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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 061020



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 061020 Document Transcript

  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Oct. 20, 2006Volume 5, Issue 2 The Morning Calm Weekly is Humphreys hosts 8th Yongsan hosts Army powerlifters Fall Festival Page 23 Page 16 nline Visit http:// VerificationContractor Verification Target On TargetSystem now onlineProcess required before Card issuing point.reporting to CAC issuing facility Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12, dated Jan. 14,Area II Public Affairs mandated the establishment of YONGSAN GARRISON — A secure and reliable forms of personalnew system will go into effect Oct. identification for all federal civilians27 to process Common Access and contractors.Card applications for authorized Contractor information in theDepartment of Defense contractors. DEERS database will be made Known as the Contractor available to all military services as aVerification System, or CVS, the resource to establish corporate levelInternet process replaces the current databases facilitating top levelmanual processing of DD Form management actions such as1172-2, “Application for analytical and statistical analysis, asDepartment of Defense Common well as providing the basis forAccess Card DEERS Enrollment.” worldwide contractor Contractors who are required to accountability. DAVID MCNALLYobtain a CAC Card will be required “Government sponsors are Area Area II Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldier Pfc. Lee In-ho takes aim during an Oct. 12to register in the CVS prior to training mission at Rodriguez Range. For related story, see Page 9.reporting to the installation CAC See CVS, Page 3U.S., ROK Soldiers stand ready 365 days a yearBy Heike Hasenauer also home to U.S. Forces, Korea’s Yongsan Garrison. have a substantial numerical advantage over the SouthSoldiers magazine Today, 70 percent of the North Korean army is (between 2 and 3 to 1) in several key categories of WASHINGTON — “It’s a country that time has positioned at the DMZ, Kimmich said. And U.S. State offensive weapons – tanks, long-range artillery andforgotten,” said Special Operations Command, Korea, Department reports indicate that the North “has armored personnel carriers.”Command Sgt. Maj. Richard Kimmich of North Korea. perhaps the world’s second largest special operations Ironically, nighttime satellite pictures of the divided “We have to be prepared for war 365 days a year, force, designed for insertion behind the lines in peninsula show a bleak, black image of the North,because we never know when Kim Jong-il [son of the wartime.” which accommodates some 23 million people, versuslate, but delegated “eternal” North Korean president Additionally, the reports reveal “North Korean forces a bright, vibrant image of democratic South Korea, orKim II-Sung] will say, ‘We need to unify Korea the Republic of Korea, population about 48,’” Kimmich said. To stay prepared for crises and war, SOCKOR The possibility of war is never far from people’s participates in six training exercises annually with ROKminds, Kimmich said. A peace treaty between North Special Warfare Command forces, including aand South Korea was never signed following the 1950 counterterrorist exercise that focuses on marksmanshipto 1953 Korean War. training, said Eighth U.S. Army spokesman Maj. And if the North chooses to invade there will be Jerome Pionk.little warning, said Kimmich, whose 82-person Two of the exercises are Joint Chiefs of Staff-levelheadquarters would swell to some 500 to form the exercises that involve all U.S. and ROK specialCombined Unconventional Warfare Task Force. operations forces, said Sgt. Maj. Jack Hagan of the North Korea has the fourth largest army in the world 39th Special Forces Detachment, Det. K.- composed of some 1.2 million active-duty soldiers, Attached to the 1st Special Forces Group, themore than 13,000 artillery systems and one of the HEIKE HASENAUER detachment’s 16 Soldiers work at 11 locations on thelargest submarine fleets in the world, according to Maj. Jose Devarona, battalion executive officer, U.N. Command Korean peninsula, Hagan said.U.S. State Department records. Security Bn., looks toward the tall gray building that’s the North “[U.S. SF Soldiers have] been training the ROK “In 1991, when the United States and other nations Korean Visitor Center at the Joint Security Area, Panmunjom. soldiers for 48 years, so we no longer concentrate onwere reducing the size of their military forces, North The building to his left is the Military Armistice Commission basic Soldier skills. Most of the training we conductKorea focused on building up its force,” Kimmich said. Building. To the right is what U.S. and Republic of Korea soldiers is concentrated on advanced skills and interoperability,” In 1991, too, North Korea had 40 percent of its call the “Monkey House,” because North Korean armed guards he positioned along the demilitarized zone some 25 are said to make rude and threatening gestures from themiles north of South Korea’s capital, Seoul, which is building when a meeting is taking place in the building. See Ready, Page 4
  • 2. Oct. 20, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter Energy awareness, conservation starts with you The following entries were excerpted By John T. Burtch Other more recent Presidential office: from the military police blotters. These Special to The Morning Calm Weekly Executive Orders and directives state As much as 25 percent more energy is entries do not imply the guilt or October is Energy Awareness that “the federal government should set required to distribute air if vents are innocence of any person. Area 1 Month. This year’s Energy Awareness a good example of conservation by blocked. Make sure furniture, file cabinets, Damage to Government Property, Month theme “Energy Independence reducing its own energy use.” or stacks of paper do not block vents. Underage Drinking, Drunk and Depends on US - Choose Wisely, Use How do I plan an energy awareness By lighting rooms or office space when Disorderly — An odor of an alcoholic Wisely” continues and reinforces the campaign for my facility? only it is in use, lighting costs can be beverage was emitting from Subject 1 National Energy Policy, wherein the The Federal Energy Management reduced 10-40 percent. Turn off lights while walking through Gate 1. A check president directs heads of executive Program offers guidance on planning a in rooms that are not occupied, or when of Subject 1’s ID card disclosed that departments and federal agencies to campaign. For example, FEMP daylight is adequate. he/she was under the legal age to conserve energy use at their facilities “to published Creating an Energy Awareness During the summer keep blinds closed consume alcohol. Subject 1 was the maximum extent consistent with the Campaign: A Handbook for Federal when your windows are exposed to direct apprehended and became belligerent effective discharge of public Energy Managers to provide guidance sunlight. A little common sense can go a and disorderly, damaging a wall at Gate responsibilities.” for planning, designing, and long way towards making your home and 1 by striking it with a closed hand. Sept. 13, 1991, President George implementing a custom program, along office more comfortable. Subject 1 was transported to the Camp Bush proclaimed October as Energy with how to evaluate and report on When your home or office is going to Casey Provost Marshal’s Office where Awareness Month. Since then, the U.S. results. be unoccupied for long periods of time he/she was not administered a series Department of Energy has been What are popular ways to promote (i.e., weekends, holidays), adjust your of Field Sobriety Tests or a Portable energy savings during Energy conducting energy awareness thermostat to avoid conditioning Breathalyzer Test due to his/her lack of campaigns that promote the wise and Awareness Month? unoccupied spaces. Lower the cooperation. Subject 1 was transported efficient use of our nation’s energy. There are many ways to promote temperature a few degrees in the winter, to the TMC where he/she was Both the private and public sectors energy savings. For example, one simple and increase it in the summer – once administered a command directed Laboratory Blood Alcohol Test with need to take more rapid action to way is to publicize energy saving tips you’re back in your home or office, adjust results pending, processed, and become energy efficient. Collectively, all via handouts, newsletters, emails, and it to the normal range. released to his/her unit. At 1:10 p.m., of us —the government, the private other means. You can also display What materials are available for Oct. 8, Subject 1 reported to the Camp sector, and the general public — have posters carrying energy-saving promoting Energy Awareness Month? Casey PMO where he/she was advised the means to help control our energy reminders in hallways and other high FEMP offers a limited supply of a of his/her legal rights, which he/she destiny and move toward energy traffic areas. Find out about more ideas variety of Energy Awareness Month invoked. This is a final report. independence and energy security. on activities promoting energy savings promotional materials such as posters and Area 2 This year federal employees are by checking out the EnergyStar Web site bookmarks. And high-resolution print files Burglary, Larceny of Government reminded to switch off unnecessary and the Design and Implement the are available so you can print ample Property, Larceny of Private Property, lights and equipment; use efficient Program chapter in FEMP’s Handbook quantities of your own materials. Larceny of Private Funds — Person(s) ENERGY STAR® products; compact for Federal Energy Managers. How can I promote energy awareness unknown, by means unknown, entered fluorescent light bulbs; and energy (PDF 1.2 MB; 10 pp). yearlong? Victim 1’s off-post residence through efficient appliances. How can I promote wise energy use Visit FEMP’s You Have the Power Web an open window. Person(s) unknown In observance of Energy Awareness practices at a military installation, site for more ideas on educating federal removed a gold and diamond watch, a Month, here are some of the most where many residences are personnel about saving energy. The YHTP gold and diamond bracelet, a diamond frequently asked questions and answers. maintained? campaign is an outreach campaign created pendant, a blue sapphire diamond ring, FEMP provides a guide specifically for Why should federal agencies promote to honor, inspire, and encourage federal a diamond tennis bracelet, a diamond energy awareness? promoting wise energy use practices for leadership. The program also recognizes tennis bracelet, handbag which Our nation can benefit from the wise military housing. In the Revised Handbook outstanding accomplishments of Federal contained a digital camera, U.S. use of energy at federal facilities. As the for Promoting Behavior-Based Energy Energy Champions. passport, a cell phone, various keys, personal checkbook, and a wallet single largest domestic user of energy, Efficiency in Military Housing, you’ll find (Editor’s Note: John Burtch is the chief containing a Government ID card, RCP, the federal government spends more details on successful energy efficiency of the Operations and Maintenance two debit cards, three credit cards, than $9 billion to power its vehicles, campaigns at military installations. Some Branch, Public Works Division, Korea 65,000 Korean won and $45. A search operations, and approximately 500,000 tips to reduce energy use in the home and Region Office.) of the area by Victim 1 for subject(s) facilities throughout the United States. and/or witness(es) met with negative Efficient energy management at federal facilities saves taxpayer dollars, reduces Submitting to The Morning Calm Weekly results. Victim 1 filed a report with the KNP then rendered a written sworn greenhouse gas emissions, protects the Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, story submissions and other statement attesting to the incident at environment and natural resources, and items for inclusion in The Morning Calm Weekly to: the Yongsan PMO. At 8:30 p.m., Oct. 3, contributes to our national security. person(s) unknown returned Victim 1’s In addition, regulations like the For all submitted items include a point of contact name and telephone number. official U.S. passport, checkbook, keys Energy Policy Act of 1992 require All items are subject to editing for content and to insure they conform with and a cell phone to her mailbox. federal agencies to meet a number of Department of Defense and Associated Press guidelines. Investigation continues by KNP. energy and water management goals. Deadline for submission is close of business the Friday prior to publication. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Sgt. 1st Class Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News Oct. 20, 2006 3 Domestic Violence Prevention Old Skool DanceAn “Old Skool Dance” will be held 9:06p.m. Saturday at the Dragon Hill Lodge Yongsan community takes a stand By Susan SilpasornprasitNaija Ballrom. The dance, sponsored Area II Public Affairson its 100th anniversary by the AlphaPhi Alpha Fraternity Mu Phi Lambda YONGSAN GARRISON — ForChapter, raises scholarship funds for many, October ushers in a welcomedeserving high school students. change in season. It is also DomesticTickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the Violence Prevention month — adoor. For tickets or information, call campaign that urges the Yongsan010-5846-1074. community to help bring about positive changes for those suffering with OPMS Task Force visits domestic violence. “Stand up to prevent Korea domestic abuse” is the charge.The Officer Personnel Management The Army Community Service hereSystem Task Force from Human is one of Yongsan’s many supportResources Command, Officer agencies dedicated to giving those livingPersonnel Management Division, will with domestic violence the resources tovisit Korea from Nov. 2–3, to train field take control of their situation.grade leadership on changes to OPMS. “This is a community issue,” saidThe focus of the presentations will beon the steps the Army is taking to Leah Holland, Army Community Servicebroaden officer development, group domestic violence victim advocate. COURTESY PHOTO “This is not an issue to be kept in the Army Community Service volunteer Phylis Robinson hangs a T-shirt in the Yongsan ACS buildingskills functionally and grow “multi-skilled” leaders for the 21st century. home.” halls Oct. 11 to raise awareness of domestic violence.Specifically, leaders will receive an Common factors contributing to Education is a key strategy in the war “It lets people know what constitutesintroduction to the new OPMS family violence include stressors like job on domestic violence. One of the goals abuse,” Holland said. “Even if there’sDevelopment Model, the new OPMS and financial concerns, childhood and of the Army Community Service team no physical hitting, it helps put namesFunctional Design and the impacts on past family life experiences, and alcohol is to educate the community on what to things that just don’t feel right.”individual officers. abuse. Stephanie Glover, Family an unhealthy relationship looks like, Red flags include:The briefing schedule is as follows: Advocacy Manager, emphasized that no Glover said. One tool Family Advocacy Use of intimidationArea I: 8:30 to 10 a.m. Nov. 2, at the matter what the circumstances, there is uses to bring family violence into