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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060616



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060616 Document Transcript

  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA June 16, 2006Volume 4, Issue 35 The Morning Calm Weekly is MI unit reaches out Seniors bid farewell to area young Page 26 to high school Page 16 nline Visit http:// restructures Buddy Aidcommands to speedtransformationArmy News Service WASHINGTON – The Army isreorganizing its commands and specifiedheadquarters to accelerate transformationefforts and increase the Army’sresponsiveness at home and abroad. The new structure identifies three typesof headquarters: Army Commands, ArmyService Component Commands and DirectReporting Units. “Breaking the major Army commands outinto three entities recognizes the roles andscopes of units’ authorities andresponsibilities,” said Col. John Phelan of theOffice of Institutional Army Adaptation. “Thisrestructuring defines, aligns and assigns. Italso gives functional experts the responsibilityand authority to provide seamless support.” The three Army Commands are: U.S. ArmyForces Command (designated by theSecretary of the Army as both an ArmyCommand under the direction of DAVID MCNALLYHeadquarters, Department of the Army and Spc. Jeff Shafer helps evacuate a “victim” of a simulated Balboni Theater chemical attack Saturday. For the complete story and morethe Army Service Component Command to photos, see Page 9.U.S. Joint Forces Command), U.S. ArmyTraining and Doctrine Command and U.S.Army Materiel Command. The nine Army Service ComponentCommands are comprised primarily of DoD to inform servicemembersoperational organizations serving as the Armycomponent for a combatant commander. Theyare: of data loss on pay statements! U.S. Army Europe, By Sgt. Sarah Wood as many as 26.5 million veterans, and provide more information on identity! U.S. Army Central, Army News Service later updated the report to include as theft and what troops can do to! U.S. Army North, WASHINGTON – The Defense many as 1.1 million active-duty protect themselves, he said.! U.S. Army South, Department will inform servicemembers, 430,000 National The VA has set up a special Web! U.S. Army Pacific, servicemembers who could be affected Guardsmen and 645,000 members of site and a toll-free telephone number! U.S. Army Special Operations Command, by the May theft of personal data from the Reserves as possible victims. for those possibly affected by the data! Military Surface Deployment and the Department of Veterans Affairs These numbers are preliminary, as loss: and (800)Distribution Command, and through their monthly pay statements. the DoD and VA are still working to 333-4636. Each features up-to-date! U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense DoD is in the middle of an analysis determine what data was on the news and information on the dataCommand/Army Strategic Command and to determine how many active-duty, laptop. compromise. The Web site providesEighth U.S. Army. Reserve and National Guard When the analysis is completed in steps on how to check credit reports, Each of the 11 Direct Reporting Units are servicemembers could be affected by upcoming weeks, the Defense how to guard against identity theft,comprised of one or more units with the data loss, which occurred when a Finance and Accounting Service will and who to call if an individual believesinstitutional or operating functions, providing VA employee loaded personal data onto inform servicemembers who are any fraudulent activity is occurringbroad general support to the Army in a normally a laptop, which was then stolen from determined to be vulnerable by putting with his or her personal information.single, unique discipline not available his home, according to Lt. Col. Jeremy a note on the bottom of their monthly Information relating to the defeatelsewhere in the Army. They are: U.S. Army Martin. leave and earnings statements, Martin of identity theft is also available at theNetwork Enterprise Technology Command/ The VA initially reported that the data said. The note will include phone Military OneSource Web site: See Restructure, Page 4 stolen included personal information on numbers and Web sites that will
  • 2. 2 June 16, 2006 Commentary The Morning Calm WeeklyHighlight Soldier success, service to nationBy Sgt. 1st Class Kanessa R. Trent daily tasks and overall job aren’t doing right, what mistakes who are fortunate enough to wear2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs are being made, what leaders aren’t this uniform should step back and performance. N ever before in the history Every person, no matter the rank doing that they should be rather than do the same. of our nation has support or position, also has weaknesses highlighting Soldier’s day-to-day The U.S. Army isn’t, never was for the American service and shortfalls that will sometimes mission successes. and never will be a perfectmember been stronger. show despite the fact that most While I whole-heartedly agree organization. What it is, however, is Never before in the history of the people strive for excellence and that leaders at every level need to a powerful and amazing outfit madeall-volunteer Army has the spirit of the want to be at the top of their game. always do what’s right, set and up of men and women everyoneAmerican Soldier been more Soldiers as a rule want to stand out enforce standards and lead by should be proud of – most of allcelebrated, revered, written about and and shine. Soldiers have example, it is my belief that a well- those of us who serve side by sidediscussed in the media than now. competitiveness about them and aim deserved pat on the back for a job one another. No matter one’s political beliefs to succeed in all they do. well done goes a long way and is We’re all works in progressor position on the war, the young Sadly, it is within our own ranks usually all a good Soldier needs to learning as we go. Rather thanmen and women who nobly choose that what it means to be a Soldier continue serving well. focus solely on what we don’tto serve their nation are by and large isn’t always as readily celebrated. While we all benefit from always get right, we should proudlysupported by the American public. While so many young people who corrective criticism, or on-the-spot celebrate that which we do. Each of us who wear a uniform are by all accounts eligible to serve corrections, a balanced delivery (Editor’s Note: Sgt. 1st Classdo what our nation asks of us each in the Armed Forces choose not to, makes all the difference. While it’s Kanessa Trent is NCOIC for the 2IDand every day, no matter what job we as American Soldiers are part of easy to stand back and point out Public Affairs Office.)one holds or where one is stationed. an organization made up of flaws or deficiencies and make Each of us performs a duty the volunteers who all joined for recommendations to fix those, it’s To submit a guest commentary forvast majority shy away from and different reasons, but whom all not always as easy to stand back use in The Morning Calm Weekly, sendthat in and of itself is reason to be choose to serve just the same. and evaluate the true it to:proud of every man and woman Certainly there are things we all accomplishments and the enormous was brave enough to take the need to do better, both personally achievements of those in our ranks. Include a point of contact name andoath. and professionally. While our nation has pulled telelphone number. Deadline for Everyone has strengths and All too often I hear leaders in this together to support our troops with submission is close of business Fridaytalents that are showcased in their Army talk about what Soldiers unwaiverable resolve, those of us prior to publication. MP Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the advised of (and waived) his/her legal right, rendering a written result of 0.122 percent blood alcohol content. Subject 1military police blotters. These entries may be incomplete sworn statement denying the offense. Investigation was apprehended, transported to the Busan-jin Policeand do not imply the guilt or innocence of any person. continues by MPI. Station, processed and released by KNP at 11 p.m. This isArea 1 Area 2 a final report.! Assault consummated by battery, Drunk and Disorderly ! Damage to Personal Property – Victim 1’s 1992 Dodge Area 5Conduct –June 2, Subject 1 and Victim 1 were involved in a Stealth was damaged while it was legally parked, secured ! Shoplifting – A subject was observed putting a ringverbal altercation, that turned physical when Subject 1 struck and unattended. Damages consisted of three major on his/her finger and departed the Base Exchange withoutVictim 1 on the face with a closed fist. Subject 1 was scratches and one major dent on the passenger side of the rendering payment. The subject was apprehended andapprehended and transported to the Camp Stanley MP vehicle. A search for subject(s) and/or witness(es) met with transported to the Security Force Confinement CenterStation, where he/she was administered a series of Field negative results. Victim 1 rendered a written sworn statement where he/she was advised of his/her rights. SubjectSobriety Tests, that he/she failed. Subject 1 was transported attesting to the incident. Investigation continues by MPI. acknowledged his/her rights, declined legal counsel andto the Stanley Troop Medical Clinic, where he/she was Area 3 rendered a written statement. Estimated Cost of Lost isadministered a command-directed blood alcohol test, with ! Larceny of Government Property – Between 10 a.m.May $5.95.results pending. Subject 1 was transported back to the 15 and 9:30 a.m. June 1, person(s) unknown, by means ! Resisting Arrest, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct,Stanley MP Station, where he/she was released to his/her unknown, removed Victim 1’s Army camouflaged helmet Damage to Personal Property – Subject 1 threw a piece ofunit. June 5, Subject 1 reported to the Camp Stanley MP (that was left secured and unattended) from Bldg. 577, wood through the right rear window of Victim 1’s POV,Station, where he/she was advised of (and waived) his/her Rm. 204. Person(s) unknown then fled the scene in an while he/she was driving south on Masan Road. Subjectlegal rights, rendering a written sworn statement admitting unknown direction. There were no visible signs of forced 1 started to pull away and resist apprehension while beingto the offenses. This is an alcohol-related incident. entry. Estimated Cost of Lost is $326. Investigation detained. The subject was escorted to the Main Gate whereInvestigation continues by Military Police Investigations. continues by MPI. he/she was handcuffed and searched. Subject was! Wrongful Use of Marijuana, – May 10, Subject 1 tested Area 4 transported to Bldg. 1425 and consented to a PBT withpositive for tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient of ! Drunk Driving – While operating a POV, Subject 1 was results of .211 percent BAC. Subject was advised of his/marijuana, after submitting a urine sample during a unit stopped at a DUI checkpoint conducted by Korean her legal rights, that he/she acknowledged, requestingurinalysis April 27. May 23, The subject reported to the National Police and asked for a breath sample. Subject 1 legal counsel and refusing to make a written swornCamp Casey Provost Marshal Office where he/she was was administered a Portable Breathalyzer Test, with a statement. Subject was released to his/her unit. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 9,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Cpl. Lee Yang-won Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Sustain, Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News June 16, 2006 3 Warrant Officer Recruiting Team VisitsA Warrant Officer Recruiting Teamwill brief on qualifications andapplication procedures for becomingU.S. Army warrant officers. ThroughJune 24, the team will visit YongsanGarrison and camps Humphreys,Carroll and Henry. For information onHenry or Carroll, call 768-7154; onYongsan Garrison, call 724-6330; andat Humphreys, call 753-7598. IG Positions AvailableThe United States Forces Korea andEighth Army Inspector General’sOffice is looking for officers andNCOs who desire to becomeinspectors general in Area II. Soldiersin the rank of major (branchimmaterial) and Sgt. 1st Class (MOS42A/42L and 92Y) are sought to serve CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER TEDDY C. DATUINas inspectors general. There is also Eric Kattner, a CNFK servicemember flanked by two Korean middle school students at the Gaya Family Restaurant in downtown Gangneung,an opening for an IG position in the waiting for more of the side dishes to be served.rank of captain at Camp Humphreys.For information, call Lt. Col. LevernEady at 725-6739. Tours unite Korean youth, American ‘neighbors’ Kor orean FY06 Colonel Promotion By Chief Warrant Officer Teddy C. Datuin the Americans,” said Jenny Yoon, a 14-year-old eighth- Selection Board 1st Signal Brigade grader at Ewha Middle School in Seodaemun-gu. “All ofThe FY06 Colonel ACC Promotion GANGNEUNG –– For Anna Park, a 13-year-old from the Americans are very nice and the older ones are funny.Selection Board will convene July 25.All lieutenant colonels with an Active Sinyongsan Elementary School, the three-hour bus trip They say easy and simple words.”Duty Date of Rank between Sept. 2, from Yongsan to Gangneung June 10 was well worth it. “I Eric Kattner, a servicemember with the Commander,2002, and Sept. 30, 2003, will compete like this tour because I am with my American friends,” the U.S. Naval Forces Korea and a newcomer to Korea,below the promotion zone. All Korean sixth-grader commented in perfect English. believes that the Saturday Cultural Tour is an excellentlieutenant colonels with an ADOR Twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturdays, opportunity to experience not only Seoul but thebetween June 2, 2001, and Sept. 1, 2002, Korean elementary and middle school children in Yongsan surrounding and distant areas as well.will compete in the promotion zone. and its vicinities join the joint American and Korean In spite of the morning rain, the June 10 trip toThose lieutenant colonels with an Saturday Cultural Tour Program. This program is part of Gangneung included eight Americans, five Korean adultsADOR of June 1, 2001, and earlier will the Good Neighbor Program between the Yongsan and 13 Korean elementary and middle school students.compete above the zone. American community and the local communities in Yongsan It was a scenic trip all along the way, one-and-a-half-Officers with an approved separation and its nearby surrounding communities. hour, before Gangneung. Both sides of the highway weredate within 90 days of the convene date This program is managed by Michael Lee, Area II and green tree-covered mountains and the valleys were coloredof the board (separation date thru Oct. Yongsan Garrison’s Army Community Services Korean green by growing rice and vegetables.23, 2006) are not eligible for language, history and culture instructor. The other After a traditional Korean lunch at the Gaya Familyconsideration. component of the program is the English Class programs Restaurant in downtown Gangneung, the tour groupIn order to be eligible for consideration for Korean children and the board, all mandatory or optional “I come to the Saturday Cultural Tours because I like See Gangneung, Page 4OERS must be received, error-free, in ‘KATUSA Trip’ takes finance Soldiers to KMAthe Evaluation Reports Branch, NLTJuly 14. The “thru date” for Complete-the-record Reports is July 26, 2006.All eligible lieutenant colonels are By Command Sgt. Maj. Mark Sullivan restaurant to have something to eat. It’s During the tour, Soldiers observed aencouraged to review their photo and/ 176th Finance Battalion a great way to learn about Korea,” said military review parade, visited the KMAor submit a new one if required, NLT Soldiers of 176th Finance Battalion 176th Fin. Bn. Senior KATUSA Soldier, museum, received a briefing on theJuly 19. recently visited the Korean Military Sgt. Chae Bong Kyoo, who organized history of the academy and climbed atopThe board will offer the capability of Academy, Korea’s training academy for the KMA trip. the 64-foot Memorial Tower. They also“My Board File.” Simply by going to Republic of Korea Army officers. The guide for the military academy had an opportunity to talk with a number, users can The trip was part of the 176th’s trip was Capt. Kwon Hyung Do of the of KMA cadets currently enrolled inview their OMPF, digital photo and Good Neighbor Program. Each month Area II ROK Support Office. He school. Their participation yielded anORB. Eligible officers are authorized the battalion sponsors a trip to explore graduated from KMA’s Class 52 in 1995 understanding of the ROK Army’sto access “My Board File” from May South Korean culture. The trips, known and shared some of his experiences history, present and future.31, 2006, to July 19, 2006. in the battalion as “KATUSA Trips,” are while attending the academy. “Classes The trip was especially interesting due For additional guidance, officers organized and led by a Korean were very tough, and we had to study to the visit of Cadet Jennifer MacGibboncan visit their unit S1 or servicing Augmentation to the all day and night to who currently attends West Point.PSB. MILPER Message Number U.S. Army Soldier. The “It’s a great way to learn graduate from here,” MacGibbon is completing her Cadet06-086, FY06 Colonel Army trips give the KATUSA about Korea.” Kwon said. Troop Lead Training tour at the 176thCompetitive Category Zones of Soldiers an opportunity Established in Fin. Bn. and will graduate from USMAConsideration, can be accessed by to share their country, culture and 1946, the Korea Military Academy was next summer.logging on to, traditions with their American built mainly because Korea needed a The Korean cadets were excited to counterparts. The trips also give the U.S. place to educate army officers on an share their KMA experiences withclicking HRC Alexandria and Soldiers an opportunity to get out and academic and a military level. In addition, MacGibbon.selecting MILPER Messages. to see the sights of their host country. the academy serves to educate people Past 176th Fin. Bn. KATUSA Trips “We use public transportation — on the important national role that the include touring the Gyeongbok Palace, subway or buses — so everyone learns military plays in defending the country. shopping at Insadong, hiking on how to get out and around Seoul. We KMA is similar to the U.S. Military Dobongsan and attending sporting and visit the site and then find a Korean Academy at West Point. performing arts events.
