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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  040430 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 040430 Document Transcript

  • The Peninsula-Wide News Publication Volume 2, Issue No. 28 No. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA April 30, 2004USFK policy change restricts E -6s, E-6s,below from having driving privilegesStory by Sgt. Andrew Kosterman having driving privileges. For servicemembers E-6 command-sponsored tour and family must be livingKorea Region Public Affairs Office and below to have personally-owned vehicle with the servicemember. Additional requirements now driving privileges, they must be serving a include the need for the servicemember’s immediate YONGSAN — Servicemembers in Korea may command-sponsored tour, according to a policy O-3 commander to take several steps, including asoon find themselves without driving privileges letter signed by U.S. Forces Korea chief of staff, Lt. local records check, verification of valid drivingunless they can get appeals from their commanders. Gen. Charles C. Campbell. licenses, counseling in writing for both U.S. Forces Korea recently made a policy change Occupation of a billet that is command-sponsored servicemember and family members, initiation of ato USFK Regulation 190-1, which now states those is not sufficient, according to the letter. The letter of recommendation for approval of drivingserving in grades E-6 and below are restricted from servicemember must actually be assigned on a See Policy on Page 4ROK to assume larger role in Saving LivesJoint Security Area operationsAgreement between The Republic of Korea will provide a larger percentage of theRepublic of Korea and personnel assigned to the UnitedUnited States allows Nations Command Security Battalion-Joint Security Area atsouth to have more Camp Bonifas and Camp Libertycontrol at the DMZ, Bell, and installations supporting the JSA.Joint Security Area “We e m b r a c e t h e R O K assuming a larger role in the JSAU.S. Forces Korea Public security and support roles as aAffairs Office positive accomplishment between our two nations,” said Gen. Leon YONGSAN — United Nations LaPorte, United NationsCommand announced changes in the Command and Combined Forcessecurity and base support Command, United States Forcesresponsibilities at the Joint Security Korea commander. “This is aArea near Panmunjom Tuesday. These great step forward in ourchanges, effective Oct. 31, result from alliance.”close consultation and mutual As a result of this change,agreement between the Republic of about 100 Korean positionsKorea and the United States. partially funded by the U.S. will The changes do not alter UNC be affected. “This commandauthority over the JSA or the southern deeply appreciates the many yearsportion of the Demilitarized Zone. The of loyal and faithful service thatlong-standing commitment of the 15 have been provided by KoreanUNC member nations, including the employees to the U.S. and ROKUnited States, to the maintenance of Soldiers in the JSA,” said LaPorte. PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLYthe Korean Armistice Agreement, and The affected Korean employees Pfc. Ryan Archibald, Company A, 168th Medical Battalion, (right) evaluates Pvt. Justinthe security of the Republic of Korea will have the opportunity to seek Doster, Company D, 122nd Signal Battalion. Doster simulates giving medical care toremains unyielding, UNC officials other positions on the peninsula Pfc. Andrew Wilks, 61st Maintenance Company, during the Combat Lifesaver Coursesaid. with U.S. forces. at Camp Red Cloud April 22. Read more about the course on Page 5. What ’s inside... INSIDE Quality of life Area III recognizes Commentary.............Page 2 Warriors master All-Army calls up Perpoints, Dollars and improves at Camp volunteer of year, Sense......................Page 3 life-saving skills Area IV athletes Movies...................Page 14 Market quarter Chaplain................Page 15 See Page 5 See Page 9 See Page 21 See Page 25 MWR Events...........Page 18
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 2 April 30, 2004 MP Blotter Commentary The following entries were excerptedfrom the past several week’s military New vehicle policy upsets, strengthens one Soldierpolice blotters. These entries may beincomplete and do not determine theguilt or innocence of any person.! An investigation revealed that a U.S. It’s been talked about for weeks now. Would it happen? platoon was late. They were probably talking in the bay orservicemember was spotted standing on top of How many will it affect and what were the provisions? There doing something else stupid. Maybe that bit of extra timeKorean taxi adjacent to a U.S. installation gate were rumors as to how things would be written. didn’t matter to them. The time has come and rumors will now be silenced. Of We spent the final days of basic training in misery, withoutand refused to get down. Military police at the course, that won’t stop people from talking about it. the extra time to do stuff we wanted to do.gate attempted to remove the individual from I’m talking about the Now, probablythe roof of the taxi, at which time the troop new change in policy to because of the same kindpushed the military police away and fled the USFK Regulation 190- “The time has come and of people I went to basicscene on foot. 1, which now says that with, I will not be able toHe was later caught by the MPs, but upon E-6s and below will not rumors will now be silenced. tame the “Indiana Jones”apprehension, the servicemember hit one of be allowed to drive a in me. At least, not like Ithe MPs on the side of the head with a closed privately-owned vehicle Of course, that won’t stop could if I could just getfist. The servicemember was then detained and unless they are on a around. I guess I couldescorted by the MPs to the local provost command-sponsored people from talking about it.” take the subway or ride tour with family here. my bicycle, but they canmarshal office. The servicemember was I’ll be the first to admit, I did not like the change. When I only go so far. I guess my legs will get a lot stronger.processed and then released to his unit. got my orders to come here; my old boss in the United States Naturally, I tried to look for loopholes in the new policy.Because of the individual’s suspected level of told me that would be able to get a vehicle and explore the Maybe I could get a small moped. I heard that the one underintoxication he was not advised of his legal “land of the morning calm.” 50-cc did not require a license. Too bad, I can not ride thatrights. An investigation continues. Unfortunately, I got here with only a couple of weeks to either. try and rush to buy a vehicle. I wasn’t really in the mood to I guess I could just buy a vehicle, not tell my chain of! An investigation revealed that a female U.S. go out car hunting when I got here, I was a little bit more command about it and leave it for the weekends.servicemember, by unknown means, ripped a concerned with making sure I was transitioning well into Unfortunately, that’s the kind of thinking that got E-6s and Korea. below in this situation in the first place.hole in the window screen, gaining access to a Go ahead and laugh all you higher-ranking people. It wasmale servicemember’s barracks room, which was not necessarily my fault that this happened, it was my E-5 Sgt. Andrew Kostermansecured and unattended. While inside the room, and E-6 buddies. Thanks guys. I’m reminded of basic training Korea Region Public Affairs Officethe female troop poured bleach over all of the right about now when we were allowed to have extra time to E-mail commentary submissions to individual’s belongings. The estimated eat dinner in the final week if we just made it to formation in Please keep submissions about a page in length and include your name, rank andcost of damages is unknown. Investigation time. duty station. The Morning Calm Weekly reserves the right to edit letters forcontinued by Military Police Investigations. Most of you can already guess what happened, half the length, taste and clarity.! An investigation revealed a U.S. Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:servicemember arrived for extra duty under theinfluence of alcohol. The individual then part What is the best part of spring?became verbally abusive and then physical afterreporting to his supervisor, striking thesupervisor with an open hand.The supervisor then attempted to call the PMOat which time the servicemember snatched thecell phone out of the supervisor’s grip and threwit over a motor pool fence. The servicememberthen fled the scene by flagging down an Armyand Air Force Exchange Service taxi and heading “I like that the “I get to ride my “It’s better forto an unknown location. The servicemember was weather is warming “Warm weather” — bike.” — 1st Lt. James Toby, training.” — Sgt. Shanelater located and reported to the PMO the up.” — Pfc. John Kelleher, Pvt. Terry Johnson, 304th Headquarters and Headquarters Anderson, Tactical Air Naval Headquarters and Headquarters Signal Battalion, Campfollowing morning. Investigation continues by Company, 17th Aviation Brigade, Ground Operations Security Company, Area I, Camp Red ColburnMPI. United Nations Compound Force, K-16 Cloud Published by IMA-Korea Region Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press This Army newspaper is an authorized Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer Stephen Oertwig exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Editor Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. Area I Area III responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Mike D. Clay advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis including inserts or supplements, corrected. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Staff Writer Pfc. Stephanie Pearson does not constitute endorsement AP 96205. President: Charles Chong by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Area II Area IV Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. James M. Joyner advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Staff Writer Cpl. Kim Hee-jin CI Officer Galen Putnam publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pfc. Oh Dong-keun available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
  • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page April 30, 2004 3NEWS & NOTES Why Korea is the Duty Assignment of Choice Army Birthday Ball TicketsThis year’s Army birthday ball will be June 18 at the SeoulGrand Hyatt Hotel.Tickets are now on sale for $40 each and are available fromcommand representatives in Korea. Call Maj. Olivia Biermanat 723-8265 or Mai. David McConnell at 723-9040 forinformation on ticket availability.Sexual Assault Victims HotlineThe Department of Defense has formed a task force oncare for active-duty servicemembers who are victims ofsexual assault.Victims may call DSN 312-761-1659 or toll-free 1-800-497-6261 between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. to report assaults.AUSA 3 on 3 Basketball TouramentThe 17th Aviation Brigade will host a 3 on 3 basketballtournament May 8 and 9 at Collier Field House in Yongsan.A prize of $1,000 will be given to the winning team. A PHOTO SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMAN$500 prize will be given for second place. BY L.J. Christy(left) and Josh Hagen, both 16, play their guitars at the Moyer Community Services center music room. TheFor more information, contact Capt. Jesse Berglund at music room has a variety of instruments for servicemembers and their families to use.723-8084 or e-mail Warrant Officer Corps receivesThose interested may also contact Staff Sgt. BeverleeBurton at 723-4133 or Seoul International Photo ShowYongsan camera club members are planning a visit changes in uniform for 86th birthdayto the Seoul International Photo and Imaging Industry Story by Jeong H. Park warrant officers in joint operations validates anniversary of the Warrant Officer Corps.Show 10 a.m. May 29 at the COEX Center. 