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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  070629 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070629 Document Transcript

  • Volume 5, Issue 36 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA June 29, 2007 Academic Drivers show off USAG-Humphreys scholarships their rides for hosts annual awarded to local prizes and fame family safety day students at Yongsan festivities Page 4 Page 11 Page 16 Installation libraries host summer reading program PHOTO BY CPL. KIM SANG-WOOK See pages 10 and 23 for stories and additional photos TOP: U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell reads a story to more than 150 children June 19 at the Yongsan Library. LEFT: Taylor Huber, a summer reading program staff member disguised as detective Sam Shavel, shares a mysterious book with her audience of kids and parents at the Camp PHOTO BY CPL IM, SUK-CHUN PHOTO BY CPL IM, SUK-CHUN Humphreys Library.
  • June 29, 20072 The Morning Calm Weekly Bell Sends # 31-07 The Morning Calm Published by Installation Management Command - Korea Region Bell Sends: Monsoon safety message Director/Publisher: Brig. Gen. Al Aycock From late June through early Counseling” as described in USFK Policy Letter #2 to Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson September, the monsoon season discuss the importance of planning and caution during off- USAG-RED CLOUD poses potential, serious risks to duty activities as well as risks posed to Family Members Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson USFK personnel and operations. during this period. Some actions to mitigate risks associated Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson CI Officer: James F. Cunningham The heaviest rainfall normally with monsoon include: occurs in July and can quickly - Carefully select field training sites. Walk the terrain; USAG-YONGSAN Commander: Col. Ron Stephens become very destructive. In the develop and brief egress plans. Public Affairs Officer: David McNally past, flash floods and mudslides - Avoid areas subject to flooding or areas already Staff Writer: Sgt. Lee Yang-won from monsoon rains have caused flooded; never drive through flooded roadways or attempt USAG-HUMPHREYS loss of life and extensive to cross flowing streams. Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. property damage to USFK - Do not camp or park vehicles along streams and washes. Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy Writer/Editor: Andre D. Butler Gen. B.B. Bell personnel and property. Flash - Be cautious of undercut roadways. flooding with as little as six - Avoid downed power lines and electrical wires. USAG-DAEGU Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier inches of rapidly moving water can knock people off their - When advised, evacuate immediately. Don’t wait, even Staff Writer: PFC Kyung Chul NA feet while two feet of water can float a vehicle. The awesome if it stops raining — it could still be raining upstream from This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for power of flash floods can move boulders, tear out trees, your location. members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The destroy buildings and bridges, and trigger catastrophic mud Stay informed. Listen to your local AFN-K radio station Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views slides. You will not always be warned that these deadly, and information channel on television and look for weather of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial sudden floods are coming. In fact, flash floods may occur at advisories on the website. Working together we content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of night. can prevent tragedy during the Monsoon and other periods the IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 To prevent tragedy this monsoon season, leaders at of destructive weather. We Go Together! echelon must prepare for the worst and begin destructive Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive weather planning now. Before the rain begins, review written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. destructive weather plans, rehearse evacuation plans, and GEN B.B. Bell The civilian printer is responsible for commercial view our Monsoon Safety Video. Use “Under the Oak Tree Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for Military Police Blotter purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, The following entries were excerpted from the military processed and released to KNP. Subject #1 was charged by physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non- merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do KNP under ROK Criminal Code #260 (Assault). Subject #1, or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an not imply the guilt or innocence of any person. Subject #2and Subject #3 reported no injuries. Investigation advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. continues by MPI and KNP with KNP as the lead agency. Oriental Press President: Charles Chong AREA I: Traffic Accident with Injuries, Fleeing the Scene of AREA V: Insubordinate Conduct Toward a NCO, Failure to Commercial Advertising Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 a Traffic Accident, Person(s) unknown, operating an Obey an Order or Regulation, Subject #1 who was in uniform Fax: (02) 793-5701 unknown vehicle, struck Subject #1 in American Alley, was observed by SF hugging an unidentified Korean female E-mail: Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 Bosandong, and fled the scene. Subject #1 was transported at the outside of the Yonchon Hotel, Songtan Entertainment Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post to the USAG-Casey TMC where he was treated and released District. Subject #1 identified himself as being on CP duty. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: for injuries consisting of a bruised right knee. KNP was SF informed Subject #1 that extended displays of public Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629) notified but declined investigative purview due to affection are unprofessional and to refrain from such Fax: DSN 724-3356 insufficient information. This is a final report. behavior. SF asked Subject #1 if he was alone. Subject #1 E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly stated his partner was inside the Yonchon Club. SF informed AREA II: Drunk and Disorderly, Communicating a Threat, Subject #1 it was unsafe for him to be by himself to which Sustain, Support, Defend Subject #1 was acting in a disorderly manner under the Subject #1 responded he could take care of himself. SF influence of alcohol and communicated threats to Victim #1. informed Subject #1 to watch his behavior as he deemed it Subject #1 was transported to the USAG-Yongsan PMO as insubordinate. Subject #1 further stated, “Oh you’re so- where he was not advised of his legal rights due to his and-so, we’ve heard about you, you don’t like Army”. suspected level of intoxication, processed and released to Subject #1 proceeded to use his cell phone. SF ordered Visit us online his sponsor’s unit. At 0300 hours, 21 JUN 07, Subject #1 was Subject #1 eight times to put the cell phone away, to which The Morning Calm is online at admitted to the inpatient mental health ward, 121st CSH for Subject #1 replied “What Reg gives you the power to tell evaluation. At 0930 hours, 22 JUN 07, Subject #1 was advised me what to do?” SF informed Subject #1 SF is an E-7 and of his legal rights, which he invoked. This is a final report. Subject #1 is an E-6. Subject #1 told SF he will address him as SSG and not an E-6. At 0026 Hrs, 17 JUN 07, Person(s) AREA III: Forgery, Larceny of Private Funds, Subject #1 Related came out of the Yonchon Club and was informed stole four checks from Victim #1, forged Victim #1’s signature by SF that Subject #1 was under apprehension. Subject #1 on three checks and negotiated the checks for the total was apprehended and transported to the SFCC where he amount of $1,400.00. On 18 JUN 07, Subject #1 was was advised of his legal rights, which he invoked. Subject interviewed and admitted to the offenses. Investigation #1 was released to his unit. continues by CID. AREA V: Escort Violation/Pass Violation, Subject #1 was AREA III: Larceny of Private Property, Subject #1 removed issued a pass on 15 JUN 07 for an unknown individual he Victim #1’s bicycle, which was unsecured and unattended signed on base. Subject #1 later left the installation and at BLDG #725 and took the bike to BLDG #300. Victim #1 went back to his residence in Seoul when he realized he located his bike at BLDG #300 and notified MP. Subject #1 forgot to turn the pass back in. On 17 JUN 07, Subject #1 Submitting to was apprehended and transported to the USAG-Humphreys PMO where he was advised of his legal rights, which he returned the pass to the Doolittle Gate. Subject #1 rendered a written sworn statement admitting to the offense and was The Morning Calm waived, rendering a written statement admitting to the offense, processed and released to his unit. The evidence issued a Violation of Osan AB Visitor Pass Policy letter. Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, story submissions and other items: was returned to Victim #1. This is a final report. AREA VI: Traffic Accident without Injuries, Hit and Run, Damage to Private Property, Person(s) unknown, operating For all submitted items include a point of contact name AREA IV: Drunk and Disorderly, Subject #1 and Subject #2 an unknown vehicle, struck Victim #1’s POV, which was and telephone number. All items are subject to editing for were involved in a verbal altercation which turned physical legally parked, secured and unattended in the BX parking content and to insure they conform with DoD guidelines. when Subject #1 struck Subject #3 with a closed hand while lot. Person(s) unknown then fled the scene without IMCOM-K Public Affairs Subject #3 was attempting to separate Subject #1 and Subject reporting the traffic accident. The unknown vehicle and The Morning Calm Weekly staff are located in #2. Subject #1 was transported to the USAG-Carroll PMO sustained unknown damages. Damages to Victim #1’s bldg 1416, Yongsan, Main Post. Call 724-3365 for more information. where he was not advised of his legal rights due to his level vehicle consisted of a broken drivers side headlight and of intoxication and being uncooperative. Subject #1 was turn signal. ECOD is 20,000 Won.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly June 29, 2007 3 Headquarters, United States Forces Korea Sexual Assault Hotline HQ, USFK: 50th Anniversary ProclamationThe 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline Fifty years ago today on July 1, 1957, United States Forces economic success story as the 11th largest economic power in thephone number is DSN 158. From off- Korea headquarters was established to serve as a joint or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700. planning headquarters for United States forces serving on In celebrating this Fiftieth Anniversary of Headquarters, UnitedIndividuals may also call USAG- the Korean Peninsula. Under the command of General George States Forces Korea, let us dedicate ourselves to the enduringYongsan Sexual Assault Response H. Decker, United States Army, this headquarters was tangible future of our ROK-US partnership. Reaffirming our bilateral nationalCoordinator Leah Holland at 738-3034 evidence of the American commitment to the Republic of commitment to meeting common dangers, whatever they may be,or 010-8697-4869. Korea-United States Mutual Defense Treaty of 1954 and the American forces are again transforming on the peninsula to ensure fledgling Republic of Korea. an enduring presence and support for the defense of the Republic OPSEC Officer Courses Offered In the ensuing half century, hundreds of thousands of of Korea. Our presence in Korea today, and tomorrow, contributesTwo formal courses designed for dedicated Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, civilians and to regional peace, security, and stability; the fundamental nationalOPSEC Officers and Coordinators will contractors have played a key role in providing security on interests of both of our held on Yongsan between July 10- the Korean Peninsula and stability in Northeast Asia. Their NOW, THEREFORE, I, B. B. Bell, General, United States Army,13 and at Osan July 17-20. OPSEC must service was not without a cost. Fifty-eight of our USFK hereby designate 1 July 2007 as the 50th Anniversary Day forbe at the forefront of all military Servicemembers were killed in action along the Demilitarized United States Forces Korea.operations planning and execution. Zone and another thirty-two died in the adjacent airspace IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this firstThis course will guide appointed and waters while securing the freedoms and liberty of this day of July, in the year two thousand and seven, and of theOPSEC officers through all aspects of great land. Independence of the United States of America, the two hundredthe OPSEC process and will provide Although we mourn the loss of our brethren, we celebrate and thirty-first.useful tips and procedures for the success of our partner and ally, the Republic of Korea.establishing, maintaining, and Supported by the security guarantees of the United States,assessing unit-level programs. The the Republic of Korea rose from the devastation of the Korean GEN B.B. Bellcourse will also provide tools and War to become a beacon of freedom and democracy and an Commander, UNC/CFC/USFKmethods to administer effective trainingand awareness campaigns. Perregulation, appointed OPSEC Officers SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post Events and Activitiesat the battalion/squadron-levels andhigher are required to attend formal Seoul Tower Philippine Market from 12 p.m.