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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  070125

Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070125



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  070125 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 070125 Document Transcript

    • January 25, 2008 • Volume 6, Issue 15 http://imcom.korea.army.mil Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea Humphreys student Area IV fightersInside The Morning Calm Weekly battle for ‘Ultimate charts path to will not be published geography bee win Soldier’ title Feb. 8 in obsrvance of the Lunar New Year holiday. Page 22 Page 25Army aims to better Yongsan offers child care to inprocessing parentsidentify Soldierswith brain injuriesby C. Todd LopezArmy News Service The Army released a report Jan. 17that outlines how the service can betteridentify and help Soldiers who have sufferedtraumatic brain injuries. The report contains some 47recommendations to help the Army betterprevent, screen, diagnose, treat and researchtraumatic brain injury, said Brig. Gen.Donald Bradshaw, who led the task forcecharged with investigating TBI. “Our report indicates that, like ourcivilian counterparts, the Army has donewell in the identifying and treatment ofsevere or penetrating traumatic brain injury,but is challenged to understand, diagnoseand treat personnel who have sufferedshort-term or persistent symptoms of mild See story andTBI,” he said. photos, page 9 The task force identified opportunitiesfor improvement as well as best practiceguidelines.” Jamaal Mohn and Maggie Maritch watch after children in the new child care room at the Yongsan Readiness Center. — U.S. Army Photo By The general said 80 percent of those who Sgt. Kim Sang-Wooksuffer from mild TBI, commonly known as aconcussion, recover completely. Some 10 to U.S. military communities donate aid to oil spill recovery efforts20 percent of Soldiers and Marines returning coastline about 95 miles south of Seoul. by Kenneth Fidlerfrom Iraq and Afghanistan with experience Between Dec. 19 and Jan. 4, 536 USAG-Yongsan Public Affairsin combat, may have suffered symptoms volunteers from U.S. Army and U.S. Airconsistent with mild TBI. Force installations throughout Korea have TAEAN, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Today, eight of the recommendations helped clean up the coastline, said Joe — U.S. Army officials in Seoul deliveredmade by the task force have already been Sellen, host nation specialist with the 8th nearly $17,000 in donated aid money Jan.implemented, said Col. Judith Ruiz, Deputy U.S. Army civil affairs directorate. The most 23 to help the Korean coastal county TaeanDirector Rehabilitation and Reintegration, recent was Jan. 4 when 139 volunteers from recover from the disastrous oil spill in earlyOffice of the Surgeon General. Kunsan Air Base and Camp Humphreys December. “We have made significant progress to take spent the day cleaning debris from rocks Col. Dave Hall, U.S. Army Garrison-care of Soldiers and to standardize practices Yongsan commander, led a small delegation to A U.S. military delegation from U.S. Army on the coast.across the Army medical department,” she More than 3 million gallons of crude make the presentation to Taean officials. Garrison-Yongsan presents a check Jan.said. oil spilled into the waters off the Taean “We are very, very sorry, very saddened, by 23 to Taean County vice mayor to help Some of the recommendations that have the tragedy that occurred here,” Hall said to aid in recovery efforts following the disas- coastline Dec. 7 when a crane barge collidedalready been implemented include: Vice Mayor Suh Duk-chul. “This (donation) trous oil spill Dec. 7. From left to right are: with an anchored crude oil carrier and – Working with inter-agency and civilian represents us supporting you, our allies, our Command Sgt. Major Diane Foster, USAG- punctured its oil containers.groups to better define TBI “Many fisheries, farms, stores and partners, our very good friends.” Yongsan command sergeant major; Suh – Implementing in-theater TBI screening communities suffered from the damage,” The money was collected through Duk-chul, Taean County vice mayor; Chap-and documentation for all Soldiers exposed voluntary chapel offerings the weekend before lain (Lt. Col.) James King, USAG-Yongsan Suh explained to the group through ato brain injury inducing trauma Christmas. USAG-Yongsan collected 14.5 installation chaplain; and Col. Dave Hall, translator. – Adding TBI specific questions to The region affected is a major tourist million Won or about $15,000. Another 1.3 USAG-Yongsan commander. — U.S. Armythe various deployment-related health area, drawing 20 million visitors a year. It is million won, or about $1,400, was donated Photo By Kenneth Fidlerassessments also home to a national maritime park, 445 from USAG- Red Cloud in Uijeongbu. – Developing a proposal on the fisheries, and one of Asia’s largest wetlands areas used by migratory “The money that we bring, we wish we could do more, but itappropriate functions of a “TBI Center of represents the care and concern of the people of our chapels,” said birds, Suh said.Excellence” The oil spill damaged 367 fisheries and closed 15 beach areas Chaplain (Lt. Col) James King, USAG-Yongsan chaplain. – Proposing the Defense and Veterans and 2,643 businesses that cater to tourists, Suh said. To date, 1.7 “We remember how not that long ago that we were sufferingBrain Injury Center as the core of the new after Hurricane Katrina, and the people of Korea very generously million people have been involved in the clean-up efforts, mainlycenter of excellence sent a lot of money to help the U.S.,” King said. “We appreciate Korean government and military organizations and thousands of – Optimizing the positioning of clinical, how the Korean people have stood by us, and we’ve had the privilege individual volunteers. Suh said he was optimistic. “Many public of standing by you.” beaches are already cleaned up,” he said. “Because of volunteer This was the latest in a series of assistance operations provided efforts, we may be able to open some beaches by July,” he said. “But — See Brain Injuries page 2 — by U.S. military communities in Korea since the spill along this some areas will need to be cleaned up for a long time.”
    • NEWS • PAGE 2http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM have been taken (include) a very big ongoing education process for The Morning Calm Brain Injuries from page 1 Published by Installation Management leaders, Soldiers and family members.” Command - Korea The Army launched the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Mild Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. Al Aycock – Centralizing the evaluation of the scientific merit, clinical Traumatic Brain Injury Chain Teaching program last year to help Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson utility, and priority of new treatment strategies, devices or Soldiers better identify the signs and symptoms of PTSD/MTBI and Senior Editor:Susan Silpasornprasit interventions to reinforce the collective responsibility to take care of each other. USAG-RED CLOUD – Adapting the Military Acute Concussion Evaluation overprint The Army is also working to educate the civilian medical Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson as an approved Department of the Army form to document mild community about mild TBI so that the Soldiers in the Reserve Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson CI Officer: James F. Cunningham TBI closest to the point of injury components, who may not have full-time access to military Col. Ruiz said 31 additional recommendations are in progress, medical care, can also be identified, said Col. Jonathan Jaffin, USAG-YONGSAN Commander: Col. David W. Hall four are planned, and four are in the process of being transferred Deputy Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Public Affairs Officer: David McNally to other agencies. Command. CI Officer: Kenneth Fidler Staff Writer: Sgt. Jung Jae-hoon For Soldiers in theater, the most common cause of brain injury is “One of the things we are concerned with, and was one of the a blast, such as from an improvised explosive device. But sometimes points behind the whole chain teaching, was trying to get the USAG-HUMPHREYS such blasts do not cause visible external injuries. message out to the country, not just the active duty force, Guard Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy “Brain injury does not have to have outside symptoms, such as and Reserve,” he said. “(We wanted) the country, including providers Writer/Editor: Andre D. Butler bleeding,” said Brig. Gen. Bradshaw. “It may, but doesn’t have to. throughout the country, to be aware of mild TBI and concussions CI Officer: Stacy Ouellette That is one of the compounding things -- folks may look totally and the long-term symptoms that some people may be having.” USAG-DAEGU normal, but be dazed.” Brig. Gen Bradshaw said Army leadership at all levels is Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman Because some victims of an IED or other blast do not have committed to the good health and wellbeing of all Soldiers, and is CI Officer: Samuel G. Hudson external injures, they may feel they have not been injured at all now proactively addressing the issue of TBI. Staff Writer: Cpl. Na Kyung Chul – even if they did sustain a mild TBI. “Continued research in this area can only help us more clearly Staff Writer: Cpl. Jang Won il “It’s hard to identify TBI when Soldiers don’t come forward and understand the medical impacts of the war and the best ways to This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for don’t identify,” said Brig. Gen. Bradshaw. “Some of the actions that prevent, recognize and treat Soldiers with TBI,” he said. members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the IMCOM-K Safety Update: responsibility of the IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive Freeze out cold weather exposure with precautions, prevention tips written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial adver- Exposure which is white or blue (except for a child, who looks pink). tising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute The heartbeat will be slow and weak. When hypothermia endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the Symptoms of exposure include physical and mental slowing occurs keep the victim in bed. products or services advertised. Everything advertised down; decrease in reasoning power, change in mood, slurred Cover victim with blankets, but keep them loose. Do not in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, speech, shivering and cramps, followed by possible collapse. use hot water bottles or an electric blanket. Excessive heat gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical may further injure the victim. If the victim is conscious, give handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser Frostbite them warm drinks. is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. If subjected to intense cold, the tissue under the skin may General Prevention Oriental Press President: Charles Chong freeze. This is caused by the formation of tiny ice particles and Commercial Advertising disruption of the blood supply brought on by clumps of red To prevent the problems caused by extreme cold, restrict the Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253 blood cells that in turn block the vessels. Fax: (02) 790-5795 loss of body heat from the extremities (head, feet and hands) E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Where frostbite (numb white tissue) is suspected, remove with dry, insulated clothing. Body heat escaping through the Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 wet clothing and constricting objects (such as a ring) from the Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post head is the largest source of heat loss. Wearing a warm hat affected part. when outside will reduse heat loss. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Apply a dry, protective cover after gently dabbing away any On long trips take along high-energy foods (chocolate, Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629) Fax: DSN 724-3356 moisture. Let the frostbite area warm up gradually. Do not heat glucose, fat) and plenty of hot beverages. Avoid drinking E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly @korea.army.mil it in any way. And do not rub it. alcohol, as this causes the body to lose heat, rather than retain it. Hypothermia For more information and cold weather tips, visit the Visit us online Installation Management Command-Korea Safety link on The Morning Calm Here the victim is extremely cold all over, with puffy skin, their website at http://imcom.korea.army.mil imcom.korea.army.mil Word on the Street: “How can you prevent Identity Theft?” Submitting to The Morning Calm Weekly Send Letters to the Editor, guest commen- taries, story submissions and other items: MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil. “Never give away your ID card “When the cashier is swiping “I safeguard myself from “In case of losing any of the number, social security number your credit card, they should identity theft by carrying For all submitted items include a point of con- items that are linked to my tact name and telephone number. All items are or bank account number even never do it under a counter valuables like my I.D. card on personal identity, I will call the subject to editing for content and to insure they to your closest friends, and because there are devices myself at all times and leaving Military Police station and conform with DoD guidelines. make sure you keep them in a that can steal them in the same my supervisor.” safe place.” your information. “ familiar place.” IMCOM-K Public Affairs and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located — Pfc. Lee Ji-ho — Matthew Mclaughlin — Cpl. Sung Bin Im — Pfc. Lee Byung-hwa in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. For information, call 724-3365.