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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Mcw070119 Mcw070119 Document Transcript

    • Volume 5, Issue 13 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF K OREA Jan. 19, 2007 The Morning Calm Ceremony honors ‘Tough Weekly is ROK Lt. Gen.’s Soldiers’compete at contributions Camp Carroll Page 3 Page 27 nline Visit http://ima.korea.army.milVoice over Internet Protocol ServiceAgreement reached with LG DACOMBy Gen. B. B. Bell Therefore, I objected to this plan and directed my staffs to work hand-and-USFK commander hand with LG DACOM ensuring servicemembers, as well as other DoD or DA In June of last year the LG DACOM Corporation advised our exchange civilians, who were currently using VoIP services were not block then or now.and the Air Force Exchange Service that Sam Sung Rental Through many days and hours of negotiations, our USFK staff hasTelecommunications planned to block voice over internet protocol calls successfully, with LG DACOM, resolved the issue.that were made by our servicemembers. Our first requirement was that local concessionaries would provide VoIP This was to take place if servicemembers were using VoIP applications services using Korean registered companies at prices comparable to thosethat were provided by companies that were not registered in compliance currently enjoyed by USFK personnel who were using services from popularwith the Korean Telecommunications Business Act. non-registered U.S.-based VoIP providers. At that time, I knew blocking VoIP communications would have With that agreement being achieved, our second objective was to make it aresulted in the loss of reasonably priced VoIP services, with a point to ensure anyone who was currently using a non-registered company wouldcorresponding reduction in the quality of life for many of our USFK not be blocked by LG DACOM/SSRT.personnel who rely on these services to connect with their family members In other words, we insisted a “Grand Father clause” was implemented so thatand friends alike while stationed or working here in Korea. users of non-registered VoIP services could continue to do so. For me, there wasn’t an option to consider — nothing is more importantthan you, your families and friends, or the jobs that you all so faithfullyand professionally perform. See Bell Page 4 Bell,Two Korean Air jets divert to KunsanBy Senior Airman Stephen Collier8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs KUNSAN AIR BASE — Two Boeing 747 aircraft made emergencylandings here Jan. 17 after Incheon International Airport’s runway closedfor low visibility due to fog. The two Korean Air jets — one laden with cargo, the other withpassengers — were greeted by 8th Fighter Wing leaders and supportpersonnel with open arms. “Our day-to-day mission is to defend the base, accept follow-on forcesand take the fight north in support of the alliance with our South Koreanallies,” said Col. Jeff Lofgren, 8th FW commander. “Today, with the38th Fighter Group Republic of Korea Air Force, we accepted two civilianaircraft that were in trouble.” The passenger airliner, with 274 people on board, diverted to Kunsanto seek immediate medical attention for a 65-year old Korean man.Emergency responders from the 8th Security Forces Squadron, 8th Civil STAFF SGT. N ATHAN GALLAHAN Senior Airman Tonya Jones, an 8th Medical Group medical technician, prepares to receive a 65-year old Korean manEngineer Squadron and the 8th Medical Group promptly stabilized the needing medical attention at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea. The man was transported to an ambulance after his Koreanindividual and then arranged for transportation to the Kunsan Medical Airline flight was diverted to Kunsan from Incheon International Airport.Center in downtown Kunsan City. “It all went pretty smooth,” said Col. Joe Ortega, 8th MDG commander. “We didn’t think twice about coming out and getting this man the right“We had the ambulance respond to the scene, a Korean nurse to help medical attention,” he said. “It was well done. All that training and practicetranslate and fire rescue responded quickly to get this individual out (of made it all work smoothly.”the aircraft). It all went like clockwork.” The passengers were also offered bottled water, provided by the 8th Services Ortega added this kind of response shows the strength of the Squadron. The aircraft was refueled for the last leg of the trip to Incheon byrelationship between the U.S. and South Korea. members of the 8th Logistics Readiness Squadron.
    • 2 Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MPBlotter Alleged Assault and Rape by The following entries were excerpted from themilitary police blotters. These entries may be B US servicememberincomplete and do not imply the guilt or innocenceof any person. E This past weekend I was informed by the combat wingman concept. Refer to our USFK Korean authorities of an alleged rape and assault Command Policy Letter #6, “Buddy System. L Area 1 by a US Soldier against an elderly woman — n The Curfew must be strictly followed and - Conspiracy, Black Marketing, Wrongful indeed a grandmother — as she was walking home enforced as directed in USFK Command PolicyPossession of Class VI Items, Investigation revealed from work early Sunday morning #7, “General Order Regarding Off- Lthat Subject 1 and Subject 2 purchased various Class in downtown Seoul. USFK is fully Installation Curfew.” Curfew.”VI items at AAFES facilities located on Cp Casey,Cp Stanley and Cp Red Cloud and diverted the items supporting the Korean authorities n I expect that off-limits area will beto an unknown off post residence for profit. Subject as they investigate this case, and clearly communicated and violations1 and Subject 2 were interviewed wherein they our strongest desire is that justice enforced throughout our formations.admitted to committing Black Marketing by will be done. In this Alliance n I require that each Servicemember Spurchasing Class VI items on post and selling the environment the criminal actions coming to the Peninsula be certifiedpurchased items to unauthorized persons off post. of one individual can have employing USFK Regulation 350-2Investigation continues by CID. enormous negative strategic Training module which can be found under Area 2 - Assault Consummated by a Battery, Curfew E implications for all our forces stationed in the Republic of Korea, as well as for the Alliance itself. the mandatory Theater Specific Required Training link. TrainingViolation, Underage Drinking, Subject 1 and Victim n I expect all leaders to implement Under1 were involved in a verbal altercation which turnedphysical when Subject 1 became belligerent and N We believe this alleged crime involved the consumption of Gen. B.B. Bell the Oak Tree (UTOT) Counseling procedures iaw USFK Policy Letter #2,refused to exit Victim 1’s taxi. Subject 1 grabbed D alcohol, was perpetrated by a Soldier acting alone, Command Safety. Safety.Victim 1 by his shirt and struck him in the chest and that the Soldier was almost surely a curfew Every Servicemember represents the United States.with a closed hand causing Victim 1 to fall to the violator. It is vital that commanders and leaders The Korean people look to us to be Good Neighbors. Sground. Subject 1 was apprehended by KNP and at all levels review policies and re-energize their We cannot allow the reprehensible actions of evencharged under KCL, ART 257 (Inflicting Bodily procedures for mitigating sexual assault and off- one individual to create a negative impression ofInjury on Other). Subject 1 was released into MP duty misconduct. Americans as a whole in the minds of our Koreancustody on a CJ Form 2 and transported to the n I expect officer and NCO leaders to take hosts. Remember, you are an American AmbassadorYongsan PMO. An odor of an alcoholic beverage responsibility for our Servicemembers on and off- and your actions should always reflect positively onwas emitting from Subject 1’s person. Subject 1 # duty. We are accountable. all American.was administered a PBT with a result of 0.109% n I expect all Sevicemembers to understand We Go Together!BAC, was not administered a series of FSTs nor 13-07advised of his legal rights due to his suspected level they are Ambassadors for America and behave asof intoxication and released to his unit. Victim 1 appreciative guests in this wonderful land. I expect GEN B.B. Bellreported minor injuries and stated he will report Servicememers to adhere to the buddy system and Commander, UNC/CFC/USFKfor medical treatment at a later time and date. At 5p.m., on Jan. 7, Subject 1 reported to the YongsanPMO where he was advised of his rights, which heinvoked. Investigation continues by KNP and MPI Guide to adoption in Korea By Capt. Su H. Kwak four adoption agencies approved by Apply for a home study. Homewith KNP as the lead investigative agency. the Korean Ministry of Health and studies evaluate the suitability of Area 3 Client Legal Services Social Welfare must be used. The the potential family. These studies - Identity Theft, Person(s) unknown, by means Expanding a family through approved agencies are Eastern can take up to one year and mayunknown, used Victim 1 identity and fraudulently adoption can be a rewarding and Childwelfare Society, Inc. (http:// cost anywhere between $1,000 andopened two credit accounts. Victim 1 rendered a gratifying experience. Keep in mind, www.eastern.or.kr); Holt Children’s $3,000. The following arewritten statement. ECOL is $4,980.00. however, that inter-country adoptions Services, Inc. (http://www.holt.or.kr); guidelines of what is generally Area 4 can be costly and time consuming. The Korea Social Services (http:// expected of the adoptive parents: -Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation, average cost of an inter-country www.kssinc.org); and Social Welfare The adoptive parents must beAbandonment of Privately Owned Vehicle, Failure adoption is $10,000 per child, and it Society, Inc. (http:// eligible to adopt under the laws ofto Deregister Privately Owner Vehicle, may take up to three years before a child www.alovenest.com). If using a U.S. their country. The adoptive parentsInvestigation revealed that person(s) unknown is placed with the adoptive family. adoption agency, make sure to use should have been married for atabandoned a vehicle on Cp Carroll. A DD Form1408 (Armed Forces Traffic Ticket) and DD Form Once the decision to adopt is made, one that works with one of the least three years. The adoptive2504 (Abandoned Vehicle Notice) was issued. No there are several steps to follow: approved Korean agencies. Using a parents should be between the agescontact was made by person(s) unknown and the Contact an adoption agency. The U.S. agency that works with an of 25 and 44. The couple shouldvehicle was towed by the Cp Carroll TMP to the adoption agency will assist in finding approved Korean agency will better not haveArea IV impound lot for processing. Investigation a suitable child for adoption. If using ensure that the proper procedures forcontinues by TAI. a Korean adoption agency, one of the adoption are followed. See A doption, Page 4 Published by IMCOM-Korea This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Command-Korea Region Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Brig. Gen. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- Editors Sue Silpasornprasit violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. Andre Butler responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Bob McElroy including inserts or supplements, corrected. 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Fax: 02-793-5701 Everything advertised in this E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made Mail address: Oriental Press, Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, 96206-0758 @korea.army.mil religion, gender, national origin, Sustain, Support and Defend
    • The Morning Calm Weekly News Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 3 AFSC donates money to area hospital By Andre Butler The money donated to the hospital went IMCOM Public Affairs to buying a motorized self-dependant USFK Force Force P rotection Advisory SEOUL KOREA - The wheelchair, and a computerized respirator, for Seoul FTA TalksFTA Talks American Forces’ Spouses’ ventilator for patients.The 6th round of the ROK-U.S. Free Club awarded Hangook “We are very grateful for the donation,Trade Agreement talks will continue in Guenyook-Byung Jadean 18 and would like to extend our sincere thanksSeoul, Namsan area at the Shilla Hotel million won at Yong-Dong to the American Forces’ Spouses’ Club forthrough today. Severance Spine Hospital in their contribution,” said Dr. Moon. Jae Ho,Members of the Korean Alliance Seoul Jan. 10. M.D., Yong Dong Severance Spine HospitalAgainst the ROK-U.S> FTA, as well as Hangook Gueyook-Byung superintendent. Moon is also the foundervarious Farmer and Labor Unions, are is a non-profit volunteer of the Jadean organization. He modeled theexpected to conduct large program after the Jerry Lewis Muscular organization approved by thedemonstrations during FTA A B NDRE UTLER Ministers of Health and Cynthia Forrester, president of the AFSC, and Haing Dystrophy Foundation in the Uniteddiscussions. Violence is anticipated. Welfare, Republic of Korea. Jah Choi, chairwoman of AFSC Korean Welfare States, he said.USFK personnel traveling to the The institution provides help Projects, poses with two of the patients who will benefit Moon was awarded a scholarship fromNamsan area during this time shouldbe aware of, and avoid all for patients who suffer from AFSC’s donation to the Hangook Guenyook-Byung the Lewis foundation to attend college indemonstrarions. muscular dystrophy, a Jadean. The club donated 18 million won. the U.S. This is what inspired him toBecause a significant number of hereditary disease which establish a program for patients whodemonstrators will use public eventually leads to muscle deterioration in the patient’s otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford proper treatment, said Moon.transportation to reach the FTA site, body. “We enjoy supporting the local community,” said Cynthiaavoid mass transportation systems in the The spouses club donated the money to buy equipment Forrester, president of the AFSC. “And we hope to demonstrateNamsan area from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. today. that, in some instances, could mean the difference between through our giving that we really care about them and theirDepartment of Defense civilian life and death for some of the patients. well-being. It is such a rewarding feeling being able to volunteeremployeesa, USFK invited contractors “If the money contributed would help extend