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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070504



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070504 Document Transcript

  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR THOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA May 4, 2007Volume 5, Issue 28 Volume 3, Issue No. 28 No. May 12, 2006 What’s inside... What ’s inside... INSIDE
  • 2. Commentary May 4, 20072 The Morning Calm WeeklyWelcome to Korea - the ‘Assignment of Choice’ ‘Assignment I take great pleasure in welcoming The people of the Republic of Korea quality of life here on This is our up-to-you to Korea. Whether this is your first have developed this nation into a vibrant the peninsula. The date information onassignment to Korea or a return economy that competes in the Korea Region is one of what you will findassignment, you can look forward to a international arena with the 11th largest six Installation here in the Land ofgreat experience in the Land of the Gross Domestic Product in the world, M a n a g e m e n t the Morning Calm.Morning Calm. and the largest ship building facility to Command regions For those You are joining a proud line of military be found anywhere. worldwide that assigned here now,professionals who have helped the Newcomers or returnees to Korea, produce highly this special edition ofRepublic of Korea to be a booming you’ll see a move towards the best the effective, state-of-the the Morning Calmworld economic power and one of our Army has to offer. From your first day art installations, Weekly will highlightbest Allies. You are also an Ambassador in Korea, you’ll become a part of a new maximizing support to what makes Koreaand you represent the United States in vision of making life better for Soldiers, people, readiness and the Assignment ofeverything you do while assigned here. Army Civilians and Family Members. transformation with an Choice for American Treat our Korean friends as you United States Forces Korea is in the eye on constant Forces. Our mottowould want to be treated. midst of a transformation that will turn improvement. As you is “Sustain, Support Korea is an ancient nation with a quonset huts into memories and provide work, live and travel to Brig. Gen. Al Aycock, and Defend.”history of over 5,000 years. Recent modern facilities on consolidated bases any one of our major Director, IMCOM-Korea We maintain ahistory has seen this nation reduced to in just a few short years. Service installations around strong partnershipashes only 54 years ago but triumphant programs will improve to match the Korea, you will notice with the 8 th their love of freedom. facilities. Morale, Welfare and that while warfighters concentrate on Army in order to defend the Republic Today, the reminders of the Recreation programs along with Army training, we are the single point of of Korea as we maintain the Uniteddevastation of the Korean War are few Community Services are just a few of contact for day-to-day installation States and Republic of Korea allianceand far between because of industrious the programs that contribute management, sustaining and improving while ensuring our Soldiers, Civilians,efforts of our South Korean Allies, but significantly to Korea being the best facilities across the Garrisons, and and Families have the highest qualitya visit to the DMZ will remind you the assignment in our military. enhancing the quality of life standards installation management available today.Republic of Korea remains in an uneasy Korea is a land of change, and our for those we support. We look forward to serving you.Armistice with the communist military structure is also changing for For those anticipating or Katchi-Kapshida. We go together!Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. the better. The Installation Management contemplating an assignment to Korea,In contrast to north Korea, life in South Command-Korea Region is in its fifth this special edition is designed to make Al AycockKorea has dramatically improved over year of improving the way the Army your decisions easy and to assist with Brig. Gen., USAthe past few decades. manages installations and influences finding the right services. Director, IMCOM-KoreaIt’s Moving Time! Planning ahead can help insure smooth PCS moveSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly This will help you show not only what The Army claims office also has you have set aside any items that youYongsan Claims Office you own, but what condition it was in maximum amounts that it can pay for do not want shipped. You should plan Permanent Change of Station moves before the move. certain items. For example, the on hand carrying small valuable itemsare an inevitable part of life for military If you have a large CD collection be maximum amount payable for stereo such as jewelry. Likewise, cash and coinpersonnel and their families. Shipment sure to take pictures not only of the CD equipment is $1,000 per item and $4,000 collections should never be shipped; youof household goods can be one of the jackets but also the CDs themselves. per shipment. If this is not adequate, you will not be able to recover anything ifmore difficult parts of those moves. Ensure that your receipts, appraisals, may consider obtaining private they are lost or stolen.Taking a few precautions before the photos and videotapes are NOT shipped insurance. Supervise Moversmovers arrive at your home can help with your property; leave them with a Although movers offer such When the movers arrive be sure toalleviate some of the anxiety and ensure relative, hand carry them or mail them insurance for shipments within the watch how they are packing youryou will be fairly compensated if your separately from your household goods. United States, this service is generally property. Pay particular attention to theproperty is lost or damaged. Consider Insurance Options not available for overseas shipments. inventory. Ensure that electronic andDocument Your Property If your property is lost or destroyed, Some private insurance companies offer valuable items are properly listed. You Before the movers arrive take a few the Army claims office will only be able coverage for household goods. Before do not want your $500 MP3 player, wichsimple steps to document what you to pay you the depreciated value of your you purchase such coverage, ensure was placed in the box with stuffedown. Collect receipts and appraisals for property. This is calculated by taking the that it will apply to your specific animals to be listed as “stuffed animals.”valuable items. Take photographs of cost of replacing your property and then situation.your property or, better yet, take a depreciating this value by a set Set Aside Special Itemsvideotape of everything in your home. percentage per year. Before the movers arrive, ensure that See PCS Page 4 PCS, Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Command Information Officer Ed Johnson Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. Editor Andre D. Butler responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from Staff Writer Sue Silpasornprasit advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is publication is the responsibility of the IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Area I Area III including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Bob McElroy by the U.S. Army or Oriental Circulation: 9,500 CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley Press of the products or services Commercial Advertising advertised. Telephone: 738-5005 SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629) Area II Area IV publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 724-3356 Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, Public Affairs Officer David McNally Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Staff Writer Sgt. Lee Yang-won CI Officer Galen Putnam religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758 Sustain, Support and Defend
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 3KATUSA Program - a symbol of U.S., Korea allianceSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly symbolic of the U.S. and ROK I n Korea, healthy males must friendship and mutual support serve in the military for a period system. of at least two years. Some of Because of their limited servicethese young men perform their time, KATUSA Soldiers have aobligation to their country by becoming promotion system that differs fromintegrated into the 8th U.S. Army U.S. Soldiers.through a unique program known as While their American counterpartsKorean Augmentation to the U.S. Army. gain promotion by amassing points KATUSA Soldiers are Republic and attending boards, KATUSAof Korea Army soldiers who serve Soldiers serve in a rank for aunder the U.S. chain of command, specified period of time and are thenbut are commanded by the ROK automatically promoted to the nextArmy in personnel management. highest rank. The KATUSA program began in For example, they serve sixJuly 1950, through an informal months as a private, six months as aagreement between the ROK private first class, six months as apresident and Gen. Douglas corporal and six months as aMacArthur to augment U.S. forces sergeant. CPL. KIM SANG-WOOKduring the early stages of the KATUSA Soldiers are allowed leave Like their American counterparts, Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers wear theKorean War. Until 1982, KATUSA time when they are promoted and can Army’s new combat uniform and their nation’s flag on their shoulder.Soldiers were selected from either earn passes for outstanding jobthe Army Basic Military Training as measured by a standardized test. U.S. Soldiers. The program also performance.Center or cadres of ROK Army The KATUSA program is important serves as a combat multiplier and They are also granted passes forunits. because KATUSA Soldiers comprise increases combat readiness for the emergencies and extenuating family Currently, KATUSA Soldiers are approximately 10 percent of the total U.S. and ROK combined defense circumstances.chosen randomly among a pool 8th U.S. Army manpower in Korea, capability throughout the Korean Five major missions the ROKAcomprised of those who have with more than 3,500 KATUSA peninsula. staff office has are KATUSAdemonstrated English proficiency Soldiers serving side-by-side with In addition, the program is management, KATUSA discipline, ROKA-directed training, U.S. and Understanding differences improves alliance ROK friendship activities and U.S. and ROK liaison work. Special to The Morning Calm Weekly to ask someone his or her age, marital status and other KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship While Korean Augmentation to the United States personal questions when meeting for the first time. While Week is an annual event designed to Soldiers have a good working knowledge of basic foreigners might consider this impolite, to Koreans it is simply help U.S and KATUSA Soldiers English, it should be noted that they are Korean, not the easiest way to get to know someone. work together to have a better American, and that they may still have some difficulty Holding hands and dancing with the same gender - u n d e r s t a n d i n g o f e a c h o t h e r ’s with English and in understanding the differences Americans are shocked when they see Koreans walking and importance. between American and Korean customs and culture - holding hands or dancing with someone of the same sex. Each area will be setting aside - just as U.S. personnel must adjust to their host nation’s To Americans these actions are regarded as homosexual. time to share their cultures during culture. However, in Korea, it simply shows deep friendship. t h e K AT U S A a n d U . S . S o l d i e r The following are some of the most important Hugging an unknown child - Parents often get a little F r i e n d s h i p We e k . A v a r i e t y o f aspects of these cultural differences. nervous when strangers touch or hug their children. sports, entertainment and cultural Physical contact - Koreans tend to stand close American parents should not be frightened by this behavior in events will be held. together when they talk or walk, and they might seem Korea because it’s simply a way of showing they think a child is In the more than 55 years since the pushy in public. cute. KATUSA program began, more than The misunderstanding arises because Koreans don’t Using the index finger when beckoning - Koreans use 250,000 Koreans have served their recognize personal space in the same way Americans their index finger only when beckoning animals, not to call a country as KATUSA Soldiers. might. person. If an American uses this gesture to summon a Korean, It is a tradition that strengthens Personal questions - It is normal for Koreans the person may be offended. their country and the U.S. -ROK military alliance. New program offers Army, DoDNSPS:By Andre ButlerEditor, The Morning Calm Weekly Cilivians flexibilty, rewards accessed by their immediate supervisor. Ratings will be given on a point scale employees should expect to happen this November. “The Army has tried to The advantages that the system provides employees with are not ranging from 1-5 — acceptable to role change itself into a more flexible and currently present in the GS system. The National Security Personnel model. Under NSPS every GS position eligible fighting force,” said Kuehr NSPS offers a more robust system forSystem is a newly developed system within the department will be assigned during meetings held at Yongsan. Kuehr managers and employees to track asthat provides Department of the Army to a career group, pay schedule and pay also stated that this new system is a way well as reward high performance.and Department of Defense Civilian band, which will define their salary. to motivate the civilian work force to “There are many advantages to youemployees more options and In April, the civilian work force strive for broader skills development. under the NSPS,” Kuehr toldprotections within the work place. throughout the Korean peninsula was And with doing so, the end result would participants in Area I. “Opportunity toNSPS is replacing the General Schedule given the chance to receive detailed mean more compensations and rewards have high performance rewarded,system that employees are currently information about NSPS and how the for employees. Therefore, that would improve supervisory and employeeunder. This new system also rewards overall program will affect them in in-turn give workers a greater communications, ability to leverage andemployees, based on their individual job upcoming months. appreciation for the jobs which they are expend experience base, a pay systemperformance. These rewards include, Maj. Gen. Michael Kuehr, 8th United performing for the military community. that takes into account marketbut are not limited to, pay raises and States Army, deputy commander held “That’s why the NSPS systembonuses depending on the employee’s town hall meetings in each of the four focuses greatly on a person’swork ethic, which will be rated and areas explaining the process and what performance,” he said. See NSPS Page 4 NSPS,
