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Morning Calm News 041119

Morning Calm News 041119






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    Morning Calm News 041119 Morning Calm News 041119 Document Transcript

    • The Peninsula-Wide News PublicationVolume 3, Issue 7 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA Nov. 19, 2004Camp Stanley troops get Home schooling options 2004 Kimchi festival smoked available to Areas I and II photos Page 5 Page 9 Page 3CFC seeking to raise fundsfor Soldier servicesBy Steven Field WASHINGTON — There is still timefor Soldiers and Army civilians to donateto the Combined Federal Campaign, thelargest workplace charity drive in thecountry. The CFC, which is authorized tosolicit contributions from governmentemployees and military personnel forthousands of federally qualifyingcharities, is accepting donations untilDec. 15, said Mike Ornstein, spokesmanfor the federal government’s Office ofPersonnel and Management, whichoversees the CFC. CFC officials say that last year thecampaign collected nearly $250 million, PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISbreaking its fundraising record. They Soldiers salute as Taps is played on the 43rd Anniversary of the death of Chief Warrant Officer 2 Benjamin K. Humphreys, for whomhope to achieve a new high in donations Camp Humphreys is named. Humphreys’ nephew, Bob, and his wife Anne placed a wreath at the monument at Area III headquartersthis year. which dedicated the camp to the fallen aviator. Searching for Humphreys “Over the past couple of years,national attention has focused onworldwide events. Even with that,federal employees and men and womenin uniform have responded generously,”Ornstein said. Fallen aviator’s relatives embraced A fter years of grieving, Betty him, and I trust that you will find a Donors to the CFC are allowed toselect what organization they want the Humphreys grew curious about the place her husband by Army family as they search for history measure of consolation in the knowledge that your grief is shared bymoney to go to. This ensures that the had died, a distant place – South Korea at helicopter base in Korea the members of this organization whodonation goes to the needs the donor ! – that she had tried to put out of her were closely associated with him.”feels is most important, according to By Steve Davis mind. Betty was told in March 1962 by Lt.CFC publications. An Army pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Col. Harold B. Sloan, commander of Sub- There are over 1,400 national and 2 Benjamin Kent Humphreys had his sound thinking, good judgment and Post K-6, that the camp would beinternational charities, as well as around perished on Nov. 13, 1961 along with great sense of humor. renamed “Camp Humphreys” to honor40,000 local charities that receive seven others when his H-21 Shawnee Though she had never seen the final her husband. Though invited to attenddonations through the CFC. These helicopter crashed near Sub-post K-6, accident report, according to her nephew the dedication ceremony on April 20,charities range from military, veteran and the camp where he was a special Bob Humphreys, Betty had been told the 1962, Betty declined. She could not bearpatriotic organizations to human and civil services officer charged to provide cargo helicopter - known as the “Flying the weight of it. The tragic death, therights organizations to environmental entertainment and recreation to Soldiers Banana” because of its unusual shape - had closed-coffin funeral and the heart-organizations to religious and cultural serving at that base far from their developed a mechanical problem and wrenching burial of her beloved husbandorganizations. stateside homes. crashed as it approached the airfield near at Hampton (Va.) National Cemetery had A number of military-support Wives, sweethearts, families and the end of an otherwise routine flight in good taken a great toll on her.organizations are eligible for – and to a friends awaited their safe return. Betty weather. “She was honored to learn a camplarge degree depend on – funding from had moved in with her parents in Virginia Betty received official letters of was being dedicated to her husband, butthe CFC. and tried to stay busy and cheerful while condolence from his unit commander and she could not bring herself to attend the Internal Army efforts, including many Ben counted down the days. He and Chaplain (Capt.) Charles E. Gray, who had dedication,” said Bob Humphreys, nine-Army Community Service programs, as Betty had been childhood sweethearts. officiated at a memorial service for him at years-old at the time of the accident. Hiswell as external support efforts, such By the time they married in 1950, they the post chapel. Aunt Betty called him “Bobby” back thenas the Fisher House program and the had known each other for seven years Maj. Paul C. Smithey, his unit and still does today, though he is nearlyDisabled American Veterans Charitable and went to high school together. He commander, wrote, “As a member of this 43 years older and known as “Bob.”Service Trust, all receive funding from joined the Army at 17 and worked his command, CWO Humphreys was well liked Bob’s father, Robert JohnCFC. way from enlisted medical technician to by all of his associates. He was an excellent Humphreys, was a year younger than “CFC is my whole [non-appropriated warrant officer. officer, performing all tasks assigned to him his Uncle Ben. Robert had been in thefund] budget for 10 months out of the After arriving in Korea in May 1961, in a cheerful and efficient manner. His death See “Searching for Humphreys” See “CFC ” on Page 4 “CFC” Humphreys had gained a reputation for came as a great shock to all who knew on Page 21
    • 2 Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter Take care of the future in the present ake By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman closet and dump out some parts to various classes a few years ago, I was able to The following entries were excerpted Korea Region Public Affairs musical instruments. take a deep breath and chill out.from the past several weeks military It took a little convincing, but I got the I thought to myself, “Man, I never toldpolice blotters. These entries may be YONGSAN — I was out on Saturday extroverted kid to stop putting them in his her how to do anything.”incomplete and do not determine the evening at the Yongsan Moyer Community mouth. Even though he claimed he didn’t Later I proceeded to thinking that if Iguilt or innocence of any person. Services Center playing the drums in the know how old he was and didn’t want to can get help for problems, so could she. music room. It was a boring day, and like talk about it, he did want to talk about cats, The Army has a wide variety of" U.S. Army military police town patrol recently many young people, I was trying to kill time. dogs and birds. programs available to parents to help withassisted a U.S. Marine Corps patrol to break up a I was wasting away in my own melodies I took a rein check on the conversation. raising a child. Child and Youth Servicesfight at an off-post bar. The patrol witnessed when I heard a baby crying. The baby had been crying for 20 minutes and Army Community Service are twosome Soldiers leaving the club who were told by Odd. I could hear something over the now, and I had to see what was up. programs that can point someone in the rightMPs to leave the area and not to re-enter the 20-inch crash cymbal that I was beating up Going down the hall to the other direction.club. A female Soldier disobeyed and proceeded badly. I passed it off as nothing. Babies cry soundproof room, I saw a group inside. Looking within your unit for a baby sitterto enter the club. The female Solders’ spouse, everyday, it’s no big deal. They were jamming away. is not a bad idea either. I know there arewho is also a Solder, began shouting and acting Looking at my watch so don’t stay there I knocked on the door and opened it. I some here without their families who justbelligerent toward the MPs. While he was being too late, I focused my attention on a piano in asked if anybody knew who owned the baby stay at home at night. I’m also sure theseescorted back to post by two MPs, he began the “soundproof” room that I was in. I parked outside the door in a stroller. people would, for a reasonable price, baby-kicking, shouting, and thrashing so much that he struggled for a bit, trying to figure out how The mother let out a frustrated breath of sit your children.had to be restrained and placed into hand irons. this darn thing worked. The crying air and said it was hers. I replied that the I don’t have a problem with anyone whoHe then kicked one MP in the leg, causing no continued. I went back to the drums. child had been crying for some time and wants to go out and enjoy themselves. Andinjuries. The female Soldier began shouting and Working my way through a few minutes added that “I just want to make sure I sure am not going to tell anyone how toacting belligerent after seeing her husband being Neanderthal-style drumming, I tried to put everything’s OK.” raise their kids. I will, however, let you knowescorted to the MP station. She was asked to the sound out of my head. That’s when I To that, the young-looking mother got if something doesn’t look right. That’s mycalm down and to leave the provost marshal looked out the glass door to the room and up and grabbed her child, offering a childish job as an NCO in the U.S. Army and, moreoffice several times by the desk officer. She saw a boy with a box of drum parts. excuse of, “I was recording a song in there.” importantly, a concerned human being.stated that she would not leave until they took Mostly screws and bolts, it was nothing Excuse me! I’m sorry I interrupted! If you can’t handle the responsibility ofthe hand irons off her husband and that he did to really worry about. Except the boy looked She then found her son, who was being a parent, guardian or babysitter, thennot deserve to be placed in hand irons. The like he was in kindergarten. helping the deskman pick up the mess he you better be responsible and seek help.female Soldier invoked her legal rights the male OK, that’s it. Crying baby and young had made. Submitting commentariesSoldier waived his rights and refused to render a boy who looks like he’s getting into trouble. As she went back into the soundproof E-mail commentary submissions towritten sworn statement. Both Soldiers were Something’s not right here. room with her children, she took a last m o r n i n g c a l m w e e k l y @ k o r e a . a r m y. m i l . Keep submissions about a page in lengthprocessed and released to their unit. I went out of the room to the boy and stab at me for interrupting her jam session, and include your name, rank and duty noticed the guy who runs the desk wasn’t “You raise your kids, and I’ll raise mine!” station. The Morning Calm Weekly staff" Military police observed and identified as a there. The young boy had taken advantage My fists automatically balled up. reserves the right to edit letters for length, taste and clarity.curfew violator at an off-post bar. The of this opportunity to break into a supply Thanks to some anger managementservicemember was apprehended and transportedto the provost marshal office. At the PMO, the Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:Soldier attempted to flee the station. MPspursued and re-detained him. During the What do you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving?apprehension, the Soldier assaulted the MPs.The Soldier was placed in the detention cell dueto disorderly conduct. He was later released tounit. Investigation continues by MPI." Military police were notified of a drivingwhile intoxicated after an AAFES taxipassenger entered a taxi and detected a strongodor of alcohol coming from the driver. Thepassenger notified the provost marshal office,who had the driver apprehended and “I am going to be “I am able to travel to “I am thankful for all “My family,transported to the military police station were promoted December Bangkok this the good friends I especially my wifehe was released to the Korean National Police 1st.” — Master Sgt. William Thanksgiving have to spend this and the gift of myfor further processing. KNP determined his Cole, Area IV Support Activity, weekend.” – Spc. Destiny thanksgiving with.” – son.” — Sgt. Shaunblood-alcohol content level to be .063%, Camp Henry Moore, Legal Services Activity Victor Trujillo, Area II Support Stallard, 332nd Chemicaland charged him with driving while Korea, Yongsan Activity, Yongsan Company, 23rd Chemicalintoxicated and suspended his license for 100 Battalion, Camp Carrolldays. Published by IMA-Korea Region Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press This Army newspaper is an authorized Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Editor Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. Area I Area III responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis including inserts or supplements, corrected. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Staff Writer Pfc. Stephanie Pearson does not constitute endorsement AP 96205. President: Charles Chong by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Area II Area IV Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Public Affairs Officer Alex Harrington Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Staff Writer Cpl. Park Jin-woo CI Officer Galen Putnam publication shall be made E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Park Yung-kwi Staff writer Cpl. Oh Dong-keun available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP @korea.army.mil religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Koreawide Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 3NEWS & NOTES Home schooling: An option to consider DoDEA surveys students, Girl Scouts Registration By Susan Rowe ! Certified teaching staff assistant as parents, teachers Child and Youth Services neededGirl Scouts Overseas - Seoul are now American Forces Press Service ! Curriculum standards (meets orregistering. Troop meetings will begin soon.Those who are interested in being a Girl Scout YONGSAN — There are frequently exceeds state and national standards) and WA S H I N G T O N — T h ethis year or an adult volunteer, or would like asked questions among home schoolers: assessment for kindergarten through 12th Department of Defense Educationmore information, should contact Trudy Heard Whose laws do I follow – the state or grade via the IDEA international Web site Agency wants to hear theat 6355-5060 or e-mail country where we are stationed, or our ! Individual Learning Plan and High opinions of its students, parentsgsocseoul@yahoo.com. state of residence? What are the military School Planning consultation and transcript and teachers. The agency regulations related to homeschooling? !Online and traditional correspondence launched its 2004 Customer Scholarships for Militar y These are just a few. courses through numerous Universities Satisfaction Survey Nov. 1. Children The Department of Defense Education providing high school and college credit The survey is open to all 4th-The Defense Commissary Agency’s annual Activity has no jurisdiction over the ! Standardized testing provided to 12th-grade DoDEA students,Scholarships for Military Children program is education of overseas American military ! Technical support consultants for the parents or sponsors of allnow accepting applications for the 2005 dependent children. It is DoDEA policy to hardware and software needs DoDEA students, and DoDEAprogram. Applications can be found at base neither encourage nor discourage DoD ! Website providing program teachers. The survey is designedcommissaries, or on-line at http:// sponsors from homeschooling their minor information and updated calendar events to gather feedback from thesewww.militaryscholar.org. They must be returned dependents. DoDEA recognizes that ! Workshops conducted throughout groups regarding their views onto the commissary by Feb. 16. One $1,500 homeschooling is a sponsor’s right and the year in a variety of subject areas to the agency’s schools, programsscholarship will be awarded at each commissary can be a legitimate alternative form of assist both parents and students and activities, a DoDEA officiallocation with eligible applicants. education for their dependents. ! Special student events based on local said in a news release. According to DoD policy, the installation interest – spelling bees, chess clubs, The survey is available online, Post Offices Updates commander’s responsibilities are logistical geography bees and is scheduled to remain online! Post offices will remain open on U.S. Forces or administrative, there is no educational Active duty military families and DoDDs until Feb. 28, 2005. Print versionsKorea training holidays. Officials said for your oversight regarding the public education eligible civilians, residing in Korea, are of the survey also are available atmailing convenience, Army Post Offices will provided by DoDDS. eligible to enroll with IDEA International. any DoDEA school.be open Nov. 12 and 26. Contact your local Correspondence and home education Students must be 5 years old by Oct. “All eligible parties arepost office for hours of operation. have long been a choice for families, and 31 of the current year to be eligible for encouraged to participate,” the! The deadline for holiday mailing for first- national statistics shows a 15 percent kindergarten. An Individual Learning Plan release stated. “The findings ofclass letters and cards sent to the United States increase in the number of home-educated and two student progress reports must be the survey will be givenis Dec. 11. For packages, officials recommend students every year, and national submitted to his or her contact teacher each consideration in all future effortsmailing before Dec. 4. standardized test scores reveal that these school year, on Jan. 31 and May 31. to improve upon the educational! The deadline for holiday mailing for first- students are succeeding academically. IDEA International requires students in experience that (DoD schools inclass letters and cards sent to Army Post Offices The International Distance Education of grades 3 through 11 to participate with the the United States and overseas)in Europe is Dec. 4. For packages, officials Alaska Program is funded by the TerraNova, Second Edition Achievement provide.”recommend mailing before Nov. 27. Department of Defense and provides Test. Upon enrollment, families are Officials noted the survey isFor more information, visit your local post resources and support to military families required to submit military orders indicating completely anonymous andoffice. that have elected to educate their children assignment to Korea. should take 10 to 20 minutes to at home. The benefits for families enrolling Homeschooling is available in Areas I complete. Morning Calm in IDEA include but is not limited to: and II. To register or find further The findings, including the Submissions information contact Melinda Waterbury, participation rates of eligibleSend submissions for the Morning Calm Weekly ! Allotment provided for purchase of IDEA Yongsan and Area I Field groups, will be published in theto morningcalmweekly@korea.army.mil or call curricular materials of choice – enables Representative, Melinda@intidea.org or spring. Results of the previous738-3355. individualization of each student’s contact Susan Rowe, CYS School DoDEA Customer Satisfaction educational course of study Transition Specialist/SLO, at DSN 725- Survey, conducted during school omen’s Basketball W omen ’s Bask etball ! Use of computer and multifunction 5227 or RoweSusanR@korea.army.mil. year 2002-03, can be found on theA Koreawide Women’s Post Level Basketball printer in the home DoDEA Web site.League Game will be at the Camp Red Cloud ! Internet cost reimbursement E-mail RoweSusanR@korea.army.milFitness center. Camp Red Cloud women’s teamwill compete with Camp Carroll women’s team. Digging in Soldiers to host orphansThe game starts 6 p.m. Dec. 11 and 9 a.m. Capt. Matthew ArrolDec. 12. For more information, call 732-6309. 6th Cavalry Brigade Tour CRC Ski Tour CAMP HUMPHREYS — For most Americans,Camp Red Cloud Community Activity Center is Thanksgiving is a time for family gathering and reflection. Ithosting a Yong Pyeong Ski Tour with a bus fee. is a time for football, feasting on turkey and watching theRegister at Camp Red Cloud Community Activity annual Thanksgiving Day parade travel down Fifth Avenue inCenter or Camp Essayons Recreation Center. New York City. But for the Soldiers of a nation currently atBus will start 6 a.m. for Yong Pyeong. For more war, it is even more important.information, call 732-6246. Thanksgiving symbolizes all of the freedoms for which Tour Osan Shopping Tour we fight, the family and friends we serve to protect, and theCamp Stanley Community Activity Center is blessings we enjoy as citizens of the most powerful democracyhosting an Osan all-day shopping trip just in on Earth. This year the Soldiers of one Camp Humphreystime for Christmas shopping. The bus will start unit are seizing the opportunity to share the joys of the holidayat 8 a.m. Dec. 11 and Dec. 17. Register early season with their extended Korean family.at the Camp Stanley Community Activity Center. On Thanksgiving, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 6th Cavalry Brigade will host dinner for 27 children from a Thanksgiving Holiday local Pyeongtaek orphanage at the Blackhorse Inn Dining Meal Prices Facility.Meal card holders will not be charged at dining The Soldiers, in conjunction with the brigade family PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISfacilities for the Thanksgiving holiday meal. All readiness group, have volunteered to sponsor the kids as part As a senior enlisted barracks renovation project continues in the background,other guests and visitors will be charged $5.40. of the unit’s ongoing community outreach program in order workers dig trenches Nov. 10 for a communications line upgrade in theFamily members of Soldiers E-4 and below will to strengthen the relationship between the U.S. Army and the 700-block area of Camp Humphreys. Water, electrical and high-speedbe charged $4.60. Check your local dining surrounding community. Many volunteers signed up weeks communications upgrades are in-progress as part of a major infrastructurefacility for operating hours. in advance for the chance to sponsor the kids and will finally overhaul at the camp near Pyeongtaek. get to meet the children on the morning of Thanksgiving Day.
    • 4 Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Koreawide The Morning Calm WeeklyExercise Orient Shieldunderway in JapanBy Spc. Tanya Van Buskirk every day to improve skills and helpArmy News Service each other. Col. Toshiyuki Kato, commander CAMP IWATE, Japan — More of the 39th Infantry Regiment, saidthan 200 U.S. Soldiers joined 300 he believes this is the key toof their Japanese counterparts in success.opening ceremonies Nov. 3 for “The purpose of this training isExercise Orient Shield 2005 which to demonstrate cooperativeran through Saturday. procedure in our bilateral training The U.S. Army National Guard through functional andand the Japan Ground Self-Defense comprehensive training,” he said. “I ADForce is conducting bilateral feel it is possible to improve ourtraining during the exercise. unit’s skill by training and learning “We have come here this year to from each other.”train together and forge new Commanders of the JGSDF saidfriendships, which will reinforce the they recognized the fighting spiritbond that ties our two nations of the 141st Battalion for itstogether,” said Col. Kenneth Bishop, success during the battle of theU.S. Army Japan G1. “That bond Alamo in Texas, and U.S. Armystrengthens our alliance, and that commanders acknowledged thealliance provides for peace and professionalism of their hosts.stability in Asia.” “The world knows and respects All of the Soldiers were the caliber of the Japanese soldier,challenged by Gen. Makoto Hirose, and we have much to learn from GOEScommanding general of the you,” said Lt. Col. Alan C. Huffines,JGSDF’s 9th Army Division, to commander of the 141st Infantrybecome an “Army of one” and work Regiment.CFC from Page 1year,” said Colleen Tuddenham, Chief leadership, conflict resolution,of Army Community Service at Fort c r o s s - c u l t u r a l s e n s i t i v i t y, a n dMyer, referring to funds the community organizing for aorganization needs to function that are teenagernot provided by Congress. The funds · Provide school supplies, food,donated through CFC help provide and medical care for AIDS orphanschildcare, emergency food and in Africavolunteer recognition programs, · Provide two hearing aids foramong other things, Tuddenham said. low income, hearing-impaired HERE Without ACS, “all of these things people this yearwe do just wouldn’t happen,” she said. · Support a mobile clinic in To receive CFC funds, remote rural area for an entire dayorganizations must meet strict · Provide a student with lunchstandards – they must have tax- at school each dayexempt non-profit status; they must · Bring a waiting American childprovide service, benefits or assistance together with a loving, lifetimeto activities that promote human well- adoptive familybeing; they must spend no more than25 percent of their revenue on For $15 per pay period, you’vefundraising; and they must not got the power to:disclose the names of CFC · Save the life of an abused childcontributors, among other rules. · Provide a homebound AIDS Soldiers and Department of the patient with groceries for a fullArmy civilians can donate to the CFC yearby contacting their local · Help those who are lessrepresentative. fortunate receive an education and “People who donate feel like they a nutritious mealmade a difference,” Tuddenham said. · Open a student’s eyes to the“It helps the people giving and c o n d i t i o n s o f t h e w o r l d ’s p o o rreceiving.” through a short-term mission trip For more information, visit the · Provide a solar energy systemofficial CFC homepage at for an entire villagewww.omp.gov/cfc or CFC Today, an · Help efforts to configureorganization of CFC recipients at compounds so that the childrenwww.cfctoday.org. can take medicines orally as opposed to injectionWhat your donations can do · Provide a scholarship for an For $10 per pay period, you’ve got underprivileged person to travel tothe power to: Central America or Haiti to · Help environmental advocates in document and witness humanNepal draft that country’s first rights abuses, then return to the USstandards for water and air quality to work for change · Improve Medicare coverage for · Make and sustain one school-50 low-income elderly people based mentoring match for an at · Provide 18 hours of training in risk youth
    • Nov. 19, 2004Nov. Page 5Camp Stanley troops get smoked By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson Area I Public Affairs Office CAMP STANLEY — Hundreds of Soldiers from Camp Stanley’s Division Artillery regiments packed the gym Nov. 10 to watch and participate in the Division Artillery tae kwon do and flag football “smoker.” A smoker is when units hold amateur sporting events; in this case, tae kwon do and flag football, officials said. It helps build morale and cohesion among the units within the division. “The battalions have been out in the field a lot lately, so it’s a break from all of that stuff,” explained Command Sgt. Maj. James Sherrill, Division Artillery sergeant major. “Plus, it’s an opportunity for all the different units to compete. Human nature tells us we’re fighters, and in the 2nd Infantry Division, we’re supposed to be ready to fight tonight, so what better way (to have fun)?” Sherrill said they chose to do a tae kwon do event because Division Artillery has a lot of Soldiers who are good at tae kwon do, and they wanted to introduce the sport to newer Soldiers. “Tae kwon do is the national sport of Korea,” he said, “and it’s a precursor to the direction the division is going, as far as combatives. It gives everybody the chance to get involved.” He included the flag football tournament to get more Soldiers involved in the day’s activities. “It’s great,” said Staff Sgt. Scott Thelen, Battery C, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, a contender in the black-belt heavyweight championship. “It brings the entire post together and shows that these guys have fighting spirit. We can’t do it all the time, but Sergeant Major Sherrill is really good at rewarding us.” The 2nd Infantry Division Tae Kwon Do team kicked off the event with a demonstration of many different tae kwon do skills, including forms, self- PHOTOS BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSONPfc. Christopher Chamberlain, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, delivers a kick Nov. 10 to Pfc. Andrew Presley, 1st defense, acrobatics, and breaking wood and marbleBattalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, in the color-belt heavyweight final match at a tae kwon do smoker at Camp Stanley. See “Smoked” on Page 8 First Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment show their skills in the Poomse competition. Pfc. Adam Bruce, 1st Battalion, 15th Field First Battalion,15th Field Artillery Regiment Artillery Regiment, takes a break. Soldiers cheer on their fighters.Spc. Elisha Morphis, 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment, clutches his knee in pain.Morphis was injured fighting in the black belt middle-weight semifinals.
