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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060818 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060818 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Aug. 18, 2006Volume 4, Issue 43 The Morning Calm Weekly is Area III Co. C, 307th Soldiers enjoy troops vie for organization day Page 21 ‘Best Soldier’ title Page 26 nline Visit http:// assumes command of Korea RegionBy John A. Nowell director, who passed the colors toKORO Public Affairs Aycock. Macdonald hosted the ceremony YONGSAN GARRISON — In a and thanked Tindoll, outgoing director,change of director ceremony held at KORO, in his opening remarks. Tindollthe Multi-Purpose Training Facility is the KORO deputy director, and hadhere, Col. Al Aycock took charge of served as director since July 11, whenthe Korea Region Office, Installation Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr.,Management Agency, Aug. 4. transferred to 2d Infantry Division as The ceremony began with the the assistant division commanderarrival of the official party; rendering (support).of honors; posting of the colors; “Dave Tindoll has done a great jobinvocation by Chap. (Col.) Thomas stepping into the breach, this timeDay, KORO Chaplain; playing of the guiding the Korea Region as thenational anthems by a quintet from the director when Tom Landwermeyer8th U.S. Army Band; and the singing moved to the 2d Infantry Division…”of the Korean National anthem by said Macdonald.KATUSA Soldier Pvt. Jung Jo-jin and Macdonald emphasized that Koreathe American anthem by Sgt. Victor is the assignment of choice in hisTrinidad. remarks. The Change of Director Ceremony “Korea is the assignment of choicefollowed with Davis D. Tindoll, and becoming that way more anddirector of KORO, passing the colors more everyday,” he said. “Korea will CPL. W ESLEY P OLLETto Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald, Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald, Installation Management Agency director, right, passes theInstallation Management Agency See Change, Page 4 guidon to Col. Al Aycock, incoming Korea Region Office commander, Aug. 4. ‘Goodbye, old friend’ Incheon tightens screenings security screenings By David McNally Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — United States Forces Korea customs officials announced new security restrictions Tuesday for U.S. and U.K. bound travelers at Incheon International Airport. Effective immediately, passengers are not permitted to carry any liquids or gel items into the cabin of any commercial airlines destined for the United States or United Kingdom. Initially, there was a ban on electrical or battery-powered items following the arrests of potential airline bombers in the United Kingdom; however, Incheon International Airport officials announced Wednesday that passengers are now permitted to carry laptops, mobile phones, iPods and remote controls during travel. KEVIN JACKSON “Passengers should remain flexible as Soldiers from the 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and civilian employees from the Area IV Support Activity-Busan fold the restrictions are subject to change at any American flag, which was lowered for the last time during a ceremony Aug. 10. For related story and more photos, see Page 26. See Screenings, Page 3
  • Aug. 18, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter Ulchi Focus Lens 2006 Safety Message The following entries were excerptedfrom the military police blotters. These B Our annual Ulchi Focus Lens (UFL) Exercise starts do whatever it takes to get the mission done. Leaders must Eentries may be incomplete and do not soon. It will be a demanding ensure that their personnel areimply the guilt or innocence of anyperson. exercise that presents great challenged, but operate within opportunities for our combined their limits. Overconfidence canArea 1 and joint warfighting team to result in tragedy. L Failure to Obey a Lawful Order evaluate our mission essential Fatigue tends to set in after(Failure to Identify), Drunk and tasks and improve our war several days of hard trainingDisorderly — Subject 1 became fighting capabilities. It is which lends itself to takingbelligerent and failed to obey a lawful essential that we receive shortcuts. This can result in Lorder when a Military Policeman asked maximum benefits from this disaster. Leaders need to beto see his ID card. Subject 1 was training event. Should war keenly aware of the physical andapprehended, transported to the Provost come, the success of our mental condition of theirMarshal Office and was not ROK-US Alliance will be personnel to guard against theadministered a Field Sobriety Test or a largely determined by our risks that result from fatigue.Portable Breathalyzer Test due to his ability to execute our plans to Gen. B.B. Bell One of the side effects of thebeing uncooperative. Subject 1 was standard and this exercise United Nations Command/Combined fatigue and / or redundancy isfurther processed and released to his represents an important step in Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea complacency. As the exercise Sunit. At 2:13 p.m. on July 29, Subject that process. commander progresses and people do the1 reported to the PMO where he was Some of our formations will same mission for an extendedadvised of his legal rights, which he conduct potentially high risk insistent that we execute the period of time, they perceive riskswaived, rendering a written sworn training during UFL 2006. I training safely. We can do this. to be lower than they actually Estatement admitting to the offense. This want the risk associated with Our achievable goal is no serious are—setting the stage for anis a final report. these type events mitigated to injury or loss of life. accident. Everyone will have toArea 3 no more than moderate risk, Commanders and leaders, take remain sharply focused Dereliction in Performance of Duties, and low risk if at all feasible. charge of your units. throughout the entire period of the NUnderage Drinking, Drunk and Commanders and leaders at all Servicemembers, I want you to exercise to ensure we completeDisorderly — Subject 1, Subject 2 and levels must take actions to train and conduct operations this training event safely.Subject 3 were walking toward the minimize the hazards and safely. Together, we can August is the hottest month ofparking lot adjacent to the Main Gate mitigate these risks. As accomplish our training the summer and poses great risks Dwhen Subject 3 began to urinate on a exercise play evolves, the objectives and safety for hot weather related injuries.vehicle in the parking lot. Complaintant potential for accidents responsibilities – avoiding tragic To reduce the potential for hot1 requested ID from the Subjects, increases. In many cases the accidents and injuries. Let’s weather related injuries, leadersrevealing that Subject 2 and Subject 3 increased potential results from work together as a team to S must understand the cumulativewere under the legal age to consume overconfidence, fatigue, ensure one another’s safety while effects of heat exposure andalcohol and that Subject 1 was a non- complacency, and weather. we train to execute our “fight organize work schedules tocommissioned officer. The Subjects Reviewing lessons learned tonight” mission. prevent overexposure, ensurewere escorted to the PMO where they from previous training We Go Together! their personnel are properlywere not advised of their legal rights exercises can help you better acclimatized, and make sure theydue to their suspected levels of understand how to overcome drink sufficient amounts of water.intoxication. Subject 2 and Subject 3 these challenges.were administered a PBT with results # I am committed to the Servicemembers have a achievement of our UFL ’06of .123% BAC for Subject 2 and .111% 18-06 can-do spirit and are prone to General, U.S. Army training objectives. I am equally CommanderBAC for Subject 3. Subject 1, Subject Pace focuses on Iraq War human dimension War2 and Subject 3 were further processedand released to their unit. Subjects laterreported to the PMO and were advised By Jim Garamone at Camp Liberty, near Baghdad, turned lost a squad leader and another soldierof their legal rights, which they invoked, Armerican Forces Press Service poignant when a young lieutenant when the armored Humvee they wererefusing to be questioned or say asked Pace, the chairman of the Joint driving hit an explosive device. “Ianything. This is a final report. MOSUL, Iraq – Meeting with Chiefs of Staff, if the U.S. military have no doubt, that if they were in an troops during visits to combat zones could buy more RG-31 armored RG-31, they would still be alive Send guest commentaries, letters to helps keep Marine Gen. Peter Pace vehicles. today,” the lieutenant told the the editor, story submissions and other focused and gives him “ground truth,” The lieutenant commands a platoon chairman. items for inclusion in The Morning the general said during an interview that searches for roadside bombs in Pace spoke to the lieutenant about Calm Weekly to: here Sunday. Baghdad. His unit has cleared A meeting with troops a day earlier See Pace, Page 4 hundreds of explosives, but recently Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer Jerry M. Gutlon does not constitute endorsement Staff Writer F. Neil Neeley President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • The Morning Calm Weekly News Aug. 18, 2006 3 ‘Make us proud, fella’s’ Alcohol Use During Exercises AddressedIn Command Policy Letter #45,dated Aug. 15, Lt. Gen. David P.Valcourt, U.S. Forces Korea chief ofstaff, addressed “AlcoholConsumption during JCS-Directedand other USFK-level exercises.The memorandum states: “Theexcessive consumption of alcoholicbeverages is inconsistent with thereadiness that U.S. Forces mustmaintain when deployed to defendour national interests. It is equallyinconsistent with effective, realistictraining. There will be no alcoholconsumption by participants of JCS-directed or other USFK levelexercises from STARTEX toENDEX during periods of actualexercise play. The first general officerin the chain of command mayauthorize exceptions to this policy.“Individuals who violate this punitiveregulation may be subject to S TEVEN H OOVERpunishment under the Uniform Code Military personnel from all over the peninsula turned out to see Team USA blast Lithuania, 111-88, Sunday, at the Seoul Sportsof Military Justice or adverse Complex. Team USA purchased 1000 tickets for each of their games, which were distributed through command channels. But, many inadministration action under their the pro-Team USA crowd also purchased tickets to get the opportunity to see the team. For related story and more photos, see Page 11.respective service regulations.” CNFK personnel participate inThis policy applies to all USFKmilitary, civilian employees andinvited contractors.The letter can be seen in its entiretyat Food Service Ball annual Admiral Yi celebration scheduled next month By MC1Lisa Wassilieff8th U.S. Army/IMA KORO Food CNFK Public AffairsService cordially invites everyone toattend Korea’s First Annual Food TONGYEONG — An annualService Ball beginning at 6 p.m., celebration of one of the four greatestSept. 16, at the Dragon hill Lodge’s sea battles in world history took placeNaija Ballroom on Yongsan. Dress is here Aug. 11.Dress Mess, Dress Blue Uniform, or Dressed up in traditional 16th CenturyClass A dress uniform (with bow tie period garb, participants came from alland white shirt) for military; and parts of the peninsula to relive the seaformal attire for civilians. For battle that took place hundreds of yearsinformation, call Warrant Officer ago.Lena Tull or Master Sgt. Cory The festival began with a one-hourWatson at 723-4987 or 730-2867. ceremony which was followed by a parade through the streets of Illegal Aliens Offered Tongyeong. Among the participantsAmnesty By Government MC1 L ISA W ASSILIEFFThe Korean Government has were 30 Sailors attached to Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae. Sailors attached to Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, march the streets of Tongyeongannounced an amnesty program for during the Admiral Yi festival Aug. 11.illegal aliens who wish to depart The festival’s name is in honor ofKorea, but previously couldn’t, due Admiral Yi Sun-shin, the leader of the supplies for his navy. Most remarkable security, coming out and participatingto excessive fines. The program great sea battle known as the Battle of of all, he improved and perfected the in the festival was a unique experience.currently ends on Aug. 31. Hansan. Yi was known in the late 16th famous Keobukson, or Turtle Ships “This is my opportunity be a part ofIllegal alien spouses who are married Century as one the great and most which are claimed by some historians Korean history,” he said. “I feel a senseto U.S. Soldiers may stay, but to do respected military heroes in the history to be the world’s first-iron clad ships. of pride being out here today. This isso they must pay the applicable fine. of Korea. The naval preparedness initiated by Yi one way we (the U.S. military) canFor those illegal’s who can’t afford He demonstrated his abilities as a saved both Korea and China from the come out and show comraderie with theto pay the fine, officials say it may military strategist as well as his devotion invading troops. locals here.”be a good time for those spouses as a patriot when he perceived the This is the 45th year that the festival The parade lasted for two and halfwho are awaiting U.S. Visas to return imminent invasion of Japan in the 1590s. has taken place and the second year that hours. Afterwards there was livehome to await confirmation and With that in mind, he trained his officers Navy Sailors have been involved. musical entertainment provided by thereceipt of their visa through their and men, and provided guns, For Master-at-Arms Second Class Republic of Korea Navy Band, a floatingcountry’s U.S. Embassy and avoid ammunition, equipment and other Dameon Hurt, a member of CFAC variety show, dancing and food.the huge fines they may have accrued. from Page 1Illegal aliens who choose to stay inKorea, if caught, face fines of up to ScreeningsW20,000,000. time,” said USFK Incheon Customs bag check at the gate immediately prior Prescription medication, includingFor more information, contact the Chief James Satterwhite Jr. to boarding the aircraft,” Satterwhite insulin, must match the name of theUijeongbu Immigration Office at 031- Security at Incheon International said. “You can expect delays.” passenger.828-9410-9411 or the Seoul Immigration Airport remains tight. Passengers traveling with a baby or Additionally, all passengers mustOffice at 031-478-5043 or any Army “There are increased hand searches small child may carry baby formula/ remove their footwear for X-rayCommunity Services office. of bags at security checkpoints and a milk, food or juice. screenings.
