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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  040702 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 040702 Document Transcript

  • The Peninsula-Wide News Publication Volume 2, Issue No. 37 No. 37 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA July 2, 2004Local community leaderstarget underage drinkingStory by Steve Davis Merchants Association June 17 to the SOFA status customer refuses, that inspect premises for them.Area III Public Affairs Office discuss the problem of underage customer will not be served alcohol. U.S. Army Support Activity Area III drinking. Soldiers and family members under Alcohol Policy, as outlined in Area III CAMP HUMPHREYS — Area III Both U.S. Forces Korea Regulation 20 years of age may still visit KSTA Policy Memorandum 22 regarding theand Korean leaders are working together 27-5 and Area III Policy Memorandum clubs, officials said, but may only sale, storage and consumption ofto curb underage drinking in Anjung-ri, 22 set the legal drinking age at 20 years consume nonalcoholic drinks. alcoholic beverages, states (among otherthe small town outside the gates of old. KSTA club owners said they are During the June 17 meeting, club provisions) that:Camp Humphreys. willing to work with Area III authorities owners expressed concern about ! The purchase, possession or “This is an emphasis, an awareness to enforce the regulations. American patrons who bring their own consumption of alcoholic beverages isand a collaboration to assure that we Sixteen KSTA clubs have posted beer and liquor into the clubs and who limited to personnel 20 years of age orprotect Soldiers from dangers of signs to remind Status of Forces ignore a ban on backpacks. One club older. Soldiers and civilians of legal ageunderage drinking and preserve the Agreement status patrons that the legal owner said some soldiers blatantly may not purchase or provide alcoholicintegrity of the force,” said Area III drinking age of 20 is being enforced. disregard the rule and bring in backpacks beverages for consumption by anyoneCommander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., Signs are also being posted at some containing alcohol. Backpacks are not under age 20.who with other Area III officials met restaurants and convenience stores. allowed by force protection ! Possession of an open alcoholicwith members of the Korea Special SOFA status customers are required to regulations. Military police and AreaTourist Association and the K-6 provide proof of age, if requested. If III courtesy patrols routinely See Drinking on Page 4Iraqis learn it ‘pays’to hand over arms Washed out!Story by Staff Sgt. Tony Sailer1st Armored Division Public Affairs KARBALA, Iraq — Dozens of Iraqis traded weaponsfor cash here in early June as part of the Army’s WeaponsReward Program. The weeklong program was started by a Polish Armypsychological operations team to get weapons off the streetsand put money in the pockets of citizens, thereby stimulatingthe local economy. More than $30,000 was given out, said 1st Lt. Eric Iliff,a fire support officer with Company C, 1st Battalion, 36thInfantry Regiment, Task Force 1-37 Armor, 1st ArmoredDivision. Soldiers from that unit, along with other Soldiersfrom the task force, manned the buy-back program at thePolice Academy in southern Karbala from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.each day. “The prices (we offer) are pretty competitive,” said Iliff.“We have had very few people complain.” The complaintsthey received came from those trying to sell inoperativeweapons. “They want to get the full price, but for a broken AK,”Iliff said. “We are only going to pay a small percentage ofwhat we pay for a functional weapon.” PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS A wide variety of weapons and ammunition were Soldiers from t he 3rd Maintenance Company at Suwon Air Base rinse off their High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehiclecollected, including dozens of rocket-propelled grenade during a semi annual operational decontamination exercise recently to test their nuclear, biological and chemical operationallaunchers, assault and other types of rifles, hundreds of readiness. At the conclusion of the exercise, the contaminated unit was ready to continue the mission. See Money on Page 4 What ’s inside... INSIDE Summer hire Humphreys Commentary.............Page 2 Cavalry troopers Korean War hero’s Blotters....................Page 2 program benefits community gets News and notes......Page 3 celebrate heritage glimpse of the future name lives on Movies...................Page 14 Yongsan Chaplain................Page 15 See Page 5 See Page 10 See Page 21 See Page 26 MWR Events...........Page 18
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 2 July 2, 2004 MP Blotter Commentary The following entries were excerpted Ex-figure skater slugs through life; Ex-figure takes time to rough up the competitionfrom the past several week’s militarypolice blotters. These entries may beincomplete and do not determine theguilt or innocence of any person. By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman It’s just too bad she couldn’t follow the example set by Korea Region Public Affairs Office the person who was on the receiving end of the “whack heard around the world.”! An investigation by the U.S. Army I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: That Tonya Harding That would be Nancy Kerrigan. She now is a mother of aCriminal Investigation Division found has become a boxer or that she made more than I do in year 7-year-old who likes to sing and paint.that a U.S. government civilian used his from her last bout. One might think that a person who hired a hit man to getgovernment purchase card to make more One thing I do know, it sure was entertaining to see the rid of an opponent in the public eye might try to improve herthan $46,000 in fraudulent charges. highlights on ESPN. The other guys in the chow hall would image.The subject admitted that he made the agree with me. So did the crowd that Instead it appears that she may have booed her as she entered the ring in made a little progress in repairing anfraudulent charges to his GPC at various It’s just too bad she couldn’t innocent figure skater girl image since Edmonton, Ontario, June 25.businesses off-post. Harding took home more than a follow the example set by the then. severe face beating; she added person who was on the Since her celebrity boxing debut,! A military police investigation $25,000 to her purse. Not bad for a Harding has moved from TV showrevealed that a U.S. Soldier loss. A boxing promoter said she could receiving end of the “whack entertainment to the pros.assaulted several female Soldiers by have made as much as $600,000 if heard around the world.” She’s the only American woman tograbbing their buttocks without their she won. land a triple axel in competition, but I’m sure money wasn’t what was has yet to prove to me that she can beconsent. going through her head as she vainly tried to defend herself the only one to make a successful transition to a legitimateFurther investigation revealed the against the ropes while a relatively unknown Canadian boxer boxing career — one free from the alcohol-related and fights-Soldier assaulted one female brutally pounded her back to the Stone Age. with-boyfriends headlines.Soldier when he kissed her on the She may have had some sense knocked into her head. We Before her first professional fight in February, Hardingcheek without her consent while in her won’t know until after the swelling goes down. said people would see how fundamentally solid she is.barracks room. Given the profit and attention Harding receives from her She is going to need to be if she keeps taking blows like new bad girl image, there probably won’t be much change. the ones she got June 25 if she wants to continue in the ring. She gets a lot of attention from this new image. She also! The military police were recently E-mail commentary submissions to Please probably won’t be on the ice anytime soon since she hasnotified of larceny of private property. keep submissions about a page in length and include your name, rank and duty been banned by the U.S. Figure Skating Association. So station. The Morning Calm Weekly reserves the right to edit letters for length,An investigation disclosed that a making a career change was definitely a must. taste and clarity.Soldier’s digital video disc player andcell phone and another Soldier’s cell Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:phone were removed from their rooms,which were secured and unattended. weekend? What are your plans for the July 4 weekend?! A recent military policeinvestigation revealed that a U.S.Soldier was observed in an-offpost club during curfew hours.When the Soldier was approached byKorean National Police, theSoldier said he was not aservicemember and refused to producehis identification card. “I will be getting “I’ll be on leave in “I am going to take a “I’ll probably beAfter being asked by KNP for his ID together with some Virginia.” — Sgt. 1st Class walk on Apsan working.” — Capt. Chris close friends.”— Anthony Powell, Headquarters Mountain with my Hubbard, Headquarters andcard, the Soldier finally admitted to Spc. Adam F. Williams, and Headquarters Company, Area I family.” — Pak Chan-Yoo, family.” Headquarters Company, Area Ibeing a servicemember and produced Company D, 168th Medical company commander, 32ndhis ID. The Soldier was apprehended Battalion, Camp Walker Korean Service Corpsand transported to the provost marshal Company, Camp Henryoffice. Published by IMA-Korea Region Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press This Army newspaper is an authorized Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer Stephen Oertwig exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Editor Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. Area I Area III responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis including inserts or supplements, corrected. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Staff Writer Pfc. Stephanie Pearson does not constitute endorsement AP 96205. President: Charles Chong by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Area II Area IV Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. James M. Joyner advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Staff Writer Sgt. Kim Hee-jin CI Officer Galen Putnam publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pfc. Oh Dong-keun available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • MORNING CALMThe Morning Calm Weekly Page July 2, 2004 3NEWS & NOTES Why Korea is the Duty Assignment of Choice Gift Shop to CloseThe Chosun Gift Shop will be closed inJuly. It will reopen Aug. 4 and continueregularly scheduled hours:Wednesday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. To F r e e D M Z To u r f o r StudentsHigh school and college students ofU.S. military and civilian personnel andDepartment of State employees in Koreaare welcome to a free demilitarizedzone tour 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Aug4. The program includes historicalb r i e f i n g s a n d t o u r s o f Tu n n e l N o . 3 ,Observation Post Dora, Camp Bonifas andPanmunjom. Reservations are required.C a l l N e l d e Le o n , U . S . F o rc e s K o re aPublic Affairs Office, 723-4685, or sende-mail to July 26. COL A DecreasesMany servicemembers throughout Koreahave already noticed a decrease in Costof Overseas Living Allowance that tookaffect June 1. The Military AdvisoryPa n e l o f t h e Pe r D i e m Tr a v e l a n dTr a n s p o r t a t i o n A l l o w a n c e C o m m i t t e eapproved a 4 point decrease in the COLA PHOTO GALEN PUTNAMindex for all of Korea due to the U.S. BY Irene Francis, lead human relations specialist at the Area IV Support Activity Civilian Personnel Action Center, provides assistance to Daviddollar and Korean won exchange rate Parsons who works at Camp Carroll’s Combat Equipment Battalion – Northeast Asia, at the facility’s newly-renovated offices. The buildingfluctuation. Since the dollar has housing CPAC and the Area IV Legal Assistance Office received a complete makeover including exterior work such as roof repairs andstrengthened over the past two months, landscaping to interior upgrades such as new lighting, electrical outlets, heating and air conditioning as well as modern work stationsservicemembers are seeing the effect according to Dean Tom, CPAC human resources officer. The project was completed ahead of schedule by the Area IV Support Activityof the system balancing out buying Directorate of Public Works.power for servicemembers in Korea. Army Safety Campaign PlanDuring the first year of operations in Iraq, FINCOM offers information422 American Soldiers died in country;o f t h e s e , o v e r 2 6 percent w e r e n o n -combat accidents. In the past 23 years on split disbursmentmore than 7,500 Soldiers have died in 175th Finance Command traveler receiving funds due. outstanding GTCC balance for splitaccidents, compared to fewer than 600 If the TDY orders do not state whether disbursement to the GTCC combat. Last year’s total accidental YONGSAN — The split disbursement the traveler is a GTCC holder or not, When performing local travel and thedeath rate was the highest in 10 years. option for settling temporary duty travel contact the order issuing office for GTCC is used, the traveler will annotateTo combat accidental deaths, the U.S. vouchers has been available for use since inclusion of the statement. If the statement the amount to be sent to the GTCCArmy has implemented the Army Safety Sept. 1, 2003. For military members with is incorrect, contact the order-issuing office contractor in block 12 of the Standard FormCampaign Plan. Included in ASCP is a government travel charge card this is a for correction. 1164 when appropriate.t h e “ B e S a f e ! ” v i d e o that s h o u l d b e mandatory process. The most current version of Travel Some expenses to consider whenviewed by all Soldiers by Saturday. The TDY orders are required to have a Settlement voucher to use is Department calculating the amount to be disbursed tovideo can be seen at statement as to whether the traveler is a of Defense form 1352-2. In block number the GTCC contractor are; ATM advances,home.html. government travel card holder or not. one of this form, split disbursement ATM fees, lodging, car rental, and meals This statement will play a key role in requirements are specified for military incurred while on official TDY travel. ATDY PCB Closure determining if the split disbursement members and civilians. traveler who is a GTCC holder is requiredArea II Support Activity Property Control option is mandatory. When a civilian traveler is a government to obtain an advance of funds via an ATM.Branch will be closed today and Monday for It is the traveler’s responsibility to travel card holder and the split disbursement Advantages to utilizing the splitthe training and Independence Day holiday. ensure the correct statement is on the option in block one of the DD Form 1351- disbursement option are; payment to the orders. The reviewing official should 2 is not completed, the charges for GTCC contractor is processed for the 176th FINCOM Ser vices verify the statement also. Incorrect or transportation, lodging, and rental car will traveler, eliminates check writing orThe 176th Finance Battalion’s customer omission of the statement will force the be automatically disbursed to the GTCC purchase of money orders, andservice section will be closed July 9 for an travel section to process the settlement contractor. Military personnel are required eliminates delay of payment due to lostorganizational day. voucher in a manner that may delay the to designate an amount equal to their or late mail.In and Out Processing stations will havelimited services. Claims: How to file a claim for loss because of flood damage News & Notes Deadline Story by Capt. Carla A. Simmons information about filing a claim.The deadline for submitting items for United States Armed Forces Claims Service, Korea It is important not to delay in order to properlyPeninsula News & Notes is Friday each week document damage and ensure timely payment of properfor publication the following Friday. YONGSAN — Flooding is a common occurrence in claims. The information below provides helpful tips toFor more information, call 738-3355 or e- Korea. If servicemembers have flood damage to their settling a claim efficiently.mail privately-owned vehicle or quarters, they should contact the U.S. Armed Forced Claims Service immediately for See Tips on Page 4