  • 4. 4 May 4, 2007 The Morning Calm WeeklyGetting educated about DoDEA in Republic of KoreaSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly p.m. Students in K thru fifth grade are Registration for new students for required to remain at school during theschool year 2007-2008 will be ongoing lunch period. For information, visitthroughout the summer recess. or call the All new families are encouraged to school at 736-4613.register as soon as they arrive in Seoul at Principal: Donna Kacmarski, 736-4378the Community Services Building, Bldg. Seoul American Middle School4106, located across the street from Seoul American Middle servesDragon Hill Lodge and adjacent to approximately 600 students in grades 6-Popeye’s. 8. A staff of 62 dedicated to the academic For schools other than Seoul, you will growth of all students provides an agetake all paperwork directly to the school appropriate program designed to meet theoffice to register your students. needs of middle school students. The registration office is open Monday Seoul American Middle School startsthrough Friday from 7–11 a.m. and noon at 8 a.m. and dismisses at 2:35 p.m.– 4 p.m. There are two lunches, noon-12:30 You will need to bring a copy of the p.m. and 12:30-1:00 p.m.; students aresponsor’s orders, the student’s required to remain on the school campusimmunization records, identification cards during lunch. For information, visitand date of estimated return to States or FILE PHOTOextension (if applicable). Principal: Darrell Mood, 736-7364, You must also have sponsor and student Paige Severino (center) and her Humphreys American Elementary School classmates uses a security numbers. pizza to learn radius, diameter and circumference.. Seoul American High School Children entering grades kindergarten Personnel Services Detachment to acquire Seoul School Bus Transportation Seoul American High School has anor first should show a birth certificate or a letter stating the names of the children Off-post residents should register for enrollment of approximately 700 studentspassport. accompanying them. school bus transportation at the same time in grades nine through 12 and a staff of All children entering kindergarten must The telephone number of the Seoul you register for school. School bus 74. SAHS offers a curriculum designedbe 5 years old by Oct. 31. registrar is 738-7707. registration is located in Building 4106, to fit the college bound student including If your child is not included on your An alternate number to obtain with the school registrar. For information, advanced placement courses, aorders, a copy of the Family Entry information regarding the schools is the call 738-5032. Professional Technical Studies program,Approval will also be necessary. Korea District Superintendent’s Office at Seoul American Elementary School CISCO Academy I and II, Computer Navy personnel must contact 738-5922. With classes in grades preschool to Service and Support, and an Army Junior fifth grade, a staff of 113 and 1,200 Reserve Officer Training Corps program. students, Seoul American Elementary There are new courses in reading, Support available for transitioning students School is one of the largest elementary schools in the Pacific Region. algebra support, and Chinese. Counselors will be available to schedule students Aug. Susan Rowe multitude of services to help military Known for its extensive curriculum 15. Seoul American High School will begin Korea Region CYS, SLO Manager children have a smooth transition and program, SAES also offers programs for classes at 7:55 a.m., and conclude at 2:40 YONGSAN GARRISON – help connect families, schools and special needs students, counseling, p.m. Lunch is from 12:30 – 1:10 Transition is nothing new for military communities. enrichment, English as a Second p.m.Principal: Robert Fenneitt, 738-5265. families. The military family PCS moves, varying school-to- Language, Korean Immersion, Host For information, visit experiences many challenges each time school academic curriculum and Nation Culture, computer, media, art, they are required to change permanent schedules, varying graduation and music and physical education programs. Humphreys American Elementary locations. records transfer requirements, and SAES offers a Sure Start program for School The average student will attend four home schooling are factors. four-year old children identified as “at risk” Humphreys American Elementary to five different school districts while Differences in administration, My for educational success. School is located on Camp Humphreys the modern military child moves three Army Life Too: http:// This program is similar to the Head in nearby Pyongtaek City. times more. Approximately one third Start program implemented in many of of military spouses and families are Military Child Education Coalition: the school districts in the United States. relocated every year. School Liaison Seoul American Elementary School and Transition Services offers a See Students Page 5 Students, will start at 8 a.m. and will dismiss at 2:15 See Schools Page 5 Schools,PCS from Page 3 NSPS from Page 3 The movers will list preexisting damage to your notice any lost boxes or damaged items during delivery, considerations, an objective performance system withfurniture using a special code that is explained at the be sure to annotate this on the front of the DD Form clear expectations and a better understanding of howtop of the inventory. 1840, a pink form the movers will give you before your position aligns with the organization’s and the High Value Items they depart. After delivery you have an additional 70 Department of the Army’s mission.” However, with Some movers may offer you a form to list all items days to report any loss or damage that you discover there being new changes that this system will provide,that have a value of $100 or more. USE IT! Why? once the movers leave: annotate this on the BACK or there are still others that will remain intact. ProtectionBecause both you and the carrier will sign the form the pink form, which is labeled “DD Form 1840-R.” from discrimination, ensuring merit based selectionacknowledging that they exist and that they are of the Turn the form in to your nearest claims office as and Veterans’ preference will stay under the NSPS.value claimed. soon as possible. Once you turn in your pink form, There are no changes to employee benefits and This form will accompany your shipment and will the claims office will give you instructions for filing retirement calculations continue to be determined asbe reviewed upon delivery of your goods at your new your claim. You have two years to file your claim, but they are today with any base salary increases countinghome. Use of this form will save you if your $500 this time period begins the day of delivery, NOT the toward an employee’s three highest earning years.MP3 player is indeed packed in that box with the stuffed day you turn in your pink form. It is best to file your For more information about NSPS logon to theanimals. If the mover does not provide a form as part claim as soon as possible; failure to file within the two Army or DoD NSPS web sites — their inventory, use your own form, have the carrier year time period may prevent you from recovering library/general/nsps or and sign it and insist that it be included with anything for your loss or damage. If you have anythe inventory. questions about the rules described above, contact the Editor’s Note: USAG-Red Cloud Command After the Move nearest Army claims office. In Yongsan, the claims Information Officer, Jim Cunningham and USAG- When your household goods arrive at your new office is located in the Community Services Building, Yongsan Public Affairs Staff Writer, Cpl. Kim Sang-duty station, inspect your shipment carefully. If you Bldg. 4106, For information, call 738-8219 or 8242. wook, contributed to this article.
  • 5. The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 5Schools from Page 4 Students from Page 4 The school opened in 2002 for grades K to 6. hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Students are bussed curriculum and standards greatly affect There are approximately 250 students in this fast from Camp Humphreys to Osan American High children’s ability to learn. As a result, gaps ingrowing community. School. education are not uncommon. Students will also receive art, music, physical Osan American High School also offers a full Some functions of SLO include:education, computer technology, and host nation academic program to include Computer Service and Transition Support Services - To help easeinstruction. Support technology classes for students. the transfer of military children from school There is special education, English as a Second There is an Air Force JROTC program. system to school system;Language and Enrichment Program for those students Registration takes place throughout the year in the Partnerships in Education - Work withwho qualify. A counselor and nurse will be on the main office. (784-9076) Bus registration takes place installation and community partners to expandstaff. in the Bus Registration Office in the high school. services to children/youth and help them succeed Registration takes place in the school’s office Principal: Marie Cullen, 784-9094. For in school and community life;throughout the year. Bus registration also is completed information, visit Installation/School Communication - Providein the school office. (753-8894). Taegu American School useful and accurate info by building and updating Principal: Donna Kacmarski, 753-8894. For Taegu American School, located at Camp George, the network of school contacts and militaryinformation, visit Taegu, is a unit school providing education for Pre- resources; Osan American Elementary School Kindergarten to 12th grade. Home-School Linkages/Support - Provide Osan American Elementary School is located on The estimated enrollment for SY 06-07 is 675 information and offer services that support theOsan Air Base, Songtan, Pyongtaek City. students. The school hours are from 8 a.m. - 2:30 needs of home schoolers, (e.g., Army CYS The school hours are 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. p.m. Technology Labs, Youth Homework Centers, There are approximately 375 students enrolled in There is U.S. Army JROTC for students in grades Fine Arts, and physical education);Osan American Elementary School. 8 to 12. High School students may also enroll in Post-Secondary Preparation Opportunities - OAES offers the core curriculum and in addition reading or algebra support classes. Assist in preparing youth for the transition fromprovides English as a Second Language, Gifted Principal: Keith Henson, 768-9503. For high school to work/college.Education, services for learning-impaired and information, visit Korea Region Child and Youth Services Schoolcommunication-impaired students, art, music, C. T. Joy Elementary School Transition Specialist and Installation Schoolphysical education and Korean Culture. Extra- C. T. Joy Elementary School is the smallest Liaison Officers improve transitional support forcurricular activities are offered two days a week. DoDDS-Korea school. It is located at the U. S. Navy children by establishing partnerships between theAccess to technology education is presented in one Support Base at Chinhae. schools and communities, advocating for militaryof two computer labs for preschool to grade six. There are 35 students enrolled in Kindergarten children, increasing awareness of the unique Registration takes place throughout the year in to 8th grade. needs of military children and providing athe main office. (784-6912) Bus registration is held School begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m. process to address and resolve military-specificin the high school. Itinerant special education teachers, school education issues. Principal: David L Petree, 784-6912. For psychologist, information specialist and technology For information concerning School Liaisoninformation, visit personnel complement and support the educational and Transition Services in Korea, visit the Korea Osan American Middle/High School program. Region School Liaison Web site at http:// Osan American High School provides education Principal: Ray Paulson, 762-5466. For information, 360 students, grades seven through 12. School visit
  • 6. May 4, 2007 Page 7Area I renamedUSAG-Red CloudBy Jim Cunningham Long, and Special Troop CombinedUSAG-Red Cloud Field Army at Camp Red Cloud with USAG-Red Cloud—Area I I Corps and CFA.became USAG-Red Cloud during a In 1993 Area I Support Activityredesignation ceremony April 27. was created with two sub-garrisons, “Today is a significant event,” said USAG-CRC and USAG-Casey forCol. Forrest Newton, garrison supporting the 2nd I.D.commander USAG-Red Cloud. The Area I Support Activity was“Sometimes I think we forget just how activated June 12, 1995 to managesignificant this really is in our nation’s U.S. Army installations north of Seoul. JIM CUNNINGHAMhistory, both for Korea and for the In 2002, the Army created the Col. Forrest Newton, commander USAG-Red Cloud and Command Sgt. Maj.United States. You are seeing before Installation Management Agency. Greg Bunce unfurl the new USAG-Red Cloud colors at the resdesignationyou the Army transforms itself Area I became one of four such units ceremony on the Red Cloud Village Green April 27.everyday and especially here today in in the Korea Region Office. garrisons represent our commitment to Red Cloud in my office. He too wasthis ceremony when we retire the old Area I is unique because of its wide our Soldiers here in the 2nd Infantry caught in a situation where he wasArea I flag and stand up the new geographic area and large troop Division,” Newton said. faced with transformation. He said toUSAG-Red Cloud flag.” population. Before the closure and turnover of installations in the western In March of 2004, officials unveiled his people, ‘men came out and brought From 1965 through 1971 Paju City a $30,000 CRC pavilion, paid for papers, we could not read them andwas home to the 2nd Infantry Division corridor and the pending turnover of Camp Page in Chuncheon, Area I through the garrison’s productivitywhile Dongducheon was home of the they did not tell us what was in them.’ oversaw 42 sites. improvement reviews.7th Infantry Division. In 1971, the 7th The significance of that is if you do Under the Land Partnership Plan, “The USAG-Red Cloud is aInfantry Division moved back to the more U.S. Army installations in Area representation of all of those camps not transform, like Chief Red Cloud,United States. I face turnover to our Republic of included in the old Area I, Newton said, we will find ourselves, as what From 1971 to 1992 Dongducheon Korea allies. with those camps being USAG-Casey, someone described, as being in thewas home of the 2nd Infantry Division “We, the U.S. Army today have to Camps Stanley and Jackson and all of ashcan of history. I don’t think that iswhile Uijeongbu was home of the U.S. be adept in becoming more agile in the ranges in the area. That is a where we want to be.”I Corps and Combined U.S. and terms of how we view ourselves, our significant step for us and the beginning The new command will be just asR.O.K Field Army. The area was nation and our Soldiers, Newton said. of a new future.” meaningful and significant to ourgeographically divided into three “We bring to Korea this concept of a Some were sad that the old colors Korean friends and the Korean armygarrisons under the 501st Support garrison. What we have done is were being retired, explained Newton. and our alliance as was the old Area I,Group, Area I West at Camp Casey signify to the rest of the Army these “There is a painting of the old Chief explained Newton.with the 2nd I.D., Area I East at Camp Casey changes moniker, flag By Jim Cunningham Management Agency reorganized USAG-Red Cloud and transformed into a command USAG-Casey—The “Camp Casey is an known as Installation Management garrison formerly known as integral part of the mission Command and IMCOM-Korea. Camp Casey in Dongducheon of the 2nd Infantry Division, Thus, the organization USAG- changed its moniker March 21 Casey in support of the command For the last several years the USAG Uijeongbu was directed to to ‘USAG-Casey’ during a ceremony held in Gateway Club command proudly serves, as re-flag as part of the adjacent to the front gate of the it does today, in support of transformation. Still, as you witness garrison. the USAG-RC commander, today, the USAG-Casey reflagged to USAG-Casey as seen by the “Camp Casey is an integral part of the mission of the 2nd 2nd Infantry Division, and new flag and honors before you.” Infantry Division,” said Lt. Col. many other point commands Base operations, command and Terry Hodges, garrison here at Camp Casey and the control will not change because of commander, USAG-Casey. the new flag. western corridor.” “This will not result in the “For the last several years the command proudly served, as it Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, garrison reduction of services,” Hodges Terry does today, in support of the commander, commander, USAG-Casey. USAG-Casey. said. “It will not result in any less Area I commander, 2nd Infantry dedication of services. After the Division, and many other point commands here at Camp long history of this enclave known Casey and the western corridor.” as USAG-Casey, we all are in support of all of you; USAG- The garrison has a long history of supporting the Soldiers Uijeongbu and IMCOM-Korea look forward to our in the Warrior’s path on the Korean peninsula. continued support of Soldiers, Civilians, and KoreanLt. Col. Terry Hodges passes the new USAG-Casey colors “Today’s historic event marks another proud chapter personnel, working hand in hand, with our numerousto Sgt. Maj. Ricky Rose during the Camp Casey for USAG-Casey,” Hodges said. “Last year the more community leaders. We are all professionals servingRedesignation Ceremony March 10. than three year old organization called Installation professionals.”
