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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Sept. 15, 2006Volume 4, Issue 46 The Morning Calm Weekly is Aviation battalion soars Mastering ‘way during Ulchi Focus Lens of foot and fist’ Page 9 Page 16 nline Visit http:// diagnosedin eight U.S. SoldiersBy Pfc. Fay Jakymec8th U.S. Army Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Eight Soldiersstationed in Korea have been diagnosed with malariathis year. All of the Soldiers infected with malaria had trainedin locations close to the demilitarized zone. Although some locations close to the DMZ areconsidered to be malaria-high-risk areas, all Soldiersstationed in Korea should exercise precautions,especially during peak malaria season — May throughOctober — because malaria is a disease that is easierto avoid than to treat, said Col. J. Greg Jolissaint,command surgeon, U.S. Forces Korea and EighthArmy. Seven of the Soldiers diagnosed this year werefound to have been infected in 2005. The current cases of malaria infection are not acause for alarm, but rather they are a reason foreveryone to judiciously use preventive medicinemeasures that will keep the mosquitoes from bitingin the first place. “The small number of diagnosed malaria cases does KWON HYUK PAEnot prompt the need for oral prophylactic medications,”Jolissaint said. Final Salute However, one case of malaria is too many, he added. Installation Management Agency - Korea Region Office Director, Col. Al Aycock, center, and IMA-KORO Command Sergeant All Soldiers based in Korea should practice Major Harold L. Gill, right, salute the flag during the Korean and American national anthems during Gill’s farewell ceremony Tuesday at Yongsan Garrison’s Dragon Hill Lodge. Gill will next serve as command sergeant major for IMA’s Southeast See Malaria, Page 4 Region. He will be succeeded at IMA-KORO by Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Witt.Five Years After 9/11, Recruiting, Retention Remain SolidBy Donna Miles almost 10,500 Soldiers, 104 percent of goal; and the Marine Corps Reserve, attracting the manpower they need toAmerican Forces Press Service its goal, and the Marine Corps signed on with more than 800 recruits, exceeded maintain a quality force for the future. WASHINGTON – Five years after more than 4,300 Marines, 107 percent its monthly goal by 1 percent. The Air “The numbers also indicate thatmilitary recruiting hit the ceiling after of its goal. The Navy and Air Force National Guard recruited more than people out there understand that we arethe Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, both met their August goals, recruiting 1,000 airmen, 128 percent of its August involved in a global war on terror andrecruiting remains solid, with every almost 4,100 sailors and almost 3,200 goal. are making the decision to serve thisservice meeting its active-duty airmen, respectively. The Air Force Reserve fell 1 airman country at this important time,” Uptonrecruiting goal for the 15th consecutive Recruiting numbers in the reserve short of its 849 goal, officials said. The said.month. components were Army Reserve, with more High retention rates military-wide Recruiting and retention statistics for also up in August, “They feel that they are than 2,400 accessions, show that once people join the military,August, just released by the Defense with all needed in this global war on met 62 percent of its many choose to continue their service.Department, show the Army, Navy, components but terror, and they want to be August goal but is faring In addition to a good pay and benefitsMarine Corps and Air Force all meeting the Army Reserve a part of it.” better in year-to-date package and the benefit of learningor exceeding both their monthly as well and Air Force recruiting, which stands skills, military service offers other less-as year-to-date recruiting goals for the Reserve meeting Marine Corps Maj. Stewart Upton, at 94 percent of the tangible rewards, Upton said.year. or exceeding their Pentagon spokesman 33,100-plus goal, officials “They’re staying in because many At the same time, retention remains goals, defense officials said. said. feel they have found a home, a family,”solid across the board, with all services The Army National Guard recruited Marine Corps Maj. Stewart Upton, a he said. “And they feel that they belongexpected to meet their retention goals more than 6,500 Soldiers, 100 percent Pentagon spokesman, called the latest to something important. They feel thatfor the fiscal year, officials said. of its goal. The Navy Reserve signed on recruiting and retention successes a they are needed in this global war on During August, the Army recruited almost 1,100 sailors, 106 percent of its positive sign that the services are terror, and they want to be a part of it.”
  • 2. Sept. 15, 20062 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly B Hard work, effort make Ulchi Focus Lens ‘great success’ Hard effort Lens ‘great E Congratulations to everyone – Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, contractors and at echelon and to refine our I want to especially acknowledge and thank our great ROK partners who once L civilians – for making this year’s Ulchi Focus Lens exercise a great success! This combined understanding of the complexities again stood should-to-shoulder with us to make this exercise a success. I know the L and joint exercise took tremendous planning, preparation and leadership involvement from all associated with joint and combined future of our alliance remains bright because of the talented and dedicated ROK leaders participants to ensure each facet was well logistics in support who expertly support CFC and who executed. I greatly appreciate the hard work and of offensive/ valiantly defend their great nation. S effort that everyone put into the exercise in order expeditionary Importantly, this has been an enormously to make this all work to standard. operations. As this successful exercise because of everyone’s E This year’s UFL – the 32nd iteration of this year ’s exercise focus on safety. Let’s not lose that command post exercise dating back 1975 – comes to an end, momentum – maintain that same N enabled our Korean and U.S. military leaders to I’m confident that commitment to safety as you redeploy to sustain and improve our joint and combined Combined Forces your installations, off-peninsula duty station warfighting capability. U.S. personnel – active, Command and our or return home. Once again, thank you all D National Guard and Reserve – from all services established warfighting headquarters and other subordinate headquarters are Gen. B.B. Bell United Nations Command/Combined for your hard work and personal sacrifice. It has paid off. We go together! Katchi S supporting apparatus in Korea, the United States and other locations, as well as afloat. Again, thank fully capable of Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea meeting our alliance commander Kapshida! # you. Over the past six months, we’ve worked deterrence commitments, and defending the hard to integrate an effects-based approach to Republic of Korea against external aggressions General, U.S. Army 20-06 our operations, to enforce collaborative planning if necessary. Commander MP Blotter Yongsan DUI The following entries were excerpted struck Victim 1’s Privately Owned Vehicle anything. Subject 1 later decided to render crackdown endsfrom the military police blotters. Theseentries may be incomplete and do not while Victim 1 was slowing to a stop. Damages to Subject 1’s vehicle consisted a written sworn statement, at which time he/she admitted to striking Subject 2 with with no arrestsimply the guilt or innocence of any of dents and scratches to the center of a closed fist in an unknown area of the By Steve Davisperson. the front bumper. Damages to Victim 1’s head. Subject 2 was transported to the Area II Public AffairsArea I vehicle consisted of scratches and paint Yongsan PMO where he/she rendered a YONGSAN GARRISON — An Housebreaking, Damage to Private transfer to the left rear bumper. Injuries written statement denying the offense. Area II and Yongsan Garrison “YouProperty — Subject 1 entered Victim 1’s to Victim 1 consisted of pain to the back Subject 2 was further processed and Drink & Drive. You Lose.” campaignresidence by breaking a window on Victim but Victim 1 stated that he/she would seek released to his/her sponsor. Subject 1 was ended Sept. 4 with no citations or arrests1’s door. Subject 1 was apprehended and medical treatment at a later time and date. further processed and released to his/her for driving under the influence.transported to the Yangju Korean National Subject 1 reported no injuries. Subject 1 sponsor. All parties denied medical The campaign began Aug. 18 whenPolice Station, where Subject 1 was and Victim 1 were transported to the treatment. This is a final report. the Area II Provost Marshal’s Officecharged with Housebreaking (KCL 319) Yongsan Main KNP Station where Victim Area 3 began conducting random nighttimeand Damage to Private Property (KCL 1 rendered a written statement attesting Traffic Accident with Injuries, Damage traffic checkpoints on Yongsan366). Subject 1 was released into Military to the incident and Subject 1 rendered a to Private Property — Subject 1, Garrison. When the campaign ended onPolice custody on a CJ Form 2 and written statement admitting to the operating a POV, while attempting to enter Labor Day, nine checkpoint operationstransported to the Camp Red Cloud MP offense. Subject 1 was charged by KNP the intersection adjacent to Jacky’s had yielded 121 traffic citations.Station, where Subject 1 refused to under KRTL Art 19-1 (Failure to Maintain Computer Store, failed to observe and “We are pleased there were noperform a series of Field Sobriety Tests, a Safe Distance). Subject 1 was struck Subject 2’s POV, which was also DUIs,” said Area II Provost Marshalprocessed and released to his/her unit. At processed and released to his/her unit by attempting to enter the intersection. Maj. Jose Naputi. “However, we had1:20 p.m., Sept. 3, Subject 1 reported to KNP. ECOD is unknown. Damage to Subject 1’s vehicle consisted too many seat belt and driver’s licensethe CRC MP Station, where Subject 1 was Assault Consummated by a Battery — of scratches to the front bumper and a violations.”advised of his/her legal rights, which Subjects 1 and 2 were involved in a verbal dent to the license plate. Damage to Sixty-five citations were written forSubject 1 invoked. Investigation continues. altercation that turned physical when both Subject 2’s vehicle consisted of scratches no seat belts and 31 were issued toArea 2 individuals started striking each other to the left side. Subject 2 sustained injuries drivers with no license in their Traffic Accident with Injuries, Damage several times with closed fists in the head consisting of scratches to right elbow and possession. Other citations included: 10to Government Property, Damage to area. Subject 1 reported in to the Yongsan a scrape to his/her left leg. Subject 1 did to motorcyclists for improper safetyPrivate Property, Following too Close — PMO where he/she was advised of his/ not sustain any visible injuries. Subject 2 equipment, mainly having no reflectiveSubject 1, operating a Government her legal rights, which Subject 1 invoked, declined medical treatment. ECOD isOwned Vehicle while following too close, requesting not to be questioned or say unknown. Investigation continues. See DUI, Page 4 Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement Staff Writer Jerry M. Gutlon President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News Sept. 15, 2006 3 Osan med group, Korean nurses work together Yongsan Commissary By Staff Sgt. Andrea Knudson Family Day 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs The Yongsan Commissary has OSAN AIR BASE — Nurses andnumerous promotional activitiesplanned for “Family Day”- A Day to technicians from the 51st MedicalHave Dinner with Your Children. With Group took part in medical Englisha variety of activities, including face classes over the summer with Koreanpainting, apple bobbing contest, nurses and physicians from Ajoubasketball toss contest and free hot University Hospital located in nearbydogs during lunch hours, and free cake Suwon. The purpose of the Englishand coffee, The Sept. 23 event seeks classes was to foster a collaborativeto benefit the entire community and effort between Ajou University Hospitalcustomers. Family Day will also feature and the 51st MDG.giveaways such as Commissary Gift “Many of our beneficiaries, bothCertificates, Family Package Steaks and active duty and dependents, have beenproduct demonstrations. Everyone is patients at Ajou, including theinvited to join in the savings and fun. International Health Clinic located within the hospital,” said Lt. Col. Lourie Moore, Hard Copy LESs 51st MDG chief nurse executive. “The Stop in October 51st Medical Group refers patients to A IRMAN 1 S T C L A S S G I N A C HIAVEROTTIEffective Oct. 1, the Yongsan Finance Ajou to ensure they receive the Dr. Hyun Kim (left), a recent graduate of Ajou University Medical School, Republic of Korea, andOffice will no longer distribute hard appropriate level of care, especially for Maj. Mary Brookins, 51st Medical Group nurse, discuss the Korean language. Air Force.copies of individual Leave and Earnings specialty services not available at Osan. transferred to the off-base hospital. She with the American counterparts.Statement. Soldiers will have to access “Typical referrals to Ajou include said June marked the first time nurses “We were so happy to (have had the)their LES and Mid Month Net Pay health care for cardiology, obstetrics from the medical group led instruction great opportunity to learn andAdvice via a personal MyPay account. and more sophisticated diagnostic for the classes, and they’ve