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  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Sept. 22, 2006Volume 4, Issue 47 The Morning Calm Weekly is Yoga classes draw crowd Area IV runs off at Collier Field House with 8th Army titles Page 10 Page 26 nline Visit http://, Marines remember Incheon landingBy JO1 Lisa Wassilieff Marine Corps, and Maj. Gen. DuaneCommander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea Public Affairs Thiessen, commander, U.S. Marine INCHEON — The cloudy sky Forces Korea.overhead set a somber tone the Thiessen was honored to be partmorning of Sept. 15. Against this of the morning’s events.gray background, Republic of “I would like to extend a specialKorea and U.S. servicemembers thanks to the city of Incheon, thegathered to pay tribute to their Republic of Korea Navy and Marines,predecessors who fought side by and the many veterans and communityside 56 years ago, in what was to organizations who have worked hardbe the turning point in the Korea to honor the memory of thisWar. historically significant event. It is right The event was the Incheon that we should always remember,”Amphibious Landing Operations Thiessen said.Commemoration ceremonies that took Other distinguished guests whoplace within the city, at Incheon Port, attended the event included Rear Adm.Freedom Park and the Incheon James Wisecup, commander, U.S.Landing Memorial. Naval Forces Korea, Incheon city Incheon City Mayor Ahn Sang officials and Korean War veterans —Soo, presided over the ceremonies. including 188 American veterans LT. J.G. JESSICA GANDYThe guest speakers included Lt. Gen. Maj. Gen. Duane Thiessen, commander, U.S. Marine Forces Korea, helps place a wreath before theLee Sang Ro, commandant, ROK See Incheon Page 16 Incheon, commencement of a wreath during Sept. 15 ceremonies commemorating the Incheon Landing.Final Army leadership class More international forcesmarks end of era for civilian ed headed to AfghanistanBy David McNally By Sgt. Sara WoodArea II Public Affairs American Forces Press Service YONGSAN GARRISON — The Balloon WASHINGTON – Several NATO countries have agreed toFactory has finally gone out of business for send additional forces to Afghanistan to fill the troop requirementgood. The fictitious company was a mainstay agreed upon a year and a half ago, NATO’s supreme alliedfor Leadership Education and Development commander in Europe said Wednesday.classes across the Army since 1988. A conference in Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month with theHowever, with the Army set to move to a chiefs of defense from all 26 allied nations yielded no offers ofnew Civilian Education System, the legendary additional support for NATO forces in Afghanistan, but extendedfactory and its lessons are now history. negotiations after the conference resulted in definite offers from Twenty students met Sept. 11-15 at the four countries, U.S. Marine Gen. James L. Jones said at a PentagonU.S. Embassy Association Center on Yongsan news conference.Garrison for what was to become the final These offers, along with several other tentative offers, willLEAD class in Korea and the Army. bring the NATO troop level in Afghanistan close to 100 percent of The class brought together a diverse group what was agreed upon in the alliance’s military plan for Afghanistan,of Area I, II and IV U.S. employees, one he said. The force is now manned at about 85 percent.Korean employee and even two active-duty “What we were looking for was the forces that would giveSoldiers. The five-day LEAD course targeted depth and robustness to (the commander of the NATO Internationalnew military and civilian supervisors of DAVID MCNALLY Security Assistance Force) and give him more maneuverabilitycivilian employees. Leadership Eduation and Development class members throughout the country,” Jones said. “The purpose of LEAD training is to Gordon Imrie (left), Gail Rodriquez-Roman and David Romania is deploying a battalion, which will arrive in Afghanistanprovide supervisors with the skills to motivate Ciesinski work on a project Sept. 12 at Yongsan Garrison. in October and be fully operational by the middle of October,and influence employees,” said Course This was the last LEAD class. Jones said. In addition, Poland has announced the deployment ofFacilitator Yi Chi-yong. effectiveness. a maneuver battalion and special operations forces beginning in The students used scenarios and role “Everything you learn in this class will January. The United Kingdom and Canada are augmenting theirplaying as workers in a balloon factory to forces in Afghanistan, and NATO is incorporating more Afghanassess leadership skills and team See LEAD Page 4 LEAD, battalions into operations, Jones said.
  • 2. Sept. 22, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter Solving the puzzle of proper gift giving The following entries were By Walter Folger excerpted from the military police promotion is not considered an organizations are not entitled to duty- Administrative Law Division, SJA infrequently occurring occasion under free privileges. blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not imply the guilt With the holiday season here, so is the rule unless the employee is also As a general rule, you may give a or innocence of any person. the season of gift giving. The being transferred out of the chain of bona fide gift of duty-free items not Standards of Ethical Conduct and the command. Christmas is not an exceeding $50 to persons who do not Area 1 Joint Ethics Regulation have rules that infrequent occasion – it happens the have ration control privileges. Items Underage Drinking, Curfew govern gifts between federal same day each year. Other occasions that are resold are not gifts and do not Violation, Failure to Identify, Drunk employees. Here in Korea, there are where gifts over $10 are allowed are qualify under this exception, even if and Disorderly, Flight from certain additional restrictions involved those that terminate the official they are under $50. In addition, Apprehension, Resisting with giving gifts to people who are subordinate superior relationship, such certain items are classified as Apprehension — Subject 1 was neither service members nor ration- as retirement, resignation or transfer. prohibited items and may not be given observed in the You & Me Club during card holders because of the Status of Regardless, the value of the gift as gifts, regardless of value: the hours of curfew. When Subject Forces Agreement. should not exceed $300 from a Alcoholic beverages of any type 1 was asked for his/her ID card, he/ Gifts among federal employees donating group. An employee may not that are purchased from a she refused to produce it and fled As a general rule, employees may contribute money to more than one nonappropriated fund outlet may not from the scene. Subject 1 was not give or solicit contributions for donating group. If he or she does, the be given as gifts. This includes liquor, apprehended and transported to the gifts to someone superior in their different groups become one donating beer, wine or other alcoholic Camp Casey Provost Marshal Office. chain-of-command. The rationale group and the $300 applies. beverages whether purchased from an Subject 1 refused to conduct a series behind this rule is that subordinates Voluntary contributions of a exchange, shoppette, club, or Class of Field Sobriety Tests and Portable should not feel pressured to buy gifts nominal amount may be solicited only Six facility. Breathalyzer Test, was processed and for their superiors. Also, subordinates for the occasional sharing of food and No commissary items of any kind, released to his/her unit. At 2:49 p.m., should not curry favor from their refreshments in the office and the gift regardless of value, may be given as Sept. 16, Subject 1 reported to the superiors (or give that appearance) by for a special, infrequent occasion. The gifts. For example, you may not give a PMO where he/she was advised of giving them gifts. Employees also may Department of Defense rule is that a package of ground beef or a box of his/her legal rights, which he/she not accept gifts from employees who nominal amount is defined as $10 or rice as a gift, even though these items invoked. receive less pay, unless there is no less. While more than $10 may not be are below $50. Area 2 official subordinate superior solicited, an individual may offer to Subsistence items that are Obstructing or Secreting Mail — relationship and there is a personal contribute more. purchased from any outlet operating Subject 1, the unit mail clerk, relationship justifying the gift. Duty-Free Goods as Gifts on a USFK installation are also committed the offense of Obstructing There are a few exceptions to these Here in Korea, you have to be considered prohibited items that may or Secreting Mail when she rules. On an occasional basis, gifts especially careful when giving duty- not be given as gifts. Subsistence knowingly and improperly stored mail may be given when they are $10 or free goods as gifts to persons not items include food and drink items in a storage closet. This is a final less per occasion (e.g. a birthday gift, entitled to purchase such items. U.S. such as meats, dairy products, soft report. Christmas present, or a souvenir gift Forces Korea Regulations 60-1 and drinks, breads and cereal, vegetables, Area 3 upon return from a vacation). The gift 643-2 provide regulatory guidance for or grain products. For example, you Curfew Violation, Underage cannot be cash. Gifts that also fall into gifts to individuals who do not have may not give a pound of bacon or loaf Drinking — Subject 1 was observed the exception category are ration control privileges. Under the of bread purchased at an AAFES at the UN Club, Songtan refreshments shared in the office; ROK-U.S. Status of Forces shoppette as a gift. Entertainment District, during the personal hospitality at an employee’s Agreement, SOFA personnel (active- Cigarettes and firearms are also hours of curfew. Security Forces home; and customary gifts given in duty military, U.S. citizen Department prohibited items which may not be detected the odor of an alcoholic connection with the receipt of of Defense and NonAppropriated given as gifts. beverage emitting from Subject 1 hospitality (like flowers or a bottle of Funds employees, U.S. citizens An item is not considered and a check of Subject 1’s ID card wine to someone who has you over working for other U.S. government prohibited if served as a prepared food disclosed that he/she was under the for dinner). agencies in Korea, and U.S. citizens or beverage. For example, if you cook legal age to consume alcohol. There are occasions when someone working for USFK support agencies a steak dinner at your home for a Subject 1 was apprehended and can give a gift of more than $10. On such as the Red Cross, invited DoD Korean guest, you are allowed to transported to the town patrol office special, infrequent occasions, contractors) have ration control serve the steak to your guest even where he/she was administered a subordinates may give a gift to a privileges. Personnel in these though it was purchased at the PBT with a result of 0.057 percent superior “appropriate to the occasion.” categories and their accompanying Commissary. Similarly, you may open BAC. Subject 1 was advised of his/ An example of a gift appropriate to the family members are generally a bottle of wine purchased at an her legal rights, which he/she occasion is giving baby clothes to authorized to buy personal property, AAFES outlet and serve your guest a waived, rendering a written sworn celebrate the birth of a child. including food, alcohol, and cigarettes, glass to enjoy along with the steak statement admitting to the incident. Examples of infrequently occurring duty free from on-post outlets such as dinner. Single cigarettes may also be Subject 1 was released to his/her unit. This is a final report. occasions of personal significance are the PX and Commissary. Others, marriage, illness, or birth of a child. A including ROK nationals and ROK See Gifts, Page 13 Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News Sept. 22, 2006 3 Yongsan Commissary U.S. servicemembers tour Gyeongju City Family Day By JO1 Lisa Wassilieff The Yongsan Commissary has Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea Public Affairsnumerous promotional activities SEOUL — Hearing the chants ofplanned for “Family Day”- A Day to a Buddhist monk and stepping inside aHave Dinner with Your Children. With temple that has existed centuries ago,a variety of activities, including face is the opportunity that 120 U.S.painting, apple bobbing contest, servicemembers stationed in thebasketball toss contest and free hot Republic of Korea had during a recentdogs during lunch hours, and free cake three-day tour of Gyeongju City. Thisand coffee, The Saturday event seeks city is considered the treasure houseto benefit the entire community and of Korean culture and its history datescustomers. Family Day will also feature back, the Silla dynasty that existedgiveaways such as Commissary Gift thousands of years ago in 57 B.C.Certificates, Family Package Steaks and The tour, which took place Sept.product demonstrations. Everyone is 12-14, was hosted by the Ministry ofinvited to join in the savings and fun. Patriots and Veterans Affairs in honor Hard Copy LESs of U.S. servicemembers’ outstanding Stop in October service and contribution to Korean MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST FIRST CLASS LISA WASSILIEFFEffective Oct. 1, the Yongsan Finance peace and stability. The money to fund this event came from the ROK A tour guide shows U.S. servicemembers who attended the Ministry of Patriots and VeteransOffice will no longer distribute hard taxpayers. Affairs three-day tour of Gyeongju, Republic of Korea (ROK), a piece of traditional garb worn bycopies of individual Leave and The tour included transportation, a Korean child as a punishment for wetting the bed. This