the life your time and effort to helping others,” she added.and technical representatives, and all of one of these children for only a few more days, it would AFSC is the organization that operates the “Chosun GiftUSFK dependents are also encouraged be well spent and very much appreciated,” said Haing Shop” on South Post here. Profits from the gift shop’s operationsto follow the guidance in this Force Jah Choi, volunteer chairwoman of the AFSC Korean are how AFSC raises its funds for the donations given to variousProtection Advisory. Welfare Projects. organizations and programs throughout military and local “And the equipment purchased would give them this communities. chance,” she said. See AFSC Page 4 AFSC, Credit Union at Camp Carroll changes hoursUSA Federal Credit Union’s CampCarroll Branch is now open Monday Legion of Merit for ROK generalthrough Friday from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Marine Lt. Gen. Kim, Myung-Kyun, the former AFN-K orea AFN-Korea offers ROK Marine Corps Commandant, speaks after e-mail service Marine Lt. Gen. John Goodman, the American Forces Network Korea commanding general, U.S. Marine Corps Forcesoffers an e-mail service entitled “What’s Pacific, presented him with the Legion of MeritOn Your AFN” allowing members to Medal at an award’s ceremony on ROK Marinepreview stories airing on AFN-Korea’s Corps Headquarters, Baran, ROK on Jan. 11.nightly newscast. Members receive a Kim was awarded this medal for displayingdaily summary of that evening’s exceptional leadership and diplomacy innewscast and scheduled primetime facilitating the expansion of the Combined Marineshows, as well as a weekly summary of Forces Command’s role in the defense of thepreviously aired stories each Friday. ROK as Commandant, ROK Marine Corps from To sign up, visit www.afnkorea.net. May 2005 until April 2006. Membership is free and membersmay unsubscribe at any time. To signup, visit www.afnkorea.net. MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST FIRST CLASS L ISA WASSILIEFF TMCW SubmissionsSend Letters to the Editor, guest Peninsula-wide Tax Centers open for 2007 seasoncommentaries, story submissions and Area I Activities Center (bus terminal), room 113 with CPAC and the Legal Assistance Office)other items for inclusion in The OIC: Capt. Stacy Cohen Phone: 725-1040 Phone: 768-6680 Camp Casey at Maude Hall, Bldg 2440, Suite Opens: Jan. 31 – May 10 (opens at 4 p.m. Open: Jan. 31- June 15Morning Calm Weekly to: 241 after ceremony) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 a.m.MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil. Phone: 730-3598 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6:30 p.m.; Thursday 1- 5:30 p.m.;Submissions may also be mailed to Opens: Feb. 1 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday from 1-6 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Closed Sundays,our offices at: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. - Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Closed Sundays holidays and training holidays 5p.m.; Thursday 1 - 8 p.m.; and holidays and training holidaysThe Morning Calm Weekly Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Closed Sundays, Camp Carroll at Bldg T-125c/o IMA-KORO Public Affairs Mondays and holidays and training holidays Area III Phone: 765-7136Unit #15742 OIC: Capt. Brian Tomasovic Open: Jan. 31 – June 15APO AP 96205-5742 Camp Red Cloud mobile tax center Camp Humphreys at Bldg S-262 (across Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 a.m. Location: Freeman Hall from CAC, next to Red Cross) – 4:30 p.m.; Thursday 1- 4:30 p.m.; ClosedAll items should be submitted by Opens: March 1 Phone: 753-3905/3904 Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and training holidaysclose of business the Friday prior to Tuesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Open: Jan. 25 – May 20the publication date. Include a point Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 Osan Air Baseof contact name and telephone Camp Stanley mobile tax center a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday by appointment only; POC:Tech Sgt. Boyce Location: Bldg 2305 Saturday 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Bldg 788, Rm 26number with all submitted items. For Opens: March 1 Closed Sundays, holidays and training Call 784-8935 for more informationinformation, call 738-3355. Wednesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. holidays Kunsan Air Base Area II Area IV Bldg 755, 3rd Floor OIC: Capt. Denise O’Connell OIC: Capt. Eric Christeson Appointment only Yongsan Main Post at Moyer Community Camp Henry at Bldg 1805 (building shared Call 782-1250
    • Jan. 19, 20074 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklyBell from Page 1 I will personally state that this The level of service will also be theobjective has been achieved also. same. The following companies are all LG DACOM negotiated with registered to offer VoIP services here inUSFK in good faith, and we achieved Korea: Korea Telecom-KT, Hanaroan agreeable solution — one that Telecom, LG DACOM, SK Telinks,conforms to Korean law, while not EPN, Dreamline and Onse Telecom.disadvantaging you — our I emphasize, it is very important thatservicemembers and civilian sponsors, the chain of commands andemployees. I appreciate the cooperative command information outlets giveand good faith efforts of LG DACOM notice to inbound USFKfor working with and helping us come servicemembers, their families andto a reasonable conclusion. civilian employees, who are scheduled After June 1, 2007 newly assigned to arrive here after June 1, that if theypersonnel who desire to use VoIP have plans on using VoIP services, theyservices will be required to seek VoIP should contract only with Koreanservices from authorized Korean authorized and registered companies.registered companies. Our local AAFES Again, these services will be offeredconcessionaries will also provide at prices comparable to those currentlyregistered VoIP services at comparable enjoyed by users who are using popularprices of popular U.S.-based VoIP U.S.-based VoIP providers.providers.Adoption from Page 2 children (including the child to be Most adopted children leave Koreaadopted). The income of the couple through foster care with a U.S. adoptioncombined should be higher than the agency affiliated with one of thenational U.S. average, thereby ensuring government licensed adoption agencies.that the potential family is financially The adoption agency will process theable to raise the child. case in Korea and arrange for escort and In addition, the adoption agencies transportation of the child to the Unitedwill also take into consideration the States.family’s attitude and beliefs about After the child arrives in the U.S., theparenting a child of another race and adoption agency will coordinate follow-the effect that becoming an interracial up visits in six-month intervals to filefamily may have on your immediate and reports with the Korean Ministry ofextended families. Health and Social Welfare. The adopted Begin the immigration visa process. child must live in the US for one yearIt is important to do this as early as before the adoption becomes final. Twopossible to ensure that the child will years after entering the US, the adoptedqualify for an immigration visa. File child may become a naturalized USpetitions for approval with the U.S. citizen.Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration. Active-duty military, may be eligibleOnce those petitions are approved, an for reimbursement of adoption expensesimmigration visa with the American up to $2,000 per child and $5,000 perEmbassy in Seoul may be applied for. family per year as long as your adoption Once the documents are completed, was arranged through a non-profita consular office will conduct a final agency.immigration visa interview. At that Contact Information. For moreinterview, have the following information, contact the Ministry ofdocuments: Notification by the BCIS Health and Social Welfare in Koreaof approval; the final adoption decree directly at the following address andor proof of custody from the foreign telephone number:government; the child’s birth certificate; Population & Children’s Policythe child’s passport (from the country Anyang Construction Tower 3rd Fl.of the child’s nationality) ; a completed 1112-1 Dalan Dong, Tongan Gu,and signed medical examination report; Anyangphotographs of the child; and Visa Tel: +82-31-440-9654application. In Yongsan, the client legal services Bring the child home. Generally, office is located in the Army Communityadoptive parents do not have to travel Services Building, Bldg. 4106. Call DSNto Korea pick up an adopted child. 738-8111 for more information.AFSC from Page 3 The spouses club is also the largest their organization is important, it’scontributor to organizations throughout only one aspect of the overall conceptthe peninsula, Forrester said. these two women personally possess. Choi and Forrester agreed that raising “The idea of helping others is nice,money to donate would be a very difficult not to mention it’s the right thing totask without the gift shop. do,” said Choi. “There are other things that we could “Seeing the smile it puts on thedo to raise money,” said Forrester. children’s faces, because of our “And at times our organization host involvement, makes me very happy.”such events, but it would be almost “And I also think by providing theimpossible to give the amounts of money way we are makes all of ourthat we contribute if it wasn’t for this commitment and hard workshop,” she said. Although financing worthwhile,” she said.
    • Jan. 19, 2007 Page 5Area I celebrates King’s “Dream”By Jim Cunningham Medallion for his exceptional advancement of theArea I Public Affairs principles of human liberty,” Hawkins said. CAMP RED CLOUD—Warriors and civilians “Freedom is one thing. You have it all or youcelebrated the vision and public life of Dr. Martin are not free,” King said in his acceptance speech.Luther King Jr., Jan. 12 with a ceremony of In 1966, the Planned Parenthood Federationremembrance at the Camp Red Cloud Theater. of America awarded King the Margaret Sanger “Dr. King is one of our nation’s greatest Award for “his courageous resistance to bigotryleaders,” said Col. Kevin Hawkins, United States and his lifelong dedication to the advancementForces Korea resource management director and of social justice and human dignity.guest speaker. “For the 15 or 16 years that he In 1971, King was awarded the Grammywas on the nation’s stage he moved our nation Award for Best Spoken Word recording for hisfurther along in civil rights than any other time ‘Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam.’in our nation’s history.” King is the second most admired person in In 1953, at the age the 20thof 24, King became century,pastor of the Dexter “At 34 King led the march on Washington according toAv e n u e Baptist D.C., and gave the ever famous ‘I Have a a Gallup Poll.Church, in Dream’ speech,” Hawkins said. “His K i n g w a sMontgomery, Ala. voted sixth Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa speech was voted the second best speech in in the PersonParks was arrested our nation’s history; with the ‘Gettysburg o f thefor refusing to Century Poll Address’ being the first. At 35 King wascomply with the Jim by TIMECrow laws that the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel m a g a z i n e . JIM CUNNINGHAMrequired her to give Peace Prize.” He was Col. Kevin Hawkins, USFK resource managementup her seat to a white elected the director, gives Martin Luther King Jr., Day speech in Col. Kevin Hawkins, USFK resource management third greatestman. Camp Red Cloud’s theater Jan. 12. The Montgomery director speaker. dir ector and guest speaker. American ofBus boycott, led by all time byKing, soon followed. The boycott lasted for 382 the American public in a contest conducted bydays. The situation became so tense that King’s the Discovery Channel and America on Line.house was bombed. He was arrested during the “It took 15 years to get this date recognized.campaign, which ended with a U.S. Supreme There was a lot of debate on both sides; shouldCourt decision outlawing racial segregation on a d a y b e c a l l e d s e p a r a t e t o r e c o g n i z e h i sall public transport. Thus began the legend and a c h i e v e m e n t s , ” H a w k i n s s a i d . “ I t w a slegacy of King’s career. controversial in taking away President’s Day to “King authored many books and is one of the accommodate it. It was controversial about howmost profound authors ever known,” Hawkins much it would cost. Others said he was notsaid. deserving; Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, A m o n g K i n g ’s m a n y w o r k s a r e h i s the day itself, not necessarily patriotic, notautobiography, The Autobiography of Martin n e c e s s a r i l y r e l i g i o u s , n o t l i k e L a b o r D a y,Luther King Jr. by Martin Luther King Jr. and Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day when youClayborne Carson, Stride toward freedom; the rather have a feeling you can grab. But we areMontgomery Story (1958), The Measure of a here to put a slightly different twist on this day.”Man (1959), Strength of Love (1963), Why We The popular mantra of Martin Luther King DayCan’t Wait (1964), Where do we go from here: is a day on, not a day off, explained Hawkins.Chaos or community?(1967), The Trumpet of “Dr. King once said that men often hate becauseConscience (1968). t h e y f e a r e a c h o t h e r, t h e y f e a r e a c h o t h e r “At 34 King led the march on Washington because they don’t know each other, and theyD.C. and gave the ever famous ‘I Have a Dream’ don’t know each other because they don’tspeech,” Hawkins said. “His speech was voted communicate. They don’t communicate because COURTESYthe second best speech in our nation’s history; they are separate. The word prejudice itself PHOTOwith the ‘Gettysburg Address’ being the first.” means to damage by prejudging. I will tell you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attends a meeting on civil King organized and led marches for blacks’ from all that I have heard about Dr. King, even rights with then President Lyndon Johnson.right to vote, desegregation, labor rights and though it is important for us to touch base on 60 cities. Five days later, President Lyndon B.other basic civil rights. Most of these rights were his accomplishments, it is also important I think Johnson declared a national day of mourning forsuccessfully enacted into U.S. law with the on this day to continue his dream.” the lost civil rights leader. A crowd of 300,000passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the In late March 1968, King went to Memphis, attended his funeral that same day.Voting Rights Act of 1965. King gave his “I Have Tenn. in support of the black sanitary public “To me, Martin Luther King Day gives peoplea Dream” speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial works employees who had been on strike since an opportunity to reflect and learn about differentduring the 1963 March on Washington, D.C. for March 12 for higher wages and better treatment. cultures,” Hawkins said. “Dr. King preached thejobs and freedom. April 3 King returned to Memphis and addressed more you know someone the less different they At 35 King was the youngest person ever to a r a l l y, d e l i v e r i n g h i s “ I ’ v e b e e n t o t h e look to you. Sometimes you have to forcereceive the Nobel Peace Prize. Also, in 1977 Mountaintop” address. yourself to get out of your comfort zone andPresident Jimmy Carter gave King posthumously King was assassinated at 6:01 p.m. April 4, force yourself to deal with folks that may havethe Medal of Freedom. 1968 on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in different views or may come from different “Not only did King win the 1964 Nobel Peace Memphis, Tenn. He was pronounced dead at St. cultures.”Prize, in 1965, the American Jewish Committee Joseph’s Hospital at 7:05 p.m. The assassinationpresented King with the American Liberties led to a nationwide wave of riots in more than E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil
    • Jan.19, 20076 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly AFTB Level I Class Army Community Service Army Family Team Building Instructor Course will be held Jan. 22 to 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Camp Camp Casey. For more information call 732-7314. AFTB Professional Development Class Army Community Service Army Family Team Building Professional Development class will be held Jan. 26 from 10 a.m. to Noon at Camp Casey Education Center, Room 3. For more information call: 732- 7314. Mitchell’s Club Closing Mitchell’s Club will be closed all day Jan. 22. For more information call: 732-8189. Camp Casey Community Activities Center Closing Due to safety concerns (painting and JIM CUNNINGAHM repairs) as well as preparation for the upcoming Korea-wide BOSS Forum from An appreciative family in need smiles after new toilet, computer and furniture are installed in their home. Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 at Camp Casey CAC, the CAC will be temporarily closed until Jan. 23. Free Child Care Service Sgt. Maj. Assoc., AMC lend assistance Free child care service is now offered at the By Jim Cunningham was identified by Cindy Newton, involved before the action took Camp Red Cloud Coffee House, next to the Area I Public Affairs wife of Col. Forrest Newton, Area place. Community Bank, during church services UIJEONGBU—To quote Charles I garrison commander, as needing “Detailed plans and projects were every Sunday. Dickens, “No one is useless in this assistance,” said Kil, Kwang-Chun, pre-fabricated under the supervision world who lightens the burdens of Area I community relations officer. of the Area I Directorate of Public DoD Outreach Awards another.” This is certainly the case “Materials and gifts to include a new Wo r k s w h o a l s o h a d w o r k e r s For information on all DoD outreach awards when members of the Area I computer with monitor, desk, and sacrifice nonduty hours to the for fiscal year 2007 write to Sergeant’s Major Association and construction of a new toilet were success of the project,” Kil said. cathy.dewar@korea.army.mil.Angela Love the Second Infantry Divisions donated by the organizations to “This is only a small token of our is also POC for the awards and can be S e rg e a n t A u d i e M u r p h y C l u b strengthen the relationship with the continued support and friendship, reached via e-mail address at: donated personal time and money to community.” and we are proud to share our hearts angela.love@hqda.army.mil or by phone: help a family living in poverty. Although the volunteers from and hospitality this Christmas 703-607-1979. “During a recent visit to the both clubs went to the residence, season,” Newton said. Uijeongbu community by the Area I constructed, and installed the Superbowl Monday at items, more volunteers were E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil and 2ID spouses Nov. 29, a family Mitchell’s Club Mitchell’s Club doors will open at 6 a.m. Monday Feb. 5 for Superbowl. Breakfast plates will be $4.95 which includes orange Ch cards Warriors Students send Christmas cards to Warriors juice, coffee, tea, eggs, bacon, sausage, and By Margaret Banish-Donaldson toast. There will be free prizes throughout Area I Public Affairs the game.A$100AAFES gift certificate will CAMP RED CLOUD — The be given to the person guessing closest to holiday season can be a time of cheer, the final score. but often it is tough for many military EEO Reasonable service members. Tabitha Gentry, Accommodation Training librarian from Natalia High School, Reasonable Accommodation Training will along with the faculty, decided to be offered Feb. 7, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. and have their students make homemade 1:30 to 3 p.m. at Camp Red Cloud Community Christmas cards and send them to Services Building, Conference Room. The Soldiers in Korea. training will be offered at Camp Casey Feb “During the holiday season 14 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Camp Casey CAC. there’s no better way to lift the For more information: 732-7120. troops’ spirits than to send them cards and letters carrying warm Donnie McClurkin Show wishes from home, Gentry said.. MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSON Morale, Welfare and Recreation will present “It’s a time when we can come together to celebrate the season, to Soldiers from Area I Headquarters and Headquarters Company, receive Christmas the Donnie McClurkin Show Jan. 27 at the thank you in person for the sacrifices cards from Natalia School students, and take time to write thank-you letters back to CRC Fitness Center at 7 p.m. and at Hanson you make every day of the year.” them during their lunch time. Field House on Camp Casey Jan. 28 at 7 p.m. For more information call: 730-6882. Gentry was in the Army from fortunate to be stateside this holiday they did all this stuff for us and that 1995-1998. Her first duty station was season. they care and I can’t really say MWR Bears Town Ski at Camp Casey, Korea. Area I Headquarters and enough because it really makes me Trip She said she remembered how it Headquarters Company Soldiers took feel good,” said Spc. Garry Beniquez, The Bears Town Ski Trip will depart all felt to be without her family during time to write thank you letters to all HHC, Area I. Community Activity Centers Jan. 27. For the holidays. Her husband is a the students in grades 1 through 12. times and information call 730-6882. sergeant in the Army too, but is “It makes me feel very glad that E-mail banishm@korea.army.mil .
    • Area IThe Morning Calm Weekly Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 7Area I gives motorcycle safety briefing By Jim Cunningham and fatalities,” Young-Shelton said. “Area I has the Area I Public Affairs capabilities to at least support a part-time Motorcycle CAMP CASEY—Every young boy and eventually Safety Foundation program.” young man looks at the rakish motorcycle and sees The trio of instructors agreed that it is necessary potential adventure, and to most, a sense of unbridled and possible for Area I to have its own motorcycle freedom. Such thoughts have occurred in most young safety course. minds even before the age of motor vehicles when “This will take several weeks with dedicated eyeing a graceful stallion. support to accomplish, so we cannot start tomorrow, Some of these adventurous boys and men only see but could be ready prior to the coming spring,” Wood the romantic side of riding what today is perhaps the said. most powerful vehicle on public roads. The simple “We have more than 60 Soldiers in attendance looking motorcycle belies its secret in the mechanic’s today,” Steuerwald said. “The majority of Soldiers art of design and function, hiding the fact that to operate here own motorcycles and plan to ride when they safely requires vigorous training, both classroom and return stateside.” hands on. Many Soldiers attending the briefing own For these reasons and recent accidents involving motorcycles and do not have the proper training. untrained Soldiers on motorcycles, 2nd Infantry “Fully 30 percent of the Soldiers in attendance who Division Safety Manager Mike Wood invited Tim Ah own motorcycles do not have current Motorcycle Young-Shelton, IMCOM-Korea Deputy safety director Safety Foundation credentials,” Wood said. for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Training, and Scott “We should conduct similar training on a regular Steuerwald, Cape Fox Professional Services/IMCOM- basis.” Korea ATSTP instructor to Camp Casey to brief 2ID The two-hour briefing brought the facts involved motorcycle operators, particularly prospective in riding safely and the respect for the training needed operators before they returned to the U.S. on leave to in Area I. ride or purchase a motorcycle, on the proper training “As 2ID Safety Manager I will seek permission and risk awareness in riding motorcycles. and support for 2ID command group to allow “This briefing includes everything the new rider IMCOM-Korea and the ATSTP instructor to prepare JIM CUNNINGHAM and experienced riders need to be aware of: training a MSF training facility in Area I,” Wood said.Tim Ah Young-Shelton gives motorcycle safety briefing requirements, protective equipment, risks involved inin the Camp Casey theater Dec. 20. E-mail james.f.cunningham@us.army.mil riding motorcycles, and a review of recent accidentsYear-end concer t enter tains WarriorsBy Jim Cunningham richest district in Seoul, normally has Samulnori. Their rhythm and danceArea I Public Affairs a concert for Soldiers in the Seoul moves are well known and performed CAMP CASEY—What happens in area. They wanted to take the concert by groups around the globe.Seoul does not always stay in Seoul. to where the largest concentrations of With even more visual effects andEspecially when the Gang Nam Soldiers are here in Area I.” moves, the Electric String QuartetSymphony Orchestra, Samulnori folk The Gang Nam Symphony performed works by Runa thatdrum and dance group, Electric String Orchestra performed the suite from included stage fog and flames risingQuartet, B-boy dance group with a Westside Story by Leonard Bernstein, from the stage floor.rock band decide to entertain Warriors My Way written by Paul Anka, The Many in the audience were thrilledin Area I as well as the Soldiers in Stars and Stripes Forever by John with the performances.Seoul. Phillip Sousa, and Arirang Variations “This is a great opportunity for “This is an idea that came from the by Kim Hak Kwon. The orchestra’s Soldiers in Area I to get a look at truly JIM CUNNINGHAM8th U.S. Army,” said Lt. Col. Terry performance was followed by a great entertainment from the best inHodges, Casey garrison commander. performance of traditional Korean Korea,” said Lt. Col. Todd Goehler, The Gang Nam Symphony Orchestra performs“The Gang Nam district in Seoul, drum and dance music, Kwang 2nd Infantry Division. the music of Bernstein, Paul Anka, Sousa andprobably the most influential and Myung, performed by the group Burns for troops in Carey Fitness Center during E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil the 2006 Year-End Concert Dec. 28.
    • Jan.19, 20078 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly
    • Jan. 19, 2007 Page 9Area II community honors Martin Luther King Jr.By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — About400 Area II community memberscelebrated Martin Luther King Jr.birthday Sunday at the South PostChapel. The ceremony began with a vigilmarch from Collier Field House to SouthPost Chapel. At the chapel, participantspresented various performances tohonor the slain civil rights leader. “This day is to celebrate a life of atrue American hero who stood forjustice, equality and fairness,” saidAlpha Phi Alpha Fraternity memberSpencer Walton. “We wanted to unifythe community in celebration of his lifeand his achievements.” The Seoul American Elementary PHOTOS BY PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONChoir sang. Seoul American Middle Hundreds of Area II community members march from Collier Field House to South Post Chapel Sunday to honor Martin Luther King. Jr.School and High School students readpoetry to show appreciation for whatKing did. Spc. Kristal Hadley from 18thMedical Command sang “Lift EveryVoice and Sing,” which was said to beKing’s favorite song. Seoul AmericanMiddle School student Taylor MacGeesang “Precious Lord,” which was sungat King’s funeral. Seoul American HighSchool student Sean Brown gave amime performance called “Order MyFootsteps.” Above: Area II Equal Opportunity Advisor Sgt. 1st Class “All the performances were to renew Myra Watson gives opening remarks.awareness of what Martin Luther King Left: The Seoul American Middle School choir sings “Martin See King Page 12 King, Luther” and “Free at Last.”King commemoration calls people to actionBy Pfc. Kim Sang-wookArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 250 AreaII community members gathered to commemorateDr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jan. 12 at the MultipurposeTraining Facility. The U.S. Army Troop Command-Korea organizedthe event with various presentations. “We observe and celebrate Martin Luther KingHoliday so that we can educate, bring awareness andhonor the late great Dr. King’s personal sacrifices,achievements, and accomplishments,” said USATC -Korea Equal Opportunity Advisor Sgt. 1st ClassDesiree Tomlinson. “His struggle was not only for Master Sgt. Johnny Williams recites the famous “I have ablacks, but for minorities to be treated equal in what Dream” speech Jan. 12 at the Multipurpose Training Facility.was a racially torn America, back in those days.” Martin Luther King Day is an American holidaymarking the birthday. It is the only United States federalholiday commemorating an African American andindividual person. For one of the main events, Seoul American HighSchool Senior Sean Brown mimed “Order MyFootsteps” showing Dr. King’s struggle for equity ofhuman rights. Master Sgt. Johnny Williams recited the historic “I PHOTOS BY PFC. KIM SANG-WOOKHave a Dream” speech. Seoul American High School student Sean Brown gave a mime See Commemoration Page 12 Commemoration, More than 250 Soldiers gather for the commemoration. performance called “Order My Footsteps.”