participated experience (the English) language,With MyPay Soldiers can access their testing, such as computer tomography in four classes so far. communication skills, and cultureLES, start allotments, make changes to scans. Ajou also has many western “Twenty military members from the differences with the 51st Medicaltheir Thirft Savings Plan, view paidtravel vouchers and much more. trained physicians that follow the 51st MDG have volunteered more than Group,” said Mena Jeong, a KoreanFor information on how to access an standard of care present in United States 146 hours,” she said. “The majority of nurse from the Ajou International HealthLES via MyPay, call or visit the medicine,” Moore added. the volunteers have been military nurses, Clinic. “It will help us to take the bestYongsan Finance Office in Bldg 2254 Moore said since many of Osan Air including emergency room medical care of not only your patients, (but) alsoor visit the office Web site at http:// Base’s airmen and their family members technicians. The English classes are all foreign patients. We are truly are transferred to Ajou, they wanted to taught primarily by other Korean forward to seeing them again in the nearindex.html for the MyPay link. take part in the classes to enhance the physicians with participation by 51st future.” nurses’ communication with Osan MDG nurses for some of the lessons.” Each class consists of one-and-one- COLA Entitlement for patients and to help them learn what to The Korean participants were equally College Students expect from the patients when they are pleased by the opportunity to interact See Nurses, Page 4Do you have a dependent who is acollege student? If so, and yourdependent recently departed Korea for Child and Youth Service offers rewarding jobs Youth Serviceschool, contact your servicing finance By Steve Davis of car you drive, what kind of house you lived in, howelement to ensure you are receiving the Area II Public Affairs much money your had in your pocket, or the kind ofproper Cost of Living Allwanceentitlement. YONGSAN GARRISON — Every day at Yongsan clothes you wore,” said Ragin. “They will remember theServicemembers are authorized to receive Garrison’s Child Development Center is a new experience difference you made. The difference you make in a child’sCOLA based upon the number of for Meyer Ragin. life can make the world a better place.”command-sponsored dependents Ragin, lead educational technician at the facility that Ragin is one of 81 Area II Child and Youth Servicesresiding at the permanent duty station. provides full-day, part-day and hourly care for children employees at the Child Development Center, School-AgeThis includes college students. When from six weeks through five years, has worked there for Services, Middle School and Teen Centers, and Youthstudents return during the “authorized 12 years. Services Sports program who support the community byannual round trip” visit, servicemembers “No two days are the same,” said Ragin, a former taking care of the children of Soldiers, DoD civilians andare authorized to receive the increased Soldier from Brooklyn, N.Y., who got out of the Army other U.S citizens.rate of COLA during that student’s visit. after 10-years to find his fortune in Korea. Child and Youth Services presently has 48 job openings.Servicemembers must ensure travel He says he may not be wealthy, but he has found many “We need managers, support staff and caregivers atvouchers are submitted properly to rewards working at the Child Development Center. virtually all of our facilities,” said Dr. Roxanneprevent over or underpayments in the “I read a passage some time ago that said that, aamount of COLA they receive. In order See CYS, Page 18 hundred years from now, no one will remember what kindto receive reimbursement for the“authorized annual round trip” visit,service members must submit a copy ofthe travel voucher that brought thestudent to Korea and returned thestudent back to their school location tothe local finance office. Say CheeseVisit the 176th Finance Battalion for The Army and Air Force Hometown News Service video teaminformation. will be visiting Korea Saturday through Sept. 27, filming Holiday Greetings Videos that will be broadcast over CONUS AFN-K Live Broadcast television stations during the Thansgiving and ChristmasAmerican Forces Network - Korea will holiday seasons. Greetings will be done on a first-come,“go live” Sept. 27, with a live broadcast first-served basis. Military personnel must be in uniform.of the nightly news. Though normally Defense Department civilians are also welcome to recordtaped in advance, the nightly news will broadcast live to allow AFN-K The video team will be at Camp Humphreys Saturday; Osanpersonnel to practice their wartime Air Base Monday and Tuesday; and Kunsan Air Basemission. The live broadcast will begin Thursday and Sept. 22. For information on specific timesat 6:45 p.m. and locations of the event, call the area public affairs office. COURTESY PHOTO
  • 4. Sept. 15, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyMalaria from Page 1preventive medicine measures to protect death. With P. vivax and P. ovale thethemselves against malaria-transmitting parasites can remain dormant in the livermosquitoes and other biting insects, for up to one year, according to the Centerticks, and mites, he said. for Disease Control’s web site- “BDUs and ACUs should be treated permethrin prior to a unit’s malaria/default.htm.departure to the field, and DEET All malaria found in Korea so far havepersonal insect repellant should be been identified as the P. vivax; fortunately,applied to exposed skin judiciously this type of malaria is not lethal. Also, thein those high-risk areas of Korea where first-line medication for prevention andwe know we have problems (all training treatment of P. vivax malaria in Korea,sites north of Seoul),” Jolissaint said. Chloroquine, is still effective with no Malaria re-emerged in the Republic evidence of the parasite becoming resistantof Korea in 1993, peaked in 1999 and is to this medication, Jolissaint being brought under control Each year more than 1 million peoplethrough cooperative efforts between the will die of malaria, and between 300-500ROK military, the Korea Center for million will contract the disease accordingDisease Control and Prevention (similar to the World Health the Center for Disease Control) and A leading cause of death and diseaseUSFK Entomology and Preventive worldwide, malaria is usually found inMedicine professionals. The highest developing countries and is primarily fatalnumber of malaria cases diagnosed in in children and the elderly who do notKorea was in 1997 when 27 U.S. have a strong enough immune system toSoldiers got sick. Compared to this fight off the infection.USFK experience, ROK military and Malaria is caused by a bite from ancivilians are seeing thousands of malaria infectious female Anopheles mosquito.patients. With preventive efforts, the These mosquitoes bite a human mostnumber of malaria patients among frequently from dusk to dawn, so extraKorean civilians and Soldiers is on the precautions should be taken whendeclining trend as well, Jolissaint said. sleeping outdoors. COURTESY PHOTOA taxi stops at a military police checkpoint Aug. 26 during the two-week Area II “You Drink & Drive.You Lose.” campaign. There were no citations for drinking and driving, but 121 were issued forother reasons.DUI from Page 2vest or helmet; two for the illegal use of Area II total to 29.cell phones while driving; and one each “The Korea National Police takefor an expired registration and having no drinking and driving seriously and haveinsurance. Other citations were written stepped up DUI checkpoints off themostly for moving traffic violations. installation,” he said. Naputi said leaders at all levels are Area II Traffic NCOIC Sgt. Johnbriefing and taking care of Soldiers. LaSchuma said the community “The word is getting out and folks responded positively to the on-postwho decide to drink are taking measures ensure that they are getting home “We hope that we have made peoplesafely by calling a cab or having a aware of the dangers of driving underdesignated driver,” said Naputi. the influence, along with the need to Naputi said there were four DUIs wear seat belts, carry a driver’s licenseoff-post in August, bringing the 2006 and obey traffic regulations.”Nurses from Page 3half to two hours of instruction using “This relationship has mutuallesson plans from an English-Korean benefits,” Moore said. “The militaryNursing textbook. Topics include taking nurses have enjoyed the internationalvital signs, measuring intake and output, exchange by learning more about theand administering oral, intramuscular, Korean health care, as well as Koreanand intravenous medications. culture.”
  • 5. Sept. 15, 2006 Page 5Red Cloud opensnew front gateBy Jim Cunningham happy and proud that we have that, andArea I Public Affairs with that I think we are ready to cut the CAMP RED CLOUD — A long- ribbon.”awaited improvement came here Sept. Also, the new gate means better1, with the upgrade and replacement of service from the CRC Fire Department.the old front gate. “It will quicken our response to any “We have been waiting a long time for outlying area by half the time,” said Johnthis to happen,” said Ronald Schmidt, Cook, Area I fire chief. “We can get todeputy garrison commander of CRC. outlying areas in 10 minutes on average.“This is one of three major projects the If we are running hot, we can make itcity of Uijeongbu paid for at CRC.” in seven minutes.” The new gate has many new features “We are very thankful to the city ofthat the old gate didn’t have. Uijeongbu for their funding of this “We have a great new gate that meets project and as a partner with us for theall the new heightened security road widening,” Schmidt said.requirements and it was a gift from our JIM CUNNINGHAMneighbors,” Schmidt said. “We are very E-mail Sept. 1, CRC officials cut the ribbon for the new front gate that was funded by the city of Uijeongbu. Casey DFAC feeds ROK soldiers in UFL By Jim Cunningham extra Soldiers. Area I Public Affairs “Every year they run through the same scenario CAMP CASEY—When 400 extra hungry because they are in training exercises close to us. Soldiers come to the Oriental Gardens Dining It will save them time for us to support it, better Facility on Camp Casey, Sgt. 1st Class Jesus than any other DFAC on post,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez doesn’t get alarmed. Rodriguez has no problem figuring out just what “We can feed 400 Soldiers within an hour and to feed both the ROK soldiers and their U.S. 10 minutes,” Rodriguez said. “That’s the usual flow counterparts. of traffic through our DFAC. You have to have the “Actually, the ROK soldiers like American food,” food ready before they show up.” Rodriguez said. “I prepare Korean dishes every day During the recent Ulchi Focus Lens exercises, the for every meal and most of the time they try 8th U.S. Army sent a head count to Rodriguez, and something new. They love salad and tomatoes. We he makes the adjustments to handle the extra Soldiers. have a little history here and we know already what “The head count fluctuates between 100 to 200 they are going to eat, so I try to have more quantity and sometimes 300 extra Soldiers from the Republic so I won’t run out.” of Korea Army. When I get the numbers from the Rodriguez has had the UFL experience many 8th Army saying how many of them are coming, times and knows exactly what to expect when the then I have to prepare my menus accordingly. They exercises begin. will all show up at one time,” Rodriguez said. “I have been here in Korea three times and this When the ROK Army and the U.S. Soldiers all is my third UFL exercise, so I have a lot of show up at one time, it does take some extra effort experience going through this exercise with the ROK on the personnel of Oriental Gardens. and American soldiers together,” he said. “We know “We get jammed during breakfast and dinner basically what they are expecting from us. We because we are the closest to where they sleep and already know what items they will want, and we work. We already know ahead of time what is going concentrate on having enough of those items. to happen and we move fast,” Rodriguez said. “That “Of all my UFL exercises this is the best one,” many Soldiers jamming the DFAC all at once can Rodriquez said. “Everything so far, has been great. cause some unusual traffic jams.” Our last meal for UFL is going to be breakfast “We move them fast too,” he said. “If we see Saturday morning.” them lingering around after eating, we ask them to turn in their tray so that another Soldier can sit down E-mail and eat. We give them about 25 minutes to eat. During the UFL exercises the ROK and the U.S. Army coordinate many things, and not the least of them is where to take meals. The Oriental Gardens SIMEON KANG DFAC is in the middle of the action and suppliesRepublic of Korea Army soldiers cue up for chow during the support.lunch Aug. 30 at Oriental Gardens DFAC on Camp Casey. “Without the extra support from Chief WarrantDuring UFL the DFAC gets jammed quickly. “We are the Officer Uriel Amy, first battalion food advisor, Sonclosest to where they sleep and work. We already know In J., Area I food program manager, and Sgt. 1stahead of time what is going to happen and we move fast,” Class Sabrina Wilson, Area I food service supervisor,said Sgt. 1st Class Jesus Rodriguez, Oriental Gardens it would be very hard to do this during UFL,”DFAC manager. “That many Soldiers jamming the DFAC all Rodriguez once can cause some unusual traffic jams. They will all Every year when the UFL exercises begin, the Sgt. 1st Class Jesus Rodriguez visits with Soldiers havingshow up at one time.” Oriental Gardens DFAC gets the job of feeding the lunch at Casey’s Oriental Gardens DFAC Aug. 30.
