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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060721

Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060721



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060721 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060721 Document Transcript

    • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA July 21, 2006Volume 4, Issue 39 The Morning Calm Weekly is Bell visits Area I, Camp Adventure tours facilities Page 5 comes to Korea Page 16 nline Visit http:// ima.korea.army.milHeavy rains hit Korea, USFK installationsBy David McNally “There’s only so much water theArea II Public Affairs ground can hold,” said HHC Area II YONGSAN GARRISON — The Commander Capt. Michael Norman.heavy rain that started Saturday “Once the ground gets totallycontinued to pack a punch for most saturated, we have to watch out forof the Korean peninsula as recently falling trees.”as Tuesday. In many areas, more than Saturday in Area II, a large tree12 inches of rain fell. on Camp Coiner fell over the In spite of severe flooding in many perimeter wall and onto a Koreanparts of Korea, rain damage was road. There were no injuries orminimal on most U.S. installations. damage. Area II firefighters and “I think we saw a tremendous local officials worked together toimprovement this year on how we got cut the tree and clear it from theready for the storm,” said Area II road.Public Works Director Michael Norman said this storm was notChung. “We focused on preventive r e l a t e d t o t h e r e c e n t Ty p h o o nmaintenance; things like improving Ewiniar that passed through Koreadrainage and clearing ditches.” J u l y 11 . “ T h i s w a s c o m p l e t e l y Area I was the only region to report separate from the typhoon,” he said.significant damage, with flooding on “This storm was just heavy seasonalCamp Casey. Estimates are still being COURTESY PHOTO rains.”evaluated. “I was told this is not as Korean Service Corps and Department of Public Works employees work to fix a Camp Eagle Chung said traditional flood-bad as the monsoon season we had in perimeter fence damaged by recent flooding. prone areas were not the site of1998, but it is the most rain we have Camp Casey. “Nothing significant,” he said. “We flooding this year. “We usually seehad since then,” said Lt. Col. Terry In Area II, Chung said the recent responded to everything with aHodges, garrison commander of rain caused only minor damage. minimum staff and saved money.” See Rain, Page 3Osan community comes together to honor TF SmithBy Pfc. Dustin Roberts Korean soil from the North Korean Army,35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade which invaded 11 days prior. OSAN AIR BASE — U.S. servicemembers The light infantry Soldiers of 24th ID wereand Republic of Korea representatives inexperienced, fired near-obsolete weaponscongregated at the Jukmiryeong War against the enemy and had no match for theirMonument in Osan July 12 for the memorial of enemy’s Soviet-made tanks.Task Force Smith, the first ground fight After more than five hours of inefficientinvolving UN forces of the Korean War. combat and overwhelming numbers of North The memorial is held annually for Soldiers Korean Soldiers, Task Force Smith was forcedto remember the sacrifices of the troops that to withdraw. A majority of the Soldiers werefought in Task Force Smith, said Brig. Gen. told to leave their gear and weapons behind PFC. DUSTIN ROBERTSSteven M. Anderson, U.S. Forces Korea. and retreat to friendly territory. Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, United States Forces Korea,Officials and Soldiers laid flowers at the front Out of the 406 Soldiers designated in the delivers a speech to honor the servicemembers of Taskof the monument to honor the fallen and task force, more than 140 were killed, Force Smith.surviving Soldiers of the battle. wounded or missing. Regiment, 35th ADA Brigade, said the It was 56 years ago Although Task Force Smith was a ceremony reminds Soldiers how the fight forwhen 406 troops from “We will never forget the lesson learned for the U.S. Army, it South Korea started.the 24th Infantry Soldiers’ sacrifices in delayed North Korean troops enough “The ceremony provides a well-neededDivision were mustered for the 1st Cavalry and 25th Inf.. Div. history lesson to younger Soldiers,” said Plys,under Lt. Col. Charles B. Task Force Smith.” to arrive from Japan. who provided his Soldiers the opportunity toSmith in a mile-long Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, “We will never forget the Soldiers’ attend the ceremony. “It celebrates thestretch between Osan U.S. Forces Korea sacrifices in Task Force Smith,” said significance of the event.”and Suweon. With the Anderson. “The memorial went very well,” said Sgt. 1st Class52nd Artillery Battalion supporting a mile Capt. Martin Plys, commander of Battery F,behind them, they were about to defend South 1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery See Smith, Page 4
    • 2 Commentary July 21, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklySoldier runs with President, inspires othersBy Julie Cupernall first met President Bush while stationed at BrookeArmy News Service Army Medical Center in January, he was able to say Walking has long been a part of our clichés, life “I run.”lessons and important historical events. Bagge is truly an example of Army values. When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor,he uttered the immortal phrase, “One small step for integrity and personal courage were the values thatman, one giant leap for mankind.” We’ve all been put him on the front lines in the Global War ontold at one point or another to hold criticism until Terror in Iraq, and they are the values he shows still“we’ve walked in another person’s shoes.” And as he recovers from his wounds.when we’re faced with seemingly insurmountable In the world we live in today, I need stories liketasks, we are encouraged to “take baby steps” Bagge’s to remind me that true strength oftoward reaching our goal. WILLIAM D. MOSS character has no material cost, but is of incalculable Today a Soldier’s story about learning to walk – Staff Sgt. Christian Bagge and President George W. Bush run worth. Having the strength to value your values isand run – again brings inspiration to listeners. around the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, June not only possible, but is even uplifting, in the A year ago Staff Sgt. Christian Bagge lost his 27. harshest of situations.right leg at the knee and his left leg just above the with the President. But it wasn’t dreams of hitting And although I greatly admire the mental andankle after two IEDs exploded near his Humvee in the pavement with the leader of the free world that physical strength it took to bring Bagge to the pointIraq. Tuesday he went running with President first prompted Bagge to start running again. where he can run with the President, I garner theGeorge W. Bush at the White House in Washington, His dream was simple. He just wanted back greatest motivation from the fact that two bombsD.C. normalcy, his daily routine. He started what he and a year’s worth of recovery did not shake his When asked what prompted him to start training describes as “an extremely long journey to this hold on his values.his body to run with new and foreign feet, Bagge point” because he “wanted to do everything he did Thank you, Staff Sgt. Bagge, for taking thosesaid with a shrug, “I started to train because I like before.” first “baby steps,” toward reclaiming your lifeto run. I’ve always been a runner.” Bagge’s journey forward was all about not letting before your injuries, what started out as “small And there-in lies the root of Bagge’s true his new path rob him of what he valued in the past. steps” truly led to “great leaps,” and when I thinkachievement. Sure, it’s an awesome honor to run Instead of settling for “I used to run,” when Bagge about “walking a mile in your shoes,” I am inspired. MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted waived, rendering written sworn statements and a blown front left tire. Victim 2 and Victim 1 by his/her hair and dragged him/her acrossfrom the military police blotters. These admitting to the offenses. 5 both reported injuries consisting of pain the living room floor into their bedroom.entries may be incomplete and do not ! Counterfeiting, Larceny of Private Funds in their neck and back and were transported Injuries to Victim 1 consisted of scratchesimply the guilt or innocence of any – June 13, Subject 1 presented six American by ambulance to Kang-Dong Seong Sim on his/her forehead and bruising to the rightperson. Express Gift Checks, valued at $500 each, at Hospital where they are currently under eyelid. Victim 1 rendered a written swornArea 1 the Community Bank, Camp Casey, and medical observation. Victim 3 reported statement attesting to the above incident.! Assault Consummated by a Battery, deposited $2,000 into his personal checking injuries consisting of an abrasion to her face Subject 1 was advised of his/her legal rightsDrunk and Disorderly — Subjects 1 and 2 account and received $1,000. June 30, Subject and was also transported by the same which he/she waived, rendering a writtenwere involved in a verbal altercation which 1 was interviewed under rights advisal and ambulance. All remaining parties reported sworn statement neither admitting norturned physical when Subject 1 struck admitted that he cashed the gift checks, but to the Gwangju KNP Station where Victim 1 denying the above offense. Subject 1 wasSubject 2 on the left eye with a closed hand denied he knew the checks were counterfeit. rendered a written statement attesting to the further processed and released to his/herand Subject 2 retaliated by striking Subject Investigation continues by CID. incident. Witness 2 rendered a written sworn unit. Investigation continues by MPI.1 on the face with a closed hand. Injuries to Area 2 statement attesting to the incident. Witness Area 3Subject 2 consisted of a left bruised eye and ! Traffic Accident With Injuries, Damage 1 and Victim 2 declined to render written ! Curfew Violation, Failure to Identify,injuries to Subject 1 consisted of minor to Government Property, Damage to Private statements. Subject 1 was advised of his Resisting Apprehension — Subject 1 wasscratches to the face. Subjects were Property, Inattentive Driving — Subject 1, legal rights, which he/she invoked, observed walking adjacent to the Sting Clubtransported to the Provost Marshal’s Office operating a Government Owned Vehicle with requesting not to be questioned and was by Security Forces. Subject 1 was identifiedwhere they were administered a series of Field Witnesses 1 and 2 as passengers, attempted charged by KNP under KRTL Article #48 as a Soldier via ID card. Subject 1 becameSobriety Tests, which they failed, and were to make a lane change and struck Victim 1’s (Obligation for Safe Driving). Subject 1 was non-compliant and tried to resistadministered Portable Breathalyzer Tests POV with Victim 2, 3, 4, and 5 as passengers, released into Military Police custody, further apprehension. Subject 1 was detained andwith Subject 2 rendering a result of 0.136 while Victim 1 was traveling straight in his/ processed and released to his/her unit. escorted to the SF Command Center forpercent Blood Alcohol Content and Subject her lane. Damages to Subject 1’s vehicle Victim 1 and Victim 2 both reported injuries processing. Subject 1 was advised of his/1 rendering a result of 0.000 percent BAC. consisted of scratches and paint transfer to consisting of pain to their neck and back her legal rights, which he/she invoked,Subjects 1 and 2 declined medical attention the left side of the vehicle and a bent air tank stating they would seek medical treatment declining to make a written sworn statement.and were released to their unit. Subjects 1 housing box. Damages to Victim 1’s vehicle at a later time and date. ECOD is unknown. Subject 1 was administered a PBT test withand 2 reported to the PMO where they were consisted of dents and scratches to the right ! Assault Consummated by a Battery, a result of 0.166 percent BAC, furtheradvised of their legal rights, which they fender, a bent hood, totaled right front door Spouse Abuse — Subject 1 grabbed Victim processed and released to his/her unit. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Davis D. Tindoll Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP @korea.army.mil Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