8th Personnel Services Command the need to standardize chief warrant officer All warrant officers will wear theThe event is open to everyone, but people must 5 rank insignia among all the services that appropriate branch insignia on all uniformssign up for free tickets at the Yongsan Arts andCrafts Center, building 4253. Call 738-4650 or 738- YONGSAN — The conversion of employ them, Army officials said. effective July 9.5465 for more information. wearing the branch insignia and colors by Changes are approved by the Army chief Warrant Officers can read ArmyThe arts and crafts center is open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. warrant officers is a first step towards the of staff on the warrant officer uniform Regulation 670-1 to learn more aboutdaily. full integration of warrant officer recruiting, include: changes to the warrant officer rank accession, education and management into ! Chief warrant officer 5 will wear the regulations. The changes will be included Team Field Sanitation Team the branch-based systems of the larger cheif warrant officer 5 insignia approved in in the next revision to AR 670-1. training courses officer corps, according to a revision 1970 by the former Army chief of staff. To learn more about this uniform policy,The 38th Medical Detachment provides a 40-hour regarding the wear and appearance of ! The cheif warrant officer 5 insignia is contact Sgt. Maj. W. Morales at DSN 426-field sanitation team training course in Areas I andII every other month. The maximum enrollment per warrant of officer rank. a silver-colored bar, 3/8 inch in width and 1- 5129, commercial (703) 696-5129 or e-mailcompany or unit is two. Seating is limited. Reserve Additionally, the increasingly joint nature 1/8 inch in length, with a black line in the in advance by providing a memorandum with of operations within the Department of center of the bar. This change will take effectname, rank, date expected return from overseas, Defense, and the expanded use of senior on July 9 coinciding with the 86th E-mail Security Number and Military OccupationalSpeciality of attending personnel to 38th MedicalDetachment , Unit 15684, APO AP 96205-5684. Finance: keep new arrivals informedRequests may be faxed to 724-4768 no later than 175th Finance Command These Web sites allowtwo weeks before the start of each course. for long range planning before arrival. For incoming civilianAttending personnel should have more than six It’s that time of year again for troop movement. An personnel, Living Quarters Allowance and Post Allowance willmonths time remaining in country upon completion assignment to Korea can be an assignment of choice for be significant topics that are covered on the websites.of the course. Personnel should bring a one-quart many if properly prepared. This is where being a sponsor is Sponsors should advise incoming servicemembers of thecanteen (with cup) and a copy of FM 4-25.12, Field an important role and should not be taken lightly. automated in-processing procedures. Remind them to hand Sponsors may wish to send a welcome packet from Army carry important documents such as marriage certificate, leaveSanitation Team Training, to class. The point of Community Service. The packet is a good source of cultural forms, orders, etc. Even though this process is automated,contact is Sgt. Charles Morris at 724-6276 or and installation information. Knowing that someone cares the supporting documentation will be might enhance the mind set of a new arrival to a foreign The 175th Finance Command Web site provides a mountain country. If time is short, Web sites are available for future of information for incoming service members as well as serviceThe course dates are: new arrivals to become culturally aware and obtain rules and members already in country. Some of the topics covered are:Camp Red Cloud: June 21-25 and August 2-6 guidelines for the area. BAH rates, COLA rates, DLA rates, OHA rates, Per DiemYongsan: July 12-16 For incoming servicemembers, pay entitlements may be Rates, and Travel Training. There are links to the 176th and a significant issue to advise them on. A helpful web site is: 177th Finance Battalions as well as 19th Theater SupportLocation for both areas is yet to be determined. for information on finance Command, 2nd Infantry Division, 1st Signal Brigade, 17th forms, and military pay entitlements, with links to U.S. Forces Aviation Brigade, 501st Military Intelligence Brigade and 18th Welcome Edition of the Korea’s mission and 8th U.S. Army information. This Web Medical Command. Weekly Morning Calm Weekly site provides information on Overseas Housing Allowance In today’s information highway there are numerous WebRegular issues of the Morning Calm Weekly will not be and highlights the significance of accurately reporting where sites available for newcomers. Sponsors should take the timedistributed on May 7. This issue will be the annually their family members will reside. It also provides information to mentor a future new arrival to Korea. Providing quality on Cost of Living Allowance, to include determining what sponsorship will assist in getting it right the first time, thuspublished Welcome Edition. someone’s allowance will be. Additional information on saving time, increasing morale and making for a better Assignment Incentive Pay may be found at http://www- informed military and civilian workforce in Korea. View slide
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 4 April 30, 2004Pass-me-down vehicles may bebound for auto graveyardsStory by Steve Davis command-sponsored Soldiers may ship aArea III Public Affairs Office POV at government expense. Noncommand-sponsored servicemembers CAMP HUMPHREYS — Some “pass- may pay to ship POVs at their own expenseme-down” and other privately-owned using private carriers.vehicles may be bound for auto graveyards ! Sell the POV to another person: Asoon because of a new U.S. Forces Korea Soldier or authorized Department of Defensepolicy barring noncommand-sponsored civilian may sell a privately-owned vehicleSoldiers staff sergeant and below from to either a Status of Forces Agreement orowning and operating cars. non-SOFA member after providing require Under the policy announced April 22, paperwork to his local vehicle registrationmost servicemembers E-6 and below on office.unaccompanied and “without family” ! Destroy the POV at an authorizedcommand-sponsored tours will not be location: A domestic Korean car, onegranted driving privileges. Subsequently, manufactured in-country, can be destroyedsome unaccompanied servicemembers who by the owner at any junkyard in the Republiccurrently have privately-owned vehicles, but of Korea. The SOFA member will obtainwho are not authorized to ship them at the original destruction document and takegovernment expense to their next duty station it with the front and rear license plates andbecause of their noncommand-sponsored proof of registration to the local militarystatus, may not readily have buyers for them vehicle registration office to deregister thewhen they leave Korea. vehicle. According to Capt. Gary Spivey, Sub- A car imported to the Republic of KoreaArea III provost marshal-current drivers in must be turned in at an authorized destructionthe grades E-6 and below or their location, usually the local area Provostnoncommand-sponsored family members Marshal Office or Defense Reutilization andwill not automatically lose their privilege to Marketing Service Office. The vehicleown or drive a privately-owned vehicle. owner is required to pick up a Department “We will not arbitrarily revoke any licenses of Defense Form 1348-1A and a Releaseor registrations,” said Spivey. “However, as Document for Personal Property and havewe move forward, the vehicle registration them completed and validated at the nearestoffice will work to ensure servicemembers Staff Judge Advocate legal assistance office.registering a vehicle meet the new The paperwork must be returned to therequirement.” vehicle registration office to complete the Spivey said that, at some point provost vehicle deregistration.marshal offices will run a database query to Spivey said vehicles must not besee if any E-5s and E-6s still have registered abandoned on or off post.vehicles. “Expensive penalties for abandoning “Soldiers who are required to deregister vehicles can be avoided,” he said. “Soldiersor to sell a privately-owned vehicle have who can’t sell a vehicle and need to deregisterseveral options,” said Spivey. “That is to it should visit their area vehicle registrationderegister them and dispose of them legally.” office or the area provost marshal office. According to U.S. Forces Korea We can help them dispose of a vehicleRegulations, there are three ways to deregister legally.”a privately-owned vehicle, or POV: ! Ship the POV out of the country: Most E-mail from Page 1privileges and frequent vehicle and document drivers,”according to USFK PAO. The majorityinspections. These requirements must be of DUI incidents involving servicememberscompleted by June 1. occurred off-post and caused traffic accidents, There is a grandfather clause for those who resulting in one death. The USFK military DUIshipped vehicles to Korea at government arrest rate hit an all-time high of 10 accidents inexpense, according to the U.S. Force Korea June 2003.Public Affairs Office. This is providing that Possible consequences for thethey are in compliance with the commander’s servicemembers, the command, and unit includerequirements. death or serious injury to servicemembers that Exceptions to this policy require written negatively impacts unit readiness, possibleendorsement of an O-5 commander and injury or death to passengers, extremelyapproval by the O-6 commander of the area in negative impact on Republic of Korea and U.S.which the servicemember is stationed. relations, and morale of the “Team,” said USFK This interim policy change to USFK PAO.Regulation 190-1 is being implemented to USFK PAO added this is not a masssafeguard “high risk” servicemembers punishment, but “an attempt to improveassigned to Korea, according to USFK PAO. servicemembers’ safety to ensure our training There has been a significant increase of strength remains high and to standard as wellmilitary driving under the influence of alcohol as implementing actions to be responsive tooffenders within USFK, according to USFK the safety needs of our host nation.”PAO officials. About 1,800 car owners are affected by this A majority of these offenders were of the policy. It does not affect Department ofrank E-5 and E-6 and are within the age group Defense civilians or contractors.of 18 through 25 who have been identified bymost insurance companies as “at risk E-mail View slide
  • April 30, 2004 Page 5Warriors master lifesaving skills You’re actually going to run;‘Hardcore’ you’re going to be sweaty, tiredcourse offers and stressed out trying to figure out what to do.”stress as added To keep the course true-to- life, the student’s blood getschallenge moving through physicalStory, photos by David McNally exercise before testingArea I Public Affairs Office scenarios begin. The troops assemble wearing CAMP RED CLOUD — helmet, load-bearing equipment,When the word went out the protective mask and medical kit.122nd Signal Battalion was Instructors conduct a shortlooking for attendees at a calisthenics routine, beforecombat lifesaver course, 70 leading the Soldiers in a short run.Soldiers answered the call. “The students love it,” A student finds a vein and inserts a “We run one course a Navarro said. “I heard needle during combat lifesavermonth,” said 1st Lt. Douglas comments at lunchtime, they training at Camp Red Cloud April 24.Griffith, the battalion said they felt the training wasphysician’s assistant and realistic.” “Other than basic training, The Soldiers learned how tocourse instructor. “We make it some of these people have find veins and start intravenousas realistic as possible.” never been exposed to medicine medications. Griffith said because of time “If I’m the only medic in aand other requirements, the before,” Griffith said. company or a platoon, there’scourse is a challenge. He said The 40-hour course is part only one of me,” said Pfc. Ryantwo students probably would classroom, part hands-on. The Archibald, a medic withnot make it through the week. Soldiers learn skill level one tasks. Company A, 168th Medical “You get realistic training,” “Medicine is something I’ve Battalion.said Spc. Angel Navarro, a 122nd always been interested in,” said Archibald said it is in his bestSignal Battalion medic. “In Pfc. Andrew Wilks, 61st interest to make sure thesewartime, your heart is going to Maintenance Company. “The Soldiers are familiar with his job. Spc. Katherine Hackley, Company A, 122nd Signal Battalion, (left) applies abe pumping; you’re not going most challenging thing for me dressing to a simulated wound on Pvt. Crystal McMillan, 595th Maintenanceto walk up to your patient. has been administering IVs.” E-mail Company, during combat lifesaver testing.Pvt. Gabriel Andrada, 61st Maintenance Company, (right) takes care of a simulated patient, Spc. Joshua Jenner, Company C, 122nd Signal Battalion. Later, the roles were reversed.