  • 6. Sept. 15, 20066 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Team Red Cloud Appreciation Day Team Red Cloud Appreciation Day is today at Mitchell’s Club from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Take your right arm out and show him/her how much you appreciate all of their support and hard work. USO Virtues Volunteers Makeup and Training USO Virtues Volunteers makeup and additional training is today from 6 to 8 p.m. in the USAG theater, Bldg. 2347, at Camp Casey. Quarterly Volunteer Luncheon The quarterly volunteer luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 22 at Camp Casey’s Warriors Club. For information, call Faith Barnes at 730-3062. Motorcycle Safety Campaign Begins Personnel who ride motorcycles will be denied post access if they are not wearing proper safety gear as of today. Proper safety gear includes: a properly fastened approved helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards, eye protection (clear goggles JIM CUNNINGHAM or a face shield attached to the helmet), Joseph Lee, Motorcycle Safety Foundation safety instructor for Area II Support Activity, instructs students during the two-day full-fingered gloves, long trousers, long basic riding course held Sept. 6 and 7 at Yongsan Garrison. sleeve shirt or jacket, leather boots, or Motorcycle safety: not an act but a habit over the ankle shoes, high-visibility retroreflective vest. Base security guards have the authority to deny access if a person fails to comply. By Jim Cunningham crash or fall and then they must spend more money to repair Area I Public Affairs the bike.” Hispanic Heritage Month Activities SEOUL —This is part one of a two-part series about Lee became interested in teaching the motorcycle course Hispanic Heritage Month features Latin motorcycle safety. while on activite duty in the Army. Movie Night at CRC Community To paraphrase Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. “When I was on active duty, my job title was Activity Center from 6 to 10 p.m. Safety on a motorcycle, then, is not an act, but a habit. noncommissioned officer in charge of driver testing,” Lee said. Wednesday, and a five kilometer run at The best motorcycle in the world will end up in a “My MOS was in transportation. We were provided motorcycle Camp Casey Carey Fitness Center from wrecking yard unless one learns how to use it. The most training, and I became interested in teaching the course.” 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 30. powerful piece of high-performance equipment is a Lee’s experience in riding motorcycles in Korea has not person’s brain. To help us program ourselves for motorcycle been without accidents. National Kids Day safety, Army Community Services offers a basic “I have had several accidents,” Lee said. “They were all Celebration motorcycle two-day safety program. small accidents. You always learn something after an accident. The National Kids Day Celebration will “Department of Defense Instruction 6055.4 - DOD I thought I knew what I was doing, but in Korean traffic, rules be held at Camp Casey Stewart Field Traffic Safety Program dated July 20, 1999, paragraph and regulations and the actual flow of traffic changes quickly from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Join us for a day of family fun, games and food. E3.2.3.2 specifies “Training required by this instruction and often. I would be going with the flow of traffic because I Parents and children ages 3 to 11 are shall be provided at no cost to military and DoD civilian thought that was the thing to do, but then, that was wrong invited. personnel,” said Greg Woolsey, Civilian Personnel Advisory because something happened that was unexpected.” Center director. “ Personnel shall not be charged leave to Too many people lose their lives because they are not paying Texas Hold’em attend training required by this Instruction. Section E attention to the traffic as they ride, Lee said. Korean traffic is Tournament specifically addresses the Motorcycle Safety Program.” often much different than Americans are used to,so motorcycle The Texas Hold’em Tournament will be “In this course one learns the basic fundamentals to riders have to always drive defensively. held at CRC in Mitchell’s Club, Sept. 23 develop their capabilities to become a safe and responsible Lee mentions many times during the motorcycle safety and 24. Elimination Rounds start at 11 motorcyclist. It provides the opportunity for someone to course that one has to be a defensive driver at all times on a a.m. Registration is limited to the first learn the physical and mental skills important for operating motorcycle, even more so than in a car. 320 players. Call 730-9187 to sign up or a motorcycle,” said Joseph Lee, Motorcycle Safety “First thing is that your mind must be clear,” Lee said. We sign up online at Foundation safety instructor for Area II Support Activity. are human and we cannot always be clear minded, but when In the classroom portion everyone learns ways to we get on a motorcycle, we must clear our minds and be Health Fair at Camp minimize risk and how to handle special riding situations. focused on the job of riding. We must always be prepared for Casey In the riding portions of this course everyone learns the anything that will and can happen on the road. Whatever we The Camp Casey Health Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Camp Casey physical skills of basic control to include clutch/throttle do during the day at work or somewhere else may make our PX parking lot Saturday. POC is Capt. control, straight line riding and stopping, turning, shifting, minds tired. But when we get on the motorcycle we must Daisy Wilson. For more information, call stopping quickly, cornering and swerving. become sharp and focused on the job of riding so we can be 730-6796. Lee began riding 11 years ago. ready for everything that will happen during the ride.” “I was always interested in trying to ride a motorcycle,” Most everyone can look at the motorcycle and see the Holiday Greetings Pacific Lee said. “I rode a small bike when I started riding. It was obvious risks one will take when riding. Lee explains why at Camp Casey a Korean bike, a 125cc size. Then I moved to a medium motorcycle riders must always be aware of the risks. The 2006 Holiday Greetings Pacific will sized bike, and finally a 1450cc Harley Davidson. One can “You must be aware of all risks when riding a motorcycle be recording your greetings at Camp actually save money by starting with a small bike at first. Casey Sept. 25. People who purchase a big bike the first time sometimes See Motorcycle Page 7 Motorcycle,
  • 7. The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Sept. 15, 2006 7Motorcycle from Page 6at all times. You have to be aware of many things can happen to put him at this course.the situation; the road conditions, the risk of being hit by cars or trucks,” According to the USFK Regulationtraffic conditions, and the weather,” Lee explains. “Once you know how 190-1, all motorcycle and/or scooterLee said. “Situational awareness is to manage a motorcycle and the riders must complete the MSF trainingalways required to ride safely. The controls, when a car jumps in your in order to operate motorcycles and/situation on the road is always space, you will know what to do.” or scooters.changing. That is why one’s There are currently motorcycle and All areas command policy statesawareness must be sharp.” scooter training classes being offered that you must wear a reflective vest A rider ’s experience is very in Area II. Those interested should during the operation of motorcyclesimportant. send an e-mail to and/or scooters. Reflective belts are “Statistics show a substantial / not suitable replacements for theportion of motorcycle accidents or call reflective vests.happen because of lack of experience 738-5568 / 011-479-4525. Army Regulation 385-55 states thatand training,” Lee said. “When there Anyone more than 16 years of age proper motorcycle safety gearis a motorcycle accident, the rider is can attend the training. Those that are consists of a DOT/SNELL approvedalways hurt. That is why we teach 16 to 18 years of age are limited to helmet, long-sleeved shirt, full-the acronym SEE: Search, Evaluate, riding only on base. fingered gloves, long pants and sturdyExecute, at all times. “The rider must There are a total of three types of over the boots. Wear bright coloredsearch the road ahead, at least by 12 training currently available. The Basic clothing during the day and moreseconds, so that he can be prepared Rider’s Course is for beginners, and reflective material during the night.for what may happen in the road. it takes two days to complete. The Once you successfully completeStaying alert is your main goal.” Experienced Rider’s Course is for the BRC training, the certification is Much of the traffic in Korea is stop experienced riders that currently have good for all U.S. military installations,and go. Many motorcyclist can let stateside motorcycle endorsements or and is accepted by most state DMV’s.their minds wander off the task of riders that have already completed the (Editor ’s Note: Part two ofriding safely in dangerous traffic. BRC training. It is a one-day, six-hour Motorcycle safety: “not an act but a “If a person is in the middle of training course. habit” will appear in the Sept. 22heavy traffic, he is OK, but if he is in The Scooter Schoo1 is a one-day, edition of Morning Calm Weekly.) Joseph Lee, Motorcycle Safety Foundation safetythe front line at the entrance of an five-hour course. A privately owned instructor for Area II Support Activity demonstratesintersection, he must be alert because vehicle license is not required to take E-mail the safety exercises before the class Sept 6 and 7.Operation Paul Bunyan: story of a grizzly murderBy Jim Cunningham supervision,’” Kirkbride said. “Ten days later a U.N. could have already been on them. We were alwaysArea I Public Affairs task force, which had two U.S. Army officers, a taught to react with restraint, the rounds were never CAMP BONIFAS — When Wayne Kirkbride contingent of Korean and U.S. Soldiers for security, chambered, and the fact is the security detail was thedecided to write the story of “Operation Paul Bunyan,” and Korean Service Corps employees to trim the tree, detail that got beat up,” Kirkbride said.or the story of the U.S. Army’s response to the arrived where the tree stood.” Kirkbride knew the men picked for the ill-fatedinfamous Panmunjom ax murders on the Demilitarized “Lt. Pok Chol of the North Korean Peoples Army detail.Zone in Korea, he had the right time and the right told them they could not trim the tree,” Kirkbride “Col. Vera was commander of the JSA at that timeplace. recounts. “For a while, it seemed to be just a routine and Capt. Bonifas was one of his most experienced “I was the adjutant to the personnel officer for the work detail, then the North Koreans sent for officers. He was hand-picked for this detail because2nd Infantry Division unit that was at Camp Greaves reinforcements and suddenly there were another 20 of his experience. Perhaps they thought if anythingat the DMZ. I was there when the ax murder happened soldiers at the scene, making their force 30 strong,” happened, he would be able to resolve the situation,”and adjutant at that time,” Kirkbride said. “We all had Kirkbride said. “There were only 10 American Soldiers Kirkbride said.a story to tell.” there counting the two officers.” Operation Paul Bunyan was mounted with He was in an infantry officer’s advanced course at “When Lt. Chol took off his watch and wrapped it overwhelming force.Fort Benning, Ga. Six months after the incident up in a handkerchief, which was the signal to attack, “The next day we had tanks that had moved intohappened Aug. 18, 1976. All of his classmates were he said, ‘kill the Americans.’ That force immediately position; we had our infantry moved forward to thethere as well, at the DMZ, when the murders happened. attacked and the two American officers were the staging area at the JSA,” Kirkbride recounts. “The “Everyone in my class was in the 2ID at the time target. They chopped them to death with the axes immediate response was a diplomatic one; weand at Camp Greaves,” Kirkbride said. “What I knew they brought to trim the tree,” Kirkbride recounts. submitted our case to the military armisticewas my battalion’s response. When I interviewed more Kirkbride remembers the Cold War situations of commission; that meeting went all day.”people, I gathered more and more information about the time and recounts the conditions precisely. “The decision was made to go in and cut downwhat happened.” “During the time we just knew we had to do the tree on a Saturday morning. Gen. Brady, who He had the opportunity in early 1977 to interview something. If you can remember the politics of the was the division commander, said ‘if we deployeveryone involved, and the research was close at hand. armistice back in 1976, we were riding the height of our forces again, we really can’t call them back “I assembled all the newspaper clippings of the the Cold War; we just didn’t want the North Koreans because the operation has to do with engineersincident that I could find,” Kirkbride said. “I was able to do something against the U.N. forces without a moving in to cut down the tree, if we call themto capture what happened from the 2ID’s response response,” Kirkbride said. back, it will be too late.’to the Panmunjom ax murders.” “When we were trying to figure out, ‘should we “We had Korean Special Forces, black belts who The histories of the heinous murders are recounted do something more’ or ‘should we do something less,’ protected the engineers without weapons; we hadin his book, Operation Paul Bunyan. The grizzly the correct response was ‘Let’s cut down the tree the 1st ROK Infantry Division reconnaissanceevents are infamous. that caused the incident,’” Kirkbride said. company that was within 100 meters of the tree, “In early August 1976, a work force from the Joint At the time, many newspaper editorials asked why and they had the weapons that could be used,”Security Area went to trim a tree that stood between we didn’t have any Soldiers there to protect the work Kirkbride recounts.the two United Nations guard posts on the DMZ.” force, but Kirkbride remembers the conditions of the “The solution at the time was to go in and cut down “Because it would grow out every summer and times. the tree with enough force so that the North Koreansblock the view from the guard posts, the Soldiers on “It was a typical work force within the JSA that couldn’t do anything about it and settle things withguard duty could not see critical areas near the Bridge had gone to do a typical job. We were trained to the diplomatic process,” Kirkbride said.of No Return,” Kirkbride recounts. respond with minimum pressure and to try and break (Editor’s Note: Operation Paul Bunyan is available “When the work force went to trim the tree, they contact if we could. When 30 North Korean soldiers through It is published by Hollymnwere told by North Korean soldiers that ‘you cannot gathered around the work force, the Americans didn’t Publishers of Seoul.)trim this tree because Kim Il Sung personally planted draw their firearms for several reasons, the least beingit and nourished it and it’s growing under this that by the time they chambered a round the Koreans E-mail
  • 8. Sept. 15, 2006 Page 9 FocusAviation battalion soars during Ulchi Focus Lens 2006By Cpl. Lee Yang-wonArea II Public Affairs K-16 AIR BASE — Under ascorching sun, and with many hoursof hard work, 2nd Battalion, 2ndAviation Regiment Soldiers showedtheir vigilance during Ulchi FocusLens 2006. The Soldiers spent the two-weekmilitary exercise reacting to scenariosand providing airlift support to U.S.Forces Korea. “We conduct air assaults, airmovements, troop movements,emergency re-supplies and personnelrecovery as to support the groundcomponent commander during theexercise,” said 2nd Battalion, 2ndAviation Regiment Operations OfficerMaj. Regginial Barden. The unit also had another important PHOTOS BY CPL. LEE YANG-WONmission three to 10 times a day during 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment crew chiefs clean their UH-60 Black Hawk Aug. 30 at K-16 Air Base.UFL. “We’re providing VIP flightsthroughout the peninsula,” said AssistantPlanner Capt. Simon Kim. “The VIPsare high ranking officers, retired generalsand civilians who help out with thesimulation.” The Warrior team included U.S.Soldiers working along side KoreanAugmentation to the U.S. ArmySoldiers and Korean Service Corps Top: Crew Chief Pfc. Andrew Mills conductsworkers. maintenance on the UH-60 Black Hawk Aug. Soldiers said they were satisfied and 30 at K-16 Air Base.proud with their role during the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment Flight Left: Crew Chief Pvt. Ryan Christensen (left),training and understood what their Dispatcher Hong Won-pyo (right) and Pfc. Pvt. Luke Weyers (middle) and Pvt. Kylemission meant to the battalion. Lee Kang-woo coordinate flight schedules Laspersen (right) inspect UH-60 Black Hawk See Aviation Page 12 viation, components as another Soldier observes. Aug. 30 at K-16. ‘AFAP’What’s an ‘AFAP’ anyway? Volunteers encourageArmy Family Action Plan Process Other quality of life improvements have resulted from the AFAP process. community to voteaffects many, yet few understand Yellow dust alerts were a local result of an issue By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonBy Steve Davis presented in Korea. Area II Public AffairsArea II Public Affairs “People wanted to know when to expect those YONGSAN GARRISON — A group of civic- YONGSAN GARRISON — Reta Mills loves a spring dust storms from China, so a process was minded volunteers gathered at the Yongsan Maingood challenge, and she has found one as coordinator developed to tell them,” said Mills. Exchange Sept. 5 to encourage communityfor the Army Family Action Plan. Yellow dust alerts are now posted on the 18th members to register to vote. AFAP is one of those “alphabet soup” abbreviations Medical Command Web site and also disseminated Members of the Glorietta F. Duncun Chapteroften confused with other Army acronyms like AFTB Korea-wide by e-mail and other information channels. #113 Order of the Eastern Star spent several hours[Army Family Team Building] or ACAP [Army Career “We try to identify and solve issues at the local handing out literature, answering questions andand Alumni Program], and others. level first,” said Mills. “The ones that can’t be solved encouraging people to vote during upcoming “AFAP is a great tool for improving programs, locally are forwarded to higher headquarters, all the November elections in the U.S.benefits and entitlements for the Total Army Family,” way to Department of the Army-level.” Their efforts were in conjunction with the Sept.said Mills. “The problem is that many people do not With the annual Area II and Yongsan Army Family 3-9 Armed Forces Voters Week, the last safe weekknow about it or fully participate.” Action Plan Conference coming up Oct. 19-20 at the to submit a Federal Post Card Application or request Though people may not know what AFAP stands South Post Chapel, Mills is working overtime to get voter registration forms and absentee ballots thatfor, many have seen solutions the process has the word out about the AFAP process. She particularly meet most state deadlines.facilitated, said Mills, who has worked at Area II Army wants to reach junior Soldiers, accompanied and “Everyone is given the right to vote and voiceCommunity Service since January. unaccompanied married Soldiers, civilian employees, their choices,” said Staff Sgt. Kimberly McMillan, “Wearing backpacks was an Army-level AFAP issue family members, teens, and retirees. from the 8th U.S. Army G-3. “Every vote countsa few years ago,” she said. “Someone raised it at a “We want everyone to participate, so we are asking and its important to make your vote count.”local Army Family Action Plan conference because all community members to put their issues into AFAP McMillan also said that “if you don’t vote youSoldiers were not authorized to wear them and hadno convenient way to carry gear or personal items.” See Family Page 12 Family, See Volunteers Page 12 olunteers,
