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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060728 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060728 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA July 28, 2006Volume 4, Issue 40 The Morning Calm Weekly is Area III ‘distinguished First woman named to dogs’ chosen Page 23 2ID color guard Page 16 nline Visit http:// CFC announces 1-72 tankers roar up Rodriguez Range Exercise Ulchi Exercise By Pfc. Kim Sang Pil Second Infantry Division Public Affairs Lens Focus Lens RODRIGUEZ RANGE – The rainy season continued as 1st USFK Public Affairs Battalion, 72nd Armor Regiment YONGSAN GARRISON — The carried on the July gunnery exercise Republic of Korea and United States at Rodriguez Live Fire Complex. Combined Forces Command will “We have 29 tanks and 43 conduct exercise Ulchi Focus Lens Bradleys,” said Lt. Col. Thomas from Aug. 21 until Sept. 1, 2006. Isom, 1-72 commander. “It is a fun Ulchi Focus Lens 2006 is a unit to train. Every day, we have a simulation-driven, command post lot going on. exercise that will involve both United “Today, three companies of States and Republic of Korea forces Bradleys are out here for Table VII, who are currently stationed here. A a series of scenarios that starts with small number of U.S. personnel will Table I.” also travel to Korea to participate. Soldiers begin training with a dry- Ulchi Focus Lens is a regularly fire exercise and build up to Bradley scheduled, annual training exercise. crew qualification table. The ultimate training for Bradley crews PFC. KIM SANG PIL UFL 2006 is the 32nd iteration of this is Table XII — a platoon-level An M1A1 Abrams tank heads for the decontamination area after finishing its portion of the Table series which began in 1975. exercise. VIII firing exercise. The exercise is designed to train, evaluate and improve combined and Rainfall throughout July has been we have to cease fire because down in a room for after an action joint procedures, plans, and systems a major factor in the training. safety is one of our top report, reviewing in detail what for conducting operations critical to “Bad weather only affects vision, priorities.” went right and what went wrong. the defense of the peninsula. not accuracy,” Isom said. “But once Once the shooting is done, the a rain like this pours down on range, driver, commander and gunner sit See Tankers, Page 4Survey: Troops believe in Iraq mission, morale generally highSurvey:American Forces Press Service called it “somewhat clear.” Nine percent said it’s informed about what the public is doing to support WASHINGTON – Two-thirds of U.S. troops “somewhat unclear,” and 7 percent said it’s “not at troops serving in the Middle East, the surveyserving in Iraq say they believe the cause they’re all clear.” showed. Forty-four percent called themselves “veryfighting for is worthwhile, according to a new Stars Unit morale is high, and personal morale even well informed,” 20 percent “somewhat informed,”and Stripes survey. higher, most respondents said. Forty-four percent 28 percent “not very well informed,” and 6 percent The survey results, reported in the July 19 called unit morale “very high,” and 43 percent gave rated themselves “not well (informed) at all.”Mideast edition of Stars and Stripes newspaper, the same ranking for their personal morale. Eighteen Responses appeared to track with military rank.revealed that 46 percent of readers in Iraq who percent called their unit morale “somewhat high,” Eight-eight percent of senior officers, for example,responded to a survey called fighting the war for and 30 percent ranked their personal morale at that ranked both unit and personal morale as high or veryAmerica “very worthwhile.” level. high. Among junior enlisted servicemembers, 49Another 30 percent rated it “ Unit morale is high, Twenty-six percent of percent rated unit morale as high or very high and“somewhat worthwhile.” and personal morale even respondents called unit morale 66 percent gave that same rating to their own Fourteen percent of respondents higher ... Forty-four percent “somewhat low,” and 19 percent personal morale.called the mission “not very called unit morale “very gave that rating for their personal Almost across the board, respondents saidworthwhile,” and just 8 percent morale. Ten percent reported “very conditions in Iraq had improved since they arrivedreferred to it as “not worthwhile at high.” low” unit morale, and 6 percent there.all,” the July 20 paper reported. rated their personal morale at rock Sixty-nine percent of senior officers, 66 percent The survey explored readers’ views on a variety bottom. of senior enlisted members and 64 percent of juniorof other issues. Among them were how clearly their The vast majority of deployed troops agreed that enlisted troops said conditions were very ormission is defined, their unit’s as well as their public support for troops in the Middle East is somewhat improved. Forty-eight percent of juniorpersonal morale, support for troops in the Middle strong. Forty-four percent rated it “very strong,” officers assigned that rating to conditions.East, and how informed they are about that support. and 26 percent called it “somewhat strong.” Nearly 600 Stars and Stripes readers in Iraq Respondents overwhelmingly agreed that their Twenty-two percent of respondents called it “not responded to the survey, and the results weremission is clearly defined, the survey noted. Fifty- very strong,” and 6 percent “weak.” compiled by media experts from MORI Research,five percent called it “very clear” and 27 percent Two-thirds of respondents believe they’re well the newspaper reported.
  • July 28, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly B USS Enterprise makes historic Pusan port visit Pusan portVoter responsibilityknows no borders July 18, USS ENTERPRISE our deployed forces. Today and EBy Capt. Elisabeth Mahoney once again made history when it after an enormously successfulSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly arrived at the Republic of Korea visit, all elements of Carrier Navy’s 3rd Fleet Naval Base in Strike Group twelve who were in L November will be here sooner Pusan. The U.S. Navy’s first port at Pusan have departedthan you think. Don’t forget to nuclear-powered carrier making Korea on the next leg of theirregister to vote. Voting is a great way L the first ever pier-side port visit continuing serve your country and to make on the ROK Navy’s newest naval Our ROK-U.S. Combinedsure it is serving you. facility was noted throughout the Forces Command Motto “We Go Servicemembers, their family peninsula, the Pacific Theater Together” reflects not only theand DOD civilians can all S and indeed the world. combined capabilities of theexercise their right to vote I am very proud and greatly ROK-U.S. forces on theregardless of where they are appreciative of everyone who peninsula, but also our ability to Estationed, through absentee made this visit so successful. The project military forces to Koreaballots. The Uniformed and exemplary performance by the in the event of crisis.Overseas Voting Act protects the officers and crews of Carrier Gen. B.B. Bell The ENTERPRISE visit was Nvoting rights of active-duty Strike Group Twelve, Carrier United Nations Command/Combined significant because itservicemembers, their family Airwing One, Destroyer Squadron Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea symbolically and publiclymembers and citizens residing commander D Two, USS ENTERPRISE and reinforced our willingness toabroad. The Federal Voting USS CHANCELLORSVILLE support our ally. Again, I greatly Fair winds and following seasAssistance Program was during this port visit made the visit appreciate everyone who made to a great team of professionalestablished to implement the Act. S a home run for the ROK-U.S. this port visit so successful. I am patriots!Each installation has a Senior Alliance. very proud of the sailors of theVoting Assistance Officer and It had an extremely positive American Navy who so selflesslyeach unit has as VotingAssistance Officer. For # impact on our relations with our serve their nation while 16-06 ROK hosts, as well as making conducting operations so far General, U.S. Armyinformation, individuals may Korea a desired liberty port for from home. Commandercontact their Voting AssistanceOfficers if they have anyquestions about voter registrationor voting by absentee ballots. MP BlotterAm I eligible to vote? You must be a citizen of the The following entries were excerpted from the military Area 3United States and be 18 years old police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not Indecent Assault, Cruelty of Subordinates — Subject 1, whoon election day, to be eligible to imply the guilt or innocence of any person. was waxing his/her floor while cleaning the barracks, requestedvote. Area 1 assistance from Victim 1 and asked Victim 1 to look at something inHow do I register to vote or Shoplifting — Subject 1 was observed via closed circuit an area of his/her room which was hidden from the hallway. Subjectapply for an absentee ballot? television placing two Game Boy Advance SPs in his/her ACU 1 then pinned Victim 1 to the wall of his/her barracks room and The Federal Post Card trouser pocket and exiting without rendering proper payment. began to kiss Victim 1. Victim 1 physically resisted Subject 1 whoApplication is accepted by all Subject was detained and transported to the Provost Marshal then began to fondle and grope Victim 1’s breast and groin area.states as an application for Office, where he/she was advised of his/her legal rights, which Victim 1 told Subject 1 that Victim 1 would scream if he/she didn’tabsentee voter registration and a he/she invoked, requesting a lawyer and not to be questioned or let Victim 1 go. Subject 1 released Victim 1, who then exited the say anything. Subject 1 was released to his/her unit. This is a room. Subject 1 was interviewed and denied indecently assaultingrequest for an absentee ballot. final report. Victim 1, stating that Victim 1 was in his/her room for approximatelyYou can get a FPCA from your Area 2 five minutes and helped hold the buffer’s electrical cord in the wallVAO or access it on online at Curfew Violation, Underage Drinking, Wrongful Appropriation socket. Investigation Once completed, of Government Property, Failure to ID — Subject 1 was observed Traffic Accident with Injuries, Damage to Government Property,return the FPCA to the by MP during the hours of curfew. When asked for his/her ID, Failure to Maintain Control — Subject 1, while operating a Privatelyappropriate election official in the he/she provided one that belonged to Victim 1. Subject 1 was Owned Vehicle, struck Victim 1’s Government Owned Vehicle onstate where you legally reside. transported to the PMO were he/she rendered his/her real ID the left rear bumper, causing Subject 1’s vehicle to spin into a Absentee voters should request which showed he/she was under the legal age to consume guardrail, roll over and land on its roof. Damages to Subject 1’stheir ballots at least 60 days alcohol. Subject 1 was administered a series of FSTs, which he/ vehicle consisted of dented right rear bumper, tail light and hood.before the election. Upon receipt she failed, and released to his/her unit. Victim 1 reported to the Damages to Victim 1’s vehicle consisted of a crushed left frontof the FPCA, the local election PMO and rendered a written sworn statement attesting to the fender, rear door and rear fender, dents to the left front wheel rim,official will process the request. above incident. July 16, Subject 1 returned to the PMO where he/ left front turn lights, left front door, right quarter panel, right frontRemember to provide an e-mail she was advised of his/her legal rights, which he/she waived, panel and right front door. Victim 1’s passenger, Victim 2, sustained admitting to the above offenses except failure to ID. This is a injuries consisting of a bump over his/her left eyebrow and right See Vote, Page 13 final report. ear. This is a final report. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Davis D. Tindoll Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • The Morning Calm Weekly News July 28, 2006 3 supports Wolf Pack New AFN facility supports Wolf Pack Korean Language, By Senior Airman Stephen Collier Lutke, AFN Kunsan detachment 15 station chief. Culture Class Offered 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs “To the Wolf Pack, it (the station) means moreA Korean language and culture class KUNSAN AIR BASE — American Forces Network exposure of Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines whowill be offered at Seoul American High personnel, along with 8th Fighter Wing leadership, cut the perform critical missions at Kunsan Air Base,” she said.School on Yongsan Garrison. This class opening ribbon on their new facility July 19. For AFN listeners and viewers at Kunsan, the newwill meet daily from 10 to 11:30 a.m.,weekdays thru Aug. 5. The class is The new AFN building, taking the place of Bldg. 607 station, according to AFN Korea’s engineering NCOICopen to anyone over the age of 15. The located across from Dorm 609, provides more space and Army Sgt. 1st Class James Eagleman, they’ll now haveclass is limited to 20 participants. capability to get stories about the Wolf Pack out to quicker access to current stories and programming on listeners and viewers faster through digital technology and television as well as higher quality sounds and a larger Training Support Center improved editing systems, according to Tech. Sgt. Pachari variety of music to choose from. Opens on Camp Henry “The station received an upgraded technical controlCamp Henry Training Support Center center while the radio studio was upgraded,” Sgt.will be open beginning Monday at Eagleman said. “Also, all [the] equipment used forBuilding T-1671 (old tennis court), broadcast of radio, television and editing has been replacedCamp Henry. We will provide five with new state-of-the-art equipment. These newLane EST 2000 system and all Training capabilities will greatly benefit our 55,000-plus audience.”Aids, Devices, Simulator and The new facility is the end result of the positiveSimulation. Normal Operating hours relationship built between the Air Force and AFN officialsare 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru over the last few years. Lt. Col. Kenneth McDorman, AFNFriday. For scheduling the EST 2000 Korea commander, said AFN Korea has a solid workingand for information, call Chong Perry relationship with the Wolf Pack they were