  • Page 6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004NEWS & NOTES Western Corridor leaders discuss issues By David McNally Western Corridor: Camps Bonifas, said his staff had aerated, fertilized, Mitchell’s New Menu Area I Public Affairs Office Greaves, Garry Owen, Giant, Edwards, seeded and mulched all the WesternCamp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s restaurant has Stanton and Howze. Corridor fields by April 1; however, theadded new items to its menu, including a CAMP GREAVES — U.S. Army The senior official at the conference, key to success, he said, is to water themeatball submarine sandwich, a veggie wrap, officials from Camp Casey and the Brig. Gen. Thomas Jordan, an assistant new grass daily to the saturation point.roast beef and honey bourbon chicken Western Corridor met to discuss base division commander for the 2nd Infantry “Our challenge is to keep people offsandwiches, and a “build-a-better-burger” support issues April 21. Division, expressed concern at the the fields until the new grass has takenselection. It will hold a new menu survey May “We are currently operating at a slow limited equipment available from root,” Laurenceau said.1. Customers who complete the survey will down, in which we’re only doing routine gymnasiums at smaller camps. Commanders expressed concernsreceive a $1-off coupon. and emergency service orders,” Lt. Col. Murray highlighted how the garrison that as the weather turned nice, Soldiers Stephen Murray, commander of U.S. had recently pushed new tae kwon do desire to use the fields. Army Garrison, Camp Casey, told the equipment to physical fitness centers in The garrison spent almost $60,000 Tournament Sof tball Tournament officials. “We’ve the Western and 1,183 hours to get the fields inCome out and support teams at the 2004 Warrior identified top safety “We are here to support Corridor. good condition. LaurenceauDivision Post Level Pre-Season softball and environmental “ W e estimated the fields should be readytournament Saturday-Sunday at Camp Casey’s projects and asked and be as responsive as currently have for use by May 8.Stewart Field. The participating teams are from for a release of possible.” 11 projects in The Army and Air Force ExchangeCamps Casey, Hovey, Red Cloud, Stanley, funding.” — Lt. Col. Stephen Murray the works for Service Northern Exchange GeneralEssayons and Page, and the Western Corridor. Murray explained Camp Garry Manager, Ronald Daugherty, told the how the garrison is working to get Owen,” said Michael Laurenceau, leaders that AAFES contributed $4.95 Volleyball Championship funding for projects like a Camp Stanton director of public works for the Western million to Area I Morale, Welfare andThe 2004 Warrior Division Post Level co-ed hanger door repair and waste water Corridor. “They total $790,000 for mold Recreation in fiscal 2003.Volleyball Championship will be Saturday- treatment plant upgrades at Camps and mildew renovations and painting.” “Our only project in the WesternSunday at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House. Liberty Bell and Howze. Laurenceau explained how a shortage Corridor is to consolidate AAFESThe winning team will represent the Warrior “The commander’s conference is a of swing space, or where to put the facilities at Rod Range,” Daugherty said. tool to communicate with our tenant Soldiers while their barracks are being “It’s definitely going to happen thisDivision in the 2004 8th Army co-ed Volleyball units,” Murray said. “We are here to renovated, presents a challenge. He year.”Championship May 12-15 at Camp Humphreys. support and be as responsive as offered a possible solution of letting the James Allen, director of community possible.” Soldiers stay at nearby Camp Giant activities for the garrison, briefed how Training Super visor y Training The garrison hosts this forum during the renovations. each Western Corridor recreation center Courses quarterly with officials from the 2nd Laurenceau then went into detail would soon have gaming equipmentThe Area I Civilian Personnel Advisory Center Infantry Division and the United Nations about his department’s proposed such as X-Box, Playstation andwill conduct supervisory training courses on Command Security Battalion from the projects at each Western Corridor camp. Nintendo.Camp Red Cloud this month. The Introduction Joint Security Area. The invited leaders The garrison’s efforts to seed softballto Supervision of Korean Employees (English) represented units stationed across the fields received attention. Laurenceau See Issues on Page 8will be Tuesday, the Introduction of Supervision Earthof U.S. Employees will be May 11, and theIntroduction to Supervision of KoreanEmployees (Hangul) will be May 18. All classes Soldiers commemorate Ear th Day 2004will begin at 8 a.m. in the CPAC classroom. Area I Public Affairs OfficeAsian-Pacific Celebration CAMP RED CLOUD — U.S. andThe Camp Casey USO will hold an Asian-Pacific Korean Augmentation Soldiers acrosscelebration May 15 at the USO building from Warrior Country commemorated11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be free Asian- Earth Day 2004 with a variety ofPacific food samples, traditional songs and activities.dancing, and games with prizes. Camp Red Cloud Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area I, got close to the Course Cancellation Earth April 22 by taking turnsThe Leadership, Education and Development shoveling soil on a newly planted pinecourse to be conducted May 3-7 at the Civilian tree.Personnel Advisory Center Regional Training At Camp Casey, the directorate ofCenter on Camp Henry has been cancelled public works hosted an Earth Daydue to a lack of instructor resources. event for local youth at the main exchange. Red Cross CPR Class Students from a DongducheonThe Camp Red Cloud chapter of the American elementary school created EarthRed Cross will hold a cardiopulmonary Week posters for a competition. Theresuscitation certification course Saturday at posters are on display at the exchange.the Red Cross classroom at 9 a.m. The course Yi Tu-ha, the Camp Caseywill cost $35, to be paid upon registration. environmental chief, coordinated the PHOTO BY PVT. LEE JUNG-MIN visit. Pvt. Baek Ki-woon (right) and Pvt. Schneider Cyprien, both from Headquarters and Program Coordinator “We have these kinds of events Headquarters Company, Area I, shovel dirt on a Camp Red Cloud tree April 27. Sought to raise environmental awareness,”The Area I Contracting Command is seeking an Yi said. “These events also buildEnglish-speaking Outreach Program friendships in the community.” Army and Air Force Exchange Service, City Water Treatment Plant,” said AnCoordinator for Camp Red Cloud. Applicants After a ceremony to present Popeye’s, and several local organizations. Yong-chin, Camp Pagemust be a valid identification card holder and certificates and gifts, the children At Camp Page, 25 people participated environmental protection specialist.reside locally. The application closing date is sang several songs. in an Earth Day 10-kilometer fun run “This was a good opportunity to8 a.m. May 7. Contact the Camp Red Cloud Later, the Korean youth were April 17. realize why we have to save water.” treated to a Popeye’s chicken lunch. “We also took 48 Soldiers and Camp Page officials also displayedArmy Community Service for more information. The event was sponsored by the civilians on a tour of the Chuncheon an Earth Day sign on the installation.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 7Warriors flock to BOSS block partyPhotos by Pfc. Stephanie PearsonArea I Public Affairs Office CAMP RED CLOUD —Uijeongbu Enclave BetterOpportunities for Single andUnaccompanied Soldiersmembers hosted a block partyApril 24. The highlight of theday was a fear factor contest. Sgt. William Gabbard, 2nd Infantry Division, demonstrates to “Fear Factor” participants how to eat a live goldfish. Sgt. 1st Class Travis Tate, Headquarters and Headquarters Sgt Darrell Frasier, Company B , 602nd Aviation Support Company, Area I, fries fish to sell. Battalion, shows off his dance moves at the block party.Soldiers play dominoes at one of the card tables set up for the block party. Soldiers were invited Katrina Erickson forces herself to swallow a sea slug as part of the “Fear Factor”to come hang out, listen to music, dance and participate in games at the block party Saturday. competition at the BOSS block party Saturday. Erickson came in second place.Soldiers, family members seek future at job fairs Story by Pfc. Stephanie assist spouses and family positions, and took resumes companies here actually Pearson members identify jobs here in from the prospective applicants. conducting interviews, and Area I Public Affairs Office Area I.” The ACAP job fair, held at some actually hiring today.” The fair, held in the pavilion the Camp Mobile ACAP office, The A Corps Company, CAMP CASEY— The Area outside of the Camp Casey was geared toward finding jobs Exchange New Car Sales, I Army Community Service and USO office, featured for Soldiers who are retiring or Helmets to Hardhats, Vinnell and Camp Mobile Army Career and representatives from several separating from the Army, said the Wackenhut Corp. were Alumni Program hosted job local employers such as the Joan Domengeaux, an ACAP represented at the ACAP job fair. fairs at Camp Casey and Camp Army and Air Force Exchange career counselor. Army Community Service Mobile April 21. Service, the Calumet Group “We had five companies and ACAP officials encouraged “This job fair is in Inc., the Camp Red Cloud represented, and we invited Soldiers and family members observation of National Civilian Personnel Action Soldiers to come interview with who couldn’t make it to the job Volunteer Week,” said Joseph Center, and Resource them today,” Demongeaux said. fairs to stop by their offices, Lee, Area I employment Consultants Inc. The “It’s not like your typical job where assistance is offeredStaff Sgt. Charles Lyons, 2nd manager and installation representatives handed out fair, where you just find out year-round.Infantry Division, at the Army Career volunteer coordinator, about the information about their information. This was like theand Alumni Program job fair. ACS job fair. “We’re trying to companies, recruited for open next step, where you have those E-mail
  • Page 8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 Permanent Change of Station Weight Control Charity Drive Collection Points Points ! Here is a chance to reduce shipment weight Camp Red Cloud Warrior Chapel and possibly help a needy person too! Camp Casey DISCOM Chapel Camp Casey Memorial Chapel ! The PCS Weight Control Charity Drive offers Camp Casey Crusader Chapel Soldiers and civilians rotating from Korea this Camp Casey Stone Chapel Camp Casey Happy Mountain Chapel summer the opportunity to donate baseball hats, Camp Hovey Chapel T-shirts, and new and like-new athletic shoes Camp Castle Chapel to need orphanages, or other human service Camp Greaves Chapel organizations. Camp Stanley Chapel Camp Page Chapel ! Stop by one of these collection points Camp Stanton Camp Garry Owen Wednesday to donate to others in need. Camp Howze Chapel Camp Essayons Chapel ! For more information contact the Area I Camp Kyle Chapel chaplain at 732-6169. Camp Bonifas ChapelIssues from Page 6 “We are currently working on getting Murray said the Garrison has addedjuke boxes for our clubs,” Allen said. two additional buses between Camps Allen also gave a financial update on Garry Owen and Casey on weekends.Western Corridor arts and crafts He explained how the regular shuttlecenters. He said they desire to survey buses were often filled with SoldiersSoldiers to find out exactly what they after the first couple of stops, leavingwant from the centers. many troops without a way to Camp “I think it would be useful to do a Casey.survey,” Jordan said. “It might be the Lt. Col. Tom Mize, commander ofsort of stuff being offered doesn’t the 44th Engineer Battalion, said theseappeal to the Soldiers.” forums highlight the relationship they Jim Williams, the garrison sports have with the garrison staff.director, said his staff could tailor events “If nothing more, it’s being able tolike boxing smokers or wrestling based come in and sit and talk with the folkson requests from commanders. in charge of all these different activities “There’s a lot of interest in our Soldiers use,” Mize said. “It’s alsocompetitive sports with the Soldiers,” a sharing of information, so we can goJordan said. back to our Soldiers.” “I think that’s a great idea,” said Col. Mize also said the conferences are aMichael Helmick, 2nd Infantry DivisionEngineer Brigade commander. “Those great way to bring issues to the garrisonevents build warrior spirit.” commander and assistant division “In town hall meetings, the biggest commander.topic that comes up is transportation,” “As you could see here today, weMurray said. got feedback on issues raised in the “We have six taxis in the Western past,” Mize said. “You know progressCorridor,” Daugherty answered. “We’re is being made.”pushing three more taxis out there as atemporary measure.” E-mail Parents get ready for baby PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLY Claudette Clark, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, gives a childbirth class April 24 at the Camp Red Cloud Pear Blossom Cottage. Many classes for spouses and their sponsors are available free at PBC facilities. There are six PBCs in Area I at Camps Red Cloud, Garry Owen, Howze, Casey, Stanley and Page.
  • April 30, 2004 Page 9Pathologist offers advice for diagnosing hearing loss in childrenStory by Sharon N. Willig development. Second, language deficits can cause learning u n d e r s t o o d 8 0 percent o f t h e t i m e .Department of Defense Dependent’s Schools problems. Third communication difficulties can lead to ! Word-finding problems (the child can’t remember social isolation and poor self-concept. Finally, hearing a word and may pause and say “forget it,” use words How many times a day does your child, spouse, or loss can affect the vocational choices of an individual. like that, thing, stuff, it or just become frustrated andparent request a repetition of a statement or comment? Communication skills lay the foundation for successful cry)How many times a day must you repeat an instruction learning and achievement. In the 1998-1999 school year, ! Doesn’t seem to know how to play like otherbecause it wasn’t followed. Sometimes these behaviors 19.4 percent of U. S. children aged 6 – 21 years received children of the same ageare due to lack of attention, lack of understanding or services for a speech or language disorder. ! Relies on gestures to understand directions or justpossibly to a subtle hearing loss. Delayed speech and language development is the first doesn’t follow directions When it comes to children, many know that hearing clue that a child may not have normal hearing. Delays in ! Needs frequent repetitions of directionsis critical to speech and language development, speech and language may also be due to other causes as ! Doesn’t understand abstract language like adjectivescommunication and learning. Children with listening well. (big, little, hot, cold) and prepositions (in, out, on, under)difficulties due to hearing loss or auditory processing Characteristics of a communication disorder in a child ! Poor academic achievementproblems continue to be an under-identified group. may include: Fortunately, most people with communication Even if a child’s hearing was screened as normal, he ! Absence of words by age 18 months problems can be helped. Even if the problem can not beor she could still have mild hearing loss. The sooner a ! Does not use two-word phrases that have a message eliminated, they can be taught with speech, language andloss is discovered and treated, the better the chances for by age 2 hearing problems strategies to help them cope. Peoplenormal language development. ! Does not use three-word sentences by age 3 can help their loved ones by discussing concerns with More than 1 million children in the United States ! Echoes what people say respective pediatricians or the child’s teacher. They canhave a hearing loss. Hearing loss affects children in four ! Gives inappropriate responses to questionsmajor ways. First, it causes a delay in speech and language ! Unclear speech, i.e. 3-year-olds should be See Hearing on Page 10‘Quality of Life’ improved for Soldiers at Camp MarketStory, photo by Pfc. Park Jin-woo single gang latrine and shower facilities. “It makes life in the barracks feel more good. I really enjoy living here. The sizeArea II Public Affairs Office However the newly renovated barracks at home than the old barracks.” of the room is big, about twice as big as has either two-man rooms or one-man The ribbon cutting ceremony the one we used to live in. YONGSAN — Camp Market rooms (for noncommissioned officers). commenced with opening remarks by “The Soldiers living must keepcelebrated the opening of a newly So we get more free space and since Vincent O. Bailey, Camp Market everything clean and the way it is whenrenovated barracks April 22 for Soldiers there are latrines, bath tubs, kitchen installation coordinator, and an invocation we came in for the future Soldiers wholiving at Camp Market. appliances and a living room area for each was given by Pak Chong Chan, 28th will be coming here so that they may The renovation project started on July of the rooms we get better standards of Korean Service Corps commander. Sgt. enjoy the same quality we are enjoying30, 2001, turning the building from a living than we used to.” Maj. Robert L. Kyler, 34th Support group right now,” said Morales.substandard living space for 62 personnel The building provides living space for operations noncommissioned officer, “This barracks is good motivation forwith gang latrines to the current modern 42 personnel including two dayrooms, provided remarks on behalf of Col. the Soldiers,” said Morales. “Living in astructure. two kitchens and various other Timothy K. McNulty, commander, Area renovated building it makes us feel good. “I used to live in one of the old barracks. commodities such as cable television II Support Activity. We can be more relaxed after work andThe size of the rooms at the old barracks connections, telephone lines and Army “It feels great to be in the new in better condition when we go back towas only about half of the rooms in this Knowledge Online labs. barracks,” said Sgt. Jose J. Morales, a work the next day.”barracks,” said Pvt. Kang Jong-suk, Camp “Since it’s been newly renovated, Soldier who will reside in the renovatedMarket Installation Office. “There were everything in the barracks feels new and barracks. “Now we got more space in17 Soldiers in the barracks sharing a fresh and also very clean,” added Kang. the rooms, and everything is new. It feels E-mail Jose J. Morales (left) and Pvt. Kang Jong-suk relax in one of the rooms in the renovated Every room in the renovated barracks at Camp Market has basic commodities tobarracks that has a living room area for each room. raise standard of life for the Soldiers.