-6 p.m. on Sundays. While the maintraining. The DoD OPSEC Program Located on top of Namsan Mountain, the Seoul Tower is a sales are groceries, the market also offers foods made on the spot,Manager Course, presented by the Joint great place to view the city of Seoul. The tower was built in pojangmacha foods, ramyeon, and snacks. The prices are relativelyOPSEC Support Center mobile training 1969 as a satellite tower to accommodate television and radio low: a banana fritter wrapped in thin dough is 1,000 won and 3team, is fully accredited and satisfies broadcast in the Seoul area. There is a lighting show every mangos cost 5,000 won. How to Get There: Take subway line 4 totraining requirements for all services. If night in the Seoul tower from 5-11 p.m. with various color Hyehwa station, and go out exit 1. Walk ahead until you reachyou require this training, or need more presentations. The first thing that you will see when you Dongseong Middle & High School on the right.information, contact your service enter the lobby is the media zone. You can sit in comfortablecomponent OPSEC officer or Mr Dan chairs to watch music videos and movie commercials for Biryong Falls (Gangwon-do Province)Wilkinson, CFC/USFK OPSEC at DSN free. A forest playground is also in the lobby area, and it Located in the Gangwon-do Province on the eastern shore of the723-2149 or OPSEC@Korea.Army.Mil. serves as a place where children can play with water and penninsula, the magnificent Biryong Falls look very much like sand. The second floor is called the sky café. From there you dragons flying up towards the sky, which is why it was named PWOC Lunch Bunch can have a coffee while you are enjoying the view of Seoul. Biryong (flying dragon) Fall. There is a relatively wide path leadingThe PWOC Lunch Bunch will meet from It can be difficult to find a seat during the evening hours. to Biryong Waterfall, through a bamboo forest, making it a very11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the following The third floor is an observation deck and is the highlight of nice place to hike. From Biryonggyo Bridge, which is located inWednesdays for fellowship and tower. From there you can enjoy a spectacular, 360 degree the lower reaches of Cheonbuldong Valley, called Ssangcheon,devotion: July 11th & 25th and August view of the city. The Seoul Tower is open from 10 a.m. to walk past it for about 30 minutes to the left, and you will see the8th & 22nd. Bring a picnic lunch and midnight. Admission ranges from 1,000-7,000 Won. For Yukdam Falls, made up of 6 waterfalls and a deep pond. 300 mdrinks to the Pavilion behind Bldg. 510, information visit the online: past this area (about a 20 minute walk), you can see the Biryongcamp Humphreys. Bring your kids! Falls between the narrow and rugged ravine. For more informationBring your friends! Contact MistyGillette at 010-8699-2390 or Tea World Festival, June 27-July 1 contact the Mt. Seoraksan National Park Administration Office This celebration of tea is like walking into a living encyclopedia +82-33-636-7700/7702 (English/Korean) or visit them online for more under the heading ‘Tea.’ This international event is not only for those in the extensive tea and coffee market but for everyday tea connoisseurs/addicts. Because tea has been Donghwasa Temple (Daegu) Technical Forum Luncheon an integral part of cultures all over the world for thousands of Donghwasa Temple is located on the south side of Mt.The Armed Forces Communications years, and has been used not only as a refreshment, but as a Palgongsan Mountain, about 22km northeast of Daegu. It wasand Electronics Association (AFCEA) medicine, drug and as part of rituals and ceremonies, the fair built by monk Geuk-Dal in the 15th year of the Silla King SoJi’sis hosting a Technical Forum Luncheon, will prove to be a stimulating experience, for both the intellect reign (493). The original name of the temple was Yugasa, butfeaturing Col Bull Miller, Director of and the taste buds. It will take over the Indian Hall and Outdoor Simjiwongsa rebuilt the temple under King HeungDeok (reignCommunications and Information, 7th Plaza of the COEX mall in southern Seoul from June 27 to July 826-836) and named it Donghwasa. The present temple was lastAir Force; Commander, 607th Air & 1. Visitors should take advantage of this rare chance to sample rebuilt in 1732. When you turn the corner, the first thing thatSpace Communications Group at the and purchase tea from all over the world. In addition to the catches your eye is the Seolbeopjeon Building. To the left ofOfficer’s Club, Osan Air Force Base, on 200 booths, there will be a display of familiar and exotic Seolbeopjeon is Daeungjeon, the main temple, and to the right ofWednesday, July 11 from 11:30 a.m. to instruments related to the cultivation, preparation and the building leads to the Geumgang Stairs. Past Bongseoru are1 p.m. Contact Maria Roco-Stephens consumption of tea. Participants are advised to take a tote stairs that are typical of the ones leading into Daeungjeon, calledat for bag for all the free samples and spot-prizes of tea and tea Nugak Stairs. On either side of the stairs are railings in the shapemore information. products that will be thrown at them. According to organizers, of a dragon, and in the middle of the stairs, there is a round stone it is guaranteed to be a tea-riffic time. For more information marble that resembles a Yeouiju, a ball often associated with Outdoor Movie Night visit them online at: dragons. If you come down the stone stairs beside BongseoruCamp Humphreys Chapels are html/sub1_01.htm Directions: Take line 2 to Samsung Station and walk along the cement road for a while, you will come to thesponsoring an Outdoor Movie night and head for the COEX mall. huge Seokjoyaksa Yeoraebul. The stone tower, stone light, theon Friday, July 6 and will be showing“Facing the Giants” at Transformation lion statue, and the lotus flower that decorate the Buddha statuePark (next to Krispy Kreme). The movie Daehangno (Seoul) Philippine Market are all very large in size. Behind the statue are also stones arrangedwill start at 8:30 p.m. Please bring chairs, Every Sunday, people gather in a market in Hyehwa-dong to in a circular form like a scroll painting. These are world-class sizeblankets, and towels. Free popcorn and meet and chat with friends. The market sells groceries from stone artifacts. For more information call: +82-53-985-0980soft drinks will be provided. In case of the Philippines as well as magazines, and CDs. This flea marketinclimate weather, the event will be held is especially unique in that it offers a rare opportunity to Source:,, andat Freedom Chapel. Call DSN 754-6015 experience the local culture of the Philippines. If you want to,, www.visitseoul.netfor more information. experience Philippine culture in Seoul, visit Hyehwa-dong’s No endorsement implied. View slide
  • 4 June 29, 2007 The Morning Calm WeeklyMaj. Gen. Stephen T. Sargeant, president of the Air Force Association’s MiGAlley Chapter presents $1,500 scholarships to Sgt. Park, Yong Soo and Mr.Alexander Diaz during a June 18 ceremony at Yongsan.‘MiG Alley’ scholarshipsawarded to local studentsCol. Norman P. Schaefer ensured the military and personal affairsHQ R.O.K-U.S. Combined Forces Command of his troops were always kept in order, enabling their focus to remain consistently On Monday, June 18, Maj. Gen. Stephen on meeting or exceeding the mission. Sgt.T. Sargeant, president of the Air Force Park plans to continue his collegiateAssociation’s MiG Alley Chapter and also education at Korea University, majoringthe deputy chief of staff for the United in Economics.Nations Command and USFK, presented The second scholarship went to Mrtwo scholarships worth $1,500. One Alexander “Alex” Diaz who recentlyscholarship was given to a KATUSA and graduated from Seoul American Highthe other to a recent graduate of the Seoul School. Alex was a cadet in the worldAmerican High School. This is historically famous Falcon Battalion’s Junior ROTCsignificant because these scholarships Program. He is a recipient of thewere the first to be awarded by the MiG Presidents Education Award forAlley Chapter. Outstanding Grade Point Average. Alex is The first scholarship went to Sgt. Park, also an avid soccer player and runningYong Soo who is a KATUSA scheduled enthusiast who participated in numerousto complete his military service in July. As cross-country events and installationthe senior ranking KATUSA USFK’s J64, marathons. During his time in Korea, AlexLogistics Acquisition and Management learned the Korean martial art of Tae KwonBranch, Sgt. Park demonstrated great Do, earning the rank of second-degreefocus as a leader and proved himself to be Black Belt. This August, Alex will begina solid and logical decision maker in studies at the University of Washingtondirectly supervising seven junior in Seattle where he will major in BusinessKATUSAs supporting the J64 mission. Administration.His demonstration of selfless serviceAAFES set to add second taxi companyBy MSgt. Donovan Potter than $3 to go anywhere on the installation.AAFES Public Affairs AAFES officials said they are pleased to offer more taxi cab for their customers YONGSAN GARRISON — Army and with the addition of the new company andAir Force Exchange Service customers are they are also happy to offer the cappedabout to have a choice when taking an fare which is a direct result of customeron-base taxi in the Yongsan area, deciding suggestions.which of two companies will best meet “We are ready to go with this,” saidtheir needs. Yongsan General Manager Ron AAFES will add an additional taxi Daugherty. "The start date will be July 1."contractor which provides approximately Daugherty said the new fare50 more cabs available at peak times and system will help eliminate the higher costalso gives the customer a choice, because of taking a taxi due to traffic delays,the fare calculation will differ between the because the fare is no longer calculatedtwo companies. on the combination of distance and time. Also benefiting the customer traveling The new, secondary taxi company,a long distance on the Yongsan Yonhap Transportation, will offer cabs ofinstallation, is a change in the way the various colors. They will charge fares incurrent, black World Cup Arirang cabs Korean Won with a 1,900 Won initial tripcalculate their fares. The initial trip fare fare and 100-Won additional units basedfor traveling 1.75 kilometers will be $2.50 on time and distance. The new secondarywith an additional 25-cent charge for every company is less expensive for short tripsquarter kilometer after that. Plus, there will on the post and may be a better deal whenbe a price cap where no rider will pay more traveling off the installation. View slide
  • June 29, 2007 Page 5 JIM CUNNINGHAMCol. Larry “Pepper” Jackson takes the garrison flag from Brig. Gen. Al Aycock, IMCOM- Korea commander, taking command of USAG-Red Cloud during the Change ofCommand ceremony June 26.Jackson takes command of USAG-RCBy Jim Cunningham “I thank each of you and your Division, IMCOM, 8th Army, and “The Army has done it again. WeUSAG-RC Public Affairs families for the sacrifices you make USFK, and they have accomplished have been blessed with yet another USAG-RED CLOUD—Col. every day,” Aycock said. “You are a remarkable number of major great command team, and we lookLarry “Pepper” Jackson took the serving your nation and our strong construction projects, force forward to you taking this garrisonUSAG-Red Cloud garrison flag from alliance.” protection into the future and wish you all theBrig. Gen. Al Aycock, IMCOM- Aycock bid “A change of command is a initiatives and best as you begin this excitingKorea Director, effectively taking farewell to Col. very special day for this quality of life chapter in the Land of the Morningcommand of USAG-RC during the Forrest Newton improvements.” Calm”change of command ceremony held and his wife community, it is a day to Newton Jackson took the podium andon the Village Green June 26. Cindy, a great reflect on the past and what will be going commended the troops for their The change of command team that has been achieved. It is also to Iraq where splendid work. accomplishedceremony is steeped in tradition and a day to look forward to the he will serve “It is a great honor to serve insymbolizes many things, not the least much in as provost Korea, one of the reliable alliedof which is a passing of faith and improving the challenges and opportunities marshal in nations that has fought with the U.S.leadership from one commander to lives of Soldiers. to come.” Baghdad. Army for democracy and freedomanother. “A change of Brig. Gen. Al Aycock, Jackson for more than 55 years,” Jackson “It is significant today our Soldiers command is a comes to said. “It is my first time to be in IMCOM-Korea Region Directorand Korean Service Corps members very special day USAG-RC Korea; however, I fully recognize theare standing side-by-side in the same for this community,” Aycock said. “It from the Naval War College in meaning of this great country, andformation,” Aycock said. “We are is a day to reflect on the past and Newport, RI. how important Area I is to thispartners in every respect and you all what has been achieved. It is also a “I have enormous confidence in nation.”play a vital role in accomplishing our day to look forward and recognize the your ability to lead and know you are Jackson’s vision for the future ofmission to support Soldiers and build challenges and opportunities to up to the task at hand,” Aycock said USAG-RC is to enhance the qualityon the Republic of Korea and United come.” to Jackson. “You bring commitment, of life for Soldiers, Civilians and theStates alliance.” Newton took command of USAG- caring leadership, and a proven track families of the garrison and the 2nd Indeed, the entire garrison turned RC in 2005. record of success, but it is more than ID.out for the event. Firefighters, “Rick assumed command and hit just that, you understand that caring “I look forward to establishingKorean Augmentation to the United the ground running,” Aycock said. for Soldiers and families is what is wonderful relationships with theStates Army Soldiers, and the civilian “From the first day, he and his team really important, and you will Korean officials, businessmen andstaff lined the perimeter of the have been instrumental in sustaining continue to ensure that USAG-RC citizens who support the garrison andVillage Green. and supporting the 2nd Infantry is taken care of — the right way. the 2nd ID,” Jackson said.