focus Coercion or threats-threatening toCamp Casey Theater never an excuse for domestic abuse. is a pamphlet containing a checklist in physically harm them, commit suicideArea IV: 3:30 to 5 p.m. Nov. 2, at the “When it comes to domestic violence, which warning signs are clearly outlinedCamp Henry Theater it is a choice,” she said. in black and white. See Abuse, Page 4Area II: 8-9:30 a.m. Nov. 3, at the South American students visit Korean schoolPost ChapelArea III: 3-4:30 p.m. Nov. 3, at the CampHumphreys TheaterFor information on the OPMS Task By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook not in English but in Korean.Force’s visit to Korea contact Capt. Area II Public Affairs During the morning session, teachers separated studentsJason Cavness at 724-3431 or SEOUL — More than 80 6th-grade Seoul American into three classes. American and Korean students gatheredJASON.CA VNESS@KOREA.ARMY .MIL. Middle School students visited a Korean elementary school in groups and talked about cultural differences. Oct. 13 to make new friends. “Though we speak different languages, I think it is a National Geographic The purpose of the intercultural festival was to good opportunity for our students to understand American Spelling Bee understand the similarities and differences between culture,” said Unnam Elementary School Principal ParkThe National Geographic Bee is an American and Korean students. Jung-hui. “Our kids were kind of shy at the beginning butannual nationwide contest that is The meeting took place at Unhyun Elementary School, now they are friends.”designed to encourage the teaching Each class had its own activity to prepare for the final located in downtown Seoul; however, students from manyand study of geography. Students in different Korean elementary schools attended the event. performance. Folk dancing, singing songs and talkinggrades 4-8 may participate in the “First, I was nervous to meet with American students,” about cultural differences were the main subjects to thecompetition. said Doosan Elementary School 6th-grade student Kim Bo- students.The registration deadline for schoolsis Sunday. Registration instructions mi. “But, after we introduced ourselves and talked about each “It was wonderful,” said SAMS teacher Yolanda Vanand information about the National other, we are friends now.” Rite. “I taught songs to help them feel our culture andGeographic Bee can be found at: http:/ Students wore nametags on their shirts all day to learn each others’ name. American students wrote their names See Students, Page 4/ The site also includesa Study Corner with sample questions CVS from Page 1and a GeoBee Quiz game. responsible for approving contractor Technical Representative or their system. Estate Claim Notice applications,” said Steven Carpenter, Responsible Officer, will be required to Contracting Officer RepresentativesWilliam M. Guy, a civilian employee Area II Support Activity director of establish contact with the Installation and/or Responsible Officers in Area IIserving in Korea, died Sept. 28 in human resources. Point of Contact for CVS to establish should contact the Area II SupportHawaii. Anyone having a claim against Trusted Agent Security Managers, or an account. Activity CVS Installation Point ofthe estate of Guy may contact Bruce TASMs, who are usually the Once the account is activated, the Contact to gain access to the CVS toTaylor at 736-7038, or by e-mail at contractor ’s Contracting Officer Contracting Officer Representative/ apply for a Trusted Agent Representative/Contracting Officer Trusted Agent Security Manager can Manager account in CVS. further delegate and establish trusted The installation point of contact will Marine Corps Ball Installation Points of ContactCelebrate the 231st Marine Corps agents within their organization who can forward applications for access to CVS Area I: Jeffry Waye, 732-7259, authorize access to CVS which will to the CVS help desk. Additionally, theBirthday Nov. 10 at the Hyatt Hotel inSeoul. The event will include cocktails, enable contractors to input their required Area II Support Activity created a Webdinner and dancing, and an official Area II: Steven Carpenter, 738-5017, information and therefore be eligible for site in Army Knowledge Online withcake-cutting ceremony. The guest of a CAC. information about CVS at this URL:honor will be U.S. Force Korea Area III: Reginald Hamilton, 753- After Oct. 27, the CAC issuing point h t t p s : / / w w w. u s . a r m y. m i l / s u i t e /Commander Gen. B.B. Bell. Tickets are 5786, will no longer have the capability to issue$p=304638$65 and dress is military and civilian Area IV: Victor Lowe, 768-8339, a CAC card based on a paper DD 1172- The link to the CVS can be found atformal. For information, call 723-7261/ 2. The DEERS system will be locked Reservations are required. out for any input other than the CVS index.jsp
  • 4. Oct. 20, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyReady from Page 1 It includes courses such as fast-rope ROK SF soldiers last year, Hagan said,master, jumpmaster, combat dive using the “train-the-trainer” technique.supervisor, water infiltration, over-the- “We’ve maintained a legacy withwater navigation, tactical air control, Korean special forces, who supported usmilitary free fall and airfield seizure, immediately after the Korean War and inamong others. Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Col. Simeon “As liaisons to ROK special forces Trombitas, commander, SOCKOR.units, we teach their teams to call in U.S. “As we learn lessons from ourstrike aircraft and coordinate for other combat experiences, we share thoseU.S. assets, such as Army night aviation with the Korean army. And we train themand intelligence,” Hagan added. on changing systems,” Trombitas said. Recently, ROK SF soldiers “The July 2006 missile launches byparachuted onto an airfield at low altitude North Korea further demonstrated theat night and took control of the runway, need for the U.S. military presence inallowing mock follow-on forces to come South Korea as a deterrent on thein within 30 minutes, Hagan said. “That peninsula,” he added.was significant, because it was “The U.S. and ROK specialsomething they hadn’t previously done.” operations soldiers are at the highest level Det. K Soldiers, master sergeants of proficiency I’ve ever seen. I have nowho serve as advisers to ROK army doubts they’re ready to do their nations’generals, trained approximately 1,000 bidding,” Trombitas concluded.Abuse from Page 3or leave With restricted reporting, the victim Taking away privileges like access can receive services like healthcare andto bank accounts or identification cards counseling without involving chain-of- Using children as leverage command or law enforcement officials. Emotional abuse like name-calling or “The victim can get the services theylabeling need and feel more empowered, so they “It’s important for people to can make an informed decision later;”understand the cycle of domestic Holland said.violence,” Glover said. She described “No one will leave until they’rethe cycle as one that often alternates ready,” she said. The ACS team will bebetween episodes of violent outbursts there for them when they are ready.and periods of a blissful “honeymoon Recognizing the red flags of domesticstage.” violence and the avenues available for “It’s a hard cycle to break,” she said. help can allow individuals to assess their But it can be broken. Members of own circumstances and be more alertorganizations like Family Advocacy to others who may need assistance.within the ACS, social work services “One case of domestic violence is toowithin the medical command and the many,” Glover chaplain offices are all ready to Family Advocacy invites those whostand alongside those ready to break the have been influenced by domesticcycle — to give them a sense of safety violence to participate in their clotheslineand help them face their fears of the project. Paper T-shirts featuring inspiringunknown. messages, words of empowerment and Restricted and Unrestricted methods poems will be hung in the second floorare both effective reporting tools, Holland hallway of the ACS Building. No namesexplained. Unrestricted reporting will be attached to the projects.requires contact with both parties Submissions can be e-mailed toinvolved in the abuse, chain-of- orcommand involvement, mandatory dropped off at the Family Advocacycounseling, and command support for office. For information, call Leahthe couple. Holland at 738-3034.Students from Page 3understand some of our songs and, keep in last, we made some friends.” “I thought the kids were excellent When the school bus departed today,” said SAMS Assistantfor home, students promised to Principal Samia Mounts. “The kidsmeet again, writing down their really worked together and learnednew friend’s e-mail address to to get along.” A Seoul ElementaryMiddle School student plays a traditionalinstrument with Korean students during anOct. 13 visit to Unhyun Elementary School in downtown Seoul. PFC. KIM SANG-WOOK
  • 5. Oct. 20, 2006 Page 5Fire Prevention Month welcomes smokin’ new firehouseFire PreventionBy Jim Cunningham smokin’ firehouseArea I Public Affairs CAMP RED CLOUD—A newfirehouse was inaugurated Oct. 12while children from Seo ElementarySchool visited Camp Red Cloudduring Fire Prevention month. Manybenefits are derived from the newfirehouse, not the least the morale ofthe firefighters. “We have a place for our firemento go and do their job in a morecomfortable setting. It is moreappropriate for them since they spend24 hours a day here,” said RonaldSchmidt, deputy garrison commanderof Area I. “When you improve theirsetting where they work, sleep and J C IM UNNINGHAMlive, it makes them more prepared. During the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new firehouse at CRC Oct.12, children of the Ronald Schmidt, deputy garrison commanderThey can respond to their calls Seo Elementary School inspect a fire engine while learning about fire prevention. of Area I, praises the renovations of the firebetter.” house in his inaugural remarks. Although the building looks new, it “The students are here to learn the CRC Fire Station involving theis actually a renovated building that about fire safety,” said Brenda Moore, students of both schools.already existed on CRC. first grade teacher at Indianhead “Fire safety is the subject for this “Part of this building was done by School. “We have been studying poster competition. We will provide anthe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers different jobs that people do and we award for the best posters in eachand the other half of the project was have already studied firefighters. We grade, in each of the three schools,”done by the Tae Sung Construction have already been to the Uijeongbu said Fire Inspector Kim, Tae Chon. “WeCo.,” Schmidt said. “One part of the Fire Station, so this is the second fire will include the winner’s posters in ourproject was to do the fire engine bay. station the students have visited.” fire prevention tape.”The other half of the project was the Frequent field trips are a part of After going through the Escapeliving quarter’s interior and the office their curriculum, according to Moore. Simulator Truck, the students climbedspace.” “They really enjoy going on these through one of the fire stations fire The total field trips and trucks. They were then given specialproject cost learning about firefighter hats as souvenirs.was less than “We don’t want to lose facilities and people the jobs people “When we get back to the school,$500,000. due to enemy action or terror action. It’s do in society the students will write about their “It may not the same result when you have a fire.” like the fire experiences at the open house,” Mooreseem like stations, police said.much to redo John Cook stations and Candle use blamed fora fire station, Camp Red Cloud Fire Chief hospitals,” many firesbut frankly, Moore said. The use of candles in barracks isthis improves the safety for Area I “We incorporate these field trips into prohibited on Army installationsand the surrounding area in their social studies programs.” with the exception of religious Children from Indianhead School andUijeongbu,” Schmidt said. The experiences they have during ceremonies and some functions in International Christian School exit the Completing the renovations and this visit includes going through a Morale, Welfare and Recreation Escape Simulator Truck during their visit toimprovements was a long process, special exhibit called an ‘Escape installations. CRC’s new firehouse Oct. 11 and 12.but worth the wait for Schmidt. Simulator Truck.’ “Candle use in barracks rooms is “It took a long time, a lot of “This exhibit simulates what it is like not authorized,” said Cook. “For Cook said. “If we take preventativerequesting and a lot of action, but it to be in a burning building and search several years, candle related fires measures we will not have suchfinally happened and we are very glad for a safe exit,” Cook said. “The smoke were increasing at a faster rate than accidents, and recent figures showwe finally got to this point when we is not at a harmful level, and it gives you any other fires.” candle use diminishing, which is ancan officially open the new fire the sense of urgency in looking for an Cultural changes and religious improvement in safety.”station,” Schmidt said. escape.” purposes along with popular trends Use of smoke detectors School students learn about An introduction to the CRC Fire caused candle related fires to can saves lives fire safety Station mascot “Sparky” was a delight increase, according to Cook. The home of the Army is the Pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, to the students. “We went through a trend for barracks. Functional smoke detectorsfirst and second grade students of “Sparky is very popular with the about four or five years when we have proven to save many lives overIndianhead School, International students that visit us here at the fire had candle fires in Uijeongbu, and the years. Although smoke detectorsChristian School and Seo Elementary station,” Cook said. at Camps Stanley and Casey,” Cook cannot stop fires, these devices warnSchool came to Camp Red Cloud Oct. During the demonstrations, the said. “It has finally leveled off since people long enough ahead of time to11 and 12 to learn about fire safety. students practiced calling 911 on the 2002.” clear an area where there is fire, andThe children had instructions before Fire Station’s Call Training Simulator. A A short time ago, accidents were can save many lives.coming to the open house at CRC’s student calls from a telephone on the more common and fires happened “There are statistics that point to theFire Station when they were simulator, and it is answered by a more often, according to Cook. fact we have had a huge reduction inquestioned by CRC Fire Chief John firefighter on the other end. The student “Five or six years ago men and the number of fire fatalities because ofCook. If they answered correctly, has to tell the firefighter what the fire is tanks were falling off bridges, and the use of smoke detectors,” saidthey were given coupons for different and where it is burning and his floods were killing people during Cook. “Occupants and buildingthings from Army and Air Force telephone number and address. the monsoon season whileExchange Service. There is also a poster competition at bivouacking in the wrong area,” See Firehouse Page 7 Firehouse,