discussion occurred during a tour of aEarnings Statement. Soldiers will haveto access their LES and Mid Month meal and hotel accommodations in traditional Korean Folk village in Yong In City, ROK, Sept. 14.Net Pay Advice via a personal MyPay Gyeongju and English-speaking tour Motors, Hyundai Heavy Industry Kevin Watson, a Sailor attached toaccount. With MyPay Soldiers can guides. The event included sightseeing Corporation and Korean Folk Village in Commander Naval Forces Korea, feltaccess their LES, start allotments, make tours of the city itself, Sokguram Yong In City.changes to their Thirft Savings Plan, Grotto, Bulguk Temple, Hyundai Operations Specialist 1st Class See Gyeongju, Page 4view paid travel vouchers and muchmore.For information on how to access an New ID card coming for DoD employeesLES via MyPay, call or visit theYongsan Finance Office in Bldg 2254 By Gerry J. Gilmore “It is an effort to try to improve the security in theor visit the office Web site at http:// American Forces Press Service federal government,” Dixon explained. The new cards WASHINGTON -- New identification cards to be issued help employees secure their computer networks, she said,index.html for the MyPay link. to Defense Department employees beginning next month as well as providing improved security for federal will help standardize workforce identification and security buildings, military installations and campuses. AFN-K Live Broadcast access systems across the government, a senior Defense “So, I can use this card, not just in the Department ofAmerican Forces Network - Korea Department official said here Sept. 15. Defense, but it can be read in other agencies,” Dixon said.will “go live” Sept. Wednesday, with The new common access card eventually will be issued “If they choose to give me access, they can then read mya live broadcast of the nightly news. to all federal employees and is part of a standardized, card,” she said.Though normally taped in advance, secure credentialing system that was mandated after the The new card features the user’s photograph, like otherthe nightly news will be broadcast Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Mary Dixon, deputy cards now in circulation, Dixon said. But its computerlive to allow AFN-K personnel to director of the Defense Manpower Data Center in chip also will contain two encrypted fingerprints, as wellpractice their wartime mission. The Arlington, Va., said Sept. 15 during a joint interview with as a unique personal identification broadcast will begin at 6:45 p.m. American Forces Press Service and the Pentagon Channel. The new card can be read, either by swiping it or by Starting Oct. 27, the new “super CAC” ID cards will waving it near a special card reader, she said. Holiday Greeting Videos be issued to employees over the next three years as the Issuance of the new card has the potential of reducingThe Army and Air Force HometownNews Service video team will be old cards reach their expiration dates, she said. the number of agency security badges, Dixon said, becausevisiting Korea Saturday through The new cards interface with a secure, encrypted federal agencies will refer to a standardized credentialingSept. 27, filming Holiday Greetings credentialing database and are interoperable for personal system. However, agency security administrators still haveVideos that will be broadcast over identification as well as access to federal buildings and the authority to approve or deny access.CONUS television stations during facilities, she said. “The card, on its own, does not entitle you to anythe Thanksgiving and Christmas However, each facility will still determine who is access to anything,” Dixon explained. “It is anholiday seasons. Greetings will be authorized access, Dixon pointed out. Information authentication token.”done on a first-come, first-served embedded on the cards is quickly referenced and compared “Every time you use the card, it is authenticated,basis. Military personnel must be in to centrally stored personnel security clearance data, sheuniform. Defense Department said. See ID, Page 4civilians are also welcome to recordgreetings.The video team will be at Kunsan Air Dig In!Base, today; Camp Casey, Monday;and Seoul, Tuesday. For informationon specific times and locations of theevent, call the area public affairs Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One,office. Detail Chinhae assist Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae in controlling flooding during Typhoon Ewiniar that hit the Civil Gathering Near area July 10, dumping more than 12 inches of rain in a very Yongsan Sunday short period of time. The Seabees quickly assessed theA large civil gathering is expected situation and began to divert water by filling and placingSunday in the Ministry of National sand bags throughout the base preventing any damageDefense and Yongsan Garrison areas. to the facilities.Some gates may be closed to vehiculartraffic. U.S. Force Korea personnelshould exercise caution and to avoidthese gatherings. U.S. NAVY PHOTO
  • 4. Sept. 22, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyLEAD from Page 1come back over and over again,” Yi renaming “Department of the Armytold the students. Civilians” to “members of the Army “The class is more individualized Civilian Corps;” supportingthan other Army training I’ve reaffirmation of the oath of office forattended,” said class member Maj. Army civilians; adopting a new ArmySean Anderson. “I deal with many Civilian Creed; implementing aU.S. and Korean employees at work, strategic communications campaignand this training will be helpful.” plan for the civilian corps; publishing Besides the end of LEAD training, an Army Civilian Handbook; andArmy officials also ended the committing to protection of civilian“Organizational Leadership for leadership development resources.Executives” course. In Korea, OLE “I believe the Army will adapt newwas a two-week learning session management philosophies,” said Areaconducted in Busan. II Civilian Personnel Advisory Center In January 2003, Army planners Training Officer Song Un-kyong.gave a series of recommendations for Even as the training is set to21st century leader development and undergo major changes, Song saidtraining in a landmark study. As a LEAD classes have been successfulresult of the study, the Army based on input from course graduates.developed a new Civilian Education “Communication is important toSystem. accomplish a task or mission,” said “The CES will provide progressive class member Gail Rodriquez-Roman.and sequential leader development,” “Each of us had something to say –according to an Army Web site touting different opinions and ideas – it’s athe changes. The study concluded tool that every leader needs to solvethat “growing civilian leaders has problems and counseling his or herfallen gravely short of the Army plan.” employees.” In all, panelists made 27 “I know for me, with therecommendations for the civilian information I have now, when I amworkforce to include more faced with a problem, I will evaluateaccountability, lifelong learning, what I have learned here,” said classdeveloping interpersonal skills and member Mark Stevens.better civilian integration into Army Starting next month, Army civilianCulture. personnel officials will offer pilot The move to make lifelong learning programs to replace the olderthe standard, will “revamp career management courses. For informationmanagement with gates for on the new Civilian Education System,progression,” officials said. visit The panel also recommended permiss/75.html.Gyeongju from Page 3the tour was a good experience for Honorable Park Yu Chul, Minister ofhim and that events like these are Patriots and Veterans Affairs.imperative to have. Following that presentation, Gen. B.B. “I enjoyed everything; the food, Bell, commander, United Nationstemples and the Hyundai Motor Command, Combined ForcesCompany,” Watson said. Command and United States Forces “These events taking place are Korea, reciprocated the kindness ofimportant so all servicemembers can the MPVA by presenting a bronzeunderstand why things are done a eagle statuette to Park. Bell alsocertain way here. This trip allowed me presented certificates of appreciatedpersonally to learn a lot more about to Park’s staff showing gratitude forthe different religions and marriage the many goodwill programscustoms Koreans believe in.” sponsored by the MPVA that boost the To finish the tour off, there was an morale of U.S. servicemembers.appreciation ceremony and dinner In summary, the tour was anheld at the 63 Building, International experience that allowed Sailors andConference Hall in Seoul. The dinner other servicemembers stationed herewas a grand finale to this three-day to see all the beauty and culture thatcultural experience. It was held to Korea has to offer.once again remind the Watson and the otherservicemembers just how much their servicemembers from the tour areoutstanding service and devotion to looking forward to more opportunitiesduty is appreciated in the ROK. to experience Korean culture. During the dinner, Watson and “I would love to attend anotherthree other servicemembers, one each tour like this in the future to learnfrom Army, Air Force and Marine more of the Korean culture andCorps, received a memento from the heritage,” said Watson.ID from Page 3meaning somebody checks to make been lost or stolen are required tosure that that card is a ‘good’ card notify security administrators, Dixonissued in the Department of Defense to said, who then deactivate the, and that it is still valid,” Dixon said. This ensures that cards reported As always, employees who believe stolen or missing can’t be used intheir government-issued ID card has DoD, she said.
  • 5. Sept. 22, 2006 Page 5Health Fair highlights care for families, retireesBy Jim Cunningham General Hospital in Yongsan or to aArea I Public Affairs hospital we have a memorandum of CAMP CASEY— Visitors to the understanding with in Area II.Area I health fair at Camp Casey Those who came to Camp CaseySaturday found much information for the health fair found much toabout what health care and facilities learn.are open to them. There was good There were 20 different displaysnews for Soldiers, their families and available at the health fair.retirees. “We have about 20 different health “When I first got here two months care professionals, nutritionists,ago, we were giving medical care to optometrists, medical providers,many Soldiers; however, their family including pediatricians and familymembers and retirees were seen on a practice doctors, and we have thespace-available basis,” said Lt. Col. Women’s, Infant’s and Children’s careYong Cha, officer-in-charge of the program so that they can getU.S. Army Health Clinic at Camp information on basic nutrition. TheCasey. “Area I has changed. There are costs vary by income, from E-5 andnow more family members here. Our below,” Cha said.Noncombatant Evacuation Operation JIM CUNNINGHAM Those who become sick can makenumbers show about 2,000.” Many visitors to the Health Fair Sept. 16 found out about their blood pressure and cholesterol an appointment or walk into any Area Cha saw there were many who levels and learned that health care at the Troop Medical Clinic is for everyone. I TMC.received no health care, so he decided past two months have had no health There have been several additions “We have two sides, urgent andto do something about it. care for several years. to the Troop Medical Center that Cha primary care. The urgent care center “The best way we can seek out the “I saw a retiree who didn’t get any wants to trumpet to the area. is open 24 hours, seven days a week;family members who are looking for medical care for three or four years “Now we have a full-time we are always open to everybody. Ifcare is to do a health fair,” Cha said. that came to the emergency room for pediatrician,” Cha said. “I’m a family someone really needs to see a doctor“We can advertise we are doing this hypertension, heart failure and angina,” practice doctor. In addition, we have they can just walk in to the clinic onfor the whole community and not just Cha said. “I want to make sure I get an obstetrics and gynecologist nurse the primary side. We offer our bestfor Soldiers, but we always take information to everyone out there that practitioner coming in on always,” Cha said.Soldiers first.” needs medical care, especially the Wednesdays. Now families do not Many patients Cha has seen in the retiree population and pediatrics.” have to go all the way down to 121st E-mail I joins National Kid’s Day celebrationBy Jim CunninghamArea I Public Affairs CAMP CASEY—More than 260 children andtheir parents participated in the National Kid’s Daycelebration Saturday on Camp Casey. “Army Community Services sponsored the eventand brought the inflated Castle, Monster Truck andbouncing tunnel for the kids to play in,” said CharlesLyons, social service representative for ACS. “Wehave hopscotch, cup race, sack race, the three-legged race, the potato sack race, the ball toss, theparachute, the tunnel race and hula hoops for kidsto participate in.” Better Opportunities for Single andunaccompanied Soldiers brought a large numberof Soldiers to the event, with a lot of gifts andsurprises for the children. Furthermore, the Camp Casey Commissarydonated food and cake and gave away a shoppingspree. The annual event changed dates this year, andwill continue to be held every Saturday, Lyonsexplained. “Since the military has been going along withthe Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America and 4-H Clubsfor the last seven years, we would have thecelebration Aug. 15,” Lyons said. “Theseorganizations have since separated, and now wecelebrate National Kid’s Day Sept. 16 and willcontinue to do so. We have this event to appreciateevery child in the community and in our lives,because we don’t appreciate them enough.” JIM CUNNINGHAM E-mail Parents and children enjoy playing with a real parachute Sept. 16 during National Kid’s Day.