proud 765-7267. The Wolf Pack matched the amount of money allotted to AFN for this project. This type of cooperation is Junior Golf Clinics unprecedented,” he said. “This joint venture provides a Offered at Sung Nam better work environment for our members to produce theSung Nam Golf course will hold junior SENIOR AIRMAN STEPHEN COLLIER highest quality products. It will help better tell thegolf instructional clinics Aug. 7-11. Col. Jeff “Wolf” Lofgren, 8th Fighter Wing commander, fields questions combined stories in the peninsula and retell it to those inAll interested juniors ages 7-17 are from airmen during the commander’s weekly radio show July 14.The America and the world–wide audience.”invited to attend. The times will be 9- cooperation and positive relationship between AFN Korea and Kunsan For information on Wolf Pack coverage on AFN, visit11 a.m. Monday thru Thursday at the Air Base eventually led to a new facility for the military broadcasters. their Web site at Nam Golf Course driving rangeand 7-10 a.m., Friday at Sung Nam onthe golf course. All equipment and No free credit monitoring for vetsinstruction from the golf course’sPGA of America staff will be providedat no charge. Call Jim Shaw or JackDelaney at 736-3483 to sign up. By Beth Reece Army News ServiceTips to Avoid Mail Theft WASHINGTON – The WhiteThe U.S. Postal Service handles 668 House withdrew its funding requestmillion pieces of mail every day. The July 18 for free credit monitoringvast majority of it arrives intact, but services for the 26.5 millionthieves get to some of it before veterans and family membersdelivery. To help guard against mailtheft, here are some tips to protect whose information was thought toyour mail: be impacted by the May 3 theft of a Use the letter slots at your post Department of Veterans Affairsoffice to mail letters, or give them to computer.the clerk at the Finance window to Veterans Affairs Secretary R.process. CPL. LEE YANG-WON James Nicholson announced the Pick up your mail promptly after Eighth U.S. Army Band Vocalist Sgt. Victor Trinidad sings July 21 at the Gunguk High School recovery of the stolen computerdelivery. Don’t leave it in your to help raise fund for flood victims. June 29, eight days after he 8th U.S. Army Band performsmailbox overnight. announced that the agency would Don’t send cash in the mail. provide one year of free credit Ask your bank for “secure” checks monitoring to those whose Socialthat can’t be altered. Tell your post office when you’ll for Korean high school Security numbers and birthdates were feared out of town, so they can hold your By Cpl. Lee Yang-won performed for the school. “The FBI has a high degree ofmail until you return. Area II Public Affairs confidence – based on the results Report all mail theft to your local “This is a good opportunity for SEOUL — Nearly 1,800 our students to build friendships of the forensic tests and otherInstallation Postal Officer. information gathered during theFor information, contact the area Gunguk High School students “got with U.S. Soldiers,” Oh said. “The in the groove” with the music of visit will help both countries foster investigation – that the sensitive datapostal authority. On Yongsan the 8th U.S. Army Band July 21. their mutual understandings toward files were not accessed orGarrison, call 723-3301; Camp Casey, The high school coordinated the each other. It’s a cross cultural compromised,” said White House730-4767; Camp Humphreys, 753- performance with the band to raise experience.” Budget Director Rob Portman in a6563; Camp Walker, 764-4162. funds for recent flood victims in The band captivated the crowd letter to House Speaker J. Dennis Gangwon Province. featuring well-known American Hastert. Submitting to TMCW “The recent inundation has pop songs, with some Korean “ O n t h e b a s i s o f t h e F B I ’sSend Letters to the Editor, guest devastated some schools in that songs as well. “Some of the songs analysis, the administration hascommentaries, story submissions and area,” said Gunguk High School were pretty familiar among the concluded that credit monitoringother items for inclusion in TheMorning Calm Weekly to: Principal Oh Sung-sam. “We are students,” said student Kang Ji- services and the associated funding planning to send funds to help hyun. “They sing very well.” w i l l n o l o n g e r b e n e c e s s a r y, ”For all submitted items include at impoverished schools to expedite Students showed their Portman added.least one point of contact name and recovery from flood ruins.” appreciation at the end of the Despite good news that thetelephone number. Oh said this was the second database was uncompromised, VA For information, call 738-3355. time the 8th U.S. Army Band has See Band, Page 4 See Credit, Page 4
  • July 28, 20064 The Morning Calm Weekly PFC. KIM SANG PILBradley Fighting Vehicle fires at the target, filling the air with smoke. The ultimate training for threeBradleys was Table XII - a platoon level exercise.Tankers from Page 1 When Soldiers of “First Tank the same interior environment ofBn.” aren’t engaged in live-fire the area where the two crewexercise, they conduct simulation members, a Bradley commandertraining through the Unit Conduct and a gunner do their job in theof Fire Training which provides tracked vehicle.Band from Page 3concert with a roar, requesting anencore. “I think the students’ reaction tothe performance shows how this visitwas a success,” said Area IICommunity Relations Officer AnChang-sin. “The band does a fantasticjob as ambassadors for the Americanmilitary community.” “It was awesome to perform in frontof these kids,” said band member Sgt.Victor Trinidad. “Although we speakdifferent languages, we still couldcommunicate with each other throughmusic.”At Right: Nearly 1,800 students enjoy an 8thU.S. Army Band performance July 21 at GungukHigh School. CPL. LEE YANG-WONCredit from Page 3continues soliciting bids from its cyber security and privacycompanies that provide data-breach awareness training.analysis to ensure information is kept A s F B I ’s “ h i g h d e g r e e o fsecure in the future, according to confidence” is not 100 percentVA spokesman Matt Burns. assurance that veterans’ personal “The VA has funds in its budget information is safe, Army officialsthat can be used for this purpose,” recommend Soldiers continueBurns said, “and there will be no monitoring their credit reports.diminution in the quality of health The Fair Credit Reporting Actcare and other services provided to r e q u i r e s e a c h o f t h e n a t i o n ’sveterans as a result of this consumer reporting companies –expenditure.” Equifax, Experian and Trans Union Since the theft, numerous – to provide one free credit report apersonnel changes have taken place year to each citizen, per thein the Office of Policy and Planning, individual’s request.where the breach occurred. VA has To receive a free credit report,also hired a special advisor for go to or callinformation security and re-energized (877) 322-8228. Let The Morning Calm Weekly work for you Have an item for The Morning Calm Weekly? Send story and photo submissions and other items to For all submitted items include a point of contact name and telephone number. All items are subject to editing for content and style. For information, call 738-3355.
  • July 28, 2006 Page 5 DOL provides mission support for Area I By Jim Cunningham vehicle with fuel, gas or diesel, the Area I Public Affairs driver uses that key to credit the CAMP CASTLE NORTH — purchase to their account Most everything needed to run the processing code.” mission of the U.S. Army is The VIL key is an automated fuel contained and implemented through processing system. Instead of doing the Army’s Department of Logistics a manual document register or cash at Camp Castle. Everything from p a y m e n t r e g i s t e r, t h e b i l l k e y computers to weed eaters, vehicles automatically sends information by of all sorts and microwave ovens, wire to the finance system where kitchen equipment for dining the account processing code is facilities, and right down to furniture charged for the fuel purchase, Department of Defense civilian Benner explained. employees need to furnish their To watch what goes on during the homes. day at the CPBO facility on Camp “The volume of this type of Castle North one could easily be property that flows through the unaware of the sheer volume of property books of the DOL is property processed during the day. tremendous,” said Frank La Rosa, Customers are greeted at the general supply specialist supervisor welcome station, and provided for Area I. “There are several computers to help them access their thousand items on the property government work stations to books. We provide the installation retrieve any information needed in support.” filling out their request for property. On the installation side, there are There is a waiting room to relax military and civilian customers, but or have a few snacks, LaRosa said. basically installation support is But waiting time is rarely more than mission support. 10 minutes. It is behind the scenes “Mission support includes office where all the action takes place. furniture, automation and items that “Recently, the CPBO received a PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAM are required in getting the mission lot of property just shoved in hereFrank La Rosa points out the area where an auction of vehicles will take place for Defense complete,” said Hugh Benner, Area in the warehouse,” La Rosa said.Reutilization and Marketing Office. There are 46 MTV vehicles that are being turned in. There they I chief, supply and services division. “We separate it and re-warehouse itwill be auctioned off by contracted vendors. “We requested that a site sale be conducted up “The organizational side, the table of so we can begin our 100 percenthere,” said La Rosa. distribution allowances, is where we inventory. Now we are breaking it provide equipment for unit level down.” mission readiness, unit automation Outside the building there are two and equipment.” rows of returned trucks and cars of The consolidated property book all types. office sees many types of customers “We have 46 vehicles being turned during the week. in to DRMO,” La Rosa said. “These “Customers come in for hand vehicles will be transported and receipt adjustments for turning in auctioned off. We requested a site furniture and other types of sale be conducted up here. They property,” LaRosa said. “Civilians will make a contract with the come in and review what we have vendors, and they will come up here in the book for Army Family to sell the cars and trucks.” Housing; 120 of these customers. Much of the new items received We also deliver furniture to them.” will go to other areas that have the The CPBO also deals with need for them. Nothing lies around organization customers, the 2nd very long at the CPBO before it is Infantry Division and Area I. placed with those who need the In the organization property book support. office, which covers one whole “There have been philosophers section on the site, they deal with a that say ‘an Army marches on its fuel property book system called stomach,’ but here in Area I the case Vehicle Information Link. could be made that it marches on “We control all the VIL keys for the efforts of the DOL,” La RosaProperty in the unaccompanied personnel housing area is currently being separated out and all the vehicles,” LaRosa said. “Bill said.recorded in the property books. “We are re-warehousing now so that we can start our 100 percent keys are identification keys so wheninventory. Now we are breaking it down,” La Rosa said. they go to fill up a government Email
  • July 28, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Globetrotters Area I KSC Companies 56th Anniversary Area I KSC companies will hold their 56th anniversary activities today in entertain at Camp Casey Dongducheon’s main stadium at 10 a.m. For information, contact Company Commander Chon at 730-8438. By Jim Cunningham USAG CRC Deactivation Area I Public Affairs The United States Army Garrison CRC CAMP CASEY—Basketball fans in deactivation ceremony is planned for 10 a.m. Aug. 10. Area I were greatly entertained July 11 when the Harlem Globetrotters played at MWR Pool Tournaments Camp Casey’s Carey Physical Fitness Morale, Welfare and Recreation is Center. holding two pool tournaments “More than 900 fans were in the Saturday. A pool tournament will begin gymnasium,” said Jim Williams, Area I at 11 a.m. at Camp Casey Community Morale, Welfare and Recreation sports Activity Center, and an 8-ball pool director. tournament will begin at 1 p.m. at the The Globetrotters were at Camp CRC CAC. Casey for one of their 12 exhibition games for MWR in three countries to J C IM UNNINGHAM MWR Patio Party perform before all four branches of the MWR will hold a patio party and Armed Forces. Harlem Globetrotters Michael Lee, signs autographs for fans after the games at Carey barbeque at Noon at Camp Hovey’s “They came to Korea after Fitness Center on Camp Casey July 11, when they played before 900 fans. Hobson CAC. performing in Japan,” Williams said. confetti coming from the bucket. These Among the players who have been The ‘trotters are famous for their entertaining routines and more kept the Globetrotters are National Basketball Powerlifting comedy antics and routines that were crowd in laughter and very few Association greats Wilt “The Stilt” Championship developed for the team by a legacy of concerned with the score of the game. Chamberlain and Reece “Goose” Tatum, The Warrior Country Powerlifting hall-of-fame players that have “Who cares what the score is,” said as well as Marques Haynes, George Championship is open to active-duty performed for the ‘trotters dating back an excited fan. “What they can do with “Meadowlark” Lemon, and Nat military personnel assigned or attached to camps throughout Warrior Country. 