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    Morning Calm News 040820 Morning Calm News 040820 Document Transcript

    • The Peninsula-Wide News Publication Volume 2, Issue No. 4 4 No. 44 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Aug. 20, 2004Deadline for CAC loomsuse looms for Ceremony honors pilots’ braver y bravery By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Aviation Brigade commander alsoUSFK members Korea Region Public Affairs Office spoke at the ceremony.By Alex Harrington “This is a difficult time for all of us,”Area II Public Affairs Office ASAN – On Aug. 12, 2003, two 17th Abramowitz said. “It meant a lot to the pilots’ Aviation Brigade pilots stationed at Camp families that the town showed up for the YONGSAN — In less than two Humphreys were conducting tests on their ceremony.”months, all U. S. Forces Korea C-12 Huron when it experienced some Both widows were presented a plaquepersonnel must begin using their trouble in flight. from the vice mayor on behalf of Asan. Thecommon access card to access some The aircraft crashed in a farmer’s plaques were presented for each pilot’snetwork computers and e-mail small field near Asan, a rural community heroism, and steering the aircraft away fromaccounts, according to a USFK located near Camp Humphreys, at about a crowded restaurant during the last fewmemorandum. 2:30 p.m. Witnesses on the ground moments of flight. The Army outfitted its computers reported the aircraft had purposely Afterwards, family members werein the Republic of Korea with a system avoided the built-up sections of town for allowed to walk in the field where the aircraftthat will require an ID card to access the field. crashed. The widows placed roses at thee-mail, said 2nd Lt. Brian Wong, About 40 residents of the city, site as Abramowitz talked with familyofficer-in-charge at the Area II including the vice-mayor, gathered Aug. members privately.Information Center, 201st Signal 11 with former unit members and Asecond serviceAug. 12 at K-16 includedCompany, 1st Signal Brigade. families of Capt. Kevin M. Norman and the unveiling of a monument dedicated to the This will only affect computer and Chief Warrant Officer David W. Snow, PHOTO BY SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMAN pilots.e-mailing systems configured by the two aviators killed in the crash, for a Col. David J. Abramowitz, 17th Aviation Brigade Once again, tears flowed from the familiesindividual unit information memorial ceremony. commander, comforts Brandi, widow of Capt. as the monument with both names inscribedmanagement officers who set up Visibly holding back tears, Norman’s Kevin M. Norman, Aug. 11 at Asan. was for sign in with the card. It widow, Brandi and Snow’s widow, Amy husbands’ and father’s crash site,” Birch Abramowitz said the memorial serves asalso affects all digitally “signed” and and his daughters Emily and Olivia stood said. “We have had our hearts ripped a reminder of the duty that pilots perform,encrypted e-mail. silently as a prayer was offered by Maj. out, but with God’s help healing is which is both “dangerous and risky business.” Korean employees whose job duties Carleton Birch, brigade chaplain. coming.”are required by their commanders to “Welcome to the place of your Col. David J. Abramowitz, 17th E-mail official e-mail or, in some cases,those who work with specializedsoftware applications will be DODEA-Korea changes faces for new school yearauthorized a CAC, said Rick Jones, By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Helen Bailey will become the principal of TAS. Bailey comesinformation management officer for Korea Region Public Affairs to Korea from Yokosuka, Japan where she served as an assistantU.S. Army Area III Support Activity. principal at Kinnick High School. “The little gold chip on the new YONGSAN — About 3,800 kids attending Department of School will open at the Humphreys American Elementaryidentification cards contains important Defense Schools in the Republic of Korea will see some new School with more students and a larger staff than last year, saidinformation for sending digitally faces when they start Aug. 30. Kindergarten and preschool for Donna Kacmarski, principal.“signed” messages and encrypted children with disabilities will start Sept. 7. “We expect to reach a maximum capacity of 153 students,”messages over e-mail,” Wong said. Along with meeting new friends, 107 new teachers will be in Kacmarski said. Army officials issued a six-month the halls because of administrative changes. Last year the school had 99 students, five teachers and aextension after April 1, directing USFK “Most of the new teachers we have coming in are from principal. An English-as-a-Second Language teacher, a healthcommands to issue CACs and CAC outside the country,” said Charles Toth, superintendent of technician and a secretary were added during the school year.readers to all military personnel and DODEA-Korea. “Of the new teachers we have coming in, 59 “This year we will have eight additional staff members,”Department of Defense civilians by are coming from (United States),” Kacmarski said.Oct. 1. Twenty-six teachers are transferring from other positions “Meet Your Teacher Day” and new student and parent Officials at the 1st Replacement and 23 are local hires. orientations will be at various times throughout August. CallCompany said long processing lines Additional administrative changes include the reassignment individual schools for more their ID card office and equipment of Kathleen Barbee from Pusan American School to Seoul For more information about Korea District schools, visitmalfunctions forced officials to push American High School, Keith Henson from SAHS to the Pusan Those who haveback the deadline. school and Ray Paulson from Taegu American School to C.T. questions about specific schools should contact the principal For many, the card’s only purpose Joy Elementary School in Chinhae. Paulson will replace Bud of that school. There are links to schools from the Web site.has been for identification. Other uses Iles who departed the Korea District to become the principal at See Card on Page 10 Bob Hope Primary School at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. E-mail What ’s inside... INSIDE Commentary.............Page 2 Warriors build Supply unit ACS workers make Asia ‘Youth of the Blotters..................Page 2 Year’ wins another News and notes......Page 3 bridge, cross gap receives excellence ‘house calls’ to Movies...................Page 14 award Area III units award Chaplain................Page 15 See Page 6 See Page 9 See Page 22 See Page 26 MWR Events...........Page 18
    • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 2 Aug. 20, 2004 Courts-Martial CommentaryUnited States v. Reese Reese. On Aug. 10, a military judge sitting as a general UFL safety: It star ts with the individual startscourt-martial tried Pvt. Antoine D. Reese from By Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald strenuous physical activities. Countermeasures includeHeadquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 25th Installation Management Agency – Korea Region Director stopping strenuous activities for category 4 and 5 wet-Transportation Battalion. Pursuant to his guilty plea, bulb readings, ensuring water consumption rate is gradualthe military judge found the Soldier guilty of stealing Ulchi Focus Lens provides a great opportunity for the through out the work period, scheduling strenuous worktwo personal checks from his barracks roommate; forging command to hone warfighting skills in a combined forces during the cooler periods of the day and taking promptthe two checks he stole from his roommate in the atmosphere. corrective action if early warning symptoms of minor heatamount of $7000; stealing $7000 from his roommate The exercise allows commanders to practice and injuries occur.and Community Bank on Yongsan Army Garrison; stealing evaluate battlefield doctrine by combining mission Temporary fuel storage to support generator operationscheck cards from two soldiers on Yongsan Army Garrison; essential tasks with force can sometimes increase fire risks.stealing goods in the value of about $960 from vendors protection standards. Although “ must be ingrained Ensure fuel storage sites areon Yongsan Army Garrison and Itaewon-dong; attempting there are many training benefits to marked with no-smoking signs andto steal more than $700 from a vendor in the United be gained, exercise activities will as a mindset for every separated from other ignitionStates; wrongfully possessing a switchblade knife and a be hazardous. participant.” sources.pellet gun; bouncing 21 checks to local vendors on As the start for UFL ’04 Tripping hazards associated withYongsan Army Garrison; and wrongfully using marijuana approaches, safety must be temporary power cords and - Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald The military judge sentenced the Soldier to five ingrained as a mindset for every communication cables are reducedyears in confinement, reduction in grade to E-1, forfeiture participant. by locating them away fromof all pay and allowances and a Dishonorable Discharge. Planning ahead and applying risk management walking areas and taping them to the floor, and covering The case must now go to the convening authority procedures can greatly reduce the risks we face. them with mats or pieces of cardboard.for review and action. The convening authority can never Vehicle operations will be one of our highest risk Accidents are preventable. Every fatality, every injuryincrease the punishment adjudged by the court. Before activities. Countermeasures include, but are not limited and each material loss have an adverse impact on missiontaking action, the convening authority receives legal to: total alcohol consumption abstinence throughout the accomplishment.advice, reviews the case and considers matters submitted exercise, conscientious use of seat belts by all vehicle Everyone’s active involvement and implementation ofby the accused and his counsel. Neither the findings nor occupants; defensive driving to include maintaining a risk management principles from beginning to end isthe sentence is final until the convening authority takes one vehicle interval for safe stopping; plan rest intervals paramount in making UFL ‘04 a successful, safe trainingactions. for every two hours of driving, provision of maps and event. adequate directions to vehicle operators to reduce travel Support and Defend! MP Blotter time and related increased exposure to traffic; strict compliance with traffic laws especially posted speed limits E-mail commentary submissions to Please The following entries were excerpted and reduce speed to compensate for adverse weather. keep submissions about a page in length and include your name, rank and dutyfrom the past several week’s military Heat injury is also a concern for personnel engaged in station. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for length, taste and clarity.police blotters. These entries may beincomplete and do not determine the Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:guilt or innocence of any person.! Military police were notified of an assault part KA soldier? What is the most rewarding part of being a KATUSA soldier?finished by battery. Investigation disclosed thattwo U.S. Soldiers removed an unknown number ofbananas and five peaches from a Korean’s off postfruit cart and fled the scene without renderingproper payment.The Soldiers returned to the scene and wereinvolved in a verbal altercation with two Koreansthat turned physical when the two Soldiers punchedand kicked the fruit cart owner in the back and facenumerous times. One Soldier bit the other Koreanon the right leg. The Korean National Police “I get to experience “English skill “ You can make life-long “I get more personalapprehended the two Soldiers and transported them many different impr ovement.” — Pfc. Lee improvement.” friends with fellow time compared to ROKto the KNP station, where they were processed and cultures and KATUSAs and U.S. army soldiers.” — Pfc.released to military police. backgrounds.”— Pfc. backgrounds.” Soldiers while JooThe Soldiers were administered a command- Kim Youn-sik, Headquarters and serving.” Pfc. Noh Hyung- serving.”—directed by medical personnel, processed by MPs Headquarters Company, 20th woo, Headquarters and Headquartersand released to their unit. Investigation continues Support Group, Camp Henry. Detachment, 55th Theater Materialby military police. Maintenance Center, Camp Henry. Published by IMA-Korea Region Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press This Army newspaper is an authorized Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. John A. Macdonald with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer Stephen Oertwig exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Editor Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. Area I Area III responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Commander Col. Jeffery T. Christiansen Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Steve Davis including inserts or supplements, corrected. IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Staff Writer Pfc. Stephanie Pearson does not constitute endorsement AP 96205. President: Charles Chong by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 12,500 Area II Area IV Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising Commander Col. Timothy K. McNulty Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Staff Writer Sgt. Kim Hee-jin CI Officer Galen Putnam publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 Staff Writer Pfc. Park Jin-woo Staff writer Pfc. Oh Dong-keun available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Support and Defend