  • 6. Sept 22, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly MWR Hosts Recording Artist Anthony Hamilton MWR will bring recording artist Anthony Hamilton to Camp Casey’s Hanson Fieldhouse tomorrow night at 8 p.m. , CRC Physical Fitness Center Sept. 26. For more information call John Antes: 732-6766. U.S. Air Force Birthday Happy 59th birthday to the Air Force Sept. 18. BOSS Events in Area I Better Opportunities for Unaccompanied and Single Soldiers is sponsoring a Paintball Invitational competition at Casey Paintball Range Sept. 30 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be a barbecue with prizes for first, second, third place and plaques will be given to winners. A DJ/Freestyle competition will be held at the Gateway Club on Camp Casey Sept.30. The winner will get a chance to be a DJ at the Gateway Club. There will be a Volksmarch/Oktoberfest festival at Camp Stanley PX parking lot Oct. 6. There will be a barbecue and giveaways with music and blowup events. For more information: 010-6440- 2147. JIM CUNNINGHAM Record Your Holiday Greetings A student practices safe driving procedures during the two-day basic motorcycle riding course held Sept. 6-7 at Yongsan Garison. The Holiday Greetings will be recording course covered defensive driving skills, proper riding attire and adjusting to Korean traffic. Motorcycle safety: not an act but a habit your holiday messages for loved ones back home at the Main Exchange at Camp Casey from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 25. By Jim Cunningham safe rider should never forget. Hispanic Heritage Month Activities Area I Public Affairs “All these rules are worth remembering, because when it Sept. 23 the Camp Stanley Community will be hosting their Hispanic Heritage SEOUL —This is part two of a two-part series about comes to riding motorcycles on the streets of Korea. The more Month event. The event is being motorcycle safety. you know, the better it gets,” Lee said. sponsored by the USO and all tenet Aggressive motorcycle riders put themselves at greater The motorcycle rider must assume he is invisible, because units. Events begin at Noon and will risk. That was the message presented Sept. 6-7 during a to a lot of drivers, they are, Lee explained. “Never make a end at 4 p.m. The theme of the event is motorcycle safety course held at Yongsan Garrison. move based on the assumption that another driver sees you, “Hispanic American: Our rich culture “Never think you can be aggressive on a motorcycle,” even if you have just made eye contact. Bikes don’t always contributing to America’s future.” said Joseph Lee, Motorcycle Safety Foundation safety register in the four-wheel driver’s mind,” Lee said. instructor for Area II Support Activity and instructor for the Areas of emphasis, said Lee, include: GEICO Seeks Nominations for course. “Every other vehicle is bigger and can hurt you. Even Always dress in proper riding gear. That trip to the market Public Service Awards The Government Employe Insurance the smallest car can hurt a motorcyclist. Every motorcycle may only be five minutes but nobody plans to eat pavement. Company is seeking nominations for the rider must be alert, aware and drive defensively.” Proper safety gear means 100 degree heat is no excuse for a 2006 GEICO Public Service Awards. The reasons motorcycle accidents are escalating are T-shirt and shorts. Nominees will be judged principally on many, explained Lee. Always turn your head and look before changing directions, the impact of their work or non-work “Motorcycle accidents are escalating everywhere Lee explained. “Never change direction without turning your related contributions in the following because there are more and more people deciding to ride head to make sure the coast really is clear.” areas: substance abuse prevention and motorcycles, not just to have better gas mileage, but for Left turning cars remain a leading killer of motorcyclists. treatment, fire prevention and safety, recreation,” Lee said. “There are fewer motorcycles in “Don’t assume someone will wait for you to dart through the physical rehabilitation, traffic safety and Korea than in the U.S. We have fewer motorcycle accidents intersection. They’re trying to beat the light, too,” Lee said. accident prevention. Nominations will than in other parts of the world, but they are escalating Always beware of cars running traffic lights. be forwarded through command channels to the Executive Secretary, here too.” “The first few seconds after a signal light changes are the Army Incentive Awards Board, ATTN: Many motorcycle accidents are not the rider’s fault, most perilous. Look both ways before barging into an DAPE-CPS-ES, Room 2C453, 300 Army Lee said. intersection,” Lee said. Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0300, “The rider can be aware of the situations and have very Learn to use both brakes. “The front does most of your no later than Oct. 13. Points of contact good skills, but still get hit by a car or truck,” Lee said. stopping, but a little rear brake on corner entry can calm a are Marvol Edmonds, 703-695-5698 and “Everything is unpredictable in Korea; if it were predictable shaky chassis, so always use both brakes,” Lee said. Joann Holmes, 703-695-5692. we would not have any accidents of any kind.” Look where you want to go. The ubiquitous scooter and moped riders one sees in “Use the miracle of target fixation to your advantage. The Texas Hold’em Tournament Korea darting in and out of traffic makes the risks of driving motorcycle goes where you look, so focus on where you are The Texas Hold’em Tournament will be held at CRC in Mitchell’s Club, Sept. 23 more hazardous, explained Lee. going at all times,” Lee said. and 24. Elimination Rounds start at 11 “How many scooter riders and moped riders that drive Riding in all four seasons is different for motorcyclists, a.m. Registration is limited to the first so dangerously die in a year, I do not know,” Lee said. Lee explains. 320 players. Call 730-9187 to sign up or “However, I do know they are very dangerous. Their “I ride in all four seasons,” Lee said. “The summer is too sign up on-line at maneuvering while they are riding a scooter is really hot. Sometimes, I will wait to ride later when it is cooler.” unorganized. They have no safety gear and they take many When it rains, motorcycle riders should be even more Commissary Closings high risks. Even when they wear a helmet, it is not a real careful. When the road is wet, it is slippery. A large percentage All Area I Commissaries will be helmet; they may wear a construction helmet or something of motorcycle accidents happen when the road is wet. Lee rides closed for Chu Sok Korean other than an approved motorcycle helmet.” national holiday Oct. 6. See Motorcycle Page 7 Motorcycle, During the course Lee imparted many safety rules a
  • 7. The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Sept. 22, 2006 7Motorcycle from Page 6in the winter, but he will not attempt to the one taught by Lee,” said Brianride on icy roads. Tarrance, Area I safety director. Because a lot of people do not obey “Learning basic skills from the start andthe speed limit laws in Korea, there are being aware of the risks are importanta lot of speed bumps, Lee explained. “A when gaining experience. Practicinglot of people don’t obey the safety rules with a class of riders and anfor driving, such as the speed limits near experienced instructor keeps new ridersschools. Speed bumps slow some of from taking unnecessary risks andthese speeders down, but not all.” getting hurt.” New riders have many challenges When riding on an unfamiliar road,facing them when they decide to buy a riders must search for obstaclesmotorcycle. The type and size of constantly, more so than when ridingmotorcycle to choose is among the on a familiar road, Lee said. Evenchallenges, Lee explains. familiar roads will change and riders “You have to consider the size of the will find new obstacles to avoid.engine, weight, and height of the An experienced rider will notmotorcycle,” Lee said. “You must be attempt to brake and slow down beforeable to touch both feet squarely on the hitting an object; he/she will swerveground while sitting on the motorcycle. around the object instead. SometimesYou must know what you are doing in when a person runs over an object likeriding a motorcycle; you must choose a pothole or manhole cover that isone that you can handle. If you choose sunken into the road, he will losethe wrong one, you will pay by hurting control, so it is best to learn how toyourself and damaging the motorcycle.” swerve around those objects. The heavier the bike, the easier it is “We must be defensive in executingto control. There are different models our skills in riding. We have to alwaysbut in Lee’s experience, the heavier bikes keep our eyes open to search forare more stable. potential dangers,” Lee said. Joseph Lee, Motorcycle Safety Foundation safety instructor for Area II Support Activity supervises the “After selecting the correct bike a pre-ride safety check of the motorcycles and the proper way to start the bike before riding duringrider should start with a course such as E-mail the class Sept 6 and 7. JIM CUNNINGHAM Come to the haunted house during Halloween to see what this zombie ghoul is up to. Haunted MansionJay Kelker,(center) commander of VFW Post 10215, presides over the ceremony to commemorate National Prisoner of War and JIM CUNNINGHAM promises scary funMissing in Action Day Sept. 15. (Left to right) Spc. Davonne Forghuele, 168th Medical Battalion; Sgt. 1st Class Randell Baley Sr., By Jim Cunninghamvice commander, VFW Post 10215; Kelker; Sgt. Adam Treen, Headquarters Company Special Troops Batalion, 2nd Infantry Area I Public AffairsDivision, Division Engineers; and Jim Luther, post quartermaster VFW Post 10215, assist in the ceremony. CAMP CASEY—When Halloween comes thisVFW marks National POW/MIA Day at Red Cloud year, there will be many ghosts and goblins hanging around the old Second to None Club. “John Antes of Morale, Welfare and Recreation wanted to do something special for Halloween -- aBy Jim Cunningham POW/MIA Recognition Day, we give special honor to Haunted Insane Mansion or something like that -- so IArea I Public Affairs the extraordinary patriots who have been prisoners of sat down with him and worked out all the details for a CAMP RED CLOUD — President George W. Bush war and to those who are still missing in action. We haunted house,” said Pvt. 1st Class James Fenstererset forth a proclamation designating Sept. 15 to be National take inspiration from their valor and loyalty and will of Headquarters, Headquarters Company, Area IPrisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day. not rest until we have accounted for them all.” After raising the POW/MIA flag, there was a moment Support Activity. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10215 of silence and prayer. The Haunted Insane Mansion will have manyCommander Jay Kelker donated an official POW/MIA “Today there are 88,000 Americans listed as missing features.flag to be flown for the ceremony at Camp Red Cloud’s and unaccounted-for from our nation’s wars going back “We will have people playing ghouls and goblins;POW/MIA memorial site. to the beginning of World War II,” Kelker said. we will have people playing zombies that are completely “As a nation, we look to our service men and womenas examples of courage and sacrifice,” Kelker said. World War II ended 61 years ago. For America, it mad; we will have mad doctors from the Troop Medical“When our country and the world have needed brave lasted less than four years, but it claimed more than Center. People from different companies haveAmericans to advance the cause of freedom, our men 400,000 American lives, saw more than 130,000 volunteered to play the parts,” Fensterer said.and women in uniform have proudly stepped forward Americans taken as prisoners of war. The Haunted Insane House will be in Camp Casey’sand selflessly endured hardships to defend liberty. We old Second to None Club, Oct. 27-29 from 6 to 10are grateful to all who have served, and on National E-mail p.m. For information call: 732-6819.