80 years. the ball and their comedy routines are “Sweetwater” Clifton. There are The competition will be held at Camp “They can entertain and play serious more interesting than the score.” honorary ‘trotters too, names such as Casey Carey Fitness Center. Weigh-ins basketball at the “The Harlem Pope John Paul II and Henry Kissinger will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday and the same time,” one G l o b e t r o t t e r round out the list of honorary ‘trotters. spectator said. “What they can do with the ball competition will begin at 1 p.m. military tours “This is a really nice gym and a great “They are and their comedy routines are more have become a turnout from the fans. One man made Casey Town Hall amazing with all interesting than the score.” tradition this a point to let me know that it’s really Meeting their skits and organization is good what we do for the children and The Camp Casey town hall meeting will ability to handle a basketball.” very proud of and looks forward to families all over the world. Getting be held from 2 to 5 p.m. Aug. 3 at They perform all the comedy every year,” said ‘Trotter Chairman comments like that helps me put things Hanson Field House Gym. All are basketball routines made famous by the Mannie Jackson. “Having the into perspective and at the end of the welcome. ‘trotters of the past, such as the ‘bucket opportunity to entertain these men and day, is what really keeps us all going,” gag’ in which a player picks up a water women, stationed so far from their said Michael Lee, Harlem Globetrotter. Mitchell’s Club closing bucket and throws it at a referee making families, is a privilege the players Aug. 6-9 the spectators dodge only to find it is respect and appreciate.” E-mail Mitchell’s Club will be closed Aug. 6-9 DTS travel authorizations made easy for renovation. The Club will open for business after 5 p.m. Aug. 10. Employment Readiness Program Resumix Class By Jim Cunningham The thought behind this training on the new system is Camp Stanley will hold its Employment Area I Public Affairs for the clerks in each office to be well acquainted with the Readiness Program Resumix class from CAMP RED CLOUD—When it comes time to go on new system until everyone is comfortable with doing their 1 to 3 p.m. today. For, information, call temporary duty travel it is easier now for employees and own travel authorizations. The idea is to lighten the work 730-3310 administrators to create an authorization. load for TDY travelers, Samuel explained. Financial Readiness “This training is to introduce the clerks in Area I and “The system is set up for any traveler to be able to go Program other employees to the new system developed by Northrop on to the Web page and create their travel documents at Camp Casey Financial Readiness Grumman for the Defense Travel System,” said Donald any time,” Samuel said. “Eventually, everyone will do their Program will hold its Personal Financial Samuel, training specialist with Northrop Grumman. own documents for travel; that’s the purpose of the Readiness class at the Army “There were a couple of trainers that came up from system.” Community Services building from 9 Northrop Grumman a couple of weeks ago to train the After training employees in Area I, Samuel will train a.m. to 5 p.m. today. For more higher grade administrators.” people in Area II. information call: 730-3142/3108 Clerks in Area I received detailed training in the new “Area III and IV already have been trained, and they are DTS because they will be called upon to create the using the system now,” he said. “Area II is next on our list. Mongolian Barbecue at authorization documents and travel vouchers for “We want everyone to know about the system, and give Mitchell’s employees going on temporary duty travel. them the basics of the system so they will know how to get Mitchell’s Club at CRC will feature “In Area I travelers will not be creating their own around on the Web site and become more comfortable with Mongolian barbecue tonight from 5 to documents,” Samuel said. “This will be done by clerks or it. Today’s training is just like a starter kit,” Samuel said. 8 p.m. The club will also feature a daily other designated trained employees in the offices, and that “Even with the training today, we know you will not walk outdoor lunch buffet 11a.m. to 1:30 is the reason we are training today.” away and know everything about the system. We want to p.m., Monday thru Aug. 7. Most employees will not be doing their travel show you the basics, and we also want to show you that you authorizations themselves, but the new DTS Web page can go online and get the training on the Web site.” Reggie’s Steak & Shrimp makes it easy and convenient. To log on to the new DTS Web site and take this Camp Stanley’s Reggie’s Club will feature “This new Web page and the new system makes it easier training online go to: New York strip steak and fried shrimp and convenient for everyone to do their own travel from11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today. authorizations,” he said. “Some may prefer to do their own.” E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I July 28, 2006 7 JIM CUNNINGHAMSally Manuelita Hall, director of the USO at Camp Casey, begins the meeting before more than 50 foreign spouses at the USO on Camp Casey July 12.U S O provides vital information for foreign spousesBy Jim Cunningham issues the spouses may have,” said Maj. Meryia Throop, Bornales, 2-9 Infantry Regiment, and Amanda Hanley, aArea I Public Affairs nurse at Casey’s Troop Medical Center. “Part of every volunteer in education. CAMP CASEY—The USO held its monthly foreign vision of every commander is taking care of family “Hall invited me here to speak about the Generalspouses meeting July 12 to give vital information to members, and it is a high priority for Soldiers and it is a Equivalency diploma program and to find times in theforeign spouses about TRICARE, and new tutoring high priority for us at the TMC.” weekly calendar for Hanley, and to do coaching here atclasses for a general equivalency diploma and scholastic Throop agrees that even though Area I is the USO,” Bornales said. “I am an immigrant myself,assessment test, formerly the scholastic aptitude test. noncommand sponsored, the Army is taking good care and I know the difficulty immigrants have if they don’t “This is very important information for the spouses of the Soldiers’ families. have the proper education. They will have a very toughbecause they need to know and understand the “We have the Urgent Care Clinic,” she said. We have time finding a job.”TRICARE system and how it works; how to get to a TRICARE that’s coming and briefs for the family “I was asked to come here and talk about the GEDdoctor when they need one and what to expect when members with the town hall meetings as well. A lot of and Scholastic Assessment Test classes and to do tutoringthey go to the clinic or hospital,” said Sally Manuelita folks are interested in taking care of the family members here at the USO,” Hanley said. “This is the most importantHall, director of the USO at Camp Casey. and we do it to the best of our ability.” thing for the spouses to learn.” “This is a fellowship for the spouses where they can The volume of family members seen at the TMC is Many of the spouses are thankful there is such atalk about different issues and get information vital to astounding. meeting at Camp Casey.their understanding about American Army life and life in “On average I have one woman in labor ever week “I came just to learn about TRICARE,” said Rhaborageneral in the United States,” she said. “They need to that comes into the clinic. About 10 percent of my Marshal, a military spouse. “It is also important for meknow that it is important to have an education, and how workload in a month is family members,” Throop said. to gather information for all the other spouses who couldto get an education in the States and how to get started “It is very important the spouses understand military not come today so they may find out about TRICARE.”right here at Camp Casey.” health care because part of the misunderstanding is in “This meeting was so important to me ,” said Jo Ann The guest speaker was a nurse from the Camp Casey the frustrations one has with expectations when they Smith, another military spouse. “I had so many questionsMedical Center. come to the clinic.” [about TRICARE] before that have been answered now “Sally Hall invited me here to speak about medical Other speakers at the meeting were Capt. Issam because of this meeting.”PBC offers opportunities for military families at CRCBy Jim Cunningham Most military families seekingArea I Public Affairs information for help in family crises CAMP RED CLOUD — The Pear or having questions regardingBlossom Cottage offers many immigration or other situations,opportunities for military spouses and including taxes, go to the PBC.families at Camp Red Cloud. “We have an outreach program run “We have more than 55 family by Minnie Richardson,” Lyons said.members attend our events weekly at “She inquires and seeks out familythe PBC,” said Natalia Lyons, director members and spouses that may notof the CRC PBC. “This is a good place know about the PBC and the facilityto spend family time; it is a good place and offers our help.”to plan a birthday or going away The CRC PBC welcomes all families, JIM CUNNINGHAMparty, or any number of family events, military and civilians, to come and use The Pear Blossom Cottage at CRC often has birthdays and farewell parties and other celebrations.and a good place to learn about their facility when they need help ordifferent cultures, U.S. culture and different dishes. Then she can go home Building classes when we see the need when they need a place to socialize andmilitary life.” and cook for her husband and family and or when they ask for them.” congregate. They welcome them. We have Russian, Filipino, Korean, share what she has learned here. Many apartments off post do not “You can write and you can talkLatvian, Japanese and American “Also, we refer spouses to Army have all the appliances and facilities about the PBC, but you must comespouses,” Lyons said. “We have all Community Service classes when they military families need or washing here to see for yourself and takedifferent nationalities registered here. If need something other than what we are machines or ovens in their kitchens. advantage of what we offer. It is nota spouse comes to our cooking class offering here at the time. And, we refer The PBC offers washing machines, a enough to write and tell about, oneevery week she can learn so many family members to Army Family Team large kitchen and many other facilities. must see for oneself,” Lyons said. E-mail
  • July 28, 2006 Page 9Access may be denied to safety violatorsSecurity guards to review High-visibility retro-reflective vestsafety gear prior to admitting Hyska further defined the retro-access to Area II installations reflective vest as being “of a bright color, such as orange.”By David McNally “A dark-colored vest is not asArea II Public Affairs visible,” he said. YONGSAN GARRISON — Area Under the new guidance, baseII officials announced a stepped-up security guards will have the authoritypolicy to deny installation access to to deny access if a person fails topeople who fail to comply with safety guidelines. “We’re going to be training the Command Policy 10-1 covers security guards on what to look for,”community safety for joggers, said Area II Law and Order Officerbicycles, skateboards, skates, roller Ricky Oxendine. “They will have toblades, non-motorized vehicles, become familiar with all of themotorcycles and mopeds. requirements under this revised “The policy is generally the same, policy.”with the exception of the power to Oxendine said he is also workingenforce the to get information signsp r o p e rwear of “This is a step forward for posted at points to control all accessp e r s o n a l installation safety.” explain what safetyprotective —Jeff Hyska gear is required to enterequipment,” the installation.said Area II Safety Officer Jeff The policy letter also states thatHyska. headphones or earphones and The policy states for motorcycles handheld cellular telephones will notand mopeds, all personnel must wear: be used when operating motorcycles, A properly fastened approved helmet mopeds, bicycles, skateboards,that meets Department of skates, roller blades, or when running,Transportation standards jogging or walking. Eye protection (clear goggles or a “This is a step forward forface shield attached to the helmet) installation safety,” Hyska said. Full-fingered gloves “This helps to provide a safer Long trousers environment.” Long sleeve shirt or jacket SGT. SEO KI-CHUL Leather boots, or over the ankle shoes E-mail Riders use the correct personal protective gear during a Yongsan motorcycle safety class.Author draws 1,500 to prayer breakfast Korean employees learn By Pvt. Jung Jae-hoon about sexual harassment Area II Public Affairs By Cpl. Lee Yong-won YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II community Area II Public Affairs members showed their love for the author of “The YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 100 Purpose Driven Life,” as more than 1,500 people Korean employees participated in the annual showed up at an Area II Prayer Breakfast July 15 Prevention of Sexual Harassment training July 19 at Collier Field House. at the Multipurpose Training Facility. Author Rick Warren is a best-selling Christian The training is a required course for all author, as well as the founder and senior pastor of appropriated and non-appropriated fund local Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. It is one national employees. of the largest churches in the United States. “They get a broad idea of what sexual “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold over 25 harassment is,” said Installation Management million copies, making it the best-selling hardback Agency, Korea Region Office Equal Employment in American history. The book has been translated Opportunity Director Cho In-sook. “By going into more than 50 languages. through this training, people can help themselves “His book was the reason I have started walking and co-workers from being sexually harassed.” in God’s path, so I’m looking forward to seeing Cho said the intense review is important because him in person,” said Pfc. Lee In-ho of the South sexual harassment not only afflicts an individual Post Chapel. “In his book, you can achieve not only but also significantly deters a whole organization. faith but entrepreneurship, management and “Unfortunately, some Korean employees still leadership also.” have a biased view when it comes to judging The prayer breakfast started out with a choir others,” Cho said. “I think the most important thing singing cheerful hymns followed by the crowd is one’s attitude-shift toward the problem.” singing with them. Employees watched Hangul version of sexual Rick Warren was singing hymns among the harassment prevention videos. The material PVT. JUNG JAE-HOON community members before finally taking the stage.Author Rick Warren preaches to Area II community members See Prayer Page 12 rayer, See Harassment Page 12 Harassment,at Collier Field House July 15.