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 NEWS NEWS • PAGE 3 www.imcom.korea.army.mil MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the military police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. AREA I: Wrongful Use of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana), Investigation revealed on Dec. 18, a urinalysis was conducted by in which Subject #1 was identified as testing positive for THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. At 2 p.m. Jan. 15, Subject #1 reported to the USAG-Casey PMO, where he was advised of his legal rights, which he waived, rendering a written sworn statement admitting to the offense, but denied having knowledge of where he obtained the Marijuana. Subject #1 was processed and released to his unit. This is a final report. AREA III: Traffic Accident without Injuries, Dam- age to Government Property, Damage to Pri- vate Property, Failure to Apply Parking Break, Subject #1 operating a GOV, illegally parked on an incline, exited and left the vehicle failing to engage the parking brake, resulting in the ve- hicle to rolling backwards and striking Victim #1’s POV, which was legally parked and unat- tended in a parking lot. Damages to Subject #1’s vehicle consisted of scratches to the right rear side. Damages to Victim #1’s vehicle consisted of dents and scratches to the left rear fender and tail-light. Subject #1 rendered a written sworn statement admitting to the offense. Victim #1 rendered a written statement attesting to the of- fense. Subject #1 was processed and released on his own recognizance. ECOD is unknown. This is a final report. An array of dried herbs, roots and spices brings customers from all over Korea to the peninsula’s most popular venue for purchasing traditional herbal remedies. For additonal photos from the Seoul Medicine Market, see page 16. — U.S. Army Photo By Edward Johnson AREA III: Driving Under the Influence of Any In- toxicant, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Current events and activities Subject #1 was observed failing to stop for a posted stop sign at the intersection of Freedom Rd. and Victory Rd. Upon contact MP detected Medicine Market (Seoul) Ice Fishing Fest (Jan. 31-Feb. 3) an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Subject #1’s person. Subject #1 was adminis- The Seoul Medicine Market is the center of herbal medicine The Ice Fishing festival is held annually at Soyangho Lake near tered FST, which he failed. Subject #1 was ap- trade in Korea. There are more than one thousand herb Bupyeong wharf, Nam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. The Inje prehended and transported to the USAG-Hum- clinics, herbal medicine shops and drugstores. The products Ice Fishing Festival at Soyangho Lake in Gangwon-do is one of phreys PMO where he was administered a PBT are inexpensive because they are delivered directly from herb the largest wintertime events in Korea, drawing 700,000 visitors with a result of.166% BAC. Due to the level of plantations. It is a tourist attraction for any visitors stopping every year. As part of the festival, the river ice is broken to reveal Subject #1’s intoxication he was processed and by. The 20 stores established during the early 1960s grew into clean waters flowing through a beautiful landscape, offering released to his supervisor. At 2:40 p.m. Jan. 12, the one thousand there today, outnumbering the size of Daegu the pleasures of fishing. The Inje Ice Fishing Festival includes Subject #1 returned to USAG-Humphreys PMO Medicine Market with its 350 years of history. Most of the herbs attractions under four different themes: First, the Nature Zone where he was advised of his legal rights, which are transported to the market during late fall, which is the high includes ice fishing, a “zoo” featuring ice animal carvings, and an he invoked. Subject #1’s USFK operator’s per- mit was retained and his vehicle was released to season for herbs both in terms of quality and quantity. Therefore ice playground featuring a slide made out of ice. Second is the his supervisor. This is a final report. it is advised to purchase Korean herbal medicine from October Leports Zone, featuring a football competition played on ice and through December. The main product sold at the market is other various leisure activities that can be enjoyed in the snow- AREA IV: Assault Consummated by a Battery, Herb Medicine, Insam or Ginseng. The Medicine Market is covered field. The third is the Well-being Zone, where visitors Subject #1 and persons unknown were involved open from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Most stores are closed on the can savor foods made from ice-fish or take part in a cooking class in a verbal altercation which turned physical 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, but not all stores close at specializing in Korean ice-fish cuisine. Lastly, there is the Family when an unknown person struck Subject #1 once. For more information, visit www.tour2korea.com Zone that features an ice-fishing lesson for children. Besides with a closed hand in the face adjacent to a these themed events there will be ‘Korea dog-sled championship’ club. Subject #1 sustained injuries consisting Snow Sculptures (Through Feb. 3) where you can watch the passionate dogs running on ice and of a broken cheek bone and was transported to 121st CSH by ambulance where he was treated The Taebaek Snow Festival at Mt. Taebaeksan Provincial Park ‘car racing (rally) contest’ on snow. For more information, visit and released for his injuries. Investigation con- in the city of Taebaek, Gangwon-do Province, is a major www.tour2korea.com tinues by MPI. winter event in Korea. A popular attraction of the Taebaek Snow Festival is the array of beautiful snow sculptures created Folk Village (Gyeonggi-do) AREA IV: SJA opined there was sufficient evi- by top sculptors from Korean and around the world. There The Lunar New Year holiday week is an ideal time to take in the dence to title Subject #1 with illegal possession are also a variety of events including magic shows, music history of the Korean Folk Village. Set in its natural environment, of duty free goods and Subject #2 with derelic- concerts, snowman building and sledding. Near Jangseong, the Korean Folk Village allows visitors to get a feel for life in tion of duty. This is a final report. visitors can enjoy a fabulous hands-on ice fishing experience at Korea during the late Joeeon Dynasty. Tourists can visit the the Geumcheon fishing spot and catch a smelt, which lives in more than 260 traditional houses reminiscent of life at that time, AREA V: Unlawful Entry, Victim #1 was asleep and was awakened by her front door being clean water only. The special ‘National Naked Marathon’ is also with various household goods from different regions. All these closed. When Victim #1 turned on her light, a favorite, in which almost-bare naked contestants run over a features have been relocated and restored to provide visitors with she discovered an unknown male wearing ci- plateau 800 meters above sea level. Try Korean folk games in a broad understanding of Korean food, clothing, and housing vilian clothing. The unknown male removed a the snow, or savor the traditional winter food favorites. These style of the past. About twenty workshops, various handicrafts key from his jacket pocket and stated Victim and other programs are sure to make your winter experience such as pottery, baskets, winnows, bamboo wares, wooden wares, #1 left her key in the door. The unknown male at Mt. Taebaeksan all the more exciting and enjoyable. For paper, brass wares, knots, fans, musical instruments, iron wares then gave the key to Victim #1 and left the room. more information, visit www.tour2korea.com or http://festival. and embroidery are practiced. For more information, visit www. Victim #1 confirmed she indeed left her key in taebaek.go.kr/part11/home/html/snow.html(English) tour2korea.com the door and it was the key returned to her by the unknown male. Victim #1 stated no physi- cal contact occurred and nothing was missing. Investigation continues by SF. Source: www.korea.net, www.seoulselection.com, www.hotelnet.com, http://english.tour2korea.com, www.visitseoul.net — No endorsement implied.
    • NEWS • PAGE 4http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM PAID ADVERTISING Lt. Col. Donnie L. Thomas, 94th Military Police Battalion commander, presents Gen. Paik a badge and framed certificate with a replica Harper’s Ferry Pistol, and names him an honorary “MP”. — U.S. Army Photo By Capt. Michael A. Gillispie 94th Military Police battalion hosts Distinguished Guest Speaker for New Horizons Day by Capt. John D. Armstrong, achieve the rank of full general (four stars). 94th MP BN PAO He served twice as the ROK Army Chief of Staff and then the Chairman of the ROK SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA— Each Joint Chiefs of Staff. Under his command, year, Eighth Army mandates all units the ROK Army would grow from 10 pre- conduct New Horizons Day training, war to 20 post-war divisions and undergo a a one day mandatory stand down, to massive modernization program, which laid train, educate, and inform Soldiers the foundation for today’s ROK Army. about Eighth Army priorities and After retiring from active duty in 1960, messages in order to set the conditions Gen. Paik continued to serve his country for enduring mission readiness and as an ambassador to several countries to success. include Taiwan, France, and Canada. He On Jan. 17, units from the also served as the Minister of Transportation 94th Military Police Battalion and and played a significant role in establishing PAID ADVERTISING Heaquarters and Heaquarters Company, the public transportation system used Installation Management Command- throughout the ROK today. He is also the Korea, Eighth Army, conducted New author of several books including “From Horizons Day XII training on: 1) Pusan to Panmunjom”. Commitment to the ROK-US Alliance; Today, Gen. Paik serves as the chairman of 2) Be Vigilant, Be Ready, Be Safe; 3) the Military History Compilation Institute Fight Tonight; 4) Bridging the Cultural Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Gap through Cultural Awareness; 5) National Defense and the 1st president of Promoting Dignity and Respect; and the Association of the ROK Army. 6) Winter Driving. “Foremost, I was surprised that at This year’s training was especially 89 years old, he still spoke such good noteworthy as the 94th MP BN, in English, and secondly, his great ability to coordination with the Military Police lead the Korean Army during the Korean Regimental Association, hosted retired War encouraged me to fulfill my military ROK Army Gen. Paik, Sun-yup, who service obligation with pride,” said Korean delivered a special first-hand account Augmentation to the US Army Pfc. Kim of the Korean War. General Paik is a Minho, HHD, 94th MP BN. living legend in South Korea due to his “It was an honor seeing a legend significant contributions during and presenting the history of the Korean War,” after the Korean War. said SGM Nestor V. Rodriguez, S3 SGM, General Paik was the foremost ROK 94th MP BN. “It was the best New Horizons Army General of the Korean War. He Day training I’ve seen and this is my third participated in all ten major campaigns one.” said 1st Sgt. Darryl Wright, HHC, of the war to include the defense of, IMCOM, Eighth Army. “An outstanding and eventual counter-offensive out training event,” remarked Col. Mark C. of the Pusan Perimeter, as well as the Gardner, 501st SBDE commander, 94th largest anti-guerilla/counter-insurgency MP BN’s higher HQ. operation of the war, Operation Rat- In appreciation for his special lecture Killer, where he commanded an and his support of the ROK-US Alliance, independent corps, named Task Force Lt. Col. Donnie L. Thomas, 94th MP BN Paik, which was responsible for killing commander, named Gen. Paik an honorary or capturing over 25,000 North Korean “MP” and presented him with a badge, and insurgents.At 33 years old, Gen. Paik framed certificate with a replica Harper’s became the first South Korean to Ferry Pistol.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 5 www.imcom.korea.army.milTown Hall meeting atCasey hears concernsby Jim Cunningham The question of transportation is beingUSAG-RC Public Affairs worked legally and has not been resolved. The question of housing off post that is USAG CASEY —The year’s first Town not suitable for Soldiers and their familiesHall meeting got off to a quick start with the has been resolved for Soldiers by providingUSAG-Casey leadership fielding questions housing service by Julie’s Realty. Theirand concerns about quality of life situations guarantee is all apartments off post willand concerns about quality service issues meet high standards and be made affordableon the garrison. Lt. Col. Donald Meisler, to Soldiers and their families by notUSAG-Casey garrison commander, opened being priced more than Overseas Housingthe Jan. 15 meeting with a briefing about Allowance standards.the progress of improvements being made Chandani Buccino of the Fires Brigade Lt. Col. Donald Meisler, commander USAG-Casey, addresses concerned Soldiers and fam-on and around the garrison. Family Readiness Group brought up the idea ily members during USAG-Casey’s Town Hall meeting held in Hanson Field House Jan. 15. “The reason we have these Town Hall again of providing baby-changing stations — U.S. Army Photo By Jim Cunninghammeetings is to help us support you, the at the bus terminal.Soldier and your family,” Meisler said. “I was told we would have baby-changing of clothing items in each size category. see, in the where with it all, of what we There were many questions from stations at the bus terminal in a few months,” “The cycle of change here does not appear have here, and within the policies andindividual Soldiers new to USAG-Casey Buccino said. “Now it has been almost six as quick as it does in other places,” Meisler procedures, and most importantly, theand new Family Readiness Group leaders. months, what has happened?” said. “Good, bad or indifferent, this is based resources we have, to see changes we canSome questions were about identification The answer was it would be passed on, on recent history. Our senior leadership has make, and prioritize them.cards verses ration control cards. The answer and they were sure it was affordable and seen that; we are getting a large influx of “A good example is standing upincludes the fact Installation Management could be done. resources, whether it is barracks renovation the housing referral office. Technically,Command-Korea has recently changed Many of the concerns brought before monies that have come in, or looking at the this is a noncommand sponsored area;the way it monitors ration control, which the Town Hall had been heard before. change in the way ahead to get better services it was resourced that way. However,means Soldiers and family members now Concerns about clothing sizes not being the for Soldiers and family members. Installation Management Command-must show both cards when shopping in the right sizes for American women or someone “At the same time, this location and the Korea has now resourced us with acommissary and the post exchange. other than oriental in size. These questions division 11 years ago were quite different. housing referral office. This will enable There was a request for shuttle bus were answered by the Army and Air Force The demographics were totally different at us to better support the family memberstransportation to and from USAG-Casey Exchange System representative, who the time and the structure was different. and Soldiers within the geographicfor spouses and Soldiers who reside in the explained they get their fashions months in Our demographics have completely changed location of the Casey and Red Cloudapartments rented to them by Julie’s Realty. advance and they only get a certain number today. We are taking that in context to garrison enclaves.”Casey gets first Command Sergeant Major families coming over.”by Jim Cunningham The exact family member numbers areUSAG-RC Public Affairs surprising because family services are seeing more demand, according to Saeed. USAG CASEY —For the first time in its “We have no idea who has brought theirlong history, U.S. Army Garrison—Casey family over until they need some kind ofacquired its first Command Sergeant Major. assistance,” Saeed said. “Their BHA andCommand Sergeant Major Nidal Saeed was OHA are based on where their family is,introduced to the leadership of USAG- and their family happens to be here now.Red Cloud Dec. 18. Saeed’s outstanding