    • 10 Jan. 19, 2007 http://area2.korea.army.mil Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Illegal U-turns prove dangerousArea II servicemembers By David McNally Sweep Top Prizes Area II Public AffairsThree Are II servicemmebrs won bigwith the Army and Air Force SEOUL — Seoul officialsExchange Service JVC Sweepstakes. implemented a new center bus lane nearArea II Commander Col. Ron Yongsan Garrison and Camp Kim inStephens and AAFES General early December. Drivers soon foundManager Ron Daugherty will make access to Camp Kim dramaticallypresentations 4:30 p.m. Friday. changed. The grand prize, with $7,000 value, Three December traffic accidentsis a trip to the 2007 JVC Newport Jazz involving U.S. servicemembers andFestival. Capt. Danielle Sim was the civilians resulted from illegal U-turns.winner. Normal Master Sgt Andrew Bradford took “A one-ton car access tofirst prize with a $3,800 61-inch HD- Camp Kim will always and the SeouliLA 1080p PTV, with rack, receiver, Third prize went to Maj. Jay Cha lose to a 10-ton USO has beenwith a $549 Everio G Digital 20 GB bus.” through aHDD Camcorder with DVD burner. —Jeff Hyska legal U-turnThe top prizes all went to Area II after leavingservicemembers, with the exception Yongsan Garrison Gate 1. The cityof the second prize, which went to a implementation of a center bus laneservicemember at Camp Foster, removed the U-turn.Okinawa. By making an illegal U-turn, drivers put themselves and others at risk. If Visitor Center Closure drivers take the turn, they may put PFC. KIM YANG-WONThe Gate 20 Visitor Center will close themselves in the path of a speeding Seoul officials display multiple warning against a U-turn at the Namyoung Subway Stationthrough Feb. 16 for renovations. bus. intersection. One sign even displays where to make a left turn, followed by three right turns.Visitors should sign in at Gates 5, 10, “A one-ton caror 17. Gate 20 is still open for SOFA will always lose to Myung Women’s University,” said Area The new city bus lane will also affectvehicles and pedestrians. a 10-ton bus,” said II Community Relations Officer An the U-turn to return to Yongsan Garrison Area II Safety Chang-sin.said. “But, there could be Gate 1 from Camp Kim. Gas Station Closure Officer Jeff Hyska. traffic delays with this route.” There is no longer a legal U-turn atArmy and Air Force Exchange “People need to An said the second possible route is the Samgakji intersection.Service officials plan to close the follow the marked going through the Samgakji intersection, “To get back to Yongsan from CampYongsan Gas Station Feb. 6-7 for alternate routes.” over the overpass, taking a right turn at Kim, I recommend taking a left at theunderground pumps and pipework.The station has been There are two new ways to get to the next intersection and traveling to the Samgakji intersection and traveling toundergoing a complete renovation to Camp Kim. Namyeong Subway Station and taking either Gate 7 or 8,” An said.install pay-at-the-pump capabilities “One possible route is to exit Camp another right turn. “You will be taking your life into yoursince late December. Coiner Gate 20, and take a left at the “This is the route I would own hands if you make an illegal U-turn next intersection and another left at the recommend,” An said. “Two right turns into the bus lane,” An said. Volunteer Ceremony Hangangno intersection near Sook would be easier in heavy traffic.” E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.milArea II Army Community Service willhost the Volunteer recognitionceremony 3 p.m. Jan. 18 at the New elementary school drop-off lane opensCommunity Services Building. Forinformation, call 738-7510. New Operating HoursThe following Army and Air ForceExchange facilities have new operatinghours: Hannam Village Food Court12 - 8 p.m. Monday-SaturdayClosed Sunday Hannam Village Post ExchangeClosed Monday11 a.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday12-9 p.m., Friday-Saturday11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday Yongsan Car Care Center8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Wednesday,Friday, Saturday and closed Thursdayand Sunday. A Korean contractor installs a fence to separate the drop-off lane and the schoolSOFA License Plates sidewalk.SOFA license plate charges are now: Regular license plates $8 Motorcycles $3 Temporary plates $4.75 Area II Web SiteFor more community notes, news andinformation, visit the Area II Web site PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYat http://area2.korea.army.mil. Workers complete a new Seoul American Elementary School drop-off lane Jan. 12. The project will increase safety and help with traffic flow during peak hours, officials said.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Jan. 19, 2007 http://area2.korea.army.mil 11 Soldiers prepare tax center By David McNally Activity Center, Room 113. Area II Public Affairs Tax preparation services are available for all U.S. servicemembers, civilian IRS trains Soldiers for employees and family members. Jan. 31 opening “In some cases, we can help contractors, but only if their contract YONGSAN GARRISON — The specifies tax preparation services,” Yongsan Tax Center is almost ready to O’Connell said. open for business. Thirteen Area II For the Soldiers, the job of tax Soldiers and four civilian volunteers preparer is in addition to their regular completed Internal Revenue Service jobs. training Jan. 8-12. Spc. Justin Cauthen is normally a “This has been a good group of medic with the 121st Combat Support people to work with,” said IRS trainer Hospital. Elizabeth Skiba. “They are interested “This training is tough,” he said. “It’s and very computer literate.” more complicated than I thought it Skiba traveled from Jackson, Miss. would be.” to give training to future tax preparers Sgt. Joshua Bell, normally a in Areas I and II. mechanic, said he would be assigned “Overall, I’ve been impressed with to the tax center for nearly half his tour how quickly our staff has picked up on of duty in Korea. the tax training,” said Yongsan Tax O’Connell said many customers do Center Officer-in-Charge Capt. Denise not need an appointment. O’Connell. “It depends on each individual,” she In 2006, the Yongsan Tax Center said. “If it’s a Soldier with just a W-2 and processed more than 3,600 federal and nothing else, the Soldier can use our walk- state income tax returns with more than in service and the process is very fast.” $3.7 million refunded. Add in the complexity of stock market “Our goal is to beat last year’s transactions, capital gains and property, benchmark,” O’Connell said. and the process will take more time and Perhaps the biggest advantage to require an appointment, she said. using the tax center is the cost. There will be a grand opening “There’s no charge,” she said. “It’s ceremony and cake cutting at the new DAVID MCNALLY a totally free service.” center 3 p.m. Jan. 31.Sgt. Joshua Bell (left) and Spc. Lodrick Lawrence complete a computer exercise during The center will be open Jan. 31 to For information, call 725-1040.Internal Revenue Service training Jan. 10 at the Yongsan Tax Center. May 10 at the Moyer Community E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.mil
    • 12 Jan. 19, 2007 http://area2.korea.army.milAbout 400 Area II Area II The Morning Calm Weeklycommunity membersattend a Martin LutherKing Jr. event.Sundayat South Post Chapel. PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONKing from Page 9Jr., stood for, what he stands for Opportunity Sgt. 1st Class Myratoday,” said Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Watson. “It was also a very movingmember Celeste Wilkerson. “I hope it tribute to Coretta Scott King, wife ofhas helped the people to get rid of Martin Luther King Jr. and also aprejudice and live by his standards.” monumental person in efforts to support Wilkerson said the poem “Box of equality.”Crayons” by Aaron Watson was an Watson said people should alwaysinspiring portrait of how King wanted remember, celebrate and act. It’s a dayall Americans to interact with each on, not a day off.other. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and “I thought it was an awesome Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.experience seeing the boys and girls coordinated the ceremony to rememberparticipate and celebrate the life of a and commemorate.great American,” said Area II EqualCommemoration from Page 9 “I have a dream that one day on the Korean Augmentation to The Unitedred hills of Georgia the sons of former States Army Training Academy, spokeslaves and the sons of former slave of his appreciation for King.owners will be able to sit down together “Some of you may not have beenat the table of brotherhood,” Williams born during the time of this great leader,”recited. “I have a dream that my four Mingo said. “But he was a dedicatedlittle children will one day live in a nation leader to wake the conscience ofwhere they will not be judged by the America.”color of their skin but by the content of King, the 1964 Nobel Peace Prizetheir character.” winner and America’s leading proponent The speech became the landmark of of nonviolence in the civil rightsthe civil right movement in America. struggle, was assassinated in 1968. Command Sgt. Maj. Preston Mingo, The theme of the commemorationCommandant of Wightman Non- was “Remember! Celebrate! Act! A daycommissioned Officer Academy and on … not a day off!” Visit the Area II Web site for more community information http://area2.kor ea.army.mil ea2.korea.army http://ar ea2.kor ea.army.mil
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 13Army Program Enables Wounded Warrior to Serve AgainBy Elaine Wilson in April 2004, with the 25th Infantry out of Schofield Fitted with the latest in prosthesis, a computer-Fort Sam Houston Public Affairs Barracks, Hawaii. controlled leg, DeLeon could walk, bike, drive, do FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas – Jorge DeLeon Just a few weeks in country, DeLeon and his unit just about anything - but run. Despite extensivemay have lost a leg in the war, but he never lost a were on their way back to camp after a patrol through running training at Brooke Army Medical Center, hedesire to serve his country. the region. DeLeon was driving a Humvee, the lead was unable to pass the test and was medically retired Two years after his military aspirations were crushed vehicle of the convoy. in March.by an anti-tank mine, DeLeon is back in Army service As they neared the camp, the sergeant noticed a “I really loved the Army, loved the pride of the- this time as a Department of Defense civilian. strange sight, a funeral in progress in the middle of infantry,” DeLeon said. “I’m able to do anything in The former sergeant is the second civil service the desert, not far from the entrance to the base. my mind and heart, but my disability prevents meemployee hired at Fort Sam Houston through the Army “Usually, no one is out there. But, that day, there from doing it all.”Wounded Warrior Program, and the first amputee. were more than 50 people at a funeral. I immediately Disappointed his military dream was over, DeLeon The program, dubbed AW2, is designed for Soldiers thought something was wrong.” turned to a former passion - law enforcement. Anseverely wounded in the Global War on Terrorism. DeLeon told the lieutenant in the Humvee his eight-year veteran of the force prior to the military,AW2 provides information and assistance to aid suspicions, and at that moment, the Humvee ran over DeLeon tapped into his experience and applied for aSoldiers and their families through the recovery process an anti-tank mine. job with the police department at Fort Sam Houston.and beyond, from medical evacuation to reintegration “It was like slow motion,” he said. “The Humvee Between his military and police experience,into the work force. lifted about 12 feet in the air before it fell.” disability aside, DeLeon was a perfect fit. He started “We continue to work closely with managers to The dashboard crushed DeLeon to his seat. His working as a radio operator last month.locate employment opportunities at Fort Sam Houston fellow Soldiers raced to pull him out. As he lay on “He’s doing a fine job,” said Master Sgt. Troythat match the skills of the many wounded warriors in the ground, he felt no pain - until he looked down. Brumley, DeLeon’s supervisor. “His background inour area,” said Sharon Ferguson, director of the Civilian The bone on his left leg protruded from his skin. His law enforcement is a real asset. If we get a few morePersonnel Advisory Center here. “Commanders and right leg was gone. like him, we won’t turn them down.”managers are encouraged to use all available tools to “Then the pain hit me. I was conscious the whole Ferguson said she’ll continue to encourageprovide employment opportunities for these time. On the way to the hospital, all I could think wounded warriors to apply.courageous Soldiers.” about was my wife and kids,” said the father of three “We’re pleased with our success thus far, but DeLeon, the newest edition to the Fort Sam Houston children ages 5, 3 and 1. “I didn’t want to die.” recognize there are many more positions that canPolice Department, is now at work as a radio operator. Having taken the full brunt of the mine, DeLeon be filled with wounded warriors,” she said. “Our “I’m very happy to be working here,” DeLeon said. was the only one injured in the explosion. experience is the brave warriors with whom we“I’m not doing exactly what I want, but it’s close.” He underwent a long, painful recovery at Walter Reed have worked truly exemplify the AW2 vision: ‘Our DeLeon would have preferred to remain a Soldier. Army Medical Center in D.C. His desire to stay in the Wounded Warriors and their families are selfThe 33-year-old joined in 2001 after eight years on Army and the support of his family kept him on the sufficient, contributing members of ourthe police force in Puerto Rico. He deployed four times path to recovery. He finished his treatment and was community; living and espousing the Warrior Ethosin five years; however, he wasn’t injured until the last. soon on his way back to Schofield Barracks to join his knowing our Army and Nation remembers their The former infantryman deployed to Afghanistan unit - under one condition. He had to pass a PT test. selfless sacrifice.’”