  • 9. 10 Sept. 15, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Teamwork moves generators to remote signal site Volunteer Nominations By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoonNominations for the top Area II adult Area II Public Affairsand youth volunteer for the third MADISON SITE — Area IIquarter are being accepted through Directorate of Public Works, 2ndSept. 27. Organizations with multiple Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment and 41stactivities may nominate more than Signal Battalion Soldiers and civiliansone individual. Nomination forms worked together Aug. 29 to upgrade oldwith one-page writups should be generators at a remote mountain-top signalsubmitted to the Army Community site south of Seoul.Service volunteer coordinator. For Two 35-kilowatt generators at Madisoninformation, call 738-7510. Site since the 1950s were going bad, so Holiday Greetings the Area II DPW decided to replace themSend a holiday greeting to folks back with 50-kilowatt generators removedhome. The Army and Air Force from a Yongsan Garrison building.Holiday Greetings team will be at the Access to Madison Site is treacherousDragon Hill Lodge Oasis Courtyard and vehicles could not be used to haul the8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Sept. 26 to film holiday generators to the top of the mountain.greetings that will be sent to “It was an unusual operation forhometown television stations. DPW,” said Area II DPW Supervisor John PHOTOS BY PFC. JUNG JAE-HOONSoldiers, DoD civilians, retirees and Ghim. “It needed the joint effort of thefamily members are welcome. For Area II Directorate of Public Works employees work hand-in-hand with 2nd Battalion, 2nd three units.”information, call 738-7354. Aviation Regiment Soldiers to prepare a generator for airlift Aug. 29 near Madison Site. The aviation unit provided a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, which airlifted the Fall Festival Parade new generators to Madison Site andEnter the Oct. 13 Yongsan Fall brought back the two old ones.Festival (Columbus Day) Parade and “I was really impressed with the airwin $200 in six categories: Best crew,” said 41st Sig. Bn. OperationsVehicle; Best Marching; Most Manager John Kearly. “They did anHumorous Float; Best Childrens outstanding job in spite the weather.”Group; Best Musical; and Best After the generators were set on theMilitary Unit. For information, callEric Yim at 741-6473 or 010-5822-6597. ground, DPW workers installed them. “It was a result of fine combined force,Commissary Family Day and I especially thank 2-2 Aviation andThe Yongsan Commissary will host the 41st Signal Battalion for their excellent Madison Site is onFamily Day activities Sept. 23 help,” Ghim said. A 2nd Infantry Division UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter airlifts a new a mountain southbeginning at 10 a.m. There will be face E-mail generator to Madison Site Aug. 29. of Seoul.painting, an apple bobbing contest, abasketball toss contest, free hot dogsduring lunch hours, free cake and Koreans study gender issues with Area II Soldiercoffee, many giveaways such ascommissary gift certificates, family Local college students enhance theirpackage steaks and productdemonstrations. Please join us for sexual harassment perspectivesgreater savings and lots of fun. By Pvt. Kim Sang-wook Area II Public Affairs Sexual Assault HotlineThe 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline YONGSAN GARRISON — For Koreans, learning aboutphone number is 158. From off post sexual harassment and gender is a relatively new concept.or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700. Kyunghee University Students attempted to learn more aboutIndividuals may also call Area II the issue Aug. 30 by inviting an American Soldier to a “GenderSexual Assault Response Issue Workshop.”Coordinator Leah Holland at 738- Area II Equal Opportunity Sgt. 1st Class Myra Watson3034 or 010-8697-4869. jumped at the rare opportunity to discuss sexual harassment with the Korean graduate students. Intramural Bowling “Sexual harassment is important to everyone because League everyone has a right to feel safe and comfortable to be in anThere wil be an organizational meeting environment free from unlawful discrimination,” said Watson. PHOTOS BY PVT . KIM SANG-WOOKto elect league officials and bylaws at “The Equal Opportunity program is designed to ensure fair Sgt. 1st Class Myra Watson, Area II Equal Opportunity adviser, gives a6 p.m. today. The league is for active treatment for all persons based on fairness, justice and equity presentation Aug. 30 to Kyunghee University graduate students aboutduty only. For information, contact without regard to race, color, and religion or nation origin.” how to prevent sexual harassment.the center manager, Robert Victorine, At the workshop, Watson presented topics on perceptionsat 723-7830. and stereotypes, power and discrimination, and prevention of Free Friendship Concert sexual harassment.A free Friendship Concert will be “It was a good program for all of us learning how to preventpresented 7 p.m. Sept. 29 at the Seoul sexual harassment,” said student Park Young. “Now we canAmerican High School auditorium clearly understand the causes of sexual harassment.”featuring the Gangnam Symphony “Sexual harassment is a rising issue in Korea society, andOrchestra and the Gloria Opera Company. for the Gender Issue Workshop we contacted the U.S. military,”All community members are welcome. said Kyunghee University professor Park Sang-seek. “KoreansThe event is sponsored by the Korean- are becoming westernized by American culture, so Korean menAmerican Friendship Society. For and women have a different point of view about sexualinformation, call 723-4685/7669. harassment.” Area II Web site Park also said inviting a foreign advisor would be helpful toFor more community notes, news and the students by pointing out procedures to avoid sexual Kyunghee University graduate students Lee Sung-gil, Jang Jun-hyukinformation, visit http:// harassment. and Pavlo Gregir discuss gender problems Aug. More than 30 students participated in the class. E-mail
  • 10. The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Sept. 15, 2006 11Community enjoys Labor Day weekend ‘End of Summer Jam’By Pvt. Kim Sang-wookArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — About 300 communitymembers celebrated the end of summer Sept. 2 at theArea II Labor Day Block Party on Yongsan Main Post. Billed as an “End of Summer Jam,” the event –hosted by Area II Morale, Welfare and Recreation andChild and Youth Services – included a day full ofmartial arts demonstrations, games, contests andentertainment. “It’s a day for the labor force to take a break,” saidArea II Support Activity Commander Col. RonStephens. Stephens encouraged everyone to take advantageof the beautiful day and have fun. Soldiers, civilian employees and family memberstook his words to heart by competing in dance, hulahoop and limbo contests. DVD players and free food coupons were presentedto the contest winners. “It was a good time and I’ve got a chance to win aprize today,” said Sgt. 1st Class Phillip Robinson of PHOTOS BY PVT. KIM SANG-WOOKthe 14th Signal Detachment. “We’ve got a chance for Ramirez Davis and Duane Clark dance in front of the crowd during the Labor Day Block Party Sept. 2.our family to get together and I really enjoyed theactivity.” Several MWR bands came to town, performing infront of the crowds with their own songs. The popularKorean band “MOWG” and electric violinist EugenePark played their unique instruments during block partyfinale. “It was my first time playing my new music to thecrowds,” said Park, a graduate of the Juilliard Schoolof Music. “It was a good chance to play music on thiswonderful day.” Above: Zoe Marks plays during the Labor Day event. E-mail Left: Kabria Murphy gets her arm painted during the block party.
  • 11. 12 Sept. 15, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyAviation from Page 9 “It’s a good learning experience and proud to have contributed to the missions.understanding of what the bigger picture “The working hours have beenlooks like, and how we fit in,” said hectic,” said Aviation OperationsAssistant Battalion Operations Specialist Pfc. Lee Kang-woo, “but I feltnoncommissioned officer Staff Sgt. proud to help my battalion accomplishJaime Mendez. “It was great opportunity its objectives.”to work with our counterparts.” “What I’ve seen thus far as a planner, Mendez said young Soldiers complied I feel we’ve made quite anwith and understood their mission well accomplishment,” Kim said. “We got alland lived up to the expectations. our personnel distributed throughout the “They’re adapting and absorbing the peninsula to help and support. Overall,information given,” he said. “Everybody our mission has been successful.”is getting something out of it.” First-time Soldiers said they were E-mail from Page 9boxes,” said Mills. “We’re also asking area conferences.teens to get involved.” “We need to get people involved in the AFAP issue boxes with submission Army Family Action Plan year-round, notforms are located at seven Yongsan just once a year,” said Diane Valcourt. “TheGarrison locations, including the Main results can be awesome.”PX, the commissary, Area II Support Pat Wheeler, an Army wife for moreActivity headquarters main entrance, than 30 years, said she didn’t learn aboutbuilding S-4305; the Civilian Personnel the AFAP program until about eight yearsAdvisory Center, building S-4315; ago at Fort Hood. She has since beenbuilding upstairs and downstairs lobbies an AFAP representative at local, majorat the Community Service Building, command and Department of the Armybuilding S-4106; and the 121st General levels.Hospital pharmacy. “Just imagine that you are king or Issue forms are pre-stamped so they queen for a day, or the commandingmay also be mailed to the Area II Army general. What would you ask for toCommunity Service. make things better for the Army Mills is also asking subject-matter community in Korea?” said Wheeler.experts from various Area II facilities “Those are the kinds of AFAP issuesand organizations to participate in the we are looking for.”conference to assist work groups Mills encourages the entireidentify issues and develop solutions. community to submit issues for Mills is working with the wives of consideration.8th U.S. Army commander and “This process is for everyone,” shecommand sergeant major to help spread said. “The Army Family Action Plan isthe AFAP message Korea-wide. the community’s ‘voice.’ We want Mills, Diane Valcourt and Pat everyone to be heard.”Wheeler met Aug. 29 with American For more information about the ArmyForces Network command information Family Action Plan, call 738-3617.specialists to brainstorm a television andradio campaign to promote upcoming E-mail from Page 9can’t complain.” states and territories on the various Each community member must electronic ballot requests and deliveryregister in their respective state if they alternatives available to U.S. citizens livingwant to submit an absentee ballot. overseas. The IVAS can be found online “Voting means a lot to me, I do it every at I get,” said Pvt. Christopher The Glorietta F. Duncun Chapter alsoLawson. “If I don’t vote basically I don’t provides other community servicehave the right to say anything when throughout the year in Korea. Amongsomething happens that I don’t like.” other projects, the group promotes cancer Military personnel can also seek awareness, makes food donations to theassistance from their unit voting officer Shalom Handicap House and raises moneyor visit the Department of Defense for college scholarships, which areIntegrated Voting Alternative Site, which presented to four Seoul American Highwas launched Sept. 1. According to an School seniors each year.American Forces Press Service release,the site includes information from all 55 E-mail Area II Web site for more stories Area Web more and community information http://ar ea2.kor http://area2.kor
  • 12. Sept. 15, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Suicide Prevention: Every Soldier’s responsibilityBy Pfc. Fay Jakymec research of both the American Association supports, alcohol abuse, and ready access instincts. They ask the question: “Given8th U.S. Army Public Affairs of Suicidology and the U.S. Army Center to a lethal method. all that you’re going through, have you “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” for Health Promotion and Preventive The most common situational factors thought about hurting or killing yourself?”This solemn promise expresses the hope Medicine as seen in The Resource Manual typically involve loss; i.e. a failed This is a life-saving question that iswhich Soldiers and Leaders offer to one for the United States Army. Suicide is relationship, a financial setback, comparable to the Heimlich maneuver –another every day. also the third leading cause of death among humiliation or intense embarrassment, it puts things in motion to seek help, and Soldiers are in a unique position to save Active Duty U.S. Armed Forces personnel loss of face or authority through a it mobilizes resources to change things.lives when they commit themselves to in peacetime, after accidents and demotion, etc. Reluctance to ask this direct questionprotecting their “battle buddy.” This is homicide. While most completed suicides Other signals of distress include any may stem from the false notion that askingespecially true in the prevention of the amongst Service Members are in young decline in function ; if they seem different such a direct question will somehowneedless loss of our precious warriors and enlisted males, every category of Soldier in any way from their usual personality “push my buddy over the edge.” Thefamily members to suicide. has at-risk individuals. (quieter or louder, for example); if they opposite is true – it will contribute to a National Suicide Prevention Week Facilitating suicide prevention does not are using excessive alcohol or any kind sense of relief that perhaps things can(Sept. 10-16) ends tomorrow. During this require an advanced degree or diagnostic of drug; if they are falling behind at work; change if I can talk seriously about mytime, the Army Family becomes more skills, but being willing to listen to Soldiers if they have lost interest in those things problems with someone who caresaware and more vigilant in the efforts that at the level of their feelings is vital. which they previously enjoyed; if they enough to ask. Many are genuinelywe take to care for our own, however Recognition that a buddy may be have a history of a previous gesture; or if thankful for the opportunity to expresswe must continue to fight this threat struggling is the first step in offering hope they TELL you they are struggling in any their issues in the safety of a concernedthroughout the year. and help. Two key areas of vigilance are: way. All of these are signs of a person relationship. U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. 1) what’s the emotional state of my friend under stress who may not be coping well. Another aspect of awareness involvesB.B. Bell reminded us in a recent “Bell or battle buddy? and 2) what’s going on “Under the Oak Tree” encounters assisting leaders to cultivate incentives forSends” that every Soldier, federal in their life situation? between Soldiers and leaders encourage “help seeking behavior.” We don’t penalizeemployee, contractor and family member Three basic emotional states signal a each party to know and be known in Soldiers for going to sick call for genuineis a valued member of a team. We are our service member may be in trouble: the larger dimensions of life and team physical illnesses. Neither must webrothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Hopelessness (“My future is uncertain building. Two-way conversations and penalize Soldiers who reach out for Because of the social stigma associated and frightening.”); listening leaders are absolutely vital to assistance with emotional pain orwith suicide, it is often difficult to talk Helplessness (“I’m alone and no one creating an atmosphere of trust. Trust situational problems.about; but being properly informed is seems to care.”); encourages both disclosure and inquiry. You as a concerned neighbor, friend,essential to helping hurting comrades and Worthlessness (“I have no value to Leaders begin to develop the “gut or battle buddy can make a difference.neighbors. anyone; family, friends, God.”) feelings” about their team members and Ask the question and save a life! Suicide is the third leading cause of Depression is NOT the only cause of win the right to ask tough questions (Editor’s Note: Information for thisdeath among individuals aged 15-24 in the suicide! In fact, most suicides in young when they suspect “that something just article was provided by Capt. James Fabia,U.S. general population (after accidents people are impulsive acts, often combined isn’t right about Pfc. Jones.” Col. Susan Hendricks and Chaplain (Col.)and homicide). This is consistent with with poor coping skills, poor social Effective Battle Buddies act on their Gary Sexton, 18th Medical Command.)
