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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 040514 Document Transcript

  • 1. The Peninsula-Wide News Publication Volume 2, Issue No. 30 No. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA May 14, 2004Congress, nation designates military appreciation monthStory by Gene Harper appropriate ceremonies and activities.” National Mall, where more than 100 federalAmerican Forces Press Service Finally, the resolution urges the White House agencies, including the military services, put Commission on Remembrance to “work to support their activities, people and equipment on public WASHINGTON — Both chambers of the U.S. the goals and objectives” of the month.The Senate display.Congress have adopted a resolution calling for first passed a resolution in 1999 designating This year ’s mall event was May 6 to 9.Americans to recognize and honor U.S. National Military Appreciation Month. Armed Forces Day, created in 1949, is anservicemembers during May’s National Military That declaration summoned U.S. citizens to annual event held on the third Saturday in May,Appreciation Month. observe the month “in a symbol of unity, … to with activities at U.S. military bases worldwide. Virginia Rep. Tom Davis, along with 16 co- honor the current and former members of the This year’s celebration is Saturday.sponsors, introduced Concurrent Resolution No. armed forces, including those who have died in The month culminates with Memorial Day, a328 in the House in November. The Senate agreed the pursuit of freedom and peace.” federal holiday on the last Monday in it without amendment and by unanimous Traditionally, May has focused on the military The day, dating from the Civil War era,consent April 26. in many ways. For example, Public Service traditionally has marked recognition of those The resolution states that the House, with the Recognition Week, celebrated the first full Monday who have died in service to the nation.Senate concurring, “supports the goals and through Sunday in May since 1985, recognizes Each year on Memorial Day, the Whiteobjectives of a National Military Appreciation the roles of public servants, including the military, House Commission on RemembranceMonth.” at local, state, regional and federal levels. promotes one minute of silence at 3 p.m. It also “urges the president to issue a As a part of the week, communities across l o c a l t i m e t o h o n o r t h e m i l i t a r y ’s f a l l e nproclamation calling on the people of the America showcase military equipment and comrades and to pay tribute to the sacrificesUnited States, localities, organizations and servicemembers from U.S. installations. b y t h e n a t i o n ’s s e r v i c e m e m b e r s a n dmedia to annually observe (the month) with The largest event takes place on Washington’s veterans. Ready, aim, fire Ready, fire Camp Hialeah teen earns Asia youth annual honors Story by Galen Putnam Area IV Public Affairs Office CAMP HIALEAH — A Camp Hialeah teen has been named the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Youth of the Year for Korea and Asia. Tassia Araujo-Roper, a senior at Pusan American School, is heading to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Pacific Regional Youth of the Year competition in July at Anaheim, Calif. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship. “It’s exciting and very well deserved,” said Rachel Martinovich, a program assistant with Camp Hialeah’s Child and Youth Services. “She participates in almost all of the programs we have here.” Araujo-Roper’s extra curricular activities could keep an entire classroom of students busy. She is involved cross-country, Model United Nations, Drama Club, Jazz Choir, student council, cheerleading and more. She also contributes her time to a number of organizations including the Keystone Club, 4-H, Army Teen Panel, Youth PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLY Leadership Forum, and others. Kang Yong-sok, a Camp Garry Owen security guard (left), prepares to fire his M-9 pistol April 23 with In her three years at Camp Hialeah, assistance from Sgt. Brannon Wagner, Company B, 302nd F orward Support Battalion, at Texas Range. Turn to Page 5 for more photos and the complete story. See Araujo-Roper on Page 4 What ’s inside... INSIDE Commentary.............Page 2 Korean guards Motorcyle club ‘Purple K’ helps to Perpoints, Dollars and Area IV salutes Sense......................Page 3 target excellence visits orphanage kill fires Good Neighbors Movies...................Page 14 Chaplain................Page 15 See Page 5 See Page 9 See Page 21 See Page 25 MWR Events...........Page 18
  • 2. MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 2 May 14, 2004 MP Blotter Commentary The following entries were excerpted Soldier sounds off about commentaryfrom the past several week’s military I am writing to you in reference to your new vehicle leaders as being removed and generally unaware ofpolice blotters. These entries may be policy commentary written in the April 30 edition of enlisted issues. Keep in mind, with very fewincomplete and do not determine the the Morning Calm. exceptions, all Soldiers begin their careers as 0-1s orguilt or innocence of any person. Specifically, I want to focus on the sentence you E-1s and so you are not as isolated in your concerns! A U.S. servicemember was observed in a Korean bar wrote which states “Go ahead and laugh all you higher as you may think.during curfew hours. When approached by military police, ranking people.” Your commentary is clearly disrespectful to senior-he disobeyed several lawful orders and began acting in a The image you want to project in your commentary ranking military officials and does not fall within properdisorderly manner. While attempting to apprehend the about senior Army leaders is ignorant, irresponsible and military protocol.servicemember, the MPs located another U.S. disrespectful. Here’s why. This is another reason why you probably need toservicemember hiding in the bar, who was also intoxicated You display your ignorance in the article because I leave your public affairs office, so you can see howand underage. Both individuals were apprehended and have actively supported a grandfather clause for those the rest of the military corresponds and interacts withtransported to the local Provost Marshal Office where they Soldiers who came to Korea with a different seniors. You also need to consider that rank has itswhere processed and then transported for a command- understanding of the vehicle policy so they would not privileges and this is the way the military operates.directed legal breath alcohol test. Investigation continues lose money on their automobile investment. Use your commentary forum in a constructive andby Military Police Investigations. Additionally, I and many other senior-enlisted responsible manner. If you believe my comments about Soldiers and officers actively support junior-enlisted your article are harsh, you would be mortified to hear! An investigation revealed that a crane, operated by a and junior noncommissioned officer issues that you what my colleagues in Warrior Country are sayingcontract Korean employee, was attempting to lift and move may not even be aware of. about you and what you wrote.a large container on a U.S. installation. While attempting to The outstanding quality of life you currently enjoy Finally, for those who think that life in Korea canlift the object over an electronic wire, the operator lost seems to make you ignorant to all the efforts senior not be appreciated without a car, think again. Taxiscontrol of the crane due to the weight of the container, leaders, both past and present, have made to improve and trains are plentiful in Korea and they can take youcausing the crane to become unbalanced. The crane then your standard of living. My definition of the word directly where you want to go with very little hassle.lifted off its out-riggers, severely tilting the vehicle, allowing outstanding in the previous sentence is in comparison Therefore, go out, appreciate and be thankful for allthe boom to strike the electric lines and pole, which then to what you currently enjoy and how it contrasts to that Korea has to offer.fell on top of the container, forcing both crane and container the quality of life others have endured here in Koreato the ground. The local power was off for about one hour. long before you arrived on the peninsula and to those Capt. Rolf Achauer currently serving in other less desirable locations commander, Headquaters and Headquarters Company! An investigation revealed that a U.S. servicemember around the world. If you haven’t already, perhaps you 20th Area Support Grouptook three Sony Playstation video games from an Army and should spend a tour outside the coziness of a publicAir Force Exchange Service store, placed them into his affairs office and go on a tour with an infantry division.bag, and left the facility without rendering proper payment. Your commentary is irresponsible because yourThe Soldier was apprehended and transported to the article has the potential to divide and not unite our m i l i t a r y h e r e i n K o r e a . Yo u r a s s u m p t i o n a n d E-mail commentary submissions to Provost Marshal Office where he was advised of his Please keep submissions about a page in length and include your name, rank andlegal rights, which he waived. He rendered a written generalization about others “laughing” is not true. duty station. The Morning Calm Weekly reserves the right to edit letters forsworn statement admitting to the offense and released to Additionally, your comment stereotypes senior length, taste and clarity.his unit. Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff: Court-Martial What are some advantages to being stationed overseas?United States v. Todd v. ToddOn May 4, a military judge sitting as a special court-martial, tried aSoldierfromHeadquartersandHeadquartersCompany,1stBattalion,52nd Aviation Regiment, 17th Aviation Brigade.Pursuant to his guilty plea, the military judge found Pvt. Joshua R.Todd guilty of stealing a laptop computer valued at about $2,600.The military judge sentenced the Soldier to 10 months inconfinement, reduction to E-1 and a Bad Conduct Discharge.The case must now go to the convening authority for review andaction. The convening authority can never increase the punishment “Chances to meet “ You can get the best “ You get to “It’s a good militaryadjudged by the court. Before taking action, the convening authority new people.” — Cpl. training and experience a different experience.” — Staff Sgt.recieves legal advice, reviews the case and considers matters Andrew Philpot, Company D, opportunities to travel.” culture.” — Spc. Chris Eric Mintz, 50th Engineersubmitted by the accused and his counsel. Niether the findings nor 702nd Maintenance Support — Maj. Omuso George, 176th Herrera, 305th Quartermaster Company, Camp LaGuardiathe sentence is final until the convening authority takes action. Battalion, Camp Casey Finance Command, Yongsan Company, Yongsan Published by IMA-Korea Region Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press This Army newspaper is an authorized Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer Stephen Oertwig exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Editor Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. Area I Area III responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Mike D. Clay advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis including inserts or supplements, corrected. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Staff Writer Pfc. Stephanie Pearson does not constitute endorsement AP 96205. President: Charles Chong by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Area II Area IV Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. James M. Joyner advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Staff Writer Cpl. Kim Hee-jin CI Officer Galen Putnam publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pfc. Oh Dong-keun available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • 3. MORNING CALMThe Morning Calm Weekly Page May 14, 2004 3NEWS & NOTES Combined Arms and Services Staff School 175th Finance Command to merges with Officer Advanced Course services have limited ser vices 8th Personnel Command a full resident branch proponent OAC will continue to attend RC CAS3.The 175th Finance Command will have limited services U.S.Army Reserve will continue to teach CAS3 for the foreseeable future.on May 25 and 26 because of a change of command YONGSAN — The Secretary of the Army has approved the No specific changes to reserve component CAS3 classes are planned atceremony on May 26. Army’s plan to terminate the Combined Arms and Services Staff this time, but potential changes are being considered for near termAll servicing finance offices will remain open with School at Fort Leavenworth. The CAS3 is a five-week course implementation. The Army training and doctrine command is workinglimited personnel. The In and Out Processing Sections taken after the Officer Advanced Courses. with theArmy National Guard and Office of the Chief of Army Reserve toof the 176th and 177th Finance Battalions will remain The responsibility for teaching staff officer skills will be develop alternatives to existing reserve component OAC and CAS3 for regular business. transferred to the OAC branch proponent schools. The Captains To be eligible for attendance at any course that produces a military Education System is under review and will change as part of the education level code 4, officers must complete a branch proponent CCC Canine Competition Army’s ongoing effort to transform to support the future force. or RC CCC, Phase I and II, OAC and CAS3. Appropriate changes will beThe 8th Military Police Brigade is hosting the U.S. The Army must also change officer education to adjust to the annotated in Army Regulation 350-1, Army Training and Education, andForces Korea canine competition 2004 at Yongson demands of the contemporary operating environment. Preliminary Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-3,Monday - Wednesday. The competition will feature review information indicates that the new captains OES will place Commissioned Officer Development and Career Management. Optionshandlers from the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Republic emphasis on assignment-tailored training focusing on specific to branch proponent CAS3 must also be developed for those specialof Korea Army, Korean National Police and Korean primary staff positions and realistic scenario-driven command branch officers who have traditionally attended CAS3.Customs. The 8th MP brigade invites the public out training. The future captains OES concept will continue to have a branch andto watch as these dogs take a “bite out of the The original OES transformation concept required replacing combined arms focus, officer professional military education policy andcompetition.” CAS3 in fiscal 2005 with the Combined Arms Staff Course. In retain training on company command and staff competencies. Integral to October 2003, the Army Chief of Staff directed further review of this design are digital skills training, knowledge-and-application-basedMonday Building 1525, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. the captains OES concept to include CASC. Existing programs instruction. Captain OESs will leverage learning technologies, be less thanTuesday Softball field 5 (near Collier Field House), of instructions for OAC and CAS3 were part of this review, and 20 weeks in length and be linked to the next duty assignment. The new7 a.m.-6 p.m. findings resulted in a decision to terminate CAS3. The review design will support the Force Stabilization Initiative, incorporate WarriorWednesday Building 1525, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. results recommended absorbing the CAS3 POI into the existing Ethos, and focus toward a joint expeditionary mindset. OAC POI and advanced distributed learning. In the interim period, The future captains OES concept will support an army at war, Vocalists Band Seeks VocalistsThe 8th United States Army Band is looking for branch proponents will continue to update task analysis of all standardize common core and combined arms training across active andvocalists. company commanders and staff officers position to validate and reserve components, and facilitate the integration of educational systems areasPerformance areas inlude: improve the quality of all present officer career courses. across the Army. The concept can put commanders back in the driver’s! High profile command social events In the consolidation concept, the essential learning that occurs seat for junior officer professional development, continue to develop leaders! Classicial or popular music with the Concert Band at CAS3 will continue; however, redundancy will be eliminated. with the right mix of operational assignments and training, and provide! Lead vocals in the Pop, Rock and Country Show The concept further requires a CAS exercise to culminate the educational opportunities that meet the current and future requirements ofBand branch school instruction and retain the critical branch mix aspects the Army and joint forces, Personnel officials said.! Lead vocals while fronting the Jazz Ensemble of CAS3. The Army’s intent is to end resident CAS3 instruction Points of contact in Department of the Army Management Office – Qualifications at Fort Leavenworth with the graduation of class 04-4 Wednesday. Training are Col. Juan Claudio, DSN 224-9853, Charles Ware, DSNSoldiers interested must be: The ongoing reserve component CAS3 classes across the 224-9808, and Mary Ellen McCrillis, 224-9706. The Human! Private first class through sergeant first class United States and overseas, as well as the advanced distributed Resources Command point of contact is Lt. Col. Ricardo Rivera at! Not be a bonus military occupational speciality learning classes will continue. Reserve officers not projected for 703-325-3150. 175th takes financerecipient! Have six or more months remianing in Korea or be Why Korea is the Duty Assignment of Choicewilling to extend! Meet height and weight standards! No adverse administrative or Uniform Code ofMilitary Justice actions pending. to the Soldier 175th Finance CommandFormore information or to apply, call Sgt. Maj. DavidDoyon at 725-7135 or e-mail YONGSAN — Korea is the where state of the art financial services advancements are practiced to provide Stores to be Closed maximum support to Soldiers.Yongsan Main Store and Four Seasons Store will be The 175th Finance Command’sclosed May 18 for an organizational day. intent is to make finance and other advancements more reachable. These Team Field Sanitation Team changes are manifested in centralization training courses of travel, paper check conversion (e-The 38th Medical Detachment provides a 40-hour checks), automated teller machines forfield sanitation training course in Areas I and II every leave and earnings statements,other month. the maximum enrollment per company automated in-processing of newor unit is two. Seating is limited. Reserve seats in arrivals, interactive and enhancedadvance by providing a memorandum with name, rank, options on the finance command’sdate expected return from overseas, Social Security Web site, the 725-Cash hotline, splitNumber and Military Occupational Speciality of disbursement for government travelattending jpersonnel to the 38th Medical Detachment, card holders, automatic rentalUnit 15684, APO AP 96205-5684. Requests may be collection, cost of living allowance andfaxed to 724-4768 no later than two weeks before the unit finance representatives. Allstart of each course. fashioned to provide ease andAttending personnel should have more than six availability to the Soldiers.months time remaining in country upon completion Technological advancement isof the course. Personnel should bring a one-quart essential to finance. But nothing is morecanteen (with cup) and a copy of FM 4-25.12, Field beneficial to Soldiers than having a unitSanitation Team Training, to class. The point of contact finance representative ready to assistis Sgt. Charles Morris at 724-6276 or them. PHOTO BY GALEN The 175th Finance Command’s Contract workers replace the roof of the Evergreen Community Club on Camp WalkerThe course dates are: customer-service policy stipulates the May 7. The project started April 12 and is scheduled to be completed by May 20,Camp Red Cloud: June 21-25 and August 2-6 according to the Area IV Directorate of Public Works. The Evergreen CommunityYongsan: July 12-16 See Finance on Page 4 Club is one of the busiest facilities on Camp Walker.