  • 8. Sept. 22, 20068 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
  • 9. Sept. 22, 2006 Page 9Area II CSM tapped for duty at higher headquarters CSM headquartersBy Steve DavisArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II Support ActivityCommand Sgt. Maj. Kevin N. Witt was selected Sept.12 to be the Installation Management Agency – KoreaRegion Office command sergeant major. An assumption of responsibility ceremony isscheduled for 2 p.m. Oct. 2, at the MultipurposeTraining Facility here. Witt replaces Command Sgt. Maj. Harold L. Gill,who departed Sept. 14 to become command sergeantmajor for the Installation Management Agency’sSoutheast Region. In addition to more than six years of installationmanagement experience, Witt takes some valuablelessons from Area II to his new position helping overseegarrison support services peninsula-wide in anorganization comprised primarily of civilian employees. “Whether civilian or military, our mission remainsthe same: to support the warfighter, enhance garrisoninfrastructure and services, and improve the overallquality of life on our installations,” Witt said. DAVID MCNALLY He said an important role at Area II Support Activity Command Sgt. Maj Kevin N. Witt assumes the role of Installation Management Agency – Korea Region Office seniorwas communicating with command sergeants major noncommissioned officer.and first sergeants at all levels in order to support appearance of Yongsan Garrison,” Witt said. who has also served as post command sergeant majorSoldiers, DoD civilians and contractors, Korean He also helped improve Life Support Areas for at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.employees and family members. Soldiers deploying to training exercises here and at Area II Commander Col. Ron Stephens said Witt “That will also be one of my primary roles as IMA- K-16 Air Base south of Seoul. will be an asset for the IMA-Korea Region Office.Korea Region command sergeant major,” said Witt, Witt, who was command sergeant major at the “Command Sgt. Maj. Witt has looked out for“but I get to expand it to an entire peninsula.” 593rd Corps Support Group at Fort Lewis, Wash., Soldiers and helped Area II maintain an outstanding Witt said he is particularly proud of the progress before coming to Korea in August 2004, said he’s level of service and support,” Stephens said. “We areArea II made in improving the standard of living for looking forward to helping other IMA-Korea Region fortunate that he’ll still be nearby at IMA-KOROSoldiers and in beautifying the community. areas solve problems. headquarters.” “We made a lot of progress upgrading barracks “I’ve walked in their shoes and may be able to lendand family quarters, and improving the overall a hand. I am really looking forward to it,” said Witt, E-mail Region Director visits Area II Chapel providesSoldier support focus preschool classis main agenda item By Cpl. Lee Yang-won Area II Public AffairsBy Steve Davis YONGSAN GARRISON —Area II Public Affairs One of the biggest days for parents YONGSAN GARRISON — The might be their child’s first day inArea II Support Activity hosted a tour elementary school. Parents feel theSept. 12 for the Installation Management need for their children to receiveAgency- Korea Region Office director. help to prepare for the big moment. Col. Al Aycock, who assumed Mustard Seed Christian Preschoolregional director duties Aug. 4, oversees fulfills this need with classes forinstallation support for 59 U.S. military the up and coming youngster ininstallations and sites in the Republic of Area II.Korea, including 13 in Area II. The South Post Chapel program Escorted by Area II Commander Col. provides three hours of variousRon Stephens, Command Sgt. Maj. activities for 3- and 4-year-oldKevin Witt and Deputy Garrison children Monday - Friday.Commander Tillman D. Moses, Aycock STEVE D AVIS “The preschool has been a veryvisited a variety of support facilities Col. Al Aycock receives a briefing about in- and out-processing from Area II Commander Col. effective program,” said Mustardduring a windshield tour of the Yongsan Ron Stephens Sept. 12 at the 1st Replacement Company. Seed Christian Preschool DirectorGarrison area. visited Camp Coiner and Camp Kim. Then he spent about 90 minutes Rolanda Flood-Lewis. “A lot of the He was briefed thoroughly on Aycock also met with the Area II listening. He also gave them some advice kids learn scripture, do prayers andoperations at the 1st Replacement Support Activity command group and on staying focused on the mission. read Bible stories.”Company, the Community Service directors during a roundtable luncheon “Our mission is to support Soldiers,” Flood-Lewis said the programBuilding, Child and Youth Services, the and discussed a wide range of issues. said Aycock. “As long as we remember covers a variety of subjects.Child Development Center, and Hannam “Tell me what’s going right for you that, we’ll be able to resolve any issue “We also have enrichmentVillage, among others. During the and what isn’t,” Aycock told the and get the job done,” he said.windshield tour, Aycock learned about directors. “Let me know what I can do See Preschool Page 12 reschool,main and south posts facilities and also to help you.” E-mail
  • 10. 10 Sept. 22, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Radio Town Hall Collier Field House offers free yoga class By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonThe Area II Command Group will Area II Public Affairsconduct a Radio Town Hall 11 a.m. -noon Monday. Tune in to Eagle FM YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II102.7 to hear about issues affecting the community members were twisting andcommunity. Questions can be phoned bending their bodies Sept. 12 at a yogainto 738-3484 during the broadcast or class at Collier Field House.emailed in advance to Yoga, which means union in Sanskrit, For is a family of ancient spiritual practicesinformation, call 738-7454. and a school of spiritual thought that originated in India. Of the various types NEO Volunteers Sought of meditation and yoga, hatha yoga isApplications for volunteers to considered the most physical.participate in the evacuation portion of These days, however, physical yogathe upcoming Courageous Channel is gaining popularity as a regimen ofNEO exercise will be accepted through fitness exercises that are healthy for theOct. 5. The trip is Oct. 26-29. Those body and also the mind.selected must attend two briefings. “Yoga is a great exercise that growsApplications are available from your not only flexibility, but also strength,”unit NEO warden. For information, call said Seoul American Middle School738-5013. teacher Kristen Stone. “It’s a great PFC. JUNG JAE-HOON Hannam Village Festival stress reliever and a great way to meet people. Some people find spirituality. I Seoul American Middle School teacher Kristen Stone demonstrates yoga in front of aThe Hannam Village Community Festival Sept. 12 class at Collier Field House.will be 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday at the like it because it’s a great way to balanceHannam Village Baseball Park. There will my body.” moves to learn, so instructors alternate On the weekends there are more menbe free T-Shirts for the first 300 people. There are 20 people in each class classes. Heidi Haugen teaches Core- students than women, she said.For information, call 723-6721. and, surprisingly to some, more than a Power Yoga. Morale, Welfare and Recreations few men. “Core-Power Yoga is a pretty intense offers the free yoga class at Collier Field Fall Festival Floats Ken Duckworth, a U.S. Embassy workout,” said Heidi Haugen, youth House 5:15 – 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Wanted officer, said he used to run and lift development specialist for the Thursdays.Enter the Yongsan Fall Festival Parade weights, but switched to yoga because Installation Management Agency-Korea The class is also offered 6–7:45 p.m.and win $200 in six categories: Best it’s more gentle. Region Office. “It’s a mind, body Monday and Wednesday at the HannamVehicle; Best Marching Unit; Most “I’m more relaxed now and my workout and we train focus, Village gym.Humorous Float; Best Children’s Group; shoulder pain has gotten a lot better,” concentration and breath.” For information, call 738-8608.Best Musical; and Best Military Unit. said Duckworth. Haugen said the number of menFor information, call Eric Yim at 741-6473 There are lots of different yoga coming to yoga class is increasing. E-mail 010-5822-6597. Holiday Greetings VideoSend a holiday greeting video to folks Area II celebrate Kids Dayback home in the United States 8 a.m. - 5 Annual event offers differentp.m. Tuesday at the Dragon Hill LodgeCourtyard. Military units, families, activities to amuse childrenindividual Soldiers, DoD civilians, By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonretirees and contractors welcome. Call Area II Public Affairs738-7354 for information. YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II Morale, Welfare and Recreation celebrated Kids Day at the Seoul American Commissary Family Day Elementary School Saturday.The Yongsan Commissary will host Kids Day was created in 1994 by KidsPeace, a 124-year-Family Day activities Saturday beginningat 10 a.m. There will be face painting, an old national children’s crisis charity, to encourage adults toapple bobbing contest, a basketball toss spend more meaningful time with children.contest, free hot dogs during lunch Soon it became an annual event on the national calendar tohours, free cake and coffee, many honor and celebrate the inherent value and worth of children.giveaways such as Commissary Gift “I volunteered for Kids Day because I think it’s importantCertificates, family package steaks and to show children that we care for them,” said Staff Sgt.product demonstrations. Join in for Stancey Mitchell. “The children are the future of the country,greater savings and lots of fun. so it is important to let them feel safe and loved, and to PHOTOS BY PFC. JUNG JAE-HOON enjoy the freedom to be a child.” Cameron Vogel climbs up an inflatable wall during the Kids Day AFAP Issues Event organizers started the day by giving free T-shirts celebration Saturday at the Seoul American Middle school.The Area II AFAP Conference will be to the first 200 youth who attended.held Oct. 18-20. AFAP is a program that Volunteers sold cookies, cotton candy and other snacksprovides an opportunity for all members around the school, so parents could enjoy food together withof the Army Family to inform Leadership the children.of issues in the community. To get Also, there were inflatable games for the children to playinvolved, call Reta Mills at 738-3627. on and to climb like rock climbers do. “It was very well organized and well planned,” said parent Anthony Hamilton to Capt. Christopher Vogel. “There were a lot of activities for Perform the children to participate in; they had fun.”Grammy Award Nominee Anthony Later there was a dance class and a magic show in theHamilton will perform 7 p.m. Wednesdayat the Collier Field House. For front of the SAES gymnasium.information, call 738-4058. “It was wonderful; the kids had a wonderful time,” said parent Lawson Hughes. “Everyone at the fair was great; it Celebration participants wait in line for their cotton candy. Area II Web site has been a wonderful day.” refreshments, games and music to let parents and the childrenFor more community notes, news and More than 600 children and parents attended the event. enjoy themselves and have fun.”information, visit the Area II Web site at “It was the joint effort of all the members of MWR,” said Area II MWR Director Paul Robinson. “We had E-mail
  • 11. The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Sept. 22, 2006 11Exchange holds pet show Library observesProud owners gatherfor pet competition Hispanic month By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonBy David McNally Area II Public AffairsArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — The YONGSAN GARRISON — The 2006 Yongsan Yongsan Library will celebrate the NationalPet Show brought together mostly dogs, a few cats Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15and many proud owners Sept. 9 outside the Four through Oct. 15.Seasons shopping complex. National Hispanic Heritage Month is a Despite light rain, pet enthusiasts turned out to show period to recognize the contributions ofoff their four-legged companions. Hispanic Americans to the United States. The show got under way at 10 a.m. with Northern It is an opportunity to celebrate HispanicExchange General Manager Betty O’Brien judging pets heritage and all kinds of categories. The observation started in 1968 as With a $25 Army and Air Force Exchange Service National Hispanic Heritage Week and wasGift card and 16-quart cooler waiting for the lucky expanded in 1988 to cover a 30-day, tension was in the air. President Ronald Reagan signed Public In the end, the judging was close: Law 100-402 Aug. 17, 1988. Owner looks like pet: Ethan Bean “Area II libraries are conducting a contest,” said Area II Library Director Kim Most colorfully dressed up pet: Caroline Childress Im-soon. “We have a short quiz with three Best trick: Webster Lansdell educational questions about Hispanic Exchange officials also conducted a drawing for heritage, and we will draw [fromprizes. Three participants won a value pet supply C OURTESY PHOTOS participants who answered correctly] tobucket worth $50, $30 and $20. Top: A pet show participant pick a winner.” “They were very thankful for this kind of event,” entertains the crowd with his The drawing will be held at 4 p.m., Oct.said Four Seasons Manager Han Ki-sol. “It was a dog Sept. 9 outside the Four 10 at the Yongsan Library.great time for us to generate customer interest and Season shopping complex. “I think Hispanics have contributed a lotgive good impressions.” to American culture and society,” Kim said Han said the show helped Four Seasons sales for pet Left: With the help of a little “Also many Hispanic Soldiers died duringsupplies. friend, Caroline Childress World War I, II and the Korean War, so “We sold 417 items for $1,536,” he said. “On an claimed the prize for Most we are celebrating to show our appreciationaverage day we sell 180 to 230 items for $800 to $1000. colorfully dressed up pet. See Library Page 12 Library, E-mail
  • 12. 12 Area II Sept. 22, 2006 The Morning Calm WeeklyYongsan Commissary tohold Family Day partyEvent to offer various “The commissary is promoting Family Day to encourage Americans, toprizes for community make family dinners a regular feature of their daily routine,” said the YongsanBy Pvt. Kim Sang-wook Commissary Director Michael Mertz.Area II Public Affairs “We’re here to support the community YONGSAN GARRISON— For the and enhance family health.”upcoming National Family Day, the Since the creation of Family Day inDefense Commissary Agency will 2001, this is the first time the Yongsansupport the Area II community by Commissary has volunteered a Familyopening fun and unique promotional Day promotion Saturday at the Yongsan “There will be lots of events and freeCommissary. cake, coffee and hot dogs “standing by” The commissary has planned various for the customers,” Mertz activities such as free face painting, “Contests will be open for customersapple-bobbing contest, basketball-toss to win prizes, such as commissary giftcontest and other surprise events from certificates and free coupons.”10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to celebrate Family “We hope to have lots of peopleDay. come for the Family Day party,” Mertz According to research by the Center said. “We’ll have some surprise eventson Addiction and Substance Abuse, the to astonish our customers.”more often children eat dinner with their For information, call 736-3301.families, the less likely they are to smoke,drink or use drugs. E-mail from Page 9classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for “The school has eight classes and 16the 4-year-old children,” she said. “The children in each,” Flood-Lewis said. “Wekids learn Spanish, Korean and do are always accepting applications untilscience activities.” the program is filled.” Parents can sign up their children by The preschool is in session until May.visiting the South Post Chapel and filling For information, call 738-8503.out registration forms. A child must beat least three years old before Oct. 31. E-mail from Page 11 CPL. LEE YANG-WONArea II Library Director Kim Im-soon shows Hispanic-related books and CDs Tuesday at theYongsan Library. The observation ends Oct. them.” library to enjoy some books, CDs and Kim also said she hopes community also enter the contest and win a $20members will use this chance to prize.bring their library card and visit the E-mail Area II Web site for more stories Area Web more http://ar ea2.kor http://area2.kor