  • June 29, 20076 USAG-RC The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-Red Cloud 2nd ID Volunteer Recognition Luncheon The USAG-Red Cloud and 2nd ID Volunteer Recognition Luncheon will be held July 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at USAG Casey’s Warrior ’s Club. For more information call: 730-3183. USAG-Casey Town Hall Meeting USAG-Casey Town Hall Meeting will be held today at 2 p.m. in the Hanson Gym. For more information call: 730-1412. Banking Centers Closing All banking centers will be closed July 17 for Korean Constitution Day. For more information call: 793-5576. Couples Bowling League We are attempting to form a couples bowling league for Saturday afternoons at 3 p.m. Sign- up sheets are available at the front desk of the CRC Bowling Center. For more information call: 741- 6695. Music on the Green Music on the Green will feature the 2ID band and Jazz Quartet, bring a blanket and join us for a great JIM CUNNINGHAM evening of music. For more Col. Forrest Newton, garrison commander USAG-RC, signs Anti-terrorism-Force Protection agreement with Col. Kim, Yong Woo, commander of information contact the Division the 183Regiment, Republic of Korea Army. Chaplain’s Office. American Red Cross Closing USAG-RC signs anti-terror and force The American Red Cross will close for July 4. Emergency services will protection agreement with ROKA still be offered via our after hour service by calling 738-3670. By Jim Cunningham Army, and it is a big deal to us.” Normal operating hours, 8 a.m. to USAG-RC Public Affairs We look forward to meetings with 4:30 p.m. will resume July 5. USAG-RED CLOUD—Anti- your troops and for you and your terrorism and Force Protection is a troops to come over to USAG-Red CES Presentations Scheduled serious element at USAG-Red Cloud Cloud and for our troops to go there, Two Civilian Education System and for the Republic of Korea Army. and I hope in the future this will be a presentations are scheduled for This played out in a signing of an Anti- beginning of a great relationship, July 19 to provide more specific terrorism and Force Protection Newton continued. We have just information on this new program. agreement June 20 between Area I become the United States Army For more information call: 732- and the 183rd Regiment of the Garrison Red Cloud, which covers 7189. Republic of Korea Army. Col. Forrest the whole area encompassing the 2007 USFK Civilian Employee Newton, garrison commander Joint Security Area out to Camp Appreciation Week USAG-RC, and Col. Kim, Yong Woo, Casey and Pocheon, so I wanted to The 2007 USFK Civilian commander of the 183rd Regiment of give each and everyone of you our Employees Appreciation Week will the Republic of Korea Army signed new coins. be conducted Sept. 17-21. The the papers binding both Armies to With that said, Newton continued awards ceremony will be held at protect each other in the event of a with presenting Kim and his staff the Knight Field in Yongsan Sept. 20. terrorist attack. new USAG-Red Cloud coins. The purpose is to recognize the “This is a very significant event,” “We appreciate the U.S. Army also contributions to the mission of said Newton. “I cannot say enough because of what they did in USFK by its Civilian employees, about how much we appreciate the defending Korea during the Korean identify, the “best of the best” by cooperation of your regiment in War,” Kim said. “I am very honored competition between winners at making force protection happen. This and happy to have this assembly and local levels. All commands and is a big deal for us. I want to make signing ceremony. We will do our assigned, attached, or tenant units sure we find a way to cooperate and best in protecting the U.S. Army of USFK, and other DoD activities join together. We have been very camps, and we will continue to in Korea will be considered for the successful in working with the Korean develop methods to protect all U.S. Col. Forrest Newton, USAG-RC award. For more information call: National Police and with the DSU. We Army camps against all types of commander, gives a commander’s coin 732-6090. want to have that relationship with attack in wartime and peacetime. to Col. Kim, Yong Woo after signing the the Army because that is Army to This I promise you.” agreement.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-RC June 29, 2007 7 JIM CUNNINGHAMSenior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Command Sgt. Maj. William J. Gainey presents coins after his town hall meeting in the USAG-Red Cloud Theater June 20.Senior enlisted advisor, conductstown hall meetings in Area IBy Jim Cunningham be his last to troops in Korea. Army, I love the Navy.” many of you have landed on anUSAG-RC Public Affairs “It was a personal choice that I Selvera’s first tours of duty were aircraft carrier,” Gainey continued. USAG-RED CLOUD— The felt like I had to make after 33 and a on an aircraft carrier for eight “I have been all over the world toDefense Department’s top enlisted half years,” Gainey said. “I think it months at a time in the Persian Gulf. visit all service members, because Imember visited USAG-RC and is time to let someone else enjoy this “Usually Navy deployments are represent all service members.”USAG-Casey June 20 to conduct position.” six months,” Selvera said. “My first Gainey explained he was not intown hall meetings with the Soldiers Marine Gen. Peter Pace, current deployment got extended to eight USAG-RC Soldiers chain ofof Area I. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, months. That was difficult but it was command. Army Command Sgt. Maj. created the position of senior enlisted never the less challenging, I “I don’t want to be in your chainWilliam J. Gainey, senior enlisted advisor in 2005. Gainey is the first challenged myself to whatever I of command,” Gainey said.advisor to the chairman of the Joint noncommissioned officer to hold the could. Through that first year I came “Because this young Pfc. here hasChiefs of Staff, said this visit would position. across some people that did not like too many ugly pictures on the wall Gainey submitted his retirement me. They had negative feelings to memorize.” paperwork, but plans to stay through toward me but I didn’t let that affect “What I do is go around to all the July 2008 or until his replacement is me.” services and look for on the job. After her first year, Selvera was commonalities,” Gainey said. Gainey has traveled everywhere elected to Joint Services Member of “Common issues that affect all of my throughout the Army and taken the Quarter. service members, I then take them questions from troops regarding the “I went on to compete for Service back to your Sgt. Maj. of the Army Army and their concerns about the Member of the Year where I and I tell him what his service Army. He says he will advocate for competed against all men from the members and Soldiers are saying so troops until he retires. other services, I had to prove to those he can find a solution for you.” “I will talk to troops until the day who said I could not make it that I Gainey then fielded questions from I walk off the field,” Gainey said. “I could make it,” Selvera said. “I did the audience. He reminded everyone will not be retired while on active so and that is why I am here today.” while he would not resolve their duty.” “I challenge everyone today that concerns directly, he is a conduit at Gainey began by introducing a has been told they cannot do it. I the Pentagon for getting their member of the Navy, YN-2 Selvera, want you to prove them wrong, and concerns to the right people. to warm up the audience of Soldiers that is my challenge to you,” Selvera “The Soldiers, sailors, airmen and and get them to thinking about continued. Marines here are some of the most success in the armed services. After Selvera’s incantation to all focused individuals you will ever “If you walk out of here today,” Soldiers to do what they are meet, because they know that, just Gainey said. “And you do not ask a challenged with and do their best, like their motto says, they could be question that is on your mind, shame Gainey took the stage and told his fighting tonight,” Gainey said. “When on you.” story and why he was visiting you hear ‘train as you fight,’ they “Today I was asked a certain USAG-RC and USAG-Casey. truly train as they would fight.”YN-2 Selvera warmed up the audience question,” Selvera said. “Do I have “How many of you have been in Gainey said the next time heby telling her story of success in the Navy any regrets that I joined the Navy, I a submarine when it goes down into returns to Korea, it will be as aduring the Town Hall June 20. said no. Just like you guys love the the water,” Gainey asked. “How civilian on vacation.
  • June 29, 2007 Page 9 CPL. JUNG JAE-HOONSeoul American Middle School students Jessie Alarcon (right) and Ambrea Johnson enjoy the creatures at the 63 Seaworld during a June 21 field trip.Students enjoy famous Korean skyscraperBy Cpl. Jung Jae-hoon “With this opportunity we wanted to show someUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs great places to visit in Korea,” said Youth Services Teen Director Kyung Durbin. “By doing so, the SEOUL — A group of adventurous Seoul students can have fun, but also experienceAmerican Middle School students traveled to the Korean culture and learn to respect differences,famous “Daehan Life Insurance 63 Building” which will lead to a stronger bond between theJune 21 for a field trip. U.S. and Korea alliance.” The 16 students learned a lot about the famous The tour began with a view of Seoul from theSeoul landmark. The building is 817 feet high and 60th floor. The vista offers a view of all of Seoulis the third tallest building in the Republic of because the building is located on Yeouido islandKorea. Koreans say the design is famous as an in the center of the capital.icon among Asian skyscrapers. The DLI 63 refers “I enjoyed going up to the 60th floor,” saidto the ediface’s 63 official stories, of which 60 student Kimberly Irwin. “The view was good andare above ground level. I got to take some great pictures.” Yongsan Garrison Youth Services coordinated At the IMAX theater, the students watched athe event to provide the students with a new movie called “Great North,” which was aboutexperience and help them enjoy their time in Eskimos and their way of life. The kids were givenKorea. See Skyscraper Page 12 Skyscraper, FILE PHOTO The DLI 63 Building is a popular Seoul tourist attraction because of its IMAX theater and aquarium. CPL. JUNG JAE-HOON CPL. JUNG JAE-HOON Brianna Willis and Jenny Bernard pose in front of a DLI 63Kimberly Irwin and Jessica Wolfe take pictures of tropical fish at 63 Seaworld. picture.