  • 7. 8 May 4, 2007 Area I The Morning Calm WeeklyMWR provides services to Soldiers, Families USAG-RC Morale, Welfare and Recreation services best small bowling center in the Army last year, is Comedy is also a major part of the USAG-RCtruly are ‘Second to None,’ with outstanding open Sunday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and entertainment program, with MWR’s “Comedy ROKs”recreational opportunities for Soldiers, Families and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is scheduled every month at various club facilities.civilian personnel serving in the Korean peninsula. No closed Monday, but open holidays. Nationally known comedians Bob Biggerstaff, Slimmatter if you are stationed at Camp Red Cloud, Camp CRC Bowling Center also offers free bowling for Bloodworth and Caroline Picard headline free ComedyCasey, Camp Castle, Camp Mobile, Camp Bonifas, Soldiers in uniform from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays Night events at camps Red Cloud, Casey, Hovey andCamp Hovey, Camp Stanley, Camp Jackson or except holidays. All Soldiers have to do is rent their Stanley.anywhere else on the peninsula, there are plenty of shoes.quality USAG-RC MWR facilities and services available The Camp Casey Bowling Center is open Monday-for everyone to enjoy. Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. and Sunday and holidays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Bowling at the Camp Hovey Bowling Center is available Monday-Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m., Friday from 5 to 11 p.m., Saturday from 1 to 11 p.m. and Sunday and holidays from 1 to 10 p.m. MWR Golf If golf is your thing, then USAG-RC is the place MWR Special Events you want to be. There are two nine-hole golf courses Club patrons enjoy many special events scheduled here, one being Camp Casey’s Indian Head Golf throughout the year, such as the very popular TexasMWR Clubs Course, and the other Camp Red Cloud’s Willows Golf Hold’em poker tournaments, Military Idol competition, You will find plenty of good things to eat and drink Course. fashion shows and more, in addition to their usualat MWR clubs throughout Warrior Country. At Camp The Camp Casey course is open Monday-Friday Unit Appreciation Nights, Right-Arm Nights, themeRed Cloud, Mitchell’s is the place to go for lunch or from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from nights and other social events.dinner or to enjoy an evening of fun and entertainment. 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Reservations are required forTheir outstanding $6.95 lunch buffet is offered weekend play, while it’s first-come, first-to-playweekdays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. People can also weekdays. Free golf lessons are offered every Saturdayorder off the menu if one likes at extremely reasonable from 3 to 5 p.m.rates. The Indian Head Golf Course also offers breakfast, For dining, Mitchell’s is open Monday-Thursday lunch and dinner, with hot wings for only 10 centsfrom 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday from 11:30 a.m. to each every Friday from 5 to 7:30 p.m.2 a.m., Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Sunday The Camp Red Cloud Golf Course is open from 7from 5 to 11 p.m. a.m. to dusk weekdays and from 4:30 a.m. to dusk Camp Stanley operates the popular Reggie’s facility weekends and holidays.every day except Monday. It is open Sunday from 5 MWR Community Activity Centers MWR Physical Fitnessto 9 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 USAG-RC has several Community Activity Centers Warrior Country is well known for it’s aggressivep.m., Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturday for patrons to use. Each CAC offers a wide variety of sports and swimming programs. There are 10 physicalfrom 5 to 9 p.m. It is closed holidays. The bar is open tours and trips, games, Internet access, and more on fitness centers, swimming pools, ball fields andTuesday-Thursday from 5 to 11 p.m., Friday and an on-going basis. The Camp Red Cloud CAC, which gymnasiums in USAG-RC, all used by Soldiers andSaturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Sunday from 5 to also features the Cinnamon Street Café, is open daily other authorized patrons every day.11 p.m. In the ballroom, enjoy nonstop music video from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The Genesis paintball course recently openeddaily from 8 p.m. Camp Stanley CAC offers remote-controlled car at Camp Casey to accommodate fans of the sport. The Gateway Club at Camp Casey is the hot spot demonstrations and competition to deep-sea fishing The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center is openfor all of USAG-RC. The Gateway Club boasts several excursions and everything in between, including pool Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. andgreat food and beverage products, including Reggie’s tournaments, plastic model-building demonstrations, Saturday Sunday and holidays from 8 a.m. to 10Express, Primo’s Express and the latest addition, the table games, shopping trips, amusement park trips and p.m.Java Café, featuring Starbucks gourmet coffee and more. The Camp Stanley CAC is open Monday-Friday The CRC swimming pool is open Monday-delicious sandwiches and wraps, desserts and more. from noon to 9 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday and holidays Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.The rock never stops in the Gateway nightclub, with from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is open Saturday, SundayDJ sounds and live entertainment on a regular basis. Over at Camp Casey, one can find lots of pool and holidays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. The Warrior’s Club at Camp Casey is another hot tables, games to play, movies to watch, Halo 2 to 8 for those who want to relax and enjoy good live tournaments and more. The Casey CAC is open The Fitness Center at Camp Stanley is openentertainment and great food. The famous Redwood Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday Monday-Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. andSteak House offers fine dining with special emphasis from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and holidays. Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 8 a.m. toon quality Black Angus steaks. The Redwood Steak Camp Hovey CAC offers all-day action movies, pool 10 p.m.House is open Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday- tournaments, mountain hiking and more. The Hovey The Stanley swimming pool is open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. and CAC is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m. It is closed Monday. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. They’re open Saturday, A drive over to Camp Hovey is well worth it if Sunday and holidays from noon to 2 p.m. and 3anyone is planning to visit the Iron Triangle Club. The p.m. to 8 is open for dining Monday-Saturday from 5 to 9 Over at Camp Jackson, the fitness center is openp.m. The Iron Triangle Bar is open Monday-Thursday Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday,from 5 to 11 p.m. and Friday and Sunday from 5p.m. Sunday and holidays from 10 a.m. to 7 1 a.m. It is closed Sunday. The Camp Hovey Physical Fitness Center is openMWR Bowling Monday-Friday from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday, Bowling is very popular in USAG-RC, with three Sunday and holidays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.bowling centers offering a variety of special The Hovey swimming pool is open Monday-tournaments, league play and open bowling, not to Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. to 9mention snack shops serving everything from our MWR Entertainment Division p.m. It is open Saturday, Sunday and holidaysfamous Hot Stuff Pizza to Mean Gene’s traditional MWR Department Entertainment Division regularly from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.bowling cuisine of burgers, fries, pizza and more. delivers top quality live entertainment to USAG-RC USAG-Casey has two popular sports centers The Camp Stanley Bowling Center is open Sunday- facilities throughout the year. rock band Mustang Sally, to choose from: the Casey Hanson Field HouseThursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Christian, rock and pop artist Steven Chapman, and and the Carey Physical Fitness Center. TheSaturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is closed Monday, the rock group ‘Plunge’ are performing in Warrior Hanson Field House is open Monday-Friday frombut opens during holidays. Country in May and these performers reflect the variety The Camp Red Cloud Bowling Center, named the of entertainment options available in USAG-RC. See MWR Page 9 MWR,
  • 8. The Morning Calm Weekly News May 4, 2007 9MWR from Page 85:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Area I CampsSaturday, Sunday and holidays Camp Red Cloudfrom 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Carey Camp Red Cloud was namedPhysical Fitness Center is open in honor of Cpl. Mitchell RedMonday-Friday from 5 a.m. to 10 C l o u d J r. , Company E , 1 9 t hp.m. and Saturday, Sunday and Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantryholidays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. And finally there’s the Camp Division. Red Cloud wasCastle Gym, open Monday-Friday awarded the Medal of Honor,from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and p o s t h u m o u s l y, d u r i n g t h eSaturday, Sunday and holidays Korean War, 1950. The campfrom 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. was memorialized May 18, 1957.MWR Arts and Crafts In 1953 the camp was US A G - R ed Cloud educates Soldiers Arts and Crafts shops in USAG- established on the NorthernRC continue to provide patrons edge of Uijeongbu as I Corpswith an opportunity to learn new There are two education centers and two Army learning centers in USAG-RC. Headquarters. CRC also servedskills. Ceramics, photography, Except for holidays, each center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to as Combined Field Armymodel building, framing and more 5 p.m. They each provide the full range of education programs and services Headquarters until 1992; inare all popular with USAG-RC authorized by Army Regulation 621-5, the Army Continuing Education System. 1993 it became the site of theSoldiers, their Families and These programs and services consist of: 2nd Infantry Divisionguests. education counseling; Headquarters. The Camp Red Cloud Arts and counseling on Veterans Administration education benefits Camp C a s e yCrafts/Frame Shop is open standardized and end of course examinations; Camp Casey was named andTuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to multiuse learning facility, with computers connected to the Internet; officially dedicated in 1952 in7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. in/out processing;to 6 p.m. It is closed Sunday, memory of Maj. Hugh B. conventional college courses, up to the baccalaureate degree level;Monday and holidays. C a s e y, w h o d i e d i n a p l a n e distance learning courses up to the master’s degree level; The Camp Stanley Arts and crash here in December 1951. eArmyU assistance, to include testing;Crafts Shop also offers many Casey arrived in Korea in 1951 Servicemember Opportunity College, Army degrees – associate andopportunities to learn new skills as a se c o n d li e u t e n a n t , a n d baccalaureate;with emphasis on ceramics. It is functional academic skills training, and; served as a companyopen Monday-Friday from noon to financial assistance that includes 100 percent tuition assistance, VA education commander in the 2nd8 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday and benefits, financial assistance offered by private organizations, educational loans Battalion, 7th Infantryholidays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and grants. Regiment, 3rd InfantryMWR Libraries During the first 30 days in Korea, each Soldier in USAG-RC is required to in Division. Adults and children alike can process through his/her supporting Education Center/Army Learning Center, and Camp Castletake advantage of several MWR to attend an education briefing. Camp Castle is named afterlibraries that offer DVDs, Internet For college courses, there are five terms each year. Each term is eight weeks the castle on the distinctive unitaccess and videos in addition to a in duration. However, because of scheduled and unscheduled training and other insignia of the 2nd Engineerwide selection of books and requirements, the education services officer or education services specialist in Battalion, which symbolizes themagazines. charge of each center works closely with commanders to establish special battalions participation in the The Camp Red Cloud Library schedules, when necessary. FAST courses are offered when and where required Spanish American War. Campis open Monday-Friday from or desired.n o o n t o 9 p . m . a n d S a t u r d a y, Castle is located on Route 3, at For specific information regarding programs, services and schedules at specific the North edge ofSunday and holidays from 10 a.m. Education Centers/Army Learning Centers, attend the newcomers educationto 7 p.m. Dongducheon. It was briefing or contact the nearest Army education center. The Camp Stanley