  • 13. Sept. 22, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13 ceremonyAdoption, blessing ceremony honors pets Gift from Page 2By Susan Silpasornprasit offered as a courtesy to guests. one very limited exception which The animal blessing is part of an You may also give welfare gifts. allows USFK personnel to requestArea II Public Affairs annual event held in memory of the Welfare gifts include gifts of new or approval to give alcohol as a gift to YONGSAN GARRISON — The anniversary of the death of Saint Francis used clothing, prepared food, their ROK counterparts, normally on18th Medical Command will host an of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. beverages, or other relief items Korean holidays, such as Chuseok andanimal adoption fair and pet blessing “Most people recognize animals as donated by USFK personnel or Lunar New Year. Only general andevent from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 30 spiritual friends,” Spencer said. “I organizations, which will enhance the flag officers are authorized to grantat the Yongsan South Post Chapel. believe our animals are another glimpse welfare of individuals or institutions approval to USFK personnel to “We in the 18th Medical Command, of the richness of God’s creations.” (e.g., orphanages, schools, churches, purchase duty-free alcohol, withas a contribution to the local Area II Attendees should ensure their pets hospitals) cared for by service, personal funds, to give as a gift tocommunity, desire to offer an remain in a cage or on a leash during charitable, or relief organizations. ROK counterparts. The general or flagopportunity for adoption of pets, as well the blessing ceremony, which begins at However, even with welfare gifts, officer may delegate this authority toas a blessing prayer for pets who are 11 a.m. Blessings will also be certain rules apply: an O-6 level chief of staff andliving or deceased,” said Chaplain (Lt. performed throughout the afternoon. Welfare gifts worth more than $50 assistant deputy chief of staff.Col.) Richard Spencer, 18th MEDCOM Not only will the event honor the per unit in value must be reported to Assuming you have obtaineddeputy chaplain. “Educational materials animals in attendance, it will provide the Korean government. approval from a general or flag officerwill be distributed along with an a chance for families to pay tribute to USFK must approve the gift in to make a gift of alcohol, then thereopportunity to consider adopting a pet past pets. advance (before it’s given). To have are still other restrictions to observe.for your family.” “There will be an opportunity to the gift approved, contact the 8th MP The value of each gift of alcohol must Prospective pets will be available for memorialize pets who have been a part Bde., SOFA Support Division Ration not exceed $35. In addition, gifts ofadoption in the courtyard in front of the of our families and are now deceased,” Control Office. alcohol are limited to one bottle perchapel. Spencer said. “Family members who Generally, USFK regulation 643-2 year per recipient per donor. So, if an “The challenge is always to do wish to memorialize their pets are prohibits giving food and commissary official presents a bottle of alcohol toeverything that we can to place the right welcome to bring a picture of their pet items as a gift. However, if someone a ROK counterpart on Lunar Newpet with the right family. Thus, ensuring and attach it to the bereavement wants to give food, they will need to Year, that official may not give thata successful and lasting human-animal memorial on display. obtain a specific exception to policy same person a gift of alcohol for otherbond,” said Capt. Nicholas Cabano, “I am always impressed with how from the SOFA Support Division. occasions in the same calendar year.Yongsan Veterinary Treatment Facility animals demonstrate unconditional Chuseok Gifts Other than this limited exception, thechief of clinical operations. love for family members. Animals Chuseok is an annual Korean normal rules for gift-giving also apply Animals are examined by members teach us a lot about compassion,” holiday that features the exchange of during Chuseok and Lunar New Year.of the veterinary clinic prior to being Spencer said. gifts. The holiday prompts numerous For example, you may not make a gift ofput up for adoption. The upcoming adoption fair may be questions on the ability to give and beef or oxtail purchased from the Beyond a clean bill of health, family an opportunityfor the Area II community receive Chuseok gifts. The same rules commissary, even though it is Chuseok.members may also wish to address the to show its compassion — to be a as outlined above apply to gifts given For information about gift giving,spiritual aspects of their pet’s well- blessing and to welcome a blessing into in connection with Chuseok. There is contact the local legal office.being. their homes and their hearts.
  • 14. Sept. 22, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Sept. 22-28 Ameican Lady in the Lady in the The Covenant The Covenant John Tucker Little Man Dreamz Water PG-13 Water PG-13 R R Must Die PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Idiocracy R Idiocracy R Idiocracy R Lady in the No Show No Show No Show Water PG-13 The Covenant The Covenant The Covenant John Tucker John Tucker Miami Vice R Miami Vice R R R R Must Die PG 13 Must Die PG-13 My Super The Covenant John Tucker The Covenant My Super Little Man Ex-Girlfriend Clerks II R Ex-Girlfriend R Must Die PG-13 R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Invincible Invincible John Tucker No Show No Show No Show John Tucker PG PG Must Die PG 13 Must Die PG 13Idiocracy — (Luke Wilson, Maya My Super Ex-Girlfriend Ex-Girlfriend Lady in the Water — (Paul Tucker John Tucker Must Die Monster House — —(SteveRudoph) (Luke Wilson, Uma Thurman) Giamatti, Bryce Dallas Howard) (Jesse Metcalfe, Sophia Bush) Buscemi, Nick Cannon)Private Joe Bowers, the definition of Everyone’s had a painful parting of Cleveland Heep, a modest building When three popular girls from Although no adults will believe them,“average American,” is selected by the ways with a romantic partner. We manager, rescues a mysterious different cliques discover they’ve all three children realize a neighbor’sthe Pentagon to be the guinea pig pick up the pieces and move on. young woman from danger and been dating the school stud, they house is really a monster. They mustfor a top-secret hibernation But for one New York guy, it’s not discovers she is actually a narf—a band together to seek revenge. find a way to stop the house andprogram, set 1,000 years in the going to be so easy. When he breaks character from a bedtime story who Despite the jerk’s charm and ever- save the neighborhood.future. When he awakes, he up with his girlfriend, he discovers is trying to make the treacherous growing popularity, the girls cleverlydiscovers a society so incredibly his ex is actually the reluctant journey from our world back to hers. scheme with the help of thedumbed-down that he’s easily the superhero, G-Girl. A scorned Cleveland and his fellow tenants start inconspicuous new girl in town, tomost intelligent person alive. woman, she unleashes her super to realize that they are also characters soil his reputation and break his powers to humiliate and torment in this bedtime story. heart. him. My Super The Devil Wears No Show You, Me & Ex-Girlfriend No Show No Show No Show Prada PG-13 Dupree PG-13 PG-13 The Last Kiss The Last Kiss The Last Kiss Lady in the Lady in the John Tucker John Tucker R R R Water PG-13 Water PG-13 Must Die PG 13 Must Die PG 13 My Super John Tucker The Covenant Lady in the Ex-Girlfriend Lady in the No Show The Last Kiss R Water PG-13 PG-13 Must Die PG 13 Water PG-13 R Mission Impossible III John Tucker Lady in the John Tucker No Show The Last Kiss Waist Deep R PG-13 Must Die PG 13 Water PG-13 Must Die PG 13 R The Last Kiss The Last Kiss Monster House Lady in the Lady in the John Tucker John Tucker R R PG Water PG-13 Water PG-13 Must Die PG 13 Must Die PG 13 Nacho Libre PG Nacho Libre PG Monster House Clerks II R Clerks II R United 93 R United 93 R PG The Shaggy The Shaggy The Shaggy Waist Deep R Waist Deep R The Omen R The Omen R Dog PG Dog PG Dog PG
  • 15. Sept. 22, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15We must forgive as freely as we seek forgivenessBy Chaplain (Capt.) Byung K. Min What about us? I don’t think I am better than Peter, question is, how many times do you want to beHHC, Area IV Support Activity either. Human beings are very self-centered beings. forgiven? Third question, how many times will you In the Bible, one day Peter, who is one of Jesus’ When I listen to my Soldiers or couples in need forgiveness in your life?disciples, brought up quite an interesting issue. He counseling sessions, I find that husbands talk about I know forgiving someone who sins against youasked Jesus, “Sir, how many times do I have to things to their advantage. Also, the wives talk about is not easy, but if you forgive, if you use such aforgive my brother, up to seven times?” He might things to their advantage. No one wants to talk powerful tool in your life, your life will be full ofhave expected an answer like, “Hey, Peter, you are about their own mistakes. No one is willing to talk joy, mercy and love.the man. You want to forgive your brother even about what they did wrong. But before we forgive Brothers and sisters, forgiveness is a veryseven times? That is more than outstanding.” or judge someone else, we have to look through powerful life-giving tool. Use and practice this tool But Jesus did not answer like that. Rather, he said ourselves first. in your life. Be an expert with this tool. This tool is“Forgive your brother even up to seventy times Now, we need to think about who needs made in heaven. The label on this tool saysseven. If I was there at that time, I would like to ask forgiveness. I am telling you that you and I need “Lifetime guarantee.” The label on the price tagPeter these questions. “Hey, how about you? Do forgiveness. Each and every person needs says, “Free to anyone.” The label on the warningyou think you forgive others more often, or that you forgiveness. You need to be forgiven. And you have tag says, “Use this tool as much or as often asneed to be forgiven by others more often? And, to forgive your brother. needed to prevent rust in your life.”what do you think? Do you have to forgive your Let me ask you a question. If you have brothers I believe everyone needs this tool. I want you tobrother more than you need to be forgiven by your or sisters, they will sin against you. How many buy this tool. Practice and use this tool in your” times are you going to forgive them? My second Your life will be full of grace, mercy and love. Area IV Worship Services Protestant 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll Korean Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Area IV Chaplains 10:30 a.m. Camp Henry Korean Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Joseph F. Hannon or 768-5455 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker Praise & Worship Sunday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker Chaplain (Capt.) Byong Min 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker Catholic or 765-8991 1 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll For additional information, contact the Area IV Chaplain’s Collective Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Camp Walker Office at 764-5455. Ad goes here
  • 16. Sept. 22, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyIncheon from Page 1and their families who participated in operations in the history of amphibiousthe Revisit to Korea Program, warfare. But it was a great deal moresponsored by the Korean Veterans than that. This daring and ingeniousAssociation. operation saved the fledgling Republic The ceremonies began with South of Korea from utter destruction, freedKorean dignitaries and U.S. military its citizens from the tyranny ofo f f i c i a l s l e d b y T h i e s s e n a n d communist occupation and created aWisecup, boarding a South Korean spirit of victory and confidence,” saidNavy vessel and laying wreaths in Thiessen.the ocean. This was done in The event concluded with a photor e m e m b r a n c e o f t h e B a t t l e o f session, performance by the ROKIncheon that took place Sept. 15, Marine Corps Band and Honor Guard1950. Then, the group paid their and a luncheon host by the Incheonrespects to the war veterans at Gen. mayor.D o u g l a s M a c A r t h u r ’s s t a t u e i n For Intelligence Specialist 3rd ClassFreedom Park. Michael Reinke, a Sailor attached to Following that, there was a CNFK, attending the ceremony wasceremony at the Incheon Memorial. an experience he will never forget.The public was invited to attend this “It was a privilege to share theportion of the ceremonies. Hundreds experience with the ROK Marines thattraveled from all directly fought and LT. J.G. JESSICA GANDYparts of the “This daring and ingenious were responsible for Rear Adm. James Wisecup, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea (center), and others bowUnited States to operation saves the fledgling their country’s their heads in silence during a wreath laying ceremony at Gen. MacArthur Statue in Freedom Parkattend. Thiessen Republic of Korea from utter survival, and an in Incheon, Republic of Korea. The ceremony was part of the 56th Incheon Amphibious Operations Members sport a unique safety vest with their logo.said a few words destruction, freed its citizens from honor to sit amongst Landing Commemoration Ceremonies that took place on Sept .15.during this the tyranny of communist the American created between the peoples of the Command, the Republic of Koreaportion of the occupation and created a spirit of veterans who United States and the ROK.” and U.S. Combined Forcesc e r e m o n i e s , victory and confidence.” answered the call to CNFK is the regional commander Command, and Commander, Uniteddiscussing why serve and assist the for the U.S. Navy in the Republic States Forces Korea. CNFK also — Maj. Gen. Duane Thiessen,this military Republic of Korea in of Korea. serves as liaison to the Republic of commander, U.S. Marine Forces Koreaoperation was so its hour of need,” CNFK provides leadership and Korea Navy, the Combined Forcesmemorable. Sang-wook By Pvt. Kim said Reinke. “It was clearly evident expertise in naval matters to area Commander staff in armistice and “The landing at Incheon was one from the ceremony that through their Area II Public Affairs military commanders, including the in wartime to the Commander, U.S.of the most significant and successful selfless sacrifice a timeless bond was Commander for the United Nations 7th Fleet based in Yokosuka.