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 4 July 2, 2004Drinking from Page 1beverage container is prohibited in public to order, purchase, possess, provide orplaces unless specifically authorized by the consume alcoholic beverages will produceArea III commander. Appropriate identification bearing their name, age andrepresentatives of the Republic of Korea photograph upon demand to any of thegovernment must provide such authorization following individuals who requestoff post. documentation for the purpose of ! Sales of alcoholic beverages to establishing age and identity: waitresses whointoxicated persons are prohibited in on-post serve alcoholic beverages; retail cashiersestablishments and off-post clubs. where alcohol is sold; club, facilities or retail ! Sales of “doubles” or other managers or their designated representatives;unconventional drinks obviously designed to masters of arms; officers of the day; lawprovide high alcohol content or volume is enforcement personnel; or other military orprohibited on-post and in KSTA clubs. civilian officials. The policy letter details the following Violation of these provisions by serviceprocedures for enforcing and complying with members may result in nonjudicialthe Area III alcohol policy: punishment under Article 15, Uniform Code ! Patrons (i.e., all USFK SOFA civilian of Military Justice, for failure to obey a lawfuland military personnel who enter order or regulation. To protect USFKestablishments that sell and serve alcoholic personnel, the Camp Humphreys Armedbeverages) will not be denied access to Forces Disciplinary Board may take actionestablishments solely on the basis of age. to prevent USFK personnel from patronizing ! Managers and servicing staff of all KSTA clubs that violate the terms of theestablishments are responsible for 100 percent agreement. Such action may include placingverification of the patron’s age before serving such establishments “off-limits” to USFKor selling alcohol beverages. personnel. ! Patrons will be identified whenever The cooperative Area III-Koreanthey order or purchase alcoholic beverages, community effort is expected to reduce theor at any other time when the patron’s legal number of underage drinking violations.right to possess or consume alcohol isreasonably questioned. Patrons who desire E-mail from Page 1hand grenades, and other explosives. After gathering the weapons, Coalition “We have done well considering this is forces will turn these weapons over to thejust the first couple of days doing this in Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, Iliff said. “ThatKarbala,” Iliff said. “Another unit did the way the new Iraqi government doesn’tsame program down in Najaf. They started have to buy all new weapons to equip theiroff a little bit slow. After a couple of days Soldiers. (The weapons) are already herethe people began telling their neighbors and in the country. We just put them in the rightfriends.” hands.” Iliff said that as word got out, other The ones that don’t work will beresidents started saying, “Hey, the destroyed.Americans are giving good prices for buying The sellers received the going rate forback these weapons. Since we are not the class of weapon they brought in. Somefighting anymore let’s sell them back.” weapons were worth $300.Tips from Page 3What property is covered? each item in detail. Servicemembers will The claims office can compensate also need to get a written statement signedservicemembers for flood damage to personal by a neutral party stating he knew of theproperty, including clothing, stereo items in, televisions, appliances and POVs. Finally, servicemembers should make However, servicemembers still have a duty a personal list of all desired items to beto mitigate their damage by salvaging as claimed before going to the claims office.much property as possible, either by elevating Doing so will enable servicemembers toit to a dry area or moving it to another facility. fill out the necessary paperwork quickly For damage to government-issued and permit the claims office to settleequipment, such as TA-50 gear, contact claims in the shortest time possible.respective unit supply sergeants. Honesty is the best policyWhat should be done before filing a A few people are always tempted toclaim? exaggerate the value or claim items they Do not throw away any damaged items did not actually own. Submitting a falseuntil claims are approved. The claims office claim is fraud and punishable under therealizes the inconvenience of holding on to Uniform Code of Military Justice.wet clothes and appliances, but by keeping The claims office has a duty to paythese items, servicemembers will ensure the the proper claims of chance of receiving the maximum The claims office also has a duty toamount allowable for their claims. ensure suspicious claims are investigated. If possible, take pictures of all damaged For more information, contact theitems and areas. Pictures will help nearest Army claims office: Yongsansubstantiate ownership and the condition of 738-8294; Camp Casey 730-1910;the damaged items. Camp Red Cloud 732-6017; Camp If any personal property has been washed Humphreys 753-8047; and Camp Henryaway, make a list of those items describing 768-6631.
  • July 2, 2004 Page 5Cavalr y troopers celebrate heritage Story, photos by David McNally Area I Public Affairs Office CAMP GARRY OWEN — Hundreds of cavalry troopers got a long overdue break June 25 to celebrate a special day in the history of their storied regiment. “These Soldiers haven’t had a day off all year,” said Command Sgt. Maj. James Norman, the senior noncommissioned officer for the 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment. “They are some of the hardest working troopers on the peninsula.” On June 25, 1876, 611 Soldiers of the 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment rode toward the banks of the Little Big Horn in the See Cavalry on Page 8Staff Sgt. Ralph Plates, Troop B, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment,(left) leads his team to a second consecutive 1st Lt. Andrew Herzberg, Troop D, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment,victory in a tug of war battle. The Soldiers spent June 25 in a day of competitions to celebrate the regiment’s history. watches the competitions from his helicopter. Troopers quickly master the Korean traditional game of kimajun, a competition NATIONAL ARCHIVE similar to capture the flag. Gen. George A. Custer led his 7th Left: Spc. Anthony Berry, Troop F, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, shoots U.S. Cavalry troopers in the Battle of and scores in a playoff match with Troop B. Berry scored 14 points on the Little Big Horn June 25, 1876. Present- game; however, Troop B was victorious. day cavalrymen honored the event.
  • Page 6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004NEWS & NOTES Youth Summer Youth Program eArmyU opens Area I enrollmentThe summer youth program is scheduled through More Soldiers to join classes for less money, even though the semester hour class within 90 days ofAug. 20 at Camp Red Cloud. books are not provided for free. entering the program.”For more information, call 732-6246. without full benefits The full eArmyU covers Internet “There is a cap of $4,500 in tuition costs per Soldier per fiscal year,” he service fees as well, but the Soldier USO Bazaar Story by David McNally must agree to successfully complete 12 Area I Public Affairs Office explained.A shopping bazaar is scheduled 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Because of the higher tuition costs semester hours within two years.Saturday and Sunday at the Camp Casey USO. For with eArmyU, Soldiers cannot take as The eArmyU program features 29more information, call 730-4812. CAMP RED CLOUD — Soldiers academic institutions and offers 146 seeking distance education opportunities many classes as with traditional degree programs. in Area I now have more choice. The distance education before reaching the Rugby cap. Schultz said although regularArea I rugby practice is held 6 p.m. every Tuesday U.S. Army has opened a limited version distance education classes offer a much of its eArmyU program to all active-duty “Its to the Soldiers advantage if heand Thursday at Camp Red Cloud. wider choice of programs, the eArmyU Soldiers stationed in Warrior Country. only plans to take three or four coursesFor more information, call 732-8882. program might be a better financial However, the slimmed-down per fiscal year,” Schultz said. “Soldiers option for some Soldiers. education program does not feature a who take a heavier class load may be Equal Opportunity “Any distance education course free laptop computer. Representative Course better served by regular distance requires more self-discipline,” Schultz For two years, the eArmyU pilot education courses.”An Equal Opportunity representative course is said. “Although distance education is program offered Soldiers a tuition-free “The mission of eArmyU is tooffered 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. July 5-16 at the Camp not for everyone, it is a viable option to college education and a laptop consider.”Red Cloud Army Community Service building, and eliminate barriers with revolutionary computer. Soldiers serviced by the “Some Soldiers have really excelledfrom Aug. 2–13 at the CRC Education Center. For education programs for Soldiers,” said Camps Casey and Hovey education in this program,” Campbell said. “For amore information, call 732-6069. James Campbell, Area I education centers were, and still are, the only motivated individual, it is an outstanding services officer. “With eArmyU, a troops eligible to join the full eArmyU Women’s Equality Day Run omen’s program. The program is also available Soldier has access to quality educational opportunity.”A Women’s Equality Day run is scheduled 6 a.m. opportunities any time and any place.” Education officials said all eArmyU at a handful of stateside Army posts. program participants need to be on theirAug. 25 for Area I and 2nd Infantry Division Soldiers “In eArmyU, the books and tuition Although officials admit the trimmedat Camp Red Cloud. down eArmyU will not meet every unit’s order of merit list, and need the are free,” said Stanley Schultz, an approval of their unit commander. education services specialist with the Soldier’s need, they said it is another For more information on the Reunion in Korea Area I Education Center. “But, the option available to Soldiers to help meet program, visit the eArmyU Web site atReunion tour packages are scheduled Sept. 20-23 eArmyU tuition rates, on average, are educational goals. or visit anyand Oct. 18-21. An airline tickets-only option is higher.” “The Internet service fees are Area I Education Center.also available. For reservations and/or more Schultz said a Soldier may be able to covered by the program,” Schultz said.information, visit the Web site at http:// take more regular distance education “A Soldier is required to enroll in a three- E-mail or call 723-3474, Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 9 a.m. –5 p.m. Division welcomes spiritual leader DMZ/JSA Tour Free DMZ/JS A Tour for Story, photo by David McNally USFK Students Area I Public Affairs OfficeAn informative summer activity is available for visitingand in-country high school and college students to CAMP RED CLOUD — The Warrior Division welcomedlearn and appreciate the U.S. military mission in a new spiritual leader in a unique ceremony June 24.Korea and Americas role in Korean history. To Maj. Gen. John R. Wood, the commanding general ofreserve a tour seat, send e-mail to the 2nd Infantry Division, presented the mantle and by July 26. E-mail of the military position and religious office, the stole of thereservation request must include full name of division chaplain, to Chaplain (Lt. Col.) John Alexander.student; grade level; name of school; sponsors The stole is a narrow strip of cloth that many Christianname, unit, telephone number, and e-mail address ministers wear draped over both shoulders. In history, emperors and high officials wore stoles as symbols of their(military e-mail address preferred). Students must office and authority.have a valid U.S. military identification card or U.S. “In order to be able to fight tonight, our Soldiers mustpassport. For more information, call 723-4685. have spiritual fitness,” Wood said. “They must be physically, tactically and spiritually fit.” Training EEO - POSH Training Alexander told the Soldiers and civilians seated in the pewsThe Equal Employment Office will conduct of the military house of worship he was thankful to have been Chaplain (Lt. Col.) John Alexander wears the stole of the 2nd Infantryprevention of sexual harassment training 8 – 10 chosen to become the 2nd Infantry Division chaplain. Division chaplain after receiving it in a ceremony June 24 at Camp Reda.m. for supervisors and 10 a.m. – noon for non- “I’ve only been in country for two days,” Alexander said. Cloud.supervisors Aug. 26 at the Camp Red Cloud Army “But, I marvel at 2nd Infantry Division Soldier’s poise andLearning Center, Building S-58, Room 210. their confidence they seem to hold.” “God will richly bless your ministry I’m sure,” he said. Alexander has held a wide variety of chaplain positions, Well-Being Council from battalion to brigade level. He also ministered to inmates “I’m not sure how I come to be so blessed,” Tarvin said. Meeting at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. “I love being a chaplain and I can’t imagine being anythingAn Area I Well-Being Council meeting will be held Alexander replaces Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Michael Tarvin, else.”11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. July 12 in the Camp Red who the Army has selected for promotion to colonel. Tarvin Tarvin said the ceremony was not for him or Alexander.Cloud Area I Conference Room. served in Yongsan for two years as the deputy chief of “We’re here to convey the meaning and importance of chaplains for 8th U.S. Army before becoming the chaplain spiritual strength in our Soldiers,” Tarvin said. Garrison Change of for the Indianhead Division. His next assignment will be at Tarvin directed the chaplains and chaplain’s assistants from Command Madigan Army Medical Center, Fort Lewis, Wash., as the the 2nd Brigade Combat Team to be present for the ceremony.The U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud change command chaplain. He asked them to stand while he prayed for them. The teamof command will be held 10 a.m. July 15 on the Chaplain (Col.) Samuel Boone, 8th U.S. Army chief of stands ready to deploy to Iraq later this summer.Village Green. chaplains, told the assembly of his long friendship with the Chaplains play a key role in providing spiritual comfort in former division chaplain, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Michael Tarvin, todays Army, Wood said. Open Season as he welcomed Alexander to Korea. “There are a lot of conversions that happen as our SoldiersThe next Thrift Savings Plan open season will be “I have known John Alexander from a distance,” Boone prepare for battle,” Wood said. “You only have to see thatOct. 