    • Jan. 19, 200714 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly JAN. 19-25 Deck The Hall Deja Vu Deck The Hall Casino Royale Deck The Hall Man Of The Year Casino Royale (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:35 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. Borat Casino Royale Let’s Go To Prison Stranger Than Fiction No Show No Show No Show (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. . Let’s Go To Prison Let’s Go To Prison Let’s Go To Prison Deja Vu Deja Vu The Prestige The Prestige (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. Deja Vu Deck The Hall Let’s Go To Prison Deck The Hall Deja Vu Casino Royale Let’s Go To Prsion (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. Eragon Casino Royale Eragon No Show No Show No Show Casino Royale (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:00 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m.Deja Vu — After the success of Flushed Away — From Code Name: The Cleaner — Cedric Borat — Jagshemash! Sacha Baron Deck The Halls — Deck the Hallsthe 2004 Man on Fire, director Tony DreamWorks Animation and Aardman the Entertainer, Lucy Liu and Nicollette Cohen, the star and creator of HBOs is a family comedy about one-Scott and Denzel Washington Features, the teams behind the Sheridan star in the fast-paced action "Da Ali G Show," brings his Kazakh upsmanship, jealousy, clashingteamed up once again--this time Oscar-winning hits "Shrek" and comedy, Code Name: The Cleaner. journalist character Borat Sagdiyev to neighbors, home decoration ... andalongside high-powered producer "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Cedric plays Jake, a seemingly regular the big screen for the first time. the true spirit of the holidays. ForJerry Bruckheimer--to deliver this big- Were-Rabbit," comes the computer- guy who has no idea who he is after Leaving his native Kazakhstan, Borat Cloverdale, Massachusetts op-budget spectacle of an action picture animated comedy "Flushed Away." being hit over the head by mysterious travels to America to make a tometrist Steve Finch (Matthewset in post-Katrina New Orleans. The Blending Aardmans trademark style assailants. When he finds himself documentary. As he zigzags across Broderick), no time of the year cancity is delivered another crushing and characterizations with unexpectedly entangled in a high-level the nation, Borat meets real people in compare to the glory of theblow when a ferry explodes, killing DreamWorks state-of-the-art com- government conspiracy, Jake and his real situations with hysterical Christmas season. And, for manyover 500 innocent citizens. Only this puter animation, the film marks a pursuers begin to believe that he is an consequences. His backwards years now, hes carried on a seriestime, nature wasn’t the cause of the unique new look for the artform. In undercover agent who sub- behavior generates strong reactions of heartfelt but hokey Yuletidetragedy. Enter ATF officer Doug Carlin this new comedy set on and beneath consciously holds a key piece of around him, exposing prejudices and traditions that his family wife Kelly(Washington), who is recruited by a the streets of London, Roddy St. information that could expose an arms hypocrisies in American culture. In (Kristin Davis), daughter Madisonnewly formed FBI unit (headed by James (Hugh Jackman) is a deal involving the CIA and FBI. Lucy some cases, Borats interview (Alia Shawkat), and son CarterVal Kilmer) to help track down the pampered pet mouse who thinks Liu (Charlies Angels) and Nicollette subjects embrace his outrageous (Dylan Blue), at this point, cankiller (a Timothy McVeigh-esque Jim hes got it made. But when a sewer Sheridan ("Desperate Housewives") views on race and sex by agreeing barely tolerate. Despite his familysCaviezel). When a body is found rat named Sid (Shane Richie) the co-star as the women Jake may or with him, while others attempt to offer exhausted protests, super-floating in the river, it is determined definition of "low life" -- comes may not be involved with. a patriotic lesson in Western values. organized Steve has the Decemberthat the victim was murdered before spewing out of the sink and decides Wa-wa-wee-wa! Hilarious. Jaw- calendar chock full with everythingthe ferry blast occurred. Un- its his turn to enjoy the lap of luxury, dropping. Inflammatory. Dangerous. from shooting the Finchs annualfortunately, the victim was the Roddy schemes to rid himself of the Subversive. Borat, a satirical Kazakh Christmas card photo, to their ritualimpossibly beautiful Claire Kuchever pest by luring him into the loo for a journalist caricature invented and tree harvesting and neighborhood(Paula Patton), whose death has dip in the "whirlpool." portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen, has caroling nights entire Christmasbegun to torment Carlin. been called all this and more. season.. Blood Diamond No Show Borat Saw III No Show No Show No Show (R) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. Code Name:The Cleaner Code Name:The Cleaner Code Name:The Cleanerr Casino Royale Casino Royale Blood Diamond Blood Diamond (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. Deja Vu Deck The Hall Deck The Hall Man Of The Year Casino Royale No Show Code Name:The Cleaner (PG13) 8:35 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG) 8:35 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Casino Royale Deck The Hall Casino Royale Man Of The Year No Show Code Name:The Cleaner Deck The Hall (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. Code Name:The Cleaner Casino Royale Casino Royale Casino Royale Casino Royale Deja Vu Deja Vu (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Code Name:The Cleaner Casino Royale Casino Royale Lets Go To Prison Lets Go To Prison A Good Year A Good Year (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. Flushed Away Flushed Away Flushed Away Flags Of OurFather Flags Of OurFather The Prestige The Prestige (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
    • Jan. 19, 2007The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 15No one has greater love than thisChaplain (CPT) Anthony S. Kazarnowicz, Jr. enemies, love for sinners and love for those who war with respect, according to the GenevaHHSC STB hate us. This kind of love enters into the realm Convention. It is shown when they give their T hese words of Christ are often quoted of godly or divine love. This is the kind of love enemy food, clothing and medicine. It is shown at military funerals to honor fallen God has for the human race. This is the when they try to stop injustices or crimes comrades. However, I always felt these perfection of all forms of love. We show this perpetrated against enemy soldiers or civilians.words fell short of truly describing the love of a love by not returning evil for evil—an eye for an It is shown when they help rebuild their damagedservice man and woman. Members of the armed eye, a tooth for a tooth or a life for a life. We do cities. It is shown when they care for orphanservices not only lay down their lives for their not seek revenge upon those who hurt us. When children. It is shown when diplomatic relationsfriends; they also (and more so) die for total someone curses us, we do not curse them back; are restored between the United States andstrangers. This is harder to do. I interpret the we return a blessing instead. If someone steals nations that were once our enemies. It is shownabove quote to mean that there is no greater our shirt, we do not fight with them to get it when we open our borders to refugees andnatural or human love than to lay down one’s back; we give them our coat as well. If someone immigrants. It is shown when we forgive ourlife for one’s friends. In dying for total strangers, forces us to walk one mile with them, we enemies.however, a service man’s or woman’s love willingly walk two miles with them. We pray for Indeed, “No one has greater love than this, toextends beyond the perfection of natural love; it our enemies and do good to them. lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” However,enters into the realm of supernatural love. This love is shown by service men and women there is a higher love. Praise for living that higher Yet, there is still a higher and still more when they take care of wounded enemy soldiers. love is not to be denied our American servicedifficult form of love. It is love for one’s It is shown when they treat enemy prisoners of men and women! Area I Worship Services Catholic Camp Stanely Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. Camp Casey Memorial Catholic Mass 10:30 a.m. Camp Casey West Chapel Chapel, Stanley Chapel Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel 11 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel, 2 p.m. Camp Casey Chapel 9:30 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Stanley Chapel, Camp Noon Camp Casey West Chapel Casey Crusader Chapel Latter Day Saints 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 2 p.m. Cp. Casey Crusader Korean Services Chapel Protestant Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Protestant For information on Bible study groups and other religious services and Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Casey Stone Chapel, Godspell activities, contact the Area I Chaplains Office at 732-6466.
    • Jan. 19, 200716 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklyMade in America show entertains WarriorsBy Jim CunninghamArea I Public Affairs CAMP RED CLOUD—Doug Allenand his band returned to Area I Dec. 23with a new show to entertain Warriorsduring the holidays. “We wanted to bring somethingdifferent to entertain the troops besidethe ‘Chicago Mob’ band,” said Allen,producer and bandleader. “We wantedto put together a hip-hop, MTV styledance show.” Members of the Chicago Mob band,five in all, played the music for the showand four top shelf female dancersprovided the steps. The show includes some of thefavorite dance scenes from the movie“Chicago” as well as popular rapdances. “We have been thinking of thisconcept for a long time,” Allen said.“Kristen Collianelli from Seattle is achoreographer and has performed onMTV videos. She put this show together PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMwith the other three professional Chaz Winzenread playes a contemporary rock ‘n’ roll solo in front of the band with the dancers on New Year’s Eve at Camp Casey’s Warrior’s Cllub.dancers. We have Tom Clark, a veteran All of the musicians are regular featured artists with the Chicago Mob band that performs in casinos throughout the United States and overseas.of the band who has done a lot of my This band was assymbled by Doug Allen especially for the Made in America show and especially formulated for Area I Warriors.overseas tours. He plays saxophone andkeyboards. Ryan Schiedermayer toursa lot. He is a percussionist. ChazWinzenread does a lot of overseas tourswith me too, and Dan Stewart, he raps,sings and plays percussion andkeyboards.” The dancers are Collianelli, KristenVollmer, Jessica Deahr, and JuliaRencher. The show was performed segue fromone set to the next to last only one hour.Most wanted more after theperformance, but all have to wait. “We will give a two hour performanceNew Year’s Eve,” Allen said.E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil Dancers Vollmer, Deahr and Rencher serenade a Soldier volunteer during the performance of their Santa Baby medley. .Dancer Jessica Deahr dances with a Soldier in John Antes, Area I entertainment director,the audience during the Santa Baby performs Deck of Cards, when invited by Doug Dancers Collianelli, Vollmer, Deahr and Rencher perform selections from the popular film Chicagoperformance.. Allen on the spur of the moment. during their show Dec. 31. The group not only danced the scenes but performed the songs.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 17
