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Morning calm weekly 130208

Morning calm weekly 130208



The Morning Calm Newspaper for 130208

The Morning Calm Newspaper for 130208



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    Morning calm weekly 130208 Morning calm weekly 130208 Document Transcript

    • FEBRUARY 8, 2013 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea Volume 11, Issue 16Camp Humphreys hosted an open house as construction of the new Army Family Housing towers near completion, Feb. 6. The three towers contain a total of 210 modern familyhousing units comprised of three, four and five bedroom models. – U.S. Army photos by Edward N. Johnson.New Army Family Housing towers near completionBy Steven Hoover for community members to view the just about everybody that we could,” “My husband didn’t want to move intoUSAG Humphreys Public Affairs housing towers from the inside and the she said. “Now, until all housing is full, them at first, but when he toured them, responses were positive. we’ll be assigning Command Sponsored he loved them and said it’s a definite CAMP HUMPHREYS – The Camp “I was very impressed,” said Karina families right into quarters.” upgrade from our off-post apartment.Humphreys military community Ortiz. “They are very spacious. We are During the open house, community Our off-post place is nice, but it doesn’treceived its first official opportunity to really excited to get out of lodging and members were impressed with the size have the American feel to it that we misstake a firsthand look inside the newly move in.” of living quarters on display. so much. Our oven, the entire kitchenconstructed Army Family Housing With the additional 210 units, plus “I was worried it was lacking storage actually, is extremely small and we can’ttowers during an open house, Feb. 6. the original 142, the Housing Office until I saw the individual storage units wait to have a full-sized oven.” More than 100 interested members has just about exhausted the names on at the bottom,” said Ashley Kelso. “Once Slotosch said that the plan is forof the community came out to see what its housing waiting list, according to the new construction is complete and those who currently live off-post, andthe new three, four and five bedroom Linda Slotosch, the U.S. Army Garrison the roads are done, it will be even nicer.” have chosen to move into governmenthousing models looked like. The open Humphreys Housing Chief. “We are so happy to be moving into housing, to begin movement sometimehouse provided the first opportunity “Before the open house, we assigned family housing,” said Jessica Cordima. in March. x GARRISONSInside HAS Geography Bee Health Clinic uses Cmd. Perspective P02 champ crowned off day to brush up MP Blotter P02 USAG Red Cloud P04 on training USAG Casey P04 USAG Yongsan P07 See See USAG Humphreys P15 PAGE 15 PAGE 15 USAG Daegu P21 Feature Page P12
    • NEWS • PAGE 2www.army.mil/korea MORNING CALM THE MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Published by the United States Army Garrison Humphreys Public Affairs Office Managing Editor: Edward N. Johnson Senior Editor: Steven Hoover USAG RED CLOUD Commander: Col. John M. Scott Transformation of Camp Humphreys continues Writer/Editor: Franklin Fisher Public Affairs NCOIC: Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Troth Staff Writer: Pfc. Lee Seong-su USAG YONGSAN CAMP HUMPHREYS — For those 200 units available, this will just about Commander: Col. Michael E. Masley of you who have been here for more clear the current housing wait list. Public Affairs Officer: Mark Abueg Writer/Editor: Sgt. Kevin Frazier than a couple of weeks, you know that Later this summer, the new el- Staff Writers: Sgt. Han Samuel, Cpl. Lee Hyokang the installation is undergoing the larg- ementary school and high school will Pvt. Lim Hong Seo est construction program in the Army open for the 2013-14 school year. These Intern: Susan MacDonald and we are looking forward to taking schools will accommodate about 1,700 USAG HUMPHREYS care of those restationing units as they students. The elementary school will Commander: Col. Darin S. Conkright prepare to make their moves. hold 850 students and the high school Public Affairs Officer: Edward N. Johnson Command Information Officer: Steven Hoover In cooperation with our Republic of will hold 950. The elementary school Staff Writer: Pfc. Ma Jae-sang Korea allies, we are building the most will be for kindergarten through fifth Interns: Tanya Im, Jaeyeon Sim modern military installation in the grade and the high school will handle Volunteer: Kendra Moore region to support our exceptional Sol- sixth through 12th grades until a new USAG DAEGU diers, civilians and their families. middle school is built. Commander: Col. Kathleen A. Gavle The transformation of Camp Hum- Also under construction, near Public Affairs Officer: Philip Molter phreys is well underway. This is evi- Humphreys Lodge, is a two-story Food, Command Information Officer: Mary Grimes Staff Writer: Cpl. Jeong Hyuk-soo dent by the number of projects within Beverage and Entertainment Complex Interns: Lee Seung-bin, Kim Hye-in, Park Gi-bum the gates and throughout the extended that will house a variety of restaurants, surrounding land. including a Bennigan’s, where the This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for With the ongoing unit moves of community can dine. Completion of members of the Department of Defense. Contents the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade into this project is expected in July 2014. of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily their brand new, state-of-the-art ve- The future homes of the Brian All- — Col. Darin S. Conkright — official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. hicle and aviation maintenance facili- good Army Community Hospital and there will be some growing pains as The editorial content of this weekly publication is ties, and followed by recent moves by the Camp Humphreys Dental Clinic the garrison transforms in the com- the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500 the 304th Expeditionary Signal Battal- broke ground Nov. 7, 2012. Completion ing years. In these cases, we appreciate ion and the 94th Military Police Battal- of the dental clinic is expected in 2014, your patience. Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive ion Headquarters, the initial program while the hospital will be done in late Once completed, commanders, Sol- written contract with the Contracting Command. execution has begun. Approximately 2015 or early 2016. diers, civilians and their families will The civilian printer is responsible for commercial 500 personnel have been involved in Also scheduled in the coming years enjoy the support of a modern and advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does those moves and more will follow in are a new Exchange and Commissary. greatly improved installation, capable not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or the coming months and years. By the time the transformation is of providing a wide variety of Army Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made In March, families will begin to complete, Camp Humphreys will have standard services to the Humphreys available for purchase, use or patronage without regard move into the three new Army Fam- tripled in size and population. With military community, which deserves to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any ily Housing Towers. With more than that in mind, there will be times when only the best. x other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. Military Police Blotter If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected. The following entries were excerpted from the police blotters of the previous week. Oriental Press President: Charles Chong These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. Commercial Advertising Telephone: DSN 315-738-5005 Fax: (02) 790-5795 Area I a PBT, with a result of 0.141% BAC. Area IV E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Larceny of AAFES Property: The SUBJECT was further processed and Failure to Obey a