  • 10 July 28, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Area II wishes ACS happy birthday Women’s Equality Day By David McNallyCelebrate Area II Womens Equality Area II Public AffairsDay with a luncheon 11:30 a.m.Tuesday at the Naija Ballroom, Dragon YONGSAN GARRISON — Area IIHill Lodge. community members gathered to celebrate the 41st birthday of Army Summer Reading Community Service July 21 during Program lunch.The final youth Summer Reading About 100 people turned out to hearProgram event is 11 a.m. Tuesday at speeches about ACS, sing happythe Yongsan Library. Listen to U.S. birthday and cut a birthday cake.Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. “They had a good time, receivedBell read to children. some new information about ACS programs that they may not have been Free Concert aware of,” said Area II VolunteerThe Crenshaw Elite Choir will perform Coordinator Joseph Gall.7 p.m. Thursday at the Seoul American Community organizations like theHigh School Auditorium. Army Family Team Building Coordinator Reta bank and different ACS programs Mills sings happy birthday like Marilyn Monroe. presented information booths with flyers Seoul USO and giveaways to help raise awareness. The Rock, Paper, Scissors .Tournament Finals will be held at the “Our ACS volunteers completely setDragon Hill Lodge Summer Concert up and organized the event,” Gall said.that begins at 5 p.m. Saturday. “We had $1,200 worth of food and it Habitat for Humanity: USO will was all gone.”sponsor 35 servicemembers interested Gall said the birthday celebration wasin building a home for the Cheonan sponsored by the Yongsan Chaptercommunity Sept. 23. USO is looking NCOA, American Forces’ Spouses’for volunteers now. Call for application Club, Yongsan Chapter Sergeants Major PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYforms, or visit Association, and Dragon Hill Lodge.korea. Maj. Tanya Bradsher, a volunteer, Soldier and Tammy Duffy (left) and Sonnie Champigny Area II Morale, Welfare and Recreation “United Through Reading” will be family member speaks July 21 at the Army applaud during the 41st birthday celebrationintroduced Tuesday. The program See ACS Page 12 ACS, Community Service birthday celebration. of Army Community Service. quarter Area II honors volunteers of the quarterallows servicemembers to keep intouch with home by videotaping bookreading for a son, daughter, nephew,niece, brother or sister. The Good Neighbor Program By Cpl. Lee Yang-wonBarbecue need volunteers for this Area II Public Affairsevent 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday at the YONGSAN GARRISON — MoreCollier Soccer Field. than 70 community membersFor information, call Charlotte participated in the 2006 Volunteer of theHuntsman at 724-7781. Second Quarter Recognition Ceremony July 13, to show thanks to the volunteers Aikido Classes at Army Community Services.Aikido provides a way to keep fit and The Adult Volunteer of the Quarterlearn effective martial arts skills. award went to Legal Office volunteerClasses are ongoing 6:30-8 p.m. Maria Byford.Tuesdays and Thursdays andSaturdays noon-1:30 p.m. at Trent The Youth Volunteer of the QuarterGymnasium. The classes cost $40 per award was Youth Services volunteermonth. For information, call 010-8671- Keisha Clark.4213. Managers nominated the two volunteers and a selection committee Touch of Sturgis made the choice based on theArea II will host a “A Touch of Sturgis” community impact of their volunteer10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Aug. 12 at the Yongsan work. CPL. LEE YANG-WONBowling Center. MWR will provide “I still can’t believe I received this Area II Volunteer Coordinator Joseph Gall addresses the crowd during a ceremony July 13.some refreshments and giveaways and award,” said Clark. “I want to keep on and Career Program. In addition, she team spirit, charisma and leadership tothe Yongsan Motorcycle Club will helping people when I grow up.” volunteers with Yongsan Torch Clubs, make the activities a world-classhave more than 25 motorcycles on Clark has carried out her role for and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.display. The group will also have Youth Services in the Teen Education “They say Keisha has the attitude, See Volunteers Page 12 olunteers,booths to promote motorcycle safety. Computer ClubThe Seoul Computer Club will meet 2- Crenshaw Elite Choir to4 p.m. Aug. 12 at the Seoul USO atCamp Kim. perform at Yongsan Garrison Commander’s Hotline Area II Public AffairsArea II community members who have YONGSAN GARRISON — The Crenshaw Elite Choirquestions or comments for the Area II will perform 7 p.m. Thursday at the Seoul American Highcommander can voice them by e- School. Admission is free.mailing or by calling 738-3484. The Los Angeles youth choir has visited Korea and performed for the U.S. military community many times. Area II Web site The choir director, Iris Stevenson, is the real lifeFor more community notes, news andinformation, visit the Area II Web site person portrayed by Actress Whoopi Goldberg in theat movie “Sister Act II.” C OURTESY PHOTO
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II 11 July 28, 2006 Newcomers learn about Korea By Pvt. Kim Sang-wook Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 70 Area II newcomers gathered July 18 at the Yongsan Army Community Service to attend a bimonthly newcomers orientation. The orientation is a program to integrate newcomers to life in Korea. It gives information and guides the DAVID MCNALLY members to get to know the community better. Army Broadcasting Service Commander Col. Richard “The newcomers orientation is a program for Breen (right) gives the AFN Korea guidon to Lt. Col. Soldiers, civilian workers and their families that are Michael Lawhorn July 21 at Trent Gymnasium. newly assigned to Korea,” said Area II ACS Orientation Coordinator Hyon Mendez. “To make the newcomers Kor orea AFN Korea gets comfortable with the new place, we provide information about Area II and Korea.” During the three-day program, ACS provides new commander detailed information about the community and facilities. “Military families move a lot around the Area II Public Affairs world and it’s our job to make them comfortable and YONGSAN GARRISON — American reduce inconvenience,” Mendez said. PVT. KIM SANG-WOOK Forces Network Korea is under new The residents focused on learning about Korean leadership. culture. A class featured the Korean language, as Sgt. Paul Lee dresses in a Korean royal costume at the Lotte Army Broadcasting Service Commander well as cultural differences between the United World Korean Folk Village July 19. Col. Richard Breen installed Lt. Col. States and Korea. Newcomers also learned Korean Folk Museum. For lunch, they had a Michael Lawhorn as the radio and television courtesies to communicate with Koreans. traditional Korean meal called “bibimbap.” network commander July 21 at a Trent “This is my second time in Korea, and I actually On the way home, newcomers used the Seoul Gymanasium ceremony. volunteered to come back to Korea.” said metropolitan Subway System instead of taking a bus Lawhorn most recently completed newcomer Sgt. Paul Lee. “I really enjoyed learning to Yongsan Garrison. training with industry at Fox News. He was Hangeul (Korean language). It was fun and “Taking the newcomers off post and taking the assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division as the interesting.” Lee said he plans to learn tae kwon do subway was an opportunity for them to get friendly public affairs officer from June 2004- again. with Korean society and adjust quickly to Korea,” August 2005. On the final day newcomers traveled off post to said ACS Relocation Program Manager Gina Mariano. The former commander, Lt. Col. Kenneth experience Korean culture firsthand. The next newcomers orientation will be held in McDorman, will move to 8th U.S. Army The students-turned-tourists visited the Blue September. Public Affairs. House (the location of the Korean presidential office), Lotte World Amusement Park and the E-mail
  • 12 July 28, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyPrayer from Page 9 “Thank you for serving our reward [them] after, if [they] get wellcountry and for the warm hospitality,” prepared in this life.Warren said. “We are here to pray for Rick Warren was elected by TIMEyou and tell you about the meaning of magazine as one of the 15 worldlife.” leaders who mattered most in 2004 Everything has a meaning Warren and one of 100 most influential peoplesaid. “Even trees and the wind have in the world in 2005.meanings,” he said. “If you want to “We were extremely happy with theknow the meaning of your life, go and turnout,” said Area II Chaplain Lt. Col.ask God.” James King. “We want to thank all of He also said life on earth is a the people who helped make the eventpreparation for eternity. So, everyone a success.”should not be so sad about their lives,because God is with them and he will E-mail from Page 9comprised a significant portion of the Since last year, IMA-KORO EEO hastraining. The presentation covered been training Korean instructors anddifferent types of sexual harassment and giving training in Korean languageways to stop the behavior. exclusively for Korean employees. “The videos were really informative,” “We have Korean instructorssaid 8th U.S. Army interpreter Kim Hui- respectively for different divisions,” saidman. “The contents were issues we often instructor Steve Kang. “It has helped theneglect during our work time. It was a Korean employees understand better.”good reminder.” Currently, 18th Medical Command, The training was initially an integrated Dragon Hill Lodge, 176th Financeprogram for both the U.S. community Command, Area II Morale, Welfare andmembers and Korean employees. However, Recreation, and Directorate of Logisticsthere was feedback from Korean employees provide Korean instructors.that they had a hard time understanding theprogram in English. E-mail from Page 10had inflatable games for children, and provide information, assistance, andBetter Opportunities for Single and guidance to members of the Armyunaccompannied Soldiers had someone community and meeting personal anddressed as their mascot dog to entertain family problems beyond the scope ofthe crowds. their own resources,” Gall said. The 8th U.S. Army Band also The organization reduces man-hoursperformed at the event. consumed by commanders, staff Maj. Tanya Bradsher, an 8th U.S. officers and individual Soldiers inArmy public affairs officer, was the seeking assistance to resolve problems,guest speaker for the celebration. he said. “We picked her because she is a “A byproduct of ACS is improvedvolunteer, a Soldier and a family retention of military personnel andmember,” Gall said. increasing career satisfaction,” he said. Bradsher told the gathering how ACS “Forty-one years later, the names of thecan transform a newcomer from programs and services may havehelplessness to self reliance. changed, but the basic mission remains The U.S. Army officially established the same. I hope people understand ACSACS in 1965. The organization had the cares for their needs.”goal to establish a “centrally located,responsive and recognizable service to E-mail from Page 10success,” said Area II Volunteer from the volunteers from April throughCoordinator Joseph Gall. “She gives June. These statistics mean 150110 percent of herself, but I think she volunteers report to work every more.” “I could stand here and go on Adult volunteer of the Quarter Maria forever about the wonders ourByford is a licensed attorney at law. volunteers have done to brighten ourShe helps families with issues like lives,” Gall said. “Their untiringdivorce, separation, child custody dedication to the Area II communitycases, estate case and other legal issues. service directly contributed to our “Marie could easily set up her own community of excellence.”practice and charge for her services,” The next volunteer of the quarterGall said. “But she does not, instead recognition ceremony will be inusing her knowledge and training to families through difficult times.” Area II received 67,800 hours E-mail Visit the Area II Web site for more stories and community information