    • Jan. 19, 200718 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly Gospel Great Donnie McClurkin perform to perform 10-Mile Rucksack Competition Set Live shows will run Jan. 26 A 10-Mile Rucksack Competition will be 10 a.m. Feb. 3 at the Crown Jewel - 31 on Army installations Fitness Center on Camp Carroll. Registration will be 8 – 9 a.m., with the By Rakendra Moore race and course briefing at 9:30 a.m. IMCOM Public Affairs This competition is open to all U.S. ID Grammy Award winning artist Donnie McClurkin, will card holders. There will be two perform five shows on the peninsula free of charge, individual categories, active-duty men compliments of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation. Yongsan and active-duty women; and military Garrison’s Collier Field House will kick off the tour on Jan. team categories, including active duty 26. Donnie will then travel to visit troops at Camp Red Cloud Men’s and Women’s open (all ages) Gym on Jan. 27, Camp Casey Hanson Field House on Jan. 28, and military team category (consisting COUTESY and Camp Humphreys Community Activities Center on Jan. PHOTO of five military personnel from the Gospel artist Donnie McClurkin will entertain troops stationed in same organization and/or installation). 30. His last performance will be Jan. 31 at Camp Walker in the Kelly Gym. All performances start at 7 p.m. Korea during the last month of January. Teams finishing with less than five members will be disqualified. A team Donnie McClurkin is most noted for his hit song, “We Fall story in hopes that it would help others. must cross the finish line together in a Down”, however he has had several Gospel hits including, As a singer, songwriter, and producer, his popularity has single file. Awards will be presented “Great is Your Mercy”, Just For Me”, and “Didn’t You Know”. increased over the years in both the Gospel and secular arenas to the top five individuals overall and Recently he released a new album entitled “Psalms, Hymns, of entertainment. He has made appearances on UPN’s men’s & women’s top two overall and Spiritual Songs”, combining a mixture of Contemporary, “Girlfriends”, “The Parkers”, and several popular talk shows. teams. ACUs or BDUs and/or service Traditional Hymns and Praise, and Worship Gospel music that Amongst the movies he has been apart of, 2005 brought equivalent uniforms are required, entertains, heals, and teaches. The compilation features songs “The Gospel” to audiences starring Boris Kodjoe and Donnie although non-standard t-shirts may be such as “I Love To Praise Him” and “I Call You Faithful (I Call McClurkin as Minister Hunter. worn in place of regulation undershirt. You Holy)”. With all of his success, McClurkin’s focus is on “Things Footwear is limited to military service Donnie McClurkin won numerous awards, including a far greater than material gain”. He was ordained in 2001 and recognized boots, however all coveted 2004 Grammy Award for Best Soul Contemporary has stated, “As much as I love music and singing, more now participants may wear hi-tech style Gospel, 2004 NAACP Image award for Outstanding Gospel than ever before, I feel my greatest strengths and calling lie boots. Boots may not be exchanged Artists, BET Award, and 2002 Soul Train Music Award as in pastoral ministry. It’s my very existence and my greatest for any other footgear along the route. well as several Dove and Stellar Awards. joy.” No LBE or helmets are required. For He has been featured in many magazines and newspapers Donnie McClurkin has reached heights of success people more information, call the Camp Carroll including The New York Times, USA Today, Billboard, and dream of. His moving songs of praise and worship have Sports Office at 765-8287/8118. the Hollywood Reporter. Donnie McClurkin is also an author, been heard through out the world. The coming performances Tough Soldier II Boxing who penned the “Eternal Victim/ Eternal Victor” in which he are sure to be nothing less than excellent. shares his story of overcoming child abuse in his early years. For more information, contact your local MWR Invitational Scheduled It is said that Donnie McClurkin felt compelled to share his Entertainment Office or DSN 723-3749. The Camp Carroll Fitness Center will BOSS Winter Games offer host the Tough Soldier II Boxing Invitational Feb. 10 at the Crown Jewel Fitness Center. The mandatory weigh- in and physical exam starts at 10:30 a.m. with competition beginning at 7 p.m. All active duty USFK military personnel are eligible to enter. ‘freestyle’ fun on slopes awarded, Yong Pyong is expected to host the giant slalom Categories include both men’s and By Cara Masterson women’s open and novice divisions. IMA-Korea MWR and slalom races. Lodging will be available upon request YONGSAN – Single and unaccompanied Soldiers are Some scenes from the popular Korean drama Winter for participants from Areas I, II and ready to hit the slopes for the BOSS Winter Games scheduled Sonata were filmed at the resort. III. For information, call the Camp for Feb. 18-20. The three-day, two-night trip to Yong Pyong The slopes offer varying levels of difficulty - each Carroll Sports Office at 765-8287/8118. Resort includes lodging, two lift tickets, equipment rental, designated by individual colors - to suit the challenges of competitions, and an Awards Dinner for the bargain basement both beginner and advanced skiers and snowboarders. price of $99. Registration is open to Active Duty U.S. Military only. Seats Lotte World closed for repairs are reserved in proportionate to the population of each Area. The Winter Games is a new event planned by the IMCOM Lotte World is scheduled to be closed Korea Region BOSS program. The concept was developed Space is limited and reservations will be made on a first to increase esprit-de-corps and morale amongst single and come – first serve basis. unaccompanied by seeing a bit of Korea beyond the installation Full payment is required at the time of registration. Area II Pool League gates. Registration and payment can be accepted at your local The Area II Pool League is seeking Yong Pyong Resort (often referred to as Dragon Valley) is Recreation Center or Community Activities Center. Deadline new members. The group meets at 7 located on the Eastern Coast of Korea, about 200 kilometers to register is Feb. 9. p.m. each Tuesday at the Main Post or a 2 ½ hour drive from Seoul. Covering 4,300 acres, the The Winter Games is just one of the many activities Club, Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy resort receives an average annual snowfall of 250cm and provided to single and unaccompanied servicemembers by Club -- all on Yongsan Garrison. the BOSS program. average temperatures of -6 C. The 31 slopes (including 2 Membership is open to ID cardholders, For more information on upcoming regional or local BOSS half pipes) and 14 lifts (including 1 cable car) can accommodate family members, retirees, Department events, contact or visit the Community Activities Centers or 25,000 guests per day. Opened to the public in 1975, it is of Defense civilians or contractors and unit BOSS representatives on your installation. individuals sponsored by ID sometimes called the “Skiing Mecca of Korea.” They have recently hosted a slew of international competitions such as Information can also be obtained by calling the following cardholders. For more information, call POCs : Area I : 732-66664; Area II: 738-5254; Area III: 753- Brent Abare at 723-3691. the Winter Asian Games and the World Cup Alpine Ski Games. If Pyeongchang’s bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics is 8825; Area IV: 764-4123 or KORO Program manager at 725- 6070.
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    • 20 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Jan. 19, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly
    • Jan. 19, 2007 Page 21The next best thing to a real patientBy Bob McElroyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS—Combat medics here havea new training device that has a pulse, breathes, talksand even allows them to give it intravenous fluid. It’scalled the SimMan Manikin and it is the next best thingto a real patient. The SimMan has been at the Eighth Army TrainingSupport Activity Korea facility here for a few months,according to Yon Vanest, a Training Specialist at theTSAK. It can simulate a number of conditions thatrequire medics to use basic and advanced life supportmeasures and it will provide immediate feedback ontheir performance. Vanest said that the Eighth Army TSAKs Area I andIV also have a SimMan for medical training. During an end-of-year training session, Sgt. 1stClass Michael Jackson, a platoon sergeant in the 568thMedical Company put teams of Army medics and theirKorean Service Company counterparts through thepaces with the SimMan. “This is the same Manikin they use at Fort SamHouston,” Jackson said. “For a medic this is the closestthey can come to a real patient. It has an actual pulse, B M E OB C LROYblood pressure, breath sounds and it can talk.” Medics Spc. Jason Taijeron (L), Sgt. Ray Lee (C) of the 568th Medical Company and Mr. Chang, Tu chin, of the Korean Service Jackson said that the SimMan has an “IV arm” that Corps, suction out the mouth of the SimMan Manikin during training in late December 2006 at the Training Support Activitymedics use to insert a catheter for intravenous fluids Korea.or blood transfusions. The laptop and software allow the instructor to simulate Spc Brent Bartlett of 568th Medical Company was one “We even have artificial blood you can pump into it various medical conditions that the medics must of the medics who trained with the SimMan. Bartlettso they get a flashback when recognize and treat. The said he found the SimMan “pretty real” and “good forthey insert an IV,” Jackson Area III unit medical personnel can instructor can put the SimMan refresher training.”added. contact Sgt. 1st Class Jackson at 568th into cardiac arrest or reduce the Bartlett said he thought the SimMan would be especially Jackson said that medics Medical Company DSN 753-3763 or pulse to challenge the medics. good for training medics who had never been with a realcan also connect Cellular 011-9972-9375. To schedule A computer-screen patient.electrocardiogram and training with the SimMan please contact representation of the patient will Jackson said that he is available to conduct trainingdefibrillator devices to the Ms. Yon Vanest at TSAK, phone number: show the instructor if the for other units’ medics as well as “Train the Trainer”SimMan. DSN 754-6096 or Commercial: 031- medics are in the right spot on classes. He added that while the SimMan could be used The SimMan Manikin 619-6096. the body to read the pulse in the future for Combat Lifesaver Training for now it issystem consists of the accurately. restricted to training medical personnel.SimMan, a laptop computer with software, medical In addition to running the several patient scenarios, “This is an awesome investment for the post andmonitor and an air compressor that feeds air through the operating software allows instructors to design and medics,” Jackson said. It’s good for Soldiers andhoses for the SimMan’s breath and pulse. save their own patient cases for future use. medics.”Local Students kick it ‘old school’ for Air DefendersBy 1st Lt. David C. Marlow at Suwon Air Base, 1-43 Air & Missile “old soft shoe” to their New Horizon’s in the movies.”35th ADA BDE Defense Battalion of 35th Air Defense Day. It was a special day for the SUWONAB – On the 9th of January Artillery Brigade, added a touch of the “We invited local Dancers from performers too. “Wow, this was the Unhaeng Middle School in Shihueng biggest crowd we have performed in and Tae Kwon Do martial artists from front of,” said Dong sung Lee, a 14 the Korea Gym in Suwon to not only year old martial artist from Suwon. “I entertain the Soldiers, but also to got to make a lot of American friends provide a great opportunity for today and practice my English.” Soldiers and members of the local This event was just one of many community to meet each other,” said coordinated by 1-43 who was last Mr. Tae Yong Mun, the 1-43 year’s winner of the Area III Good Community Relations Officer. Neighbor Best Unit Award. “We have “This was a great addition to our a lot of great GNP events here at New Horizon’s Day,” said SPC Isaac Suwon,” said CPT Marty Plys, Siaw an administrative specialist from Commander of Foxtrot Maintenance Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1-43. “When Soldiers get Battery. “The presentations are good, introduced to great events like this but actually having our neighbors in early in their tour it sparks their interest the community here sharing their in Korean culture and they are a lot 1ST LT. DAVID C. MARLOW culture with us is the best way to more likely to seek out more positiveA young Martial Artist from the Korea Tae Kwon Do Gym in Suwon shatters a piece of wood learn. The dancers were great and the things to do with their free time duringwith one swift kick. martial artists were as good as the guys their tour.”