  • 6. Oct. 20, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly B O S S inaugurates Charlie Daniels Concert The Charlie Daniels Band will appear Sunday at the parking lot at Mitchell’s Paintball Championship Club. Mitchell’s will offer a special menu By Jim Cunningham from 3 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. The menu will to skateboard. We will get 20 that do feature a sloppy joe sandwich, barbecue and that is what matters.” ribs, fried chicken, baked beans, potato CAMP CASEY—Better A total of seven teams signed up salad and cole slaw buffet for $8.95 or by Opportunities for Single and for the Paintball Championship. All the plate for $5.95. Menu includes one unaccompanied Soldiers held their teams have five members. trip to the salad bar. Children under 10 eat inaugural Paintball Championship “We had a total of 35 Soldiers sign for half price. Children under 5 eat for free. Sept. 30 at Camp Casey. up,” Smith said. “We even have a When witnessing a paintball game Korean sponsored team come from Camp Red Cloud Back it reminds one of an Old West Osan.” Gate Closed shootout or cops and robbers that The point of the paintball game The CRC back gate will be closed to children play. It is a sport in which was to capture the flag of the vehicular traffic Saturday and Sunday participants use compressed-air guns opposing team. The flags were draped due to construction. Pedestrians will be called markers to shoot paintballs over the goals at each end of the SGT. MARGRET SMITH able to walk in. (marble-sized, .68-caliber, gelatin playing field. A Soldiers wears all the correct equipment capsules filled with colored “We have seven teams out there to be successful at paintball. The mark on Warriors Retiree Council polyethylene and each team the left side of his face shield shows he Meeting glycol “paint”) has been hit by his opponent. The next meeting for the Warriors Retiree “We are giving Soldiers more and we has to play all at other players. the other teams. “First, second and third prizes Council will be at 8 a.m.Oct. 28 in the are making better opportunities for As players are Therefore, each receive wood burned plaques for Dongducheon VFW. them with a diverse array of different hit with team plays six each member of the team,” Smith paintballs during events they can do.” games; they said. “First place is donated by ION BOSS Area I Quarterly the game, they Sgt. Margret Smith have a point [sports equipment manufacturer] Meeting are eliminated. 2nd Inf. Div. and Area I BOSS coordinator system set up and each member of a winning BOSS will hold its Area I quarterly meeting Paintball and the three team receives a $200 retail value from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday at Camp attracts a wide array of players, and lowest scoring teams are eliminated ION marker. Second place receives Stanley’s Reggie’s Club. For information, the Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s and then it is a four-team bracket a face shield, which is an $80 retail call 010-6440-2147. Association estimates around 10 playoff,” said Rob Nowell of A value prize and a jersey worth $65. ACS Financial Readiness/ million people play annually in the Company Brigade Support Troops Third place is $45 worth of AER Program United States. Battalion. paintballs. The ACS Personal Financial Management When watching a paintball game, It takes a lot of coordination to “Each member of the winning Workshop will be from 9 a.m. to 5 one can tell it is the perfect sport for bring sponsors together for the event, teams receives one of these items. p.m.Tuesday at the Army Community the world’s best Soldiers. It enables explained Smith. Also, we give away BOSS logo hats Services classroom, Building 2317 Camp Soldiers to use their highly trained “Genesis runs the paintball field and shirts.” Casey. skills in a fast-paced sport involving and together with Morale, Welfare, “We are giving Soldiers more and shooting their opponents with paint. and Recreation and BOSS we put we are making better opportunities Wash Rack Canteen “We are trying to get everybody’s together the championship,” Smith for them with a diverse array of Camp Casey’s Red Cross Wash Rack interest,” said Sgt. Margret Smith, said. “Afterwards, we put together a different events they can do,” Canteen is now open for business during 2nd Inf. Div. and Area I BOSS free barbecue for the teams, with Smith said. “We are tired of hearing regular Red Cross hours. coordinator. “Everyone has different sodas and other drinks.” ‘there is nothing to do,’ well, we backgrounds. We are trying to give There are a lot of prizes to give are giving them a lot to do.” ACS Volunteer Luncheon them a little bit of everything. We are away and most of it is paintball at Camp Casey not going to get 100 Soldiers that like equipment. E-mail Army Community Services will hold its Coggin, Newton receive receive Volunteer Luncheon at the Warrior’s Club at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. For information, call 730-3062 FY 07 AFAP Conference The 2nd Infantry Division and Area I FY honorary citizenship 07 Army Family Action Plan Conference By Cpl. Kim Sang Pil will be held Nov. 28 and 29 at Camp Casey. 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs For information, call 732-7314/7779. DONGDUCHEON — The city of Dongducheon Area I CPAC bestowed great honor to the 2nd Infantry Division and Area Area I CPAC will be closed from 9 a.m. I commanders Oct. 11, as both were named honorary citizens until 10:30 a.m. Tuesday for EEO/POSH during a ceremony at Dongducheon Citizen’s Hall Oct. 11. training. In celebration of the 26th Citizen’s Day, Maj. Gen. James A. Coggin and Col. Forrest Newton joined 41 others who National Disability were honored. Among them were a police officer and a PAE, TONG SU mailman who were singled out for their efforts to make the Employment Awareness city a better place to live. Photo: Choi, Yong Soo, the Dongducheon city mayor, and Maj. Gen. Month Dongducheon City Mayor Choi Yong Soo, granted James A. Coggin, Col. Forrest Newton receive an honorary citizenship October is National Disability Employment during the 26th Citizen’s Day ceremony Oct. 11. Awareness Month. The current state of honorary citizenship to Coggin and Newton. Coggin drew the law is complicated, which results in laughs from the crowd when he joked to Choi that as a Guest speaker Jeong Sung Ho, a national congress member many workplaces approaching disability citizen, he would now be required to pay taxes. The mayor for the Woori Party in Yangju and Dongducheon, said despite issue in a very legalistic and rigid way. laughed as well and told him he’d “exempt him from taxes.” North Korea’s apparent nuclear test, people attended the Choi said many factors influenced the decision to ceremony rather than “stocking up on supplies and rations recognize the U.S. Army commanders, among them that the at home.” AFAP Steering Committee city was grateful for Area I and 2ID’s assistance and “If this had happened in the past, people would have been TheArmy Family Plan Steering Committee cooperation in expanding the local detour road in the city too worried to attend this event,” Jeong said “Today’s event will hold it next meeting Monday in the development project and Good Neighbor Program reflects that we are advanced citizens now and also that ROK/ MWR classroom at CRC from 10 - 11:30 participation. U.S. alliance is very important.” a.m.
  • 7. The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Oct. 20, 2006 7Firehouse from Page 5 PBC advisesmanagers should check their smoke witht the onset of fall. Many people professional inspection at leastdetectors periodically to make surethey are functioning properly.” are feeling the cold drafts sweep through the work place, and may be once a year on all facilities and a lot of them every six months, but Halloween safety Barracks and unit personnel considering bringing an electric space in between, building managers By Margaret Banish-Donaldsonhousing have smoke detectors heater to the office. keep the program going. Building Area I Public Affairsdesigned into them as a part of their “Electric space heaters are not managers work for the Halloween is only a few days away,original design, according to Cook. approved on our installation unless it is commander, and they are and everyone knows it is one of the “Every sleeping room on an Army approved by exception to policy,” said appointed by the commander.” most important days of the year forinstallation must have a smoke detector Cook. “Buying a space heater and just The Fire Department at CRC children.installed, regardless of any other kind of plugging it in at the office is trains building managers twice a Despite the ghouls and goblinsdevice,” Cook said. “If you have a fire unauthorized.” month. prowling around Warrior Country, thesprinkler in a four story barracks you If there is a problem with cold “We train building managers to biggest threat to kids’ Halloween safetywill notice they have smoke detectors drafts in a building, there is a way to do inspections,” Cook said. “A isn’t rabid werewolves or bloodthirstythere also.” get the help one needs. person will go through a two hour vampires. Perhaps the greatest threats Smoke detectors first came into “Someone will need to contact the class. When the class is finished, on Halloween are on the roads.use in the 1970s. fire department or the directorate of the person knows all the basic Natalia Lyons, Camp Red Cloud Pear “Although we do not want too public works,” Cook said. “We will be things he/she is supposed to do Blossom manager encourages parentsmany nuisance alarms, the smoke looking for illegal space heaters and how to get problems to go with their children as they trick-detectors in the barracks today will because every year buildings burn to corrected. They are the ones who or-treat. It can also cut down on anysound in the individual room for a the ground because of poor use of will come to us to correct things mischief the children may try to get intocertain length of time before warning electric space heaters.” beyond their control.” that evening.the entire barracks,” Cook said. “That There were special campaigns to The Army has always offered a “We have a small population here andalarm will clear itself if it is a false make people aware of the dangers of building managers program, but everyone knows everyone,” Lyons said.alarm. Even with nuisance alarms, using portable electric heaters in the by another name and a little “It is often difficult for drivers to seesmoke detectors are life savers.” past, but fires caused by the heaters different. little trick-or-treating ghosts, goblins and Anyone that disables a smoke demonstrate the dangers in using “The previous program was witches darting across streets in thedetector in any way is violating policy them. called the Fire Marshall and Fire darkness, so car accidents can occurand can possibly cause disaster. “An entire building burned down at Warden’s program,” Cook said. frequently on Halloween night, so I ask “They are putting themselves and Camp Falling Water before it was “That was changed when the drivers to lower their speed during trick-their teammates in danger,” Cook said. closed,” Cook said. “Unauthorized use regulations changed about eight or or-treating.”“Army Regulation 420-1 provides of a portable electric heater was found nine years ago when it became the Since Halloween should be filledpenalties for disabling smoke to be the cause.” Building Manager and Evacuation with surprise and enjoyment, Briandetectors. I cannot over emphasize the Portable electric heaters cause a Coordinator Program.” Tarrance, Area 1 safety officer offersimportance of functional smoke large percentage of home fires too. Fire safety is safety in itself, the following safety tips for trick-or-detectors.” “We will be looking for illegal space Cook explained. treaters: “We use only hardwired smoke heaters, because every year when its “We don’t want to lose facilities Costumes – Wear light-colored ordetectors,” Cook said. “We don’t have starts to get cold, people bring out the and people due to enemy action or reflective materials; wear shoes that fit;to bother with the batteries.” portable electric heaters,” Cook said. terror action,” Cook said. “It’s the have an adult check you for fire safety; Area I fire alarms are Class A “We had a big fire here in the past, same result when you have a fire. and ensure long costumes don’t makealarms. If wires burn off on one side which was caused by a portable People and facilities are lost when you trip. Keep away from open firesthe other side still works, explains electric heater.” you have a fire.” and candles (costumes can be extremely flammable).Cook. Building managers provide Less than 10 percent of fires are Pedestrian rules – Stay on sidewalks; If people have battery-operated safe environment caused by natural causes or cross only at corners; look in allsmoke detectors, it is important to Training building managers is happenstance, explains Cook.change the batteries every six months. “The majority of fires are directions before crossing; walk, don’t an important job for safety in run; and never go into the street from “In the United States when you America’s Army. caused by human error,” Cookchange your clocks to and from said. “Most of these fires can be between cars. “A good building manager Avoiding trouble – Carry flashlights;daylight savings time, it is a good time program gives you a relatively prevented. Operational riskto remember to change the batteries in management can trace most ask parents to go with you; and walk safe unit and facility,” said Cook. with your friends.your smoke detectors,” Cook said. “We don’t have fire inspectors to mechanical failures and other Clear view – Take off mask when Space heaters unauthorized go out and be in these facilities seemingly unavoidable failures to crossing the street; ensure mask fits at Camp Red Cloud checking every month or every human error.” properly; and if possible, wear face paint Weather in Korea is getting colder two months. We make a instead of a mask. E-mail Then Fifi and I will have a great time in my dreams! I’ll light these candles for a romantic Hey! Dooley! mood! Candles aren’t authorized in our barracks!!!
  • 8. Oct. 20, 2006 Page 9 Area II Pfc. Kim Sang- wook feels the adrenaline pumping during Oct. 12 training to clear a building of “enemy forces” at Rodriguez Range. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY Area II Pfc. Jun Ho-jin protects his teammates by securing a stairwell.Unique training openseyes to urban warfareBy David McNallyArea II Public Affairs RODRIGUEZ RANGE — Theyoung Soldier’s mind is racing. Hedoesn’t know what lies behind thedoor. Shots were fired and the dangeris near. He stealthly moves with histeam from room-to-room securingthe building. “Bam!” A fellow Soldier kicksopen a door and breaks the silence. “All clear,” shouts the KoreanAugmentation to the U.S. ArmySoldier as he turns to his team and Soldiers patrol a building during training at Rodriguez Range near the Demilitarized Zone.moves on. Pfc. Kim Sang-wook is one of 55Area II Soldiers who attendedadrenaline-laced training Oct. 12 atRodriguez Range. The MilitaryOperations in Urban Terrain facilityis a realistic training environmentthat is designed to bring Soldiersface-to-face with city warfare. As the team moves on to a differentbuilding, a sniper pops out on arooftop. The piercing sound of laserweapons simulators puts the troopson an even higher alert as the “hit”squad member lies down and playsdead. The Soldiers rush to anyavailable cover to protect their own See Cover Page 12 Cover, Kim takes a “bullet” later in the mission as his battle buddy drags him to safety. Area II Cpl. Huh Seung takes aim at a sniper on the roof of an enemy-infested building.