Lawful Order Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 USAG-Casey PMO was notified by released to their unit with instruction or Regulation-Purchasing in Ex- Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post AAFES Security of a larceny of AAFES to report to the PMO for additional cess of Personal Needs: The USAG- SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: property. Investigation revealed the processing. The SUBJECT reported to Daegu (Walker) PMO MPI section Phone: DSN 738-4068 E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil SUBJECT was observed via CCTV se- the USAG-Humphreys PMO where was notified of excess purchases of lecting one set of headphones in the they were advised of their legal rights, AAFES over the counter cough medi- Power Zone at the Main Exchange, US- which they invoked. SUBJECT was fur- cations containing Dextrometho- AG-Casey. SUBJECT then concealed ther processed and released to their rphan (DXM) by SUBJECT. The SUB- the headphones inside of their ACU unit. JECT was advised of their legal rights, hat and exited the PX without render- which they waived rendering a written ing proper payment. SUBJECT was de- Area III sworn statement admitting to excess tained by AAFES Security until arrival Failure to Obey a Lawful Order- purchases of cough medication con- of MPs. SUBJECT was transported to Escort Violation: The Camp Hum- taining DXM from the USAG-Daegu the USAG-Casey PMO by MPs where phreys MPs were notified the subject (Walker) AAFES Exchange for rea- they were advised of their legal rights, had signed a guest on base and then sons other than the intended purpose. which they invoked. SUBJECT was failed to have then off base within 24 SUBJECT‘s USFK ration control card processed and released to their unit. hours. MPs contacted the SUBJECT was seized and the SUBJECT was re- ECOL is $7.99. The headphones were who reported to the USAG-Hum- leased to the USAG Daegu Law and returned to AAFES. phreys PMO for an escort violation. Order Officer for further processing. Investigation revealed the SUBJECT Area II signed a guest onto the installation Area IV Fail to Obey General Order through the Pedestrian Gate, USAG- Suicidal Gestures: The USAG- Submitting stories or photos to (Underage Drinking): The USAG- Humphreys, obtained a guest pass, Daegu (Walker) PMO was notified of The Morning Calm Weekly Yongsan PMO was notified of pos- and then failed to deregister their a Suicidal Gesture on base. Investiga- sible underage drinking off post, in guest within the 24 hours time limit. tion revealed SUBJECT attempted to Send your Letters to the Editor, guest com- Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. In- SUBJECT was advised of their legal ingest bleach by drinking it. The SUB- mentaries,storysubmissions,photosandother vestigation revealed that while on pa- rights, which they waived rendering a JECT had the bleach in their mouth for itemsto:MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil. trol, KNP conducted a check of SUB- written sworn statement admitting to a short period of time before spitting it Allitemsaresubjecttoeditingforcontentand JECT’s military identification card and the offense. SUBJECT was processed out, resulting in minor injury to their to insure they conform with DoD guidelines. verified the SUBJECT was under the and released to their unit. The SUB- mouth. SUBJECT did not swallow any legal age of drinking. The SUBJECT JECT’s guest was transported by MP to of the bleach. SUBJECT was transport- was released to MP custody, searched the Pedestrian Gate and deregistered. ed to Yongnam University Hospital for The Morning Calm Online Edition: and transported to the USAG-Yongsan The guest pass was returned to the further evaluation. www.army.mil/korea PMO where they were administered gate.
    • USAG-RC • PAGE 4http://redcloud.korea.army.mil USAG RED CLOUD THE MORNING CALMAt Mitchell’s Community Club and Conference Center Feb. 4, Soldiers rooting for the Baltimore Ravens are on their feet with excitement after the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII. They were among hundreds of Warrior Country football fans who turned out at on-post clubs and other facilities for a live telecast of America’s premierfootball event. Food and prize drawings were also a big part of the day, which was a training holiday to allow a chance to view the game. – U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Jeff TrothArea I turns out for Super Bowl LXVIIBy Franklin Fisher their doors at six. not a given, it’s a privilege,” Pvt. Luis “It’s great the way they provide thefranklin.s.fisher2.civ@mail.mil Free breakfast – eggs, grits, creamed Campos, a Ravens fan with the 552nd opportunity for the Soldiers to see beef, biscuits, bacon, sausage, hash Signal Company, said of being given this and be able to come together, be CAMP RED CLOUD – Warrior browns, coffee, juice – awaited them the day off to watch the game. overseas, away from our families. JustCountry residents undaunted by at a variety of on-post facilities: at “For them doing that, it takes the like a holiday. Being able to comewinter snows kept their early morning the Gateway Club and Warrior’s Club stress off the Soldiers, especially us together and socialize.” xappointment with this year’s Super on Camp Casey, the Iron Triangle being overseas and stuff. EverybodyBowl, coming out in their hundreds to on Camp Hovey, Reggie’s on Camp back home, they get a chance to watchArea I installations for a live telecast Stanley, and Mitchell’s Community the game. So now we get the privilegeof America’s premier football event, Club and Conference Center on Camp and stuff, so it makes it better.”cheering – sometimes groaning – as Red Cloud. “”I really appreciate it, especiallythe Baltimore Ravens prevailed over That was followed later in the being here in Korea,” said Spc. Austinthe San Francisco 49ers 34-31. morning by still more food – at Ross of Company B, Headquarters and The Army gave the Soldiers the day Mitchell’s, for example, hot wings, fried Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Infantryoff so they could be part of the Super wings and hot dogs; at the Gateway, Division. Ross had been pulling for theBowl XLVII excitement and see it all three kinds of pizza – pepperoni, 49ers.live, even though they’re stationed half sausage, cheese – the spread varied Had there not been the Super Bowla world away. somewhat from club to club. holiday, Ross would have been at work. There was also plenty of food – free And the Camp Casey Food Court “It’s in the morning, it’d be duringbreakfasts at Area I clubs, an all-you- drew a Super Bowl crowd of its own work, and it’s something Americancan-eat deal at the Camp Casey food – about 230 people, offering “all-you- that I get to do here in Korea. Icourt, as well as prize drawings for TV can-eat” for $11.99, for which patrons appreciate it,” he said.sets, i-Pads and other giveaways. could order continually from the “This is great,” said Sgt. 1st Class For Soldiers and families stationed eateries of their choice. Randy Waits, a motor sergeantin Korea, catching the telecast live Soldiers said they were glad for the and 49ers fan with Headquarters A TV is among prizes during a drawing atfrom the Mercedes-Benz Superdome live game, the food and the chance to Support Company, Headquarters and Camp Casey’s Gateway Club during livein New Orleans meant showing up socialize with their battle buddies. Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Infantry telecast of the Super Bowl Feb. 4. – U.S.early, with on-post facilities opening “I think it’s generous ‘cause it’s Division. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Kyle RichardsonFootball fans snack on chicken wings and hot dogs at Mitchell’s Commu-nity Club and Conference Center on Camp Red Cloud Feb. 4 during a livetelecast of the Super Bowl. Area I clubs served free breakfast and, later, stillother food. There were also prize drawings and plenty of cheering as fansrooted for their favored team in the contest between the Baltimore Ravens The food court at Camp Casey drew several hundred to a live telecast of the Super Bowl Feb. 4. – Photoand San Francisco 49ers. – U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Troth courtesy of Kim Chong-han