  • Aug. 18, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyChange from Page 1become the premier power projection commander at Fort Bragg, N.C.platform in the Pacific and we can’t Aycock holds a Bachelor of Scienceleave this peninsula. We have too from the USMA, a Masters inmuch at stake in terms of our Education from Fayetteville Staterelationship with the Korean Republic, University with induction in the Kappathe Korean people, the Korean Delta Pi honor society and a Masterseconomy and ... this region.” in Strategic Studies from the Army “I can think of no one better suited War College. While attending the Armyto lead KORO than Col. Al Aycock,” War College, Aycock was selected tosaid Macdonald. “Col. Aycock has the serve on the Army Personnelexperience to contribute to the new Turbulence Study Group working forarchitecture to the readiness on the the Chief of Staff of the Army. Thispeninsula.” published study was the foundation for In accepting the position of personnel system changes throughoutdirector, Aycock stated that he was the Army and contributed to an Armyboth honored and humbled to take on Superior Unit Award for the Army Warthis new responsibility. College. “I have already seen KORO leading Aycock was also one of 14 studentsthe way to ensure that we care for selected for the Advanced Strategic Artthe Soldiers and families in this time Program. His military education alsoof unparalleled transformation,” he includes the Armed Forces Staffsaid. “I’ve been blessed throughout College and Army Management Staffmy entire Army career with the College.leadership of our noncommissioned His awards and decorations includeofficers and our civilian corps. And, the Legion of Merit with one oak leafI can see in my first week here that cluster, Defense Meritorious ServiceI’ve been blessed once again with the Medal, Meritorious Service Medal withKORO staff and our relationship with five oak leaf clusters, Special Forcesall the US headquarters on the Tab, Joint Staff Identification Badge,peninsula.” Military Freefall Parachutist Badge and Aycock was commissioned as an Master Parachutist Badge.Infantry Officer in 1978, following Aycock is married to the formergraduation from the United States Sue Padrick of Hinesville, Ga. TheyMilitary Academy, West Point, N.Y. have a son, Alan, age 24 and aHis previous assignment was garrison daughter, Jennifer, age 19.Pace from Page 2efforts around the world to combat somebody like that, it just has animprovised explosive devices. He impact on you — and rightfully so —vowed to come back to the United that is life-defining.”States and ensure everything that can Pace said he is still on active dutybe done will be done. because of the sacrifices of so many And he clearly empathized with the lance corporals and corporals in thelieutenant for his loss. The young jungles of Vietnam. “I served 13man’s evident concern for his troops months in the field ... and never got amoved Pace, who served as a scratch,” he said. The experience leftlieutenant in Vietnam from 1968 to him with a sense of responsibility to1969. honor those who weren’t so fortunate. In Sunday’s interview, the general Pace spoke from experience whensaid he felt “the personal pain for a he said the young lieutenant will neverleader who works that closely with forget the men he lost. When asubordinates and loses one of his reporter asked the general who he lostguys.” He said he admired the in Vietnam that caused him to continuelieutenant’s willingness to ask the to serve, Pace recited their nameschairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff a without missing a beat: “Lancestraightforward question. Corporal Guido Farinaro, then I lost The lieutenant’s question Lance Corporal Chubby Hale, Whiteyhighlighted the cost of the operations Travers, Corporal Mike Witt, Corporalin Iraq to the chairman in a very direct John Mills, Staff Sergeant Freddyway. Pace said it reinforces his desire Williams, and the list goes on.”“that we continue to keep the human I have all of their names in myfocus on the results of what we’re head,” Pace said. “I know where theydoing.” died; I can see where they died. I was He said his heart went out to the holding Corporal Witt when he died.lieutenant. “He’ll never forget that It’s all resonant, very real to me and(soldier who was killed), which is not very personal in the sense of the needa bad thing — that he never forgets,” to serve as best I can because theyPace said. can’t.” Serving in a small unit in combat He said he believes the young Armychanges a leader, the chairman said. lieutenant “will always know that“You end up with a love of your man’s name and will always thinkfellow man that is a different kind of a about it, and he should — not in afeeling than you experience any place maudlin sense, not in a guilty sense,else,” he said. “(It comes from) when but in a respectful appreciation ofyour life is in their hands and their sacrifice and a responsibility to not letlives are in yours. When you lose that sacrifice go for naught.”
  • Aug. 18, 2006 Page 5 J IM C UNNINGHAMLt. Col. William Huber, outgoing garrison commander, passes the cased colors to Col. Forrest Newton, Area I Support Activity commander, effectively deactivating the Camp Red Cloud garrison.USAG, Camp Red Cloud deactivatesBy Jim Cunningham Infantry Division Band building and a new CRC front of the Area I Support Activity, Huber said.Area I Public Affairs gate. Opening a new Special Troops Battalion “I would like to express my sincere CAMP RED CLOUD—The U.S. Army took a step headquarters at CRC is planned within the next six appreciation to the former garrison staffcloser to transformation Aug. 10, when Lt. Col. months. members that were with me in the beginning,William Huber cased the colors of U. S. Army Garrison “We merged the entire garrison staff, functions, and thank the Area I staff members for theirat Camp Red Cloud and turned command over to Col. and operations into Area I with no disruption to outstanding support to Soldiers in making AreaForrest Newton, commander of Area I Support services, very little stress on employees, and most I the best place to live and train,” Huber said.Activity. importantly we provided everyone with significantly “In July 2004, when I took this command, I recall improved working conditions,” Huber said. E-mail Gen. John Macdonald telling me that I had two Huber and the garrison played a significant role insignificant missions to accomplish during my time,” assisting the city of Uijeongbu meet its goal in openingHuber said. “The first was that I needed to close five the new Highway 43 Bypass.of seven camps and the second was I needed to “We renovated Mitchell’s Club so it better servesdeactivate the garrison. How would you like to come the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s needs and we will sooninto command with these missions? You are going to open a new pub in Mitchell’s,” Huber said. “Theseget smaller in size and then go away.” are just a few of the accomplishments this great Making the garrison smaller is exactly what Huber organization has achieved, and I am extremely prouddid. Camps Sears, Page and Falling Water were closed to have had this opportunity to lead this organizationand Camps Essayons and LaGuardia were closed and through its transformation and restructuring.”returned to the Republic of Korea this past July 15. The casing of the colors ended a long legacy of the “I would like to thank those involved in assisting in U.S. Army Garrison, CRC. It was formed as a sub-making sure that I can report today the mission is installation command of the 501st Corps Supportaccomplished,” Huber said. “Additionally, you have Group in 1991 to replace the Special Troops Combinedjust witnessed the official deactivation of the U.S. Field Army upon the inactivation of the Combined FieldArmy Garrison Camp Red Cloud. Mission complete.” Army. On June 12, 1995, the commander of the 19th In 25 months, the garrison has accomplished many Theater Area Army Commad divested the 501st CSGthings. Huber and the garrison staff collectively of its base operations and quality of life responsibilitiesorganized and moved the Department of Public Works and directed the formation of Headquarters, Area Ifrom Camp Falling Water to Camp Stanley, moved West to assume these missions. At that time USAG-the Warrior Readiness Center from Camp Mobile to CRC was removed from the 501st CSG and placedCamp Stanley and provided them with a first-class under Area I West. On June 13, 1996, Camp Pagefacility. The Central Issue Facility from Camp Mobile was assigned to USAG-CRC as a sub-installation, andwill be moved to Camp Stanley within three months Area I West was designated as Area I Support Activity. Lt. Col. William Huber, outgoing garrison commander,to become the Warrior Depot. Huber and the garrison The deactivation of the USAG-CRC is just addressed Area I leaders and Soldiers during thebuilt the new CRC gas station and bus terminal, 2nd another step toward the complete transformation deactivation ceremony of CRC garrison Aug. 10.