  • 4. June 16, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyRestructure from Page 19th Signal Command (Army) (NETCOM/ quickly form up and tailor the right9th SC (A)); U.S. Army Medical tools for the right job, making us a moreCommand; U.S. Army Intelligence and agile, adaptable and flexible service.”Security Command; U.S. Army Criminal The restructuring accomplishes fourInvestigation Command; U.S. Army objectives:Corps of Engineers; U.S. Army Military ! It recognizes the global role andDistrict of Washington; U.S. Army Test multi-disciplined functions of the Armyand Evaluation Command; U.S. Military Commands;Academy; U.S. Army Reserve Command; ! It establishes the Army ServiceU.S. Army Acquisition Support Component Commands as reportingCommand and; U.S. Army Installation directly to the Department while servingManagement Agency. as the Army’s single point of contact Realignment changes were for a combatant command;necessitated by the Army’s changing ! It acknowledges Direct Reportingmissions, said Lt. Col. Darrell Wilson, Units as functional proponents at thefunctional team leader for the Department of the Army level; andrealignment. ! It enables the Army to set the “In the global-basing strategy that’s foundation for gaining betterbeen put out, we’re going to become, effectiveness and efficiencies byfor the most part, a CONUS-based force transforming its business processes,that projects capability out to where it while operationally focusing theneeds to be projected,” Wilson said. theater Armies to combatant“We’re becoming modular so we can commands. CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER TEDDY C. DATUINAnna Park, a 13-year old Sinyongsan Elementary School Korean sixth grader feeding the fish atthe Hyu-hyu-am temple site on a strange shaped rocky coastline of the East Sea.Gangneung from Page 3enjoyed a leisurely stroll on one of the Most have already established atwo major beaches of Gangneung. good relationship with their AmericanAbout 20 minutes later, the group volunteer teachers and most haveenjoyed another scenic view of the East already adopted American or EnglishSea at Gangneung when all the tour first names.members were awed by the beauty of Lee Jung Won, one of the KoreanHyu-hyu-am, a small temple situated on adults who accompanied her son onoddly shaped rocks on the coast. the trip to Gangneung, remarked that Although the majority of the children although this was her first time to besaid they prefer the big city life in Seoul, with foreigners, she felt like sheall seemed to enjoy their time in the already knew the Americans very Tommy Seo, a Korean eighth- “They are very nice, kind and verygrader at Baemoon Middle School in friendly. I hope to participate again,”Yongsan-gu, summed it up by saying “I she said with a big the countryside because there are “More importantly, it is themany trees and there is no smog.” interaction between the Koreans and All the school children and hundreds Americans which promotes a healthymore are enrolled in the English Class relationship,” saidd Kattner, referring toProgram offered at the Seobinggo, the Saturday Cultural Tour program.Hananggo and I-Park Korean “The education and friendships madecommunity centers on weekends and during these joint tours make thetwice on weekdays. Volunteer teachers Saturday Cultural Tour an opportunityare mostly Seoul American Middle and that shouldn’t be passed up.”High School students and some For information on the SaturdayAmerican spouses. Most of the Korean Cultural Tour, visit have been enrolled in the or contact Michael Lee atprogram for two years.
  • 5. June 16, 2006 Page 5 PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMStaff Sgt. James Hanson receives Soldiers arriving at Camp Stanley’s Warrior Readiness Center June 5. “As soon as Soldiers get here, we assign them to the appropriate rooms,” Hanson said.W R C prepares troops to ‘fight tonight ’By Jim Cunningham general and the division command said. “I’m always putting out the fires thatArea I Public Affairs sergeant major, and receive a welcome to Understanding Korean culture and even spring up around here,” said Sgt. 1st Class CAMP STANLEY—While all Korea packet and a history briefing about getting to know some common Korean Wade Fridley, movement control NCOIC,incoming Soldiers’ Korea experience 2ID. phrases is important for the Soldier in WRC, Special Troops Battalion.begins the moment their airplane touches “At that time we collect their Central Korea, especially since he or she is the “If a Soldier is told he can sponsor hisdown at Incheon, for future Warriors of Issue Facility records, orders and leave most visible ambassador the United States family here himself and moves them in, Ithe 2nd Infantry Division, the “2ID forms,” Pinkcombe said. “They get an has in Korea. undoubtedly get a call from his superiorExperience” begins at Camp Stanley and Assignment Incentive Program briefing, “The Soldiers go on a Korean culture wanting to know why this Soldier has histhe Warrior Readiness Center. voter registration cards and they review tour that includes a traditional Korean family here in an unaccompanied zone. That is where a comprehensive five- the WRC policies for which they will be meal, a tour of the municipal building and Then I have to explain the policy to thatday program readies the Soldiers for life held accountable.” a tour of the joint security area so they officer to solve the situation,” Fridley Area I and begins preparing them to The rest of the day includes briefings can see into North Korea,” Hanson said. “Those types of situations are“fight tonight.” from the chaplain, USO and Community During the five days of instruction, the common,” Fridley continued. “Sometimes “As soon as the Soldiers get here, we Bank They also start their medical and Soldier receives information and classes we get a Soldier that is younger than 18have room rosters,” said Staff Sgt. James dental in processing. on virtually and we have to sendHanson, in -processing noncommissioned “They get smallpox and anthrax everything “Today’s Warriors are perhaps the him back to the States.officer at Camp Stanley WRC. “We assign vaccines, plus we collect their medical and that affects best-prepared Soldiers in 2ID’s history Things like thatthem to the appropriate rooms; officers dental records,” Pinkcombe said. “They his or her life because of the wide variety of happen all the time,”with officers, NCOs with same, and complete their personal data sheets, and as a Warrior Fridley said.privates with privates.” get briefed on post traumatic stress in 2ID. instruction, including Korean cultural All of the Soldiers Soldiers arrive at the WRC Monday disorder by the end of the first day.” T h e instruction, they receive at the WRC.” running the WRC arethrough Friday. As soon as they arrive, The second day is when the active Division borrowed militarythey get started on administrative in work begins. Equal Opportunity Office gives manpower, or on loan from other units inprocessing such as updating their “I give them a basic overview of what instruction about sexual assault and 2ID, Pinkcombe said. It takes a great firstemergency contact and life insurance is to come during the week, policy letters human trafficking and prostitution; sergeant to keep things running smoothly.forms. Soldiers arriving from Advanced and the programs of instruction from day Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program “I come to work between 4:30 and 5Individual Training have an opportunity one all the way to day five,” Hanson said. office briefs on alcohol and drug a.m. The first thing I do is check theto get the new Common Access Card What classes they attend and their time prevention; and Army Community physical training formations to make sureissued to them. and locations also are included in that brief. Services hold classes about finances, they are in proper uniform, and that they There are two complete groups “I give them the commander’s policy travel pay and entitlements. Many other know what the proper uniform is. Then Imatriculating at the same time. The group letter number eight briefing, which is the classes center on situational awareness check to make sure the NCOs are trainingthat arrives Monday begins their classes document that tells them what they can issues such as prevention of hot and cold them properly,” said 1st Sgt. MaryWednesday; the group that arrives and cannot do while they are here,” weather injuries and crime prevention. Maczko, WRC.Thursday begins their classes Friday. Hanson continued. “Day two they have Soldiers also learn about all the things “If Sgt. Fridley has a situation that he “We currently use Wednesday and an introduction to physical readiness that make life easier in 2ID, such as the cannot solve or he is stuck on a particularFriday as day one due to the pattern of training, and the 2ID Warrior Standards Army and Air Force Exchange System, problem, then I will help him solve it if itpersonnel shipments that arrive from 1RC briefing, which is given by various education centers, Better Opportunities for is something to do with the program ofin Yongsan,” said Capt. Ré Pinkcombe, command sergeants major in the 2ID on Single and unaccompanied Soldiers, and instruction, or if someone needscommander of the WRC. what to expect in regard to Warrior Morale Welfare and Recreation programs. something verified, then he will send them The WRC actually runs two Standards.” The Soldiers’ last day at the WRC to me.”simultaneous classes for in processing, Today’s Warriors are perhaps the best- includes a brief from the Division Staff Regardless of the situation or whatfrom 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. the new prepared Soldiers in 2ID’s history because Judge Advocate office before leaving problems may arise, the team at the WRCarrivals are assigned to their rooms, where of the wide variety of instruction, Camp Stanley for their respective units. works together to meet the challenge andthey receive their locks, linens and store including Korean cultural instruction, they Keeping 84 to 100 Soldiers to complete their mission of turningtheir baggage. From 1 until 2 p.m. they receive at the WRC. matriculating through the WRC in each Soldiers into 2ID Warriors.go to their first classes, where they view “They have Korean culture and group undoubtedly brings situations thata welcome video from the commanding American Red Cross classes,” Hanson need immediate attention. E-mail
  • 6. 6 June 16, 2006 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Mitchell’s Airing World Cup SeriesMitchell’s will open its doors Mondayat 3:30 a.m. to air the 4 a.m. game againstFrance. Breakfast buffet will be eggs,bacon, sausage, toast and coffee for$4.95. Mitchell’s will close after thegame for its monthly facilitymaintenance. Warrior Swimming ChampionshipCamp Casey will host the WarriorDivision Swimming Championship atthe Hanson Pool Saturday. Race DayRegistration will be 9 to 10 a.m.Competition begins at 10:05 a.m. JIM CUNNINGHAM No Limit Poker Brig. Gen. H.T. LandwermeyerJr., IMA-Korea Region Office director, discusses the game during the BOSS golf tournament June 9. CRC hosts BOSS golf championship Coming to CRC Round four of the Warrior CountryWorld Series of Poker No limit TexasHold’em will be June 24-25 at Camp RedCloud’s Mitchell’s Club. Elimination By Jim Cunningham fact, anyone can buy free golf strokes a hole in one. First place came with arounds start at 11 a.m. Daily Area I Public Affairs called “Mulligan.” tied score of 53 for both Command Sgt.maintenance fee is $25 which includes CAMP RED CLOUD—Better “We sold 99 Mulligans today,” Maj. Alan Pendergast’s team and Lt.a buffet, snacks and beverages. Sign Opportunities for the Single and Underwood said. “A Mulligan is a free Col. William Huber’s team. The tie wasup now at or, for unaccompanied Soldiers is a group that stroke. If a player has made an unlucky decided with a score card handicapinformation, call 732-6664. sponsors many events throughout the shot and he needs another to improve playoff. The winner was the team of year aimed at providing opportunities his score, then he can use his Mulligan Allan Pendergast, Terry Coy, and Motor vehicle safety day for Soldiers that would normally be and shoot over again.” Ronnie Curry and Pfc. Stuart Hamilton.Area I will conduct its Motor Vehicle unavailable. This championship is not designed Second place went to William Huber,Safety Day June 30. This will help in “This is a great way for the sergeants for those that could give Tiger Woods Scott Meredith, Kim Pok man, and Sgt.preparing all in Area I for the July 4 and first sergeants to bring out their competition. Ron Longorio. Third place went toholiday. deserving Soldiers, pay their greens and “This event is designed for beginning Chong Uk, Park Chong uk, Spc. James entry fees, and come out as a team golfers. As a matter of fact, we let Straight and Nick Wiser. ‘Click it or Ticket’ because this is a team event,” said Jay beginners tee up in the fairway,” Players also won awards for other Comes to Area I Underwood, recreation director of Underwood said. golfing feats. Award for the longestThe 2ID and Area I Provost MarshalOffice will conduct a ‘Click it or Ticket’ Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Camp It takes about four hours to play drive went to Coy. Award for the closetCampaign starting Monday and Red Cloud. “Everyone gets to play. through CRC’s 18-hole golf course. to the pin was given to Park Chong uk.continue through June 30. This will be There is no pressure at all so the Soldier “This is an 18-hole event capped off The guest of honor for the tournamentaccomplished by setting up can come out here and have some fun with a barbecue dinner and awards was Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr.,checkpoints