  • 9. 10 Oct. 20, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Area II stands ready for NEO exercise Red Ribbon Week By Steve Davis during that 48-hour window that is most to process through the NEO site, notThe annual celebration of National Red Area II Public Affairs convenient for them, including night. the military or Emergency EssentialRibbon week starts Saturday, as YONGSAN GARRISON — Processing time is about 30 minutes, Civilian sponsor, and they are requiredcommunities and students across Courageous Channel 06-2 will be depending on the time of day. Before to have the children’s originalAmerica commit themselves to livingdrug-free lives. In Area II, events will conducted 6 p.m. Thursday thru 6 p.m. school, lunchtime, and after work are identification and NEO packet when theystart with a 10K fun run at Collier Field Oct. 28 at Yongsan Army Garrison. peak times for noncombatant arrive,” DelCorro said.Saturday. Courageous Channel is a regularly processing. On South Post, Williams Avenue byA “Youth JAM” will be held 3-6 p.m.Oct. scheduled, semi-annual readiness “USFK has directed 100 percent Collier Field House will be closed to all28 behind the putt–putt golf area next to exercise conducted by U.S. Forces participation and we encourage all but NEO traffic beginning at 1 a.m.Commiskey’s. Activities will include Korea to rehearse procedures that may noncombatants to process,” DelCorro Tuesday.youth bands and solo acts with a variety be used in the event of a noncombatant said. Non-NEO traffic transiting Gate 17of musical styles, food booths, games, evacuation operation, or NEO. Taking children to the Evacuation will be directed around the ball fieldsskateboarding, putt-putt golf, inflatable A NEO can be ordered in response Control Center is encouraged. Adult via Vaughn Avenue. Traffic signs willjumping houses, and various Yongsan to natural or man-made disaster, noncombatants must have the child’s direct noncombatants around theagency information tables. For epidemic, hostilities or any other reason original identification card or passport baseball diamonds, past 121 Generalinformation, call 738-6816. when the safety of American citizens is with them when they process, he said. Hospital entrance, and past the deemed at undue risk by the U.S. Military and Emergency Essential southern traffic barrier on Williams Sexual Assault Hotline ambassador. Civilian sponsors are not permitted to Avenue into the NEO parking areaThe 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline An Evacuation Control Center at process their family. Sponsors who immediately adjacent to Collier Fieldphone number is DSN 158. From off-post Collier Field House on Yongsan South would not evacuate with their family are House.or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700. Post will process noncombatants 24- invited to accompany their family Once processing is complete,Individuals may also call Area II SexualAssault Response Coordinator Leah hours a day. Noncombatants should members to observe the process. noncombatants will then exit throughHolland at 738-3034 or 010-8697-4869. coordinate with their unit NEO warden Single or dual-military or Emergency the northern traffic barrier on Willams and report to an Evacuation Control Essential Civilians with family members Avenue. Activities normally conducted Area II Ethics Training Center with their ID card, passport and under the age of 18 must designate an at Collier Field House will beThe next ethics training is 1-2 p.m. Nov. completed NEO packet. escort for those minors as a part of their significantly reduced. Contact the9 at Balboni Theater. This is an annual According to Area II NEO Family Care Plan, which should be gymnasium staff for requirement for all Army Coordinator Sgt. 1st Class Stephen included in the NEO packet.personnel. For information, call 723-6631. DelCorro, noncombatants may process “In those cases, the escort is required E-mail Club ElectionsThe U.S. & ROK Elite Non-commissioned Office Association will Halloween safety should not be scaryhold general elections 12-1 p.m. Nov. 1 By David McNally or treat rounds, parents should make sure an adult or anat Reggie’s located in the Main Post Area II Public Affairs older responsible youth will supervise the outing, Hyska said.Club. Send nominations to Sgt. 1st Class YONGSAN GARRISON — Halloween may be a “Plan and discuss the route trick-or-treaters intend toElka Stevens before noon cherished American tradition, but the excitement of the night follow,” he said. “Know the names of older childrensOct. 31. Any and all Sergeant Audie could cause some children to forget to be careful. At least, companions.”Murphy and Sergeant Morales Club that is what scares Area II safety officials. Instruct your children to travel only in familiar areas andmembers as well as Gen. Paik leadership “The major dangers are not from witches or spirits,” said along an established route, he said.awardees are encouraged to participate. Area II Safety Officer Jeff Hyska, “The dangers are from The National Safety Council implores parents to teachFor information, contact Sgt. 1st Class falls and traffic accidents with pedestrians.” their children to stop only at houses or apartment buildingsJessie Smith at 723-3365. The National Safety Council offers Halloween safety tips that are well-lit and never to enter a strangers home. for both children and adults. “Establish a return time,” Hyska said. “Tell your kids not Marine Corps Birthday “Motorists must be especially alert on Halloween,” Hyska to eat any treat until they return home.”The U.S. Marine Corps Forces Korea said. “Watch out for children darting out from between parked Review all appropriate trick-or-treat safety precautions,Commander will host the 231st U.S. cars.” including pedestrian/traffic safety rules.Marine Corps Birthday Ball 6 p.m. Nov. Hyska said there will be children walking on roadways, “There are many things families can do to make sure this10. Celebrate the birthday at the event medians and curbs, so motorists must remain vigilant. Halloween is a safe Halloween,” Hyska the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. The “Remember to enter and exit driveways and alleys Hyska’s list includes:event is open to all ROK/U.S. Pinning a slip of paper with the child’s name, address and carefully,” he said. “Watch for children in dark clothing.”servicemembers (active and retired), In Area II, trick or treat hours are 6-8:30 p.m. Oct. 28.civilian employees of the military, Before children under 12-years-old start the annual trick See Halloween Page 12 Halloween,dependents and guests, and friends of ‘Community of Sharing’ provides happy holidaysthe Marine Corps. Dress is military andcivilian formal. Ticket prices are $65. Forinformation, call 723-7261. Reservationsare required. By Steve Davis organizations and individuals may Yongsan and Area II, or their family must Area II Public Affairs contribute money or gifts to the program. reside in Area II. Old Skool DanceAn "Old Skool Dance" will be held 9:06 YONGSAN GARRISON — A “Last year, the program raised $28,756 Each family member listed on thep.m. Saturday at the Dragon Hill Lodge “Community of Sharing 2006” holiday for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals application must reside with the applicantNaija Ballrom. project has begun to assure that select and gifts for 211 families,” Hargrove said. in Area II.The dance, sponsored on its 100th Area II families have a happy holiday. Applications are available online at the Each block on the application must beanniversary by the Alpha Phi Alpha Applications are available now at Army Area II Web site, http:// filled in. If not applicable, please “NA” inFraternity Mu Phi Lambda Chapter, raises Community Services in building S-4106,, or at Yongsan the boxes.scholarship funds for deserving high room 205. Application deadlines are Nov. chapels, the Hannam ACS Outreach One application may be submitted perschool students. 6 for Thanksgiving and Dec. 8 for Center or the Yongsan Commissary. household.Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the Christmas. Hargrove said military applicants should “This is a great way to help spread joydoor. For information, call 010-5846-1074. Regina Hargrove, who helps manage have their unit first sergeant or during the holidays,” said ACS staffer Gina “Community of Sharing 2006,” said the commander verify the need for Mariano. “It was heart-warming last year Area II Web site program assists Department of Defense assistance. Civilian applicants should have to see children pick up their ChristmasFor more community notes, news and families E-6 and below (or civilian their supervisor sign the form before presents.”information, visit the Area II Web site at equivalent) by providing meals and gifts returning it to ACS. For information, call 738-7505. during the holidays. A few other guidelines apply: Military units, authorized private Applicants must reside and work in E-mail
  • 10. The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Oct. 20, 2006 11Volunteers encourage ‘get out the vote’ Area II firefightersBy Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon Green. “They decide a lot of what goes hold open houseArea II Public Affairs on, especially financially.” By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon YONGSAN GARRISON — She said you can’t complain if you Area II Public AffairsMembers of Delta, Sigma, Theta don’t vote, so you have to at least put YONGSAN GARRISON —Sorority conducted an absentee voter forth the effort. More than 250 people enjoyedregistration drive Oct. 11. Military personnel can seek assistance hamburgers, hot dogs and soda Volunteers spent several hours from unit voting officers or visit the offered by the Yongsan Firehanding out literature, answering Integrated Voting Alternative Site at http:/ Department Saturday during the Fallquestions and encouraging people to / during upcoming November The site includes information on Last week was “Fire Preventionelections. various electronic ballot requests and PFC. JUNG JAE-HOON Week.” With the theme “prevent To vote, community members must delivery alternatives available to U.S.register their names to be approved to Delta, Sigma, Theta Sorority volunteers citizens living overseas. cooking fires-watch what you heat.”vote outside of the states. encourage people visiting the Yongsan Main Delta, Sigma, Theta also raises funds The fire department held an open “We are here to assist Soldiers and Exchange Oct. 11 to register to vote. for high school students to go to college, house to let the Area II community members visit the station and have afamily members to fill out their absentee Volunteers set up a display at the PX takes care of health issues concerning free meal cooked by Area IIballots,” said Capt. Dovia Williams, 8th lobby to draw attention. women, builds schools for children and firefighters.U.S. Army G-4. “We find their state in “Voting, putting the right people in participates in many national events that “I think it worked out really well,”the voting assistance guide and we help political office, is very important for our go on throughout the year. said Fire Department Chief Alexthem fill out their information on the future,” said 195th Financial Temporado. “We served over 300ballot.” Management Center Lt. Col. Sharon E-mail meals and 1,000 packets of fireUSO donates DVDs for Family Care Center prevention pamphlets.” Soldiers and family members enjoyed the fall festival parade andBy Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon rooms,” said Area II Family Support Division Chief Brenda came to the fire station to eat andArea II Public Affairs McCall. have fun with the firefighters. YONGSAN GARRISON — Seven volunteers prepared a McCall said the Walt Disney company is a partner of the “We thank everybody for theirmassive DVD donation Oct. 11 at Yongsan Army Community USO. “They were the ones who are responsible for the donation support and I think we have reachedService. in the first place,” she said. “This is a way for the USO to help a lot of families today and hope that The USO donated more than 600 DVDs to the Yongsan women by giving them something to do, and to look at while this would make a difference,”Family Care Center to help family members pass the time while they are in the room. Temporado said.waiting to give birth. McCall said she wanted to thank the USO for helping the After the open house, the fire The center, located near 121st hospital, is where expectant center and the mothers. fighters cleaned up the area and wentmothers from outlying areas stay for the final days of pregnancy. “We’re here to divide the DVDs for Family Care Center E-mail See Firefighters Page 12 Firefighters,
  • 11. 12 Oct. 20, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyCover from Page 9sensors from being hit by the sniper’s officers.laser. “It’s important because they need The Multiple Integrated Laser to know about combat,” McGheeEngagement System, known as said. “They don’t get to train like aMILES, offers Soldiers a bit of what regular tactical or line unit.”warfare would be like. After a two-hour bus trip from “The Soldiers did pretty well,” said Seoul, the NCOs walked the SoldiersArea II Sgt. 1st Class Terrance through the MOUT site.McGhee. “This is the first time we “We did a rehearsal, then for real,”ever did anything like this.” McGhee said. “They really enjoyed it, A large portion of Headquarters and because most of them have neverHeadquarters Company, Area II been in any kind of training event likeSupport Activity is made of KATUSA this. It was a good experience.”troopers. These Soldiers work in McGhee said the Soldiers usedoffice environments. Sergeant’s Time sessions to prepare Training opportunities, like this one for the MOUT training.near the Korean Demilitarized Zone,are valued by unit noncommissioned E-mail from Page 10phone number inside a pocket in case Knives, swords and other accessoriesthe child gets separated from the group. should be made from cardboard or Wearing only fire-retardant materials flexible materials. Do not allow childrenfor costumes. to carry sharp objects. Costumes should not be so long that Carrying flashlights will help childrenthey are a tripping hazard. see better and be seen more clearly. If children are allowed out after dark, “To ensure a safe trick-or-treatoutfits should be made with light- colored outing, we urge parents to give childrenmaterials. Strips of reflective tape should an early meal before going out,” Hyskabe used to make children visible. said. “Insist that treats be brought home Masks can obstruct a child’s vision. for inspection before anything is eaten.”Use facial make-up instead. If masks When in doubt, throw it out, he said.are worn, they should have nose andmouth openings and large eyeholes. E-mail from Page 11back to their duty, staying alert for any with community members.”fire in Area II. Chon said he hopes the message of “A lot of people came and enjoyed fire prevention had gone out to thethe meal that we have prepared,” said Soldiers and the families.Area II Firefighter Chon Pyong-mo.“We had fun, cooking and getting along E-mail DAVID MCNALLYArea II Fire Chief Alex Temporado points out a series of posters by Seoul American ElementarySchool students promoting Fire Prevention Week.The posters are on display at the fire station. Area II Web site has more stories Area Web more and community information http://ar ea2.kor http://area2.kor
  • 12. Oct. 20, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 1335th ADA poised for danger President SignsBy Heike Hasenauer 2007 Defense Authorization Act North Korea are, in fact, ready to launch at aSoldiers magazine moment’s notice. OSAN AIR BASE -- You know you’ve arrived at The eight Patriot launchers in C Btry. alone are By Jim Garamonea real-world hotspot where the potential for danger is critical to the defense of the air base where U.S. and American Forces Press Servicepalpable when you see a U2 spy plane lift off and Republic of Korea military air assets are located. WASHINGTON – The fiscal 2007 Nationaldisappear over the horizon and a U.S. Patriot missile The drill tested the crew’s communication skills Defense Authorization Act provides more than $530battery “hot” crew spring into action. and response times to complete various technical billion to maintain the military in the shape it must Soldiers of the Osan-based C Battery, 1st Battalion, checks of the missile system to get it up and running be to win the war on terror. President Bush signed43rd Air Defense Artillery - part of the 35th Air Defense in response to a potential missile attack from North the bill, officially called the John Warner NationalArtillery Brigade in their rotation as the battery’s on- Korea, said battalion executive officer Maj. Roland Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007,call crew, underwent an operational readiness exercise Quidachay. during a small ceremony in the Oval Officeto ensure the “live” Patriot missiles positioned toward As part of the launcher platoon, Spc. Daniel Tuesday. Warner is Virginia’s senior senator and Nebrida checked missile switches and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services ensured the generator that fires the missiles Committee. heated sufficiently to do so. Another The act provides $462.8 billion in budget crewmember checked cable-to-missile authority for the department. Senate and House canister connections. conferees added the $70 billion defense The 35th ADA is the only air defense supplemental budget request to the act, so overall, brigade in the Pacific, said Col. John Rossi, the act authorizes $532.8 billion for fiscal 2007. brigade commander. The $70 billion supplemental provision covers the Composed of two battalions of missile cost of ongoing operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and batteries that collectively boast PAC-3-level the Horn of Africa, as well as other expenses Patriot missile and Avenger missile affiliated with the war on terrorism. capabilities, “we’re spread over some 389 The supplemental funding also provides $23.8 kilometers, from the top of the [South billion to help “reset” Army and Marine Corps Korean] peninsula to the bottom,” added equipment, which is wearing out faster than Maj. J.M. Rose, brigade operations officer. originally planned because of the war. The From the brigade operations center at supplemental measure further provides $2.1 billion Osan Air Base, unit officials can monitor for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Task potential threats via joint satellite images. Force, $3.2 billion to train and equip Iraqi and D A EPARTMENT OF THE These show aircraft locations and missile RMY PHOTO Afghan security forces. The authorization actSpc. Daniel Nebrida, from Battery C, 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery launches, not only from North Korea but provides a 2.2 percent pay raise for AmericanRegiment, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, in Osan, Russia, China and Saudi Arabian training servicemembers, effective Jan. 1.South Korea, performs a maintenance check on a Patriot missile. launches as well, Rose said.