    • 22 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Jan. 19, 2007 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Now offering the MBA. Spotlight on HAES Art Teacher Registration is in process. The By F. Neil Neeley new MBA on-site semester begins Area III Public Affairs Jan. 31. Application deadline is Jan CAMP HUMPHREYS – 23. MBA on-line courses are also Humphreys American Elementary available. On-line classes start School art teacher June Webb loves every Tuesday. For more art and has dedicated her teaching information on our programs or career to nurturing and developing registration contact an interest in and appreciation for Jennifer.Swenty@phoenix.edu art in all of her students. DSN 784-5664 or Webb, who hails from Jerry.Kellog@phoenix.edu at DSN Connecticut, is now in her second 753-8920. year of teaching grades K through Six at HAES. VOLUNTEERS “Last year I was half sixth-grade NEEDED math and science teacher and half The Area III Tax Assistance Center art teacher,” Webb said. But this year opens Jan. 24 and is looking for I’m only teaching art.” motivated volunteers to assist with Webb earned her undergraduate tax return preparation for Soldiers degree in art from Central F. NEIL N EELEY and family members in the coming Connecticut State University and her HAES art teacher June Webb gives Vance McLeod a hand with his art project. tax year. Training will be provided. master’s in elementary education at Hours are flexible. Interested the University of Bridgeport, also in artists, then I let them get more involved For example, TONYA would be persons should call 753-6245. Connecticut. in more advanced kinds of work.” Terrific, Ornery, Neat, Young, Before coming to Korea she Webb currently has her students Artistic.” IG POSITIONS IN taught for a year and a half in a working on self portraits. Webb also likes to involve her AREAS II/III private school in Connecticut “They’re looking at themselves in the students in the cultural aspects of The United States Forces Korea and followed by a stint as a substitute mirror and checking out art. Eighth Army Inspector General’s where their eyes are,” “For instance teacher in the Connecticut public Office is looking for Officers and school system. Webb said. “ They then when there’s NCOs who desire to become At HAES she employs a couple draw it on paper.” Hispanic heritage Inspector Generals in Areas II and of techniques to bring out the artist Webb is providing a Month or African III. You should be in the rank of Maj. (Branch immaterial) and Sgt. 1st class in her students: teaching them about different artistic challenge American history (MOS 42A/42L and 92Y) to serve as art and artists and then giving them to her older students. month,” Webb said, Inspectors General. the chance to make their own art. “I’m having the older “I try to introduce There is also an opening for an “I want to expose the kids do a self-expression them to a type of art Inspector General position in the kindergarten through third grades to unit,” Webb said. “I’m from that culture and rank of Capt. (Career Course a lot of different kinds of art and having them do a self- Webb have them create a graduate and successful Company- different materials,” Webb said. “I expression collage in the form of an type of art in that style.” level command) at Camp Humphreys. want to let them be creative with acrostic poem. That’s a poem that uses No matter the project or class one Info call Ltc. Eady at 725-6739. things and expose them to some the letters in a topic word to begin each thing is certain, the students at HAES artists. As they get into the upper line. All lines of the poem should relate will be the beneficiaries of Webb’s HAES SEEKS grades, I introduce them to more to or describe the topic word. passion for art. SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS You must be a U.S. Citizen and have a High School Education. Please contact Renee Smith at 031- Camp Humphreys observes Martin Luther King’s birthday 691-9527 for more information. RED CROSS HOME ALONE CLASS SET “The American Red Cross Home Alone Class will be held on Friday, Jan 26 from 10 .-11 a.m. at the HAES cafeteria. Call the Red Cross office at 753-7172 or 753-7173 to register. Students must be 9/10 years old. Text books will be issued on the day of the course which has been fully funded by the Camp Humphreys United Club.” ACS OFFERS JOB ASSISTANCE TRAINING Classes on Resume writing 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. and Resumix Preparation 1 – 4 p.m. Jan. 23. Pre-registration is F. NEIL N EELEY required, space is limited. attend one Camp Humphreys celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday with a prayer breakfast held at the Pegasus DFAC Jan, 10 and a or both. info, call 753-8321/8401or Commemorative march from Transformation Park to the Community Activities Center Jan. 11. A muti-media presentation at the CAC stop by ACS, Bldg 311. Celebrated Dr. King’s life followed by a performance by a gospel group.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area III Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 23Commitment, coaches are key to a keysuccessful youth sports programBy F. Neil NeeleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Lisa Hogue, the Child andYouth Services Sports Director here, has seen changesand growth in the Youth Sports program since takingcharge 15 months ago but one constant remains:without active support and participation from thecommunity the program can wither and die. “It’s starting to grow and we’re seeing moreparticipation,” Hogue said. “A big part of that isfamilies’ moving from off post to on post so that theirkids are now here. They’re putting them back into theprogram.” Hogue says that the biggest change is that CYS hastaken swimming from a club sport to a YS sponsoredsport. “So, in addition to basketball, baseball and soccer,we now offer swimming as a YS sport” she said. But along with growth and change Hogue stressesthat the key to a successful Youth Services programis support from the community. “Our program is set to support teams in the ageranges of five to seven, eight to ten, 11 to 12 and 13 to15 year olds.” Hogue said. “I’d love to be able to haveat least two teams in each age group.” To make that happen Hogue needs children andparents who are committed to participation on theteams and enough coaches to coach every team that LISA HOGUE The Camp Humphreys Kings 13 to 15-year-old youth basketball team, (in white) beat the Osan Youth team 19-14 in a gameshe can field. played Saturday Jan., 13. “When we lose kids to PCS moves,” Hogue said,“or some kid decides that he doesn’t want to play “There are a lot of Soldiers with a lot of down time; check and they have to go through a child abuse classanymore in mid-season or a kid gets poor grades and I hear them complaining that there’s noting to do. Come and they have to have a National Alliance for Youthhis parents won’t let him play any more, we could out and help the kids. The kids want to learn. If you’ve Sports class,” Hogue said. “The NAYS is a nationaldrop below the minimum number needed to form a got some athletic skills come out and share them with certifying body for volunteer coaches in the states.team and that team would be out.” the kids. Just be sure to let your commander know The Army has set standards so that our coach The main thing that I want the kids and their parents that you’re volunteering so that you can get volunteers are qualified and that they know theirto understand is that once they sign up for a program recognition.” responsibilities and what they are getting into.”it’s important to stick with us for the season because Recognition could come in several forms not the Hogue stresses that even though a Soldier may havewe base the teams on the number of kids at least of which is a medal. a top secret security clearance, he or she will still haveregistration, if one or two kids drop out that means According to Area III Command Sergeant Major to go through an ACS background check.that I may have to cancel the team for everybody. Jason Kim, a Soldier who volunteers Because the background check can Once Hogue has enough kids to field a team she for an extended period of time can take from two to four weeks Hogueneeds enough coaches to lead them. receive the Military Outstanding suggests that anyone who wants to “I’m always looking for coaches, Hogue said. Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM); coach should come to her sooner than“Baseball and T-ball season is coming so we’ll soon the medal is awarded to military later.need coaches. I won’t know the exact number of members who provide a level of “Coaches don’t have to wait untilcoaches that I’m going to need until registration is sustained volunteer service to the season to volunteer,” she said. “Ifover. But I think that I’m going to need a minimum organizations and groups in or out of they know that they are going to beof ten. That would give me two coaches for each the military. here for soccer season and they don’tage group.” “The first thing that they need to do want to do baseball or swimming, they Hogue added that it’s always better to have more after letting me know that they want can sign up now for the sport that theycoaches than necessary. to volunteer is go to Army Community Hogue want to coach. “99 percent of our coaches are Soldier volunteers,” Services and have their background check done,” Looking ahead Hogue says that this year Campshe said. “If one of them has to go to the field and Hogue said. “Without the background check, they Humphreys will be hosting the Area III Youthhe’s the only coach on the team, then there’s nobody can’t go out and coach.” Basketball Regional Championships and also willleft here to coach. “Our coaches have to have an ACS background host the KORO baseball tournament in June.USO, 532 MI host Korean students for Good Neighbor Program By F. Neil Neeley Community Activates Center for a brief (left to right) Lee Area III Public Affairs introduction, uniform description and a Juan-hee, Pfc. Dean CAMP HUMPHREYS – The Camp Question and Answer session. Burley and Pfc. Humphreys United Services Next, they went to the post bowling Wesley Floyd, (both Organization and B Co 532 Military alley where served a buffet of with B Co, 532 Intelligence sponsored a Good Neighbor cheeseburgers and hot dogs with fries Military Intelligence) Program Wednesday, Jan.17th. 22 MI and drinks. Afterwards, they bowled Kim Dong-hyun, and soldiers volunteered to host 90 13 year with the afternoon away with the MI Park Jong-han enjoy olds from ChungBuk Foreign Language Soldiers. burgers and hot School. The visiting students finished the day dogs while bowling. 15 teachers accompanied the children with a windshield tour of the base and a PHOTO BY F. NEIL NEELEY on their trip here. Once they arrived they stop at the PX Food Court to load up on met with the MI soldiers at the snacks for their long drive home.
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    • Jan. 19, 2007 Page 25Capacity crowd enjoys memorable MLK eventBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – In a rousingtribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther KingJr., an overflow crowd jammed into theEvergreen Community Club here Jan. 10to partake in a special breakfast celebration“Remember! Celebrate! Act! A Day On… Not a Day Off.” The crowd of more than 200 enjoyeda buffet breakfast, entertainment andremarks from guest speaker Lt. Col.Charles R. Hamilton, commander, 498thCombat Sustainment Support Battalion atCamp Carroll. The highlight of the event, however, PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAMwas a spirited rendition of the “I Have a Camp Walker Multi-Cultural Gospel Service Worship Team members (left to right) MoniqueDream” speech that King delivered Aug. Matthews, Valetta Love, Kerri Clay, and Mydalya Chambers perform “Thank You.”28, 1963 to a crowd of more than 250,000 In his keynote address Hamilton the same dilemma that we face as Soldiers. KATUSA Sgt. Lee Chang-hyuk, 19th ESC,people at the Lincoln Memorial in highlighted some of King’s many Dr. King was a Soldier who made the presents the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’sWashington D.C. KATUSA Sgt. Lee accomplishments. He noted that King ultimate sacrifice for his country – he gave “I Have a Dream” speech from memory.Chang-hyuk, 19th Sustainment Command skipped the ninth and 12th grades and his life.”(Expeditionary), Office of the Staff Judge entered Morehouse College at age 15. He Hamilton pointed out, that despite a support we got from the community,” saidAdvocate, brought the crowd to its feet became an ordained minister at age 19 brief 13-years of public life, King had an Sgt. 1st Class Adam L. Morrison, 19th ESCfor a spontaneous standing ovation at the and earned his PhD in systematic theology indelible impact as a lasting symbol of equal opportunity advisor. “It was interestingconclusion of his inspired recitation. Not from Boston University at age 26. In 1964, diversity and catalyst for change. for many of us to learn the origin of the “Ionly did Lee bring to life a classic of at age 35, King was awarded the Nobel “Dr. King accomplished more in his Have a Dream” speech. Many of us didn’tAmerican oration – he presented the entire Peace Prize, making him the youngest short 39 years than most people are able know it wasn’t the speech Dr. King planned1,599 word epic from memory. person to ever receive the distinction. to do … within the span of their lifetime,” to present that day. Considering that, it is Upon his introduction, Hamilton “During the slide presentation (earlier he said. “Dr. King was a man of historic amazing how much impact the speech hadquipped that he would make a mental note in the program) Dr. King mentions significance of magnanimous proportion. then, and still does today.”to avoid following Lee at future events longevity in his speech,” Hamilton said. He gave his all for the country he loved.” A similar breakfast event Jan. 12 at theand presented Lee with a 498th CSSB “He goes on to say it would be nice to Event organizers were pleased. Camp Carroll Dining Facility also drew abattalion commander’s coin. have longevity in one’s life. Dr. King faced “It was very encouraging to see the crowd of more than 200. Colonel’s Cookie Crew New community forum to provide information Area IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – The inaugural Community Information Exchange Forum will be 9 – 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Soldier Memorial Chapel Fellowship Hall (Bldg. 267) on Camp Walker. The forum is intended to be a central meeting to consolidate and disseminate information to the community, according to J.J. Stewart, Army Community Service Officer, who is coordinating the forum. The meeting is open to all Area IV community members. “Right now there are so many venues through which information is put out, inclusive of the many meetings, that it is difficult for people to keep track of what’s going on,” Stewart said. “This is our attempt to consolidate everything into one information exchange.” Representatives from Area IV organizations, public and private, have been invited to participate. Unit leaders will have the opportunity to disseminate information as well. Information to be distributed will include items such as upcoming community events, changes in facility operating hours, new community programs and more, according to Stewart. Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr., Area IV Support Activity GALEN PUTNAM Commander, directed the forum be implemented in response Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr., Area IV Support Activity commander, meets with Daegu Girl Scouts and adult leaders Jan. 10 during to input provided by community leaders and feedback a visit at the Area IV Support Activity Headquarters building on Camp Henry where he accepted the ceremonial first box of Girl received from community meetings. Community Information Scout Cookies (Thin Mints!) to kick-off the 2007 sales season. Girl Scouts will be selling cookies 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday and Exchange Forums will be held on a monthly basis. Feb. 3 at the Camp Walker Main Exchange, and noon – 5 p.m., Sunday and Feb. 4 at the Taegu Commissary. For information about the inaugural Community Information Exchange Forum, call Stewart at 768-8120.