15 through Dec. 31. said. “You’re losing one great chaplain, but you’re getting once to be permanently reminded how important spiritual faith another.” is to you.” Boone encouraged Alexander to continue to take care of Soldiers. E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 7 Warrior star-studdedOfficials: Warrior Independence Day to be star-studdedWhere to be this holiday Casey’s Stewart Field. That show begins 7 p.m.weekend in Area I Camp Casey will kick off itsArea I Public Affairs Office Independence Day celebration noon Sunday with a block party and MWR CAMP RED CLOUD — If last band performances. All festivities willyear’s celebration is any indicator of include food, beverages, games and freehow Warrior Country observes entertainment.Independence Day, Soldiers will have a Soldiers anxious to begin thelot to do and see. weekend celebrations can start at Camp Wayne Newton and friends plan to Stanley, where the party starts at noonentertain warriors in Area I, to include today.Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat At Camp Stanley, there will be twoTeam. Morale, Welfare and Recreation bands performing: Jeff Valdez, a soloEntertainment Director John Antes said artist, and Central Sound. There will notit promises to be a good show. be a fireworks display. “Wayne always provides a great Officials said Stanley’s celebrationshow for the Soldiers,” Antes said. “This will feature remote control car racesyear he’ll be at Rodriguez Range to do and spades and eight-ball tournaments. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYa special show for the Soldiers Wayne Newton entertains Camp Casey Camp Page will begin a communitydeploying to Iraq.” crowds with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. celebration at 10 a.m. Saturday at the airfield Antes said the show will feature with a military static display and continue atWayne Newton, several Dallas Cowboy fireworks display and the 2nd Infantrycheerleaders, Comedian Lewis Dix, and the sports complex at 12:30 p.m. Look for Division Band will close the evening’sMiss U.S.A. The Rodriguez Range the bands Primal Urge and Road Crew for will begin 11:30 a.m. Sunday and entertainment. Fire works begin at 9 p.m. Last year, the event drew thousands ofwill be followed by an autograph Rodriguez Range will host Jeff Valdez people to Camp Casey.session. and Central Sound starting noon Saturday. Camp Casey officials plan to move the Warrior Country Soldiers and civilians cheer Later in the day the Newton The biggest Warrior Country celebration celebration to one of the physical fitness as Wayne Newton and friends perform atentertainers will perform at Camp will be at Camp Casey on Sunday. A centers in case of rain. Camp Casey July 4, 2003.Army official inspects installations AAFES offers gift telephone cardsArea I Public Affairs Office construction, real estate, operations, communities initiative and other maintenance and management of Army infrastructure privatization programs; DALLAS — Soldiers and installations worldwide. strengthening the Army’s readiness to airmen stationed anywhere in the CAMP CASEY — A senior Army At Camp Casey, Prosch talked with world can call home anytimeofficial visited various installations in prevail in every mission by improving senior noncommissioned officers and with donated minutes as a resultWarrior Country Tuesday to assess our installations’ capacity for power Soldiers while he inspected living of a new decision to allow theliving conditions and visit with Soldiers. projection and training support; and Army and Air Force Exchange In Area I, Geoffrey G. Prosch, the conditions. making Army transformation a reality Service to sell military exchangeActing Assistant Secretary of the Army Later, he traveled to Camp Hovey to via transformation of Installation prepaid telephone cards tofor Installations and Environment, visit the Chairman Hobson Community Management and focusing on anyone wishing to donate themtoured Camps Howze, Casey and Activities Center. installations as flagships.” to deployed troops.Hovey. Prosch said he is committed to the Prosch said he is dedicated to “Sending a telephone card to Prosch is responsible for policy three components of the Army vision, managing and expanding the Army’s deployed troops reminds themdevelopment, program oversight and “Achieving a high quality of life for $15 billion budget for maintaining and folks back home are thinking ofcoordination for the design, people through the residential improving its installations. them,” said Maj. Gen. Kathryn Frost, AAFES commander. The new 550-Unit Military Exchange prepaid telephone card, available for $39, provides up to 140 minutes of call time from remote and austere locations throughout Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Officials said even though the face value of domestic cards may appear higher, telephone cards sold by commercial retailers stateside provide fewer global minutes since they are designed for use only in the United States. Frost said one of the problems with the program is so few people know about the initiative. The cards are available to anyone that wishes to make a PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLY donation to an individualFirst Sgt. Derik Maull, 4th Chemical Company (left), shows Geoffrey G. Prosch, the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations servicemember.and Environment, the living conditions of his Soldiers Wednesday at Camp Casey.
  • Page 8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004Cavalry from Page 5Montana Territory. Custer’s last stand Members of the Camp Garry Owenbecame part of the history and lore of Better Opportunities for Single andthe American cavalryman. Unaccompanied Soldiers program “Today, we stand together here on coordinated the events by coming upthis remote border camp known as with rules and supervising the games.Garry Owen, along the Korean Morale, Welfare and Recreation’sdemilitarized zone,” Squadron entertainment division set up a stage andCommander Lt. Col. Brian Preler told sound system for live bandhis troopers in a speech to kick off the performances in the “We stand as modern-day horse The dining facility and a host ofSoldiers and frontier cavalrymen to volunteers also barbecued steaks, hothonor those 7th U.S. Cavalry troopers dogs and hamburgers at a Camp Garrythat have gone before us and have Owen pavilion.followed the cavalry guidon to other “There’s no other unit like this in theremote border territories throughout the Army,” Preler said. “It’s because of theworld and have served our nation with esprit de corps. We have our own camp,courage and distinction.” and we have our own mission.” With a decree, the squadron Preler said the cavalry is the only unitcommander opened the day of in the division to have a mission 24 hourscompetitions. a day, 7 days a week. He said he always Preler said from the guidon relay has one cavalry troop on a 30-minuteraces, soccer, basketball and softball recall for real-world, to a series of tug of war battles, While June 25 was the anniversarylitter carries and boxing, the intent of of the Battle of Little Big Horn, it wasthe day was to build teamwork and unit also the day in 1950 when North Koreacohesion in the cavalrymen of Camp invaded.Garry Owen. “The men of the 7th Cav were again “When we get a chance to do called upon to do battle with the enemysomething like this, it’s real nice,” said in the same country we serve today,”Pfc. Brian Long, Headquarters and Preler said.Headquarters Troop, 4th Squadron, 7th Pilots from Troop D, 4th Squadron,Cavalry Regiment. “If we weren’t doing 7th Cavalry Regiment sat in their Kiowathis today, we’d be pulling some kind Warrior OH-58 observation helicoptersof maintenance on our tracks.” watching the competitions. Even as Long said Camp Garry Owen most of the squadron celebrated the day,Soldiers work “pretty hard.” He said, the unit had missions to support.“It’s good to have a break every nowand then.” E-mail Above: Pfc. Lee Tae- kyoo (left) runs the soccerball with teammate Pfc. Jun Shin-il. Lee and Jun, both from Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, competed in the unit’s organization day June 25 at Camp Garry Owen. Left: After learning the traditional Korean game of kimajun, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry troopers refuse to hold PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY back.
  • July 2, 2004 Page 9Summer hire program benefits Yongsan Chang also says the program is that has been vacated for a long time.” teaching her how to effectively interact It is also the student’s first look, with people on a professional level and says Zeigler, at federal employment. helping her gain confidence to “The student can gain creditable approach new people when conducting experience which can be placed on a surveys throughout Area II. resume for future federal employment Alex Choi, who is attending Florida opportunities,” he said. State University, works in the Area II “During the summer when there are Public Affairs Office, and is gaining a lot of shortages in staff, summer hires practical skills as well. can mean the difference between a “Going into my second year as a smooth running office and an sophomore, I decided to work in the overworked, understaffed office,” summer hire program to learn additional Zeigler added. administrative skills, and to become Most Area II agencies are very more proficient in research and pleased with the program. The gathering information,” said Choi. supervisor at the Equal Employment PHOTO BY ALEXANDER CHOI Students aren’t the only ones who Office, Linda Gilmore, says thatSamantha Perkins, a college summer hire, takes a phone call at the Equal Employment are benefiting from the summer hire summer hires can be a great asset inOpportunity Office. program. The Department of Defense the office because a student can handle and government agencies are finding tasks that are normally a burden to theStory by Alex Harrington and accounting major at PACE University, that college students are an additional regular duties of permanent staff.Alexander Choi New York City, who is participating in human resource, available at a “I can assign duties to a collegeArea II Public Affairs Office the 8th Army’s sponsored program. significant lower cost to the student to help relieve a heavy work load While all of the college students are department. Students temporarily fill from our full-time staff,” said Gilmore. YONGSAN — College students earning extra money this summer unmanned positions and perform The benefits from working in thefrom the United States are taking through the summer hire program, additional administrative and general summer hire program far outreach manyadvantage of a peninsulawide 8th U.S. most, if not all, are gaining practical labor tasks not usually done because of those offered by nongovernmentalArmy-sponsored summer hire program skills in administration and general labor, of the lack of staff. organizations, says Gilmore, adding thatto earn extra money to help pay for enhancing their competitive edge when “The agency benefits by the mere students participating in the programtheir post-secondary education. they graduate from college and search fact that it is an opportunity for gain valuable lessons that cannot be The program helps student offset for their first entry-level job, says managers to complete overdue equated to a dollar amount.the overgrowing costs of attending Chang. projects,” said Bill Zeigler, a personnel “Not only do I get a paycheck forprivate or public four-year colleges “While I am earning extra money to management specialist at the Civilian the work I do, I also receive firsthandthat can cost more than $26,000 or help me pay for my studies back in New Personnel Advisory Center. “In experience in a federal work$17,000 per year respectively. York City, I am learning basic addition, a college student environment,” said Chang. There are 22 college students in communications skills, both written participating in the summer hireArea II alone, like Vita Chang, an and interpersonal,” she said. program can temporarily fill a position E-mail YongsanNew Yongsan housing facility opensStory by Alex Harrington “This new facility is not a total solution to the off-baseArea II Public Affairs Office housing issue, but it does avail 60 families to live on Yongsan Garrison,” said Lt. Col. Steve Roemhildt, director YONGSAN — Yongsan Garrison opened new family of public works. “The new housing facility alsohousing for servicemembers Monday. significantly enhances the quality of life for those 60 “This project is the centerpiece of efforts to improve families.the quality of life for service members and their families “Other than an additional 60 spacious three-, four-,... to make Yongsan the assignment of choice,” said Col. and five-bedroom apartments, Burke Tower is alsoTimothy McNulty, Area II Support Activity Commander. equipped with gas appliances and a state-of-the-art Burke Towers is a multimillion dollar project to fill the environmental system,” said McNulty during the openingneed for more field-grade officer housing on Yongsan day ceremony. “And each unit has an assigned parking PHOTO BY PVT. PARK YUNG-KWIand enhance the quality of life for active-duty members space and storage area in the underground parking Family members of Maj. Chris Bland, Korean Service Corpsserving in Korea. garage, which provides security and direct access to Battalion executive officer,enjoy family time in the newly-built The construction project began in April 2002 as a result the elevators.” apartment.of the need for more field-grade officer housing on Facts and figures of Burke Towers:Yongsan. Over the past few years there has been a steady ! Housing complex consists of two, five-story and has telephone, cable television, and Internet connections.increase in the number of field-grade officers who are apartment buildings ! Apartments also will be equipped with all newgranted command-sponsored tours to Korea. However, - Two, 5-bedroom (1,978 square feet) units furniture and appliances installed by the Area II housingcurrent field-grade housing is limited to 300 two-, three- - Eighteen, 4-bedroom (1,762 square feet) units office.and four-bedroom townhouse units on South Post. - Forty, 3-bedroom (1,573 square feet) units For more information about Burke Towers contact There are more than 300 command-sponsored families ! Each building is equipped with four elevators, a the housing office at on the economy, of which are 145 field-grade fire sprinkler and alarm system.officers. ! Each apartment unit controls its own heating and cooling E-mail
