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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060505



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060505 Document Transcript

  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA May 5, 2006Volume 4, Issue 29 The Morning Calm Weekly is Good Neighbor tour Level III Combatives leads to wedding Page 25 Training Page 16 nline Visit http:// officesbegin CAC logonBy Kyu D. HanRegional Chief Information Office-Korea SEOUL — The use of the Common Access CardCryptographic Logon will become a reality for the Korean On the Ballpeninsula by June 30, 2006. Any user of a government Cpl. Kim Se-hun rushes the ball, as Cpl. Parkinformation system will be required to verify. Joung-gon tries to oppose him in an April 26 The CAC Cryptographic logon is an aggressive soccer match during KATUSA - U.S. Soldiersecurity measure to meet the Homeland Security Friendship Week, that ran April 24-28. TroopPresidential Directive-12 requirement. Securing the U.S. Command trounced Area II Support Activity inArmy and Department of Defense workstations is yet the competition.another way of protecting confidential information and Since its creation, more than 250,000 Koreanmaintaining the integrity of attached networks. citizens have served as Korean Augmentation to A CAC offers much more than digital signatures and the U.S. Army Soldiers. For the special coverageencrypted e-mail. Your Personal Identification Number of the week’s activities in Yongsan, see Page 9.authenticates you to your CAC. Also, unlike a pass word,your PIN is not transmitted over the network. You are logged on with your identify certificatesembedded in the integrated circuit chip. If you wereissued a CAC, but have not used your PIN regularly,it’s possible that you’ve forgotten your PIN or if you’ve“locked” your CAC by incorrectly entering your PIN See CAC, Page 3 SGT. SEO KI-CHULEnlisted servicemembers receive ‘six star’ treatmentBy Rakendra Moore started the day’s celebrations April 27IMA-Korea Region Public Affairs hosting a luncheon at the Dragon Hill The USO welcomed an array of Lodge. The next stop was Kyungbokservicemembers for the 35th Annual Palace, where the “six star”Six Star Salute, as they honored 80 servicemembers were treated likejunior enlisted personnel from the Hollywood celebrities as Koreanarmed forces of several countries children shouted greetings, waved andApril 27-28. crowded around them. The USO Six Star Salute was The children eagerly rushed tostarted in 1970 by a group of Korean catch a glimpse of the Soldiers or tocivic leaders who wanted to express be photographed for memories. All oftheir country’s gratitude to the men the servicemembers responded to theirand women who help defend their young admirers and seemed humbledcountry. by their innocence and affection. Today, that tradition is still carried Spc. Bryan Lewis, 501st Militaryon. This year, the USO honored 46 Intelligence Brigade, said “AnytimeAmericans, 32 Koreans, one Filipino that I get time to spend with otherand one Thai serviceman. As part of soldiers, especially during KATUSA- RAKENDRA MOOREthe event, servicemembers were U.S. Soldier Friendship Week … it justtreated to tours of many of Seoul’s Airman 1st Class Johnnie Blount III, 7th Air Force, is surrounded by Korean children during the Six makes the trip over to Korea so muchcultural attractions, banquets and Star Salute tour of Kyungbok Palace. more worth it. Especially being out on anumerous gifts and prizes – including in Osan Air Base” said Sr. Airman were all represented for this two-day day like today with all the kids makes itseveral scholarships. Lanitra Higgins, 7th Air Force. event that recognized the even that much better.” “I feel honored to be invited to the The United States Forces Korea, achievements of a selection of their The Hyatt Hotel in Seoul hosted theUSO to represent both the branch of United Nations Command and the best and brightest.service that I serve and my squadron Republic of Korea armed services The American Forces Spouses Club See Salute, Page 4
  • 2. 2 May 5, 2006 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly B Summer safety is everyone’s concern The summer season begins in a measures down to the individual meeting “under the oak tree.” E few weeks and it is time for us to servicemember level in unit training, Heat Injuries focus our efforts on preventing hot operations and off-duty activities. The danger of heat injuries is a weather related accidents, and Leaders will ensure that every significant threat to our L mitigating the effects of destructive member is aware of and complies servicemembers and to mission weather. with the unit summer safety program. accomplishment. Training on, Whether we are talking about The Summer Safety Campaign recognizing and preventing heat L summer military training or recreational activities, the common denominator is that we will all be focuses on the following areas: Leader Accountability Command involvement is a key injuries is essential. Water Activities Alcohol use, horseplay, spending more time