    • MORNING CALMThe Morning Calm Weekly Page Aug. 20, 2004 3NEWS & NOTES Why Korea is the Duty Assignment of Choice Registration at Seoul American Elementar y SchoolThe main office at Seoul American ElementarySchool is open to register children,kindergarten through fifth-grade. Those whojust moved to Seoul and are commandsponsored to Yongsan or who missedreregistration can go to the Army CommunityService Building, Room 121.Some dates SAES wants parents to remember:nAug. 18 Parent Orientation 10 a.m. or 3 p.m.nAug. 27 Class lists posted, “meet and greet”teachers 1:30-2:30 p.m.nAug. 30 First day of school grades 1 through5.nSept. 7 First day of school for kindergartenand preschool for children with disablities. Formore information, call 736-7748. Osan Air ShowThere will be an air show at Osan Air Base 9a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Sept 18 and 19. The show PHOTO BY SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMANis open to Department of Defense and Republic Spc. Adam Mills, (right) Company D, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, shoots pool at the Yongsan Community Activites Center Aug. 16.of Korea Ministry cardholders. Community Activites Centers around the Republic of Korea offer a variety of services for servicemembers.There will be no driving permitted, except foremergency cases, security and air showvehicles, on Osan Air Base Sept. 19 becauseof the air show. DOD military banking program 516th PSB Limited Ser vicesDetachment A, 516th Personnel Services launches online banking ser vice Community Bank ! Download transactions to Money® or Quicken®.Battalion will have limited staffing Aug. 25 -27 ! View balance information on certificates of deposit andbecause of a field training exercise. ARLINGTON, Va. — Since Aug. 8, the Department of loans. Defense’s Community Bank operated by Bank of America ! Send and receive secure online email. LDS Retreat, Conference offers online service to its customers. Community Bank is part of the DOD’s Overseas MilitaryThe Seoul Korea Military District of the Church The service allows customers to access account information Banking Program and is operated through a contractof Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is holding a and perform financial transactions from virtually anywhere between a commercial financial institution and theKoreawide conference for all church members with Internet access. Even servicemembers in the field can Department of Defense. Currently, the contractor is Banknoon- 9 p.m. Sept 11 and 10 a.m.- noon Sept. take care of their various banking needs. of America. The DOD Overseas Military Banking Program12. With online banking, customers can save time and access provides stateside-like banking products and services toAlong with the conference, there will be a their finances 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. authorized customers through facilitating the operation ofretreat for single members 7-9 p.m. Sept. 10 From a personal computer connected to the Internet, Community Bank.and 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sept. 11. customers can: The Defense Finance and Accounting Service, in ! Check Community Bank account balances, track coordination with Military Service banking representatives, Center Offers Ser vices expenses and transfer funds. is responsible for the daily oversight, control andThe Digital Business Center is a resource for ! Make stateside bill payments for free. management of the OMBP.the entire Yongsan community. Located at ! Access non-Community Bank account information. Visit to learnSouth Post Building 8105 across from ! Keep a check register online. more about Community Bank online.Starbucks, the center offers Internet access,cyber games, document printing, copying,scanning, digital photo printing, fax services, Promotion board convenes earlier Promotion Board: A timecomputer software and hardware upgrades and to straighten things outrepairs as well as office supplies and DVDs. for senior noncommissioned officers 8th Personnel CommandThe center is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven By Sgt. 1st Class Marcia Triggs for Personnel, G1.days a week. Children under age 12 must be Army News Service The fiscal year 2003 sergeant firstaccompanied by an adult. class board selected enough NCOs to YONGSAN – For staff sergeants seeking promotion to the next grade, WASHINGTON – The sergeant first meet the promotion needs for a 19-month Area II Bowling class promotion board will be held three period. achieving the goal may seem a Tournament months earlier than scheduled and “However, the current list will be daunting task given the variety ofThere will be a bowling tournament for selected noncommissioned officers will exhausted earlier than anticipated, and regulations and rules for submittingservicemembers Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 at Yongsan start pinning on rank in February, if we don’t react it will cause a drop in a packet.Bowling Center. The tournament is open to officials said. readiness,” said Sgt. Maj. Gerald Purcell, Thankfully, there is still time toactive duty military in Area II only. To enter the The promotion board was first the Directorate Military Personnel Policy, prepare and verify personaltournament, men have an average of 170 or scheduled for February, but was G1 sergeant major. information before the selectionabove. Women must have an average of 130 changed to November. The master Soldiers should go to the Human board at Indianapolis Nov. 2 -26.or higher. The top eight men and top four sergeant promotion board will be one Resources Command Web site at The promotion board file consistswomen finishers will represent Area II in the month earlier in September instead of to make sure their of the Official Military Personnel File,8th U.S. Army Bowling tournament Oct. 5-8 at the originally scheduled start of October. official military file is accurate, said a Department of the Army photo, theYongsan. Convening the boards ahead of Master Sgt. Fred Liggett, the G1 Enlisted Records Brief and possiblyInterested bowlers must register at Yongsan schedule ensures the Army has the right personnel policy integrator. a letter to the board president, saidBowling Center by Sept. 20. Call 738-8608, number of Soldiers in these ranks as it “Soldiers shouldn’t wait for the Chief Warrant Officer Kerry Smith.736-7746, 736-4032 or 732-7830 for more fights the Global War on Terrorism, said military personnel message to come out,” “This board will be conductedinformation. officials from the Deputy Chief of Staff See Promo on Page 4 See Board on Page 4
    • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 4 Aug. 20, 2004Board from Page 3using the enlisted selection board system,” OFFICIAL MILITARY PERSONNELSmith said. “This eliminates the hardcopy FILE UPDATEboard file and presents the individual board All added documents for the OMPFfile to the voting members as an electronic must be sent to EREC by Oct. 15. Allfile.” documents must contain the NCO’s full name and complete social securityZONES OF CONSIDERATION number. All staff sergeants (except those inmilitary occupational specialties of 14S, ENLISTED RECORDS BRIEF14R and 42L) with a date of rank of Feb. All NCOs eligible for this board may1, 2003 or earlier and a basic active review their electronic board file at theservice date between Nov. 2, 1983 and EREC Web site at https:// ADFeb. 1, 2003 are eligible for promotion. with a DOR of Oct. 1, 2001 or Once at the site, click on the “Humanearlier will compete in the primary zone. Resources Command – Indianapolis” linkOther staff sergeants will compete in the followed by the “Promotion file” link.secondary zone. Noncommissioned officers who wish For staff sergeants with a primary to correct displayed information shouldMOS of 14S, 14R and 42L with a DOR contact their respective personnel servicesof Feb. 1, 2003 or earlier and a BASD detachment. Updated information shouldbetween Nov. 2, 1985 and Feb. 1, 1999 be available online with in 48 hours.are eligible for promotion. Once information is correct, NCOsNoncommissioned officers with a DOR should click on “ERB validation” toof Oct. 1, 2001 and earlier with compete authenticate. If corrections cannot bein the primary zone. made, there is a feature to “validate with errors.” GOESEVALUATION REPORTS “(Noncommissioned officers) should All mandatory and optional reports are use this option only after all reasonabledue to the Enlisted Records Evaluation attempts have been made to update theirCenter by Oct. 15. ERB at their PSD,” Smith said. “NCOs “The required “through-date” for must validate by Oct. 15.”complete-the-record reports is Aug. 31,” Now is the time to ensure personalSmith said. records are correct, Smith said. If NCOs wait until the last minute, it mayOFFICIAL PHOTO be too late to make changes. Submitted photographs will be in “It is extremely important that NCOsaccordance with Army Regulation 640- make sure their records are as complete30, Photographs for Military Personnel as possible to compete for promotion toFile. The local photo lab will upload the next rank,” Smith said.photographs to the DA Photograph To update personal records contact HEREManagement Information System. The your local personnel servicesNCO will accept them by Oct. 15. detachment. Personnel Services Detachment hours, locations ! Camp Casey — Detachment A, 509th PSD, Area I, 730-4760 ! Camp Stanley — Detachment B , 509th PSD, Area I, 732-4795 ! Yongsan — Detachment A , 516th PSD, Area II 723-5558 ! Camp Humphrey — Detachment B, 516th PSD, Area III, 753-7598 ! Camp Henry — Detachment C, 516th PSD, Area IV, 768-6957Promo from Page 3 Liggett said. “Most Soldiers know that them to attend school or because of athey are in the zone. They can go online deployment, officials said.and check photos, awards and evaluation “This is the right thing to do,” Purcellreports.” said. “This takes care of any Soldier, who The deadline to update information for because of Army requirements, andnoncommissioned officers who are in the through no fault of their own, is unablezone for promotion to master sergeant is to get to school.”today. The waivers will be issued from HRC, The Enlisted Record and Evaluation Purcell said, and Soldiers don’t need toCenter will notify all Soldiers eligible for take any action.promotion consideration through their Purcell emphasized the waivers allowArmy Knowledge Online e-mail account. Soldiers to be considered for promotion, Current Army policy requires Soldiers but does not waive attendance atbeing considered for either master Noncommissioned Officer Educationsergeant or sergeant first class be System schools. The requirement tograduates of the Advanced complete and graduate from the courseNoncommissioned Officer Course or the is still there, he said.Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course “It will catch up with them eventuallyrespectively; however, Headquarters if they don’t get it (NCOES) done,”department of the Army waivers will be Purcell said. “All Soldiers need to do theirgiven for those who are unable to complete best to get scheduled into their NCOESthe requisite course because Human course as soon as it’s practical and thatResources Command has not scheduled it’s for their own benefit.”
    • Aug. 20, 2004 Page 5Soldiers face force protection challenge By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson Submitting a spot report is easy, said Area I Public Affairs Office Kapaku, as long as you remember the five W’s: who, what, when, where and CAMP RED CLOUD — Garrison why. He also encouraged Soldiers to try officials stepped up force protection and get as much information as possible security measures last week in response from an individual asking questions. He to an increased interest in U.S. bases said to be sure to make note of his and personnel on the peninsula, Army appearance so it can be reported to the officials said. proper authorities. Military authorities increased random “The timing of the spot report is anti-terrorism measures, including absolutely critical to allow the proper identification card scanning, vehicle individuals to respond and observe,” searches and anti-terrorism patrols, Huber warned. Aug. 12. Huber explained that despite Random anti-terrorism measures are increased security measures, Korea is designed to keep any potential enemy still a very safe country, and force- off-balance, and therefore are subject See Protection on Page 8 to change without notice. As long as Soldiers maintain the warrior standard, officials said, they should never be Anti-terrorism Patrols disadvantaged by force protection Area I Public Affairs Office procedures. Officials also warned personnel to The 2nd Infantry Division tasked remain aware of their surroundings. its units Aug. 12 to establish and “Soldiers, civilians and family conduct anti-terrorism patrols. members need to be alert, and if they Officials said the new patrols will see something wrong or different, tell identify and report suspicious activity. somebody about it,” said William They identified activities such as Kapaku, U.S. Army Garrison, Camp third-country nationals attempting to Red Cloud civilian executive assistant. gain information from American He said situations that need to be personnel or loitering near enter reported include people asking about a control points at U.S. military camp, trying to get on a camp, taking installations. photographs or even making drawings Division officials said people taking near any of the gates. photographs or making sketches of PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY “Any activity outside the gate that isPfc. Damian Remijio, Battery D, 5th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery, scans an identification card U.S. installations is a suspicious not normal to daily operations shouldwith a portable scanner Aug. 16. be reported,” said Lt. Col. William activity. Huber, USAG, CRC commander. The patrols, made up of a lieutenant “There is no specific profile of an and a staff sergeant, will be identified individual or action that should be with an ATP brassard. reported; However, if somebody is The tasking order said the patrols asking questions that are not normal to should also be wary of unattended day-to-day conversation, then a Soldier vehicles or packages left near entry should submit a spot report to the control points or establishments, which courtesy patrol, gate guard or his chain American servicemembers frequent. of command.”A new cinder block fence goes up at Camp Stanley. Officials said funding came from the Global A scanner confirms a persons base entry eligibility by comparing information from the databaseWar on Terrorism. with information on an identification card.