Library is established in 1952. Campopen Monday-Friday from noon to Castle’s installation mission is to USO br ings home t o Soldier s9 p.m. and Saturday, Sunday and provide engineer support to theholidays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 2nd Inf. Div. Library hours for the Camp Camp HoveyCasey Library are Sunday- Providing a home away from home, the USO at USAG-Casey offers a variety of programs Camp Hovey is named inWednesday from 11 a.m. to 9 and services in support of Soldiers, airmen and their family members in USAG-RC. Located at honor of Master Sergeantp.m. and Friday-Saturday from Building S-3025, right behind the Casey PX, next to Stewart softball field and Hansen H o w a r d C . H o v e y, w h onoon to 10 p.m. gymnasium, the USO is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The distinguished himself by Camp Hovey Library is open USO is open Sunday noon to 6 p.m. (computers only), Mondays duringAmerican holidays. extraordinary heroism in actionSunday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to USO Lounge July 6, 1953.6 p.m. It is closed Friday. Comfortable recliners and couches, and large screen televisions greet and welcome everyMWR Quality of Life Camp Jackson visiting Soldier and Family member at the USO. A great place to relax and rest! The USAG-RC Army Camp Jackson was named in Free Internet ServiceCommunity Center offers Soldiers From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, 24 computer stations are available at the USO for Soldiers h o n o r o f P fc. G e o r g e W.and Family members several very to keep in touch with their USAG-RC and friends via Web cameras, headset phones, e-mails Jackson Jr., 25th Anti Aircraftimportant programs to improve and chat rooms. A r t i l l e r y, w h o r e c e i v e d t h etheir overall quality of life. Canteen Services Silver Star medal posthumouslyOngoing classes in personal A traditional American or oriental breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., followed by a f o r a c t i o n i n K o r e a Nov. 23,financial matters, job search, daily lunch special until 2 p.m. are served from the USO kitchen, while a Soldier checks on 1951. Built in May 1952 andresume writing, relocation his e-mail at the Internet café. Freshly brewed coffee is also available at no charge.assistance, VISA and passport formerly I-3, Camp Jackson Tour Packagesissues, career assessment and The USAG-Casey USO offers a broad range of low-cost tours to help educate and served as HQ 3rd Brigade, 2ndmore are offered at ACS locations familiarize servicemembers and Families with Korean tourist destinations. Local tour packages Infantry Division until Camps Red Cloud, Stanley and including DMZ trips, a Seoul city tour, Everland and Lotte amusement parks, resorts and Camp MobileCasey. Interested members can spas, white water rafting trips and mountain hiking are available to individuals, private groups C a m p M o b i l e i s n a m e d tovisit the ACS office at Camp Red and military units. Overseas tour packages for China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, signify the mobility exemplifiedCloud Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. Thailand, Australia, and Singapore are made available to the USAG-RC community all year through the supply and transportto 5 p.m. They are closed round.weekends and holidays. See USO Page 10 USO, See Camps Page 10 Camps,
  • 9. 10 May 4, 2007 Area I The Morning Calm WeeklyCamps from Page 9 USO from Page 9 Community Holiday Events, Ethnic Australians, etc.) is held every first the past three years, the USOrole of the camp. It was built Celebrations Wednesday of the month at the USO VIRTUES English program has led toin 1951 as a rough airfield The USAG-Casey USO celebrates to plan for activities that would help a community partnership betweena c r o s s M S R n u m b e r 3 , We s t American holidays and significant the new spouses adapt and adjust to Soldier/volunteers from differento f C a m p C a s e y. ethnic events throughout the year. the newly acquired American-military battalions and the local schools,Also known as Bayonet Field Free barbecues, free food sampling, way of life. teaching English to elementary, middleand A-150 the original cultural performances, music Issues on immigration, marriage, and high school students in spring andrunway was eventually entertainment and free raffle draws are parenting and legal assistance are fall. This “adopt a school” program isextended to 2,000 feet. scheduled, organized and coordinated gathered during the meeting and later ongoing and has expanded to differentNo longer used as a fixed for Soldiers and their Family members. referred to appropriate agencies like installations and local schools inw i n g a i r f i e l d t h e 2 nd I nf. D iv. The USAG-Casey USO provides the ACS, legal office, education center USAG-RC.s t i l l u s e s t h e h a n g ar s a n d support to battalion organizational and the chaplains. Computer classes, USAG-Casey USO seeks andquarters. events through giveaway items for GED and SAT reviews, cultural and coordinates Good Neighbor event Camp Stanley door prizes. spiritual retreats have been very popular opportunities in the local community Camp Stanley was programs for the new foreign for battalions and units. Visits tomemorialized March 25, 1960. Mobile Canteen spouses. orphanages and nursing homes,It was named in honor of A five-ton truck equipped with a flat ‘United Through Reading’ Program Barbecue parties for Korean childrenC ol. T h o m a s H . St a n l e y, 3 6 t h screen television in the back of the As part of the “United Through with special needs and students’ toursEngineer Regiment, who was van, an audio/DVD/video/karaoke Reading” Program, the USAG-Casey to USAG-Casey are organized forkilled in an accident near entertainment system, a freezer and a USO has a library of children’s books volunteer Soldiers and FamilyTa r g u i n i a , I t a l y, i n W W I I , refrigerator, a mini snack bar with for Soldiers to read as they are members.June 11, 1 9 4 4 . microwave ovens, X-box games and videotaped. The finished recording is Free Phone Cards, Stamps Built on a hillside four two wireless Internet computer copied to DVD and mailed to the United The USO provides free phone cardsmiles Southeast of stations: this “USO on wheels” States at no expense to the Soldier, so to every newcomer in USAG-RC, andU i j eo n g b u , C a m p S t a n l e y supports Soldiers, sailors and airmen he/she can share the experience of stamps to everyone. Phone cards arest a r t e d o u t a s a t r u c k d e p o t during field exercises, battalion events, reading to their sons, daughters, also made available to Soldiers foron the flat ground where the shop visits and joint U.S.-ROK sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and emergency purposes and spousesr u n w a y i s n o w. exercises. neighbors back home. temporarily staying in the country after I n 1 9 7 1 2nd Infantry Foreign Spouse Program It’s a way for Soldiers to keep in the Soldier leaves Korea. USO phoneDivision aviation and artillery USAG-Casey USO provides a touch with their children and to cards are also given away as doorassets m o v e d to Camp Stanley, program for new foreign spouses in maintain their emotional closeness prizes during battalion and communityreplacing the 36th Engineers support of the Soldiers’ readiness to while away from home. events.who had been there since “fight tonight.” A monthly meeting for Good Neighbor Program Experience the touch of home at the1954. all foreign spouses (Filipinas, USAG-Casey USO supports the USO. Call 730-4812 or 4813 for more Russians, Cambodians, Peruvians, USFK Good Neighbor program. For information.
  • 10. 12 May 4, 2007 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly 2nd Infantry Division Worship Services/ Bible StudiesUSAG Red Cloud (Warrior Chapel)Protestant Services: 11 a.m. at Warrior ChapelCatholic Services: Weekday Masses: 11:30 a.m. at Warrior ChapelWeekend Masses: 4 p.m. Saturday (CRC) 9 a.m. SundayCOGIC service: 12:30 p.m. at Warrior ChapelKATUSA Service 7:30 p.m.Camp HoveyProtestant 11 a.m. Sunday at the Hovey ChapelBible Study Care Group 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the Hovey ChapelCamp StanleySunday: 10 a.m. Protestant Service 11 a.m. Gospel Service 1 p.m. Catholic ServiceTuesday:Thursday: 7 p.m. 7 p.m. KATUSA Service Protestant Sunday School T his columnStone Chapel (Camp Casey) left intentionally blankSunday: 10 a.m. ProtestantMemorial Chapel (Camp Casey)Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Gospel Sunday School 11 a.m. Gospel ServiceWest Casey ChapelThursday: 6:30 p.m. KATUSA ServiceSunday: 11:00 a.m. Protestant Service 2 p.m. LDS ServiceHovey ChapelSunday: 9 a.m. Confession 9:30 a.m. Catholic MassTuesday: 6:30 p.m. KATUSA ServiceCastle ChapelTuesday: 6:30 p.m. KATUSA ServiceThursday: 6:30 to 8 p.m. Protestant Bible StudyCamp HumphreysM, T, Th, F 11:45 a.m. CatholicSunday 9:30 a.m. Catholic Mass 10:30 a.m. Collective Protestant (ZoeckerCh.) 11 a.m. Collective Protestant (FreedomCh.) 1 p.m. Gospel Service (Freedom Ch.)For information on additional services in Area I, contact the installationchaplains office
  • 11. May 4, 2007 Page 14Welcome toYongsan GarrisonBy Col. Ron StephensUSAG-Yongsan Commander United StatesArmy Garrison-Yongsan is hometo nearly 25,000U.S. military per-sonnel, Depart-ment of DefenseCivilians and theirFamilies on nineinstallations.Nearly 1,000 Col. Ron StephensKorean Augmen-tation to the U.S. Army Soldiers, orKATUSAs, and more than 3,000Korean National employees servealongside U.S. servicemembers inthe Seoul area. More than 120 tenant units arebased on Yongsan Garrison, thelargest U.S. military base in Korea.Whatever unit you are assigned to,it is the mission of USAG-Yongsan PHOTOS, ILLUSTRATIONS BY DAVID MCNALLYto provide community services that There are five palaces in Seoul — relics of the Joseon Dynasty. One of the grandest, Gyeongbok Palace contrasts Seoul’s history and future. Seoul offers cosmopolitan lifeyou would expect in a small city. We support warfighters, Civilianemployees and their Families bymanaging housing, logistics, By David McNallytransportation, public works, Army USAG-Yongsan Public AffairsCommunity Services, child and SEOUL — As the capital of the Republic of Korea,youth programs, entertainment, Seoul is a modern city with conveniences and culture onerecreation and other essential might expect to find in any first-world There are many things to do and see during a tour of duty We also work with the in Seoul. Public parks, zoos, museums, temples, culturalDepartment of Defense Dependent activities, concerts, sporting events and even mountain trailsSchools and other organizations to are just a few examples of what city life offers.provide a positive community Life was not always this way in this ancient city.environment. Before Christopher Columbus set sail for the new world, The Korean people embrace This newcomer’s guide will help Seoul was a major city on the Korean peninsula. In fact, their get you on the fast track for a historians date the settlement of Seoul to 18 B.C. with therich and rewarding tour in the establishment of the Baekje Kingdom. To this day, severalRepublic of Korea. city walls remain in Southern Seoul dating from this era. After your initial inprocessing, Today, with more than 11 million inhabitants, the cityplease be sure to visit the is a thriving metropolis. It is the economic heart and soulCommunity Services Building on of the Korean people.Yongsan South Post. You’ll find During the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-45),activities and classes, such as the city was renamed “Keijo.” But, with the end of Worldlearning Korean, parenting skills and War II and eviction of the Japanese occupation forces,many other programs designed to Koreans returned the city to its rightful name.assist you and your family during The people of Seoul suffered greatly during the Korean Modern Seoul is home to famous traffic Seoul residents walk throughyour time here. For information, call War, (1950-53). Millions died. Seoul took the brunt of the jams and easy-to-use subways. a busy market.738-4617. destruction. With at least 191,000 buildings, 55,000 Please be a good ambassador for houses, and 1,000 factories destroyed in Seoul during theAmerica while you are in the war, residents became homeless refugees left with littleRepublic of Korea. By learning even more than devastation and hunger.a few phrases of the Korean The Korean people are intelligent and eager to advance.language and getting out and meeting With a literacy rate of 98.6 percent, Korean emphasis onthe wonderful Korean people, you education brings in a large annual harvest of universitywill enjoy your tour and also promote graduates. The country’s top learning centers are all ingood community relations. There is Seoul.a lot to see and do in this beautiful Twenty four percent of the Republic of Korea’scountry and a lot of Korean people population resides in Seoul and its surrounding suburbs.will welcome you. I look forward to seeing you in From western-style movie theaters and shopping malls,the “Land of the Morning Calm.” to traditional markets and restaurants, Seoul is a unique Most international travelers arrive in the Republic of Korea at the ultra- city, alive with history and leaning toward the future. modern Incheon Airport.