  • 10 June 29, 2007 USAG-Y The Morning Calm Weekly Gate 17 ClosesGate 17 is closed through Septemberfor renovations. Only authorizedaccess-card holders will be processedat the Gate 17 pedestrian gate. Tree SprayingPest controllers will start tree injectionsthrough July 31. Tree injections are notharmful to people or the environment ifnot tampered with. Spraying of othertrees and shrubs will continue throughSept 30. If you or your vehicle comeinto contact with pesticide drifts orsprays, wash affected areas with liquiddetergent soap and water as soon aspossible. For information, call 724-4176. Sexual Assault HotlineThe 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotlinephone number is DSN 158. From off-post or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700.Individuals may also call USAG-Yongsan Sexual Assault ResponseCoordinator Leah Holland at 738-3034or 010-8697-4869. CPL. KIM SANG-WOOK 2007 Seongnam Junior U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell reads a story to more than 150 children June 19 at the Yongsan Library. Golf ClinicSeongnam Golf Course will host a JuniorGolf Clinic on July 23-27, 8:45-10:45 a.m. Yongsan kicks off summer reading programThe clinic is conducted by golf By Cpl. Kim Sang-wook vacation to offer children constant reading conditions. Sheprofessionals to get the students USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs added that the program is growing in both quality andexpose to golf. Spaces are limited to 32 quantity every year. YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 200students. If anyone is interested in enthusiastic kids and parents gathered to attend the annual “Our reading program consists of reading books coveredsigning up for this free clinic pleasecontact Jim Shaw at 010-6222-3488. Summer Reading program kick-off party June 19 at the by volunteers each week and afterwards we do some craft Yongsan Library. activities,” Kim said. “We are going to pick children who Operation Rising Star United States Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell read the most books to offer prizes on each category.”Military Idol is now Operation Rising and his wife Katie Bell read books to the children inside a The one-hour reading event opens every Tuesday startingStar and it is coming to Yongsan in balloon-packed room. at 11 a.m. Entry registration will be able to let communityOctober. All men and women serving “This Summer Reading Program encourages kids to members sign up until the end of the class. More than 120on Active Duty are eligible to compete read books and helps to remove barriers to reading,” said children registered at the kick-off day any of the hosting installations Yongsan Libraries Director Dr. Kim Imsoon. “This is a “Every year turns out to be great success,” Kim said.around the Army. Contestants perform “Last year 250 kids signed up on the roster.” six-week program made possible by volunteers.”live during an eight week eliminationcompetition at the installation level, Kim said the event is mainly popular during summer See Reading Page 12 Reading,where they compete for prizes and achance to be their installation’sOperation Rising Star winner. For Gospel and jazz concert shakes Yongsaninformation, call 738-5254. By Cpl. Jung Jae-hoon USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs United Through Reading YONGSAN GARRISON —United Through Reading is available Popular Korean R&B singers andto all active-duty servicemembers. The jazz artists made more than 700 fansUSO will provide the book, and tapeyou while you’re reading the book. The go wild Saturday at Lombardo Field.USO will send the book and video to Singers such as “BMK” and “Bigyour child back home. The tradition of Mama” performed for the chapel’sreading bed-time stories at night can summer spirit concert series.continue. For information, call 724-7781. “Summer spirit is a series of outdoor concerts and an outreach TOMMY KRAMER AFCEA Luncheon from our chapels to the community,” More than 700 Yongsan community membersThe Armed Forces Communications said U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan turn out Saturday for a gospel and jazz concert.and Electronics Association will host a Staff Chaplin (Lt. Col.) James King.luncheon 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. “It includes religious music as wellWednesday, July 11, at the Osan AirForce Base Officer’s Club. Col. Bull as popular tunes and patrioticMiller will be the guest speaker. Open numbers. Today we have gospel andto current, potential, and non-members. jazz.”Buffet is $15 and includes drink, buffet King said that the idea is to haveand gratuity send RSVP. For a special outdoor concert once ainformation, call 010-2382-1655. month during the summer. “The goal is to reach out andUSAG-Yongsan Web Site provide our community with veryFor more news and information, visit pleasant and enjoyable experiencethe Yongsan Garrison Web site at where they can get in touch with one PHOTOS BY CPL. JUNG another and with their spiritual well Above: Lee Yong-sik plays the saxaphone. See Concert Page 12 Concert, Right: Korean singer “BMK” performs.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-Y June 29, 2007 11Drivers show off their and originality, cleanliness, modification and accessories.” Steuerwald said.rides for prizes, fame Car owners could take on the bestBy Pvt. Im Jin-min overall, best wheels, best sounds, bestUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs modified motor, or the “worst hooptie” YONGSAN GARRISON — contests. The hooptie winner had to showAutomobile and motorcycle off the oldest and most beat-up car.enthusiasts gathered Saturday for the For Chief Warrant Officer 22007 Yongsan Auto and Cycle Show Johnnie Hickson, it was his very firstat the Main Post Club parking lot. car show. “The auto show was launched to “This event brings back the autogive an opportunity for the passionate shows I visited in the states,” Hicksonin exotic cars and motorcycles to show said. “I’m very impressed with theoff their master d’oeuvres, said Moyer preparation and especially the otherCommunity Activity Center Manager cars. They are fantastic. Hopefully I PHOTOS BY PVT. IM JIN-MINChong Sang-nae. will win in one of the categories.” David Wiemken shows off his ride to community members Saturday at the Main Post Club. Chong further explained that the David Wiemken, another proudshow, unlike last year, targeted contestant, owns a blue modifiedYongsan community vehicle owners Hyundai Elantra.instead of inviting participants from “I did all the interior, painting, andSeoul. The results was a smaller but accessories of my car myself,”tighter competition. Wiemken said. Owners lined up 12 rival cars and Jeff Knudsen took best overall in19 motorcycles at the show. The the automobile contest. Jesse Stanley’svehicles gleamed in the sun. motorcycle was selected as best of the Show organizers separated the above 1200cc bikes. Curt Wesson wonmotorcycles into 1200cc over and first place in the under 1200ccunder with prizes going to the winners competition.of each category. “Everything was done first class,” Motorcycle Safety Foundation said visitor Edward Johnson while Above: Scott Hartigan inspects his bike forInstructor Scott Steuerwald served as waiting in line for a vendor’s hotdog. the of the three motorcycle judges. “I can’t but admire at the splendid and Right: Judge Scott Steuerwald rates “We are looking at the overall theme well-kept cars.” motorcycles above 1200cc.
  • 12 June 29, 2007 USAG-Y The Morning Calm Weekly CPL. JUNG JAE-HOONSeoul American Middle School students spend a day touring the DLI 63 Building.Skyscraper from Page 9small radios which translated the had a lot of fun and it was a goodmovie into English so they could experience.”enjoy the film. “The IMAX movie theater was Finally, the group went to the pretty cool,” said student Jessicabuilding’s aquarium, “63 Seaworld,” Wolfe. “The whole trip was gold.”and saw all kinds of fish and animals, The students said they are alwayssuch as sea lions and penguins. The thrilled to be on a field trip like this,kids enjoyed themselves taking and said they cannot wait for a futurepictures of the animals and getting a visit.chance to actually touch them. “Going on many field trips is “I didn’t know about the building definitely a good thing,” Irwin said.before I came here,” said student “It gives the post kids a chance toAustin Swafford. “When I saw it I experience Korea instead of justwas impressed with the big size. I playing on the post all the time.”Reading Club from Page 10 Yongsan Library officials are down to the library with more than 100expecting more participants throughout kids was a great pleasure,” the generalthe six-week period. said. “I would always come down to At the beginning of the event, Kim the library to spend time with youngand Bell launched the program with a people.”cake-cutting moment. Bell sat on his knee in a room full The general read a storybook named of excited children to read the story.“Camels Tea Party” while interacting “We are so honored to have Gen.with children. Following Bell, Katie Bell and Mrs. Katie Bell,” Kim said.Bell read a story about balloons. “They love to spend time with the “To have an opportunity to come children, as do we.”Concert from Page 10being,” King said. “We were very “We had a wonderful time and theexcited to have CBS, which is one concert was fantastic,” he said.of the major networks here in Korea, Community members insisted onbring to us some of the finest jazz having more of these kinds ofmusicians in Korea.” community activity, King said. The concert began and shook the “I really enjoyed this, I was herepacked Lombardo Field. People the whole time and the music wasjumped up for the singers, clapped great,” said Spc. Rosa Mendoza.and sang along with the gospel music. “We should have more of these Garrison fire trucks actually because it’s something different.”slowed down, came to a stop and “This is a great opportunity for allrolled down the windows to listen to of us to enjoy all the blessings Godthe music for a while. offers and enjoy one another ’s “My brother escorted me and our company and help one another,”family to the base to let us enjoy the King said. “Everybody pitched in andfine concert,” said Kim Jae-hoon. did a great job and this kind of thing Kim said he really enjoyed the is what brings the whole communityevent. together. It makes a real difference.” Yongsan Garrison on the Web Web
  • The Morning Calm Weekly June 29, 2007 13 INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGES CHECKLIST Service Member’s Actions Intended Spouse’s Actions 1. Notifies chain of command of intent to marry in ROK. 1. Must be present for initial counseling, legal counseling, chaplain’s brief. 2. Schedules first counseling interview with battalion level commander. 2. Intended spouse arranges and takes a combined pre-marital and visa 3. Schedules second counseling interview with battalion level commander. medical examination. 4. Signs USFK Form 166, Affidavit of Acknowledgement. 5. Notifies local Special Security Officer, and his/her unit security manager. Commander and Verification Authority Actions 6. Schedules pre-marital counseling with Chaplain. 7. Schedules pre-marital counseling with the legal office. 1. Conducts initial counseling with Service Member and intended spouse. 8. Schedules medical examination for Service Member and intended spouse. 2. Informs Service Member what constitutes fraud IAW the Immigration 9. Submits the following documents to his/her commander: and Nationality Laws of the U.S. and the penalties for attempting to - USFK Form 163, Pre-Marital Certification Application. circumvent U.S. Immigration law. - USFK Form 41, Immigration Counseling Certificate. 3. Advises Service Member of possible involuntary extension in Korea to - Proof of citizenship for Service Member and spouse, birth complete the premarital process. certificate of the intended spouse and any additional dependents to 4. Conducts follow-up counseling with Service Member only; on the be acquired by marriage. guidance contained in USFK Regulation 600-240. - Parental consent from the parents of both Service Member and/or 5. Ensures pre-marital procedures have been satisfied. intended spouse if under 20 years of age. 6. Signs Section V of USFK Form 163. - Evidence of termination of any previous marriages. 7. Forwards through command channels to the verification authority for - USFK Form 166, Affidavit of Acknowledgement. review and approval. - An endorsement by a U.S. Forces Medical Officer stating the 8. Upon final review and approval, the chain of command provides intended spouse has completed the appropriate health assessment approved packet to Service Member. by a designated facility. 10. Upon approval and return of the packet by the chain of command, the Service Member and intended spouse proceed to the legal assistance office for witnessing of: USFK Regulation 600-240 - The USFK Form 164, Report of Certificate of Marriage. - Notarization of USFK Form 165, Affidavit of Eligibility of The purpose of this checklist is to provide Soldiers and commanders a Marriage. concise checklist of requirements for International Marriages. This is not a 11. The Service Member and intended spouse proceed to the local Ward supplement to the USFK Regulation 600-240 and should only be used as a Office with: USFK Form 164 and USFK Form 165 along with w10,000 for guide. These procedures ensure that the international marriage is legal and approval and signature by a Korean Government Official. valid, and that the intended spouse, and other dependents, are eligible to 12. Proceed to the U.S. Embassy for notarization of USFK Form 164. accompany the Service Member upon PCS. For more information contact 13. Proceed to the third country embassy if the Service Member or your unit or review USFK Regulation 600-240, International Marriages in intended spouse is a citizen of a third country (other than ROK). Korea, 2 March 07