    • USAG RED CLOUDFEBRUARY 8, 2013 USAG-RC • PAGE 5 http://redcloud.korea.army.milArea I targets energy costs News & NotesOfficials: In time of austerity, further savings now crucial Black History Month Festival A Black History MonthBy Franklin Fisher In unoccupied structures – personal that,” he said. Festival with the theme “Music:franklin.s.fisher2.civ@mail.mil including, say, residences whose Another big way to save is to turn off The Universal Language,” is occupants are away on leave – all indoor lights in unoccupied areas, scheduled for 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Feb. CAMP RED CLOUD – With the temperatures should be kept to 55 even if you plan to come back right 8 at the Warrior’s Club on CampArmy needing to make quick new cost degrees in winter; in summer, 85 away. Casey. For more information, callreductions in the face of the federal degrees. If you have lights that would be on 730-5156.budget deficit, Warrior Country Last year’s garrison energy bill – outside during the day, turn them off.officials are targeting energy use as one what it paid for electricity and fuel oil – That’ll save money. USO Birthdayof the first things to cut further. was around $29 million, McLean said. And if you use incandescent lights, The USO will celebrate the The move comes after officials at “It’s estimated that with behavioral replace them with CFL bulbs. They last organization’s 72nd birthdaythe U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud changes – turn off monitors, turn off longer and thus save money in the long with a cake-cutting ceremonyand Area I determined that – unless lights, run hot water a limited amount run. If you have T-12 lamps, replace followed by a catered buffet, Feb.Congress votes new funds soon – Area of time – you can save up to 10 percent them with T-8s, which have electronic 8 from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., at theI will come up nearly $15.6 million of your energy bill,” he said. ballast. They’re cheaper too. Camp Casey USO, bldg. 3025. Forshort in what it needs to meet its “The biggest issue is, people leave The garrison uses about 40,000 lights more information, call 730-4813.energy costs. their offices, they leave the lights of varying types. Officials estimate the Those costs include what the on, they leave garrison can save Housing Office Closedgarrison pays for the electricity it appliances on as around $24,000 The Housing Office at Camp “Sneeds to keep lights on and computers they go to another yearly if lights were Red Cloud and Camp Casey willand other equipment running, and the part of the office,” he turned off when not be closed Feb. 11 for Korea’s Lunarfuel oil it buys for heat and hot water. said. ubstantial savings needed, McLean New Year holiday. For more That shortfall has lent further “They say, ‘We’ll can be garnered through said. information, call 732-7506/7487.urgency to the effort to cut costs right be right back.’ We Yet another way ofaway, garrison officials said. say, ‘Turn it off.’ As those simple steps.” cutting energy costs Free Food To help get there, the garrison’s you move throughDirectorate of Public Works is your office through Those and an attitude of involves government vehicles. Don’t The Navy Federal Credit Union will host a Membershiphighlighting its “Top 10” list of things the day, from one “‘I’m not going to waste let them idle Appreciation Day Feb. 14 on Campto do that will help save energy. place to another, unattended for more turn those lights, energy. I’m going to do Casey, bldg. 3002, from 9 a.m. One of the most important is to than 30 seconds, – 4 p.m. Cookies, cupcakes andturn off computer monitors every day computer monitors, my part.’” McLean said. other “goodies” will be served.when they’re not in use. equipment, turn “Don’t idle the Giveaways are also planned. For That same applies to such office them off if possible,” — Dewey McLean, car,” said McLean. “If more information, call 730-3782.equipment as scanners, copiers, faxes, McLean said. chief of engineering, you’re going to sit andprinters, and any other equipment that V o l t a g ehasn’t been set on sleep mode. transformers can U.S. Army Garrison have a conversation, make sure you’re New Parent Support Nurse Red Cloud and Area I parked safely, in a A registered nurse for the Garrison officials estimate that add a lot to an U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloudif the roughly 5,000, monitors and electric bill, whether Directorate of Public Works safe place, and turn and Area I’s New Parent Supportother standard office equipment for a government the engine off.” Program has joined the staff andin Area I were turned off at office or a residence. If you don’t have is working out of Camp Caseyclose of business, about $40,000 Turn them off when you don’t need to all-weather stripping on entryways, in Army Community Service,would be saved from that alone, use them. request its installation from the bldg. 2451. For more information,according to Dewey McLean, chief “Voltage transformers are a constant Directorate of Public Works. If you contact her, Jennifer Gennari, atof engineering with the USAG Red drain on power,” said McLean. “They’re have it but it’s wearing out, replace 730-6994 or call Army CommunityCloud and Area I’s Directorate of plugged into a wall, they’re always it. Proper stripping will cut about one Service at Camp Casey, 730-3107.Public Works. consuming energy.” percent of the energy costs generated “Just by pushing a button, we’re If you have electrical appliances by any given building, McLean said. Winter Driving Safetyimmediately contributing” to cost- that are only used by one person, don’t If the actions spelled out in the Did you know … that whencutting, he said. use them. garrison’s “Top 10” list were applied road conditions are BLACK, all Also crucial to saving energy is In on-post offices, that typically garrison-wide, said McLean, 5 to 10 U.S. government vehicles arekeeping thermostats at the proper includes things like refrigerators, percent of its yearly energy cost, or $1.5 prohibited from any movement?settings, winter and summer, garrison microwaves and similar appliances. to $3 million, would be realized. Only commanders O-6 and aboveofficials said. Army Regulation 420 bans use of “Substantial savings can be may authorize the use of emergency In winter, offices, homes and other any appliance not used by two or more garnered through those simple steps,” vehicles and then only after thefacilities that are occupied – people are in people, McLean said. said McLean. Those and, he said, an appropriate risk assessment andthem, living or working – should be kept “Folks shouldn’t have their own attitude of “‘I’m not going to waste mitigation actions are taken. Noto 68 degrees; in summer, 78 degrees. personal refrigerator, personal this, energy. I’m going to do my part.’” x waivers will be authorized. Senior Army leaders will not permit anyone to drive in road conditions Warrior Country that could potentially put drivers and their passengers in danger. winter…by the Tax Centers Open truckload The Area I Tax Centers are now open at Camp Casey On Camp Red Cloud in Uijeongbu and Camp Red Cloud, on the Feb. 5, snow removal crews of following schedule: Camp Casey, bldg. 2440, room 233: Monday, the U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9 and Area I’s Directorate of Public a.m. – 5 p.m., Thursday, 9 a.m. – Works keep busy in the aftermath 6 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. of a heavy snowfall. Snow removal Camp Red Cloud, Freeman Hall, equipment and workers with bldg. 631: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. shovels were thrown into the effort – 5 p.m. (appointments only). All at installations throughout Warrior walk-in customers must visit the Country. – U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Camp Casey Tax Center. Walk-in Lee Seong-su customers will be served there on Thursdays, and on other days as staffing permits. For more information, call the tax centers: Camp Casey: 730-4888; Camp Red Cloud: 732-8118.