  • July 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Vote from Page 2 Below is a list of individual state primary and runoff election dates that have not yet been held for 2006. Voters from each state are encouraged to contact their unit Voting Assistance Officer and take steps to participate in future elections.address so they may contact you ifthere are problems processing your State State StateFPCA. Primary Runoff Senate Reps Governor Once you receive the absentee Georgia Completed Aug. 8 No 13 Yesballot, it should be completed and Oklahoma Completed Aug. 22 No 5 Yesreturned as soon as possible. Check Kansas Aug. 1 No 4 Yeswith your unit VAO to determine your Tennessee Aug. 3 Yes 9 Yesstate’s deadline. Colorado 8-Aug. 8 No 7 YesHow do I know what state is my Connecticut 8-Aug. 8 Yes 5 Yeslegal residence? Michigan 8-Aug. 8 Yes 15 Yes Generally, the legal voting Missouri 8-Aug. 8 Yes 9 Noresidence for Servicemembers and Nevada Aug. 15 Yes 3 Yestheir family is the state or territory Alaska Aug. 22 No 1 Yeswhere they last had physical presence Wyoming Aug. 22 Yes 1 Yesand have the intent to return. Guam Sept. 2 Nov. 7 1 Delegate Yes Civilians abroad may vote in the Florida Sept. 5 Yes 25 Yesstate or territory where they last Virgin Islands Sept. 11 Sept. 25 1 Delegate Yesresided immediately prior to leaving Arizona Sept. 12 Yes 8 Yesthe United States, even if their intent Delaware Sept. 12 Yes 1 Noto return is uncertain. District of Columbia Sept. 12 1 DelegateI don’t know enough about politics Maryland Sept. 12 Yes 8 Yesto vote. Minnesota Sept. 12 Yes 8 Yes There’s an easy way to remedy New Hampshire Sept. 12 No 2 Yesthis problem; get informed. Read the New York Sept. 12 Yes 29 Yes Rhode Island Sept. 12 Yes 2 Yesnews, learn about the candidates. Vermont Sept. 12 Yes 1 YesCheck out Web sites like Wisconsin Sept. 12 Yes 8 to get unbiased information Massachusetts Sept. 19 Yes 10 Yesabout candidates, where they stand on Washington Sept. 19 Yes 9 Nothe issues and their voting records. Hawaii Sept. 23 Yes 2 Yes (Editor’s Note: Capt. Elisabeth Louisiana Nov. 7 Dec. 9 No 7 NoMahoney is the Area III senior voting American Samoa Nov. 21 1 Delegate Noassistance officer.She will be Puerto Rico Noconducting a Voter Registration Drive10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the For the National General Election Nov. 7, individuals from all states should register and request an absentee ballot no later than Sept. 1. Completed absentee ballots must be postmarked and mailed not later than Oct. 15. For information, visit Humphreys’ Post Exchange.) vap/contents.html
  • July 28, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly July 28 - Aug. 4 X-Men: Pirates of the Pirates of the The Last Stand The DaVinci Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Poseidon The DaVinci Stick It PG-13 Code PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 PG-13 Superman Superman Superman Stick It No Show Returns Returns Returns No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the The DaVinci The DaVinci The Omen The Omen Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Code PG-13 Code PG-13 R R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Poseidon Pirates of the X-Men: X-Men: Pirates of the RV Just My Luck PG-13 Caribbean 2 The Last Stand The Last Stand Caribbean 2 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 You, Me & You, Me & Click No Show No Show No Show The Omen Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 PG-13 RPirates of the Caribbean: Superman Returns – The Da Vinci Code – (Tom Just My Luck – (Lindsay You, Me & Dupree – (OwenDead Man’s Chest – (Johnny (Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth) Hanks, Jean Reno) Lohan, Chris Pine) Wilson, Kate Hudson)Depp, Keira Knightley) Following a mysterious absence of The murder of a curator at the Louvre Ashley is a young professional just Carl and Molly Peterson are justOnce again thrown into the world of several years, the Man of Steel, reveals a sinister plot to uncover a out of college. She also happens to starting their new life together —the supernatural, Captain Jack Superman, comes back to Earth— secret that has been protected since be the luckiest woman in the world, complete with a cute house, boringSparrow finds out that he owes a but things have changed. While an the days of Christ. Only the victim’s who has lived a super-charmed life neighbors, stable jobs and theblood debt to the legendary Davey old enemy plots to render him granddaughter and Robert and has always taken her good luck routines of newlywed existence.Jones, Captain of the ghostly Flying powerless once and for all, Langdon, a famed symbologist, can for granted. When she kisses a There’s just one unfortunate hitch inDutchman. With time running out, Superman faces the heartbreaking untangle the clues he left behind. The handsome stranger at a costume their perfectly constructed newJack must find a way out of his debt realization that the woman he loves, duo become both suspects and party, Ashley accidentally swaps her world. And his name’s Dupree.or else be doomed to eternal Lois Lane, has moved on with her detectives searching for not only the good fortune for his horribly bad Randy Dupree, Carl’s oldest frienddamnation and servitude in the life. Or has she? Superman’s murderer but also the stunning luck, and her charmed life turns into and perpetual bachelor, has foundafterlife. And as if this weren’t enough, bittersweet return challenges secret of the ages he was charged a living hell. himself with nowhere to go afterthe Captain’s problems manage to him to bridge the distance between to protect. being fired.wreck the wedding plans of a certain them while finding a place in aWill Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who society that has learned to surviveare forced to join Jack on yet another without him.misadventure. Click PG-13 No Show Stick It Poseidon No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 The Break Up The Break Up You, Me & You, Me & You, Me & You, Me & The Omen PG-13 PG-13 Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 R X-Men: X-Men: The Last Stand The Da Vinci The Da Vinci The Last Stand The Da Vinci No Show You, Me & PG-13 Code PG-13 Code PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 Dupree PG-13 X-Men: X-Men: X-Men: The Last Stand The Last Stand The Da Vinci The Last Stand You, Me & The Da Vinci No Show Dupree PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 X-Men: X-Men: You, Me & You, Me & You, Me & The Last Stand The Last Stand The Da Vinci The Da Vinci Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 Code PG-13 X-Men: X-Men: You, Me & Akeelah and Akeelah and Poseidon Poseidon The Last Stand The Last Stand Dupree PG-13 the Bee PG the Bee PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The Corpse Bride Rebound Rebound Ice Age 2: The Ice Age 2: The Over the Over the PG PG PG Meltdown PG Meltdown PG Hedge PG Hedge PG
  • July 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Learning to trust in God’s plan when the way is unclearBy Chaplain (Capt.) Kim Eun S. seems to leave us with more hate you,” said the boy. The father neighborhood and it was necessary for307th Signal Battalion questions than answers, and thus carries the boy into the house and the owners to destroy those pets. man’s questioning of God continues. says “My son, I will tell you why I From his maturity the boy can look S ometimes tragic things happen in our life that we However, God operates in had to kill him.” But the boy runs back on his childhood and see how don’t understand. Then, the sovereign and distinguishing grace in from his father, screaming “I hate warped his opinions of his fatherfirst thing we want to do is to say his dealings with us. Since we are not you. I hate you. You killed my dog.” were. He had carried hatred of his“Why did God let this happen to me?” yet ready for all of the truth of God, it The boy continues to live in his father through the years because his A couple of weeks ago I received is not easy for us to understand why. father’s house, eating the meals that father had crossed his childish willan e-mail from a Soldier with whom I Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse are provided by his father, wearing when he was four or five years old.used to work. He wrote that his illustrates the matter this way: A small the clothes that are provided by his Yet now he sees the evidence thatmother had a massive stroke all of a boy has a pet dog which he loves father, while constantly saying that he his father was acting in wisdom andsudden and passed away. In his very dearly. He plays with the dog hates his father because his father love, and that his pet dog might havebitterness, the Soldier was asking me every day. In fact, the dog sleeps killed his dog. bitten him and caused his own death.why his mother was taken so early, beside him at night. When the boy grows up and begins Ever since man came intowhile he thought she was faithfully One day the boy opens the door of to have some understanding of disease, existence, we have always felt itserving God. the family garage just in time to see he is given clippings that show that necessary to question God. However, This kind of question is, in fact, his father kill that dog. The fatal shot there had been an epidemic of rabies in I think our Lord’s words to Simonone of the toughest questions that a rings out and the boy screams and his neighborhood that a mad dog had Peter ought to be written inside thechaplain can face in the ministry of rushes toward the dog and the father bitten several children and some of front cover of our Bible. Those wordsSoldiers in the military. The reason is catches the boy who kicks and those children had died. He even finds a are found in John 13:7, Jesus repliedthat even though suffering is such a screams against him. “You killed my clipping which states that the mad dog “You don’t understand now why I amlarge part of our experience, the Bible dog. You killed my dog. I hate you. I bit several other dogs in the doing it; someday you will.” Area IV Worship Services Catholic Protestant Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll Collective Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker 10:30 a.m. Camp Henry 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker Korean Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Saturday Camp Walker 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker Korean Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker For additional information, contact the Area IV Chaplain’s Camp Carroll Praise & Worship Sunday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker Office at 764-5455. Ad goes here
  • July 28, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyMcCoy breaks gender barrier, joins division color guardBy Pfc. Amanda Merfeld honor and to show pride,” McCoy said.Second Infantry Division Public Affairs McCoy wanted to take part in CAMP RED CLOUD – Women in something bigger than herself, and tothe military have been making firsts for represent her unit in one of the mostyears, paving the way for other visible ways that she knew how. Itfemales. wasn’t about being a female for From the first to serve to the first McCoy, it was about service.pilots, females have slowly but surely “It’s pride,” McCoy said. “It’sedged their way into military history. knowing that you stand out from Staff Sgt. Stephanie McCoy, the everyone else at a change of commandnon-commissioned officer in charge ceremony. It’s knowing that everyoneof the analysis control element’s out there is looking at you holding on tocollection management team on Camp something very precious to the military.Red Cloud, was the first woman to You have your country’s flag and thetake part in the 2nd Infantry Division division colors, depending on theColor Guard team. ceremony.” The Color Guard in the Army has A position on the color guard team isbeen dominated by the male populous, one of honor, due to the fact that theyleaving it one of the last frontiers to be are the individuals who present andoccupied by women. carry the symbols of their unit or McCoy joined the Army in 1999, and company, as well as their branch of thearrived in Korea in December 2005. She military and national flag.volunteered for the Division Color “You’re holding on to history, ofGuard team for the Special Troops everything that the battalion has beenBattalion change of command through over many years. You’re … partceremony for Lt. Col. Leslie Brown, of history in the making,” McCoy said.when McCoy’s company asked for “I think that when females get thevolunteers over six feet tall. opportunity to take advantage of making “The color guard is the sergeant history or taking part of anything that ismajor’s baby. You are a reflection of not the norm for a female Soldier, Ihim and you are a reflection of the think that they should speak up and do YU HU SONdivision. People look at you to show it,” McCoy said. Staff Sgt. Stephanie McCoy, right, was the first female in the 2ID Color Guard team.