with a zero-tolerance for on this nice sunny day.” ceremony,” Underwood said. KORO director.motorists who violate seatbelt and/or No one has to be a golf pro to play The tournament was a success, Spc.cell phone policies, regulations or laws. in this championship. As a matter of Scott Patton from Camp Hovey made E-mail in violation of Army regulations Government credit card training held in Area Iand policies who are not buckled upand/or using a cell phone whileoperating a motor vehicle or riding abicycle, will be cited. This will beaccomplished using multiple By Margaret Banish-Donaldson “This training ensures everybody knows theircheckpoints throughout each of the Area I Public Affairs responsibilities,” Wright told the card holders andArea I installations. CAMP RED CLOUD – Area I and 2nd Infantry billing officials. “If there is any question, you need Division Soldiers and civilians received mandatory to check with the legal office. There are many Casey Concession Mall training June 7 in the Camp Red Cloud education restrictions on the use of appropriated funds.” Closed Thursday center on the proper use of the U.S. government IMPAC, or the international merchant purchaseThe Casey concession mall will close purchase card. The training detailed what can and authorization card, is how U.S. Army units andfor a picnic Thursday. The main PX will cannot be purchased with the GPC. agencies locally purchase official goods or servicesbe open normal hours. under $2,500. The cardholder is responsible for “If everything is working correctly,” said Lee Wright, Contracting Command Korea, “the billing ensuring he or she does not exceed the monthly National Men’s Health official is the key person in the chain. The person can limit. Wright said if you exceed your monthly Week Ends Sunday review each purchase and stop a mistake before it limit, the U.S. Bank will decline the transaction –National Men’s Health Week beganMonday and will continue through happens. Suspected misuse of the GPC can cause the merchant will not be able to get authorization.Sunday. The purpose of Men’s Health the suspension, fines, jail time or other disciplinary One of the major challenges is to ensure trainedWeek is to heighten the awareness of actions of the billing official and cardholder.” alternates are in place when somebody leaves topreventable health problems and to Only individuals who have been granted specific make sure the program does not come to a haltencourage early detection and authority to do so may obligate the government to during personnel transitions.treatment of disease among men and an expenditure of funds. This means the This is the sixth year Area I has conducted GPCboys. cardholders are the only people in the organization training for cardholders and billing officials. who have authority to place an order for goods or “The main purpose of the training is education, Area I News & Notes services to be paid for with U.S. government funds. to stay within the rules,” said Wright. “The 2ndTo submit items to the Area I News & No one else may legally order supplies or services. Inf. Div. Resource Management Office audits theirNotes section of The Morning Calm “Splitting is definitely prohibited,” Wright said. people every month by the 10th so there are fewWeekly, call 732-7155 for information. “Splitting occurs when a known requirement is problems in Area I. I wish all the other areas wereDeadline is close of business Friday divided into two or more purchases because the as proficient.”prior to publication. All items are total price exceeds the procurement authority ofsubject to editing. the cardholder. E-mail
  • 7. Area IThe Morning Calm Weekly 7 June 16, 2006 advisor y council discusses issuesBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson Terry Hodges, Camp Casey garrison Denise James, Area I Morale, Armed Forces, civilian employeesArea I Public Affaiars commander. “The money we receive Welfare and Recreation manager, and contractors of the Department of CAMP RED CLOUD—The Pear from the city would replace the front advised the council members that the Defense living overseas, and familyBlossom Advisory Council met June 8 gate like they are doing at CRC right marketing office is working on a members may be eligible toat the Camp Red Cloud Pear Blossom now, and the remainder of the money commercial sponsorship package so participate. WIC Overseas office isCottage for its quarterly meeting. It is would be used to upgrade the current they can promote things in the area, located in Yongsan Garrison, Buildingan open forum for committee Casey PBC, with an anticipated re- which would help events offered by 5210.members to discuss issues and opening by the end of September.” the PBCs. In conjunction with well being,concerns of the Korean, Filipino, “The CRC PBC Manager, Natalia “Our overarching concern is that the council members received aRussian and American Army family Lyons, also will have a chance to tell families have ration and ID cards so briefing on the roles andcommunity. us what is needed for upgrading this they can get food for their babies,” responsibilities of Army Family Team “This is where spouses of U.S. PBC,” Newton said. “In addition, we said Tess Compton, Casey PBC Building from Hee-Jung Sackett,Soldiers come together,” said Col. are looking at a complete renovation manager. “And, we would like to Army Family Action Plan AFTBForrest Newton, Area I commander. of the Stanley PBC. We will ask for establish a parental support position program manager.“The three PBCs we have here in Area input too from Kay Chong, Stanley because we have so many new “The AFTB is a volunteer-ledI help spouses a lot. It gives them a PBC manager. We would like to close parents.” organization with a central tenet,”sense of community.” the deal with the City of Uijeongbu by Discussions also centered on Sackett said. “The AFTB will Area I is a family member- the end of August so we can begin spouse and children immigration provide training and knowledge torestricted region. Few facilities here work soon on these PBCs.” issues. Toney Price, relocation spouses and family members tocater to military families. The Camp Furthermore, Lt. Col. William readiness program manager from support the total Army effort,Red Cloud, Camp Stanley and Camp Huber, CRC garrison commander, Army Community Service, said the because strong families are theCasey PBCs offer activities, classes said the baggers at the commissary Soldier has to initiate the paperwork. pillar of support behind strongand events geared to teach the Army work for him, and if they have any Price also holds immigration classes Soldiers.”way of life. dependents looking for those jobs, at 1 p.m. every Tuesday at the Camp An involved membership is There are 323 registered family there are openings right now. Stanley Warrior Readiness Center. critical to the continued success ofmembers at Camp Casey, 58 at CRC “Also, based on the last An update on the Women, Infants this council, Newton said. Iand 43 at Camp Stanley. noncombatant exercise, Army and Air and Children Overseas program strongly encourage everyone to get “Negotiations are currently under Force Exchange Service has begun to current enrollment was given for involved, and become part of theway with the City of Dongducheon look at providing more clothing for Area I: 305 families, 58 expecting exciting and positive progress offor 2.2 acres of land to be returned to dependents,” Huber said, “and the mothers; 99 infants, 97 children 1 to our total Army family community.the city for road widening at the front commissary plans on adding more 5 years old; 22 postpartum and 29gate of Camp Casey,” said Lt. Col. baby food items.” breast feeding. Members of the E-mail Appreciation given to KNP PHOTO BY MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSON (From Left) Maj. David Segalia, 2nd Infantry JIM CUNNINGHAM Division provost marshal; Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, John Antes, MWR entertainment director, plays along with the Infinity band during the Warrior appreciation block party Sunday. Camp Casey garrison commander; Yu Jae deok, Camp Stanley salutes Warriors p r e s i d e n t , A s s o c i a t i o n o f t h e U. S . A r m y, Dongducheon; Col. Forrest Newton, Area I commander; Senior Superintendent Kim Deok By Jim Cunningham ki, Korean National Police, Yangju; and Kim Il the service division and they all said yes.” Area I Public Affaiars young, president, People-to-People, “Christopher Bishop of the Area I service Dongducheon, unwrap the boxes of goodies for CAMP STANLEY—When Camp Stanley division gave us a lot of support,” Sisney said. “Pok the KNP that stand outside the gates at Camp decides to honor a Soldier and his family, they sung ki of the services division provided us with Casey. always do it in a big way. Their annual block party the stands and other playground equipment.” The Korean National Police have been a valuable was rained out Saturday, so the action was The food was provided by the Camp Stanley postponed to Sunday. Community Activity Center and MWR provided two asset to the U.S. Armed Forces since July and “This event is for the Soldiers and their families bands, Doug Allen and the Chicago Mob, and Area August 1950 during the Korean War. The KNP here on Camp Stanley. Since the troop population I’s own Intensity band. helped move more than 500 thousand refugees here has diminished from 2,900 to about 900, they Although rain threatened during the evening, the to safety south of Seoul thus enabling the ROK have been kind of left out of the picture,” said Dave bands kept playing back-to-back sets for the Army and the U.S. Army to organize a controlled Sisney, Reggie’s club manager at Camp Stanley Soldiers and their families, who kept celebrating offensive campaign against North Korean and organizer of the event. until 10 p.m. forces. Ever since those crucial days of the “These Soldiers here deserve to have an event “We love performing for these guys,” Allen said. Korean War, the KNP have been valuable in all their own, so I suggested a block party,” Sisney “They are our favorite audience here at Camp Stanley.” security operations with the U.S.Armed Forces said. “I asked John Antes of the entertainment in Korea. Today they keep vigilance outside the division of Morale, Welfare and Recreation, and E-mail gates of U.S.military installations in Korea.
  • 8. June 16, 2006 Page 9 PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYSpc. Jeff Shafer (right) and Sgt. Van Wall evaluate a casualty Area II firefighters set up a decontamination station a safe distance from the “attack zone.” Pfc. Tierra Dozier role-plays as aSaturday morning inside Balboni Theater. victim to add reality to the exercise. First responders take on ‘chemical attack’ scenario Yongsan emergency workers test response gear and rushed into the theater to evaluate skills in mass casualty exercise and assist casualties. “For one thing, it takes a lot of teamwork and By David McNally communication to respond to something like this,” Area II Public Affairs Davidson said. “But, it’s good because it gets everyone YONGSAN GARRISON — When the call went prepared.” out Saturday morning of a chemical attack at Balboni Davidson said not knowing it was an exercise at Theater, Yongsan first responders reacted as if it was first helped him to react better. an actual disaster. “It came out of no where,” he said. “It shows we “Key people knew it was know how to handle it.” an exercise,” said Area II Fire Spc. Jeff Shafer and Sgt. Van Wall suited up in Chief Alex Temporado, “but, brightly colored oversized chemical gear before we wanted everyone to react entering the theater. The Soldiers encountered the as if it was the real thing.” bodies of role players. Fourteen Area II “DEAD,” read the marker-written paper on one firefighters responded to Soldier. The team moved on to the next “victim.” the “attack.” However, After checking for and finding signs of life, the Temporado said in a major Soldiers decided to evacuate him. disaster they would initiate They carried him to the exit and prepared to takeEmergency Room Technicians Pvt. Jesse Davidson and Spc. a recall and contact the local him through the decontamination station. Alex TemporadoTiffany Russell evaluate a “casualty.” fire departments. After further examination at a triage site, an “What we did is try to ambulance rushed the victim to the 121st General figure out all the problems we may run into,” Hospital. Temporado said. “It was good training.” Ten emergency workers from the hospital The challenges in a real attack would be crowd participated in the exercise at the scene, including control and isolating the area to prevent further two doctors. The hospital conducted a recall and had contamination, he said. more than 400 personnel available. Role players arrived at the 121st General Hospital Observers took note of everything that happened. Emergency Room early Saturday morning “Now, we’re going to go through the after action complaining of breathing problems. review process and make adjustments and Emergency Room Technician Pvt. Jesse Davidson improvements,” Temporado said. “I think this was was unaware what was happening was an exercise. an initial test of the Yongsan first responders and our “We had four patients in the emergency room ability to work together.” coughing and hacking,” he said. “We got our gear The 121st General Hospital planned the exercise together and went to Balboni.” as part of the effort to maintain Joint Commission of While military police worked to contain a perimeter Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations. around the exercise site, firefighters set up a decontamination station. Medics donned chemical E-mail move a “casualty” during the exercise.