Noncommand sponsored Soldiers get justleadership abilities revealed in previous as much OHA as a command sponsoredcommands brought on his appointment Soldier.”as Command Sergeant Major of USAG- Saeed sees growing success in the supportCasey. of Soldiers living off post, but there is still “I was operations sustainment Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Nidal Saeed (right) Command Sergeant Major USAG-Casey, stands work to be done.Major at Fort McPherson, Ga. when I first with James Richardson, USAG-Casey deputy garrison commander, during the Casey Town “We are working with Julie’s Realty.saw the Command Sergeant Major slot open Hall meeting Jan 15 in the Hanson Field House. — U.S. Army Photo By Jim Cunningham She is actually on post,” Saeed said. “Allat Casey,” Saeed said. “I was with 3rd Army Soldiers at Casey go through this realtor Command Sergeant Major, but no open Sergeant Major as part of the commandfor 14 months.” now and there is a guaranteed quality for the positions were available at the time. team,” Saeed said. “In Arifjan it is more of Command Sergeant Majors are selected apartments she offers. The realty company “I had been selected on the 2004 a staff job. When you put on the wreath,by a special Sergeant Major board in the also guarantees the rent to be no more than Command Sergeant Major board,” Saeed you go into the Command Sergeant MajorDepartment of the Army, according to the OHA rate.” said. “Based on availability, there were no program, so you can no longer work inSaeed. When there is an opening, the board Transportation to and from post for positions available until last year, but last a staff position, you have to work with aselects a Sergeant Major and offers the Soldiers renting from Julie’s Realty is not year I was deployed with the 3rd Army to command team.”position to him or her. If they decide not to established at this time because of legal Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, so I had to wait Saeed sees a lot of changes going onaccept the position, then it is offered to the situations yet to be worked out. for another opening to appear.” at USAG-Casey that makes the job morenext Sergeant Major on their list. “Transportation to and from the Saeed’s last command included a great desirable to Soldiers and their families, “The last time USAG-Casey updated apartments are being looked at legally now,” deal of opportunity and responsibility. especially in regard to housing.their Table of Distribution and Allowances, Saeed said. “It is also a funding question. But “We went to places like Yemen to advise “Since Overseas Housing AllowanceInstallation Management Command-Korea we are working on it now as we speak.” the Yemeni Army, Qatar, and Djibouti,” is not tied to whether or not a Soldierchanged the position from a 42 alpha Many other improvements for the Saeed said. “Our area of responsibility in the is serving in a command sponsored orsergeant major position to a double o Zulu Soldier and his family are beginning to take 3rd Army was all 27 of the middle eastern noncommand sponsored area, the OHAcommand sergeant major position based on shape according to Saeed. countries and the Horn of Africa.” is the same level, command sponsored orthe fact it became its own garrison,” Saeed “Medical and dental benefits have Upon reaching USAG-Casey, he found a non-command sponsored,” Saeed said.said. “It is an honor to be selected for this improved now because Soldiers and their very different kind of job waiting for him. “With that being changed, it has enabledposition.” families are able to be seen at the Troop “Battalions, brigades or higher, the Soldiers to bring their families here, and When Saeed was with the 3rd Army, commander is authorized a Command USAG-Casey is still growing in respect tohe had already been selected to become a See Saeed page 7
    • USAG-RC • PAGE 6www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA I THE MORNING CALM News & Notes 2ID Tax Assistance Center Free Tax Preparation 2nd Infantry Division Tax Center will be pre- paring tax returns free of charge from Feb 5 to June 15. For more information call: 730- 3598. At Camp Casey go to Maude Hall room 241 Tues., Wed., Fri., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thur. from 1 to 8 p.m., Sat. from 8 a.m. to noon. At USAG-Red Cloud in Free- man Hall, go to room 122 beginning March 1 on Tues. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. At Camp Stanley go to ADC(S) building beginning Mar. 1 on Wed. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ACS Personal Financial Readiness Training Mandatory training for all first term soldiers E-4 and below will be the 1st Tuesday of each month in the USAG- Casey ACS class room. Third Tuesday of each month in the USAG-RC Education Center. For more information call: 730- 3107/3089/3142. AER Scharships Army Emergency Relief offers free money for education. The 2008-09 Army Emer- gency Relief Scholarship Program scholar- ships are now available on the AER web- site: www.aerhq.org. For more information call: 730-3142. Health clinic needs foreign language speakers USAG-RC Health clinic would like to ex- Staff Sgt. Crystal Ikegwuonu discusses her nomination as 2ID Audie Murphy Board winner with mentor Master Sgt. Anthony Clark. — U.S. Army tend an invitation for volunteers to assist Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas with translation. This is an opportunity for Ikegwuonu voted anyone in the community including active duty or family members to be involved in taking care of Soldiers. Language barriers in providing access to medical translators has been identified as a JCAHO patient recipient of Audie safety goal. We are looking to compile a list of anyone with foreign language ability (not Korean, we have several Korean speak- ing employees). Our goal is to provide a phone roster of these translators who could Murphy Board then be called to assist with translation, in particular, Tagolog and Japanese would be useful but any language is a great help. For more information call: 732-7373. Emergency/Urget Situation Help Get help by calling 730-5906 for USAG- Casey Fire Station or Military Police in the Dongducheon area. Call 732-9117 for Red by Spc. Alun Thomas “Most of the NCOs nominated do volunteer “A lot of times they would ask me Cloud Fire Station or Military Police in the USAG-RC Public Affairs and community work and know all the something, and I did not have a clue what Uijeongbu area. Call 730-4357 to get help Army criteria and regulations.” they were talking about. It became a case of if contemplating suicide or if feeling de- USAG CASEY — Staff Sgt. Crystal Ikegwuonu said of the five NCO’s them telling me what to do in the situation, pressed call: 730-4303. Ikegwuonu was unanimously voted to nominated, she and two others made it and if I didn’t know, I agreed with them,” the 2nd Infantry Division Sergeant Audie through the prescreening to make it to the Ikegwuonu said. USAG-RC Pass and Vehicle Murphy Board, which took place Dec.5 final board. Humor also played an important role Registration, DEERS ID Card New Office Location at the USAG-Casey Digital Conference “One of the most important things while in front of the board, Ikegwuonu Pass and Vehicle Registration, DEERS ID Center. to know is the Audie Murphy biography, said. Card office is relocating to building S-225 Ikegwuonu, a medic instructor who which is long but important to learn,” Laughing at certain situations making co-located with the USAG-RC Directorate vied for the honor along with four other said Ikegwuonu. “Also, you are asked a lot me feel more comfortable in front of the of Human Resources. The effective move Non commissioned Officers, said she was of leadership based questions and given board. in date is Jan. 28. nominated for the board by her supervisor, scenarios about what you would do in For her selection, Ikegwuonu received Master Sgt. Anthony Clark, who did an certain situations.” a medal, and the Audie Murphy coin and Army Community Services excellent job in mentoring her for the Ikegwuonu said those involved were certificate, but said a lot of Soldiers make the Volunteer Luncheon selection. allowed to take their NCO leaders book mistake of using the board for promotion The Army Community Service Volunteer Luncheon will be held in the USAG-Casey “Sgt. Clark had been before the board while in front of the board, but noted it points. Warrior’s Club April 23 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 himself years earlier, so he was able to give has to look like the book is used everyday “A lot of people go to get promoted, mess p.m. For more information, call: 730-3143. me some valuable insight,” Ikegwuonu and not being brought in just to impress up by saying, ‘I’m here to get promoted,’ said. the board. which is the wrong thing to do,” Ikegwuonu Reggie’s Camp Stanley Closing In order to be eligible for the board, “If at anytime you’re not confident or said Reggie’s at Camp Stanley will be closed named after the World War II veteran who sure or answering the question the way the Clark said in order to win the board, a Jan. 28. Free chili dogs will be offered in won the Medal Of Honor, NCOs must board wants, they will put pressure on you candidate has to win a unanimous share of Tommy’s lounge beginning 5 p.m. score 90 or above in each physical training to resolve it or simply move on to the next the votes from the board. test, qualify as an expert with their weapon, question,” Ikegwuonu said. “It can’t be 3-2 or 4-1, it has to be 5-0, or; Mitchell’s Club Closing Mitchell’s Club on USAG-RC willbe closed and also pass a preboard screening to be Ikegwuonu said for the most part she however, many people are being nominated,” Jan. 31 to the general public. Normal oper- considered for the board, Ikegwuonu said. managed to successfully answer most of the Clark said. “To Crystal’s credit she did just ating hours will resume Feb. 1. For more “The board is designed for NCO’s who board’s questions, but on occasion was stuck what she was supposed to do.” information call: 732-8189/8211. outshine other NCOs,” Ikegwuonu said. for an answer.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 AREA I USAG-RC • PAGE 7 http://imcom.korea.army.mil Warriors attend New Horizons Day By Spc. Alun Thomas for each other and be good ambassadors. the rise because of new personnel, USAG-RC Public Affairs “We have classes today to talk about new drivers and adverse conditions,” how to do that,” Jackson said. “It is our Downs said. “Leadership engagement RED CLOUD GARRISON – responsibility to be good guests during our is vital. They have to know what they Soldiers from Headquarters, Headquarters time spent here.” are doing, and that’s why we have this Company and Headquarters, Headquarters A video titled ‘This Is Korea’ explained training.” Detachments undertook New Horizons facts and details about the Republic of Jackson said the topics covered training Jan. 17 at the USAG-RC Theater. Korea, including history, geography and in New Horizons are ones Soldiers The training, which is held twice each customs. are already familiar with, but must year, is mandatory for all Soldiers of both A n o t h e r v i d e o , ‘ W h i t e Ti g e r s’ be reiterated to ensure a successful units with featured briefings on subjects documented the alliance between Korean 2008. including equal opportunity, cold weather and American Soldiers during the Korean “This is not the first time. We injuries, human trafficking and prostitution, War. have heard all these things before,” government travel cards, 2nd Infantry Sgt. Eun Ho Byun, senior Korean Jackson said. “But we must guard our Division history and ethics. Augmentation Troops to the United reputation. We, as Soldiers, cannot get “This training is designed to give those States Army, HHC, briefed those away with everything like the average stationed here a better understanding of our in attendance about the KATUSA Joe, so we must do the right thing.” host nation,” said Lt. Gen. David Valcourt, program following the videos, and Jackson said he hoped people Eighth Army commanding general, in a said the program is gradually being would take away something from the video message prepared for the training. reduced from 24 months to 18 months briefings which will aid them for the Valcourt said Soldiers in South Korea are time of service for each KATUSA. duration of their stay in Korea. at the front end of a noteworthy transition Sgt. Maj. Marshall Downs said the “I set the command climate inCol. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, garrison com- as South Korea prepares to take control of New Horizons training will help to get USAG-RC, and I want everybodymander, USAG-RC, briefs the Soldiers at- its own Army in the foreseen future. HHC and HHD to refocus and pay here today to look out for each other,”tending day 12 of New Horizons training, Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, garrison attention to things in 2008. Jackson said. “It is important we carryJan.17 at USAG-RC Theater. — U.S. Army commander, USAG-RC, said it is important “One of our main problems has ourselves with dignity and respect. ”Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas for those in Korea to be vigilant, watch out been TMP accidents, which are onCamp Stanley DFAC wins turkey day awardCol. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, garrison commander, USAG-RC presents Sgt. 1st Class. Courtlin Vinson, Dining Facility Noncomissioned Officer for USAG-Stanley, Jan 16, with the first place awardfor top Thanksgiving Day DFAC to USAG-Stanley’s main DFAC. — U.S. Army Photo By Spc. Alun Thomas and now they have a Command Sergeant of activities, so we are showing a lot of Saeed from page 5 Major; we are having regular town hall success.”Every day when Soldiers come to meetings; we have a new Community work they can see improvement, but thereMedical Center on a routine basis,” Saeed for each battalion,” Saeed said. “We have are things stand out to the Soldier when hesaid. “Regardless if they are command enough space and enough push by the “Every day when Soldiers come to needs support.sponsored or not. These developments and commands and cooperation with the work they can see “I think the barracks renovation isthe fact the new Pear Blossom Cottage battalions and the brigade commanders we the biggest morale booster so far,” Saeedwill be open soon are all morale raising will actually have a FRG in every battalion improvement...” said. “Because that affects them on a dailyimprovements.” at USAG-Casey.” basis. All the barracks being renovated are Not only the improvements to medical Saeed saw good changes at first sight Command Sergeant Major getting new furniture.”USAG-Casey wascare and a new Pear Blossom Cottage, but instead of a lot of problems when taking not originally outfitted to support all these Nidal Saeed, USAG-Casey Soldiers with families, but now with allmore improvements to living and working command.conditions at USAG-Casey result in higher “A lot of Soldiers feel that much is Activity Center manager, Sally Hall, she is these improvements and more to come, Imorale. changing for the best,” Saeed said. doing many new things at the center now, would say USAG-Casey is a great place to “There is one Family Readiness Group They see the new commander coming in and our calendar is filling with all kinds live and work.