  • July 28, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Field Turf fields a hit with players By Mike Mooney Area III MWR Marketing CAMP HUMPHREYS – The final grade is in on the new Field Turf softball fields at Camp Humphreys, and it’s a solid “A.” Battle of the Bands Citing “safety, the ability to play in all The Battle of the Bands contest is weather, true bounces and comfort,” set to take place at Moyer Community Soldiers from the eight teams in the Services Center at 7 p.m. Saturday. Camp Humphreys intramural playoffs Pick up an entry form at your local gave the new artificial turf field high CAC or call 723-8502 for information. grades across the board. The contest is sponsored by MWR. Of the 31 Soldiers and 5 umpires The winners may be eligible to involved in the survey, only one gave advance to the All-Army competition. the new fields a “D,” saying the “fields May the best band win! are great but they are not grass.” Twenty-two of the 31 players and all Junior Golf Clinics Offered at Sung Nam umpires gave the fields a solid “A” rating. Sung Nam Golf course will hold junior Morale, Welfare and Recreation golf instructional clinics Aug. 7-11. All installed the new Field Turf surface this past year on two softball fields and one PHOTOS BY MIKE MOONEY interested juniors ages 7-17 are invited combined Flag Football/Soccer/Rugby Camp Humphreys’ softball fields are getting rave reviews since the installation of Field Turf surfacing. to attend. The times will be 9-11 a.m. Monday thru Thursday at the Sung field at Camp Humphreys’ Soldier’s Park This stuff looks like grass, feels like “It’s much easier to make the call Nam Golf Course driving range and 7- – the installation’s primary sports grass and is on a super-soft surface.” now,” said umpire Tim Szuszka. 10 a.m., Friday at Sung Nam on the golf complex. The $2.3 million Non Field Turf is laid over a rubberized “Instead of a cloud of dust and a ton of course. All equipment and instruction Appropriated Fund Major Construction surface complete with drainage. The dirt when someone slides into a base or from the golf course’s PGA of America project was built entirely with in-country surface itself is “spongy” and the plate, you have a clear view with staff will be provided at no charge. Call Soldier dollars. comfortable to play on. Even the base nothing more than a few rubber pellets Jim Shaw or Jack Delaney at 736-3483 After more that 225 games, everyone paths and the home plate areas are in the way. It’s great.” to sign up. from commanders to sports officials, covered in carpet, meaning there is no Umpire James Reid said the new from umpires to players were singing dirt inside the playing fields. fields are also “safer and far more Korean Language, the praise of the new surface. “The commanders are especially comfortable on your feet and joints. Culture Classes Offered “It shouldn’t come as a surprise,” said happy because we have just about “I umpired all day in the rain when A Korean language and culture class Area III Community Recreation Division eliminated all types of sports injuries,” you would have stopped play because will be offered at Seoul American High Chief Jim Howell, who was sports Howell said. “In past years, we have of the conditions,” Reid said. “Instead, School. This class will meet daily from director during construction of the fields. always had Soldiers lose duty time I was comfortable – except for the wet 10 to 11:30 a.m., weekdays thru Aug. 5. “After all, this is the same surface the because of injuries suffered during — and the playing conditions remained The class is open to anyone over the age of 15. The class is limited to 20 National Football League selected for the softball games. There were a lot of safe. That’s the most important thing. Super Bowl. It’s not like the old artificial jammed ankles and knees, as well as These fields are much safer that regular participants. turfs which were nothing more than cuts and abrasions. playing surfaces.” plastic grass over blacktop or cement. “This year, we had zero injuries that Camp Humphreys Post-Level Men’s Weekend Bingo at Uptown Lounge resulted in lost duty time. That fact alone Coach Marcus Lux said his players “love Be a winner at Bingo at the Main Post saved the government thousands of the new surface. It’s not like the old Club’s Uptown Lounge. Every dollars.” artificial turf that was hard and hot. This Saturday and Sunday, doors open at Howell said that the original plans had surface is much more comfortable and 11 a.m. and early games begins at called for dirt around the bases and on doesn’t seem to get hot. It looks like 12:30 p.m. Over $6,750 in prize money the plate, but that the Field Turf company grass. Of course, it doesn’t smell like is given away every weekend, recommended the carpeting instead. grass and you never get that freshly cut including $2,500 and $5,000 jackpots. “They said that their studies had smell. But it’s great. For information, call the MWR club indicated the carpeted base paths and “We’re unbeaten at home this year, manager at 723-8785. home plate area would result in longer and I really think the turf has given us a life and even fewer injuries. I was against home-field advantage.” Area II Pool League The carpeted base paths and home plate area it at first, but I have to agree.” “The best thing about the fields,” said The Area II Pool League is seeking new eliminate dust and dirt, making for easier calls Without dirt and dust, even umpires another umpire “is that you don’t have members. The group meets at 7 p.m. on chose plays at plate and on the base paths. have fallen in love with the field. to shine your shoes. That and it’s safe.” each Tuesday at the Main Post Club, Korea USA basketball team coming to Korea Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy Club -- all on Yongsan Garrison. Membership is open to ID cardholders, family members, retirees, Department of Korean Region MWR and components within U.S. Forces Korea. Defense civilians or contractors and YONGSAN GARRISON – The USA Basketball Men’s More information on ticket distribution is available through individuals sponsored by ID cardholders. National Team, scheduled to visit Seoul as participants in the servicemember chains of command. for information, call Brent Abare at 723- World Basketball Challenge 2006, will sponsor Hoops for The team will conduct practice, open to ID cardholders, 3691 or e-mail Troops during their time in the Republic of Korea, Aug. 11- from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Aug. 14 at Collier Field House 16. here, and again from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Aug. 16 at Carey TMCW Submissions The World Basketball Challenge, Aug. 11-15 at Jamsil Field House, Camp Casey. To have an event featured in The Olympic Gymnasium, features teams from Italy, Turkey and USA Basketball Men’s National team, led by Duke Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail all Lithuania, in addition to the USA squad and the host Republic University head coach Mike Krzyzewski, is currently pertinent information to of Korea team. conducting training camp in Las Vegas, in preparation for Submissions should include the basic The U.S. team will play two exhibition games, taking on stops in China and Korea, before moving on to Japan for the who, what, when and where information Lithuania at 4 p.m., Aug. 13, and squaring off against Korea 2006 FIBA Men’s World Championship, Aug. 19-Sept. 2. regarding the event, and a point of at 3 p.m., Aug. 15. The projected 15-player roster slated to travel to Korea contact name and telephone number. The players have purchased 1,000 tickets for each of their includes Carmelo Antony, Gilbert Arenas, Elton Brand, Dwight For information, call 738-3355. games, donating them for active-duty servicemembers Howard, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudemire, stationed here. The tickets will be divided among all Areas Dwyane Wade and Kirk Hinrich.
  • July 28, 2006 Page 21Area III community speaks up ACS celebrates birthday, honorsat town hall, housing meetings volunteers Area III Public AffairsArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Hundreds gathered here July 21 Soldiers, civilians, family members to help the Army Communityand retirees had opportunities to talk to Service honor its volunteers ofArea III Commander, Col. Michael J. the quarter and to celebrate itsTaliento Jr. when he convened two 41st birthday.meetings last week at Camp Humphreys Dave Watson, director, Areato talk with Area III personnel. IV Morale, Welfare and The first meeting, the quarterly town Recreation, said volunteers havehall, was held in the Community Activity made immeasurable contributionsCenter July 18 and was open to all Area to the installation by donatingIII personnel. The second meeting, held their time and skills.July 20, was much smaller in scope and The Military Unit Volunteerattendance because it was only for of the Quarter was Company B,residents of Army Family Housing. 4th Battalion,2nd Combat Speaking to an audience of Aviation Brigade.approximately 125 at the Area III “The Soldiers in mymeeting, Taliento outlined the progress company have given of theirmade since the last town hall, April 17. COURTESY PHOTO time and made it a priority,”Matinee movies during the summer and Lt. Col. Deborah A. Myers, commander, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, asks a question about declared Capt. Carrie A. Bruhl,Army and Air Force Exchange Service Physical Training run routes during the Area III town hall meeting held July 18 Company B commander. “Onejumbo taxis were among the successes. housing chief, turned the attention to of them has volunteered over The automatic doors at the Post Zoeckler Station. new issues, one of which was the new 800 hours.”Exchange main store continue to be a New issues introduced by the Area III pet policy for family housing. Bruhl attributed theproblem, but AAFES reports they are audience included re-evaluating the The policy, effective as of July 11, grassroots support to a mixturestill working that issue. Physical Training run route and the defines domestic pets as dogs, cats, of “command emphasis” and Taliento outlined a list of other requirement to have a STAR Card in small caged furry animals such as guinea “showing what (one) can gainaccomplishments recently completed. order to have the AFN decoder. Steven pigs, rabbits and hamsters, non- from volunteering.”They included the resurfaced fields at Ryles, exchange business manager, carnivorous birds, and aquarium fish or Bravo’s sister company,Soldier’s Park and the batting cages, the advised that this is an AFN, not an turtles. Delta, has also contributednew shoppette and Charley’s Steakery AAFES, requirement. Pet ownership in enlisted barracks is many hours of volunteer work,near MP Hill, a new gaming room with The next town hall is scheduled for forbidden. Residents of senior enlisted said 1st Sgt. Drury M. Puckett10 computers in the Community Activity Oct. 17. and officer quarters may request III. “The group in the officeCenter, and the imminent completion of New pet policy for Family Housing permission to have a small aquarium not talked about it and did it on ourthe north campus for Humphreys The second town hall of the week, to exceed 20 gallons. own initiative,” he said.American Elementary School. held July 20 in Army Family Housing, Residents of family housing with a Becca Martin, named Things to look forward to include up was to specifically address family yard may have up to two dogs or cats, Civilian/Family Memberto four more ATMs and possibly the housing issues. or up to four small caged animals or birds Volunteer of the Quarter, isfirst drive-up ATM in Korea, a teen After reviewing issues from theshuttle bus to Osan, and the opening of previous meeting, held April 20, Joan M. See ACS, Page 23the new barracks and dining facility at Bradford, Directorate of Public Works See Meetings, Page 22Army fitness program targets civilian healthBy Jerry M. Gutlon three hours of exercise can be done during duty morale,” she said.Area III Public Affairs hours. So they’ll pay you to work out.” A registered nurse for 16 years, Eckman said CAMP HUMPHREYS – Better health promotes The program is also available for dependents and she’s enjoyed her job in the year she’s served here.better work habits and the Korean employees, as long as they meet the criteria “This is the first time I’ve done healthDepartment of the Army and follow its requirements. promotions, but I like it,” she enthused. “When youis recognizing that fact by “The program is a one-time thing,” Eckman see people succeed – whether it’s to quit smoking orinstituting a unique noted. lose weight – it’s really gratifying.”program to promote better The sign-up period will run from Sept. 1-15, and Although the exercise end of the program will beliving. classes begin Sept. 18. The course will conclude conducted on the honor system, Eckman said Sylvia Eckman, Area III March 16, and has the blessings of Area III participants will be disqualified if they are found tohealth promotion Commander, Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. It’s also be falsifying their exercise recordkeeping.coordinator, is looking for been endorsed by the Department of Defense, the Exercising must be done on the installation, sheparticipants in the new endeavor she’s calling Surgeon General, the American Medical Association added.“Targeting Fitness.” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are several prerequisites necessary before “It’s a six-month-long course that’s comprised of Eckman said classes will include such topics as registering for the program, noted Eckman.three hours per week of unsupervised exercise and cardiovascular health, well-living, nutrition, All participants must have a cholesterol screeningtwo classes per month on well-living,” Eckman flexibility, aerobics, strength training, fad diets, within the past 90 days, and must take a fitness testsaid. What makes it unique, she added, is that it’s spiritual fitness, stress management and weight before starting the program. Eckman said the fitnessopen to virtually everyone with a DA connection. control. test will consist of a cardiovascular test, a strength “Basically, it’s open to everyone, with the “With better health, an employee will generally beapproval of their supervisor (if applicable), and the more productive, miss less work and have better See Fitness, Page 22