    • USAG-Y • PAGE 7http://yongsan.korea.army.mil USAG YONGSAN THE MORNING CALMFree help available at tax centerCol. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan, explains the importance of Yongsan Tax Center and the benefits it will bring to the Area II community. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jung Jihoon By Pfc. Jung Jihoon they will be getting back, you jihoon.jung.fm@mail.mil have Serveicemembers who can concentrate on the mission,” YONGSAN GARRISON, -- Masley said. “And as mission Tax season kicked off with the readiness is the number one grand opening of the Yongsan Tax theme in Korea, it is obvious Center here, Jan. 30. that the tax center directly helps The tax center helps to lower the the military.” burden of doing taxes, and makes Tax center Soldier went weeks sure to provide answers for the of training to prepare for their complicated paperwork. new job. “We will be taking care of all “At first there was a little bit the Servicemembers, including of struggle because it is hard military, military spouses, and to pay attention to something civilians who work here in Area II,” that is not familiar,” said Sgt. said Capt. Howard Sun, the officer- Jordan Turner, who works for in-charge of the Yongsan tax center. the Eighth Army S-4. “But once “Servicemebers can benefit from you start learning about all the the new tax center because the key factors, it actually starts to service is free. Also, the fact that get quite interesting.” people who work here are experts Servicemembers, family that are knowledgeable about members and civilians at the special military complexities Yongsan may schedule their makes the tax center a helpful appointments with the Yongsan installation.” Tax Center by calling DSN 723- Col. Michael E. Masley, 7887. garrison commander for USAG The Yongsan Tax Center is Yongsan, emphasized the located on the first f loor of importance of the tax center for the Moyer Community Activity enhancing mission readiness. Center. Operating hours areA ribbon cutting ceremony takes place with Capt. Howard Sun, officer-in-charge of the Yongsan Tax “When you have Monday to Friday from 8:30Center, Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan, and Col. Amrein Marian, Servicemembers who don’t a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. tothe staff judge advocate of U.S. Forces Korea,left to right. - U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Jung Jihoon worry about how much money 5:30 p.m. x
    • February 8, 2013 USAG YONGSAN USAG-Y • PAGE 8 http://yongsan.korea.army.milArmy family reunites at Special Olympics in Korea News & Notes USAG Yongsan’s Official Website Check out what’s hot and stay in the know with information straight from the source. Visit and bookmark USAG Yongsan’s official website at http://yongsan. korea.army.mil and you’ll find the latest news, photos, and lots of other Community information. Heating Season Reminders As part of our energy conservation efforts, the garrison has installed timers/ programmable thermostats in our buildings. Administrative buildings are heated from 0600 to 1700 to a temperature of 68F. After duty hours the temperature is reduced to 55F to conserve energy. If you need assistance please call the Service Order desk, DSN 724-3360. Primary Care AppointmentTeam USA Member Tanya Hall (left) and her brother Capt. Jason Hall celebrate her Silver Medal win in the 50-meter cross country race at the Need a primary appointmentWinter Special Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. - Photo by Walter T. Ham IV at the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital?By Walter T. Ham IV 50-meter and 100-meter cross volunteers who supported the The USAMEDDAC-K Centralwalter.t.ham.civ@mail.mil country qualifying matches and Winter Games, which ran from Appointment lines has changed was selected to represent her Jan. 26 through Feb. 4. the hours of operation. You may PYEONGCHANG, South country as part of Team USA. “The vast number of volunteers now call between Monday-FridayKorea -- An American Special Jason Hall, the current from the local communities has (0700-1800) to make a PRIMARYOlympian was reunited with operations chief for Eighth been amazing,” said Jason Hall, CARE appointment . Just dialher U.S. Army officer brother Army’s G-2 Directorate, found a Penn State graduate. “They are DSN 737-CARE (2273).in South Korea during the 2013 out that his sister made Team truly committed to the athletesWinter Special Olympics Games. USA in April 2012. and ensuring their family Telephone Prefix Capt. Jason Hall watched as his He said he was thrilled to members are well taken care of 05033 Replaces 0505sister Tanya Hall won the Silver spend time with his sister during while visiting Korea.” Telephone prefix 05033 nowMedal in the 50-meter cross the Winter Special Olympics Tonya Hall said the highlight replaces telephone prefix 0505 ascountry race at the worldwide Games in Pyeongchang, which of the Winter Games was winning of Dec. 1, 2012 on all U.S. ArmyWinter Special Olympics in is also the site of the upcoming the Silver Medal and spending posts throughout South KoreaKorea. 2018 Winter Olympics. time with her family and new when dialing from a commercial The Hall family hails from During the games, 3,000 friends. telephone line into the DefenseBristol, Conn. athletes from 115 countries “I’m very excited to be in Korea,” Switch Network (DSN). Air Force “The highlight of the games so will participate in seven major said Tanya Hall. “It was great and Navy bases will not be affectedfar has been watching my sister events, including alpine skiing, seeing my brother and sister-in- by the prefix change. The newgive it her all on the 50-meter XC skiing, snowboarding, law and meeting so many athletes prefix works by dialing 05033 andcross country race,” said Jason snowshoeing, speed skating, from all over the USA and other the last six digits of a DSN line.Hall. “She was in third place at figure skating and f loor hockey. countries.”the halfway mark but pushed The Army captain said the According to Jason Hall, Lunar New Yearherself and took the silver by a Winter Games venues in scenic participating in the worldwide RED Road Conditionsphoto finish. It was amazing to Gangwon Province are “world Special Olympics is usually a During the Korean Lunar Newwatch her achieve a medal she class.” once in a lifetime opportunity Year’s holiday there will be a highwill cherish for the rest of her “The Republic of Korea has and the culmination of a highly concentration of vehicular andlife.” done an outstanding job of competitive and complicated pedestrian traffic throughout When Tanya Hall heard that hosting the Winter Games,” said selection process. the Korean Peninsula with majorher brother was getting stationed Jason Hall, who served two tours Tanya Hall is now a two-time traffic delays and congestedwith Eighth Army in South in Afghanistan. “My family has Special Olympian. She also roadways. Area II will have REDKorea, she redoubled her efforts traveled to each of the venues participated in the 1999 Summer road conditions during the timeto get selected for the Team USA this week to watch Team USA Special Olympics in Durham, N.C. period of Feb. 8-12, 2013. DuringCross Country Team. compete in the different events. “There are hardly words to RED road conditions, only GOVs Her hard work paid off. She Each venue has been world class.” describe how proud I am of my that are required for essential /earned gold medals in both the Hall also lauded the many sister,” said Jason Hall. x emergency business will be used. An O-5 / GS-13 or above is the approving authority for a dispatch during RED road conditions. Please be safe during this period, conduct “safety counseling” for all Service Members and Civilian employees, and practice safe driving techniques. For a complete list of community information news and notes, visit the USAG Yongsan official website at http://yongsan.korea.army.mail