    • Page 6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004Warriors build bridge, cross gapBy Pvt. JeNell Mattair weight of an Abrams Main Battle Tank. Imjin River for the engineers to put2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Office “I do this because when I see the together and close the gap. tanks crossing the bridges we build, “The best part of this job is building IMJIN RIVER — The 50th the bridge,” Corral said. “We support the tank drivers faces’ get that look,Engineer Multi Role Bridge Company other companies to eliminate the like they are surprised they canconducted an exercise to apply its skills enemy.” cross,” Jones said. “That is a goodin bridge building Aug. 9-16. The training ended with the The emphasis was on Chinook feeling.” successful completion of the bridgehelicopters that dropped pieces of bridge It takes eight Soldiers 11 minutes spanned across the intended gap.on the Imjin River, near Camp Casey. to put the bridge together at combat “It is a fun job,” Corral said. “I feelOfficials said the Chinook is the world’s speed, said Spc. Victor Corral, 50th proud about supporting all units here inmost efficient heavy lift helicopter. Engineer Company. Korea. If it weren’t for us we wouldn’t “We enable combat power to cross When the Chinook helicopters be able to cross to the other side.”rivers,” said 1st Sgt. David Jones, 50th arrived, they made trip after tripEngineer Company. “We are the only dropping pieces of bridge into the Email in the army capable of doing that A 50th Engineer Company Soldier drives a boatand it takes about 45 minutes to an hour during an exercise Aug. cross this particular gap.” The Soldiers were on the water by 8a.m. and stayed out until 5 or 6 p.m.,depending on the mission. “It’s a good 10-hour day usually,”Jones said. A handful of bridge-erection boatsmade their way into the water from theshore of the river. They picked upfloating sections of the bridge droppedinto the water from the back of a truckor lowered from a Chinook helicopter.Soldiers practiced both methods. The different sections are connectedto form a bridge. A bridge is put togetherin four to five hours, depending onmission demands. PHOTOS BY YU HU-SON A CH-47 Chinook helicopter drops a section of Each section can withstand the A Soldier guides vehicles across a newly-constructed bridge on the Imjin River. bridge into the Imjin River. Area I observes NEWS & NOTES women’s equality The Patriot intimidates crowd Army Family Photo Area I Public Affairs Office Contest Morale, Welfare and Recreation services and CAMP RED CLOUD — Warriors Army family readiness groups are hosting an gathered at Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Army Family Photo contest. Each family can Club Aug. 13 to celebrate Women’s submit up to two photos depicting their Equality Day. definition of Army family life to their local Lt. Col. Elizabeth Bierden, 122nd Pear Blossom Cottage. The deadline for Signal Battalion commander, was the submission is Tuesday. Winners will be guest speaker. announced Sept. 1. For more information, “In my lifetime, our society has gone call 730-3837. through massive changes,” she said. “Although women were given the right ACS Seeks English to vote in the 1920s, they were still in V olunteers many ways considered second-class The Area I Army Community Service is looking citizens. It was not until the 1960s that for English as a Second Language volunteer things began to change.” instructor, to teach beginner, intermediate and Bierden lauded the women’s rights advanced English classes. For more movement that fostered these changes, information, call 732-7292. and commended the military for being on the forefront of women’s equality. Newcomers Orientation “The military has been a great leader The Camp Red Cloud Army Community in equal opportunity for women,” she Service will host its newcomers orientation 8 said. a.m. Wednesday in the ACS classroom. For Although women have come far over more information or to reserve a seat, call the years, Bierden cautioned the audience 732-7779. that there is still work to be done. “We take this day as a reminder of Five-Kilometer Races in what was accomplished by countless August women who broke new ground in so Camp Page and Camp Stanley Fitness Centers many areas, and to ensure that those efforts continue,” she said. “Women PHOTO MANNY CHAPA will each host a five-kilometer race Aug. 28. BY make up more than 50 percent of the The Patriot hails the crowd at an Armed Forces Entertainment-Camp Casey exhibition Race-day registration begins 8 a.m., with the Aug. 6 by the International Championship Wrestling. Seventeen members wrestled and population in the United States, and races beginning 9 a.m. signed autographs at Camps Stanley, Stanley and Page during the visit. deserve to be treated fairly and equally in every aspect of life.”
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 7 KoreaOfficials: CRC firefighters best in KoreaBy Pfc. Stephanie Pearson over the last year. According to the Fire Department for us; we’re really happy with our reduction inArea I Public Affairs Office of the Year Award nomination letter submitted by the number of fires.” Lt. Col. Brian Vines, former USAG CRC commander, While those results, combined with the money CAMP RED CLOUD — Servicemembers, civilians fires resulted in a $64,000 dollar loss in 2002 but the fire department has helped the garrison save,and their families living in the Uijeongbu Enclave can only a $1,400 loss in 2003. Additionally, no contributed to the department winning the title ofrest easy knowing their local fire department has them customers or firefighters were injured, and the fire best, Cook attributes the fire department’s successcovered in case of an emergency. The U.S. Army department saved $516,000 in property damages. to his firefighters.Garrison, Camp Red Cloud Fire and Emergency They haven’t had any big fires in 2004 so far. “Without a doubt, your biggest asset is always yourservices recently won an award for being the best “It’s been roughly a year since we’ve had a realArmy fire department in the Republic of Korea in 2003. fire-fighting type of situation,” Cook said. “It’s great See Firefighters on Page 8 “Our firemen are very proud of their achievement,”said John Cook, USAG CRC fire chief. “Recognitionfrom among your peers is great, but it’s just as greatwhen we hear from people, ‘Hey, we thank you, youdid a great service.’ That’s important to us, becausewe like to believe we’re really serving our customers.” Serving customers involves more than just fightingfires though, Cook said. “We do more than just respond to fires and fill fireextinguishers,” he explained. Cook said they alsorespond to hazardous material and fuel spills; helppeople who are locked out of their cars or rooms;perform after-hours Department of Public worksservice calls; and run the enclave’s 911communications center. Cook said the most important service they provideis fire prevention training. “We go out and do fire-prevention training for entireunits,” he said. “We also do building-manager training.Each facility is supposed to have a building managerwho is responsible for the fire safety program withinthat facility. That’s the person who does the monthlysafety inspections, checks the fire extinguishers andmaintains a log.” They also teach fire safety and prevention to localschools, orphanages and organizations like the PearBlossom Cottages, and give classes on how to use afire extinguisher correctly. COURTESY PHOTO Cook is convinced the training is working, as the Firefighters respond to a fire in Uijeongbu. The U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud Fire Department has a strong mutual-aidfire department has seen a huge reduction in fires agreement with local fire departments, and often helps respond to emergencies, like this fire at a leather factory Aug. 11, 2003.Camp Casey fire chief looks back at two careersBy David McNally house in Killeen, Texas. His next fiveArea I Public Affairs Office years at Fort Hood were the key to his future in firefighting. CAMP CASEY — With pride, the “I started to prepare for what to doCamp Casey fire chief recalls his 23- after my Army retirement,” he said. “Iyear Army career and his follow-on had an interest in firefighting before Icareer in firefighting. joined the Army.” The Camp Casey garrison On his own, he served in civilian firecommander is set to award Jerry departments in Texas. He earned theEpperson a 35-year award in a required Texas firefighter certifications.ceremony Aug. 27. In 1990, Epperson again returned to “I enlisted in the regular Army in Korea where he retired as a master1969,” Epperson said. “My first duty sergeant in October 1992.station was Camp Red Cloud.” As he had kept up his certifications Epperson said he enlisted because at by serving as the Hannam Village firethe time, draftees could not choose their chief, he immediately moved into abranch of service or career field. civilian job as the 8th U.S. Army PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY DAVID MCNALLY “I chose multichannel command fire marshal. Fire Chief Jerry Epperson stands ready to receive a 35-year award from U.S. Army Garrison,communications,” he said. “In my “I left work in uniform on a Friday, Camp Casey Aug. 27.advanced individual training class, 50 and came to work as a civilian onSoldiers, all draftees, went to Vietnam. “After that, I spent four years in In 1980, Epperson returned to Monday,” Epperson said with a smile.Two of us, both regular Army, came to Germany with the 1st Signal Battalion Korea. He decided to change his His work as fire marshal led him toKorea.” at Kaiserslautern,” he said. military job permanently to Army establish the Camp Humphreys Fire Epperson said the chain of events led Epperson returned to Fort Hood in career counselor. Training Academy in 1994.him down a path that linked him to Korea 1976. It became clear to him he needed For five years, he worked at Camp He became the Area I fire chief infor the rest of his life. to seek out opportunities in other career Stanley and Yongsan Army Garrison. 1996. With 17 fire stations to oversee, “I met my wife here in 1970,” fields if he wanted to get promoted. The Army rewarded him with a it soon became clear the geography wasEpperson said. “We’ve been married for In 1977, he reported for duty as a promotion to sergeant first class. too broad.33 years.” recruiter in Flint, Mich. One year later, “Then in 1985 I returned to, guess “As chief, you’re expected to be at After his first tour of duty on the the Lansing District gave then-Staff Sgt. where?” asked Epperson. “Fort every emergency,” Epperson said.peninsula, the Army assigned then-Sgt. Epperson his own station and named him Hood.”Epperson to Fort Hood, Texas. recruiter of the year. Epperson finally decided to buy a See Chief on Page 8
    • Page 8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004Firefighters from Page 7 “Without a doubt, your biggest asset individual and team, which netted hisis always your people,” he said. “You department this award. Now that theycan say that about almost any have been recognized as the best on theorganization, but I really think it peninsula, Cook is not ready to rest onespcially applies more to the fire service his laurels just yet. He has goals he’dthan other people, because we ask a lot. like to see the department meet, and he’sEach firefighter has to perform a myriad prepared to do all he can to reach them.of skills in his day-to-day activities.” One of his biggest goals is to continue To keep his fighters in top condition, the firefighters’ professionalCook is constantly training his men. development.Their training is divided between “We want to fully achieve all theclassroom training, where they learn Department of Defense firefighterthings like fire behavior and ladder certifications,” he said, explaining thatpractice, and hands-on training, where “in the DoD firefighter system, we have a national accreditation congress thatthe men go out and “practice what we says you are at a certain professionaltalked about,” he said. Every crew is level. The history of [the fire service]required to practice in a simulated fire in Korea was we were not involved ineach month. that process too strongly until just a “We fill a building with smoke, and couple of years ago. Our goal now is tothe crew has to drag in the hoses and get all our firefighters certified to thathook them up to the hydrants,” Cook national recognition level, and we’veexplained. “We also hide a weighted made a lot of progress there.”dummy somewhere in the facility that Last year, 44 firefighters receivedthey have to find and carry out.” DoD certification, according to the Crews are also required to practice award-recommendation letter. That’s noaircraft firefighting and rescue small feat, considering that all of Cook’sprocedures for use at the airfields on fighters are Korean nationals, but theCamps Stanley and Page, as well as training and testing for DoD certificationhelipads throughout the enclave. is in English. Another thing Cook does to maintain However, serving the community stillproficiency is rotate the fire crews every remains Cook’s number one focus.year. “If you are familiar with the “They might be at Camp Stanley this Uijeongbu enclave, you probably knowyear, but at Camp Sears the next,” he that when you step into the fire station,said. “That’s a little unusual; sometimes people are going to be courteous,” Cooka guy will stay on the same shift or team said proudly. “If they can assist you,his entire career. What we do is, we they’re going to. If we don’t know howswitch them not only from station to to help you, we’re going to try to getstation but we also move them from one you to someone who can. We’ll try toshift to another. That way, the two help you across the board. It’s whatshifts work extremely well together.” we’re here for.” Cook said that cohesion shows in aclear pattern of accomplishments, both E-mail from Page 7 By the late 1990s, the Army decided Epperson is an avid reader. He saidto organize Warrior Country into two he completed two textbooks on Koreangarrisons. history. Epperson became fire chief for the “I enjoy history and travel,” he said.Western Corridor and Camp Casey. His With 35 years to look back on, Epperson has this advice for today’sdeputy, John Cook, took charge of the Soldiers: “Start planning early for whatCamp Red Cloud Enclave. you want to do after the military.” “My Army career seemed to go by Epperson hopes to retire from hisvery quickly,” he said. “But in second career in 2012.firefighting everything moves fast. Istay busy.” Email from Page 7protection measures do not imply a remaining alert, aware and makingthreat from our Korean hosts. reports is most important.” “It doesn’t have to be al-Qaida,” Kapaku stressed that force protectionKapaku added. “It can also be people is everyone’s responsibility.who are targeting us to protest the “It’s not just someone else’sdeployment of troops from Korea, or responsibility to protect us,” he said.people seeking publicity. There are a lot “It’s all of our responsibility - Soldiers,of different issues besides (terrorist) civilians and family members - to protect each other.”targeting.” “We’re involved in the global war on Increased security measures should terror, but at the same time we arenot affect the Soldier’s ability to perform prepared and focused here in Korea tohis duties or accomplish his mission, fight tonight,” Kapaku said. “All of thisHuber said. force protection awareness and being “The increased measures should raise alert is intended to maintain that status,the Soldier’s awareness that there are that we are here protecting the Koreanpeople outside, watching us, who don’t peninsula.”always have good intentions for us,” hesaid. “In the global war on terror, E-mail