  • 14 June 29, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly June 29-July 5 Blades Of Glory Vacancy Next The Invisible Next Disturbia Next (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. Disturbia Oceans Thirteen Oceans Thirteen The Invisible No Show No Show No Show (Pg13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Pathfinder Pathfinder Pathfinder Disturbia Disturbia The Invisible The Invisible (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. Disturbia Oceans Thirteen Are We Done Yet? Disturbia The Invisible Next Disturbia (Pg13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Not Available No Show No Show No Show Not Available (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 9:30 p.m. Disturbia — After his fathers The Invisible — Nick is a high Next— Las Vegas showroom Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Blades Of Glory — Chazz Michael death, Kale becomes sullen, school senior with a bright future magician Cris Johnson has a secret Silver Surfer— The enigmatic, Michaels was the rock star of the withdrawn, and troubled - so much until, in a tragic case of mistaken which is a gift and a curse which intergalactic herald, the Silver Surfer, skating arena, leaving a trail of so that he finds himself under a court- identity, he is brutally attacked by a torments him: he can see a few comes to Earth to prepare it for thrashed ice and shrieking female ordered sentence of house arrest. troubled girl, Annie, and his body is minutes into the future. Sick of the destruction. As he races around the fans in his wake. The only competitor His mother works night and day to left for dead. Now in limbo, not quite examinations he underwent as a child globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, who could match Michaels scores support herself and her son, only to dead but invisible to the living, his and the interest of the government Johnny and Ben must unravel the was the driven former child prodigy, be met with indifference and lethargy. spirit can only watch as his mother and medical establishment in his mystery of the Silver Surfer and Jimmy MacElroy. These two fierce.The walls of his house begin to close and the police search frantically for power, he lies low under an assumed confront the surprising return of their competitors erupted into a no-holds- in on Kale. He becomes a voyeur as him, unaware that he is only hours name in Vegas, performing cheap mortal enemy, Dr. Doom, before all barred fight at the World his interests turn outside the away from truly perishing. Rated PG- tricks and living off small-time gambling hope is lost. Rated PG (action violence, Championships, resulting in a ban for windows of his suburban home 13 (violence, criminality, sensuality, "winnings." But when a terrorist group language, innuendo) 119 minutes life. To skate again, all Chazz and towards those of his neighbors, one language) 95 minutes threatens to detonate a nuclear device Jimmy have to do is set aside their of which Kale begins to suspect is a in Los Angeles, government agent long festering hatred of one another serial killer. Rated PG-13 (terror, Callie Ferris must use all her wiles to and join forces--as the first male/male violence, sensuality) 100 minutes capture Cris and convince him to help figure skating pair to compete in the her stop the cataclysm. Rated PG-13 history of the sport. Rated PG-13 (violent action, language) 95 minutes (crude/sexual humor, language, comic violence, drug references) 93 minutes Pirates Of The Caribbean No Show Perfect Stranger Reign Over Me No Show No Show No Show (PG13) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. Mr. Brooks Mr. Brooks Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Pirates Of The Caribbean (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Vacancy Are We Done Yet? The Invisible Disturbia The Invisible No Show Fantastic Four II (R) 9 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. The Invisible Fracture Next The Invisible No Show Fantastic Four II Disturbia (PG13) 8 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II Disturbia Disturbia Next The Invisible (PG) 8:45 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Flushed Away Deck The Hall Deck The Hall Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa Surfs Up TMNT (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. Pride Charlottes Web Charlottes Web Eragon Eragon Surfs Up Surfs Up (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly June 29, 2007 15God desires to stand by His people guide her, through the night with a light from above.” In America God is seen as a great friend of every nation that wants to do itBy Chaplain (MAJ) Edward C. Martin other nations have suffered the onslaught of right. America feels some divine calling toUSAG-Daegu Chaplain tyranny, Americans have felt their pain. We establish liberty throughout the world. God desires to stand by His people. have sometimes become involved in war to Then came Dunkirk. The English ArmyThroughout the Bible, God stood by those secure their liberty. American’s churches was trapped by the Germans on the cusp ofwho remained faithful to Him. America has have prayed over their young men and the European mainland. The appeal went outalways felt an obligation to defend those women and with a sense of divine reluctance, for all who had boats to cross the Channelwhose causes are right. When the people of have then sent their brightest and best to and bring back the soldiers who were in liberate and defend these dispossessed. danger of being massacred. The lighthouse But Americans believe that God is the real keeper at last found a way to serve his USAG-Yongsan Defender of the best of America’s dreams. country. In his tiny boat he crossed the —Worship Services— God is invoked in Kate Smith’s rousing entreaty to “….Bless America.” The anthem Channel several times, saving English soldiers from the German assault. It was Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel pleads for God to “…stand beside her and said by those he rescued that a huge white 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel goose flew before him in the dense smoke Tues./Wed. 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel USAG-Daegu and fog, always pointing the way to freedom. At the end of the tale the lighthouse keeper Mon./Thur./Fri1 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapel —Worship Services— himself was lost to the fierce waves of the 1st Sat. 9a.m. Memorial Chapel Channel, but the lives he saved were many. Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel Protestant Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll The implications of the story are as Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel supernatural as they are obvious. God is the United Pent. Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 10:30 a.m. Camp Henry 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker original lover of liberty, and in times of war Collective Prot. Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel (Weekly Communion) 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel 1 p.m. Camp Carroll and confusion He watches….through the (Korean) 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker night with a light from above. 10 a.m. South Post Chapel Church of Christ Sunday 5 p.m. Camp Walker And perhaps every soldier during the First 10 a.m. MTF (R.O.C.K.) Korean Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll World War knew this prayer: Stay with me, 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker God. The night is dark, the night is cold; my 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Praise & Worshp.Sunday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker little spark of courage dies. The night is (Gospel) Noon South Post Chapel Catholic Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker long; Be with me, God and make me strong. KATUSA Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll Let us pray: Be with us God as we are KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Saturday 5 p.m. Camp Walker embarked in a mission to spread your liberty 3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel and justice to all the world. Give us courage, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Church of Christ For additional information, contact the Area IV Chaplain’s Office at 764-5455. strength and the will to succeed. In your information: Call 738-3011 holy Name we pray. Amen
  • June 29, 200716 The Morning Calm WeeklyUSAG Humphreys hosts annualfamily safety day festivities USAG Humphreys recently were held for everything from bicyclesconducted its safety day at the post to footballs. Various organizations fromCommunity Activities Center for the Humphreys community participatedSoldiers, Family members and Civilian in this year’s event -- oraganizationsemployees. The activities included from the local Pyeontaek communityfood and fun for everyone. Raffles also had information booths. Parker Huber, 2, gets an inside view of one of the fire engines displayedKen Zabransky gets a glucose test done to check his blood sugar levels. at the event. Fire Inspector Yi, Sang Chol gives him a hand.Dae Hee Kim a representative from the Daehan Diabetes Associationadministers the test. Photos By Andre D. Butler -- see story and additional photos on page 23. Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr,. USAG Humphreys commander, pose for a photo with Lexi Saldana, 7. Saldana won the first bike to be raffled off.(Left) Tacy Altvater, 8, and Coleen Turnage, 9, take a photo with McGruffthe Crime Dog during the festivities held at the CAC.The American Red Cross was one of many organizations represented atthe event. Volunteers hit the grill with a smile during the festivities held atUSAG Humphreys.(right)