  • 12. The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 15 KoreaWhat to expect when you arrive in KoreaUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs INCHEON — When you arrive in Korea at IncheonInternational Airport, one thing is almost certain - youwill be tired and wish you were anywhere else ratherthan dealing with paperwork. Do not, under any circumstances, try to bringweapons or contraband into Korea. While the customsinspectors are pleasant and helpful, they are also verythorough. Contraband, such as drugs and deer antlers,will get you in trouble not only with the Koreans butalso the U.S. Military Police. Weapons should be leftin storage. All incoming personnel must first process throughthe 1st Replacement Company desk at the airport. “Inbound Army personnel must use the 1RC busto Yongsan Garrison,” said 1st Replacement CompanyCommander Tomiko Ballard. “Soldiers have to usethis form of transportation, unless a sponsor hasobtained prior clearance from 1RC.” Ballard said this applies to staff sergeants and below. “Senior noncommissioned officers and officers canbe picked up by a sponsor if they get prior clearance,”she said. For information, call 723-6452, or commercial0505-723-6452. At Incheon International Airport, newcomers are DAVID MCNALLYmet by U.S. Forces Korea reception personnel at the Incheon Airport is a throughly modern transportation hub for Northeast Asia. The complex is about an hour’s drive from Seoul.baggage claim area. If you do not see the reception personnel in the the Dragon Hill Lodge shuttle (free) to Yongsan For detailed airport arrival information, visitterminal, go through the entire customs and Garrison. If you wish to take the bus, look for signs and baggage claim process with your to the USO desk, located at Gate 14. Arrival_at_Incheon.asp.leave form, orders and identification card ready. For If the USO desk is open, they can tell you whencivilians only, make sure your passport is stamped. the bus to Yongsan is departing. Since you will be in ALL NEW MILITARY ARRIVALS You should look for the U.S. Military Liaison Office PCS (permanent change of station) status, you and After arriving on-post, all Army personnel mustlocated near Gate 14. your family members will have priority above anyone report to the 1RC, Bldg. 4034 next to the Dragon Hill There are several exits out of the baggage claim else wishing to ride the bus, aside from any others in Lodge. You will have a short briefing, and then checkarea, so if someone is meeting you, be sure you are PCS status. into the exit door posted for your flight. If you are Taxis are located outside the terminal. Army and Locations for inprocessing vary depending uponunsure which exit is correct, go ahead and depart Air Force Exchange Service taxis have English- branch of service. Your military liaison or sponsorany exit. You should read the monitors located above speaking drivers. They are the only taxis authorized (for non-Army personnel) should know when andthe exit doors. Your flight number will be posted to come on-post, so it is better to take one of these. where you will need to go.with an exit door letter. If you have exited the The AAFES taxis, which are black with gold U.S. Army - Army personnel will need to in-processwrong way, don’t worry, you will be able to easily letters, park to the far right as you exit the airport. at 1st Replacement Company (across the parking lotwalk to the correct exit. The AAFES taxi stand is near Gate 14. For from the Dragon Hill Lodge). Call 723-6452. Once you have met your sponsor, they will most information, call 02-7913-5550. All AAFES taxis have U.S. Air Force - Members of the Air Force willlikely take you directly to your lodging, but please meters, that read in Korean currency, but drivers need to inprocess with the Air Force Element. Callcheck-in to 1RC first.The first night’s lodging is accept U.S. dollars. 723-8389.paid for by 1RC, but only if personnel check-in. If you must take a Korean taxi, be sure to have U.S. Navy - Naval personnel begin their time inThe 1RC will also be able to advise you of when Korean currency. Try to select a cab which has Yongsan with the Personnel Support Detachment onand where you need to go for inprocessing. clearly visible identification about both the driver and Main Post. Please call 723-4651. For civilians only, if for some reason you need to vehicle. A taxi ride to post will cost about $50-$60. U.S. Marine Corps - Marines arriving in Seoul in-go to Yongsan on your own, go through any of the The AAFES taxi drivers expect a tip, but Korean taxi process with the Administrative Office on Main Post.exit doors. You can either take a taxi (expensive) or drivers do not expect tips. For information, call 723-7032. What do you know about Korea? Area: 8,452 square miles Climate: Long, cold winters and short, hot, humid summers with late CIA World Fact Book monsoon rains and flooding. The annual rainfall varies from year to year but History: An independent Korean state or collection of states has existed usually averages more than 39 inches/100 centimeters. Of that total, two-thirds almost continuously for several millennia.In 1905, following the Russo-Japanese of the precipitation falls between June and September. War, Korea became a protectorate of imperial Japan, and in 1910 it was annexed President: Roh Moo-hyun as a colony. Korea regained its independence following Japans surrender to the Capital: Seoul United States in 1945. The Republic of Korea was founded in 1948. Monetary Unit: Won Language: The Korean written language is referred to as “hangul,” The Population: 49,044,790 (July 2007 estimate) spoken language is simply called Korean, or “hanguk-mal.” Largest Cities: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon and Taejon Geography: Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering Religions: 46 percent of Koreans claim no religious affiliation, 26 percent the East Sea and the Yellow Sea. Korea is slightly larger than Indiana. are Buddhist, 26 percent are Christian, one percent are Confucianist and one Its peninsula location has both the advantage of easy access to adjacent cultures percent are other. and the disadvantage of becoming the target of aggressive neighbors. South Literacy Rate: More than 98 percent (one of the highest in the world) Korea shares a land boundary with North Korea of about 150 miles. Industry: Korea’s workforce is 20 million strong. Fifty two percent of Topography: The terrain is mostly hills and mountains with wide coastal labor is in services, while 27 percent is in mining and manufacturing. Exports plains in west and south. More than 70 percent of the Republic of Korea’s land and major products include agriculture, electronics, machinery, textiles, steel area is comprised of mountains and uplands. Mount Halla (6,396 feet) on Jeju and metal products and chemicals. Island is the tallest mountain in the Republic of Korea. The longest rivers are the Natural Resources: Iron, copper ore, tungsten and graphite Nakdong River, the Guem River, and the Han River, which flows through Seoul. National Bird: Magpie
  • 13. 16 May 4, 2007 The Morning Calm WeeklyYongsan Garrison housing: Home is where the heart isBy Carol Jones Families with four bedroom or largerUSAG-Yongsan Housing Officer requirements may voluntarily accept YONGSAN GARRISON — a unit with fewer bedrooms than theyWhere you will live after your arrival are authorized. This may significantlyin Seoul is undoubtedly one or your decrease the waiting time for quarters;largest concerns. You should be however, keep in mind that you willassured that the Yongsan Garrison be considered adequately housed forHousing Office will do everything we the remainder of your tour, if you electcan to make your transition here as to do this.smooth as possible. The Housing Office provides travel Unaccompanied personnel are decisions for concurrent travelnormally assigned to Unaccompanied (Family Housing available within 60Personnel Housing on-post. days of arrival), deferred travel These facilities consist of barracks, (housing available within 140 days ofBachelor Enlisted Quarters, or BEQ, arrival) and nonconcurrent travelSenior Enlisted Quarters, or SEQ and (housing available after 140 days ofBachelor Officer Quarters, or BOQ. arrival). Unaccompanied personnel are For information on housing travelrequired to reside in on-post status or availability of familygovernment quarters if quarters are housing, please contact the Familyavailable for their rank. Only when Housing Manager at 738-3211.UPH is full will servicemembers be The Housing Division is located ingiven a certificate of nonavailability SGT. SEO KI-CHUL Building 4106, the Community Supportand be authorized to reside off-post. Residents walk outside Burke Towers, a field-grade officer’s complex that opened in 2004. Building. The Housing Division is aFor additional information on UPH, Burke Towers is located within minutes of the schools. one-stop service for all housing needsplease contact the UPH Manager at and Master Sergeant housing. Housing previous duty station. including Family Housing738-5506. for company grade officers, senior The bedroom requirement is Assignments and Terminations, UPH Accompanied, command- enlisted, and junior enlisted families is determined by the size of your family. Assignments & Terminations, Housingsponsored personnel are housed in located at Hannam Village. Couples with no children or with one Referral Services, Furnishings, andFamily Housing located on Yongsan When you inprocess at the Yongsan child are eligible for two bedroom Maintenance of all types of housing.Garrison South Post and Hannam Garrison Housing Office, your name units. Sponsors with two children are Our hours of operation are: 8 a.m.-4Village. will be placed on the appropriate authorized three bedroom units and p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday The Yongsan Garrison Family waiting list for your rank and family Families with three or more children and Friday and 12:30-4 p.m.Housing inventory consists of General composition. Your placement on the are authorized four bedrooms. Thursday.and Flag Officer Quarters, Senior waiting list will be based on your Family Housing is normally To make an appointment for in-Officer Quarters, Command Sergeant eligibility date. Your eligibility date is available upon arrival except for four processing or any housing issues,Major Quarters, Field Grade Housing normally the date you departed your and five bedroom requirements. please call 738-4096. Taking care of your pets American Forces’ Spouses’ Club Spouses network helps adjustment YONGSAN GARRISON — USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Teachers are always needed. If you want to teach at the There are excellent veterinary YONGSAN GARRISON — Family members traveling Seoul American Elementary, Middle or High Schools, either services available on Yongsan from to Korea can expect to find a world of change and full-time or on a substitute basis, ask at the main office of the 129th Medical Detachment. adjustments. However, organizations like the American the school where you want to work. Services are available to eligible Forces’ Spouses’ Club aim to make everyone feel at home Teaching positions are also available at the private schools personnel on an “as time permits” during a tour of duty in the Republic of Korea. in Seoul; you can either write the schools directly or contact basis. All basic shots are provided at Organizations like AFSC provide a framework for them as soon as you arrive in Korea. They often will advertise a nominal cost. networking with other spouses. in The Morning Calm Weekly or on bulletin boards at the The policy for importation of The AFSC runs a unique store on Yongsan Garrison South Commissary, Post Exchange and Town House Food Court. privately owned animals into Korea Post, the “Chosun Gift Shop.” It is suggested that you review any contracts carefully with requires the following: Spouses travel throughout the Far East to purchase items the ACS Employment Readiness staff before accepting any Health Certificate, less than 10 in bulk for resale at the shop. The organization raises position. Also, even though you will have 90 days to obtain a days old, when arriving into Korea. thousands of dollars for charity each year. Status of Forces Agreement stamp in your passport, you must The original plus two copies. Spouses also have opportunities to serve as volunteers have it in your possession before you apply for a job. Rabies Certificate (the original with the American Red Cross and Army Community Services. For youth, a Summer Youth Employment Program is available plus two copies). The vaccination Paid employment is also an option. According to AFSC, for military and civilian family members who are full-time students must be current and at least 30 days there are limited jobs available on post; it may take some between the ages of 14 and 22. Although many of the jobs are old. time and patience to find one, but with determination and a general office helpers, there are also a variety of specialized Distemper is a problem here in lot of networking, it can be done. areas where specific skills and background are required. Parents Korea so it is recommended that you Full-time or part-time jobs are listed through the Seoul and students are reminded that one requirement to be eligible for not bring a pet that is not fully Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and advertised in a weekly summer employment with USFK activities is to possess a vaccinated (at least 6 months or bulletin. Army Community Services has a Family Member personal Social Security Number. Parents whose children are older). Animals arriving without a Employment office, with an excellent staff to assist your job outside of Korea should ensure that their children obtain a social current rabies vaccination or one that search. They are located in the CSB Building (Building 4106 security before traveling to Korea if they wish to work here is less than 30 days old, will be on Yongsan South Post). For information, call 738-8977. during the summer. Students must also have proof of full-time quarantined at the owners expense for up to a maximum of 30 days. There is also a Hannam Village Outreach Center at 723-6721. student status in the States. Bill of Lading or Certificate of Spouse Employment and Education Seminars are held There is also a winter-hire program for students ages 16-22. Excess Baggage with original semiannually. Look for banners and advertisements in the This is designed for after school and weekend work. signature (if the animal is traveling Morning Calm Weekly about the next seminar. These Web For youth or spouses planning to work on the economy, unaccompanied). sites can also provide more information: check with ACS before coming to see what type of visa is For information, call 738-4261, or Civilian Human Resources Agency at http://cpoc- needed. For information, contact the ACS Employment from the United States, 011-822- Readiness Program Office at 738-8977. 7918-4261. U.S. Army Civilian Personnel Online at http:// (Editor’s note: The American Forces’ Spouses’ Club contributed to this article)
  • 14. The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 17 KoreaPlanning your move to Korea Shopping with aAmerican Forces’ Spouses’ Club cards and check availability of quarters Ration Control Card before you come. korea.asp - This site includes many American Forces’ Spouses’ Club YONGSAN GARRISON — It is Visit these Internet sites to learn more specific links to different bases in Korea. YONGSAN GARRISON —important your advance planning be as about relocation and life in Korea: h t t p : / / w w w. a m e r i f o r c e . n e t / The most important thing you needcomprehensive as possible, in order to U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan: http:// relocation/ - This Web site includes an besides a great pair of walking shoesavoid stress upon arrival. – This Web site eight-week PCS checklist for moving is a Ration Control Card. Take a trip to your Army Community is a great location for current to Korea, as well as many tips on family Your Ration Control Card is justServices, Air Force Family Service community information. It includes a travel to Korea. as important as your MilitaryCenter or Navy and Marine Family telephone directory, local news and identification. In layman’s terms, itService Center to check on relocation links to the Morning Calm Weekly home.cfm - This has a searchable is a card that most on-postpackets. newspaper and Community Connection database on installations, PCS, family businesses, like Army and Air Force Also, be sure to look in your local magazine. Many of your questions and pet travel tips. Exchange, commissary and thebookstore or library and on the Internet about life on Yongsan can be answered Chosun Gift Shop, need to seefor assistance. here. ShowPage?p=index - This has reloca- before you can make purchases. As time draws closer to your move, - This new Web tion information on major military Officials want to make sure youand you have not heard from a sponsor, site should be the starting point for all installations (you will need to provide are not purchasing huge quantitiesdefinitely take the initiative and contact servicemembers, civilians and families your sponsor’s social security number, of any item in order to resell. Youryour gaining unit, either by letter or serving in U.S. Forces Korea. last name, and birth date for access). Sponsor should be able to providetelephone, for a relocation packet. – This you with a temporary card when A sponsor should be assigned contains an electronic Welcome Guide relocate.html - This has helpful tips on you arrive. However, many don’tautomatically. Korea is an assignment and ROK Steady magazine. relocation. and it’s a rude awaking when youwhere a sponsor is necessary and is a - This is the DOD “It’s Your Move”: http:// just want to grab a magazine orrelocating family’s biggest asset. Your Web site for on-post housing in Korea. w w w. d e f e n s e l i n k . m i l / s p e c i a l s / some aspirin at the Shoppette, andsponsor can get your mailing address, You can see floor plans and get other itsyourmove/ - This has PCS articles they will not allow you to make astart the paperwork for temporary ration information about housing. and the “It’s Your Move” pamphlet. purchase without it.Yongsan schools set high standards You will need to go with your sponsor to get temporary ration cards. The Directorate of Home school supplies are also available at the post Emergency Services, Ration ControlAmerican Forces’ Spouses’ Club exchange, or they can be ordered from the Internet. Issue Point is located on South Post, YONGSAN GARRISON — If you are coming to Korea There are three schooling options on post for preschool at Headquarters, U.S. Armyas a command-sponsored family, your children will be eligible age children: Garrison-Yongsan, Bldg. 4305,to attend Department of Defense Dependent Schools located Sure Start is a program designated for children at possible Room 105. For information, callon Yongsan South Post. risk, between the ages 3 and 4 whose parents are in the pay 738-4612. Noncommand-sponsored children are accommodated on grade E-7 or GS-6 and below. The school is run five days You will need a Ration Controla space available basis. Seoul American Elementary School, per week from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. There is no fee for Card for each authorized familySeoul American Middle School and Seoul American High enrollment, however, parents are encouraged to commit to member (children 10 and up).School are fully accredited schools that offer a wide variety a minimum number of volunteer hours, call 736-4378 for Don’t leave home without it.of classes and services, including classes for the gifted, more info. During their first two weeks inSpecial Education, and English as a Second Language. The Yongsan Child Development Center offers a part- Korea, family members can shop in School registration is held in May and continues through day preschool program for children ages 3 to 5. There is the commissary and exchange withthe summer. a three-day program and a two-day program from 8-11:30 a military identification card and a Also, there are several other schools for foreigners located a.m. during the school year. copy of their sponsors PCS Seoul, which offer a variety of curriculum. Register at CYS Central Enrollment Registry (738-5036) Family members with sponsors Only a sponsor or spouse may register children for school. and they can provide information about availability and assigned to 2nd Infantry Division Hand-carry all school records with you when you travel. schedule of fees based on total family income. need to contact the Division LiaisonYou can only register for school when you are physically in The Mustard Seed Christian Preschool is a South Post Office at the 1st ReplacementKorea. For information call 738-7707. Chapel program. Classes for four-year olds meet Monday, Comany across the parking lot of For registration you will need the following: Wednesday and Fridays. Classes for three-year olds meet the Dragon Hill Lodge for a Ration Shot Records - The 121st General Hospital Immunization on Tuesday and Thursday. Classes are offered both in Control Card.Clinic will make sure that they are up to date. the morning (8:15-11:15 a.m.) and afternoon (12:15-3:15 Family members have a lot of A copy of the sponsors orders verifying command p.m.) Register as soon as possible, as spaces for this things to do in the first few days tosponsorship (must have dependents’ names on orders) . school fill quickly. To check for current information call get settled in. It is highly High School-students entering high school need to report 738-4220. recommended that you go to theto room 108 in the high school to sign up for classes with the Korea District Superintendents Office Web Site: Community Services Building asguidance counselor. soon as you can. They have a staff Kindergarten and 1st grade students entering school need Seoul Elementary School Web Site: ready to help bring a copy of their birth certificate or passport. Bus Army Community Service can betransportation is provided for students who live within Seoul Middle School (grades 6-8) Web Site: your new home away from home.designated limits. For current information, contact the Bus Carry your military identification,Transportation Office, located in Bldg: 4106 Room 121, at Seoul High School (grades 9-12) Web Site: ration control card, many copies of738-5032. Bus passes will be issued only to a parent. You will orders, a Power of Attorney andneed to show paperwork verifying your student is registered. School Registration: DODDS Seoul Registration Office your passport with you wherever Many Yongsan Families choose to educate their children at – 738-7707 (at ACS). you go for the first two weeks. It ishome. You can find information on the regulations in reference Off-Post Schools: also helpful to call before you go toto the SOFA agreement and home schooling from the Home Centennial Christian School (K-12), 57 Ehwa-dong, verify information and to checkSchool Legal Defense or the DODDS system. Chongno-gu, Seoul 110-500, call 762-3160. hours of operation; this can help cut Homeschooling in Korea is available through a program International Christian School (K-12), P.O. Box 62 down on your frustration and savecalled IDEA International. IDEA is an independent organization SRCO, Seoul 140-600, call 792-4116/7. valuable time. The best thing to dofunded by a DOD grant that operates in partnership with the Seoul Academy (K-8), Young-dong, P.O. Box 85, Seoul, is make a tentative game plan theDODDS system. The program provides assistance to families call 554-1690. day before and map out where youwho are entitled to tuition-free education at a DODDS school, Seoul Foreign School (K-12), 55 Yunhi-dong, need to go each day so you can getbut choose to home school. For information, visit http:// Suhdaemoon-gu, Seoul 120-113, call 335-5101/5. it done quickly and have or Seoul International School (K-12), Songpa-gu, P.O. Box family time.2007/0309/homeschooling.html. 47, Seoul, Korea 138-600, call 233-4551/2.