  • 4. MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 4 May 14, 2004Araujo-Roper from Page 1Araujo-Roper has contributed more believe it went this far,” Araujo-Roperthan 500 volunteer hours in a variety said. “I thought it was great being theof activities such as tutoring, (youth) volunteer of the year for thedelivering cookies to Soldiers serving installation but this is reallyon the Demilitarized Zone, cleaning the something.”post movie theater, which relies on an Regional winners advance to theall-volunteer staff, participating in a national finals in Washington, D.C.,Jeju Island beach clean up, helping to where they will compete for adevelop the Camp Hialeah Child and $10,000 scholarship and be installedYouth Services’ Web page and as the Boys and Girls Clubs ofcontinue to update it, coordinate and America National Youth of the Year inassist with special events at a Korean the Oval Office by President Georgeorphanage for disabled children, and W. Bush.more. “I think she will do fine,” said “My mom has always done this kind Martinovich, who will accompanyof stuff and I just kind of got hooked Araujo-Roper to the regionalon it,” Araujo-Roper said. “It might competition in California. They willsound corny but volunteering makes see her personality right off the bat.”you feel good.” “It is nice to see her hard work pay Araujo-Roper ’s road to being off. She has been volunteering sincenamed the Boys and Girls Clubs of she was five years old,” said Tassia’sAmerica Asia Youth of the Year started mom, Truda Araujo-Roper, who is thewith her volunteer efforts. child and youth program coordinator She was named the Camp Hialeah for Camp Hialeah Child and YouthChild and Youth Services Teen Youth Services. “We started our childrenof the Month in February 2004 for volunteering when they were verycompiling the most volunteer hours in young and now they do it on theirthe month. She was later selected as own. They have learned good valuesthe fourth quarter, 2004, Camp Hialeah from their community service and weYouth Volunteer, then the 2004 Youth are proud of what they have done.”Volunteer of the Year. Tassia’s brother, Caio Araujo- After submitting an elaborate Roper, a seventh-grader at Pusanapplication package for the Youth of American School, was named thethe Year competition, Araujo-Roper Camp Hialeah Youth Volunteer of thewaited. Year in 2003. She was excited when she learned “A lot of kids (disrespectshe had been selected as the Korea- voluteering) before it they try it,”wide Youth of the Year but was Tassia said. “But it can be a lot ofstunned when she got the word about fun.”the Asiawide honors. “I was kind of in shock. I couldn’t E-mail from Page 3assignment of a finance customer representatives as part of theservice representative for each command’s advisory team and takesupported battalion and separate advantage of this service. Units maycompany. This system gives the unit contact servicing finance officers tofinance representative ownership of schedule visits and to obtain theirtheir assigned units. The finance unit’s finance representative’s namerepresentative is to meet and and phone number.coordinate with supported units as The 175th Finance Command’sfrequently as possible. goal is to make finance more The finance representatives have reachable. Programs the financethe responsibility to liaise with the command is implementing areunit personnel service comprehensive and will includenoncommisssioned officers on improving and standardizingfinancial issues. They are also the procedures and streamliningfirst line of contact by commanders customer service by movingand personnel service NCOs for services closer to customers.information during major training The aim is not only to raise theevents that preclude Soldiers from technical competence and generalcoming to resolve their pay financial awareness of civilian andproblems. Contact unit finance military customers, but to play anrepresentatives and plan for a finance integral role in supported units bysupport team to conduct military aiding the command teams andpay actions during the next field personnel service centers inexercise. financial matters. Commanders and sergeants major The 175th Finance Commandplanning to conduct professional want to assist customers withdevelopment sessions on Soldier understanding their pay and in somefinancial matters or on finance cases input their own changesinquiries and unit reporting should through improved Web respective finance Customers of the 175th Financerepresentatives for assistance. Command are encouraged to visit The finance command encourages the command’s Web site at http://units to in c l u d e finance
  • 5. May 14, 2004 Page 5Korean guards target excellenceStory, photos by David McNally years; however, some guards were hired shotguns, while access control pointArea I Public Affairs Office this year. Experience with weapons guards are armed with 9 mm pistols. varied from guards with prior military To qualify with a 9 mm pistol, the TEXAS RANGE — Two hundred service to young guards without guards used the U.S. Army standardtwenty-five Korean security guards previous military experience. of 24 out of 40 hits on target with afrom the Western Corridor attempted When the security contract changed minimum of 80 points gain weapons certification April 22- hands last year, female guards made a The garrison has a small staff for a23. foray into a previously male-dominated project like this, so the 2nd Infantry “This is a requirement in the Korean career field. For the first time ever, 10 Division came on board with thesecurity guard contract to conduct female Korean security guards qualified needed experts. Lowe said theyweapons qualification and with the 9 mm pistol. received military police support as wellfamiliarization training for the guards “I have a lot of confidence in the as Soldiers from other units in thewho perform security on all of our guards,” said Park Chang-heon, enclave.camps,” said Victor Lowe, director ofplans, training, mobilization and security commander for all Area I security “When you’re talking weaponsfor U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Casey. guards. “I don’t think it will be difficult qualification, you need experts,” Lowe Lowe said security guards cannot be for them.” said. “For the shotgun and 9 mm,armed unless they go through some sort Lowe said two days of classroom that’s a package for the military police,of weapons certification and understand training covered everything to prepare so they’re the subject matter experts Kang Yong-sok fires his pistol at the target. Hethe rules of engagement. the guards to qualify: handling, loading, for us.” scored 159 to qualify as a sharpshooter. There are 575 Korean security guards sighting, breathing and engaging the Lowe said the weaponsat the Camp Casey Enclave and the target with the weapon. familiarization and qualification isWestern Corridor. Many of the guards The guards fired pistols for something which needed attention.have worked at the camps for 15 to 20 qualification and shotguns foryears, and in some cases more than 30 familiarization. Perimeter guards carry See Target on Page 8Pvt. Jared Steen (left), tasked with range duty, issues ammunition Korean security guards listen to a weapons briefing by a U.S. Army instructor A guard clears his 9 mm pistol. All accessto Korean security guards April 23. before firing their 9 mm pistols at Texas Range. control point guards qualify with this weapon.Han Chong-ho, a Korean security guard (left) fires a shotgun as Staff Sgt. Robert Martzall, Company B, 302nd Forward Support Battalion, assists. Han works at Warrior Base in the Western Corridor.