  • Aug. 18, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Sept. 11 5th Anniversary Commemoration Warrior Chapel will be open Sept. 11 for prayer and quiet reflection. A slideshow commemorating the events of Sept. 11, 2001, will play in the chapel throughout the day as well. A prayer breakfast on the morning of Sept. 12 will be open for remembrance. EEO Prevention of Sexual Harassment Equal Employment Office will be conducting a Prevention of Sexual Harassment class for U.S. civilian employees today at the Warriors’ Club, Camp Casey, 9 to 11 a.m. for leaders, managers, and supervisors; 1 to 5 p.m. P HOTOS BY J IM C UNNINGHAM for employees. Managers include Soldiers find a pre-staged casualty 50 feet from The Camp Stanley ambulance team and medics discover a pre-staged victim of the the walk-gate during AT/FP exercises Aug. 8. military personnel who supervise U.S. simulated explosion at the walk-in gate They put him on a stretcher and evacuate him After identifying the wound and calling for civilian employees and it is optional for by ambulance while Fire Chief John Cook checks out the rest of the area. medical support, the victim is evacuated. those who supervise Korean Focus Camp Stanley trains for Adaptive Focus employees. For more information, call Vivian George at 732-6273. MWR Organization Day By Jim Cunningham every vehicle entering the installation, All Morale, Welfare and Recreation Area I Public Affairs including using large wheeled mirrors facilities will be closed Aug. 25 for an organization day. CAMP STANLEY—An ounce of to inspect the underside of those prevention is a good way to prepare vehicles, including large 18 wheel Bull Riding at for possible terrorist attacks in Area trucks. While the team inspected an Mitchell’s Club I, and at Camp Stanley Aug. 8 18-wheeler, a smoke grenade went Soldiers brought it on. off about 100 yards from the gate. Mitchell’s Club will feature bull riding during the Labor Day weekend. The “We rehearsed our force protection The team was not distracted, but kept mechanical bull will be at Mitchell’s drills for Camp Stanley, and our force their eyes on the area where the The exercise began Aug. 8 with messages Sept. 1. protection postures for going from grenade went off. coming in and raising the force protection Afterwards, another scenario Charley to Delta. These are activities condition from Bravo to Charley. The second University of Maryland, associated with that,” said Lt. Col. involved a bomb going off at the part was this vehicle, bearing an explosive Central Texas College Anthony Beck, commander, 304th walk-in gate on the east side of device, coming in the aviation gate. Registration Underway Signal Battalion. camp. Five casualties were found, Undergraduate classes will begin Sept. The exercises one who was 5. Graduate on-line class beginning are in preparation expected to die dates will vary. Request tuition for the Adaptive “ We were able to and evacuation of assistance on All coordinate and use the the casualties Focus drills in Soldiers will have to use this portal while the fire September. The tactical ambulance, the fire effective immediately for enrollment. department put The Army pays the maximum $250 per action started at department and regular the aviation gate out the resulting semester hour for both undergraduate medical facilities ambulance of Camp Stanley. fires. and graduate level courses. Univ. of in evacuating the simulated “The first part S m o k e Md. website for listings of the distance casualties.” grenades were learning courses: http:// of the exercise Lt. Col. Anthony Beck used to simulate was messages commander, the bomb going coming in where 304th Signal Battallion CRC Term 1 Classes we raised the off. One casualty Registering Now force protection was found in the Register now through Sept. 1 for condition from Bravo to Charley,” guard shack at the entrance, four Roving and dismounted patrols apprehend the University of Maryland and Central Beck said. “The second part was the more casualties were found in a 50 pre-staged suspect that drove the bomb laden Texas College. The following classes vehicle in the aviation gate during the exercise. vehicle born explosive device coming yard radius of the simulated are being offered: ITSC 1413 for four semester hours meeting Monday, in the gate. We had a person pre- explosion. staged who would come in with the First to arrive were the fire trucks Wednesday and Friday to learn to vehicle and as soon as the bomb was and Fire Chief John Cook. The design and develop web pages; CJSA 1312 for three semester hours meeting detected he would bolt and run. This firemen put out the simulated fire and Monday and Wednesday to learn how gave our roving and dismounted rescuers evacuated the casualties. social and public policy affect crime patrols a suspect to look for while the The entire scenario was executed and trends. This is a core course requirement vehicle inspection team at the gate had performed in less than an hour. for criminal justice majors or it can be “We were able to coordinate and used as an elective; PHIL 140 for three to deal with a bomb and adjust.” The installation operations center use the tactical ambulance, the fire semester hours meeting on Saturdays for topics like abortion, euthanasia, the dealt with catching the suspect, plus department and regular medical death penalty and other hot button a bomb at the gate, while continuing facilities ambulance in evacuating the issues; COCY 227 for three semester to manage the installation, which simulated casualties,” Beck said. hours meeting Tuesday and Thursday included closing the gate and shifting “This is our first time performing to study deviance. Topics will include t h e v e h i c l e i n s p e c t i o n t e a m t o these tasks. It is a learning process mental illness, sexual deviance and the and it went very well.” another gate. use of drugs. For further information The inspection teams searched A Soldier inspects an 18-wheel truck using a call, 732-6862/7134. E-mail wheeled mirror during the exercise.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Aug. 18, 2006 7 Camp Adventure closes By Jim Cunningham test for my brown belt soon,” Julstrom said. “I Area I Public Affairs started when I came here and now I am moving up in Tae Kwon Do.” CAMP RED CLOUD—Children here have Camp Adventure was not just an adventure spent their last week in Camp Adventure. Today for the children. Many of the parents enjoyed the was their last day of activities. The children weekly trips. participating in the camp were not the only ones “Camp Adventure was a lot of fun for me,” benefiting from the activities. s a i d J a m e s M a r o k , c a m p c o u n s e l o r. “ T h e “This is my second year to come to Camp University of Toledo, in Ohio, advertised for Red Cloud for Camp Adventure,” said Katy students interested in coming to Korea as camp Julstrom, a Camp Adventure counselor from Des counselors so I applied and was selected to come Moines, Iowa. “I’m a student at Iowa State here.” University and I am majoring in child This is not Marok’s first time in Korea. development.” “I have been here before, but this is my first Julstrom was contacted by the university to time at Camp Adventure,” he said. “My father come to Korea again for Camp Adventure. taught English in Korea. We created a lot of “I love being camp director here, because I activities for the children and parents, which can decide what games to play with the children, has been a lot of fun.” and I am in control to pick the most fun games,” Marok will go to China to study during the Julstrom said. “We accomplished having lots of next school year as an Asian Studies major. fun. Also, we broke down some communication “I speak Chinese well, but Korean is harder, barriers with the Korean children who don’t I think,” Marok said. speak English by creating signs for them, which “Every year Camp Adventure educates and enabled us to become more of a family.” keeps the children in things to do and learn. It Julstrom didn’t just accomplish all this at is a good experience for both the children and J IM C UNNINGHAM Camp Adventure; she accomplished some us parents,” said a mother. personal things as well.Children and parents enrolled in Camp Adventure “I got my blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and will E-mail their last luncheon Aug. 11. Classes end today.Brig. Gen. Johnson visitsCRC Education CenterBy Jim Cunningham standards that have been establishedArea I Public Affairs for many areas, to determine if the C A M P R E D C L O U D — B r i g . Army is excelling in its educationGen. John Johnson, 2nd Infantry goals, or falling behind by thoseDivision assistant division commander same goals.for maneuver, came to the Education “Those areas where we are notCenter here to conduct a personnel d o i n g a s w e l l a s w e c o u l d b e ,readiness review. whether “What this it’s in areview does is it “Those areas where we are not doing particularcovers all the as well as we could be, whether it’s in a b r a n c hp e r s o n n e l particular branch or particular unit or o rreadiness issues across the division, we do the analysis particularin the division; to find what we can do better. There are u n i t o rhow we are always ways we can improve” acrossmanned, where t h e Brig. Gen. John Johnson,we are short, division, 2nd Infantry assistant divisionwhat specialties we do commander for maneuverwe need, and t h ehow well we take analysiscare of the Soldiers,” Johnson said. to find what we can do better,”“Education is what we are here to Johnson said. “There are alwaystalk about today. How well our ways we can improve.”education systems are working for With most programs, the Armyus is very important to personnel is doing a spectacular job. Therereadiness.” are some programs the Army can A real concern is educational do better, he said.opportunities for the Soldiers. “I want to find if we are tracking “We need to know that we are education in such a way that isg i v i n g t h e S o l d i e r s a l l t h e meaningful to commanders andeducational opportunities that we helps commanders know whethercan, and to take advantage of the or not they are giving opportunitiess c h o o l s t h a t a r e a v a i l a b l e , ” to their Soldiers,” Johnson said. J IM C UNNINGHAMJohnson said. Brig. Gen. John Johnson discusses personnel readiness issues with the staff of the E-mail CRC Education Center Aug. 8. The review looks at Army
  • Aug. 18, 20068 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
  • Aug. 18, 2006 Page 9 YongsanCongressmen visit, receive warm Yongsan welcome Aiumu and some other Samoan servicemembers Asian fact-finding tour brings sang the congressmen a traditional Samoan song called lawmakers to Korean peninsula “Falealili Uma,” to greet their congressman. Hyde has been a Republican member of the United By Pvt. Jung Jae-hoon States House of Representatives since 1975, Area II Public Affairs representing the 6th District of Illinois. He is retiring YONGSAN GARRISON — Two U.S. from politics this month, at the age of 82. congressmen ate lunch with servicemembers Aug. 10 Following lunch, Hyde had a short speech for the at the Three Kingdoms Inn Dining Facility here. Soldiers. House International Relations Committee Chairman “You’re far away from home, but for a wonderful Henry Hyde and Rep. Eni H. Faleomavaega arrived at mission, a mission to protect the quality of life among the dining facility around noon to a warm welcome a free nation,” Hyde said. “We visited here to tell you from Soldiers. briefly that we know you’re here to exhibit the one “We enjoyed our time with the Congressmen,” said quality that is almost godlike, self-sacrifice.” 41st Signal Battalion Spc. Punefuolemotu Aiumu. “His Hyde also said the Soldiers we’re the custodians visit was too short, but it was nice to see him and of democracy. share lunch with him.” “We’re very proud of each and every one of you,” Aiumu said Faleomavaega is well known for helping he said. Pacific Islanders, not only Samoans. “It was interesting that he had such a good sense “He’s there for you,” Aiumu said. “He’s a really of humor and he seemed to enjoy the company of good guy.” Soldiers,” said Spc. Charles Kiel, assigned to 16th PVT. JUNG JAE-HOON American Samoa is a U.S. territory in the South Medical Logistics Battalion. “I am happy that I’mRep. Eni H. Faleomavaega (left) and Rep. Henry Hyde listen to Pacific. Samoans have a nonvoting representative in the stationed here, because I think I wouldn’t get to meettraditional Samoan singing by Spc. Punefuolemotu Aiumu, U.S. House of Representatives. Samoans are considered a congressman if I were stationed back in the States.”Sgt. Merine Moala-Jones and Capt. Faamao Umalitanielu. American nationals, but cannot vote in national elections. E-mail workers stay cool with self-help projectLaundry Agency deliversBy Cpl. Lee Yang-wonArea II Public Affairs 21st Century YONGSAN GARRISON — With service todaytemperatures soaring to more than 110 By David McNallydegrees Fahrenheit, Area II laundry Area II Public Affairsworkers have toiled for years eachsummer in a building superheated by YONGSAN GARRISON — Theindustrial-strength washing machines Defense Logistics Agency offers theand dryers. Department of Defense’s worldwide Now, through a self-help project, the logistics support in both peacetimeArea II Quartermaster Laundry has and wartime to military services aslowered the working temperature by 14 well as civilian agencies and foreignpercent to a more livable 95 F. countries. The DLA headquarters is The building has air conditioning, but at Fort Belvoir, Va., but the agencybecause of the sheer number of has an office here.washing machines, dryers and ironing “If America’s forces eat it, wearapparatus, the temperature stays high. it, maintain equipment with it, or Area II Logistics officials and the burn it as fuel, DLA provides it,” said CPL. LEE YANG-WON DLA Liaison to U.S. Forces Korealaundry manager worked together to Laundry worker Song In-sool irons a shirt Aug. 9 at the Directorate of Logistics Area II Lt. Col. Calvin Reid. See Laundry, Laundry Page 12 Quartermaster Laundry. Reid said his agency supplies8th U.S. Army honors Area II for CFC donations almost every consumable item America’s military services need to operate, from groceries to jet fuel.By Cpl. Lee Yang-won Valcourt emphasized more “We also help to dispose ofArea II Public Affairs participation from the servicemembers materiel and equipment that is no in the future. longer needed,” Reid said. YONGSAN GARRISON — 8th “Our participation rate is only 38 The DLA has supported everyU.S. Army officials presented a check percent,” Valcourt said. “The rate may major war and contingency operationAug. 9 to the Area II Support Activity be okay but it isn’t great and I think we for the past four decades, fromas a tribute for participation in the could do better.” Vietnam to Iraq.Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas In Area II, the check going to Family “We provide 95 percent of repairFamily Support Youth Program Support and Youth Programs totaled parts and 100 percent of subsistence,donation. CPL. LEE YANG-WON more than $6,600. fuels, medical, clothing and textile, During the campaign, service- Lt. Gen. David P Valcourt and Renee Acosta . For 10 consecutive years, the construction and barrier materiel,”members and civilians in Korea gave present a check to Area II officials Aug. 10. Department of Defense has appointed said DLA-Pacific Commander Lt.more than $1.54 million. The Family said 8th U.S. Army Commander, Lt. the “Global Impact” organization to Col D.A. Lannom. “In Korea, thereSupport Youth Program peninsula-wide Gen. David P. Valcourt. “I think it’s manage CFC-Overseas. are six different DLA field activitiesreceived $32,000. particularly enticing when you can Global Impact President Renee with more than 250 servicemen, “We’re getting back checks for the contribute and directly see that come Acosta also took part in the presentation civilians, Korean employees andmoney we gave specifically earmarked back and do a better job for our See CFC, CFC Page 12 See Logistics, Logistics Page 12for family support and youth programs,” families.”