  • 22 July 28, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Flaming Dragon competes for Connelly Award - again Splish ‘n’ Splash By Jerry M. Gutlon Waterpark opens Area III Public AffairsThe pool section of the Splish ‘n’ CAMP HUMPHREYS – Food fit for a king is on theSplash waterpark is scheduled to open menu seven days a week, 365 days a year at ZoecklerTuesday. Hours of operation will be 10 Station’s Flaming Dragon Dining Facility here, againa.m. to 10 p.m. daily. a finalist for the Philip A. Connelly Excellence in Food Service Awards for the U.S. Army in Korea. Voter Registration Drive The facility, a winner of more than a half dozenRegister to vote at the Camp Connelly Awards in both the small and large garrisonHumphreys Post Exchange from 10 a.m. categories, was again selected as the best dininguntil 3 p.m. Saturday. For information,call 753-8047. facility in Area III, undergoing intense scrutiny July 20 by a team of inspectors from the Installation Funded Legal Education Management Agency - Korea Region Office. Program The nationwide results of the competition wereThe Army Funded Legal Education expected to be released this week. The two winnersProgram is accepting applications from will then be judged in a worldwide competition. Soup’s on! Sgt. 1st Class Wanda M. Pitts, Spc. Tian L. Garcia, commissioned officers in “They are considered the best in Area III,” Bryce W. Christensen and Staff Sgt. Bronson A. Jacoby taste test thethe rank of second lieutenant through explained Chief Warrant Officer Haesoo Kim, KORO pot roast they served during the Flaming Dragon Dining Facility’scaptain to attend law school beginning garrison food program director, the senior inspector. evaluation in pursuit of a Philip A. Connelly Excellence in Food ServiceFall 2007. Area III personnel should “Besides the usual, we consider attitude, command Capt. Mahoney at 753-8047 for emphasis, motivation and how they feed the “I attribute the nomination to teamwork,” saidinformation. Soldiers.” shift Sgt. Rachel L. Lopez, Company A, 532nd MI. From all appearances, they feed the Soldiers well. Bn. “We work hard and we play hard. But our Parents’ Night Out The July 20 lunch menu selection recognizes us for our excellence in ourParents – take time to reconnect with each featured baked, stuffed abilities in the field of culinary arts.”other. Free child care for active-duty and fish, Yankee pot roast Master Sgt. Damita Jo Ellis, 501st MilitaryDepartment of Defense ID cardholders and capon. That was in Intelligence Brigade food adviser, said the facilitysponsored by Family Advocacy, from 6- addition to the staff deserves every accolade of the many they’ve9 p.m. Aug. 5. All children must be obligatory fried chicken collected.registered in advance. No drop-in care and short-order staples “They’re very highly motivated Soldiers,” shewill be accepted. Call 753-6252 or 753-8448 to register your child. such as hamburgers and declared. “They have outstanding leaders and great hot dogs. esprit de corps. BOSS All-Nighter Sgt. 1st Class Wanda They’re Soldiers who “ It’s an honor to beGet ready for the next BOSS all-nighter M. Pitts, dining facility want to go to the next manager, a member of level and win the recognized like this, butAug. 12. Contact 011-9688-0194 fordetails. Headquarters and Connelly Award for we’re just doing our jobs.” Operations Company, the entire Sgt. Robert A. Gayle, Dog Days 5K Run 527th Military (Department of the Company A, 532nd MI BattalionDon’t let the summer heat get you Intelligence Battalion, Army).”down. The 5K run starts at 8 a.m. Aug. P J M. G HOTOS BY said her staff of 48 has ERRY UTLON Ellis said food12. Registration begins at 7 a.m. For Hung Yo-son chops parsley while been preparing for the service is one of the most difficult missions in theinformation, call 753-8810. preparing garnish for several main inspection for about a military. courses at the Flaming Dragon Dining month, and said the “It’s a seven-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year Ops Desk Phone Number Facility. Located at Camp nomination came as no mission,” Ellis explained. “Food is so important toThe Camp Humphreys Operations Humphreys, the facility was selected surprise. everybody.Desk is now located in Building 1280. as the best mess in Area III. “We were expecting “Good food breeds good morale. It helps theThe new telephone number for the it,” Pitts said. “We set Soldiers they serve accomplish their missions.”CHOD is 754-6111. From a commercial ourselves high goals and go after them. And if we Preparing gravy for the pot roast, Sgt. Robert A.line, call (031) 619-6111. don’t win, at least we’d know we did everything we Gayle, Co. A, 532nd MI Bn., said he and his fellow could to win.” food service workers aren’t sweating the evaluation. New Commercial PrefixTelephone numbers in buildings from As Pitts spoke, her kitchen crew worked “There’s no pressure,” he insisted. “We do thisthe main gate to and including all of feverishly preparing a variety of meals catering to a every day. It’s an honor to be recognized like this,Zoeckler Station have a new variety of tastes. but we’re just doing our jobs.”commercial prefix. Callers dialing fromoff-post should call (031) 619-XXXX. Meetings from Page 21 Fitness from Page 21 Youth Soccer and/or an aquarium not to exceed 50 The next meeting will be in three evaluation, a body fat screening and Registrations gallons. months, but the date has not been a weight test.Registration will be held Aug. 1-31 at Residents of family quarters that do determined yet. A current certification from eachthe Charles Gilliland Youth Center. Cost not have a private yard may own one participant’s personal physician isis $45 for all ages. There is a 20 percent cat, up to four small caged animals or also for families with more than birds and/or an aquarium not to exceed All preliminary medicalone child participating. Contact 753- 50 gallons. Dog ownership is restricted screenings for non-active duty5051 for information. to families that had a dog in Korea prior personnel are the financial to April 2005. No new dogs are allowed Youth Services Sports responsibility of the prospective in these quarters. Clinics participant. Residents were updated on the statusNational Alliance for Youth Sports Participants will be provided of AFH phases II and III by U.S. Armycoaches clinics for soccer. The first is July with an evaluation at the conclusion Corps of Engineers Far East District26 and again Aug. 16. Both classes will of the program which, Eckman staff, and were advised that thebe held at the Charles Gilliland Youth said, will be conducted every six underground parking garage will open COURTESY PHOTOCenter, Bldg. 570, beginning at 6:30 p.m. months. sometime in September. In response to community requests at pastAll volunteer youth soccer coaches “Obesity is a major health Taliento discussed many upcoming town hall meetings Camp Humphreys Postmust attend one of these classes prior problem around the world and this changes with residents and listened to Exchange now offers jumbo taxis ideal forto coaching a team. Call 753-5051 for is a great way to combat it,”information. their concerns regarding traffic control transporting groups of Soldiers during high- Eckman said. and safety for their children. demand hours.
  • July 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23Winners picked in’Distinguished Dog’ contestArea III MWR Marketing were there for something else,” Mooney said.Special to The Morning Calm Weekly “So he gave them the ‘wet look’ which pretty CAMP HUMPHREYS – And the winners are much left the judging up to Hobo.”… Hobo’s first choice of a winner was a “Cricket,” a white boxer belonging to 1 st Lt. picture of himself. However, under contestMelanie Finley, a Soldier serving at Osan Air rules, MWR employees and family members ofBase; and “Zeus,” a Yorkie belonging to Camp MWR employees are not eligible to win theHumphreys’ couple Matt and Diana Reynolds. major prize. They were the big winners in the Area III Sent back to the pile, he first pickedDistinguished Dog Contest, hosted by Area III “Cricket” and then chose “Zeus” as theMorale, Welfare and Recreation to salute the winners.Dog Days of Summer in August. Cricket will In addition, Hobo selected a collection ofgrace the front cover of the “Leisure other entrants for the back covers of the twoInformer” while Zeus will appear on the cover magazines. Owners of those dogs will receiveof the monthly “Youth Newsletter.” a 2-for-1 Steak Dinner Coupon from the In addition, the two owners will receive a Alaska Mining good for a free steak dinner at the Both the “Leisure Informer” and “YouthAlaska Mining Co. The selected steak will have Newsletter” will be published by the first ofto include a bone under contest rules. August and will be available at the Post “It was a close contest, with almost 100 Exchange, commissary and Area III MWRphotos entered,” said Area III MWR Marketing facilities.Chief Mike Mooney. “The photos were spread MIKE MOONEY When asked what he’s going to do for anon my living room floor, with the judges then Hobo picks Cricket, a white boxer belonging to 1st Lt. Melanie encore, Mooney said Area III will honor catssorting through the entries before selecting the Finley as the Distinguished Dog who be featured on the cover in the October Leisure Informer.two cover dogs. I want to thank the judges for of the August MWR Leisure Informer. “It’s against my better judgment, but cattheir hard work – especially Hobo who took “Neither Sophia nor Dong II will explain owners are threatening to boycott Area IIIhis duties very seriously.” where the box of Milk Bones came from,” MWR facilities,” Mooney said. “I guess we’ll Originally, Mooney’s four dogs — Hobo, Mooney said. “It’s pretty obvious they had have to give away some fish dinners to keepJumping Jack, Dong II and Sophia — were accepted a bribe from someone.” them happy. We picked October because thesupposed to judge the contest. But the two So the judging was left up to Hobo, a holiday cats are most closely associated withFrench (poodle) judges got caught in a Milk Shitsu, and Jumping Jack, a min-pin. is Halloween.”Bone scandal and were disqualified from the “Being a puppy, Jumping Jack saw all the Cat owners may e-mail entries to Mooney atpanel. pictures spread on the floor and thought they Twice as Nice ACS from Page 21 involved with the Army Family into her ACS volunteer service Action Program and the Army between January and June, and Family Team Building Program. was named ACS “Soldier of the She also serves as the leader of Year” for her volunteer efforts as the Family Readiness Group a Girl Scout leader. supporting the 3rd Military Woodward was one of 10 Intelligence Brigade. Soldiers who received “It’s a lot of fun,” she said. Meritorious Service Medals for “It gets you out into the their volunteer corps service. community and helps you to “I really have a good time meet people. And you’re helping helping people,” she said. “It’s Soldiers and their families.” fun.” Capt. Melissa K. Woodward, Samantha Elkins received the Company C, 168th Medical award for youth volunteer of the Battalion, invested 161 hours quarter. COURTESY PHOTO Samantha Elkins was recognized twice last week for her volunteer work at Camp Humphreys. She received the USFK 2006 Youth of the Year award during the Camp Humphreys town hall meeting July 18. The award was given for her over 300 hours volunteering with chapel SUSAN BARKLEY programs and as the Camp Humphreys representative at various youth leadership forums Dave Watson, director, Are III Morale, Welfare and Recreation, congratulates Carrie A. Bruhl, on the peninsula. Elkins picked up her second award of the week July 21 during the Army commander, Company B, 4th Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade and 1st Sgt. James E. Community Service 41st birthday and Volunteer of the Quarter celebration. She was named Johnson, after their company was named military unit of the quarter during the ACS 41st birthday Youth Volunteer of the Quarter by Emily Philippe, volunteer coordinator. celebration held at Camp Humphreys July 21.