    • Aug. 20, 2004 Page 9Government groupsgrants, internships, Army program opens law programjobs on Web siteArmy News Service for commissioned officers By Alex Harrington The schooling normally lasts for but not more than six years of total active Area II Public Affairs Office three years, Wells added. federal service at the time legal training WASHINGTON — Information Selected officers will attend law school begins.”on more than $570 million in YONGSAN — The Office of the beginning in the fall of 2005 and will remain Eligible officers interested in applyinginternships, scholarships and grants Judge Advocate General is now on active duty while attending law school. should immediately register for the earliestare found at a federal government accepting applications for the Army’s Upon completion, the officer accepts offering of the law school admission test,Web site, thanks to an Army major. Funded Legal Education Program. an appointment in the Judge Advocate Wells said. Maj. Barry Williams, currently Under this program, the Army General’s Corps for the period of the active Applicants must send their requestserving as a White House Fellow, projects sending up to 15 active duty duty obligation, according to Army through their command channels, tocreated the “e-scholar” site to give commissioned officers to law school Regulation 27-1 and AR 350-100, The include the officer’s branch manager atpeople a wealth of information at government expense if funding Judge Advocate General’s Funded Legal Human Resources Command, with a copywithout having to spin their wheels permits. Education Program. furnished to the Office of the Judgewith numerous search engines. “(The Funded Legal Education Wells indicated that officers who have Advocate General, ATTN: DAJA-PT, 1777 Williams, a former brigade Program) provides Army officer’s with interest in the program should review North Kent Street, Rosslyn, Va. 22209-operations officer in the Republic of a great opportunity of going to law Chapter 14 of AR 27-1 to determine their 2194. The deadline for submissions isKorea, began his stint as a White school, getting their law degree without eligibility. Nov. 1.House Fellow in September. He was going into debt, all while remaining on “This program is open to For more information, call the Yongsanselected after competing against active duty,” said Capt. Laura Wells, commissioned officers in the rank of Law Center, 738-6832.hundreds of other applicants and deputy commander for Yongsan Law second lieutenant through captain,” Wellsundergoing numerous interviews. Center. said. “Applicants must have at least two, E-mail date, e-scholar has been hisgreatest contribution to the program,he said. 8th Army supply unit receives “This Web site is for America —students, parents, career DA level excellence award exprofessionals and those with By Alex Harrington customer assistance for the 304 units we support throughoutdisabilities,” Williams said. “From Area II Public Affairs Office Areas I and II,” said 1st Lt. Shani Thompson, a platoon leaderage 16 on up, from all walks of life, for the company. “Customer support is our business…andwe want to give people a taste of YONGSAN — For the second year in a row, the Soldiers business is always good.”what the federal government has to of the 305th Quartermaster Company, 19th Theater Support Major subordinate commands select nominees from eachoffer.” Command received a Department of the Army Supply applicable category and competition level and the 305th proved E-scholar, which can be found at Excellence Award. to be the best in the category C, modification table ofh t t p : / / w w w. s t u d e n t j o b s . g o v / e - The Army chief of staff established the supply excellence organization equipment Class II, IV and VII.scholar.htm, went online March 28 program in 1986 to recognize units that demonstrate outstanding Evaluators rated the company in general administration, layoutand gets about 12,000 hits a day. supply operations. Evaluators selected winners in four major and appearance, stock control procedures and warehouseIndividuals can search for grants, areas: organization appearance, supply room management, non- operational procedures.internships, jobs and volunteer expendable equipment accountability and logistics management.service by indicating what type of “This is proof of our commitment to improve daily See Supply on Page 10positions they are looking for, salary Soldiers receive new homeexpectations and geographicpreferences. Other tools located at the siteinclude “create a profile” and“create a resume.” By entering aprofile, individuals are notified ifwhat they are looking for is postedat a future date. In addition,individuals can send their resumesout electronically. This Web site is going to buildon the partnership that the federalgovernment is trying to establishwith the community, Williams said. For instance, career professionalssuch as teachers can participate ininternships and work with renownedscientists, lawyers or doctors who areworking on current projects, he said.Then they can take that experienceback to the classroom or laboratory. PHOTO BY PFC. PARK, YUNG-KWI See Web on Page 10 Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Pvt. Park Ki-ho, computer assistant, Area II Information Management Division, unpacks his belongings in his room in newly-constructed barracks at Camp Coiner.
    • Page 10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004NEWS & NOTES Card from Page 1 identification and other uses. Other uses include using it Commander’s Hotline checking into a new unit andThe Commander’s Hotline e-mail address is as a meal card. For more information, computer chip also containscall 738-5017. a person’s name, gender, benefits, blood type and Radio Town Hall Town medical records.The Area II Radio Town Hall meeting will be broadcast The intent of the CAC,live 9 - 10 a.m. Aug. 26 from Army Community according to officials, is toService, Building 4106, Room 118. For more establish an aggressiveinformation, call 738-5017. program to enhance the security of DoD information American Forces Spouses’ transmissions against Club electronic theft, alterationThe American Forces Spouses’ Club is seeking and other cyber-exploitationorganizations or clubs who would be interested in by enemy forces as well assetting up an information table at its annual welcome provide non-repudiationand sign-up reception. The welcome and sign-up P P .P ,Y - services for DoD HOTO BY FC ARK UNG KWIreception will be 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Aug. 31 at the In less than two months, all U. S. Forces Korea personnel must begin using their common access card to transmissions originatingDragon Hill Lodge. For more information, call 736- access some network computers and e-mail accounts, where they can obtain the 1st Replacement Company’s from USFK personnel.8119. ID card office. “One of the main purposes of the CAC is to provide problem—many users do not initially pin, so that they don’t have to go OCS Board additional operational security on the remember their CAC personal through the hassle of waiting in longThe Area II Support Activity Local Officer Candidate network,” Wong said. “And it will identification number, according to lines at the ID center on South Post,”School Board will meet 9:30 a.m. Nov. 1 at the prevent unintended disclosure of officials. said Goode.Command Conference Room, Building 4305, Room information to the public.” “In the past, to reset their PIN users The CAC pin re-Key service is107. For more information, call 738-5017. Wong added that Korea is one of the must return to 1st Replacement located at 201st Signal Company on top countries with the most computer Company’s ID card office,” said Yongsan Main Post, Building 2320, SAES Registration attacks from viruses and worms. Capt. Allan Goode, commander, 201st across from Yongsan Library. TheThe main office at Seoul American Elementary School The number of cases of computer Signal Company, 1st Signal Brigade. hours of operation are 8:30 to 11:45is open for kindergarten through fifth-grade registration. virus-related damage more than tripled “This has causes loss of work a.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., Monday,For those just moved to Seoul and are command in the ROK in the first six months of productivity, diversion of resources Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Itsponsored or who missed reregistration, come to this year, with an alarming surge in form card issuance, and threatens the is open at 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. onArmy Community Service, Building 4106, Room 121. cases involving Internet worms, ability to meet mandate milestones.” Thursday.For more information, call 736-4478. according to a report by the Korea To help those USFK personnel who Area III users who have already SNGC Nominations Information Security Agency. It do not remember their PIN, Goode been issued CAC cards, but haveSung Nam Golf Club is seeking nominations for six at- showed that the damage cases jumped indicated that 201st Signal Company forgotten their password, may getlarge members. Candidates must be advanced green to more than 72,000 in the six months offers a CAC PIN Re-Key service. their password reset by calling thefee members. Nominations are open to active-duty, to June, compared to 22,106 in the “We developed a mobile, cost- A r e a I n f o r m a t i o n Te c h n o l o g yDepartment of Defense civilians or family members. same period a year earlier. effective CAC center for Area II Education Center at 753-5623.Submit a short profile – name, membership number, Now program managers are USFK personnel to come and havecontact information and a short statement explaining experiencing another significant their CAC re-keyed to retrieve their E-mail reasons for wanting to serve on the council. Formore information, call 738-7446. Supply from Page 9 In spite of the personnel turnover caused by summer Korea Theater Support rotations, the 305th maintained above-par operations, said Chief Center Warrant Officer Gwendolyn Carr, accountability officer.Korea theater support center is available. Dial 8324 “Korea is such a quick turnaround place because offor E-mail problems, GCCS-A trouble and Internet summer rotations,” Carr said. “Unlike units in the United Statesissues. It is not necessary to dial the any prefix. where they have Soldiers who have two- and three-year tours at one place, we had to train a new group of Soldiers, mostly AC AP Briefings ACAP privates and some sergeants, to operate in a supply point. WeArmy Career and Alumni Program briefings are usually had only 45 days to prepare for the annual DA evaluation,”held 8 a.m. - 5 p.m Monday through Friday . Other said the 20-year U.S. Army veteran.times and dates can be arranged. For more information, Since its reactivation in 1972, the 305th FDP provides director to schedule a briefing, call 738-7322. supply support to more than 300 non-divisional units in Areas I and II, and backup support to the 2nd Infantry Division. In Language Classes addition, the FDP serves as a central receiving point for all! An English as a second language class meets PHOTO BY PFC. PARK YUNG-KWI surface shipments for the Seoul and Uijeongbu area.5:30 - 6:30 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday Pvt. Samuel Evans and Pvt. Ashlee Mallett, automated logisticalat Building 4106, Room 124. specialists, 305th Quartermaster Company, check the quality assurance! A Korean language class meets 10 - 11 a.m., of merchandise at the unit-supply point before shipping them out. E-mail a.m. - noon, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., 6:30 - 7:30p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday at Building Web from Page 94106, Room 124. Classes are open to all ID card Williams pledges that the site will only asking for input from our users to more challenging assignmentsholders. Call 738-7505 to register. improve. His yearlong tour as a White help us make the site better.” during his current tour. House Fellow will be up in six People put long hours into “There’s not a day that goes by Delays at Installation months, but the federal Office of creating the site, Williams said, to that I don’t think about the Army and Gates Personnel Management will continue l a u n c h i t b e f o r e t h e s u m m e r. Soldiers, but it’s comforting knowingThe Directorate of Public Works and the Provost to maintain the site. However, according to the White that I’m able to serve my nation in aMarshal’s Office are working on force protection “It launched with $400 million in House Fellow’s application, work different manner,” the 13-year veteranenhancements at all gates in Area II for the next opportunities, and in three weeks assignments for fellows are said. “I don’t know where my nextfew weeks. The Directorate and PMO ask that we’ve added $170 million more. So challenging, often require long assignment will be, but I’m lookingdrivers be patient and follow the instructions of I’m sure that there are other programs hours and at times unglamorous forward to using the leadershipguard force personnel. out there that we haven’t added to duties. management tools that I’ve gained at the site,” Williams said. “We’re also Williams said he is looking for OPM in the military.”