    • AREA IIJANUARY 25, 2008 USAG-Y • PAGE 9 http://yongsan.korea.army.milChild care opens at inprocessing centerNew center for children of families attending newcomer orientationby Sgt. Kim Sang-wookUSAG-Yongsan Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON —Newcomer parents with children nowhave an in-house child-care option whileattending inprocessing training at theYongsan Readiness Center. A child care room opened Jan. 17 toprovide free care during the last two daysof the program, when spouses attend. The room makes the readiness center atrue “one-stop shop” for everything relatedto inprocessing, said Capt. William Yun,commander of the Yongsan ReadinessCenter. “If we provide them the mandatorytraining, then we should provide childcare, also,” he said. This also culminates a yearlong projectoriginally directed by Gen. B.B. Bell,U.S. Forces Korea commander, during acommunity visit to Yongsan in September2006, said Steven Carpenter, USAG-Yongsan Human Resources Director. “The commander’s intent was for usto make a user-friendly, spouse-centricprogram with on-site child care,” he said.“Since spouses have to attend the last twodays of the orientation, it only makes senseto offer child care in the same building.” Child care provider Maggie Maritch plays with 16-month-old Sam Frankel (center) and 3-year-old Jaylen Strong at the new child care room in the Yongsan Readi- ness Center. — U.S. Army Photo By Sgt. Kim Sang-wook Since August, the readiness center hasserved as the central inprocessing location Child Development Center. Now, two about $63,000 in renovations, furniture the corner.for Soldiers, civilian employees and their child care providers from the CDC and and supplies. Staffing the room will cost “I really feel good about it,” she said.spouses. The weeklong newcomer program School-Age Services come to the readiness about $60,000 a year out of Morale, “I also think it is good to have enoughalso gives an in-depth orientation to center to look after children and provide Welfare and Recreation funds. providers for the amount of kids theyKorea, the people and their culture. activities, snacks and other services. For Shay Frankel, mother of 16-month- have so the kids can get enough attention Before the child care room opened, The room, which can take up to 13 old Sam, the new room gave her piece of they need.”children were cared for at the Yongsan children 6 weeks up to fifth grade, cost mind knowing her son was just aroundYongsan community commemorates King legacy by Pvt. Lee Min-hwi Gathered from various civil, not only to remember the life of Martin USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs governmental and military organizations, Luther King and how he gave his life for they marched from Collier Field House to better life, but also to realize that we still YONGSAN GARRISON — More South Post Chapel to begin the candlelight have to improve the lives of those who than 300 hundred Yongsan community vigil ceremony. suffer injustice and discrimination in the members gathered Jan. 20 at South Post At the chapel, participants gave various world,” explained Michelle Y. Outlaw, Chapel to celebrate and honor the birth of performances and presented poems to the U.S. Embassy-Seoul vice counsel, one Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on commemorate the MLK’s life. of the coordinators. “I believe we must civil rights in the United States. “We do this candlelight vigil ceremony continue this event to remember that there are still many (obstacles) to overcome for people’s rights.” The Seoul American High School choir sang the U.S. and Korean national anthems, and the Seoul American Elementary School choir sang “Go Down Moses” and “The Dream of Martin Luther King.” Aris Wilkins, an 11th-grader at Seoul American High, read the most famous speech of Martin Luther King, “I Have a Dream.” “I believe this candlelight vigil event is important in that it keeps our movement forward and to remember the teaching of Martin Luther King Jr. that we must love one another regardless of people’s differences,” said Maj. Cheryl Womack, chief of the 8th U.S. Army munitions division. Capt. Carmen Elston, 8th Army engineers, added, “I think the biggest influence of Martin Luther King Jr. is that he taught people what counts the most is(Top) Col. Dave Hall, USAG-Yongsan commander, lights a candle before the MLK Day ceremony at the South Post Chapel. (Above) Hundreds of Yongsan com-munity members march from Collier Field House to the chapel Jan. 20 to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. — U.S. Army Photos By Pvt. Lee Min-hwi hope, love and fellowship with everyone.”
    • USAG-Y • PAGE 10http://yongsan.korea.army.mil AREA II THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Yongsan tax center offers IRS-certified returns Domestic Violence Symposium by Cpl. Im Jin-min The Army Community Services Family USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Advocacy Program invites the community to attend a domestic violence symposium YONGSAN GARRISON — Yongsan 7:30 a.m.-noon Feb. 7 at the Multi-Pur- Tax Center staffers finished two weeks of pose Training Facility. The symposium will tax training Jan. 17 in preparation for the increase awareness of domestic abuse, its center’s opening Feb. 1. causes and prevention. For information, call 738-5151. “We had a week of training on tax law and another week of training from IRS AFCEA Luncheon instructors to learn how to take all those The Seoul Chapter of the Armed Forces theories and apply them to the real thing,” Communications and Electronics Asso- said Capt. Hans Zeller, the tax center’s ciation is sponsoring a luncheon 11:30 officer in charge. “The Soldiers have attained a.m. Wednesday Jan. 30 at the Dragon the information and skills with great interest Hill Lodge Mezzanine Bridge. The buffet and alarming speed.” is $15 and includes a drink and gratuity. Thirteen Soldiers and five volunteers will The luncheon is open to current, poten- tial, and non-members. Send RSVP to prepare no-cost tax returns for the Yongsan afcea@korea.army.mil. For information, community. Last week, they finished an call 010-2382-1655. intensive Internal Revenue Service training program. U.S. Army Nurse Corps Ceremony “This training means that community The 18th Medical Command will hold a members will go through friendly faces ceremony to commemorate the 107th An- to have their tax returns done – for free niversary of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps – from a person who has been trained and 2-4 p.m. Feb. 1 at 121st Combat Support certified,” said Tom Cavagnero, a senior tax Hospital. For information, call 737-7428. specialist from IRS center in Los Angeles Prevent Freezing Pipes who conducted the training. During the winter months, Public Works He said the return involves an elaborate officials recommend keeping unoccupied process on the tax preparer’s part of gathering Pfc. Christopher Sun, a Yongsan Tax Center staff member, reviews tax forms during last week’s Internal rooms heated at a minimum of 60 degrees information, processing it and revising it. Revenue Service training program for tax preparers. — U.S. Army Photo By Cpl. Im Jin-min Fahrenheit to maintain indoor heat. In addi- “The tax preparers then utilize the software information customers provide. tion, allow water to slightly drip from kitchen and bathroom faucets to keep constant to provide checks and balances and check “I think the best way a customer can Tax center opens Feb. 1 calculations,” he explained. “If a return gets prepare for doing their taxes is to bring all water flow. This will help prevent pipes from rejected for any reason, it can certainly be the documents such as the W-2 and 1099 The Yongsan Tax Center begins freezing. For information, call 724-6693. reworked.” forms,” said Pfc. Christopher Sun, a tax operations Feb. 1 at the Moyer ‘Faithlift’ Registration Ongoing As part of the certification training, center staff member. “It will be quicker and Community Activities Center, Room Registration is ongoing for Faithlift 2008, Cavagnero provided lectures, examples of more efficient.” 113. an interdenominational Christian women’s tax laws and practice scenarios using the Sgt. Michael Martinez said his main goal The tax center will operate the weekend March 7-8 at Yongsan Garrison. IRS tax program software. as a tax preparer is to help the customer get following hours: The event, organized by the Protestant In 2007, the Yongsan Tax Center the full benefit of tax laws while receiving Women of the Chapel, is limited to 300 • 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Mondays, generated more than 3,100 federal and as much a return as possible. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays participants. Send an e-mail to yongsan. state income tax returns with more than “I was skeptical at first, but after the • 1-6 p.m. Thursdays faithlift@gmail.com to register or visit the $4.2 million refunded. training I feel more confident and hope to • 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturdays. PWOC Web site at www.yongsanpwoc.org. Cavagnero said his top concern is to keep provide the best service for our customers,” For information, call 723-8940. Army Family Team Building tax forms error-free, but that depends on the Martinez said. A three-day Army Family Team Building Lev- el II seminar is scheduled 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Feb. 13-15 at the Community Services Building Clubs, Dragon Hill Lodge set for Super Bowl festivities To RSVP and for information, call 738-3617. USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs • St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders perform Main Post Club Saturday Dental Appointments at half-time. • Doors open at 5 a.m. for the first 40 The 618th Theater Dental Command will Yongsan will offer no shortage of events • 50 percent off breakfast and bottomless people in line, who will be eligible to win a provide Saturday appointments 8 a.m. to to cheer on your favorite Super Bowl team refills on the club’s homemade root beer. round-trip ticket to the United States. 1 p.m. at USAG-Yongsan Dental Clinic #2 during early morning parties Feb. 4. For information, call 725-7731 or visit • Doors open to public at 6 a.m. beginning Jan. 26. This appointment-only Kick off is 8 a.m., but doors open much http://navyclub.cnic.navy.mil • St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders will service is available to Servicemembers E-7 earlier. Each event features prize give-aways perform at 7 a.m. followed by an autograph and above and their eligible family members. and raffles throughout the game. The Main Dragon Hill Lodge and photo session. For information, call 736-4779/7096. Post Club is giving away a 56-inch, high- • Doors open at 7 a.m. • Free admission and breakfast. definition television. • Watch the game in Bentley’s Pub, For information, call 738-5254. USO Highlights Following are highlights: Whispers Lounge, or on one of three screens  USO 67th Birthday Celebration: The in the Naija Ballroom. K-16 Landing Zone Club USO’s 67th birthday celebration is 11 a.m. Navy Club • Admission and breakfast are free. • Doors open at 6 a.m., and admission to 1 p.m. Feb. 1. Enjoy free cake and ice cream for all participants and $1 canteen • Doors open at 6 a.m. For information, call 738-2222, Ext. and breakfast are free. special for all active-duty Servicemembers. • NFL gear give-aways every quarter. 6445 or visit www.dragonhilllodge.com. For information, call 741-6473. Win great raffle prizes.  Virtues Volunteers Needed: The Virtues Safety official: good tires, safety kit key to winter driving prep English Program allows active-duty Service- by Russell Obey solution? Get winter tires. Winter tires dig park in an attached or heated garage, you will members to volunteer two Saturdays per USAG-Yongsan Safety Officer into loose snow and compress it into their “lose” pressure when you leave its warmth. month teaching English. Being a volunteer for Virtues English classes also helps satisfy large tread grooves (like packing a snowball), Check your tire treads and sidewalls. Look YONGSAN GARRISON — Are you resulting in snow-to-snow traction. for thin or uneven tread wear. Take a Lincoln- your Good Neighbor Program requirement. For information, call Ahn Mi-Hwa. ready for winter? Get your car ready, too. head penny and insert it Lincoln-head first  Pick up the USO monthly calendars at Here’s what you need to know for tire Check your tire pressure into your tire tread at the most worn part of the Main Exchange, Commissary, Dragon maintenance and a look under the hood. Tip: For every 10-degree Fahrenheit the tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, Hill Lodge, and Town House. The calendar Prepare a winter safety kit, and remind your change in temperature, your tire’s inflation you may need new tires. Cut or damaged is available on-line at the USO Web site at family and friends of winter driving tips. will change about one pound per square inch sidewalls are also weak areas that can collapse www.uso.org/korea. (psi) (up with higher temperatures and down under severe conditions. For information on USO programs, call 724- Tire Maintenance with lower). 7003. Rain, snow and ice reduce tire traction Tip: Check your tire pressure in the and compromise your control. What’s the morning before you drive a few miles. If you — See Winter Driving, Page 12 —
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 AREA II USAG-Y • PAGE 11 http://yongsan.korea.army.milCOMMUNITY PROFILE • FRED MOOREHousing manager: ‘We have the most important job’ by Kenneth Fidler USAG-Yongsan Public AffairsFred Moore isn’t so sure anyone would be jealous of his job. As deputy chief of the U.S.Army Garrison-Yongsan housing office, he’s got quite a plate full. He looks after the $30million operation and maintenance program for family housing and unaccompaniedpersonnel housing and $52 million in furniture. The office manages more than 1,000houses on post and more than 3,000 off-post leases. He recently was named the tophousing officer of the year for 2006 and was awarded the Installation ManagementCommand’s 2006 Housing Executive of the Year Award. His nomination states he’s alwayslooking for ways to improve life for customers. He says the award was a team effort,though, of the 70 people who work in housing. “This job ... we are never bored,” he said.“There is something different every day. We have the most important job. Everyone hasto come and see us. We pretty much manage the keys to their homes. If we don’t do ourjobs, then we fail them because those folks can’t concentrate on their mission.”The award was for 2006. That must have For all government housing, we normallybeen a good year. spend close to $3 million a year in renovations. A lot of good things happened. One We put in new roofs, new doors, newof the biggest programs was the furnished windows, and new kitchen cabinets. Mostapartment program. Housing has always had of these homes are over 50 years old. We Kenneth Fidlera big deficit in furniture for unaccompanied spend a lot of money trying to keep them go golfing during a trip to Camp Zama. I FRED G. MOOREpersonnel. We could never give them good, renovated. We used to lose a lot of houses didn’t think I’d ever find myself chasing a little Position: Deputy director of housing sincequality furniture. We met with realtors and over the wintertime because of pipes freezing, ball around a golf course. I got hooked since 2003landlords and asked them to consider offering so we started replacing roofs, pipes and other that day 17 years ago. Right before I retired I Career: 24 years on active duty in the Airus furnished homes. Originally it was for E-6 structural things. got down to a 7-handicap and applied to the Force, retired in 1999. Overseas assign-and below, but now it’s for anyone up to 0-6. San Diego Golf Academy because I wanted ments include Spain, Belgium and Japan.So, if you go off post and you’re single, you’ll What is out at Hannam Village? to become a teaching pro. I was accepted, but While in the Air Force, worked in admin-go into a furnished apartment. We’re saving Hannam used to have over 700 homes at the same time, my son joined the military. istration, postal operations, cryptographic maintenance, medical logistics, andabout $1 million annually in furnishings with but three high-rises are empty because they’ve That school was a year and a half long and housing. As civilian employee, managed athat. The customer gets an apartment list of had a lot of maintenance problems. Right you have to be financially independent. But I mobile home park in Colorado. Managedwhat’s available and gets to pick and choose. now we have close to 300 in one high-rise needed to help my son and son and his family. base housing for U.S. Coast Guard Base and one low-rise. The low-rise apartments So, maybe after I finish my second career, I’ll Rio Bayamon in San Juan, Puerto Rico,Explain the leased housing on post. were renovated in 2002. We combined two try that again. before moving