  • 6. Page 6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004NEWS & NOTES Soldiers revel in new barracks Newcomers Orientation Story, photo by David McNally post office in the old education center. rooms.”The Camp Casey Army Community Service Area I Public Affairs Office Work continues on other new barracks. “Some of the current enlisted Soldierwill hold its monthly newcomers orientation Camp Stanley officials said life is about buildings are targeted for a future facelift8 a.m. May 25 in the ACS classroom. Call CAMP STANLEY — Officials from to get a lot better. into senior leader quarters,” said William730-3107 or 730-3143 to reserve a seat or the Installation Management Agency and “I just extended here for a year,” said Kapaku, civilian executive assistant forfor more information. the 2nd Infantry Division unveiled a new Pfc. Gregory Reese, Battery C, 1st U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud. set of barracks for Camp Stanley Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment. “This should help ease the inadequate Memorial Day Beach Blast Soldiers in a ceremony May 5. “The changes here, that’s what made housing of senior leaders on CampBetter Opportunities for Single and “This building really has been long in me decide to stay. I love to see Camp Stanley.”Unaccompanied Soldiers will host a Memorial coming,” said Col. Ross Ridge, Division Stanley coming up. It’s becoming a Another barracks is scheduled forDay weekend beach blast at Song-jung Beach Artillery commander for the 2nd decent place to live.” completion in December, officials said. Thenear Busan May 28 - 31. There will be a Infantry Division. “We’ve seen it sitting “You deserve it,” Brig. Gen. John next new barracks will house Soldiersbodybuilding contest, a karaoke contest, at the corner and we’ve been waiting. I Macdonald, Director of Installation from the 602nd Aviation Support Battalion.beach games such as volleyball and flying know the Soldiers have been eyeing this Management Agency-Korea, told thedisc football, and a beach barbecue. Free building for quite some time.” assembled Soldiers at the ribbon cutting E-mail will be provided in an open-bay The new building, located across the ceremony. “You are in the best Army inbarracks on base, but Soldiers may rent hotel street from the post exchange, has been the world, so you deserve this.”rooms at their own expense. Sign up at local under construction since November Macdonald said Camp Stanley hadcommunity activities centers, or call 732- 2002. It is part of a $15.2 million project come a long way. He related how bad6896 for more information. to upgrade living facilities for Soldiers living conditions were when he first at this Warrior Country installation. served there. English as a Second While officials cut the ribbon at this The new barracks will house 206 Language barracks, construction workers Soldiers from a variety of Camp StanleyThe Camp Page Army Community Service is continued to ready other facilities across units. Batteries B and C of the 1stholding English as a Second Language the post. Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment,classes 6 p.m. every Wednesday and Friday The new Army and Air Force as well as elements of the 509thin the ACS classroom. Call 721-5420 or 721- Exchange Service shopping center Personnel Services Battalion and 177th5233 for more information. complex will open next month. In July, Finance Battalion, will call the new the Camp Stanley Community Activity building home. Asian-Pacific Celebration Center will reopen after an extensive “It’s a lot better than what we had,”The Camp Casey USO will hold an Asian- renovation. Plans are under way to Reese said. “Before, we had aPacific celebration Saturday at the USO The new Camp Stanley barracks feature move the education center into the old community shower room. These roomsbuilding 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be free laundry and exercise rooms, as well as a day post exchange, and create a new Army have a bathroom shared betweenAsian-Pacific food samples, traditional songs room and game room.and dancing, and games with prizes. Camp Red Cloud Bowling Center Volunteers receive honors at luncheonThe Camp Red Cloud Bowling Center will be Story, photo by David McNally Lienau volunteers at the Camp Casey USO. She alsoopen for breakfast 8:30 a.m. Saturdays and Area I Public Affairs Office volunteers as an English tutor at a Dongducheon elementarySundays beginning June 5. school. During the past quarter, she racked up 245 hours of CAMP STANLEY — Volunteers from installations across volunteer service. Memorial Day Pool Party Warrior Country gathered for a quarterly luncheon May 5. “Volunteering helps getting through a tour here,” LienauThe Camp Stanley Better Opportunities for The best among the group were selected as volunteer and said, “especially when there’s not much to do sometimes.”Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers, in volunteer unit of the second quarter. Lienau said she found a spirit of volunteerism in her unit,conjunction with the Defense Commissary Representing Battery D, 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense which motivated her to donate her time.Agency, will host a pool party and commissary Artillery Regiment, Spc. Abigail Lienau took top honors as the Lienau serves as an Army medic in her unit. She has beentour 1 – 7 p.m. May 30. There will be volunteer of the quarter. stationed in Korea for about a year; however, she just extendeddrawings for merchandise prizes and shopping “I just do all I can,” Lienau said. “It’s always good to come for six more months. She hopes her next volunteer actionsprees at the commissary, and a swimwear in and smile and make people’s day.” will earn her a pair of silver wings.contest, swim races and a dance contest at “I want to go to airborne school and Fort Bragg, N.C.,”the swimming pool. The BOSS council and Lienau said. “I also want to get my paramedic or nursingReggie’s will sell barbecue foodand degree.”beverages. Two units tied for the honor of volunteer of the unit for the second quarter: the Camp Page Community Chapel and Kangwon Land Resort Trip Battery B, 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment.The Camp Casey USO is taking a trip to “These Soldiers are truly involved in making sure theKangwon Land Resort May 22. The trip will physical needs of children are met,” said Joseph Lee, thecost $26 for transportation only, with the Area I volunteer coordinator. “Not only were they involvedbus departing 7:30 a.m. and returning 10 in the local orphanages, both also at nursing homes.”p.m. Call the Camp Casey USO at 730-4813 Lee said the combined contributions of both units totaledor 730-3812 for more information. 1,500 hours of volunteer service during the second quarter. Margaret Wood, the wife of the commanding general of Meet the CPOC the 2nd Infantry Division, gave the keynote remarks at theCivilian Personnel Operations Center staff volunteer luncheon.members will be available to answer “This is a community that is thriving,” Wood told thepersonnel questions Wednesday at the Camp volunteers, “because it possesses what is most important,Casey Garrison Conference Room North and and that’s you.”at the Camp Red Cloud Education Center Wood praised the volunteers for their selfless service.8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 “I believe you energize each other to this great level ofp.m. Questions concerning classification achievement,” Wood said. “I know you inspire us. You areissues, applicant qualifications, skills used the reason an assignment to Area I and the 2nd Infantryto determine eligibility and other personnel Division is truly an assignment of choice.”issues will be addressed. Call 768-7400 formore information. Spc. Abigail Lienau, D Battery, 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, holds the plaque she received as volunteer of the quarter. E-mail
  • 7. MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page 7 May 14, 2004Soldiers visit Demilitarized ZoneBy Pfc. Stephanie Pearson “The idea was to provide Soldier The tour started at Infiltration TunnelArea I Public Affairs Office integration with the People-to-People 3. It is one of the tunnels discovered in program,” said Spc. Wayne Whetzel, 1978 that was dug by North Korea into CAMP BONIFAS — Twenty garrison trip coordinator. “The Soldiers South Korea. At the tunnel, the SoldiersSoldiers from Area I Headquarters and got to mingle with some of the locals and civilians rode a shuttle 300 metersHeadquarters Company joined 40 and let them know ‘Hey, we’re here (in underground to reach the main passage,Koreans to visit the Demilitarized Zone your country), but we’re good people.’” where they were allowed to get out andat Panmunjom May 5. Headquarters and Headquarters walk around. Signs hung in the tunnel The trip was sponsored and paid for Company 1st Sgt. Douglas Smothers pointed out features like the holes drilledby the local Korean chapter of People- agreed. to place dynamite, the coal the North Koreans smeared on the inside walls toto-People International, an organization “By going down there with the PTP, make it look like a coal mine, and howdedicated to enhancing international I think it’s a good opportunity to let them the tunnel was built with a slight upwardunderstanding and friendship between know we are here as ambassadors,” slope to let the groundwater drain intonations. Smothers said. “We’re honored to be North Korea, keeping the passage from The Camp Red Cloud garrison the protectors of South Korea. It’s also flooding as it was built.organized the trip in conjunction with an opportunity for Soldiers to be a part Back at the surface, the SoldiersPTP to let Soldiers and Korean civilians of one of history’s greatest things,” he watched a movie about the tunnels andget together to learn about each other’s added. “The Korean and American then looked around a museum dedicatedculture, and to let both groups see the Soldiers, working together as one, are A Republic of Korea soldier stands guard inDMZ. representatives for peace.” See DMZ on Page 8 the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom.Pvt. Antquenette Fuller (left) and Spc. James The Bridge of No Return is the site of prisoner-of-war exchanges between North and South Korea at the end of the war. Once prisonersHubbard look at a display in the DMZ crossed over, they could not come back, hence the name “The Bridge of No Return.” The U.S. Observation Post 4(left) stands unmanned onmuseum at Infiltration Tunnel 3. the South Korean side, while North Korean Observation Post 3 keeps watch over the other end of the bridge.Annual training teaches civilians wartime survivalStory, photo by Pfc. Stephanie fitness center. noncommissioned officer in and chemical survival tasks; learn a different task.”Pearson In the event of a charge. basic first aid; the code of Because a large portion ofArea I Public Affairs Office noncombatant evacuation Emergency-essential conduct; the Geneva the class was Korean, each operation, when most civilian civilians are American Convention; and rules of instructor was provided with a CAMP RED CLOUD — employees and family members government employees, while engagement.” Korean Augmentation to theHeadquarters and headquarters would be evacuated from the mission-essential civilians are “Today we conducted U.S. Army Soldier, Area I personnel area, EECs and MECs would Korean employees, McGlothin training on eight critical NBC “The language barrier was aconducted critical task training remain in place to continue said. These civilians hold tasks and four first aid tasks, distractor, but we utilized ourfor Area I emergency-essential performing their missions, said positions considered essential to reacting to a nuclear or chemical KATUSA Soldiers to translateand mission-essential civilians Staff Sgt. Brent McGlothin, continuing the U.S. Army attack and providing first aid to the classes from English toApril 29 at the Camp Red Cloud EEC and MEC training mission in emergency nerve agent casualties,” Korean, so everybody situations. McGlothin said. “These are understood everything that was According to the training skills they may need in the event taught,” McGlothin said. operations order, area chemical munitions are ever “It’s different teaching commanders are responsible used in our area of operation.” civilians who don’t know a lot for providing annual training to Fifty-nine essential civilians of the basics, as opposed to ensure EECs and MECs can attended the four-hour training teaching Soldiers who learned continue performing their session. all of this in basic training, so it assigned duties during a “There were four stations set was a challenge,” he added. contingency operation or war. up, and each instructor had “But I think, overall, the “The purpose of this training three tasks to teach,” training went very smoothly is to provide the EECs and McGlothin explained. “We and was successful.” MECs with a basic broke the civilians off into four The EECs and MECs will understanding of certain equal groups and conducted a attend another class in June survival skills they might be ‘round robin,’ so that at the end to complete the rest of their called upon to utilize in the event of an hour, each group had annual training of a transition to hostilities,” conducted four blocks of requirements.Sgt. Im Jang-hyun (left) translates as Staff Sgt. Brent McGlothin teaches a McGlothin explained. “These training. After a break, theyclass on treating victims of nerve agent poisoning at the emergency- skills include nuclear, biological went to each station again to E-mail personnel training April 29 at the Camp Red Cloud fitness center.
  • 8. Page 8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004Target from Page 5 “At the Camp Casey Enclave, this When the day ended, 202 Koreanhasn’t been done in a long time,” security guards had qualified. TheLowe said. “I think we’ll probably remaining 23 guards will need tohave to do this quarterly.” return to the range. There were communication “We want to get these guards outchallenges, like making sure the to the range to get them qualified andguards understood the range keep them qualified,” Lowe said. “Icommands, but Korean Augmentation can tell they’re taking this seriously.”to the U.S. Army Soldiers aided theU.S. instructors. E-mail from Page 7 After the tunnel trip, the group clerk. “To be there on the DMZ; andheaded to Observation Post Dora, to see the North Koreans right therewhich has a viewing deck overlooking made my heart flutter a little bit.”the line of demarcation and North From the conference area, theKorea. The Soldiers were excited group was driven past the spot of theabout getting a glimpse of North infamous ax murder incident and theKorea. “Bridge of No Return,” the site of the “On a clear day, you can see the last prisoner-of-war exchange. As theNorth Korean flag on one side, and the bus left the JSA, the group drove pastSouth Korean flag on the other,” “Propaganda Village,” a fake town builtWhetzel explained. “It’s really neat.” by the North Koreans that features a From OP Dora, the trip continued 600-pound North Korean flag and aonto the actual DMZ tour, which propaganda-blaring speaker system.started at Camp Bonifas with a briefing Johnigan enjoyed the tour andfrom their U.S. Army security escort. encourages her fellow Soldiers to makeThe group was advised how to the trip.conduct themselves on the tour, what “It was very educational,” she said.they were allowed or forbidden to do “It made me realize why we’re hereand given a brief history of the U.S. — to help South Korea maintainArmy presence in the Joint Security what’s theirs.”Area. They were then taken to “It’s important for Soldiers to goPanmunjom, where all the peace talks because it gives them a betterare held. The Soldiers and civilians understanding of why we’re here,”were allowed in the U.N. conference Whetzel said. “It gives them theroom, which spans the DMZ so half opportunity to really get a feeling ofof it is North Korea and half is in South how close we are to the enemy. It letsKorea. The group was allowed to stand them see the North Korean soldierson the North Korean side. face-to-face, and look right into “It’s a really neat experience, to be communist North Korea. That’sable to go home and say ‘I was in intimidating for most Soldiers, and itNorth Korea,’” Whetzel said. broadens their view about what we’re “It was a shock, actually,” said Pvt. doing in this country.”April Johnigan, Headquarters andHeadquarters Company unit mail E-mail Childrens day not just for kids PHOTO BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSON Sgt. 1st Class Howard Williams, 2nd Infantry Division, is led to the inflatable castle set up at the Camp Red Cloud pavilion for Children’s Day May 5. The 2nd Infantry Division invited 100 local school children to the post. The children toured the division museum before heading over to the pavilion for lunch and two hours of playing with American and Korean Soldiers. Williams, who the children mistook for a professional wrestler, was a crowd favorite. “This is my first community relations event,” he said, “and I’m having a blast!”