  • Page 10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004NEWS & NOTES Sof tball Tournament Softball TournamentYongsan Sports will conduct an intramural softball LaPorte speaks to SCRAtournament today - Monday. The tournament is Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, commander ofopen to the first 16 intramural softball teams from United Nations Command, CombinedArea II. For more information, call 736-7746. Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea, speaks before members from Road Closure the local Signal Corps RegimentalGate 8 will be closed to vehicle traffic 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. Association at the Dragon Hill LodgeTuesday. The pedestrian gate hours on that gate will June 23. LaPorte acknowledged theremain normal. signal community’s contributions to the combined force in Korea, as well as Women’s Summer Bible omen’s providing peace and security on the Study and Fellowship peninsula.There are Protestant Women of the Chapel and MilitaryCouncil of Catholic Women for worship, bible studyand fellowship meetings 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Wednedsay.They begin Wednesday - Aug. 4 at South Post Chapel.For more information, call 02-796-5982. PHOTO BY PVT. HWANG DONG-HYUN Waste Handler’sHazardous Waste Handler ’s TrainingThe U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion andPrevention Medicine Pacific will conduct a two-day Signal Brigade establishes help centercourse for hazardous materials and hazardous waste Story by Sgt. Donald Smith of technicians will visit a migrated unit “Many trouble tickets, which arehandler’s training with a Korean interpreter 8:30 1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs Office the day after the event, and look for problem reports submitted to thea.m. - 5 p.m. July 13 - 14 at Building 2259, Room any problems that might have KTSC, will be handled through a223. For more information, call 724-5008. YONGSAN — “We are up and occurred.” recently installed IBM innovation, running to assist all United States The 169th commander gave his bail known as Tivoli System Automation. Community Health Care Forces Korea customers throughout that his staff will handle all customer This is a systems management tool Forum the whole peninsula with all their calls with excellent customer service that, among other things, will allowThere will be a community health care forum 10 network problems…from e-mail and expeditiously resolve user ’s KTSC technicians to fix mosta.m. July 16 at the main conference room of the account problems to Internet issues,” technical issues in five minutes or problems remotely. If, however, weArmy Community Services Building. For more says Capt. Dallas Powell, 169th Signal less. However, there are some cannot fix it at our end, we will theninformation, call 737-3045. Company commander who heads the problems, he says, that may take forward the trouble call to either 36th new Korea Theater Support Center, a awhile. Signal Battalion or 41st Signal American Red Cross 24-hour technical help desk created “Although the Korea Theater Battalion,” he said.There are immediate openings for the following to help USFK computers users in Support Center ’s goal is to have Powell added, “The 36th will giveleadership positions within the American Red Cross Areas I, II, III and IV. issues resolved or forwarded to the customer support in Areas III and IV,Volunteer Program. The following courses are When finished, the new Korea appropriate place in five minutes or and 41st will do the same in Areas Ischeduled for the month of June. Theater Support Center will have cost less, some types of problems can take and II.”! Baby-sitting 9 a.m. - noon. July 16 - 17. 1st Signal Brigade nearly $1 million awhile,” said Powell. “An account The new million-dollar service is! ARC Orientation 10 a.m. - noon July 19. to offer a long-term solution to reset is one minute, compared to an located near Daegu, and will giveFor more information, call 738-3760. information management and Internet installation issue that may around-the-clock technical support customer support. take sometime to resolve, depending for all USFK computer users U.S. Army Recruitment Located in 1st Signal Brigade’s on the size of the job and where the throughout the peninsula.A Warrant Officer Recruiting Team from Headquarters, Theater Network Operations and job is located.” For help, just dial 8324 (TECH), forU.S. Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, Security Center, the KTSC can assist The KTSC will handle many trouble e-mail or Internet problems for 24-Kentucky will brief on qualifications and application customers with e-mail account calls through their recently installed hour technical support. For moreprocedures to applicants interested in becoming problems, Internet issues, local area IBM system—Tivoli System information, contact Renken at 764-U.S. Army warrant officers. Recruitment will be network installation, and basically any Automation. This system, says 4433.9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Wednesday - Friday and July network or information management Powell, will allow KTSC technicians16 at the Multipurpose Training Facility. For more problem that occurs, says 1st Lt. Ryan to, remotely fix most issues. E-mail, call 723-5558. Renken, operations officer in charge, Band leader recognized 169th Signal Company, 36th Signal National Kids’ Day Battalion.Area II will celebrate National Kids’ Day 1 - 4 p.m. Aug. “The Korea Theater Support Center1 at the Seoul American Elementary School. For more is an example of how 1st Signalinformation, call 738-5556. Brigade is trying to meet the Army’s trend toward centralization in American Forces Spouses’ information management,” said Club Renken.The American Forces Spouses’ Club is seeking Because of to the migration oforganization or clubs who would be interested in setting personnel e-mail accounts from theup an information table at its annual welcome and sign- USFK domain to the centralized Koreaup reception. The welcome and sign-up reception will domain, KTSC is troubleshootingbe 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Aug. 31 at Dragon Hill Lodge. many phone calls related to theFor more information, call 736-8119. migration. “Currently, technicians are seeing SNGC Nominations a lot of calls related to the migrationSung Nam Golf Club is seeking nominations for six at- to the Korea servers … a move thatlarge members. Candidates must be advanced green consolidates USFK e-mail accounts PHOTO BY SGT. LISA JENDRYfee members. Nominations are open to active-duty, from several servers in three domains Members of the 8th U.S. Army Band practice their trade at Knight Field.DOD civilians or family members. Please submit a short to one domain,” said Renken. “Our A plaque of appreciation was presented recently to Chief Warrant Officerprofile that includes name, membership number, contact folks at the help desk are actively Stephen L. Campbell, commander of the band, by the mayor of Yongsan-information and short statement for wanting to serve involved to ensure the migrations go gu. The plaque was given recognition of his service from March 2000on the council. For more information, call 738-7446. smoothly as possible. Usually, a team through June 2004.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 11 Tours Entertainment Cultural Events, Tours and Enter tainment Experience Greater Seoul USO Tours Royal Asiatic Tour Entertainment Aug 3. For more information, call 02- 3472-4480. ! Seoul City Night Tour – 3:45 - ! Kumosan and Palgongsan ! Summer Night Jazz - Ronn ! The musical Beauty and the Beast 10 p.m. Saturday. Provincial Park Tour July 24 - 25. Branton Jazz Quartet will perform 7:30 will be performed at the LG Arts Center ! Incheon Pottery Tour – 8 a.m. - ! Cholla-Do Tour: Pyonsan Bando p.m. July 10 at the Seoul Arts Center. 8 p.m. Monday-Friday, 3 p.m. Saturday, 4 p.m. Sunday. National Park, Tamyang Bamboo For more information, call 02-888- 8 p.m. Sunday, 2 p.m., 7 p.m. Aug. 8. ! Panmunjon (DMZ) and Tunnel Museum and Pagoda Valley July 10 - 11. 2698. For more information, call 02-2005- – 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday. ! Island Hopping Tour to Chawol- ! Great Mountain Music Festival 0114. ! Cultural Tour – 8:40 a.m. - 3:30 Do. July 17. will be held at Yongpyong Ski Resort ! The Mozart Festival will be held 3 p.m. Thursday. ! Island Hopping Tour to Tokchko- July 24 - Aug 8. For more information, p.m. July 31 at the Seoul Arts Center. ! Lotte World Amusement Park – Do July 18. call 02-724-7781. For more information, call 02-523-8702. 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. July 9. ! Ice ballet Nutcracker will perform ! 2004 World Ballet Star Gala Call 02-763-9483 for more at the Sejong Center Monday and Performance will be held 7:30 p.m. Aug For more information, call the Seoul information about Royal Asiatic Tuesday 3 p.m., 7:30 p.m., Saturday 7 - 8 at the Seoul Arts Center. For more USO office at 02-792-3380. Society events. and Sunday 3 p.m., 6 p.m. July 31 - information, call 2020-1620.8th PERSCOM welcomes new commanderStory by Sgt. 1st Class Patrica Johnson Harris also said that 8th PERSCOM will continue to8th PERSCOM Public Affairs Office provide excellent customer service to U.S. Forces Korea personnel. YONGSAN — Col. Michael J. Harris assumed Lt. Gen. Charles Campbell, 8th U.S. Armycommand over 8th Personnel Command in a change commander, presided over the change of commandof command ceremony held on Knight Field June 22. ceremony and welcomed the new commander. During the ceremony Harris conveyed that he will “I congratulate Colonel Harris on his new commandcontinue to promote commitment, dedication and and I am confident that he will command 8th PERSCOMprofessionalism, not only from his Soldiers, but himself with selfless dedication and commitment,” said Campbell.also. Col. Richard Mustion, out-going commander, will “To the Soldiers, both KATUSA and U.S., of 8th assume his new duty position as the military assistant PHOTO BY SGT. 1ST CLASS PATRICA JOHNSONPERSCOM on the field — you look great,” said Harris. to the principal deputy under secretary of defense for Col. Michael J. Harris accepts the 8th PERSCOM colors and“And to the senior leaders, staff noncommissioned personnel and readiness in Washington D.C. command from Lt. Gen. Charles Campbell as Command Sgt.officers, family members and DoD civilians, I pledge Maj. Carlos Martinez-Rivera, (left ) and Col. Richard P Mustion .my total commitment, dedication and professionalism.” E-mail look on.
  • Page 12 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004Counsel outlines political limits for Army personnelStory by Courtney Hickson capacity may not engage in activities that restrictions on political activities. service is not as a representative of aArmy News Service associate DoD with any partisan political Muehlheuser said requests for guidance partisan political party, does not interfere campaign or election, candidate, cause on political activities issues have been with military duties, is performed while WASHINGTON — As the 2004 or issue. more prevalent over the last year or two out of uniform, and has the approval ofelection draws closer, Soldiers and Army Among other restrictions, federal as a result of mobilizations to help fight the installation commander;employees face restrictions on political employees may not solicit or receive the Global War on Terrorism. 5. Sign a petition for specificactivities different from those, which political contributions or engage in ”This office will prosecute Hatch Act legislative action or a petition to place aapply to the general public. Violating political activity while on duty in a violations in an even-handed and candidate’s name on an official electionthose restrictions could result in government office, while wearing an vigorous fashion,” in a press release, ballot so long as the signing does nottermination of employment or other official uniform or driving a government Special Counsel Scott J. Bloch stated. obligate the Soldier to engage in partisanpenalties, officials said. vehicle. “As we enter the 2004 national election political activity and is done as a private Federal and state employees fall Additionally, many federal and state cycle, it is important for federal citizen and not as a representative of theunder the guidelines of the Hatch Act employees are not permitted to run in a employees to be well aware of the Armed Forces;and its amendments. Political restrictions partisan election. According to the Office prohibitions on partisan candidacy, 6. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaperfor Soldiers are detailed in Army of the Special Counsel Web site, the coercion of partisan support and political expressing the Soldier’s personal views onRegulation 600-20, Army Command process for running for this type of activity while on the job.” public issues or political candidates, if suchPolicy. election begins when the candidate While the Hatch Act applies to federal action is not part of an organized letter-writing ”The statutory and regulatory begins to collect signatures, schedules employees, an employee’s conduct is campaign or concerted solicitation of votesguidance pertaining to the political fundraisers, files a nominating petition, also subject to the laws of the state and for or against a political party or partisanactivities of Soldiers and government makes an announcement to the press or the regulations of the employing agency. political cause or candidate;employees is difficult to summarize in a puts a campaign committee together. The Army Materiel Command Web 7. Make monetary contributions to ashort news article,” said Maj. John Under the provisions of Army site states while on active duty, a Soldier political organization, party or committeeMuehlheuser from the General Law Regulation 600-20, paragraph 5-3, a may do the following: favoring a particular candidate or slate ofBranch, Administrative Law Division, Soldier on active duty may not 1. Register, vote, and express a candidates subject to statutory dollarOffice of The Judge Advocate General. participate in partisan political personal opinion on political candidates limitations;He emphasized that all Soldiers and management, campaigns, or and issues as a private citizen, but not 8. Display a political sticker on thegovernment employees should consult conventions, including the solicitation of as a representative of the armed forces; Soldier’s private vehicle. Governmentthe statutes and regulations applicable votes or political contributions for a 2. Promote and encourage other employees with questions regarding theto their specific situation before particular candidate or issue. Soldiers to exercise their voting franchise propriety of prospective political activities, orparticipating in political activities. Muehlheuser said changes in the duty so long as it does not constitute an concerns about possible violations, can contact Legal restrictions are placed upon status of National Guard and Army attempt to influence or interfere with the the Hatch Act Hotline at the U.S. Office ofDepartment of Defense personnel Reserve Soldiers change the rules outcome of an election; Special Counsel, 1-800-854-2824 or e-mail:because they are public servants. Also, applicable to their political activities. For 3. Join a political club and attend its HATCHACT@OSC.GOV or is a long-standing DoD policy that example, Soldiers ordered to extended meetings when not in uniform; Members of the Army may also contactDoD personnel acting in their official active duty must adhere to additional 4. Serve as an election official if such their installation legal office for assistance.