  • 13. Oct. 20, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Oct. 20-26 How to Eat The Marine The Marine Beerfest Fried Worms Step Up Beerfest Little Man R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R PG-13 PG Accepted Open Season Beerfest How to Eat No Show No Show Fried Worms No Show PG-13 PG R PG The Marine The Marine The Marine World Trade World Trade Beerfest Accepted PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Center PG-13 Center PG-13 R PG-13 Accepted The Marine Accepted Little Man The Marine Beerfest Zoom PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R PG The Guardian The Guardian The Guardian How to Eat No Show No Show No Show Fried Worms PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PGThe Descent — (Shauna The Guardian — (Ashton The Departed — (Leonardo The Marine — (John Cena, Step Up — (Channing Tatum,MacDonald, Natalie Mendoza) Kutcher, Kevin Costner) DiCaprio, Matt Damon) Robert Patrick) Jenna Dewan)Six girlfriends meet in a remote part After losing his crew in a fatal crash, Two men from opposite sides of the John Triton is a heroic Marine who Tyler is a rebel from the wrong sideof the Appalachians for their annual legendary Rescue Swimmer, Ben, law are undercover within the Boston returns home after being discharged of Baltimore’s tracks. Nora is acaving trip. The girls soon learn that is sent to teach at “A” School, an State Police department and the Irish — against his will — from the Iraq privileged ballet dancer attendingJuno, the thrill-seeking leader of the elite training program for Coast mafia, but violence and bloodshed War. Stateside, he finds himself back Baltimore’s ultra-elite Marylandexpedition, has brought them to an Guard Rescue Swimmers. boil when discoveries are made, and in action, when his wife is kidnapped School of the Arts. When trouble withunexplored cave and that as a result Wrestling with the loss of his crew the moles are dispatched to find out by a murderous gang led by a the law lands Tyler with a communityno one knows where they are to members, he throws himself into their enemy’s identities. merciless criminal named Rome. service gig at Maryland School of thecome rescue them. The group teaching, turning the program With everything on the line, the Marine Arts, he arrives as an angry outsider,splinters and each push on, praying upside down with his unorthodox will stop at nothing to carry out his until his skills as a gifted streetfor another exit but there is training methods. While there, he toughest and most important dancer draw Nora’s attention. Now,something else lurking under the encounters a young, mission. as sparks fly between them, bothearth. cocky swim champ, Jake, who is on and off stage, Tyler realizes he driven to be the best. has just one performance to prove that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined. The Guardian No Show Step Up Miami Vice R No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 The Departed The Departed The Departed Beerfest Beerfest Accepted Accepted R R R R R PG-13 PG-13 The Marine Beerfest Step Up How to Eat Beerfest Fried Worms No Show The Departed PG-13 R R PG-13 R PG How to Eat How to Eat Beerfest Fried Worms Accepted Fried Worms No Show The Departed Beerfest R PG PG-13 R R PG The Departed The Departed The Departed The Descent The Descent Accepted Accepted R R R R R PG-13 PG-13 How to Eat Monster House Monster House Fried Worms Step Up Step Up The Descent The Descent PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 R R How to Eat Phat Girlz Zoom Zoom Fried Worms Phat Girlz Beerfest Beerfest PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 R R
  • 14. Oct. 20, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Spiritual resources earn winning dividends By Chaplain (Maj.) Jerald P. Jacobs key to creating a professional Army that lives out our services and religious education available to us all.IMCOM-KORO Chaplain core values. It is mandatory if we are going to accomplish When the Soldier’s spirit is strong, healthy and fit, the our mission. Soldier can discipline his or her mind and body to Billy Graham said “Tell me what you think about One example of the Army’s commitment to spiritual become technically and tactically proficient and to livemoney, and I can tell you what you think about God, for fitness is the providing of High Holy Days services to out our Warrior Ethos: “I will always place the missionthese two are closely related.” That is true for the family, Jewish personnel from all over the peninsula. The first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I willthe Army and every other organization. If it is important command brought a highly respected spiritual leader to never leave a fallen comrade.”to you, you will invest your resources in it – time, energy Korea to offer the highest level of spiritual ministry and None of this happens automatically or without cost toand money. training to Jewish personnel. This investment in spiritual the Soldier and the Army. We maintain physical fitness by There is an obvious spiritual lesson for us. Our growth opportunities demonstrates the importance of disciplining ourselves and conducting regular physicalcheckbook and our calendars are reliable indicators of spiritual fitness to the Army’s leadership. training. We become more professionally capableour values. What is truly important to us? Clearly, those We cannot live out the Army’s values of Loyalty, because we discipline ourselves through career-longthings for which we budget time and money are more Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and formal and informal schools and training.important to us. Personal Courage if they are not our own internalized The Army provides weekly worship and religious I am grateful that spiritual fitness is important to the values. If we do not really believe in them, when things education to help us maintain our spiritual health. TakeArmy. It budgets time and resources to keep Soldiers, go bad, these values will fly right out the window. advantage of these resources to build the strongestemployees and families spiritually fit. This is an Therefore, the Army seeks to reinforce the internal possible foundation for your personal and professionalinvestment in people and it pays huge dividends. It is values and spiritual foundation on which they rest by life. It will help you be the best person, family membercentral to building an unstoppable fighting force. It is the making such spiritual fitness resources as religious and Soldier you can be. Area III W orship Services Worship Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Collective Contemporary For information on Bible study groups and other religious services and Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel activities, contact the nearest installation chaplain’s office. Sunday 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Station Chapel KATUSA Area III Chaplains 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel, Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson Camp Long Chapel 753-7274 Suwon Air Base Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) James O’Neal 3 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 p.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7276 Gospel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Kyle Taylor Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel 721-3356 Ad goes here
  • 15. Oct. 13, 200616 The Morning Calm Weekly DAVID MCNALLYHundreds of parade participants march from the Yongsan Commissary toward the festival grounds Saturday. The parade featured 46 groups.By David McNally intersection. As parade participantsArea II Public Affairs came to the finish line, Area II YONGSAN GARRISON — Commander Col. Ron Stephens —Hundreds of Area II community also the Grand Marshal for the eventmembers and Korean neighbors lined — judged performances. A largeup Saturday morning to parade crowd gathered for the entertainment.through the streets here. “This year, we combined our The 2006 Yongsan Fall Festival traditional Columbus Day celebrationopened with a parade and ended with with a health fair, Retiree Appreciationlive musical performances from big- Day and the Noncommissionedname Korean entertainers. Officer Association-MWR Blue-Dot “The parade was very good,” said Softball Tournament,” Robinson said.Area II Morale, Welfare and Osan Air Base won the softballRecreation Director Paul Robinson. tournament.“For the performances, that was the Robinson said he was extremelymost people I’ve ever seen at one of pleased with the day.these events. People were sitting on “All-in-all it was a great turnout,”the grass too.” Robinson said. “I have heard nothing Forty-six groups marched in the 10 but positive comments.”a.m. parade from the YongsanCommissary to the fire station E-mail DAVID MCNALLY Yongsan Motorcycle Club member Sam Berry shows his patriotism during the parade. PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONMore than 1,000 Area II community members and Korean neighbors celebrate near Collier Field House. Korean singer Lee Ji-hye (right) entertains the Area II community Saturday night at the 2006 Yongsan Fall Festival. PFC. JUNG JAE-HOON “That was the most people I’ve ever seen at one of these Artist Michelle events.” Bremer fills a helium balloon — Paul Robinson during the festival.Bremer runs a face- painting company. DAVID MCNALLY
  • 16. Oct. 20, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Soldiers bid farewell to local orphans By Capt. Anthony Douglas “I get requests all the time from organizations who would 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion love to have Soldiers come and visit. Soldiers truly are YONGJIN, KOREA -- Soldiers from Headquarters and America’s finest diplomats,” said Hyong Uk Kim, 35th ADA Headquarters Battery, 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, 35th community relations officer. Air Defense Artillery Brigade, bid farewell to the children at Usually 15-20 Soldiers travel to the orphanage to volunteer the Yongjin Orphanage Sept. 23. their time with the children and staff. As part of monthly Charlie Daniels Band For the past two years, Soldiers from this unit have visits, the Soldiers have included time at playgrounds, picnics, Legendary country music and volunteered at the orphanage. Due to the unit’s relocation to holiday celebrations, and sports days. Their most recent Southern rock singer Charlie Daniels Camp Carroll in Daegu, this was the final visit. visit was a sports day. will be touring Army installations The afternoon was spent playing kickball and dodgeball at throughout Sunday. Shows are free of a nearby schoolyard. The children were delighted to have charge and open to military community adults, particularly foreigners, roll up their pant legs and hit members, courtesy of MWR. Schedule the field with them. is as follows: The slight language barrier proved no obstacle at all, as Friday – Camp Humphreys’ CAC, 7 p.m. everyone communicated quite well through smiles, cheers, Saturday – Yongsan Garrison’s Collier and laughter. The time spent together seemed to break down Field House, 7 p.m. many walls and brought the Soldiers and the children closer Sunday – Camp Red Cloud Block Party, together. 5 p.m. “Part of the reason I come here is to see the smiles of the Tae Kwon Do kids as they play,” said Pvt. Carlos Chavez, HHB, 2-1 ADA, Championship from Las Cruces, N.M. “This is a great opportunity to The Korea Region Tae Kwon Do provide some feeling of family for these kids and for Championship will take place Saturday ourselves.” at the Camp Casey Fitness Center. Although the unit is moving, their spirit to give back to the SGT. JOHN LANGLY Competitions in blue, red and black belt community is going with them as well. Coordination is already Spcs. Craig Howell and Francisco Villavencio demonstrate their categories will begin at 6 p.m. For under way to volunteer within their new community of Daegu. talent on the drums. information, call 725-5064. Photo Contest Winners MWR expands basic program package at no cost Honored Story by Cara Masterson shows, reality TV, comedy shows, Current schedules are available in Korea Region’s Photo Contest Awards Korea Region MWR Marketing Ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. and more. AFN/xtra is home to The the Stars & Stripes newspaper or Wednesday, at the Yongsan Arts & YONGSAN – In an effort to make Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Fear online at Crafts Building. Winners were selected more sports viewing available to Factor, The Best Dam Sports Show The MWR Cable TV Basic Package from entries from all over the peninsula. residents on KORO installations, Period, NFL Total Access, World also includes: Commander’s Access Classes of black and white prints, color MWR Cable TV has moved two Series of Poker, WWE Smackdown, Channel, AFN/Pacific, AFN/News, prints and short film were judged in five channels to the basic package. AFN/ WWE Raw and in-season sports. AFN/Sports, CNN International, EBS, categories: people, place, object, xtra and AFN/Atlantic are now AFN/Atlantic is one of three feeds KBS1, KBS2, MBC, Pentagon military life and experimental processes. available on the MWR free, basic that broadcast AFN/Prime Channel, and SBS. Winning entries will be eligible to cable service in on-post quarters. programming. It features sitcoms, Cable TV in Korea is the only U.S. compete in the All-Army contest and According to Ron Buss, MWR dramas, talk shows, game shows, Army MWR owned and operated will be on display at Yongsan Arts & Cable TV chief “We are pleased to reality TV and sports. In addition to television program. This one-of-a-kind Crafts. The ceremony is open to all. expand the free service to Soldiers in college and NFL football, this network quality of life program offers free The contest was hosted by the MWR Korea. With the current change in is known for showing top shows basic service to residents living on Arts & Crafts program. For information AFRTS programming, we wanted to from, but not limited to, ABC, CBS, post on Army installations. Residents on this ceremony or on Multi-Craft make sure Soldiers have access to the ESPN, FOX, NBC and PBS. It is also can also subscribe to a Premium programs in your area, call 725-6070 or same sports programming they would home to soap operas such as Guiding Package that offers a diversified visit your local MWR Arts & Crafts stateside.” Light, General Hospital, and Passions channel line up that includes movies, Office. The channels have been switched which are broadcast on a 24-hour to more sports, adventure and much effective immediately. 