    • 6 Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly NEWS & NOTES New education center opens Warrior Band Vocalist Vocalist Camp Stanley welcomes bigger Staff Sgt. Robert Griffin, Company D, 2nd Battalion, 2nd The 2nd Infantry Division Warrior Band is seeking a Aviation Regiment, agreed. female vocalist. Applicants must be private first classrooms, better facilities “They consolidated the facilities, so now if you’re taking class or higher and have at least six months left in a class, you just go to the education center,” he said. “And Korea. Those interested contact band operations at By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson the classrooms are nicer. It’s a more conducive learning 732-6695 or email: 2idbands3ops@korea.army.mil. Area I Public Affairs Office environment.” After cake and coffee at the education center, guests Commissar y Holiday CAMP STANLEY — The Camp Stanley community kicked moved to Reggie’s Club to attend an education symposium. Schedule off American Education Week Tuesday with the grand Area I education officials held the event to bring together The Camp Red Cloud commissary will be open opening of a new education center. a panel of education experts, community leaders and Soldiers Monday but closed Thursday and Friday in observance Garrison officials gathered to open the new center with a representing units from Camp Stanley. of Thanksgiving. ribbon-cutting ceremony. Education representatives briefed Soldiers on the benefits The facility is now located in the former Camp Stanley available to them through the military, including eArmyU Holiday Meals to Go Post Exchange, which was gutted and redesigned, officials and tuition assistance. Keynote speaker Brig. Gen. Joseph Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Club is selling said. Martz, an assistant division commander, 2nd Infantry Thanksgiving family meals. The meal includes a The U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud invested Division, addressed the education program staff. whole roasted turkey, a glazed ham, cranberry sauce, $230,000 in the project. “Will the education centers be prepared to deal with the candied yams, country-style dressing, giblet gravy, The new facility has three large classrooms, a multiuse changing Soldier population?” he asked, referring to dinner rolls and a pumpkin pie for $69.95. Meals learning facility and sufficient office space. upcoming base closure and troop movements. must be pre-ordered by Monday. “Classroom space is always in competition with storage Martz stressed the importance of continuing to serve the and office space,” said William Kapaku, deputy to the garrison education needs of Soldiers, even if they are only in country 2BCT Memorial Ser vices commander, USAG, CRC. “We’re always looking at where for a few months. Each 2nd Infantry Division chapel will hold memorial we can expand classroom space. Clearly, Camp Stanley leads services for fallen 2BCT Soldiers 3:30 p.m. My challenge to you is threefold,” he said. “First, find the way with the number of college class enrollments, so Wednesday. Many Thanksgiving services will be this renovated center should help the community.” See “Education” on Page 8 postponed until the weekend. Check with your local chapel for more information. Letters to Santa Soldiers can write to Santa at: Santa’s Mailbag 354th OSS/OSW 2827 Flightline Ave. Suite 100B Eielson AFB, AK, 99702-1520 There is no cost for the letters, but self-addressed stamped envelopes or donations made out to “Santa’s Mailbag” to help defray the cost of postage and supplies are accepted. Stand-down Days The 2nd Infantry Division will stand-down to conduct training about safety issues and risk management, on- and off-duty, for the Division Safety Day Dec. 10. The 2nd Infantry Division will stand-down to conduct training about command priorities and messages for New Horizons Day Jan. 11. Junior Enlisted Seminar All Area I sergeants and staff sergeants must attend the Junior Enlisted Seminar 8 – 11 a.m. Dec. 1 at PHOTO BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSON Mitchell’s annex room. Robert Fahs teaches history Tuesday to Soldiers at the new Camp Stanley Education Center. Drinking Age Change The legal drinking age for servicemembers in Korea Equal opportunity instructors change perceptions is now 21. No one under 21 years of age may Area I Public Affairs Office Soldiers used open forums to discuss better understanding of themselves. purchase, possess, consume or be served everything from discrimination to power “If you don’t understand yourself, alcoholic beverages, on or off any military CAMP RED CLOUD — Thirty-nine to different ethnic groups’ experiences. if you don’t know you have biases, installation, in any clubs, or in any military activity U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the “I find the biggest challenge is getting then you may not see when you are in the Republic of Korea. For more information, U.S. Army Soldiers from across Area I rid of stereotypes,” said Master Sgt. treating people differently,” he see U.S. Force Korea Command Letter 46. graduated the equal opportunity course Anthony Pugh, Area I EO advisor. explained. Oct. 29. Batey agreed. “Equal opportunity representatives Thrif t Savings Plan Thrift The course provided an in-depth “I think the first challenge is to get are the eyes and ears of company Civilian and military employees can sign up for, or view of the Army’s equal opportunity people to open up and admit they have commander,” Batey said. “They are a change, their Thrift Savings Plan contribution programs and policies, said Sgt. 1st stereotypes,” Batey said. “After that link for the commander to things amounts during the open season, now through Dec. Class Walter Batey, 501st Corps happens, you get the kind of lively going on in the company he or she 31. For more information, visit www.dfas.mil. Support Group EO advisor. Instructors discussions you hear in there.” may not be aware of.” Holiday Project talked about issues such as sexual “The group discussions were my “We want these Soldiers to make a Area I Army Community Service is conducting the harassment, conflict management, favorite part,” Farmer said. “It really difference,” Pugh said. “We want Annual Holiday Project now through Dec. 15. The religious accommodation and women in made us look within ourselves and them not to be afraid, when they see project provides commissary vouchers during the the military. identify personal prejudices. I didn’t something is wrong, to stand up for Christmas holiday for designated Soldiers with family “They talked about racism and realize it, but to a certain degree, I am what’s right.” members in Area I. Contact your unit commander sexism a lot,” said Staff Sgt. Colanthia both racist and sexist. You don’t realize “Equal opportunity is a way of life,” or first sergeant to make a donation, or contact your Farmer, Headquarters and Headquarters it when you’ve been doing it all your Batey added. “The Army says we are local ACS for more information. Company, Area I. “They broke it down life.” a diverse institution; therefore, we all to help us understand why people have Batey said the most important thing need to get to know who we’re those attitudes.” for Soldiers to get from the course is a working with. It’s the law of the land.”
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 7Firefighters break in new engines By Davld McNally view to aim the water and foam. Area I Public Affairs Office “These will be good for both aviation and wild fire fighting,” CAMP GIANT — Warrior fire Epperson said. stations received three new specialized The trucks cost about $200,000 fire engines Oct. 23 to enhance each, or about 40 percent less than capabilities and replace aging trucks. what they would have cost if Firefighters have spent the last few contracted with a North American weeks training on the vehicle’s unique vendor. The new vehicles replace features. Canadian-manufactured all-purpose The custom-made firefighting firefighting trucks in service since vehicles carry enough foam on board 1987 and 1988. to create more than 3,000 gallons of Epperson said the normal life of a a water and foam mix sprayed from fire engine is 15 years. three independent turrets. “You can’t afford to have “The vehicles are dry-chemical breakdowns when you’re fighting equipped for quick knockdown of fuel fires,” he said. “It could cost peoples’ fires,” said Fire Chief Jerry Epperson, lives.” U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Casey and A Korean company, Starco, the Western Corridor. “They also have manufactured the fire engines at their a 1,000 gallon water tank, automatic Incheon factory. transmission and a closed circuit television camera.” See “Engines” on Page 8 The television camera, mounted on the middle, telescoping turret, sends visual targeting information to a firefighter inside the cab. The turret has a 360-degree range of operation, but more importantly, Epperson said, it provides firefighters with a clear U.S. Army firefighter Choe Song-chol The new Korean-made fire engines cost PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY controls the new fire engine’s turret with a about $200,000 each. Officials said the costWarrior firefighters test the main turret of a new fire engine Monday at Camp Giant. The closed-circuit television feed and computer is about 40-percent less than if they hadvehicle can spray while moving to enhance firefighting operations. display. contracted from a North American vendor.Local fall fair forges Korean American friendship, funBy Pfc. Stephanie Pearson Beth Whipple, aArea I Public Affairs Office Camp Casey family member (left), learns DONGDUCHEON — The city of Dongducheon to make kimchi fromhosted its first Korean-American Friendship Festival a local KoreanNov. 11. woman at a “It’s an honor to be here today,” said Brig. Gen. DongducheonCharles Anderson, an assistant division commander friendship festivalfor the 2nd Infantry Division. “This is a very important Nov. 11. The cityoccasion, which allows us to continue to strengthen hosted the event tothe alliance, share our cultures and join in friendship.” enhance relations The festival began informally at 1 p.m. with the with the U.S. militaryFilipino “Courage Band” playing popular tunes on the community.newly-built stage at Fountain Square in downtownDongducheon. Korean and American passers-bystopped to listen and enjoy the music. Camp Caseyofficials joined local city leaders in an officialceremony to kick off the main event at 3 p.m. After the opening remarks, a traditional Koreandance and music group, Edam Pungmul, entertainedthe crowd while American volunteers – includingAnderson and Area I Commander Col. JeffChristiansen – tied on aprons and learned to make PHOTO BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSONkimchi with local Korean ladies. Anderson agreed, saying, “I hope this will be an The night ended with a fireworks display over Local volunteers treated guests to free samples of Dongducheon. annual event, and through this festival we willtraditional Korean foods cooked by locals. The event “It’s good,” said Sgt. Derek Carter, Headquarters continue to strengthen bonds and remain goodcontinued with an amateur singing contest and and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry neighbors.”performances by a latin band, hip-hop dancers, and Regiment. “I think this event helps promote unityguest singers. between Koreans and Americans.” E-mail stephanie.a.pearson@us.army.mil
    • Nov. 19, 2004 8 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm WeeklyEngines from Page 7 “Every fire chief had input into The acquisition of new firefightingconstruction of the trucks,” Epperson vehicles was an Installation Managementsaid. Agency, Korea Region initiative, he said. Epperson said the three new vehicles In the Uijeongbu Enclave, the Campwill go into service at Camp Casey, Red Cloud garrison expects to receiveCamp Stanton and the Korea Training one Starco fire engine next year.Center at Rodriguez Range. Officials said more fire engines are “Over the next six to eight months, on the way across the peninsula aswe will receive another three trucks for funding becomes available.north of the Imjin River, and CampsHovey and Mobile,” Epperson said. E-mail david.mcnally@us.army.milSmoked from Page 5slabs with different body parts. four six-man teams took turns punching After the team finished, competition a stack of up to 30 tiles to see howbegan. The first of the flag-football many they could break with one hit. Thegames kicked off on the football field audience cheered as tiles went flying.while the color- and black-belt First Battalion, 15th Field Artillerysemifinals began in the gym. Soldiers Regiment claimed top honors with thefrom each of the battalions squared off most number of tiles broken.against each other while their units The day ended with the flag-footballcheered from the bleachers. championship game, won by the 6th The athletes and spectators took a Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regimentbreak from the competition for lunch. team, and the colored- and black-beltThe Division Artillery dining facility staff finals.treated Soldiers to a barbecue at the “It was a lot of fun,” said Pfc. Jasoncommunity activity center parking lot. Cornell, the black-belt heavyweight After lunch, the Poomse competition champion. “I like the fact that (thebegan. Poomse is a competition where division) gave us a chance to competeteams of six or more participants move and show off some skills. I hope morethrough various tae kwon do forms in people actually got to see what tae kwonunison. They are judged on their do is all about. We do tae kwon do forprecision and synchronization. The team PT in the morning, but here you get tofrom 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery see what it’s really like. Maybe peopleRegiment took first place in the will take it more seriously now and getcompetition. more involved.” Next came the tile-break competition,a crowd favorite. Each member of the E-mail stephanie.a.pearson@us.army.mil PHOTO BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSONStaff Sgt. Scott Thelen, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment (right), kicks Pvt. TroyKnight, 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, in the black-belt heavyweight finals. from Page 6Educationyour core competence: what you are through the officer candidates schoolbest at. Second, figure out your because he had his associate’s degree.reference points for transformation. “I enlisted as a private first class onAnd lastly, work on more graduate June 3,” he said, “and by Nov. 27, I wasdegree programs.” commissioned a second lieutenant. Representatives from each of the Education has opened more doors for meuniversities offering programs in Area in my life than I can tell you.”I briefed Soldiers on the services Griffin said he was motivated to enrollavailable through their programs, and in some classes now.all encouraged Soldiers to enroll in “I’ve (been) wondering about how toclasses. do it, but never got the chance,” he said. Col. Thomas DeVine, 2nd Battalion, “To be a well-rounded Soldier, I think you2nd Aviation Regiment commander, need education from an outside source.gave a personal testimony. He told the It will also help you in the civilian sectorgroup how, while he was in basic – no one stays in the Army forever.”combat training, he was given theopportunity to become an officer E-mail stephanie.a.pearson@us.army.mil