  • Page 10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004NEWS & NOTES Order of the Arrow bestowed upon peninsula Scouts Story by Achpateuny Lodge 498 members do by Ben McDonald, advisor Johnson, member of Troop 80 who was Foster Care to the Order of the Arrow ceremony selected during the ceremony.Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program On April 24-25, American and Korean team. Vanderhoff lit the fire, Lavender As soon as the ceremony wasis currently looking for very special people who are Scout Troops met at Kiosan Park, near and Ayersman beat the drum while finished brotherhood members, Wier,willing to help children in the community by Daejeon City, for the annual Spring Kirschbuam, Behrends, Wier, Smith and Behrends, Smith and Harris, left theproviding a temporary nurturing home in situations Camporee. Harris selected 12 new candidates. camp fire to prepare for the brotherhoodwhere their natural family can not care for them. A special Order of the Arrow “The boys put together an excellent ceremony.For more information, call 738-3034. Ceremony was a focal point of the ceremony and it was an interesting After the joint American and Korean weekend trip. experience to see them in traditional campfire activities, Ayersman led nine SAES - PTO Carnival While the Scout troops were out Indian costumes. I am glad that the ordeal members through theirThe Seoul American Elementary School Parent doing various activities the Order of the Korea Scouts also got to experience this brotherhood tests.Teacher Organization is holding its annual Carnival at Arrow Ceremonies team, headed by part of American Boy Scouting,” said “I was very impressed with thethe school grounds 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Saturday. Come Brendan Wier with Daniel Ayersman, Anthony Warrior, Troop 80, who Brotherhood Ceremony that the team putand try to dunk the Yongsan commander, school Chris Behrends, Sam Kirschbaum, observed the ceremony. together for us,” said Sam Kirschbaum,officials and other community leaders. Charles Vanderhoff, John Lavender, The newly-selected candidates are who completed his membership in the Andrew Smith and Nick Harris, built a eligible to complete their ordeal order of the arrow. CIF Closure large bonfire that was lit later that membership at the end of June. Ordeal Brotherhood membership is achievedThe central issue facilty will be closed on the evening for the Order of the Arrow members are easily recognized since by those members of the order of thefollowing dates for the month of May. selection ceremony. During the they wear a white sash with a red arrow arrow who have given 10 months of! Wednesday, Children’s Day ceremony ten boys and two adults were worn over their right shoulder. service to the lodge and have shown a! May 26, Buddah’s birthday selected to join the order of the arrow. “I think it was a great experience to thorough knowledge of the customs and! May 31, Memorial Day The ceremony began 5:30 p.m., be selected to join the order of the arrow. traditions of the order. BrotherhoodFor more information, call 736-7492. Saturday, with a short explanation of the I hope to help the other scouts in my members are recognized by the same troop to advance in rank,” said Richard sash as the ordeal members with the Team Field Sanitation Team order of the arrow and what its Training addition of two red bars above and belowThe 38th Medical Detachment provides a 40-hour the red arrow.field sanitation team training course Monday - “We prepared well and pulled off aWednesday and July 12 - 16. For more information, good ceremony. I hope the newcall 724-6276 or e-mail Brotherhood members help the lodge grow and flourish” said Behrends. A special recognition was bestowed School Reregistration upon Pete Vieira, a member of the orderRe-registration for school year 2004 - 2005 will be of the arrow, received a very specialheld on the following dates at the designated locations. Honor. He was selected for the Vigil! May 18 - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Hannam Village Honor, the highest recognition in the! May 19 - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at SAHS Gym for last Order of the Arrow. One must be in thenames beginning with A - L. brotherhood for two years, be an active! May 20 - 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. at SAHS Gym for last part of the lodge and be selected by hisnames beginning with M - Z. fellow order of the arrow members to! May 21 - 8 a.m. - noon at SAHS Gym for all. COURTESY PHOTO be a vigil member. The vigil honor is Andrew Smith (left) and Brendan Wier (right), dressed in native American Indian costumes, signified by the addition of a triangle in Voter registration conduct the Brotherhood Ceremony for selected Order of the Arrow American Boy Scouts during the center of the arrow on the same sashVoter registration has begun in Area II. For more their annual Spring Camporee in Kiosan Park, Korea. as the brotherhood member wears. Yongsan celebrates Earth Dayinformation, contact a unit voting assistance officer. Volunteers Needed! Volunteers are needed for the Exceptional Family Ashley Sherrell named it “one of the most remarkable class read about Willie the Whale, aMembers Program June Jamboree being held June Area II Public Affairs Office happenings in the history of democracy” children’s book version of save the4 at Yongsan. For more information, call 738-5311. and today Earth Day’s definition remains whales. One class watched “The! The Rho Nu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa YONGSAN — On the dawn of April much the same. Even President George Lorax,” a movie based on the Dr. SuessAlpha Sorority Inc. needs 50 volunteers to work 22, both stateside and in Area II, people W. Bush contributed to the effort by book on the effects of destroying thealternate shifts May 30 at the Community Festival 2 unanimously commenced on the supporting the restoration of Sequoia environment. As the Lorax shouts, “I– 8 p.m. Call 721-4477 or 011-1726-2521for more environmental projects in hopes of National Park in California. speak for the trees an all living things,”information or e-mail to WesternTN@State.Gov to improving the world. Whether planting “Good stewardship of the the symbolism is clearly shown. Even asign up. trees, cleaning a local stream, or just environment is not just a personal 5th-grade class read from their textbook learning how to preserve our planet, responsibility but a public value,” George about Earth Day and how to protect the USO Cross Cultural School people began to gain an understanding W. Bush recently said. environment. Some classes wentThe Seoul United Services Organizations is of the meaning of Earth Day. In the spirit of Earth Day, people outside to enjoy their surroundings, evenconducting a Cross Cultural School for couples of The combined effort of millions from all walks of life in the Yongsan base recess took on a new meaning as theAmerican-Korean marriages or anyone who wants toward helping our earth is what makes strived to better the environment, young students looked aroundto learn about American life style. Classes will be Earth Day so special. whether by planting trees or just learning them for the first time with a newMay 10-21 at the Camp Kim USO. Call 724-7003 The American Heritage Magazine about it in the classroom. A second-grade meaning.or commercial 749-6429 to sign up. Summer Hire Program Hearing from Page 9The Area II Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is help identify the appropriate resource in your community. specialize in preventing, identifying and assessing hearingaccepting applications from eligible teens for the Speech-language pathologists are the professionals who disorders as well as providing audiologic treatment including2004 Summer Hire Program. There are two sessions identify, assess and treat speech and language problems. hearing aids and other assistive listening devices. There arescheduled for high school students, June 14 – July Their work includes speech problems, such as those related two audiologists serving the U. S. military stationed in Korea.10 and July 12 – Aug. 7 and one session for college to fluency, articulation, and voice disorders, as well as issues They are both employed by the 121st General Hospital in Seoul.students which begins May 17. Applications are surrounding language, learning and literacy. In Korea, there For more information about communication disorders andavailable at the Seoul American High School, Army are seven SLPs working for U.S. Forces Korea. Six SLPs May is Better Hearing and Speech Month visit the AmericanCommunity Service and Area II CPAC. Last day to work in the Department of Defense Dependents Schools Speech-Language-Hearing Web site: in applications is today. For additional and one works for the Education and Developmental Editor’s note: Information for this article was compiledinformation, call 738-3603. Intervention Services. by pathologists working in Department of Defense Dependent Audiologists are hearing health care professionals who Schools in Korea.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 11 Tours Entertainment Cultural Events, Tours and Enter tainment Experience Greater Seoul USO Tours Royal Asiatic Society Free front of the Yongsan post office 8 a.m. classical music lovers who are UNC/ Lecture - 7 p.m.Saturday. CFC/USFK members and families at ! Ichon Pottery Tour - 8:30 a.m. ! The historical development of the Concert Hall in the Seoul Arts - 4:30 p.m. Saturday. p’ansori and contemporary style by Dr. Call 02-763-9483 for more Center 7:30 p.m. May 11. For more ! Korean Folk Village – 8 a.m. - Jang Yeonok - at The Auditorium of information about Royal Asiatic Society information call 723-6367. 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Daewoo foundation building 8th floor events. ! Sarah Brightman will be holding ! Panmunjom (DMZ) and Tunnel 7:30 p.m. May 12. a performance at the Olympic Park (Dress Code) – 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Entertainment Gymnastics Stadium 8 p.m. June 8 and Tuesday. Royal Asiatic Tour 9. For more information call 02-3141- ! Insadong Night Tour - 6 p.m. - ! The opera Carmen will be held at 3488. 10p.m. Thursday. ! Kyongju tour: The kingdom of the Jamsil Stadium May 15 - 19. Call ! The opera - Lucia Di Silla - 8:30 a.m. Saturday - 8:30 p.m. 02-1544-1555 for more information. Lammermoor will be performed at the For more information, call the Sunday. ! The Korean American Association Seoul Arts Center May 26 - 30. For Seoul USO office at 792-3380. ! Kanghwa Island tour - leaves in is sponsoring a special free concert for more information call 02-587-1950Seoul City to host Friendship Fair 2004John A. Nowell Korean contemporary dance Jong-no Boulevard to Seoul City Hall. Club will participate. SAHS ParentArea II Public Affairs Office performances and several events will The parade route will follow Jong-no Teacher Organization will operate a be held: international food court, Boulevard to Sejong intersection, then food booth in the international food YONGSAN — Seoul invites traditional folk art exhibition, down Taepyeong Boulevard court venue. Use of the subway toeveryone to enjoy the Seoul Friendship international youth short film festival, (Taepyeong-ro) to City Hall. get to and from the festival isFair 2004 May 9. Nine venues will world costume experience, junk art More than 40 nations will recommended. For more informationbe established to provide international exhibition and children’s program, and participate in the parade with colorful call Area II PAO at 738-5212 or 738-understanding among Koreans and International Children’s Art Exhibition. native costumes. The 8th U.S. Army 7354.foreign residents in Seoul. An international parade will held band, Youth Services Cheerleaders andInternational Folk performances, beginning 3 p.m. from 5th Street and members of the Yongsan Motorcycle E-mail