  • 18 June 29, 2007 MWR The Morning Calm Weekly Crossfade —USAG-H— Youth Sports Program The USAG Humphreys Youth Sports Programwill be offering the following activities for Middle School and Teen members: —Tuesday’s— Indoor Soccer League Post Gym, 10 a.m. - noon. —Wednesday’s— Putt Putt League Augusta West. 3-5 p.m. —Thursday’s— 3 on 3 Basketball Post Gym, 2-4 p.m. —Friday’s— Bowling League Strike Zone, 3-5 p.m. MWR Calendar Chris Cagle TourAll activities are free of charge with the exception June 29, Camp Red Cloud, Mitchells Outdoor, 8 p.m.of bowling, which is $10 for the entire summer!! June 30, Camp Eagle, Eagle Dome, 7 p.m. All leagues will begin the week of June 4 and July 1, Camp Casey, Gateway Park, 8 p.m. continue thru August 17. Contact the Youth July 3, Camp Walker, Kelly Field, 7 p.m. Sports Department (753-5051) or the Middle July 4, Yongsan, Collier Field House, 6 p.m. School/Teen Program (753-8274) for info.Register at the Charles L. Gilliland Youth Center, Lloyd Banks and Olivia Tour Bldg. #570 June 29, Camp Humphreys, Splish and Splash, 8 p.m. June 30, Camp Walker, Hilltop Parking Lot, 7:30 p.m. —USAG-Y— July 1, Camp Red Cloud, Mitchells Outdoor, 8 p.m. July 3, Yongsan, MPC Outdoor, 7 p.m. IIntramural Softball League July 4, Camp Casey, Gateway Park, 8 p.m. Sockor (2), 94th MP (13) 8th Army #1 (15), Kanakas (6) Sons of Bill Tour Sockor (7), 595th MT (19) July 6, Yongsan, Main Post Club, 9 p.m. CRUS (10), 8th Army #1 (5) July 7, Camp Hovey, Iron Triangle, 7 p.m. Embassy (1), 595th MT (20) July 8, Osan Air Base, Mustang Club, 7 p.m. Suslak (11), CRUS (8) July 10, Kunsan AB, Loring Club, 7 p.m. Embassy (9), 501st MI (12) 18th Med (8), Suslak (10) July 11, Chinhae NB, Duffys All Hands, 8 p.m. 501st MI (10), Sockor (0) July 12, Taegu AB, Jakes Place. 7 p.m. 18th Med (17), 41st Sig (9) July 13, Camp carroll, Hideaway Club, 7 p.m. 94th MP (2), Suslak (24) Chris Cagle July 14, Camp Humphreys, Tommy Ds, 8 p.m. 18th Med (18), CRUS (16) Embassy (2), 94th MP (15) 8th Army #1 (4), CRUS (10) Crossfade Tour Embassy (0), Kanakas (14) June 29, Yongsan, MPC Outdoor, 7 p.m. Sockor (2), 8th Army #1 (12) June 30, Camp Stanley, CAC Parking Lot, 8 p.m. Sockor (2), CRUS (20) July 1, Camp Humphreys, Splish & Splash, 7 p.m. 41st Sig (11), Kanakas (14) July 3, Camp Hovey, CAC Outdoor Area, 8 p.m. Yongsan (20), Humphreys (18) Yongsan (7), Humphreys (14) July 4, Camp Walker, Kelly Field, 7 p.m. K-16 Softball League Nina Sky with Adassa and Second Nature Tour July 3, Yongsan, MPC Outdoor, 7 p.m. B Co 2-2 Avn (3), HHC 2-2 Avn (0) July 4, Camp Walker, Kelley Field, 4 p.m. D Co 2-2 Avn (0), D Co 2-2 Avn (12) B Co 58th Avn (17), HHC 2-2 Avn (5) July 6, Camp Red Cloud, Mitchell’s Parking Lot, 8 p.m. July 7, Yongsan MPC Parking Lot, 7 p.m. Intramural Softball Standings July 8, Camp Casey, Gateway Park, 8 p.m. Suslak, 14-2 4th of July Happenings 8th Army #1, 13-2 CRU, 12-5 Camp Casey: Gateway Park, Noon - 11 p.m. 595th MT, 13-6 Lloyd Banks and Olivia show, boxing matches, food & beverage 18th Med, 10-6 booths, carnival games, vendor displays, horseback rides, eating Kanakas, 9-8 contests, dunk tank, military displays, tomahawk-throwing 94th MP, 7-8 competition, cultural dances, motorcycle display, USA Freedom 41st Sig, 6-7 501st MI, 7-9 Train, R/C races, and more! Fireworks and 2ID Band performance Embassy, 2-14 begins at 9p.m. Navy, 3-10 14th MP, 1-8 USAG-Yongsan: Williams Ave (in front of Collier Field House) 8th Army #2, 2-7 Noon-10p.m., CYS dance performance, B-Boys Show, watermelon Upcoming Sports Events eating contest, limbo contest, Korean Traditional Music, tae kwon do demonstration, Doda Rock Show, Liberty Giveaway drawing, and 5 KM Fun Run 0800, 4 Jul at Collier. Chris Cagle performance. Fireworks and 8th US Army Band concert at 8:10p.m. Holiday Softball Tournament 4-6 Jul at the 4 Plex. USAG-Humphreys: Sign up for the free bus to the Libertyfest at Preseason Summer League Basketball Osan AB. Contact the Humphreys CAC 753-8825, Long CAC 721- Tournament 6-8 Jul at Collier. 2331, Eagle CAC 721-3473, or Suwon CAC 788-5840. Call the USAG-Y Sports Director for more USAG-Daegu - Liberty Fest: Kelly Fitness Center Parking Lot information at 738-8608. Live entertainment, high school band, Korean Hip Hop Group, Contact your local MWR office carnival games, family games (Youth Services), picnic games, for more information or bouncies, and open karaoke. Celebrity entertainment includes Nina check us out on the web at Sky, Adassa, Second Nature, and Crossfade. Fireworks at 9:45 p.m. htp:// Lloyd Banks
  • June 29, 2007 Page 21 USAG warfighters receive visit from SEAC The Senior Adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Command Sgt. Maj. William J. Gainey, made a trip to USAG Humphreys to visit Soldiers June 21, during his week-long tour of the Korean peninsula. Gainey gave the troops five questions to consider before making decisions -- is it going to hurt me -- is it going to hurt someone else -- is it illegal -- is it immoral -- or is it going to bring disgrace to my family name or the service that I represent? He said if you can answer “No” to all, than it is pretty safe to do. But if the answer is “Yes” to any of the questions, regardless who answers it, Soldiers should probably take a step back and think the situation through again. Gainey takes his turn after he challenged warfighters to a round of push-ups. As a listening lesson for young Soldiers, total count for Gainey -- “one.” Gainey used this execise as a tool to say -- Soldiers should always pay strict attention to what is said to them, or what is being asked of them. In the end, he gave coins to all of the Soldiers who participated in the contest.Garrison alerts to be issued during Destructive weather notification exercise toMonsoon, Typhoon season be held at HumphreysUSAG Humphreys has plans to implement USAG Humphreys will conductnew weather notification alert systems a destructive weather notification exercise July 6, at 11 a.m., in orderBy Andre D. Butler and Christopher P. Tung announcement system used to alert mission units, Civilians to prepare the community forUSAG Humphreys Public Affairs and USAG Humpherys DPTMS and Family members to inclement weather conditions. Monsoon Season 2007 Monsoon and Typhoon Seasons started on the Korean The Command Channel is dedicated to providing This exercise is designed forpeninsula June 1. information on all installations and will issue weather alerts spouses and Family members to However, Yellow Dust and Lighting storms are other as needed. American Forces Network Korea issues review actions and preparations forimportant weather conditions to be concerned with. In peninsula-wide weather notification alerts on television and bad weather.response, USAG Humphreys experts conduct radio for the military community. Use the Destructive Weatherdecentralized destructive weather notification training for For people traveling on or off USAG Humphreys an Handbook for action sets on whatSoldiers, Family members and Civilian employees to Access Control Point Flyer is issued to alert and inform you can do to protect yourselves andinform them of policies and procedures pertaining to you of destructive weather systems. your Families. Use the time duringinclement weather. And don’t forget email, this mass distribution system the exercise to discuss with your Weather notification training is geared toward instilling will be used if weather conditions warrant. Family: what actions need to beconfidence in community members so they will know how Future notification systems at USAG Humphreys are taken, family emergency contacts,to react to installation-wide alerts due to bad weather. in the works. MNS is scheduled to incorporate an emergency phone numbers andThe procedures taught can be used at work or home “autodailer” feature that will issue telephonic alerts. evacuation procedures. Destructiveregardless of the type of weather systems that may be The cell phone text messaging option will soon be used weather handbooks will be handeddeveloping in the area. to notify Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employees, out at future newcomers and spouse There are several notification outlets that are currently with mobile phones, of unfavorable conditions as well. And orientations, Army Family Readinessin operation. USAG Humphreys has an Alert Warning the lighting indicator system will be on line shortly. Group meetings and at the ArmySystem that issues a public announcement throughout the For more information on destructive weather notification Community Service Buliding 311.installation. training and procedures contact Christopher Tung, USAG For more information call DSN: 753- This is an outdoor system. The Mass Notification Humphreys Installation Operations Center specialist, at 3813/8804).System is another system used here. It is an indoor public 754-3113 or email —
  • 22 June 29, 2007 USAG-H The Morning Calm Weekly VOLUNTEERCEREMONYThere will be a volunteerrecognition ceremony at the StrikeZone bowling alley June 29 from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. This event is for thirdQuarter participants. There will befree bowling for all volunteers. TEEN JOBS AT CYSJob openings for teens, 16 years orolder for youth sports baseballofficials and scorers. No priorknowledge or training needed. CYSwill train. You become a member ofthe Sports Club and receive paidtraining as well as have yourassociation dues paid. Games arescheduled on Friday evenings andSaturday mornings and afternoons. CYS ADULT JOBSYouth Sports has positions forsports officials and scorers to helpwith all Youth Sports games. Youmust be able to work some Friday ANDRE D. BUTLERevenings and Saturday mornings/afternoons. Contact Lisa Hogue, 57th Anniversary Korean War MemorialYouth Sports Director Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr., USAG Humphreys commander, Gen. (ret.) Paik, Sun-Yup, 753- foremost ROK Army general of the Korean War and Command Sgt. Major Jason K. Kim,5051. USAG Humphreys command sergeant major, bow for a moment of silence during the 57th AUDIE MURPHY CLUB Anniversary Korean War Memorial at USAG Humphreys Beakon Hill.The Camp Humphreys SergeantAudie Murphy Club is looking for Summer fun, safety go hand-n-handSAMC members who want tobecome active while assigned toKorea. Meetings are held the thirdWednesday of each month. Contact By Andre D. ButlerSgt. 1st Class FC Lawson-Hurt at USAG Humphreys Pulbic Affairs010-2259-3026 or Sgt. 1st Class Members from USAG Humphreys Safety OfficeMiles at 010-3148-3450. hosted “Family Safety Day” here June 15 at the YOGA CLASSES Community Activities Center.Tues. and Thurs. 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employeesaerobics and cardio classes are also participated in this event geared toward motor vehicleavailable Mon. - Thurs. from 4:30 to and summer safety awareness.5:30 p.m. Classes meet in the Experts from different career fields were on hand toaerobics room at the CAC. answer questions regarding any concerns about safety in their respective areas. COMPUTER CLASS FOR Those professions represented included military police SPOUSES officers, firefighters and bicycle and motorcycle safetyACS has an ongoing eight-weekcomputer basics class for spouses. experts. Officials from the American Red Cross, theClasses are Monday and Korean Diabetes Association and USAG Humphreys ANDRE D. BUTLERWednesday in the the ACS resource Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program were also Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr., USAG Humphreysroom. First one is geared to present to field questions from the local community. commander speaks with children about thePhilippine spouses; the next will be Military policemen provided awareness on the results of importance of being safe during summer vacation.for Russian and English spouses driving while under the influence of certain substances.and another for Korean spouses With that, they gave useful information that would help A total of 11 bikes were raffled off for children and adults.taught by CPAC. Graduates will combat DUIs in the area. “Families need risk The USO awarded two trips to the Demilitarized Zone andreceive a certification of completion. two for Lotte World. management,” said Col. John E. Domoulin Jr., USAGPre-registration required. Call 753- Humphreys commander. Although children were important targets for the event,8401, limit to five. “Parents need to always think — how am I going to the parents also got their fill of things. Health care technicians ACS BIRTHDAY keep family safe.” This was the overall intent of USAG from the Korean Diabetes Association provided freeThe USAG-H ACS will celebrate its Humphreys safety day — promoting safety for the days cholesterol checks, body fat tests, blood and sugar tests and42nd birthday on the July 27 from of summer ahead. blood pressure checks.10:30 a.m.–1 p.m. at the ACS building “Sparky the Fire Dog” and “McGruff the Crime Dog” These tests were given to anyone who wanted to beT-311. This event is open to all as were favorite attractions for the kids. tested, but adults were the primary subjects.we celebrate 42 years of serving you. The children were able to play and take photos with The American Red Cross spoke with parents about Please send us your Stories and the popular characters. Experts and officials gave parents upcoming classes on CPR and other emergency essential Photos for Publishing ideas about how to protect their children during the tasks.To submit information for upcoming days of summer. Bicycle safety was one of “As a community, we have to look out for each other,”publishing in The Morning Calm the major issues. Children were taught how to use proper Domoulin said.Weekly USAG-Humphrey’s hand signals while riding their bikes, as well as the correct “Because of the fact that you are valuable to us — all ofcommon pages or for submissions and proper way to wear their safety gear. the programs we have here today are to help make ourfor the New & Notes section, call Games and giveaways took place at the event, along community here at Humphreys safer.”754-6132, 8847 or 8598. You can also with free barbecue, chips and cold drinks for all of your information to Event planners held drawings for bikes and games of all Editors Note: Randy H. Turnage provided information for this sorts. Turnage is the safety manager for USAG Humphreys Safety office