    • The Morning Calm Weekly News July 21, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 3 COMPACFLT visits sailors 127th FST De-activation Into the Storm in Korea, discusses Navy’s Ceremony set for Today future, war-time readinessAt 1 p.m. today the 18th Medical By Mass Communication Specialist 1stCommand will conduct the de- Class Lisa Wassilieffactivation ceremony for the 127th Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea Public AffairsForward Surgical Team in the 121stGeneral Hospital’s Asian Garden. The SEOUL – During his recent three-day visit127th FST is currently commanded by to the Republic of Korea, Commander of the2nd Lt. Erin Nash, the youngest Pacific Fleet, Adm. Gary Roughead, spokecommander of a forward deployed with sailors stationed at the only Naval basemedical unit in the entire United States on the peninsula, Commander, Fleet ActivitiesArmy. Chinhae. Roughead discussed changes in the Navy Korean Language, and what sailors can expect in the future as Culture Class Offered far as naval and war-time readiness. TheA Korean language and culture class admiral added that his visit to CFAC was notwill be offered at Seoul American High only to speak with sailors but to see the statusSchool on Yongsan Garrison. This class of forces for that military installation, thewill meet daily from 10 to 11:30 a.m., sailors’ combat readiness and capabilities, andweekdays thru Aug. 5. The class is Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.open to anyone over the age of 15. The Following his speech, Roughead answeredclass is limited to 20 participants. questions from the sailors present and took Filing Claims for Lost, AIR FORCE STAFF SGT. NATHAN GALLAHAN part in an awards ceremony.Damaged Postal Shipments While braving the remnants of Typhoon Ewiniar, Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Dickson repairs a He presented Lt. Richard Jones, officerIf your insured shipment, whether utility pole outside the wing headquarters on Kunsan Air Base, July 10. Kunsan was in charge of the supply department, with theinsurance was purchased online or at a spared the wrath of the typhoon as it was downgraded to a tropical storm before Navy Commendation Award; Master-at-U.S. Post Office, has been lost or entering the cooler waters around the Korean peninsula. Dickson is an electrical systems Arms Second Class Sarah Calvert, a watchdamaged in transit you can request to craftsman with the 8th Civil Engineer Squadron.recover the value of your articles by See CNFC Page 4 CNFC,filing an insurance claim at any PostOffice. Rain from Page 1Claims for all services, except a lot of water near the YongsanMerchandise Return Service can be filed Bowling Center and also at Gate 17,”at any Post Office. Merchandise Return he said. “But, this year we didn’t.”Service claims can only be filed at the A city project to improvepost office where the Merchandise drainage near the National MuseumReturn permit is held. of Korea helped to stem a potentialDownload PS Form 1000, Domestic flood at Gate 17.Claim or Registered Mail Inquiry, and The installation of two 24-inchcomplete the customer portion. You may pipes near the bowling center alsosubmit the completed form to any U.S. resulted in better drainage along thePost Office. (For purposes of the form, parking area at the perimeter wall.Shipments mailed domestically include Despite the minimal number ofany shipment sent to or from any serious problems related to the storm,address in the United States -- APO/FPO shipments included.) heavy rain and high winds did causeWith the completed claims form you will inconveniences and some damage atneed to provide evidence of insurance sites across the peninsula.and evidence of value. Installations in Areas III and IVDepending on the type of claim, you issued similar reports, with littlewill need to provide proof of damage, damage suffered although Campproof of loss, or partial loss of contents. Eagle lost a portion of theirFor information or assistance, go to the perimeter fence and Camp Henrynearest installation post office. closed the Henry Theater due to roof COURTESY PHOTO leakage. Estimates are still being Heavy rain during the past week led to flooding on Camp Casey’s golf course and damaged Submitting to TMCW evaluated as to extent of damage four buildings on the installation. Area I officials are still estimating the cost of repairs related to theSend Letters to the Editor, guest and time to repair facilities. storm damage..commentaries, story submissions and The annual monsoon season is however, this storm started in the K o r e a R e g i o n O f f i c e o f f i c i a l sother items for inclusion in The driven by the “Changma” front. The north and made its way south. praised the directorate of publicMorning Calm Weekly to: front usually starts in the southern A c c o r d i n g t o t h e K o r e a n works at all four area commands MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil. area of Korea in late June and Meteorological Association, the for the preventive measures takenSubmissions may also be mailed to our gradually proceeds northward; Changma front usually continues for over the years to mitigate againstoffices at: 30 days. “Frequent heavy rains and heavy damage caused by floodingThe Morning Calm Weekly flash floods result in great natural r e s u l t i n g f r o m s u s t a i n e d h e a v yc/o IMA-KORO Public Affairs disasters,” according to the KMA rains.Unit #15742 Web site. “These efforts were aAPO AP 96205-5742 The Han River in Seoul continued c o n t r i b u t i n g f a c t o r i n t h e l o wFor all submitted items include a point to flood its banks throughout the a m o u n t o f d a m a g e d s u s t a i n e d ,of contact name and telephone number.All items are subject to editing for week as the Korean monsoon season compared to similar flooding thatcontent and to insure they conform doled out more rain. The low-level occurred in 1990 and 1998,” saidwith Department of Defense and Jamsu bridge (built to withstand John Nowell, IMA-KORO PublicAssociated Press guidelines. f l o o d w a t e r s ) b e l o w t h e B a n p o Affairs officer.Deadline for submission is close of bridge was closed to traffic for There were no injuries orbusiness the Friday prior to the date COURTESY PHOTO more than five days due to the high fatalities reported.the item is to be published. For Area II and local firefighters cut a fallen tree to level of flood waters in the Han Weather forecasts for the cominginformation, call 738-3355. pieces to clear a road outside of Camp Coiner River since the heavy rains began. week in Korea call for light rain on Sunday. Installation Management Agency- the southern end of the peninsula.
    • July 21, 20064 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklyAhoy maties! Don’t worryabout the power outage!By David McNallyArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — TheArea II Army and Air Force ExchangeService is coordinating for generatorpower during the Saturday South Postpower outage so they can continueoperations at the Multipurpose TrainingFacility. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’sChest will show at the theater 9:30 a.m.,1, 4 and 8 p.m. Saturday. Area II officials announced ascheduled power outage 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.Saturday for all of South Post. The KoreanElectric Power Company needs to workon the power grid. During a June 29 Radio Town Hall Stephens said Area II is trying to setmeeting, Area II Commander Col. Ron up activities to accommodate residents toStephens said it will be a welcome fix. get out of the house and do other things. “In the last couple of days we’ve had “We’re going to make sure we haveI think three power outages,” he said all kinds of activities going on over onduring the broadcast. “Hopefully this Main Post,” said Area II Morale, Welfaremaintenance that we’re doing will take and Recreation Director Paul Robinson.care of those problems.” The Main Post Club will also feature Area II Law and Order officials said a ribs and chicken 11:30 - 3:30 p.m.during the outage it will be necessary to The MPC will offer Bingo, the doorspresent two photo identifications to open at noon and the games run from 1access South Post gates. The Defense p.m. and 1:30- 4 p.m. Saturday is crabBiometric Identification System will be night at the MPC - all you can eat craboffline at those gates during the outage. legs for $21.95. PFC. DUSTIN ROBERTSThe color guard at the Task Force Smith Ceremony carries the Korean, American and UN flags.Smith from Page 1Nelson A. Graveley, a senior sacrifice” and “a part of our dailynoncommissioned officer in Btry. F. job.”“It lets us remember old Soldiers Btry. F’s Spc. Marjorie Latusare never forgotten.” said, “The ceremony was very Nelson added that fighting for respectful. Seeing something likefreedom was “the ultimate this gives you great honor.”CNFC from Page 3commander for the Security Department, questions and listen to all of the currentwith the Navy Achievement Award; and and future plans for the Navy. I felt itConstruction Mechanic First Class gave a boost to the overall morale ofKenneth Wernau, transportation director CFAC to have a distinguished visitor tourfor the Public Works Department, with a our base and compliment the job that we$1,000 scholarship to the University of all are doing here.”Maryland University College. In conclusion, the admiral said CFAC “Roughead’s visit to Chinhae was a sailors should keep in mind that their tourgreat experience,’ said Seaman Caleb L. here is something that only a limitedBurney, the administrative clerk for amount of sailors will get the uniqueCFAC. “It enabled the sailors here to ask opportunity to experience.
    • July 21, 2006 Page 5 PHOTO BY MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSONGen B.B. Bell visits Area I and the Pear Blossom Cottage on Camp Red Cloud July 10. His visit included lunch at the CRC CG’s mess and the Warrior Readiness Center at Camp Stanley, as well.Bell visits Area I community, servicesBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson and Jim Cunningham we plan on having video award games because the here it will all be over,” Bell said. “This should be aArea I Public Affairs Soldiers have told us Madden Football is huge, and place, particularly for a young female Soldier, to CAMP RED CLOUD—The United Nations that’s what they want.” celebrate her service to her country because of theCommand/Combined Forces Command/United States In addition, five Soldiers from the 2/9th Infantry reception she receives.”Forces Korea Commander, Gen. B. B. Bell, visited Battalion were on hand to discuss their role in the Bell proceeded inside the WRC to receive a briefingcamps Red Cloud and Stanley July 10 to acquaint Good Neighbor Program. Last year their battalion on the instruction given to troops when theyhimself with the Uijeongbu enclave in Area I. donated 7,000 hours volunteering with orphans and matriculate through the WRC. During his visit, Bell toured the CRC Morale, teaching English to Korean students, and won the “This is such a vital part of the first impression aWelfare and Recreation, Army Community Services Volunteer Unit of the Year award. Soldier gets when coming to the 2ID,” Bell said.and Pear Blossom Cottage, and talked to Bell then held discussions with some of the ACS “This is the example for all such inprocessing centersrepresentatives from the Red Cross, USO, education staff about the computerized central tracking system here in Korea.”and Soldiers from Better Opportunities for Single and we have on noncommand sponsored families in Areaunaccompanied Soldiers. In the afternoon he visited I, immigration issues, family advocacy program,the Camp Stanley Warrior Readiness Center. sexual assault reporting, mobile outreach, employment Soldiers and civilians were able to answer the and financial readiness, and family servicesgeneral’s questions and to discuss their job duties and information.the great partnership Area I has with the 2nd Infantry When Bell arrived at Camp Stanley he related aDivision. story in his background about a group of sergeants at Bell asked about the growing concern in the United Fort Hood, Texas, that were not necessarily the bestStates parents have about children playing poker online sergeants in the world, as he found out later. Theywith their parent’s money … how does this concern were in charge of an in-processing and out-processingand the negative connotations of gambling bleed-over system there similar to the WRC. In the story heinto the World Series of Poker recently held in Area I? related that these particular sergeants were guiding “We host these events purely as entertainment, and selling naive young female Soldiers to someonehighlighting poker as a sport with prizes for winners, for favors.as opposed to cash,” said Christopher Bradford, chief, He then directed his question to Sgt. 1st ClassMWR business operations division. “There is a small Wade Fridley, movement control noncommissionedmaintenance fee to enter for food and nonalcoholic officer in charge, WRC, Special Troops Battalion, andbeverages, and to subsidize the cost for prizes. Since asked how he could be sure Fridley wasn’t one ofthis event is a ‘live’ tournament, we are able to check those.identification cards to ensure participants are “We are screened for this job, interviewed and thenauthorized to play (over 18 and valid ID cardholders). we go through a process where we actually have toThe Soldiers really enjoy the live action and conduct training, at which point they have to receivecompetition involved.” a ‘go’ and the first sergeant and the company Denise James, MWR director, next explained how commander also have to make sure we are qualifiedSoldiers in Area I also enjoy sports. “We are going to and we do checks on the selected training officers,”open up a skate park soon, as well as begin go cart Fridley said. JIM CUNNINGHAMracing,” she said. “Moreover, Soldiers like to compete “You officers that run the WRC beware that if I Gen. Bell speaks to the Soldiers that are in processing at theagainst each other from one installation to another so ever pick up on any abuse of Soldiers coming through Warrior Readiness Center on Camp Stanley.