    • Nov. 19, 2004Nov. Page 9What you need Area II residents attendto know aboutUSFSPA 121st GH health clinic By Sharmon Lebby while running. Assessments such as the running shoeBy Capt. Rochelle M. Howard Area II Public Affairs Office prescription could prevent that.”Yongsan Law Center Although around 50 percent of the attendees were YONGSAN — Under the theme “Fit for Life” more Soldiers, the participants came from all occupations and YONGSAN — The Uniformed than 100 health-minded Area II residents attended a Fitness various degrees of physical health.Services Former Spouse’s Protection and Health Clinic Oct. 29, held by 121st General Hospital’s “There were teachers, spouses, foreigners and even aAct empowers state courts to divide Physical Therapy Clinic. few students from a yoga class attended,” Clarkson said.military retired pay as an asset in Designed to evaluate the participants overall fitness “However, of these there were no more than 60 percentdivorce. potential, the clinic was one of four events that happened presently involved in regular exercise programs.” Congress passed USFSPA in 1982 during October as part of the American Physical Therapy The clinic was created as part of the “Fit for life” themein response to the U.S. Supreme 1981 Association’s Physical Therapy month. of Physical Therapy month.ruling in McCarthy v. McCarthy. The Test stations included a body fat analysis, strength Clarkson emphasized, “This is the first time a healthdecision in the McCarthy case testing, flexibility testing, posture analysis, video gait clinic of this size has been held here at Yongsan Armyprohibited state courts from dividing analysis, running shoe prescriptions and cholesterol Garrison. It was well received and hopefully someone willmilitary retired pay in divorces. testing. These provided a way for participants to maximize take over and do it again after I leave. U S F S PA their fitness performance and reduce their chances of “It is still possible for those that didn’t have the trumps that injury. opportunity to attend the clinic to have these tests done,” decision and “We see people come through the Physical Therapy Clarkson said. “We are trained to do all the assessments, gives state Clinic all the time with knee and ankle pain,” said Maj. so a person could simply ask their provider to send them courts the Erica Clarkson, 121st General Hospital physical therapy to the Physical Therapy clinic to have the tests done.” authority to chief and the event’s organizer. “The problem could be divide military something as simple as wearing the wrong type of shoes E-mail sharmonlebby@yahoo.com retired pay Kimchi! the same as any other m a r i t a l property of Howard the marriage. How am I protected? There is no automatic entitlementto any portion of a former spouse’smilitary retired pay. In simple terms aformer spouse is entitled to apercentage of the member’s militaryretirement pay based on the numberof months they were married to theservicemember while they served inthe military. An example, if you were marriedto a servicemember for 5 years, youwill be entitled to five years worth ofthe servicemember ’s militaryretirement pay. Now, there isabsolutely no way to determine howmuch that would be prior toretirement. The Defense Finance andAccounting Service will determine aspecific formula at theservicemember ’s retirement. As aformer spouse, you would get yourpercentage of the retired pay in amonthly payment. PHOTOS BY NEL DELEON Above — Participants to the 2004 International Kimchi Festival learn the art I thought I had to be married for of Kimchi making. Those who attened recieved the chance to learn how to10 years to get some of my spouse’s make kimchi, the history of it and the latest developments in the kimchi-retirement pay? making industry. This is absolutely not true. Thelength of marriage is irrelevant. Every Right — Participants of the festival included several U.S. Soldiers and theirformer spouse can make a claim on spouses. The festival was Nov. 11-14.their ex-spouse’s military retired pay.Yes, that means a servicemembercould have several claims against theirmilitary retirement pay. See “Act” on Page 10 “A
    • 10 Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area II The Morning Calm Weekly NEWS & NOTES Far East District mourns death of employee Commander’s Hotline By Chong Yun Kim a non-selfish was honorably discharged as a A Commander’s hotline e-mail address, Far East District Public Affairs Office and loyal master sergeant in 1982. areaiitownhall@korea.army.mil, is available. For employee In 1983, he returned to the ROK more information, call 738-5017. YONGSAN — The Far East committed to become the Sub-Regional District, U. S. Army Corps of a n d Administrator for Central Texas New Hours at Yongsan Yongsan Engineers, is mourning the loss of dedicated to College. He resigned from CTC in Commissary one of its dedicated employees, completing July 1984 to begin working with the Yongsan Commissary new holiday hours. Thomas “Tom” Louis Knipper, who any mission U.S. Army Engineer District, Far Monday Open 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. worked for the U. S. government tasks,” East as a Funds Control Technician. Nov. 25 - 26 Closed for more than 40 years. He died Born on Knipper He r em ai ned wi t h t he F ar E ast Dec. 20 Open 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. from a heart attack on Oct. 27. March 5, District until 1998 when he returned Dec. 24 Open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. “To me, Tom was not merely a 1942 in Richmond, Indiana, to the United States. to work at Fort Dec. 25 Closed colleague but somebody I can truly Thomas Louis Knipper entered Hood. A year later he returned to Dec. 27 Open 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. c a l l a f r i e n d , ” s a i d R i c h a r d F. military service on April 15, 1959 the Far East District, U.S. Army Dec. 31 Open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Schiavoni, Chief, Engineering at the age of 17. While in the Corps of Engineers, where he Division during the memorial m i l i t a r y, h e w o r k e d v a r i o u s worked in the Resource Jan. 1 Closed service held at the Yongsan South positions such as a personnel Management Office as a Budget Post Chapel Nov. 3. “We talked sergeant and administrative Officer and in the Engineering ACAP Briefing about anything and everything. Tom specialist. During his military Division as a Program Analyst. If your unit is in Area II and you would like an was always there where people service travels, he was assigned to Thomas Louis Knipper is ACAP briefing at your facility, contact the ACAP need help. He was a good father Vi e t n a m , R e p u b l i c o f K o r e a , s u r v i v e d b y h i s w i f e , Yo n H u i manager, Laddie Broz. Briefings usually last about having raised an adopted daughter Germany and Fort Hood, Texas. Knipper, two daughters and two one-half hour depending on unit participation. After 23 years in the Army, Knipper sons. to high school graduation and also They can be held 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 738-7322. Provost Marshal hosts law enforcement conference Army Substance Abuse By Pfc. Van M. Tran Campbell also spoke about the strong relationships Program 8th Military Police Brigade Public Affairs Office between military and civilian law enforcement communities Army Substance Abuse Program provides and how that relationship helps the servicemembers across comprehensive substance abuse treatment as YONGSAN — Provost Marshals and law enforcement the ROK. well as prevention training and education for all leaders from around the Republic of Korea attended the “The intent of the conference was to inform Provost residents in Yongsan and Area II. ASAP is located 3rd Annual U.S. Forces Korea Provost Marshal Law Marshals and law enforcement leaders from across the in Building 5531. For more information, call 736- Enforcement conference Nov. 9-10 at the Dragon Hill p e n i n s u l a o f t h e U S F K P r o v o s t M a r s h a l ’s 5060. Lodge. accomplishments, status of current initiatives, and to “(We are here) to foster and harden relationships formulate the way ahead through a forum of Post Offices Open on USFK between both civilian and military law enforcement networking and personal communication among their Training Holidays agencies, strengthen force protection and establish good peers,” said Lt. Col. Howard Hunt, 8th MP Brigade Army Post Offices will be opened on the following relationships with our allies,” said Col. Falkner Heard, 8th spokesperson. USFK Training Holidays, November 12 - 26. For Military Police Brigade commander and Combined Forces The law enforcement conference also promotes more information, contact your local post office. Command, USFK, and 8th United States Army Provost interaction in resolving critical issues within law Marshal. enforcement entities in the Korean theater and creates New Hours at Collier Field Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell, 8th U.S. Army an environment for timely and effective communication House commanding general, was the guest speaker for the across military service components, said Hunt. The new hours at Collier Field House are 5 a.m. conference. He spoke about the many roles of the law Many topics and training events were discussed - 11 p.m., Monday - Friday and 24 hours a day on enforcement community and of its importance. throughout the two-day event including issues such Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. “The importance of the law enforcement community as human trafficking, prostitution, counterfeiting, in Korea cannot be overstated. The most important thing customs and traffic regulations. Rock ocket W arrior R ock et is that we train our Soldiers to ‘fight tonight,’” said E-mail van.m.tran@korea.army.mil The Engagement Skills Trainer on Camp Stanley Campbell. is located right beside the Thunder Inn Building 2249. The EST offers training on a Act from Page 9 variety of weapons systems; M-16A2, M-203, The 10-year requirement is for At your ex-spouse’s military are paid a portion of the AT-4, M-9, M-4, M-240 and the M-249. It direct payments from DFAS. The retirement, a former spouse will need servicemember’s retirement pay, these also offers a variety of real life situations; claim will still have to be processed to again petition the court to obtain a monthly payments will continue until night firing, NBC firing, close combat, the same. However, if you were court order granting the former the servicemember’s death. military police scenarios, and plenty of other married for at least ten years DFAS spouse’s entitlement to the military training scenarios. The EST is usually open will send you your payment, not the retirement pay. The court order must Why is USFSPA important? from 9 a.m to 4 p.m Monday- Friday. Call servicemember. either provide a percentage amount of Not everyone agrees with USFSPA, Staff Sgt. Staley at 732-4606, 732-5353 or the military retirement pay or a fixed especially servicemembers who may go to Public Folder, Korea Public Folder, How do I make a claim against my dollar amount of the military retirement have to give up some of their military Unit Folder, 2ID Folder, DIVARTY Folder, ex-spouse’s military retirement pay. This court order will be provided retirement pay. This Act is a protection for DIVARTY S-3 Folder, EST Folder and Usage pay? to DFAS along with the application. former spouses to have some entitlement at Calendar for more information. This process starts at divorce. DFAS will take it from there.. divorce. However, some spouses negotiating DFAS will only process an application divorce can use their entitlement to the Pet Care Center under USFSPA with a court order If I am awarded a portion of my ex- servicemember’s military retirement pay as after the servicemember retires. This spouse’s military retirement pay, a negotiating point. To have a most effect Customers going on permanent change of can be the divorce decree or a later how am I paid? divorce, every asset of the marriage will need station or having other emergencies may make court order that an ex-spouse obtains. Monthly payments will begin 90 to be negotiated at divorce; this includes a special arrangements with the Pet Care Center However, a former spouse’s rights days after the servicemember ’s former spouse’s rights under USFSPA. for early, late, holiday or normal closing for under USFSPA are only an entitlement, retirement. However, again, if you For more information about USFSPA call early pick-up from the Pet Care Center. Pick- they are not guaranteed. Therefore, if were married for less than ten years, the Area II Law Office at 738-6841 or go to up from the Pet Care Center is the only service during the divorce you waive your right the servicemember is required to send http://www.dfas.mil/money/garnish/ that will be provided on authorized closing to make a future claim to this you your monthly payment. If you fsfact.htm or http://arpc.afrc.af.mil/ja/ days. For more information, phone the Pet entitlement at your ex-spouse’s were married for over 10 years to the usfspa1.htm. Care Center at 736-6426 or the POC at 738- retirement, you will have lost your servicemember, DFAS will send your 5254. E-mail rochelle.howard@korea.army.mil entitlement. monthly payment. In addition, if you
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 11Bush, first lady visit wounded Soldiers Experience Greater SeoulBy Patricia McAllister Fallujah area right now, and our prayers are withArmy News Service the Soldiers and their loved ones as they’re doing Tours USO Tours the hard work necessary for a free Iraq to WASHINGTON — President George W. Bush emerge,” he said. “There are still terrorists there Korean Folk Village tour – 8 a.m. - 4:30and first lady Laura Bush visited about 50 patients who are trying to stop the march of freedom.” p.m.Nov. 9 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. “We wish our troops all the best and Godspeed Insadong Night Tour – 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. “Every time I come to Walter Reed I’m struck to them,” he said as he and the first lady Jejudo 3 days, 2 nights Tour. Thursday -by the courage and bravery of our men and departed the hospital. Nov. 27.women who wear the uniform,” Bush said to Walter Reed has treated more than 3,612 For more information, call the Seoul USOreporters and photographers gathered outside the patients from Operation Iraqi Freedom since the office at 02-792-3380 or go www.uso.org/korea/medical center. “It’s such an honor to meet the war began, 868 of whom have been battletroops who are wounded. And it’s so uplifting casualties. Of the 868 battle casualties, 674 have Tour Royal Asiatic Tourto see their spirit, their drive to become been treated as inpatients and 194 as outpatients.rehabilitated, their love of their country, their Currently 46 Soldiers are admitted to the hospital Land of Exile Tour (South Chollado) –support of the mission.” as inpatients. Saturday and Sunday The president said he was moved by the Ch’or won Bird Watching Tour – Saturdaypatients’ family members he met earlier in theday. Rags to riches Puyo and Kongju Tour; The Kingdom of Paekche – Sunday “Laura and I spent time with the moms and Inner Soerak & South Soerak Rhapsodydads and husbands and wives of those who are Tour – Nov. 27-28wounded, and I was struck by just the patrioticsense that they have … their strong support for For more information, call 02-763-9483 ortheir loved ones.” see Web site about Royal Asiatic Society events. Bush also praised Walter Reed and its staff.“Every time I come to the hospital, one of the Entertainmentthings I try to determine is whether or not ourtroops and their families are being treated with Concert – The charity concert ‘Love Flutefirst-class care,” he said. He added that it’s Concert’ will be performed 3 p.m. Sunday in theimportant for the decision-makers in Washington concert hall at Seoul Arts Center. For moreto know injured troops immediately receive the information, call 02-3472-4480care they need and deserve. PHOTO BY PVT. SEO KI-CHUL Exhibition – The universal design exhibition “I want to thank the generals, the doctors, (from left)Sgt. 1st Class Julio Correa, 6th Battalion, 37th will be 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. until Dec. 12 in Hangaramthe nurses for running this hospital,” Bush Field Artillery Regiment; Sgt. Efrain Garcia Jr., 41st Signal Design Museum at Seoul Arts Center. For morecontinued. “It’s such a comforting sense for me Brigade Command; Sgt. Maj. Troy Welch, 8th U.S. Army information, call 02-580-1648to be able to tell a loved one, your person hurt, command sergeant major and Staff Sgt. Fernando Rentas, Opera – ‘L‘elisir D‘amore‘ will beyour loved one will get the best care possible.” 18th Medical Command, with the1st place trophy and cash performed weekdays - 7:30 p.m. / Sunday - 4 After visiting the wounded, the president prize of $8,000 for winning the All-Army Battle of the Bands p.m. Sunday to Thursday at the Seoul Artsreminded the nation about service members still contest. Correa, Garcia and Rentas are all members of the Center. For more information, call 02-586-5282.in Iraq. “We’ve got troops in harm’s way in the latin sensation, La Orquesta Escencia.