  • 9. 10 June 16, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Girl Scouts recognize accomplishments Auto & Cycle Show By Cpl. Lee Yang-wonThe Yongsan Auto & Cycle Show will Area II Public Affairsbe held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at YONGSAN GARRISON — Thethe commissary parking lot. There will Girl Scout organization awarded one ofbe $200 cash prizes for each category its most prestigious awards forwinner. The categories are: Cars – Best outstanding performers at the U.S.Overall, Best Wheels, Best Sounds, Embassy Association Center June 6.Best Modified Motor, Best Hooptie; United Nations Command, CombinedCycles – Under 1200CC & Over Forces Command and U.S. Forces1200CC - Best Overall. Call 738-5315 Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bellor 738-5254 for information. The AreaII Safety Office will also sponsor presented the awards.“Vehicle Safety Day.” There will be “Young women who received thevehicle inspection coupons given awards represent literally thousands ofaway from AAFES. other girl scouts around the world,” Bell said. “They are growing up and Youth Bike Rodeo accepting leadership positions in a worldThe Hannam Village Youth Bike Rodeo that needs leaders.”will be from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. June 24. Girl Scout Junior Troop No. 12 and Troop No. 40 received the Bronze Radio Town Hall Award; Megan Heard and Michaela CPL. LEE YANG-WONThe Area II commander and staff will Nelson were awarded the Silver Award; United States Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. Bell honors Gold Award Recipient Kristinanswer questions during an Area II and Kristin Harding earned the foremost Harding at the U.S. Embassy Association Center June 6.Radio Town Hall 11 a.m.-noon June 26. Gold Award. Girl Scout member. The Silver Award The Gold Award recipients, PattenCommunity members can phone Harding conducted a 50-hour was established with the Gold Award in said, are eligible for special collegequestions or concerns to 723-2453 1980, and in 2001, the Bronze Award scholarships, are officially recognized leadership service project where sheduring the live broadcast or e-mail collected toiletries for donation to a was created for Juniors. The awards by the U.S. government and before battered woman’s shelter near Gimpo honor scouts for exceptional preferred status when applying for jobsor during the AFN-Korea 102.7 EagleFM broadcast. Airport. commitment and outstanding dedication with many prospective employers. “I’m just glad I was able to make a toward the community. “I believe that the recipients will Area II MWR Summer meaningful contribution to our host “There have been 39 girls who have probably be leaders of the future,” said Sales Promotion country here in Korea,” said Harding. achieved the Gold Award in the entire Girl Scout Lead Trainer Jerri Nelson.Purchase $5 or more at Yongsan Lanes, “It was great to help these women get West-Pacific region,” said Seoul “I think they learned a lot ofMain Post Club, Commiskey’s or back on their feet, get job training and a Overseas Committee Chair Susan responsibility and leadership which theyYongsan Family Fun Park and get a place to stay.” Patten. “Kristin Harding is the second will carry out throughout their careers.”chance to win 32 great prizes, with a The Girl Scout Gold Award is the Girl Scout member in Yongsan to earngrand prize of Panasonic big-screen highest award that can be earned by a this distinction.” E-mail Just drop your receipts atthe entry box on your way out. Youmust be present at Yongsan Lanes 1p.m. Aug. 5 to win. The event is Area II hosts Korean,sponsored by SSRT. For information,call 723-5821. English speech contest By Pvt. Jung Jae-hoon Basic English Class Area II Public AffairsLearn basic English grammar 11 a.m. - YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II held its 8th Koreannoon Tuesdays and Thursdays at the and English Speech Contest July 7 at the Multi-purpose TrainingArmy Community Services OutreachCenter at Hannam Village. For Facility to promote Hangul education for U.S. Soldiers.information, call 723-6810. Eight Soldiers participated in this event to understand Korean culture better, and also to bring Republic of Korea Seoul USO Happenings and U.S. Soldiers closer.!Father’s Day Giveaways: The USO “I participated in this event because my KATUSA friendand Army and Air Force Exchange told me I was good at speaking Korean and kept onService have combined forces to encouraging me.” said Spc. Jaqui McCree from Troopcelebrate the man of the house. Join Command who won the contest. “I think this is a wonderfulthe USO and AAFES Saturday at the event because it shows not all the Soldiers are bad, a lot ofYongsan Main Exchange for hotdog U.S. Soldiers including me are trying to understand and learnand fishing reels giveaways. You can the different culture of Korea.”also join the fun by participating in Also five Korean children, who learned English fromthe Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. PHOTOS BY PVT. JUNG JAE-HOON Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army and U.S. Soldiers,!Purchase Mettalica tickets at a five Contest Winner Spc. Jaqui McCree, Troop Command, gives a smile prepared English speeches to show how they have improvedpercent discount at the Seoul USO. during his June 7 presentation at the Multi-purpose Training Facility. in their English-speaking skills.!There will be a Canteen special June26 at the Seoul USO. Active-duty “Learning a foreign language is understanding the cultureservicemembers can have a meal at the of that country, and by expressing friendship in the language,Canteen for $1. the closer it will feel between the two,” said Area II Senior!The Good Neighbor Program needs Republic of Korea Army Officer Lt. Col. Kang Sung-ryoung.volunteers to have fun June 29. Spend “So, in this point of view, the U.S. Soldiers participating inthe day with Korean school children, the Korean speech [contest] and students participating in thehave lunch and go bowling. Call the English speech contest today are leading the effort to increaseUSO at Camp Kim to sign up. ROK-U.S. friendship.” Some American speakers wore Korean traditional clothing, Area II Web site and some used popular phrases from a Korean comedy show.For up-to-date news and information, The top two speakers of the Korean contest and topvisit the Area II Web site at http:// speaker from the English speech contest will compete in peninsula-wide contest at Balboni Theater Tuesday. Soldiers support their contestants during the speeches. E-mail
  • 10. The Morning Calm Weekly Area II June 16, 2006 11 Area II celebrates organization day By David McNally is the best support group on Area II Public Affairs the peninsula,” Moses said. YONGSAN GARRISON “You guys make it happen — In what officials called one every day, day in and day out.” of the “best events of the The first volleyball game of year,” 760 Area II Soldiers, the day pitted DOL against the employees and family members Directorate of Plans, Training, celebrated Area II Organization Mobilization and Security. Day June 9 near the Yongsan DPTMS came away victorious soccer field. with a final set score of 2-1. Area II Deputy Commander The DPTMS team advanced to Don Moses told the crowds a championship match with that many employees were still DPW. The DPW team took it working. home 2-1. “It’s very hard for us to In the soccer matches, DOL stop, take notice of what’s took on DPW, won and happening and enjoy each continued on to a other’s company,” he said. “As championship match with PVT. J UNG JAE- HOON you can see, we have about HHC. The HHC team won theHeadquarters and Headquarters Company, Area II, plays the Area II Directorate of Logistics team June 9 at the 2,500 employees in Area II, but trophy in the final match 6-5.Yongsan Soccer Field during the organization day. The HHC team won 6-5. we’re going to be cycling in “This is going to be a great and out because we provide day of fun and sports and service 24-7.” sportsmanship,” said Capt. Moses said even though it Michael Norman, HHC was a day to relax, Area II commander. “So let’s all enjoy employees were still working this day, have a good time and at the Child Development enjoy this day out of our Center, the Directorate of office.” Public Works, the Housing “Many people have said it Office, the Fire Department, was a good event,” said Event Pass and Identification, Food Organizer Chang In-duk. “I’m DAVID MCNALLY DAVID MCNALLY Service, and the Directorate of happy with how it turned out.”Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area II Soldiers listen to Area II Deputy Commander Don Moses Logistics.the 2006 Area II Organization Day opening remarks. welcomes everybody to the annual event. “You are the reason Area II E-mail
  • 11. 12 June 16, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyComputer enthusiastsgather at Seoul clubBy David McNallyArea II Public Affairs CAMP KIM — Even the rainSaturday couldn’t keep computerenthusiasts away from the Junemeeting of the Seoul Computer Club. More than 20 people turned outfor a 2-hour technology session atthe Seoul USO classroom. The group meets monthly todiscuss new trends, gear andtechniques. “We’ve had topics on just abouteverything,” said Seoul ComputerClub Secretary BJ Gleason. “We evenhad the E-bay Asia security chief stopby and give a presentation.” Gleason said the club tries to findtopics that appeal to everyone. Saturday, Gleason gave a PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYpresentation on an effort to bring Seoul Computer Club Secretary BJcheap and easy computers to the Gleason gives a presentation Saturdaymasses. about a computer he bought online for $90. “Less than 16 percent of the . Seoul since 1983.” inworld’s population is on the Internet,” “It’s a great way to learn,” saidhe said. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Steve Gottlieb, U.S. Gleason displayed a computer he Forces Korea deputy surgeon.purchased online for $90. In fact, the “There is all kinds of goodPowerPoint presentation he gave ran information at the presentations.”from the small computer. Gottlieb, now at the end of his tour Membership dues offset the cost of duty, said he regrets not learningof refreshments, but they also fund about the club when he first and donations. “I didn’t know about it for the first Earlier this month, the club six months I was here,” Gottlieb said.presented Five Seoul American High “I’ve learned a lot that I use everySchool students with scholarships, day. The nice thing about this is it’stwo for $500 and three for $250. not just military members; it’s a good Gleason said the club even mix of the community.”donated wireless Internet service and The next meeting is scheduled fora podium to the Seoul USO. July 8. For information online, visit “We’ve been meeting here on and for the past 11 years,” Gleasonsaid. “But, the club has been active E-mail Lt. Cmdr. Steve Gottlieb (left) and Tommy Kramer discuss the presentation givenby Steve Carpenter Saturday at the Seoul USO classroom. Visit the Area II Web site for more stories and community information:
  • 12. June 16, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Protecting your identity, money against thievesBy Capt. James R. Abeshaus then contact the business on the phone duplicate the many layers of a legitimate charges you did not make. Contact yourYongsan Legal Assistance or through their Web site to verify. You Web site. Also, try visiting the site bank or credit card lender immediately According to the Federal Trade should forward the phishing e-mail to directly, instead of following a link. if you see any unauthorized activity onCommission Identity Theft Survey the company’s fraud department. Finally, beware of anything strange or your account.Report, more than 10 million ! Pretexting new in the site, or its URL. ! Dumpster DivingAmericans annually are victims of If this tactic is done over the phone, ! Skimming Yes, identity thieves go through youridentity theft. These criminals are not it is called, “pretexting.” Never follow “Skimming” is the practice of getting trash and take your personal andmerely satisfied with stealing your a link to a bank’s Web site and never personally identifying information and financial data. In many states once aidentity; they ultimately want to steal give your personal information in an credit card information by capturing it trash can is put on the curb (publicyour money. answer to an unsolicited phone call or electronically from an ATM or credit property) it is not illegal for someone ID thieves cost consumers over $5 e-mail that asks you to verify card (swiping) machine. Ordinarily this else to open it up and remove things.billion dollars and businesses over $50 information. is done by a device attached to the To avoid this, use a cross-cut shredderbillion. Soldiers and civilians can protect If your bank or credit card company machine that stores the information for on all paperwork that you have with anythemselves from identity thieves by legitimately needs you to give them future use. Although it is technically not type of account, password, address orgrasping knowledge of how these information, you can call them using skimming, some thieves have been able other identifying information on it.perpetrators operate, and how to take their toll-free number that is on your to intercept credit card information Your social security number is theevasive measures that will frustrate their bank card, credit card or monthly from the pay-at-the-pump gas stations. number one target of identity thieves.efforts. statement. Then, if you cannot give that The defense against this type of Your social security number is the key Following is a list of some of the information to the employee on the information gathering is twofold. First, to your credit, job history, militarymost popular ways that identity thieves phone, go to the Web site directly do not use a credit card at an records and ultimately to your money.can steal your identity, and how you can (without following an e-mail link). establishment that you do not know or Never allow that number to hit the trashprotect yourself from these practices: ! Pharming trust very well. Smaller vendors are unshredded. Nor should you allow! Phishing In “pharming,” the thief will divert more apt to be the place where your vendors or lenders to get your social This term refers to a thief gaining you to a bogus Web site (perhaps by personal information gets captured, security number for any reason that isyour personal, security and financial following a link in a phishing e-mail) that sold, or otherwise misused. not obviously legitimate.information by sending you a bogus e- appears legitimate. These Web sites are Secondly, use a credit card instead There are many other methodsmail. The e-mail usually tries to trick structured to look like your bank or credit of a debit card when you shop. It is employed by identity thieves, includingyou into “verifying” your private card site. The goal is to lure you into easier to get a credit card company to pick-pocketing, keyboard monitoring,information. The email purports to giving your personal and security write off an unauthorized charge, than computer hacking, mail theft andcome from a bank, Ebay, or another real information. for you to get a bank to put money back database theft. Consumers must remaincompany. Before you submit personal into your checking account that has vigilant, use security devices as They look legitimate, but no company information via the Internet to a bank’s been stolen via the debit card process. appropriate and minimize the amount ofwould ask you to verify your information Web site, browse the site in depth. Check your credit card statements identifying/account information that isby e-mail. If you believe it is legitimate Usually, a thief will not be able to carefully before paying them. Never pay available to thieves any time.