    • 6 July 21, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Buses replace striking AAFES Civilian Employees Appreciation WeekGen. B.B. Bell, USFK commander,designated Sept. 11-14, 2006 as USFK cabs at CaseyCivilian EmployeesAppreciation Week andSept. 14 as the date for the USFK Employeesof the YearAward ceremony. Competition isopen to all commands and assigned,attached, or tenant units of USFK, and other By Jim CunninghamDoD activities in Korea (except invited Area I Public Affairscontractors). Winners of local level CAMP CASEY—Arirang taxi drivers decided tocompetitions may compete in the USFK go on strike late Friday evening and Lt. Col. Terrylevel competition. Nominations for the Hodges, garrison commander of Camp Casey,USFK level competition must be received decided something had to be done to provideby CPAC no later than July 28. One DoD Soldiers transportation.civilian and one Korean may be “Actually everything is done and in place,”recommended for selections in each of 10 Hodges said. “We are just waiting to see what willoccupational categories by the USFKIncentiveAwards Review Committee. be done with the taxis. What we have put in place to support the Soldier that needs transportation are Mitchell’s Club Closing four new bus schedules to police the areas the for Maintenance Soldier needs most.”Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club will The new motor pool bus schedules for the fourbe closed Monday for kitchen buses are:maintenance. ! Bus 1 will leave from the bank on Camp Hovey and proceed to Gate 1, passing through the Hoops for Troops commissary parking lot and return. Coming to Area I ! Bus 2 will leave the bank on HoveyNBA stars will be at Camp Casey’s Carey (Gwangamdong) Gate, passing through theFitness Center for “Hoops for Troops” commissary parking lot and return.practice session with troops in attendance ! Bus 3 will leave from the Camp Casey JIM CUNNINGHAM10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Camp Red Cloud Commissary and run by Gate 1, proceeding to the Lt. Col. Terry Hodges finalizes plans to run four more bus schedules toand Area I personnel will also be invited to 302nd dining facility and continue to the bank on replace cabs at Camp Casey. “We will run the extra buses on weekdaysattend this practice. Players will signautographs afterward. Hovey and return. too if there is a need,” he said. ! Bus 4 will begin at the commissary, pass by the their routes and are an addition to the regular buses Embracing Equal Warrior Club and continue through the H221 that run on camps Casey and Hovey. Hodges sid the Opportunity at Work Circle, and proceed to the Hovey (Gwangamdong) additional buses will run until the strike is over.An EEO symposium, Embracing Equal Gate, to the Hovey bank and return. “For now the extra bus schedule will only run onOpportunity in the Workplace, will be held “These buses will supplement the 25 buses we weekends,” Hodges said. “If we see a need for themAug. 1 - 3 in the MWR Conference Room, have running on a daily schedule,” Hodges said. on weekdays we will run them.”CRC. Employees who signed up for training “They will run every 15 minutes.”must notify their supervisiors immediately All buses will stop at the usual bus stops on E-mail james.f.cunningham@us.army.miland coordinate appropriately. Theemployees who signed up for training needto remember that the MWR ConferenceRoom, will be their place of employmentduring those dates and must report on time. Paving the way avingClass dates and times are: Aug. 1, 8 a.m. to5 p.m.,;Aug. 2, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Aug. 3, 8a.m. to 2 p.m.Address all questions to VivianGeorge at 732-6273. Team Red Cloud Appreciation DayTeam Red Cloud Appreciation Day will beheld today from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Mitchell’sClub. Everyone is welcome. For information,call732-8189. Term 1 Classes at CRCTerm 1 classes at CRC will have registrationAug. 7 - 18 for classes conducted Aug. 21 -Oct. 14. Class times are 6 to 9 p.m. The classesare given by the University of Marylandand Central Texas College. Latin Night at Mitchell’sMitchell’s will hold a latin night Thursdaystarting at 7 p.m. All are welcome to attend. AT/FP ExerciseAn anti-terrorism Force Protection exercisescheduled forAug. 4 at CRC will allow onlythose with Charley and Delta IDs on postfrom 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those employees mustenter by the back gate.Also in association KIL KWANG CHUNwith the exercise, the commissary will beclosed until 2 p.m. and no buses will run Col. Forrest Newton, Area I commander, signs an agreement with Mayor Choi Yong soo of Dongducheon thatuntil 2 p.m. turns over .85 acres of the southern corner of Camp Casey to the city of Dongducheon to widen Highway 3. The city will pay $3.2 million to construct new buildings in place of those in the path of the new road construction.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area I July 21, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 7 PHOTSO BY PAK, SONG YONGFlood waters deluge the golf course at Camp Casey July 12. The flooding waters were the result of 8.2 inches of rainfall in less than 24 hours. Officials are still estimating repair costs.Flood waters damage Casey golf courseBy Jim Cunningham subsequently overflowed. The storm waterArea I Public Affairs from the dam flooded the golf course, AREA I—Monsoon season came to high buildings and infrastructures located adjacentwater at camps Casey and Red Cloud July 12, to the dam, officials said.when flooding waters rushed over both camps. Officials are still estimating the cost toBy noon high water was flowing through the restore the golf course and damaged buildings.flood gates at CRC and causing havoc at the Most of the greens, fairways and irrigationCamp Casey golf course and Stewart Field. systems of the golf course were severely “I was told this is not as bad as the destroyed and need complete replacement,monsoon season we had in 1998, but it is the officials said.most rain we have had since then,” said Lt. Four buildings were flooded and the roadCol. Terry Hodges, garrison commander of located near Gate 3, including the sidewalks,Camp Casey. drain lines and fences, were severely damaged. The fairways and irrigation systems of the golf course are Localized and intense rainfall measuring The link fence located near Building 4039 and severely destroyed when heavy rains caused severe flooding atmore than 8 inches in less than 24 hours the east side of the building was eroded. These Camp Casey July 12.caused the intensity of the storm to reach that costs will be included in the estimate, officialsequal to what could be expected during a 100- said.year event, officials said. Officials recommend lowering the height of The Camp Casey the dam to half of its presentgolf course and “I was told this is not as bad as height to allow the storm waterfour buildings and the monsoon season we had in 1998, from upper streams to overflowinfrastructures but it is the most rain we have had before too much gathers.located adjacent to since then.” Unlike its neighbor to the north,the raw water Camp Red Cloud survived theintake dam were flooded by the storm water deluge unscathed.that overflowed from the dam. “We didn’t sustain major damage at Camp A major cause of the flooding was the tall Red Cloud, but the facilities were engaged atheight of the dam wall (10 feet), which their maximum. The flood gates were full,” PAK, SUNG HAKinterrupted proper drainage and overflow of said John Cook, fire chief at CRC. Camp Red Cloud’s flood gates are open wide to allow water and debris washed down from surrounding hills to move throughthe storm water from the upper streams and the installation.surface runoff from the watershed, which E-mail james.f.cunningham@us.army.mil
    • July 21, 2006 Page 9 performHarlem Globetrotters performat packed Collier Field HouseBy Pvt. Jung Jae-hoon them doing all that with the basketball,Area II Public Affairs it looked as if the ball was part of their YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II body.”community members welcomed the Between the quarters, the teamworld-famous Harlem globetrotters in mascot ‘Globie’ (a person with a globea big way July 12, as more than 1,500 for a head) showed off in front of thepeople turned out for the show at the audience and entertained the kids withCollier Field House. a dance show on the court. The Harlem Globetrotters is a “It was the best show that thebasketball team that combines Morale, Welfare and Recreation hadathleticism and comedy to create one pulled in years,” said Area II MWRof the best-known sports entertainment Director Paul Robinson. “Our PHOTOS BY PVT . JUNG JAE-HOONfranchises in the world. expectations were high but the Harlem The Harlem Globetrotters show how the game should be played in front of more than 1,500 “I was very excited when I heard Globetrotters turned out to be exceeding fans July 12 at Collier Field House.the news about Harlem Globetrotters our limits.”coming to Yongsan,” said Cpl. Lee Kee- He also said the community wasmyung. “I can’t wait to really see the very appreciative and the commentsincredible basketball skills they have that were positive.I’ve only heard of.” The team was created by Abe The Harlem Globetrotters started out Saperstein in 1927 in Chicago. The teamwith their famous “Magic Circle” play, adopted the name Harlem because ofand began to work more light its connotations as a leading African-entertainment and comedic routines. American community. The Yongsan crowd went wild every Over the years the team has touredtime they did something with the more than 100 countries, playing morebasketball, either spinning it on their than 20,000 exhibition games, mostlyfingers or dunking it over somebody’s against deliberately ineffectivehead. opposition like the Washington Generals “Even though it is raining hard (1927-1995) and the New York Above: Area II community members enjoy theoutside, everyone came out and showed Nationals (1995-present). show.their love for the team,” said Pfc. Kwon Right: A player soars high to make a powerfulYung-jae. “It was amazing watching E-mail JaeHoon.Jung@korea.army.mil dunk. Taxi drivers go on strike Drivers get refresher safety training Area II Public Affairs Days before an unrelated strike, taxi YONGSAN GARRISON — Taxi service drivers review USFK safety regulations stopped completely in Area II 6 a.m. Saturday By Aaron Childress as Arirang World Cup Taxi Ltd. drivers went on Area II Public Affairs an unannounced strike. A recent rate increase covered the recent rise YONGSAN GARRISON — Days before Arirang in fuel costs; however, drivers did not see any Taxi drivers went on strike, 154 drivers attended increase in pay. refresher safety training here July 10-12. The wage dispute is between the contract The three-day workshop provided taxi drivers a owner and his employees (the drivers). Arirang chance to brush up on current regulations and to learn has a contract with the Army and Air Force new policies. CPL. LEE YANG-WON “We felt there was a need to have this class because Exchange Service to provide the taxi service in Arirang Taxi Company drivers listen to a review of U.S. Forces of the many violations,” said Master Sgt. Gregory Area I and II. Korea driving safety regulations July 10. “Contractor and taxi union representatives Dickerson, Yongsan Provost Marshal Office. “Our top three violations are speeding, cell phones and Cell phones can only be used if a hands-free device continue daily negotiations,” said Area II AAFES is mounted in the vehicle. General Manager Betty O’Brien. seatbelts.” Dickerson explained to the taxi drivers that their Violations could result in a 30-day suspension of Thursday, 18 taxi drivers returned to work. driving privileges. O’Brien said there is a possibility for limited taxi licenses are subject to suspension for violating traffic and safety regulations, and he described a new point- “Now is the perfect opportunity to talk about service until negotiations are completed. passenger safety,” Dickerson said. The Area II shuttle service to and from based system. Drivers can have their licenses suspended after The driver is responsible for the passenger’s safety, Incheon International airport is not affected by Dickerson told the drivers. The vehicle must not move the strike. accumulating six points worth of violations in six months, 12 points in 12 months, 18 points in 24 until all persons have their seatbelt on. Alternative on-post transportation remains the Parents with small children under five years of age Post shuttle buses. months, or by getting three tickets within 90 days. For example, if a driver is speeding by less than 15 or under 40 pounds should provide their own child Area II has added more post shuttle buses restraint. The driver will receive a three-point ticket during peak hours (4-5:30 p.m.). kilometers per hour over the speed limit, he would receive a ticket worth three points. Between 15 and for each person not wearing a seatbelt. “Basically buses are now provided at 15 “It was good training for the taxi drivers to think minute intervals, instead of 30 minutes, during 21 kilometers per hour would mean a ticket worth four points. More than 21 kilometers per hour is a over the safety rules on post,” said AAFES taxi peak times, or until the strike is resolved,” said Area II Logistics Director Lydia Grohmann. five-point ticket. Speeding in a school zone while students are about is a six-point violation. See Safety Page 12 Safety,