  • 13. Sept. 15, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Sept. 15-21 My Super Clerks II R Clerks II R Idiocracy R Idiocracy R The Lake Clerks II R Ex-Girlfriend House PG PG-13 Invincible PG Invincible PG My Super No Show No Show No Show Invincible PG Ex-Girlfriend PG-13 Idiocracy R Idiocracy R Idiocracy R Lady in the Lady in the Clerks II R Clerks II R Water PG-13 Water PG-13 Little Man Idiocracy R Clerks II R Little Man Idiocracy R The Omen Clerks II R PG-13 PG-13 R The Covenant The Covenant My Super Ex-Girlfriend No Show No Show No Show Lady in the R R PG-13 Water PG-13Clerks II — (Brian Christopher My Super Ex-Girlfriend Ex-Girlfriend Invincible — —(Mark Wahlberg, The Covenant — (Steven Idiocracy — (Luke Wilson, MayaO’Halloran, Jeff Anderson) (Luke Wilson, Uma Thurman) Greg Kinnear) Strait, Sebastian Stan) Rudoph)Ten years ago best friends Dante Everyone’s had a painful parting of When the coach of Vince Papale’s In 1692, in the Ipswich Colony of Private Joe Bowers, the definition ofHicks and Randal Graves were New the ways with a romantic partner. We beloved hometown football team Massachusettes, five families with “average American,” is selected byJersey mini-mall clerks still slacking pick up the pieces and move on. hosted an unprecedented open untold power formed a covenant of the Pentagon to be the guinea pigoff together in their early 20s. Now But for one New York guy, it’s not tryout, the public consensus was that silence. One family, lusting for more, for a top-secret hibernationworking in the fast-food universe, going to be so easy. When he breaks it was a waste of time – no one good was banished; their bloodline program, set 1,000 years in theDante and Randal have managed up with his girlfriend, he discovers enough to play professional football disappearing without a trace – until future. When he awakes, heto maintain, and even hone, their in- his ex is actually the reluctant was going to be found this way. now. This thriller tells the story of the discovers a society so incrediblyyour-face attitudes, agile skill with superhero, G-Girl. A scorned Certainly no one like Papale – a Sons of Ipswich, four young students dumbed-down that he’s easily thevulgarities and unbridled love of woman, she unleashes her super down-on-his-luck, 30-year-old, ot the elite Spencer Academy who most intelligent person alive.screwing the customers. powers to humiliate and torment substitute teacher and part-time are bound by their sacred ancestry. him. bartender who never even played As descendants of the original college football. But against these families who settled in Ipswich odds, Papale made the team and Colony in the 1600’s, the boys have soon found himself living every fan’s all been born with special powers. fantasy – moving from his cheap seats in the upper deck to standing on the field as a professional football player. Pirates of Caribbean: Snakes on No Show Little Man No Show No Show No Show Deadman’s Chest PG-13 a Plane R PG-13 Talladega Nights: Talladega Nights: My Super The Covenant The Covenant The Covenant The Covenant Ex-Girlfriend Ballad of Ricky Ballad of Ricky R R R R PG-13 Bobby PG-13 Bobby PG-13 Superman Idiocracy R Clerks II R Returns Little Man Click No Show The Covenant PG-13 PG-13 R PG-13 My Super My Super Clerks II R Ex-Girlfriend Clerks II R Ex-Girlfriend No Show The Covenant Idiocracy R PG-13 PG-13 R My Super My Super The Covenant The Covenant The Covenant Clerks II R Clerks II R Ex-Girlfriend Ex-Girlfriend R R R PG-13 PG-13 Mission Mission Cars G Cars G Cars G Impossible III Impossible III The DaVinci The DaVinci PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 Code PG-13 Over the Hedge You, Me & You, Me & Fast & Furious: Fast & Furious: Over the Hedge Over the Hedge PG Dupree PG-13 Dupree PG-13 Tokyo Drift Tokyo Drift PG PG PG-13 PG-13
  • 14. Sept. 15, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15God’s word will always lead us in right directionBy Chaplain (Capt.) Geun Hyung Lee point in the right direction is we are going to use it because something is popular does not mean it is94th Military Police Battalion to guide us. right. Plus, tomorrow everyone might be doing I am sure that as Soldiers we are all familiar Using a compass and our journey in life has a lot something else. There is only one thing that we can with a compass. A compass is used to find in common. When we are trying to find our way trust to always point us in the right direction, and the right direction to get you to where you through the journey of life, God has given us a that is the Bible. It says “In all thy wayswant to go. spiritual compass to guide our path. That guide is acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” The compass has four main directions. They are the Bible. (Proverbs 3:6)north, south, east and west. The needle of a The truth that we find in the Bible never As long as we have this truth in our daily life, wecompass always points north. If the needle is changes. It will always point us in the same don’t need to worry because we know who holdspointing in that direction and I want to go south, I direction. Some people use their feelings to help the best path for our life. The future is in God’swould go to that direction (opposite direction from them to decide what they should do. That’s no hands, so we can rest easy in the plans that he hasnorth). With the needle pointing north, if I wanted good. Our feelings change from day to day and made for go east, I would go in that direction. they cannot be trusted. Besides that, just because We can not be sure of tomorrow, but we can be If the needle sometimes pointed north and other we feel good about something doesn’t mean that it sure for God’s love upon our future. Let ustimes it pointed to the south, east or west, I would is the right thing to do. remember that God is the unchanging direction fornever be able to find my way. I would wander Sometimes people choose what they will do by our journey to the eternity. May God’s grace andaround, hopelessly lost. The compass must always what’s popular with others. That’s no good; just love be with you always! Area II Worship Services CatholicMass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30a.m. HannamVillageChapel 3rd Tues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel 11:30a.m. MemorialChapel (Korean) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - For information , call 738-3011 Tues./Wed. 12:05 p.m. 121HospitalChapel 10 a.m. South Post Chapel Mon./Thur. 12:05p.m. MemorialChapel 10 a.m. Multipurpose Saturday 5 p.m. MemorialChapel Training Facility (R.O.C.K.) Area II Chaplains Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel 10:30a.m. K-16 Community Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King Protestant Services Chapel or 738-3011 Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. MemorialChapel 11 a.m. HannamVillageChapel United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. MemorialChapel Noon South Post Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr. Collective Protestant (Gospel) 725-3018 Sunday 8 a.m. MemorialChapel KATUSA Thursday 6:30 p.m. MemorialChapel Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph DuBose 9:30a.m. 121HospitalChapel KCFA 2ndTues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel Ad goes here
  • 15. Sept. 15, 200616 The Morning Calm Weekly A master of the way of foot and fist tae kwon do promotes good health through diet and exercise; self-protection through the practice of forms; and, relieves stress by creating mental discipline and patience. Choe thinks tae kwan do is a good fit for Soldiers because it emphasizes self defense and attack skills. He calls it a good compliment to the combative skills the army is now teaching. Choe’s students range from brand new to very experienced. Trey Lilliewood has a 2nd degree black belt and wanted to study with Choe. Lilliewood said he wanted to study Tae Kwon Do under Choe because Korea is its homeland. His goal is to attain the 3rd degree black belt that will promote him to Master. Sgt. Michael A. Kandewen, Headquarters Support Company, 602nd Aviation Support Battalion, has studied tae kwon do for about 16 years and isSgt. Roy L. Henderson, Headquarters, Headquarters Company, currently a member of the All-Army TaeU.S. Army Area III Support Activity, accepts his brown belt and Kwon Do Team.certificate from Grand Master Choe Sung-kyu following class. “He (Choe) understands theBy Susan Barkley grass roots (of tae kwon Members sport a unique safety vest with their logo.Area III Public Affairsgsan Motorcycle Club member Dave Durby comes to gsan do) and he wantstownCAMP HUMPHREYS motorcycle. with his unique three-wheeled -- Tae kwon do everyone totranslates as “the way of foot and fist” Grand Master Choe Sung-kyu demonstrates the proper stanceand is based on ancient Korean self- for throwing a punch.defense methods while enroll and planned to return to the next availableincorporating elements of session.Japanese and Chinese martial Second Lt. Nicole R. Miner, 557th Military Policearts. ItPvt. Kim Sang-wook By emerged after the 50- Company, describes herself as “pretty new” at tae Area II Public Affairsyear occupation of Korea by kwan do. She said she likes the workout, especiallythe Japanese ended with their YONGSAN GARRISON the kicking.surrender that ended Motorcycle — The Yongsan World “Its good self defense and a good stress reliever,”War II. brought a “Touch of Club own she said. Sturgis” todo was introduced into Tae kwon the Area II community be motorcycles Although skill levels varied and goals may havetheAug. 12 militaryYongsan Bowling Korean at the in the late 1940s successful,” he to the Yongsan been different, all of Choe’s students recognizedby Center. Gen. Choi Hong-hi who is known as said. community. “He tries to values of self discipline, self confidence, respectthe founder of tae kwon do. It quickly spread Sturgis is a “Mecca” for “This is our first basicswe did teach time no and patience that tae kwon do helps to develop.among the U.S. Soldiers who wereover this with Morale, Welfare and motorcycle enthusiasts from all serving in matter what their When asked why he likes teaching tae kwan donearbyUnited States. More than half a Recreation, and the bowling center,” the areas. (tae kwon do) rank.” to the Americans who visit his country for such a million Grand Master Choe Sturgis said YMC Vice President GeraldD. Locally, riders attend the Sung-kyu began Spc. Michael Casey. Yongsan Motorcycle replied that he likes to meet short time, Choe Club member Freeman Neish givespracticing tae kwon do about 40 years ago. Today out every Company C, 2-52 Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota “We go Hall, Saturday with our information aboutall motorcycle. people and his of his students become like familyhe each yeardegree black belt who has been sharing to the west Support Aviation is an 8th in August. members General coast, Naksan members.his knowledge with Soldiers, civilians andBeach and sometimes to Busan.” In Korea, 70 Yongsan Motorcycle family Battalion was sweating during his first class with Choe said he also sees study of tae kwon do asmembersmembers,Humphreys Korean thanBy naming the recently. He said of had some previous Club at Camp and their for more 23 Choe event “Touch he a good way for Soldiers to learn more aboutyears. counterparts, tried to bring the Sturgis,” the experience with tae kwon do and wanted to get club created a Sturgis Korean culture and a way to promote alliance and famous rallyteaches both children and adults, said with loudit. Before the and of the class, he decided to friendship. Choe, who to life by displaying their atmosphere back to rock music end PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEYGrandIIClub members line up their motorcycles in biker fashions. The club even held a Harley Owners Group member Park Yong-shik wins the loudest horn contest. Area Master Choe Sung-kyu leads the class prearranged sparring, also known as one-steps, during class Aug. 31. Right: community members visit the bowling center to see a “Touch of Sturgis.” in a parking formation. competition to see which bike had the loudest horn. “We have a relationship with these
  • 16. Sept. 15, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly ‘Black Widow’ set to strike this weekend By IMA-Korea MWR Special to The Morning Calm Weekly YONGSAN GARRISON – Jeanette Lee, aka “The Black Widow,” one of the most recognizable pool players in the world, will be competing in several international pool 8th U.S. Army Sports tournaments as well as touring Upcoming sports championships installations throughout Korea in include tennis and cross country, September. The military events are both Saturday. For information, call courtesy of Armed Forces 725-5064. Entertainment and Army Morale, Welfare & Recreation. Area II Pool League Lee is noticed as much for her The Area II Pool League is seeking flamboyant, sexy style as her new members. The group meets at 7 precision at the pool table. She has p.m. each Tuesday at the Main Post been named one of the “Sexiest Club, Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy Female Athletes in the World” by Club -- all on Yongsan Garrison. ESPN, “Ten Women We Love” by Membership is open to ID Esquire, and “Dozen most Attractive COURTESY PHOTO cardholders, family members, retirees, Women Athletes” by Aloette Jeanette Lee, professional billiards’ “Black Widow,” will appear at military installations in Korea Department of Defense civilians or Cosmetics. Monday through Wednesday. contractors and individuals Her trademark long black hair and spine. It was removed in 2000, which Sportsperson of the Year, formerly sponsored by ID cardholders. For black clothes earned her the left her recuperating and on the bench ranked #1 in the world and Player of more information, call Brent Abare at 723-3691. nickname, “The Black Widow” back through most of the season. the Year by Billiards Digest and when she began playing pool in Lee said the time off allowed her to Billaards Magazine, recipient of Home for the Holidays Brooklyn, N.Y., and followed her develop a focus both professionally Bowling and Billiards Institute of Be sure to enter the Home for the throughout her career. and personally. She returned with a America Industry Service Award. Holidays drawing sponsored by MWR “The Black Widow” turned pro in stronger drive and was soon a force to Lee will be giving a show/ and US Airline Alliance. Those 1993 and continues to rank among the reckon within the world of demonstration, playing some Soldier interested may fill out an entry form to best players in the industry. She placed professional billiards. Also, she was audience members and signing enter to win a round-trip ticket to the fifth in the Women’s Professional inspired to serve as the national autographs at each of her appearances United States. Forms may be found in Billiards Association’s San Diego spokesperson for the Scoliosis on military installations. She will