    • Nov. 19, 200412 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Community News community is inviting Soldiers, Quit smoking www.seoultresdias.org or at the South sailors, airmen and Marines to join Smoking Cessation Clinic hosts Post and Hannam Chapels. For more t h e m f o r T h a n k s g i v i n g D i n n e r. new groups every month for 4 one- information, e-mail Sign up to join an American family hour group sessions. Medication is Edward.Salazar1@korea.army.mil or for Thanksgiving. Deadline to sign an option with all four classes. Free Edward.Salazar1@us.army.mil. up is today at the USO Korea. For to participants and self-referral more information, call 724-7781. preferred. For more information, call Prayer Breakfast 736-6693 or e-mail Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. presents “Tis Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Ok.Suh@kor.amedd.army.mil. the Season Prayer Breakfast” at the Inc. Information Seminar Dragon Hill Lodge Mezzanine Bridge, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Meeting for overweight people 8 a.m., Dec. 11. For more will host an “Information We i g h t m a n a g e m e n t s u p p o r t information, call 011-9671-1446. Seminar” to provide information group meetings are 6:30 - 7 p.m. theCommunity Events, about the fraternity to those first and third Mondays of each Bible studyClasses and Meetings interested in becoming members month. For more information, 736- A weekly Bible study, “The Word 2 : 3 0 – 5 p . m . , N o v. 2 7 , a t t h e 3029. and Christian Issues,” 7 - 8:30 p.m. A Korean Opera Army Community Service every Friday at the South Post Chapel. The Seoul Metropolitan classroom, Building 4106, Yongsan AFSC looking for volunteers For more information, call 018-310-Government and Korea America South Post. For more information, American Forces Spouses Club is 5178.Friendship Society is sponsoring call 736-7322. looking for volunteers to give backa Korean Opera, 7 p.m. Tuesday t o t h e c o m m u n i t y. F o r m o r e Club Beyond Youth Ministryat the Yong San-Gu Residence Hall. Become a better speaker information, call 738-7327 or 736- Club beyond hosts manyFree tickets for all U.S. Forces Learn to become a better 8119. different activities and Bible studiesKorea personnel. For more s p e a k e r t h r o u g h To a s t m a s t e r s , for High/Middle School agedinformation, call 738-5212. every Tuesday, 7 p.m., held at the Royal Asiatic Society children every week at Yongsan Moyer Community Services Lecture meetings are held in the Army Garrison and Hannam Village. 2ID Chapter meeting C e n t e r, 2 n d F l o o r R e d C r o s s Daewoo Building, 8th Floor (near For more information, call 011- The 2nd Infantry Division conference room. For more Seoul Train Station). For more 9685-4170 or 3785-1954 or e-mailChapter will hold a meeting Today information, call 011-9228-4175 information, call 02-763-9483. youthrev2001@yahoo.com.a t C a m p C a s e y ’s P r i m o s 11 : 3 0 or e-maila.m. – 1 p.m. for all members mnettrour@mailblocks.com. Religious activities Yongsan Baptist Churchbelonging to the Sergeant Audie Toastmasters is a public speaking Yongsan Baptist Church offersMurphy Club, General Paik, and club; dedicated to improving M e n ’s S p e a k i n g Tr e s D i a s Tuesday Bible study 7 p.m.,Dr. Mary E. Walker associations. m e m b e r ’s p u b l i c s p e a k i n g a n d Weekend Wednesday service, and 11 a.m. and leadership abilities. You can find The 43rd Men’s English speaking 6 p.m. Sunday services, For more Thanksgiving Dinner for out more about Toastmasters, by Tres Dias will be Dec. 2-5, at the information, call 011-731-0573, e-Service members v i s i t i n g t h e i r We b s i t e : h t t p : / / Religious Retreat Center. Obtain mail pastor@yongsanbaptist.org or The American civilian www.toastmasters.org. applications on-line at go to www.yongsanbaptist.org.
    • Nov. 19, 200414 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Movies The Morning Calm Weekly Nov. 19-25 Nov. Sky Captain Cellular Cellular Ray Ray Hero Hero and the World of Tomorrow Anacondas: Napoleon Surviving No Show Hunt for No Show Christmas No Show Paparazzi Blood Orchid Dynamite Hero Surviving Surviving Wimbledon No Show No Show No Show Christmas Christmas Sky Captain Ray and the World Ray Hero Hero The Polar The Polar of Tomorrow Express Express Surviving Vanity Fair Cellular No Show No Show No Show No Show Christmas Sky Captain Sky Captain Paparazzi Ray Paparazzi and the World Ray and the World Wimbledon of Tomorrow of Tomorrow Friday Night Friday Night Hero No Show Hero Wimbledon Wimbledon Lights Lights The Polar Hero — In a distant war Cellular — A random Wimbledon — Peter The Incredibles — Ray — A musical Express Believing in Express— torn land, a ruthless wrong number to his cell Colt is an unlucky guy, Once one of the worlds biographical drama of Santa Claus isnt easy emperor is rises to power phone sends a young man scoring “love” both top crimefighters fought American legend Ray when all of your friends and with an iron fist and his into a race against time to professionally and evil and saved lives on a Charles. Born in a poor family insist hes just massive armies. To control save a womans life. With personally. He manages to daily basis. But fifteen town in Georgia, Ray make-believe. A boys faith everything, he will stop at no knowledge of Jessica score a wild card, allowing years later, he and his wife Charles went blind at the is rewarded one nothing. In ancient China, Martin (Kim Basinger) him to play in the have taken on civilian age of seven shortly after Christmas Eve when hes before the reign of the first other than her hushed, prestigious Wimbledon identities. Itching for witnessing his younger awakened by a steam train emperor, warring factions panicked voice on the other tournament. There, he action, the sidelined brothers accidental death. that pulls up in front of his plot to kill the most powerful end of the tenuous cell meets and falls in love with superhero gets his Inspired by a fiercely house and takes him and ruler. International action phone connection, Ryan American tennis star. chance for a top secret independent mother who other children to the North star Jet Li is a fearless (Chris Evans) is thrown Fueled by his newfound assignment. Now, with the insisted he make his own Pole to meet Santa. Its all warrior with no name on a into a world of deception luck, love and on-court fate of the world hanging way in the world, Charles computer generated mission of revenge for the and murder on his frantic prowess, he works his way in the balance, the family found his calling and his images based on live- massacre of his people. search to find and save up the ranks of the must come together and gift behind a piano action motion-capture her. Jessicas life is in his tournament players and once again find the keyboard. actors. hands, but what is waiting actually stands a chance fantastic in their family life. for him on the other side of of fulfilling his lifelong the line, and what will it dream of winning the cost him to find out? mens singles title. Black Cloud No Show Black Cloud Suspect Zero No Show No Show No Show The The Hero Hero Wimbledon Wimbledon After the Incredibles Incredibles Sunset No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Ray Cellular Hero The Cellular Hero No Show Incredibles Sky Captain Sky Captain The and the World and the World Hero Hero No Show Wimbledon of Tomorrow Incredibles of Tomorrow The The The Wimbledon Wimbledon After the After the Incredibles Incredibles Incredibles Sunset Sunset Hero Hero Hero Hero Hero After the After the Sunset Sunset Sky Captain Sky Captain Hero Hero Hero and the World and the World Napoleon Napoleon of Tomorrow of Tomorrow Dynamite Dynamite
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Chaplain Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 15Stress: How tightly are you wound up?Chaplain (Col.) Rick Garrison stress and something might snap! for everyone to see, then nodded at the conductor19th Support Command Chaplain This reminded me of an account by author and to begin the encore, and then with a look of Pastor Charles Swindoll of a performance by the confidence, he smiled, and shouted, “Paganini and CAMP WALKER — Stress is part of life—in colorful 19th century gifted violinist, Nicolo Paganini. one string!” Then placed the single-stringedalmost every facet of our existence we feel its effect. He was performing before a packed house, playing a Stradivarius beneath his chin and played the finalWe probably won’t ever escape its influence, but we difficult piece of music. Suddenly one string on his piece on one string, as those watching sat in silentcan stop its negative impact by maintaining a positive violin snapped and hung uselessly from the instrument. amazement.attitude that accompanies a life of faith. In fact, if Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He frowned In the Old Testament book of Lamentations, themanaged properly, stress can have a positive role in but continued to play, improvising beautifully. author reminds us of a stress-managing truth:our lives. To everyone’s surprise, a second string broke, and “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not I recently took on a new challenge—learning to then a third. With three broken strings hanging from consumed, for his compassions never fail. Theyplay the guitar. It’s not an easy undertaking, but I am Paganini’s violin, the master completed the difficult are new every morning” (3:22,23).enjoying the process. One thing I noticed right away composition on the one remaining string. A new perspective on stress is about a newis that the strings must be under a certain amount of The audience jumped to its feet and filled the hall attitude. And God is in the business of attitude“stress” for the guitar to play harmoniously. I also with shouts of appreciation. One would think he would adjusting. His promise to those who will receive itnoticed that the strings must be adjusted frequently have walked off stage at that point, angry that he was is a heart and mind renewed daily. May He richlyfor the guitar to stay in tune. Too little stress and the forced to improvise under such stressful bless you with a healthy approach to managing stressinstrument will not live up to its potential; too much circumstances. Not Paganini. He held the violin high as you go about your life today! Worship Area IV/Thanksgiving W orship Services Protestant Collective Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker Thursday 9 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass Memorial Chapel Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Thursday 10 a.m. Thanksgiving Service 10:45 a.m. Camp Hialeah Korean Sunday 6 p.m. Camp Hialeah 121 Hospital Chapel 11a.m. Camp Walker Catholic Thursday 10:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Service Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker K-16 Chapel Apostolic 12:30 p.m. Camp Hialeah Area III Thanksgiving Today 11:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Prayer Luncheon Collective 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker Area II Memorial Chapel 1 p.m. Camp Carroll Monday 11a.m. Interfaith Thanksgiving Service Sunday 2:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Joint Service South Post Chapel Memorial Chapel
    • 16 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Nov. 19, 2004 Feature The Morning Calm WeeklyThanksgiving turkey ... off the grillBarracks dwellers forget to add fresh briquettes at the same time you add the second ! 6 wood chunks (each about 3 inches long) or 6 cups wood chips 3. Place charcoal (about 70 briquettes) on one side of grill andcan create their packet of wood chips. Wood chunks ! 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, ignite; burn until briquettes are throw off enough heat as they burn melted completely covered with light grayown masterpiece to make additional briquettes —Serves 10 to 12. ash. unnecessary. Hickory and mesquite are widely available in chunk and Steps: 4. Meanwhile, spray V-rack withKay Blakley chip form; both work well in this nonstick cooking spray. RemoveDefense Commissary Agency Europe recipe. Hardwood charcoal burns 1. Dissolve salt in 2 gallons water turkey from brine and rinse inside faster and hotter than briquettes, so in large (at least 16-quart) stockpot and out under cool running water be sure to use charcoal briquettes or clean bucket. Add turkey and to remove all traces of salt. Pat T hese instructions are from Cook’s Illustrated website, in this recipe. refrigerate, or set in a very cool turkey dry with paper towels; brush and the entire process has The total cooking time is 2 to 2 spot (between 32ºF and 40ºF) for12 both sides with melted butter. Setbeen home-tested by “yours truly” ½ hours, depending on the size of hours or overnight. If refrigerator turkey, breast-side down, in V-rack.with excellent results. There are a the bird, the ambient space is at a premium thefew precautions you need to be conditions salt in the 5. When coals are ready, place 3aware of, though, before you start: ( t h e solution soaked wood chunks, 3 cups wood! Get the right turkey – one that can chips or 1 wood chip packet on topweighs no more than 12 to 14 of coals. Place disposable drip panpounds. A larger bird will produce on cool side of grill floor. Positionburnt skin and undercooked meat. grill rack over coals and place V-! Don’t stuff the turkey – this rack with turkey over cool part ofwill also lead to burnt skin and grill; open grill lid vent halfway andundercooked meat. Don’t truss cover, positioning vent over turkey.the turkey either, even though the Cover and grill-roast 1 hour.one pictured is trussed — sorryabout that! Leave both the body and 6. Remove lid from grill. Usingneck cavities open so juices can thick potholders, transfer V-rackdrain. bird with turkey to rimmed cookie sheet! Placement of the turkey on the will or roasting pan. Remove grill rackgrill is crucial – hot coals go on one require and add 3 remaining soaked woodside and the turkey goes on the more time chunks or 12 new briquettes andother side, strategically placed over on a cool, remaining wood chips or chipa disposable drip pan. windy day) packet on top of coals; replace! Use a V-rack if you have one and the grill rack.(they sell them at the BX/PX). This intensity ofhelps protect the skin and promote the fire. b e 7. With thick wad of paper towelsslow cooking. So does turning the Check the doubled in each hand, flip turkey breast-sideturkey three times, allowing all sides i n t e r n a l and the up in rack. Return V-rack withequal exposure to the hot coals. temperature in the soaking turkey to cool side of grill so thatAvoid opening the lid or turning the thigh when rotating the t i m e leg and wing that were facing coalsbird any more than instructed. bird at the 1-hour-and-45- shortened are now facing away. Cover and! Brining the turkey helps prevent minute mark. If the thigh is to 4 hours. grill-roast 45 minutes.the meat from drying out and gives nearly up to temperatureit a nice seasoned taste throughout. (the final temperature 2 . 8. Using thick potholders, carefullyDo the brining in the refrigerator, if should be 175°F to 180°F) To w a r d turn V-rack with turkey (breastat all possible, in order to stay safe check the temperature end of remains up) so that leg and wingfrom foodborne illness! Brining “in again after about 15 minutes. If the brining time, soak wood chips/ that were facing coals are nowa cool spot for 12 hours or thigh is still well below temperature chunks in bowl with cold water to facing away. Insert instant-readovernight” as the instructions (145ºF or cooler) don’t bother cover for 1 hour and drain. thermometer into each thigh tosuggest, really worries me. My checking the bird again for at least Alternatively, place half the chips on check temperature and gauge howadvice is don’t do it, if you can’t another 30 minutes. 18-inch square of heavy-duty much longer turkey must cook (seecontrol the temperature. aluminum foil and seal to make a note following recipe title, above). Things you’ll need packet. Use fork to tear about six Cover and continue grill-roasting 15! Please use a thermometer to ! 2 cups kosher or 1 cup table holes in foil to allow smoke to to 45 minutes more, untilcheck for doneness! Smoking gives salt escape. Repeat with remaining 3 thermometer inserted into thighthe meat a bit of a pink tinge, which ! 1 turkey (12 to 14 pounds), cups wood chips and another sheet registers 175ºF to 180ºF.makes it close to impossible to tell giblets and neck removed, rinsed of foil; set aside.if the meat “looks” done. An instant thoroughly, and wings tucked 9. Remove turkey from grill,read thermometer is great if youhave one. cover loosely with foil, and let! Total cooking time is about 2 to rest 20 to 30 minutes; carve and2 ½ hours, but expect it to take National Wild Turkey Federation roasting guidelines for a fresh or thawed serve.longer if the weather is cold, windy turkey. Roast at 325 degrees Fahrenheit on the lowest oven rack. So there you have it – completeor rainy. instructions for both the Weight Unstuffed Stuffed traditional oven roasted turkey C harcoal gives you the opportunity to add wood 8 – 12 lbs 2 3/4 – 3 hrs 3 – 3 1/2 hrs and directions for giving that tasty twice—at the outset of 12 – 14 lbs 3 – 3 3/4 hrs 3 1/2 – 4 hrs bird a whole new twist. Decidegrilling and when the bird is turned 14 – 18 lbs 3 3/4 – 4 1/4 hrs 4 – 4 1/4 hrs which method best suits your skillbreast-side up at the one-hour 18 – 20 lbs 4 1/4 – 4 1/2 hrs 4 1/4 – 4 3/4 hrs level and give it a try. You’ll seemark—for a stronger smoke flavor. 20 – 24 lbs 4 1/2 – 5 hrs 4 3/4 – 5 1/4 hrs just how easy it is to turn out aIf you’re using wood chips, don’t masterpiece of a turkey!