  • July 28, 2006 Page 25AFSB-NEA breaks ground on new facilityState-of-the-art Camp Carroll represent about 50 percent of the U.S. ground combat power inmaintenance building Korea. The facility will have 16 maintenanceto help with readiness bays equipped with automatic lube systems, in-floor flush lifts and a craneBy Steven Hoover system able to lift 35 tons of ArmyArea IV Public Affairs vehicle components. CAMP CARROLL – A ground- “Not only is this facility designedbreaking ceremony for a $9.7 million, with maintenance in mind,” Gibson said,53,000-square-foot state-of-the-art “but the areas outside the maintenancevehicle maintenance facility was held here bays will contribute directly toWednesday. supporting the mission.” Army Field Support Battalion – North The admin areas will have speciallyEast Asia personnel joined officials from designed classrooms to provide trainingArmy Field Support Brigade Korea, to the workforce and, uponCorps of Engineers Far East District, contingency, can support incomingvarious Area IV Support Activity tactical units during the handoff oforganizations and contractor Namwha equipment, he said.Construction Company, Ltd., to cut the The office area will be fully wiredribbon and turn the first ceremonial This is an artists rendition of the finished 53,000-square-foot state-of-the-art vehicle maintenance for both secure and non-secureshovel of earth. facility which will be used by Army Field Support Battalion-North East Asia personnel to keep communications; will have a large break AFSB-NEA’s mission is combat vehicles within the U.S. Army pre-positioned stocks at a high state of readiness. The facility is area; and a latrine area complete withreadiness and accountability for all U.S. scheduled for a November 2007 completion. lockers and showers. Also included inArmy pre-positioned stocks assets in the United States. initiated by the United States Forces the design are a weapons storage vault,Pacific Theater, including those here. “This project displays the cooperation Korea commander (then, Gen. Leon J. centralized tire shop, supply andThe history of AFSB-NEA began with and commitment of the Republic of LaPorte), and represents a priority for communications rooms, storage areas,the 1994 establishment of Army War Korea and the United States to the USFK and our ROK counterparts. Upon and a mass notification system.Reserve Management Cell-4 to manage alliance and defense of Korea,” said Col. completion, this facility will play a vital “This project is one of severalU.S. Army war reserve stocks. The cell William “Bill” Gibson, Army Field role in the maintenance of U.S. Army significant mission support and qualitybegan operating here in 1994 with Support Brigade-Far East commander. pre-positioned stocks.”personnel on duty from the continental “This maintenance facility project was The stocks stored and maintained at See AFSB, Page 28 World It’s not the World Cup ... Several Korean teachers of English take a break from their tour of U.S. Army installations in Daegu July 21 to try their hand at foosball in the Community Activities Center at Camp Walker. Thirty-four teachers from Daegu Metropolitan City and administrators from the Daegu Board of Education spent the day with the Area IV Support Activity as part of an educator outreach program designed to help them get to better know Americans and the U.S. Army. The teachers and adminstrators toured a barracks, Army family housing quarters, the commissary, library and had lunch in the Camp Henry dining facility with U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers. KEVIN JACKSON
  • July 28, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Proper Mailing Address Usage Important The Area IV Consolidated Mailroom provides directory service for mail that has been missent, or improperly addressed, along with routine forwarding for 12 months after patrons make a Permanent Change of Station. It receives an excessive volume of mail requiring directory service. Currently, the staff processes about 3,000 incoming letters a day with about 200 of those missing box numbers. Another 200 have incorrect box numbers or incorrect units. Instead of returning the mail as insufficiently addressed, the mailroom staff looks up the customer information and delivers the mail. Spending a couple of minutes on each of these 400 letters, adds about 12 hours to the total processing time and can result in extra days before the customers PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER receive their mail. Customers are Staff Sgt. Michael Carr, HHC, Area IV Support Activity, and Pfc. Julie Burns, 728th Military Police Company, compete in the first round of the 1st asked to please contact Annual USO Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament at Camp Henry Army Community Service, Tuesday during the ACS Open House. Daegu ACS celebrates anniversary correspondents and provide them with their complete and correct address to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving mail. For more information, contact Staff Sgt. By Steven Hoover the social service activities disappeared Fikisha Maree at 768-7567, or Area IV Public Affairs or stagnated. Kevin Jones at 768-7481. CAMP HENRY – In celebration of ACS was developed to eliminate that Army Community Services’ 41st adverse aspect and to provide a flexible Gospel Service Gets anniversary, the Daegu ACS held an framework for the operation of a viable Temporary Home Open House Tuesday. system of social services. Until further notice, the Camp The event featured information July 25, 1965, Gen. Harold K. Henry Collective Protestant Gospel displays, food, drink, a live radio remote Johnson, then Army Chief of Staff, sent Service (New Dimensional with AFNK-Daegu, a piñata filled with a letter to all major commanders Christian Ministry) will be held at candy for the children, door prizes and announcing the establishment of ACS. the Camp Walker Chapel Activities the Area IV finals of the USO-sponsored And, in 1966, Lt. Col. Emma Baird, Center (Fellowship Hall). Services “1st Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors commonly referred to as the “mother will begin at 10:30 a.m. each Tournament.” of the modern ACS” traveled to Europe Sunday. For more information, Before the establishment of ACS, to assist commanders in establishing contact Michael L. Collins at 764- Army wives often operated lending centers, primarily in Germany. 4614. closets, thrift shops and nurseries; raised Today, the ACS program provides so funds to help the needy; assisted in many services, that it is sometimes hard Lifeguard Camp emergencies; taught and trained the to know what falls under which Offered inexperienced; provided care and umbrella. Whether it’s personal finance A Junior Lifeguard Camp, for comfort to the ill and bereaved; and, classes, relocation assistance or ACS Volunteer Coordinator Bonnie McCarthy children ages 10-14, is scheduled through a grassroots understanding of emergency help, ACS offers a variety helps the children divvy up the remaining candy from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Aug. 14 – the Army community, contributed of services. that fell from the piñata. 18 at the Camp Carroll Indoor Pool, significantly to its stability. But, many To find out more about the services Bldg. 151. Participants will receive times, once those leaders transferred, offered, call 768-7112. basic knowledge in lifeguard skills, CPR, First Aid and general safety. All levels of swimming ability are welcome. A certified lifeguard provides instruction of this course. A fee of $35 includes study materials and a T-shirt. The sign- up deadline is Aug. 10 and class size is limited to 40. For more information, contact Carlos Algarin at 765-8118. Credit Union Extends Carroll Hours Thanks to some recent updates in technology, the USA Federal Credit Union at Camp Carroll is now open Sgt. 1st Class Dean Farr, HHC, 19th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), won and Friday. For more information, In recognition of ACS’s 41st Anniversary, the organization held an Open House that featured door the Area IV Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament contact Charles Hoelderlin at 768- prizes, a buffet lunch, remote broadcasts by AFNK-Daegu and the opportunity for folks to have and advanced to the finals at Dragon Hill 7169/6501. some fun in the middle of the day. Lodge Saturday.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV July 28, 2006 27USFK salute ‘good neighbors’ NEWS & NOTESArea IV honored Society. For 60 years, Kim Duk-hyung has personally kept Camp Henry Term IV College Registration Openswith three selections Camp Henry Term IV college registration for the alive the memory of 11 U.S. Army Air Corps University of Maryland and Central Texas College crewmembers who died in a fiery crash near theBy Steven Hoover is from Aug. 7 – Sept. 2, with classes beginning summit of Mangwoon Mountain, located on NamhaeArea IV Public Affairs Sept. 5. For more information, contact Roger White Island, about 75 miles west of Camp Hialeah in Busan. at 768-7348. CAMP HENRY – Seven Koreans and one Their B-24 Bomber, “Lady Luck II,” was shot downorganization will be recognized by Gen. B. B. Bell, by Japanese anti-aircraft fire Aug. 7, 1945. University of Phoenix Offerscommander, United Nations Command/Combined After World War II, Kim began annual memorial Masters In Management ProgramForces Command/United States Forces Korea, at the services at the site to honor those Americans who Starting Sept. 26, the University of Phoenix is2006 Annual USFK Good Neighbor Awards Ceremony perished in the crash. In 1948, he founded the War offering a Masters of Management degree program5:30 p.m., today, at Dragon Hill Lodge. Memorial Activities Association. He also resolved at Camp Henry. The entire degree program can be They are being honored for their outstanding to build a monument, which was finished in 1956. completed in less than two years. Military Tuitioncontributions to promote friendship and strengthen the Kim Sang-hwan is president of Korean and Assistance rates apply and civilian employees,alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United American Friendship Circle and has fully supported family members and Korean National employeesStates. The ceremony includes three honorees from the program since its creation in 2004. Through may attend at the discounted military tuition rate.Area IV. this program, he has paired Korean families and For more information, contact Larry Kurzer at 768- The award categories and winners for 2006 are: university students with American families. He has 8094. Special Category (Lifetime Achievement): Kim Duk- invited 50 U.S. Soldiers and their family membershyung, director of the War Memorial Activities to his home to share Korean food, traditions and Boxing Program SeeksAssociation, Namhae. culture, and has also sponsored trips to the Daegu New Members Individual Category: Han Tae-dong, president, Opera House. The Camp Carroll Boxing Program, which meets 6People-to-People International Daegu Chapter; Kim Han has been with People to People Daegu Chapter – 8 p.m. weekdays at the Crown Jewel FitnessSang-hwan, president, Korean and American since 1976, and was elected as its president in July Center, is looking for novice or open fighters toFriendship Circle, Daegu; Retired Sgt. Maj. Kang 2003. In the past, he has organized tours to Gyeongju join its ranks. For information, contact CarlosKyung-seo, chief director, U.S./ROK Marine Corps for U.S. Soldiers and their family members to help Algarin at 765-8118.Friendship Association; Honorable Kwon Doo-hyun, them learn about Korean culture in the capital city ofvice governor, Gyeonggi Province Office II; Lee the Shilla Dynasty. TSA Hosts Membership EventJin-ju, coordinator, Sook Myung Women’s This past October, he organized a tour to Goryeong The Taegu Spouse’s Association will host aUniversity-Special Operations Command Korea and Haein Temple. In May 2005, he also planned the membership drive event 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. TuesdayCKOR Outreach Group; and Wouen You-dack, PTP Korea and American Friendship Golf Tournament at the Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop on Campdirector, Pyongtaek City Hall, Songtan Branch. and Banquet, during which PTP presented 10 U.S. Walker. For information, contact Kim Hales at 053- Organization Category: Korea-American Friendship Soldiers with its Good Neighbor Awards. 210-6191. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • Area IV July 28, 200628 The Morning Calm WeeklyArea IV triathletes compete, NEWS & NOTESplace at triathlon championship Evergreen Renovation Slated Renovation of the Evergreen Community Club kitchen, offices and Fairway Lounge at Camp WalkerBy Steven Hoover better pick up his training. Besides regular physical is scheduled to begin today. The dining and barArea IV Public Affairs training with the unit, he usually works out four nights operations for the entire club will be closed for CAMP HENRY – Five triathletes from Area IV put a week and weekends. 45 days. The renovation of the Fairway Loungethemselves to a rigorous test Saturday at the 2006 8th Although Schmidt won the open category, his overall is expected to take about 180 days. During theU.S. Army Triathlon Championship at Camp Casey. time was actually the second best of the day. closure, The Hilltop Club will begin serving “hot Mark Schmidt, a specialist with Company A, 16th Art Mathisen, a captain at 121st General Hospital, lunch” specials from 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. andMedical Logistics Battalion at Camp Carroll, placed Yongsan, competing in the Men’s Senior category, continue throughout the Evergreen’s closure. Forfirst in the Men’s Open category, covering the 400- covered the course in 57:02. information, contact Richard Vaughn at 768-7716.meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and five-kilometer run Also competing in the Men’s Senior category werein 1 hour, 9 minutes, 45 seconds. Camp Henry civilians Patrick Noble, who finished sixth Vacation Bible School Scheduled Schmidt, 28, said that his primary motivation for with a time of 1:13:41 and Tom Corcoran, who came Vacation Bible School 2006, entitled “Fiesta,competing here is to be ready to do triathlons with his in seventh at 1:16:05. Where kids are fired up about Jesus,” is scheduledbrother, who is currently assigned to the 10th Mountain In the Women’s Division, Amelia Carter, a first from 9 a.m. – noon Monday – Aug. 4, at SoldierDivision, Fort Drum, N.Y. lieutenant assigned to 19th Sustainment Command Memorial Chapel on Camp Walker. For “A couple of weeks ago, I saw a flyer for the Camp (Expeditionary), placed second with a time of 1:17:47, information and registration, call Pak Yun-chongCarroll Triathlon and decided to enter,” he said. After and Lisa Keough, a major assigned to the 501st at 764-4498.finishing that event at 1:19:20, he decided that he’d Sustainment Brigade, finished fourth at 1:26:05. School Transportation Office OpenAFSB from Page 25 Taegu American School’s Student Transportation Office is open 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily to registerof life improvements at Camp Carroll, all designed 4, and keeping it ready ‘to fight tonight.’ new students who need bus transportation for theto make Camp Carroll a superb location to live and “This facility will give the team the tools and upcoming school year, which begins Aug. 29. Forwork,” said Lt. Col. John F. Loefstedt, deputy infrastructure it needs to continue this mission into information, contact Michael Dudley at 768-7722.commander, USACE-FED. the future,” he added. “This maintenance facility is nothing without This vehicle maintenance facility, along with Monthly Prayer Breakfast Offeredthe personnel inside,” he added. “This world class the recently started $10.1 million project that The Men of The Morning Calm host a monthlyfacility will be used by a world class team consisting includes a new bowling center, casual dining Prayer Breakfast and Fellowship the first Saturdayof military, U.S. and Korean civilian employees, U.S. facility, swimming pool and multi-purpose field of each month, starting at 8 a.m. in the Campcontractor employees and Korean Service Corps upgrade, are just some of the new construction Walker Chapel Annex. For information, contactmembers of the AFSB-NEA team. going on here. Gary Catlin at 768-8401 or Adam Morrison at This team has exhibited an unwavering dedication This project is scheduled for completion in the mission by maintaining the equipment of APS- November 2007. Ad goes here
  • July 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 29
  • July 28, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily The Phrase of the Week : “May I use your phone?” Jonhwa jom ssodo doemnikka? telephone use May I Vocabulary ‘cheerwol’ ‘parwol’ ‘kuwol’ Situation of the Week : communications Where is a public phone? Gongjung jonwhaga odie issumnikka? Is Mr./Ms. ( ) in? ( )ssi kyesimnikka? When will he/she be back? Onje doraosimnikka? I’ll call him/her again. Dasee jonwha hagessumnida. Hello. Yob ose y o. My phone number is ( ). Je jonwha bonhonun ( ) imnida. Korean Expression of the Week It’s on me! This story is about: Naega ssonda Base access may be denied to It means a person who says this phrase will pay for safety violators whatever a group will do. “Food and drinks are on me!”