be at the local MWR facility, newspaper, or Classic, third in the WPBA Great Lakes Association, Inc. the Main Post Club here, at 6:30 p.m. on the MWR Web site. Deadline to Classic, and fifth in the 2006 Carolina Lee’s past awards include: 2004 Monday; at Camp Casey’s Gateway enter is Oct. 12. Call 723-3730 for Women’s Billiard Classic. Trick Shot Magic champion, 2003 Club, 7 p.m. Tuesday; and Osan Air information. Lee’s success is encouraging Tournament of Champions winner, Base’s Challenger Club, 6 p.m. considering her health. At age 13, she winner of seventeen WPBA titles, Gold Wednesday. FCC Positions now Open was diagnosed with scoliosis, a medalist at the 2001 World Games, Shows are free of charge to ID Family Child Care positions are now curvature of the spine, and had a ranked this Most Powerful Person in cardholders. Call the local MWR open on military installations in Korea. surgical steel rod inserted into her the industry by Billiards Digest, WPBA office or 723-3749 for information. FCC provider positions are open to CYS military family members or civilians from Page 3 working as independent contractors on a military installation. Individuals living Chancellor, the positions range from entry-level $10 For information on CYS job openings, contact the in on-post quarters are authorized to per hour jobs to Child and Youth Service program individual program managers or the Area II Civilian care for up to six children (including assistant or program leader positions that pay more Personnel Advisory Center: their own) from four weeks to 12 years than $13 per hour. Child Development Center, Claudette Mohn, 738- of age. Brenda McCall, Chief, Area II Family Support 3407. In order to apply to become an FCC Division, said the present staffing level is presenting School-Age Services, Cindy York, 738-3051. provider, an applicant must meet the challenges, but no cutback in services to date. Middle School and Teen Programs, Roxanne following minimal qualifications: reside “We are consolidating some of our programs to Chancellor, 738-2311. in on-post quarters; be at least 18 years make the best use of our resources,” said McCall. “We Youth Services Sports, Ricky Clark, 738-8117. of age; have a high school diploma or hope that people interested in working with children Area II Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Jeanny GED; have some experience with will apply.” Jun, 738-3630. children; pass a background screening and health physical; and speak, read Required training or certification will be provided free- Announcements are also posted on the Army Civilian and write English. An FCC provider of-charge to those accepted for employment, said Personnel Web site ( for full- or also needs to be a caring individual, McCall. part-time Child and Youth Program Assistants (CC who enjoys working with children and 1702-02/03/04/05); Leadership and Mentoring positions who is open to learning about child (CC 1702-05) which requires a Child Development development and developmentally Associate certification or an A.A. degree. appropriate practices. Applicants must be U.S. citizens with a visa that For information on how to become a grants working privileges, 18 years old and be a high Family Child Care provider, contact the school graduate. local ACS office or call 725-3205. “Applicants can be spouses or family members of military, DoD civilians or contractors, current NAF TMCW Submissions employees, retirees or outside self-sponsored applicants,” To have an event featured in The said Claudette Mohn, Child Development Center director. Morning Calm Weekly’s News & Notes, Mohn said many of the positions come with such e-mail all pertinent information to benefits as annual leave and sick leave, optional retirement, life insurance and medical plans, and ID and All submissions should include a point ration card privileges. of contact name and telephone number. COURTESY PHOTO Meyer Ragin, left, interacts with children at the Child Development “By taking care of the children of Soldiers, DoD Submitted material is subject to editing Center on Yongsan South Post. Ragin, lead educational technician at civilians and others, we are not only shaping young to ensure it meets Department of the the facility, said his 12 years there have been rewarding. Jobs are now minds, we are also contributing to the mission here in Army and Associated Press guidelines. For information, call 738-3355. open in several Child and Youth Services facilities. the Republic of Korea,” said Mohn.
  • 17. Sept. 15, 2006 Page 21Chopper crews test landing skillsArea III Public Affairs PYEONGTAEK PORT – The 2ndBattalion 52nd General Support AviationRegiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade,recently conducted Deck LandingQualifications collaborating with the U.S.Navy. The mandatory training is intendedto ensure US forces are prepared foremergency evacuations. Pilots and crews flying two CH-47sand one Blackhawk conducted theirDLQs for four hours, Aug. 24, landingand taking off of the USS Blue Ridge.The CH-47s were from Company B, 2ndBn., 52 Avn. Regt. while the UH-60 wasfrom Company A. Flight crews fromCompany C also participated in thetraining. The DLQs were conducted on theUSS Blue Ridge, located 30 miles offthe Korean Peninsula’s west coast.Conducted semi-annually, each aviatorand crewmember must complete five“bounces,” or deck landings, in orderto maintain their qualifications andremain current. The purpose is to have trained crewsready to execute noncombatant COURTESY PHOTOevacuation operations, personnel Deck Landing Qualifications are employed so trained flight crews are ready to execute Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations, Personnelrecovery, casualty evacuation, and Recovery, Casualty Evacuation, and Medical Evacuation to and from naval ships in support of CFC forces. The purpose is to have trained crewsmedical evacuation to and from naval ready to execute noncombatant Evacuation operations, personnel recovery, casualty evacuation and medical evacuation to and from naval shipsships in support of CFC forces. in support of CFC forces.52nd Ordnance offers ammo classesBy Jerry M. Gutlon Center on the proper procedures required to draw and loads and practicing the retrieval of SBLs.Area III Public Affairs turn-in ammunition. Staff Sgt. David L. Pentland, operations NCOIC, CAMP HUMPHREYS – Many headaches involved Among the topics discussed were the online and Chief Warrant Officer Donald R. Clippington,with the issuance and turn-in of ammunition can be forecast and request program, delinquent requests, accountable officer, both of the 52nd ORD, providedavoided if unit personnel simply follow the regulations. extensions, reconciling ammunition turn-ins, deadlines instruction for 14 Soldiers and two civilians in the That was the word passed on by Soldiers from the for requesting and picking up ammunition, safety hopes that common pitfalls encountered during52nd Ordnance Company who conducted a detailed requirements for drawing and turning in ammunition, ammunition draws and turn-ins can be avoided in theclass Aug. 31 at the Camp Humphreys Education losses and damages, the amnesty program, stored basic future. “The ammunition isn’t yours until I give it to you,” stressed Clippington. “It belongs to me.” The instructors said they field a lot of complaints when units fail to turn in the proper paperwork and a request for issue or turn-in is denied. For example, said Pentland, his unit often finds incorrect signature cards that specify who can request, draw or turn-in ammunition. “If anything at all on the card is invalid the entire card is invalid,” he said, adding that the 52nd ORD now serves 211 units as opposed to about 65 just a little over a year ago. In addition, added Pentland, only one signature card can – by regulation – be kept on file at once. Pentland and Clippington both said using common sense and following Army regulations will assist a unit in avoiding the mistakes commonly made when ammunition is requested, drawn or turned in. “If there are any questions about how to properly fill out documents … or questions about regulations JERRY M. GUTLON by all means, call us,” Clippington urged.Staff Sgt. David L. Pentland, 52nd Ordnance Company, instructs a class on how to properly request and turn-in ammunition. Pentland and Clippington can be contacted at thePentland said many units have found themselves without training ammunition because of failure to follow regulations. 52nd ORD Company at 753-7132.
  • 18. 22 Sept. 15, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Humphreys motorcyclists commemorate 9/11 when 19 terrorists hijacked four BOSS Bungee Jump passenger planes. Trips “Basically it was an idea that cameBetter Opportunities for Single andunaccompanied Soldier bungee jump up between Michael King and me,”trips are set for Saturday and Oct. 4. said Nazario on Monday.Cost is $60. Price includes King said he wanted to utilizetransportation, lunch and two events Nazario’s organizational skills.(bungee jump, extreme sky coaster or “I was looking at the news whileslingshot ride). See your BOSS lying in bed watching TV and saw therepresentative or call 753-8825/8828/ walks going on in the states, so I6236 for information. Sign up at the called Kevin because he’s a goodHumphreys CAC organizer,” explained King. Nazario got on the telephone and Hispanic Heritage called all the local bikers he knew. Committee Seeks “The one problem was that a lot of Volunteers active-duty Soldiers I know were on F. NEIL N EELEYThe Osan Hispanic Heritage Committee duty during the day, so we could onlyis seeking volunteers. Meetings are Ten Camp Humphreys-based motorcyclists commemorated 9/11 by cruising the perimeter of come up with 10 bikers,” he said.every Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Bldg. 949 the post at noon Sept. 11. The cavalcade assembled at the(right next to the BX), Rm. 229 at Osan By Jerry Gutlon deaths suffered during the terrorist rear of the PX and roared off,AB. Come and help plan this year’s Area III Public Affairs attacks Sept. 11, 2001. escorted by a vehicle from the safetyactivities and events for the CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Michael King, the Area III supply services office. The bikers paused on theirobservance month (today - Oct. 15). King and Kevin Nazario had a good chief, and Nazario, a new car circle of the post for a photoCall 784-8285 or 784-4662 for idea: recruit as many motorcyclists as salesman at AAFES, wanted to do opportunity at post headquartersinformation. they could from Camp Humphreys something to recognize the fifth before finishing their ride at their Mosquito Fogging and circle the post to memorialize the anniversary of those who perished starting point at the PX. Slated Thru ThursdayThe Camp Humphreys Department ofPublic Works is conducting mosquito Area III, Korean schoolfogging from 5:30-11:30 p.m., Mondaysand Thursdays, through Thursday. sign agreement Area III Public Affairs Exceptional Family CAMP HUMPHREYS – An Member Program agreement of sisterhood relationshipPlanning on consecutive OCONUS was signed between Area III andtours? Applying for Command Cheongdam Korean High SchoolSponsorship? Are you Command Sept. 8.Sponsored and plan to extend? Several Korean and AmericanApplying for the Assignment officials were on hand to witness theIncentive Plan and want to bring your signing between Gheong Tamfamily to Korea? If you answered yes principal Choi Byung-cheol andto any of these questions, then an Humphreys Deputy Garrisonoverseas screening must becompleted on all family members. Commander Allan Feistner including F. NEIL NEELEYContact the Area III EFMP Humphreys’ elementary principal Dr. Humphreys’ principal Dr. Joan Islas, addresses an assembly of Cheongdam studentscoordinator at 753-8327. Joan Islas. Sept. 8. Islas promised an exchange of teachers and ideas between the two schools. University of Pheonix Registration ongoingEarn a Masters Degree. Traditionalon-site classes are available at Osan Spouse seminars slated for Sept. 26-27Air Base. New term for on-site By Jerry M. Gutlon schools, command sponsorship and child and youthclasses begins Sept. 26. Registration Area III Public Affairs currently taking place. Master of CAMP HUMPHREYS – Moving to a foreign country “We’ll also discuss some of the cultural aspects ofManagement and Master of can be an intimidating experience, so the Army Community Korea,” Vincent said. “In America, ‘my space’ is aboutManagement-Human Resources Services staff is doing something about it. 12 inches. But here it’s about an inch.”Management classes are held on base LaVita Vincent, ACS employment readiness manager, She said the optional second phase of the orientationat Osan and meet one night a week. will conduct a two-part “Spouse Orientation Seminar” Sept. 27 will include tours of the post and Anjung-ri,All courses are also available online. Sept. 26-27. along with a visit to E-Mart so they can experienceMaster of Arts in Education programs “It will be a two phase program,” Vincent said, “with shopping at a Korean retail establishment.available on-line. On-line class the second phase optional.” “We want people to experience a bit of the cultureschedules vary. For more info, please Phase One, which will be held at the Community and food here,” Vincent 784-5664 or send via e-mail Activities Center from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., Sept. 26, will Those wishing to take the tours Sept. 27 must meet feature briefings on a variety of topics that concern at the commissary parking lot at 9 a.m. The day will Register to Vote families newly arriving at Camp Humphreys. conclude about 2 p.m.Election Day is Nov. 7. “We want to help them get acclimated into the Child care will be provided and pre-registration isServicemembers, their family members community,” she said. “We’ll let them know who their required. For information, call the ACS at 753-8401.residing abroad and Department of family readiness group leaders are, and introduce them to Deadline to register is Sept. 22.Defense civilians overseas can our community programs. We want to assist them in Anything the orientation seminar fails to cover will beregister to vote and request an adapting to Korea.” addressed in a booklet being prepared by Vincent’s fourabsentee ballot by filling out a Federal Information tables will be provided and manned, and the family readiness group leaders.Post Card Application (Standard Form briefings will include periodic question-and-answer “We’re calling it the ‘SOS Camp Humphreys76). Go to to access sessions. Handbook,’” she said. “That stands for Spousethe FPCA and other information Among the topics scheduled for discussion are ration Orientation Seminar, but also to signify help as well.”about voting overseas or see your cards, Status of Forces Agreement stamps, employment, The SOS program will be conducted every monthunit Voting Assistance Officer. volunteering, driver’s tests, vehicle registration, housing, from now on, Vincent said.