    • PAGE 10www.army.mil/korea CHAPLAIN THE MORNING CALM Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship ScheduleCollective Protestant Liturgical Sunday 9:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Traditional DaeguSunday 11 a.m. Stanley Chapel Traditional Sunday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Sunday 11 a.m. Freedom ChapelSunday 11 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Contemporary Sunday 9 a.m. South Post Chapel SundaySunday 4 p.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Spanish 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel General Protestant 9 a.m. Henry TheaterSunday 9:30 a.m. West Casey Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Catholic Mass 10:30 a.m. Daegu High School Nondenominational Chapel Next 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Gospel 11:30 a.m. Henry Theater Sunday 11 a.m. South Post Chapel Church of Christ 4:40 p.m. Walker Chapel AnnexLiturgical Protestant Gospel Sunday 1 p.m. South Post Chapel Korean Worship Wed 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Contemporary 6 p.m. Walker Chapel OfficeSunday 11 a.m. Stone Chapel Korea Women Bible Study Tue, 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mision Pentecostal Hispana Tuesday Sunday 2:30 p.m. Hannam Village Chapel KATUSA Bible Study 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel KWBS 10:30 a.m. Walker Chapel AnnexGospel PWOC Bible Study Wed 6:30 p.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA Service 6 p.m. Walker Chapel AnnexSunday 10:15 a.m. Memorial Chapel United Pentecostal Sunday 1 p.m. Memorial Chapel Spanish Bible Study Thur,7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Wednesday PWOC 10 a.m. Walker Chapel Annex Catholic MassCOGIC KATUSA Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel LDS Youth 6:50 p.m. Walker Chapel Annex Sunday 9 a.m. Freedom ChapelSunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Friday Saturday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Youth Ministry 6:30 p.m. Walker Chapel Office Religious education Sun 10 a.m., Freedom ChapelKATUSA LDS 6:30 p.m. Walker Chapel Annex Tue 6 p.m.Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Episcopal Sunday 11 a.m. Brian Allgood HospitalTuesday 6:30 p.m. Stone Chapel MCCW 3rd Th 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Camp Carroll Catholic Services PWOC Wed 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday Catholic Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel PMOC 2nd Sat 8:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel General Protestant 10 a.m. Camp Carroll ChapelCatholic Services/Mass Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Catholic Mass 11:40 a.m. Camp Carroll ChapelSunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel Youth of the Garrison Friday 6:30 p.m. CAC Rec AnnexSunday 11:30 a.m. West Casey Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 1st Sat. 9 a.m. Memorial Chapel KATUSA Service 6 p.m. Camp Carroll Chapel Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel Latter-day Saints worship POC: daegubp@gmail.com Latter-day Saints worship POC: cphumphreysbp@gmail.com Latter-day Saints worship POC: northernbp@gmail.com Latter-day Saints worship POC: seoulbp@gmail.com Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contactArea I and USAG Red Cloud Chaplains Area II and USAG Yongsan Chaplains Area III and USAG Humphreys Chaplains Area IV and USAG Daegu ChaplainsChaplain (Lt. Col.) Suk Jong Lee: Chaplain (Maj.) Robert E. Marsi: Chaplain (Maj.) Ricky A. Way: Chaplain (Maj.) Charlie Leesukjong.lee@us.army.mil, 732-6169 robert.marsi@us.army.mil, 738-3009 ricky.a.way.mil@mail.mil 754-7274 sun.c.lee4.mil@mail.mil, 764-4192Chaplain (Maj.) Alfred Grondski: Chaplain (Maj.) Michael Frailey Chaplain (Capt.) Michael Roberts Chaplain (Maj.) Paul Wilbournalfred.grondski@us.army.mil, 732-6016 michael.l.frailey.mil@mail.mil, 738-3058 michael.r.roberts@us.army.mil, 754-7042 paul.d.wilbourn.mil@mail.mil, 764-5455 PAID ADVERTISING - HALF PAGE
    • PAGE 12www.army.mil/korea FEATURE THE MORNING CALMArmy par tnership buildss t r o n g e r s e c u r i t y i n Ko r e aU.S. Army Garrison Yongsan’s Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security team and the 218th Homeland Reserve Regiment of Republic of Korea Army counterpartsshared their thoughts and plans for the security of Yongsan, Jan. 31. - U.S Army photo by Lim Hong Seo Col. Kim Jong Kyu, commander for the 218th Homeland Reserve Regiment ofCol. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan, signs his name in the visitor’s Republic of Korea Army, gives a brief tour of the regiment to Col. Michael E.book for the 218th Homeland Reserve Regiment of Republic of Korea Army, Jan. 31. - U.S Army Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan. - U.S Army photo by Pfc. Limphoto by Pfc. Lim Hong Seo Hong SeoBy Pfc. Lim Hongseo security of Yongsan Garrison, Col. Michael E. Both sides shared their opinions andhongseo.lim.fm@mail.mil Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan, and recommendations regarding the improvement for his Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and the garrison’s security. At the end of the conference, Security team shared their thoughts and plans with they reached a consensus that close cooperation YANGJU, Republic of Korea -- U.S. Army the ROKA counterparts. between two sides is a key for an impeccable security.Garrison Yongsan met with the 218th Homeland Upon their arrival, they were given a brief tour of “I understand that cooperation between USAGReserve Regiment of Republic of Korea Army in the regiment and further discussed the security of Yongsan and the 218th HRR is essential, and we haveorder to ensure the safety and security of Yongsan, Yongsan. shown a close collaboration,” said Col. Kim Jong Kyu,Jan. 31. “It is always special to actually meet and work commander for 218th HRR. “But I also know that The 218th HRR, a vital part of Capital Defense with the strongest alliance in the world,” Masley said. there is still room for improvement. We will strive forCommand, whose foremost mission is to defend “Today, I have learned many new things, concerns an even better cooperation system by, for example,Seoul, is responsible for the defense of Yongsan and answers too. Thank you all for your constructive setting up a systematic communicating channel.”area in some urgent circumstances, such as enemy suggestions, and I am more confident than ever that After the conference, both sides enjoyed lunchinfiltration, threats, and attack. we can successfully cope with potential danger or together to celebrate the lasting friendship between As the regiment plays an important role in the threats.” the two nations.