  • 10 Aug. 18, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Safety officers learn latest techniques Power Outage By Pvt. Jung Jae-hoonArea II Public Works officials plan to Area II Public Affairscut power to certain South Postbuildings 8-11 a.m. Saturday. The YONGSAN GARRISON — Sixteenoutage will enable the Dragon Hill Soldiers and civilians gathered Aug. 4Lodge roof replacement contractor to for monthly safety training at the 8thconnect to Yongsan power. The hotel U.S. Army safety classroom.complex has backup power and will not The course was open to tenant unitbe affected by the outage. For a safety officers and building managers,complete list of buildings affected by and covered topics like fire preventionthe power outage, visit the Area II and hazard communication.Web site ( “Hopefully the affect of the class is more safety-cautious people,” said Area Spirit of America II Safety Specialist Randall Ross. “The Marching Band real intent and hope is that the peopleThe Spirit of America marching band that have attended the training will takewill present the Wind Opera to the U.S. that information to their units andMilitary community 6 p.m. tonight at conduct internal training of their own.”Collier Field House. The Seoul USO CPL. LEE YANG-WON Area II Safety Instructor Chong Area II Safety Instructor Chong Chae-uk teaches a safety class Aug. 4 at Yongsan Garrison.will provide a free barbecue 3 p.m.Saturday at Collier Soccer Field Chae-uk made the group aware of lawsfollowed by the Spirit of America field that require employers to inform their Hopefully, I will let my coworkers members spray fire extinguishers so thatshow at 4 p.m. For information, visit workers of the hazards in their work know about it, and it will help them they would know how to use one in an environment and to train workers how also.” emergency. to avoid those hazards. Students also learned fire prevention The Area II Safety Office conducts Summer League “This training was a good opportunity training, and how to identify fire hazards the class each month, once in English Basketball Tournament to correct and add to my safety within buildings. and once in Korean.The Post Season Summer League awareness,” said 61st Maintenance Safety and Occupational Health “We hope to continue monthly safetyBasketball Tournament will be held Company Shop Foreman Sgt. Gavin Specialist Kang Sung-ku covered the training and next time to see more facesSept. 2-4 at Collier Field House. For Watkins. “I got to know a lot more on ABC’s of the emergency operations. in the class,” Ross said.information, call 738-8608. these issues that I wasn’t aware of. Later, the instructor let class E-mail Newcomers OrientationLearn about the community, Koreanculture and visit Seoul locations with Area II communitythe Area II Newcomers OrientationMonday-Wednesday. Limited childcare is available. Register by visiting starts starts ethics trainingArmy Community Service Bldg. 4106, By David McNallyRoom 205, or call 738-7505. Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Nearly 160 Department of Seoul USO the Army civilians and Soldiers gathered Aug. 10 forThe USO will sponsor 35 mandatory ethics training at Balboni Theater.servicemembers interested in building “We’re just kicking off this program,” said 8th U.S. Armya home for the Cheonan community Administrative Law Attorney Yong Lee. “Hopefully, we’ll beSept. 23 for Habitat for Humanity. Call able to meet the Secretary of the Army’s mandate to providefor applications forms, or visit http:// DAVID MCNALLY this training to all Army personnel by the end of the year.” For information, Administrative Law Attorney Yong Lee covers ethics training Aug. 10 at The annual training should provide a basic understandingcall Charlotte Huntsman at 724-7781. Balboni Theater. of ethics principles, Lee said. Topics covered included: “The training is not too in-depth, but should at least give a School Bus RegistrationBus passes for the 2006-2007 school What forms the ethics rules and the Code of Ethics basic foundation,” Lee said.year are now available at the Seoul Use of communications equipment There is also a special mandatory ethics training sessionStudent Transportation Office in the Use of government property for people involved in Army acquisition.Community Service Building (Bldg. S- Family Readiness Groups “The acquisition ethics training is very detailed and4106), room 121. A bus safety seminar Personal and official participation in private organizations specific,” Lee said. “It outlines what you can and cannot dowill be held for parents 6-7:30 p.m. Military balls when in the acquisition field.”Monday at the Hannam Village Chapel Post-government employment See Ethics, Ethics Page 12Annex and 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday atthe Yongsan Community ServiceBuilding, room 118. For information,call 738-5032. ACS provides basic Korean classes Spouses’ Club Welcome By Cpl. Lee Yang-won Lee said sharing Korean food recipes and experiencesThe American Forces’ Spouses’ Club Area II Public Affairs in Korea with his class helps participants indulge morewill host its annual Welcome and into the local culture without much difficulty.Activities sign-up 9:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. at YONGSAN GARRISON — Americans serving in “Students have a better understanding of the Koreanthe Dragon Hill Lodge Mezzanine. Korea may have a better chance to understand the local people after the class,” Lee said. “It’s helping them reduceStop by to explore opportunities and Korean lingo with the help from free Army Community cultural shock when they go off post.”activities available in the Yongsan Service Korean classes. More than 30 people enrolled for a recent Representatives from area Each month, ACS offers a four-week basic Korean Additional assistant teachers also help studentsorganizations will be available to language course 6-8 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays to individually during class.answer questions. For information, call help people get familiar with the Korean language and “The instructors here are very good,” said 18th011-9690-6592. culture. Medical Command Entomology Consultant Lt. Col. Bill “The class not only teaches Korean, but also provides Sames. “Teachers have a positive attitude toward the Area II Web site ‘cultural experiences’ for the participants,” said InstructorFor more community notes, news and class and seem to enjoy teaching us.” Michael Lee. “After an hour of studying Korean, we cook Throughout the class, he said, he learned some usefulinformation, visit the Area II Web site and share Korean food while talking about culturalat differences between the United States and Korea.” See Korean, Korean Page 12
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Aug. 18, 2006 11NBA stars practice atCollier Field HouseBy Pvt. Jung Jae-hoonArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 1,200Yongsan community members welcomed world-famousNBA players Monday during a Collier Field House practicesession. The Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, Cleveland Cavaliers’Lebron James, Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony andother superstars showed off some amazing basketballskills as they began a routine practice. During a break, U.S. Soldiers competed in a three-point shooting match cheered on by their favoritebasketball star. PHOTOS BY CPL. LEE YANG-WON “I was very excited when I heard the news about Team USA players practice during an eight-minute scrimmage Monday in front of Area II community members at Collier FieldNBA All-Stars coming to Yongsan,” said Cpl. Kim Min- House. Team USA is in Korea for the 2006 World Basketball Challenge.ku. “It was amazing to see the skills I’ve only seen ontelevision.” The Yongsan crowd went wild every time the playersdid anything with the ball, either dunking it after spinningit in the air for few seconds or making a clean three-point shot from far behind. “It was the best event that the Morale, Welfare andRecreation has pulled in years,” said Staff Sgt. StanceyMitchell. “I enjoyed it very much as well as the rest ofbasketball fans here in Yongsan.” After the practice the players had lunch at the ThreeKingdoms Inn Dining Facility and signed autographs. “We haven’t had basketball stars like this since the1988 Olympics,” said Area II Sports Director BennieJackson. “It was real good for the community.” Team USA came to Korea to compete in the WorldBasketball Challenge. Korea, Italy, Turkey and Lithuaniaare also participating. More than 1,200 Area II community Denver Nuggets Small Forward Carmelo Team members go for a rebound E-mail members turned out to support the team. Anthony dribbles during practice. during a scrimmage.
  • 12 Aug. 18, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyLaundry from Page 9install a system of roof sprinklers. roof with nozzles attached to it. A pump Water now runs over the shingled moves water through the pipes. Nozzlesroof to cool the building. The project on the roof evenly distribute the water.started in July, and concluded by the “We found ourselves some usefulend of the month. pipes from leftover heaps at the “We came up with this idea to Directorate of Public Works,” Changenhance working conditions for our said. “Our only cost was the sincereemployees,” said Quartermaster commitments from our workers.”Laundry Manager Chang Kyong-hun. Area II DPW also installed 10 air“The workers are really satisfied with conditioning units in the facility Aug. 1the accomplishment.” to cool down workers ironing clothes. Chang said there were hardly any “I’ve worked eight years in thisexpenses charged for the sprinklers field,” said laundry worker Song In-thanks to the laundry workers’ selfless sool. “This is the best working conditiondedication during the installation. I have worked in and I’m very satisfied “We’re receiving positive feedback with it.”from the employees,” Chang said. “It Chang said the laundry receives annot only has cooled down the heat, but average of 450,000 pieces of clothes aalso provided a more stable mental state month.for the workers.” A main pipe traverses on top of the E-mail from Page 9during the ceremony. Global Impact is community that makes this possible.”a not-for-profit organization dedicated Stephens said the community hasto raising funds to support humanitarian really stepped forward to make quite anrelief. effort. “Today we’re here to celebrate the “This will enhance some of thecontributions of the troops,” Acosta programs we already have,” he said. “Bysaid. “We’re just thankful for their doing this we’ll be able to do moregenerosity.” things for the community.” “I’m just very thankful for all the Other Army and Air Force Areagenerous donations that were given in Area Commanders received recognition at theII,” said Area II Commander Col. Ron ceremony as well.Stephens. “It’s the contributions from the E-mail from Page 9contractors. employees, 519 active duty military and Defense Logistics Agency Pacific, 754 reservists are stationed, theirlocated in Hawaii, is the DLA’s focal mission is to get support to the rightpoint for issues in the Pacific theater, place at the right time, Reid said.according to the organization’s Web “We are on the front lines, workingsite ( alongside combat commanders and The unit is the primary liaison to the planners supporting Operation IraqiPacific Command and U.S. Forces Korea. Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom The agency’s keep warfighters and the Global War on Terrorism,” Reidready to “fight tonight,” as the said.organization remains mission ready. No matter where DLA’s 20,805 E-mail from Page 10 Lee said Army civilians and Soldiers In Area II, the next training sessioncan spot the issues themselves. will be held 1 p.m. Sept. 7. The first “If they don’t understand, or have acquisition ethics training session willquestions, they can contact their ethics be held 2:30 p.m. Sept. 7.counselor,” he said. E-mail from Page 10expressions when shopping and discussed.different cultural aspects of Korea. “It’s definitely been a benefit to “My goal was to learn basic me,” he said. “Through this class IKorean, not necessarily have been able to communicateconversational classes,” said 8th U.S. better.”Army Plans Officer Maj. John Irish. Participants who want to learn“I wanted to help myself just to get more after the four-week basicaround and communicate when I’m Korean class can sign up for anothercatching a cab or when I’m buying four-week course featuring morethings in the market.” advanced language skills. One of the best things about the For registration and information,class, he said, is there is always a visit the ACS information desk.cultural topic of interest being E-mail Visit the Area II Web site for more stories and community information
  • Aug. 18, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Attorney answers international child custody issuesBy Capt. Brian Tomasovic determinations will often favor the business associates both here and attorneys willing to help AmericanCamp Humphreys Client Services parent who is a national of the foreign abroad. clients. Additionally, the National Center In many cases, the greatest country. 2. Keep a record of important for Missing and Exploited Childrenanguish for parents who are Where are the Hague information about the other parent, ( has a resource center thatseparating or divorcing is the question Convention countries in Asia? including: physical description, can assist you with more informationof child custody. For parent There currently aren’t any, unless you passport, social security, bank on prevention and the legal remediesservicemembers ending a marriage or count Macau (effective 1999) or the account, and driver’s license that are available for those who seeka relationship of mixed citizenship, Special Administrative Region of Hong numbers, and vehicle description and the return of an abducted child.this issue is even more volatile and Kong (effective 1997). In other words, plate number. What about taking matters intosometimes ends in the tragedy known if your child is abducted to any country 3. Keep a written description of my own hands? If the questioner isas international parental abduction. in Asia, there is very little chance you your child, including hair and eye proposing a reabduction of the child, What is international parental will have a practical legal mechanism to color, height, weight, fingerprints, and he or she better think again. Takingabduction? Parental abduction or seek the return of your child. Be aware any special physical characteristics. that drastic measure could land you inparental kidnapping is simply the taking, that any time your relationship with a 4. Take full-face color photographs a foreign jail, cause psychologicalretention, or concealment of a child by parent who has strong connections to and/or videos of your child every six harm to the child, and severelya parent so as to obstruct the custody another country is troubled or broken, months - a recent photo of the other jeopardize your future efforts ofand visitation rights of another parent. you and your child are vulnerable. parent may also be useful. recovering the child through thatState lines often confound the recovery What actions can I take to You may also want to teach your country’s court system.of parentally abducted children in the prevent an international parental child your home telephone number and If I have a child here at myUnited States. With international parental abduction? If you feel your child is how to make collect calls, providing overseas duty station I’m free ofabduction, the obstacle to recovery of vulnerable to abduction, do not hesitate instructions to call home if anything trouble, right? Servicemembers whothe child is an international boundary. to seek legal advice at your military legal unusual happens. have taken their children to dutyThe significance of that boundary is assistance office. A well-written Who can I turn to for more stations in Japan or Korea inthat the laws of the foreign country custody decree is a valuable prevention information? The U.S. State derogation of a U.S. custodygovern whether and how that child can tool, and you should keep several copies Department’s Office of Children’s agreement are not free of returned to a parent in the United of it and give one to the child’s school. Issues provides some assistance to left While there are no Hague ConventionStates. Some countries will return You should also compile the information behind parents of international parental procedures for the return of children inchildren to the United States under a that could later be vital for locating your child abduction. The U.S. Embassy of these countries, a servicemember istreaty known as the Hague Convention child. The U.S. Department of State the foreign country may be able to subject to a DOD directive that canon the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. recommends the following courses of provide information on the general compel him or her to return to theWhile some non-treaty countries may action: welfare of the child. For non-Hague United States under a court order. DODstill enforce U.S. custody and visitation 1. Keep a list of the addresses and Convention nations, the State civilians and accompanying familyorders, most will make their own telephone numbers of the other Department may provide information on members can also face variouscustody determinations, and these parent’s relatives, friends, and the country’s legal system and a list of sanctions.