  • 9. May 14, 2004 Page 9YMC visits the House of Grace Orphanage PHOTO BY SGT. MAJ.MIKE NOVOGRADAC Yongsan Motorcycle Club member, Warrant Officer 1 Coral Porch, property book officer with the 524th Military Intelligence Battalion, blows bubbles with two-and-a-half-year-old Hee-jun, an orphan at the Yangpyeong House of Grace orphanage. Porch has visited the orphanage four times in one year and has known Hee-jun since she was 18 months old. flocked to the bikers. The orphans had hugs for everyone, and the bikers tried to spend time with every resident. Many orphans can’t speak and many others are bedridden. The bikers visited the rooms of those who couldn’t venture outside. PHOTO BY SGT. MAJ. MIKE NOVOGRADAC “It’s hard to see disabled children and young adultsYongsan Motorcycle Club member Sgt. Hee-jung Loomis, a retention noncommissioned officer with U.S. Army Troop Command- who are abandoned as orphans,” said Mike Bray, YMCKorea, helps an orphan drink during lunch at the House of Grace Orphanage located in Yangpyeong. vice president, “I hate to see the kids like this, but they’reStory by Jerry Casey suit and created animal balloons for all the children. being well cared for by the orphanage staff andYongsan Motorcycle Club The YMC first learned of the orphanage from a 1999 volunteers, and we enjoy spending time with them. Korean television news program, which reported the “It makes you realize how fortunate most of us are YANGPYEONG — Four times each year the private orphanage operates only by the grace of and how much we are thrilled to make the orphansYongsan Motorcycle Club takes to the road, visiting the donations. The YMC’s last visit was in November 2003 happy during our visit,” he added.House of Grace Orphanage; a private institution for and even then the club members donated more than After the bikers dropped off their donated goods andphysically- and mentally-challenged orphans. 1,500 pounds of rice, along with money for wheelchairs spent four hours entertaining the orphans, YMC On April 3, the YMC made its spring pilgrimage, for some of the more disadvantaged orphans. members revved up their engines and departed on adeparting the Main Post Townhouse with 30 bikers on The club’s Road Captain, Chief Warrant Officer 3 different scenic route back to Yongsan.22 motorcycles, with three support vans loaded with Scott Steuerwald, legal administrator with Yongsan’s Roger Floyd, YMC president, said that besidesdonated goods. Donations included 75 20-pound bags Office of the Judge Advocate, led the two-hour ride to supporting the House of Grace Orphanage with fourof rice, medicinal supplies, disposable diapers, bubbles the House of Grace this year. visits each year, YMC supports numerous humanitarianand other toys, and Easter candy. Though the trip began with motorcycles thundering projects and charities on and off the base, including Wayne Walk, Yongsan’s commissary manager and through beautiful scenic hills and mountains, the thrill Yongsan; Columbus Day Parade; Korean AssociationYMC member, said he always supports the orphanage of the ride changed to compassion as the bikers arrived of Retired Persons; the HI-Seoul Festival this past week;and donated more than 100 pounds of rice and other at the House of Grace Orphanage. and the annual winter Polar Bear Run where membersitems. Upon arrival, 70 or more children and 35 orphanage donated their time and contributed $1,863 to the For a second time, retired Sgt. Maj. Chris Vaia, support volunteers welcomed the motorcyclists asnicknamed “The Balloon Man,” dressed in his clown mentally and physically disabled children and adults See Motor on Page 10Vehicle exper ts spell out disposal stepsStory by John A. Nowell Gate 52 on Yongsan South Post) before to transfer ownership to new owners, and policy memorandum signed by the firstArea II Public Affairs Office going to the Pass and ID and Vehicle both individuals will need to visit the Vehicle 0-5 in their chain of command and Registration Office. The VPC staff will Registration Office to complete the approval from the Area II commander. YONGSAN — As summer remove the license plates and provide the transaction. A seller will need to show his “Anyone who owns a vehicle that isapproaches many service members will owner with a document to deregister the ID card, vehicle registration, deregistration beyond repair or doesn’t meet safetybe departing Korea and may need to ship vehicle. Call the VPC at 736-7086 and form and a bill of sale. The buyer is required standards can dispose of the vehicletheir privately- owned vehicles to their next 736-/7088 for an appointment. to show an ID card, U.S. Forces Korea through the Defense Reutilization (andduty stations. Still others may need to In all cases, POV owners will have to driver’s license, proof of insurance, safety Marketing) Office by following somedispose of a vehicle in Korea. stop by the Area II Pass and ID and Vehicle inspection, customs declaration for a basic rules,” said Staff Sgt. Andrew M. Shipping a POV requires the owner to Registration Office on Camp Kim and foreign vehicle, copy of bill of sale and a Lieberg, noncommissioned officer in charge,schedule an appointment with the Vehicle deregister their vehicles before they can vehicle registration form. Personnel not Pass and ID and Vehicle Registration Office.Processing Center located at the ship, sell or dispose of their vehicles. authorized to own and operate a vehicle inTransportation Motor Pool (across from People who sell their vehicles will need Korea will need an approved exception to See Vehicle on Page 10 Vehicle
  • 10. Page 10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004NEWS & NOTES Food service distributors come to Korea School Re-registration Story, photos by Linus Lee Products Inc. gave a presentation on of marketing. “This is a greatRe-registration for school year 2004 - 2005 Area II Public Affairs Office entrée salads. Chef Van Atkins, also opportunity to meet new people in thewill be held on the following dates at the from Custom Food Products Inc., MWR system from all over the Pacific.”designated locations: YONGSAN — Restaurant managers demonstrated techniques of making Representatives from throughout the! Tuesday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Hannam Village from military installations across the Far custom sauces and gravy variations. Far East included Korea, Japan and! Wednesday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at SAHS Gym East attended the sixth annual overseas Chef Tony Cerny of the Culinary Okinawa.for last names beginning with A - L. military food show that was held April Academy of San Francisco presented “This is a great opportunity to! Thursday - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at SAHS Gym for 21-22 at Yongsan’s Main Post Club. signature panini sandwiches. introduce restaurant quality foods to thelast names beginning with M - Z. Forty-five food service vendors, “The different demonstrations were military,” said Brian Lewis of Rich! Friday - 8 a.m. - noon at SAHS Gym for all. organized by BiRite Foodservice interesting, I learned several tips,” said Products. “We have manufacturers that Distributors, displayed their products at Jennifer Oh, Pusan American School create or provide excellent products to Family Advocacy Events the show. senior. “It was a great show, the food send to national chains in the United! The Single Parent Support Group will meet BiRite, with headquarters located in was excellent, the people were very States and we can provide this to the11 a.m - noon May 24 at Army Community Brisbane, Calif., has a contract with friendly and I really appreciate MWR military overseas.”Service, building 4106, Room 124 . For more Morale, Welfare and Recreation. getting this all together.” “I think this was a great success,information, call 738-5150. Various chefs conducted “We like to help out our ‘family’ especially for the community since they! An emergency placement information demonstrations during the two days. overseas by serving them the best quality benefited from it the most,” said Danmeeting is scheduled at Army Community Chef Jim Benson of Custom Food food,” said Amy Bruno, BiRite director Melton, Area II business manager. “ItService 11 a.m - Noon May 26, building 4106, (food show) definitely helped keep pricesroom 124. For more information, call 738-5150. low. There were several new products that were introduced that several mangers SOFA Stamp seemed to be interested in.”SOFA stamp service will take place 2 p.m., For more information on food serviceMay 25 at Army Community Service, building outlets in Area II, e-mail Melton at4106 room 118. Sign ups must be in advance. or visitFor more information, call 738-4617 or 738- the Main Post Club in Yongsan.7999. Newcomer’s OrientationThe May Newcomer’s Orientation will be threedays, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Pre-registration is required. For more information,call 738-7999 or 7505. Asian Pacific Heritage MonthAn Asia Pacific Heritage Month observanceprogram will be 11 a.m. Saturday at the Dragon Jessica Lee, a junior at Seoul American HighHill Lodge Courtyard. For more information, School, gazes at a display of bread during thecall 738-5900 or Master Sgt. Tony McClure Chef Eric Wood of General Mills demonstrates the proper way to cook cinnamon buns during the food show held April 21-22 at Yongsan’s Main723-6654. food show held April 21-22 at Yongsan’s Main Post Club. Post Club. Store ClosureYongsan main Post Exchange and Four SeasonsStore will be closed Tuesday for an organizational Motor from Page 9day. Chaplains Children’s Fund this year. members are retirees, Soldiers, Department meetings at 6 p.m. on the first and third The YMC is a private club with more of the Army civilians, spouses, and girl or Wednesday of each month at the Navy Elite Club than 100 members and is open to everyone boy friends. There are numerous Koreans Club on Yongsan’s main post. NewThe Elite club is a new organization consisting with or without a motorcycle. There are also. Many members wear the U.S.-Korean members are always welcome.of members of the Audie Murphy Board, no club dues. friendship flag on their leather vests and Folks interested in joining the YMC orSergeant Morales Club and General Paik Club The YMC promotes the safe operation jackets, while wearing red, white and blue riding on weekends can contact the clubcoming together to discuss many topics and of motorized two-wheeled and three- scarves. Some even mount U.S.-Korean secretary at DSN 738-7137; by cellularconcerns on the peninsula for enlisted service wheeled vehicles through organized group flags on their motorcycles. phone at 011-9690-7160; or via e-mail atmembers. The meeting will be held at the motorcycle touring in Korea. YMC The YMC holds twice-monthly training facility 2 p.m. May 25. Yard Sale Vehicle from Page 9Come to the Itaewon Acres Yard Sale 9 a.m. - The following information is provided for the owner will need to provide a copy of the owner’s towingthevehiclefromourgaragetothe(Defensenoon May 22. Bargaining for treasures couldn’t disposition of POVs inArea II: ID card and vehicle registration form. The Auto ReutilizationandMarketingOffice)facilityatCampbe easier or more convenient. Clothes, toys, TheAuto Skills Center on Yongsan Garrison Skills Center has disposition paperwork, but the Market. If we also have to tow the vehicle to ourhousehold items, etc. will be sold. South Post will dispose of anAmerican or foreign customerwillneedtovisittheLegalServicesOffice garage, there will be an additional towing fee,” madevehiclefor$120,whichisthetowingcharge to obtain the JAG release document. Call 738- said Savannah. Commissar y Closure from the shop to DRMO. Owners can also take 5315 for more information. Call724-6037foradditionalinformationaboutThe Yongsan and Hannam Village commissaries their vehicle to the Defense Reutilization and The Army and Air Force Exchange Service AAFES services.will be closed May 31 for Memorial Day. For Marketing Office located at Camp Market also provides a vehicle disposal service. Art “Owners can also take their vehicles to themore information, call 736-3068. themselves. Owners will need to pick up the Savannah,managerofthe AAFESgaragelocated DRMO at Camp Market themselves,” said required documents at the Vehicle Registration at Camp Kim, said, Lieberg. “They will need to pick up the required Team Field Sanitation Team OfficeandthenmakeanappointmentwithDRMO “There is no charge for the disposition of a documentsatourofficeand makeanappointment Training for the destruction. DRMO will only accept Korean-made(non-exportmodel)vehiclebrought with DRMO at 722-3374 to turn in the vehicle,”The 38th Medical Detachment will be providing American or other foreign vehicles. in to the garage by the owner, Savannah said. “If saidLieberg.a 40-hour field sanitation team training course The owner needs to provide a copy of the we have to send a wrecker to tow it in, then we “Actually, if someone is turning in a Korean-July 12 - 16. For more information, call 724- front and back of his ID card, a copy of the will charge a fee depending upon the pickup made (non export model) vehicle, they can drop6276 or e-mail at vehicle registration form and a Judge Advocate location. it off with our office and we will dispose of it,” GeneralreleasedocumentfromtheLegalServices “For American and other foreign- made saidLieberg. Office. The Auto Skills Center will dispose of vehicles, we charge $64.95 for battery and Korean- made cars (non export models), but the hazardous material fluid disposal, plus $125 for E-mail
  • 11. The Morning Calm Weekly MAy 14, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 11 Tours Entertainment Cultural Events, Tours and Enter tainment Experience Greater Seoul USO Tours Royal Asiatic Tour Entertainment and 9. For more information call 02-3141-3488. !Seoul City Night Tour – 3:45 p.m. ! South Cholla Tour : Land of Exile – ! The Opera Carmen will be at Jamsil ! The opera, “Lucia Di - 10 p.m. Saturday. 8 a.m. Saturday - 8 p.m. Sunday. Stadium May Saturday-Wednesday. Call Lammermoor” will be performed ! Shilluk Temple – 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. ! Chiri-San and Namwon Tour: A 02-1544-1555 for more information. at the Seoul Arts Center May 26 Sunday. Journey into Korea’s Scenic South – 8 ! Magician David Copperfield - 30. For more information call ! Panmunjom (DMZ) and Tunnel a.m. May 22 and 8:30 p.m. May 23. performs May 26-30 at the Sejong 02-587-1950. – 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday. ! Soyo-San and Sanjong Lake Tour Center for the Performing Arts. Call 02- ! The musical, “Matthew ! Kangwha Island Tour - 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. May 22. 3472-4480 for ticket information. B o u r n e ’s N u t c r a c k e r ” w i l l b e - 4:30 p.m. Thursday. performed at the LG Arts Center Call 02-763-9483 for more ! Sarah Brightman will be holding 8 p.m Tuesday - Friday, 3 p.m For more information, call the Seoul information about Royal Asiatic Society performances at the Olympic Park a n d 8 p . m S a t u r d a y, 2 p . m USO office at 02-792-3380. events. Gymnastics Stadium 8 p.m. June 8 Sunday.Area II units recognized for excellence exStory by H. Samarripa days and conducting 100 percent of their 5 2 n d Av i a t i o n R e g i m e n t Detachment, 25th TransportationArea II ADCO required urinalysis for illegal drug testing -Company D, 1st Battalion, 52nd Battalion during that period. The following units Aviation Regiment The 175th Finance Command was also YONGSAN - Area II tenant units were recognized: -Company D, 164th Air Traffic recognized for “Excellence in the Area IIwere recently recognized during the ! 501st Military Intelligence Brigade Services Group Risk Reduction Program.” They weresecond quarter fiscal year 2004 Tenant -Headquarters and Headquarters ! 18th Medical Command: presented with a Golden Eagle TrophyCommander’s Conference hosted by Col. Company, 501st Military Intelligence -Headquarters and Headquarters by McNulty for not having had one singleTimothy K. McNulty, Area II Support -Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 18th Medical Command high risk behavior incident during firstActivity commander. McNulty Company, 524th Military Intelligence -38th Medical Detachment quarter fiscal year 2004 in the Area IIrecognized several units for their -Company A, 532nd Military ! 8th Personnel Command: ASAP Risk Reduction Program.performance in Area II’s Army Substance Intelligence -Company A 516th Personnel All units participating in the Area II RiskAbuse Program 180-Day-Incentive ! 1st Signal Brigade: Services Battalion Reduction Program are tracked in14 high-riskAward. -362nd Signal Company -1st Replacement Company behavioral areas that are of the most concern The award, a unit guidon streamer, is -14th Signal Detachment ! 19th Military Police Battalion: to the command. These include but are notpresented to units that have displayed -251st Signal Detachment -19th Military Police Detachment limited to alcohol and drug offenses, trafficgood conduct by having no drug or ! 17th Aviation Brigade ! 25th Transportation Battalion: violations, absent without leave cases, suicidealcohol-related blotter incidents for 180 -Company A, 1st Battalion, -Headquarters and Headquarters gestures or attempts and domestic violence.