  • USAG-HThe Morning Calm Weekly 23 June 29, 2007 ditching training held at HumphreysBy Andre D. ButlerUSAG Humphreys Pulbic Affairs To date, more than 58 U. S. Soldiers have drownedin vehicle roll over accidents throughout Iraq. Theseaccidents have occurred in rivers, canals, ditchesfilled with water and other bodies of water. Based on such mishaps, Delta Company, 3rdBattalion, 2nd CAB, conducted Vehicle Ditchingtraining at USAG Humphreys June 12 to ensureSoldiers in the unit know exactly what steps to takeif faced with water obstacles. “We provide theater wide aviation maintenance,combat support and combat service support to theGeneral Support Aviation Battalion,” said 1st Sgt.Joel Lardy, Company D, 3-2 AVN first sergeant. “We are constantly on these roads driving becauseof our mission — so it is very important that ourSoldiers get this type of training.” Monsoon season officially began June 1 on theKorean peninsula, and conditions are sure to worsenover the course of upcoming weeks. Robert L. Matheny, facility and program managerfor the Water Survival Training Center at USAG PHOTOS BY ANDRE D. BUTLERHumphreys also believes this kind of training is (Above) Pfc. Jesse Pettit, Company D, 3/3 AVN receives instructions from Kwak, Tong-hyon, masteressential for warfighters to have. diver, during the course. (Below) Pfc. Carlos Shriner, a Blawk Hawk mechanic, Company D gets “The training we have here gives Soldiers the his equipment inspected by Jon “Sharky” Pearlman, chief instructor at the Water Survival Training Center.confidence needed to escape a vehicle after anaccident involving water,” said Mathney. “This gives us the opportunity to provide “And with the monsoons around here there can the guidance needed to help thembe times of massive of flooding during the season.” overcome some of their fears regarding Excessive rain can lead to standing water in water — safety is allows first.”unexpected areas and channels overflow their banks In afternoon sessions, Soldiers aremaking road conditions hazardous for all who travel. administered a series of swim tests to “The importance level of this training is high — assess their strength and endurance. Andit’s force protection. We are protecting our forces then they are off to the vehicle ditchingby equipping them with the tools and knowledge training aides.needed to survive or save others in accidents “Realistic training is what we provideconsisting of water — especially cold water,” here,” Mathney said.Mathney said. “To us, this is what’s most “This is as close to the actual event asimportant.” There are three phases that warfighters you can get.”must pass in order to successfully complete the “The training we’re receiving is good,”training. “We use the crawl, walk and run method said Spc. Ryan Legere, an avionicswhen training Soldiers at this facility,” Mathney said. electrician, Company D, 3-2 Aviation. “We want to make sure our Soldiers are able to“We start off with academics.” “It feels real, and I am taking this very seriously.” get to the fight regardless of the obstacle they’re “During introduction and orientation, we take the “With our company’s mission, we need to know faced with.”time to find out who can or cannot swim, and who what to do if something happens,” he said. The Water Survival Training Center also provideshas had a near drowning experience.” Unlike most courses offered by the military, this training on “Aviation Ditching” for pilots and “Drown Mathney explained that individuals who have isn’t a go, no-go course — or at least it isn’t handled Proofing” and “Aquatic Physical Training” for areacome close to drowning before will have a mental in that manner. “We work with Soldiers until they units.imprint of the tragic event and will be afraid of water. are confidant in their ability to finish this training. There have been more the 2,200 warfightersSo the master divers give special training to these Regardless of how long it takes, we don’t rush them trained at the center during Mathney’s tenure.warfighters before they are allowed to continue the — we are here to train them,” Mathney said. All of the instructors are dive qualified. Mathney’sprocess. “We reintroduce them to a water “Training like this improves our combat team consists of five KSC divers, one dive directorenvironment,” he said. readiness,” Lardy said. and two master divers.Post library kicks off summer reading programBy Cpl. Im, Suk-Chun old,” said Kim Huber. After the short lecture, “You can find other detective stories in the postUSAG Humphreys Public Affairs participating parents and kids were pleasantly library.” USAG Humphreys Summer Reading Program surprised when Taylor Huber, disguised as detective “However, I suggest you diagnose your child’sstaff gathered at the post library June 18 to welcome Sam Shavel, rushed into the room after encountering reading level according to the lexile frame — first.and introduce students and their parents to this year’s some mysterious cases. Kids were very attentive in [HEAS] should have already diagnosed each student.summer program. listening to his detective stories and asked questions But some may not have been checked, and reading The event kicked off with a brief introduction about what it is like to be a real detective — solving skills are subject to change.”explaining the purpose of the summer reading the most complicated cases.Detective Shaver proved The meeting concluded with the Summerprogram. to be useful in capturing the children’s attention. Reading Program staff sticking a fake detective “The summer reading program is a non-profit As soon as Kim reminded them the post library mustache on every kids’ face.program, sponsored by the United Club and the post was the place to go for books, they were eager to To check your child’s reading level go tothrift shop. It was first established to diagnose the check out and read other detective stories. abilities of kids from 18 months to 12-years- Meanwhile, Kim gave advice to the parents. For details about the program -- stop by the library.
  • June 29, 2007 Page 2536th Sig. Bn. farewells, welcomes commandersBy Pfc. Na Kyung-ChulUSAG Daegu Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – The 36th Signal Battalionhad a farewell for outgoing commander Lt. Col.Aaron A. Webster and welcomed incomingcommander, Lt. Col. Harry M. Friberg, in the changeof command ceremony June 26 at the Kelly Field onCamp Walker. Lt. Col. Aaron A. Webster, the outgoingcommander, expressed his appreciation to theSoldiers of the 36th Signal Battalion for a job welldone during his time in command. “It was not me but you who made things happen,”said Webster. “I provided the guidance and watched theprofessionals go to work. You never failed at anymission or task, and that is a true testament why you PHOTO BY PFC. NA KYUNG-CHULare the best. You are the backbone of what makes Col. Brian P Moore, host commander, passes the color of 36th Signal Battalion to the new .our Army great. So this has been easy and fun for commander, Lt. Col. Harry M. Friberg in the change of command ceremony June 26 .me.” Signal platoon leader and HHB executive officer, Signal Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, Brigade Webster leaves the peninsula for a job with 8/8 Field Artillery at Camp Stanley Korea; Group Signal Officer Course, Combined Arms and ServiceCENTCOM at McDill Air Force Base in Florida. IMO, 1st Battalion Signal Detachment commander, Staff School, Command General Staff College, and Lt. Col. Harry M. Friberg, the incoming 2nd Battalion Signal Officer, and D company the Joint C4I Course. Friberg also has a Masters incommander, takes charge of the 36th following an commander, 2nd Battalion in 7th Special Forces Telecommunications Management.assignment in Yongsan. Incoming commander, Col. Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg; Signal Officer for His awards include the Air Assault Badge, theFriberg, expressed expectation to Soldiers. 1/6th ADA (THAAD) and Signal Officer for 35th Master Parachute badge, the Meritorious Service During the ceremony, Friberg took a moment to ADA Brigade at Fort Bliss; Deputy Director for Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Jointaddress Soldiers in the units newly under his charge. Operations for the Signal Service of the Venezuela Service Achievement Medal, the Army Achievement “Soldiers, you all look great,” said Friberg. “I am Army and US Army Signal Exchange Officer to Medal, the Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Armylooking forward to getting to know all of you as we Venezuela in Caracas Venezuela; Battalion S3, 36th Superior Unit Award, the Armed Forcescontinue to support the warfighter and the Signal Battalion at Camp Walker; Operations Expeditionary Medal, and the Humanitarian Servicecommunity.” Officer, Bridge Cell, 142nd Signal Brigade at Fort Medal. He has two daughters; Grace, 12, and Bonnie, Friberg was commissioned into the U.S. Army Lewis; and the S3 of 1st Signal Brigade, Yongsan, 10 who lives in Lacey, Washington. He is married toSignal Corps from ROTC at the University of Korea. Lynne Gonzalez, a math teacher at the SeoulWashington in 1988. His assignments have included His military education and training includes the American High School.50th Homeland Reserve Division visits CampsBy Pvt. Dana R. Pugh commands can effectively work together to19th ESC Public Affairs accomplish any mission.” CAMP WALKER – The 19th Sustainment The visit began at the 19th ESC main commandCommand (Expeditionary) invited the 50th Homeland post at Camp Henry, where Col. Mark E. Solseth,Reserve Division Headquarters in Daegu to meet 19th ESC assistant chief of staff of training, gavefor a time of fun and friendship June 22 on Camps the 50th HRD primary staff a brief overview of theHenry and Walker. Joint Forces Support Component Command. He “This visit was a reciprocation of the 50th HRD also talked about the locations where each staffinviting the 19th ESC to their installation in April,” member worked, such as the 19th ESC bunker,said Lt. Col. Newman H. Graves, chief of current support operations and the headquarters building.operations, 19th ESC. “I enjoy sharing these Several United States Forces Korea Soldiersteambuilding experiences with officers of other provided briefings on U.S. weapon systems andcultures.” equipment at the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000. The 50th HRD is the primary defense and security After moving to Camp Walker, servicemembersorganization of Daegu metropolitan and enjoy a game of bowling at the Camp WalkerKyongsangbuk-do province. In wartime they support Bowling Center. For dinner, they had an AmericanReception, Staging and Onward Movement of style barbeque at the Camp Walker Teen Center.deploying U.S. forces to this area. While there, the Aloha Cowboys and the American “It’s important to maintain a strong U.S. and Area IV band performed several familiar countryR.O.K. military alliance because the 19th ESC and and rock songs. The units also made sure to save50th HRD lives and works together in the city of time for karaoke. “I think it is important to have the PHOTO BY PFC. DANA R. PUGHDaegu,” said Maj. Gary Bantad, wartime host nation event so that the units can bond,” said Lt. Col. Son, 50th Homeland Reserve Division Soldiers aim atsupport officer, 19th ESC. “Part of the 50th’s mission Dal Won, assistant chief of staff of personnel, 50th their targets during an EST 2000 simulation onstatement is to defend Daegu, so they inherently HRD. He also said that his favorite part of the event Camp Henry June 22. The 50th’s primary missionsupport all of 19th’s missions, especially RSO&I. It was bowling. Bantad said that there will be similar is to defend and secure Daegu and theis mutually beneficial for both units to personally events in the future, but the time and place is to be Kyongsangbuk-do province. Soldiers from theknow each other, so if hostilities occur, both determined. 50th also enjoyed a game of bowling.