  • Page 14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004 Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters For additional listings or matinees call respective theater or see AT THE July 9-15 M OV I E S Location July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 July 14 July 15 Phone No. Casey Man on Fire Man on Fire Dodgeball Dodgeball The Terminal The Terminal 13 Going on 30 730-7354 Essayons 732-9008 No Show The Punisher No Show Envy Garfield: The Movie No Show Ella Enchanted Garry Owen 734-2509 No Show Garfield: The Movie Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Ella Enchanted No Show Ella Enchanted Greaves 734-8388 Garfield: The Movie Kill Bill Vol. 2 Garfield: The Movie No Show No Show Ella Enchanted Envy Henry 768-7724 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Garfield: The Movie Laws of Attraction Man on Fire No Show No Show No Show Humphreys 753-7716 Dodgeball Dodgeball Dodgeball Laws of Attraction Laws of Attraction Man on Fire The Terminal Hialeah 763-370 Garfield: The Movie Johnson Family Vacation Kill Bill Vol. 2 No Show No Show No Show No Show Hovey 730-5412 13 Going on 30 Dodgeball The Terminal Laws of Attraction Dodgeball Laws of Attraction Man on Fire Howze 734-5689 Johnson Family Vacation The Punisher Connie and Carla No Show No Show No Show Dodgeball The Day After Tomorrow The Punisher Garfield’s owner FBI undercover takes in sweet but agen t, Castl e, is dimwitted pooch finally moving into Odie, turning a safe desk job, to Garfield’s world the delight of his upside down. wife and son. But Garfield wants only FREE TO IDENTIFICATION when his family is one thing: Odie out CARD HOLDERS executed after of his home & life! witnessing a mafia But when the pup (On U.S. Army Installations Only) hit, Castle dons a is kidnapped by a nasty dog trainer, Garfield, Schedule subject to change black battle suit, arms himself with a ton of for the first time in his life, feels responsible guns, and seeks swift revenge. and springs into action to return the pup. PG R Location July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 July 7 July 8 Phone No. Kunsan 782-4987 Shrek 2 Shrek 2 The Terminal No Show Envy Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Long 721-3407 No Show No Show Hellboy The Girl Next Door No Show No Show No Show Osan 784-4930 Dodgeball Dodgeball Ella Enchanted Envy Envy Kill Bill Vol. 2 The Terminal Page 721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Red Cloud 732-6620 Garfield: The Movie Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Ella Enchanted Envy No Show Dodgeball Stanley 732-5565 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Envy Ella Enchanted No Show Dodgeball Dodgeball Yongsan I 738-7389 Dodgeball Dodgeball The Terminal The Terminal Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Kill Bill Vol. 2 Yongsan II 738-7389 Ella Enchanted Ella Enchanted Home on the Range Home on the Range Envy Envy Envy Yongsan III 738-7389 Ella Enchanted Ella Enchanted Home on the Range Home on the Range Johnson Family Vacation Johnson Family Vacation Johnson Family Vacation
  • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page July 2, 2004 15Chaplain’s corner: Shattered dreams a reminder to have faithBy Chaplain (Capt.) Gina D. Rochelle goals or purposes. Your plans, dreams, goals a new family that brought her an everlasting received God’s best. God had a purpose702nd Main Support Battalion have now been shattered. What is the joy. for Naomi and Ruth. purpose of shattered dreams? They help Ruth, who the book is named after, His plans exceeded their expectations. CAMP CASEY — “You are on orders us to grow spiritually. They help us to realize lost a husband and gained a husband and God has a purpose in everything thatto deploy!” As Soldiers, we live everyday that although we make plans we are not the a child. Her later days were better than we do in life. To receive God’s bestwith the idea of being deployed somewhere final authority. There is someone greater her former days. for us, we will experience shatteredin the world. than you and I that control our lives. God took their shattered dreams and dreams. Dreams of going home to be with family A story from the Holy Scriptures, the made something great out of them. Just I suggest to those who may beor changing duty stations will all have to Book of Ruth reminds me of several people as Naomi experienced her dreams being experiencing a shattered dream, bewait just a little while longer. Maybe you who experienced shattered dreams. shattered, we too, at times will experience encouraged. Don’t give up and don’tare a spouse reading this article and you Naomi returned home bitter and for a shattered dreams. Let me remind you that give in. Shattered dreams can help youmay be saying we had plans of moving back while. She even changed her name to shattered dreams will come but when they on your spiritual journey. Allow themhome, starting our family or we just got “Mara” which means bitter. Naomi did not come remember to hold on to your faith. to give you a new identity, a newmarried and now he’s leaving. Shattered know that God had great plans for her future. God will get you through them. appetite and new power. Be encourageddreams! That’s what I call them. Naomi lost a husband, two sons and a We see by this story that their dreams your shattered dream is God’s Dreams are defined as strongly desired daughter-in-law and later was blessed with were shattered and in return they unexpected pathway to everlasting joy. Area I Worship Services Distinctive Faith Group Services Protestant ROK/KATUSA Services Islamic Prayers Fri 1 p.m. DISCOM Chapel Sunday 8:30 a.m. Happy Mountain Chapel Monday 7 p.m. Howze Chapel COGIC Sun 12:30 p.m. Warrior Chapel 9:30 a.m. DISCOM Chapel 7 p.m. Castle Chapel Eucharistic Episcopal Sun 5:30 p.m. Stanley Chapel 9:30 a.m. Essayons Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Stone Chapel Latter-day Saints Sun 1 p.m. Crusader Chapel 10:30 a.m. Kyle Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Hovey Chapel Catholic 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Thursday 6:30 p.m. DISCOM Chapel 11 a.m. Howze Chapel 7 p.m. Stone Chapel Daily 11:45 a.m. Stanley Chapel 11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 1 p.m. DISCOM Chapel 11:45 a.m. Stone Chapel 11a.m. Stanley Chapel 6 p.m. Warrior Chapel Saturday 6 p.m. Stanley Chapel 11a.m. Crusader Chapel 7 p.m. Stanley Chapel Sunday 9 a.m. Warrior Chapel noon Castle Chapel 9 a.m. Howze Chapel Protestant Contemporary 1 p.m. Jackson Chapel 9:30 a.m. Hovey Chapel 10:30 a.m. DISCOM Chapel Protestant Gospel Saturday 6 p.m. Crusader Chapel 11 a.m. Essayons Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel noon Crusader Chapel 1 p.m. Stanley Chapel 6 p.m. Reggie’s noon Stone Chapel 1 p.m. Howze Chapel 6 p.m. Crusader Chapel
  • Page 16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004Parenting can be hard...’s harder when done aloneStory, photos by Sgt. Andrew Kosterman and places that we can go,” said the Korea-stationed the program,” said Claudette S. Mohn, director ofKorea Region Public Affairs Office parent. the center. “About 5 to 7 percent of the families To cope with the challenges put before them, are single parents.” YONGSAN — It’s 7 p.m. on an already cooling Johnson has set aside “family time” at the end of Claudette said the parents she has worked with-Thursday. As the children get ready to leave the each week for her and her daughter to spend time in the program don’t seem to have problems beingclassroom, they sing one last song. Holding hands together. in overseas.with one another, the rock back and forth from left “This gives us both something to look forward “They are prompt in taking care of their child’sto right in a circle, joyfully belting out tunes that to at the end of the week,” said Johnson. needs and submitting required documents such asmake each other smile. While Johnson and daughter lean on each other Family Care Plans,” said Mohn. Echoing off the walls, the last notes of the song for support, some here rely on other sources for Mohn said the command support can make orare followed by laughter and smiles of little girls. assistance. break a single parent. “OK, everybody take your seats!” says a voice For single parents in Korea, child daycare is Johnson added her own take on the commandabove all the noise. among the top priorities. The Child Development support. Within seconds the once motley group of sugar, Center is one of the places that parents turn to. “It helps to have a supportive chain ofspice and everything nice has become a quiet group “We have approximately 150 families enrolled in command,” said Johnson. “If a Soldier does whatof smiles. they are supposed to do, there usually aren’t any “Ms. Johnson, may we go?” interrupts the problems.”silence. Situations can vary from person to person “After you clean up,” replies the strong, yet though, said Johnson. Being a Soldier with morematernal voice. rank can have its privileges. The classroom is quickly cleaned and soon the Regardless of the situation, servicemembers needgirls of this Girl Scout troop are out the door. They a support system.are followed by Ms. Johnson and her daughter, “I have an extremely great support system withCandice. my friends,” said Johnson. “I never have a problem Ms. Johnson, otherwise known as Staff Sgt. finding someone to help me out when I go onCandy Johnson, a taskings noncommissioned exercises or duty.”officer at U.S. Army Troop Command, has just It is this support system that helps Johnson outcompleted another time-crunched day. now would be there in the event a noncombatant “The biggest challenges I face are that there is evacuation operation took place.never enough time to do things,” she said. “It (a NEO) would disrupt our family schedule,” Some of those things include working towards said Johnson. “I think my mother and daughtera bachelor’s degree in history, volunteering with would be able to adjust.”the Girl Scouts and being a nurturing parent to her NEOs evacuate personnel that are nonessentialdaughter. to the war fight, such as family members, from Doing all this isn’t different for the 11.9 million combat zones.single parents out there. What makes Johnson an While the thought of an all out war on the Koreanexception is not she’s a single parent who is in the peninsula hangs in the balance of dignitaries, themilitary. It’s that she has managed to couple those possibility of a NEO hasn’t affected the Johnsonschallenges with something many would never yet, and they hope it never will.contemplate – being a single parent overseas. Staff Sgt. Candy Johnson (above) and her daughter, Candice, “We are limited to only a certain amount of things 10, at a Girl Scout meeting. E-mail
  • Page 18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004 Fit Club offers motivation, suppor t to healthful hopefuls support Story by Laurel Baek When new members sign up for Fit Club, they’re Area IV MWR Marketing given a complete health assessment, a workout plan and a journal to track progress. CAMP WALKER – Achieving good health and By recording their activities and eating habits they fitness doesn’t mean diving into the wallet and shelling can identify strengths and weaknesses and capitalize out big bucks for the latest, greatest supplements, pills on them by adjusting their plan. a n d m i r a c l e e x e r c i s e g a d g e t s . I t ’s a l i f e l o n g “Statistics show that people who record the details To of their workouts and nutritional habits are 80 percent P o o l To u r n a m e n t commitment that can be achieved only through properYo n g s a n w i l l b e h a v i n g a n 8 - b a l l nutrition and physical activity. more likely to meet or exceed their goals, and maintaintournament at the Community Activities Unfortunately, good intentions don’t spell success those achievements over the long term,” said Chandler.Building July 10-11. Call 725-6070 for when deciding to shape up. Members also attend weekly classes where theymore information. Fitness is like a puzzle that requires multiple pieces have a chance to learn from guest speakers such as to create an image, in this case, the image a person dieticians and personal trainers offering tips on Battle of the Bands has of themself. everything from training strategies and goal setting to Contest It’s a careful balance of nutrition, exercise, planning, technique and motivation.Yongsan will be the site of a battle of the goal setting, attitude and support that together create After the meetings, new members are grouped withbands contest July 24. Call 723-8502 or positive results. others as a method of providing ongoing support, and723-8510 for more information. To assist community members in achieving their each team is assigned a leader responsible for goals, the Kelly Fitness Center staff on Camp Walker organizing the group and keeping it together. W eight Loss Support has created “Fit Club,” a forum enabling participants “We get together and plan our workouts for the Group at any level of fitness to maximize their potential week. Some days it’s aerobics, others weight training,Yongsan Weight Support Group is now through information sharing, instruction and member but we’re always there to inspire one another and keepaccepting new members. The group is a support systems. each other going,” said one member. “It’s easier tofree weight loss support group offering “It’s not enough to teach someone how to use get to the gym when you know someone is relying onexercise and workout options, healthy weight equipment then send them off thinking that’s you to be there and cheering you on through theeating support and weight loss support. all it takes. If someone is working toward weight loss process.”E-mail or call goals for example, it’s important for them to know Fit Club meets 6 p.m.every Monday at the Walker011-9699-7064 for membership that diet and nutrition have the greatest impact on their indoor pool patio area. For more information or to signinformation. results,” says Darryl Chandler, Kelly Fitness Center up, call 764-4800. director, “and with all the fad diets out there, people Bowling Bucks need solid, scientific information on which to base theirThroughout July, earn “Bowling Bucks” choices.” E-mail every purchase of $5 or more at localbowling centers in Area I. Prizes include36-inch Striker Dolls or seven-day resort Independence Day Events — Koreawidevacation package. For more information Installations throughout the peninsula are hosting a variety followed by a basketball tournament, sand pit volleyball and acontact a local bowling center. of Independence Day activities. Some of these events include: boxing event. Yo n g s a n B a t t i n g C a g e Area I " Saturday — Various events will be held at Kelly Championships " Sunday — Wayne Newton will perform 7 p.m. at Camp Field and Gym and YS Court.Now is the time for softball players to Casey.hone their batting skills at the Family Fun " Saturday —WaynePark Batting Cages. Cash prizes will be " Other events are Newton will perform 7:30offered to first and second place male scheduled through out Area Kelly Field.and female batting champions in youth and I. See the related story onadult divisions. The concept is simple. Page 7. " Saturday — ThereJust visit the batting cages between now will be a fireworks displayand the Aug. 28 championships to practice Area II/Yongsan 9:30 p.m. at the posthitting targets on the fence. For more " Sunday — Carnival, exhange parking lot.information, call 738-4190. games for children and adults, and contests. Camp Hialeah Auto Show "Sunday — There willT h e Yo n g s a n A u t o C r a f t s C e n t e r w i l l " Sunday — Fireworks be raquetball and tennisconduct an Auto Show on Sept. 18. The display 9 p.m., softball Field doubles tournaments. Ashow will feature a variety of cars 5. softball tournament will becompeting for bragging rights and cash held 1 p.m. at Custer Field.prizes in the categories of best paint, " Sunday —interior, engine compartment and best Performances by D’arcy " Sunday —overall. This event will feature lots of Park & Wildheart Band, La Entertainment can befood, music, prize drawings and vendors. Orquesta Esencia (Latin found at the pool where aParticipants from all over the peninsula Musical Band), local youth disc jockey will entertainare invited to bring their car and compete. performances and the 8th U.S. patrons starting at noon.for more information, call 738-5315 or Army Band.738-5419 Area IV Area III Check Page 25 for more To u r P r o g r a m s To " Sunday — Festivities will "Camp Red Cloud Community Activity information on Independence begin in the vicinity of the Day festivites in Area IV.Center is offering various tour programs Nitewatch Club. There will befor the Independence Day weekends. games, prizes and sportsSaturday there will be deep sea fishing tour Many other activities and competitions. Festivities will be tours are on through out the July6 a.m. and full day Seoul City Tour 10 followed by a fireworks display ata.m. On Monday, participants can enjoy 4 weekend at installations across 9 p.m.. the peninsula. For morethe Everland amusement park, andCaribbean Bay. Bus departs at 9 a.m. information, call Morale, Camp Walker Welfare and Recreation or the respective area publicFor more information, call 732- 6246 " Saturday — The will be a fun run beginning 7:30 a.m. affairs office.