  • 19. Sept. 15, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23New Camp Eagle commissary ‘Just Grrrrrr-eat’By Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs WONJU -- A year of waiting for fresh food and afull range of food items came to an end Aug. 30 forSoldiers, civilians and family members at campsLong and Eagle in Wonju, when the Camp Eaglecommissary opened its doors to a horde of hungrycustomers. Richard S. Page, director, Defense CommissaryAgency West, said this commissary was the“quickest from concept to activation in DeCAhistory.” The building was turned over to thecontractor Aug. 17, 2005, and opened the doors tocustomers 379 days later. The facility has a total of 5,816 sq. ft., with4,121 sq. ft. devoted to the sales area. The store willcarry a full range of products that will totalapproximately 3,000 to 3,500 line items -- with mostcommodities being represented. “If we don’t have it and you want it, we’ll get itfor you,” said Page. Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., commander, Area IIISupport Activity, said in his remarks that thecommissary was there because Gen. Leon J. PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEYLaPorte, previous United States Forces Koreacommander, insisted that “quality of life would not Tony the Tiger visits with 4-year-old Alex Blum at Camp Eagle to help officials celebrate the grand opening of the new Camp Eaglebe an afterthought.” commissary. Pvt. Rudy W. Johnson, Company D, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, selects food at the opening of the commissary. Maj. Bruce L. Townley, commander, U.S. Valerie Kuschel was stationed at Camp Eagle M. Fuller, Company E, 1st Bn., 2nd Avn. Regt.Army Garrison, Camp Long and Eagle, spoke for six years ago when she was active duty. Now, Adding that she cooks a lot, she said, “I can eateveryone attending the opening when he said she is here with her spouse, Warrant Officer what I want.”“I’m excited! No more two-hour bus rides to get David J. Kuschel, and 5-year-old daughter Cora. Family member, Ashley Blum called thecold, fresh groceries. No more melted ice She said the commissary is a definite benefit and commissary a great quality of life improvement forcream.” that “things are much nicer now.” the troops, civilians and family members. She said Shoppers were enthusiastic on opening day. Pvt. Rudy W. Johnson, Company D, 1st not having a commissary was the number one town “You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, was filling his cart hall issue.Christopher Fletcher, deputy fire chief, when and said he now has the chance to make more The store will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays.asked if the commissary is a good thing for the nutritious meals. He added that the commissary is a Operating hours Wednesday through Friday are 11community. “This is the best thing that ever good alternative to fast foods. a.m. to 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday andhappened to Long and Eagle.” “It’s a beautiful selection,” said Pfc. Candace Sunday.Wonju Soldiers, civilians experience a tea ceremonyBecky Poppleton the tea ceremony and Korean clothing beautifully dressed demonstrators inArea III Support Activity known as the hanbok. colorful hanboks worn by Choe Min-ja CAMP LONG – Soldiers and family The two-hour class was taught in of Woosok Middle School and Kimmembers of the Wonju Enclave Hangul by Kwon Hyeok-hwa Master Kyung-im of Namcheonchon Middleparticipated in a Traditional Korean of the Korean Tea Culture Association. School. Both ladies recently won firstCulture Seminar Aug. 29, to learn about Kwon was accompanied by place at the National Student Korean Culture Competition. Alisa Townley, daughter of Maj. and Mrs. Bruce Townley was invited to assist Choe and Kim as a guest demonstrator. The class was translated by Hwang Young-oak. “You should hold your tea cup with two hands as if it is a delicate treasure,” Hwang translated as the tea ceremony began. Tea instructor Kwon Hyeok-hwa. Soldiers and family members special occasions like weddings or gathered together not only to hear the funerals,” Kwon explained. “A woman’s presentation, but also to participate in hanbok consists of a short bodice or the ceremony. jacket with a billowy skirt. A man’s Participants learned that the tea hanbok has a jacket with loose pants tied ceremony awakes the five senses and at the ankles.” that enhances the overall experience. Kwon invited Ashley Blum, Elisabeth “Listening is an important part of the Townley and Capt. Tobin Brown to try ceremony,” said Kwon. “The sound of on a hanbok. Kwon and Hwang then the tea being poured into a cup is explained the style and colors of each musical, like a waterfall. The beautiful garment. Afterward, a short lesson was setting, the aroma and taste all combined given on how to sit and bow properly. are essential to enjoying the tea “The evening was very educational PHOTOS BY BECKY POPPLETON experience. ” and enjoyable,” said Blum.(From left) Zhenya Townley, Capt. Tobin Brown, Headquarters, Headquarters Detachment, U.S. After the ceremony, Kwon had the The Wonju Enclave hopes to hostArmy Garrison, and Capt. Joseph Borovika, 538th Ordnance Battalion, listen to tea ceremony three demonstrators stand for a lesson more Korean culture seminars like thisinstructions. on the hanbok. “Hanboks are worn for in the months to come.
  • 20. Sept. 15, 2006 Page 25Camp Walker gas station getting a faceliftBy Galen PutnamArea IV Public Affairs CAMP WALKER – With gas pricesthe way they are, a trip to the pumpsisn’t a whole lot of fun these days.Customers at the Camp Walker AAFESGas Station will soon have somethingto smile about, however, when thefacility unveils several significantupgrades. Patrons can look forward to A selection of the car care products currentlyexpanded services as well as added on sale at the AAFES garage on Camp Walker.convenience when the project is These and other items will go on sale at thecompleted within the next few weeks, newly renovated AAFES Gas Station.according to Kurt Brunen, Army and Air fuel,” Brunen said. “The communityForce Exchange Service – Korea, takes great advantage of it.”Southern Exchange general manager. Customers are looking forward to the “The percentage of our population that new services.drives autos is not large, but for those “At Osan [Air Base] it is very easy towho do, we must provide the appropriate get in and pay for your gas (at the pump).services and retail items,” Brunen said. PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM I’m glad we are going to be able to do“This is a significant quality of life issue A worker installs equipment at the AAFES Gas Station on Camp Walker while associate that here,” said Joe Cruz, 293rd Signalfor the residents of Area IV.” Sin Chu-won (obscured) serves a customer in the background. The facility is currently Battalion. “Having the car accessories From a convenience perspective, undergoing a number of significant upgrades and improvements. here will be nice too because you haveperhaps the most noticeable upgrade will the gas is pumped makes sense,” Brunen but there was no sign of leakage,” one-stop convenience. The best part isbe the doubling of pump capacity from said. “It is more convenient for Brunen said. “This provided us an the station is open longer hours and morefour to eight hoses. Not only that, the customers to pick up what they need in opportunity to not only upgrade our days per week than the garage so it willnew fueling stations will each feature only one stop.” facilities, but make things more be easier to get the things you needpay-at-the-pump technology, saving Diesel fuel is being added due to aesthetically pleasing as well.” Besides when you need them.”customers time and speeding the flow customer demand, according to Brunen. the structural improvements, Brunen Brunen pointed out that there mightof traffic. In addition, the station kiosk The new 1,000-gallon diesel tank noted that the area surrounding the be some minor inconveniences while thewill double in size in order to offer the compliments the also new 2,000 gallon station will be landscaped as well. renovation project is under care products that are currently home heating fuel tank that replaces the The gas station serves not only those “There might be short periods ofsituated at the car care center across aging tanker truck that was used who drive vehicles, but others as well. interrupted service, but those instancesthe street. previously. “We have authorized customers come “Moving the retail operation to where “The tanker was old and unsightly from all over to purchase home heating See Station, Page 28 New Korea Region director visits Daegu, Carroll the installations in Korea improved.By Kevin Jackson “I believe that by engaging those who are assignedArea IV Public Affairs here, whether they are Soldiers or family members or CAMP HENRY – For the first time since assuming even those who are on temporary duty because we havethe reins as director of the Installation Management so many of them, it’s important to find out what theirAgency-Korea Region Office Aug. 4, Col. Al Aycock needs are and find out how we can best meet thosetoured Army installations in Area IV and shared his needs so that Soldiers can concentrate on why they arethoughts on service for Soldiers, civilian employees and here and family members can provide support to thosetheir family members. servicemembers who have decided to come here to Korea Aycock toured Daegu installations and Camp Carroll and work under the conditions that we have where thereAug. 24 and Aug. 30, respectively. He visited the life is a threat of war,” Aycock areas used to house Soldiers during exercises, “Any success that we have will be as a result ofMountain View Village apartments, the Child Development applying their ideas to the situations that we face here inCenter, Camp Walker Post Exchange and other locations. Korea, which are different than the situations faced atAt Camp Carroll the director visited the chapel, Crown any other place in the world. Every place in the ArmyJewel Fitness Center, the soon to open Army Lodge, has unique challenges,” he added.Apple Blossom Cottage and the dining facility. The During the Area IV Support Activity command briefingdirector was also told about current construction to the director, he singled out the Walker Army Lodge forprojects. its quality accommodations and service. Aycock said that As the IMA-KORO director, he is responsible for service to inbound and outbound servicemembers andoverseeing all aspects of installation management on the families is an important quality of life issue. KEVIN JACKSONpeninsula. He arrived in Korea with extensive experience “Having a courteous staff at lodges that take care offrom his previous assignment as the garrison commander Carlos Algarin, Camp Carroll sports director, shows press your needs, having a comfortable room with all thefor Fort Bragg, N.C. clippings to Col. Al Aycock, director of the Installation amenities that are required for a long-term stay, bringing Fort Bragg has a proven record of providing excellent Management Agency-Korea Region Office, during a tour of the us along into this century with high-speed Internet access,service and support to Soldiers and families, having been a installation’s Crown Jewel Fitness Center Aug. 30. those are all the kinds of things we need to think about infinalist five of the last six years in the Army Community of While the director brings a wealth of knowledge, he providing the kinds of services that our Soldiers andExcellence awards program. It finished second the past two hasn’t brought any preconceived notions with him. Heyears and was named the Army’s best installation in 2001. wants to know how Soldiers and family members want See Director Page 28 Director,
  • 21. Sept.15, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Boxers ‘tough’ it out at Carroll tourney National POW/MIA By Steven Hoover Recognition Day Area IV Public Affairs The community is invited to attend the CAMP CARROLL – A super Daegu Enclave National POW/MIA heavyweight bout between two local Recognition Day ceremony 6 p.m. today boxers turned out to be the highlight of at the Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker. In addition, motorcycle the evening, during the Tough Soldier enthusiasts sporting POW/MIA flags Boxing Invitational at The Crown Jewel on their bikes will ride in formation from Fitness Center here Saturday. Camp Henry to the ECC prior to the A total of 10 fights, including two ceremony in honor of their comrades. exhibition bouts between female boxers, The event, honoring the service and were witnessed by a crowd estimated at sacrifice of those who have been 600. Navy and Air Force personnel also prisoners of war or are missing in participated. action, is sponsored by Daegu VFW “I didn’t think we’d be able to top the Post 10033. For information, call Ron invitational we had in February, but we Coleman at 764-5782. did,” said Carlos Algarin, Camp Carroll sports director. “I would have liked to have Evergreen Reopening seen a few more bouts on the card, but I The Evergreen Community Club on think with all of the excitement generated Camp Walker reopens for business during the final two bouts, things turned today following renovation of its out pretty well.” kitchen facilities. The Hilltop Club will He was speaking primarily about the no longer be serving lunch weekdays. super heavyweight square-off in the next A second renovation phase at the to last bout. Evergreen, expected to begin in After a furious first round between January, will cover the dining room and bar areas. For information, call Rich Geremy Ganaway, of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 6th Ordnance PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER Vaughn at 768-7716. Scott Denney, Company C, 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion at Camp Carroll, gets set Battalion, and John