outside. The 2006 factor to a successful safety program. inexperience, lack of supervision and Summer Safety Campaign began Commanders of units involved in swimming in unauthorized areas are S Monday and runs through Sept. 30. training and mission support the most common factors involved The Summer Safety Campaign operations must conduct risk in water-related incidents. Safety Memorandum (available on the U.S. assessments, set safety conditions and awareness and swimming only in E Forces Korea homepage) provides conduct operations and training to authorized areas are the keys to Gen. B.B. Bell more information about the campaign standards. preventing accidents. United Nations Command/Combined and tasks commanders to develop Operational risk management is to Each area must distribute Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea N summer safety programs for their units. The success of this campaign be integrated into every aspect of the unit’s activities. This applies to both ground and aviation operations. information on authorized swimming areas. Alcohol and Substance Abuse commander Recreational Activities D depends on all of us. Leaders at every level Engaged leadership sets the tone for success. Leaders must be aggressive in preventing alcohol and substance Personnel must be made aware of the hazards associated with activities S must lead this campaign Throughout the Summer abuse following long deployments and such as bicycling, camping, hiking, and ensure that their unit Safety Campaign, our most during the summer season. skating and summer outings; and the summer safety program is effective approach will be to Motor Vehicle Safety precautions they should take to avoid fully developed and mitigate the risks associated The dangers of drinking and driving injury. implemented. with the off-duty activities and the hazards associated with Wellness These programs must of our young servicemembers. operating vehicles, especially Family separations can be stressful # provide a comprehensive, proactive We will do this through a range of motorcycles, must be emphasized. for servicemembers and their families. means of identifying risks and engagement strategies, including one- New arrivals and individuals traveling 5-06 See Safety Page 4 Safety, implementing risk-mitigating on-one counseling that I refer to as a to CONUS are at higher risk. MP Blotter The following entries were Investigation continues by CID. Police, in coordination with MPs, Subject 1 stated he/excerpted from the military police ! Assault Consummated by Battery -- Subject 1 and she was not a servicemember and refused to produceblotters. These entries may be Subject 2 were involved in a verbal altercation which his/her ID card. KNP searched Subject 1 and discoveredincomplete and do not imply the guilt turned physical when Subject 1 tried to punch Subject his/her ID card revealing Subject 1 was under the legalor innocence of any person. 2. Subject 2 then punched Subject 1 on his/her facial age to consume alcohol.! Indecent Assault -- Subect 1 and Subject 2 went into area and neck. Subject 1 was transported to the Yongsan PMO whereSubject 2’s barracks room and were consuming alcohol Subjects 1 and 2 were apprehended and transported to he/she was administered a series of FST that he/shewhen Subject 2 attempted to kiss Subject 1. Subject 1 the Camp Casey Provost Marshal’s Office, where they failed. Subject 1 was not advised of his/her legal rightssaid he/she toldSubject 2 to stop and then punched were administered series of Field Sobriety Tests, that due to his/her suspected level of intoxication. Subject 1Subject 2 in the face when he/she tried to kiss him/her they failed. Subjects 1 and 2 were transported to the was further processed and released to his/her unit. Aprilagain, at which time Subject 2 stopped and walked away. Troop Medical Clinic, where they were administered 29, Subject 1 returned to the Yongsan PMO where he/April 26, Criminal Investigation Division coordinated with command-directed blood alcohol tests with results she was advised of his/her legal rights, that he/sheSubject 2’s unit commander and briefed him on all pending. Subject 1 and 2 were released to their units. invoked, requesting a lawyer. This is a final report.aspects of this investigation. Unit commander stated Saturday, Subject 1 was advised of his/her legal rights, ! Damage to Government Property, Damage to PersonalSubject 2 did not commit the offense of indecent assault that he/she waived, rendering a sworn statement attesting Property -- Subject 1 noticed a burning odor emittingas no physical contact was made with Subject 1. The to the incident. Subject 2 was advised of his/her legal from Bldg. 572, Rm. 212, that was secured andcommander stated the offense of simple assault did not rights, that he/she waived, rendering a sworn statement, unoccupied. Subject 1 notified the fire department whooccur as Subject 1 struck Subject 2 in self defense and attesting to the incident. Investigation continues by MPI. responded and contained the fire. Fire Department statedto prevent any criminal acts from occurring. The ! Underage Drinking, Failure to ID -- Subject 1 was the cause of the fire was a lit candle on a table nearallegation of underage consumption of alcohol was observed consuming an alcoholic beverage in the Friends other combustible items inside the room. Investigationreferred to the unit commander for action by CID. Club. When Subject1 was approached by Korean National continues. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 12,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News May 5, 2006 3 Providing aid and comfort CAC from Page 3 three consecutive times. In either case, Filipino Dancers Sought you can reset your PIN at the nearestVolunteers are needed to teach Filipino CAC PIN Reset workstation at your localcultural dances in Yongsan. Anyone Directorate Of Information Managementwith the know-how and the time is asked pass on their talent and skill to those Over the next several months,who would like to learn and showcase personnel will receive an e-mail directingdances unique to the Filipino culture. them to a website. Logon to the websiteIndividuals are also being sought who will require the individual CAC, standardwish to learn traditional Filipino dances. username and password, and the PIN.These dancers will be invited to This site will ensure Active Directory hasparticipate in cultural celebrations as the proper user identity from your CAC.part of Asian-Pacific Month in May. Once completed, an email is sentAnyone interested in teaching or stating that the verification is completelearning Filipino dance may contact and the individual’ CAC is correctlyDolly Toney by e-mail at configured and ready for In order to facilitate this transition to Korean Campaign Season CCL, all personnel are asked to prepareThe season is coming for Korea their CAC prior its campaigns and elections for To prepare for the transition,mayors, governors and councilmen. individuals should:Any officials seeking re-election or ! Know your PINplanning to run for a different office ! Validate the three certificates on yourmust resign their current position by CAC (identity, signature and encryption).May 19 (others in the organization will ! Ensure you have the proper emailserve in their place during the campaign account bound to your CAC.season). Officials will campaign for two a. Army Knowledge Online for DAweeks and Voting Day is May 31. civilians and soldiers. b. Official Korea e-mail of AKO Taxi Prices Increase (sponsored account) for all otherRising fuel expenses combines with the authorized CAC users.strength of the Korean won is forcing STAFF SGT. JEFFREY WOLKE c. Publish your certificates to the Globalthe Army and Air Force Exchange Lt. Col. Roscoe Van Camp, 8th Medical Operations Squadron, together with other medical Address List.Service to adjust its taxi cab fares in personnel, helps to treat a victim of a simulated vehicle-borne improvised explosive device ! Register your CAC with AKO andKorea. during an emergency management exercise, or EME, Tuesday. The EME was conducted as the Defense Online Portal (https:/The fare adjustment wil not impact part of the 8th Fighter Wing’s 2006 unit compliance inspection. / distance and time, which willremain at 30-cents-per-unit increments. Communications platoon sets certification standardThe only modification daytime riderswill notice will be a change to the initialcharge -- $2.30 as of Monday. Inaddition, AAFES taxis are adopting the By Sgt. Tony Williams piece of equipment is two generators which power the CRGindustry standard throughout Korea of 1-43 Air Defense Artillery Battalion and AMG.applying a 20 percent late night The Communications Platoon of Headquarters and The CRG is an essential communication system for thepremium for services between midnight Headquarters Battery, 1-43 Air Defense Artillery Battalion battalion, since mountainous terrain in Korea can limitand 4 a.m. certified its third Communications Relay Group crew this communications due to problems with line of site. The CRG“No one likes price increases, but year April 14. can be emplaced to relay information around largemarket forces dictated that AAFES had “This is a major accomplishment,” said Staff Sgt. Jamie communication obstacles, such as hills and adjust rates to ensure our troops in Skinner, NCOIC of training. “This has never been Without the CRG, the fire units would have a much harderKorea and their families receive accomplished before in Korea.” The platoon is now working time identifying enemy and friendly aircraft.dependable and safe transportation on certifying a fourth crew. Crews are evaluated in three main areas. First, the crew issupport,” said AAFES Pacific The mission of the Communications Platoon is to support assessed on the equipment maintenance. All equipment shouldCommander, Col. Michelle Gardner- 1-43 ADA Battalion’s ability to communicate with its Battery be in proper working order and any faults or problems withInce. “Considering AAFES taxi fares are Fire Units in order to maintain command and control. the equipment should be annotated with a corrective action.received