    • 10 July 21, 2006 http://area2.korea.army.mil Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Military Idol Dragon Hill Lodge to get new roof“Military Idol” will again give Soldiers By David McNally with Area II to ensure that higha chance to sing their songs. Area II Public Affairs standards will be observed for safetyPerformers have until July 22 to sign YONGSAN GARRISON — and environmental protection throughoutup and register to compete in the Dragon Hill Lodge officials announced the project,” said DHL General ManagerMilitary version of the “American Idol” a $1.3 million project to repair the Jim Thomas in a press release.show. For information, call Mario facility’s roof. The project is set to Thomas said the community shouldFarrulla at 738-5254. begin Aug. 15 and continue through be aware of the construction and should mid-December. plan to use the primary hotel entrance Battle of the Bands The roof replacement will force the and exit at 8th Army Drive during thisCheck out the Battle of the Bands 7 closure of the road leading to the DHL period of time.p.m. July 22 at the Moyer Community cul-de-sac. The contractor will use “We hope to maximize the guestServices Center. For information, callMario Farrulla at 738-5254. that area as a staging area. accessibility during the construction. Dragon Hill Lodge officials awarded Regardless, we will always strive to Power Outage a 120-day roof replacement contract to provide high-quality hotel services,”There will be a scheduled power outage a Korean company, Krima Construction. Thomas said.9 a.m.- 6 p.m. Saturday on Yongsan The roof repair will cover more than There will be three phases during theGarrison South Post. The Main Post 31,000 square feet of tiles on the roof replacement project. DAVID MCNALLYClub will feature a barbecue, and the Dragon Tower and POiNT Annex. The 1st Marine Division Road and the cul-snack bars at the Bowling Center and “Dragon Hill Lodge has teamed up See Dragon Page 12 Dragon, de-sac will be closed Aug. 15 - Dec. 15.Moyer will be places for affectedresidents to keep cool during the day.“We’re trying to set up some activitiesto accomodate the folks to get out of Area II observes New Horizons Day stand-downthe house and do other things,” said By Cpl. Lee Yang-won the U.S. and ROK armies since the said. “It means not giving up whenArea II Commander Col. Ron Stephens. Area II Public Affairs Korean War. things get hard. You simply drive on Yongsan Fun Park YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II “The training was full of the and accomplish your mission.”The Yongsan Family Fun Park is open Soldiers and civilians paused for an background on the relationship He said it also means to never stopfrom 7 a.m.-8 p.m., but closes daily for intense review of safety concerns July between the U.S and ROK armies and showing consideration to your fellowmaintenance from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Play 7 in a semiannual 8th U.S. Army stand- a number of incidents that have Soldiers and incessantly honoring the18 holes of miniature golf for $4 (adult) down day at the South Post Chapel. happened along the border,” Norman rich cultures of the Korean host.and $3 (children). One 18-hole round The training covered many topics, said. “It’s good to get the past The mandatory four-hour morningfor the golf training machine: $7.50. A to include the significance of the perspective.” training included a 30-minute video,trip to the batting cage: $3 for 40 balls. Republic of Korea and United States Norman said he thought having a “This is Korea.”The skateboard park is free. For alliance, human trafficking, day when you can stop all the other “I’m constantly amazed by theinformation, call 738-4190. prostitution and cross-cultural training requirements and talk about generosity and energy of our Korean awareness. these issues, “is very helpful.” host,” Valcourt said. “We are a guest Auto Skills Center “New Horizons Day training is a Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, 8th U.S and should act as such by showingThere is a “Summer Special” now good opportunity to give the new Army commanding general, opened the courtesy and consideration.”offered at the Auto Skills Center. For Soldiers a nice multimedia introduction day with a 15-minute video message. Valcourt said New Horizons Day is$35 they’ll check anti-freeze, battery, of Korea,” said Capt. Michael “Our mission means readiness to about ensuring every Soldier lives thebrake pads and shoes, air conditioning Norman, commander, Headquarters prevent war in the peninsula,” Valcourt Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect,system, all hoses, wiper blades, all fluid and Headquarters Company, Area II. said, “But if war comes, we must be selfless service, honor, integrity andlevels, battery, all lights, all tires for “It was an up-to-date knowledge not ready to win quickly and decisively.” personal courage.tread wear and rotate, and balance all just about the surroundings but how He said the training focuses on the Area II Soldiers and civiliansfour tires. Look for Safety Inspection they fit in the surroundings.” community members for their reviewed topics ranging fromCoupons inside the Community The purpose of the training went personal commitment toward the unit, prostitution and human trafficking toConnection Magazine. The offer expires beyond safety. Norman said he the Army and the nation. suicide prevention.July 31. For information, call 738-5315. especially liked the “History Channel” “I want you to think hard about the that showed the relationship between words, ‘I will never quit’.” Valcourt E-mail yangwon.lee@korea.army.mil Yongsan LanesCheck out the Firecracker 300 9-Pin No-Tap Tournament Saturday. There willbe cash prizes for the high team series(three games). The entry fee is $25. Seoul announces annual essay contestYongsan Lanes also offers summer By Aaron Childressbowling leagues. Each Thursday night Area II Public Affairsis “Gold Pin Bowling” from 6-10 p.m. YONGSAN GARRISON — The Seoul MetropolitanThere is Cosmic Bowling 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Government is inviting foreigners living in Korea or abroadevery Friday and Saturday with a new to participate in the 10th Seoul Essay Contest.spectacular cosmic bowling laser light The competitions will provide a “unique opportunityshow. For information, call 723-7830. to share experiences in Seoul with international residents,” according to a Seoul government press release. Seoul Computer Club The contest began in 1997 to give internationalEveryone is invited to the August residents, as well as Koreans, a chance to share theirmeeting of the Seoul Computer Club. The affection for Seoul and their unique experiences in theclub will meet from 2 -4 p.m. Saturday, Korean capital.Aug. 8 at the Seoul USO classroom at The essay should be no more than 1,300 words —Camp Kim. The meeting will include Seoul announces an essay contest open to foreigners. about three to four single-spaced pages in length. It canlectures on information technology be written in Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese. The bronze winners will receive 1 million, 500,000 and 300,000topics, door prizes, and free food. essay can be submitted throughout the month of August. Korean won, respectively. None of the entries will be returned if sent via postal mail. The winners will be announced and notified individually Area II Web site Winners will receive a cash prize and a certificate; non- in October. The official list of winners, as well as moreFor up-to-date news and information, Korean winners will also be given a one-year subscription contest information, is online at http://english.seoul.go.kr.visit the Area II Web site at http:// to the monthly Seoul magazine. The grand prize winnerarea2.korea.army.mil. will receive 2 million Korean won. The gold, silver and E-mail aaron.childress@korea.army.mil
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II July 21, 2006 http://area2.korea.army.mil 11 FamilyArmy Family Action Plan Yongsan youth learn to swimimproves quality of life By Pvt. Jung Jae-hoon Area II Public AffairsBy Pvt. Jung Jae-hoonArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — About 30 Yongsan boys and girls attended a swimming class June 26. YONGSAN The class provided top-quality American Red CrossGARRISON — swimming lessons, while showing the children thatArea II hosted an swimming is a lot of fun.Army Family Ac- “I have seven years of aquatic experience and thetion Plan briefing rest of the staff are well trained in swimming andJune 23 at the Army teaching as well,” said Director of Aquatics and theC o m m u n i t y Learn to Swim Program Mallory O’Dell.Services building. A lot of children attended the class with a big smile Army Family on their faces, even though it was a little chilly outsideAction Plan is a because it had just stopped raining.program that provides an opportunity for “While we are teaching, we incorporate songs andeveryone in the Army family to inform leaders games in to the learning process to let them get interestedabout Army quality of life. and not to be afraid of the water,” O’ Dell said. “Every little effort we make, combined The instructors divided the children into groups totogether, can move mountains,” said Area II learn the “ABCs” of swimming at their appropriate level.AFAP Coordinator Reta Mills. The class continued Monday through Friday, and “It is a grassroots process that directs actions each day the lesson lasted for 40 minutes.to enhance readiness and increase retention by “The teachers are all university graduates, so theyimproving the well being for Soldiers and know what they are doing and they are very energeticcommunity members,” she said. [and] passionate about teaching the children,” said Mills told the community member that by Maj. Torrey Mitchell. “My daughter attended thisshowing up at the AFAP, “it shows how much swimming class for two years, and she becameyou care for your families and the community.” confident in the water and started to like swimming The group was small, since it was the first as well.”briefing this year, but the people there were very Six teachers worked with the children throughoutenthusiastic and passionate for the whole plan. the day while one member of the staff always stood “The AFAP provides a way for Soldiers and near the pool as a lifeguard to keep the children awayfamily members to let Army leadership know from danger.what works, what does not and what they think The students were all enrolled in Camp Adventure (see related story, Page 16). PVT. JUNG JAE-HOON See AFAP Page 12 AFAP, Swimming Instructor Morgan O’ Dell teaches Benjamin McCoy, E-mail JaeHoon.Jung@korea.army.mil 3, pool basics June 26 at the Yongsan swimming pool. .
    • 12 July 21, 2006 http://area2.korea.army.mil Area II The Morning Calm WeeklySafety from Page 9driver Kang We-moon after the class. if there is a problem. I just hope the“Safety cannot be emphasized taxi drivers take the basics as far asenough; it’s the main priority.” with law enforcement and the laws.” A recent car taxi accident at the “It was an aggressive but extensiveoverpass made me realize that we are safe driver course,” said Area IIalways at risk, he said. AAFES General Manager Betty “Drivers should always be at a vigil O’Brien. “This training provided, byposition,” Kang said. Kang has been a the Military Police, was conducted intaxi driver on post for six months. “I both languages and provided the basicsknow the customers may become on U.S. Forces Korea safe drivingannoyed with the stricter policy,” policies ranging from cell phone usageDickerson said. to adhering to the posted speed limits.” “But the Military Police will assist E-mail aaron.childress@korea.army.milDragon from Page 10 “A press release will be issued in advance with high standards and quality for itsprior to each phase,” Thomas said. guests,” Thomas said. The original Dragon Tower was built Thomas pledged to continue the DHL’sin 1990. The POiNT Annex opened in goal of being a “great hotel for America’s1993. The complex’s last major total defense force well into the future.”construction project was the addition of “The Dragon Hill Lodge appreciates thethe Soldier’s Tower in 2000. community’s understanding of this needed “Since its construction in 1990, the capital improvement,” Thomas said.Dragon Hill Lodge has promised themilitary community an excellent facility E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.milAFAPAFAP from Page 11will take to fix it,” said Area II things that we can change to makeVolunteer Coordinator Joe Gall. improvements on the quality of our “So it is important for all of you to lives.”participate, to let your voice be heard.” To participate, all you have to do isGall said. write your opinion on an issue sheet Some of the initiatives the local and put it in the mail box, Gall said.AFAP has already completed involve There will be three more Yongsanincreasing the Army and Air Force AFAP briefings before Area II will hostExchange Service Shoppette operating the 2007 AFAP Conference Oct. 19.hours at the Dragon Hill Lodge. The community is invited to attend The AFAP process is also and participate in AFAP briefings:responsible for the suggestion to !9:30-10:30 a.m. July 28increase the number of free buses on !1:30-2:30 p.m. Aug. 25post, as well as the number of bus !9:30-10:30 a.m. Sept. 29stops. Call 738-3627 for information. “This proves that the system doeswork,” Gall said. “There are so many E-mail JaeHoon.Jung@korea.army.mil Visit the Area II Web site for more stories and community information http://area2.korea.army.mil
    • July 21, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 13USFK’s top NCO visits ‘Wolf Pack’ SoldiersBy Senior Airman Stephen Collier constructed adjacent to the8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs O’Malley dining facility. KUNSAN AIR BASE — The The sergeant major said the goalUnited States Forces Korea senior of USFK leadership is to make anenlisted advisor paid a visit to assignment to USFK “a little moreCharlie and Delta Patriot batteries normal.”July 5 to get a better understanding “As we reduce the number ofof what morale and welfare issues camps and stations in Korea, we’llthey faced. be better able to offer improved “You don’t know what’s on their services,” he said. “There is nothing(Soldier’s) mind if you don’t go out about being in Korea that is aand ask the question,” Command hardship except for beingSgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler said. “As unaccompanied. The more normalfar as the morale and welfare at we can make the tour, the betterKunsan, that’s why I’m here … to [off] people will be. We’ll be able tosee how they’re doing and see improve the dorms, the services, to STAFF SGT. JOSEF COLEwhat’s on their mind. I can make include medical care, as well as basebetter decisions on these important exchanges.” Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler, United States Forces Korea command sergeant major, inspects an airissues if I know how they’re As the command sergeant major defense artillery Soldier’s weapon July 5.doing.” finished his tour of the air defense on the Korean peninsula as this is an one branch of service fight by itself. The sergeant major, who entered batteries, he said he gained an important area of the world for U.S. You look at [Operation Iraqi Freedom]the Army in 1973, got an in-depth invaluable perspective on what strategic interests. The readiness they or [Operation Enduring Freedom] …mission briefing on how the two air Soldiers and Airmen alike needed maintain is a very important these are both joint fights,” thedefense artillery here. deterrence on the peninsula.” command sergeant major said.batteries “The old cliche of ‘One Team, “With The sergeant major also “The old cliché of ‘one team, onecontribute to the One Fight’ is exemplified at everything you recognized people in the U.S. are fight’ is exemplified at Kunsan as welldefense of Korea. Kunsan.” do, there are talking about joint bases around the as other joint bases. We do theseAlso, the Command Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler challenges,” he world including Iraq and missions side by side and there is a lotcommand sergeant USFK command sergeant major pointed out. “But Afghanistan. He singled out bases in of goodness with these missions heremajor got a as I visit Korea as examples because he felt to include the consolidation of assets.chance to see the future of Army servicemembers across the peninsula, these individuals “need to come to It makes good sense to do it. You areand Air Force dormitories at Kunsan they need to understand how Korea because we have [joint going to fight together when you go towith a sneak-peak at the “Dorms-4- important the work they do is. It’s warfare missions] going on here.” war … why can’t you live togetherAirmen” dormitory, being important we maintain this presence “Nowhere in the world today will too?”