  • 17. Sept. 22, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Han River Casino Cruise High rollers hit high seas with BOSS By IMA-Korea MWR Special to The Morning Calm Weekly Soldiers were “cashing in” at this year’s Han River Casino Cruise hosted by Better Opportunities for Single and unaccompanied Soldiers Sept. 9. Area II Pool League Though billed as a casino cruise, the event offered a wide The Area II Pool League is seeking new variety of attractions, including live entertainment, dinner, members. The group meets at 7 p.m. each dancing and prizes for all those high rollers in attendance. Tuesday at the Main Post Club, Harvey’s BOSS’S Casino Cruise was designed for Soldiers to Lounge and the Navy Club -- all on enjoy themselves. Yes there was gambling, but no money Yongsan Garrison. Membership is open was involved. Having free chips was part of the fun. to ID cardholders, family members, After some old time tunes by the 8th U.S. Army Dixie retirees, Department of Defense civilians Land Band, Robert Lattanzi officially addressed the crowd, or contractors and individuals sponsored PHOTOS RAKENDRA MOORE welcoming the audience and introducing those involved. BY by ID cardholders. For more information, Forty-five volunteers from BOSS, Morale, Welfare and The dealer waits patiently as players consider their next moves during call Brent Abare at 723-3691. Recreation, and other organizations were recognized and BOSS’s Casino Cruise Sept. 9. Home for the Holidays thanked for making the event possible. having a blast. “I’m thinking the Texas Hold’em is pretty Be sure to enter the Home for the The formalities complete, party goers enjoyed dinner hot. I don’t know how to play exactly, but I’m learning.” Holidays drawing sponsored by MWR then were free to choose the entertainment of their choice. Though no one took home their winnings from the and US Airline Alliance. Those interested “We have six gaming tables, Soldiers had the opportunity to cash in may fill out an entry form to enter to win different casino their chips for prizes at the auction. Several Soldiers a round-trip ticket to the United States. games taking place” also hit it big after the games, as a number of door Forms may be found in the local MWR said Lattanzi. prizes, including DVD players, cookware and video facility, newspaper, or on the MWR Web Texas Hold’em, games, were given. site. Deadline to enter is Oct. 12. Call 723- poker, roulette and Spc. Justin Crossno said he really enjoyed himself. “I’m 3730 for information. blackjack were just looking to have some fun,” he said. “It doesn’t matter among the games if I win or lose. You know the money’s not real.” Battle of the Runway offered. Spc. Charles Wayne Frost was more brief in his review The first Battle of the Runway Fashion Show will be held at The Underground, The 8th U.S. Army Dixie Land Band sets the Sgt. Shiron Polk of the evening, but seemed to capture the feeling of many Yongsan Garrison, Oct. 8. The event will mood for an evening of “riverboat gambling.” said that she was in attendance when he said “It’s awesome.” be 7-11:30 p.m. Admission is $10. For ticket information in area I or II, call 010-7570- 1964 or 010-2308-2724. In area III or IV, call Hannam Village festival open to all Hamilton bringing R&B 010-6307-7527 or 010-5584-5722. Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Corporation, and the Korea National Housing Corporation. to troops in Korea Charlie Daniels Band Experience a blend of Korean and Other events are also scheduled By Korea Region MWR to Perform for Troops American culture at eighth annual on Yongsan Garrison this weekend Special to The Morning Calm Weekly The Charlie Daniels Band, will perform five shows on Army installations in Hannam Village Community in conjunction with National R&B singer/songwriter Anthony Korea. All shows are free of charge Festival 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Family Day. Hamilton will perform five shows at courtesy of Morale, Welfare and The colorful event, held on the The Yongsan Commissary is Army installations in Korea today Recreation. Call the local MWR or 723- Hannam Village sports field, is hosting family events 10 a.m.-2 through Wednesday. 3346 for information. The schedule for open to the entire Area II and p.m. Saturday, including a basketball Hamilton gained recognition with shows is as follows: Yongsan Garrison community, toss, free hamburgers, commissary the release of his 2003 album “Comin’ Oct 18, 7 p.m., Camp Walker’s Kelly Gym including military personnel, DoD specials, bobbing for apples and From Where I’m From,” for which Oct. 19, 8 p.m., Camp Casey’s Carey Gym civilians, family members and their face painting. There will also be a he garnered three Grammy Oct. 20, 7 p.m., Camp Humphreys’ CAC invited guests. Students Against Destructive nominations. Oct. 21, 7 p.m., Yongsan Garrison’s “The festival is always Decisions membership drive. The schedule of performances for Collier Field House exciting,” said Hannam Village The Yongsan Family Fun Park Hamilton is: Oct. 22, 8 p.m., Camp Red Cloud’s Gym ACS Outreach Coordinator Yves will offer discounts and the Army Today, 7 p.m., Camp Walker’s Kelly Guillaume. and Air Force Exchange Service Gym RecTrac Registration Tightrope walking, see-saw will provide free refreshments to Incentive Extended Saturday, 8 p.m., Camp Casey’s games, martial arts moviegoers Monday. Hanson Field House Morale, Welfare, and Recreation has demonstrations, kite making and The Dragon Hill Lodge will extended the deadline to register in the Sunday, 7 p.m., Camp Humphreys reenactments of a traditional offer National Family Day Community Acitivity Center Unit Registration Program. Units Korean wedding ceremony discounts at their restaurants. The Tuesday, 8 p.m., Camp Stanley Gym achieving 100 percent registration in the complete with American DHL will also be awarding a free Wednesday, 7 p.m., Yongsan RecTrac system will earn money for the participants are on the schedule. room stay for four people, four Garrison’s Collier Field House. unit fund, courtesy of MWR. Deadline has been extended until Sept. 30. “We will also have kimchi, rice passes to Lotte World Amusement A unit must achieve the objective of 100 cake and tea tasting, along with Park and four passes to the stage percent registration in order to qualify Buddhist arts and crafts show, “Lion King.” for the unit fund incentive. Minimum is demonstrations,” Guillaume said. Commiskey’s will offer 15 $150 for units with 100 or less soldiers Other Korean foods will also be percent off everything except and $1.50 per Soldier for units with 100 available. steaks and lobster. But, to receive or more Soldiers. American food vendors, the discount, the customer must The incentive program is applicable to including Starbucks and Outback have a U.S. identification card and all U.S. military units assigned to and Steak House, will have booths. be under the Status of Forces residing on an Army military installation Guillaume said the 2nd Infantry Agreement. The Commiskey’s and are already receiving Army MWR Division Rock Band and a Korean special will be valid Monday and Unit Funds, and Army Units on Air band will play. Tuesday. Force installations at Suweon and The festival is a cooperative For information on the event, Gwangju. effort of Morale, Welfare and contact the local MWR Call 723-8510 for information. Recreation, the Korea National Entertainment Office or call 723- Management Maintenance 3749. Anthony Hamilton
  • 18. Sept. 22, 2006 Page 21 FTX602nd ASB sharpens skills during FTX through our aircraft maintenance. “The Soldiers make our success what it is,” said Fawcett. “The leaders enable that success by leading our Soldiers, and they in turn provide the best support that this brigade has to offer.” Fawcett explained that the 602nd’s mission is to provide logistical support to the combat aviation brigade. “We do aviation maintenance fuel, supply, and transportation and communication to the 2nd Combat Avn. Bde.,” he said. The 602nd is undergoing transformation along with the rest of Army aviation on the Korean peninsula,” Fawcett explained. “Even though we don’t have all of our capabilities yet, or all our equipment and people, we still are capable of supporting the 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade because of the great job our Soldiers do.” Fawcett credits coordination outside of the 602nd through the 194th PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEY Maintenance Battalion and other supportMaj. Ronnie Williamson, support operations officer, fires a M2 .50-caliber machine gun as Capt. Matthew Reynolds, Headquarters and Headquarters battalions in Korea with helping to getCompany commander, feeds rounds into the weapon. Both officers are with the 602nd Combat Aviation Battalion and were participating in officer the mission done.development training. “We all work together to supportBy F. Neil Neeley Junior enlisted Soldiers got a readiness rate in the Army and our each other and to make the missionArea III Public Affairs unique opportunity to step into the Soldiers contribute to its success happen,” he said. CAMP HUMPHREYS – The boots of their senior sergeants.602nd Aviation Support Battalion is “My platoon sergeant has placed E-currently undergoing a field training 4 and below in E-6 and E-7 positionsexercise at Training Area Tom. and is using this as an opportunity to “We’ve been out here since Sept. teach us leadership skills,” said Spc.14 and we’ll be here through David Acklam, Company B, 602ndSaturday,” said Lt. Col. Gregory J. CAB. “We’re experiencing theFawcett, 602nd commander. “This workload that noncommissionedexercise is to improve Soldier skills, officers go through.”and collective and common tasks, “This is the best support battalionboth at the company level and in the United States Army,” said Maj.battalion level, in order to improve Eric Morrison, 602nd executiveour mission essential task list. officer. “It’s the best because of our “Our primary METL is to Soldiers.”conduct a security operation,” Fawcett agreed. “Our Soldiers do aFawcett added. great job,” he said. “They are a key As part of their field training, element to the success of the brigade.officers underwent officer Our aviation maintenance company isprofessional development training on the biggest in the battalion. We doan M2 .50-caliber machine gun. hundreds of work orders a month. (from left) Spc. David Acklam and Pvt. Carter Coom, both with Company B, 602nd CombatEach officer took turns feeding The 2nd Combat Avn. Bde. has Aviation Brigade, stand with Lt. Col. Gregory J. Fawcett, 602nd commander, outside a bunker atrounds into the weapons or firing it. probably got the highest operational Training Area Tom. Humphreys undergoes successful Higher Headquarters Antiterrorism Assessment By F. Neil Neeley have an overview of our overall ability to leading edge of providing a secure Area III Public Affairs provide security for our customers here on environment for those folks here on CAMP HUMPHREYS – A higher post,” said Ed Teague, Area III security post,” said Teague. headquarters antiterrorism assessment officer. “It’s important for us too because we Teague doesn’t believe that his safety team from the Installation Management also gained a view from the outside on how office should take all of the credit for a Agency in Washington completed a we are doing on our ability to provide a successful inspection. “I think that it’s thorough assessment of Camp secure environment for the folks on the important to realize that security for the Humphreys’ overall security program installation.” installation is done by an entire team here, Sept. 15. Camp Humphreys did well on the concept,” He said. “Everybody here on “It’s very important for the headquarters inspection. “The overall assessment from post is involved in the process of of the Installation Management Agency to the team is that Camp Humphreys is on the keeping the post secure.