    • 18 Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly MWR The Morning Calm Weekly Youth soccer homecoming a success By Mike Mooney at Soldier’s Park,” Watson said. “The Area III MWR Marketing four older groups then played an exhibition game among themselves, CAMP HUMPHREYS — More than giving everyone the chance to see the 100 Camp Humphreys Youth and kids in action.” Parents gathered at Soldier’s Park last Special guests were members of the Pro Shop Sale week, celebrating the first Camp 527th Military Intelligence Brigade, The Camp Red Cloud Pro Shop is having a sale on Humphreys Youth Soccer PHOTO BY MIKE MOONEY winners of both 8th U.S. Army Soccer Homecoming. Children in the 11-12 year-old division wait for and Flag-Football titles this year – the clothing, balls, clubs, hats, shoes and accessories “Although we are still basically a the start of their match at Soldier’s Park at first time in the history of 8th U.S. Army now through Nov. 30. For more information, call non-command sponsored area, we do Camp Humphreys. Sports that a single unit had captured 732-6843. have some families and children,” the “football” titles in both sports. Mitchell’s Disc Jockey explained Director of Community a single time. It was really a night to In addition, Headquarters USASA R&B DJ Hollywood performs at Mitchell’s club Activities Dave Watson. remember.” Area III provided an honor guard for Friday and Saturday nights. DJ Hollywood will give “We don’t have enough children to Camp Humphreys fields two soccer the youngsters, marching onto the field you entertainment from 9 p.m. until closing. For run our own sports leagues, so our teams in the 5-6 year-old division, two and presenting both the U.S. and Korean more information, call 732-8189. teams compete in Osan,” Watson in the 7-8 year-old division and one colors to the accompaniment of the added. “They play at Osan every each in the 9-10 and 11-12 divisions. respective national anthems. Football And Wings Saturday and never get the chance to In addition, there are two 3-4 year-old “This was our first Homecoming, Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club screens National play at home. So we put Homecoming teams that play at Camp Humphreys. but it won’t be our last,” Watson said. Football League football games every Tuesday. Buffalo together to give the Camp Humphreys “All eight teams were in action at “A good time was had by all.” wings and beverage specials are offered during the community the opportunity to see all the homecoming, with each team games. For more information, call 732-8189. the kids together at a single location at introduced and marched onto the field E-mail mike.mooney@korea.army.mil Wash Car Wash Ser vice Area I Morale, Welfare and Recreation Service Soldier wins national championship in 2-man bobsled Division offers a 24-hour car wash at Camp Mobile. By Tim Hipps and 14 in the 2005 Verizon 4-man Bobsled National Team The car wash is self-service and accepts 500-won USACFSC Public Affairs Trials at Lake Placid. Capt. Lorenzo Smith III, another coins only. For more information, call 730-3928. member of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program, ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A U.S. Army Soldier has will be a pusher for Holcomb’s quartet. To Thanksgiving To Go earned a spot on Team USA for World Cup competition Camp Stanley Reggie’s club will serve a traditional by driving to victory in the 2005 Verizon 2-man Bobsled E-mail Tim.Hipps@cfsc.army.mil Thanksgiving Day dinner “to go” Thursday. Carry- National Team Trials at Lake Placid, N.Y., Nov. 6 - 7. out service must be ordered by Saturday, and must Spc. Steve Holcomb, a member of the U.S. Army World Heightened awareness be paid for in advance. Tickets are now on sale. For Class Athlete Program from Park City, Utah, combined more information, call 732-5485. with civilian brakemen Curt Tomaseveicz of Omaha, Neb., and Eric Stoddard of Potsdam, N.Y., to post the Playgroups for Children best two-day, four-run cumulative time of 3 minutes, Yongsan Playgroups is now accepting new 52.25 seconds. members. The group plans play dates, educational Holcomb and Tomaseveicz posted runs of 58.29 and activities and field trips for families with infants, 58.25 seconds to win the first day of competition atop four inches of fresh snow. The duo posted the fastest toddlers and pre-schoolers in Yongsan and Hannam two pushes of the afternoon, blasting out of the staging Village areas. E-mail joyner57@hotmail.com for area in 5.15 and 5.16 seconds. They finished with a two- membership information. race winning time of 1:56.54. Spc. Mike Kohn, a 2002 Olympic 4-man bobsled Holiday Bowling Sale bronze medalist from Chantilly, Va., teamed with Ivan Camp Casey Bowling Center is offering a special Radcliff of Houston to finish second Saturday with a holiday sale. Selected items such as bowling balls combined time of 1:56.82, just .32 of a second off the and accessories will be on sale at up to 50 percent time of Holcomb and Tomaseveicz. Kohn also is a off. Sale ends on Dec. 31. For more information, member of the Army’s WCAP. call Camp Casey Bowling Center at 730-4577. One day later, Holcomb and Stoddard posted faster runs of 57.64 and 58.07 seconds. Wr Wa r r i o r Wr e s t l i n g Military drivers occupied three podium spots on the To u r n a m e n t second day of competition. Kohn and Holcomb drove The Warrior Invitational Wrestling Tournament their sleds to first and second places respectively. Airman will be at Camp Casey Carey Fitness Center Mike Bradley of Westerly, R.I., piloted the third-place on Nov. 20. Weigh-ins and medical exams sled with civilian John Caponio of Concord, Calif., aboard. begin at 10 a.m. and the competition begins Kohn, an infantryman who finished runner-up to at 1:30 p.m. For more information, call 730- Holcomb in the two-day competition, teamed with civilian 2322. Alex Sprague of Indianapolis to win the second day of races with a combined time of 1:55.65. Kohn’s driving Financial Management may have provided the winning margin after his team Course started with the second-fastest pushes of the day: 5.17 Army Community Service at Camp Casey offers COURTESY and 5.19 seconds, said Tom LaDue, USA Bobsled PHOTO Personal Financial Management Training 1:30- The Family Advocacy Program is responsible for making its local spokesman. 5 p.m. Nov. 22 at Camp Casey Building 2317. communities aware that abuse is an active part of some military and Holcomb and Stoddard again had the fastest pushes For more information on PFMT, call 730-3107. civilian families’ lives. Throughout the month of October, Area II FAP Sunday: 5.12 and 5.13. They took second place with a combined 1:55.71 clocking. heightened awareness of domestic violence by wearing purple Thanksgiving Dinner ribbons and through one event titled “Couple’s Wellness Night”. Bradley, driving on what he’s considered his “home A homemade Thanksgiving Dinner is available The “Couple’s Wellness Night” was an opportunity to offer married course” since age 8, overcame the eighth-fastest starts from Camp Casey Warrior’s Club 11 a.m.-9 and single couples an evening of free dinner, dancing and to finish third Sunday with a cumulative time of 1:57.50. p.m. Nov. 25. Holiday baked ham, roast turkey, communication enhancement skills. The couples that attended Olympic silver medalist Todd Hays of Del Rio, Texas, French onion soup, garden green salad and were afforded free child care provided by the Yongsan Child did not compete after being named to the World Cup Team buttered corn on the cob are included. For Development Center, and a free photo session compliments of the as a discretionary pick. more information call 730-2195. Visual Information Center. Holcomb, Kohn and Bradley will drive again Nov. 13
    • Nov. 19, 2004Nov. Page 21 PHOTOS COURTESY OF BETTY AND BOB HUMPHREYSA new sign hangs over Camp Humphreys on April 20, 1962, the day the camp was dedicated in honor of Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin K. Humphreys.Searching for HumphreysSearc for Humphre from Page 1Air Force and used to joke that he Humphreys” sign. Dirt roads led in and“defended New Jersey from invasion out of the post under the large sign.during the Korean War.” Those pictures, viewed on special “Uncle Ben was a friendly, easy- occasions, were all the family knewgoing guy,” said Bob, a civil engineer about Camp Humphreys, the last dutywith the National Park Service’s Office station of a man they knew as husband,of White House Liaison for 28 years. “I brother, uncle and Chief Warrant Officerremember vividly the day he showed 2 Benjamin K. Humphreys.me his helicopter at Fort Devens, Mass., “We never really knew much aboutduring a family visit.” Camp Humphreys,” said Bob. “We were “Later, when on his way to Korea, honored, yet surprised, that they namedhe stopped in Baltimore to see my family it for Uncle Ben. He wasn’t a war hero.”and gave me his pilot’s helmet, which Over the years, the family’s curiosityhad been replaced with a newer version. grew about the accident and the base Betty Humphreys poses for a portrait in Chief Warrant Officer 2 Benjamin K. HumphreysI still have it today.” that became part of the legacy of the November 1996 at the age of 60. Today, she is was captured in this painting hung at the Camp Humphreys went to flight school at man they loved. 74-years-old. Humphreys headquarters after his death..Camp Wolters, Texas and Camp Rucker, Around Christmas 1998, Bob andAla., graduated, pinned warrant officer Betty, then 68, were talking about Ben “She just wanted to know if the Bob. “In January 2000, my son foundinsignia on his uniform collar and was and decided to contact the chaplain who plaque and portrait were still there,” a Camp Humphreys Web site that hadassigned to the 93rd said Bob. “After all those years, she some historical information about theTransportation felt she was also ready to see camp. It was the first time we everCompany (Light “We never really knew much about photographs of the accident and from saw any significant information aboutHelicopter) (H-21) at Camp Humphreys . . . We were the final accident report learn more Camp Humphreys.”Fort Devens, Mass., about what had happened.” Some of the information was wrongwhere he was honored, yet surprised, they named it MacIntyre initiated a Congressional and Betty wanted to have it corrected.commended for for Uncle Ben. He wasn’t a war hero.” inquiry on Betty’s behalf. It navigated On Jan. 27, 2000, they contacted Bobperformance for his —Bob Humphreys, nephew through layers of military Warner, Area III command informationfirst assignment as an administration, finally making its way officer, whose e-mail address wasofficer and an Army to Korea. linked to the Web page.aviator. had officiated at the memorial service In July 26, 1999, Camp “Warner was pleased to learn we In May 1961, he was assigned to and had sent a letter of condolence. Humphreys public affairs officer were family members of WarrantKorea to fly missions and perform duties “On Dec. 26, I sent an email to a Chuck Mustin wrote to Betty telling Officer Benjamin Humphreys andas a special services officer. Chaplain Doug Carver to find out how her that the original portrait of her offered to correct inaccuracies on the Humphreys had been in Korea for to reach Chaplain Gray,” Bob said. “It husband in the headquarters had been Web page,” said her nephew. “We wereabout six months when the tragic got pushed up the line and we got an lost due to “many changes” at the finally able to have a two-way dialogaccident occurred. email back from another army chaplain camp. He asked her to send a photo with someone actually at Camp “Naturally, the family was distraught. suggesting how we should proceed.” so a replacement portrait could be Humphreys.”We buried him and Aunt Betty tried to They also searched the Internet, painted. The dialog ended unexpectedly afterget on with her life,” said Bob. said Bob, and came up with 1,100 Mustin transferred from Korea and only a few e-mails. “One of her cherished possessions Charles Grays, too many to contact. contact ceased. “We didn’t know why. We just didn’tis a maroon lacquered album with an Unable to find Gray, the family In August 1999, the Pentagon hear anything else,” said Bob, who lateroriental design the officers sent with wrote to North Carolina Congressman Special Actions Branch sent a letter learned that Warner had transferred tophotographs from the Camp Mike McIntyre asking for assistance to Congressman McIntyre instructing a new job in Hawaii.Humphreys dedication ceremony,” said in obtaining a copy of Ben’s personnel Betty how to get a copy of her late For nearly four years, the family’sBob. “There were pictures of soldiers file, the whereabouts of Chaplain husband’s personnel file from the search for information about Campgathered for the ceremony and shots Gray, the current location of the Army Records Center in St. Louis, Humphreys was on hold.of the monument and plaque built by dedication plaque and portrait and who Mo. The branch was unable to locatethe post headquarters.” they might contact at Camp Chaplain Gray. Next week: Paths cross and history Bob said there was also a photo of Humphreys to learn more about the “We were getting more and more is updated as Area III officials findthe main gate with a large “Camp camp. curious and did more research,” said family of camp’s namesake.