in U.S. dollars, the The platoon uses four main pieces of equipment to “We worked long hours making sure our equipment wascombination of a strong won andincreased fuel costs made the increase accomplish the mission. The Communications Relay Group is prepared for the evaluation,” said Pfc. Keith George, Crewunavoidable.” a communications van that controls all of the Two team member. “You don’t want to fail your evaluation communications equipment. The Antenna Mast Group because you’re missing a few screws or bolts.” AAFES Haircut Prices consists of four antennas used to put in four communications After maintenance, the crew is evaluated on how well they to Increase June 1 shots with adjacent fire units and higher echelons. The final can emplace the four pieces of equipment. The crew mustCustomers will pay a little more for a follow a procedural checklist to safely emplace the equipmenthaircut at AAFES facilities in Korea and open an operational communication link with a firing unit.beginning June 1, when the price will This phase must be accomplished within 45 minutes.increase 35 cents to $7.60. Finally, the crew is evaluated on how well they can reverseIn an effort to lessen customer impact the cycle by breaking down the equipment and being ready toof an increase, AAFES officials raised move to their newly assigned location. Again this must bethe price in two steps. The first accomplished in 45 minutes.increase came in April, when prices “We went over the crew drills so many times that I lostrose 50 cents. count” said Pfc. Michael Nelson, Crew Three team member,Prior to this effort, the last price “but the confidence gained by passing our evaluation wasincrease took effect June 1, 2004. worth all the work.”Since Korean barber shops are off All three CRG crews qualified on their first evaluation.limits to military personnel, AAFES Crew Two accomplished a perfect score of 100 percent.uses the average price of a haircut “Crew Two was the best CRG crew I have ever seen in 27from 10 CONUS Market Basket COURTESY PHOTO years,” said Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Puckett, 1-43 ADASurveyed locations less 30 percent Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Puckett, 1-43 Air Defense Artillery Battalionto establish the haircut price at senior evaluator, briefs a Communication Relay Group crew on a job wellAAFES Korea barber shops. done during certification training April 14. See Communication Page 4 Communication,
  • 4. May 5, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklySalute from Page 1event’s main banquet the evening of House, was one of the main eventsApril 27. Everyone was wearing their for the honorees. The day alsofinest dress uniform they were joined included a luncheon hosted by theby a list of distinguished guests mayor of Seoul at Sejong Culturalincluding the U.S. Ambassador to Center and a tour of the WarKorea Alexander Vershbow and U.S. Memorial.Forces Korea Commander Gen. B.B. “The Korean Blue House, to seeBell. The night’s keynote speaker it, is quite breathtaking andwas the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon the absolutely beautiful”, said Sgt.Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Dustin Jorrick, 18th Medicalof the Republic of Korea. Command. He also commented that The 80 honorees were presented the War Memorial definitely had awith medals during the course of the special effect on his heart. “To me,evening’s banquet. When interviewed it showed that Korea is not just antheir gratitude was evident. ally,” he added. “Being honored like that doesn’t For the Korean participants, thehappen very often,” said Pfc. Stephen day held special significance. Sgt.Parvin, a participant from 2nd Kim Young-Hwan, Republic of KoreaInfantry Division. Army, said “As a Korean soldier, I While some relished in the have to spend two years at military …evening’s events, others turned their but because of this event, I feel that Iexpectations to what lay ahead. have gained. I obtained something Sgt. Sung W. Choi, Headquarters, special during my military duty.”Marine Forces Korea, said “Today’s “It was a great honor for me togreat, but what I am actually looking attend the Six Star Salute, and I willforward to tomorrow is the Blue never forget for the rest of my life,”House which I’ve never been too …” added Eric Invierno, Armed Forces of After breakfast April 28, visiting the Philippines and United Nationsthe presidential residence, or Blue Command.Communication from Page 3 COURTESY PHOTOSgt. Ricardo Adderly, 1-43 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, (left) monitors an Antenna Mast Groupas the crew works to raise the antenna.Bn. senior evaluator. “All three Soldiers have accomplished,” saidcrews were on top of their game.” Capt. Neil Myers, HHB, 1-43 ADA It took about two weeks of commander. “Their hard work hasconstant training for each crew to paid off and has improved themake this accomplishment. “I am Battalion’s overall operationalextremely proud of what my readiness.”Safety from Page 2Leaders must be able to recognize the for us all to serve in this