  • July 2, 2004 Page 21Humphreys community gets glimpse of the futurePlenty of present-day issues also discussedat well-attended town hall meetingArea III Public Affairs Office employees and the Republic of Korea and U.S. armies can grow, prosper, prepare CAMP HUMPHREYS – Questions for combat and prepare for war,” Talientobegan flying like bullets about an hour into said. “At the same time, we’re going tothe town hall held Tuesday at Camp create an optimal family environment. WeHumphreys. have a lot of those elements in place. We’re Area III Commander Col. Michael After a detailed presentation about the going to keep working to make them J. Taliento Jr. fields questions.future of Camp Humphreys, Area III better.Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. “Is everything working perfectly? No,opened the discussion to questions from but you have my commitment and mycommunity members at the first town hall staff’s commitment that if something ismeeting since he assumed command of broke, we’re going to work to fix it. IArea III about a month ago. can’t fix it if I don’t know about it,” he As he got an earful of issues, Capt. said.Angela Greenewald from the Area III Good communications, said Taliento,Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobility is key.and Security, or DPTMS, wrote them all “To fight and win, we need todown on an easel pad. communicate aggressively with There were issues affecting just about commanders, Soldiers, employees andeveryone. Someone couldn’t get a baby family members,” he said. “We are goingcarriage through the security turnstile at to develop a cycle of information sharing.” Stacey Meyer asks about school Capt. Angela Greenewald writes down issues discussedthe walk-through gate. Wasn’t there The cycle of information will include: playground improvements. at the Camp Humphreys town hall meeting June 29.something to be done about the garbage ! A leader’s information managementpiling up in off-post areas where military meeting will be held the first Tuesday of eachpersonnel live? We need more buses and month to reply to action items from town The shape of things to cometaxis and longer gas station hours. The hall meetings and disseminate commandlist of concerns was long. information. The meeting will be attended ! Camp Humphreys will more than double in size barracks and a large dining facility presently under Those issues and questions didn’t whiz by unit commanders, sergeants major and and triple in population. construction at Zoeckler Station.aimlessly by. For Taliento, they were right first sergeants, as well as family readinesson target. Problems and solutions are groups and post council leaders. ! A one-stop in- and out-processing center is ! More family housing will be built.exactly what he is looking for, and he ! A newcomers briefing held the second planned.didn’t dodge them. Tuesday of each month to welcome ! A used car lot is planned to help Soldiers buy As Greenewald jotted down issues for newcomers and families. The goal is to ! The main and CPX gates will be upgraded. and sell privately owned vehicles.follow-up action by the Area III establish a positive first impression and ! The new commissary and parking area will open ! New roads and warehouse facilities will be built.Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobility introduce community leaders. around June next year.and Security, Area III directorate and ! A town hall meeting will be heldcommunity leaders seated at tables quarterly on the third Tuesday of August, ! A 1.8-mile fitness running trail will be built. In ! A children’s learning area is planned at the post the meantime, some streets may be closed duringarranged into a 20-foot-wide “U” in the November, February and May to put out library. unit PT time.middle of the town hall meeting scribbled command information and receive input andon notepads for follow-through at their concerns from community members. ! Barracks upgrades will continue for ! Sports fields near Beacon Hill and an aquaticrespective directorate or staff section. ! A monthly DPTMS operations training unaccompanied Soldiers, including two high-rise park near the Nitewatch are in the works.They were getting into the fight. meeting will be held jointly the fourth In Taliento terminology, getting into Tuesday of each month with tenant unit S-“the fight” means getting involved in the 3 personnel and others who need to be inthick of action to improve Area III. the fight. The purpose of the meeting is to “I don’t come to the fight carrying a bag David J. Thomas and 527th Military “I’ve been here nearly a month and share information about organizational and of money. I have to stand in line with Intelligence Battalion Family ReadinessI’ve been out talking to Soldiers, talking training events and to synchronize short and everyone else,” he said. “But we are going Group leader Stacey Meyer for involving theto commanders, talking to leaders in the long-range installation calendar events. to work on the things we can and I invite unit’s large turnout at the town hall, talking to families and learning Other information-sharing methods will your input.” Family member Pam McCree said, “It’sabout the (Camp Humphreys) be employed, including a community master At the end of the meeting, he and Area III exciting to see the exchange of wonderfulenvironment,” Taliento said, at the planning calendar that will show timelines directors had plenty to start with. ideas.”beginning of the meeting. “I want to share and key events; electronic information Reaction to the town hall was generally Staff Sgt. Jerry Flowers, fromwith you my vision and my commitment marquees at key high-traffic areas to positive. Detachment B, 176th Finance Command,and how we plan to fight and win.” supplement information already on electronic Lt. Col. Jerald L. Phifer, who assumed said he found the meeting to be “very He began listing key elements of the bulletin boards on post; and a detailed command of the 527th Military Intelligence informative” because it focused on suchArea III battle plan. installation map showing key locations will Battalion a month ago, said he was “very unaccompanied Soldier issues as bus “We are going to create ‘The Soldier’s be included in newcomer packets and posted pleased” with Taliento’s efforts so far. schedules and barracks utility outages.Post’ and bring families, a place where at bus stops and other high-use places. “He’s been here in our spaces several “I can take back a lot of information andchildren can get educated, where U.S. Taliento asked community members for times to address issues and engage our staff,” now I know where to send my Soldiers tocivilian employees, Korean national patience as future plans are developed. said Phifer. He credited Command Sgt. Maj. get help,” said Flowers.
  • Page The Morning Calm Weekly 22 MORNING CALM July 2, 2004NEWS & NOTES Traffic July Fourth Traffic ChangesPerimeter Road will be closed Sunday, July 4from the main gate to the CPX gate from 10 a.m.until the end of Freedom Fest. Shuttle buses willrun as scheduled except will be suspended duringthe fireworks show. CPX Gate ClosureThe Camp Humphreys CPX gate will close 10p.m. July 9 and reopen 6 a.m. July 12. All vehicletraffic may enter through the Camp Humphreysmain gate during these construction periods. Volunteer nominationsNominate the Area III Outstanding Volunteer ofThe Quarter. Deadline July 9. Pick up a nomination “America Fair” participants gather for a group photo at Pyeongtaek University near Camp Humphreys. The fair, hosted by the university’sform at the Camp Humphreys Army Community Department of International Studies, was held to promote U.S.-Korean understanding.Service, Building 311. For more information, callVolunteer Coordinator Aggie Rodriguez at 753-8294 or e-mail Welcome Briefing ‘America Fair’ promotes understandingThe next Area III Newcomers Briefing will be July Students ‘change minds’13 at the Camp Humphreys Community ActivitiesCenter. For more information, call 753-6901. about American Soldiers Spouse Orientation Area III Public Affairs Office about the RepublicA two-day Spouse Orientation to the Republic CAMP HUMPHREYS – A group ofworkshop will be held from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. July Camp Humphreys Soldiers recently26-27 at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation visited nearby Pyeongtaek Universityconference room in Building 252 at Camp to participate in an “America Fair”Humphreys. The workshop covers community celebration with Korean students andresources and Korean customs, culture andlanguage. For more information, call 753-8782. exchange students from Russia and Above: 1st Sgt. Erick Grissom talks to China. students and Soldiers at the “America Fair” World TourLotte World Shopping Tour “America Fair” was sponsored by held recently at Pyeongtaek University. Pyeongtaek University AmericanA Lotte World shopping tour will leave from theCamp Humphreys walk-through gate 8:30 a.m. Studies Chairperson Dr. Kim Nam- Left: Cpl. Kim Dae-jin, Spc. Ruben BiellerJuly 17. An experienced guide will teach gyun and Dr. Robert D. Anthony, the and Pfc. Yuli Castro tell Pyeongtaekparticipants to use the public transportation system only full-time American professor in University students about their Army jobs. the International Studies department atto get to Lotte World, a popular Seoul shopping Pyeongtaek University.area. For more information, call Young Hui Thirty-five Soldiers from Company The presentations were followed McGlone. Although he said he doesn’tStraughan at 753-8782. C, 52nd Aviation Regiment participated by a long question-and-answer have much opportunity to interact English teachers wanted in the event aimed at promoting session. with people his age, he had a great understanding and strengthening Pfc. Rande J. Rodrigues thought the opportunity while playing basketball.The Pyeongtaek City mayor is seeking Soldiers, community relations. students were a bit shy at first in the Several of the Soldiers tried theircivilians and KATUSA volunteers to teach Englishclasses at Pyeongtaek City Hall. Volunteers are “The Korean students staged presence of so many Soldiers at one feet in a game of kick volleyball, butalso needed to teach children and adults at other ‘Cinderella’ in English,” said Maj. time. said it was “hard to get the hang of Richard M. Alonso Holtorf, “The U.S. Army is diverse in so it.”locations nearby. For more information, call at753-7652 or e-mail commander of the aviation many ways, it’s like a culture shock The event concluded with an maintenance unit. (for the students),” invitation for supper at the Korean ACS Birthday Celebration “We had a panel of he said. University cafeteria and anGames, music and food will be part of the festivities Soldiers with “America Fair was a Pfc. Chad Parks, invitation back for the fall term.from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. July 23 as Camp Humphreys’ different ranks and huge success for our who has been “This event was a huge successArmy Community Service celebrate its 39th e t h n i c involved with Better for our Soldiers and for Soldiers . . .” Opportunities forbirthday. Area III Volunteer of the Quarter winners backgrounds that P y e o n g t a e k U n i v e r s i t y, ” s a i dwill also be announced. Join the fun in front of shared their – Maj. Richard Alonso Holtorf Single and Alonso Holtorf.ACS, Building 311. For more information, call m i l i t a r y Unaccompanied Dr. Kim – also director of theAggie Rodriguez at 753-8294. experiences.” Soldiers community Division of International Relations Alonso Holtorf said the Soldiers – relations events geared toward that offers programs in American, World R acquetball World Racquetball dressed in different types of Army younger children, said the university Chinese and Japanese studies –U.S. Forces Korea personnel can attend the 12th uniforms to show give students an idea students were “very easy to talk to,” said the students enjoyed theWorld Racquetball Championships for free at the of their military roles – explained why and he admired their skill in English. opportunity to talk to AmericanAnyang Youth Center and Seoul Cultural and volunteer Soldiers serve in the U.S. After classroom activities, it was Soldiers.Education Center. Both venues may be reached Army and how they feel about serving time for games. “One of my students told meeasily by subway. Teams from Korea, the United in the Republic of Korea. Pvt. Michael Sharp and Parks that he met and talked withStates and 37 other nations will participate from “It was particularly interesting for played soccer on teams that combined American servicemen for the firstJuly 31-Aug. 6 at the championship, hosted by the Korean male students, who must Soldiers and students. According to time and changed his previousthe Korean Racquetball Federation. For more fulfill a mandatory two-year Sharp, “they would have killed us if views,” said Kim. “My studentsinformation, call Yuni Cobb at 011-9152-1990 or compulsory military service we tried to play against a team of appreciated the event and thankedvisit commitment, to hear why American students.” me for inviting the servicemen. Soldiers choose to volunteer for the “It was a great learning Most told me that we should have Army,” said Holtorf. experience,” said Pvt. Michael ‘America Fair ’ next year.”