to Yongsan. He’ll move this We have three leased areas – Black Hawk apartments to make them larger. Part of the summer to Fort Sill, OK, to manage theVillage, Eagle Grove and Itaewon Acres. expansion there gave us the idea of expanding Your son follow dad’s footsteps? installation’s Residential Community Initia-That’s about 300 housing units. A Korean here in the post, and last year we converted My son has been in the Air Force 10 years tive-Privatized Housing Project.contractor handles all the leased housing on some into 5-bedroom apartments for larger now. My dad’s retired Air Force, and I’mpost. In 2005, we helped them establish an families. Hannam has been challenging. retired Air Force; so, three generations of we’ve seen a lot of great changes over five years.office on post, giving customers direct contact Two main issues: one is the size of the military. My son is currently at Vandenberg It’s always gotten a little bit better. One of thewith the residents. We’ve been renovating a lot apartments. They are small. The other is a lot Air Force Base, Calif. He’s an electrician with challenges is Yongsan has been on the (baseof the leased housing since 2001. It’s grown of maintenance issues. It got to a point where a Red Horse unit, the engineers that deploy all closure) list a few times in the past. Whento almost gutting out an entire apartment. we had to move people out. the time. He’s been deployed five times. a base shows up on the list, it usually losesJust having that office on post has helped out money and that has impacted the structures.tremendously. What do you do to stay active? Are you leaving here with fond memories We’ve been able to work together to keep I love sports, play golf and work out at the after five years? things together, still provide a service toWhat about the other housing areas? Point. I’ve always been a big bowler. When I I don’t know how to put or explain it the customers and take care of service members, We have 240 government-owned houses. was stationed in Japan, a friend asked me to best. We’ve been involved in so much, and civilians and families the best we can. “Around Yongsan” is a place to publish your photos of commu- ganization; describe the action; name and date of event; name of AROUND YONGSAN nity events. Send high-quality digital photos to yongsan@korea. photographer; and a contact name and phone number. Photos will army.mil. Include the following information with each photo: iden- be published based on quality and space availability and may be TAKE YOUR PIC tify people in the photo with first name, last name, rank, and or- posted to the Garrison web site at http://yongsan.korea.army.mil. YONGSAN DOWNS HOVEY 69-63: A Camp Hovey player (right) tries to get around Yongsan defense during post-on-post game play Jan. 12 at Collier Field House. Yongsan beat Camp Hovey 69-63 and held its 12-0 undefeated record. Yongsan takes on Wonju 1 p.m. Jan. 26 at Collier. — U.S. Army Photo By Pvt. Lee Min-hwi DODGE BALL FRAY: Average Joes team players try to throw out opponents during a 5-on-5 dodge ball tournament at the Trent Gymnasium Jan. 12. Yongsan’s Better Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers organzied the activity. Twenty players participated, and team Top Secret won a $25 gift certificate. The nest BOSS event is a gamer night 1-8 p.m. Jan. 26 at the Moyer Community Activities Center. Call BOSS at 738-5466 for details.— U.S. Army Photo By Sgt. Kim Sang-wook
    • USAG-Y • PAGE 12http://yongsan.korea.army.mil AREA II THE MORNING CALM PAID ADVERTISINGWinter driving safetyW e recently experienced our first mil/home) lists tires as the top item to snows of the season. Though check. Make sure they have enough tread we had a few minor vehicle left for traction. Better yet, if you don’taccidents, no one was hurt and damage have snow tires, consider getting some towas minimal. But it serves to remind us of improve traction.practicing safe winter driving habits while Even when driving with eyes peeled tonavigating slick streets. the road, both hands on the wheel and Driving in Korea can be a difficult going slower then normal, one mightchallenge, and winter conditions make it still fail to recognize one of the deadliestall that much tougher. Now is the time to dangers of all winter driving -- black ice.slow down and be extra cautious behind Black ice is clear water that has frozen onthe wheel. It’s also imperative that your dark roads. It usually forms below, and invehicle is in top condition. Recently in the areas that are surrounded by trees. If driversUnited States, police in a Midwestern town aren’t aware of overpasses, on bridges blackfound that one-fourth of all cars stopped ice, their vehicle could hit a patch, causinghad condition defects such as worn tires them to lose control.or broken headlights. These problems, Because black ice is almost invisible,while perhaps minor by themselves, can it is difficult for drivers to recognizelead to serious accidents in dangerous these conditions and take precautionaryconditions. measures. Pavements that look dry, but Vehicle maintenance is absolutely appear darker in color and clear or shiny,essential. Drivers who don’t carry out should alert you to the possible presenceregular checks are at much greater risk of of black ice.being involved in a collision. Pay particular For all of us, drive at slower speeds,attention to tires, lights, brakes, steering anticipate stops at traffic lights andand fluid levels. intersections, and apply brakes sooner than The POV inspection checklist in the normal will help prevent loss of controlArmy’s POV Toolbox (https://crc.army. and accidents. Winter Driving Continued from Page 10Under the Hood a first aid kit, booster cables, safety flares, a It takes a lot more power to start your car small shovel, and a jug of water and funnelwhen it is cold outside. Check the battery for for radiator refills.clean and tight connections and proper fluid • Tools and “fix-it” supplies such as alevels. Clean corrosion (a whitish powder) screwdriver, pliers, rubber hammer, wrench,from battery terminals. a can of penetrating oil, an old scarf and belt Your coolant system keeps your car warm. for emergency hose repairs, and a small throwCheck the level, acidity and concentration of rug and old shower curtain (for kneeling nextradiator fluids at least every 3,000 miles. to your car or getting under it). Tip: A mixture of 50% anti-freeze and PAID ADVERTISING50% water will protect down to -40 degrees Winter Driving TipsFahrenheit. No matter how safe your car is, winter driving requires extra attention. Brake gently,Inspect and replace accelerate gently and steer gently. Remember Inspect air filter, rubber hoses and drive these tips, too:belts and replace as necessary. Also check fluid • As every driver’s education teacherlevels for transmission, brake, differential, repeats, steer into a skid.power steering and window washer. • If you get stuck in the snow, throw sand, old newspapers or dirt in front of and behindWinter Safety Kit the drive wheels. Prepare a winter safety kit to keep in your • In snowy conditions, drive in lowercar at all times. Be sure to include: gears. Avoid using your overdrive feature. • Winter necessities such as an ice scraper; • Always keep your gas tank half full.tire chains; extra washer fluid; boots and • Slow down when conditions change.gloves; and sand or old newspapers for • Remember to drive to arrive!traction. • Expect Delays. Traffic will move much • Emergency supplies like extra clothing slower. Check the road conditions and departand blankets, flashlight with spare batteries, for your destination earlier.energy bars or dried snacks, drinking water, Call DSN 738-7623 or Commercial 0505-a battery-powered radio with spare batteries, 738-7623 for road conditions updates.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 NEWS IMCOM-K • PAGE 13 http://imcom.korea.army.mil Message... Postal news you can use Do not use a foreign location in your address, i.e., Seoul, Korea. If you do, the mail will be routed through the international mail system and will be delayed.  Remember it is your responsibility to in-process/out-process your unit mail room. If you do not, your mail will be delayed and could be returned to sender. U.S. Forces Korea J6 to host conference USFK J6 will host its annual Information Assurance Conference May 6-8 at the Osan Air Force Base Officers Club in Osan AB, Korea. J/G6’s, DoD IA personnel, and other key IA personnel associated with information assurance and information systems in the USFK area of responsibility are cordially invited to attend. This year’s theme is “Strengthening Information Assurance Agility for the Joint War fighter”. We encourage attendees to suggest new topics that you would like to see presented and the desired presenter.
    • IMCOM-K • PAGE 14 http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALMPersonal credit repair is within reachby Capt. Stacey A. Huss Ginsberg payments. If you keep a balance on your credit card, make sure this balance is low, and2ID Client Legal Services always make at least the minimum monthly payment. Call your creditors to ask about setting up a payment plan within your budget. This may or may not be successful, but If you are having trouble getting a loan, raising the spending limit on your credit card, it never hurts to try.or even being approved for a credit card, you may need to improve your credit. Another way to improve your credit is to stop applying for new credit cards. Several The first step is to obtain your credit report from one or all of the three nationwide open applications for credit can show you to be a risky borrower, and can lower your creditcredit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. You are entitled to one free score. Too many credit cards also tend to encourage spending outside your financial means,credit report per year from each agency, and can order it through www.annualcreditreport. often leading to more late or missed payments, and further negative credit scores.com, or directly through the credit agencies’ websites. Credit repair agencies are also an option for some people. If you choose this route, If you find any errors or inaccuracies, file a written notice with the credit reporting however, be careful. Make sure the agency you choose is legitimate. They should bebureau. They will investigate the issue and provide you written results. If the results do complying with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 1679 (2000). Theynot change as a result of the investigation, you can include a written statement of dispute should provide you with a mandatory disclosure statement that spells out your rights asin your file and all future credit reports. a consumer. Next, pay all your bills on time. This is one of the most important factors in a good If you are having trouble with your finances, the Army has several resources availablecredit score. Late or missed payments can have a very negative impact on your credit score. to assist you. Army Community Services offers a variety of financial counseling services,It is best to pay bills the day they arrive in the mail, or set up an online, automatic bill-pay including Personal Financial Management Training. As well, Military OneSource providessystem to ensure your payments are never late. financial information on budgeting, managing credit, investing, and a variety of other Third, pay off any outstanding debts. If you cannot afford to pay the entire amount at useful topics.one time, pay the debt down as much as you can, and continue to make at least monthly Improving your credit is within your control – start today!Bankruptcy: Learn the median income in your state, and you but does not hold a lien on any property to secure the payment of that credit. The discharge. While a discharge or reduction of debt may sound attractive to many, filing can afford to pay $100 per month towardthe facts before filing paying off your debt, you cannot file under duties of the trustee include: collecting for bankruptcy does not come without Chapter 7 and must proceed under Chapter property of the estate, invalidating certain consequences. Filing for bankruptcy is notby Capt. Hans Zeller 13. Whether you can afford to pay $100 per transfers which you may have made prior to free as there are court costs.Client Legal Services month (or $6,000 over a five-year period) declaring bankruptcy, objecting to a claim Further, because doing so is a complicated depends on a formula that includes your of exemption, objecting to discharge of the matter, hiring an attorney is often required. In April 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse monthly income, your expenses, and the debt, liquidating any nonexempt property Bankruptcy information will stay on yourPrevention and Consumer Protection Act total amount of your debt. and distributing it to creditors with valid credit report for at least 10 years. Duringof 2005 became law. The Act represented Chapter 13 in turn is not available to claims, and making a final accounting to that time, creditors will likely deny youa major reform of the bankruptcy system. you if you have over $250,000 of liquidated, the court. credit for buying a house, starting a businessOne intent of the new law was to reduce the unsecured debts or over $750,000 of The principal end goal of most or any other major investment. Negativenumber of persons filing for bankruptcy, in liquidated, secured debts. bankruptcies is the discharge, which frees information on your credit report willparticular Chapter 7 filings. As a result, it is Regardless of whether your wish to file you from personal liability on almost all also likely prevent you from obtaining lownow more difficult for some individuals to under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you will debts. The discharge from debt gives you interest credit cards or taking out smallerfile for bankruptcy. have to attend mandatory credit counseling the fresh start that bankruptcy intends to loans for items such as cars, jewelry, travel To file under Chapter 7, you must meet in a government-approved program. You provide. In Chapter 7 cases, discharge orders or furniture.certain eligibility requirements under a must also show proof of your income by can be entered in as little as sixty days after Bankruptcy is a very technical and“means test.” Under the “means test,” if your providing federal tax returns from the last the first meeting of the creditors, assuming complicated area that deserves thoroughcurrent monthly income is less than the tax year. In every case under Chapter 7 and that no objection to discharge has been filed consideration. This article is for generalmedian income in your state, you can file Chapter 13, the court appoints a trustee. by that time. In a Chapter 13 case, the court informational purposes only. For furtherfor bankruptcy under Chapter 7. However, The trustee’s role is to represent the interest grants a discharge after the debtor completes questions about bankruptcy or other legalif your current monthly income is above of the unsecured creditors. An unsecured payments under a confirmed plan or upon issues, contact the Yongsan Legal Assistance creditor is a creditor who has extended credit application by the debtor for a hardship Office at 738-8111 to make an appointment to talk with an attorney. January 25-31 Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Casey This Christmas August Rush This Christmas First Sunday August Rush Hitman August Rush 730-7354 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. Henry Water Horse Water Horse Water Horse Beowulf No Show No Show No Show 768-7724 (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Humphreys Bucket List Bucket List Bucket List Gone Baby Gone Gone Baby Gone Hitman Hitman 753-7716 (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. Hovey Enchanted Bucket List Why Did I Get Married Beowulf Bucket List Enchanted Beowulf 730-5412 (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Kunsan National Treasure Water Horse Hitman No Show No Show No Show Hitman 782-4987 (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. Osan Meet the Spartans Hitman Hitman Hitman Hitman Hitman This Christmas 784-4930 (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Red Cloud This Christmas This Christmas Beowulf This Christmas August Rush No Show Cloverfield 732-6620 (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (UNK) 7 p.m. Stanley Rendition Beowulf Enchanted Beowulf No Show First Sunday Enchanted 732-5565 (R) 8 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. Meet the Spartans Meet the Spartans Meet the Spartans Hitman Hitman Hitman This Christmas Yongsan I (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Surf’s Up Surf’s Up August Rush Lions for Lambs Lions for Lambs Lions for Lambs Mr. Woodcock Yongsan II (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. Yongsan III The Comeback The Comeback August Rush August Rush Beowulf Beowulf Martian Child 738-7389 (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m.