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 11KSC conducts annual training PHOTOS BY PFC. PARK YUNG-KWIAbove: Members of the Korean Service Corps get identification tags pressed Aug. 11 during an annual trainingexercise near Sungnam. In wartime, the KSC provides combat service support to fighting units.Above, right: A Korean Service Corps member supervises as another learns to use a computer system Aug. 11 atthe mobilization training reception center that was set up.Right: Korean Service Corps members and U.S. Soldiers listen to breifings Aug. 11 near Sungnam during KSCannual training.
    • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 12 Aug. 20, 2004VFW marks date of DMZ incidentBy Alex Harrington two U.S. Army officers at the 8th Army War Memorial Zone, which marks the border between the twoArea II Public Affairs Office near Gate 5 here. Koreas. On Aug. 18, 1976, a Republic of Korea work As three workers trimmed the branches, a group YONGSAN – On a rainy day, the Veterans of detail, supervised by Capt. Arthur Bonifas and 1st of North Korean soldiers approached and demandedForeign Wars Post 8180 conducted a formal Lt. Mark Barrett, was sent to prune a 100-foot poplar that the pruning stop. A few minutes later, 20 morewreath laying ceremony Wednesday, memorializing tree in the Joint Security Area along the Demilitarized North Korean soldiers appeared. Four minutes later, Bonifas and Barrett were dead, beaten and hacked to death by the North Koreans. Both officers were posthumously promoted. “We all know freedom has a price,” said Maj. Gen. Thomas Kane, deputy chief of staff United Nations Command and U.S. Forces Korea before a group of veterans service organizations, families from the Joint Security Battalion and Military Armistice Commission. “We understand that freedom isn’t free…and that liberty lasts for any people only for so long as we are willing to defend it, wherever it may be threatened.” About 30 U.S. Soldiers, Department of Defense civilians and Koreans attended the 15-minute ceremony and stood at attention as a wreath was laid and taps was played. “Though we join with our Korean comrades in a fervent hope for peaceful reunification, we must not forget, nor allow others to forget, the sacrifice made by Major Bonifas and First Lieutenant Barrett,” said P HOTO BY S .K H - GT IM VFW Post 8180 commander Jim Thorn. EE JINSoldiers from both the U.S. and the Republic of Korea gathers together during a memorial service to honor the 28th anniversary of two fallenU.S. officers killed while supervising a work party to prune a tree in the Demilitarized Zone. E-mail
    • Page 14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug 20, 2004 Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters For additional listings or matinees call respective theater or see AT THE Aug. 20 - 26 M OV I E S Location Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 22 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Phone No. Casey Around the World in The Manchurian The Manchurian 730-7354 80 Days Dodgeball Candidate Candidate Dodgeball Two Brothers Two Brothers Essayons Harry Potter and the 732-9008 No Show Prisoner of Azakban No Show The Terminal Catwoman No Show The Terminal Garry Owen Around the World in Around the World in 734-2509 No Show Catwoman Garfield: The Movie The Terminal 80 Days No Show 80 Days Greaves 734-8388 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Henry Around the World in 768-7724 80 Days Garfield: The Movie Catwoman Two Brothers No Show No Show No Show Humphreys The Manchurian 753-7716 Candidate Godsend Godsend Dodgeball Dodgeball Two Brothers Two Brothers Hialeah Harry Potter and the 763-370 Catwoman Prisoner of Azakban The Terminal No Show No Show No Show No Show Hovey The Manchurian Around the World in The Manchurian 730-5412 The Terminal Candidate 80 Days Dodgeball Candidate Dodgeball White Chicks Howze Harry Potter and the Raising Helen No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show 734-5689 Prisoner of Azakban Catwoman Two Brothers Patience Philips Twin tigers, one bold and seems destined to one shy, are born in a spend her life city of ruins in French apologizing for taking Indochina and are soon up space. This comes captured. The bold to a screeching halt brother is forced to when Patience become a circus inadvertently performer, while the shy becomes a human sibling becomes the guinea pig for the (On U.S. Army Installations Only) companion of a revolutionary anti-aging product Hedare and not only Schedule subject to change governor’s son. But an accident leads the governor to lands herself in the middle of a corporate conspiracy sell the tiger to an adventurer and they find themselves of gargantuan proportions, but on the city police reunited—but as forced enemies, pitted against each force’s most wanted list. other in a fighting match. PG-13 PG-13 Location Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 22 Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. 26 Phone No. Kunsan 782-4987 I, Robot I, Robot Breakin’ all the Rules No Show Godsend Two Brothers Two Brothers Long 721-3407 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Osan 784-4930 Collateral Garfield: The Movie Garfield: The Movie Dodgeball Dodgeball Van Helsing Van Helsing Page 721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show Red Cloud The Manchurian Around the World in Around the World in 732-6620 Candidate Dodgeball Dodgeball 80 Days 80 Days No Show Collateral Stanley Around the World in 732-5565 80 Days Dodgeball Dodgeball Two Brothers No Show Collateral Two Brothers Yongsan I Collateral Collateral Collateral Dodgeball Dodgeball Raising Helen Raising Helen 738-7389 Yongsan II Around the World in Around the World in Around the World in Around the World in 738-7389 Two Brothers Two Brothers Two Brothers 80 Days 80 Days 80 Days 80 Days Yongsan III The Chronicles of 738-7389 Two Brothers Two Brothers Two Brothers Power Puff Girls The Stepford Wives Power Puff Girls Riddick
    • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page Aug. 20, 2004 15Chaplain’s corner: Are you praying enough?Chaplain (Maj.) Matthew B. Ahn moment, Chalmers was not busy, so do not know what to say in their powerful his confession of faith is?Area III Chaplain he went to the village with the two prayers. However, they have gathered In order for us to live the life of chiefs. here every Sunday for the last two victory in our spiritual battle, we need CAMP HUMPHREYS — Two After he arrived at the village, he years. They knelt for four hours and to spend more time in prayer.African chiefs visited a christian was very surprised because all the prayed even though they’ve never Satan will not approach closer tomission center and asked a missionary tribes knelt and prayed together. But learned how to pray.” tempt us if we are armed with prayernamed Chalmers to send a christian they did not say any words. Today, we need to take time for and the word of God.teacher to them. He asked the chiefs, “What are they personal reflection and examine how Through fervent prayer, we can But he did not have even one doing?” fervently we have prayed. receive great power from our Lord,missionary to send to them. So he “They are praying right now,” they Have we fervently prayed like the so that we can live the victorious life.said, “I am sorry, I cannot send a answered. African tribes? Many people say that It is my prayer that all of us maychristian teacher right now.” He was asking them why they did they are too busy to pray. live a dynamic and powerful life in our Two years later, the two chiefs not say any words. However, Martin Luther said, “The spiritual journey of faith and glorifycame back to him again. At that They answered him, saying “They more I am busy, the more I pray.” How God. Amen! Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Gospel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Sunday 1 p.m. Suwon Air Base Lutheran Sunday 8 a.m. Freedom Chapel Later-day Saints 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 4 p.m. Camp Long Collective 10 a.m. Suwon Air Base Contemporary 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 5:!5 p.m. Camp Eagle 10:30 a.m. Camp Eagle Korean 7 p.m. Camp Long Area III Chaplains Collective 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Benson 753-7274 or 011-9496-7445 Collective 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Daily 11:45a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Darin G. Olson 12:30 p.m. Camp Long Mass Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel 753-3049 ADVERTISEMENT GOES HERE
    • Page 16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004 PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVISAerobics instructor Bonnie Sutton, (right center) encourages members of her step-aerobics class at the Camp Humphreys Community Activities Center fitness room. There are many ways to keep in shape. Running and lifting weights are some of the ways. However, people at Camp Humphreys have gone... Crazy about Aerobics By Steve Davis Pfc. Andrew Anderson from Company C, 52nd Area III Public Affairs Office Aviation Regiment, said he started aerobics classes about two weeks ago and hasn’t stopped. CAMP HUMPHREYS — One person told another, “It seemed like a good way to get in shape. It’s then another and other. Friends told friends and soon upbeat and there’s great music,” he said. “I’m going the small fitness room with wall-to-wall mirrors was to bring some friends.” overflowing with people looking for a workout. The aerobics schedule includes body sculpting, step They put on some stimulating music, added some aerobics, kickboxing, Pilates training and combination well-placed exclamations like “Whoop, whoop” or aerobics taught by certified instructors. “Watch that body!” and “Let ‘er rip.” Whether it’s sweating to gain a perfectly sculpted Those “aerobics nuts,” — as one anonymous body or having just plain fun exercising to a funky observer called them — are congregating in packs these beat, aerobics classes are probably available at the local days at Camp Humphreys Community Activities gym or community activities center. Center, where they work themselves into a breathless An “Aerobathon” will also be featured 10 a.m.- 3 frenzy, loving every minute of it. As many as 60 people p.m. Sept. 11 at a community health fair at the Camp at a time have shown up for free instruction, prompting Humphreys post gym and the Community Activities the class to move at times from a small fitness area to Center.Pfc. Andrew Anderson gets into the groove during an the main ballroom. Combo aerobics is at 11 a.m., followed byaerobics class at the Camp Humphreys Community One might ask what the mass appeal is. A few kickboxing at noon and yoga/pilates demonstration atActivities Center. Morning and evening classes are available. might tell after they’ve caught their breath. 1 p.m. Left: Kickboxers show their stuff during an aerobics class at Camp Humphreys. Far left: The aerobics crowd shows enthusiasm almost 45 minutes into an eventing workout at the Camp Humphreys Community Activities Center.