  • Aug. 18, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 18-24 Nacho Libre The Da Vinci Talladega Nights: Talladega Nights: Garfield: A Tail of The Lake PG Code Ballad of Ricky Ballad of Ricky Two Kitties House The Omen PG13 Bobby PG13 Bobby PG13 PG PG R Fast & Furious: American Tokyo Drift The Ant Bully The Ant Bully Dreamz No Show No Show No Show PG13 PG PG PG13 Talladega Nights: Talladega Nights: Talladega Nights: The Lake The Lake Superman Superman Ballad of Ricky Ballad of Ricky Ballad of Ricky House House Returns Returns Bobby PG13 Bobby PG13 Bobby PG13 PG PG PG13 PG13 The Lake Talladega Nights: Garfield: A Tail of Fast & Furious: United 93 Nacho Libre Nacho Libre Tokyo Drift House Ballad of Ricky Two Kitties R PG PG PG Bobby PG13 PG PG13 Fast & Furious: Garfield: A Tail of You, Me and The Lake Dupree No Show No Show No Show House Tokyo Drift Two Kitties PG13 PG PG13 PGThe Fast and Furious: Trade World Trade Center — Nacho Libre — Celebrating Talladega Nights: The The Ant Bully — Poor 10-year-Tokyo Drift — From the World Trade Center is a 2006 dramatic the triumphs and tribulations of Ballad of Ricky Bobby — old Lucas Nickle (Zach Tyler Eisen)producer of the worldwide film based on the September 11, 2001 the lovable loser is no easy thing, Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) has always cant get a break. Recently movedblockbuster hits The Fast and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade but filmmaker Jared Hess seems dreamed of driving fast -- real fast - to a new city with his family, he hasn’tFurious and its sequel, 2 Fast 2 Center towers of New York City, to thrive in this specific cinematic - like his father, Reese Bobby, who made a single friend. He getsFurious, comes the latest installment released by Paramount Pictures on exercise. Hess finds a similarly left the family to pursue his racing nothing but grief from his teenageof the adrenaline-inducing series built Aug. 9. It was directed by Academy endearing hero-without-a-clue in dreams. Early on, Rickys mother, sister, Tiffany (Allison Mack), and noton speed —The Fast and the Furious: Award winner Oliver Stone and stars Ignacio, played by Jack Black, Lucy Bobby worried that her boy a whole lot of attention lately from hisTokyo Drift. Set in the sexy and colorful Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña, Maggie growing up in a poor monastery was also destined to end up as a parents (Cheri Oteri and Larry Miller),underground world of Japanese drift Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Stephen Dorff, in Mexico, has dreamed of being professional daredevil on wheels. who are busy planning their bigracing, the newest and fastest Jay Hernandez, and Michael a professional wrestler since Ricky Bobby first enters the racing anniversary weekend trip to Puertocustomized rides go head-to-head on Shannon. The MPAA rated it “PG-13” childhood. This obsession has led arena as a “jackman” for slovenly Vallarta. Meanwhile, his loving butsome of the most perilous courses in for “intense and emotional content, him to a thankless adult existence driver Terry Cheveaux and kinda kooky grandmother Mommothe world. Sean Boswell (Lucas some disturbing images and as monastery whipping-boy and accidentally gets his big break (Lily Tomlin) tries to protect the familyBlack) is an outsider who attempts to language.” It is billed as an uplifting chef, serving stale, day-old nacho behind the wheel when Cheveaux from those space aliens she’s beendefine himself as a hot-headed, story about everyday New Yorkers chips to finicky orphans. In an makes an unscheduled pit stop reading about in the grocery storeunderdog street racer. Although racing helping one another amid a effort to earn the respect of new during a race to gorge on a chicken magazines. Lucas becomes theprovides a temporary escape, it has cataclysmic tragedy. It is the second nun-hottie Sister Encarnacion (Ana sandwich. Ricky jumps into the car number one target of neighborhoodalso made Sean unpopular with the theatrical movie about 9/11 following De La Reguera) and escape the begins the ballad of Ricky bully Steve, who never misses anlocal authorities. United 93. monastery into pro wrestling. Bobby. opportunity to push him around. You, Me and Dupree No Show The Omen The Break Up No Show No Show No Show PG13 R PG13 World Trade World Trade World Trade The Lake The Lake Nacho Libre Nacho Libre House Center Center Center House PG13 PG13 PG13 PG PG PG PG Talladega Nights: Garfield: A Tail of World Trade Ballad of Ricky Nacho Libre The Sentinel Just My Luck No Show Center Two Kitties Bobby PG13 PG PG13 PG PG13 PG13 Garfield: A Tail of World Trade Just My Luck Nacho Libre Nacho Libre The Lake House Two Kitties No Show Center PG13 PG PG PG PG13 PG World Trade World Trade World Trade The Lake The Lake Center Center Center Nacho Libre Nacho Libre House House PG13 PG13 PG13 PG PG PG PG World Trade Poseidon Poseidon The Benchwarmers Over the Hedge Over the Hedge The Benchwarmers Center PG13 PG PG PG13 PG13 PG13 PG13 The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Shaggy The Shaggy Nacho Libre Nacho Libre PG PG PG Dog Dog PG PG PG PG
  • Aug. 18, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Chaplain: Get up, keep going, don’t give upChaplain (Capt.) Jeffrey Brooks Not long ago a Soldier said, “Chaplain, I wish in New York City. As we watched the parade in1-15 Field Artillery, Camp Hovey I could find someone who understood what I am the bitter cold from the street, I could see just F rom age six until I graduated high school going through.” Someone said, “God knows what was in front of me. and went to basic training, I lived next everything, about everyone everywhere, and with But when my father took me to the top floor door to my grandparents. One of the all that knowledge He still loves us.” And the of our warm hotel and we watched the samethings I remember about my grandfather was his truth is, there is nothing we have done that will parade from the window, I remember seeing a lotknowledge and memory. change God’s love for each of us. more of the parade at once – I could see what Many summer afternoons, after we’d finished In 1978, I walked into a recruiting station and was coming toward us. The higher we got, thecutting the grass, we’d sit in lawn chairs and I’d one month later I was in basic training. I will more we could see.listen to Grandpa tell me about his childhood. never forget the day that we were on a road God is high enough to know what you will Grandpa challenged me intellectually by march in the hot mountains with helicopters face in the future. He knows your future and hereciting the poetry he memorized himself as a flying overhead. Our sergeant kept saying, loves you because you are his child. So, wechild. In my mind he knew everything and I “Whatever you do, if you fall down, just get up should pray for His blessing upon what’s ahead –remember him enjoying sharing what he knew and keep going. Don’t give up.” The truth is, the future. You should pray for His advice andwith me. when we feel like we have failed our Lord, we intervention. Our Lord says, “Call to me and I He seemed to understand what I was going should get up and keep going. Don’t give up. will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). God reallythrough in life and gave me a lot of wisdom and When I was in elementary school, my parents does care about what we are going through. Ouradvice for the future, and he protected me. took me to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Lord can make a difference. Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Area III Chaplains Collective Contemporary Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson Sunday 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Station Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7274 Chapel KATUSA Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) James O’Neal 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel, Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel 753-7276 Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Kyle Taylor Suwon Air Base Catholic Chapel 721-3356 Mass Daily 11:45 p.m. Freedom Chapel 3 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Gospel 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Ad goes here
  • Aug. 18, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyCRC 5K run shows fast timesBy Jim CunninghamArea I Public Affairs CAMP RED CLOUD—Soldiersproved their readiness in top formSaturday at Camp Red Cloud’sPhysical Fitness Center. Fifty menand women ran in competition formedals in Morale, Welfare andRecreation’s 5K run. “We hold 5 kilometer runs for thehealth of the CRC community andalso to add some fun and excitementto the weekends,” said Floyd Kim,CRC physical fitness center director.“All runners get t-shirts and the oneswho place first and second in theircategories get medals.” The 5K run is part of a vastschedule of sporting events held byMWR each month. “We have two more runs, countingholiday runs. We are doing a run onLabor Day weekend and another one P HOTOS BY J IM C UNNINGHAMin October,” Kim said. “Labor Day The run starts with more than 50 Soldiers signed up for the event. When the gun sounds, most Soldiers run, but a few decide to walk or trotwill be a 50K bike race and 5K run.” behind the main group. Many Soldiers knew they were not going to be the fastest runners that day, but most wanted to participate in one of The distance was not easy to MWR’s frequent fun events. The course wound around CRC in a figure eight style coursing the camp twice to make a distance of 5K.calculate for this run because of theconstruction, he said. Most of theSoldiers can run 5K just to wake upin the morning. The 10K and longerruns take some training to completethat distance. Some runners are at thetop of their form when running for5K. “It’s not bad for a 47-year-old,”said Scott Meredith, MWR directorof sports events. “I came in thirdplace with a time of 23 minutes, 24seconds. Really, the 5K runs are funruns, which is why we do them.” The fastest time was 19:29, turnedin by David Breslin. The fastest timein the women’s category was 23:14by Boefra Butler. These Soldiers decide to trot through the 5K course and provide support for serious runners.Scott Meredith of MWR ran the 5K in 23 min. Chaplain Durham decides the 5K run would be The fastest time of 19 min. 29 sec. is performed by Devid Breslin. He received the first place24 sec. good advertisement. for Sunday worship times. ribbon.