  • 12. Page 12 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004 Korea:Driving in Korea: a nightmare around the cornerClaims service aims to prepare servicemembers for the unexpectedStory by Col. R. Peter Masterton and the scooter driver’s damages, lawsuits. In addition, the Korean milliliter of blood. A Soldier whoU.S. Armed Force Claims Service, Korea which could easily total $10,000, criminal justice system can be used drives with an alcohol content that including medical bills. In this to enforce civil judgments. As a meets or exceeds this limit may face Driving in Korea can be traumatic example, the Korean courts might consequence, having plenty of charges in Korean court, court-for Americans. The roads are hold that person responsible for 10 insurance is a good idea. martial or nonjudicial punishmentcrowded and no one seems to obey percent o f t h e s c o o t e r d r i v e r ’s The Office of the Provost under Article 15 of the Uniform Codethe traffic laws. However, once the damages, even though the accident Marshal, U.S. Forces Korea requires of Military Justice. If bodily injuryrules and customs are learned, was primarily the fault of the scooter you to purchase certain minimum or death is involved, the Soldier maydriving in Korea can become a safer driver. amounts of insurance. spend a long time in jail. Inand less traumatic experience. A traffic violation that may result Servicemembers are required to addition, he or she will receive a Under Korean law, all drivers are in a citation in the United States may purchase bodily injury liability reprimand from a general officerheld to the standard of a professional result in imprisonment in Korea, insurance of $50,000 per person and that may be placed in his or herdriver. This means that you are especially if the violation causes $100,000 per accident and property permanent military record and willexpected to exercise extreme care serious injury or death. damage liability insurance of lose his or her driving avoid hitting pedestrians and other However, Korean courts generally $25,000. This covers the damages Because of the dangers of drivingvehicles. respond positively when injured caused to others in an accident. in Korea, the strict drunk-driving When an accident occurs, both parties receive adequate To provide more protection from penalties and the availability of cheapdrivers involved are usually assessed compensation. civil judgments and criminal public transportation, many coulda percentage of liability, even if one Korean law encourages private prosecution, it is better to purchase say drinking and driving doesn’tof the drivers was clearly more at settlements between injured parties more than the minimum insurance. make much sense.fault than the other. and the driver at fault in a traffic A Korean comprehensive Those who have grown For example, if someone was accident. insurance policy that provides accustomed to Korean driving rulesattempting to make a left turn and Appropriate compensation by the unlimited liability for bodily injury learn to drive defensively. They alsohit a scooter that has just run a red insurance company of the driver at may give you complete protection ensure that they have adequatelight, both that person and the fault generally satisfies this from civil and criminal liability in a insurance coverage to protect themscooter driver may be held partially requirement. If a private settlement traffic accident that does not involve in the event they become involvedresponsible for the accident. cannot be reached, the injured party death or gross negligence, such as in an accident. That person’s liability may only can sue the driver at fault in a driving while intoxicated. Contact the nearest legal officebe 10 percent while the scooter Korean court. U.S. service- Driving while intoxicated is questions concerning liability ford r i v e r ’s l i a b i l i t y i s 9 0 percent. members, civilian employees, family strictly prohibited in Korea. The traffic accidents.However, the Korean courts will members, and invited contractors legal limit of intoxication in Korea isthen compare your damages are s u b j e c t t o t h e s e k i n d s o f .5 milligrams (.05 percent) of alcohol E-mail negligible) per
  • 13. Page 14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004 Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters For additional listings or matinees call respective theater or see AT THE May 14 - 20 M OV I E S Location May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 Phone No. Casey 730-7354 Spartan Spartan Man on Fire Man on Fire Secret Window Secret Window Dirty Dancing Essayons 732-9008 No Show Twisted No Show Eurotrip Walking Tall No Show Starsky and Hutch Garry Owen 734-2509 No Show Walking Tall Eurotrip Hidalgo Starsky and Hutch No Show Agent Cody Banks 2 Greaves 734-8388 Walking Tall Hidalgo Walking Tall No Show No Show Starsky and Hutch Agent Cody Banks 2 Henry 768-7724 Spartan Agent cody Banks 2 Walking Tall Secret Window No Show No Show No Show Humphreys Man on Fire Catch That Kid Catch That Kid Secret Window Secret Window Spartan Dirty Dancing: Havana 753-7716 Hialeah Confessions of a 763-370 Walking Talk Teenage Drama Queen Starsky and Hutch No Show No Show No Show No Show Hovey 730-5412 Secret Window Man on Fire Spartan Spartan Man on Fire Dirty Dancing Agent Cody Banks 2 Howze Confessions of a 734-5689 Teenage Drama Queen Eurotrip Hidalgo No Show No Show No Show Spartan Man on Fire Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights In Mexico City, a Havana:November,1958.18- government operative/ year-old Katey Miller (Garai) soldier of fortune (Denzel bringsaninnatecuriosityanda Washington) who has smattering of Spanish to her pretty much given up on new life in Cuba’s lush capital, life, reluctantly agrees to where her father has taken an take a job to protect a child FREE TO IDENTIFICATION executivepostingatFord.Katey (Dakota Fanning) whose CARD HOLDERS is expected to join the smart parents are threatened by set of American teenagers, but a wave of kidnappings. He (On U.S. Army Installations Only) she finds herself drawn instead eventually becomes close to the proud, purposeful Javier (Luna), a waiter who also happens to the child and their relationship reawakens and rekindles his Schedule subject to change to be brilliant dancer are ready to take their place as a couple on the spirit. When she is abducted, his fiery rage is unleashed on dance floor – unaware that the country club, and the streets of those he feels responsible, and he stops at nothing to save Havana itself, are about to erupt in revolutionary violence. her R PG-13 Location May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 Phone No. Kunsan Home on the Range Home on the Range Home on the Range No Show Secret Window Spartan Dirty Dancing: Havana 782-4987 Long Broken Lizard’s 721-3407 Taking Lives No Show Starsky and Hutch No Show No Show No Show Club Dread Osan 784-4930 Laws of Attraction Catch That Kid Catch That Kid Secret Window Secret Window Spartan Dirty Dancing: Havana Page 721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Red Cloud 732-6620 Man on Fire Hidalgo Hidalgo Secret Window Dirty Dancing: Havana No Show Laws of Attraction Stanley 732-5565 Secret Window Spartan Spartan Dirty Dancing: Havana No Show Laws of Attraction Dirty Dancing: Havana Yongsan I Laws of Attraction Laws of Attraction Laws of Attraction Secret Window Secret Window Dirty Dancing: Havana Dirty Dancing: Havana 738-7389 Yongsan II 738-7389 Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Hidalgo Hidalgo Secret Window Secret Window Yongsan III 738-7389 Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Spartan Spartan Spartan
  • 14. MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page May 14, 2004 15 One’Chaplain: ‘Army of One’ for allBy Chaplain (Lt. Col.) John Bjarnason early part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was devotional, entitled “Mychael’s Prayer,” keep me out of Your way.”8th Military Police Brigade chaplain so very sure that I had “done been all I can talked about an issue of Parade Magazine What a great prayer. This is one that I possibly be.” which noted that Father Mychal F. Judge, would encourage each of us to pray The first slogan for the all-volunteer Things change, In January 2002, the the late NewYork Police Department everyday. This prayer sums up the phrase,Army was “Today’s Army wants to join “Be all you can be” in the Army changed to chaplain, carried a prayer in his pocket, and “better to give than to receive.” It alsoyou.” This was followed in 1973 by “Join “An Army of One.” Many of us have asked, the NYPD personnel referred to it as answers the question for me, the meaningthe people who’ve joined the Army” which “What is the meaning, ‘An Army of One?’” Mychal’s Prayer. The prayer reads: of “An Army of One.”evolved into a short-lived “This is the In my unit, the 8th Military Police May God bless you as you strive to beArmy.” In 1981, the Army came up with Brigade, we have a motto: “100 percent “Lord, take me wherever You want me to go; an Army of One - representing the highestthe slogan “Be all you can be.” Most of and then some.” This epitomizes “An Army Let me meet who You want me to meet; of our Army Values: “Loyalty, Duty,my time in the Army I have lived with this of One.” Tell me what You want me to say; Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity,slogan, “Be all you can be.” I just finished reading an interesting And keep me out of Your way.” and Personal Courage” - with all whom you Many times, while I was in Iraq during devotional from a dear friend of mine, come into contact. Remember, we are neverboth Operation Desert Shield/Storm and the retired Army Chaplain Don Yancy. His My favorite part of this prayer is, “And off-duty; we are “An Army of One.” Worship Area II Worship Services Protestant Collective Sunday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel Mass 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel 7 p.m. Camp Colbern Chapel Contemporary Sunday 10 a.m. Multipurpose Training Facitlity Korean Tuesday 6 p.m. Camp Colbern Chapel Jewish Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Friday 6 p.m. Memorial Chapel Church of Christ Sunday 2 p.m. South Post Chapel KCFA 2nd Tuesday 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Area II Chaplains United Pentecostal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel 3rd Tuesday 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Thomas Drake Church International or DSN 738-3011 Collective Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Vincent Burns 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel (Korean) Mass or DSN 725-2955 Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 10 a.m. South Post Chapel 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) David Waters 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel or DSN 738-4043 Tuesday 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel Noon South Post Chapel 7 p.m. South Post Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Stanley Whitten 1 p.m. K-16 Community Chapel Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri 12:05 p.m. Memorial Chapel or DSN 736-3018 Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel
  • 15. Page 16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004 Setting out for an adventure... Story, photo by Pfc. Stephanie Pearson Area I Public Affairs Office JEJU ISLAND, South Korea — There is an island where aquamarine water crashes against the rocky, jagged coastline; where the volcano that formed it rises from the center, visible from anywhere on the island; where streets are lined with palm trees; and the sound of the ocean is never far off. Sound like Hawaii? At just under an hour’s plane ride from Seoul, it is a lot closer than Hawaii to servicemembers serving in Korea. It is Jeju Island. Twenty-five Area I servicemembers got to experience the culture and coastline of this small island off the south coast of the peninsula on a Better Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers- sponsored trip April 9-11. For just $225, the servicemembers got round-trip airfare, two nights in a hotel, breakfast and a private tour of one of Korea’s favorite vacation spots. The group flew out of Incheon airport early on a Friday morning, arriving in Jeju Island at about 8 a.m. They were met at the airport by Ae-jeong, their tour guide for the trip. After stopping at a traditional Korean restaurant for breakfast, the group began their tour of the island. The first stop was Hallim Park, where the group visited a sculpture garden filled with stone statues and grottos. After the park, Ae-jeong took the servicemembers to their first look at the unusual coastline of Jeju Island. “It’s not a shoreline like you see anywhere else,” said Spc. Wayne Whetzel, Area I BOSS president and Jeju trip coordinator, “There’s a lot of unique scenery around the shoreline, because it’s a volcanic area and you can see where the volcanoes, over Warriors discover Jeju Island the past few thousand years, have formed the island into what it is today.” Along the coast, the servicemembers saw another one of Jeju-do’s unique features: the haenyeo, or diving women. These women go diving every morning to catch fish and dig up clams, mussels and crabs, which they sell from buckets along the coast. The rest of the day was spent at a modern art park and restaurant, before the group retired to their hotel in Cheonjeyeon for the night. “We got done around 4:30 p.m. each day,” Whetzel said. “After that, we had free time. There was a lot to do around the hotel – nightclubs, shopping and restaurants, as well as a beautiful waterfall and a pier that you could walk on to see the fishing boats.” The next day began with a trip to the island’s largest Buddhist temple, renowned for having a room filled with 500 Buddha statues. From there, the group went to the Seongeup Folk Village, where they got to see how Jeju residents lived 500 years ago. One of the last stops on the trip was Ilchulbong, or Sunrise Peak, a volcanic cone on the eastern tip of the island. A steep climb up the side of the mountain led to a viewing platform, where the hikers were rewarded for their trouble with one of the most stunning views on Jeju-do. The day ended at a local “four-wheeler” course, where the group got to ride all-terrain vehicles. “My favorite part of the trip was when we went ATV riding,” Whetzel said. “I think we may have scared the Korean guide at first. He thought he Jeju Island is was just getting a regular group of people, but he actually got a few renowned for its sweet Soldiers who knew what they were doing, and we had a lot of fun.” tangerines, cultivated on Whetzel encourages all Soldiers to take advantage of the travel the island. A local woman opportunities available while in Korea. offered hers to the Soldiers “It builds morale to get away from everyday activities,” he said. on the trip. “You’ve got to get out every now-and-then and forget about everything, turn your cell phone off and have fun – you’re on vacation!”