    • 22 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Nov. 19, 2004 Area III The Morning Calm WeeklyNEWS & NOTES Class for Latchkey Kids“Safe on My Own,” an American Red Crossclass for children ages 10-11 whosometimes spend time at home bythemselves after school while parents work,is being offered from 10 a.m.-noontomorrow at the American Red Cross. Costis $10. Pre-registration is required. Forinformation, call 753-7172. Retiree Spouse BriefingThe Area III Retiree Council will host abenefits briefing for all spouses and widowsof retirees from 1-3 p.m. Sunday at theCamp Humphreys Community ActivitiesCenter. Jack Terweil, a retirement servicesofficer, will conduct the briefing. A healthscreening will also be available for retirees.For information, call 753-8401. Officiating ClinicArea III Morale, Welfare and Recreation willsponsor a basketball officials and coachesclinic at 10 a.m. Sunday in the MWRconference room in building 252. Forinformation, call 753-8810 or 8811. Turk ey Trot slated urkey TrotThe Turkey Trot five and 10-kilometer runs will be PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISheld at 8 a.m. Thursday at the Camp Humphreys Pegasus Grill manager Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Fayette put finishing touches on a “Horn of Plenty” made of dough while Pfc. William Bashorepost gym. Registration begins at 7 a.m. For more watches. Fayette won’t say what other Thanksgiving surprises are in store.”You’ll have to come to dinner to find out,” he said.information, call 753-8810. Turk urkey Area III Turk ey BowlThe Area III Turkey Bowl flag football games Surprises planned for Thanksgivingwill be held tentatively beginning at 10 a.m. Area III Public Affairs Office asked his wife to send special decorating Dinner: 4-5:30 p.m.Thursday at Soldiers Park on CampHumphreys. Teams from Camp Humphreys, tools so he could add a nice touch to cakes. CAMP HUMPHREYS — Ssshh! Don’t “We don’t get to do special arrangements Pegasus GrillCamps Eagle and Long, and Suwon Air Base tell anyone. There are plenty of surprises like this every day,” he said. 194th Maintenance Battalionwill complete. For more information, call planned for Thanksgiving Dinner at all Area Master Sgt. Jeff Chatman, the 501st Breakfast: 8-9 a.m.753-8810. III dining facilities. Military Intelligence Brigade food service Lunch 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. “This is our Olympics and we are going supervisor, said the entire staff at the Flaming Dinner: 3:30-5 p.m. Tours USO ToursThe following tours have been scheduled by USO all-out,” said Area III Food Service Manager Dragon dining facility operated by the 527thIn-Country Leisure Travel. For details, call 753- Master Sgt. Rodney Matthews. Military Intelligence Battalion at Camp Confinement Facility6281. Not only are dining facility staffs Humphreys will get into the act. 249th Military Police Company! DMZ and tunnel tour, Nov. 20 determined to impress Soldiers and guests “Our 52 staff members, which includes Breakfast: 7-8 a.m.! Yoju pottery tour, Nov. 20 with culinary treats; they’re determined to 20 Soldiers and 32 Korean employees, start Lunch: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.! Mt. Kwanak hiking tour, Nov. 21 impress themselves. preparing a month before Thanksgiving,” Dinner: 3-4 p.m.! Jeju Island tour, Nov. 25-27 “Judges will be visiting each dining facility said Chattman. “Soldiers, family members,! Seoul Land Amusement Park, Nov. 28 to see which one is decorated the best,” said commanders and distinguished guests will Flaming Dragon Matthews. all come to dinner. We want this to be their 527th Military Intellilgence Battalion Post Office Hours Like the Olympics, the top three winners home-away-from-home.” Breakfast: 7 a.m.-8 a.m.The Camp Humphreys post office will be open will receive gold, silver or bronze medals and Matthews said each dining facility is Lunch: 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.and additional hour Monday-Friday from a trophy will also be presented to the best. preparing to serve more than 600 people. Dinner: 5- 6 p.m.Monday to Dec. 17. Operating hours will be 10 What’s in the works to win the trophy is “We’ve ordered more than 1,000 poundsa.m.-6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and why things are top secret in each dining facility of turkey, 500 pounds of ham and 2,000 Camp LongFriday, 1 p.m.-6 p.m. on Thursday, and 9 a.m.- long before Thanksgiving. cans of sweet potatoes,” he said. Long Café1 p.m. on Saturday. “We had an Asian theme last year, Steamship round of beef, shrimp, U.S. Army Area III Support Activity complete with a dragon display,” said Sgt. dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and a Breakfast: 7-8 a.m.Customers mailing large amounts of items are 1st Class Jeff Fayette, who manages the variety of vegetables, breads, deserts and Lunch: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.encouraged to make appointments. Pegasus Grill at Camp Humphreys. beverages will also be served. Dinner: 3- 4 p.m.Appointments can be scheduled between 9 Asked what his theme will be this year, Meal card holders are not charged fora.m.-10 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Fayette said, “Can’t tell. You’ll have to come the meal. All other guests and visitors will be Camp Eagleor Friday. For information or to schedule and to dinner to find out.” charged $5.40. Family members of Soldiers Wings of Eagleappointment, call 753-6563. Fayette did reveal a “Horn of Plenty” he E-4 and below will be charged $4.60. Company G, 52nd Aviation Regiment was making from dough. Watching over his Matthews said formal attire is required Breakfast: 8-9 a.m. News & Notes Deadlines shoulder was Pfc. William Bashore, a food for the lunch meal, except for Soldiers on Lunch: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.The deadline for submitting items for News & service specialist who has been in the Army duty, who may wear their normal work Dinner: 3:30-5 p.m.Notes is Friday each week for publication the for 18 months. This will be his second uniform.following Friday. Requests should include who, Thanksgiving preparing food in an Army Dining facility hours on Nov. 25 will be: Suwon Air Basewhat, when, where, a contact phone number and dining facility. Camp Humphreys Land of the Morning Calmrelevant additional information. Send requests to Bashore said he was hoping to pick up Blackhorse Inn 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillerydavisst@korea.army.mil. Items will be run on a more culinary arts skills from veteran food 6th Cavalry Brigade Breakfast: 7-8 a.m.first-come, first-served space-available basis. service specialists during the holidays. Breakfast: 6-7:30 a.m. Lunch: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Fayette, with 18 years in food service, even Lunch: Noon-3 p.m. Dinner: 3-4 p.m.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area III Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 23 Soldiers from the 194th Maintenance Battalion line up for flu shots at Camp Humphreys. Units line up for flu shots Area III Public Affairs Office Health Clinic. Commanders or first sergeants can also e-mail requests CAMP HUMPHREYS — Flu shots to Endres at are available for Camp Humphreys units michael.endres@kor.amedd.army.mil. PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS and Soldiers have been lining up to get Maj. Mickey Machado, officer inArea III Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. bids farewell to local ministers after their first them. charge of the clinic’s prenatal programspiritual outreach luncheon Nov. 10. Another meeting is planned for next month. “Units that still need to schedule flu and assistant officer-in-charge of the clinic, said units already scheduled forSpiritual outreach program begins at Humphreys shots should contact the clinic as soon as possible,” said Capt. Mike Endres, smallpox vaccinations will also get the chief nurse at the Camp Humphreys flu shot at the same time.Area III Public Affairs Office Ahn, a Korean-American chaplain Flu shots priorities are: Soldiers; with strong contacts with ministers people 65-years-old and older; children CAMP HUMPHREYS — Area III and church members in Area III. six to 23 months old; women who willhas begun a new spiritual outreach Taliento said the purpose of the be pregnant during the November-program to promote understanding spiritual outreach program is to March flu season; children six monthsbetween Camp Humphreys and local nurture relationships. to 18-years-old on chronic aspirinministers and church members. “We want church leaders to therapy; healthcare workers in direct Area III Commander Col. Michael understand how planned growth at patient care; and out-of-homeJ. Taliento Jr. and Command Chaplain Camp Humphreys will impact their caregivers and those with household(Maj.) Matthew Ahn welcomed local congregations and the entire contact with children younger than sixministers and government officials to community,” said Taliento. months.the first outreach luncheon Nov. 10 He offered to present the People in these categories shouldat the Nitewatch Cafe. Humphreys Master Plan briefing and PHOTOS BY MIKE ENDRES make an appointment with their provider “This was a ‘get acquainted’ an installation tour at their next Maj. John Korby, right, gives flu shots to in order to get a flu shot, Machado said.meeting to start the program,” said meeting. Soldiers Nov. 10 at Camp Humphreys. Walk-ins will not be given flu shots.
    • Nov. 19, 2004 Nov. Page 25TAS Cheerleaders take Far East ChampionshipBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs Office CAMP GEORGE – The TaeguAmerican School Varsity CheerleadingSquad proved that teamwork andcommitment are more important thanexperience by taking first place in thesmall school category at the Departmentof Defense Dependant Schools Far EastCheerleading Competition at CampZama, Japan Nov. 8 – 12. The teamaccomplished the feat with a 10-membercontingent that includes four first-yearcheerleaders. The team also earned a bid to attendthe National CheerleadingChampionships, sponsored by theNational Cheerleading Association, slatedfor Dec. 27 – 28 in Dallas. The Warriors’cheerleaders also won a number ofadditional team awards and eight of theteam’s 10 members were nominated forAll-America honors for their outstandingindividual display of skill, leadershipability and attitude. To earn their bid to the nationalchampionships, the team put together a30-second “Home Cheer” consisting ofa verbal cheer, stunts, tumbling andjumps to demonstrate their technicalability and skills. Entrants are scored in PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAMa variety of categories. Teams that score Members of the Taegu American School Varsity Cheerleading Squad performs at a show March 7 at Camp Walker’s Kelly Gym. The team hasthe requisite amount of points receive a earned a bid to attend the National Cheerleading Championships later this year.bid to nationals. “It is easy to come up with a home The competition was integrated into a learned a variety of skills and the camp.cheer, but difficult to perfect,” said cheerleading camp held by the National techniques from camp staffers. They The Warriors proved to beTonya Hagander, who has been the Cheerleading Association. The camp drew were required to incorporate their quick learners, topping the E.J.Taegu American School Warriors’ 110 participants from Korea, Japan and newly acquired talents into a two- King School from Saesebo, Japancheerleading co-coach for three years. Guam. On the first day of the camp, the minute routine made up entirely from that took second place and Osan“We came up with a solid set of words 12 participating teams presented their home materials they learned during the American School that came inthen incorporated the moves, jumps and cheers in an effort to earn a bid to nationals. camp to present at the Far East third.tumbling.” During the ensuing days, participants Competition held on the final day of See “Cheerleaders” on Page 28 Food, festivities to be served up for Area IV Thanksgiving CAMP WALKER — A variety of activities are Trot will be 9 a.m. Nov. 27 at Kelly Fitness Center. Child and Youth Services at 763-3536. slated by various organizations throughout Area IV to Registration will take place 8 – 8:45 a.m. There will be The Area IV installation dining facilities on Camps keep residents busy during the extended Thanksgiving five age categories for each gender for the run. Henry (Building 1320), Walker (Building 338), weekend. For more information on any of the athletic events, Carroll (Building 233) and Hialeah (Building 1030) Daegu Sports and Fitness presents the Area IV call Darryl Chandler at 764-4225 or 764-4800. are presenting special Thanksgiving Day meals 11 Turkey Bowl featuring an all-armed forces flag- football There will be a Camp Carroll community Thanksgiving a.m. – 2 p.m. Thursday. All personnel authorized to tournament, Area IV colonels vs. sergeants major Day service 10 a.m. Thursday at the Post Chapel. Lt. patronize Area IV dining facilities are allowed to volleyball game, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, and 5- Col. William King, commander, 23rd Chemical Battalion, bring guests to enjoy the special meal. In addition, kilometer run and 2-mile walk Turkey Trot. will be the guest speaker. For more information, call all identification card holders are invited as well. ! Area IV Turkey Bowl will be Nov. 27 at Camp Chaplain (Capt.) Steve Ashbrook at 765-8991. Prices are $5.40 for all officers and enlisted Walker’s Kelly Field with the first game starting at 10 The Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker is Soldiers who are not meal card holders, Department a.m. Sign up by Tuesday at the Kelly Fitness Center. offering a Thanksgiving brunch 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Thursday. of Defense civilians, retired military personnel and Coaches’ meeting will be 9:30 a.m. Nov. 27. Prices are $10.95 for those 13 years and older, $4.95 for all guests who are escorted by the Soldiers. The ! Area IV colonels vs. sergeants’ major volleyball 6 to 12 years old and free for 5 years old and under. For discounted rate of $4.60 will apply to family game will be 1 p.m. Nov. 27 at Kelly Fitness Center. table reservations, call 764-4060. members of enlisted personnel in the ranks of E-1 Best three out of five games will win the match. The Camp Hialeah Child and Youth Services is hosting to E-4. Department of Defense civilians, retired- ! Thanksgiving 3-on-3 basketball tournament will a potluck turkey dinner 3 – 6 p.m. Nov. 27. The event is military personnel and all guests who are escorted be Nov. 26-27 at the Kelly Fitness Center. Sign up by open to all Child and Youth Services members and their by Soldiers are authorized to eat in the dining Monday at the Kelly Fitness Center. family members. Participants are requested to bring a facilities. For more information, call Randy Cheniault ! The 5-kilometer run and 2-mile walk Turkey side dish. For more information, call the Camp Hialeah at 768-8180.