  • Aug. 18, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Soldiers enjoy ‘Tropikiimba’ music MWR Marketing YONGSAN GARRISON — The Yongsan Main Post Club Underground came alive Saturday with the music of Tropikiimba — a 10-member band that played Afro- Home for the Holidays Cuban, Salsa, Vallenato, Bachata, Be sure to enter the Home for the Merengue, Calypso, Soca, Zouk, Hi- Holidays drawing sponsored by Life, Soukous (Afro-pop), and Kalinda. MWR and US Airline Alliance. All Tropikiimba is one of the few you have to do is fill out an entry authentic Caribbean Orchestras in the form to enter to win a round-trip ticket Virginia, Maryland, and Washington to the United States. Forms may be D.C. area. Many of the band members are from countries such as Cuba, found in your local MWR facility, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, newspaper, or on the MWR website. Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Deadline to enter is Oct 12. Call 723- Republic, St. Thomas and the United 3730 for more information. States. The show started at 7 p.m. and R ICHARD F AUCETT Comedy ROK’s continued on deep into the night. A packed Yongsan Main Post Club Underground dances to the music of Tropikiimba Aug. 12. MWR kicked off the 8th round of BOSS plans September cruise, Seoul tour Comedy ROK’s to a packed house. Steph Sanders, Kirk McHenry and Manny Maldonado rocked the house with laughter. All three have MWR Marketing servicemembers by the BOSS program. performed on BET’s ComicView. The Korea Region BOSS is unique because geographic YONGSAN GARRISON — Single and Some other credits include Latino bachelors are also allowed to participate in events. unaccompanied Soldiers are ready to set sail on a BOSS Laugh Festival, Best Faces Jamie Through the BOSS program, servicemembers are Han River Casino Cruise Sept. 9 and the Seoul City Foxx’s Laffapalooza, and MTV Snoop afforded opportunities to improve their quality of life, Tour Sept. 10. Dogg Telefizzle. The schedule is as interact with the local community and get out and The Han River Cruise has become an annual Better follows: experience some of the beautiful scenery, rich culture Opportunity for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers Camp Eagle, Gunfighters Inn, 8 p.m. and long history Korea offers. event due to its “extreme success and popularity” today The Installation Managment Agency, Korea Region among BOSS Soldiers. Suwon Air Base, Scudbusters, 8 Office, Morale, Welfare and Recreation and BOSS thank The cruise will combine a night of casino excitement p.m. Saturday the generous contribution of the 2006 Han River Casino w i t h a s i g h t s e e i n g r i d e o n t h e H a n R i v e r. Camp Red Cloud, Mitchell’s, 8 p.m. Cruise sponsors. Servicemembers can play poker, blackjack, roulette, Sunday The sponsors include, the Noncommissioned Officers craps and chuck-a-luck in order to win “fun money,” Camp Casey, Warrior’s Club, 8 p.m. Association, the Yongsan Sergeants Major Association, the which they can use to bid on prizes during the late- Tuesday Bank of America, Dragon Hill Lodge, Hyatt Hotel, U.S. night auction. Camp Casey, Reggie’s, 8 p.m. Airline Alliance, Volvo, U.S. and ROK Elite Association Attendees will be treated to a buffet dinner and a Wednesday. and the Association of the United States Army. chance to dance the night away with the Seoul skyline as a backdrop during the four-hour cruise. For information on upcoming Korea Region BOSS 8th U.S. Army Sports events, contact or visit your local recreation or community Sunday will include a tour of Seoul via land including Upcoming sports championships activities centers or unit BOSS representatives. Information all the major stops. include rugby Sept. 8-9, team triathlon can also be obtained by calling: Servicemembers wishing to attend the Han River Sept. 9, tennis Sept. 13-16, and cross Area I – 732-6896 casino cruise should contact their local Community country on Sept. 16. For information, Area II – 738-5254 Activities Center or BOSS representatives for call 725-5064. Area III – 753-8825 registration information. Although the deadline is Sept. 5 to purchase tickets, Area IV – 764-4123 Weekend Bingo at KORO Program manager at 725-6070. Uptown Lounge seating is limited, so it is recommended that you purchase your tickets well in advance. No registration For more information on the Seoul City Tour, contact Be a winner at Bingo at the Main Post Chong Sang-nae at 723-7564. Club’s Uptown Lounge. Every or payments will be accepted on the day of event. Saturday and Sunday, doors open at The cruise is just one of the many activities provided to E-mail 11 a.m. and early games begin at 12:30 N b l! o ul p.m. More than $6,750 in prize money is given away every weekend, including $2,500 and $5,000 jackpots. For information, call the MWR club MWR Marketing manager at 723-8785. YONGSAN GARRISON – Area II Pool League The “Bull” will be in Area I for The Area II Pool League is seeking the Labor Day Weekend at Camps new members. The group meets at 7 Red Cloud and Casey during p.m. each Tuesday at the Main Post Labor Day activities. Club, Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy There will be cowboys (and Club -- all on Yongsan Garrison. girls) competing for prizes with Membership is open to ID a challenge put out by former cardholders, family members, retirees, East Coast Saddle Bronco Department of Defense civilians or Champion, Command Sgt. Maj. contractors and individuals Greg Bunce, as well as riding just sponsored by ID cardholders. For for fun. COURTESY PHOTO more information, call Brent Abare at This will be followed by a Bill Garlock tests out a new bull riding machine at the Main Post Club Aug. 10. The 723-3691. Yo n g s a n L a n e s C o u n t r y & machine is a new addition to the recreational opportunities MWR offers. It will be traveling Western Extra-vaganza Oct. 14. to various bowling centers so be sure to watch for more information on your local event.
  • Aug. 18, 2006 Page 21ROKA - U.S. counterparts join in organization dayROKA U.S.By F. Neil Neeley most. I‘ve never seen a game before andArea III Public Affairs it was really interesting.” CAMP HUMPHREYS – Forty The ROKA Soldiers also visited theRepublic of Korea Soldiers from the aviation tactical trainer.301st Aviation Regiment “Unicorn” “I was surprised at all of the greatBattalion, located in the vicinity of tools for learning available to theYecheon, traveled here to join their American soldiers,” said Song.counterparts from 2-52 General “Having them here today gives usSupport Aviation Battalion at Soldiers time to interact,” said Lt. Col. ScottPark Aug. 11, for the 2-52 GSAB Kubica, commander, 2-52 AVN Regt.Organization Day. “This is a great opportunity to keep the The Korean and American Soldiers alliance alive through friendlyspent the day competing in flag football, cooperation and allows us to do it onsoftball, basketball and finishing the day the sports field in a competitive but funwith a ROK vs. U.S. all-star soccer way.”game. Although the competition was “The Unicorn Battalion is located at friendly, the U.S. Soldiers pulled off aG-510 in the vicinity of Yecheon,” said surprising upset when they defeatedCapt. Cristian A. Robbins, 2-52 GSAB their Koreans counterparts 1-0 at soccer.assistant S-3. “They are a Chinook F. NEIL NEELEY The Korean Soldiers also got to see abattalion and we have executed multiple Warrant Officer Choi Seong-ho, 301st Aviation Regiment, left, Cpl. Ryan Sund and lighter side of 2-52 when the Familyair assaults with them over the past KATUSA Pfc. Jun Tae-young, both with Company C, 2-52 GSAB, fight for control of the ball Readiness Group had a “Pie in the Face”couple of years. Typically, it involves during a ROK vs US all-star soccer game. fundraiser. The group sold pies to beus moving ROK personnel and and we sent approximately 75 Soldiers said Capt. Carrie E. Walters, 2-52nd thrown at all of the companyequipment. We also do the planning for up there who participated in sporting GSAB adjutant. commanders, first sergeants, thethese air assaults with them at their events with them.” “I had a good time here today,” said battalion commander and commandlocation and share ideas. During their “This is a great opportunity to Sgt. Song Kong-gun, 301st AVN Regt. sergeant major. The FRG will use thelast organization day (about eight months highlight community relations and “I really liked the soccer game, but I proceeds for their projects to supportago), they invited our battalion to G-510 Korean-American friendship and unity,” enjoyed watching American football the the unit and family members.Falcon Chemical trains on Humphreys’ roadsBy F. Neil NeeleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Traffic slowed along theroads surrounding the installation for about an hourAug. 11 for a special mission by the 22nd KoreanService Corps Company’s Falcon ChemicalDecontamination Team. The team practiced decontaminating the installation’sperimeter roads with their special units. “Our job here is important,” said Hyong Paek-u,team leader. “If there is a chemical attack, our job isto decontaminate post assets so that the missioncontinues.” Hyong explained that the Falcon team has sevencommercial trucks pulling special trailers that hold1,020 gallons of decontamination solution. P HOTOS B Y F. N EIL N EELEY “That solution foams and expands to up to 25,000 The Falcon Chemical Decontamination Team prepares to roll from the 194th Maintenance motor pool.gallons of decontaminate and is capable of killingchemical agents on contact,” said Hyong. Hyong described a Falcon unit. “Each has a spray bar mounted onto the rear of itstrailer to spray terrain and runways,” he said. “There’sa deck gun mounted onto the back of the truck that isused to apply a large volume of decontaminate ontovehicles and buildings. “There is also a 100-foot hose mounted onto the The two teams met from oposite directions at Pappy’s A decontamination unit is on the move. Paintball range.trailer that provides a dismounted operator theversatility required to conduct decontamination of directions. providing decontamination for runways, large areasvehicle undercarriages.” “We did it that way so as to minimized disruption such as fixed sites, buildings and vehicles, Hyong He said that each unit has a three-man team and to on post traffic,” said Hyong. explained.that there are 21 falcon team members assigned to The trucks traveled at about 10 miles per hour and During previous training the Falcon team practicedHumphreys. Providing decontamination of fixed site met on the road adjacent to Pappy’s Paintball Range decontaminating the Humphreys’ airfield runway. Theyand terrain is part of their mission. before eventually winding up back at the 194th motor have also provided terrain decontamination for a joint During this mission, all seven trucks left the 194th pool. training with the ROK Army decontamination teamMaintenance motor pool and split into two teams. Each The team’s mission isn’t just to decontaminate and a U.S. unit as well as terrain decontamination forteam then circled Camp Humphreys in opposite terrain. The Falcon system is mobile and capable of a motor pool area.