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004 23 Korean and American guests say farewell to Col. Ronald M. Buffkin and his wife Cookie after the 6th Cavalry Brigade change of command ceremony. The incoming commander, Col. Peter W. Foreman, and his wife Kate were greeted during a reception following the change of command. PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVISCol. Peter W. Foreman accepts the 6th Cavalry Brigade colors from Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery (Patriot)8th Army commander, during a change of command ceremony June 25 at Camp Humphreys. pass in review during the brigade change of command ceremony..New commander takes pilot seat at 6th Cavalry BrigadeArea III Public Affairs Office attack helicopter squadrons and the 1st missiles by the 1st Battalion, 43rdAir Defense been proud to serve in your ranks.” Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Artillery and the redeployment of an AH-64A Foreman — who commanded the 3rd CAMP HUMPHREYS — Col. Peter (Patriot). Apache squadron to the United States for Squadron, 6th Cavalry Brigade several yearsW. Foreman assumed command of the Foreman received the Blackhorse colors conversion to the advanced “D” model ago — also addressed the troops.6th Cavalry Brigade June 25 during from 8thArmy Commander Lt. Gen. Charles Apache Longbow, as well as maintaining a “It’s great to be home again with you.ceremonies at Camp Humphreys. C. Campbell as Korean andAmerican military rigorous and disciplined training regimen. Today, I’m going to make three unbreakable Foreman, most recently assigned as personnel and guests watched at a ramp at Buffkin thanked Blackhorse Soldiers, promises: one, my complete dedication; two,chief of the U.S. Southern Command the Camp Humphreys airfield. pilots, Korean Augmentation to the U.S. my steadfast loyalty; and three, that we willTransnational Threats (J33) Division, In a speech following the passing of the Army Soldiers, civilian contractors, family continue to sweat and train so that we don’ttakes over from Col. Ronald M. Buffkin, unit colors, Campbell applauded the brigade’s members and others for their dedication and bleed in battle,” Foreman said. “I stand beforewho has been transferred to the Army’s accomplishments during Buffkin’s support. you with a great deal of pride and honor toFuture Center. command, including the fielding of anApache “You are the best Soldiers in the greatest be your commander and I look forward to The 6th Cavalry “Blackhorse” Brigade Longbow attack helicopter squadron, the Army of the proudest nation on Earth,” serving with you and meet the challengesincludes a headquarters troop, two Apache fielding of Patriot Enhanced Capability Buffkin told the Blackhorse Soldiers. “I’ve that lie ahead. Blackhorse!”
  • Image of Cpl. Marvin R. Wood on the plaque inside the Wood Medical Clinic. Page 25 July 2, 2004Korean War hero’s name lives onStory, photos by Galen Putnam her brother died.Area IV Public Affairs Office “First is closure, which is funny after CAMP WALKER – In the midst of an intense battle all these years.near Soju-ri, Korea, along the Manchurian border on Nov. Second is getting17, 1950, a young medic sprinted through withering fire over the feeling thatto reach a fallen comrade nearly 100 yards away. maybe (his death) it Felled by enemy fire, the medic crawled the didn’t matter. Afterremaining 25 yards to reach the wounded soldier. The one day of being heremedic straddled his patient and began to administer though, I realized thatfirst aid. Hit again by enemy fire, the medic was it mattered so much.knocked to the ground. Undaunted, he returned to his Fifty years later I canlife-saving task and was struck for the third and final see his sacrifice wastime and he fell mortally wounded alongside the soldier Image of Cpl. Marvin R. Wood on the worth it. If I hadn’the was trying to save. plaque inside Wood Medical Clinic. come here myself, I In an effort to ensure the memory of Cpl. Marvin would never have understood it but having seen theR. Wood lives on, the 168th Medical Battalion (Area gratitude of the Korean people, well, its overwhelming.”Support) named the Camp Walker Medical Clinic in A bronze plaque with Wood’s image andhis honor during a ceremony attended by eight of his Distinguished Service Medal citation were unveiled asfamily members June 23 at Camp Walker. part of the ceremony. Wood received the Distinguished Service Cross, “When you go in a building you always read thethe nation’s second highest honor, and the Wharang plaques about who it is named after and here weDistinguished Service Medal with Silver Star, given actually got to meet his family. That makes it special,”by the Republic of Korea Office of the Minister of said Sgt. Lucia Williams, Wood Clinic urgent careDefense and the highest award ever given to a foreign noncommissioned officer in charge. “Now it isn’t just Norman W. Wood, older brother of Cpl. Marvin R. Wood, speakssoldier, for his actions that day. some guy who died who died in the Korean War. It during the ceremony renaming the Camp Walker Medical Clinic “Before departing command, Lt. Col. Ronald feels like someone we know. It seems a lot more real.” in his brother’s name.Hamilton initiated the search for a model Soldier after “You have five brothers and sisters who have spentwhom to dedicate and name the new Camp Walker “I can’t hardly believe it. There’s been lots of heroes 50 years with this hole in their lives (all of Marvin’sClinic. Out of a number of very illustrious heroes of since then. For him to still be recognized is pretty siblings are still alive). The Army has done a lot ofthe past, he selected Cpl. Marvin Wood, whom he felt fantastic. It means a lot to us,” said older brother good things in Korea and Corporal Wood was a partbest represented the extraordinary service and sacrifice Norman W. Wood, a World War II Navy veteran who of that. This is a chance to share that with the family,”expected of medical personnel in Korea,” said Battalion resides in Moses Lake, Wash. “This is a beautiful said Maj. Larry R. Patterson, battalion executive officer.Commander Lt. Col Ronald E. Smith Jr. during the country and the people are wonderful. I’m glad we “It was an incredible experience to meet the family. Itceremony. “Now, over two years later, we recognize got the chance to see it for ourselves.” was also a great experience for the young Soldiers. Itso noble a sacrifice with this state-of-the-art clinic on For many years, one of Marvin’s sisters remained is good for them to see that sacrifices are made andthe very country for which he shed his blood.” bitter and wasn’t sure if his sacrifice was worth it. that the Army remembers them.” Family members were touched to know that the Army “Coming here did two things for me,” said youngerhasn’t forgotten Marvin despite the passage of time. sister Jeannine McFarland, who was 11 years old when E-mail Newton to headline Daegu Independence Day celebrationStory by Kevin Jackson and blues group from Cleveland, and the Festivities conclude with fireworks automobiles on the installation.Area IV Public Affairs Office Filipino band Amor from 1-7 p.m. at 9:30 p.m. Everyone should evacuate Buses will bring people from Camp The day begins 8 a.m. with the Kelly Field before the fireworks display Hialeah to Daegu for the Liberty Fest. CAMP HENRY – Las Vegas’ favorite Firecracker Five-Kilometer Run and Walk immediately following the entertainment. Seats are provided first-come, first-son Wayne Newton heads a card of at Kelly Field. Other sports events, which The Wayne Newton Show will be served and will depart the installation 9daylong entertainment for the Liberty run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., are sandpit held rain or shine barring monsoon rain. a.m. and 1 p.m.Fest at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field 11 volleyball, a 100-meter dash, basketball If the fireworks are cancelled because Camp Hialeah will also celebratea.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday. tournament and a boxing smoker. of rain on Saturday, they will be shot Independence Day with a series of Newton, Miss USA Shandi Finnessey, Additional entertainment throughout off on Sunday at the same time. activities throughout the installation 8veteran Hollywood actor and comedian the afternoon includes inflatable U.S. Forces Korea identification a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Activities beginLewis Dix, and members of the Dallas playrooms for kids, Korean wrestling, cardholders, including Korean 8 a.m. with a fun run and walk at theCowboy Cheerleaders top the United carnival games, adult tricycle races, tug employees, will be permitted to escort Community Activities Center, andService Organizations and American of war, watermelon-eating contest, hot up to 10 Korean guests onto Camp include softball, racquetball and tennisForces Entertainment Fourth of July Tour pepper-eating contest, old-fashioned Walker after completing a form that was doubles championships; volleyball by thein the Republic of Korea. The USO and picnic games, open karaoke, a balloon distributed to tenant units on Daegu pool, a dunk tank, children’s games andAFE Wayne Newton Show begins 7 p.m. toss, and food and beverages. installations. The sponsor must complete face painting, two hours of free In addition to the USO and AFE The American Forces Network-Korea an installation access form eliminating bowling, a bike parade, food andentertainment, several Morale, Welfare Taegu Detachment will also be on hand the need for guests to leave their Korean beverages and more.and Recreation-sponsored bands will throughout the day providing a live remote identification cards with the gate guard.perform. They include ITS, a rhythm radio broadcast from the Liberty Fest. Guests will not be permitted to drive their E-mail
  • Page 26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly July 2, 2004NEWS & NOTES University students visit ‘little America’ Commissar y ClosuresAll Area IV commissaries will be closed Sunday in A look ‘behind the wall’observance of Independence Day. Normal operatinghours will resume Tuesday. For more information, an eye-opener for somecall Celine Ruiz at 764-5311. Story, photos by Galen Putnam Area IV Public Affairs Office Korea Theater Support Center Hotline CAMP HENRY – The concrete andThe 1st Signal Brigade’s Korea Theater Support barbed wire walls surrounding installationsCenter has opened a hotline to provide around the might appear foreboding but once inside,clock technical support for computer problems. a little piece of America unfolds.People with e-mail, Internet or any other problems, In an effort to build cultural bridgescan call 8324 or “TECH.” It is not necessary to dial and share the “American way of life,”any prefix before the number. For more information, the Area IV Support Activity hosted 30call 1st Lt. Ryan Renken at 764-4433. university students from Daegu June 25 Area IV Retiree Council for briefings and installation tours ofThe Area IV Military Retiree Council will hold an Camps Henry and meeting 1 p.m. July 10 at the Hilltop Club on “This is a good opportunity for us toCamp Walker. All military retirees, spouses and learn about the American culture and meetwidows in Area IV are invited and encouraged to American people,” said Mi Yeun-kwon,attend. The event’s special guest will be a speaker a junior studying Chinese language andfrom the Department of Veterans Affairs. For more literature at Youngnam University. “Thereinformation, contact retired Lt. Col. Wilfred Plumley are a lot of things to see here. It is like aat or retired Chief small America in Korea.”Master Sgt. Bud Rader at The event started mid-morning with a greeting by Area IV Commander Col. Summer Programs James M. Joyner. Douglas Burk, Area IVCamp Walker School-Age Services is offering civilian executive assistant, provided thesummer specialty camps for children in first- through students with the Area IV base operationsfifth-grades. Register at the Child and Youth Services briefing, which was followed by a visitCentral Registration Office, Camp Walker, Building to the Camp Henry Fit to Win Center.257. The camps run for nine weeks beginning Monday. Things started out slowly as theOnly 60 spaces are available each week. For more students got to know one another and theinformation, call School-Age Services at 764-4381. Soldiers who accompanied them as guides. Then it was time for the real Red Cross Station open icebreaker – lunch. A meal at the diningThe American Red Cross station in Daegu has facility is a routine matter for Soldiers butreopened. For more information and assistance, call for someone who has never been therePhyllis Marvin at 768-7993. before, it