    • IMCOM-K • PAGE 16http://imcom.korea.army.mil FEATURE THE MORNING CALM Looking for something new to do? Seoul Medicine Market has the cure More than a thousand shops line the streets of the are items on display here. Many of the merchantsSeoul Medicine Market. Whether stationed in Seoul or grow these products themselves. The rich smells ofjust passing through, this market can give U.S. Forces raw medicinal products are one of the benefits of vis-Korea members an indepth look at this country’s trad- iting this market. Ginseng is the most popular itemtional culture. on the list here. It is a local root herb believed to Asian medicines, roots, herbs, spices, and ginseng promote good health.(Clockwise from top) A woman sells dried beans in every hue at her shop in the Seoul Medicine Market; A vendor chopsfresh mushrooms for his customers; There’s no shortage of sweet treats in this local candy shop; Visitors to the marketcan eat affordably on the run at one of the many “street food” vendors. — U.S. Army Photos By Edward Johnson
    • IMCOM-K • PAGE 18http://imcom.korea.army.mil MWR THE MORNING CALMSt. Louis Rams Cheerleaders dance through KoreaSpecial to The Morning Calm Weekly The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders visit is brought to you by Armed Forces Entertainment and MWR. All performances are open to The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders will visit troops stationed in the military community and free of charge. For more information,Korea Jan. 30 through Feb. 4. The cheerleaders will perform 4 major please contact your local MWR Entertainment Office or DSNshows as well as complete handshake tours at remote locations. 723-3749. The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders are comprised of thirty-fiveintelligent, talented and beautiful young women from diversified Schedule for performances in Korea:backgrounds. In addition to the numerous full-time college studentson the squad, some are in professional fields such as nursing and Wednesday, Jan. 30elementary education. USAG-Casey, Carey Fitness Center 7 p.m. Although they are mostly recognized for their entertaining Thursday, Jan. 31performances on the sidelines, the majority of the Rams Cheerleaders’ Camp Humphreys, CAC 7 p.m.time is spent giving back to the community. This past year, theCheerleaders completed more than 600 appearances in the bi-state Friday, Feb. 1region; donating over 750 hours to charity. Although each member Yongsan Garrison, SAHS 7 p.m.of the squad is required to complete 12 charity visits during theyear, the ladies have proven their commitment by going above and Saturday, Feb. 2beyond that number year after year. Camp Carroll, Gym 6 p.m. The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders not only enjoy giving back to the St. Louis Community, Monday, Feb. 4 s!but have traveled nationally and internationally, as well. Rams Cheerleaders have Super Bowl Parties Varioustraveled to Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Japan, Korea and Mexico er LocationsCity; entertained at Military Bases in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Texas andWashington; and have set sail with a cruise line in the Caribbean. he The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders have worked hard to establish a positive andprofessional relationship with St. Louis and the surrounding communities. They are Ccommitted to building and developing this bond by reaching out eeto as many people as possible and always lending hra hand whenever it is needed. T Cardinals Cheerleaders fly into Republic of Korea MWR Events 2008 Eighth Army Women’s Basketball Championships Special to The Morning Calm Weekly Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Greenland, Mexico and Come watch women from throughout the peninsula Canada. compete for title of best of the best in Korea. The event will The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders visit is Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders will bring a brought to you by Armed Forces Entertainment take place through Jan. 26 at the Camp Casey Carey Fitness morale boost to the military stationed in Korea. and MWR. All performances are open to the Center. For more information, contact your local sports office or DSN 725-5064. The team will perform three major shows as well as military community and & free of charge. For complete handshake tours at remote locations. more information, please contact your local MWR BOSS Winter Games The Arizona Cardinals Show Team consists of Entertainment Office or DSN 723-3749. Register now to join the ski and snowboarding current members of the Cheerleading squad that fun at the BOSS Winter Games Feb 17-19 at Oak perform for many events throughout the world. Valley Resort. The bargain price of $99 includes The fun-filled program is guaranteed to bring lodging, 1 night and 1 day lift tickets, rentals, and excitement and energy. The show includes an tickets to the awards banquet and dinner. Bus array of dances and games that allow for audience transportation will be arranged from each CAC at participation. The amazing choreography ranges an additional cost. Full payment is required at the time of registration. Visit your local MWR CAC for from the Beach Boys and limbo contests to Elvis more information and to register. impersonations, fire dancing, and the latest in hip hop music. The Cardinals Show Team has traveled the Travel Specials globe performing for military bases in Egypt, The Commercial Travel Office, US Airline Alliance, is offering travel deals for military ID card holders. A 7-day tour of Phuket includes a 4-day open water diving course, Schedule for performances in Korea: equipment rental, 5-star hotel accommodations, and hotel transfers. Group tours are offered to Hanoi & Halong Bay, Thusday, Jan. 31 USAG-Casey Cambodia & Siem Reap, Bangkok & Pattaya, and Beijing. Carey Fitness Center 7 p.m. Also available are packages to Guam and Jeju. Be sure to book now for travel over President’s Weekend, Easter, or Friday, Feb. 1 Kunsan Air Base, Gym 7:30 p.m. Spring Break holidays. Visit their site at www.usatraveloffice. com <http://www.usatraveloffice.com/> for more information Saturday, Feb. 2 Osan Air Base, and for a full itinerary. Theater 3 p.m.
    • January 25, 2008 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 21 http://imcom.korea.army.mil Humphreys opens multi-million dollar CDC USAG Humphreys commander Col. John E. Dumoulin, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District commander Col. Clarence Turner, community members, friends and contrac- tors officially opened the Bang Jeong Hwan Child Development Center Wednesday. Named after the founder of Korean Children’s Day holiday, the center has a 303-child capacity and features media, music and play areas, rooms for small and large group activities, sheltered outdoor activity space, a play ground, fire protection, alarm and security systems. The CDC cost approximately $8 million to build.— U.S. Army Photos By Bob McElroy2007 tax season gets going with area center openingby Bob McElroy and the effect of theUSAG-H Public Affairs new Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) USAG HUMPHREYS — The income guidelines.”tax filing season officially began here The officer in chargeWednesday with the opening of the U.S. of the Tax Center,Army Garrison Humphreys Tax Center. Capt. Jason Moy, is In his brief remarks before the ribbon a graduate of the U.S.cutting, Humphreys Garrison Commander Army Judge AdvocateCol. John E. Dumoulin Jr. praised the G e n e r a l S c h o o l ’sTax Center staff for the valuable assistance Federal Income Taxit provides Soldiers, Family Members, course and the VITACivilians and Retirees. course. The USAG Tax Center is a full-service tax Moy noted thatcenter that is able to electronically file both last year more thanfederal and state income taxes free of charge 1,500 people usedfor all Soldiers and Family Members. the Humphreys Tax The tax center prepares Internal Revenue Center and savedService Form 1040’s, and 1040EZ’s and more than $110,000most state tax forms and can e-file most of in preparation fees.them. The center cannot process tax returns The total amount offor individuals who carry on an outside refunds the tax centerbusiness unless it is day care for military processed in 2007 wasdependents. $1,966,299 he added. Staffed by one attorney, eight Special Those interested inDuty soldiers and five volunteers, the center using the Tax Centeris open to Soldiers and Family Members, should bring their W-Department of the Army and Department 2 forms, any 1099’s,of Defense Civilians and Retirees. 1098’s, or any other All of the Soldiers and volunteer tax tax documents, their USAG Humphreys commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. (left) shared a laugh with Pvt. Eric Best, (center) a medicadvisors are graduates of the U.S. Internal own as well as Family assigned to 1st Battalion 7th Air Defense Artillery and Capt. Jason Moy, (right) Tax Center officer in charge, before theyRevenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Me m b e r’s So c i a l cut the ribbon and officially opened the Humphreys Tax Center. — U.S. Army Photo By Bob McElroyAssistance course. Security cards, last According to the Internal Revenue year’s tax return, anyService website (www.irs.gov) military divorce or separation agreement paperwork, Attorney if married and filing jointly but General Power of Attorney from a JAG officegraduates of the VITA course “are trained child care provider’s identification number geographically separated. contains this information. One can also getand equipped to address military specific (if applicable), routing and account numbers The Power of Attorney needs to give a special power of attorney or use the IRStax issues, such as combat zone tax benefits (e.g. a blank check), and a Power of specific authorization for filing taxes. A power of attorney form.
    • USAG-H • PAGE 22www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA III THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Army Nurse Corps seeks Soldiers looking for change Are you interested in becoming a health care provider? Do you know of any Sol- diers who are interested in continuing their education? Do you want a free education while receiving full pay and benefits? Now there is a program in place for you or one of your Soldiers to take advantage of. The In- terservice Physician Assisant Program, the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program, the Funded Nurse Education Program and other AMEDD training opportunities are open to officers, warrant offices and enlist- ed Soldiers. Briefings will be conducted at different times throughout December. For more information contact 1st Lt. Warrentina Berry at 011-9972-9268. Virtues Volunteers Needed at USO Korea The Virtues English Program allows ac- tive-duty Servicemembers to volunteer two National Geographic Bee contestants: Back Row: Alexis Price, Ashley Burton, Sydney Salter, Andy Horton, Kiwan Boyd, and Leslie Riddle. Front Saturdays per month (second and fourth- Saturday). Being a volunteer for the Virtues Row: Robert Sherrod, Thomas Bain, Anthony Tubon, Alexander Brink, and Hanna Santucci. Not pictured: Eric Campos.— Photos By Diane English classes will help to satisfy your Hobler. HAES students compete for scholarship Good Neighbor Program requirement. For more information, call Mi-Hwa and Minna at 724-7781. The Morning Calm by Kay Roll The Feb. 8 edition of The Morning Calm will not be published because of Lunar New USAG-HAES Teacher Year. The following week, Feb. 15 editon, will be published for the community. USAG HUMPRHREYS — Thousands of schools around the United States and five USAG-H New CDC Opens U.S. territories participated in a georgraphic The USAG Humphreys Child Develpement bee sponsored by the National Geographic Center will offically open Jan 23 with a rib- Society with one participate from United bon cutting ceremony starting at 11 a.m. States Army Garrison Humphreys winning the school-level competition Jan. 14. Humphreys Child Developement Center Thomas Bain, a sixth grader at HAES, Child and Youth Services, Child Develop- will now have the chance to compete for ment Center is currently looking for Pro- a $25 thousand college scholarship for his gram Assistants to fill full-time, part-time, efforts. and flex’s positions, which are willing to There were ten HEAS students total that support the CYS program hours, 5:15 a.m. made it to the preliminary round of the - 6 p.m. Salary ranges from $10 - $13.12 competition. Students from the school were per hour based on education level (Child given oral examinations in order to show- Development Associates, completion of the case their knowledge about geography. Army Youth Practicum, possession of AA degree or higher with major emphasis on The competition which began in Early Childhood Education. Visit the web- November is the 20th annual bee held by site at http://cpol.army.mil for the job. National Geographic. The next step for Thomas and other St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders school winner’s will be a written test. National Geographic Bee winner Thomas Bain is presented with a certificate by bee sponsor, The cheerleading team brings the sideline After which, up to 100 top scores in Kay Roll, Humphreys Amercian Elementary School gifted education resource teacher. excitement front and center for a show that each state will be eligible for the state really kicks. This precision cheer squad will competition. as second place winner Anthony Tuban: and Alexander Brink. Alternates were Ashley perform their choreographed dance moves, The following are names of the Eric Campos, Alexis Price, Andy Horton, Burton and Kiwan Boyd. kicks, turns and leaps Jan. 31, starting at 7 p.m. at the Humphreys Community Activ- other USAG HAES who made it to the Robert Sherrod, Leslie Riddle, Hanna Each of the participants won prizes, ity Center. competition’s prelimary round as well Santucci, Anthony Tuban, Sydney Salter, which were donated by the PTO. Arizona Cardinal Cheerleaders This cheerleading team brings some desert Humphreys community members celebrate MLK birthday with song, dance heat to the stage for a night of high-spirited fun. Their routines range from Elvis to Hip U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Hop, plus singing and lots of audience par- celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King ticipation. The cheerleaders will be visiting Jr.’s birthday Jan. 18 with a breakfast Suwon and Camp Eagle Feb. 1. Times to celebration at the Provider Grill. The be announced. event featured an inspired rendition of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech Youth Piano Player Needed The Missoula Children’s Theater will be by Sgt. 1st Class Willie Grandison coming to USAG-Humphreys in late Febru- of the USAG Humphreys Inspector ary. MWR is seeking a youth piano player General’s office, an interpretive dance for this musical. This will be a paid position. by Vessels of Praise and remarks by Please call 753-8601 for more information. USAG Humphreys garrison com- mander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Please Send Us Stories and Photos Vessels of Praise dancers shown here To submit info for publishing in The Morn- are: Labeija Wray (right), Lois Watkins ing Calm Weekly, USAG Humphreys com- and Shatarius Lilly — U.S. Army mon pages, call 754-6132, 8847 or 8598. Or e-mail andre.butler@korea.army.mil. Photo By Bob McElroy.