  • 26 June 29, 2007 USAG-D The Morning Calm Weekly Army Civilian Education System 2,300 souls recognized during ceremony Representatives from the By Pfc. Na Kyung-Chul Department of the Army, G-3 will USAG Daegu Public Affairs be visiting USAG Daegu 1:30 – 4 BUSAN – The Korean War broke p.m. July 17. They will be out on the Korean peninsula June 25, conducting briefings to educate 1950. Department of Army Civilians and Protecting democracy, countries their Military supervisors on the who were part of the of United Nations, AL21 and to encourage DACs to sent warfighters to help Koreans fight embark on training, education, and against North Korea. career experiences that develops Four million lives were lost during adaptive leaders who are the Korean War. The War lasted three comfortable leading during times of years, and it devastated this country. change and uncertainty. The There is not too much, but the war briefings will be conducted at the reduced this country to ash. Camp Henry Theater. After 57 years from the outbreak of Korean War, people including Camp Henry Gates Busan citizens, honored guests and The dates have changed slightly in members of Korea Freedom League, PHOTO BY PFC. NA KYUNG-CHUL regard to Camp Henry Gate Busan branch, gathered at the United Brig. Gen. Raymond Mason, Commanding General of 19th Sustainment construction. Gate 1 construction Nations National Memorial Park in Command (Expeditionary) saluts while offering flowers June 25 at the UN was complete and the gate re- Busan June 25 to remember the noble National Memorial Park. opened to vehicle and pedestrian sacrifice of victims of the Korean War. Korean War and the importance of After offering flowers and a silent traffic Monday. Gate 1 will be used The memorial ceremony was protecting liberal democracy,” said Jo prayer, the ceremony was concluded for both in and outbound traffic. advanced in solemnity with memorial Kil-woo, president of Busan with a requiem and the singing of the Gate 2 closed to all vehicle traffic addresses by the president of the KFL, metropolitan council. Memorial song of the Korean War. from Monday. Right turn is the mayor of Busan metropolitan city, “The times of the Cold War are The United Nations Memorial mandatory when exiting gate 1 and the chairman of Busan metropolitan gone, but we all know that the Korean Cemetery in Korea was established by drivers may enter gate 1 from assembly, the superintendent of Busan War hasn’t ended yet -- not until both the United Nations Command January either direction. For ease of entry, metropolitan city office of education Koreas become one Korea and all 18, 1951. it is recommended that drivers loop and Brig. Gen. Raymond Mason, families separated in two the Koreas The remains of Soldiers were Camp Henry to enter gate 1 with commanding general of the 19th are free to see each other.” transferred from six other cemeteries right turn. For information, call Sustainment Command Brig. Gen. Raymond Mason located at Kaesong, Inchon, Daejon, Victor Lowe at 764-4167. (Expeditionary). participated in the ceremony on behalf Daegu, Miryang and Masan. The UN “In memory of the 57th anniversary of Gen. B.B. Bell, United States Forces Memorial Cemetery was dedicated Payday Activities of Korean War, we are here to cherish Korea commander. April 5, 1951. There will be some Commanding the memory of 2,300 noble souls who “We bear witness to the vibrant The cemetery today holds the General’s payday activities for all died for the protection of this country,” democratic government and prosperity remains of Soldiers from Australia 19th Sustainment Command said Kim Young-joo, president of the in the Republic of Korea which is a living (281), Canada (378), France (44), (Expeditionary) and Area IV KFL Busan branch. testament to the service and sacrifice the Netherlands (117), New Zealand personnel July 5 at Camp Walker. “They who fought for this country of the 2,300 souls who rest here. Those (34), Norway (1), the Republic of The golf scramble is open to all bravely rest in peace in this UN who are repatriated at home and those Korea (36), South Africa (11), SOFA authorized patrons of Memorial cemetery which represents who still lie on past battlefields,” said Turkey (462), the United Kingdom Evergreen Golf Course. It will be the liberty and peace of the world.” Mason. (885) and the United States (36), as 12 p.m. and the entry fee is $15. “I feel regrettable to see that the The recitating of poetry by a well as unknown allied Soldiers (4) The bowling tournament is open to young generation of this country is member of the women-association and non-belligerents (11). five person teams at the Camp forgetting the sad suffering of the brought some participates to tear. Walker Bowling Alley 12:30 p.m. The entry fee is $30. The table tennis tournament and 9-ball Sergeant major remembered from 6th Ordnance tournament will be held at the Camp By Sgt. 1st Class Pam Voss leadership, achievements and Walker Community Activities 19th ESC Public Affairs mentorship. Center from 12:30 p.m. Please sign CAMP WALKER – The 6th The ceremony ended with a Roll Call up no later than July 2 for these Ordnance Battalion command by Dailey and the ceremonial Volleys activities. For information, call sergeant major was honored in a fired by the 6th Ord. Bn. Honor Guard. Warrant Officer Williams at 768- memorial ceremony at the Soldier Sgt. Charles Gunter, Eighth United 6333 or Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Guy Memorial Chapel here at 10 a.m. States Army Band, played “Taps.” at 768-7139. today. “The passing of this great leader is Celebrity Command Sgt. Maj. Wendell Velez a tragedy and a great loss to Team 19, Entertainment passed away June 23 at the age of our Daegu community and the U.S. There will be some celebrity 54. Army,” said Brig. Gen. Raymond V. entertainment for free. Lloyd The command group wanted to Mason, 19th Sustainment Command Banks: 7:30 p.m. June 30 at the give Velez a world class memorial PHOTO BY SFC. PAM VOSS (Expeditionary) commanding general. Hilltop parking lot on Camp Walker. ceremony, said Command Sgt. Maj. A memorial ceremony honoring Command “Such a sudden event as this reminds Chris Cagle: 7 p.m. July 3 at the Charlie L. Dailey Jr., 501st Sgt. Maj. Wendell Velez, command sergeant us of the fragile nature of life. I remind Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Sustainment Brigade command major, 6th Ordance Battalion, took place in you all to cherish the time we spend Walker. Nina Sky: 5 p.m. July 4 at sergeant major. the Soldier Memorial Chapel on Camp with our family and friends and ensure the Kelly parking lot. Crossfade: 7 Chaplain (Maj.) Wayne C. Walker. that we look out for everyone in our p.m. July 4 at the Kelly parking lot. Hollenbaugh, 501th SBDE command Eric D. Marratta, 6th Ord. Bn. community.” For information, call at 764-4440 or chaplain, opened the ceremony and commander. Velez’s peers then offered The cause of death is undetermined, 768-7563. was followed by remarks from Lt. Col. personal reflections about his pending medical investigation.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-D 27 June 29, 2007 NEWS & NOTES Camp Walker commemorates its July 4 Sporting EventsThere will be sporting events including 3 on 3basketball, racquetball, sand-pit volleyball ‘red, white and blue’ holidaytournaments, 5K run and 2mile walk July 4. The By Park Hae-ju the history of America and enjoyingdeadline for entry is June 26. Please, register at USAG Daegu Public Affairs A m e r i c a ’s independence w i t h f a m i l y a n dCamp Walker and Camp Carroll Gyms. For CAMP WALKER – T h e U n i t e d St a t e s o f friends.information, call Neal Fleisher at 764-4800. America will celebrate its Independence Day There will be variety of activities like on July 4. sporting events and entertainment on Camp American Red Cross Independence Day is a summertime holiday Walker. It is hard to imagine Fourth of JulyThe American Red Cross holds health and safety commemorating the adoption of the celebrations without the night sky flaming withclasses 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. June 30 at the Red Cross Declaration of Independence by the colorful fireworks. The celebration is expectedBldg. T1425 on Camp Henry. The First Aid, CPR Continental Congress in Philadelphia on July to end w i t h what promises to be a f a b u l o u sand AED for the workplace are subject for the 4, 1776. It is a time to spend commemorating fireworks display.classes. As the class size is limited, please signup early. For information, call Jimmy Finch at 768- CAMP WALKER: 4th of July activities7993. -Firecracker Fun Run: 8 a.m., Kelly Gym -3 on 3 Basketball Game: 11 a.m., Kelly Gym CYS Summer Sports Camps -Community B-B-Q: 12:30 – 8 p.m.. Kelly Gym parking areaChild and Youth Services holds summer sports -Live Band/DJ: 1-4 p.m., Kelly Gym parkingcamps Monday through August 24. The sports -PI Band: 1-1:30 p.m., 2-2:30 p.m. and 3-3:20 p.m.camps include baseball, soccer, basketball, -High School Kid Band: 1:40-2 p.m.volleyball and golf. Participants should pay $25 -Korean Hip Hop Show: 3:30-4 p.m.per youth. T-shirt or hats will be provided. For -Carnival Games: 1-7 p.m., Kelly Gym parkinginformation, call CYS at 764-5298 or 764-4859. -Family Games (YS): 1-2 p.m., Kelly Gym parking area -Picnic Games: 2-3 p.m. at Kelly Gym parking area Please send us your Stories and -Second Nature, Adassa and Nina Sky Concert: 4-6 p.m. at Kelly Gym parking area Photos for Publishing -Open Karaoke: 6-7 p.m. at Kelly Gym parking areaTo submit information for publishing in The -Cross Fade Concert: 7-9 p.m. at Kelly Gym parking areaMorning Calm Weekly USAG-Daegu’s common -Grand Prize Giveaway: 9-9:05 p.m. at Kelly Gym parking area (must be present to win)pages or for submission for the News & Notes -Fireworks Display: 9:45 – at PX Parking areasection, call 768-8513. You can email all of yourinformation to There will be plenty of snacks, meals and drinks available to purchase throughout the day.
  • 28 June 29, 2007 USAG-D The Morning Calm WeeklySoldiers gain awareness of the commissaryBy Pfc. Na Kyung-Chul fun games including the cherry/grape picking contestUSAG Daegu Public Affairs in which I participated. The game made my face CAMP WALKER – Camp Walker Commissary white color with the wheat flour.”conducted a special commissary awareness event The commissary shoppers can save an averageJune 22 at the commissary parking lot for of 30 percent or more when the same items aredemonstrating the benefits of shopping at the compared to those in commercial grocery stores.commissary and having fun time, targeting single With regular use of the commissary, single serviceSoldiers. members can generate substantial savings annually. As a part of the Defense Commissary Agency’s “I didn’t know actually that the commissary canCommissary Awareness Month, the event save my money by shopping there,” said Michaelshowcased how patronizing the commissary can Pass, USAG Daegu. “I noticed it and from now on,benefit young service members. I will shop at commissary for saving my money.” About 200 Soldiers from 8 companies, 169th Signal Despite the rainy weather, the event wasCompany, USAG Daegu, 168th Medical Battalion, concluded successfully with barbecue at the lunch36th Signal Battalion, 19th Sustainment Command time.(Expeditionary), 665th Movement Control Team, 25th “This year’s commissary awareness event wentTransportation Battalion and 154th Medical very well due to advance planning from BOSS,Detachment, participated in the event. MWR and DeCA personnel,” said Luis Rios, The event was sponsored by the Camp Walker Community Activity Coordinator. “The whole eventCommissary, in conjunction with USAG Daegu was to teach young and old Soldiers that shoppingMorale, Welfare and Recreation and Better in the commissary saves money in their pocket andOpportunities for Single and Unaccompanied there are so many ways to benefit from shoppingSoldiers (BOSS) and featured a variety of activities at the commissary. We had to divide into 4 groupsincluding cherry/grape picking contest, water to make a commissary tour. While one group wasballoon toss, limbo contest, water balloon race, taking a tour of commissary, others enjoyed funtricycle shopping race, supermarket sweep and a games and music that was held in the parking lot. Ibarbecue. would like to thank Command Sgt. Maj. Patricia “It was a very well organized event,” said Jung A. Keit, USAG Daegu, Mr. Philips and our BOSSHwan-won, USAG Daegu. “I enjoyed watching the volunteer Soldiers for making this event a successgames, especially the water balloon toss. It’s too bad again.” PHOTO BY PARK HAE-JUthat KATUSAs can’t shop at the commissary.” DeCA has been conducting Commissary Pfc. Shacha Zelalla, 517th Movement Control Team, prepares “The event was a great chance for Soldiers and Awareness Month since 2002 annually. For more cherry and grapes for the cherry/grape picking contest. SheKATUSAs from other companies to meet and greet,” information, visit the DeCA Web site at: http:// participated in the Commissary Awareness Day as a volunteersaid Timothy W. Cole, USAG Daegu. “I enjoyed of BOSS.
  • 30 June 29, 2007 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “Where is the airport?” Gonghangi odie issumnikka? the airport where is Vocabulary airport ‘gonghang’ ; h, ; a, ; ng bag ‘gabang’ cow ‘so’ Week Situation of the Week : Travelling Is the airport far? Gonghangi momnikka? Is there a bus to the airport? Gonghang ganun busga issumnikka? I’d like to check in this Ee gabang jom matgigo shipsumnida. suitcase. This is carry-on. Igon sojipumimnida. This story is about: Chulbal gatega odie issumnikka? What’s the departure gate? Gospel and Chulbal shiganyi onjemnikka? When is the departure time? Jazz Korean Expression of the Week Week shakes “Cow-walking” Sogeoleum Yongsan Foot-dragging