  • 13. June 16, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly June 16-22 The The The Benchwarmers Benchwarmers X-Men III X-Men III Slither R Phat Girlz Benchwarmers PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Basic Instinct 2 The Da Vinci The Da Vinci Take the Lead No Show The Shaggy No Show R Code PG-13 Code PG-13 PG-13 Dog PG X-Men III X-Men III X-Men III Phat Girlz Phat Girlz Scary Movie 4 Scary Movie 4 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The Da Vinci The theater at Camp Hialeah will close permanently as of June 17. Code PG-13 The The Larry the Cable X-Men III Benchwarmers Slither R X-Men III Benchwarmers Phat Girlz Guy PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The Take the Lead Lucky Number Benchwarmers No Show No Show No Show The Wild G PG-13 Slevin R PG-13X-Men III: The Last The Beanchwarmers The Break Up -- (Vince The Da Vinci Code Lucky Number Slevin Scary Movie 4 -- (MollyStand -- (Hugh Jackman, (David Spade, Rob Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston) (Tom Hanks, Jean Reno) -- (Bruce Willis, Morgan Shannon, Anna Faris)Patrick Stewart) Schneider) Pushed to the breaking-point The murder of a curator at the Freeman) The Scary Movie gang isThe continuing adventures of Gus and his nerdy buddies, after their latest, “why can’t Louvre reveals a sinister plot Set in New York City, a case back with send-ups of “Warthe superpowered group, the Richie and Clark, are scouted you do this one little thing for to uncover a secret that has of mistaken identity lands of the Worlds,” “The Grudge,”X-Men, led by Professor by a millionaire nerd, Mel, who me?” argument, art dealer been protected since the days Slevin in the middle of a war “The Village,” “Saw” and “SawXavier, and based at his school wants to form a baseball team Brooke calls it quits with her of Christ. Only the victim’s being plotted by two of the II,” “Million Dollar Baby” andfor gifted students, as they try and compete with the boyfriend, Gary, who hosts granddaughter and Robert city’s most rival crime bosses: much more. Legendaryto foster good will for mutants meanest Little League teams bus tours of Chicago. What Langdon, a famed The Rabbi and The Boss. comedy director Davidlike themselves, in a world in the state. A stellar follows is a series of symbologist, can untangle the Slevin is under constant Zucker (“Airplane!,” thewhere some people are born ballplayer, Gus becomes a remedies, war tactics, clues he left behind. The duo surveillance by relentless “Naked Gun” franchise,with extraordinary powers, role model for nerds and overtures and underminings become both suspects and Detective Brikowski as well as “Scary Movie 3,” andand many ordinary humans outcasts everywhere. suggested by the former detectives searching for not the infamous assassin “Ruthless People”) andfear them for it. But when his fans learn that couple’s friends, confidantes only the murderer but also the Goodkat and finds himself producer Bob Weiss reunite Gus, himself, was once a and the occasional total stunning secret of the ages having to hatch his own to take aim at some of the best school bully, they feel stranger. When neither ex is he was charged to protect. ingenious plot to get them ... fright films, the latest box office outraged and betrayed, until willing to move out of the before they get him. hits, music, current events, Gus takes extraordinary condo they used to share, the pop culture, and your favorite steps to win back their only solution is to continue celebrities. admiration and trust. living as hostile roommates until somebody caves. Poseidon No Show Inside Man R Larry the Cable No Show No Show No Show PG-13 Guy PG-13 The The The Break Up The Break Up The Break Up Take the Lead Take the Lead Benchwarmers Benchwarmers PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The X-Men III Phat Girlz The Phat Girlz No Show The Break Up Benchwarmers PG-13 PG-13 Benchwarmers PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The The PG-13 Benchwarmers Phat Girlz Benchwarmers Phat Girlz No Show The Break Up Take the Lead PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The The The Break Up The Break Up The Break Up Benchwarmers Benchwarmers Phat Girlz Phat Girlz PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Madea’s Family Madea’s Family The Break Up Aquamarine Aquamarine Reunion Reunion Ultraviolet Ultraviolet PG-13 PG PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 The Shaggy Dog The Shaggy Dog The Shaggy Dog Curious George G Curious George G Herbie: Fully Herbie: Fully PG PG PG Loaded G Loaded G
  • 14. June 16, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Keys to happy life are available to those who lookBy Chaplain (Capt.) Geun Hyung Lee not be able to accomplish many find it in the Bible. God has given us The key to a happy life is admitting2-2 Aviation Regiment missions – both spiritual and natural. this key in his word and wants us to the need of God in our life, not B efore I go to work, I Therefore, I have to have these keys use it in our everyday life. seeking things first. The moment we always remind myself about with me at all times. How would you like to have a key come to see God’s power and the keys I need to have for In conjunction, I must reflect on that will open the door to the future wisdom as the genuine source of oureach day. On my key ring I have keys what keys I need every day that will so that you would know what to do happiness, the door to a happy life,for home, the office, my car and the help me with my spiritual journey. As and what choices to make? You have tightly closed so far, will suddenly bechapel section. the aforementioned keys are so it! The Bible says “In all your ways opened. A happy life no longer I think I have too many keys! essential to my worldly life, just as acknowledge God and He will direct remains a secret garden to those whoSometimes I wish only one key would important are the keys for my spiritual your path.” The key is to always seek have the key to enter this sufficient for all. However, each of life. And, like the occasionally what God wants for your life, not Surely, God has given us the keysthese keys is very important in my misplaced car keys, these keys don’t what you want. to happy life. It’s up to us to use themdaily life. just materialize; they have to be How about a key that will open the or not. They are found in his Word First, I could never leave the sought after. door to anything your heart desires? and they won’t do us much goodhouse without my car keys. Then, if I Many people are seeking to have a You already have it. The Bible says lying on the coffee table at home. Weleave the rest of the keys on the table happy life without first having a solid “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he need to take them with us whereverat home, I will have a lot of trouble foundation. This key cannot be will give you the desires of your we go. Let us take and enjoy theseeverywhere I go on that day. I would carried on a key ring, but you will heart.” keys every day. Area II Worship Services Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel 3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Lutheran Sunday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel (Korean) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Mon.-Wed., 10 a.m. South Post Chapel For information on services, call 738-3011 Thur.-Fri. 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapel 10 a.m. Multipurpose Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel Training Facility Area II Chaplains Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel 10:30 a.m. K-16 Community Protestant Services Chapel Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel or 738-3011 United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel noon South Post Chapel Chaplain (Maj.)Samuel Cabrera Church of Christ Church International (Gospel) 725-2955 Sunday 2 p.m. South Post Chapel 6 p.m. South Post Chapel Collective Protestant Korean Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Chaplain (Maj.)Eric J. Albertson Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel 738-3009 Ad goes here
  • 15. June 16, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyCeremonies mark new beginnings - end of eraArea IV Public Affairs Victoria Wallace CAMP HENRY – High Macie Wardenschool graduation ceremonies are Ashley Warrenfrequently a bittersweet occasion. Jessica Wilkins That was undeniably the case Michael Williamsat Pusan American School where Samuel Wilson11 graduates made up the final Christen Wilson-Kimclass to receive their diplomas Elizabeth Wunderlichduring commencement held June Andrew Yang9 at the Camp Hialeah Chapel. The Jeffrey Yiinstallation is slated for closure this Sandra Yoshikawasummer. Christopher Zillmer Saturday, the Department ofDefense Dependents Schools Taegu American SchoolKorea District’s largest graduating Crystal Anguayclass accepted their diplomas in a Duri Balat Ryan Bergadoceremony at the Seoul American James BradleyHigh School gymnasium. Also Daniel BrooksSaturday, Taegu American School Anthony Buttsheld their commencement Theodore Changceremonies at the Pyunggang Kelli CoxPresbyterian Church in Daegu. KEVIN JACKSON Elvie Dalton This year’s graduates are: Four of Pusan American School’s 11 graduates pose for photos following the school’s final graduation ceremony Wendell Espy June 9 at the Camp Hialeah Chapel. The installation is scheduled for closure this summer. Nina ForrestPusan American School Colleen Cullen June Kwon Erin Shields Megan GardnerJames Dreher Christopher Cunningham Toby Lavergne Jennifer Shin Kory GrammerJames Edwards Zethnouneay Current Jennifer Law Marque Snow Lynnette GrantRichard Hobby Olivia Davidson Jun Seok Lee Doyle Sohn Tamara HancockHee-Jae Moses Joh Ramirez Davis Justin Lee Jinwoo Son Justin HendrixChang Lee Sheena Davis Keun Lee Ji Eun Song Jason HolbrookDetlef Loyd Nicolas DeFrancisco Kevin Lee John Soska Ahna HughesEmery Moser Jenna Donahue Kimberly Lee Mathew Soska Eun-Mi KimJulian Mulling SongTae Downes HanSle Lim Derek Spears Suk KimJae Park Ariana Farrulla Hyeji Lim Christian Steele Christopher KwonJennifer Smith Ashley Feil Raytasha Luna-sco-Theard Christy Stephens Matthew LamunyanJustin Sprague Laura Firebaugh Dae Martin Chris Steuerwald Michelle Lavelle Freddie Flores Mia McCall Katie Stewart Phillip LefeverSeoul American School Miguel Gomez Judy Mera Jessica Stone Margaret LubuagGeHee Ahn Bryan Goode Crystal Merkes Kyoung Suh Michael McClenningRosalind Albert Aaron Goodman Justin Michel Alexander Sun Andrea PrinceJasmond Allen-King Paul Grandin Kyle Midland Tiffany Thomas Sara RossLia Alvarado Whitney Grandy Aimee Miles Germany Tillman Alexandra TellyJennifer Anderson Jeffery Gransback Anis Min Kyra Toffey Joshua ThillChristopher Ayersman Amanda Greenhouse Matthew Mize Diana Torres Melody ThompsonJennifer Badurski William Groves Jamaal Mohn Joseph Trader Tenicia TurnbowChristopher Baker Jou Hee Han Paul Moreau Johnathan Treland Sidney WashingtonSuzanne Bard Chantel Hardy Richard Norris Bruce Voelker Michelle WealDe‘Nerikka Benjamin Frank Harris Margaret Nurse David Vogan Joshua WeaverJacqueline Bessette Jessica Hemming Danielle Nutt Allen Wagner Joanne YoungbloodDamien Bintliff Amanda Hendrick John OakSean Bradford Christine Hong Denise OcanasMegan Bradley James Hourican Meghan OrmitaDylan Bruce Daniel Hwang Michael Pak-BlyzniukLondon Burns Yulanda Jackson Bryan ParkAndre Burrell Robert Johnson Eugene ParkNicole Cabrera Brittany Jones Joey ParkJasmyn Chambers Sara Jones Katherine ParkerIsabel Chang Yun Pung Jung Jared PhilbrookAllen Chin Hia Kellam Jenny PleasantConnie Choe Loree Killebrew Melody RauhauserBrian Choi Amy Kim Chelsea RicketsonJae Choi Chu Kim Anthony RiveraJohn Choi Dale Kim Nicholas RiveraLisa Choi Daniel Kim David RobinsonDaniel Chong Hee Ree Kim Amber RoblesNadia Chritian Hyo Jin Kim Giovanni RosaLaurence Christie III Jin Kim Erica RosserJeremy Christopher Justin Kim Ashely RussellJohann Chung Laura Kim Brian Ryu GALEN PUTNAMDaniel Ciarrocchi Richard Kim Ruth Sadowitz Taegu American School seniors, and soon to be graduates, listen intentlyEngress Clark Devin Kirby Joseph Saia during their commencement ceremony Saturday at the PyunggangWayne Confer Casey Klask Sang Seo Presbyterian Church near Camp Walker in Daegu. Looking on is Peter D.Reginald Cooper Jr. Andrew Koo Christopher Sewell Grenier, Korea District assistant superintendent.