  • 16. Page 18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004 Community fair gives servicemembers, families insight to health issues Story by Wendy Goulet Area II Support Activity Health Promotion OfficeCamp Red Cloud Fitness Center offers classes YONGSAN — More than 600! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center Department of Defense employees,is offering indoor cycling classes 7:30- servicemembers and their families8:30 p.m.every Monday and Wednesday. took part a community health fairFor more information call 732-6309. sponsored by Area II Support! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center Activity and 18th Medical Commandis offering an aerobics class 6 p.m. every held in Yongsan’s Collier Field HouseTu e s d a y a n d T h u r s d a y . F o r m o re area April 24.information, call 732-6309. The health fair kicked off with a five-kilometer run. Almost 300 Cancer Awareness adults and children participated in the Relay Event run. All runners and walkersA Cancer Awareness Relay is scheduled received a free health fair T-shirt forfor May 21-22 at the Camp Walker participating.Airfield. Teams of five-12 persons walk, Before the run, Rebeccarun or wheelchair around the track for Fernandes, a certified massage21-consecutive hours, keeping one therapist said, “Everyone should COURTESY PHOTOperson on the track at all times. stretch and warm-up before an The 542nd Medical Company, 52nd Medical Evacuation Battalion provided one UH-60 BlackhawkTeams will be provided space on the athletic event, and after an athletic helicopter with medical evacuation configuration. The medical equipment layout was outside theairfield to spend the night. event it is also important to cool helicopter so visitors could get an idea of the medical capabilities of the aircraft.Contact Capt. Phillip Christy at down.” certificates for $10 to any weight management and to Several private companies set up restaurant in the Dragon Hill Lodge with tips for eating out and how tosign up. For Korean speakers, contact booths and provided free products at the fair. Army and Air Force shop smart.Kim Kok-chi at 053-470-4392. and services. Exchange Service New Car Sales “With all the recent high profile Other featured booths included also donated a calorie counting alcohol-related incidents in the Seoul International cardiovascular disease risk factor jump rope, a youth soccer ball, a command,” said Richard Boyce, Photo Show screenings, body composition youth baseball bat, a tennis racket prevention coordinator, Area IIYongsan camera club members plan to analysis, free vision screenings and and boys and girls bicycles. Support Activity Communityvisit to the Seoul International Photo and smoking cessation sign-ups. The Area II Support Activity Counseling Center. “I was pleasedImaging Industry Show 10 a.m. May 29 Phone cards from Health Promotion Office provided with the turn out and interest at ourat the COEX Center. were given away to health fair information on the civilian booth during the Health Fair.”The event is open to everyone, but attendees and 12 people won gift employee “Fit to Win” Program, E-mail must sign up for free tickets att h e Yo n g s a n A r t s a n d C r a f t s C e n t e r,building 4253. Photo contest first of its kindCall 738-4650 or 738-5465 for more Story by Mike Mooney with the Digital PhotoFest.”information. The arts and crafts center Morale, Welfare and Recreation Marketing Office The PhotoFest runs from May 1 through June 27. Awards willis open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. be presented at the annual Camp Humphreys “Let’s Roll” Fourth of CAMP HUMPHREYS —Everywhere you look, hand-size July celebration. To G o l f To u r n a m e n t silver boxes that have revolutionized the art of photography U.S. and Korean servicemembers, civilian employees and familyCamp Red Cloud Golf Course is hosting can be seen. members are invited to participate. There are three categories: “Peoplethe U. S. A r m y G o l f C a m p R e d C l o u d No longer do you have to wait for your film to be developed & Such,” “Places to Go” and “Things to Do.” Individuals will beChampionship 9 a.m. May 22. to see if you have that perfect picture. No longer do you have allowed to enter up to three digital photos in each category.Winners will advance to the 2004 Warrior to buy expensive film to generate instant pictures. “Individuals must provide an 8 by 10 print of their digital photo,”Division Annual Men’s and Women’s Golf Just about anyone can use a digital camera. But how well Hogrebe explained, “and it must be a digital photo. No 35mm orChampionship 7 a.m. May 28 on the CRC can they use them? other types of photos except digital will be accepted. Eighth ArmyGolf Course. Jim Hogrebe, manager of the Camp Humphreys Community already runs a photo contest for 35 mm, and this is something new.For more information, call 732-6927. Activities Center, wants to see how good you really are. That’s Besides, unless you have a $10,000 digital camera, it’s almost why he is creating the first Camp Humphreys Digital PhotoFest. impossible to match the quality of a 35 mm. We know that, but we Five-kilometer Run “When the digital photo craze first started, cameras were also think it’s time to add a digital contest since this is the latestCamp Red Cloud Fitness Center is difficult to use, expensive and didn’t really take very good craze in photography.”sponsoring a five-kilometer run 9 a.m. picture,” Hogrebe said. “But now, the digital cameras are Individuals who can’t get an 8 by 10 print of their photo will beMay 22. Registration begins 7 a.m. reasonably priced, have good lenses and are exceptionally easy able to print them at the Camp Humphreys CAC for a small fee toIt is open to all active-duty military, to use. So now’s the time to see how good people can use cover costs. Hogrebe is purchasing a color printer for that purpose.Department of Defense civilians and them.” “People & Such” is described as pictures of families and friends,adult family members stationed in The concept for the Digital PhotoFest was originally created people doing things and animals.Area I. by Sgt. Lee Han-Jin as a Better Opportunities for Single and The “Places to Go” category should be of KoreanFree T-Shirts will be given to the first Unaccompanied Soldiers project. However, the time element historic sites or scenery, while “Things to Do” includes50 registers. For more information call was too short and couldn’t be accomplished before Sergeant military units in training, Korean food and Korean-732-6309. Lee’s discharge. Hogrebe decided to grab the idea and keep it American activities. alive. “If you’ve got a good photo, we’ll find a category to To P o o l To u r n a m e n t “Sergeant Lee, who will be leaving the Army in early July, put it in,” Hogrebe said.The Camp Essayons Recreation Center is put a lot of thought and a lot of work into his idea for the photo Prizes in each category will include trophies and ahosting 8 Ball Tournament 1 p.m. May contest,” Hogrebe said, “and I want to thank him for his package of Area MWR merchandise. Further information23. A trophy will be awarded to first creativity. Sergeant Lee and the rest of our KATUSAs did a is available by calling 753-8825, 018-281-0323 or e-mailplace. Active-duty servicemembers and fabulous job of creating an art, flower and photo exhibit as part Area3Photo@yahoo.comKATUSAs are eligible to attend. of the Camp Humphreys KATUSA & U.S. Soldier FriendshipFor more information, call 732-7201 Week Celebration. Now we want to take things one step further E-mail
  • 17. May 14, 2004 Page 21KSC hones skills during annual trainingStory by Susan Barkley The KSC teams train with the 412th EngineerArea III Public Affairs Office Command from Vicksburg, Miss. The 412th is the lead unit for U.S. Army troop construction in Korea. FORT PICKETT, Va. — If you give 15 men By training with deploying soldiers, KSC personnelenough sections of six-inch diameter 19-foot lengths are accustomed to working with the same people whoof aluminum pipe, they can lay 6.4 miles of pipeline in would be beside them during a wartime mission.less than two weeks. That’s exactly what 15 members This was the fourth time Kim Kwan-sik, pipelineof the 22nd Korean Service Corps from Camp team leader, completed the training. He said there wasHumphreys did during their annual training at Fort no difficulty working with the U.S. Soldiers.Pickett, Va. Chong Yong-an, 22nd KSC commander, Thirty men completed training April 9-23. They accompanied the men and said his jobs included takingcomprise three wartime companies who would be care of the men and making sure they had Koreantasked with getting fuel to aircraft and equipment food on a regular basis.during hostilities. Using the Inland Petroleum PHOTO BY OKI HO “All my guys are very proud of a successfulDistribution System developed by Radian Inc. of Korean Service Corps personnel install six-inch diameter pipe mission,” said Chong. “We can do our mission in anyAlexandria, Va., teams can quickly deploy pipeline between aluminum panels during construction of their “wet situation.”systems wherever needed. bridge” project during annual training at Fort Pickett, Va. The 22nd KSC is one of 15 companies in Korea In addition to laying pipeline, 15 other men trained “We learn more technical things every year,” said under the command of L t . C o l . E m m e t t C .by building a “wet bridge” petroleum distribution Pak Tae-kun. Pak was the KSC engineering technician Harleston Jr.system over 100 feet of water. This was the first year in charge and the senior technician in charge of thethey completed the wet bridge training. wet bridge crew. E-mail‘Purple K’ helps Soldiers fight firesStory, photo by Steve DavisArea III Public Affairs Office CAMP HUMPHREYS — “PurpleK,” a colorful firefighting chemical,rained down at Camp Humphreysburn pit April 28 as Soldiers learnedhow to operate firefightingequipment they may have to use inthe field some day. According to Capt. GabrielTrexler, the 8th Army operationsofficer who coordinated thefirefighting training, 10 TRIMAXTM280 have been purchased for useby aviation units in South Korea. Thehighly portable units are designed tobe used in the field, particularly atforward area helicopter refuelingpoints. “This is good hands-on training,”said Sgt. James Jennings, a fuelhandler from the 542nd MedicalCompany (Air Ambulance) at CampPage. Jennings was among Soldiersfrom five aviation units whopracticed putting out fires usingmobile equipment mounted on a Aviation Soldiers use a TRIMAX TM280, also known as “Purple K,”to put out a fuel fire at Camp Humphreys April 28.Humvee and an Army truck. It wasthe first time in eight years as a fuel Mike Smith, military marketing Marra. “Foam is used form a blanket interesting learning how to controlhandler that he has trained on such manager for the TRIMAX system, of protection over the fuel provide and extinguish fuel fires.a portable system. and Area III Fire Chief Anthony smothering effect to extinguish “We just got the fundamentals, “I’ll go back and train eight more Marra taught Soldiers how to ground fires and puddles of fuel.” now we’re going to put out a fire,”people in my unit how to operate the extinguish fuel fires using foam and S g t . Ta n n i c a G r i c e , a U H - 6 0 she said as she headed toward aequipment,” he said. Purple K. Blackhawk helicopter fuel specialist roaring fire in the burn pit. She was Soldiers practice putting out “Purple K is used for ‘running from Headquarters and Headquarters ready to kill it.actual fires annually at the Area III fuel fires’ such as fuel dripping or C o m p a n y, 2 n d B a t t a t l i o n , 2 n dFire Department training area. leaking from a helicopter,” said Aviation Regiment, said it was E-mail