  • 22 Aug. 18, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly New Hours for Quarry Gate Sets The Quarry Gate is now open from 5:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Airfield Gates Close Airfield Gates # 2 and #4 are closed to all vehicle traffic except Emergency Services. For access, call 753-7248. Vehicles can still use Gates #1 or #3 for access to the airfield for parking. Vehicles should not park at the 501st Signal or HHC, USASA office areas. For more information, contact Base Operations at 753-7555, F. NEIL NEELEY the Fire Departmentt at 753- Three new school buildings stand ready for the new school year. They are connected by covered walkways for protection from the weather. HAES renovation completed 6180 or Medivac at 753-7462. Acting School in time for new school year Liaison Officer Joon Auci is the acting School Liaison Offier. Call 753-8507/ 8284 for any questions and concerns regarding school By Susan Barkley Col. Janice L. Dombi, commander, “Sir, our families thank you,” said issues or youth sponsorship Area III Public Affairs U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far Taliento. for new students. CAMP HUMPHREYS – The north East District, said the project was “not In addition to a new campus, HAES campus of Humphreys American just a cosmetic makeover.” She said has a new principal this year. Dr. Joan BOSS Bungee Jump Elementary School is just about ready there were many engineering challenges Islas replaces Donna Kacmarski who Trips to welcome children into two new in turning two former barracks into is now the principal at Seoul American To m o r r o w, S e p t . 1 6 a n d classroom buildings and an classrooms. Elementary School. Oct.4. Cost is $60. Price administrative building with a multi- Dombi also complimented Fine Kacmarski called the new includes transportation, lunch purpose and cafeteria room for the Construction on completing the project classrooms a “teacher’s dream” and and two events -- bungee upcoming school year following a in less than one year and with a perfect said they will provide spaces for jump, extreme sky coaster or ribbon cutting Monday. safety record. The $7.8 million project cooperative and interactive learning. slingshot ride. See your BOSS The north campus, accessed from was completed in 363 days. Islas said the school will now be rep, sign up at the Humphreys Freedom Road, will provide classroom Col. Michael J Taliento Jr., able to educate all elementary age CAC or call 753-8825/8828/ space for kindergarten through third commander, Area III Support Activity, children at Camp Humphreys and 6236. grade, a large playground, hard court said the new campus is part of an eliminate the need to bus elementary for basketball and other games as well “emerging Humphreys Army children to Osan American Elementary Funded Legal as special education classrooms, a hometown community image.” School. Education Program computer lab, an information center, art Taliento commented that the project Islas said she can’t wait until Aug. The Army Funded Legal and music classrooms and teacher was due to the vision and commitment 29 when school begins for grades 1- Education Program is workrooms. of Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, the former 6. The first day of school for accepting applications from Students in fourth through sixth United States Forces Korea kindergartners is Sept. 6. active duty commissioned grades will continue to be housed in commander, to provide better living There is still time to register officers in the rank of second the original campus. facilities and schools at Camp children for the new school year. Call lieutenant through captain to In remarks at the ribbon cutting, Humphreys. 753-8894 for more information. attend law school beginning in Sure Start Fall 2007. Interested Area III personnel should call 753-8047 for more information. Youth Soccer Registrations It takes a community. It takes a family. It takes a school. Registration will be held through Aug. 31 at the Charles By Susan Barkley Start offers a comprehensive approach to enable the children to become Area III Public Affairs to early childhood education that “lifelong learners.” Gilliland Youth Center. Cost is CAMP HUMPHREYS – School involves children, their families, the The class size is limited to 18 $45 for all ages. There is a 20 year 06-07 marks the first time school and the community at large. students with a teacher and one percent discount for families Sure Start will be offered at Susan Warn, HAES Sure Start program assistant. The curriculum with more than one child Humphreys American Elementary teacher, said the program is open to is based on principles of participating. Call 753-5051 School. The program was command sponsored dependents who developmentally appropriate for more information. introduced into Department of will be 4-years-old by Oct. 31 and practice and has mandatory parent Defense Educational Activity who meet eligibility criteria which involvement as a key component. HAES Registration schools in 1991 and is modeled on include the rank of the sponsor (E-9/ Families interested in seeing if Don’t wait until the last minute the Head Start program found in GS-6) and other factors such as single Sure Start is right for them are to register your school age schools in the U.S. parent households, one or both parents encouraged to apply at the school child/children. Sure Start is a full-day school who speak a language other than office located on the north HAES HAES office hours are 8 a.m. readiness pre-kindergarten program English as their primary language, low campus, or call 753-8894. – 4 p.m. weekdays. Call 753- for families living and working at birth weight and other things. Sure Start classes are scheduled 8894 or 031-691-0179 for military installations overseas. Sure Warn said Sure Start is structured to begin Sept. 13. more information.
  • Aug. 18, 2006 Area IIIThe Morning Calm Weekly 23 brings English camp to Camp HumphreysBy Peter YuArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS — The United ServiceOrganization office here recruited 16 volunteersto meet 90 students from Chungbuk ForeignLanguage Institute for Students Aug.7, so themiddle schoolers could learn more about the U.S.-ROK alliance and have an opportunity to practicetheir English language skills. The groups met at Freedom Chapel to getacquainted and divide up into teams before goingto the Camp Humphreys bowling center for lunchand bowling. “This is the very first time for me to come onU.S. military installation and I am having fun,” saidJoeng Do-hyun, a 13-year-old student from NaesuMiddle School, Cheongwon County. “I think thisprogram helps to promote my English skills and Iwould like to come back later, if I can.” Spc. James Harston, Company B, 602nd AviationSupport Battalion said, “I like it. My son is a littleyounger than they are. He is 10-years-old so I likeit.” Megan Jazelle Wright, whose father works at4th Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Regiment, also P ETER YUvolunteered. “I have fun meeting these people,” Soldiers get acquainted with the students from Chungbuk Foreign Language Institute for Students who will be on their teamsshe said. during the Good Neighbor event hosted by the United Service Organizations Camp Humphreys center Aug. 7. Heeyon Lee, Marketing and Community program, they will speak in English without any Bae Su-bin a 12- year-old from YoungshinRelations Manager, USO Seoul, said this program fear and feel more comfortable.” Elementary, Youngdong County said, “This is myhas been done for three years in Seoul but this is “I hope this session continues biannually in the first time and I love to speak to U.S. soldiers inthe first session here. future, summer and winter,” said Lee Seong-ju, English. I love bowling. It helped upgrading my “I believe this is successful. Soldiers have fun an educational researcher for CFLIS. “The main English skills. I would like to come back.”in leading the guests and the students have a chance purpose of this program is to have the students Daisy Watson, USO Camp Humphreys centerto talk to native English speakers,” she said practice their English skills they learned at the manager was very pleased with the day. Christopher Harlow, a former U.S. Marine, who school and have confidence that they can do it.” “We did a very good job of making relationshipshas worked as an English instructor of the CFLIS According to Lee, the 90 students were selected with kids from across the peninsula,” she said.since Oct. 1, 2005, said, “This is a special program out of 388 applicants from across the peninsula. Watson hopes to host the students in the Englishof our institute and I believe it is successful. It is Nam Yoon-tae, a 13-year-old student at camp, to be held next during the winter schooldesigned to give the students more exposure to Cheongun Middle School, Cheongju City said, “It break, and make it a biannual event.foreign troops, especially to U.S. troops because was fun and helped me speak in English. I [would] She also wanted to thank all the volunteers,they see U.S. Soldiers on television but they never like to come back if I have an opportunity like especially those from the 602nd ASB, who senthad a chance to talk with them. Through this this.” the bulk of the Soldiers.2-1 ADA Soldier making a difference in GwangjuBy 1st Lt. David C. Marlow volunteers there more than anybody.”2-1 ADA Public Affairs At first the residents of the home GWANGJU AIR BASE – Every didn’t know what to make of theirSunday, senior citizens of the sung- foreign friend, but it wasn’t longsim eui-jip or Home of the Sacred before they welcomed him and startedHeart in Gwangju, receive someone calling him their “blue-eyed angel.”they consider a very special visitor. The president of the house, Sister Master Sgt. Garry Christman, Fidelita, said, “The residents don’tassigned to Headquarters and hide their gratitude to him and theyHeadquarters Battery, 2-1 Air Defense think of him as a son. Although heArtillery Battalion, 35th Air Defense does not have a car, he just walks theArtillery Brigade, has been a regular 30 minutes to get here and startsvisitor to the home for elderly and working for them.”disabled women since August 2005. Commenting on the rewards of “I try to visit the home each volunteering, Christman said, “TheSunday afternoon,” said Christman, most rewarding aspect of volunteeringoriginally from Northampton, Pa.. for me is the feeling that you are“Those of us that go, usually prepare making a positive change in the world.dinner, clean the house, do laundry, We easily forget that there are plentyor work in the garden.” of people around the world that have The home is run by the Missionaries P FC . L EE S UNG - KYUN problems much bigger than anythingof Charity, an organization begun by Master Sgt. Garry Christman, Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, 2-1 Air Defense Artillery we are facing. Each and every dayMother Theresa. They run charity Battalion, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and Sister Angelie Ann assist a resident of the there are people like those of thehomes throughout the world and have Home of the Sacred Heart in Gwangju during one of Christman’s volunteer visits to the home. Missionaries of Charity that committhree houses in Korea, two in Seoul really wanted to do some volunteer through Ms. Sin Mi-ae, who works at their entire life to easing the pain andand one in Gwangju. work during my third tour here in our base library here. She has suffering of the less fortunate. Those “I worked with our Catholic Korea,” Christman said. introduced many Soldiers and Airmen are the folks that stories need to becommunity back at Fort Bliss and I “I found out about the house at Gwangju to the house and written about.”
  • Aug. 18, 2006 Page 25Army bids adieuto Camp HialeahBy Kevin Jackson assignments over the years that I haveArea IV Public Affairs served in the military, but this particular CAMP HIALEAH — As a recording assignment was truly the mostof “Retreat” and “To the Colors” briskly challenging and exciting of them all,”pierced the thick humid air on the vacant Dansereau said. “As the last garrisoninstallation, United States and Republic commander of Camp Hialeah, it is myof Korea flags were lowered for the last hope that we have represented ourtime in front of the quaint post country well and though we leave thisheadquarters building here Aug. 10. camp, the legacy we leave behind is one About 150 Korean and American of goodwill and friendship.”dignitaries from Busan Metropolitan City Mayor Hur paid homage to the fallenand the U.S. Army throughout Area IV Soldiers of the Korean War andattended the closure ceremony that drew subsequent U.S. service members forto a close the camp’s nearly 61 years of their commitment and dedication tohistory with the U.S. Army in the ROK’s preserving peace and security on thesecond largest city. peninsula. He also acknowledged the The simple but poignant ceremony nation’s remarkable growth during theincluded the presentation of Korean past 50 years and praised U.S. servicecolors that flew over the installation to members for their goodwill toward theBusan Metropolitan City Mayor Hur citizens of Busan.Nam-sik and Yi Tong-ki, who as the “During your stay in Busan, yousenior local national employee spent the have taken part in lots of goodwillpast 39 years working here. American activities through the Good Neighborflags were presented to representatives Program, such as Arbor Day tree-for the mayor of Hialeah, Fla., and planting, sister relationships with localGeorge Clinger, the senior Department school and orphanages. We allof the Army Civilian with 40 years of appreciate your effort to become ourservice, including the past 12 years at good neighbor,” he said through hisCamp Hialeah before his departure last English-speaking translator, Yi Eun-sook,month. during the ceremony. The installation’s storied history was Camp Hialeah was home toread and followed by the announcement thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen PHOTOS BY KEVIN JACKSONthat “Camp Hialeah is hereby closed.” and Marines throughout its history. Soldiers from the 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and civilian employees from theFinally, the ritualistic casing of the Area Among the last units to leave the Area IV Support Activity-Busan stand in formation as the colors are lowered at the now closedIV Support Activity colors symbolized See Hialeah on Page 28 Camp Hialeah for the last time during a ceremony Aug. 10.its retirement as an organization in theBusan enclave. U.S. Forces Korea announced June1, 2005, that Camp Hialeah would close– paving the way for the furtherstreamlining of U.S. Forces and thereturn of valuable real estate to the ROKas part of the amended Land PartnershipPlan. The closure will result in the returnof 133 acres, or about 160,000 pyeongof land. “This camp closing returns valuablereal estate to the Korean people and helpsboth our countries realign and transformour forces to ensure the best capabilitiesare available to the combined defenseof this great nation,” said Maj. Gen.Timothy P. McHale, commandinggeneral of the 19th SustainmentCommand (Expeditionary). Lt. Col. Roger R. Danseareau, theCamp Hialeah Garrison commanderwho arrived for duty here in June 2005,was charged with the task of closingthe installation that many Soldiersconsidered the best duty assignment inthe ROK. Sgt. Maj. David Martinez, from U.S. Army Materiel Support Center-Korea, cases the Area IV Support Activity colors while Lt. Col. “I have had many challenging Roger R. Dansereau, Camp Hialeah Garrison and Pusan Storage Facility commander, holds them during the ceremony.