  • 16. June 16, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Wolf Pack reaches out to Kunsan orphans Pack reaches By Senior Airman Stephen Collier 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs KUNSAN AIR BASE — More than 20 Wolf Pack members cleared their schedules and opened their hearts recently, as they traveled to the 8th Army Swimming Ilmagwon children’s orphanage Championships located in Kunsan City. The orphanage, located minutes The Eighth U.S. Army Swimming Championships, hosted by Morale, from the base, received a special treat Welfare and Recreation, will take place from members of the 8th Logistics at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House Readiness Squadron, May 20. Since Swimming Pool July 8. Competition will 2005, squadron members donated be conducted in men’s and women’s their time and expertise to help divisions. Categories will be: Men’s refurbish and repair playground Open (32 years of age and under), Men’s equipment left in disarray from last Senior (33 years of age and over), & year’s monsoon season and harsh Women’s Open (any age). For winter storms. After a few setbacks SEUNG WAN information, call 725-5064. and rescheduled delivery dates, the Above: Capt. Carrie Zeune, 8th Fighter Wing playground equipment was finally re- safety office, goes in for the tickle while swinging installed. Yongsan Auto, Cycle with a child from the Ilmagwon orphanage. More “This is a great opportunity (for the Show set for Saturday than 20 Wolf Pack members donated their time Wolf Pack) to give of themselves,” The Yongsan Auto and Cycle Show will for the children May 20. take place at the commissary parking said Chap. (Maj.) Boyd Short Jr., 8th Fighter Wing chaplain. “It really is Right: Lt. Col. Jeffrey Hunt, 8th Security Forces lot from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. In making a difference in these children’s Squadron commander, makes a new friend each category, $200 cash prizes will be lives who really need adult May 20 at the Ilmagwon children’s orphanage offered. Categories will include Best supervision, attention and affirmation. . beneficial because they (the children) Overall, Best Wheels, Best Sounds, Best Modified Motor and Best Hooptie. This trip gives them [airmen] a look at can learn some English from the The event will be sponsored by the Korea they would never see.” airmen.” Area II MWR Automotive Center. Call But installing the playground After tee ball, Wolf Pack members 738-5315 for information. equipment wasn’t the only item on the and children alike were escorted to the agenda that brought smiles to these orphanage’s auditorium. There, Area II Pool League children. A game of tee ball was everyone sang and danced to the tunes The Area II Pool League is seeking new introduced shortly after and each Wolf of a guitar and the tastes of juice members. The group meets at 7 p.m. Pack member was paired with a child. boxes and tortilla chips. David Kim, each Tuesday at the Main Post Club, After each team was given a colored director of the orphanage, said it’s an SENIOR AIRMAN STEPHEN COLLIER Harvey’s Lounge and the Navy Club -- ribbon signifying their respective important thing for the children to they can build relationships with all on Yongsan Garrison. Americans that is very important. I team, it was on to the ball park. Short have the support from Kunsan. Membership is open to any ID said it can be nice for those Wolf Pack “The main important reason is the can only say ... thank you.” cardholders, family members, retirees, members with families back home to love they give to our children … I The Wolf Pack chapel has Department of Defense civilians or be able to reconnect with children appreciate this very much,” he said. scheduled visits to the orphanage contractors and individuals sponsored by ID cardholders. for information, call while they serve their one-year “There are many reasons why it is every Wednesday. Brent Abare at 723-3691 or e-mail unaccompanied tour. good for Americans to come here but, To date this calendar year, the “Having fun with the kids is what in particular, the relationship is very chapel has completed three service this is all about,” he said. “A lot of us good because the children need to projects for the children of the Father’s Day Special leave our families and are away from understand that Americans are good orphanage, including the purchase of Families are invited to bring dad out to those we love. You get reconnected for Koreans. Nike tennis shoes for the children as Yongsan Garrison’s Commiskey’s with kids and it makes a difference for “Our history is rich so from the well as donating Christmas gifts for restaurant for the Blue Plate Special, 5- the children. These trips are also beginning of their (children’s) lives, the holiday season. 9 p.m. Sunday. The special is a steak and crab leg combo meal including soup, salad bar and dessert for $21.95. Call 736-3968 for information. Reggaeton royalty but its popularity has also spread throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the Philippines. Weekend Bingo at Korea tour Korea installations The “King,” Don Omar, is one of the most well-known artists in Latin America. Due to his appearances on MTV, Uptown Lounge YONGSAN GARRISON – Morale, Welfare and his popularity has grown far beyond his native land of Puerto Be a winner at Bingo at the Main Post Recreation is bringing both the “King and Princess of Rico. Best known for his songs “Dile” and “Dale Don Club’s Uptown Lounge. Every Reggaeton” to entertain troops here in Korea. The artists Dale,” the majority of his songs center on life and love. Saturday and Sunday, doors open at will tour the peninsula for five shows that started Thursday Joining Omar on tour is Adassa. The singer-songwriter 11 a.m. and early games begins at 12:30 and end Wednesday. was born to Colombian-American parents in Miami, Florida, p.m. Over $6,750 in prize money is given Reggaeton, a form of but grew up living on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. away every weekend, including $2,500 dance music popular with Before launching a solo career, she was a member of and $5,000 jackpots. For information, Latin American urban the group “Xtasy.” It afforded her the opportunity to work call the MWR Club Manager at 723- youth, blends several types with notorious producers and develop her songwriting skills. 8785. of music. Most often it The concerts are offered through MWR. All TMCW Submissions combines hip hop with rap performances are open to ID cardholders and free of To have an event featured in The (in Spanish), Jamaican charge. For information, contact your local MWR Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail information reggae and dancehall Entertainment Office or call 723-3749. to music, and Latin America Schedule for performances in Korea is: 8 p.m. Friday, Submissions should include the basic influences, such as bomba Camp Casey’s Gateway Field; 6 p.m. Saturday, Camp who, what, when and where and plena. Its roots may Carroll Gym; 7 p.m. Sunday, Camp Humphreys’ information regarding the event, and be traced back to both Community Activity Center and; 7 p.m. Wednesday, at least on point of contact name and Adassa Panama and Puerto Rico, Yongsan Garrison’s Main Post Club. telephone number.
  • 17. June 16, 2006 Page 21Wonju Soldiers, airman hone combative skills projectile range, to close in, go through a striking range and to achieve a clinch where they’ve got a dominant position on the person,” said Ward. “Basically what it teaches them is how to go from outside someone’s distance where they can get hit to going inside to gain a position and take the person down and then they can finish the fight.” “It feels good to be an instructor and teach people what I’ve learned,” said Lacure. “I like training. It helps me and other people as well. You’ve got to enjoy it, I guess. It’s hard training, but its fun.” “We’re very happy to be able to offer this to the Camp Long community,” said Borovicka. “My Soldiers are in here as well as about five other units from Camp Long -- which is about all we have here. The Camp Long combative program F. NEIL NEELEYSgt. Kenji Dorsey, 538th Ordinance Company, spars with Spc. Dennisur Thompson, Headquarters, Headquartes Detachment. Thompson is growing by leaps and bounds.”was one of two women in the class. “I gave it my all,” she said. “I just wanted to get it over with.” “I’m doing this because I want to learn to defend myself,” saidBy Susan Barkley with each level building on the skills effective in hand-to-hand combat.” Airman 1st Class Garrett Mincin,Area III Public Affairs learned at lower levels and teaches This basic class was taught by Air Force Seismological Research CAMP LONG – The 538th skills needed for hand-to-hand three Level III instructors. Staff Station, Detachment 452.Ordnance Company, 6th Ordnance combat, how to close the distance, Sgt. Monica Gonzales, “Especially with the Air ForceBattalion last week hosted the first gain a dominant position and finish Headquarters, Headquarters being an expeditionary force andArmy Combatives training ever held the fight. Detachment, and Sgt. Jerett Lacure, with today’s operations tempoat Camp Long, and the result was “The Level I instructor teaches Company D, 1st Battalion, 2nd being what it is. With so many Airthat 13 Soldiers and one airman ground fighting and basic Aviation Regiment, completed their Force units being forwardcompleted Level I training and now clinching,” said Capt. Joseph M. training at Camp Humphreys in deployed, it makes good sense toknow the basics of hand-to-hand Borovicka, commander, 538th Ord. April. First Sgt. Sean Ward, 1st be able to defend myself incombat and can teach Level I Co., 6th Ord. Bn. “Closing the Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment combat. I’m going to take thiscombatives up to the platoon level. distance from striking range to completed his training at Fort knowledge back to my unit and Combatives training, an Army grappling range ... is the basis for Benning, Ga., last November. teach anybody there who wants torequirement, is a four-level course what a Soldier needs to know to be “We teach them how to go from learn.”McCar thy assumes command of 527th Militar y Intelligence BattalionMcCarthy Military BattalionBy Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS – Lt. Col. John N. McCarthyassumed command of the 527th Military IntelligenceBattalion from Lt. Col. Jerald L. Phifer in a ceremonyheld at the ROK Army Ministry of National Defensecompound here, June 2. McCarthy comes to Humphreys from the Office ofthe Chief of Staff of the Army, at the Pentagon,Washington, DC. Other assignments have included aprevious tour in Korea at Camp Hovey, tours inGermany, Hungary, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia and Kabul,Afghanistan. His awards include the Bronze Star medal, the JointService Commendation Medal, the Meritorious UnitCitation, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal,the Southwest Asia Service Medal (two Oak LeafClusters), the Korean Defense Service Medal, the IraqCampaign Medal, the Afghanistan Medal, the NATOMedal (three Oak Leaf Clusters ) and Kuwait LiberationMedals. Phifer leaves Korea after two years in command of COURTESY PHOTOthe “Silent Warriors” of the 527th MI Bn., and isretiring from active duty after 23 years. Lt. Col. John N. McCarthy, (right) incoming commander of the 527th Military Intelligence Battalion and Lt. Col. Jerald L. Phifer, outgoing commander, review the troops during their change of command ceremony June 2.
  • 18. 22 June 16, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Sports Humphreys Sports highlight weekend Directorates Moving to Zeockler Station Rugby in the rain Movement to Zoeckler Stations By F. Neil Neeleycontinues. Already moved to Building Area III Public Affairs1280 are: Safety, DRM, PAIO, MWR, CAMP HUMPHREYS – TheDPTMS and PAO. Summer monsoon season began Moving Thursday - Area III early Saturday as the Humphreys’Command Group, Camp Humphreys Bulldogs rugby team stormed theOfficer of the Day, Directorate of field to play the Osan Mustangs inEmergency Services. two games on Soldiers’ Field. Phone numbers for offices and Rain did nothing to dampen thedirectorates moving into Bldg. 1280 player’s determination as bothwill change to the prefix 754 effective teams gave it their all despite thewith the move. For example, the staffduty number will be 754-6111 effective challenging weather.Thursday. The Mustangs beat the Bulldogs in game one 5-4 and the Bulldogs Freedom Field returned the favor in game two, Now Off Limits beating the Mustangs 5-4.Freedom Field will be OFF LIMITS Anyone interested in joining thethrough July 31 for seeding and turf Humphreys team is invited tobuilding. F. NEIL NEELEY contact Staff Sgt. OwenNo activities are currently scheduled Staff Sgt. Aaron Orelup, (center) 527th Military Intelligence Battalion, prepares to barrel through “Sweaters” Ryckman at 010-5653-for the field. Osan Mustang defenders Senior Airman Jeremy Watson (3) and Sgt. Eric Stuart (14). 1463. No experience is required. Power, Water Outages Scheduled Hwaseong FilialFind about Area III power and water Piety Marathonoutages online at By F. Neil Neeley Once the page opens click on the Area III Public Affairsword Pacific under “ARMY.” CAMP HUMPHREYS – Fifteen On the next page click on “Camp Area III Soldiers ran in the 7thHumphreys” Hwaseong Filial Piety Marathon starting On the next page click on “Facility at the Suwon University Stadium inManagement” Suwon Sunday. The event was On the next page click on DPW sponsored by Hwaseong City and thecustomer service. Click on “info” in Korean-American Partnershipthe column to the right and you’ll get Association. The event featured a familythe upcoming events i.e. water run, 5K, 10K, half and full marathons.outages and power outage. Most of the Area III Soldiers running were military police. “It was all hills,” Father- Daughter said Capt. Na Vong, 557th MP Company Dance There will be a Father-Daughter commander. “But my troops motivatedDance beginning at 6 p.m. June 23 at me, I couldn’t let them down.”Tommy D’s, sponsored by Youth According to Yi In-won, founder ofServices. For information, call 753- the Korean American Partnership8507 Association, approximately 10,000 F. NEIL NEELEY people participated in the marathon. This was the fifth time Americans joined in. Pfc. Kim Jin-hyun, (left) 2nd Lt. Chad Ashe and Cpl. Lee, Ju-hyung ,all with the 557Military Police Resume and Resumix Company, start the half marathon Sunday. ClassA Resume and Resumix Class will be .offered from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 26at the Distance Learning Center. Toregister, call 753-8321 Pam Tillis ConcertCountry Music Association “Female Steaker y Opens SteakeryVocalist of the Year” and County Airman 1st Class Vincent MabaryMusic Television “Video of the Year” picks up his sandwich from Charley’sappears live in concert June 29 at the Steakery employee Pak Min-han.CAC beginning at 7 p.m. Arrive early! Charley’s is now open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at MP Hill. Long, Eagle CAC The AAFES Jan Mi shoppette will Happenings open Wednesday and will be openCommunity activity centers at camps from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.Long and Eagle offer a variety of These hours have been set for the firstactivities ranging from video games 30 days and may be adjusted basedto card games and more. Find out on patronage. If customer demandabout the fun by calling the Camp warrants extended hours, theLong CAC at 721-3386 and the Camp schedule will be adjusted.Eagle CAC at 721-2331. Area III News & NotesFor information on how to place anitem in the Area III News & Notes,call 753-8847. F. NEIL NEELEY