    • January 25, 2008 AREA III USAG-H • PAGE 23 http://imcom.korea.army.milAmerican Veterans Cmdr. tours Humphreysby Stacy A. OuelletteUSAG-H Public Affairs Office USAG HUMPRHREYS —John “J.P.”Brown, the American Veterans NationalFoundation commander, received an insidelook at the ongoing United States ArmyGarrison Humphreys transformation here,Jan. 16. Joined by his wife Janette, Heidi Dineen,the national president AMVETS LadiesAuxiliar, and Randolph Boothby, theAMVETS Department of Massachusettscommander. Brown toured the installation andreceived two in-depth information briefingson the Humphreys master plan. “Building Humphreys up the way theyare should allow families to come over hereand be with their Soldiers,” said Brown. “In turn that will help our Soldiers, savemoney and enhance their capabilities ofdoing their jobs even better,” Brown said. “Our purpose for coming was to visitwith Soldiers and let them know they are USAG Humphreys Deputy Commander David W. Frodsham briefs the National American Veterans Commander John “J.P.” Brown on the ongo-supported. Gathering firsthand information ing transformation of the installation, Jan 16. Brown came here as part of his visit to the Republic of Korea to view the quality of life for Soldiershelps us when talking to the Senate to and learn more about the future of forces in country. — U.S. Army Photos By Stacy A. Ouellette.improve the quality of life for Soldiers,”said Brown. concerned about all our Soldiers around the understanding of the family friendly “Most of them where here during the As part of their visit, the official party ate world and appreciate everything they do for environment being built here. Korean War and have a different look at thislunch with Humphreys Soldiers at one of us,” Brown said. The tour included a tour of This was the first trip to the Republic of country,” Brown said.the dining facilities. This experience allowed the new family housing unit as well as Splish Korea for Brown. “I can see it through my eyes now andthe group to ask questions and better gage and Splash Aquatics Center. In the past, friends and Veterans who the economic boom that is going on here,”the issues here face. “The military personnel The briefings provided a glimpse of served here gave their opinions of the said Brown. The group was scheduled tohere in Korea do a great job. Being away the current and future standing of USAG country. Arriving, Brown found a different visit the Demilitarized Zone after departingfrom their families is a sacrifice. We are Humphreys and allowed for a better country than what he expected. Humphreys.Range certification course available onlineROIC, RSO qualifications made easyby Andre ButlerUSAG-H Public Affairs USAG HUMPHREYS —The range certification course is available through theworldwide web-based Eighth United States Army Training Support Activity Korea unitrange webpage for convenience and to better support unit’s Soldiers training. It is important for each Soldier interested to go online and review the range certificationcourse before taking the range certification test to be an office in charge of a range or arange safety officer for the purpose of ensuring range safety requirements. Once Soldiers have completed the course, there is still a requirement to present amemorandum signed by the unit’s battalion commander verifying the authorized weapontype. To take the ROIC and RSO written test, Soldiers will need a copy of the rangecertification certificate and memorandum from the battalion commander verifying theauthorized weapon type. Soldiers should print off a copy of the certificate after completingcourse. A practice test is offered after completion of online course requirements. It’s highlyrecommended that Soldiers take this practice certification test. If a Soldier fails the writtentest, there will be a mandatory 30-day waiting period to be eligible for retesting. Withoutcomplying with these procedures, the range certification test will not be given for theROIC and RSO by the TSAK Range Control Center. A new TSAK Range webpage waslaunched Jan. 2 Range safety officers and Noncommissioned officers from 4-58th Air Field Operations BattalionNOTE : The information for this piece was provided by Yon Vanest, TSAK Acting Training assist a Soldier with the malfunction of an M1-A2 rifle during a qualification range at the USAGFacility manager. Humphreys TSAK Range Control Center Jan 11. — U.S. Army Photos By Andre Butler. Additional Information -- Range Certification Course The Range Certification Course will be from battalion commander of authorized RFMSS and remains active until Soldier’s To get the course online navigate to completed as follows: weapon type and systems to range control certification is no longer valid or PCS’s. the 8th Army Portal:https://8armynew/ Soldier watch’s TSAK Range Certification where they will give the exam. Range certification tests are available every OMD/trtsak/default.aspx Course program and print out the  Soldier receives range control specific Friday at RCC, TSAK, USAG-Humphreys If you any questions related this program, certification certificate. briefing when they take the range certification Bldg #1463 at 9 a.m. and Wednesday at call range the USAG Humphreys Range Soldier brings certification certificate test. Yongsan G-3, TD Conference Room Bldg Control Center at 754-6374 or email along with the commander’s memorandum  Soldier’s information will be loaded into #2536 at 9 a.m. vanesty@korea.army.mil.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 25 www.imcom.korea.army.milUSFK commander spends day with Daeguby Ronald Inman very concerned with what was being doneUSAG Daegu Public Affairs to support the families, and to see how he could assist in accomplishing that goal,” USAG WALKER — Gen. Burwell B. said Marratta.Bell, Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK, Bell also recognized 42 U.S. andrecently visited USAG Daegu to talk with KATUSA Soldiers and Family Membersthe Daegu community Jan. 17, including who volunteered to clean the effects ofvolunteers who helped clean up Korea’s the worst oil spill in Korea’s history, atworst oil spill. Taean Beach, demonstrating USFK’s firm During a luncheon at Camp Walker’s commitment to the country’s environment.Evergreen Community Club, Bell answered “I just wanted to thank you for that herequestions from non-command sponsored today,” Bell told the assembled volunteers,families and Family Readiness Group “and let you know how appreciative I amassistants and families. Lena Allen, 498th Sgt. Eboni Whitfield, USAG Daegu BOSS Coordinator, welcomes Gen. Burwell B. Bell before on behalf of the U.S./ROK Alliance for theCSSB Family Readiness Group Leader, he addresses the members USAG Daegu Boss Counsel. — U.S. Army Photos By Samuel great effort you have displayed to make aCamp Carroll said, “It was an honor and a Hudson difference – one rock at a time. Frankly, forprivilege to be invited to the luncheon with the Good Neighbor Program, tours and that he took a tour of only the second FCC many people whose livelihoods, their jobs,General Bell. This was an opportunity to military opportunities in Daegu. Gen. Bell home in Korea, with both being in Daegu. depend on that ocean for either recreationvoice opinions and concerns of how things addressed the unaccompanied, accompanied Sabrina Tacey received her accreditation as or farming, you may have saved their entireare going in Korea and with General Bell tours and other questions with candor and a USAG Daegu FCC provider the same day future. I think that’s something that we canfielding the questions you could ask those the facts. “I was glad to see that the concern as Bell’s visit. Bell conveyed his gratitude for feel good about, and when you go to bedquestions that no one else might be able to for us is all the way to the top commander her commitment to the Army Family with at night…you will know forever that youanswer. It doesn’t get any higher than Bell in in Korea,” said Whitfield. Bell also thanked a presentation to of his personal command helped your fellow men and women getKorea,” said Allen. Bell answered a variety of the council for their efforts in the oil spill coin. “This was an exciting visit because not through a real tough trial, and I thank youquestions, including questions on jobs, cost clean-up in Taean. many people get the opportunity to meet for that.”of living allowance and the Army Family Bell visited a number of facilities in upclose a four-star general,” said Tacey. “ICovenant. Bell took the time to personally Daegu including Daegu American School, hope people view my home and the otherpresent everyone who attended the luncheon the Child Development Center and the FCC provider’s home as a home awaywith one of his personal command coins to second Family Child Care home in Korea. from home for children, and I hope otherrepresent his appreciation of their support Bell met with some of the DAS students to spouses will be encouraged to become FCCand dedication to the military. see if their needs and wants were being met. providers because it says a lot when you are Bell also met with the USAG Daegu Better The students raised questions concerning trusted enough to care for someone else’sOpportunities for Single Soldiers Council new equipment, gate security and sports child as if they were your own.”to gather their thoughts on how things were recruitment on the collegiate level. Bell The Army Community Service Centergoing in Korea. “This was the very first assured them that if he could provide them was the last facility Bell visited. Familyfour-star general I ever had an opportunity with the things that they wanted, then he Advocacy Prevention Program Specialistto talk to one-on-one,” said USAG Daegu would-and if he couldn’t, he provided an Tiana Marratta had the opportunity to briefBOSS Coordinator Sgt. Eboni Whitfield. “I explanation why. One of the DAS students the General on the new Parent Supportwas glad we had the opportunity to ask the asked Bell if he could help with getting the Program. She explained that the overallgeneral questions directly; this eliminates school new wrestling mats, and when Bell purpose of the program was to networkany doubt of if he hears our concerns, and turned to the leadership of USAG Daegu and provide advice and support so that Lena Allen, 498th CSSB Family Readinessnot surprisingly, he does hear our voices and said “Get them new wrestling mats,” the first-time parents would be better prepared Group Leader, receives a personal Commandthrough our chain of command.” Bell student had a look of amazement. and less likely to become stressed. “Gen. Coin from General Bell for volunteering as thereceived questions from Soldiers concerning Bell’s visit was also significant in the fact Bell was a very down-to-earth person and FRG Leader.Ultimate Soldiers battle in combatives tournamentby Cpl. Jang Won-il to advanced rules in the semi-final and gold medal by tap out victory. Henderson, and ever since then it has always been inUSAG Daegu Public Affairs championship rounds, where they could who was a part of a combatives team back the back of my mind that if a tournament implement almost all of the techniques in the U.S., said “I’ve studied Taekwondo ever came up I would definitely go get in,”USAG CARROLL — Excitement and of Army combatives to defeat their for a while back home in the states, and said Camp, who trained to prepare for thetension filled the air as contestants from opponent. I’ve studied Taekwondo here in Korea as tournament a week ago. He continued,the Daegu / Waegwan area gathered at The preliminary round restricted any well. I’m always looking to better myself for “Winning the tournament definitely uppedCamp Carroll’s Crown Jewel Fitness Center strikes or joint techniques. Competitors martial arts so [winning this tournament] my morale because I’m able to do somethingcompete to be crowned USAG Daegu’s were allowed to use basic ground techniques gives me more confidence.” which I had not been able to train with forgreatest fighter. to score points according to predetermined The middleweight, and heavyweight a while. But I’m hoping that it will affect The first Annual Ultimate Soldier rules. The semi-finals were conducted championship matches followed, in which, morale for others so that we get more peopleCombatives Invitational, hosted and according to the intermediate rules, allowing Pvt. Michael Camp, D Battery, 1-44 AMD involved.”administered by the Daegu Area Army punching of the body; kicking when both Battalion and Staff Sgt. Curtis L. Toomer, According to Modesto C. Algarin, CampCombatives School, HHC 498th Combat fighters are standing; joint locks and chokes. HHB 35th ADA Brigade, earned the Carroll Sports and Fitness Director, theSustainment Support Battalion and the Here, the competitors’ method of victory champion medals.Camp Carroll Sports Program, was held was to win by knockout, tap out, referee “I started doing combatives in 2003 - See Combatives Page 28 -Saturday, Jan. 19 at the Crown Jewel Fitness stoppage, or the judges’ decision. The finalCenter. round adapted all advanced rules, forbidding 32 participants from various units only elbow or forearm strikes, knee kicks tosigned up in one of three categories; the face and kicks above the waist to a fighterLight-welterweight, middleweight, and who is on the ground.heavyweight. The Ultimate Soldier As the matches went on, it was finallyCompetition in its first edition was a total down to six contenders who would fightsuccess for the 400 plus spectators and the for the ultimate championship. First up29 men and three women who participated was the lightweight match-up between Pvt.and took a shot at becoming Daegu’s Brandon D. Henderson from 665th MCT,ultimate Soldiers. a detachment from 25th Transportation The matches were composed of three Battalion, and Sgt. Esail J. Burgos from Fstages. Soldiers were allowed to use Battery 1-44 AMD Battalion. Staff Sgt. Curtis L. Toomer, HHB 35th ADA BDE throws a punch at Maj. Martin J. Hendrix, HHCbasic ground grappling techniques for After a breathtaking bout, it was 19th ESC during the heavyweight championship match-up. Toomer won the match and tookthe preliminary matches and progress Henderson who took home the first place the first place medal. — U.S. Army Photo By Cpl. Jang Won-il