wonderfulwarning signs of suicide and domestic country of Korea safety, with no loss ofviolence and know whereto get help when life.needed. Together and by aggressively executing The time to start preparing for summer our individual and leader responsibilities,is now. We can make a difference. We we can all return to the United States alive,must do everything we can to prevent having done our best to assure peace andinjury and loss of life, and to ensure our stability in this wonderful area of theservicemembers, civilians, contractors world.and family members are protected as we We Go Together!execute our mission here in Korea withexcellence. There is no greater priority than thesafety of the people with whom we are General, U.S. Armyprivileged to serve. My greatest desire is Commander
  • 5. May 5, 2006 Page 5 PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMAll games were hotly contested during KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship Week, but the soccer game was perhaps the most evenly played and the favorite among spectators.Friendship Week celebrates KATUSA-U.S. partnership Week celebrates TUSA-U.S. partnershipBy Jim Cunningham After his remarks, Higgins dances depicting women working inArea 1 Public Affairs introduced Lt. Col. Kim Sung joong, and around streams. Although no CAMP CASEY — KATUSA-U.S. commander of the KATUSA Soldiers. mention was made as to the subject ofSoldier Friendship Week’s celebration “Thank you for attending this these dances, most could beand competition came to a close April event and enhancing our morale,” understood by watching the action.27 with the awarding of more than 20 Kim said. “This event is a symbol of One dance featured a sonah (a shorttrophies and other awards. The our alliance, and it helps the KATUSA double reed conical wind instrument)celebration included the finest of fine Soldier and the American Soldier soloist that reminded one of Dizzyarts as well as martial arts. The understand each other. Gillespie’s best nights in Tunisia.competition included everything from “Since its creation, there have been The relay race was the firsttug-of-war to soccer. 250,000 KATUSAs served in duty to sporting event featured April 27 and “It’s been a wonderful week of their country and to preserve the Fires Brigade ran away with firstcamaraderie and sportsmanship. freedom. The United States Forces in place by taking a very long lead fromToday we recognize the best of the Korea have been a pillar of the sound of the starting gun. Thirdbest by awarding trophies, but this democracy and freedom to our place went to the Special Troopsweek is about more than that,” said country and the very reason for Battalion and runner up went to theMaj. Gen. George Higgins, 2nd Korea’s success today. We give our Heavy Brigade Combat Team. A Sonah musician plays a solo with the drumsInfantry Division commander. “It is deepest thanks to the United States The one competition that took no and gongs that sounded like Dizzy Gillespie’sabout friendship ... among Soldiers Forces Korea Soldiers for generating understanding to watch was the best night in Tunisia.and between the people of our two freedom and democracy.” Kimajun competition; it reminds onegreat nations.” The 2nd Infantry Division Band of games kids play in the swimming Korea’s civilians, military and, of started things off with marches by pool. Three players line up with thecourse, the KATUSA Soldiers have John Phillip Sousa followed by the middle player supporting a fourthbeen America’s friends and allies for presentation of the colors. player on his shoulders. The object is55 years. An estimated 250,000 A very exciting display of martial for the fourth player to pull the otherKATUSAs have served with the 2nd arts technique followed with a teams down.Infantry Division since the program spectacular show of precision. The First place went to AlphaBattery,began in 1950. 9th Army Special Forces Martial Arts HBCT, runner up went to Bravo Btry., “We are very proud of our Team literally busted bricks with their HBCT and third place went to 304thKATUSAs, and I am so very pleased heads and every other part of their Signal welcome the families of our bodies. Not only were they precise, The soccer championship was aKATUSA Soldiers here today,” but they performed with the precision game that had loads of great actionHiggins said. “We genuinely do not of a Barnum and Bailey high-flying and unusual plays. First place went toknow what we would do without our act, including jumping through the Fires Brigade, runner up was STBKATUSA Soldiers. On behalf of all the flaming hoops. and third place went to HBCT. Overallcommanders in the division, I So much precision was followed champion this year was Fires Brigadecongratulate all of you on your with a great showing of pure artistry in with 23 points. This sprinter finishes far ahead of thededication and thank you for your dance. Dancers performed everything competition to bring the win home to the Firesoutstanding service.” from the famed dragon dances to See KATUSA Page 6 KATUSA, Brigade in the relay race.