    • Page 18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004 CYS: Providing care for children Child Youth Services Additionally, outreach services provides status have access to high-quality youth with mentorship and counseling to childcare. YONGSAN — Army Child and Youth help them handle topics ranging from On Sept. 1, Area Command CYS Services is now called a “model for the substance abuse to suicide and teen programs will implement the new 2004/ nation,” according to Korea Region pregnancy. 2005 School Year policy fee. Federal law Morale, Welfare and Recreation. “The school liaison services staffs at mandates that a uniform fee structure Child Youth Services is a multi-faceted Yongsan, Camp Humphreys and Area IV be applied to military CDCs. (Typically We i g h t L o s s S u p p o r t Group organization that offers childcare and child provide excellent transition support for children from infant through ageYongsan Weight Support Group is now development programs for military families services for relocating families,” said five.) As a result, fees charged for full throughout the world. It consists of four Tracy Roysdon, CYS program specialist day and hourly care will be consistent ataccepting new members. programs: child development services for Korea Region MWR. “SLS offers CDCs throughout Korea. Parents’The group is a free weight loss support (which includes Child Development support for post-secondary education additional investment will providegroup offering exercise and workout Centers and family childcare homes), preparation, transitioning families, home- assurance they will continue to receiveoptions, healthy eating support and weight school-age services, youth services school linkages and many other services.” the many benefits that they would beloss support. (which includes middle school, teen, as Childcare is an Army benefit that comes hard-pressed to find at comparablyE-mail or call 011- well as sport and fitness programs) and at a reasonable cost because of legislation priced civilian facilities, including:9699-7064 for membership information. outreach services. passed in 1989. The legislation dictated ! A system that is accommodating Child development services focuses that the DoD establish a uniform childcare to the unique and sometimes volatile Yo n g s a n B a t t i n g C a g e around providing early development and fee policy based upon total family demands placed on Soldiers. Championships emergency childcare services for military income*. This provided a resolution to ! A flexible system that provides asNow is the time for softball players to hone families. The centers provide age- the problem of wide ranging childcare much as 12 hours of care a day, as welltheir batting skills at the Family Fun Park appropriate activities to foster healthy fees among the military services. Parents as one that provides early-morning,Batting Cages. mental and physical development in pay half the cost (or the salaries of direct- evening, and weekend care as neededCash prizes will be offered to first and children aged six weeks to five years. care staff), while Army funds make up (i.e. during exercises).second place male and female batting “Yongsan, Daegu and Camp Carroll the difference between what parents pay ! An interactive staff that focuseschampions in youth and adult divisions. The have excellent Child Development Centers and the actual cost of childcare. Fees are on reinforcing the role of parents andconcept is simple. that provide developmentally appropriate established on a sliding scale with low- consistently giving them importantJust visit the batting cages between now quality care throughout Korea,” said income families paying less. This ensures feedback.and the Aug. 28 championships to practice Beverly Joiner, chief, Family Branch at that all servicemembers and civilian To learn more about CYS, call 725-hitting targets on the fence. For more Korea Region MWR. employees, regardless of rank or financial 3205.information, call 738-4190. School-age services is designed to Total Family Income (TFI) provide quality, safe out-of-school options (Source: U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center) Auto Show for children 6-12 years-old, while youth Definition: Total Family Income is defined as the full amount of gross earnings before taxes. Inline with the Department ofThe Yongsan Auto Crafts Center will services provides a similar service with Defense (DoD) policy.conduct an Auto Show on Sept. 18. The activities geared toward older children and teens. Additionally, youth services TFI Includes: # Wages, salaries, and tips # Allowances for housing and subsistence, which are basedshow will feature a variety of cars # Long-term disability benefits upon grade and status as determined by:competing for bragging rights and cash organizes the majority of youth sports and # Voluntary salary deferrals -Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Chart II** fitness programs on installations. # Specialty Pay -Basic Allowance for Subsistence Chartprizes in the categories of best paint, # “In-kind” allowances The final part of CYS is outreachinterior, engine compartment and best - The value of meals (BAS) & lodging (BAH) provided services. Outreach services provides an if you live on the installation and/or eat in dining facilities.overall. outlet to help children deal with the stressesThis event will feature lots of food, music, put on them as part of a military family in TFI Does Not Include: # Combat zone pay, hostile fire and imminent danger # Family Separation Pay pay. Child Support and/or alimonyprize drawings and vendors. Participants the modern world. Transition assistance # Variable and overseas housing allowances (VHA #from all over the peninsula are invited to programs are available and provide military and OHA)bring their car and compete. for more children with the tools needed to cope with ** This is different than the BAH amount shown on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). If you are a dual military family, only the senior Soldier’sinformation, call 738-5315 or 738-5419. change and adapt to new environments. BAH is included in TFI. Yo A l l Yo u C a n E a t B u f f e tCamp Red Cloud Mitchell’s All-U-Can-Eat- USO offers trips to DMZ, Joint Security AreaLunch Buffet is available 11:30 a.m. –12:30 p.m. on weekdays. For more forces, offers tours to an important site in Korea’s moderninformation call 732-8189. history. The tours are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and costMonday — Italian buffet, $40 for civilians and $20 for active-duty military. The U.S. militaryTuesday — Barbecue ribs, provides guides for the USO tours.Wednesday — Oriental buffet, “I’ve been giving these tours for about a year now and they areThursday — Mexican buffet usually full,” said Sgt. Terry Bingham, a tour guide.Friday — Variety buffet For this reason, Bingham recommends those interested in being a part of the tours book their travel a few days before it departs. Area II Triathlon One of the few tours that actually brings visitors inside the JSA,There will be a triathlon 9 a.m. Sept. 11 at visitors are allowed to freely cross over the demarcation line in theYongsan Garrison. military armistice commission building.Events include a 400-meter swim, 15 Visitors also view other areas within the JSA and learn about thekilometer bicycle race and a five-kilometer PHOTO BY SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMAN history of the area. Stops include the Dora Observatory and thirdrun. Call 738-8608 for more information. A Republic of Korea soldier keeps an eye on tourists at the Joint infiltration tunnel. Security Area Aug. 14. The USO offers tours to the JSA. “This is a good tour,” said Brianna Charbonnel, an English teacher Playgroups For Children By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman from Japan. “I would recommend it to anyone coming to Korea.”Yongsan Playgroups is now accepting new Korea Region Public Affairs Office Another visitor gave her own thoughts.members. “This is as close as civilians can get to the front lines of anyThe group plans palydates, educational PANMUNJEOM — The Joint Security Area is the sight of a war,” said Jennifer Werderman. “It’s definitely a worth-whileactivites and field trips for families with stand off in Korea. experience coming here.”infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers in Yongsan In the tense environment where two sides who stare each To reserve a spot on the tour, call USO Seoul commercially atand Hannam Village areas. other down daily are tourists snapping pictures and walking 795-3028 or DSN 724-7781. Additional information can also beE-mail for around. This may sound like a set to a movie, but it’s the found at information. Demilitarized Zone that separates the two Koreas. The USO, in cooperation with the United Nations security E-mail
    • Aug. 20, 2004 Page 21Pyeongtaek Mobilization Station CommanderChong Yong-an briefs U.S. Army officers,command sergeants major and other guestsAug. 5 at a Korean Service Corps mobilizationexercise Aug. 4-6 in Pyeongtaek. Chong alsocommands the 22nd KSC Company basedat Camp Humphreys. PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVISKorean Service Corps members don protective Members of the Korean Service Corps report to the mobilization station for inprocessing during a KSC Mobilization Exercise Aug. 4-6 in Pyeongtaek.masks at the Pyongtaek mobilization station. The Korean Service Corps mobilizes to live up to its motto... ‘Ser vice First’ Area III Public Affairs Office On Aug. 5, Chong and KSC Battalion commander Lt. Col. Emmett Harleston Tuileama of the 52nd Medical Evacuation Battalion in Yongsan. “KSC PYEONGTAEK — The Korean Jr. invited area commanders, sergeants support is crucial to our success if weCorpsmen examine clothing and other military Service Corps Battalion tested its wartime major and other guests to a briefing and need to transition to war.”gear at an equipment issue point at a Korean mission Aug. 4-6 to mobilize and in- tour of the Pyongtaek Mobilization Harleston said the battalion is alwaysService Corps mobilization station in Pyongtaek. process augmenters that support U.S. Station operating at a local school. discovering new ways to make the Forces Korea and 8th U.S. Army units. They saw KSC members processed KSC mobilization process more “The KSC Mobilization Station at in a series of tents setup in front of the effective and able to serve U.S. Forces Pyeongtaek — one of four in the Republic school. Several classrooms inside the Korea better. of Korea — is prepared to receive, in- school formed an operations center, a Chong said the mobilization process, outfit and provide common task uniform and equipment issue facility, and exercise demonstrates that the Korea training to (the mobilized) and form training areas for first aid and other skills. Service Corps can live up to its motto: companies to support U.S. military units,” “This exercise shows that the “Service First” and be a true support said Pyeongtaek Mobilization Station Republic of Korea-U.S. alliance remains partner in peacetime and in war. Commander Chong Yong-an. strong,” said Command Sgt. Maj. NuaAbove: U Chong-taek, 28th Korean ServiceCorps Company at Camp Market, practicesfirst aid skills during the KSC mobilizationexercise. Above: Korean Service Corps Battalion Commander Lt.Right: Oh Se-un, 22nd Korean Service Corps Col. Emmett C. Harleston Jr. directs officers, commandCompany at Camp Humphreys, makes sergeants major and other guests Aug. 5 to the Koreandogtags during a Korean Service Corps Service Corps mobilization station. Other stations locatedmobilization exercise. in Busan, Daegu and Seoul process KSC members in the event of war.