  • 19. 22 Sept. 22, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Humphreys Bulldogs take rugby championship BOSS Bungee Jump By F. Neil Neeley Trips Area III Public AffairsBetter Opportunities for Single and CAMP HUMPHREYS – Theunaccompanied Soldier bungee jump Humphreys Bulldogs rugby team trouncedtrips are set for Oct. 4. Cost is $60. Price Camp Red Cloud 67-10 at Soldier’s Fieldincludes transportation, lunch and two Saturday to take the 8th U.S. Army Rugbyevents (bungee jump, extreme skycoaster or slingshot ride). See your Championship.BOSS representative or call 753-8825/ “The Bulldogs were a much more8828/6236 for information. Sign up at experienced team,” said Spc. Larry Faus,the Humphreys CAC Company A, 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, captain and coach of the Bulldogs. Hispanic Heritage “We’ve been practicing twice a week Committee Seeks since February,” said Faus. “I think the final Volunteers score showed that we had been practicingThe Osan Hispanic Heritage Committee as a team for quite a bit seeking volunteers. Meetings are “Red Cloud put their team together onevery Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Bldg. 949 short notice,” said Faus. “We were even a(right next to the BX), Rm. 229 at Osan little worried that we wouldn’t have aAB. Come and help plan this year’s game.”activities and events for the observance Faus credits CRC’s squad for theirmonth (today - Oct. 15). Call 784-8285 team spirit. “They did their best to bringor 784-4662 for information. together a team,” he said. “Kudos to them F. NEIL NEELEY for giving us a game.” (from left) Humphreys Bulldogs’ “Bash Brothers” Spc. Ryan Cox, 501st Military Intelligence Exceptional Family Faus gave high praise to his team. “Our Battalion and Pfc. Lance Holeman, 4-2 Aviation Regiment, take down Camp Red Cloud player Member Program players did a fantastic job,” he said. “I think Spc. Jason Roberts, 2nd Infantry Division. The Bulldogs beat Camp Red Cloud 67-10.Planning on consecutive OCONUS that they showed their dedication by just sets up the plays for the back,” said Faus. between the Camp Humphreys team andtours? Applying for CommandSponsorship? Are you Command how well they played together. The Seoul Sisters, a civilian women’s the Seoul women’s team.Sponsored and plan to extend? Pfc. Epeli Ratoto, the team’s fly half gets rugby team from Seoul, came out and “We’re trying to get a women’s teamApplying for the Assignment Incentive Faus’s special recognition. “Our hats are played a game afterwards and Faus credits together on post,” said Faus. “If anyone isPlan and want to bring your family to definitely off to him,” said Faus. “He was them for increasing awareness of women’s interested in playing rugby, our practicesKorea? If you answered yes to any of the one kicking all of the penalties and the rugby. are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m., atthese questions, then an overseas extra points for us.” “They are divided into two sister teams; Soldier’s Park.”screening must be completed on all Faus explained that in rugby there are The Renegades and the Handboks,” said For more information about joining thefamily members. Contact the Area III two sets of positions; the forward and the Faus. “They tied 5-5.” team, call Faus at 010-2211-2665 orEFMP coordinator at 753-8327. back position. The fly half is the “We have a couple of females who play inquire by e-mail at whitepointer4811 commander of the back. “He’s the one who on our team,” he added. “They share time University of Pheonix Registration ongoingEarn a Masters Degree. Traditional on-site classes are available at Osan Air Holiday greetingsBase. New term for on-site classesbegins Tuesday. Registration is filmed at Humphreyscurrently taking place. Master of (from left) Maj. Robert Donnelly, 4-2 AviationManagement and Master of Regiment, his son Robert Jr., wife AllisonManagement-Human Resources and son Mathew, record their holidayManagement classes are held on base greetings Saturday at the Osan and meet one night a week. All The Hometown News Team visits Koreacourses are also available online. annually and records video greetings thatMaster of Arts in Education programs are aired on local statesideTV stations.available online. Online class schedules COURTESY PHOTOvary. For information, please call 784-5664 or send via e-mail HAES observes In-Service Training Day Register to VoteElection Day is Nov. 7. Servicemembers, “We will be visited in the springtheir family members residing abroad by the North Central Accreditationand Department of Defense civilians Committee to look at how welloverseas can register to vote and HAES is accomplishing the goalsrequest an absentee ballot by filling out that were set forth,” said Joan Islas,a Federal Post Card Application Humphreys Elementary School(Standard Form 76). Go to to access the FPCA and Islas explained that HAES’ goalsother information about voting are for all students to demonstrateoverseas or see your unit voting increased problem-solving abilitiesassistance officer. as applied to all curricular areas, Writer-Editor and that all students will Volunteer Opportunity demonstrate improvement in COURTESY PHOTO reading comprehension across theThe Area III Public Affairs Office is Chad Jimison, Sarah Milner and Aubrey Milner discuss ways to improve student reading at a curriculum.looking for a volunteer to help with our teacher in-service held Sept. 15.section of The Morning Calm Weekly. Islas invites anyone who wouldWriting experience is preferred, along By F. Neil Neeley 15 while the school held an In-Service like to get more involved in thiswith some experience with desktop Area III Public Affairs Training Day. process to contact her office at 753-publishing. Digital photography skills CAMP HUMPHREYS – Teachers and parents worked side- 8894/6313. “We need parent andare helpful but training is available. For Humphreys American Elementary by-side, learning about the school’s community participation andinformation, call 754-8857. School released students early Sept. improvement goals and interventions. involvement,” she said.
  • 20. Sept. 22, 2006 Area IIIThe Morning Calm Weekly 23 phase II housing tower opensBy F. Neil Neeley Humphreys Army Lodge, as well asArea III Public Affairs some families of servicemembers who CAMP HUMPHREYS – Another will eventually be assigned to duty at themilestone in the Camp Humphreys post.Master Plan was reached Monday with Also completed was a new two-storythe opening of the new eight-story phase underground parking garage with spaceII family housing tower. for 220 cars. According to Joan Bradford, Area III Speaking at the opening, Col. Janishousing director, the 48-unit complex Dombi, commander of the Army Corpswill cause about half of the 115 of Engineers, Far East District, said thatcommand-sponsored, off-post families the tower wasn’t just a beautiful brickto be moved onto post. building but also a big improvement for About a third of those families family life and a symbol of the Republicmoving from off post will move into the of Korea and U.S. tower, Bradford said. Some families “This building is not about familiesthat have been living in the older adjacent coming from Seoul,” she said, “It’sfamily housing tower but who needed about families who are already here.”more room will move into larger Dombi then complimented Pumyangapartments in the new building. That will for their more than 11,000 accident-freefree space in the older tower for some man-days.of those moving from off post. The Pumyang Construction Bradford explained that the remainder Company Ltd. of Seoul built the newof the apartments in the new tower will tower and parking garage and is building F. NEIL NEELEYbe occupied by families that have been a third housing tower, under contract The new eight-story family housing tower stands ready for occupancy on Camp Humphreys. Ithoused temporarily on post in the Camp with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. will soon house 48 families.Area III observes POW/MIA Recognition DayBy F. Neil Neeley conflicts dating as far back as WWII. over. Their loved ones are still unaccounted for.”Area III Public Affairs “Today our nation pauses ... to reflect the heroism Taliento urged those present to always remember CAMP HUMPHREYS – Members of the of tens of thousands of Americans who endured the those who are still missing and to reaffirm theircommunity gathered on Beacon Hill Sept. 15, to observe hardships of enemy confinement and those whose fate commitment to the fullest possible accounting of everyNational POW/MIA Recognition Day and to remember in time of war remains unknown,” he said. “We know warrior who has defended the freedom that we enjoythose who sacrificed so much and to account for those that this nation will not forget it’s obligation to the today.who did not return. POWs and those who are still missing in action.” “You are all their heroes because you have not Guest speaker Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., Area III Patriotic speeches and ceremonies will forgotten,” said Taliento. “So we join together todaySupport Activity reminded the audience that over 80 commemorate this day,” said Taliento, “But for some, in a ceremony to reaffirm a sacred creed never tothousand Americans are still missing in action from especially the families of our missing, the war is never forget these brave warriors.” PHOTOS BY F.NEIL NEELEY (clockwise from top left) Retired Command Sergeant Major Bill Spearman takes his hat off to the National Anthem. Bill Haney, VFW House Rules Committee chairman, displays the POW/MIA flag. Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. delivers his speech. Soldiers salute the American and Korean flags. An empty table is set for the POW/MIAs.