    • July 21, 200614 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly July 21-27 Mission Mission Superman Superman Impossible III Impossible III Returns Returns RV PG Hoot Just My Luck PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Click PG-13 Click PG-13 Click PG-13 United 93 R No Show The Shaggy No Show Dog PG Superman Superman Superman Lucky Number Lucky Number X-Men III X-Men III Returns Returns Returns Slevin R Slevin R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Superman Mission Just My Luck Superman Just My Luck RV PG Returns Impossible III RV PG PG-13 Returns PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Mission Just My Luck X-Men III X-Men III No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Impossible III PG-13Pirates of the Caribbean: Superman Returns – Furious: Tokyo F ast & F urious: Tokyo Click – (Adam Sandler, Just My Luck – (LindsayDead Man’s Chest – (Johnny (Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth) Drift – (Lucas Black, Shad ‘Bow Christopher Walken) Lohan, Chris Pine)Depp, Keira Knightley) Following a mysterious absence of Wow’ Gregory Moss) A workaholic architect, who has Ashley is a young professional justOnce again thrown into the world of several years, the Man of Steel, Sean Boswell is an outsider who been overlooking his family in favor out of college. She also happens tothe supernatural, Captain Jack Superman, comes back to Earth— attempts to define himself as a hot- of his career, comes across a be the luckiest woman in the world,Sparrow finds out that he owes a but things have changed. While an headed, underdog street racer. universal remote that allows him to who has lived a super-charmed lifeblood debt to the legendary Davey old enemy plots to render him Although racing provides a perform TiVo-like functions on his and has always taken her good luckJones, Captain of the ghostly Flying powerless once and for all, temporary escape from an unhappy life, such as pausing events or fast- for granted. When she kisses aDutchman. With time running out, Superman faces the heartbreaking home and the superficial world forwarding over them. When the handsome stranger at a costumeJack must find a way out of his debt realization that the woman he loves, around him, it has also made Sean remote begins creating its own party, Ashley accidentally swaps heror else be doomed to eternal Lois Lane, has moved on with her unpopular with the local authorities. memory and choosing what to fast- good fortune for his horribly baddamnation and servitude in the life. Or has she? Superman’s To avoid jail time, Sean is sent to live forward over, the man sees how luck, and her charmed life turns intoafterlife. And as if this weren’t enough, bittersweet return challenges with his gruff, estranged father, a much of his personal life has passed a living hell.the Captain’s problems manage to him to bridge the distance between career military-man stationed in him by and realizes the importancewreck the wedding plans of a certain them while finding a place in a Tokyo. of spending more time with hisWill Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who society that has learned to survive family.are forced to join Jack on yet another without him.misadventure. Fast & Furious:Tokyo No Show Silent Hill United 93 R No Show No Show No Show Drift PG-13 R Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Goal! The Dream Stick It Phat Girlz Phat Girlz PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Begins PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Superman Mission Mission Pirates of the Returns Just My Luck Impossible III Just My Luck Impossible III No Show Caribbean 2 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Mission Mission Pirates of the Impossible III Impossible III Scary Movie 4 Just My Luck Caribbean 2 The DaVinci PG-13 PG-13 No Show PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Code PG-13 Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the Mission Mission Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Impossible III Impossible III Just My Luck Just My Luck PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Pirates of the Pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Caribbean 2 Poseidon Poseidon RV PG RV PG Caribbean 2 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Pirates of the Dreamer Dreamer The Wild G The Wild G The Wild G The Corpse Caribbean 2 PG PG Bride PG PG-13
    • July 21, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 15God, like all fathers, sometimes offers ‘tough love’By Chaplain (Maj.) Andrew Choi blind in the Gospel of John, Chapter 9. in the Hebrews 12: 5-6, that God also have to discipline and train their children2nd Infantry Division “God defended that Job was expresses his love toward us by for their maturity. However, if they truly upright with God even though He discipline: “And you have forgotten love their children, they will discipline I t is difficult to understand that God sometimes allows allowed Satan to attack Job that word of encouragement that their children. That is the tough love of innocent children, faithful and temporarily. Jesus Christ defended the addresses as sons: “My son, do not parents and God’s love is sometimesgood people to suffer. When someone man born blind saying, “Neither this make light of the Lord’s discipline, tough love.suffers, what is the response of those man nor his parents sinned, but this and do not lose heart when he rebukes Mother Teresa, who was awardedwho learned that suffering is the happened so that the work of God you, because the Lord disciplines the Nobel peace prize in 1980, saidconsequences of sin? They might be displayed in life” (John 9: 3). those he loves, and he punishes “True love hurts. It hurts God when heimmediately think that this tragedy Then, why Job and this man born everyone he accepts as a son.” gave his only begotten Son to thehappened to them because of their blind should suffer? What are the benefits of suffering? world. It hurt Jesus when he died onsin. Our thought process could be the Can you keep on trusting God God allows a good person to suffer the cross; it hurt his mother Mary tosame with them. when bad things are happening around for good reasons because suffering see her precious son suffering on the However, we have to be very you? When the pain is sharp and the helps them to mature and to draw near cross.”careful not to be judgmental when doubt is deep and it is impossible to to God. As we suffer, we draw near Although you may have a difficultpeople suffer because not all see the sense in it all, can you still to God for his help. time now, God still loves you and hesufferings are the consequences of trust God and love your life. Suffering can be a means for our expresses his love to you toughly.sin. There are two stories that support Not easy to do that. Yet, we can spiritual growth. In addition, by With this thought and trust, I praythis truth. The first one is about Job still trust God if we look at things in suffering we can understand the love of that God would encourage you in alland the other is the story of man born the perspective of God. The Lord said God more deeply. It hurts when parents circumstances. Area I Worship Services Catholic Mass Protestant Sunday 6 p.m. Camp Stanley (Reggie’s) Saturday 4 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Camp Castle Chapel Protestant Gospel Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel 10 a.m. Camp Casey Stone Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Noon Camp Casey Stone 11 a.m. Camp Casey DISCOM 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel Chapel Chapel, Camp Hovey 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel Chapel Theater, Stanley Korean Services Chapel, Camp Casey Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Casey DISCOM Chapel Eucharistic Episcopal Crusader Chapel 7 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel, Sunday 5:30 p.m. Stanley Chapel Protestant (COGIC) CRC Warrior Chapel Latter Day Saints Sunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel 1st Sunday 1 p.m. Camp Jackson Chapel Sunday 1 p.m. Crusader Chapel Protestant Contemporary 2nd/3rd Sun. 2 p.m. Camp Jackson Chapel Ad goes here
    • July 21, 200616 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly PHOTOS BY CPL. LEE YANG-WONCamp counselor Jeremy Moore (middle) reads to Daniel Choi (left) and Maline Jones (right) June 26 at the School Age Services Building. Program connects military Counselors receive training from their kids with college counselors respective colleges starting from January until the end of their semester. By Cpl. Lee Yang-won “The training focuses on leadership, Area II Public Affairs educational development and program YONGSAN GARRISON — More than 120 coordination,” Bowers said. children are immersing themselves in Area II’s The college students also get training to better Camp Adventure this summer. understand military culture. The children are finding a way to have a blast Parents say the program preparation and the for summer vacation. counselor’s energy and enthusiasm show the The camps are happening on U.S. military officials’ genuine love toward what they are installations across Korea. doing, making the whole program so unique. Area II is providing eight one-week “The children have had so much fun,” said recreational sessions for children from 1st to 5th parent April Arnold. “The children got to swim, grades through Aug. “The goal is to create magic sing and to goinglooking trip they’re 18. forward on a field In Area II, youth moments that last a lifetime.” tomorrow.” reported for a —Laura Bowers Arnold said her family summer of Camp arrived in Korea three weeks Adventure June 26. before the camp began. “Camp Adventure implements high-energy and The Arnold family stayed in the Dragon HillCamp Adventure kids draw pictures June 26 under the high-impact summer activities for military Lodge during that time.supervision of visiting college students. children,” said Area II Project Director Laura “It’s been wonderful for the kids to get out,” Bowers. “We train college students from all over she said. the states to become counselors.” Arnold said Camp Adventure gave her a break The college students conduct activities and and gave the children a chance to enjoy help children have a fantastic summer, she said. themselves. “The goal is to create magic moments that last “The counselors have been great,” she said. a lifetime for children,” Bowers said. “The girls are very happy to be with them.” “We start off the day with songs children can Camp Adventure was established at the easily learn and help them get excited about the University of Oregon in 1985. The program day,” Bowers said. initially sent 12 students at three sites in Korea. Bowers said each day provides children with In 1997, it provided more than 600 students to different games and activities. 118 program sites in 18 countries. Children participate in reading, swimming and Area II School-Age Services has a waiting listCamp Adventure Counselor Christen Moore (right) works with go on a field trip once a week, she said. (Editor’s of children interested in Camp Adventure. ForYongsan kids June 26. note: See related swimming story, Page 11) information, call 738-3051.