  • 6. 6 May 5, 2006 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly K ATUSA from Page 5 New transportation Costs in EffectTransportation costs from CampCasey Gate One to New Town,Dongducheon are as follows: AAFEStaxi - $3.50 to $5; local taxi - 3,500 to5,000 won; local bus, 800 to 1,400 won.From Camp Casey Gate One to 2ndMarket Dongducheon: AAFES taxi,$2.50 to $3; local taxi, 2,000 to 3,000won; local bus, 800 to 1,400 won. Taxicosts from Gate One, Camp Casey to2nd Market Dongducheon will be $1to $2 less than those for New Town.There are two types of local bus:economy class without seats or PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMbusiness class with seats. Riders are Team Alpha and Team Bravo of Heavy Brigade Combat Team play for the championship of Kimajun during KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship Week.advised to check with the driver if it’sthe right bus to go to New Town or2nd Market, Central Market - Jungangsijang in Korean, to ensure they haveselected the right bus. CRC Physical Fitness Center ClosesThe Camp Red Cloud Physical FitnessCenter will be closed from May 17 to 21for the Courageous Channel exercise. BOSS Seeking New FrontiersThere will be a Korea Region OfficeBOSS Fashion Bash, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.May 12 at Yongsan Moyer Theatre.Prizes will be awarded to top twowinners in four categories: Casual/Sports, Business, Formal and The ROK 9th SSB Martial Arts Team brought cheers from the crowd with their flaming hoop jump. Korean folk dance teams warmed up the crowdPersonality. Registration deadline is This team demonstrated defense techniques with firearms as well as knives and swords. before the sporting POC is CAC/BOSS. Compete or Soldiers Advisory Counciljust attend and enjoy the professional She then went to the register to buy all of it, but no onemodel training and the 8th Army Band asked any questions of the woman or had any problemsStyle Ensemble. There will be deejay with her buying all the cosmetics. No one stopped her. Thatentertainment after the party for thecompetitors. meets with AAFES left no cosmetics on the shelf for the female Soldiers. I know that one lady could not use all those cosmetics in a lifetime. By Jim Cunningham What is being done about that?” Warrior Sporting Events Area I Public Affairs “We can limit the amount any one person can buy at aThe Warrior Invitational Boxing CAMP CASEY — Soldiers from Camp Casey met with single purchase,” Pak said. “We can train the checkers toCompetition will be held at the CRC representatives of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service stop people from making these kinds of purchases.”Fitness Center Saturday. It is open to April 20 to discuss problems with the merchandise offered “Another thing I witnessed is a dependant buying 18 gallonsactive-duty military personnel to female Soldiers at the newly formed Soldiers Advisory of table wine in one purchase,” Sibley said. “What is beingstationed on USFK installations. The Council focus group. done in this regard?”weigh-ins and medical exams will be The main complaint was casual street clothing offered by “Again, we can put a stop to these kinds of purchases by10 to 11:30 a.m. The competition will AAFES does not fit the American female Soldier, and it does training the checkers to refuse to check them out,” Pak said.begin at 6 p.m. For information, call not meet the Warrior Standards.Warrior Sports at 732-6276/6927. “You say you serve diverse cultural backgrounds, but all E-mail Casey and Red Cloud Enclave the Soldiers see in your stores is clothing that’s only suitableGolf Qualifications will be held May for the Asian female, why is that?” asked Master Sgt. James20 at the Casey and CRC golf courses. Sibley.It is open to active-duty military Pak Yong min, Camp Casey AAFES retail manager,personnel stationed in Warrior explained the ordering process does not easily accommodateCountry/Area I. The top eight players sudden changes. From the selection of the products to displayin the men’s open and men’s seniors, on the floors of the stores takes a minimum of 300 days.and top four players in the women’s “The first step in the process is for buyers and stores todivisions from each of the enclaves analyze the previous season’s sales, adjust them for marketqualification tournaments will advance trends and customer feedback, then lock in commitmentsto the Warrior Division Championship for the upcoming season,” Pak said. “It is a team effort. OurMay 29 and 30. For information, call headquarters staff values the individual store input theyCasey Enclave Sports at 730-2322 and receive worldwide. Many stores hold meetings with customerCRC Enclave Sports, 732-7757. groups, and we are taking a survey now.” “Does that mean that women warriors will have to wait MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSON Quartermaster Laundry Closed 300 days to see clothing that will fit them in AAFES stores?” Sibley asked. Reaching OutThe quartermaster laundry will be closed “Not exactly,” Pak said. “We can order bigger sizes, and Eighteen Soldiers from Area I Headquarters and Headquarterstoday for Buddha’s Birthday and have them in the stores in about 60 days.” Company delivered cases of cereal, sorted candy and boxes ofChildren’s Day. They will open Saturday “Another question I have heard from many Soldiers goodies April 27 to 57 children, ages 6 to 18, at Kwangmyongfor the piece rate items and Monday for concerns black marketing,” Sibley said. “Lt. Col. Terryorganizational items. For information, Orphanage. Sgt.1st Class Sabrina Wilson and Staff Sgt. Jon Higgins Hodges and I watched a woman load a shopping basket up Jr. help pass out the goodies to the 736-4397. with cosmetics, virtually cleaning the cosmetic shelf off.