  • 18. Page The Morning Calm Weekly 22 MORNING CALM May 14, 2004NEWS & NOTES KSC completes Common Task Training Workshop Quarterly OCIE W orkshop Story, photo by Susan BarkleyThe Directorate of Logistics will hold its next Area III Public Affairs OfficeOrganizational Clothing and Individual Equipmentworkshop 9 a.m. Wednesday in Freedom’s Inn. CAMP HUMPHREYS — Soldiers aren’t the onlyUnits are encouraged to send key logistics o n e s w h o c o m p l e t e C o m m o n Ta s k Tr a i n i n g .personnel. For information call 753-6364. Members of the 22nd Korean Service Corps from Camp Humphreys completed CTT May 6 and 7. Commissar y, PX Closure Each man completed 15 tasks ranging from mapThe Camp Humphreys Commissary will be reading to weapons familiarization. Successfullyclosed May 24-25 for inventory. Camp completing 11 of the 15 tasks resulted in a passingHumphreys Main Post Exchange, Food Court grade.and concessions will be closed Thursday and Sgt. Maj. Harold Mullen, Headquarters, KoreanMay 22 for an organization day. Service Corps Battalion, who was in charge of the evaluation team, brought executive officers from 10 PTO Monthly Meeting other KSC companies across the peninsula to serveThe final meeting for this school year of the as evaluators for the two-day event.Humphreys American Elementary School Parent “They train to meet their needs in the event ofTeacher Organization will be held 6:30 p.m. May mobilization,” Mullen said. He added that there is a25 at the Youth Services building. minimum of 40 hours of training per year. KSC has used the external evaluator format since Individual Fitness 1998. Mullen said this has allowed all 2,185 membersGet in shape with a variety of free classes offered Members of the 22nd KSC Company attempt to don their M40 Nuclear, of the KSC Battalion to be trained and evaluated byby Morale, Welfare and Recreation. All classes biological and chemical protective mask according to the Army’s nine- the same standard.are held at the Community Activities Center. second standard during annual common task training evaluation at E-mail Camp Humphreys.Mondays:Cardio kickboxing at 9:15 a.m. Area III shows its appreciation for military retireesWater aerobics at 1 p.m. Story by Steve Davis council as an active-duty advisor and town hall meetings; education forums;Yoga at 5:45 p.m. Area III Public Affairs Office will attend the council’s bi-monthly and Army Family Action PlanAerobics combo at 7 p.m. meetings as a liaison to the Area III conferences. CAMP HUMPHREYS — The command group. Meeting minutes will Jack Terweil, retiree affairs officerTu e s d a y s : newly formed Area III Retiree Council be presented to the area commander at Osan Air Base, also presented a slideBody sculpting at 9:15 a.m. treated 45 military veterans to a free and to the U.S. Forces Korea Retiree show outlining services he offers toWater aerobics at 1 p.m. meal, door prizes and lots of Council. the retiree community. Those services information April 24 during the first Spearman, who invited area retirees are listed at Terweil’s Web site atWednesdays: Retiree Appreciation Day. to the appreciation luncheon, gave a The site includesYoga at 5:45 p.m. The veterans were welcomed by presentation explaining the purpose, links to other sites that may interestAerobics combo at 7 p.m. Area III Commander Col. Mike Clay. mission and vision of the Area III military retirees. “We appreciate your service to our Retiree Council. Terweil has extensive knowledge ofThursdays: nation and to our military community,” “The Area III Retiree Council will issues facing military retirees living orStep aerobics at 9:15 a.m. Clay told the veterans. “You are still be concerned with local policies and working in Korea. He also has directYoga at 5:45 p.m. an important part of the military family conditions that affect retirees,” he said. communication with various and it is my job to support you. We “We will also advise the Area III government agencies that handleFor more information call 753-8825. want to serve you better and also commander on issues that affect veteran’s issues, including the capture your good ideas about how to military retirees.” Department of Veteran’s Affairs, the Camp Humphreys Digital improve Area III.” Spearman said some of the issues Defense Finance and Accounting Photofest Command Sgt. Maj. Robert R. that the council will be concerned with Service and the Internal RevenueA digital photography contest will be held May 1 are post access, access to local medical Service. Frace, who was instrumental in theto June 27 for all U.S. and Korean military and dental clinics, discrimination and “Korean widows of military retirees formation of the Area III Retireepersonnel, civilian employees and family support of widows of U.S. military take about 90 percent of my time,” said Council, also welcomed the retireesmembers. retirees. Terweil, whose wife also assists his gathered at the Nitewatch Café.Categories are people and such; places to go; In addition to addressing retiree efforts to take care of the widows. “I am happy that we have finallyand things to do. Entries must be 8 by 10 prints. issues, the Area III Retiree will publicize Spearman told the retirees that an organized a retiree council in Area III,”Entries are limited to three photos per person the contributions of military retirees, area-wide Retiree Appreciation Day said Frace. “As far as I’m concerned,per category. Winners will advance to the Korea Spearman said. was being planned for June 13 that may you are all still in the military and I’mRegion contest. “Many units depend on military include a picnic and discounts at area proud to serve with all of you.” Frace helped organize a retiree health retirees who are now civil servants or facilities and events. Airport Shuttle and information fair in January. The contractors,” he said. “Many Following a buffet meal courtesy ofAn Incheon Airport Shuttle leaves daily from the fair served as an impetus to the volunteers are military retirees, as well.” Area III Morale, Welfare andCamp Humphreys Community Activities Center. formation of an actual retiree council. Spearman said the retiree council will Recreation, door prizes were drawn forCost is $25 per person. The shuttle will stop at A handful of interested retirees met be “a constructive part of the prizes donated by the United Serviceairline portals. Reservations are required. For several times in March and early April community team” that will add value Organizations, the Army and Air Forcemore information call 753-8825. to discuss forming the retiree council to the entire community. Exchange Service and S & K Sales Co. and appointing officers. The council will ask designated Leewood Matthews, a militaryFree patch sewing ser vice members to attend other community retiree who works at the Camp Eagle Bill Spearman, a retired ArmyArea III officer and enlisted Soldiers who have command sergeant major now forums to represent retirees and their warehouse, won the grand prize: a gasjust arrived or have just been promoted may working for the Area III Army family members and to relay pertinent barbecue grill donated by the Camptake their uniforms to the post exchange sewing Community Service, was chosen to be information to the retiree council. Some Humphreys Post conscession and get their patches sewn council chairman. A.C. Scott, an Air of the meetings the retiree The Area III Retiree Councilon for free. Force retiree working as the Area III representatives attend will include post will hold its first councilPermanent Change of Station of promotion Directorate of Logistics property book exchange and commissary council meeting 10 a.m. Saturday in theorders and a valid military ID card are officer, is vice chairman. Tyrone Ellis meetings; community health care Army Community Servicerequired along with the uniforms and and Randall S. Pryor who both work forums; veterans group meetings; classroom.patches. Contact unit command sergeants at Camp Humphreys are co- force protection forums; Morale,major supply sergeants for details. E-mail secretaries. Frace was selected by the Welfare and Recreation meetings;
  • 19. MORNING CALM PageThe Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004 23 Around Area III Left — Soldiers watch as a TRIMAX TM280, also known as“Purple K,” is sprayed on a fuel fire during training at Camp Humphreys. PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS PHOTO BY SUSAN BARKLEY Above — Soldiers from the 22nd Korea Service Corps Company at Camp Humphreys practice weapons familiarization before being evaluated during annual Common Task Training. Right — Members of the 22nd KSC Company at Camp Humphreys assist each other at the nuclear, biological and chemical station of their annual training. PHOTO BY SUSAN BARKLEY
  • 20. Page 25 May 14, 2004Area IV salutes its Good NeighborsBy Kevin Jackson Civilian Military Police Public Health, and was a civil affairs officer at CampArea IV Public Affairs Office Regimental Association, Lee Henry from 1961 to 1974. He sought opportunities to Sang-hoon, Dr. Nam Sung- promote Korean and American friendships through the CAMP WALKER – The Daegu and Camp Carroll hee and Pak Yong-jin. Korean Red Cross Daegu Chapter and Rotarycommunities formally recognized their “Good The Camp Carroll International District 3700 and develop ties between theNeighbors” May 1 and 7 during receptions at the community presented awards Camp Walker Health Clinic and Kyungpook NationalEvergreen Community Club and at the Camp Carroll to Lee Kang-hae, Yi Tae-yun, University to improve health care education.Community Activities Center. and the Korean Veterans President Joo Yoon-sik accepted the award for the The Area IV Support Activity Good Neighbor Awards Association Gyeongsangbuk-do Chapter. Korean Civilian Military Police Regimental Association.receptions were held to honor and recognize Korean Ahn, former president of the People-to-People The Korean Civilian Military Police Regimentalcitizens for their outstanding contributions to promote Daegu Chapter, hosted People-to-People charity Association has been active with the 728th Militaryfriendship and strengthen the alliance between the auctions in 1999 and 2000, raising 30 million won for Police Battalion for the past 10 years. It has supportedRepublic of Korea and the United States. People and indigent and Amerasian children. Since 1985, he invited the battalion’s Soldiers with cultural outreach programsorganizations selected to receive the Good Neighbor more than 200 Soldiers to his home as part of the to Gyeongju and Andong, sponsored a Korean NationalAward were praised for making a significant difference Home Visitation Program. He was subsequently was Police Appreciation Program and donated money forin the lives of U.S. Forces Korea members in Daegu awarded a USFK Good Neighbor Award by Gen. Leon numerous other unit activities.and at Camp Carroll. J. LaPorte in Seoul May 4. Lee is a former KATUSA soldier and the president In Daegu, Good Neighbor Awards were presented Huh is an adjunct professor at the Kyungpook National of Kool House Realty in Dr. Ahn Jong-ho, Huh Kyu-byong, the Korean University School of Medicine and Graduate School of See Neighbors on Page 27 Top volunteers recognized By Galen Putnam “They save a lot of money we don’t Area IV Public Affairs Office, have. We don’t have enough money to pay for every position that we would like to have on the installation,” said CAMP WALKER – Area IV Support Sandra M. Jackson, Camp Carroll Army Activity volunteers contribute thousands of Community Service program hours equating to hundreds of thousands coordinator, who directed the of dollars in savings to the command each recognition ceremony. “With volunteers year, arguably making Area IV the best who are willing to donate their time, place to live, work and play on the peninsula. we’re able to do so much more than we In order to give something back to would without them.” those who give so much, Camp Carroll The 9,810 hours logged by and the Daegu Enclave held Volunteer installation volunteers, an increase of of the Year recognition dinners April 23 2,366 hours from last year, would and 30 to honor those who help make have generated a saving of such a difference. $112,226.40 to Camp Carroll at a rate Camp Carroll recognized volunteers of $11.44 per hour. Volunteer hours in four categories – Soldier, Korean were tabulated from April 1, 2003, to Augmentation to the United States Army, March 31, 2004. Civilian and Local National Volunteers The Soldier Volunteer of the Year is of the Year. Spc. Richard S. Murphy, Charlie “Like most us, they have busy lives, Company, 307th Signal Battalion, who family commitments, many have jobs, dedicated himself to a variety of but they take that extra step to help and volunteer activities including his unit’s assist others without benefit of monetary participation in the installation’s annual PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM return, and far too few pats on the Christmas party for Korean orphans.Kim Jae-chul, Daegu Local National Volunteer of the Year, works on a vehicle at the Camp Henry back,” said Richard L. Young, CampAuto Craft Shop. Carroll installation manager. See Volunteers on Page 28Annual Armed Forces Day Open House on slate for May 22 CAMP WALKER – The Area IV Support Activity by the Republic of Korea’s 50th Homeland Reserve Backpacks, book bags and containers will not bewill host its third annual Armed Forces Day Open House Division Band, and will be followed by opening remarks permitted inside the Walker Army Heliport, nor isfor the public at the Walker Army Heliport here 10 by Col. James M. Joyner, the Area IV Support Activity parking available inside the heliport. People witha.m. to 3 p.m. May 22. commander. installation access may enter via Gate 9 near the Camp The event features numerous static displays of A variety of activities will also be available to keep Walker Fire Department. All others should enterUnited States and Republic of Korea Army aircraft, children entertained. through Gate 7 at the base of the control tower, locatedtactical vehicles and equipment, entertainment, The open house is intended to give both U.S. and off the street behind the Daegu Garden Hotel. Contactchildren’s games, food and refreshments. Korean residents an opportunity to learn more about the U.S. Army’s Area IV Support Activity at 768-6907 The opening ceremony begins 10 a.m. with the the U.S. Army mission in the Republic of Korea, and for more information about the Armed Forces Dayplaying of the Korean and American national anthems to foster better relations between the communities. Open House.