7-day delay from stateside more. There are locations in each area Wrestling Championship AFN/xtra provides a variety of programming. The other two feeds of for signup. For additional information The Korea Region Freestyle Wrestling Championship will take place on 1 p.m. entertainment options including AFN/Prime include AFN/Freedom (in and current subscription rates, visit Oct. 28 at Camp Casey’s Carey Field professional and collegiate sports the Middle East) and AFN/Pacific (in your local MWR Cable TV office or House. For information, call 725-5064. events, Emmy-award winning talk Korea and Japan). call 738-CATV (2288). Yongsan Lanes Planning New Years Party Yongsan Lanes bowling center will be MWR and Miller Lite team citizens, but U.S. citizens from all over the world. Participants can try and score the Vegas trip by presenting its annual “New Years Eve Extravaganza” bowling party starting support Par arty” up to suppor t “Super Par ty” depositing any MWR food or beverage receipt into any official entry box at participating MWR facilities at 8 p.m. Dec. 31. By Rakendra Moore such as the golf courses, clubs, bowling centers and The New Year’s Eve party at Yongsan Korea Region MWR Marketing restaurants. There’s no limit on how many times one Lanes has been a tradition for seven If Morale, Welfare and Recreation has anything to can enter. years. It has always been a successful do with it, the biggest score related to this year’s To ensure winners are notified, MWR officials hit with families, offering both adult and Super Bowl may be scored far from the field. The remind all entrants to put your point of contact children oriented activities. “Super Party Vegas Contest,” sponsored by Morale, information on the back of the receipt. There will be Colorama open bowling, Welfare and Recreation and Miller Lite, boasts a The contest is open to USFK ID Card holders who prize drawings, spin-the-wheel prize $10,000 give away to one lucky winner. are 21 years of age or older. MWR employees and games, an unlimited pizza buffet and This fumble-free package includes a round-trip their immediate families are not eligible. Cosmic Bowling. There will also be kids, ticket for two, transportation and meals, a Welcome The finals for this competition are now under way women and men 7, 8 & 9 pin no-tap Reception, and a four-day/three-night stay at Bally’s and will run until 11 p.m. Nov. 27. The grand prize tournaments. After the countdown to the New Year, there will be an early Hotel and Casino. As an “extra point” to the grand will be drawn at 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at Yongsan’s Main morning continental breakfast. prize, a $500 spending spree is included along with Post Club. With the Super Bowl just around the Tickets will be sold in advance and are admission to the Miller Super Party! corner, it sounds like Miller’s kick-off for the Super limited. For information, call 723-7938. This year’s bash will not only include stateside Party Contest is a good start to the celebration.
  • 17. Oct. 20, 2006 Page 21602 ASB completes unit NEO exerciseArea III Public Affairs our noncombatants have their CAMP HUMPHREYS – The 602nd protective masks as well as theAviation Support Battalion recently training to wear it if they haven’t hadcompleted Operation Warhorse Flight, a it before.”noncombatant evacuation operation “In a real-world situation we wouldexercise held Oct. 12-13, that prepared have to evacuate noncombatants,”the unit’s noncombatants for the said Samson. “Our Soldiers have toupcoming Courageous Channel exercise. respond (to their mission). We want Family members lined up at them to be able to perform their jobsSarducchi’s with their NEO books, without worrying about their families.ID cards and passports in their blue Our job is to evacuate their families to602nd ASB NEO bags ready for a safe haven.”inspection. Family members Jasmine Villamizar “This is not Courageous Channel,” and her 3-year-old son Giovannisaid Sgt. Suzanne Samson, battalion learned what to expect fromNEO coordinator, referring to the courageous channel since they areexercise scheduled for Thursday thru first-time participants.Oct. 28. “It’s to prepare our families Samson said the exercise helpsfor courageous channel.” family members whose first language “Today we’re checking the NEO isn’t English to be comfortable and topackets for completeness,” said Sgt. prepare for the procedure so that F. NEIL NEELEYJeffery Norris, Company B, 602nd they’re able to respond and participate Spc. Roberto Diaz, Company B, 602nd Aviation Support Battalion, inspects NEO packetsASB. “We’re also ensuring that all of fully. belonging to Jasmine Villamizar and her 3- year-old son Giovanni . CFC kicks off in Area III Retirees appreciated in Area III By Susan Barkley amount of $2,794.07 that represented Area III Public Affairs the amount of money contributors CAMP HUMPHREYS – The earmarked for Area III family support annual Combined Federal and youth programs last year. He Campaign kick off was held Oct. challenged contributors to exceed that 2 at the Post Exchange with a cake amount this year. cutting by Col. Michael J. Taliento “People can put ‘FSYP’ in the Jr., commander, Area III Support designation box and the amount of Activity, David Satterfield, Area III money they designate will come right Community/Area project officer, back to Area III,” said Satterfield. Daisy Watson, Camp Humphreys The CFC campaign runs until USO manager and several Dec. 1. Contact Satterfield at 753- community members. 8618 or your unit representative Taliento displayed a check in the for forms and details. SUSAN B ARKLEY Capt. Debra J. Murray is prepared to check blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat composition during the Retiree Appreciation Day at the Community Activity Center Oct.14. By Susan Barkley Debra J. Murray, Company C, 168th Area III Public Affairs Medical Battalion, urged retirees to CAMP HUMPHREYS – Rep- check blood pressure, body fat resentatives from legal, health composition and cholesterol on a regular promotions and the dental clinic basis. provided a wealth of information to Staff Sgt. Aishah W. Boulware, 618th retirees during the Retiree Appreciation Dental Company, said it is important for Day held at the Community Activity retirees to stick to an oral health regimen Center Sunday. that includes a yearly check-up. She Legal advice from Capt. Graham added that retirees are subject to Smith, Headquarters, Headquarters periodontal disease due to bone loss. Company, 2nd Combat Aviation “If people have dentures, they should Brigade; Capt. Melissa Dasgupta, HHC, still have a yearly exam,” she said. 2nd Infantry Division; and Capt. Beth Capt. Lee Soo-mo, 618th Dental, S USAN BARKLEY Mahoney, HHC, 194th Maintenance echoed that statement, adding that the (From left) Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., commander,Area III Support Activity; 1st Lt. Lynn E. Battalion, for retirees included letting annual exam checks more than just the Saldana, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 194th Maintenance Battalion; Kevin J. them know they are still eligible for teeth. Nazario, Exchange New Car Sales; Daisy Watson, Camp Humphreys USO manager; Sgt. services, and the importance of estate “It’s a whole-mouth exam,” he said. Tyrone C. Wells, HHC, 194th Maintenance Bn.; and David Satterfield, Area III CFC Area III planning and powers of attorney The dentist can spot oral cancers, small Community/Area Project Officer cut a cake to begin the Area III Combined Federal Campaign including medical powers of attorney. ulcers and other things that might at the Humphreys Post Exchange Oct. 11. Army public health nurse, Capt. indicate more serious health concerns.
  • 18. 22 Oct. 20, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Festival One Heart Festival held in Anjung-ri Courageous Channel 06-02Camp HumphreysA mandatory noncombatantevacuation exercises will be heldThursday thru Oct. 29. Allnonessential civilians are required toprocess through the NEO stationslocated at the Community ActivityCenter, Building 110. Hours ofoperation begin at 6 p.m. Thursdayand will run continuously for 36hours. Bring all NEO packet materials.It is not necessary to bring NEO kitsor protective masks. For information,contact your NEO warden or DaveHartsfield, Area III NEO coordinator,at 754-6735.Camps Long and EagleNEO stations will be set up atGunfighters, Building 3204, on CampEagle from 6 p.m. until completionThursday. For information, call 754- PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEY6735. Mothers of Gaek Sa-ri bang their gongs and drums to add gaiety to the festival. Warrant Officer Stephen Wells and son Jacob enjoy the festival. Community Cleanup Area III Public Affairs Set for Saturday CAMP HUMPHREYS – TheFall Anjung-ri cleanup scheduled for Anjung-ri One Heart Festival took9 a.m. to noon Saturday. Voulnteers place just outside the Campare needed to help with this Good Humphreys’ walk in gate SaturdayNeighbor event. A barbecue will be and Sunday.provided following the cleanup. For The event was sponsored byinformation, call 754-8598. Anjung-Ri merchants and Pyeongtaek to demonstrate and Charlie Daniels Band strengthen the continuing ROK/U.S.The Charlie Daniles Band will appear alliance and concert at 7 p.m. Friday at Freedom The event featured stagedField. Come early for mechanical bull entertainment from various Koreanriding and lasso the beer barrel groups, as well as street venderscontests. Call 753-8825 for selling Korean and Americaninformation. The concert will be held the CAC in the event of rain. There was also a children’s art Return to Spooky competition held Sunday afternoon Hollow at the Enterprise hotel. Prizes wereCamp Humphreys celebrates awarded to the best entries. Village ladies cook bu chim-gae for hungry festival goers.Halloween at Spooky Hollow from5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 31 at theCommander’s Community Center and HAES book fair heldZoeckler Station Sports Field, withcommunity trick-or-treating, costumeparade, Haunted Woods, unit booth- Area III Public Affairsdecorating contest and live music. CAMP HUMPHREYS – TheOpen to children of all U.S. andKorean military, civilian employees Humphreys American Elementaryand U.S. contractors. Call 754-8257 School Parent Teacher Organizationfor information. held its annual fall book fair Oct.10- 13 at the school. The book fair Area III AFAP provided students and parents the Symposium opportunity to purchase high-qualityAttend the out-brief at 3 p.m. Nov. 3 reading materials and also raisedat the C AC to learn what issues have funds to support the educationalbeen raised to the command and programs at HAES. Money earnedsuggestions to resolve them. Army from PTO fund-raisers is used toFamily Action Program is a major tool purchase educational materials andto tell the command what needs to be equipment that are not funded by anychanged and how to change it. It’s other funding opportunity to let your voice be Students visited the book fairheard. Attend now to be ready to join twice. On the first visit, they made anext year’s symposium. wish list of books they wanted to purchase. On their second visit, Free Aerobics they were allowed to purchaseFree kick boxing, yogalates, yoga, books.step and water aerobics, sculpt and “The students always lookcardio sculpt, cardio combo or justABS are now being offered on post forward to the PTO’s book fairs,”by certified instructors. Call the Camp said Nancy Turner, HAESHumphreys gym at 753-8810/ 8811 for information specialist.times, dates and complete The PTO also holds a book fair NANCY TURNERinformation. each year in the spring. Third-grader Courtney Severino shows her teacher Dinah Tague a book.