  • 7. The Morning Calm Weekly Area I May 5, 2006 7 PHOTOS BY PVT. DUSTIN ROBERTSSoldiers from Echo Battery, 1/43 ADA Regiment, fire a Stinger missile from an Avenger at an aerial target flying over the Yellow Sea at Chulmae Range. The battery qualifies every six months.Air Defense Artillery scores highBy Pvt. Dustin Roberts other when finding targets,” Denen said. our skills and that’s why we are here,”35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade “First an aerial target must be acquired said Pfc. Chris Knight, gunner of team CHULMAE RANGE — As the by using the optical sight assembly before Echo-44.sunlight shimmered across the Yellow Sea the gunner fires a stinger missile,” he said. “The battery qualifies at Chulmaea Chulmae Range March 27, Echo Battery, “It’s a team effort to visually identify every six months in order to stay sharp1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery ground targets, planes and unmanned and mission ready,” Knight said.Regiment, and 35th ADA Brigade, had one aerial vehicles.” “We are quick and proficient and knowmajor objective for their five-day stay: to The “Top Gun” competition kicked off exactly what we are doing,” he said.destroy targets. with the judgement of avenger crew drills, “We’d be able to fight tonight.” Echo, an Avenger battery stationed at an Army Physical Fitness Test, and an The competition was very close andCamp Casey, traveled to Chulmae in a Avenger Gunner Skills Test one week went down to the wire, but Team Echo-nine-hour convoy to qualify with the .50- prior to the qualification at Chulmae. 44 pulled off the victory.caliber machine guns and Stinger missile “The battery commander and first The team received two tomahawkweapon system, firing at targets in the sergeant also evaluated teams on visual hatchets that served as trophies and earnedwater and in the air from right off the aircraft recognition and general their respected bragging rights as thebeach. knowledge,” Denen said. Unit’s “Top Gun.” Pfc. Kevin Riley of Echo Battery, 1/43 Air “Twenty-four Avenger teams The top 12 teams who scored the most “Firing the Stinger was the best part Defense Artillery Regiment, loads .50-calibercompeted in a contest among Echo 1-43 points at each event got to fire a live of the qualification,” Denen said. “You’re ammo into an Avenger’s 250-round ammocalled the “Top Gun,” said Staff Sgt. Stinger missile at the range qualified happy after it’s over because the hard can. The 12 teams that scored the mostJason Denen, chief of team Echo-44. target. work pays off.” points in each event went on to fire a live “Teams consist of a team chief and a “We’re preparing for air defense in a Stinger missile at the range qualifiedgunner who communicate with each time of war. We must stay proficient in E-mail dustin target.Ar ea I char ts courseArea community with responsive, proactive public safety services.for impr oved safety improved Surveys count the number of vehicles and use that figure to determine an average daily traffic or the average annual daily traffic. The Safety Office looksBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson at the road conditions, construction in the area,Area I Public Affairs pedestrian and auto traffic to include; motorcycle, CAMP RED CLOUD – Warrior Country officials bicycle and scooter traffic. Also, they survey trafficwant Area I drivers to use common sense and not fall activity in the bus stations and taxi stands.victim to accidents during the “101 Critical Days of If necessary, mitigations are implemented to reduceSummer.” or eliminate accidents. The following mitigations will These 101 days fall between Memorial Day and be implemented in Area I: establishing newLabor Day, and it is a period when the Army sees a crosswalks; repaint existing cross walks; and addrise in duty and off-duty vehicle accidents and injuries traffic lights, signs and speed bumps.caused by increased activity and risk taking. “We need to eliminate these potential risks and “We seem to take for granted if you have all these accidents of our personnel,” said Col. Forrest Newton,cars on the Korean roads and all this traffic, you are Area I commander. “As leaders we need to establishgoing to have a certain number of accidents,” said rules and processes to make it as safe as possible forBrian Tarrance, Area I safety manager at the Accident our workers before we put our personnel and vehiclesReview Board meeting. “Until you break through that on the road.”mindset, it alters the way you face the problem.” To ensure safe driving procedures, leaders and The safety campaign aims at drawing attention to directors will be required to take the accidentsafety awareness and risk management, especially on avoidance, commander’s safety and additional dutythe road. Challenges include congested highways, safety officers and supervisor’s safety online coursesaggressive driving, speeding, narrow roadways, at visibility, environmental conditions, human “However, training and knowledge are not enough,error and mechanical issues. we must take action,” Newton said. “It all comes For these reasons, Tarrance and Pak Se hwan, down to the basic roles and responsibilities of beingsafety surveyor, recently conducted traffic surveys good leaders.” MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSONon camps Casey, Stanley and Red Cloud. Pak Se hwan, safety surveyor, and Brian Tarrance, Area I safety manager, The purpose of the surveys is to provide the E-mail conduct traffic surveys on camps Casey, Stanley and Red Cloud.