  • 21. Page 26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly May 14, 2004NEWS & NOTES TUSA K ATUS A Spiritual Fitness Area IV Soldier a run, ruck champ Training By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun come run.’ So I started running, and IAll KATUSA Soldiers in the Daegu area are invited Area IV Public Affairs Office was pretty good from the beginning.”to attend KATUSA Spiritual Fitness Training 7 a.m. He went on to run one year forWednesday at the Camp Walker Evergreen CAMP CARROLL – One Area IV Buffalo State University then he ran forCommunity Club. The guest speaker will be Won Soldier has proven that “making tracks” New York State University-Fredonia. HeJae-chun, a professor at Han-dong University. is more than just a saying by leading the was selected for the All-Army track teamBreakfast will be provided. For more information, 2004 8th Army Bataan Death March in 1997 and 2000 competing in thecall Sgt. Kim at 764-4498. team to first place in the grueling 5,000-and-10,000-meter events. international competition, then going on This is Lancaster’s third tour in Korea Korean Speech Contest to win this year’s 8th Army Marathon. and with his work, training and competitionThe Area IV ROKA Personnel Office is hosting a Paul Lancaster, headquarters platoon schedule, it has been a busy one.Korean speech contest for U.S. Soldiers in Area IV sergeant and operations non- “I won last year’s 8th Army Half9 a.m. Wednesday at the Camp Walker Soldier commissioned officer in charge, 293rd Marathon, last fall and I was the captainMemorial Chapel. The contest is open to all Area Signal Company, 36th Signal Battalion, of the 8th Army 10-Miler Team (thatIV U.S. Soldiers who are not Korean-American. Camp Carroll, led the 8th Army team to competed in Washington D.C.), thisApplications should be submitted to the ROKA victory in the men’s military heavy spring,” Lancaster said.Staff Office of the participant’s respective unit. category. The five-member team, each More recently, Lancaster won theThe top two participants will advance to the carrying 35-pound rucksacks, 2004 8th Army Marathon, held April 24peninsula-wide contest June 16. For more completed the course in 5:36.06. at Camp Casey. He won with a recordinformation, call Sgt. Sohn Si-ho at 768-6669. The competition, held March 21, at time of 2:51.36. White Sands, N.M., is an annual event. Besides competing in military events, Summer Program This year ’s edition drew 3,250 Lancaster also participates in Korean Registration participants from 15 countries. races and marathons.The Camp Walker School-Age Services is offering “From Korea, they sent three five- “I do a lot of Korean races also becausesummer specialty camps for children in first through person teams,” Lancaster said. “A men’s, I look for more competition,” he said.fifth-grades. Registration for the camps will start 9 a women’s and a unit team from Camp PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM (Next weekend) I will be running at thea.m. Monday at the Child and Youth Services Central Humphreys. I met my team for the first Paul Lancaster and his passenger, 21-month- Chuncheon half marathon. I have also runRegistration Office, Camp Walker, building 257. The time at the qualifier held at Camp Casey, old daughter Angie, warm up for the Family in the Busan marathon. Last year, I think Icamps run for nine weeks beginning June 21. Only 60 and next time I saw them was when we Advocacy and Fitness Program’s 5K Fun Run ran in six Korean races.” Lancasterspaces are available for each week. For more information, flew to the states for the race, except Saturday at Camp Walker. finished in the top five at each the School-Age Services at 764-4381. for Capt. James Martin (728th Military Lancaster feels that the support he Police Company, Camp Walker) who April 9, 1942. The prisoners were receives for his running has been Asian Pacific-American runs with me once in a while.” forceably marched with little food, exceptional. Heritage Month Even though the team was unable to water or rest to a prison camp more than “Korea is a good place to be for ArmyThe Area IV commemoration of Asian Pacific-American train together in advance, they quickly 60 miles away. Approximately 10,000 athletes regardless of the sport becauseHeritage Month will be 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Tuesday jelled when it came time to hit the road. allied troops perished during the march. the support that we get is justat the Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker. “To compete in this kind of a race, it Lancaster says he is just a runner. unbelievable,” Lancaster said. “LastThe theme of the event is “Freedom for All, A Nation takes teamwork up to a certain point, He didn’t do much to prepare for the year, for the Army 10-miler team andWe Call Our Own.” Lt. Col. Vince A. Morikawa will be but as long as everybody is on the same march other than running two to three for this year’s Bataan Death March team,the guest speaker. For more information, call Sgt. 1st sheet of music, we can adjust the pace times a day and going on a couple of the 8th Army decided to spend a seriousClass Stephanie Buxton at 768-8542. as we move,” Lancaster said. “So my test marches. amount of money. That goes to show job as the captain was to set the pace “If you are a runner, you have an how much support we 8th Army athletesDaegu Commissar y Closure and make sure everyone stays together. advantage over everyone else, just get from our chain of command.”The Daegu Commissary will be closed Monday If everybody doesn’t stay together because your cardiovascular capability Besides running, Lancaster is also aand Tuesday for inventory and will reopen 11 a.m. within the distance where I can see you, is so good,” Lancaster said. “So I just competitive golfer. He says he is gettingWednesday. For more information, call Celine Ruiz the team is disqualified. went on a couple of road marches just ready for the Area IV Golf Tournamentat 764-5310. “The history behind this event is that to make sure the rucksack is May 20 – 21, where he hopes to advance they didn’t leave anybody behind in comfortable. Other than that, I am just to yet another 8th Army title. Reduction eduction” “ Weight R eduction ” Drive World War II . So that’s what they really strictly a runner who threw a rucksack “I think he is a fine-tuned athlete,”The Area IV Chaplain’s Office is hosting a “Weight try to preach (at the event). They want said Tom Corcoran, Area IV sports on his back and went.”Reduction” Charity Drive through May 24. Baseball you to stay together and help each other director. “I have raced against him in Lancaster, 29, says his running careerhats, T-shirts and athletic shoes are among the through it.” a triathlon. I saw him at the beginning began when he was in high school.items that can be donated. Items can be donated The Bataan Death March took place of the race, and next time I saw him, “Originally I liked playing soccer, butto all Area IV Chapels, including the 19th TSC when approximately 70,000 U.S. and he was waiting for me at the finish I was pretty small, only about 5 foot 2chaplain’s office and the Cross Cultural Training Filipino soldiers, commanded by U.S. line.” inches, maybe 87 pounds,” saidCenter at Camp George. Donations will be accepted Army Maj. Gen. Edward P. King, Lancaster. “One day, the cross-countryonly during regular duty hours. For more formally surrendered to the Japanese on coach came to me and told me ‘hey, E-mail, call Chaplain (Maj.) Richard J. Bendorfat 764-5455 or your unit’s chaplain’s office. Embassy Reps in Busan Defense Logistics Agency Pacific - Korea gets new leaderOfficials from the U.S. Embassy will be in Busan 9 Story by Galen Putnam Agency Pacific – Upon entering active duty in 1987,a.m. – 4 p.m. May 27-28 to offer passport, voting, Area IV Public Affairs Office Korea since May he was assigned to the 1st Infantryfederal benefits, immigration and other services to 2003. Division at Fort Riley, Kan, Where heAmerican citizens. They will be at the American Corner CAMP WALKER – One of the Schorr will become served as a rifle platoon leader, plansof the Busan Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library. peninsula’s most unique units welcomed commander of the and operations officer, companyFor more information, call American Citizen Services a new leader as Lt. Col. Donald Andrew Lake City Army executive officer, and battalion adjutantat the U.S. Embassy in Seoul at 02-397-4383 or visit “D.A.” Lannom assumed command of Ammunition Plant in for the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry,the Embassy’s website at Lannom the Defense Logistics Agency Pacific Independence, Mo. culminating in his deployment to Saudi – Korea from Lt. Col. Thomas S. Lannom graduated from the Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq during Enlisted Dining-In Schorr Jr. in a change of command University on Missouri - Rolla in 1986 Operation Desert Storm.The inaugural Area IV Enlisted Dining-In will be held 6 p.m. ceremony held May 7 at Camp Walker. where he received a Regular Army He has served in a variety ofMay 27 at the Daegu Grand Hotel. For more information, Lannom has been the senior logistics commission through the Reserve command and staff positions includingcall Command Sgt. Maj. Tony Moore at 768-8700. planner for the Defense Logistics Officer Training Corps. See Change on Page 27
  • 22. MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page May 14, 2004 27Neighbors from Page 25 He serves as an off-post housing liaison member of the Daegu Commander’s serves as a liaison between prospective are presented for this year, the honoreesbetween the local community and Advisory Council, he organized a speaking tenants and landlords. have been long-time and even lifetimeincoming personnel. Lee has provided an engagement for Col. James M. Joyner, The Korean Veterans Association supporters of not only the U.S. Army inarray of services to ensure personnel have Area IV Support Activity commander, Gyeongsangbuk-do Chapter has more than Daegu, but also the Republic ofa smooth and comfortable transition into with Daegu Health College students. 420,000 members. It has been actively Korea and United States alliance,”the community. During his tenure, People-to-People involved with Camp Carroll since 1997. Joyner said. “Our alliance is what Nam is the Daegu Health College dean provided financial support for the 20th The Korean Veterans Association’s it is today in no small part becauseand has initiated numerous events through Support Group’s five-day English Camp donation resulted in the construction of of their dedication and generousthe college and her professional affiliations for Daegu high school students. the Hill 303 Monument. The Korean contributions.”to improve Korean and American relations. Lee is the principal of Seokjeon Middle Veterans Association also funded the travel Camp Hialeah’s Good NeighborSome of her activities include organizing School in Waegwan. He championed a expenses for the three remaining survivors Award recipient 2003, Wang Sang-students to help U.S. Soldiers with the partnership with the 23rd Chemical of the Korean War’s Hill 303 massacre to eun, was presented USFK GoodTyphoon Maemi clean up, sponsoring a Battalion involving Soldiers teaching his attend the dedication ceremony. Neighbor Award in Seoul May 4. HeKorean language course at the college for students English and his staff teaching Each of the recipients received a has been the Korean AmericanSoldiers and 50 U.S. Soldiers to attend the Korean language to Soldiers. The program framed “Good Neighbor Award” Friendship Association president30th Anniversary Korean-American received national-media coverage. certificate, which depicts the Don Stivers since 1982.Partnership Association Celebration. Yi is a volunteer at the Camp Carroll Korean War print, “We Go Together.” The Camp Hialeah will hold its Good Pak, president of People-to-People Housing Office and has contributed more award also includes a commemorative Neighbor Awards Reception Mayfrom June 2002 to December 2003, than 800 hours since April 2003. He 19th Theater Support Command Good 28.sponsored numerous cultural and social maintains and updates the available off- Neighbor coin.activities for U.S. Soldiers. As an original post housing and landlord database. He also “While these awards (Good Neighbor) E-mail from Page 26battalion adjutant and company commander in the 506th Staff School, and the Command and General Staff College. The mission of the Defense Logistics Agency PacificForward Support Battalion, Fort Wainwright, Alaska; The St. Louis, Mo., native received his undergraduate – Korea is to serve the war fighter as the Defense Logisticspetroleum officer for the 13th Corps Support Command degree in petroleum engineering and Master’s of Science Agency focal point within the Pacific Theater and directlyand battalion executive officer of the 15th Forward Support degrees in engineering and construction management and support the Defense Logistics Agency mission byBattalion, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. petroleum management from the University of Alaska at providing customer assistance, war planning interfaces Prior to his posting to Korea, Lannom served as the Fairbanks. and logistics solutions to the Pacific Command combatantlogistics officer of the 64th Corps Support Group deployed Lannom’s awards include the Bronze Star Medal with commander, sub unified commands and serviceto Kuwait and Iraq in support of the 4th Infantry Division Oak Leaf Cluster, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, components.(Mechanized) during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, The Defense Logistics Agency Pacific was forward Lannom’s military education includes the Infantry Joint Service Achievement Medal, Army Achievement positioned on the Korean peninsula in 1999.Officer Basic Course, Airborne School, the Quartermaster Medal, and others. He has also earned the Combat InfantryOfficer Advanced Course, the Combined Arms Service and Parachutist Badges. E-mail
  • 23. MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 28 May 14, 2004Volunteers from Page 25 Cpl. Ko Chang-hyun, who is teaching Korean community on a daily basis,” said Col. James M. parents,” said Kubas, an eighth-grader at Taegulanguage and English as a Second Language classes Joyner, Area IV Support Activity commander. “Many American School. “I like volunteering and helping otherat Army Community Service, was named the of the programs and activities provided for our people. It feels good to know you are doing somethingKATUSA Volunteer of the Year. community would not be possible were it not for your to help other people and not just yourself.” Myong O. Baltish is the Civilian Volunteer of the selfless service.” In addition, 19 Daegu organizations recognizedYear. She volunteered 452 hours at the Apple Blossom In Daegu, 662 volunteers contributed 50,861 their Outstanding Volunteers of the Year. RecipientsCottage. volunteer hours that, at a rate of $16.54 per hour, include: Lee Tae-yoon, who logged 1,078 hours at the would have generated $841,241 in savings for the ! Army Community Service – Karin PuffenbergerInstallation Housing Office, is the Local National command. ! Apple Tree and Thrift Shop – Hanna ZitniakVolunteer of the Year. Volunteers of the Year were recognized in four ! American Red Cross – Son Ki-sook “I didn’t do it (volunteer) for an award.” Murphy categories including local national, Soldier, civilian and ! Boy Scouts – Peter Kubassaid. “What matters isn’t the amount of time you youth. ! Community Rec. Division – Hyon Seoung-hoondonate, It’s the difference you make with the time The Local National Volunteer of the Year is Kim ! Child Development Center – Lee Jin-hwayou donate.” Jae-chul who contributed more than 1,800 volunteer ! Catholic Parish – Marie Adkins Beside the primary awardees, other volunteers were hours at the Camp Henry Auto Craft Shop during the ! Multicultural Gospel Congregation – Willie Bradleyhonored as well. past 13 months. ! Family Life Center – Hye-kyong Raab Volunteer of the Year nominees Donald Wilson, a The Soldier Volunteer of the Year is Sgt. John ! Girl Scouts – Kendra Cliftonvolunteer for the Information Management Office, Harmon from the 19th Theater Support Command ! Taegu Spouses Association – Terri BushChong Chae-young, a volunteer for the fitness center, Computer Systems Division, who teaches English to ! Taegu American School – Ronald Huberand Ahn Jae-sam, a tae-kwon-do instructor for 23rd Korean children, helped with Typhoom Maemi clean- ! Taegu International Women’s Association –Chemical Battalion, were recognized for their up efforts in Daegu City and has participated in a Vivienne Fosburghcontributions. variety of other volunteer activities. ! Youth Services – Dale Jones Also, all volunteers who contributed 100 hours or “I basically dedicate my Saturdays and Thursday ! Legal Services – Maria Rodriguezmore received crystal apples. nights to volunteering,” he said. “I enjoy it a lot. It is ! Taegu Trident – Son-mi Motoyama There are 67 volunteers working on Camp Carroll. fun for me because I learn a lot about the Korean ! Parent Advisory Council – Sue Reiley “We have volunteers all over the community, language and customs.” ! TAS PTO – Michaela Cannonanywhere the manager comes to us and asks for extra The Civilian Volunteer of the Year is Suk hyun ! DPW/Housing Office – Kim Ji-hyehelp,” Jackson said. “Volunteers are special people. Plumley, who has contributed to a variety of “Some people are highlighted over and over and weThey don’t do the job just because they want organizations including the Taegu Spouses Association, wanted to be sure this year to recognize those who arepaycheck,” she continued, “They have a true love the Apple Tree Gift and Thrift shop, Taegu Trident in the shadows,” said Vicki Kingston, installationand a true caring and a true commitment. No amount Swim Team Booster Club, Taegu American School, volunteer coordinator. “Everyone should be recognizedof money can pay for that.” the Girl Scouts and many others. for their efforts.” “Tonight we’re not going to be satisfied with simply The Youth Volunteer of the Year is Alex Kubas, who Editor’s note: Cpl. Ohn Sang-joon, Camp Carrollcelebrating volunteerism; we will collectively is active in church and school activities as well as the Community Relations Office contributed to this article.acknowledge the tremendous contributions made by Boy Scouts among other, the volunteers on our installations, to our “Volunteering runs in the family. I get it from my E-mail