  • 15. 20 May 4, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 21 BILL SCIOTTI Above: Early May marks the beginning of the first harvest and coincides with the Boseong Green Tea Festival, or the Dahyangje. The area offers a relaxed atmosphere for tea-lovers and others. Below: Seoul traffic streams across Jamsu Bridge over the Han River at sunset. PFC. SEO KI-CHULAbove: The Seoul Tower provides a breathtaking panorama of the capital.Below: Banpo Bridge is the only double-decker bridge over the Han River in Seoul. AVIDD MN C ALLY F. NEIL NEELEYDuring monsoon season in July and August, the lower Jamsu Bridge regularly floods The 777-foot tall Seoul Tower dominates the city during both day and Soldiers look at information on Independence Hall museum near Cheonan.over. There are 28 bridges for both vehicular and rail traffic spanning the Han River. night. At night a shifting light show colorizes the structure. The facility features a collection of patriotic museums, monuments and F. NEIL N EELEY Many varieties of Kim-chee are available at Korean Markets. gardens, including “the Museum of Japanese Aggression. DAVID MCNALLY PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY DAVID MCNALLY GALEN PUTNAM Above: About 40 tile-roofed buildings for high-class people, or yangbanchenung, from the Goryeo Dynasty were built as part of a historical film set in the Mungyeong Provincial Park. The set also includes another 40 straw-thatched roof structures for ordinary people, or seomincheung. Left: Jeju Island has one of the best seashores in South. The style of sand and stone are very unique in Korea. As part of the Island, two Koreans do BILL SCIOTTI some fishing at a small harbor nearby Sungsan-Ilchulbong as dawn A five-story stone pagoda, part of the Chickchisa Temple draws near them. D MN AVID complex, is framed by fall foliage. Chickchisa is one of the C ALLYDescendants of the Jeonju Lee family perform rites to honor oldest and is a primary temple of the Chogye Order of Koreantheir ancestors in an annual Seoul Ceremony. Buddism. It is located about 30 miles north of Daegu. PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM
  • 16. 22 May 4, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly18th MEDCOM ready,able to care for USFK18th Medical Command Public Affairs Company, 18th MEDCOM personnel will The staff of the 18th Medical assist you with the medical portion of yourCommand welcomes you to Korea! in processing. The mission of the 18th MEDCOM is We will provide information pertinentto integrate, organize, resource, train, to obtaining health care while you arecommand, control and support assigned assigned to Korea.and attached medical units in order to The 18th MEDCOM operates severalprovide a comprehensive system of troop medical clinics and primary careTheater Health Support to the 8th United clinics in Korea. In addition, 18thStates Army and all supported forces MEDCOM currently maintainsthroughout the Korean Theater of partnerships, with nine state-of-the-artOperations. Korean hospitals. THS equals Armistice Health Support These hospitals feature American FILE PHOTOplus Combat Health Support. educated and trained specialists, as well The staff at Camp Walker’s Bodine Dental Clinic helps care for the Area IV community in Daegu. To accomplish its varied and complex as English-speaking staff members to unaccompanied. receive while stationed in Korea ormissions, the 18th MEDCOM has many assist American personnel and to offer a TRICARE Prime is not authorized for residing in the United States.subordinate organizations throughout the wide array of services to those serving unaccompanied family members and For information on TRICARE, contactcountry, which include: 121st General throughout the Korean peninsula. coming to Korea will adversely affect the TRICARE Service Center at 736-Hospital, which provides hospitalization, For information, call 737-3085, family members medical coverage if they 8558/7236 or visit the TRICARE Web sitesurgical services, intensive care and (Commercial 011-822-7917-3085), or are not command sponsored. at specialty care clinics; 168th visit our Web site at All active-duty Soldiers need to enroll Dental, Veterinary ServicesArea Support Medical Battalion, that in TRICARE Pacific. Dental care for Soldiers, civilianprovides theater area support for sick call, TRICARE in Korea Also during this brief, the TRICARE employees and family member, andtrauma treatment and preventive medicine Upon arrival in Korea, active-duty representative will tell Soldiers how to veterinary care for pets, is available atat 14 separate locations; 618th Dental Soldiers will participate in a TRICARE brief enroll family members staying in the clinics across the peninsula.Company, providing theater dental support at the 1st Replacement Company. United States or in other locations what For information on dental serviceat 14 separate locations; and, 106th TRICARE Prime enrollment forms will to do if visitors need medical attention availability and eligibility requirements, callMedical Detachment Veterinary Services, be distributed for active-duty while they are here, what to do when 736-5051.performing the dual mission of food accompanied Soldiers who have their traveling and needing medical attention, For information about bringing pets toinspection and animal patient care. family with them in Korea, as well as and how to handle any medical claims Korea, logon to www.seoul.amedd. Upon arrival at the 1st Replacement forms for active-duty personnel who are Soldiers or family members might
  • 17. May 4, 2007 Page 27Area III transitioning to a brighter futureArea III Public Affairs USAG HUMPHREYS - Welcometo Area III, the best and fastestgrowing area in the Republic of Korea.Here you will find an area that is diverseand offers something for everyone –Soldiers, Airmen, U.S. and Koreancivilian employees, contractors, retireesand family members. Currently, the installation supportsapproximately 3,400 Soldiers in CombatAviation, Military Intelligence, andLogistics units. USAG Humphreys alsoboasts one of the busiest Army airfieldsoutside the continental United States. Area III is transforming and by 2011USAG Humphreys will be the largestArmy installation on the peninsula. Theplanned realignment of U.S. forces inKorea will shift all of American militaryunits north of Seoul to Area III and toother installations south of here. To support the realignment of forcesto Camp Humphreys and Area III theinstallation must undergo a dramaticexpansion—nearly tripling its acreage USAG Humphreys will nearly triple its acreage from 1,210 acres to 3,538 acres with the acquisition of 2,328 acres currently outside its perimeter.and supporting a U.S. troop strengthof about 17,000. The total supportedpopulations of Camp Humphreys willbe approximately 44,000. The transition will include modernfamily housing units, elementary, middleand high schools—all within walkingdistance of family housing—state of theart gyms, swimming pools, retail,recreation and commissary facilities aswell as logically-planned brigade,battalion and company living, trainingand work areas. All of our living and working areaswill be designed to be pedestrianfriendly with ample green space as wellas walking and fitness trails. Our goal is to make US ArmyGarrison Humphreys the assignment ofchoice for Soldiers and Civilians whowish to serve overseas. Join us and help Phase I (center) and phase II (left) of family housing are already occupied with phase III (right) almost ready for grow into the future. environment (work, live and train). USAG Humphreys vision • Foster an enduring partnership with A community with a reputation of the local Korean commutes.excellence, staffed with committed During your stay in Area III andprofessionals and volunteers, optimized USAG Humphreys, pardon our dust asto accomplish our mission, meeting you see ongoing construction ofeveryday Soldier training needs, while barracks, dining facilities, companyproviding for the diverse needs and headquarters, motor pools and all theinterests of our units, service members, other elements needed to support thecivilians and family members. fighting forces. Goals Expect infrastructure improvements • Provide a world class forward to further enhance quality of life.deployed, force sustaining installation. Although we are continually starting • Provide permanent home to new construction projects to support thisquality forces and families. growth, we are firmly committed to • Provide facilities that improve providing today’s customer with theoperational readiness. best customer service and tenant unit U.S. ARMY PHOTOS • Provide an excellent installation support to be found in the Army. The Area III airfield is one of the busiest Army airfields outside of the continental United States.
  • 18. 28 May 4, 2007 Area III The Morning Calm WeeklyNoncombatant evacuation exercises ensurepersonnel are ready to leave the peninsula on Documents check is a key component of NEOshort notice. exercises. Customer service points offer a convenient place to collect clothing and equipment issued One-stop in- and out-processing center provides an efficient method for Soldiers to complete to Soldiers. paperwork.A Soldier shows a child the proper use of Area III Missionprotective equipment. The Area III mission is five-fold: off-post housing, child care and non-essential civilians. We also have the First and foremost is to support the schools for family members as well mission to evacuate third country warfighter. We do this by providing as a range of quality of life nationals and non-essential U.S. world-class living, dining, enhancements. Embassy personnel. Evacuation educational, religious, recreation and We continue to improve the aging procedures are practiced twice a year fitness facilities. infrastructure by upgrading utilities, to ensure this vital mission can be Second, we support the roads and sidewalks, and accomplished. warfighter mission, readiness and communication lines. Humphreys boasts the only fire execution of all missions by We protect and preserve our training area in Korea. Firefighters from providing airfield and refueling environment with a focused installations across the peninsula and operations and logistical support. We environmental program including Korean municipal firefighters all train provide office and work spaces recycling efforts, hazardous waste at this unique facility. including motor pool areas. reduction and education for The Humphreys Training and SupportA mom ensures her son’s helmet fits properly We enable the well-being of the servicemembers, civilians and youth. Facility offers state-of-the-art equipmentduring the annual Bicycle Rodeo at Camp servicemember, civilians and family Humphreys is a major point of for unit and Soldier use.Humphreys. members by providing excellent on- egress for noncombatant evacuation for Facilities include a live fire outdoor post family housing, assistance with Areas I and III family members and range and an indoor laser range.Combat medics use a life-like manikin to Two CH-47 Chinook helicopters are shown hovering over Desiderio Army Airfield. One has an enormous cargo load slung beneath it.practice their medical skills.. Area III provide critical services such as medical and dental care, military Kiowa Warrior, UH-60A/L Black Hawk, CH-47D Chinook and AH-64D Tenant Units police, mail and Soldier in and out- processing services. Longbow Apache specifications — and weapons training on the Combat Area III is home to more than 50 Overwater survival — flight Pistol Qualifications Course and the tenant units whose missions include simulators that can be configured to 25-Meter Range are all operated at aviation, intelligence, logistics, medical current AH-64A Apache, OH-58D Camp Humphreys. and health care. Camp Humphreys hosts Air Force combat communications and weather detachment units. Air Defense Artillery units are located at Osan Air Base, approximately 20 kilometers from Camp Humphreys, and Suwon Air Base near Seoul. Humphreys also hosts several Republic of Korea Air Force, communications and intelligence units. The Wonju enclave of CampsSoldiers acclimate to chemical protection gear Long and Eagle host communication FILE PHOTOSwhile having a good time. and aviation assets. Tenant units Elements of 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade maintain Patriot missiles at Suwon Air Base.