  • Page 12 MORNING CALM April 30, 2004 The Morning Calm WeeklySignal Soldiers conduct threat trainingStory by Alex Harrington said Ball, to his Soldiers during an i n t e r e s t s of the United States.”1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs Office antiterrorism force protection exercise April 12. The antiterrorism force protection training “It’s better than making a mistake when you’re included an introduction to terrain surveillance, SUWON, South Korea – In 1983, a suicide deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan.” tactical communications, fortifying fightingcar bombing against the U.S. embassy in Beirut Under the morning haze that surrounded the positions, apprehending and interrogatingkilled 63 people. In 2000, a terrorist bomb upper crest of the mountain, U.S. troops from terrorist.damages the destroyer USS Cole in the port of 362nd Signal Company, 41st Signal Battalion, 1st “Today’s training provided antiterrorismAden, Yemen, killing 17 sailors. Signal Brigade hiked nearly 500 meters to the awareness and specific area of responsibility Given the current world situation, U.S. Forces training site, located high in a mountainous area. threat information to all my Soldiers,” said 1stKorea personnel are potential targets for Under the guidance of their company Lt. Cindy Jensen, 362nd Signal Company basicterrorist. And with the Army proven to be one of commander, the Soldiers practiced various security force commander. “The purpose is tothe forces of choice to execute many operations scenarios relating to antiterrorism force reduce their vulnerability to terrorism throughacross the broad spectrum of conflict in every protection, in preparation to defend and protect increased and constant awareness and tocorner of the world each Soldier is a prime target their hilltop site. reemphasize personal protection measures.”of opportunity for terrorist acts. The training provided the Soldiers an Once Soldiers receive their instruction of A f t e r S e p t . 11 , t h e 1 s t S i g n a l B r i g a d e introduction to antiterrorism force protection, terrain surveillance, the they fan out to conductcommanders were among many who recognized allowing them to learn new techniques to enhance a perimeter sweep to ensure that the entire sitethe importance of improving and maintaining individual awareness to surroundings and how is safe from potential harmful debris and thetheir respective Army antiterrorism force to handle possible terrorist threats. fence line is program, to significantly reduce the In 1996, retired Army Gen. Wayne A. Downing The training noncommissioned officer told hisrisk of their Soldiers becoming potential targets said that the “threat of sophisticated, organized Soldiers how important this training is and whatfrom terrorist threats. terrorism against our overseas forces was now it means to the individual Soldier. Since 1972, the brigade, a forward-deployed a fact of life and that U.S. leaders must adopt a “ I t ’s i m p o s s i b l e t o u n d e r e s t i m a t e h o wheadquarters element with four battalions, has ‘radically new mind-set’ with regard to important it is to have a common understandingprovided vital communications support to U.S. international terrorism.” of this type of training,” said Sgt. Steve Curry,and allied forces throughout Korea, essentially Ball is one of the leaders in 1st Signal Brigade 3 6 2 n d S i g n a l C o m p a n y. “ T h e S o l d i e r sserving as the “nerve system” of all U.S. Army who is adopting new programs and training new participating in this force protection training havedefenses on the peninsula. Its mission could Soldiers to develop a “radical mind-set” that the opportunity to go through the plan and see itinvite a possible threat to any of its units they’re potential targets to terrorist aggression. actually take place.”becoming a terrorist target. In addition, Ball said he is preparing his Curry also said that most of the Soldiers are Key leaders of the brigade, like Capt. Michael Soldiers to fight against aggression from North first-timers with the training exercise.Ball, 362nd Signal Company commander, are Korea. “Most of the Soldiers going through thedoing their best to ensure all signal Soldiers know “We will always continue to train for the war training today take what they learn to Iraq ortheir primary responsibility concerning force fight on the Korean peninsula,” said Ball. “If Afghanistan,” said the Shreveport, La. deterrence fails, the 362nd Signal Company is “I need you to take this training serious and ready to deploy and fight tonight to protect thelearn it, and it’s OK to make mistakes today,” citizens of the Republic of Korea and t h e E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 13
  • Page 14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 At The Movies For additional listings or April 30 - May 6 matinees call respective theater or see Location April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 Phone No. Casey Broken Lizard’s Confession of a 730-7354 Twisted The Alamo The Alamo Twisted Eurotrip Teenage Drama Queen Club Dread Essayons Welcome to 732-9008 No Show No Show Catch That Kid Scooby Doo 2 No Show Against the Ropes Mooseport Garry Owen 734-2509 No Show Scooby Doo 2 Miracle Miracle 50 First Dates No Show Against the Ropes Greaves Broken Lizard’s 734-8388 Scooby Doo 2 Scooby Doo 2 No Show No Show 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Club Dread Henry Broken Lizard’s 768-7724 Against the Ropes Home on the Range Twisted No Show No Show No Show Club Dread Humphreys Broken Lizard’s 753-7716 The Alamo The Alamo The Alamo Twisted Eurotrip Eurotrip Club Dread Hialeah 763-370 Home on the Range Catch That Kid 50 First Dates No Show No Show No Show No Show Hovey Confession of a 730-5412 Against the Ropes The Alamo Twisted Twisted The Alamo Eurotrip Teenage Drama Queen Howze Welcome to 734-5689 Miracle 50 First Dates No Show No Show No Show The Alamo Mooseport Home on the Range The Alamo A young widow in In the spring of 1836, 200 danger of her farm Texans, men of all races being foreclosed who believed in the future unless she can come of Texas, held the fort for up with $1,000 for the 13 days under siege by mortgage. The farm animals knowing she Free To Identification General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, ruler of Mexico won’t be able to come Card Holders and commander of its up with the money, (On U.S. Army Installations Only) forces. Led by three men, hatch their own plan. It the young, brash Colonel just so happens, there’s a bandit on the loose and the price on the crook’s Schedule subject to change William Travis; the violent, passionate James Bowie; and the larger-than-life living legend Davy Crockett, the Texans and head is a tidy $1,000. The animals band together to their deeds at the Alamo would pass into history as General save the farm from foreclosure. Sam Houston’s rallying cry for Texas independence. PG PG-13 Location April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 Phone No. Kunsan 782-4987 Taking Lives Taking Lives 50 First Dates No Show 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Against the Ropes Long 721-3407 Spartan No Show Barbershop 2 You Got Served No Show No Show No Show Osan 784-4930 The Alamo Catch That Kid Catch That Kid 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Against the Ropes Page 721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Red Cloud Confession of a 732-6620 The Alamo Twisted Twisted Eurotrip No Show Walking Tall Teenage Drama Queen Stanley Confession of a 732-5565 Against the Ropes Twisted Twisted No Show Walking Tall Eurotrip Teenage Drama Queen Yongsan I 738-7389 Walking Tall Walking Tall Walking Tall Eurotrip Eurotrip Eurotrip Eurotrip Yongsan II Confession of a Confession of a Confession of a 738-7389 The Perfect Score The Perfect Score 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Teenage Drama Queen Teenage Drama Queen Teenage Drama Queen Yongsan III Confession of a Confession of a Confession of a 738-7389 Twisted Twisted Twisted Twisted Teenage Drama Queen Teenage Drama Queen Teenage Drama Queen
  • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page April 30, 2004 15Chaplain: Listen to the right voiceBy Chaplain (Maj.) James Choi information or data. When one can stall... “Hi there, how’s it going?” The Bible encourages us to307th Signal Battalion discern right voices from wrong, Now I’m not the type to strike respond to the right voice. King they can stay in the right track and up conversations with strangers in Solomon, considered by many as CAMP CARROLL — What kind be able to do the right things. washrooms on the side of the road. the wisest person in human historyof voices are people paying Following the wrong voice can mean I didn’t know what to say, but finally said, “The fear of the Lord is theattention to everyday? The voices embarrassment, destruction, failure, I said, “Not bad...” beginning of knowledge, but foolsmight be from an outside source or and even ruining a life. The Then the voice said, “So, what despise wisdom and discipline.”from within. Some listen to voices following is one of my favorite are you doing?” (Proverbs 1:7)of their conscience, their leaders, jokes and reminds me to respond to I thought that was kind of weird, Making decisions between goingtheir friends, spouses, family a right voice. but I said, “Well, I’m just going to to the chapel and sleeping in, playingmembers, radio, TV, music and even Leaving Montreal for Quebec, I the bathroom, then I’m going back games, staying faithful to ourtempting whispers. decided to make a stop at one of east...” spouses or not, or between spending Sometimes it is not easy to tune those rest areas on the side of the The voice interrupted, “Look, money for momentary pleasure orin to the right voices at all times. road. I went into the washroom. I’m going to have to call you back. saving for our future can be hard.Following the wrong voices can be The first stall was taken so I went Every time I ask you a question, Wise persons will follow the rightvery crucial. It is like a making a to the second stall. I’d just sat down this goober in the next stall keeps voice to make their life enriched anddecision based on wrong when I heard a voice from the next answering me.” successful. Worship Area IV W orship Services Protestant Collective Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Hialeah Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass 11:30 a.m. Camp Carroll 10:45 a.m. Camp Hialeah Korean Sunday 6 p.m. Camp Hialeah Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Camp Walker Apostolic 11a.m. Camp Walker Korean Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Carroll Area IV Chaplains 12:30 p.m. Camp Hialeah Korean Wednesday 6:15p.m. Camp Walker Chaplain (Maj.) Richard Bendorf or DSN 764-5455 Collective 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker Catholic Chaplain (Capt.) Chris Floro or DSN 763-7395 1 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Cho or DSN 765-8991
  • Page 16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 PHOTO BY SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMANSgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston addresses Soldier’s questions during a live during his April 19-24 Korea tour. Preston said the best part of his visit wasradio question and answer session hosted by American Forces Network’s Eagle FM being able to meet Soldiers serving on the peninsula. At Ease U.S. Army’s top enlisted Soldier visits Korea for the first time in 29-year career Story by Sgt. Andrew Kosterman questions really gives me an indication of where Korea Region Public Affairs Office your concerns and your issues are,” said Preston. Soldiers who did not have the chance to meet YONGSAN — The U.S. Army’s top-enlisted and ask Preston questions in person were able to PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS Soldier visited Korea during a tour of military call in to a live American Forces Network RadioU.S. Army Support Activity Area III and Camp Humphreys installations April 19-23. show on Eagle FM.Command Sgt. Maj. Robert R. Frace greets Sgt. Maj. of the The 13th sergeant major of the army, Kenneth During the show, Preston answered questionsArmy Kenneth O. Preston as he arrives April 22 at Camp O. Preston, visited troops at Camps Stanley, Garry ranging from troop strength to the recently-Humphreys’ Desiderio Airfield from Daegu. Owens, Camp Greaves and other camps during his approved Assignment Incentive Pay. first trip to Korea in his 29-year career. Currently, there are about 6,000 Soldiers who Preston spoke about his trip at the Better have signed up for the program that gives Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers an extra $300 a month for extending for Soldiers awards dinner at Camp Humphreys April one year, said Preston. The Air Force is looking 22. at the program closely and is considering “The last couple of days have been a great implementing a similar plan in May. chance to visit Korea and really understand your Preston said AIP is not about saving money so mission here on Freedom’s Frontier,” said much as it is about stabilizing the Army. Projected Preston. “From visiting the (Joint Security Area) savings from the program is $20 million. the other day ... to spending time with the 2nd “This is a win-win situation,” said Preston. Infantry Division, it’s been a really wonderful “It’s a win for the Soldier and a win for the Army.” opportunity.” Preston added that every time a Soldier is The best thing about the trip has been the rotated out of Korea, one more has to be brought chance to talk to the Soldiers and get feedback, in. PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS said Preston. “People don’t always think about that,” saidSgt. Samuel Cowell, Company B, 532nd Military Intelligence “All the questions, all the lunches I’ve done Preston.Battalion, (left) receives a coin from Sgt. Maj. of the Army and the briefings I’ve done for Soldiers over theKenneth O. Preston. last four days, the feedback and the types of E-mail
  • MORNING CALMThe Morning Calm Weekly Page April 30, 2003 17