    • Nov. 19, 200426 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly NEWS & NOTES U.S., ROK hold joint emergency drill Holiday Mailing Deadlines Your Military Postal Offices remind you to mail early By Cpl. Oh Dong-keun for the upcoming holiday season. Check with your Area IV Public Affairs Office local military post office for mailing deadlines. DAEGU AIR BASE – Fire Workshop Job Inter view Workshop departments do more than just fight The Daegu Army Community Service is hosting a fires. They respond to a wide array of Job Interview and “dress for success” workshop 3 – other emergencies such as vehicle 4 p.m. today at the Army Community Service Building accidents, natural disasters and rescue on Camp Henry. The workshop will acquaint job operations. seekers with the interview process, explain what A joint-training exercise conducted interviewers are looking for, emphasize the Nov. 10 at Daegu Air Base, also known importance of appearance and first impressions, and as K-2 Air Base, by the Republic of more. The workshop is free. For more information, Korea Air Force and U.S. Air Force fire call Lettie Villarosa at 768-7951 or 768-7112. departments there, demonstrated their ability to operate together in response PGA Golf Clinic to non-fire emergencies. Area IV Morale, Welfare and Recreation is hosting a The highlights of the day were a joint golf clinic with Professional Golfers Association players F-4 Phantom aircraft egress exercise Frank Lickliter and Cameron Beckman 9:30 – 10:30 coordinated by the Republic of Korea a.m. Monday at the Evergreen Golf Club on Camp Air Force and a joint automobile Walker. The event is free and is open to everyone. No extrication exercise set up by the U.S. PHOTOS BY CHONG DONG-HO registration is necessary. An autograph session will Air Force. Firefighters use the “ Jaws of Life” to extricate a simulated victim during a simulated vehicle roll- follow the clinic. For more information, contact the During the aircraft egress exercise over accident during a joint training exercise held Nov. 10 at Daegu Air Base.. Evergreen Golf Club at 764-4628. that simulated a fire while landing, firefighters from both departments Department, which is the USAF contract commander, 607th Support Squadron, Consular Ser vices in Busan showed their capability in suppressing fire department, holds similar joint Daegu Air Base. “They have a lot of U.S. Embassy officers will be in Busan in the a fire and safely rescuing an exercises with ROKAF fire department sophisticated and latest equipment and American Corner at Busan Metropolitan Simin Library unconscious pilot from the cockpit as several times a year, according to Lloyd very well trained personnel. I am 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday and Tuesday to provide quickly as possible. Fox, fire chief, Daegu USAF fire confident that they will perform their consular services. American citizens who wish to For the automobile rescue exercise, department. best in case of an emergency.” file applications or get more information about both departments responded to a Before the exercise, fire protection “It was an excellent training overall,” passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, Federal simulated vehicle roll-over accident, capability briefings were conducted by Fox said. “I think the exercise helped Benefits, voting information and notarials, may come using their “Jaws of Life” rescue tool. Fox and Maj. Yi Sung-youl, commander, develop camaraderie between the two in during this time. For more information, check out “Jaws of Life” refers to several types of 11th Tactical Fighter Wing Civil departments and foster a teamwork their Web site at www.asktheconsul.org. piston-rod hydraulic tools known as Engineering Squadron at Daegu Air Base. atmosphere. Senior leaders were also cutters, spreaders and rams, which are The briefings included mission satisfied with the exercise. I believe it Special Movie Showing used to pry open vehicles involved in statements, personnel distribution, was a good opportunity for them to see The Camp Henry Theater will show “Shark Tale” accidents when a victim may be trapped. vehicles and equipment capabilities, and for themselves and evaluate our (PG) 5 p.m. Thursday. For more information, call Yi “I think it was a very well-done firefighter certification and training capabilities.” Hye-kyung at 768-7724 or 768-8670. exercise,” said Capt. Ryan Elliott, levels. The exercise was attended by mission support flight commander, “It was an opportunity for us to share commanding officers from Osan Air Commissar y Schedule 607th Support Squadron. “It was a huge information with our counterparts and Base, led by Brig. Gen. Hwang Won- All Area IV commissaries, including Daegu, Camp success. Both sides worked really well for the senior officers to learn about our dong, commander, 11th Tactical Fighter Carroll, Busan and Chinhae, will be open Monday together, showing the best of our capabilities,” Fox said. Wing, and Col. William E. Moseley, for early Thanksgiving shopping and closed Thursday capabilities.” After the briefings, the attendees commander, 607th Air Support Group and Nov. 26. Check local commissaries for The exercise was organized through viewed displays of both fire departments’ at Osan Air Base, as well as related operational hours. the Republic of Korea Air Force vehicles and equipment. officers from Daegu, including Pelletier. Operations Center Civil Engineering “The displays were very impressive,” Testing Drivers Testing Closure Office at Osan. The Bosong Fire said Lt. Col. Michael Pelletier, E-mail ohdk@korea.army.mil The Camp Carroll Drivers Testing station will be closed on Thursday. For more information, call Ku Sung-on at 765-8117. 5-Kilometer Fun Run Walk and Walk The Area IV Equal Opportunity Office will be celebrating the Indian-Alaskan Native Heritage Month with a 5- kilometer fun run and walk 8 a.m. Dec. 4 at the Camp Carroll gym. Registration begins at 7:15 a.m. For more information, call Master Sgt. Matthew Delay at 768-8972, Sgt. 1st Class Monte Tartt at 768-6764 or Sgt. 1st Class Stephanie Buxton at 768-8542. Tree Christmas Tree Lighting The Area IV Christmas tree lighting ceremony will be 6 p.m. Dec. 6 at the Camp Walker Soldier Memorial Chapel. For more information, call Chaplain (Maj.) Richard Bendorf at 764-5455. Travel During Cur few Curfew Travel between installations and to or from residence and or workplace during curfew hours is authorized for all U.S. servicemembers and civilian workforce according to Paragraph 3 d. (4) of USFK Fragmentary Order #05-01 Firefighters put out a simulated fire and rescue an unconscious pilot from an F-4 Phantom cockpit during a joint training exercise held Nov. 10 at Daegu Air Base.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Nov. 19, 2004 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 27MSC-K refurbishes tanks for service in SW AsiaBy Cpl. Hwang Kyoo-won “The Second Infantry Division, with19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs their deployment of Soldiers, decided they didn’t have the manpower to get these CAMP CARROLL – When he got tanks ready in the period of time required.the call in June, saying a large number This isn’t something we would doof the 2nd Infantry Division’s M1A1 normally,” said Mike Burch, director ofMain Battle Tanks needed to be maintenance at MSC-K. “Normally, therefurbished and prepared to move out vehicles would be scheduled in here forto Southwest Asia, Material Support refurbishment through (General SupportCenter-Korea’s Heavy Equipment and Repair Program), but these tanksDivision Chief, Daniel Wittman knew, came in unscheduled, and we droppedhe and his crew of 40 Korean National everything else to repair them – get thememployees would be putting in a lot of into shoot-move-and-communicateextra effort hours. But they also knew readiness to be used in battle.”how important the mission was. When the tanks are shipped to “We had no problem, because we Southwest Asia, some will be stored inknew how important it was to complete a depot for future use by other troops,the mission,” he said. “(The mechanics) who are coming from the United States,were very ‘hooah’ about it.” Burch said. Others will be swapped for Being “hooah about it” meant five newer tanks, an upgraded version of themonths of 12-hour shifts, seven-days a M1, according to Wittman. PHOTO BY CPL. HWANG KYOO-WONweek at the Camp Carroll facility, Although it was a difficult and time- Fully refurbished and painted M1A1 tanks sit in a shipping yard waiting for transport to Southwestbringing tanks in varying condition into consuming project, Wittman expressed Asia, where they will support combat operations.“10-20 status” – a state of repair that is pride in his work.normally serviced at the crew and direct Now with the task almost complete, combat vehicles. “I feel really good about it, becausesupport level, Wittman said. and the last of the tanks due to leave the While these repairs are generally I’m doing something for my country. It included countless hours of peninsula before the end of November, scheduled as much as a year out, the We make sure we repair thispainting, welding, removing tracks and Wittman is breathing a sigh of relief. tanks, which came from 2nd Infantry equipment to the best of our ability,repairing turret and gun systems, he said. “I’ll be glad when the last of them Division’s deploying 2nd Tank Battalion because we know it’s our sons and “We’ve repaired these tanks to almost are finally gone,” he said, adding that and 2nd Brigade Combat Team, were daughters that are going to war, andbrand new condition,” he added. “Most of the process has been stressful and taxing part of a special program, Wittman said. we want them to have the bestthem were in a pretty bad state of repair, for his employees. These repairs were done on very short equipment,” he said.since 2ID had been using them since they Wittman’s division performs a vital notice, and on top of MSC-K’s normallywere first fielded many years ago.” mission in Korea – repairing the Army’s scheduled maintenance. E-mail hwangk@korea.army.mil
    • Nov. 19, 200428 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyCheerleaders from Page 25 “We are really proud of our team. and realized cheerleading wasn’t asThey really worked hard,” said Hagander ‘girlie’ as they thought, they realizedwho is also a third grade teacher at the what hard work it is and began toschool. “This is pretty much recognize it for the sport it really is,”unprecedented for a team that included Hagander said.four girls who are brand new and have If things work out according to plan,never cheered before. Usually a squad the team hopes to take a co-ed squad tothat goes to nationals has been together the nationals during the holiday break.for several years.” “Being co-ed will make us even One of those “newbies” said she was better,” said senior Angela Cho, who hasexcited to be a part of the team. been cheering for four years. “We will “Dance isn’t offered at TAS and this be able to do better stunts and ouris the closest thing, so I decided to sign routines will be more pleasing to the eye.”up,” said Megan Gardner who has a With the number of honors andbackground in ballet and classical dance awards the team won at the Far Eastand has only been cheerleading for four Competition, it might appear as thoughmonths. “I feel like I’m a part of there isn’t much room left forsomething big. I never imagined I’d be improvement.going to nationals in such a short time.” The Warriors won the Spirit Award PHOTO BY TANYA FERGUSON The team’s other co-coach, Heather that goes to the team that best The Taegu American School Varsity Cheerleading Squad members pose with the hardware theyRobinson, who is also an Area IV exemplifies true team spirit and won at the Department of Defense Dependant Schools Far East Cheerleading Competition.Support Activity substance abuse camaraderie. Fellow camp participantscounselor, sees things from a broader select the Spirit Award. They were also sometimes putting in long nights and ! Jesse Coran*perspective. Spirit Stick winners as the squad practicing on weekends. We are really ! Brittany Ferguson* “We’ve watched the squad build up showing the most sincere spirit and looking forward to showing what we ! Shilla Grammer*over the last four years, not just in enthusiasm throughout the entire can do at nationals.” ! Aimee Hildenbrand*interest and ability but in commitment,” weeklong camp. In addition, they Team members include (* indicates Freshmen:she said. “I knew they would do well. received the Technical Excellence Award All-America nominee) ! Ashlee SharpIn fact, at nationals I expect they will for their superior skills in areas such as Seniors: The Taegu American Schoolwin because of their dedication and motion sharpness, timing, voice ! Angela Cho* Cheerleading Squad won the Koreancommitment to perfection.” projection and others. ! Jenny Jones* American Interscholastic Activities Besides attracting attention, the team “This was a great accomplishment. Juniors: Conference competition 2002/2003 andhas attracted several potential new The hard work has paid off,” said ! Whitney Dalton* 2003/2004 and attended nationals inmembers … boys at that. Whitney Dalton, the team’s captain who ! Megan Gardner* 2002. “We had one boy join during the has been cheering since the third grade. Sophomores:football season and when others saw him “We work hard and stay on task, ! Charlene Clack E-mail PutnamG@korea.army.mil
    • Nov.19, 200430 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “Nae-eel guem-yuhn hahl-guhm-nee-dah.” “I am going to quit smoking tomorrow.” Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘guem-yuhn’ The phrase of the week “Please quit smoking.” . Guem-yuhn hah-sheep-see-oh. quit smoking Please Conversation of the week Guem-yuhn hah-syuh-suh-yo? Ah-jeek-yo. Uhn-jae guem-yuhn hah-sheel-guhm-nee-ggah? (Nae-eel)ae-yo. Juhng-mahl-eem-nee-ggah? Mool-lohn-eem-nee-dah.