  • 19. Oct. 20, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23 Powerlif owerlifting8th Army Powerlif ting Championship held at Humphreys PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEYSgt. Michael C. Stewart, 14th Military Police Detachment, Military Working Dogs, participates in the bench press event of the 8th Second Lt. William L. Spalding, Company A, 168th MedicalU.S. Army Powerlifting Championships held Oct. 14th at Camp Humphreys. Battalion, Camp Stanely, makes a successful dead lift .By Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs NAME UNIT PLACE WT CLASS BP SQT DL TOT CAMP HUMPHREYS – The 8th Army SFC Jimmy W. Harrell Co. B, 602nd ASB 1st 220+ 245 335 375 955Powerlifting Championship drew 15 competitorsfrom Areas I, III, IV and Osan Air Base to the Camp SFC Tarance T. Tilford 19th SCE Cp Henry 1st 220 540 405 630 1,575Humphreys gym Oct. 14. Participants represented a range of ages and WO James B. Hilliard Co. B, 4/2 Avn. 2nd 220 425 315 550 1,290experience in both lifting and completion. Theyoungest participant was 19 years old and the oldest PFC Dustin A. Greene Co. B, 602nd ASB 1st 198 425 330 520 1,275was 46 years old. For at least one competitor, itwas his first time competing, while others had been CW Gregory D. White Co. C, 4/2 AVN 2nd 198 330 285 400 1,065competing up to 20 years. Some lifters achieved SSG Lawayne M. Barner 607th CBCS 1st 181 340 330 415 1,085personal bests while others fell short of theirexpectations. Some surprised with the amount of SGT Michael C. Stewart 14th MP Det 2nd 181 315 275 410 1,000weight they lifted and others made it look effortless. “Weightlifting is an all-natural sport,” said First 2LT William L. Spalding Co. A, 168 Med. Bn. 1st 165 380 295 500 1,175Sgt. Jesus F. Montes, B Company 602nd General (Cp Stanley)Support Aviation Battalion. “There are weightswherever you go.” SPC Clinton Swafford B Co 602nd AS 2nd 165 235 240 320 795 Montes said weight lifting teaches discipline andfocus while building confidence and self-respect. Unofficial “Although it’s an individual sport, it’s still a teamevent,” he said while watching a spotter help a friend SGT Mike P. Schwanke SICS Osan 1st 220+ 770 675 730 2,180during the bench press event. “We brought five guys 51st Communication Squadronfrom our company.” Shout out against domestic violence Area III Public Affairs kids by having a lesson prior to the CAMP HUMPHREYS – A Purple march to help them recognize domestic Ribbon Parade was held here Oct. 13, violence and to let them know that there in association with Domestic Violence are laws to protect them against it. Awareness Month. The Family Elliott added that the reason that she Advocacy event was held to encourage called cadence was to reach the Army others to take a stand against domestic community and let them know that violence and to make positive choices domestic violence is in direct conflict with their families. with Army values. About 50 HAES children marched “We marched with the children and counted in cadence along a parade because we wanted to send the route that took them from Army message to the community that violence Community Service to the commissary, ultimately hurts them,” she said. to the Post Exchange, and ended at the Elliott said that children who witness school. domestic violence are more likely to Although other events took place on continue the cycle. the peninsula ours was special,” said “We also taught the children some NANCY TURNERJennifer Elliott, (right) Family Advocacy program specialist, calls cadence against domestic Jennifer Elliot, family advocacy program anger management techniques toviolence to Humphreys Elementary School students. specialist. “We tried to reach out to the hopefully help curb the cycle,” she said.
  • 20. Oct. 20, 2006 Page 25AFSB-NEA employee named one of best in AMCBy Galen Putnam “This is a big honor for the – two hours a day in the fourth gradeArea IV Public Affairs organization,” said Mike Allen, AFSB- and an hour a day in fifth and sixth. By CAMP CARROLL – Talk about a NEA civilian executive assistant to the sixth grade Kim was “pretty much”triumphant return! battalion commander. “Victoria Kim caught up to her peers language-wise When Victoria Kim left Daegu for the serves as the battalion S1 and S4, in and academically. By seventh grade sheUnited States at age 10, she didn’t even charge of both personnel and a budget was taking regular classes. In eighthspeak English. Now, a little more than of over $80 million. Not many people grade she was taking advanced classesthree years after returning to her have similar responsibilities. We ask her and from ninth grade on, her schedulehomeland as the Personnel and Resource to perform those duties with a very consisted exclusively of advancedManagement Division chief for the Army small staff and she has done an placement courses.Field Support Battalion – Northeast Asia outstanding job.” “In high school I was in collegeat Camp Carroll, she has been named Of course a lot has transpired since preparatory courses,” Kim said. “I wasone of the 10 Outstanding U.S. Army fourth grade in Bloomfield, N.J., where always good at math and I enjoyed doingMateriel Command Personnel of the Year. Kim didn’t know the language or analysis.” The award was established to customs of the new country her family Those academic interests led to arecognize outstanding work emigrated to. bachelor of business administrationaccomplishments that have significantly “I didn’t even know what Halloween degree with a major in businesscontributed to AMC’s mission and was when we arrived in America,” she management and a minor in statisticsoverarching goals and objectives. Both said. “My [English as a Second from Temple University in Philadelphia. STEVEN HOOVERcivilian and military employees of AMC Language] instructor came up with a With sheepskin in hand, it was time to Victoria Kim translates during an event atare eligible. Take note: AMC boasts a princess costume that I could wear for flex her wings. Kim didn’t have to travel Daegu’s Chun-Gwang Orphanage with whichworkforce of about 50,000 in 149 my first Halloween. She made the far to find post-graduate employment. the AFSBn-NEA has an ongoing relationship.locations worldwide, including 45 states adjustment to U.S. life so much easier “I was at the right place at the rightand 38 countries. Army Materiel Command’s Army Field for me and taught me what to do.” time. I went to a job fair in Philadelphia Kim received her award from Col. Support Brigade – Far East, in a That teacher, Melissa Yeager, workedWilliam C. Gibson, commander of the ceremony Oct. 12 at Camp Carroll. with Kim throughout elementary school See Award Page 28 ward,Area IV to conduct Retiree Appreciation Day Nov. 10By Steven Hoover offices in Daegu. Wars and many others. A free lunch for registeredArea IV Public Affairs The primary Retiree Appreciation Day activity attendees will be provided from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. CAMP HENRY – Military retirees and their family will start around 10 a.m., with the opening of The Army and Air Force Exchange Service willmembers, from throughout Area IV, are invited to the registration, information and medical booths at provide discount coupons along with various gift cardArea IV Military Retiree Appreciation Day, at Camp Kelly Fitness Center. Company D, 168th Medical and prize giveaways.Walker, Nov. 10. Battalion personnel will be on hand to test blood Morale, Welfare and Recreation has scheduled The event will present participants with a variety pressure and cholesterol. Information on health events as well. At the Bowling Center, from 11 a.m. –of opportunities, including health and dental check- and overall well-being, cancer awareness, along 6 p.m., retirees can bowl at discounted rates and freeups, various information booths, entertainment, and with TRICARE and host nation medical data, food will be available at the Hilltop Club,.sharing their experiences with fellow veterans and will also be available. The Taegu Commissary will host a RetireeSoldiers still in uniform. In addition, information tables will be staffed at Appreciation Day Nov. 11. During the day, the Dental exams and cleanings will be available from 8 Kelly Fitness Center until 2 p.m. by a variety of commissary will conduct eight drawings fora.m. – 5 p.m. at Bodine Dental Clinic. Appointments organizations including the U.S. Department of Veterans shopping spree checks worth $25 each, accordingfor these services can be made starting today by calling Affairs, the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, American Red to Lito Miraflor, Area IV store director. Along with764-4307/4052. For those in need of additional care, Cross, Army Community Service, American Legion, this, information tables and food demonstrationsthe clinic has a listing of TRICARE-accepting dental Area IV Military Retiree Council, Veterans of Foreign will be available.NEO exercise is next weekArea IV Public Affairs Flying High ensure readiness for the exercise. In CAMP HENRY – United States addition, exercise participants are Taegu American School varsityForces Korea will conduct Courageous requested to process through their local cheerleader Jesse Covan is “flying high”Channel 06-02, a semi-annual Evacuation Control Center as early as in a stunt performed at the Wonhwa Girlsnoncombatant evacuation operations possible. High School Autumn Festival Oct. 13.exercise, Thursday thru Oct. 29, to Area IV processing times and During the event, the cheerleadersimplement procedures focused on Evacuation Control Center locations are: performed one of their football halftimeregistration and evacuation of Camp Walker: Kelly Fitness Center, routines, which included a cheer, dance,Department of Defense affiliated 11 a.m. Thursday to 6 p.m. Oct. 28. and tumbling. Afterward they playednoncombatants from Korea to a safe Chinhae Naval Base: Robinson Center, games, took photographs and shared icehaven. 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Thursday. cream with the Korean students. The TAS It is mandatory for all DoD affiliated There will be no processing at Taegu squad members are: Aimmenoncombatants to participate. The goal American School on Camp George or Hildenbrand, Brittani Ferguson, Shillais to review 100 percent of all NEO at the Crown Jewel Fitness Center on Grammar, Covan, Dlorah Martin, Kimpackets for accuracy and Camp Carroll as in the past. Compton, Kerry Beaulieu, Ashley Little,completeness. For information, contact your NEO Monica Shubert, and Jennifer Proctor. All Area IV sponsors are encouraged warden or exercise coordinators Maj. They are coached by Angela Griego andto have their NEO packets reviewed by Elizabeth Keough at 765-8563 or Sgt. Valetta Love.their designated unit NEO warden to 1st Class Janice Floyd at 765-4147. ANN KIMBLE
  • 21. Oct. 20, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Mandatory Ethics Area IV holds environmental training By Galen Putnam 665th Movement Control Team, 25th Training Classes Area IV Public Affairs Transportation Battalion, who worked Face-to-Face Ethics and Acquisition Ethics Training will be provided at Camp CAMP HENRY – As the oil fields of West Texas before Henry Theater on the following dates environmental awareness has joining the Army. “California is safe, the and times: Nov. 2 and 9, 1:30 p.m., Face- increased over the past couple of Army is safe, but when it comes to the to-Face Ethics and 2:15 p.m. Acquisition generations, the Army has also placed environment, most places just don’t Ethics; Nov. 27 and Dec. 11, 9:30 a.m. an increasing emphasis on recycling care. I never used to think about the Face-to-Face Ethics and 10:15 a.m. waste and advocating environmental environment but this class has really Acquisition Ethics. Face-to-Face Ethics compliance. opened my eyes. Now I understand training is required of all personnel Part of the Army’s awareness push GALEN PUTNAM why it is important to recycle and to employed by the Department of the includes training Soldiers and civilian A member of the Area IV Fire Department protect the environment.” Army, to include Soldiers, civilians and employees to handle a variety of HAZMAT/Rescue Team demonstrates how to The highlight of the Environmental Korean National employees. Acquisition environmental issues – right down to seal a barrel leaking a simulated hazardous Compliance Officer Course was a Ethics training is required of all the unit level. liquid Sept. 29 at Victory Field on Camp Henry. demonstration by the Area IV Fire government purchase card holders and One way the Army accomplishes that according to instructor Mark Gettel Department HAZMAT/Rescue Team billing officials, regardless of annual is by conducting environmental who is an environmental protection that demonstrated how to seal barrels spending amounts. For information, call compliance courses. The Area IV specialist with the Environmental leaking a simulated hazardous liquid, Capt. Yvonne Sallis at 768-7258. Support Activity Directorate of Public Division. evacuate and decontaminate casualties Works Environmental Division recently “The environmental representative in and more Sept. 29 at Victory Field on After School Study Hall conducted two courses to support the each unit is the link between the command Camp Henry. The Camp Carroll Digital Training Army’s overarching environmental and the installation Environmental Office,” “The exercise is important because Facility (Bldg. 205) is offering after mission. The one-day Hazardous Chartier said. “They teach their units to the students can see exactly what will school study hall for Identification card holding school-age children (age 10 and Materials/Hazardous Waste Course, understand their roles and responsibilities happen in the event of a hazardous older), Weekdays, 2 – 5 p.m. An conducted Sept. 25 at the Camp Henry in protecting the environment while materials event,” said Shawn Pressley, atmosphere conducive to studying and Education Center, teaches students how accomplishing the mission. These classes a material handler with the Defense computers with limited access to the to identify, label, store, and transfer are also important because they highlight Distribution Depot – Korea at Camp World Wide Web for students to hazardous materials among other tasks. to our host nation neighbors that we care Carroll. “Even though this is a refresher research and complete homework “The course is geared toward the about the Korean environment.” for me, it is still a good learning assignments are provided. For Soldiers and civilians who come in “These classes give the students an experience. I also like the fact that DPW information, call Kimberly Davis at 765- contact with hazardous materials and awareness of what is expected of them is teaching the course since they are 4905 or 011-9689-7963. hazardous waste,” said Robert Chartier, environmentally speaking and how their some of the people we would be chief, Environmental Division. “It missions might impact