  • Page 18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2003 Remote car race club seeks new members Story by Glenn Groome on-road and off-road cars, electric their skills through a number of Camp Carroll Community Life Officer and gas powered cars, and different events and races planned throughout engine classes, not to mention the the summer for every class of vehicle. Camp Red Cloud Fitness CAMP CARROLL — Child and limitless variations of body style. Camp Carroll “C-4” will be holding Center Offers Classes Youth Services will bring the sights The body style and artwork are a Test and Tune Clinic 10 a.m. May! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center and sounds of remote control car what can give RC car hobbyists a way 29 at the Camp Carroll Fitness Center.offers indoor cycling classes 7:30- 8:30 p.m racing to Waegwan residents through to personalize their cars and develop All interested RC car owners areevery Monday and Wednesday. For more a new program dubbed the Camp and individual style. invited to bring their cars, getinformation call 732-6309. Carroll Competition Cars “C-4” club. Various types of courses will be set them ready and sign up for race! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center The club was started by CYS up for the racers to hone their skills season.offers an aerobic class at 6 p.m. every program manager and RC race at driving and control. Mini-monster The first “C-4” race will be JuneTuesday and Thursday. For more information enthusiast, Lloyd Buster. Buster hopes trucks are capable of flying over 27 at the same location and willcall 732-6309. to use the cars as a motivational tool different types of terrain, while road include various race classes. and method to build character in local cars can reach speeds of up to 70 For additional information on Arts and Craf ts Contest youths as well as provide a new miles per hour, turn and stop on a how to become part of this newEntries are being accepted for the 2004 Korea recreational outlet for adults. dime. club, contact Buster at 765-8824.Region Morale, Welfare and Recreation Arts It could be said that RC cars are as Club members will be given theand Crafts Contest. different as their owners. There are opportunity to challenge and improve E-Mail categories are ceramics, wood, Sur vey: Ser vicemembers like MWR ser vices Survey: Servicemembers servicesfibers and textiles, glass, meals and jewelery,drawings, prints, water-base painting, oil basepainting, and two- and three-dimensionalmixed media. Story by Mike Mooney mean rating of 4.1 and nothing lower than a 3.7. We even picked upAll Korea Region MWR Arts and Crafts Area III Morale, Welfare and Recreation Marketing Chief a couple of 4.5s.”Centers are accepting entries. The latest survey was conducted between April 10-19 andThe deadline for entry is today at the Yongsan CAMP HUMPHREYS — There’s no doubt about it: Area III encompassed 59 soldiers.Arts and Crafts Center. Soldiers, airmen and civilian employees are happy with their Morale, For the first time ever, two programs, the Community Activities Welfare and Recreation program and are taking the time to say so. Center and the free movies, drew a usage rate of 100 percent. In an effort to judge customer satisfaction levels, Area III MWR “Obviously, we are pleased with the results of the latest survey,” To S p e c i a l S h o p p i n g To u r conducts an exit survey once each quarter. Watson said, “but we know we are going to have our work cut outThe Camp Stanley Community Activity Center “We feel an exit survey is the best way to go,” explained Dave for us if we want to maintain this level of customer offering a special shopping tour to Osan Watson, Area III Director of Community Activities. “We have used The biggest problem with climbing to the top is staying there. Butfor Mother’s Day. The tour is scheduled 8 other methods, but each of them have their shortcomings. For we’re going to work on it.a.m. Saturday. For more information call example: some people favor using opinion meters. But our experience “Meanwhile, all of our MWR professionals can pat themselves732-5366. shows that you don’t have any control over who completes a survey on the back for a job well done. Our people know that the Area III and that one person can spew the results by completing the survey Command and I are very proud of the level of professionalism and Cancer Awareness Relay a dozen or more times. If someone is angry about something, they hard work they put into the Area III MWR program. And it’s nice to Event punch the meter buttons every chance they get.” see that our customers appreciate our efforts, too.”A Cancer Awareness Relay scheduled for May Another method is the Triennial Needs Assessment Survey, which the Army conducts on a worldwide basis every two years or so, E-mail at the Camp Walker Airfield. Teams of said Watson. The biggest problems with the Triennial are that it isfive-12 persons walk, run or wheelchair Photo finish not specific enough and by the time the survey is compiled, thearound the track for 21-consecutive hours, results don’t mean anything since the respondents have moved on.keeping one person on the track at all times. “In Area III, we favor a diverse approach, with the exit surveyTeams will be provided space on the airfield one of the primary tools we use to evaluate how well we’re doing into spend the night. creating satisfied customers,” said Watson.Contact Capt. Phillip Christy at Execution of the satisfaction exit survey is simple, said to sign Since all personnel must clear the Area III MWR office as part ofup. For Korean speakers, contact Kim Kok- their out-processing, a 10-day period is randomly selected eachchi at 053-470-4392. quarter. All clearing personnel are asked to take five minutes to complete the one-page survey as part of their out-processing. New Opinionmeter “We like the idea of surveying Soldiers who are getting ready to leave for a couple of reasons,” Watson said. “One of the main reasons Surveys is that we feel departing people have nothing to lose by being honestNew electronic Opinionmeter surveys are out in their assessment. They have experienced the MWR program forin select Morale, Welfare and Recreation a year or more. They’ve had a chance to see our warts and how weactivities. Customers have an opportunity to do things.give feedback on Area IV club usage and “Of course, you’re also taking a chance. If someone had a badentertainment now through May 7. experience or two, this is their opportunity to unload on you.”Customer feedback is essential to providing Survey respondents are given a list of MWR programs and arequality service and programs to the Area IV asked to identify those programs they used and didn’t use duringcommunity. For more information, call 768- their tour. They are then asked to evaluate their satisfaction level for7563. each of the programs they used. Respondents are given five choices: very satisfied, more than satisfied, satisfied, mostly satisfied and not satisfied. National Foster Care 5K “We got a satisfaction rating of 97 percent,” Watson said. “This Fun Run and is the highest rating we have received in the three years we have 3K Stroller Strut been doing the exit survey. Normally, we’re at 95 percent.”Show support for the military foster care Adding the number of very satisfied, more than satisfied and PHOTO PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSONprogram by participating in Daegu community- satisfied responses and dividing them by the number of users BY Staff Sgt. Paul Lancaster, 293rd Signal Company, approaches thewide event on May 8. Registration begins 8 determines the satisfaction rating. finish line of the 8th Army Marathon on Camp Casey Saturday.a.m. the run and walk kick off 9 a.m. In addition to a satisfaction rating, each program and facility Lancaster, winner of last year’s half marathon, won the the fullThe first 40 people to register will receive develops an individual “mean rating.” The mean is determined by marathon this year with a time of 2 hours, 51 minutes, 32free T-shirts. Call 768-8090 or 764-4800 for multiplying the number of responses in each satisfaction level (5-4- seconds, a personal best. An experienced runner, Lancaster wasadditional information. 3-2-1) and dividing it by the number of users. “We have a mean rating goal of 3.5 for all of our programs and the captain of this year’s 8th Army Bataan Death March team and activities,” Watson said. “In this latest survey, we have an overall last October’s Army 10-miler team.
  • April 30, 2004 Page 21Area III recognizes Volunteer of Year, QuarterArea III Public Affairs Office Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment. CAMP HUMPHREYS — Volunteer of the Year Year Quarter Volunteer of the Quar ter Army Community ServiceThe Area III volunteer of the Volunteers and Nominees:year was named at an Army Yuli Castro-L o-Lezcano Pfc. Yuli Castro-Lezcano Keisha D. Walker Awards were presented toCommunity Service recognition Company C Company A Natalia Candelario, Sgt. ParkApril 23 at the Nitewatch Cafe. 52nd Aviation Regiment 560th Medical Company Jong-hwi, Sgt. Jo Seung-bum, Pfc. Yuli Castro-Lezcano was Camp Humphreys Camp Humphreys Pfc Joo Kuem-jong; Pfc. Nohhonored for her involvement in Kwang-eun, Hanna Kwon,numerous community activities, David and Nancy Uecker, 1stincluding volunteer work with the Chapel gospel service, was named family readiness group, along with unit Sgt. Ricky Bell, Jennifer Elliott, TraceyAmerican Red Cross, the Better Volunteer of the Quarter. Soldiers, was responsible for community McEldowney, Heather Didier, Sgt. RobertOpportunities for Single and Other awards were also presented: clean-up activities and support for holiday Monigan, Capt. George Walker, ByeonUnaccompanied Soldiers program, Outstanding Unit Achievement: events, along with many other activities. Jae-hyo, Lee Jeong-suk and CombatFreedom Chapel and the Camp The 527th Military Intelligence Battalion Outstanding Youth Volunteer: Support Coordination Team 1. KeishaHumphreys children’s swim team and the received this award for it sponsorship of Elizabeth Juergens, daughter of Lt. Col. Walker also received a commuityDankook University Partnership the Shin Sang orphanage, the Reach Out Rich and Diana Juergens, was honored achievement award. All volunteersEducation Project, among others. and Read children’s program and the Go for her volunteer work with the Area III received plaques, certificates or other Keisha D. Walker, a volunteer who Out and Teach adult reading program at Youth Services athletic program, awards from Maj. Amy Parker on behalforganized many events for the Freedom the Pyeongtaek City Library. The battalion orphanage visits and recovery lunches for of Area III Commander Col. Mike Clay.Sergeant Major of the Armyvisits Camp HumphreysArea III Public Affairs Office aircraft display. Preston was whisked away on a CAMP HUMPHREYS — Sgt. get-acquainted sight-seeing tour ofMaj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston the post that included stops at avisited Camp Humphreys April 22 barracks, the Pegasus Grill diningduring his seven-day tour of the facility and a tour of the new ArmyRepublic of Korea that began April 18. family housing. He also drove by the He was greeted at the Desiderio new post exchange and otherArmy Airfield flight operations center facilities during a Camp Humphreysby U.S. Army Support Activity, Area “windshield tour.”III and Camp Humphreys Command That evening Preston met withSgt. Maj. Robert R. Frace and Soldiers attending the 14th annualsergeants major from Camp Korea-wide Better Opportunities for PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISHumphreys’ major tenant units. Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston listens to Soldiers recite the Soldiers Creed Preston’s first stop was a military workshop at the Camp Humphreys during his visit to a military intelligence training site and static aircraft display April 22intelligence training site and s t a t i c Community Activities Center. at Camp Humphreys.Camp Humphreys hosts Koreawide conferenceArea III Public Affairs Office to award past accomplishments and to plan for upcoming events. CAMP HUMPHREYS — Area III Morale, In a brochure prepared by Area III Morale,Welfare and Recreation rolled out the red carpet Welfare and Recreation Marketing, Director ofas the 14th annual Better Opportunities for Community Activities Dave Watson told BOSSSingle and Unaccompanied Soldiers conference representatives that “We welcome thiskicked off the afternoon of April 20 at the Camp opportunity to serve as your host and provideHumphreys Community Activities Center. you the chance to see the best MWR program in BOSS representatives from all areas of the the Army at work.”republic were greeted by Area III Command Area III MWR staff and clubs supported theSgt. Maj. Robert R. Frace at the beginning of conference, which has been held at Campthe three-day conference. Humphreys for the past two years. The BOSS organization is made up of The Camp Humphreys BOSS program wonrepresentatives who serve as a voice for first place in Korea-wide competition forSoldiers in their respective areas. BOSS goals staging the best event for an area with moreare to present Soldier issues and to promote than 750 single soldier population. Chuck PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISprograms that enhance the quality of life and Chesmore, Area III BOSS advisor, won the Better Opportunity for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers repre-well-being of Soldiers. The conference was held Best BOSS Advisor award. sentatives get ready for paintball at Camp Humphreys.