    • Page The Morning Calm Weekly 22 MORNING CALM Aug. 20, 2004NEWS & NOTES Pyeongtaek Marathon Army Community Service workersAmerican Soldiers, civilians and familymembers are invited to run in The FourthPyeongtaek Port Marathon and associatied runs make ‘house calls’ to Area III unitssponsored by the Pyeongtaek City Sports Area III Public Affairs OfficeAssociation and the Pyeongtaek City MarathonAssociation. The marathon, along with separate CAMP HUMPHREYS — Armyfive- and ten-kilometer runs will be 9:30 a.m. Community Service is now makingOct. 10 at the east platform of Pier Five at “house calls” to Area III units in orderPyeongtaek Port. Registration will be through to serve customers better.Aug. 31. The cost is 20,000 won for the half- “It’s often difficult for Soldiers to findcourse marathon and the 10-kilometer run and time to come see us, so we go out and10,000 won for the 5-kilometer run. For more see them,” said Cynthia Jacobs, directorinformation, call 031-659-5959 or 031-659- of the Army Community Service at5124. Camp Humphreys. Jacobs said each ACS worker is Upcoming ACS Events assigned several units to work with.The Army Community Service at Camp Volunteer Coordinator AggieHumphreys will host the following events: Rodriguez, for instance, has her own! The Exceptional Family Member program “beat” that includes several units at Campwill host a “Prepare for School Day” from 10 Humphreys along with trips to Area IIIa.m.- noon today at the Camp Humphreys units at Suwon Air Base and Camp Long,ACS in Building 311. To register, call Yeritza near Wonju. PHOTO BY STEVE DAVISNocera at 753-8327. “I am the ACS point-of-contact for Army Community Service Director Cynthia Jacobs stands near the ACS logo at Building 311.! The ACS will host a shopping tour to the those units,” Rodriguez said. “If they needKangnam underground shopping center. Meet a service that I cannot personally provide, ! Financial Readiness: helps people ! Army Family Action Plan andat 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the Camp Humphreys then I will coordinate with the person take control of and manage finances and Army Family Team Buildingwalk-through gate. For details, call Young who can.” includes checkbook management, debt programs: develops awareness ofStraughan at 753-8782. Rodriguez said it is both effective and liquidation counseling and consumer Army culture and helps make the! A Labor and Birth class will be 10 a.m.-5 rewarding to meet face-to-face with affairs; Army environment better for Soldiersp.m. Tuesday in Room 7 of the Camp people to explain how ACS can help ! Employment Readiness: assess- and their families.Humphreys Education Center. Pre-registration them. ment, resume and interviewing ! New parent support: offersis required. For more information, call Family Army Community Service offers resources, tips and solutions for finding parenting education and support,Advocacy at 753-6252 or 8448. such readiness programs as: a job; prenatal and postnatal education,! Part one of the mandatory financial ! Army Emergency Relief: a key ! Family Advocacy: dedicated to childbirth and other infant carereadiness training for first-term Soldiers is element in “helping the Army take care spousal and child abuse prevention, classes and information;held 8 a.m.-noon the first Tuesday of each of its own,” AER provides financial education, prompt reporting, “In addition to these programs, wemonth at the Camp Humphreys ACS. Part 2 is assistance and scholarships to active investigation, intervention and have a lot of information and mapsheld the second Tuesday of the month. For duty and retired Army personnel and their treatment, improving relationships and about Area III and Camp Humphreys,”information, call at 753-8401. authorized family members, including the overall quality of family life; said Jacobs.! “Resume Writing” and “RESUMIX emergency crisis loans; ! Exceptional Family Member She encourages unit commanders,Preparation” classes will be 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. ! Mobilization and Deployment Program: provides comprehensive and command sergeants major orSept. 1 at the Distributed Learning Center in Readiness: predeployment briefings and coordinated community support, housing, individual Soldiers to call the CampBuilding 302 at Camp Humphreys. Attend one assistance to Family Readiness Groups; and educational, medical, and personnel Humphreys ACS at 753-8401 if theyclass or both. The class is open to everyone, ! Relocation Readiness: prepares services to families with special needs. would like more information.but limited to 15 students. Pre-register by Soldiers and families for moving to a ! Volunteer Program: provides Soldiers and family members cancalling 753-8321. new duty station, and includes Soldiers, civilians, retirees, spouses and also call the Suwon Air Base ACS at! A “Smooth Move Workshop” will be held newcomers briefings, a loan closet, youth an opportunity to aid schools, 788-4934, the Camp Long/Eaglefrom 6 -7:30 p.m. today at the Camp smooth move workshops, sponsorship hospitals or sports programs or to ACS at 721-3665, or visit the ACSHumphreys ACS. Call 753-8804 to pre- training, passport and visa information, volunteer at many other organizations and Web site at www.armycommunity-register. along with bi-cultural outreach services; offices.! Learn to make Korean chicken soup duringa cooking class at 5 p.m. Aug. 27 at the CampHumphreys ACS. To register, call 753-8401.! An Employment and Volunteer Awareness VIP VisitSeminar will be held from 8 a.m.- 3 p.m. The 6th Cavalry Brigade WaterSept. 10 at the Camp Humphreys Community Survival Officer Chief WarrantActivities Center. Pre-registration is required. Officer 4 Robert Reynolds,Call LaVita Vincent at 753-8321 or Aggie center, briefs Republic of Korea-Rodriguez at 753-8294. U.S. Combined Forces Command Deputy Commander College Registration Gen. Kim Jang-soo, at the 8thArmy Education Term I college registration Army dunker facility, wherewill be 8 a.m.-5 p.m. today at the Camp aviators from the 3rd Squadron,Humphreys Education Center. For more 6th Cavalry Brigade and the 2ndinformation, call 753-8907 or 753-8909. Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment were training for over- Heat Index Information water mission certification. KimTenant units may call the Area III headquarters toured the dunker, an AH-64Dstaff duty section at 753-6111 for hourly heat Apache Longbow flight simulatorcategory updates. and other 6th Cavalry BrigadeInformation about the prevention of heat injury facilities Aug. 10 at Campprevention is at the U.S. Army Center for Health Humphreys.Promotion and Preventive Medicine Web siteat PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS
    • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004 23Camp Humphreys units urgedto conserve water, electricityArea III Public Affairs Office CAMP HUMPHREYS — Due to an aboveaverage increase in water and electric usage atCamp Humphreys to combat the heat andweather, the post is experiencing difficulty inkeeping water and electricity use levels within PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVISnecessary limits. Credit union members dig into a free lunch Kevin Greiss, the Area III Directorate of Plans, buffet Aug. 13 during the USA Federal CreditTraining, Mobility and Security, said an aggressive Union Member Appreciation Day.conservation effort is needed immediately toprevent a possible severe water shortage or poweroutage. “We ask for your direct involvement in this 2nd Lt. Amy Bartoszewicz and Spc. Michael Schwartz walk under an arch offor a sustained period until the weather begins red, white and blue balloons at the USA Federal Credit cool down,” Griess said. “Please have staffduty officers and other command representatives Credit Union hosts Member Appreciation Daycheck and correct open windows and doors and Area III Public Affairs Office “Our new location is a first-class financialother wasteful activities.” institution,” said Holcomb. “It is much more Griess advised that the following conservation CAMP HUMPHREYS — The USA Federal functional for us and our credit unionactions be implemented immediately by all tenant Credit Union hosted a Member Appreciation members.”units at Camp Humphreys and throughout Area III: Day Aug. 13 at its new location in Building S- Improvements include more space, better ! Keep doors and windows closed 118, across from the post exchange. lighting and a more pleasant working ! Turn lights off when not in the room or when Manager Ron Holcomb said memberships environment, said Holcomb.there is enough natural light available. rose 7 percent in June and 15 percent in July. Building S-118, which used to house the old ! Set air conditioner thermostats to the “Location is everything,” said Holcomb. “We post exchange, has been renovated togovernment standard of 78 degrees. could not have achieved this kind of growth in accommodate the credit union, the bank and the ! Turn air conditioners off when no one is in our old facility.” Army post office. The credit union moved tothe facility. The credit union used to be located behind the new building in May, followed by the bank ! Reduce unnecessary water usage (take shorter next to the Camp Humphreys Army Community in early August. The post office moved from itsshowers, no car washing, no grass watering). Service building and the old bank. old facility this week. ! Be creative and use other methods to conserve The credit union and the bank were both A grand opening ceremony for all threewater and electricity. housed in 1950-era Quonset huts. facilities will be held next week.
    • Aug. 20, 2004 Page 25Airlift signals old compound’s demiseBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs Office CAMP HENRY – Recently, theArmy decided to tear down acompound on Geumo Mountain,leaving behind only an unmannedcommunications site. Closing thesite had a catch to it — getting theheavy equipment needed to demolishthe compound’s vacant buildings tothe peak of a mountain with no roadto its top. The Salem Top communications sitesituated at 3,300 feet, near Gumi Cityjust north of Camp Carroll wasconstructed in the early 1960s as amanned communications site.Technological advances in the early1990s; however, eliminated the needto post Soldiers to the wind-batteredcompound. Shin Saeng Construction Co. Ltd.(of Seoul) was awarded the $200,000contract to demolish 11 buildingscomprising about 6,800 square feet.The company needed to get twobackhoes, weighing in at 14,300 and7,716 pounds respectively, to the sitein order to demolish the structures andremove obsolete tanks, sidewalks, PHOTOS BY CPT. MATTHEW BOWMANhandrails, concrete pads and other A Soldier drives a backhoe off a CH-47 Chinook helicopter at the Salem Top signal site landing pad atop Geumo Mountain.items. A joint civil-military operationconducted Aug. 9 eliminated that site. Carroll Directorate of Public Works 46th Transportation Company steppedproblem as Chinooks from Also participating were personnel that oversaw the effort, and Area IV in and provided palletized loadingCompany A, 2nd Battalion, 52nd from Company B, 2nd Battalion, 52nd Support Activity personnel who system racks.The racks are essentiallyAv i a t i o n R e g i m e n t a t C a m p Aviation Regiment, the 194th coordinated the aviation aspect of the platforms that loads can be securedHumphreys; airlifted two backhoes, Maintenance Battalion who rigged the mission. to. Since the maximum load rate isdemolition equipment, tools, loads, the 46th Transportation “I basically ended up being a already known and standardized, itsundries and other items, totaling Company that provided Palletized central point of contact between the was just a matter of driving themore than 16 tons, to the six-acre Loading System racks, the Camp different units because the mission excavator onto the rack, securing it, started out with an aviation and then testing it. The load was lifted requirement,” said Capt. Matthew off the ground by a crane at Camp Bowman, Walker Army Heliport Carroll’s heavy lift pad to ensure commander. “The problem was taking proper balance and stability. non-standard loads and moving them “We didn’t consider the difficulty safely. Everybody involved was great of bringing the backhoes to the top of in coming up with good ideas to make the mountain initially,” said Chong this happen.” Hae-chol, supervisory industrial Initially, the plan was to sling-load engineer with the Engineering the larger backhoe as a nonstandard Resource Division at Camp Carroll’s load, a tricky and potentially Department of Public Works. “It took troublesome endeavor. The team about two and-a-half months to would have to hook onto the excavator coordinate everything but we have then test the load for balance and received very good support. The good stability. The main concern; however, thing is that now that we are was not knowing exactly how much experienced, it will be much easier weight each connection point on the getting the equipment back down backhoe was designed to support. from the mountain.” “There is a manual on how to rig Chong said the demolition project is nearly every piece of equipment in the scheduled to be completed by Sept. 15. Army inventory.” Bowman said. “InThe now-abandoned Salem Top signal site once was home to Soldiers who manned and this case, we didn’t have that luxury.”maintained the communications equipment housed there. The problem was solved when the E-mail