  • 19. June 16, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23 DFACBlackhorse DFAC cooks up a good timeBy Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHRETS – There was music in the air,smoke rising from grills, folks waiting in line forbarbecued ribs, chicken, links and all the trimmings thataccompany a cookout June 8, but the setting was notwhat people usually think of when they think about abarbecue. The setting was the 2nd Combat AviationBrigade Blackhorse dining facility for the Thursday noonmeal. Sgt. 1st Class Jacqueline D. White and her team werein the middle of the first ever cookout at the DFAC and,from the looks of things, the customers were enjoyingit. “It’s always a good day for a cookout,” said StaffSgt. Brian K. Jones, 520th Maintenance Company, asPvt. Madonna S. Noble, HSC 602nd Aviation SupportBattalion, helped him with a serving of ribs. Noble said the barbeque was a morale booster for thetroops and fun for the cooks too. Pvt. Melissa C. Esther, Company A, 602nd GAS Bn.,thought it was a good idea for Soldiers to get together inthe relaxed setting to enjoy the food. Pvt. Sarita S. Foster, Company E, 2-52 GAS Bn., S USAN BARKLEYsaid she was enjoying the nice weather and hoped (left) Staff Sgt. Timothy Mose, Company A, 304th Signal Brigade, Staff Sgt. Esmeraldo Yaya and Spc. Anthony Masga, both withthat there will be more meals like this. 2-52 Combat Aviation Brigade, all enjoy the barbecue at the Blackhorse cookout. Master Sgt. Godfry W. Miller, 2nd CAB food service re-supplying the serving line with chicken. White echoed his sentiments when she said in additionsupervisor, credits White with the idea and helped by Meanwhile, Pfc. Herman A. Banks, Co. E, 3-6 CAV, to the nutritional value, meals at the Blackhorse stand outpointing her in the right direction to arrange for tents, tables 2nd CAB, was manning a grill filled with links. He thought because they put a lot of emphasis on sanitation and makingand grills. the cookout was a great idea because it is a morale booster sure the Soldiers who do the cooking are fully trained. The staff was having fun too. for the troops. Miller said he hopes to be able to offer more meals like “People don’t know how good our food is,” said Pvt. The DFAC offers nutritious meals with a good variety this and White said she is looking to feature more ethnicJohnny R. Franklin, E Co., 2-52, GAS Bn., while he was every day Miller said. menus among their daily fare. Fair‘Emerging Einsteins’ shine at HAES Science FairBy Susan Barkley Troy Keene. His experimentArea III Public Affairs demonstrated the life-span of CAMP HUMPHREYS – various brands of batteries.“Emerging Einsteins” stood near “Fascinating, simply amazing,”their exhibits at the Humphreys said Richard M. Schlenker, actingAmerican Elementary School assistant principal at Seoulscience fair held June 8 at the American High School and scienceyouth center gym, explaining the coordinator, as he judged theintricacies of their experiments experiments.and if the conclusions supported He said some of the studentstheir hypotheses to judges and were talking on a graduate schoolspectators. level. They were gaining The fair grew out of the after- experience answering questionsschool science and problem- based on their data, questions andsolving club sponsored by decisions.teachers Jacqueline Farmer and “The science fair ‘createsSherri Longoria. It was also an independent thinking and brings SUSAN BARKLEYassignment for all third-graders science into daily life’,” he said. Wintress Harris, 4th grade, explains to judge Richard M. Schlenker, acting assistant principal atwho had the opportunity to show Sixth-graders ElAnie Briggs Seoul American High School and science coordinator at the Science Fair, how free electrons andwhat they had learned all year in explained the water cycle in her protons create electricity. The fair was held June 8 in the youth center gym. Harris won secondscience and health classes. experiment and James Lim used place for her grade level. “My conclusion supported my dry ice and ice cubes to makehypothesis,” said third-grader snow and ice crystals in a glass of soda. improvement goal of increasing Fourth-grader Wintress Harris problem solving abilities across And the winners were … the ESL students was to demonstrate showed how electricity is created the curriculum,” said Farmer. First Grade: their mastery of the language behind from free electrons and protons. “A major component of the Eric Anderson – first place the scientific method) Capt. Anthony F. Cerella, ‘judging’ included student Grace Cho – second place Roswin Sango – first place commander 52nd Ordnance explanations related to scientific Chloe Gumataotao – third place Jo-Ann Han – Second palce Company, 6th Ordnance Battalion, thinking and problem solving Second Grade: Reyna Labarette – third place was one of the judges. using the UPSL (understand, Courtney Severino- first place Fourth Grade: He said the students had put in plan, solve, look back) method – Makayla Tibbits-second place Jacob Amquist – first place a lot of hard work and were a school-wide intervention for Paige Duskie – third place Wintress Harris – second place discovering the scientific method. school improvement.” Third Grade: Sixth Grade: He added that they were also In addition to the knowledge Ryan Smith: first place James Lim-first place developing critical thinking skills they gained, each student who Adam Park: second place The team of Joseph Duskie and and asking how their experiments participated in the science fair Kayla Mains – third place Dominique Williamson – second place could be made better. received a certificate certifying Third Grade ESL: (the goal for Eli Gumbon – third place “It also supported our school them as an “emerging Einstein.”
  • 20. June 16, 2006 Page 25TAS teacher selected as best in Korea DistrictBy Steven Hoover selection, Smith said she “reacted prettyArea IV Public Affairs much the same way she acted at student CAMP GEORGE – Although it might sporting events, jumping up and downseem a bit early, a Taegu American School and clapping her hands. Though I knowteacher has been named the 2007 how hard I work and how the studentsDepartment of Defense Dependents and parents appreciate me, it isSchools Korea District Teacher of the Year. wonderful to know that those above feel According to Peter D. Grenier, the the same way.”Korea District assistant superintendent, a Part of the selection process involvedpanel met in May to review the packets of the candidates answering threethe nominated applicants and judged questions, with the last asking “If youJennifer Smith, who teaches 10th-grade were selected as a national spokespersonlanguage arts and history, the best representing the teaching profession,peninsula-wide. He said the winner holds what would be your platform?”the designation throughout the upcoming Smith responded “In the midst ofschool year. planning schedules and writing syllabi, Smith, who has taught at TAS for crafting lessons and making copies, wefour years, grew up in Sheridan, Wyo., sometimes forget that the whole is morewhere she studied regional history and GALEN PUTNAM important than the sum of its parts. WeNative American culture. She received her Taegu American School teacher Jennifer Smith provides directions prior to the talent show for hope the students feel safe and enjoybachelor of arts from Black Hills State TAS students in kindergarten through sixth grade April 19 at the school. Smith was recently coming to school, and we try very hardUniversity in South Dakota and her named the 2007 Department of Defense Dependents Schools Korea District Teacher of the Year. to make our classrooms a haven, butmaster’s degree in educational psychology During her time at TAS, she has be counted,” said Whitney Dalton, a there is more to a school than itsfrom the University of South Dakota. received recognition and numerous member of the TAS Class of 2006. “For classrooms.Before joining DoDDS, she taught on a honors and commendations including me personally, I’ve grown as a strong “Teachers have to know theirNavajo Indian reservation in Arizona for being nominated for Teacher of the Year individual and as a student through her students to truly help them, and studentstwo years and spent another year teaching honors last year. She is very involved mentoring. Anyone who has had her in have to know teachers care about theirat the San Carlos Apache Reservation, with her students and sponsors a variety a classroom can see the passion she has well-being outside the classroom. If ouralso in Arizona. of curricular and extra-curricular for what she does, for what she teaches mission is to create a love of lifelong “Ms. Smith is an outstanding teacher activities. Included among these and for her students. She makes school learning, to produce self-actualized,who reaches students at all levels of activities are the high school yearbook, and learning fun, the way it should be.” ethical citizens, we must all contributelearning and has been very successful in the student newspaper, video club, Smith is also a coordinator of the all the time.”establishing a collaborative and cooperative literary magazine and Student Council. School Improvement Plan, Teacher With her selection, Smith is nowlearning environment for the students in “I’ve worked with Ms. Smith for Mentor Program and Professional eligible to compete for Department ofher classroom,” said Charles Toth, Korea four years, in class and out, and the Development Program. Defense Education Activity Teacher ofDistrict Schools’ superintendent. number of lives she has inspired can’t When she was notified of the the Year honors.Wood Clinic nurse recognized at DoD ceremonyBy Steven Hoover Francisco State University with a bachelor ofArea IV Public Affairs science in nursing. Like many Soldiers, she CAMP WALKER – As far as Maj. America Planas, completed her education while on active duty, takingchief nurse for Area IV, Wood Medical Clinic and classes after work and on weekends. In 2003, whileCompany D, 168th Medical Battalion (Area Support), stationed in Wuerzburg, Germany, she completed ais concerned, an award she received in Hawaii recently masters of education from the University ofbelongs to the “TEAM” and not her alone. Oklahoma. Planas was one of 11 military personnel from around Planas was nominated for the award by Col. Karenthe world to receive the 2006 Federal Asian-Pacific Gausman, 18th Medical Command’s deputyAmerican Council’s Military Meritorious Service Award commander for nursing. In her nomination packet,May 10. She received the award for the U.S. Army she cited Planas for “transcending barriers associatedactive component. with ethnicity by exemplifying the tenets for “I am only a reflection of my leaders,” Planas said. empowering others with knowledge and confidence.“Without their clear vision, mission, direction, guidance, SGT. OH DONG-KEUN In the military community, she spearheads educationalsupport and recognition, I would not be where I am. Maj. America Planas, Company D, 168th Medical Battalion, awareness programs, fostering wellness and all levelsIt is not about me, it is all about us. I accepted the conducts a blood sugar test on Pak Chong-ku, community of resuscitative medicine.”award on behalf of all the Asian-Pacific Americans relations officer, Area IV Support Activity at Camp Carroll, She was also cited for “being an outstanding andwho are proudly serving in the military.” during the 2005 Occupational Health Fair held at Camp innovative visionary leader. She is a consummate One servicemember from each branch, including Carroll Food Court. educator and a staunch patient and family advocate,the Coast Guard, as well as Army and Air National warrior attributes of their respective military service, who empowers others to transcend the boundariesGuard and Reserve components were selected to DoD officials said. The award also acknowledges their associated with race and ethnic diversity.”receive the awards, which were presented by David contributions to the advancement of Asian and Pacific “I’ve told Maj. Planas that I’m not going to allowS.C. Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel Americans and the promotion of equal opportunity in her to DEROS, jokingly of course, because she is suchand readiness who was the keynote speaker at the the federal workforce and the Asian-Pacific American a huge asset to the clinic,” said Lt. Col. Jack Davis,event. community. Wood Medical Clinic officer in charge. “She has The award recognizes servicemen and women who Planas, who was born in the Philippines, was an contact with every aspect of clinical operations anddistinguish themselves in the war on terrorism; whose enlisted Soldier for almost nine years (from private training. Without her energy and dedication to duty,activities best support the ideas of duty, honor, country; to sergeant first class) before receiving a direct we could not function. She has been fundamental toor who best epitomize the core values and the citizen- commission in 1990 after graduating from San mission accomplishment.”