  • Page The Morning Calm Weekly 22 MORNING CALM April 30, 2004NEWS & NOTES Boxing smoker draws capacity crowd You Build a Stronger YouFreedom Chapel and the Active Relationships Area III Public Affairs OfficeCenter will present a comprehensive series ofworkshops and seminars for couples May 12-15. CAMP HUMPHREYS — ATopics include military reunions, healthy life capacity crowd at the post gymchoices, military couple’s skills training and more. cheered, whistled and sometimes booedThe goal of the workshop, featuring Dallas as 34 boxers bashed each other duringmarriage therapist Kelly Simpson, is to promote a 17-bout slug fest here April 24.strong, binding marriage relationships. Soldiers Two women’s bouts and theshould see their unit chapel to register. heavyweight men particularly excitedSupervisors or chain of command must approve the crowd.attendance. Boxing smoker results were: ! Bout 1: Reyes Lopez over RobertPTO Schedules May events Money in a split decision.The Humphreys American Elementary School ! Bout 2: Donald Alexander overParent-Teacher Organization has scheduled the Claudell Anderson. Referee stopsfollowing May events: contest.! The PTO will host Teacher Appreciation Week ! Bout 3: Richard Hernandez overbreakfasts at 7:30 a.m. May 3-7. There will be a Travis Humble as referee stopsbreakfast buffet and small gifts each day. The contest. PHOTO STEVE DAVIS Boxer Tony Johnson goes through the ropes during a bout with Ricky Clay. BYfinal day will feature gifts and certificates of ! Bout 4: Josh Kidwell over Marlonappreciation for all teachers 2 p.m. May 7 at the Anthony in a split ! Bout 5: Eric Raymon over Rondall! A Book Fair offering a variety of books for K- Blackburn. Referee stops contest.6 students will be held 7:30 a.m.-3:30 a.m. May ! Bout 6: Ricky Clay over Tony13-14 and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. May 15 at the school. Johnson. Referee stops contest.! The PTO Monthly Meeting will be held 6:30 ! Bout 7: Shawn Gregor overp.m. May 25 at the Camp Humphreys Youth Espinoza Rogelio. Referee stopsServices building. This final meeting of the school contest.year will include PTO board elections. ! Bout 8: Larry Fortner beat Allen Garcia in a split decision. United Club Scholarships ! Bout 9: King Brooks and Theodore Malaia Vaiau, left, and Olivea Holley slug it Medics check out a boxer during theThe Camp Humphreys United Club will soon Nelson were both declared winners out during one of the women’s bouts. Area III Boxing Smoker April 24.award scholarships to Area III high school seniors in this exhibition bout.and continuing education students. Applications ! Bout 10: Olivea Holley over Malaia ! Bout 13: Brandon Wainwright over Job. Referee stops contest.are available at the Osan High School guidance Vaiau. Referee stops contest. Joshua Polozola. Referee stops ! Bout 16: James Coombs beat Deloncounselor’s office and the Camp Humphreys ! Bout 11: Jessica Mendez over contest. Neptune with a knockout.Education Center. Submission deadline is today. Amber Roberts in a decision bout. ! Bout 14: Alvin Baker over Richard ! Bout 17: Don Brown and Dexter ! Bout 12: Barry Dozier beat Nochlas Barriault with a technical knockout. Phillips were both declared winners in Commissar y Closure Vujnich with a technical knockout. ! Bout 15: Matthew Loebs over Jared this exhibition bout.The Camp Humphreys Commissary will be closedMay 25 for its annual 100 percent inventory. May sports events Signal Corps Ball Area III Public Affairs OfficeThe U.S. Army Signal Corps Regimental Ballwill be held 5 p.m. May 21 in the Seoul Grand CAMP HUMPHREYS — Area IIIHyatt Hotel. For more information, contact your Morale, Welfare and Recreation hasunit representative or call 724-BALL. announced the following May sports Free patch sewing service events: ! Saturday-Monday: Pre-seasonArea III officer and enlisted soldiers who havejust arrived or have just been promoted may take softball tournament at Soldier’s Park. ! May 8-11: Spring tennistheir uniforms to the PX sewing shop concessionand get their patches sewn on for free. tournament at MWR tennis courts. ! May 9: Area III volleyballPermanent Change of Station or promotion ordersand a valid military ID card are required, along tournament at Humphreys gym. ! May 12-15: 8th Army unit-levelwith the uniforms and patches. Contact unit PHOTO BY DARREL HOERLE women’s and co-ed volleyballcommand sergeants major or supply sergeants Runners pass by starter Kim Chi-hyon as they start the Earth Day five-kilometer run at Campfor details. championship tournaments Humphreys. ! May 20: Mini-golf men’s and Career Day VolunteersHumphreys American Elementary School needs Earth Day run draws 60 women’s team tournament at community recreation park. Sign up atvolunteers to discuss their careers May 21 at its Area III Public Affairs Office Men’s 30-39: the driving range or call 753-8807.first annual career day. People who want to 1. Fernando Marquez, 18:20 ! May 29-31: Memorial Day one-share information regarding jobs may call 753- CAMP HUMPHREYS — More than 60 2. Greg Fellow, 19:53 pitch softball tournament at Soldiers3820. runners participated in the Earth Day five- 3. Marty Horner, 20:14. Park. kilometer run April 17. Winners were: Men’s under 29: ! May 31: Memorial Day five- Airport Shuttle Women’s over 30: 1. T.J. Curry, 17:27 kilometer and ten-kilometer runs.An Incheon Airport Shuttle leaves daily 1. Christina Fellows, 23:02 2. Richard Hernandez, 18:15 Register 7 a.m. for 8 a.m. race.from the Camp Humphreys Community 2. Lola Cohens-Ashley, 24:26 3. Kyle Slotta, 19:03 ! May 1-31: The Welcome to theActivities Center. Cost is $25 per person. Women’s under 29: Unit run: Strike Zone month-long celebration willThe shuttle will stop at your airline portal. 1. Patience Curtis, 24:28 1. 348th Quartermaster Company, 29:06. continue through May.Reservations required. For more 2. Thomasina Perdue, 24:44 Male and female run: ! Wrestling, powerlifting and taeinformation, call 753-8825. Men’s over 40: 1. Lola Cohens-Ashley and T.J. Curry, kwon do meets will also be held in May. 1. Richard Baylie, 20:28 41:53 For information, call 753-8810. 2. Kong Hyong-kwon, 21:23 2. Christina and Greg Fellow, 42:55.
  • MORNING CALM PageThe Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004 23Remembering the Holocaust Around Area III The Camp Humphreys Libary staff gathers for a photo during the National Library Week open house . The staff includes: Darrel Hoerle, Song Hye-Yong, Yun Chun-ki and Cho Mu Hyong. Humphreys library hosts National Library Week open house CAMP HUMPHREYS — Bookworms were not the only ones who attended the National Library Week April 22 at the Camp Humphreys library. Many who appreciate the four-person library staff dropped by to say thanks and to enjoy a finger food banquet and cake. The library staff gave visitors a tour of the facility, which has 18,912 books, 282 digital video discs and 1,440 videos. Many research tools and other services are also available at the library. PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS Military retirees attend appreciation luncheon CAMP HUMPHREYS — Forty-five military retirees were treated to lunch by the newlyPvt. David Hyde blows out a candle during the Area III Holocaust formed Area III Retiree Council April 24 at the Nitewatch Cafe. They were greeted byobservance ceremony April 21 at Camp Humphreys. Hyde, from the Area III Commander Mike Clay and Command Sgt. Maj. Robert R. Frace. Council President348th Quartermaster Company, was among others who read profiles of Bill Spearman and Osan Retiree Service Officer Jack Terweil presented information aboutHolocaust victims. More than 10 million people, including six million the council and outlined some of the issue facing military retirees living or working in theJews, were systematically executed by the German Nazi government Republic of Korea. Lunch, compliments of Area III Morale, Welfare and Recreation, wasthat rose to power in 1933. Those victims were remembered at followed by door prizes donated by the USO, the Army and Air Force Exchange ServiceHolocaust observances throughout Area III. For more information on the and others.Holocaust, visit, the Web site of the United States “Military retirees are an important part of our community, and we welcome your adviceHolocaust Memorial Museum. on community, as well as retiree, issues,” Clay told the veterans.
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  • Page 25 April 30, 2004Area IV celebration recognizes kidsStory, photos by Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs Office CAMP WALKER – On a day thatmany would consider perfect for fun inthe sun, more than 400 children, teens,parents and community members turnedout for the Daegu enclave Month of theMilitary Child Community-Wide EventSaturday at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field. The event, sponsored by Area IV Childand Youth Services, featured a widevariety of activities including “mud pie”eating contests, tug-of-war contests,sack races, T-ball, 3-on-3 basketball, artsand crafts, train rides and much more Entertainment for the day included atae kwon do demonstration as well as ,hula, ballet and traditionalKoreandancers. The KNU Dancers fromKyungpook National University alsoperformed. Several organizations pitched-in tohelp make the event a success. Free foodand beverages were provided and morethan $1,500 was donated to purchasetoys as prizes for the kids. “We enlisted a lot of other agenciesto assist us,” said Don Cannata, AreaIV director of community activities. The “mud pie” eating contest was one of the day’s most popular events at Saturday’s Month of the Military Child celebration.“With that support the event ended upbeing a good, well planned, and wellexecuted community event for the kids.” Organizers were happy with theturnout. “I was shocked. There was still a prettygood crowd until after 2 o’clock,”Hyacinth Smith, training and curriculumspecialist for Child and Youth Services saidof the event that began at 10 a.m. “Themain thing was to make sure the kids werehappy and to give then the chance to winsomething. Judging from what I saw, it(the event) was a big success.” A T-baller works out the kinks before hitting E-mail the field.Tug-of-war contests take a dive as the victors continue to pull additional contestants into the drink. Daegu area T-ball teams kicked off their season at the event.