    • Jan. 19, 200726 http://ima.korea.army.mil/areaiv/sites/local/ Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Carroll Town Hall Meeting Scheduled AFAP gives community a voice A Town Hall Meeting for community members will be held 3:30 p.m. Conference offers provided in advance and brought up at the conference. Each working group will Tuesday at the Camp Carroll Community Activities Center. participants chance prioritize then tackle its top three issues, providing suggestions and solutions Discussion topics will include the installation’s ongoing Morale, Welfare to make a difference during the out briefing that concludes the day. All issues, from the smallest to and Recreation projects and customer the most significant, will be forwarded service on post. The meeting will also By Steven Hoover to the command for action. include a short briefing on avian flu. Area IV Public Affairs Here are some success stories based This is the forum to ask questions of CAMP HENRY – Have you ever had on issues first raised at AFAP Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr., the Area IV something that you needed to get off conferences: Servicemembers’ Group Support Activity Commander, Area IV your chest, and thought the Army Life Insurance increased from $50,000 staff, and various other community community would be better for listening to $200,000; Basic Allowance for service providers. For information, to your suggestion and solution? Well, Housing (BAH) increased by 11 percent, call Kevin Jackson, 768-8072. that opportunity is here. part of a plan to eliminate out-of-pocket The Area IV Army Family Action Plan housing costs by 2005; Army New Camp Henry GALEN PUTNAM (AFAP) Conference will be 7:30 a.m. – Emergency Relief (AER) now provides Food Court Hours Sgt. Keyne Smith, 16th Medical Logistics Battalion, 5 p.m., Jan. 26, at Camp Walker’s grants in overseas locations to assist with The Camp Henry AAFES Food Camp Carroll, makes a point during last year’s Soldier Memorial Chapel. For the past financial aid for spouses to pursue Court will have new operation hours Area IV Army Family Action Plan Conference. effective Feb. 1. New business hours several weeks, comment boxes have undergrad, vo-tech, high school will be 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Mon – Sat. been strategically placed throughout the from Daegu, Waegwan and Busan, will completion, and English as a Second The facility will be closed Sundays. command, available for those who have address issues and begin the process of Language studies; Family Support For information, call Yi Hye-kyong opinions or concerns that they would resolving them,” Wegley said. “The Groups were developed; Army Family at 768-8670. like to express. annual AFAP Conference is conducted Team Building (AFTB) and Better Approximately 100 members of the at the installation level, providing the first Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Tickets Available For Area IV community will participate in step in the Department of the Army’s programs were born. The ‘Nutcracker’ the conference, according to Steven plan to identify and resolve areas of To submit suggestions, express your A musical performance, ‘The Wegley, Area IV Army Family Team concern that affect readiness, retention opinion or for more information, contact Nutcracker’, will be 3 p.m., Jan. 28 at Building and AFAP coordinator. and the quality of life for Army families.” megley at wegleys@korea.army.mil or the Dong-gu Cultural Center in “Unit representatives, participating Delegates will address all of the issues call 768-7232. Daegu. Tickets are 20,000 and 15,000 won. Proceeds from the performance will aid needy children. For more information, call the 19th Sustainment Military Personnel Division opens at Henry Command (Expeditionary) Public Affairs Office at 768-7851. MPD takes over Civilian Fitness human resources Program Registration Full-time Department of Defense duties performed by civilian employees can register for the Area IV Civilian Fitness Program. former 516th PSB Employees are authorized three duty By Cpl. Cha Hyun-joon hours a week for six months to Area IV Public Affairs participate in the program. Participants must receive medical clearance from a CAMP HENRY – With the doctor and complete the Supervisor/ Personnel Support Battalion concept Employee Participant Form, Informed a thing of the past, the new Area IV Consent Form and the DD Form 1556. Military Personnel Division here is For information, call Maj. Juanita now providing personnel support to Gauss at 764-4819. Soldiers in Area IV. The MPD provides the same First Aid Class services previously offered by the The American Red Cross will host former 516th PSB including personnel a class on adult, infant and child CPR, actions, promotions, records Automatic External Defibulator CPL. CHA HYUN-JOON maintenance, in/out processing, and essentials and Standard First Aid 8 Sgt. 1st Class Orlando Moore, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Sustainment more. a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Feb. 10 at the Red Command (Expeditionary) goes over his PCS orders with Dawn Mathis, redeployment specialist. Cross Office on Camp Henry. The The MPD is located in building cost for this class is $35 and 1307, which is also the new home of and Headquarters Company, Area IV been filled out properly. participation is limited. For the Identification Card/Defense Support Activity; 20th Military Police The MPD is open Monday through information or to sign up, call Jimmy Enrollment Eligibility Reporting Detachment (Criminal Investigation Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. In addition, a Finch at 768-7462. System Section where Soldiers, Division); 238th Quartermaster staff member is on call 24-hours a day Department of Defense civilians, Detachment; Defense Logistics to assist with emergencies by calling Training Courses contractors, and their dependents can Agency; American Forces Network – 010-2660-0438. The Civilian Personnel Advisory go to get new I.D. cards and update Taegu Detachment; and the 837th The MPD staff members are: Center is offering to assist their DEERS data. Transportation Battalion. Robert Bridgewater, site manager, commanders and directors with their Following the Personnel Services The MPD also provides 768-8498; James Hardee, personnel training needs. The training areas Delivery Redesign, larger units such redeployment orders and emergency actions, 768-6954; John Lee, include: leadership, communication, as 19th Sustainment Command leave assistance for all Soldiers within promotions/citizenship, 768-7160; motivation, counseling skills, conflict (Expeditionary), 168th Medical Area IV. Dawn Mathis, redeployments, 768- management, group development, Battalion, 501st Special Troops The MPD asks that Soldier’s who 8803; Jeremy Berenschot, in/out new employee benefits, entitlements, Battalion and 36th Signal Battalion are require personnel services first go processing, 768-8312; Unhui Nguyen, problem solving and decision making, now supported exclusively by their through their unit personnel (S-1) redeployments/military records, 768- and more. For information, call internal personnel (S-1) offices. office before visiting the MPD to 7948. Audwin Lindsay at 768-6639/6629. The MPD services Headquarters ensure all required documents have See related story on Page 28.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Jan. 19, 2007 http://ima.korea.army.mil/areaiv/sites/local/ 27‘Tough Soldier II’ coming to Carroll NEWS & NOTESBy Galen Putnam 10-Mile Rucksack CompetitionArea IV Public Affairs Slated For Camp Carroll CAMP HENRY – Following the raucous success of A 10-Mile Rucksack Competition will be 10 a.m. Feb.Camp Carroll’s inaugural Tough Soldier Boxing Invitational 3 at the Crown Jewel Fitness Center on Camp Carroll.in September, the installation has announced a follow-up Registration will be 8 – 9 a.m., with the race andslug-fest. course briefing at 9:30 a.m. This competition is open The Tough Soldier II Boxing Invitational is slated for 7 to all U.S. ID card holders. There will be two individual categories, active duty men and activep.m. Feb. 10 at the Crown Jewel Fitness Center. duty women; and military team categories, including All active duty servicemembers are eligible to participate. active duty Men’s and Women’s open (all ages)There will be open and novice categories for both men and and military team category (consisting of fivewomen. military personnel from the same organization and/ “After the turnout we had at the first Tough Soldier Boxing or installation). For more information, call the CampInvitational, we are hoping for an even better event this Carroll Sports Office at 765-8287/8118.time,” said Carlos Algarin, Camp Carroll sports director.“We hope to have as many participants as possible and hope Soccer Club Seeksto have all geographic areas of the peninsula represented. If Indoor and Outdoor Playersthe first tournament is any indicator, this event should be a The Daegu United Soccer Club is seeking newreal crowd-pleaser.” members. The club is open to all ID cardholders Boxers from as far as Area I, Camp Humphreys and including Soldiers, KATUSAs, civilians, contractors,Kunsan Air Base have already entered the tournament. and family members. All skill levels are welcome. The STEVEN HOOVER Categories and weight classes are: light flyweight (106 team plays both casual and competitive matcheslbs.); flyweight (112 lbs.); bantamweight (119 lbs.); John Rigsbee, Company C, 307th Integrated Theater Signal against Korean and American military, university andfeatherweight (125 lbs.); lightweight (132 lbs.); light Battalion, waits for his opponent to enter the ring during the civilian club teams. The team plays both indoor andwelterweight (139 lbs.); welterweight (147 lbs.); light Tough Soldier Boxing Invitational Sept. 9 at Camp Carroll’s outdoor soccer year-round. Currently, practices aremiddleweight (156 lbs.); middleweight (165 lbs.); light Crown Jewel Fitness Center. Rigsbee won his super 6:30 p.m. Sundays inside Kelly Fitness Center onheavyweight (178 lbs.); heavyweight (201 lbs.); and super heavyweight fight with a second-round knockout. Camp Walker. For information, contact Galen Putnamheavyweight (201+ lbs.). Awards will be presented to the at 011-1716-0428, or, galenputnam@yahoo.com. 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the gym. A briefing for the boxers willfirst and second place finishers in each weight class. be held at 5 p.m. Camp Carroll Boxing Program Fighters with less than 10 previous boxing matches will All boxers are responsible for providing their own custom Looking For New Membersbe placed in the novice category. However, based on ability made or individually fitted mouthpiece. Open competitors The Camp Carroll Boxing Program is looking for newand approval by a coach and the championship director, will wear 10 ounce gloves in the 106- through 156-pound members, in both novice and open divisions.some novice fighters may be allowed to enter the open weight classes, while all others will use 12 ounce gloves. Practices are 5:30 – 8 p.m. weekdays at the Crowncategory. Fighters with 10 or more previous boxing matches Lodging for participants coming from outside Area IV Jewel Fitness Center, Bldg. 135. For information, callmust compete in the open category. will be available upon request. Carlos Algarin, sports director, at 765-8118. Medical exams and weigh-ins will be conducted from For more information, contact Algarin at 765-8287/8118.
    • Jan. 19, 200728 http://ima.korea.army.mil/areaiv/sites/local/ Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyNew human resources system NEWS & NOTES Walker Veterinary Clinicreplaces Personnel Support Bn. Pets are seen by appointment 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and Friday at the Camp Walker Veterinary Clinic. Also, animals are available for adoption at the facility. For information, call Capt.Sgt. Yoo Joo-yong The overall transformation not only changed the Genevieve Vega at 764-4858.501st SBDE Public Affairs system itself but has also affected the soldiers who served in PSB’s but now are part of the PSDR. DES Section Relocations CAMP CARROLL – As part of the transformation “At the PSB level, you had an area of expertiseplan for the 8th U.S. Army, Personnel Services Battalions The Directorate of Emergency Services Ration Control, where you only did a certain part of the work. In the Pass and ID, and Vehicle Registration Sections havein Korean have been deactivated. Following the PSDR Brigade S-1 concept, you do all functions. You relocated to the old Camp Henry Lodge, Bldg. 712. ForPersonnel Services Delivery Redesign, units now carry are subject matter experts in all areas. It develops the information, call Wayne Haymes, Area IV access controlout the functions formerly conducted by the PSB’s. Soldier as a well-rounded personnel services Soldier,” chief, at 768-7387. “The Army is moving to a modularity concept where Reed said.we’re self sufficient and the functions of a PSB have “When working at the PSB, you only focused on Daegu Cub Scout Troopmigrated to the brigade S-1 so that we can internally one area of work but being in a PSDR, you have to Seeking New Memberstake care of our soldiers as far as personnel services,” jump from one to another. You have to be able to be Boys in grades one through five interested in fun,said Warrant Officer Amber Reed, PSDR Chief, 501st multi-tasked in order to do it all,” Wesley added. excitement, and a great learning experience are encouragedSustainment Brigade. The number of soldiers that a PSDR section covers to join the Cub Scouts. Weekly meetings will be held at Instead of soldiers having to rely on PSB’s for their has greatly increased compared to that managed by the Scout Hut (Bldg. S-215, next to the gas station onpersonnel services, they can now directly refer to their PSB’s in the past. Camp Walker). For information, contact Capt. Jason Halesrespective brigade or battalion-level human resources. “We still take care of soldiers like we used to but at 053-210-6191, or, JKHALES95@i-mnet.com. “It makes it more convenient because everything now we take care of over 3,000 instead of 1,000 orthat the soldiers had to do at the PSB, they can actually 500,” said Pfc. Jimmy Chapoteau, 501st SBDE, New AFN Special Servicedo it within the brigade. Some of the functions that Personnel Office. American Forces Network Korea has launched an e-took the PSB a while to process, we can actually The transition from PSB to PSDR is an on-going mail service allowing viewers to preview the storiesprocess on our own time frame now and we can mange process, but improvements are assured once on AFN-Korea’s nightly newscast. The service,to process quicker than the PSB,” said Sgt. 1st Class everything is settled. “What’s on your AFN Korea Nightly Newscast,” offerVickie Wesley, senior human resources NCO, 501st “Right now we’re still going through the transformation a daily e-mail summary of that evening’s newscastsSBDE, Personnel Office. with troops still trying to settle in and make things start to and scheduled primetime shows. Each Friday, the e- The new change has allowed a better opportunity flow. But in the future, you’ll see actions being approved mail will also include links to stories AFN-Korea aired earlier in the week. A sample message can be foundfor providing personnel services. more frequently and easily than before because you don’t on the AFN-Korea Website at www.afnkorea.net. “It’s more effective because it is all done within have to send (paperwork) to an external agency. The Viewers interested in subscribing to the service mayhouse. The paperwork starts and ends with us with approval will come from within so it will speed up the log-on to the AFN-Korea Web site to sign up. Forlittle paperwork going outside of our control and processing time for actions,” concluded Reed. more information about the service, call 724-3282.everything is done within our area,” Wesley said. See related story on Page 26.
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    • Jan. 19, 200730 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?” Nalssi jochyo? day (weather) it’s a nice, isn’t it Vocabulary season ‘gyejol’ winter ‘gyoul’ cold ‘chubda’ Situation of the Week : At the hotel Week It’s terrible weather, isn’t it? Musun nalssiga eerochyo? It’s raining. Beega onungunyo. It’s snowing. Nunee onungunyo. It’s fine. Nalssi jossumnida. Will it stop snowing soon? : Nuni got guchilkkayo? Area II Beega got guchilkkayo? Will it stop raining soon? honors Korean Expression of the Week Week Martin Did you have a pig Luther King Dwaejikkum dream last night? kkweotna? Jr. You’re so lucky.
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