    • FEBRUARY 8, 2013 USAG HUMPHREYS USAG-H • PAGE 15 www.army.mil/korea News & Notes Skiing With Outdoor Rec Clinic uses training holiday to reinforce standards By Capt. Brian Bolton February 12 is the deadline day 150th Medical Detachment for Outdoor Rec’s Feb. 16 ski trip to Oak Valley. The trip costs $70 for adults and $60 for children. A CAMP HUMPHREYS – During minimum of 20 patrons is needed the Jan. 18 training holiday, the Camp for this trip to go. For more infor- Humphreys Health Clinic took the op- mation, call 753-3013. portunity for a day-long training event for every staff member. Clay Pigeon Shooting The training was conducted in the USO Tours is offering a Clay Pi- Super Gym by clinic personnel and ex- geon Shooting Trip, Feb. 13. The pert trainers from throughout the 65th trip, which costs $45 for military Medical Brigade, allowing the entire and family members, and $50 for clinic to be trained at one time to one civilians, departs at 9 a.m. and returns around 1 p.m. The fee in- single Army standard. cludes transportation, shooting “Rarely is the clinic given an oppor- fee and tour guide. The registra- tunity to close services for an entire tion deadline is Feb. 12, at noon. day,” said Maj. Michael Davidson, the For more information, call 753- clinic officer in charge. “However, with 6248 or stop by the Humphreys the large numbers of recent hires and USO. military staff additions, taking this op- portunity was the smart choice for us.” Sports Nutrition Lecture Training for the day included cus- A Sports Nutrition lecture by Maj. tomer service focused classes, medica- Trisha Brooke Stavinoha, will tion management and various medical Kimberly Russell and Steven Hidalgo, occupational therapists at the Camp Humphreys be held at the Education Center, Feb. 14, from noon-1 p.m. For in- topics, including: age-specific patient Health Clinic, participate in a day-long training event, Jan. 18. – U.S. Army photo by formation, call Health Promotion training; employee safety; and medical Capt. Brian Bolton at 753-3253. maintenance. Other classes covered workplace violence, family violence, tion sharing and eliminating barriers ments entrusted to the staff.” Exchange Council Meeting and medical ethics. to quality and safety were among the Sergeant First Class Joseph Villar- The Camp Humphreys Exchange Also, TeamSTEPPS, a teamwork topics presented. real, clinic noncommissioned officer in Quarterly Council meeting is set optimization training designed for Although much of the day focused charge, spearheaded the coordination for Feb. 8, starting at 2 p.m., in the healthcare professionals, was pre- on subjects which had been presented of the day long training. USAG Humphreys Headquarters sented. TeamSTEPPS aims to improve before, the training served as a re- “We trained the staff with tech- (Bldg. 1280) command conference communication and teamwork skills fresher for some staff members and niques that can be used to achieve im- room. The council is in need of among healthcare professionals. The was completely new to others. Christy proved performance for our customers volunteers representing single/ unaccompanied junior enlisted, goal is to produce highly effective Freeman, a civilian registered nurse, while providing a safe environment NCO’s, officers of all ranks, spous- medical teams, optimizing people and found the training important “to im- within the clinic,” he said, stressing the es of accompanied Soldiers of all processes to achieve superior outcomes prove patient care and ensure that need for teamwork, communication, ranks, and Military Retirees. Con- for patients. Improving role clarity, de- even recent employees in the clinic identification of roles and responsi- tact Richard Salyers, at 754-8250 creasing conflict, improving informa- all understood the important require- bilities of clinic staff. x or james.r.salyers.civ@mail.mil, HAS students compete in Geography Bee to participate in the council or re- quest more information. USO Valentine’s Grams USO will have a table in the Ex- By Bryan Morrisey change Feb. 11-13, from 2-6 p.m. HAS School News Liaison each day, for those who want to send a Valentine’s Grams to their CAMP HUMPHREYS – Hum- sweetheart. For a donation, USO phreys American School hosted its will deliver the Valentine’s Grams on Thursday, Feb. 14, to offices annual school-wide Geography Bee, in and barracks on post. the school cafeteria, Jan. 10. Students in grades four through COLA, OHA Surveys Coming eight competed in the event. Col. Da- The Cost of Living Allowance rin S. Conkright, the Humphreys Gar- (COLA) and Overseas Housing rison commander, served as the mod- Allowance (OHA) Utilities Sur- erator. Joining him, in the audience, veys are coming soon. Military were HAS Principal Joyce Diggs, fourth personnel can make a difference through eighth grade students, teach- for themselves, their family and ers, parents and community members. other Service Members by taking This event was the final round of the online COLA Living Pattern Survey from Feb. 15-March 15 and the Geography Bee, which began at the the OHA Utility Survey from classroom level and progressed to the April 1-30. To take the survey grade level. Each grade then sent two visit the 175th FMSC Facebook finalists to compete in the final round. Page: http://www.facebook.com/ Ten students competed for the top pages/175th-Financial-Manage- three places. The Bee consisted of five (From left) Humphreys American School Geography Bee competitors Lenningrad Gen- ment-Support-Center-Official- rounds. Each round, students were Site/328065913301 or visit the eroso, the first place winner, Madison Motley, second place, and Jee Won Rhee, third eliminated until there were two stu- place, pause for a picture, Jan. 10. Following several rounds, a total of 10 students Defense Transportation Manage- dents competing for first place. ment Office (DTMO) Webpage at: competed for the top three places. – Courtesy photo by Bryan Morrisey In the final rounds, the two con- http://www.defensetravel.dod. testants, Madison Motley and Len- correctly and got one wrong, resulting The correct answer, LaPaz was given mil/site/lps-korea.cfm ningrad Generoso, needed to answer in a tie. This led to a tie-breaker round. by Generoso to take first place. No Morning Calm Feb. 15 three questions. Whoever answered During this round, each finalist got the “We’ve held the Geography Bee for Due to the Lunar New Year Holi- the best out of the three questions first two questions wrong, bringing it two years now and its motivated stu- day, there will be no Morning took first place. all down to the final question, “Name dents to learn more about our world,” Calm the week of Feb. 15. For the first set of three questions, the South American capitol city that said Claire Marcus, a middle school the two finalists each answered two lies just southeast of Lake Titicaca.” teacher who organized the event. x