the working with in the event of a real Christmas Cantata provides them with the knowledge to environment,” Gettel said. emergency. That institutional knowledge Participants Sought protect themselves against hazardous “Environmental compliance is very is extremely valuable.” Be a part of presenting “Emmanuel – material and hazardous waste and to important to the Army, so training The Environmental Division God With Us!” the story of the birth of mitigate risk to the environment.” Soldiers at the grass-roots level is also conducts the ECO and HM/HM courses Christ in a multi-denominational The more intense 4-day very important. The Army has come a twice each year. Additional classes can community Christmas Cantata. Environmental Compliance Officer long way from past practices. We have be added if there is sufficient demand. Rehearsals are 7 – 9 p.m. each Tuesday Course, was held Sept. 19 – 22 at the become a lot more considerate All company-level units are required and Thursday, and will continue until Education Center and locations in the regarding the environment.” to have a designated environmental the performance, 7 p.m. Dec. 10 at the field. The class trains designated unit One student agreed wholeheartedly. compliance officer. Soldier Memorial Chapel on Camp representatives to serve as the unit “The Army is a bunch of tree- For information about the courses, Walker. All community members are invited to participate. Child care is commander’s “eyes and ears” from huggers compared to the corporations call Gettel at 768-7594, or Chartier at available upon request. For an environmental standpoint in Texas,” said Sgt. Steve Thomas, 768-8730. Halloween festivities scheduled in Area IV information, call Deborah Lee at 656- 3506. TAS PTO To Meet By Steven Hoover are planned. For information, call 765- the commissary by 4 p.m. to enter. The Taegu American School Parent Area IV Public Affairs 8574. Judging for this and a Halloween Teacher Organization will hold a meeting 6 – 7 p.m. Wednesday in the CAMP HENRY – Halloween Trick A Pumpkin Carving Contest is Costume Contest will begin at 5 p.m. TAS cafeteria. For information, call or Treat activities will be observed in scheduled for the Camp Walker Prizes, including food baskets and $25 Robert Chartier at 010-3333-6436. the Camps Walker and George Community Activities Center. Carved shopping sprees, will be awarded to the housing areas 6 – 8 p.m. Oct. 28, pumpkins will be on display Sunday – scariest, prettiest and most imaginative Digital Facilities To according to Area IV Support Activity Oct. 31 with an awards ceremony set costume wearers. The commissary will Host Open Houses officials. for 6 p.m., Oct. 31. For information, also be serving hotdogs and sodas from The Digital Training Facility, Bldg. 1131 Starting at 5 p.m. that day, Military call 764-4123/5919. 5 – 7 p.m. on Camp Henry and the Digital Training Police will conduct safety patrols. School Age Services, located in The following are some tips to help Facility, Bldg. 205 on Camp Carroll, will Also, the Urgent Care area at Wood Bldg. 257 on Camp Walker, will host make this Halloween season a safe one: each host an open house 1 – 2 p.m. Oct. Medical Clinic on Camp Walker will a carnival-like Autumn Costume Bash Plan costumes that are bright and 31. The events are open to the provide a candy x-ray service from 5 – 8 p.m. Oct. 27. The event is open reflective; make sure that shoes fit well community. The staffs will introduce 7 – 9 p.m. to all children in kindergarten through and that costumes are short enough to visitors to innovative approaches to fifth grade. Cost is $2. For prevent tripping, entanglement or Other community Halloween-related training personnel in an environment information, call 764-5467. contact with flame. events include: that is conducive to training and All Army and Air Force Exchange Since most trick-or-treating will be 8 p.m. Oct. 27, Camp Walker’s learning. For information, call Kimberly Service facilities on Camp Walker will in darkness, consider adding reflective Davis at 765-4905 or James Mann at 768- Hilltop Club will host a Halloween party with free snacks (while they last), a distribute candy during trick-or-treat tape and striping to costumes and bags 7911. Best Costume Contest ($100 prize), hours and the Main Post Exchange will or buckets for greater visibility. Community Worship Jell-o bobbing for prizes and other host a costume contest, with prizes, Consider purchasing individually Service Set events. For information, call 764-4985/ from 6-8 p.m., Oct. 28. packaged healthy food alternatives (or An Area IV Community Worship The Taegu Commissary has several safe non-food treats) for those who visit 5075. Service entitled “Unity in the happenings on Oct. 28. your home. At Camp Carroll, the Hideaway Club Community,” is scheduled for 11 a.m. First on the agenda, starting at 5 p.m. Plan a safe route, so parents will know will host a Halloween party starting at Oct. 29 at the Camp Henry Theater. For is a Jack-O-Lantern Contest. Anyone where their older children will be at all information, call 764-4498. 8 p.m. Oct. 28. Free snacks, along with a Best Costume Contest ($100 prize) interested should bring their pumpkin to times.
  • 22. Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly 27 Oct. 20, 2006 ITSB cases colors, says goodbye to KoreaBy Gwendolyn R. Smalls Charlie companies will redeploy to the Remember, if you ever find yourself in post conflict operations. Its area of1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs 516th Signal Brigade located at Fort Hawaii or Alaska, I’ll leave the light responsibility stretched from Daejeon CAMP CARROLL – In a solemn Shafter, Hawaii (its Alpha Company will burning and the coffee will be on,” he south to Busan.ceremony Oct. 13 at the Crown Jewel be reassigned to Alaska). added. P r i o r t o t h e c e r e m o n y, t h eFitness Center on Camp Carroll, the “It is with great melancholy that I During its 18 years on the peninsula, battalion provided certificates of307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion stand before you today,” Walrod said as the 307th ITSB installed, operated, appreciation to members of the farewell to the 1st Signal Brigade, he addressed the audience of Soldiers, maintained and defended tactical theater- Army Materiel Support Center–Waegwan and Area IV as its Korean Augmentee to the United States level command and control, Korea for helping the battalioncommander, Lt. Col. Timothy W. Army Soldiers, Department of the Army communications systems and prepare for its relocation. TheWalrod, cased the guidon for the last civilians, contractors and members of computers in support of the United MSC–K staff spent many hourstime in Korea. the Republic of Korea Army. Nations Command, Combined Forces packing, crating and loading the The battalion’s Headquarters and “I have been all over the world, but Command, U.S. Forces Korea and 8th battalion’s equipment for shipmentHeadquarters Detachment, Bravo and Korea is where I consider home. U.S. Army during armistice, conflict and to Hawaii and Alaska.6th Signal Center replaces K-TNOSC, activates at WalkerBy Gwendolyn R. Smalls networks in support of the combatant commanders. Center Aug. 3, 1997, the organization was formed1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs “This is a birth,” Moore said of the 6th Signal’s when the 1st Signal Brigade began to mesh tactical CAMP WALKER – The 6th Signal Center stood activation. “Just like any life cycle, the brigade is and strategic networks while technology broughtup, replacing the former Korea–Theater Network evolving.” functions associated with commercial networkOperations and Security Center, during an activation Although Moore highlighted several important management to the battlefield.ceremony here Oct. 13. accomplishments of the then K-TNOSC and now 6th The staff in the TNCC began to apply this to Maj. Carlos Haddock became the 6th Signal’s first Signal Center during his remarks, there was one the tactical communications networks that hadcommander during a ceremony that featuring remarks success that stood out from the rest. previously been accomplished with separateby Col. Brian P. Moore, 1st Signal Brigade commander. “Within the past year, the center has intercepted management tools. The fledgling organization A June 2006 Department of the Army memorandum more than 1.2 million malicious activities. This includes began to migrate to more powerful applications,mandated that all Network Operations and Security hacking attempts and viruses,” he said. looking at emerging technologies and improveCenters be designated as signal centers. While thanking many Soldiers, Department of Army the way the U.S. Army networks were managed The 6th Signal Center will continue to be responsible civilians and contractors, Haddock also pointed out here in Korea.for Network Operations and Security Management another significant accomplishment. May 10, 2001, the Army Signal Commandof systems within the Korea portion of the “Among many things, I’m very proud of the approved the force design of the K-TNOSC, formallyLandWarNet. establishment of the Korea-wide help desk,” he said. authorizing personnel and equipment for the network This includes tactical, strategic and theater-specific Originally activated as the Theater Network Control management functions on the peninsula. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 23. Oct. 20, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyAward from Page 25there. They put me in touch with the had done an overseas tour in Korea and Department of the Army civilian The consideration period for therecruiting office in Philadelphia and she told me how good it was working in employee I have ever met.” award runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31they said they wanted me.” Korea. Eventually, I started thinking that I “Working here has been very each year. The award is granted by After serving for several months as would like to do the same thing.” rewarding,” Kim said. “Here things are AMC’s commanding general andan AMC program analyst intern with Kim got her chance when she very ‘hands-on,’ very detailed, very includes a personal Four-Star Notethe U.S. Army Communications- was hired for her current position in demanding and there are high and an engraved plaque.Electronics Command in Fort June 2003. expectations. With the long hours, this AMC is the Army’s premierMonmouth, N.J., Kim stepped onto “She came in here with a Navy has been the toughest, most challenging provider of materiel readiness –the career track – with the U.S. Navy. background and walked into a job, both physically and mentally, I’ve technology, acquisition support, “My older sister is an engineer and totally unfamiliar environment but I had, but it has been worth it.” materiel development, logistics powershe was working for the Navy at the can attest that within a week she Away from the responsibilities of projection, and sustainment – to theNaval Air Development Center at the was fully integrated,” Allen said. the office, Kim enjoys touring Korea total force, across the spectrum oftime,” Kim said. “Between what I Kim was cited for numerous with an aunt and uncle from Daegu joint military operations.learned from her and my intern contributions to the command in the who now reside in Seoul. She is also AMC operates research,experience, I had a very positive nomination packet forwarded to involved with the Good Neighbor development and engineering centers,image of the government.” AMC. In particular, she was Program, volunteering her time at the the Army Research Laboratory, Kim went on to spend nearly 14 influential in planning, developing Chun-gwang Orphanage in Daegu depots, arsenals, ammunition plants,years with the Navy. She started out as and briefing AFSB-NEA’s Combat with which the unit has formed an and other facilities. It also maintainsa management and program analyst with Repair Mission in Fiscal Year 2005 official partnership. the Army’s prepositioned stocks,the NADC and later with the Naval Air that resulted in more than $38 She is also involved with the AFSB- both on land and afloat.Warfare Center, both in Warminster, Pa. million in funding that enabled the NEA Family Readiness Group, the The command is also theShe then moved to the Navy facility at battalion to repair more than 1,531 Camp Carroll Chapel and other Department of Defense ExecutivePatuxent River, Md., where she was a pieces of Heavy Brigade Combat organizations. Agent for chemical weapons andmanagement and program analyst with Team equipment to 100 percent of “At first, I didn’t understand the conventional ammunition stockpiles.the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft the Department of the Army 10/20 importance of this award, but after I AFSB-NEA’s mission is toDivision and then later as a budget readiness standard. That job, which thought about it I was very honored,” receive, maintain accountability,analyst with the Program Executive normally would have taken four Kim said. “I feel very appreciated but, perform Care Of Supplies InOffice, Tactical Aircraft. years, was completed in nine more importantly, I am glad the AMC Storage, and perform maintenance “It was exciting to work for the Navy months. leadership recognizes the mission we on a Heavy Brigade Combat Team,but I was in the same geographical area “Vicki Kim is a model worker, accomplished as a team in FY ’05.” two Mobility Augmentationfor a long time and I wanted to see motivator and an inspiration to other In addition to Kim, Perry Cushman, Companies, one Combat SupportKorea. I wanted to see how much it had employees,” said Lt. Col. Karl D. a senior staff technical representative Hospital (in Korea), eight Watercraftchanged from when I was a little girl,” Bopp, battalion commander. “When I with the U.S. Army Tank, Automotive Companies, four Combat SupportKim said. “I always had Korea in the ask her to do something it is done on & Armaments Command at Camp Hospitals (in Japan), 14 Operationalback of my mind. When I was at time, done right and done beyond my Mobile, was named one of AMC’s top Projects and Sustainment StocksCECOM there was a co-worker who expectations. She is the best 10 employees. stored in Korea. Ad goes here
  • 24. The Morning Calm Weekly Oct. 20, 2006 29
  • 25. Oct. 20, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “Do you play tennis?” Tenisu chishimnikka? tennis do you play Vocabulary 7th day ‘chir-il’ 8th day ‘par-il’ 9th day ‘gu-il’ Week Situation of the Week : Sports Where do you play tennis? Tenisurul odiso chishimnikka? Can I rent a racket? Raketurul bilrilsu issumnikka? Where can I rent a bike? Jajongorul odio bilrilsu issumnikka? Is the fee by the hour? yogumi shiganjeimnikka? How much is the fee? Yogumi olmamnikka? : Is there a bike path nearby? Gunchoe jajongo kosuga issumnikka? 2006 Korean Expression of the Week Week The ground hardens Fall after rain. Bion dwie ttanyi- Festival gutneunda. After the storm comes the calm.