    • July 21, 200618 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly ACS celebrates birthday, 41 years of service By Korea Region MWR In an overseas area such as Korea, retirees, DoD civilians and family Special to The Morning Calm Weekly assistance with NEO briefings, members to propose solutions for YONGSAN –The Army processing families and coordinating issues of well-being, and orchestrate Community Service program turns support for families is available. a management protocol for issue 41 years young this July and will be Soldier and Family Readiness: implementation and accountability celebrating with a party in each ACS provides assistance to families that includes leadership direction Battle of the Bands Area. The organization will feature experiencing difficulties with family and approval. Each installation The Battle of the Bands contest is food, entertainment and fun, and an conducts an annual symposium to set to take place at Moyer Community opportunity for everyone to provide an opportunity for the Services Center at 7 p.m. Saturday. learn what ACS does and community to get involved and Pick up an entry form at your local how you may benefit. voice concerns. CAC or call 723-8502 for information. The ACS program Army Family Team Building The contest is sponsored by MWR. provides so many services here in offers tools that teach and promote The winners may be eligible to Korea that it’s hard to know what issues. This program allows healthy personal family readiness through advance to the All-Army competition. falls under their umbrella. Whether families to maintain and advance standardized, progressive education of May the best band win! it’s personal finance classes, their quality of life skills — through family members. There are four relocation assistance or emergency training, education and support — separate levels of instruction available Junior Golf Clinics help, ACS offers a variety of during times of need. It is important designed to improve an understanding Offered at Sung Nam services that fall within five core to know that when problems arise, of the Army and how each member of Sung Nam Golf course will hold junior readiness areas: there is help available. the Army Family is involved. golf instructional clinics Aug. 7-11. All The Family Advocacy Program ! Deployment, Mobilization and SSO The Army Volunteer Corps interested juniors ages 7-17 are invited ! Soldier and Family Readiness addresses child abuse, child neglect Program links volunteers to to attend. The times will be 9-11 a.m. ! Relocation Readiness and spouse abuse. The program programs and community agencies Monday thru Thursday at the Sung ! Employment Readiness includes prevention, identification, that offer volunteer positions. The Nam Golf Course driving range and 7- 10 a.m. Friday at Sung Nam on the golf ! Financial Readiness reporting, investigation and Army Volunteer Crops Coordinator course. All equipment and instruction Deployment, Mobilization, and treatment. FAP provides a variety of assists in helping you learn how you from the golf course’s PGA of America Stability and Support Operations: services to Soldiers and families to can make a significant contribution staff will be provided at no charge. Call Family assistance and support enhance their relationship skills and to your community. Jim Shaw or Jack Delaney at 736-3483 services are provided to families of improve their quality of life. These are but a few of the ACS to sign up. Active Component and Reserve Emergency Care Service assists programs and services available to Component forces, as well as the family during stressful situations support military family needs. Come Korean Language, emergency essential civilians in when parents cannot adequately out to celebrate and also learn how to Culture Classes Offered support of military operations/ care for their children. ACS and the take advantage of these free services. A Korean language and culture class deployments, mobilization and SSOs local medical treatment facility The area celebrations will be will be offered at Seoul American High (mass casualties, evacuations, and/ monitor the program participants. open and free to the community. School. This class will meet daily from or natural disasters). The Exceptional Family Member Schedule is as follows: 10 to 11:30 a.m., weekdays thru Aug. 5. Family Readiness Groups are Program is a mandatory enrollment ! Area I – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The class is open to anyone over the established within units to assist program that works with other Tuesday, at the PX on camps Red age of 15. The class is limited to 20 families in dealing with military agencies to provide Cloud, Casey and Stanley participants. deployments. comprehensive community support ! Area II — 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Family Assistance Plan when a family member has physical, today, Yongsan Garrison’s Weekend Bingo at addresses all levels of deployment or emotional, developmental, or Community Services Building Uptown Lounge mobilization and SSOs. intellectual disorders requiring ! Area III – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Be a winner at Bingo at the Main Post ACS can assist with all phases of specialized services. today, Camp Humphreys ACS Club’s Uptown Lounge. Every Army Family Action Plan pre-deployment, deployment/ ! Area IV — 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, doors open at mobilization, and post-deployment. provides a forum for Soldiers, Tuesday, Camp Henry ACS. 11 a.m. and early games begins at 12:30 p.m. Over $6,750 in prize money is given away every weekend, including $2,500 and $5,000 jackpots. For information, call the MWR club manager at 723-8785. Area II Pool League The Area II Pool League is seeking new members. The group meets at 7 p.m. RecTrac Reward each Tuesday at the Main Post Club, John Lavender, MWR Community Recreation Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy Club -- Program manager presents 1st Sgt. Richard all on Yongsan Garrison. Dickerson with an LG laptop computer. Membership is open to ID cardholders, Dickerson won the laptop by registering in family members, retirees, Department of RecTrac during Phase I of the RecTrac Defense civilians or contractors and registration incentive program. Phase II will individuals sponsored by ID cardholders. offer $150 to Army units with 100 personnel for information, call Brent Abare at 723- or less for 100 percent registration. Units 3691 or e-mail abareb@korea.army.mil. with more than 100 soldiers will get $1.50 per Soldier for 100 percent registration. TMCW Submissions Funds will be deposited in the Unit Welfare To have an event featured in The Fund. Point of contact for the RecTrac Phase Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail all II registration incentive program is Lavender, pertinent information to at 723-8510. morningcalmweekly@korea.army.mil. Submissions should include the basic who, what, when and where information regarding the event, and a point of contact name and telephone number. For information, call 738-3355. COURTESY PHOTO
    • July 21, 2006 Page 21Command Presence program keeps New commercial telephone prefix atorder at Humphreys after midnight Camp HumphreysArea III Public Affairs Staff duty patrols will also be Special to The Morning Calm Weekly be implemented tomorrow night. CAMP HUMPHREYS – A new The Commanders Presence located at high-traffic areas to Korea Telecom has establishedprogram unveiled by Area III Program has been endorsed by the diffuse potential problems. a new incoming commercial prefixcommander Col. Michael J. Taliento Camp Humphreys tenant “This is a command mission, not for Camp Humphreys telephoneJr. July 14, will place a command commanders who will be providing an MP mission,” said Taliento. “It is numbers with the 754 prefix.presence at key points on the the personnel needed to implement a coordinated command response to To dial 754-xxxx numbers frominstallation to lessen instances of it. The major players are 2nd violent activity.” an off-post telephone line the callerdisorderly behavior and incidents Combat Aviation Brigade, 194th There will also be a sustained must dial:between midnight and Maintenance command presence in both ! Within the local calling area: 619-1:30 a.m., when Soldiers “Command presence is Battalion, 3rd Anjung-ri and Songtan he said. xxxxreturn to Camp the key to success.” Military Area III’s Command Sgt. Maj. ! Outside the local calling area andHumphreys following an Jason K. Kim said the 2nd when using cell phones: 031-619- Command Sgt. Maj. Jason K. Kim, Intelligenceevening in Anjung-ri or Infantry Division has a similar xxxx Area III Support Activity Battalion, 527thSongtan. Military program in Area I. “Command ! Outside Korea: 8231-619-xxxx. The core of the program is a plan Intelligence Battalion, and Air Force presence is the key to success,” After Sept. 1, 690-xxxx will notto increase shuttle bus service for 607th Combat Communications, but he said. work for numbers with a 754weekends and holidays, so the last all units will be involved. Kim expects to see a drastic prefix. This change does not affectbus will depart from the pedestrian Two-person command presence decline in Soldier-on-Soldier Camp Humphreys numbers withgate at 1:30 a.m. Between midnight teams with communication radios incidents once the program is the 753 prefix.and 1:30 a.m., buses will depart will be riding every bus between implemented. “It’s a great program For telephone numbers with theevery 15 minutes and the routes will midnight and 1:30 a.m. In the event for this community,” he said. 753 prefix, 690-xxxx must still behave fewer stops but Taliento said of an altercation on the bus, the Although designed to move used to complete the call even afterthe stops will be at key locations teams will use communication skills numbers of Soldiers to their living the change.near living areas, adding that there to defuse situations. However, if the areas after curfew, anyone can If anyone has any questions orshould be no more than about 200 situation continues to escalate, they use the shuttle buses whenever problems, they are encouraged tometers to the barracks from these are authorized to stop the bus and they are running said Rick contact the Area III DOIM at 754-stops. call for Military Police to respond to Slawson, acting director of 8584. The new shuttle bus schedule will the scene. logistics.Visitor control center opens at HumphreysArea III Public Affairs DES Director Kevin Griess, who collaborated the parking lot. CAMP HUMPHREYS – Soldiers are busy with senior DPW executive Wayne Tharrington in Serving as the new home of the DES, themanning the new Visitor Center near the CPX Gate procuring the center, said it was gratifying to see building also encompasses visitor controlhere in the wake of its June 20 ribbon cutting. the completion of the $700,000 project. operations. With 6,000 square feet of space, the “It’s an excellent example of transformation “Seeing this project completed has been very two-story structure includes a waiting area that willsuccess,” declared Area III Commander, Col. exciting,” Griess said. “Our community, accommodate 60, office space for 15 troops, a 30-Michael J. Taliento Jr. customers and visitors deserve this building.” seat classroom and large restrooms and showers. As officials from the Directorate of Visitors were forced to wait outside while The new security operations center features aEmergency Services and the Directorate of accessing the base via the old facility, at times high-tech security system encompassing ultra-Public Works joined Taliento to open the new standing in the rain or snow. The cement block modern LED displays, computer systems andfacility, the former visitor’s center – a small, building had two small, Plexiglas windows and digital recording systems. The SOC integratescement blockhouse – sat vacant in the parking lot portable latrines. Originally, in 2001, the visitors’ multiple, stand-alone camera and alarm systemsnear the new structure. center was simply an office container situated in throughout Area III, providing immediate, real- time monitoring and control. Officials described the new center as a modern, high-quality gateway for visitors to Camp Humphreys. Chung Young-do, Group 4 Falck area commander, and Sgt. 1st Class John T. Arnet, Headquarters, Headquarters Company, PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY Area III Support Activity, look over written tests completed byKim Jin, Group 4 Falck security guard assists a customer at the recently completed visitor control building at the CPX gate. Group 4 Falck security guards.
    • 22 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly July 21, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Retreat teaches trust, teamwork New AAFES facility Area III Public AffairsThe Sorak shoppette located in SEOUL – Soldiers fromBuilding 575, near Army Family Headquarters, Headquarters Company,Housing, is scheduled to open Area III Support Activity, left theirWednesday. Hours of operation will be homes and offices, and journeyed to9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. the religious retreat center here June New PX Hours 16, searching for trust and teamwork.New hours for the main exchange take The unit’s personnel attendedeffect Wednesday. The main store and training conducted by the Area IIIfood court will be open 10 a.m. until 9 Religious Ministry Team, designed top.m. daily. increase their sense of trust and confidence in their fellow Soldiers, Ops Desk Phone Number and to learn how to accomplish moreThe Camp Humphreys Operations as a team.Desk is now located in Building 1280. Topics covered at the retreatThe new phone number for the CHOD included Belief in others;is 754-6111. From a commercial Expectations; Communication Skills -telephone, dial (031) 619-6111. sharing pertinent information to get the job done; Consistency in behavior; COURTESY PHOTOS New Commercial Prefix One’s actions versus one’s words; Cpl. Jacob I. Alexander, Sgts. Roy L. Henderson, Tammica A. Hewlett, Pvt. Huh Hwan; Cpls. LeePhones numbers in buildings from the Admitting mistakes versus cover ups; Hyuk-joon; and, Yoo Il-han navigate the rails during a team-building exercise June 16 at themain gate to and including all of Give and receive constructive religious retreat center.Zoeckler Station have a new feedback; Respect for information and more team-building experience, re-confirmed for her that “We [HHC]commercial prefix. Callers dialing from shared in confidence, and; Skills and when Korean Augmentation to the have a wealth of smart, gifted andoff post should call abilities of others U.S. Army Soldiers from the Seoul talented folks.”(031) 619-XXXX. The HHC Area III Soldiers toured area showed their U.S. counterparts (Editor’s Note: To schedule a unit Living Army Values the Korean War Museum June 17 and around the city. activity through the religious retreatFilms will be aired at 6:30 p.m. on cable then took the subway to Insadong for The Commander for HHC, Capt. center, contact the center staff at 723-channel 4 as part of Living Army Values some lunch, shopping and sightseeing, Bernita F.R. Briggs, said the training 7593.)Week. Films include:Monday — China CryTuesday — Bridge over the River Kawi Sexual assault is threat to mission readinessWednesday — Gettysburg By Jerry M. GutlonThursday — Glory Area III Public Affairs automatically trigger a criminal investigation, or notificationFriday — The Enemy Within Sexual assault is a serious matter, and the U.S. Forces of the victim’s chain of command.For information on all Living Army Korea’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program A restricted report protects a victim’s right to control theValues Week activities, call 753-7274. is making a difference – a big difference. release of personal information, while giving them more That’s the word from Area III Support Activity Sexual time to decide whether or not they desire pursuing a Youth Soccer Assault Response Coordinator Jocelynn LaShier, based at criminal investigation. RegistrationsRegistration will be held Aug. 1-31 at Camp Humphreys. However, LaShier noted that a restricted report couldthe Charles Gilliland Youth Center. Cost “The program’s made people more aware of the give a sexual predator a free pass to assault someone else inis $45 for all ages. There is a 20 percent problem,” LaShier said. the future.discount for families with more than “They’re identifying the “[Sexual Assault] won’t stop “Although restricted reporting is by far still theone child participating. Call 753-5051 problem more and reporting it.” most popular option, it frees a sexual predator to on its own. It will stop when seek another victim,” she said. “In effect, thatfor information. Although LaShier declined to cite statistics due to individuals make the right means an undetected rapist is flying just below the YS Sports Clinics confidentiality requirements, choices.” radar of criminal justice.”National Alliance for Youth Sports she said heightened awareness Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., An important stipulation to keep in mind is thatcoaches clinics for soccer. The first is has contributed to an increase Area III Support Activity commander if a victim wants to ensure that their report willWednesday, the next is Aug. 16. Both in the reporting of alleged remain restricted they can only report it to a sexualclasses will be held at the Charles sexual assaults. assault response coordinator, victim advocate, health careGilliland Youth Center, Bldg. 570, “More and more victims are aware of what their rights provider or chaplain. If they disclose the alleged assault tobeginning at 6:30 p.m. are and what their options are in responding to a sexual anyone else they waive their right to restrict the report.All volunteer youth soccer coaches assault,” she said. “It helps them to have it clear in their On the other hand, an unrestricted report allows themust attend one of these classes prior minds how they are going to act. Likewise, unit leaders victim to pursue justice through the courts, withto coaching a team. Call 753-5051 for are becoming more aware of the two reporting options for notification of law enforcement and the chain of commandinformation. the sexual assault survivor and are more sensitive on how as a matter of course. But by doing so, they may be to proceed with the situation at hand.” waiving their right to confidentiality. Area III Boxing Smoker Area III Commander, Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., LaShier said she’s noticed two factors that seem toThere will be a boxing smokerbeginning at 6 p.m. July 28 in the post recently reiterated that the Army is taking a zero tolerance prevail in many sexual assault cases on the peninsula.gym. It is open to all U.S. and Korean approach to sexual assault. “Often it’s the first time away from home for thosemilitary, all levels of experience, men “Sexual assault is akin to fratricide,” Taliento said. “It involved, and freshly graduated from (Advancedand women. For information or to won’t stop on its own. It will stop when individuals make Individual Training),” LaShier said. “What typicallyregister, call 753-8810/11. the right choices.” happens is that Soldiers new to Korea adopt a 365-day One of those choices, said LaShier, is to refrain from TDY mentality of “what-goes-on-in-Korea-stays-in- Read to Your Child overindulging on alcohol. Korea.” from Korea “Alcohol is a factor in probably 90 percent of the cases Often we’ve seen the predators have less than 30 daysUnited Through Reading appointments we see,” she said. “Sometimes it’s [a factor with] the left in country and their conduct deteriorates. Manyare being scheduled for late July. Bring perpetrator; other times it’s [a factor with] the victim. But incidents are dominated by perpetrators who are almostan age-appropriate book and the USO often both the perpetrator and the victim have been out of here while the victims often just got here.”will videotape you reading the book to drinking.” LaShier is located at Army Community Service,your child. They will package the book The current SAPR guidelines offer two options a victim Building 311. The contact telephone number duringand video and mail it to your child for may take: restricted and unrestricted reporting. normal duty hours is 753-7091. The peninsula-widefree. Call 753-6281 for an appointment. Restricted reporting protects the confidentially of a SARC Hotline number is DSN 158 and commercial/cell victim, while still ensuring medical attention. But it doesn’t phone number is 0505-764-5700.