  • 21. June 16, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Camp Carroll Carroll MI unit supports Evergreen home Outdoor Pool Closed By Kevin Jackson Due to renovations, the Camp Carroll Area IV Public Affairs outdoor swimming pool is closed for WAEGWAN – At 5 p.m. Friday the summer. For information, call evenings, most Soldiers and civilians are Carlos Algarin at 765-8118. focusing on the weekend. But two bilingual Soldiers from Camp Carroll and AAFES Bazaar at some disadvantaged children of indigent Kelly Fitness Center The Army and Air Force Exchange Korean mothers from this community Service’s Concessionaire’s Bazaar have other plans. They are practicing will be 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday – English. Sunday at Kelly Fitness Center on Company B, 524th Military Camp Walker. For more information, Intelligence Battalion, entered into an call Chong Chu-yong at 768-7383 or agreement with the Waegwan Evergreen 011-9859-1213. Mothers’ and Children’s Home May 19 to teach English to its elementary and Camp Henry Theater middle school students, conduct a Wednesday Matinees quarterly rice drive, and participate in Starting Wednesday, the Camp social activities together. LEE SANG-HUN Henry Theater will begin offering “As we provide these programs to the matinees, starting at 3 p.m. The first Sgt. Jessi Howell from Company B, 524th Military Intelligence Battalion at Camp Carroll, enters into a Evergreen Mothers’ and Children’s facility, movie is “Shaggy Dog,” which will “yaksok” or promise with 10-year-old Kwak Hui-won (left) and 11-year-old Lee Geon-hui to teach it is my hope and desire that we build a be followed June 28 by “Curious conversational English following the opening ceremony May 19 at the Waegwan Evergreen Mothers’ and strong relationship with the students, staff George.” Wednesday matinees will Children’s Home. Howell and Spc. Jason Etzen began teaching English to the students May 26. of the Evergreen facility, and the town of be offered through Aug. 30, while Waegwan,” said Capt. Jun Yi, B Co., 524th to donations from the community. Hong and playing with the Soldiers. school is out. For information, call Yi Eu-pyo, the foundation chairman and a MI Bn., during the opening ceremony. “It is going to be fun studying English Hye-kyong at 768-8670. pastor, said there are no facilities in “Together, I know we will make a with Soldiers,” said Ahn Ji-won, a difference in this community.” gregarious 10 year old who attends third Korea for single fathers and their Holiday Sports children, but that his foundation is Events Slated The English classes began May 26 grade at Joongang Elementary School. with Sgt. Jessi Howell and Spc. Jason “This will help me to feel more creating one. Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Etzen as the primary instructors, both confidence when I learn English in The foundation provides financial Walker will host the “Rumble on the having attended the Defense Language school. It is really good because we can support to keep the families together, ROK” Open Boxing Invitational 4 p.m. July 3. The event is open to all Institute at the Presidio of Monterey in learn English from native speakers.” covers the children’s school tuition and active-duty personnel. Mandatory California, where they learned basic The facility opened in 1977 to provide offers numerous classes for their mental weigh-ins and physical exams will Korean language. They are assisted by single mothers and their children with a and physical development in a Christian be from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. that day. A four students from the Kyungbuk stable home life. About 20 mothers and environment. 5-kilometer/2-mile run/walk will start College of Science’s Department of 35 children reside at the facility, “Sometimes the children here feel left at 8 a.m. Participants can register at International Tourism, who have according to Pak Chong-ku, Area IV out because they are staying in the mothers’ Kelly Fitness Center beginning at 7 volunteered their time. Support Activity community relations and children’s home,” Hong said. “We a.m. For information, call Neal During the ceremony, the instructors officer at Camp Carroll. think in Korea that ‘the smarter children Fleisher at 764-4800. introduced themselves in Korean to the There are currently about 45 mothers’ are, the less they feel left out.’ There is children, mothers, facility staff and public and children’s homes throughout the one person (from the home) who goes to Warrant Officer officials in attendance. While Lt. Col. Republic of Korea. The Waegwan home college on a scholarship so we are trying Recruiting Team Visit David Carstens, battalion commander, and is run by the non-profit Sangrok 79 to encourage the children here to study A Warrant Officer Recruiting other members of his staff toured the hard. It is going to be a big help for them Foundation, which receives limited Team from Headquarters, U.S. Army facilities, the children spent time talking funding from Chilgok County in addition to study English with U.S. Soldiers.” Recruiting Command, will be in Amerasian officer strives to help those in need Daegu to brief interested Soldiers regarding qualifications and application procedures to become warrant officers. At Camp Carroll, By Galen Putnam While he probably ended up wandering the streets the team will be at the Education Area IV Public Affairs consents that racial of Seoul like so many of the outcast Center, Bldg. 236, Monday and Tuesday. The team will be at the CAMP HENRY – Extending a helping tolerance in Korea Amerasian children you see,” he said. Camp Henry Education Center, hand to those in need is more than just has improved over “More than anything, I would like to find Bldg. 1840, Thursday and June 23. “the right thing to do” for one Camp the years, Yi this man to thank him for what he did. Briefings will begin at 10 a.m. and Carroll Officer – it is a personal mission. believes there is still I’m a senior captain and I passed up 1:30 p.m. daily at both sites. Current Capt. Jun Yi, commander of Company a great deal of bias other company command opportunities warrant officer shortages exist in B, 524th Military Intelligence Battalion, directed toward so I could come here to command in the Military Intelligence, Food knows hardship. The product of an Amerasian children. Korea. I wanted to make a difference Service, Criminal Investigations African-American G.I. father and Korean “These kids suffer for others like he did for me.” Capt. Jun Yi and Special Forces career fields. For mother, Yi grew up never quite fitting in racism every day. Yi’s father adopted his own children information, call Staff Sgt. Marleen as either an American or Korean. Being Koreans are more accepting than when from the orphanage where they had been Rosalie at 768-7154. sent to an orphanage, along with his I was here some 20 years ago as a child, deposited three years earlier. As a single sister, at a young age presented but these Amerasian kids need help – parent and noncommissioned officer, he TAS Sure Start additional challenges. especially those with dark skin.” hired a nanny to care for the children. Accepting Applications In Yi’s case, however, adversity led Born in Seoul in 1974, Yi was sent to Yi’s dad ended up marrying the nanny’s Taegu American School Sure Start, to a desire to succeed and to reach out an orphanage by his mother. His father daughter and upon retirement took his a program that runs throughout the to others – particularly Korean was a “hands off” dad who was not family to Tacoma, Wash., where new school year, is accepting Amerasian children. involved in the lives of his two Amerasian challenges awaited Yi. applications at the TAS Main Office. “My one dream while I’m here in children. That is until a company “It was real difficult for me since To attend, children must be four Korea is to set up a foundation that will commander read the riot act to Yi’s English was my second language. It was years old by Oct. 31 and must be the children of command-sponsored benefit Amerasian children in Korea. father extolling him to take responsibility like starting kindergarten at age 10.” He enlisted Soldiers or those of civilians Having grown up in that environment, I for his children – or else. said. “Even though there is a big Korean up to grade GS-9. For information, understand the stigma that still exists to “That commander literally saved my call 768-9501. this day,” he said. life. If it weren’t for him I would have See Yi Page 28 Yi,
  • 22. The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV June 16, 2006 27Daegu Pony League hardballers take Korea-wide championshipBy Steven Hoover “We came out playing flat, and I have to tell you, I drive in two runs. However, the second runner failedArea IV Public Affairs was a little concerned that this was going to be our to touch home plate and was called out upon appeal, CAMP HENRY – The Daegu Angels rode the arms first loss of the season,” said Frank Demma, Angels’ ending the game.of Stevie O’Leary and Vincent San Nicolas and the coach. “It really showed the true heart and dedication “This was a phenomenal end to a super season forbooming bats of Jack Cannon and Frankie Demma to of this team when we were down in the last inning.” this team,” Demma said. “These kids worked hardcapture the KORO 11–12 Pony League, Bronco In the other semi-final, the Yongsan Astros routed every week at practice and were eager to get better asDivision baseball championship Saturday at Victory the Yongsan Marlins, 15–2. The Dodgers then defeated the season progressed. They went the entire seasonField here. the Marlins, 11–3, to claim third place. without a loss and all members of the team played a The Angels, after trailing most of their opener In the final, the Angels held on to beat the Astros 8- big part in the success.”against the Yongsan Dodgers, scored four runs in the 6. Other members of the championship Angels teamfinal inning to win 7–6. As in the first game, O’Leary and San Nicolas split are: Kevin Bueno, Yasmin Bueno, Thomas Congdon, With one out and trailing 6–3, Demma doubled. He the pitching chores, this time with O’Leary coming in Joshua Kang, Brian Lecaroz, Richard Rioles, Emilywas followed by Daniel LeJeune, who walked. A double to shut down an Astros’ rally. Sackett and Joshua O’Leary scored LeJeune, making the score 6–5. Trailing 8–4 in the last inning, the Astros loaded the In an earlier game, featuring teams in the 13–14Cannon then followed with a game-ending inside-the- bases with no outs. O’Leary then struck out the next Pony Division, Camp Humphreys held on to defeatpark homer to the deepest part of centerfield. two batters before surrendering a hit that looked to Taegu 11–9.Speech contest challenges speakers’ skills in second languageBy Cpl. Park Kwang-mo while three local middle school students Korean Speech – winner, Sgt. Robert Balboni Theater.Area IV Public Affairs vied in the English speech category. D. Carle, Headquarters and “Through this speech contest speakers, CAMP HENRY –Learning a foreign Participation in the Korean contest was Headquarters Company, 19th as well as audience members, can learnlanguage is one thing. Speaking in public limited to U.S. Soldiers. Participation in Sustainment Command (Expeditionary); about each others cultural interests,in a second language is another. After the English contest was reserved for second place, Staff Sgt. Elizabeth R. thoughts and experiences,” saidall, it has been said that more people fear Korean students who are being taught Wages, Combat Support Coordination Command Sgt. Maj. Lee In-han, 19thpublic speaking than fear death itself. English by U.S. Soldiers through school/ Team #2; ESC Republic of Korea Army Staff Seven entrants managed to overcome unit partnerships. English Speech – winner, Kim Hyung- Office, one of the Korean category judgessuch fears, as well as the language barrier, Each speech was limited to three jun, an 8th-grader from Suk-jun Middle at the speech contest. “I have to credit allto compete in the Area IV preliminary minutes and focused on one of the School in Chilgok County. All three the participants who showed sincereround of the 2006 Eighth U.S. Army following areas: improvement of the Korean contestants attend the school. efforts to understand a different culture.”Korean and English Speech Contest held ROK-U.S. friendship; the blending of Two Soldiers and one Korean The 19th ESC ROKA Staff Officeat the Camp Henry Theater June 7. mutual nation’s cultures; or fortifying contestant from each area will advance conducted the Area IV preliminary Four U.S. Soldiers competed in the combined unit cohesion. to the Eighth U.S. Army Speech Contest competition. The peninsula-wide contestKorean speech portion of the contest, Winners are: finals Tuesday at Yongsan Garrison’s has been held annually since 1999. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 23. June 16, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyYi from Page 26 community in Tacoma, I didn’t really fit in as either After being commissioned as an Armor officer in Opportunity Center and Orphanage in Bucheon City,a Korean or American.” 1998, Yi was branch detailed into the Military was established to serve Amerasian Children. In Yi took his survivors instinct and applied himself Intelligence Corps. “Others said ‘you look awfully addition, according to the foundations Web site,to his studies. He began to assimilate more comfortably American but you speak Korean’ so I thought to myself “PSBI supports international programs to alleviatewhile attending Lincoln High School in Tacoma. Sports ‘this might be a good way to get to Korea.’” the impact of discrimination, intolerance and prejudicewere the great equalizer. Returning to Korea in March 2005, Yi was in awe. on the quality and condition of children’s lives. “It wasn’t until I started playing high school football “The last thing I remember Together with families, communities andthat I really felt like I fit in with the other kids,” he said. about Seoul when I left as a “It is my personal mission to partner institutions, PSBI programs Yi parlayed his football prowess into a scholarship to child was the tower,” he said. help those kids any way I combat the effects of the injusticesWashington State University. He decided, however, that “When I flew into Seoul I can.” suffered by certain target groups. TheseROTC was more to his liking so he gave up the gridiron saw the tower out of the are children who, because of thein his quest for the gold bars of a second lieutenant. airplane window and I thought – Capt. Jun Yi circumstances of their birth and their While in college he received the surprise of his life. to myself “I’m back home.’ Company B, 524th MI Battalion lives, do not have the same rights orUnbeknownst to him, his father returned to Korea, It is amazing the childhood access to services enjoyed by others.”seeking Yi’s biological mother. With little more than memories one can retain.” “Capt. Yi is a clear example of how programsfaded memories, his father wandered the twisted While here, Yi has taken the opportunity to reach like this not only shape the person, but in Capt. Yi’sstreets of Sung Nam. He eventually stumbled upon out to those who are less fortunate – as he once was. case, shape the officer,” said Lt. Col. Davidthe home of Yi’s Korean grandmother where he was Just one endeavor his unit has partaken in is Carstens, 524th MI Bn. commander, referring towarmly greeted and presented with a phone number sponsoring the Waegwan Evergreen Mothers’ and the partnership between Company B and the– with a Washington state area code. Children’s Home (see article, Page 26). His heart lies, Evergreen Home. “Capt. Yi spent time with the Pearl “He called the number and the operator said ‘you however, with Amerasian kids. S. Buck Foundation actually living in similardon’t need to dial the area code for this number, it is “It is my personal mission to help those kids any circumstances that we have here. I think to myself,a local call.’” Dumbfounded, Yi learned that he had way I can,” he said. I truly understand what they are ‘if I came from a broken home and I had a U.S.grown up only five blocks away from his biological going through. servicemember as a parent who left me, I wouldmother who had immigrated to the United States. Setting, and achieving, lofty goals have never been not come back to the U.S. military.’ “It was truly a miracle. Not only finding her, but a problem for Yi. “Capt. Yi not only came back to the military asfinding out that she had been so near all that time. Not “It may sound far-fetched, but I would like to set an officer and company commander, but he alsoonly that, she worked at AAFES on Fort Lewis where up an annual fund-raising banquet to benefit the Pearl came back to the very same roots that helped bringI bought my uniforms while attending ROTC.” S. Buck Foundation,” he said. “I would like to have him up. The fact is that had he not been a product If that isn’t enough, his sister had an even closer Heinz Ward (fellow Amerasian and Super Bowl star) of this environment, a lot of this might not beencounter. While employed at a beauty shop in a attend as the keynote speaker. I at least want to be a happening.”Tacoma shopping mall, she actually worked on her part of getting something like that established while To learn how you can lend a helping hand whilemother. At the time, neither one of them had a clue. I’m here.” in Korea, visit your installation volunteer Being reunited with his birth mother was a big step Pearl S. Buck International was founded in 1964 coordinator. For information about the Pearl returning to his roots, but there was more to be to address the issues of poverty and discrimination Buck Foundation, visit faced by children in Asian countries. In 1965, the PageServer. Ad goes here
  • 24. June 16, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily The phrase of the week : “Do you know where this address is?” Ee jusoga oedinji aseyo? This address where is do you know? Vocabulary ‘Illgob’ ‘Yohdoel’ ‘Ah-hob’ ‘Yohl’ Situation of the week : getting around town: taxis Where can I get a taxi? Taekshi odiso tanunji aseyo? Take me to the ( ). ( )ggaji ga juseyo. Could you go faster, please? Doe bballi ga juseyo. Go straight please. Jikjinhae juseyo. How far is it? Oelmana momnigga? How much is it? Oelmamnigga? Korean Expression of the week : Fluorescent light Hyeonggwangdeung Yongsan BOSS hits the beach for summer fun A person who is too slow to understand things.