is an entirely different experience. “It was a very extensive menu. I could ID Card Section Hours not believe it,” said He Yung-pak, a juniorThe Camp Henry ID card section hours of operation who is studying law at Youngnam Korean university students admire the produce selection at the Camp Walker Commissary.are Monday through Friday: 8 to 8:30 a.m. by University. “It was not Korean style. Iappointment only; 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. only for think I still prefer Korean style.” “This was a good opportunity for yu, a junior studying nursing at DaeguKorean employees; 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. lunch; and After lunch, students posed for Americans and Koreans to learn about Health College. “The U.S. Army is very1:30 to 4 p.m. only for U.S. servicemembers, DoD photos with their new acquaintances, one another,” said Kim Hyun, a junior different from us but now I feel muchcivilians and U.S. contractors. For more information, U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the studying architecture at Youngnam closer. If chance permits, I hope in thecall Capt. Melanie Lesick at 768-7910. U.S. Army Soldiers. University. “We have limited opportunities future there are programs for Soldiers to The afternoon was spent touring a to meet U.S. Soldiers so this can help learn about Korean culture with students.” Men of the Morning Calm number of Camp Walker facilities build a bridge together to the future.” The visit was capped-off with aMen of the Morning Calm, a Christian men’s including the Headquarters and The group also visited field-grade question-and-answer session withfellowship, takes place 6:30-7:30 a.m. every Thursday Headquarters Company, 19th Theater officers quarters and Wood Medical Clinic. Joyner. Questions covered a variety ofat Soldier Memorial Chapel on Camp Walker. Soldiers Support Command barracks, the “As a nursing student, I was very topics, but primarily focused onwill be back in time for sergeant’s time training. For commissary, and Walker Lodge. impressed with the clinic,” said Park Un- relations between the United States andmore information, call Staff Sgt. Grady Salisbury at Korea.764-5415. “I’m glad I could experience a ‘little America’ in Korea because I am very Fire Detection interested in American culture. This is theAll Area IV off-post quarters are required to have best place for me to experience Americaboth smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. People and to learn the thoughts and behavior ofwho do not have a smoke detectors or fire Americans,” said Hwang Kyoung, aextinguishers can contact Charles Youngblood at 768- senior majoring in American Studies at7668 or Keimyung University. “Americans can experience Korea through me and, as a Boxing Coaches Needed private ambassador, my friends andTaegu Sports and Fitness is looking for boxing coaches. family can learn about Americans.”For more information, call Darryl Chandler at 764-4225. Students from Kyungpook National University have been volunteering on Levy Brief Daegu installations for about two years.Soldiers within 120 days of reassignment who do not have The students invited to participate in theorders must complete levy briefs online. Log on to www- staff ride represent future volunteers to get started. For more information, the three other major colleges andcall Pvt. Manuel Cifuentes at 768-8770. universities in Daegu. Daegu area university students get a “high-five” greeting as they enter the Camp Henry Dining Facility. E-mail
  • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page July 2, 2004 27837th Transportation Battalion welcomes KramerArea IV Public Affairs Office Guard in 1982 support with the North Atlantic Treaty in Management from Troy State University. and later joined Organization in Zagreb, Croatia (1995); His military training includes the Command CAMP HENRY – The Kargo Kings of ROTC under the chief of the Sealift Division, 8th United and General Staff College, Combinedthe 837th Transportation Battalion welcomed Simultaneous States Army, Seoul (1997); executive Arms Staff and Services School,a new leader as Lt. Col. Richard J. Kramer Membership officer, 837th Transportation Battalion, Pier Transportation Basic and Advancedassumed command from Lt. Col. James E. Program. He 8, Port of Pusan (1998); force Courses, the Strategic Planning CourseBrundage in a change of command ceremony received an early transportation officer for the Multinational and Airborne School.held June 15 at Pier 8, Port of Pusan. commission in Forces and Observers, Sinai, Egypt Kramer’s awards and decorations Kramer’s previous assignment was with 1984 through (2000); exchange officer to the United include the Meritorious Service Medalthe 19th Theater Support Command where ROTC at Kramer Kingdom Defense Transport & with Silver Oak Leaf Cluster, Jointhe was chief of the Distribution Management Mankato State Movement Agency (2001); and many Service Commendation Medal with OakCenter in Daegu. University in Mankato, Minn., and entered others. Leaf Cluster, Army Commendation Medal Brundage’s next assignment will be with active duty after graduating in 1986. His education includes a Bachelor of with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Jointthe Joint Staff J-4 Logistical Operations Kramer has served in a variety of Science degree in Business Administration Service Achievement Medal, and manyCenter at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. command and staff positions including rail in Management from Mankato State others. He has been awarded the Kramer entered the Minnesota National operations officer and commander for University, and a Masters of Science degree Overseas Ribbon eight times.Ackerman takes reins of 16th Medical Logistics BattalionArea IV Public Affairs Office medic in 1978. He Business Management and Logistics at the Medical Command, Korea, and others. served as a medic Florida Institute of Technology. Ackerman is a graduate of the Command CAMP HENRY – The 16th Medical with the 1st His assignments include commander, and General Staff College, Army MedicalLogistics Battalion, headquartered at Camp Battalion, 75th Company C, 101st Forward Support Department Advanced Course, DepotCarroll, welcomed incoming commander Lt. R a n g e r Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, which deployed Operations Course, United States ArmyCol. William Ackerman as he took the reins Regiment; 1st to SaudiArabia in support of Operations Desert Medical MaterielAgency internship program,from Lt. Col. Jeffrey Unger during a change Special Forces Shield and Desert Storm; chief of distribution, and others.of command ceremony June 15 at Camp Group; Brooke then chief of medical materiel with the 16th His awards and decorations include theWalker’s Kelly Field. Army Medical Medical Logistics Battalion, Korea; executive Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal with Ackerman is coming from 8th U. S. Army Center, and Ackerman officer for the 226th Medical Logistics four oak leaf clusters, Army CommendationHeadquarters in Seoul, where he served as others. Battalion, 30th Medical Brigade, Germany, Medal with Silver and Oak Leaf Clusters,deputy chief of staff for medical. He completed a bachelors degree in where he deployed to Kosovo, Macedonia, Army Achievement Medal with three Oak Unger is headed for the U.S. Army War BusinessAdministration at McKendree College Republic of Georgia, and Africa; chief, Leaf Clusters, and many others.College in Carlisle Barracks, Pa. and received a direct commission in 1986. Logistics Operations Division and chief, Ackerman is also a member of the “Order Ackerman enlisted in theArmy as a combat He also completed a masters degree in Logistics Plans andAcquisition Division, 18th of Medical Military Merit.”
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 28 July 2, 2004Army marksmanship unit wins at military championshipsStory by Chief Master Sgt. Bernard E. DeLisle Sanderson and James M. Henderson, all distinguished “The better shooter you are, the more likely youArmy News Service pistol shooters. will be able to hit your targets in a wartime Just like last year, members of the U.S. Army environment,” he said. Sokolowski is a distinguished NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — U.S. Army Reserve led the way in the Individual Championship, pistol shooter, a Service Pistol National Champion andMarksmanship Unit shooters from Fort Benning, Ga., scoring first and third place victories in the Individual NRA High Master 2650 shooter.scored decisive victories to win big at this year’s 45th Championship Grand Aggregate. Henderson led all “Competitive marksmanship events are good forAnnual Interservice Pistol Championships, June 14 to individual competitors and set a new match record the military because it trickles down to the rest of the17 at Camp Joseph T. Robinson. with a first place score of 3,536 points and 184 Xs. unit and improves overall marksmanship,” said Spc. The USAMU fielded two marksmanship teams as Henderson was trailed by Zins of the Marine Corps Craig S. Nelson, a USAMU pistol gunsmith andthey joined those from other U.S. military active and who took second place individual honors with a total distinguished shooter.reserve components in competing at the annual event. score of 3,522 points and 181 Xs. Third place went Spc. Kyle V. Hjelmberg, an Army scout, echoed The Interservice Matches, hosted by the National to Sanderson with 3,496 points and 150 Xs. Henderson Nelson’s thoughts. “Competitive marksmanship isGuard Marksmanship Training Unit at Camp Robinson, and Sanderson are distinguished pistol shooters, while important training because we learn to shoot underattracted 62 individuals on eight pistol teams composed Zins is distinguished in both pistol and rifle disciplines. stressful conditions and still remain precise. It is aof some of the top marksmen from across the U.S. Jacobson, who has set eight national shooting skill that can be taught throughout the Army, He said.military. records, has been on two world championship- In close-quarter combat scenarios, the service pistol The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Service Pistol shooting teams and is a distinguished pistol shooter. is often the weapon of choice and the skills necessaryTeam won the championship in the team aggregate The 18-year Army veteran said he is very proud of his to engage targets at 25 and 50 yards are easilywith a final aggregate score of 4,634 points and 177 Army Team. transferable said Capt. David A. Woodard, matchXs; an X is a bull’s eye used in tie breaking. Team The Interservice Matches “are important to hone officer-in-charge at the NGMTU eventmembers were team captain Sgt. 1st Class Roger C. the skills of marksmanship under stress (while) not The Interservice Pistol Competition “also provides theJacobson, Staff Sgt. Thomas A. Rose, Sgt. Adam having someone shooting back at you,” Jacobson said. cherished opportunity for a service team to claim the titleSokolowski and Spc. Sean Watson. USAMU instructor and shooter, Jacobson teaches of the ‘best of the best,’ with all competitors relishing the Like last year, the AMU shooters were followed in “Train the Trainers” and works on improving leaders’ chance to come together as brothers and sisters-in-armssecond place by the U.S. Marine Corps team from abilities to teach their personnel about marksmanship. and to prove who has the skills necessary to win in theQuantico, Va., with 4,614 points and 153 Xs. The Many AMU shooters are champions of other events, team matches,” Woodard concluded.Marine shooters were Gunnery Sgt. Brian Zins, Staff such as Rose who is the 2003 .22-Caliber National In addition to the Army teams, other competitors andSgt. Michael A. Lawson, Sgt. James A. Ruiz and Cpl. Indoor Champion. Rose said the Interservice teams included U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Marine Corps,Kevin Moore. Championships were helpful because “most people U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy Third place in the team aggregate went to the Army don’t have access to the knowledge of the correct Reserve and the National Guard All-Guard Team, whichReserve Team with a final tally of 4,579 points and techniques of shooting without talking to national and is composed of both Army and Air National Guardsmen.179 Xs. That team was made up of Chief Warrant world-level competitors.” Editor’s note: Chief Master Sgt. Bernard E. DeLisleOfficer 4 Albert Wood, double distinguished in pistol Sokolowski has been around the shooting scene as is the chief enlisted manager of the Arkansas Airand rifle, Staff Sgt. Jason Sargent and Sgts. Keith a competitor for many years. National Guard Public Affairs.