    • July 21, 2006 Area IIIThe Morning Calm Weekly 23 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly‘GI Jane’ program helps female Soldiers adaptto Army life without becoming ‘one of the guys’By Jerry M. Gutlon “My CO made me come!” laughed Pvt. Meagan woman gets beyond them, Kitchens said.Area III Public Affairs Hindle. Her two companions giggled, nodding their “The idea is to learn from your mistakes and not Onica Kitchens wants to better enable Soldiers to heads in agreement. make the same ones over again,” she said. “It’s allface the challenges of service in the Army. “We wanted it to be small, intimate,” Kitchens about character.” So Kitchens – the wife of a career Soldier – has explained. “So we can bond.” Honoring commitments is important, as well.developed a program to help young female “I want to learn how to take control and take “That’s healthy for your self-esteem,” she said.servicemembers cope with life in the military. With charge,” declared Pvt. Araceli Felix. “Don’t cheat yourself.”assistance from two other counselors employed at The initial block of instruction dealt with being a Family Advocacy Program Specialist Jennifer ElliottArmy Community Service, Kitchens taught the first Soldier and a lady, entailed maintaining a positive presented a block of instruction on stress, and how tohalf of the course – dubbed “GI Jane” – July 14. attitude, poise, balance, elegance, grace, posture, recognize it and deal with it. The second part of the course, scheduled for July confidence, freedom from self-doubt, wisdom and ‘Basically all creatures deal with stress one of two28, will cover healthy relationships and etiquette. good judgment. ways,” Elliott said, “fight or flight.” “This is a pilot class, but we’d like to make it a At the same time, Kitchens noted, “Being a lady After pointing out the positive impact stress maypermanent thing,” Kitchens said. “I am the Army isn’t simply not saying anything – keeping your mouth have, she detailed what could bring on stress.Family Team Building coordinator, and we want to shut. Don’t let anybody give you a headache.” “Stress will manifest itself one way or the other,”empower our female Soldiers to better succeed.” She encouraged the young women to say what they she said. “Often stress proves to be a negative in one’s The test class consisted of three young Soldiers, have to say, but in an intelligent, non-confrontational life.”all from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd way. “How you carry yourself counts,” she said. “A She detailed how stress can be dealt with in positiveCombat Aviation Battalion – the unit commanded by real lady is wise.” ways. “I call them ‘Stress Survival Skills’,” Elliott said.Kitchens’ husband. Even though it’s human to make mistakes a wise She said those skills include deep breathing, rolling one’s neck, talking to oneself, controlled relaxation and making sure one has time to oneself. “One thing I’ve noted,” she said, “is the tendency for people to hang out with the people they work with. When that happens, what do you talk about? Work! So make sure when you’re off work, you’re off work.” Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Jocelynn LaShier provided details of the Army’s Sexual Assault Response Program, explaining how sexual predators operate. “The scenarios we see are most often scripted,” LaShier said. “The thrill is in getting away with it.” The goal of the program is to make sexual offenders accountable for their behavior, she added. All three Soldiers said they benefited from the instruction. “It puts things in a different perspective,” Hindle said. “Yeah,” agreed Pvt. Jessica LaChance. “It made JERRY GUTLON me think differently a lot about different things.”Pvts. Araceli Felix, Meagan Hindle and Jessica LaChance, Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 2nd Combat Aviation Battalion, Felix said she felt the section on stress was helpful.listen to one of the instructors during the pilot version of the “GI Jane” course, developed by Family Team Building Coordinator “I’m just learning how to deal with stress,” sheOnica Kitchens. The second phase of the course will be presented July 28. said. “I’m finally learning I don’t have to be a guy.”Judging scandal rocks dog contestArea III MWR Marketing that will select the two cover dogs being selected.”Special to The Morning Calm Weekly for the monthly “Leisure Individuals submitted pictures of CAMP HUMPHREYS – The Informer” and “Youth their dogs via e-mail to Mooney.Area III Morale, Welfare & Newsletter.” “The original plan called for myRecreation Distinguished Dog As part of the annual Dog Days three dogs and Dong II to selectContest has been rocked by of Summer in August, Area III the winners,” Mooney said. “But,scandal that bears a striking MWR is saluting dogs by running as a result of this scandal we areresemblance to the disgrace that their pictures in the two down to two judges. It was tooshocked the figure skating world magazines. late to find replacements.during the Winter Olympics. Owners of the dogs selected for “Area III Public Affairs Officer And, once again, it’s the French the cover of the two magazines will Susan Barkley offered the servicesjudges at the center of the receive a free steak dinner from the of her cat as a substitute judge, butcontroversy. Alaska Mining Co. Those whose I didn’t think it was fair to use a “Sophia and Dong II, our two dog appears on the back cover of walking furball in such an importantFrench (poodle) judges in the either magazine will receive 2-for-1 position,” Mooney added.contest were caught with a box of Steak Dinner coupons. The “Leisure Informer” andMilk Bones they couldn’t account “Of course, the steak must be “Youth Newsletter” are due outfor,” said Area III MWR Marketing one that contains a bone so the before the first of the month andChief Mike Mooney. “In addition, honored canine wins something will be available at Area III MWR MIKE MOONEYSophia was caught in a disguise, too,” said Area III Business facilities as well as the Commissary After being implicated in a Milk Bone scandal,passing herself off as a rabbit.” Operations Division Chief Mike and Post Exchange. Pick one up and French judge Sophia was eliminated from the As a result, both judges have Ross. “We have to make sure that check out the Most Distinguished panel of the Area III MWR Distinguished Dogbeen eliminated from the panel the dog gets something special for Dogs in Area III. Contest.
    • July 21, 2006 Page 25Carroll Doin’ Good in theGood Neighborhood Staff Sgt. Dominic Vassar and Sgt. Christopher Taylor, right, bothNeighbors assigned to the 169th Signal Company, pull the volleyball net as tight as possible so it can berecognized secured. They joined Staff Sgt. Aaron Matthews and Pfc. Erica Stagg, below, of 154th Medical Company, and about 10 other members of theBy Steven Hoover Better Opportunities for Single (andArea IV Public Affairs Unaccompanied) Soldiers who CAMP CARROLL – Several notable donated their time Saturday toneighbors and organizations were renovate the sand volleyball court nearhonored by the U.S. Army during the Bldg. S-305, across the street from4th Annual Good Neighbor Awards the Mini-mall on Camp Walker. TheReception July 14 at the Community idea for the Community RelationsActivities Center here. project came up during a recent The Area IV Support Activity hosted BOSS meeting when quality of lifethe reception to honor and recognize issues were being discussed. TheKorean citizens and organizations for volunteers spent most of the morningtheir outstanding efforts to promote weeding, replacing sandbags andfriendships that strengthen the alliance raking the area. Total cost of thebetween the Republic of Korea and the project was the sweat of theUnited States. volunteers since all of the materials Good Neighbor Awards were used were either readily available orpresented to: Lee Hyon-si, chairman, donated from another organization.Association of Korean War Merit MedalRecipients, Chilgok County; SungMyong-sun, professor, KyongbukCollege of Science; and Kim Dong-hoon, president, Choongui Martial Artsand Korean Fencing School. Each of the recipients was presenteda specially framed “Good NeighborAward,” which includes a certificatedepicting the Don Stivers print, “We GoTogether” from the Korean War, and acommander’s coin for excellence. Theawards were presented by Col. DonaldJ. Hendrix, Area IV Support Activitycommander and host for the reception. “Without the support of so manywonderful people like those of you here,our relationship would not be what it istoday and a tour in Korea would be far,far less enjoyable and rewarding,” saidHendrix. “We are truly blessed to havenumerous outstanding reciprocalrelationships with the local governmentsand non-governmental agencies inWaegwan and Chilgok County.” He presented some highlights ofCamp Carroll units who partner withlocal organizations: Area IV SupportActivity with the Chilgok County PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER Area IV taxi service limited MondayEducation Office, Kyongbuk College ofScience and Daegu Arts University; U.S.Army Materiel Support Center-Koreawith Gumi College, Yakmok High School Area IV Public Affairs accommodate commuters. It will then the association to tend to the morale andand St. Benedict Senior Citizens Home; be suspended until 6 a.m. Tuesday, welfare of its drivers and improve307th Integrated Theater Signal Battalion CAMP HENRY – Area IV taxi service when normal service will resume. customer service.has had a relationship with the Gumi in Daegu will be temporarily suspended The Taxi Drivers’ Association Col. Donald J. Hendrix, the Area IVSamsung Orphanage for more that 40 from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday. requested one day off to hold its annual Support Activity commander, approvedyears; 16th Medical Logistics Battalion Regular taxi service will be available membership training in recognition of this date because taxi patronage is See GNP Awards, Page 28 Awards, from 5 to 8 a.m. that morning to its 11th anniversary. The time permits lightest Mondays.