  • Aug. 18, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Best Soldier Competition a tough test Traffic Alert Two stop signs have been added at the intersection of Rhode Island St. and Pennsylvania Ave. on Camp Walker. The intersection, adjacent to the fire station, is now a four-way stop. For information, call Rolen Johns at 768-8650. Intramural Flag Football League The Daegu enclave unit-level flag football season will be Sept. 12 – Oct. 6. Entry deadline is Sept. 7. An organizational meeting will be 6 p.m. Sept. 8 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. For information, call Kim Chong-hwan at 764-4225. Intramural Soccer League The Daegu enclave unit-level soccer season will be Sept. 11 – 22. Entry deadline is Sept. 7. An organizational meeting will be 5:30 p.m. Sept. 8 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. For information, call Kim Chong-hwan at 764-4225. Mime Performance The K&K Mime duo will conduct a workshop at the Camp Walker Community Activities Center 8 a.m. – noon, and will perform a show at GALEN PUTNAM Kelly Fitness Center 6 p.m. Sept. 2. Pfc. Nicole Melvin and Spc. Christopher Dean from Company C, 307th Signal Battalion at Camp Carroll, check out their grid coordinates before Admission to both events, venturing onto the land navigation course during the unit’s Best Soldier Competition Aug. 10. The inaugural competition was comprised of six sponsored by the Protestant Gospel events including a physical fitness test, drill and ceremonies, common task testing, a general military knowledge test, a four-mile ruck march and Service, is free. For information, call more. Spc. Marlon Suyat and Pfc. Paul Senegal won the event with 743 points. Taking second place with 687 points were Spc. David Linson Wade Lopez at 010-5539-2158. and Pfc. Richard Saenz. Coming in a close third were Pfc. Prentice Lee and Pfc. Cole Allen, who scored 685. Household Goods Storage Extensions Department of the Army civilians – it is time to submit requests for your annual household goods storage extension. To request an extension, send an e-mail to Florence Cruz at Include the name of the installation that prepared your storage documents and if possible, provide an e-mail address for the point of contact. Deadline for all requests is Sept. 15. For information, call Cruz at 768-6624. Camp Walker FREDRICK BROWN Speed Limits Lowered FREDRICK BROWN Pfc. Paul Senegal pushes the limits during Speeds on Camp Walker’s Nebraska Pfc. Prentice Lee performs first aid on Pfc. Cole Allen during the common task event. the four-mile ruck march. St., Rhode Island St. and Pennsylvania Ave. have been reduced to 25 kilometers per hour through Sept. 4. For information, call Rolen Johns at 768-8650. Apple Tree Extended Hours The Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop will offer extended hours 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Aug. 22 – 26, and Aug. 29 – Sept. 1. The Apple Tree, Building S240, next to the Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker, is featuring a new shipment of furniture, screens, pottery, souvenirs and more. For GALEN PUTNAM information, call Paula Cooper at Pfc. Paul Senegal shoots an azimuth on GALEN PUTNAM 764-4152. the land navigation course. Pfc. Ryanpatrick Sevart faces some tough questioning from the unit’s NCOs during the board.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Aug. 18, 2006 2719th ESC embraces Lean Six Sigma at training workshopBy Maj. C. L. Morelle-Oliveira The 19th ESC is deploying L6S through senior19th ESC Public Affairs leadership and executive orientation; deployment directors, CAMP HENRY – The 19th Sustainment Command who will own the deployment plan, capture metrics and(Expeditionary) held its first Lean Six Sigma executive execute L6S as part of their job; project sponsors, whosession with more than 40 primary staff leaders, including “own” the project, implement solutions and execute L6Ssenior NCOs and warrant officers, on hand July 31 at as part of their job; Master Black Belts, full time positions,the unit’s headquarters here. primary trainers, and leaders for complex projects; Black Col. Richard G. Hatch, The 19th ESC deputy Belts, who lead large and facilitate large projects; Greencommander, said Lean Six Sigma is a staged process Belts, who lead small-moderate projects in a part-timeand all leaders must be ready to be project sponsors, to role; and lastly, team members, or “Yellow Belts” whothink outside the box and safeguard resources. have received familiarization training, work on a specific Lean Six Sigma is the new Army business philosophy, project part-time. MAJ. C. L. MORELLE-OLIVEIRAdeveloped by top performing corporations. Lean refers Maj. Brady Traum, Support Operations, is one of six 19th ESC Deputy Commander, Col. Richard G. Hatch, explainsto an improvement methodology focused on eliminating recent 19th ESC Black Belt graduates. the purpose of the executive Lean Six Sigma training.waste and was first pioneered by Toyota. “Sigma” is the “The Black Belt training provided me very detailedGreek letter that signifies variability and indicates a improvements. Like TQM, L6S looks at methods and instruction on the use of Lean Six Sigma’s DMAIClikelihood of errors. Six Sigma, pioneered by Motorola, means to better the Army’s processes to improve products process,” Traum a high payback methodology which focuses on or reduce waste and engages leaders at lower levels. DMAIC stands for: Define, measure, analyze,improved quality and reduced costs. But whereas TQM might have been the Army’s quality improve, control. Some see similarities to elements in The “Lean” or reduction of waste, ensures the “Six assurance program baby, L6S is the Army’s papa: picking troop leading procedures, the Military Decision MakingSigma” or quality, combining the benefits of both up where TQM left off by ensuring top to bottom buy- Process and the Plan, Execute, Assess/Improve planningprocesses. The Army’s objective is to implement L6S to in and support to provide quality in all elements of model.eliminate waste, reduce variation and provide consistent production and services. For some, the concept of a new program, project orrepeatable performance in order to deliver higher quality Or as Ron Riley, 19th ESC Resource Management process implies additional duties, a daunting task whenproducts and services more quickly at a lower cost. Analysis Office, stated in an earlier briefing, “Every so many are already feeling duly stressed to maintain theThis is especially applicable in manufacturing, acquisition, management school I’ve been to taught me every daily status quo.logistics, administration and services but can ultimately process has three elements – quality, speed and cost. Briefers said that L6S is intended to align projectsbe applied to any process. You can have two of the three. In other words, you identifying processes, services or products that require Guest instructors provided a comprehensive synopsis could have it fast and cheap, but it might not be very improvement under the leaders who are invested in thoseof the program, its intended benefits, and general process good. Lean Six Sigma breaks the “Two out Three” processes, services or products in order to make them aoverview by video teleconference from Yongsan paradigm and enables us to have things good, fast and part of the improvement process. Although it may meanGarrison in Seoul. cheap.” additional work initially, the benefit to the leader and the To some, the L6S sounds similar to previous Army 8th U.S. Army has already begun implementing L6S team is they will receive a better process, service orquality programs such as Total Quality Management, through executive training sessions, project selection product at the end, thus making them more successfulwhich empowered employees to look for and implement workshops and Black Belt certification. through improved quality, consistency and reduced costs. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • Aug. 18, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyHialeah from Page 25 NEWS & NOTESinstallation were the 72nd Ordnance Company and6th Korean Service Corps Company, which were Catholicism Programreassigned on the peninsula; and the 552nd Military The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is an enquiryPolice Company, 4th Quartermaster Detachment program for those interested in Catholicism. It is a(Airborne) and the 61st Chemical Company relocated small group process with meetings for learning,to Hawaii, Alaska and Fort Lewis, Wash., discernment and spiritual growth. If you are interestedrespectively. in Catholicism or adult confirmation, R.C.I.A. is a The installation was never officially memorialized. forum you might consider. For information call MarieDuring the Japanese occupation of the Korean Adkins or Chap. (Lt. Col.) Joe Hannon at 764-4498.peninsula, a horse racing track encircling the mainarea of the installation was owned by the Joseon Hilltop Club ServingRacing Association. An American Sailor aptly named ‘Hot Lunch’the camp after a famous thoroughbred racing track During renovation of the Evergreen Community Clubin Hialeah, Fla. and Fairway Lounge on Camp Walker, The Hilltop U.S. Army troops first occupied the installation Club will serve “hot lunch” specials from 11 a.m. –on Sept. 16, 1945, following Japan’s withdrawal 1:30 p.m. For more information, call Richard Vaughn at 768-7716.from the peninsula, and remained until the end of1946. The installation passed to the U.S. Consulate Soccer Club Seeking Membersand the United Nations organization until they were The Daegu United Soccer Club is currently seekingevacuated at the outbreak of the Korean War. new members. The club is open to all I.D. cardholders The 24th Infantry Division landed in Busan in early including Soldiers, KATUSAs, civilians, contractorsJuly 1950 and the 8069th Replacement Depot and family members. All skill levels are welcome.operated at the compound. It became a critical Practices are held at 6 p.m. Thursdays at Camp KEVIN JACKSONstrategic and logistical staging area during the Korean Walker’s Kelly Field. The team plays both casual andWar and remained an important logistics hub Victor Reese, civilian executive assistant to the Camp Hialeah competitive matches against Korean and Americanthroughout its numerous reorganizations for the next Garrison Commander, embraces the American flag that was military, university and civilian club teams. Forhalf-century. taken down for the last time during the closing retreat ceremony information, contact Galen Putnam at 011-1716-0428, Camp Hialeah was the centerpiece of the U.S. Aug. 10. The U.S. Army first occupied the installation on Sept. or,’s Busan area of operations and provided life 16, 1945, following the Republic of Korea’s liberation fromsupport for American forces at the Pusan Storage Japan at the conclusion of World War II. Area IV Rugby TeamFacility, Pier 8, the Defense Reutilization Management time winner of the Korea-wide small-size Army Anyone interested in playing on the Area IV RugbyOffice and Gimhae Air Base. At its peak, the Busan Community of Excellence award. team can sign-up at Kelly Fitness Center on Campenclave had a population of 2,500 U.S. military and Camp Hialeah will remain in caretaker status until Walker. The 8th Army Rugby Tournament will be heldDepartment of Defense civilian employees. all remaining activities associated with installation Sept. 8 – 9 at Camp Humphries. For information, call The installation that had a reputation as a small, closure are completed and USFK turns it over to the Neil Fleisher at 764-4800/4225.friendly and very close-knit community was a three- ROK government. Ad goes here