegu enclave were invited to saw the flyer to help the Korean GirlDaegu Education Maritime Training Scouts and signed up.Center to participate in conversational Although the girls spoke English atEnglish classes. different levels, it didn’t stop them “I’ve taught English before, so the from trying to communicate.classes were what I expected, but the Leong said she was surprised howother activities were a surprise,” said well they spoke English, or at leastStaff Sgt. Robert Carle, 19th tried. She said she was also surprisedSustainment Command by how exhausting the two days(Expeditionary). SGT. 1ST CLASS PAMELA VOSS turned out to be. She couldn’t believe The scouts were divided into small Spc. Erica Stagg, 154th Medical Detachment, practices vocabulary words that deal with her daily the amount of energy and eagernessgroups to practice their English routine. Here she describes getting out of bed at 5 a.m. which astonished the young onlookers. the girls displayed.speaking abilities in classes such as At the closing ceremony the girlsbody language, daily routines, the cost scissors.” The scouts had no problem The classes also included were told that it was important toof an item, things they like and grabbing American participants and vocabulary, reading to the teacher and learn English with their friends,discussing their birthdays. encouraging them to join in. Soldier participants as well as being because now they had someone to As with any Girl Scout function, The campfire session helped break read to. practice with. Then, Daegu Girl Scoutevening activities turned to more the ice and friendships began to “I was worried about the camp, leader Kim Yong-sook thanked theamusing events. At their “campfire,” a develop. then it was exciting and I enjoyed Soldiers and their family members forterm for when the girls get together to “This is my first time. It’s been myself,” said Ji Yoon, Girl Scout what they added to the camp. Sheinteract with one another, again they great,” said Spc. Erica Stagg, 154th leader from Dongsan Elementary. expressed her sincere hope theywere broken up into teams. There was Medical Detachment. “They call me “This is a good opportunity for the enjoyed themselves, and invited thema dancing contest, karaoke and the by my first name and they try really girls to study, and [it builds their] to participate in the next Girl Scoutuniversal game of “rock, paper, hard to speak English with me.” confidence in speaking English. Also, English camp. Ad goes here
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Nov. 3, 2006 29
  • Nov. 3, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “How much is it?” Kugo olmamnikka? it how much is Vocabulary in the morning ‘achime’ in the afternoon ‘ohue’ in the evening ‘jonyoge’ Week Situation of the Week : shopping Do you have something less Ssan ko issumnikka? expensive? I’ll take this. Eegollo juseyo. Do you accept credit cards? Jureditu kadu bassumnikka? May I have a receipt, please? Yongsujung jom juseyo. I’d like to exchange this. Eegosul bakkuryogo hamnida. May I have a refund, please? Hwanbulhe Juseyo. : Korean Expression of the Week Week Dragon Hill Lodge To start is half the battle roof construction Shijaki banida Don’t give up on your work