    • July 21, 200626 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV HHC, 307th ITSB wins softball title By Steven Hoover With the momentum of two Support Activity Area IV Public Affairs straight wins on their side, HHC, Change of Command The Area IV Support Activity will CAMP WALKER – Despite 307th ITSB jumped on their rival for host a change of command concluding the regular season as five runs in the first and four in the ceremony at 10 a.m. Thursday in Camp Carroll’s runner-up, second, on the way to a 13-3 win. Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Headquarters and Headquarters This forced the tournament into Walker. Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. Company, 307th Integrated Theater the final if-necessary game, which will assume command from Col. Signal Battalion rallied to capture the they won in their final at bat. Donald J. Hendrix, who arrived in Area IV Softball Championship here With 501st SBDE leading 10-9 August 2004 and will retire. July 14. going into the bottom of the seventh, Hendrix’s retirement ceremony will The ironic thing is they not only Jacob Ramos doubled to knock in held at 4 p.m. in front of the 19th had to battle out of the loser’s Dexter Avery and Andre Elder to give Sustainment Command bracket, but they eventually beat their HHC, 307th the championship. (Expeditionary) Headquarters. chief rival and Camp Carroll Both teams advance to the 8th champion, 501st Sustainment U.S. Army Tournament, Wednesday Storm Damage Closes Brigade, in the final, 11-10. – July 29 at Yongsan Army Garrison. Camp Henry Theater Before the final, here is how the In the Area IV over-33 Softball tournament scoring went: 501st STEVEN HOOVER Tournament, which amounted to a Until further notice, the Camp Henry Jacob Ramos, playing here during the Fourth Theater is closed due to damage SBDE 26, 188th Military Police one game playoff, Camp Carroll Company 7; 19th Sustainment of July Softball Tournament, knocked in the routed Daegu, 16-1.A combination of caused by the heavy rains that hit winning run July 14 to give HHC, 307th ITSB the area earlier this week. For more Command (Expeditionary) 12, HHC, the two teams, featuring five former 307th ITSB 11; HHC, 307th ITSB the Area IV Softball Championship. All-Army softball players, will also information, call Kurt Brunen at 768-7422. 10, 188th MP Co. 0 (eliminated); 307th ITSB 17, 19th ESC 9 participate in a tournament at 501st SBDE 14, 19th ESC 4; HHC, (eliminated). Yongsan that weekend. Demonstrations Possible at Camp Walker Every day between now and Aug. 1, from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., there exists Bikes, cars exhibit at Carroll Block Party the possibility for a demonstration at Camp Walker’s Gate 6. If demonstrators are seen, both gates will be locked. For the safety of everyone concerned, drivers and pedestrians are required to use Gate 4 to enter and exit post during this time. Personnel should avoid all demonstrations. If in the area during a demonstration, leave immediately. Report any incidents that could impact the safety and security of U.S. personnel and facilities. For more information, contact the Camp Walker Provost Marshall’s Office at 768-7674. Half of the Block Party vehicles on display had Credit Union Extends miniature model versions on display as well. Carroll Hours PHOTOS BY STEVEN HOOVER Despite the heat Saturday, people turned out Thanks to some recent updates in Hanging out at the Camp Carroll Summer Block Party Saturday was too much for some of those to show off their cars, trucks and bikes, technology, the USA Federal who were “born to ride.” Although there were various motorcycles and cars and trucks on display sampled some food and took a shot at the Credit Union at Camp Carroll is during the event at Storey Field, some of the participants needed time to “show off” their rides. guy manning the dunk tank. now open 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For information, call Charles Hoelderlin at 768-7169/6501. TSA Membership Drive Event Set The Taegu Spouse’s Association will have a membership drive event 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Aug. 1 at the Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop on Camp Walker. Membership fee is $20. For information, call Kim Hales at 053-210-6191. Vacation Bible School Scheduled Vacation Bible School 2006, entitled “Fiesta,” is scheduled from 9 a.m. – noon July 31 – Aug. 4, at Darius Vickers, of Company C, 307th Soldier Memorial Chapel on Camp Integrated Theater Signal Battalion, looks Walker. For information and downfield for a receiver while Anthony Webb, registration, call Pak Yun-chong at playing with 6th Ordnance Battalion, closes in Doug Allen, left, and Rick Weeth, members of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation touring band, 764-4498. during flag-football action Saturday. Doug Allen & The Chicago Mob, performed during the Summer Block Party.
    • Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly July 21, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 27DESC welcomes new commanderBy Pfc. Cha Hyun-joon NEWS & NOTES Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Evergreen Renovation SlatedArea IV Public Affairs Service Medal (with two Oak Leaf Clusters), the Renovation of the Evergreen Community Club CAMP WALKER – One of the most closely Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Army kitchen, offices and Fairway Lounge at Camp Walkerassociated units with the supported war fighters, Commendation is scheduled to begin July 28. The dining and barthe Defense Energy Support Center Korea, welcomed Medal (with five operations for the entire club will be closed for 45a new leader as Lt. Col. Sidney R. Thomas assumed Oak Leaf days. Upon completion, the Brass Apple Bar andcommand from Lt. Col. Brett D. Weigle during a Clusters) and the main dining room will reopen. The renovation ofchange of command ceremony here July 14. A r m y the Fairway Lounge is expected to take about 180 Thomas arrived from Headquarters, U.S. Achievement days. Starting Thursday, The Hilltop Club will beginEuropean Command, Stuttgart, Germany, where he Medal. serving “hot lunch” specials from 11 a.m. – 1:30served as chief of the Joint Petroleum Office. DESC is a p.m. and continue throughout the Evergreen’s Weigle is headed to the U.S. Army War College, Defense Logistics closure. For information, call Richard Vaughn atCarlisle Barracks, Pa. Agency field 768-7716. Thomas received his commission in the U.S. activity reportingArmy in 1987. His military service includes to Defense School Transportation Office Openoverseas tours in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Germany Energy Support Taegu American School’s Student Transportationand a wide variety of assignments in the United Center Pacific at Office is open 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily to registerStates, with an operational deployment with the Pearl Harbor, Lt. Col. Sidney R. Thomas new students who need bus transportation for the1st Cavalry Division in support of Operation Hawaii, and upcoming school year, which begins Aug. 29. ForDesert Shield/Storm. Headquarters, Defense Energy Support Center at Fort information, call Michael Dudley at 768-7722. The positions he has held include: bulk petroleum Belvoir, Va.accountable officer for 2nd Infantry Division; The command consists of U.S. Soldiers and DBIDS Registration Is Mandatorybrigade logistics staff officer; support operations airmen, Department of Defense civilians and Korean The recent Courageous Channel NEO exerciseofficer; and battalion executive officer. National employees. revealed that several hundred children of sponsors Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic The organization’s mission is to provide assigned to United States Forces Korea are notTechnology from Alcorn State University. He also w o r l d - c l a s s w h o l e s a l e p e t r o l e u m s u p p l y, registered in the Defense Biometric Identificationholds a Master of Arts degree in Procurement and transport and management for U.S. Forces in System. As of May 2005, USFK policy requiresAcquisitions from Webster University. the Republic of Korea. that all children, regardless of age, are to be His military education includes the Chemical They are a member of the Combined registered in DBIDS. All sponsors, especially recentOfficer Basic Course, Quartermaster Officer Petroleum Support Center and the Joint Forces arrivals to Korea, should ensure all of their familyAdvanced Course, Combined Arms and Sustainment Component Command, supporting members are registered. For information, call 768-Services Staff School, Command and General Sub-area Petroleum Office - Korea in its dual 7387/7451 on Camp Henry and 765-8537 at CampStaff College and Joint Professional Military roles of ensuring fuel supply to both U.S. and Carroll.Education Phase II. ROK forces under the Combined Forces His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, the Command during wartime. Ad goes here Ad goes here
    • July 21, 200628 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyGood Neighbor from Page 25with the Waegwan Rotary Club and the counties’ 80 Council, who actively promotes U . S . A r m y ( K AT U S A ) S o l d i e r sIlmeg Orphanage; 6th Ordnance survivors of the reciprocal activities between her t r a d i t i o n a l K o r e a n f e n c i n g o rBattalion with the Korean Veterans Korean War and students and the “geomdo.” HeAssociation Waegwan Chapter and is a recipient of Soldiers at Camp “Without the support of so many has worked asalso disabled children from Gumi the Merit Medal Carroll. wonderful people...our a traditionalcity; most recently, Company B, of Honor. In his Since January martial arts current position, 2001, she has been relationship would not be what instructor for524 th Military Intelligence Battalionw i t h t h e Wa e g w a n E v e r g r e e n he has organized involved w i t h it is today and a tour in Korea several years,Mothers’ and Children’s Home; and Lee Hyon-si an annual Korean Camp Carroll. She would be far, far less enjoyable including hisCamp Carroll Better Opportunities and American v o l u n t e e r e d t o and rewarding.” military career.for Single (and Unaccompanied) Friendship Night Dinner in July to teach Korean He believesSoldiers support a variety of recognize Soldiers from Camp culture for new – Col. Donald J. Hendrix the foundationinstallation programs and partner Carroll for helping to maintain Soldiers, invited for achievingwith the Waegwan Lions Club. He peace and security on the Korean Soldiers and civilians to the school peace, goodwill and understandingalso mentioned the annual English peninsula. activities such as Seafood Festival between two different cultures isCamp for Chilgok County middle Last year, Lee found that most and also to a Korean-style lunch through cultural exchanges, suchand high school students. of the Chilgok County memorials a n d c u l t u r a l a c t i v i t y. L a s t a s g e o m d o a n d o t h e r K o r e a n Bae Sang-do, governor of — commemorating the bravery of D e c e m b e r, s h e a n d 3 0 s c h o o l sports.Chilgok County, also spoke of the U.S. Army Soldiers — were in need professors toured the installation Also recognized with Area IVcooperation between the of repair. He raised funds from the and had lunch with Camp Carroll Support Activity Certificates ofinstallation and local organizations. government and other agencies to leaders. Appreciation “for meritorious “ R e c e n t l y, t h e r e a r e s o m e erect a monument at Hill 303 W h e n C o m p a n y B , 5 2 4 t h M I service and outstanding support asdiplomatically sensitive issues commemorating the 41 U.S. Army entered into a partnership with the a C a m p C a r r o l l C o m m a n d e r ’sbetween the Republic of Korea and Soldiers who valiantly fought W a e g w a n Advisory Council Member fromthe United States…but our alliance against the North Korean People’s E v e r g r e e n July 2003 to August 2005” were:is strong and I believe that these Army and died Mothers’ and Lee Sang-chon, former mayor ofdifficult problems will be on the site Children’s Home Wa e g w a n t o w n ; P a k N o - y u n ,satisfactorily resolved,” Bae said. during the to teach English, chairman of the Waegwan Chamber“Chilgok County and I promise to Korean War. Sung arranged of Commerce; Kim Sun-yong,do our best to further our Besides being for four student f o r m e r Wa e g w a n R o t a r y C l u brelationship and exchange. It will a professor at volunteers from President; Song Soo-ik, formerbe great if we are to be K y o n g b u k her class to Kim Dong-hoon Waegwan Lions Club President;remembered as good neighbors and College of assist the unit’s Soldiers. Kang Kyong-soo, president offriends.” Science, Sung is S i n c e J a n u a r y, K i m h a s Waegwan Rotary Club; and Yun Lee, a former Chilgok County also a member of Sung Myong-sun volunteered his time to teach U.S. Jun-hyon, admin officer, Generalassemblyman and chairman, is one t h e C o m m a n d e r ’s A d v i s o r y and Korean Augmentation to the Affairs Division, Chilgok County. Ad goes here
    • July 21, 200630 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily The phrase of the week : “I would like to go to Insadong and Gyeongbok Palace.” Insadong, Gyeongbokgung eh gago shipsuemnida. Insadong Gyeongbok Palace go to I would like Vocabulary ‘sawol’ ‘ohwol’ ‘yuwol’ Situation of the week : Travelling Can you tell me how to go to Insadongenun ottoke kamnikka? Insadong? Can I get there from the Yogeso gorogal su issumnikka? station on foot? Can I find it easily? Chatgi swipsumnikka? Where is the entrance? Ipguga odimnikka? How much is the admission? Ipjangnyonun olmamnikka? How long does it stay open? Myot shikkaji yomnikka? Korean Expression of the week This story is about: A shoulder friend Yongsan Taxi drivers Oekkaedongmu get refresher safety training A childhood friend. In Korea, friends hook their arms around each other’s shoulders.