    • PAGE 16www.army.mil/korea USAG HUMPHREYS THE MORNING CALM Warrior Adventure Quest combines ex- isting FMWR high adventure activities, such as rock climbing, skiing, paintball, ziplining and rafting, to help re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised and controlled activity. – U.S.Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys ride the lift at Pheonix Ski Resort during Army photo by Pfc. Ma, Jae-sangthe unit Warrior Adventure Quest activity, Jan. 25. – U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ma, Jae-sangUnits assigned to Camp Humphreys and Area III can participate in Warrior Adventure Quest events by contacting Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s Outdoor Recre-ation, at 753-3013. – U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Ma, Jae-sangWarrior Adventure Quest Program offers supervised, controlled adventure activitiesBy Pfc. Ma, Jae-sang quarters Company, U.S. Army Garri- climbing, skiing, paintball, ziplin- ery minute. Some of the Soldiers wereUSAG Humphreys Public Affairs son Humphreys, participated in War- ing and rafting. It is targeted towards skillful skiers and they taught those rior Adventure Quest, which is being platoon-sized elements of about 25 who weren’t how to be better.” CAMP HUMPHREYS – As Ko- implemented in Korea after being people. “It was fun and a good time to get torean Augmentation to the U.S. Army deemed a success at stateside installa- The participating Soldiers, who know each other,” said Pfc. Bae, Bong-Soldier Cpl. Chang, Young-hun tried tions. were accompanied by some family sung. “Since we don’t have much timeto balance himself on a snowboard at The program, which began in 2008, members, spent the day skiing, snow- to get to know each other, because ofPhoenix Ski Resort, Jan. 25, Sgt. Pat- is designed to re-create the adrenaline boarding and enjoying the famous working in separate sections and ourrick D. Poe explained to him that he rush of combat action in a supervised winter scenery of the area. They did working hours, I think we should haveneeded to first learn how to fall, before and controlled high adventure activity. this despite the fact the temperature more of these opportunities.”he learns anything else. It is designed to instill cohesion, build was -14 Celsius (about 7 degrees Fahr- For more information about this “It is very important to fall down on teamwork and help maintain combat enheit). program, contact Natalie Boutte,the snow properly, because if you fall readiness. “The ski trip showed exactly what community recreation officer, at 753-down wrong, you might get a serious The program combines existing the Warrior Adventure Quest program 3490 or Natalie.m.boutte.naf@mail.injury,” Poe said. Army Family and Morale, Welfare was meant to be,” said Chang, refer- mil or Kim, Se-yong, Outdoor Recre- These Soldiers, about 25 altogether, and Recreation’s Outdoor Recreation ring to the experience. “Soldiers hung ation program manager, at 753-3013 orassigned to Headquarters and Head- high adventure activities, such as rock out together and fell into the snow ev- seyong.kim6.ln@mail.mil x
    • USAG-H • PAGE 18www.army.mil/korea MORNING CALM THE MORNING CALMElectronic Warfare stands ready to wage silent warBy Staff Sgt. Leah R. Kilpatrick es, join the Army and run its electronicEighth Army Public Affairs warfare cells. The electromagnetic spectrum al- YONGSAN GARRISON – We see lows Soldiers, leaders and militaryit all too often. Another Soldier was strategists an irreplaceable weaponkilled when his convoy was hit by an that causes no bloodshed, but has theimproved explosive device. potential to severely disrupt the en- The newspapers remind us all too emy’s electronic capabilities.often that thousands of lives have been “I see us as the guardian angels oflost to homemade roadside bombs on the Soldiers on the ground, within thethe roads and in the towns of Iraq and electromagnetic spectrum, that is,”Afghanistan. Hughes said. But what if those devices could be The Army began to use electronicneutralized without anyone ever hav- warfare primarily for counter-IED op-ing to come near them? What if it erations to be able to neutralize thewere possible to disable these murder- homemade bombs.ous gadgets without a single life being “As long as we can stop that (IED),lost? we can save their life, and the medics The task of performing counter– don’t have to be called,” Hughes said.IED operations to disable roadside Not only is electronic warfare ca-bombs lies with the Soldiers who call pable of counter-IED operations, but itElectronic Warfare their profession. is also capable of shutting down elec- “Anything that puts off a frequency, tronic systems. Here in Korea wherefrom the human body to computers IEDs are scarce, the electronic warfareand cell phones, we’re involved in,” cell spends it time staying prepared tosaid Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jeff E. protect our electronic systems and useHughes, Electronic Warfare techni- their capabilities against any possiblecian assigned to Eighth Army Elec- aggressors.tronic Warfare. “We’re always doing our own intel- Electronic Warfare is not a new ligence with technological advances,”concept. It was a natural offspring of said Hughes. “There’s always a newthe technological competition be- weapons system, a new radar system,tween the Allies and Nazi Germany a new aircraft system. We have to keepthat sprang up during World War II, for military use during World War II, tronic warfare, said Hughes, as lead- up with all the gadgets. We don’t wantalong with the development and im- and devices to counter them, led to a ers believed they no longer needed what happened in Iraq with kids andprovement of radar systems, weapons technological battle that neither the this capability. But it soon returned in toys being used against us.”systems and aircraft. Axis nor the Allied powers could afford 2005, when the Army began soliciting This relatively young career field According to the book Electronic to lose.” personnel from the Navy and Air Force can and does make a substantial differ-Warfare 101 by David Adamy, “The rap- During the Cold War and Gulf War, (who had still seen the usefulness of ence in our ability to bring the troopsid evolution of radio and radar systems the Army got away from using elec- the field) to work with or, in some cas- home in one piece. x
    • FEBRUARY 8, 2013 USAG DAEGU USAG Daegu • PAGE 21 http://daegu.korea.army.mil194th CSSB goes back to basic SoldieringStory and photos by Sgt. Danielle Ferrer that was given at the end of each sta-501st SBDE Public Affairs Office tion. For many of the Soldiers, having DAEGU GARRISON — Soldiers a refresher course on basic Soldier-of the 194th Combat Sustainment ing skills allowed Soldiers to practiceSupport Battalion, 501st Sustain- conducting drills that they do notment Brigade, wasted no time by practice on a normal basis becausekicking off the new year with an in- the high tempo of the Korean de-tensive three-day training exercise fense mission.that began January 22. The Soldiers “It helps keep Soldiers focused onwent back to the basics by focusing all aspects of different training sce-on Army Warrior Tasks and Battle narios as well as keeping their mindsDrills. fresh with basic task and drills,” said “Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills Spc. Persia Patterson, 194th CSSB or-are fundamental combat skills which derly room clerk. “As a Soldier withall Soldiers, regardless of rank, must plenty of time in service, I have neverknow in order to maintain profi- gone through the process of puttingciency to fight and win on the bat- on my Mission Oriented Protectivetlefield,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Wil- Posture (MOPP) gear completelyliams, 194th CSSB commander. “They and correctly. It was great to learnare the foundation to any unit, and something new that I might not havemastery of these skills separates learned, if it wasnt for this training.”good units from great units.” Allowing the Soldiers to be trained More than 200 Soldiers separated on such a full-scale level was some-into groups and trained and in a thing that was incredibly important Soldiers from the 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion move tacticallyround robin style between five sta- to Williams. The exercise also al- through a line while being evaluated during a three-day field training exercise, whichtions which focused on various tasks lowed the battalion to test equip- focused on Warrior Tasks and Drills.and on the final day all had success- ment and interoperability down tofully passed each qualifying exam the lowest level. “I am also a firm believer that de- (Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Wil- centralized training is the most ef- liams) and I have all the confidence ficient and effective way to con- in the ability of our officers and non- duct training,” Williams said. “The commissioned officers to execute any value in having training conducted task they are given, but if there is no at the battalion level brings greater plan -- execution becomes disjointed resources to bare and a collective and difficult,” Williams said. planning and execution effort that “Secondly, its standards. The Army establishes clear training and perfor- has a standard for everything it does mance standards for everyone. This and communicating and reinforcing helps us ensure were ready to "fight those standards ensure missions and tonight".” units are successful. So I believe that No training exercise comes without having a plan and enforcing the stan- problems. Williams said that because dards of that plan are the hallmarks of the high turnover rate where per- of any successful unit.”x sonnel turnover av- erages and exceeds 10-12% per month. Multiply that times five companies and various training op- portunities where the majority of the force only has 12Sgt James Martin, drivers training instructor, 194th Combat Sustainment Support months to train,Battalion, evaluates a Soldier during a field training exercise Jan 22 – Jan 24. The and Williams feelspurpose of the FTX was to retrain Soldiers on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills. Martin that readiness be-was an evaluator for the map reading portion of the training. “Conducting this type comes a significantof training is important,” said Martin. “Soldiers need to know where they are on the issue.battlefield, while always staying alert to the situation.” Still, for the third time in a very short period of time The Provider battalion managed to com- plete another field training exercise with little no is- sues. Williams be- lieves that one of the main reasons why the Battalion is so successful is due in large part to preparation. The multi-facet planning, coordina- tion and execution from the various staff of the Provider Battalion and its major subordinate commands resulted Two Soldiers from the 194th Combat Sustainment SupportStaff Sgt Julie Williams, drivers training instructor, 194th CSSB, grades two Soldiers on in a third mission Battalion, help each other properly suit up in their Mission- completed.how to properly perform safety checks on hand grenades and how to properly employ them. “The Command Oriented Protective Posture, or MOPP gear during a three-The training was part of a three-day field training exercise, which took place Jan 22 – Jan Sergeant Major day field training exercise that took place Jan 22 – 24 .24. The primary focus of the FTX was to retrain Soldiers on Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills.
    • USAG Daegu • PAGE 22http://daegu.korea.army.mil USAG DAEGU THE MORNING CALM Camp Henry Tax Center officially opens The Camp Henry Tax Center officially opened its doors Feb. 1st with Lt. Col. Rick S. Lear, SJA, 19th ESC, (left) along with Deputy to the USAG Daegu Garrison Commander, William E. Christman on hand to cut the ribbon and kick off the season. Located in Building 1685 (Finance Bldg.), the tax center’s hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information regarding tax services call DSN 768-9038. - U.S. Army Photos by Pfc. Chin, Hyun-joonSprinkler systems work best when not blockedUSAG Daegu Fire Department myth; smoke will set off the sprinkler. hundred percent coverage, but you over the room. The flames do not have to touch the must give it as best a chance as pos- Third, do not paint the sprinkler or DAEGU GARRISON — Have you sprinkler to activate it, but there has to sible. We recommend that you do not place anything around the head. Paintever looked up at the ceiling and won- be enough heat at the ceiling, usually pile up anything closer than 18 inches or anything you put on the sprinklerdered what that funny looking thing around 150 to 160 degrees to melt the to the sprinkler and ceiling. In some will insulate the sprinkler from heat sothat looks like a mini spray nozzle real linkage that holds the stopper in place. locations your fire inspector will re- it will take longer to melt the linkageis? They come in many forms and sizes; In most fires only one or two sprin- quire 36 inches of clearance beneath that holds the stopper in place. Also,some are even hidden behind little plas- klers will activate, spraying water right the sprinkler. do not point heat generating devices,tic disks. You have seen them in many onto the fire. A sprinkler head is just Second, firefighters don’t mind you such as hair dryers, at the sprinkler,places, in people’s homes and offices, in like having a firefighter in your ceil- hanging on them, kids do it all the bad things could happen.the hotels and restaurants you visit, but ing-- a firefighter you do not have to time when they visit the fire station. Historically it is proven that sprin-what do these sprinklers really do? feed! However, there are things you However, if you hang anything on a kler systems have a ninety-seven per- First, let’s dispel some of the myths need to do so that your sprinkler can sprinkler head or pipe, you can eas- cent success rate. Sprinklers will ex-about sprinkler systems. For starters, operate when it is needed. ily damage it and cause it to activate! tinguish or hold a fire in check whenif one sprinkler head activates, they all First, do not block its view. Un- When a sprinkler head goes off it will the system is properly maintained, notdo. Wrong. This happens only in Hol- like a real firefighter, a sprinkler can- spray upwards of 35 gallons per min- blocked or damaged; sprinklers savelywood. Sprinkler heads only activate not move around bookcases, boxes or ute. By the time the “Real Firefighters” lives and lower the fire damage rate.when enough heat melts or shatters whatever you pile up near it. Sprin- get to your place, and get the sprinkler Give them room to operate, and ensurethe mechanical stopper holding back klers cannot spray water on what they shut down you will have sprayed be- they are always maintained, so theythe water. Which dispels the second cannot hit; they will never have one tween 300 and 400 gallons of water all can protect you and your family.x