  • 21. Sept. 22, 2006 Page 25Ed Center to showcase GoArmyEd at open houseBy Steven Hoover Soldiers who GoArmyEd SpecificsArea IV Public Affairs were not previously GoArmyEd enables Soldiers to view information in CAMP HENRY – To help Soldiers better enrolled in eArmyU, their student record anytime and anywhere.understand what services the education center here or who did not Soldiers can access GoArmyEd to:can provide, the staff, along with local college receive an invitation Request tuition assistance and register for collegerepresentatives, will host an open house 8 a.m. – 4 through their Army classes 24 hours-a-day, seven day-a-week (including on-p.m. Wednesday. Knowledge Online post, off-post, distance learning and eArmyU classes); The primary focus will be helping Soldiers navigate account, may enroll Research and select schools and degree plans,the GoArmyEd Web site, the virtual gateway that was by choosing the research class costs, and admission requirements;established earlier this year to facilitate tuition “New Users” tab Access online advising tools that help them selectassistance requests online anytime for classroom, from the public view college classes that advance them toward their degree;distance learning and online college courses. of the portal. From Complete an electronic Tuition Assistance Statement However, since the new “paperless” registration this tab, Soldiers will of Understanding each term and return a signed, hard-process can sometimes be challenging for those who be guided through copy TA SOU to an Army education counselorpreviously had one of the university staff helping them the processes necessary to obtain a login and establish annually;to complete the enrollment forms, that’s where this their GoArmyEd account. Cancel TA requests if they want to drop a classopen house can offer assistance. However, obtaining a login/password does not before the class starts. GoArmyEd automatically Representatives from the University of Phoenix, obligate the Soldiers to take any college courses. restores their annual TA ceiling when they cancel a TAUniversity of Maryland and Central Texas College will With the new process, available schools submit request;be on hand to answer general education questions course schedules, invoices and grades electronically. Withdraw from classes that have already started.about college degree programs, the Serviceman’s A central team reconciles, certifies and then cuts final This may result in recoupment for TA. (GoArmyEdOpportunity College, credit transfers, tuition assistance checks. automatically restores the refundable portion of afor spouses and other topics. “We realize that getting set up in the GoArmyEd Soldier’s annual TA ceiling when they withdraw from “Whether they are a new student, or a returning system can be daunting for some, especially those a class and recoupment actions are taken for the non-one, they probably have questions,” said Larry Kurzer, who were used to doing everything manually before,” refundable portion.);University of Phoenix program coordinator. “When said Matthew Ormita, University of Maryland program Access an electronic version of their student record;Soldiers have $4,500 available each year in Tuition coordinator. “Whether you’re going to be taking View class grades that their school has postedAssistance, they’ll want the best advice in how to classes with one of our local schools or online with directly to their student record;spend those dollars. With that benefit, how can you another, we want to make sure the Soldier understands And, call or submit cases to the helpdesk at anyafford not to go to college?” how to access everything that is available.” time. Unlike before, in order for Soldiers to obtain tuition The Education Center is located in Bldg. 1840, next For information, go to orassistance for classes, they must be registered on the to the Camp Henry Theater. For information about Both addresses lead you to theGoArmyEd portal. the open house, call 768-7247. same site. Rolling In Remembrance Walker host to 8th Army Tennis By Galen Putnam Area IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – Despite threatening weather, the 8th U.S. Army Tennis Tournament held at Camp Walker Sept. 13 – 15 was nearly a washout not because of rain, but low turnout as two of the four champions won by default when they were the only contestants in their division to show up. In the other two divisions, however, competition was fierce. In the Men’s Junior Division Lee Soo-mo from Area III topped Chung Jae from Area II in three sets to take the championship. The duo battled three times during the tournament, resulting in two three-set matches and a tiebreaker match. In the Men’s Open Division Arnaldo Albornoz, representing Area III, bested Kim Jung-kyoon from Area IV, 6-0, 6-0 in the championship match to take top honors. Albornoz, who breezed through the tournament undefeated, had previously knocked Kim into the losers GALEN PUTNAM bracket 6-1, 6-0. Motorcyclists park their bikes as fellow Veterans of Foreign Wars members and other spectators look on at the Evergreen Community Club Friday. Kim Won-dae and Trish Crispini took The mini “Rolling Thunder” ride from Camp Henry to Camp Walker preceded the National POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony held at the ECC. the Men’s Senior and Women’s Division, The ceremony and ride, honoring prisoners of war and those who are missing in action, was sponsored by Daegu VFW Post 10033. respectively. Each was uncontested.
  • 22. Sept. 22, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Carroll hosts cross country championships Officer’s Christian By Galen Putnam Barbecue Social Area IV Public Affairs An Officer’s Christian Fellowship Kick- Off Barbecue Social will be 4 p.m. CAMP HENRY – Camp Carroll Sunday at Quarters 107A on Camp conducted the first-ever 8th U.S. Walker. OCF is a lay ministry built Army Cross Country Championships around small group fellowship among Saturday with a small but spirited field active-duty and retired officers and dominated by runners older than 40. their families, focusing on Christian Speaking of domination – every fellowship, prayer and Bible study. For runner was from Area IV. information, call Mark Gardner at 764- Competition categories included 3222. Men’s and Women’s Open (age 30- 39), and Senior’s (age 40-49). In Club Beyond addition, there was also a Men’s Teen KickOff Event Master’s division (age 50 and older). Club Beyond will hold a teen kickoff Men ran a 12-kilometer course, event 4 – 6 p.m. Oct. 1 at the Soldier women took on an 8-kilometer route. Memorial Chapel Fellowship Hall on Taking first place overall among Camp Walker. All high school teens in men as well as first place in the Area IV are invited to attend. Club Men’s Senior’s Division was Stephen Beyond is an ecumenical youth Redmon, 19th Sustainment Command ministry for high school teens. (Expeditionary) Office of the Staff For information, call Latisha McCoy PHOTOS BY KIM ON-TONG Judge Advocate, Camp Henry, who at 010-5810-2071. Patrick Noble, 19th ESC, Camp Henry, who Amelia Carter, HHC, 19th ESC, Camp finished in 50 minutes, 20 seconds. finished in 53 minutes, 49 seconds, took Walker, came in first overall and first in the Taking second overall and first place Chuseok Celebration second place overall and first place in the Men’s Women’s Open Division with a time of 39 in the Men’s Masters Division was Luncheon Masters Division. minutes, 44 seconds. The Daegu HanGook Spouses’ Patrick Noble, 19th ESC, Camp Association is hosting a Chuseok Henry, who finished in 53:49. 1:04.57. respectively. Harper came in sixth Celebration Luncheon 11:30 a.m. – Rounding out the top men’s First place in the Men’s Open overall and Sims placed eighth. 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Soldier senior’s finishers were Kwon Song- Division went to Kim Chi-hyong, In the women’s divisions Amelia Memorial Chapel Fellowship Hall on ki, Camp Carroll Community Materiel Support Center – Korea, Carter, HHC, 19th ESC, Camp Camp Walker. The event will feature Activities Center, 57:42, who took Camp Carroll, who ran unopposed Walker, came in first overall and also a traditional Korean lunch (provided second place in the division and third with a time of 1:06.41. took first in the Open Division with a first-come, first-served), traditional overall and Eduardo Colon, U.S. Army Rounding out the men’s masters time of 39:44. Coming in second games and a hanbok fashion show. Medical Materiel Agency, Camp top finishers were Chuck Harper, overall and first in the Seniors The luncheon is free of charge and Carroll, 58:50, who took third place in Camp Carroll Directorate of Public Division was Chong Sims, open to all U.S. ID cardholders – U.S. the division and fourth overall. Works Environmental Division, Headquarters and Headquarters Soldiers are particularly encouraged Coming in fourth in the division and 1:04.57; and Jasper Sims, 36th Signal Detachment, 36th Sig. Bn., Camp to attend. fifth overall was Lucas Hinerman, Battalion, Camp Walker, 1:12.52, who Walker, 52:52. Both women ran For information, call Grace Plumley finished in second and third place, unopposed in their divisions. 19th ESC OSJA, with a time of at 010-9381-3248, or Vicki Kingston at 011-826-1061. Anthony’s Pizza Hours Hispanic Heritage Jalapenos Changing Effective Oct. 1, Camp Henry Anthony’s Pizza will changeits operating hours to: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday thru Saturday. The facility will be closed Sundays. For information, call Yi Hye-kyong, manager, at 768-8670. Bodybuilding Competition Set The 2006 Mr. and Ms. Supernatural Bodybuilding Championship will be held at the Camp Carroll Sports and Fitness Center Saturday. The event is open to all Soldiers, KATUSAs, Department of Defense civilian employees, and family members. All competitors must check-in no later than 10 a.m. for weigh-in. There will be a contestants’ briefing at 11 a.m., with pre-judging beginning at noon. The competition starts at 7 p.m. For more information, call Carlos Algarin at 765-8118. Bookkeeper Position LAUREL BAEK The Apple Tree Gift Shop is seeking a part-time bookkeeper. Contestants cram down hot ones during the jalapeno pepper-eating contest at the Daegu Enclave Hispanic Heritage Month Fiesta Applications are available at the Sept. 13 at the Hilltop Club on Camp Walker. The fiesta served as the kickoff for a busy month of events commemorating Hispanic Apple Tree Gift Shop and will be heritage. Events include special dinners, bowling and movie nights, as well as a fun run and more. The month’s keynote event will accepted through Saturday. For be the Hispanic Heritage Month Commemoration Ceremony 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Oct. 11, at the Evergreen Community Club on information, call Tami LeJeune at 010- Camp Walker. The event will feature guest speaker Leandro Arellano, Mexican Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. For information 3142-2749. about Hispanic Heritage Month events, call Sgt. 1st Class Adam Morrison at 768-8542, or, 010-8671-4788.
  • 23. The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Sept. 22, 2006 27Block Party Boogie Military Idol LAUREL B AEK Sgt. Lennard Chattic, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 36th Signal Battalion, cranks out “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men during the Daegu Enclave Military Idol Competition Saturday at the Hilltop Club on Camp Walker. Chattic, who took first place, earned the opportunity to participate in the next round of competition. Second place went GALEN PUTNAM to Staff Sgt. Fikisha Maree, HeadquartersBetter Opportunities for Single and unaccompanied Soldiers members perform an impromptu dance at the Camp Walker Main Exchange parking and Headquarters Company, Area IVlot Saturday during the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Summer Block Party and Boys and Girls Clubs of America Day for Kids. Block party features Support Activity. Taking third place was Spc.included: A Main Exchange End of Summer Sale; games and activities for children; a B&GCA Day for Kids cake cutting, a Taegu Commissary Stevie Sims, Detachment C, 516th PersonnelCase Lot Sale and more. BOSS members were on hand to operate a food and beverage booth throughout the day. Support Battalion. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 24. Sept. 22, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyTAS/Community Open House NEWS & NOTES Essay Contest Set An essay contest, sponsored by the Korean Corporate Members of the Association of the U.S. Army, about “Life In Korea,” could net the winner a grand prize of one million won. The essay must be based on the author’s personal experiences in Korea and must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, typed double-spaced in MS Word. The contest is open to all U.S. servicemembers, their family members and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers. Entry deadline is Oct. 31, with winners to be announced Nov. 24 and awards to be presented Dec. 8. A brief resume, with full name, phone number, unit and mailing address of the author must be included with the essay. For information, call Anthony Cuccia at 724-3178. Essays may be e-mailed to or mailed to: The Korea Chapter of AUSA, Attention: Anthony Cuccia, PSC 450, Box 389, APO AP 96206-0389. Free Martial Arts Classes Offered GALEN PUTNAM Free Kendo and Sippalgi StickArthur and Malpun Sharp examine their son Daniel’s student journal as other parents browse and students play during a visit to Jennifer Sharp’s Fighting Classes will be held 7 p.m.second grade classroom at Taegu American School during the school’s open house Sept. 7. The event was held in conjunction with the Area IV Thursdays at the Kelly FitnessCommunity Open House that was held in the school gym. Parents toured school facilities and their children’s classrooms, meeting with teachers Center on Camp Walker.and administrators while all visitors had the opportunity to learn more about Area IV organizations such as Army Community Service, Girl Scouts, For information, call Neil Fleisher atthe Taegu Spouses Association, and many others. About 400 parents and community members attended the joint event. 764-4800/4225. Ad goes here
  • 25. The Morning Calm Weekly Sept. 22, 2006 29
  • 26. Sept. 22, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “ How much is the greens fee?” Golpu kosu sayongnyoga olmamnikka? greens fee how much is Vocabulary 10 o’clock ‘yolshee’ 11 o’clock ‘yolhanshee’ 12 o’clock ‘yoldushee’ Week Situation of the Week : Golf Do I have to hire a caddy? Kaedirul ssoya hamnikka? Can I rent golf clubs? Kolpuchaerul bilil su issumnikka? Is it a difficult course? Kosuga oryopsumnikka? What’s par? Gijun tasuga olmamnikka? Do you play golf? Golpu chishimnikka? : Where do you play golf? Golpurul odiso chishimnikka? Collier Field Korean Expression of the Week Week House offers a Until your hair turns into leek roots Meoriga pabburi doedorok free yoga class Till death do you part. A stock phrase cited by a wedding officiator.