  • Page 26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly April 30, 2004NEWS & NOTES Bachelors and All-Army calls-up Area IV athletes By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun Bachelorettes Retreat Area IV Public Affairs OfficeThe 20th Support Group Unit Ministry Team ispresenting the 20th Support Group GeographicalBachelors and Bachelorettes “Who Moved My CAMP HENRY – Three SoldiersCheese? How to Adjust to Change and Separation” from Area IV have been selected toRetreat June 4-6 at Cheju-Do Recreation Center. participate in three different All-ArmySection noncommissioned officers in charge are sports camps in an effort to secure aasked to call Sgt. Rickey Wallace at 764-4351 by position on their respective All-ArmyTuesday with the names of interested Soldiers teams.and civilians in order to sign up. Cassandra J. Summers, Headquarters and Headquarters Area IV CPAC Renovation Detachment, 36th Signal Battalion, wasThe Area IV Civilian Personnel Advisory Center invited to the All-Army Volleyball campbuilding is undergoing a renovation through May that will be held April 28 – May 19 at12. During this time period, the Civilian Personnel Fort Lewis, Wash.Operations Center training center will be the “I’ve already played (on the All-Armyalternate assistance location, providing as many team) three times before,” saidservices as possible. Customers are asked to Summers. “It’s an awesome experience.schedule appointments in advance. For more (Playing for the All-Army team) is reallyinformation or to make appointments, call Yi Yong- important to me, because volleyball ischa at 768-6580. an important part of my life.” For Summers, playing on the All-Army Area IV Central Supply team gives her a chance to get together and Point Meeting meet with athletes from all over the worldThe Area IV Central Supply Point would like to and compete at the highest level, regardlessinvite all commanders, sergeants major, first of branch of service, rank or gender. PHOTO BY PFC. JAHMIA N. MACKERLsergeants and unit supply personnel to its initial “The best part (of being on All-Armycustomer support meeting 10 a.m.-noon Thursday team) is that a whole bunch of ranks of Cassandra Summers (left) and Brett Thomas are two of the three athletes from Area IV selectedat the Camp Carroll Community Activities Center. women and men train together to play to participate in All-Army tryout camps this spring.For more information, call Edward Baker at 765- against the other forces, and we get to8517. meet all the people from the Navy, Air Thomas will be participating in All- to play for Savannah College of Art and Force and Marines for camaraderie and Army basketball camp, which will be Design. NCO Induction Ceremony competition,” said Summers. “I love to held April 22 – May 23 at Fort Carson, Jamie Moore, Headquarters,Soldiers, civilians and family members are invited compete against the other services and Colo. It will be Thomas’ first shot at Headquarters Detachment, 728thto attend the 19th Theater Support Command eventually we team up together to play making the All-Army team. Military Police Battalion, is the thirdand Area IV Noncommissioned Officer Induction against other countries, representing the “I’m really excited,” said Thomas. “I athlete from Area IV who was invitedCeremony 2:30 p.m. May 7 at the Camp Henry United States of America.” am looking forward to seeing the team’s to the All-Army camp for female soccer.Theater. For more information, contact Sgt. Maj. According to Summers, playing for competition level. I am looking forward Unfortunately, she will not be able toLorria Anderson at 768-8532. All-Army team is no easy business. to the challenge during the camp and participate due to an injury. “All-Army camp is not like going on the tryout, and eventually helping the All- All-Army sports teams are composedMother’s Day Gospel Play a free leave,” said Summers. “We Army basketball team become the best of athletes who have excelled at the high“Mama Mama Me Ma,” a professional gospel stage practice three times a day for three hours team in the Armed Forces.” school or college level and were selectedplay honoring mothers on Mother’s Day, will be per session. We work hard everyday. But Thomas says he has been preparing by the Department of the Army Sportspresented 1 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. May 8 at the when you’re doing what you love, it’s to play on the All-Army team during his Office to attend tryout camps. After All-Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Doors will worth the time and effort.” downtime. Army teams are assembled then conductopen one hour early for all Soldiers and 45 minutes Summers started playing volleyball “I have been working on my own by training camps. Teams then competeearly for all non-Soldiers for seating that is first when she was 15, and went on to play lifting weights and playing basketball against other military services. Duringcome, first seated. The play is sponsored by Camp at Catawba College in Salisbury, N.C., everyday after Physical Training,” said the competition, players are selected toWalker’s Multicultural Gospel Service, Morale, and Goucher College in Towson, Md. Thomas. “I have played on the company- participate on All-Military teams, whichWelfare and Recreation, and the Area IV Better She was named the Capital Athletic level team and the post-level team. Since then compete in world-wide militaryOppportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Conference Player of the Year in 1993. I have been here, I have won 6 athletic competitions, representing theSoldiers Program. For more information, call Staff Brett E. Thomas, 293rd Signal championships with those teams.” entire U.S. Armed Forces.Sgt. Patricia Walker at 764-4412. Company, 36th Signal Battalion, is Thomas, at 6 foot 6 inches, plays the Editor’s note: 1st Lt. Cheree M. Harris, another athlete from Area IV who small forward position. He played for 36th Signal Battalion, contributed to this artcle. Cancer Awareness Relay received an invitation to an All-Army the varsity team at Alfred Ely Beach High Teams Needed camp. School in Savannah, Ga., and moved on E-mail cancer survivors and their loved ones,and raise awareness of cancer participating in theKorea-wide, all-night community event May 21-22. Team members can walk, jog or run laps as Taegu dominates Area IV volleyball championshipslong as one member remains on the track at all By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun and Headquarters Detachment, 36th the 293rd Signal Company, Camptimes. To sign up, call Capt. Phillip Christy at Area IV Public Affairs Office Signal Battalion finished the tournament Hialeah, and Company A, 307th Signal764-4217. Registration deadline is May 15. undefeated and without giving up a set. Company, Camp Carroll. The 2004 Area IV company-level, as The 4th Quartermaster Detachment In the women’s installation level Enlisted Dining-In well as the women’s and co-ed (Airborne) finished with 3-2 record. volleyball tournament, Taegu posted aThe inaugural Area IV Support Activity EnlistedDining-In will be held 6 p.m. May 27 at the Daegu installation level volleyball tournaments Both of their losses came courtesy of 2-0 record to take first place. ComingGrand Hotel. For more information, call Command were held April 22-23 at Camp Hialeah. Headquarters and Headquarters in second was Busan with a 1-2 record.Sgt. Maj. Tony Moore at 768-8700. Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 36th Signal Battalion. Camp Carroll took third place. Detachment, 36th Signal Battalion, Camp Headquarters and Headquarters Things were much the same in theExtended Shoppette Hours Walker, defeated the 4th Quartermaster Company, 307th Signal Company, Camp co-ed installation level volleyballShoppettes at Camps Walker, Carroll and Hialeah Detachment (Airborne), Camp Hialeah, Carroll, finished in third place with 2-2 tournament as Tageu, again, took firstwill have extended hours through May 31. The 25-23, 25-17 in the championship game record and the 188th Military Police place, this time posting a 3-0 record.hours are 7 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. to claim the Area IV company-level Company, Camp Walker, came in fourth Busan took second place and Camp volleyball championship. Headquarters with 1-2 record. Also participating were Hialeah came in third.
  • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page April 30, 2004 27Friendship Circle brings cultures togetherBy Master Sgt. Kimberly A. Williams Support Command commanding19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs Office general. “I can already see the harmony in here CAMP WALKER — The 19th between Koreans and Americans,” saidTheater Support Command unveiled its Kim Seung-hwa, a junior at Kyungpooklatest Good Neighbor Program initiative, National University who is participatingthe Korean-American Friendship Circle, in the friendship circle.during a kick-off ceremony sponsored One of the sponsors the Korean-American Partnership “I’m honored to be a part of thisAssociation April 23 at the Evergreen friendship circle,” said Chaplain (Maj.)Community Club on Camp Walker. Michael Charles, 19th Theater Support The purpose of this program is to Command deputy command chaplainimprove Korean-American community and sponsor of two students.relations by facilitating meetings Charles said his participation wasbetween members of the military especially meaningful, because of hiscommunity and local university students, family situation. “Soon, I will be bringingsaid Maj. Thomas Shrader, 19th Theater my family here, and I will be able toSupport Command public affairs introduce them to the students I’mofficer. PHOTO BY CHI-HUN KIM sponsoring,” he said. “This is a significant development in Paul R. Lacusky, director for quality management, Materiel Supply Center, Korea, Camp Carroll, The sponsors aren’t the only onesinvesting in future relations between our and Park, Shin-Woo, Korean-American Partnership Association, (right) meet with Korean college excited about the program.two countries,” said Dr. Kim Dal-ung, students. “I am participating in this programKyungpook National University because I want to experience anotherpresident. depending on their preference, Shrader from visiting a museum to having culture, and I want to interact with At the kick-off ceremony, 25 Korean said. dinner at the sponsor ’s house, American people,” said Bae Ki-won, auniversity students from Kyungpook In addition, a KAPA member will Shrader said. junior at Kyungpook National University.National University, Daegu Health co-sponsor each group, adding Ideally, each group in the friendship Bae said he is ready to try new thingsCollege and Keimyung University were financial support for off-post circle will meet at least twice a month with his group. “I expect manyintroduced to their 11 American activities, he said. over the next three months, he said. unexpected things will happen,” hesponsors. Following the ceremony, group “The friendship circle will last three said. The sponsors, a mix of officers, members spent time getting to know months, but of course, the friendshipsnoncommissioned officers and civilians, each other and planning for their next made may last a lifetime,” said Maj. Gen.have two or three students each, activity, which could be anything Jeanette K. Edmunds, 19th Theater E-mail
  • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 28 April 30, 2004Bull riders are Army’s newest pro athletesTrio proud to be part $350,000 since the beginning of his five years. skull fracture when the bull jerked him down. Just He ended last season 24th in the world. Since this a few months later he was back on the tour. Shortly season began just after Christmas, he has picked up after his return, Lee won his first title in Atlanticof the Army team two fourth-place finishes and has a secure spot as City. one of the PBR’s top 45 riders. While White is certainly no stranger to the bull- At 20-years-old, Mike Lee is the youngest member riding spotlight, he’s also familiar with whatBy Cpl. Matt Millham, Spc. Brian Trapp and of the Army Bull Riding Team, but he’s not new to the happens behind the scenes of the sport. The 28-Spc. Curt Cashour sport. A competitive rider since 12, Lee started riding year-old Houston native started his career working14th Public Affairs Detachment cattle on the ranch when he and his father were on set-up crews for Professional Bull Riders working with the animals. events. FORT CARSON, Colo. —Three cowboys were “I’d get on ’em after we doctored them and run off Spending his earnings on competition entrance fees,introduced to the public wearing the Army logo April through the pasture,” he said. “My dad said ‘You need White worked his way through PBR’s minor-league17 at the U.S. Army Invitational rodeo at the Colorado to quit that,’ and I said ‘No, I kinda Challenger Tour before joining theSprings World Arena. like doing it.’” “I want (the Army) on premier Built Ford Tough Series Jaron Nunnemaker, Mike Lee and James White To cure him of his bull riding in February 2004.are the Army’s newest sponsored professional ambitions, Lee’s dad entered him in a my back; they’re a White’s love affair with theathletes, debuting at the invitational in Colorado buckout competition at the age of 14. standup sponsor.” sport began when, as a child, heSprings. “It scared me to death, but I liked would watch his grandfather To Nunnemaker, one of the three professional bull it,” said Lee. – Mike Lee, U.S. Army bull rider compete in open rodeoriders, tying himself onto an animal more than 10 times Even though he didn’t win the competitions, he said.his own weight is just something he does for his family. jackpot, from then on Lee was hooked. In 2002, at The bulls on the PBR circuit weigh up to 2,000 His wife Jessica, who also rides in rodeos and is the age of 18, he entered the Professional Bull Riding pounds and can send riders crashing into the groundexpecting the couple’s first child in July, sees things circuit and was the highest earning rookie of the year at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. To keep both mentallypretty much the same way. with more than $110,000. Now, two years after and physically prepared for the challenge, White lifts “I’ve been raised around it,” she said. “I’m not entering the PBR tour, Lee is proud to wear the Army weights roughly 12 hours a week, he said.worried at all about him bull riding; I’m worried about colors in an event traditionally sponsored by chewing White, who picked up his Army sponsorship Aprilother stuff, like how he’s building our house, and I’m tobacco and cheap whiskey. 12, said he has great respect for the job Soldiers do,worried about him being on the roof.” “I want (the Army) on my back; they’re a standup and will do all he can to represent them. Jessica began riding in rodeos at the age of 8 and sponsor,” he said. “I’m going to work hard to support the Army whilehas given it up only temporarily. Once the child is “It’s not a cigarette or beer company. (The Army) the Army is supporting me,” he said.born, she said, she hopes to return. is something that will bring people up instead of knock The sponsorship is an important milestone in White’s Meanwhile, Nunnemaker continues to ride in the them down.” bull-riding career, he said, describing it as “one big,Professional Bull Riders tour, earning more than About a year ago, Lee suffered a life-threatening long, hard-workin’ dream.”