    • USAG-D • PAGE 26www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA IV THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Camp Carroll English Camp brings local Fee Free Bus Effective, Jan. 7, there is a “fee free” bus for US/Civilian personnel students and Soldiers closer together by Cpl. Jang Won-il providing transportation to the 121st Combat Support Hospital in Yongsan. USAG Daegu Public Affairs Passenger priorities will be US military or dependents with a medical USAG CARROLL — For most Korean appointment, US Civilian or dependents students there are many ways to occupy with a medical appointment, military or their time during the long winter vacation. civilian on official business and lastly, Students residing in Chilgok County space available for non-official travel however, have one more option to personnel. The medical bus schedule consider—learning English at a nearby is from Monday to Friday but will not operate on US holidays. For bus U.S. Army installation. schedule and more information, call Al The fourth Annual Camp Carroll Roach at 768-8755. English Camp, held Jan. 14, to Jan 18 invited 48 students from middle and high Burger King Photo Contest schools in Chilgok County to study English Camp Walker’s Burger King holds a in an interactive setting. The five-day-long photo contest. Bring a print of a photo camp was filled with various activities you have taken of USFK personnel unique to Camp Carroll, and is one of Students concentrate as the instructor explains how to operate the M16A2 rifle during the EST working with our local Korean the major Good Neighbor programs of training, an English Camp program, Jan. 17. — U.S. Army Photos By Cpl. Jang Won-il community. Camp Walker Burger King USAG Daegu. Teaching students about customs and think teaching students about states with a will post the pictures and our customers will vote to determine who presented The camp was held to give local students practices typical to one culture that others map of the United States was a very good the best photograph. Submit your an opportunity to use their English might find offensive, and thus bridging the idea,” said Pfc. Byun Hyun-mo, ROKA photograph from Feb. 1 – 15 to Walker language skills in a variety of fun and gap between two cultures was one of many Staff Office, USAG Daegu, who was the Burger King, voting will start from Feb. interesting situations and activities. Some achievements of the camp. assistant instructor for Higgs’ Group Four. 15 – Mar. 10, prizes will be awarded Mar. highlights of the week’s activities were: Another experience which left an “He showed many photographs of where he 15. The first prize is iPod Classic $249.00, a tour of the facilities at Camp Carroll, everlasting impression upon the students lived, and other parts of the country. The the second prize is HCT Mini System learning about the Army and how Soldiers was when they visited the Daegu American students loved it, and even I got something $99.00 and the third prize is AAFES Gift School to each pair up with an American out of it.” live, trying a variety of American-style Card $50.00. For information, call Kurt food, games and sports and a day at Daegu student and attend classes for a day. “Hospitality from the KATUSA Soldiers Brunen at 764 5171. American School to experience a typical “My favorite activity was visiting the and the warm welcome from U.S. Soldiers Praise, Fellowship, Study American school day. American school, because I got to see a were the main elements that made this camp The Praise, Fellowship, Study was This year, students were allowed to try lot of Americans,” said Moon Da-min, such a memorable one,” said Yang Dong- kicked off from Jan. 15. It continues simulated rifle shooting at the recently- Seokjeon Middle School student. “I’ve jun, a ninth grader who had spent the week Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the Camp renovated Engagement Skills Trainer made some good friends but I would in Group Four with Higgs and Byun. He Walker Chapel. For information, call training facility which was certainly one of have had more fun if I could understand continued proudly, “I’ve always thought Robyn at 010-6696-8399. their favorite activities. “Trying out the EST English better.” it would be hard to make friends with was a very new experience because there In typical Korean fashion, the students American Soldiers but now I can understand Army Family Action Plan Conference is nowhere in this country other than at a were shy and reserved the first day when them more, and have become much more Army Family Action Plan Conference will be held 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Jan. 25 at the U.S. military base to try that kind of thing,” they faced foreigners, most of them for familiar with their culture.” Camp Walker Chapel. It is a chance to said Um Na-young, a ninth grader from the very first time in their lives. However The camp was a collaborative effort voice quality of like issues and be heard. Dongmyung Middle School who also said they adapted quickly, and by the end of the between USAG Daegu, which organized Fill out an issue form located with AFAP she was surprised by the cultural differences camp, they seemed to feel confident talking the camp, and Chilgok County. The U.S. boxes throughout the USAG Daegu between Koreans and Americans. “Most to foreigners. Army provided the venue and U.S. Soldiers community, or e-mail wegleys@korea. of all, I’ve come to recognize the different While the instructors may have felt as instructors, and Chilgok County covered army.mil. For information, call at DSN cultures between two nations. For example awkward by the students’ initial reservations, the students’ expenses, including all of 768-7232. they nonetheless sought to stimulate their meals at the American eateries and the way Americans hold doors for others was something I had never seen in Korea before,” students’ participation through various a commemorative camp T-shirt. Chilgok President’s Day Basketball Tournament said Han Ji-young, a ninth grade student approaches such as playing word games County was designated as a Lifelong Open There will be a President’s Day from Yakmok Middle School. like Hang-man, playing Korean games in Education County by the Republic of Korea basketball tournament from Feb. 15 – 17 Yoo Ju-ok, a ninth grader from Seokjeon English or even recording each students’ in 2004. It receives special funding for at the Camp Walker Kelly Fitness Center. Middle School said, “To me, seeing the English self introduction on video. Sgt. 1st educational programs like the English Camp The registration is until Feb. 11 and it is American way of living was somewhat out Class Dexter A. Higgs, Camp Carroll TMP, for its citizens, according to Pak To-yong, open to the first eight teams to register. of the ordinary. But I can understand them USAG Daegu, taught his group of students USAG Daegu Camp Carroll community All participants receive a T-shirt. For much better now.” about the different states in America. “I relations officer. information, call at DSN 764-4800/4225. New Year’s Concert The Eight Army Band led by Warrant Officer Dewayne Kendricks will perform a New Year’s concert 7:30 p.m. Jan. 29 at the Daegu Culture and Arts Center. For information, call Chong Yong-kon at DSN 768-6907. Equipment Rental Morale, Welfare and Recreation rents out winter equipments. It features Santa suits, skis, boots and poles, snowboards and boots, fishing equipment and dozens of other recreational items. For information, call MWR at DSN 764-4123. (Left) Koo Sung-mo (left), an eighth grader of Soonshim Middle School and Kim Han-sol, an eighth grader of Soonshim Girl’s Middle School play Connect Four game with Daegu Amercian School students. (Right) Park Mi-ji, an eighth grader of Booksam Middle School studies with a DAS student in math class.
    • JANUARY 25, 2008 AREA IV USAG-D • PAGE 27 www.imcom.korea.army.milUSAG Daegu remembers Martin Luther King Jr.by Spc. Natalie E. Kapteyn experience from his childhood where his Following the program’s presentations19th ESC Public Affairs family did just that. “They were acting on a and speeches, Saulnier, Hamilton and other dream,” he said referring to King’s famous members of the community commemorated USAG WALKER - A luncheon was “I Have a Dream” speech. King with a cake-cutting ceremony to honorheld Jan. 18 at Camp Walker’s Evergreen Hamilton’s parents moved them to this great leader and those who came inCommunity Club to commemorate the an all white neighborhood as part of the attendance to show their support. Attendees79th anniversary of the birth of Martin dream to break the barriers of segregation. then shared lunch and continued theLuther King Jr. and his contributions to Hamilton said he didn’t completely realize commemorative program together.American civil rights. what was going on, but now realizes why “There are still many positive changes The program was organized by United his parents acted. occurring, even in our Army, since King’sStates Army Garrison Daegu Equal Gough said he wanted this program to death and we honor his legacy and ourOpportunity Advisor Master Sgt. John also recognize that King was not just for the devotion to his great cause, and also ourGough. Lt. Col. Charles R. Hamilton, de-segregation of races but also for positive commitment to the improvement ofcommander, 498th Combat Sustainment change in society, laws and legislation and mankind,” said Gough.Support Bn was the guest speaker. discriminating practices in America and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., changed “This is one of the first observance around the globe. America forever through his leadership,programs of the year where we gather to The Korean Augmentes to the United service and clarity of vision. His contributionremember and celebrate the life of a man States Army knows the importance of this will be remembered throughout the globe.who broke an insurmountable number of great leader. Cpl. Lee, Byung Joo, equal opportunity office, 19th ESC showed his (Above) 498th CSSB commander, Lt. Col. Charles Hamilton gives a speech as a guest speakerbarriers for all mankind and urged others during Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration ceremony Jan. 18. — U.S. Army Photos By Cpl.to act with him,” said Gough. support by participating in this event and reading an excerpt of a speech given by Na Kyung-chul The dining room was filled with morethan 80 supporters, including Col. Richard Martin Luther King Jr. upon receiving a Nobel Peace Prize. “Although I am a Korean, (Below) A group including USAG Daegu commander Col. Michael P. Saulnier (second fromG. Hatch, deputy commander. 19th right) and Lt. Col. Hamilton (right) cuts Dr. King commemoration cake.Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a very familiarCol Steven W. Pate, commander, Material person among the great names of history.Support Center-Korea, Col. Michael P. I learned his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech inSaulnier, commander, USAG Daegu and the high school and have listened to hismany other leaders and Soldiers from Area other various speecher many times. AfterIV. I participated in Martin Luther King Jr. “Martin Luther King, Jr. urged mankind luncheon, I learned more about him, andto do something good for the community I got an impression that he is great enoughand the point of this program was not only to be loved by not only American butto commemorate what he did for the world by all the mankind,” said Lee. “Koreansbut also to urge others to follow his idea know about King and his contributions toand contribute something great to society,” American society,” said Lee. “It is importantsaid Gough. to commemorate him and his spirit not only In his remarks, Hamilton shared an for Americans but for all people.” PAID ADVERTISING
    • USAG-D • PAGE 28www.imcom.korea.army.mil AREA IV THE MORNING CALM501st Soldiers combine training with ROK Army’s second Battalionby Cpl. Jung Seo-jin Battalion commander, met and exchanged of our ROKA counterparts and how together as one team in the future, exercises19th ESC Public Affairs strategies. they operate. And ROKA gets a better can be more complex, which will only Both ROK and U.S. leaders then had a understanding of how the U.S. Army enhance the U.S. and ROK military forces.” USAG CARROLL — Soldiers from short meeting on how the training would be operates. As everyone get used to working said Stevens.501st Special Troops Battalion trained for conducted. Two groups of mixed U.S andthe first time with the ROK Army Second ROK Army Soldiers were formed to executeBattalion around Hill303, right outside the training.Camp Carroll, during combined tactical “The two squads split with one off totraining Jan. 16. the left-hand plain, and other one off to the “It’s a Joint tactical infantry battle right. The two squads met at the top to taketraining and the mission is to go up the out the enemy. After a successful engagementhill and engage enemy contact,” said Capt. they came back down, reorganized andDarlin O. Stevens, 501st Special Troops finished the mission.” said Stevens.Battalion officer in charge. “This is our first On their way to the top of the hill, theopportunity to get with the ROKA and Soldiers trained as if the war had begun.do a joint exercise. The main object is to Soldiers marched in one line in a wedgeexecute the mission and perform tactically position while going up the hill. When theywith the ROK.” found the enemy force, they fired blank The training began with the two cartridges, from a prone position, and tookbattalions meeting at Hill303. First, the cover behind obstacles. Each group hadtwo unit leaders, Lt. Col. Kim Seung Yeop, radios to keep in contact during the mission Soldiers from 501st Special Troops Battalion and second Battalion fire from a prone position,Second Battalion commander and Lt. Col. and to relay the position of the enemy. against the enemy during the 501st STB and second Battalion of ROK Army’s combined tacticalJames D. Gregory, 501st Special Troops “I think we get a better understanding training at the Hill 303 Jan. 16. — U.S. Army Photo By Cpl. Jung Seo-jin Combatives from page 25objects of the competition are to motivate the mat isn’t really important. What’s really know when you might run out of bullets and school has been in operation.individual Soldiers to train and practice important is that they’re all trained for the have to get physical.” “To tailor Army combatives for the realtheir warrior tasks and drills in reacting real fight, and we fully support them with Modern Army combatives has existed world,” Algarin explained,“Staff Sgt. Martinto man-to-man contact, provide Soldiers competitions such as this tournament.” since 1995, but it didn’t become Army and his instructors bring together elementsan easy and proven approach to carry out “The tournament has affected me in doctrine until 2002. The combatives school of martial arts such as judo, boxing, muayeffective hand-to-hand combat in a variety a number of ways,” said Toomer, who at Camp Carroll has been training soldiers thai and Brazilian ju jitsu. I encourage allof situations and inspire units around the had been training for the tournament for since early 2007. At the moment, the school Soldiers, short term or long term, to getArmy to support their Soldiers in the arena the last two weeks. “But one, the Army’s offers level one and two training. The involved voluntarily in any type of contactof combatives. transitioning from rifles to hand-to-hand school is supervised by the 498th Combat sport. Any one could very well be fighting “This is just a method, a means to an combat. You need to be able to accept your Sustainment Support Battalion, with Staff for their lives over in Iraq or Afghanistan,end,” said Algarin. “Soldiers are engaged in opponent no matter what size, shape or race Sgt. Stephen Martin at the helm. More so make this work to your advantage.real fights on the battlefield, life-and-death and you have to be able to handle yourself than 300 Soldiers have completed level one Get involved, get ready, be fit and Armyfights. At the end of the day, who wins on regardless of any situation because you never combatives training in the year since the Strong.” PAID ADVERTISING
    • PAGE 30http://imcom.korea.army.mil LEARN KOREAN USAG- USAG- Yongsan honors olunteer eers volunteers