    • Page 26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug. 20, 2004NEWS & NOTES Asia ‘Youth of the Year’ wins another honor Exchange K-2 Air Base Ex change By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun Roper said. “It was really great New Hours of Operation Area IV Public Affairs Office because our tour guide wasThe K-2 Air Base Exchange will have adjusted cool, and with the VIP pass,hours of operation through Oct. 13. The hours CAMP HENRY – A single photograph we didn’t have to wait in lines,of operation are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday taken during a winter vacation trip to and got to do many things thatthrough Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Hawaii has led to another high-level we couldn’t have doneSunday, and closed on Monday. For more award and free trip stateside for an Area without it. Besides, just beinginformation, call Kim Chu-song at 768-7384. IV teen. at Universal Studios was Tassia Araujo-Roper, a recent awesome, because I’ve never Daegu Area Intramural graduate of Pusan American School, won been to theme parks before I Soccer League the 2004 Boys and Girls Club of America started getting these awards.The 2004 Daegu Area Intramural Soccer League ImageMakers National Photography Along with the trip towill take place Sept. 14 – Oct. 2 at Kelly Field. Exhibit in the black and white process California, it was the best tripThose who would like to participate may sign up category. Her most recent honor came I’ve taken in my life.”at Kelly Fitness Center by Sept. 12. An three months after she was named the The trip was sponsored byorganizational meeting will be 6 p.m. Sept. 13 2004 Boys and Girls Club of America Circuit City, which sponsoredat Kelly Fitness Center. For more information, Asia Youth of the Year. a session on taking bettercall Kim Chong-hwan at 764-4225 or Chong “I found out that I won the award photographs, gave eachYong-sun at 764-5217. while I was on the airplane back to winner a digital camera. The Korea,” Araujo-Roper said. “I had been winners also went on a VIP Army Career and Alumni on a free trip to California for winning tour of Universal Studios and Program Job Fair the Asia Youth of the Year. I only had received a behind-the-scenesThe Army Career and Alumni Program Job Fair look at the Animal Planet Live one week in between the trips. A week P G Pwill be noon, Sept. 17 at Henry’s Place on HOTO BY ALEN UTNAM later, I was back on the plane, back to show.Camp Henry. Various employment opportunities Tassia Araujo-Roper collects trash on Hwasun Beach, Jeju the states.” The award is anotherwith major companies will be represented. It is Island, as part of a community service project during the The news that Araujo-Roper had won addition to Araujo-Roper’sopen to all job seekers with Department of Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Youth the award came as a big surprise to her impressive list of awards andDefense identification cards. For more Leadership Forum held April 4-9, 2004. family, because no one had expected it. recognitions, thanks to theinformation, call Dale Garringer at 768-7571 or extensive community service and She didn’t believe it herself. by her success in the competition.Brenda Conner at 763-7470. “The picture for my entry to the “I am going to be taking a lot of classes volunteer work she has been performing competition was one of the pictures that in child development, because eventually, since age five. She was also active in a BOSS Han River Cruise I want to work with the Child and Youth variety of extracurricular activities in I took during my winter break trip toThe Better Opportunities for Single and Hawaii,” Araujo-Roper said. “I thought Services here,” said Araujo-Roper who school.Unaccompanied Soldiers Han River Cruise will be “Everybody always asks me how I get (the photograph) was one of my worst will be attending the University of6 p.m. Sept. 18. Tickets are $25 per person and all these awards and free trips,” Araujo- pictures. I thought the picture had been Maryland University College Asianinclude a buffet meal on board. A variety of activities lost after I submitted it because it never Division in Daegu. “I was always Roper said. “My answer is ‘volunteer.’are planned. For more information, including came back and I didn’t hear anything interested in photography, but never have That is the only thing you have to do, buttransportation, call Luis Rios at 768-7418. about it. I was very surprised, but it thought I was good at it. But after winning the kids never do that. They really should.” actually went on (to win).” the award, I thought maybe I could do it. “Tassia is a very motivated person,” VFW’s “Return to She wasn’t the only one who was So since then, I have been thinking about said Tiffany Harris, Area IV School Age Trip V ietnam” Trip Services program assistant, who went surprised. doing photography.”If you received a Purple Heart while serving in “It was shocking news,” said Truda Gaining confidence in her photography to Florida with Araujo-Roper as aVietnam, you could be one of 12 veterans to Roper, Araujo-Roper’s mother. “I knew skills wasn’t the only benefit of entering. chaperone. “She really takes her timewin the VFW’s “Return to Vietnam” trip. The she was talented (in photography) but I Araujo-Roper also received a three- doing these types of projects andtour, scheduled for April 2005, will include a didn’t know she was that talented.” day, all-expense paid trip to Universal always shoots for the best she can give.number of stops throughout the country, airfare Although she had already decided Studios Florida in Orlando, Fla., where She also helps the younger youth in anyand accommodations. Entries must be received what to study in college, Araujo-Roper she joined contest winners from other age way that she can.”before the drawing on Nov. 15. Winners will be said she might consider pursuing further groups and categories.notified by mail or e-mail in early December. education on photography, encouraged “(The trip) was amazing,” Araujo- E-mail more information, call Bobby Bradley at764-3534. Cyber Cafe Closure Serving it up!The Camp Walker Cyber Café will be closedwhile the Community Activity Center isrenovated. For more information, call ChongChu-yung at 768-7383. Tour and Travel Ser vice Travel and Car Rental Shop RelocationThe Camp Walker Tour and Travel Service andCar Rental Shop has moved to the containerlocated next to the Camp Walker Post Exchange.For more information, call Chong Chu-yung at768-7383. Taegu Commissar y Early Bird ShoppingThe Taegu Commissary is conducting a test onearly bird shopping until Sept. 21. Early birdshopping will be 9-11 a.m. Tuesdays only.Shopping will be limited to 10 items or fewer PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAMduring those times. For more information, call Pfc. Joel W. Blimline, a food service specialist from the 20th Area Support Group Dining Facility at Camp Henry serves a meal to a SoldierCeline Ruiz at 764-5311. during the dining facility’s evaluation for the 8th Army-level of the Philip A. Connelly Award Program. The dining facility, which won the 8th Army-level last year, is competing again in the small garrison dining facility category.
    • MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Page Aug. 20, 2004 27Military Sealift Command in Busan welcomes new commanderBy Petty Officer 2nd Class David McKee could ask for” to help her accomplish the mission.U.S. Naval Forces Korea Public Affairs Office The Navy works along with the U.S. Army’s 837th Transportation Battalion, known as the “Kargo Kings” BUSAN – Sounds of cranes transferring heavy at Pier 8 to ensure successful logistics activities. Themilitary equipment from rail cars to ships bound for Army is responsible for moving cargo to ships by truckIraq mingled with band music bidding farewell to Cmdr. or rail while the Navy’s five military personnel and 15William Steigers from Military Sealift Command in Busan civilians manage the maritime aspect of the logisticsJuly 26. process. Cmdr. Stephanie Miller replaced Steigers as “The people at MSCO are the maritime experts whocommander of the only Military Sealift Command base maintain the ship’s needs. We arrange fuel, handlein the Republic of Korea. immigration issues for civilian mariners and coordinate During his tour, Steigers coordinated support for repairs,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tim Jones, Military Sealift PHOTO BY PETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASS DAVID MCKEE Command executive officer.more than 200 Military Sealift Command vessels forOperation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom Sideboys render honors to Military Sealift Command’s incoming Most recently, Military Sealift Command coordinatedand other locations in the war against terrorism. leader Cmdr. Stephanie Miller at a change of command with the Kargo Kings to move equipment that “will directly In his farewell remarks he noted how proud he was ceremony Aug. 6 on Pier 8. support the U.S. mission in Iraq,” Jones have worked with the Army’s 837th Transportation Miller was commissioned in 1987 after receiving a Military Sealift Command has been in Busan sinceBattalion, supplying ammunition and military equipment bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Norfolk State military action broke out on the peninsula in theto the peninsula. University, Va., and a master’s degree in human relations summer of 1950. During the three-year war, the “The people I worked with at Military Sealift from the University of Oklahoma. Her personal command moved about 3.5 million passengers,Command made this tour a great experience. It was an decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service including U.N. troops from their home countries toopportunity to work with professional logisticians in Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Korea and evacuated the wounded and refugees.the other services and see there are other organizations and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. The ships also moved 98.1 million tons of suppliesthat are dedicated to moving the fight,” Steigers said, Guest speaker Capt. Douglas Harris, Military Sealift and equipment to Korea by sea, and providedwhose next duty station is at the Mine Warfare Training Command Far East commander, told spectators that everything from butter and oil to helicopters andCenter in Ingleside, Texas. Miller would fulfill a mission that wasn’t glorious but military hardware needed at the battlefront. Miller said the mission of military logistics at the was essential. He said she would help ensure that In addition to personnel and supply shipments,eighth largest port in the world will be easier because of equipment and other supplies are in place where they the command took part in humanitarian reliefSteiger’s dedication, and she looks forward to her tour are needed throughout the Republic of Korea in peace operations that included transporting 105,000in Busan. and in contingency. soldiers, 91,000 civilians, 17,500 vehicles and “Commander Steigers laid the groundwork for a great “You will remain to clean up the mess, and 350,000 tons of supplies from Hungnam, Korea,command. I’m going to pick up where he left off,” Miller perfection is expected. You deliver the fight to the only hours ahead of the advancing communistssaid, who is returning to Korea for the second time in her ‘land of the morning calm’ and when the fight is after being the Officer Program Officer in Charge over, you ship it all back home again,” Harris Navy Recruiting Central, Great Lakes, Ill. He added Miller would have the “best staff anyone E-mail
    • MORNING CALM Page The Morning Calm Weekly 28 Aug. 20, 2004Daegu celebrates Women’s Equality Day, runs in the rainBy Pfc. Oh Dong-keun Support Command, won the women’sArea IV Public Affairs Office 40 and over category and Sachiko Wise, 19th Theater Support Command, CAMP WALKER – An early morning finished second.rain shower couldn’t stop Area IV In men’s 29 and under category, therunning enthusiasts from coming out to winner was James Martin, Headquarterscommemorate women’s rights Saturday and Headquarters Detachment, 728that Camp Walker’s Kelly Field. Military Police Battalion, and Mark The Area IV Women’s Equality Day Strickland from the same unit was the5-kilometer fun run and walk, which runner-up. In men’s 30 to 39 category,drew 54 participants despite the drizzle, Marty Muchow, Defense Logisticsis one of a series of events planned Agency – Pacific finished first andthroughout the month by the 19th PHOTO BY PFC. OH DONG-KEUN Norbert Fochs, Headquarters andTheater Support Command and 20th Participants weather the rain Saturday before the start of the 2004 Women’s Equality Day 5- Headquarters Company, 19th TheaterSupport Group Equal Opportunity kilometer fun run and walk race at Kelly Field on Camp Walker. Support Command took second. In theOffice to celebrate Women’s Equality “By virtue of the authority vested in “The actual day of celebration is the men’s 40 and over category, the fastestDay. me, I do hereby proclaim August 26 as 26th, but since the day happens to be in runner was Patrick Noble, 55th Theater “We have planned a variety of events Women’s Equality Day,” said Col. James the middle of the (Ulchi Focus Lens) Material Management Center, Bill Dickthroughout this month to recognize and M. Joyner, former commander of the exercise, and we won’t be able to get took second.observe women’s power and rights in Area IV Support Activity and the 20th everybody’s attention, we spread the Vincent San Nicolas finished first inthe society,” said Staff Sgt. Monte Tartt, Support Group in a memorandum. “I call events throughout the month so more the youth category, featuring children 1620th Support Group equal opportunity upon all the Soldiers, civilians, educators people can participate,” Tartt said. and under, and Han Woo-young finishedadvisor. “The times have changed and and all of the people of Area IV to observe Participants in Saturday’s event ran second. In the 2-mile walk category,women these days are very actively this day with appropriate ceremonies, or walked in eight categories. Butch Cartwright, 36th Signal Battalioninvolved in all parts of our society. activities and programs to remember In the women’s 29 and under won the men’s division, and Julia Fisher,Women’s Equality Day is the day we women’s suffrage throughout the year.” category, Megan Groves finished first Headquarters and Headquarterscome together to celebrate the changes Area IV kicked off this year’s and Amanda Lawrence, Company D, Company, 307th Signal Battalion won thethat affect every woman in the world.” Women’s Equality Day celebration Aug. 168th Medical Battalion came in second. women’s division. Women’s Equality Day has been 3 with a ceremony at the Evergreen In the women’s 30 to 39 category, “I am very happy to see a big turnoutcelebrated in the United States every Aug. Community Club on Camp Walker. Since Jennifer Adams, 19th Theater Support today,” Tartt said. “I hope everyone had26 since 1972. The date coincides with then, several related activities have taken Command, was the winner, followed by a great time and they would rememberthe anniversary of the ratification of the place throughout Area IV, including a 5- Shim Kum-sok, 20th Support Group. what today’s event was for.”19th Amendment, which gave women kilometer race at Camp Carroll, Tartt Lynn San Nicolas, Headquarters andthe right to vote. said. Headquarters Company, 19th Theater E-mail
    • Page 30 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly Aug 20, 2004 Learn Korean Easily Ye “ Ye o -ruem dah gah-seo -yo.” “This summer is almost gone.” Language Instructor Minsook Kwon Word of the week ‘neo-moo’ The phrase of the week “The weather was very hot.” Nahl-see-gah neo-moo deo-weo-seo-yo. The weather - subject article very was hot Conversation of the week Yeo-ruem jahl jee-nae-sheo-seo-yo? Ah-nee-yo. Wae-yo? (Deo-wee) ddae-moon-ae-yo. Jeo-doh-yo. Neo-moo deo-weo-seo-yo.