  • 19. The Morning Calm Weekly Area III May 4, 2007 29 U.S. ARMY PHOTOS New BOQ construction (above left) and enlisted barracks (above) provide private bedrooms and shared kitchens and baths. Senior enlisted and officers have individual suites. Family housing is provided both on base (below) and off (below left) with the construction of new apartments within the community.
  • 20. The Morning Calm Weekly Area III May 4, 2007 31 Community Area III strives to provide world-class Middle and high school students are facilities and support to those living in and bused to Osan American Middle and Osan around the area. You will find many American High Schools located about 15 opportunities for both personal and miles away. professional growth. College courses are available in the You have the opportunity to learn about traditional classroom setting and a variety and experience the 5,000-year of online courses are available history of our host nation. You at our education center. will find our hosts to be gracious Professional education is often A chapel assistant relaxes in front of the Camp and eager to help you. accomplished through distance Long Chapel. Our Community Relations learning. program is the key to unlocking Full- and part-time child care Area III the treasures of being stationed is available in the Child supports in Korea and Area III. Development Center and the the USFK Humphreys American Youth Services program. The cam- Elementary School has expanded to youth center is the scene of a variety of paign approximately 275 students and a total of activities and classes for our youngsters. against four buildings for the 2007-2008 school Religious programs are a vital part of the prostitu- year. Sure Start and grades 4 to 6 are in the community with services being offered at tion & original building while kindergarten through Freedom Chapel, Zoeckler Station Chapel human third grade are in the new buildings. The and Camp Long.Area III Soldiers work together with Anjung-ri trafficking. administration building and cafeteria are also Our community makes Area III the bestresidents to clean up the village. located in the new area of the campus. place to be in Korea. U.S. ARMY PHOTOSHumphreys American Elementary School educates grades kindergarten through six. A new interim three-building classroom facility (above) was completed last year. Leisure Whether you enjoy team or individual sports, hobbies, volunteering, sightseeing or shopping; Area III has something for everyone. Check out MWR, Army Community Service and the USO for things to see and do. Soldiers can take advantage of the award-winning Better Opportunities for Single and unaccompanied Soldier programs. The Area III BOSS program continues to be recognized at both USFK and Department of Army levels. FILE PHOTOS Off-post opportunities for sightseeing Running in an MWR-sponsored race, sharing American holidays, and shopping abound. Join a USO tour or participating in Korean culture, or tournaments at the post gym -- venture out on your own journy of Area III is an area ripe with activities and fully supported by the discovery. Korean community outside our gates.
  • 21. Page 34 May 4, 2007 Welcome to USAG-Daegu USAG‘The best place to live, work, serve, train and play in Korea’ Post housing Welcome to Daegu, “the best placeto live, work, serve, train and play inKorea.” I am eager to support you inrelocating to your new duty station asquickly and as efficiently as possible. improvements continuingFor those of you with accompanyingfamily members, my entire staff,including Army Community Service andChild and Youth Services, stands ready USAG–Daegu Public Affairsto assist you and respond to any inquiry CAMP HENRY – Families movingin order to help you settle into the Daegu to Area IV will benefit from an arrayCommunity. of ongoing improvements that have Daegu, the fourth largest city in significantly upgraded on- and off-postKorea, also known as the “Apple living conditions for Soldiers, CivilianCapital of Korea,” is located in a valley employees and their Family members.bounded on the north by the Palgong The U.S. Army Garrison – DaeguMountains and the south by the Nakdong GALEN PUTNAM Housing Division oversees MountainRiver. The area of this scenic city covers Daegu enclave community members, led by Area IV Support Activity Commander Col. View Village on Camp George. Themore than 70 square miles and is John E. Dumoulin (left), chant slogans as they participate in the “Walk a Mile In Her Shoes” 10-building, 150-apartment familyapproximately 136 feet above sea level. march Oct. 10, 2006 at Camp Henry. Several male marchers wore high heels to symbolize housing complex is undergoingThere are four distinct seasons here the pain suffered by victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The event is one of continuing renovations. Completedwith the climate similar to Washington, many scheduled through Area IV in conjunction with Domestic Violence Prevention Month projects include the installation ofD.C. Daegu is one of the oldest cities that runs through October. This year’s theme is “Stand Up to Prevent Domestic Abuse.” elevators in every building, and Communities of Distinctionin Korea with a wealth of tradition in its converting two and three bedroomhistory. quarters into five bedroom apartments. The Daegu Military Community offers According to the Housing Division, thea well-rounded schedule of Morale, most significant change has been theWelfare and Recreation activities through USAG–Daegu Public Affairs is located on Camp Henry in Daegu, renovation reducing the number of housingsuch programs as the Child Development CAMP HENRY – Area IV, which is also home to Camps Walker units in each building, while increasing theCenter, Army Community Service, located in the southernmost and George. Daegu is the fourth largest average living space of the units.Community Activities Center, Child and region of the Republic of Korea, city in Korea with a population of about “This was a total restructuring of theYouth Services, the Better Opportunities is home to USAG-Daegu, a 12- 2.5 million, and is located about 180 buildings,” said Chuck Youngblood,for Single Soldiers Program, and numerous time Department of the Army miles south of Seoul. chief, USAG-Daegu Housingprivate organizations. Additionally, the and 8th United States Army Camp Henry is located on 51 acres Division. “We got rid of two-bedroom Korean community Community of Excellence finalist, in the Nam-gu District. The camp units and created five-bedroom units offers many rich and the winner of Department of primarily consists of administrative to meet the size of our families today.” cultural events. I the Army Community Relations buildings and community facilities to The complex now boasts 50 each am certain your Award for Excellence in 2004. support the major tenant commands. of three, four, and five bedroom tour will both be It’s affectionately known the It is home to USAG-Daegu, and the quarters. Also completed was a new challenging and “Best Place to Live, Work, Serve, 19th Sustainment Command community room, the installation of an rewarding. Train and Play in Korea.” (Expeditionary). ATM, the public address system was For additional Installations in Area IV include Facilities on the installation include updated, and new playground information about Camps Henry, George, and an Army and Air Force Exchange equipment was installed. Still in the your new home, visit Walker, K-2 Air Base in Daegu, Service Shoppette, Food Court, and works is the installation of two new Col. Dumoulin your local ACS. You Camp Carroll in Waegwan, Movie Theater. MWR facilities include gazebos with four barbecue grills. The can also view Chinhae Naval Fleet Activity, and Henry’s Place Club, the Fit-to-Win gazebos will include concrete flooringStandard Information Topic Exchange Gwangju Air Base. Other Center, Auto Crafts Shop, Army and electricity.Service (S.I.T.E.S.) information about installations include the Pusan Community Service, and Victory Field In addition to improving comfortUSAG-Daegu at Storage Facility and Pier 8 in which is currently being upgraded to inside the apartments, the HousingFor information on the Installation Busan. an artificial turf playing surface. Other Division’s ongoing Senior OccupantManagement Command - Korea Region go Camp Hialeah in Busan was facilities include the Education Center, Program provides building liaisons toto closed in August, 2006. a Digital Training Facility, and Butler address health and safety concerns atsites/local/. The USAG-Daegu Web site is: USAG–Daegu is responsible for buildings that provide life support for Mountain View Village and Camp providing base operations services exercise participants. Walker housing areas. A mayoralThe peninsula-wide newspaper The Morning for about 10,000 people who live In December 2004, a new 232- program, which addresses a muchCalm Weekly can be found at: http:// and work on Army installations person junior enlisted Soldiers’ broader range of well-being from Daejon south to Busan. Area barracks opened, featuring all new kicked off in 2004.For those with school age children, visit the IV is the largest of the Army’s four furniture and other amenities. Although currently tabled due toTaegu American School Web site at: http:// geographic regions in the ROK, USAG-Daegu was a Department budgetary considerations, the comprising about 10,000 square of the Army finalist in the Army Daegu Housing Division is in theCOL John E. Dumoulin Jr., miles. Community of Excellence Program in planning stage for a mid-rise housingCommander, USAG–Daegu The USAG-Daegu headquarters See Communities Page 39 Communities, See Housing Page 39 Housing,
  • 22. The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV May 4, 2007 35Variety of medical, dental, veterinary services availableUSAG–Daegu Public Affairs beneficiaries who are other than active duty (OTAD), routine scheduled care is limited or non-existent and CAMP HENRY – Area IV installations offer determined by space availability and priority of care.comprehensive medical and dental services for Soldiers, The clinic currently provides annual exams and someretirees, and eligible Family members. dental services to command sponsored family members. Camp Walker features Wood U.S. Army Health For the majority of dental services, most familyClinic that provides primary care to eligible Tri-CarePrime personnel of all ages. Care is available for all members of active duty are referred to the TRICAREothers on a space available basis. Services include Overseas Dental Plan. Treatment is performed bygeneral adult and family medicine, routine gynecology, affiliated, off-post, Korean dental care providers. Pleaseoptometry, prenatal care, management of common contact the clinic for more detailed information or checkorthopedic injuries, minor surgery, immunization, out the Website at, occupational health, mental health, social work, CPL. PARK KWANG-MO and click on 618th Dental.and individual counseling. Capt. Ken Jo (left) and assistant Spc. Maria Li, both from The medical clinic at Camp Carroll provides the same The Camp Carroll Troop Medical Clinic offers similar 618th Dental Company, treat a patient at the newly types of services, but on a smaller scale. The clinicservices on a more limited basis, excluding optometry. renovated Bodine Dental Clinic on Camp Walker. refers patients needing unavailable services to the 121st For conditions that require more intensive care, the square feet from 4,800, modernized the facility, and General Hospital and civilian sister refers the patients to the appropriate specialist at brought in state of art dental equipment. Digital Camp Carroll has a dental clinic with four chairs, athe 121st Combat Support Hospital on Yongsan Garrison, radiography (which provides a real time image and less dentist and a hygienist. The clinic offers general dentistryor one of its local sister hospitals off-post. The clinics X-ray exposure per view), a high-tech dental laboratory, services on an appointment basis and exam, sick call,have signed memoranda of understanding between the and programmable dental chairs that accept either left and emergency care. It is located in building S-137,18th Medical Command and Dongsan Medical Center or right handed operators are among key upgrades. next to the bowling center.and Hyosung Women’s University Hospital in Daegu, The clinic provides general dentistry services and Health services for pets are also available in AreaGumi Cha Medical Center in Gumi near Camp Carroll, some specialty services on an appointment basis. IV. The Camp Walker Veterinary Clinic providesand Dong Eui Medical Center in Busan. Examination, sick call, and emergency services are also various pet vaccinations for modest fees along with Limited health care is available after hours including provided. Priority of care is to active duty other services including minor surgery and health checksinitial treatment, stabilization, and preparation for servicemembers. for certification needed to travel out of country. Petsevacuation in emergencies. The after hours clinic is The clinic has twelve dental treatment rooms, three are seen on an appointment basis except forstaffed with a medic on site and a health care provider general dentists, one prosthodontist, and one hygienist. emergencies at both clinics. More severe cases areon call. Routine examinations are available by In addition, two specialists, a pedodontist and an referred to the Yongsan Veterinary Clinic in Seoul.appointments only. orthodontist from Yongsan Garrison, perform recurring The 168th Medical Battalion operates the medical Bodine Dental Clinic, also on Camp Walker, has been TDY missions on a scheduled basis to support the Area clinics in Area IV and the dental clinics are run by thecompletely renovated with its grand reopening ceremony IV community. 618th Dental Company. The vet clinic is operated byJan. 6, 2006. The renovation expanded the clinic to 8,000 For family members of active duty and eligible the 106th Medical Detachment (Veterinary).