Rigsbee, assigned to Company C, 307th Integrated Theater to fight Raymond Arce, 2-52 General Support Aviation Brigade at Camp Humphreys, during the Block Party And Signal Battalion, the crowd saw Tough Soldier Boxing Invitational Saturday. Denney dropped a split-decision to Arce. Kids Celebration The Morale, Welfare and Recreation something that rarely happens – a job during the other bouts as well.” Summer Block Party and Boys and legitimate knockout. Other results were: Welterweight Juan Girls Clubs of America Day for Kids “He (Ganaway) told me that he was C. Ramos over Ken Cerrata, Referee will be held 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday going to try and win the fight in the first Stops Contest (RSC) at 1 minute, 40 at the Camp Walker Main Post round, because he wasn’t sure what seconds of the second round; Exchange parking lot. The Area IV 2006 would happen after that,” Algarin said. Welterweight Larry Jordan over Derek Military Idol competition will begin at Those words turned out to be Linville, RSC at 1:43 of first round; 5 p.m., concluding the day. Other prophetic, as Rigsbee turned up the heat Middleweight Raymond Arce over features during the block party are: in the second round, eventually catching Scott Denney, Split Decision, 2-1; A Post Exchange “End of Summer Ganaway with a shot to the chin that Middleweight Adrian Magana over Sale” until 3 p.m.; games and dropped him to the canvas and had him Dondre Borden, RSC at 1:25 of second round; activities for children, along with a out cold for several minutes. Light Middleweight Maureen Walz over B&GCA Day for Kids cake cutting Almost as soon as he hit the floor, the Lillia Maxilom, Split Decision, 2-1; at 12:30 p.m.; and a Car and ringside medical team of Capt. Rachelle Middleweight Michael Neely over Motorcycle Show will be held in the Bowling Center parking lot from 1-3 Besemer, Capt. Jason Park and Sgt. Jeffrey Mathew Hoover, RSC at 1:55 of first round; John Rigsbee, Company C, 307th Integrated p.m. Boyle, all from Company D, 168th Medical Light Welterweight Agnes Chu over Jean Theater Signal Battalion, waits for his opponent Better Opportunities for Single Battalion, were attending to Ganaway. After Yarborough, RSC at 1:13 of second round; to enter the ring during the Tough Soldier Boxing Soldiers will operate a food and several anxious minutes, Ganaway left the Light Heavyweight Larry Howard over Invitational Saturday. beverage booth throughout the day. ring under his own power. Michael Carroll, RSC at 1:15 of third For information, call Luis Rios at “You can’t say enough about the medical round; 764-4440. team,” Algarin said. “They were right on Light Heavyweight Ricky Clay over him after he hit the floor and they did a great George Bunton, RSC at 0:45 in third round. Case Lot Sale The Taegu Commissary will have a Case Lot Sale 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday in the commissary parking lot. For information, call 764-4551. Commissaries Closed Area IV commissaries in Taegu, Camp Carroll and Chinhae will be closed Thursday for Organizational Day activities. For information, call Lito Miraflor at 764-5310. TSA Event Ringside medic, Sgt. Jeffrey Boyle, of The Taegu Spouses Association is Company D, 168th Medical Battalion, attends hosting “Food, Fun and Fashion to Geremy Ganaway, assigned to Show” 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Thursday at Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the Kelly Fitness Center indoor pool 6th Ordnance Battalion, after he was knocked patio area on Camp Walker. The event out in the second round by John Rigsbee will cost $5 per person. Forro more during the Tough Soldier Boxing Invitational information, contact Kim Hales at 053- Michael Carroll, Company C, 307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion, attempts to fend off here Saturday. The medical team quickly 210-6191 or 010-8671-5745. Larry Howard of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 6th Ordnance Battalion, during attended to Ganaway, who eventually left the their light heavyweight bout at the Tough Soldier Boxing Invitational Saturday. ring under his own power.
  • 22. The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV 27 Sept. 15, 2006 Heritage Month events slated Tennis players vieMexican ambassador 2-mile Walk, 8 a.m., Kelly Fitness Dining Facility on Camp Walker. The for Daegu honors By Pfc. Cha Hyun-joonto Republic of Korea Center on Camp Walker. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. The event is open event is open to all DoD ID cardholders. For non-meal Area IV Public Affairsto be special guest at to all U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers, civilians cardholders the cost is $3.05 for those in pay grade E1 – E4 and their CAMP HENRY – The Daegu Enclave 2006 Post-Level Singles Tennis Tournamentcommemoration and family members. For information, call Sgt. 1st Class Adam Morrison, family members, and $3.55 for all other pay grades and their family was held Sept. 5 – 8 at Camp Walker tennis courts with 14 participants vying for honors.By Pfc. Cha Hyun-joon 19th Sustainment Command members. (Prices are subject to Active-duty military personnel finishing inArea IV Public Affairs (Expeditionary) equal opportunity change due to new fiscal year.) There first or second place received bids to CAMP HENRY – Hispanic Heritage advisor, at 768-8542. is no charge for meal cardholders. In participate in the 2006 8th U.S. Army TennisMonth in Daegu will be Sept. 25 – 29: Hispanic Sale Week addition a piñata will be provided to Championships currently under way at Campcommemorated Sept. 15 – Oct. 15 at the Post Exchange on Camp entertain the kids. For information, Walker.with a variety of events including a Walker. For information, call Lee Su- call Sgt. 1st Class Darryl Cannon at The competition was divided into threespecial appearance by the Mexican yong, Camp Walker Main Exchange 764-4855. categories, including Men’s Open, Men’sambassador to the Republic of Korea. manager, at 764-4638. Oct. 11: Hispanic Heritage Month Senior, and a Women’s Division. The double “We have various events planned Sept. 27 and Oct.11: Hispanic Commemoration Ceremony, 11:30 elimination tournament was comprised offor the Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Movie Night, 6:30 p.m. at the Camp a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Evergreen best two-out-of-three set matches.Angie Quinata, Area IV Hispanic Henry Theater. Refreshments will be Community Club on Camp Walker. In the Men’s Open Division, featuringAmerican Committee coordinator. “We available for purchase. “Nacho Libre” The event will include guest speaker eight competitors, Kim Jung-kyoon,would like everyone to take this will play Sept. 27 and “The Legend of Leandro Arellano, Mexican Headquarters and Headquarters Company,opportunity to open one’s mind about Zorro” will show Oct. 11. For Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Area IV Support Activity, Camp Henry, wasHispanic Americans and learn what information, call Morrison at 010- The community is invited to attend. the winner, defeating Reginald Rorie,Hispanics have contributed to help 8671-4788 or Quinata at 010-2523- For information, call Morrison at 010- Company A, 2-52 General Support Aviationmake America what it is today.” 9629. 8671-4788. Battalion, Camp Walker, 2-0. Area IV events include: Sept. 30: Hispanic American Hispanic Heritage Month kicked In the Men’s Senior Division, Luis Rios, Wednesday and Oct. 4: Hispanic Heritage Community Siesta, 2 p.m. – off with a Fiesta Sept. 13 at the Community Recreation Division, CampBowling Night, 6 p.m. – closing, 6 p.m. at Kelly Fitness Center on Hilltop Club on Camp Walker Walker, took first place topping EdCamp Walker Bowling Center. Cost is Camp Walker. The event will include featuring Latin dance lessons, food, Thompson, Taegu American School, Camp$1.25 per game (per person) and shoe Hispanic food sampling, a fashion games and more. George, 2-0.rental is free. For more information, show and cultural displays. For Hispanic Heritage Month events In the Women’s Division, Ubol Brunen,call Quinata at 010-2523-9629 or the information, call Quinata at 010-2523- are sponsored by the Area IV Taegu Commissary, Camp Walker, took firstCamp Walker Bowling Center at 764- 9629. Support Activity Equal Opportunity place after Lisa Rios, Taegu American4334. Oct. 9: Hispanic Dinner, 4:30 – 6 Office. For information, call School, Camp George, was forced to Sept. 23: 5-kilometer Fun Run and p.m. at the Taegu Mountain Inn Morrison at 768-8542. withdraw due to injury. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 23. Sept. 15, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyDirector from Page 25 NEWS & NOTES Aycock said he intends to focus on meeting provide service to Soldiers and support the familyall Army standards for support and to strive to members so that our units can accomplish theirhave the best programs in the Army. missions. Area IV has a great history of focusing 2006 Mr. and Ms. Super “If there is an Army award that a garrison or on those aspects of our responsibilities and they Natural Bodybuildingarea support activity is responsible for, then we Championship have a great plan for the way ahead,” he said. The 2006 Mr. and Ms. Super Natural Bodybuildingplan to compete for those awards and meet the The director said one focal point will be Championship will be held at the Camp Carrolllevel of excellence for our Soldiers and families. increasing support to families, specifically Sports and Fitness Center Sept. 23. The event isEverybody wants to be part of a winning team. services for children at child development open to all Soldiers, Korean Augmentation to theIn the Army to be part of a winning team is to centers, youth programs and schools. He also U.S. Army Soldiers, Department of Defense civilianset the highest standard and make sure that we said he wants to ensure single Soldiers have the employees and family members. All competitorsmaintain the morale at the highest level we can,” types of activities and entertainment they want, must check-in no later than 10 a.m. for weigh-in.he said. and a good BOSS program to make full use of There will be a contestants’ briefing at 11 a.m., with Aycock also acknowledged the importance of recreational opportunities while they are pre-judging beginning at noon. The competitionthe Area IV Support Activity to providing quality stationed in Korea. starts at 7 p.m. For information, call Carlos Algarinprograms and services. “For units, we are going to continue to make at 765-8118. “With transformation in the Korean Theater sure that our area support activities are flagshipsof Operations, Area IV (Support Activity) will of readiness so we can be ready to accomplish ‘Life In Korea’ Essay Contestplay an ever important aspect in our ability to our wartime mission,” the director said. Offers Cash Prizes An essay contest, sponsored by the KoreanStation from Page 25 Corporate Members of the Association of the U.S. Army, about “Life In Korea,” could net the winner “There might be short periods of interrupted Camp Carroll or downtown Daegu to acquire a grand prize of one million won. The essay mustservice, but those instances will be announced in their favorite sandwiches. Subway will take over be based on the author’s personal experiences inadvance,” he said. “We plan to target traditionally the space currently occupied by Robin Hood Korea and must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words,slow dates in order to inconvenience the Sandwiches. The estimated opening date for the typed double-spaced in MS Word. The contest iscommunity as little as possible.” restaurant is Nov. 1. open to all U.S. servicemembers, their family There are other AAFES upgrade projects in Food Court Facelift members and Korean Augmentation to the U.S.the works as well. Another significant improvement will be the Army Soldiers. Entry deadline is Oct. 31, with One effort is to convert the current Daegu installation of a glass atrium jutting from the winners to be announced Nov. 24 and awards toMain Exchange stock room into floor space to current food court area. The expansion is be presented Dec. 8. A brief resume, with full name,significantly increase the store’s showroom area. expected to increase seating by 40 percent. phone number, unit and mailing address of theAAFES officials are pushing to get the work done “We are a long way from the main hubs like author must be included with the essay. Forbefore the holiday season, according to Brunen. Yongsan and Osan so we want to be able to information, call Anthony Cuccia at 724-3178. Other changes are in the works at the Main provide as much as we can to our customers Essays may be e-mailed to complex as well. here,” Brunen said. “I think people will be pleased or mailed to: The Korea Chapter of AUSA,Subway is on the way! with the many improvements we have in the Attention: Anthony Cuccia, PSC 450, Box 389, APO Subway fans will no longer have to travel to works here in Area IV.” AP 96206-0389. Ad goes here
  • 24. The Morning Calm Weekly Sept. 15, 2006 29
  • 25. Sept. 15, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily Week The Phrase of the Week : “What time does the performance begin?” Gongyoni myot shie shijakdoemnikka? performance what time does it begin? Vocabulary 7 o’clock ‘eelgobshee’ 8 o’clock ‘yodolshee’ 9 o’clock ‘ahobshee’ Week Situation of the Week : Entertainment How long will it run? Olma dongan sangyondoeyo? What time does the show end? Gongyoni myot shie kkunnamnikka? Where’s the box office? Maepyosoga odie issumnikka? Do you have tickets for Onul bam pyo issumnikka? tonight? Do you have seats in the : Mudaee kakkaun chwasok issumnikka? orchestra? Community Onul bam pyo han mae juseyo. I’d like to buy a ticket for tonight. enjoys Labor Korean Expression of the Week Week Day weekend Let’s cut the head and tail. “End of Geodujeolmi Summer Jam” Let’s get straight to the point.