  • 23. 36 May 4, 2007 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyPrograms, services, facilities enhance quality of lifeUSAG–Daegu Public Affairs technologies such as computers, the CAMP HENRY – Soldiers, civilian Internet, CD-ROM and video tele-employees, and family members training.moving to USAG-Deagu installations The Area IV Morale, Welfare, andwill find many of the same community Recreation Division offers a wideservices they enjoyed in the states. Our variety of recreational opportunities toprograms and services are designed to fill your off-duty hours.provide a high quality of life for MWR facilities on Camp Henryresidents. include Henry’s Place restaurant and USAG-Daegu Army Community club, the Fit-to-Win Center, and autoService Centers, located at Camps crafts shop.Henry and Carroll, provide an Camp Walker has the Evergreenabundance of services to assist Community Club and Golf Course, thrfamilies. These ACS programs include Roadhouse club, Hilltop Club, Bowlingthe Army Family Action Plan, Army Center, Kelly Fitness Center, indoorFamily Team Building, Employment and outdoor pools, plus the recentlyReadiness, Exceptional Family renovated Community ActivitiesMember Program, Family Advocacy Center with a library, and the arts and GALEN PUTNAMProgram, Army Volunteer Corp, crafts shop. BetterOpportunitiesforSingle(andUnaccompanied)SoldiersmembersperformanimpromptudanceDeployment and Mobilization Program, The immensely popular nine-hole attheCampWalkerMainExchangeparkinglotSept.20,2006duringtheMorale,WelfareandRecreationFinancial Readiness, and Relocation Evergreen Golf Course received a Summer Block Party and Boys and Girls Clubs of America Day for Kids.Assistance. nearly $4 million makeover in 2003 and Additionally, ACS offices provide childcare five to eleven hours per day School serves grades kindergarten is undergoing a $3 million dollarother services to include a lending on a regular basis. Part day care is through 12 and has an enrollment of renovation during 2006-2007.closet, crafts and cooking classes, offered from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday about 700 students. It offers a wide Improvements were made to allEnglish-as-a-Second Language, through Friday when Taegu American variety of sports programs including fairways, greens, sand traps, drainage,beginning Korean language, School is in session. Hourly care is baseball, softball, soccer, football, and irrigation systems.information and referral services and intended for parents who need short- wrestling, cross-country, basketball and The facility also offers a drivingspecial events such as Spouse term child care on an intermittent basis. volleyball. Other extracurricular range, practice bunker, and puttingAppreciation Day and Military Family It is not intended to replace full- or part- activities include yearbook, newspaper, green, as well as, a pro shop.Month activities. Both of USAG- time care. drama, student council, National Honor MWR facilities on Camp CarrollDaegu ACS’s host a monthly Child care is also available on-post Society, and Junior Reserve Officer include the Hideaway Club, a four-laneNewcomer’s Orientation and tour of from specially trained Family Child Training Corps. bowling center, Community Activitiesthe local Korean community. Care Providers. For more information, For adults, Army Education Centers Center with branch library, the Crown The ACS satellite center at Camp contact ACS. on Camps Henry and Carroll offer a Jewel Fitness Center, and indoor andCarroll is co-located with the Apple In addition to CDC services, the variety of educational and training outdoor pools.Blossom Cottage, which serves as a CYS offers School-Age Services and programs. The $8.1 million Camp Carroll Fitness“home away from home” for family Middle School and Teen Services. The education centers offer an Center opened in December 2003.members. School-Age Services are available for MOS reference library, military The 46,000 square foot facility The facility has a large screen Taegu American School students from correspondence courses, computer and features two full-size basketball courts,television, all the amenities normally kindergarten through fifth grade. multimedia laboratory with Internet three racquetball courts, separateassociated with a home, and a vast The after-school program offers the access, and self-development Nautilus and free weight rooms, aarray of video tapes with family children a choice between programs. cardiovascular fitness area equippedthemes. Patrons can also cook, bake, entertainment, homework and Testing services include DANTES with treadmills, cross-trainers, andand relax in a home-style environment. computer, creative arts, 4-H, Boys and and CLEP tests, national certification exercise bicycles, an aerobics room,They can even watch television while Girls Clubs of America programs and exams, and Army personnel testing. locker rooms with saunas, and andoing laundry. playground activities. Transportation is Functional Academic Skills Training equipment issue room. While ACS meets the needs of provided to and from the SAS at Camp and MOS improvement training is Planned improvements also includeadults, the Child & Youth Services Walker. provided for soldier development. a new Community Club with sit-downprograms at Camps Walker and For middle school youth and teens Central Texas College, the dining; a 12-lane bowling center; a newGeorge are available for children and there are many activities offered University of Maryland University heated outdoor pool with water slides,youth from six weeks to 18-years-old. through Taegu American School and College and the University of Phoenix diving area, kiddie area, picnic, andPrograms include sports and recreation, the Middle School and Teen Programs give soldiers an opportunity to earn a volleyball areas.Middle School - Teens, School-Age located at Camp Walker. Activities college degree. Also on taps is a total renovation ofServices, and Child Development include an after school homework club, Central Texas College offers the multi-purpose Storey Athletic FieldServices. 4-H Clubs, Torch and Keystone Clubs, associate degree and certificate to include improved drainage, artificial- The Child Development Center on “Club Beyond” that ministers to youth’s programs, University of Maryland turf, new lighting, and fencing.Camp George promotes the physical, spiritual needs, leadership workshops/ University College offers associate and USAG–Daegu also offers a varietysocial, emotional, and cognitive camps, trips, dances, and special events bachelor degree programs, and the of lodging facilities for transientdevelopment of young children. such as lock-ins and summer University of Phoenix offers masters soldiers, civilian employees, and their The program emphasizes the programs. in management program in a classroom families. The Walker Army Lodge is aimportance of developing socialization In the sports arena, CYS offers environment. Additionally, distance three-story, 60-room, $8.5 millionskills and encourages children to learn basketball, baseball, softball, and education classes at all levels are facility that opened in 2002.through active exploration and soccer for youth in Daegu and Camp available form a variety of accredited Both standard rooms and suites areinteraction with adults and other Carroll. colleges and universities. available. A new 50-room Army lodgechildren. The swim team at Camp Walker Digital training facilities at at Camp Carroll opened in Nov. 2006. The Camp George CDC provides full makes extensive use of both the indoor Camps Carroll and Henry offer Other lodging facilities in USAG–day, part day, and hourly care based on and outdoor pools. more than 600 military occupational Daegu include, the 24-room Campavailability. Full day care provides A Department of Defense specialty and specialty training Walker Army Lodging Annex next todevelopmental services that meet the Dependents’ School is located on courses through the Distance Kelly Fitness Center and distinguishedneeds of working parents, who require Camp George. The Taegu American Learning Program using multi-media visitor quarters.
  • 24. The Morning Calm Weekly May 4, 2007 39Communities from Page 342000, 2002, and 2003. It has received 12 Departmentof the Army and 8th U.S. Army ACOE awards sincethe program was created in 1988, and the Daeguenclave was named the Army’s best small overseasinstallation that same year. USAG-Daegu was alsothe winner of Department of the Army CommunityRelations Award for Excellence in 2004 for its effortsto build ties with the Korean community. Camp Walker is located about one-half milesouthwest of Camp Henry on a 194-acre parcelbelow scenic Apsan Park. The camp provides mainlycommunity support activities to the enclave andhousing to 100 military families. The northernmostportion of the installation is home to H-805 Heliport,and the central portion is devoted to recreational use,which includes to Evergreen Community Club andGolf Course, Kelly Fitness Center, and Kelly Field.Family and unaccompanied housing dominate thesouthern portion of the installation and AAFESfacilities occupy the east side. Major tenant units assigned to Camp Walker includethe 36th Signal Battalion, 168th Medical Battalion, andthe Taegu detachment of the American ForcesNetwork-Korea. GALEN PUTNAM AAFES facilities include the Post Exchange and Jennifer Sharp, second grade teacher at Taegu American School, packs a box full of treats, health care items, hand-Food Court, Military Clothing Sales store, Shoppette, made Valentines Day cards and more ,with the help of her students. The class sent the package of goodies to “theirGas Station, and Car Care Center. Other MWR Soldier” Pvt. Victor Girau, who is serving in Iraq. The effort was part of the school’s Support a Soldier Program.facilities include a recently renovated Community The Republic of Korea’s K-2 Air Base, located Training Facility.Activities Center, the Post Library, the Hilltop Club, on the east side of the city adjacent to the Daegu Camp Carroll features an $8.1 million Fitnessthe Bowling Center, Indoor and Outdoor pools, and International Airport is home to the U.S. Air Force’s Center, which opened in December 2003. The 46,000the renovated School Age Services and Middle 607th Support Squadron. It operates a small bowling square foot facility features two full-size basketballSchool/Teen Centers. Other essential facilities center, theater, and an AAFES Mini-Mall, Shoppette courts, three racquetball courts, separate Nautilusinclude the Wood U.S. Army Health Clinic, Bodine and snack bar, and fitness center. and free weight training rooms, a cardiovascularDental Clinic, Commissary, Veterinary clinic, Apple Camp Carroll lies 22 miles northwest of Daegu in fitness area equipped with treadmills, cross-trainers,Tree Gift Shop, Soldiers Memorial Chapel, and the Nakdong Valley and consists of 473 acres in and exercise bicycles, an aerobics room, lockerWalker Army Lodge. Waegwan. It primarily houses Army prepositioned rooms with saunas and an equipment issue room. In Camp George is located on 16 acres and is less stocks and battalion-size units. March 2005, the renovated AAFES Food Courtthan one-quarter mile west of Camp Henry. It is Major tenants include the U.S. Army Materiel opened featuring Popeye’s Chicken, Subwayhome to Mountain View Village, a 150-unit apartment Support Center-Korea, Army Field Support Battalion Sandwich Shop, Pizza Hut, and an expanded Baskincomplex leased from the Korean National Housing – Northeast Asia, 6th Ordnance Battalion, 501st Robbins Ice Cream outlet.Corporation. Also located at Camp George are the Sustainment Brigade (Expeditionary), 16th Medical A new 50-room Army Lodging Facility opened inTaegu American School, the Child Development Logistics Battalion, Defense Distribution Depot – Nov. 2006. Other ongoing improvements include aCenter, Family Life Center, and an AAFES Korea (DLA) and Alpha and Bravo Companies, 2-1 new 12-Lane Bowling Center which includes aShoppette. Air Defense Artillery Battalion. Community Club with sit-down dining; a new heated Taegu American School broke ground for a $6.4 Facilities on the installation include an AAFES Post outdoor pool with water slide, diving area, kiddie area,million replacement project that is slated for Exchange and Food Court, Commissary, Military and picnic and volleyball areas. Also in progress iscompletion in August 2007. The project will include Clothing Sales store, Fitness Center, the Hideaway the total renovation of the multi-purpose Storeya new 26,200 square foot, 2-story building. In addition, Club, Bowling Center, Community Activities Center, Athletic Field with artificial turf, all-weather runningthe school’s existing gym will be expanded by 2,900 Branch Library, Indoor and outdoor pools, Army route, upgraded drainage system, new lightingsquare feet. Community Service, Education Center, and a Digital system, and new fencing.Housing from Page 34complex at Camp Walker that would large enough to store a bicycle along housing improvements, unaccompanied single junior enlisted Soldiers’ barrackscreate 360 new apartments. The with appliance boxes. and single Soldier housing has not been and bachelor officers’ reopenedcomplex would replace 40 single-story The project would be in the “built- neglected. A comprehensive barracks between June 2004 and February 2005Army Family Housing duplexes. to-lease” category, which means the upgrade program is systematically following renovation. If the project receives the “green developer, not the Army, would pay to making dramatic quality of life In March 2005, the construction oflight” it will consist of five 15-story build the complex at its own expenses. improvements for single and two 216-person junior enlisted Soldiers’buildings, according to Youngblood. The Army then would lease the units unaccompanied Soldiers who live on barracks was completed at Camp The buildings, which will be located from the contractor, in the form of rents. USAG-Daegu installations. Several Carroll. In addition, three barracksnear the golf course, would house The complex would resemble the barracks and officers’ quarters have upgrade projects were completed inthree-, four-, and five-bedroom units. new housing developments at Camp been renovated over the past couple of 2004 and a more are scheduled to beginThe smallest would measure 1,700 Humphreys and Yongsan Garrison’s years and construction of new barracks next year.square feet and the largest 2,250 South Post, according to Youngblood. has been completed as well. “Right now, most of the junior enlistedsquare feet. “Ours won’t be the same, though,” On Camp Henry, a 232-person Soldiers’ barracks here, as well as in Each building would feature he said. “We have and we still are junior enlisted Soldiers’ barracks the other areas in Korea, have two-plus-underground parking that allows each looking for ways to make our project opened December 2004, featuring all two configurations,” Youngblood to have two reserved spots big better.” new furniture and other amenities. Also, “We are working hard to have thatenough for American-sized SUVs. There is no family housing available five single Soldiers’ barracks are changed to the one-plus-one standardAlso, families would have their own at Camp Carroll. currently under renovation. like the barracks in the states to givestorage rooms in the underground, Even in the midst of major family On Camp Walker, several existing the Soldiers more private space.”