  • 8. May 5, 20068 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
  • 9. May 5, 2006 Page 9 PFC. LEE YANG-WON Eighth Military Police Brigade Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army and U.S. Soldiers beat their way to victory in an April 25 talent show at Balboni Theater. Area II KATUSA, U.S. Soldiers celebrate personal alliance with friendship week By Pfc. Lee Yang-won can make friendships that will last Commander Col. Lee Yong-il gave Area II Public Affairs beyond the military service.” opening remarks to promote mutual YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II Tuesday, eight Area II units showed understanding between KATUSA and hosted its 30th KATUSA-U.S. Soldier off their expertise at a talent show in U.S. Soldiers. Friendship Week April 24-28 to front of more than 500 community “The KATUSA Soldiers teach us SGT. SEO KI-CHUL strengthen the Korea-U.S. alliance and members at Balboni Theater. The about their culture,” Stephens said. “WePlayers from the 501st Corps Support Group to celebrate its accomplishments. performances featured songs, dances, teach them about ours. Our culturaland 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, More than 10 Army organizations drama and a traditional percussion show. exchange is a key ingredient to ourcompete in flag football April 27. participated in the festival by competing “We practiced with the KATUSA success.” in sporting events and experiencing Soldiers every day after work,” said Pvt. Following the ceremony, top Korean different aspects of Korean culture. Rooks Bryant, 8th Military Police pop singers performed for the crowds The friendship week started Monday Brigade. “I think it was great to get at Collier Field House. with field trips for each Area II unit. together and I definitely loved it.” “It was a great experience to actually Destinations included amusement parks, The 8th MP Bde. earned first place see famous singers right in front of you,” mountains, a traditional folk village and with their traditional Korean percussion said Pfc. Lee Sang-jun, Area II Support the Korean War Memorial Museum. show. Activity. “I think it was an opportunity “This is a great time of year for both Area II leaders officially kicked off to let U.S. Soldiers know what kind of SGT. SEO KI-CHUL U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers to get the week with a Lombardo Field music we have in Korea.”Sgt. Chadrick George (right) and Pvt. Ryan together and have fun,” said Sgt. Andrew ceremony April 26. Area II CommanderMarsh wrestle Korean style April 28. Mayer, 168th Medical Battalion. “People Col. Ron Stephen and Republic of Korea See KATUSA Page 12 KATUSA, KATUSA: This was my first friendship week By Sgt. Seo Ki-chul Area II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Nearly 1,000 Area II Korean PFC. LEE YANG-WON Augmentation to the U.S. Army Savannah Patterson(right), plays a Korean Soldiers celebrated the April 24-28 traditional game with Christina Owen April 27. friendship week, but for some it was the first time they participated. “Many events like the talent show and various athletic competitions demonstrated the true meaning of the slogan, ‘we go together,’” said Cpl. Kim Sung- yong, 18th Medical Command. “They were enough to bring U.S. and KATUSA Soldiers together as an Army of one.” SGT. SEO KI-CHUL SGT. SEO KI-CHUL See First Page 12 First, Korean group “As One” performs April 27 at Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army and U.S. Soldiers enjoy an event at the friendship week Collier Field House. opening ceremony April 26 at Lombardo Field.
  • 10. 10 May 5, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Community responds to ‘Days of Remembrance’ 501st Military Intelligence Evacuation ExerciseA noncombatant evacuation exercise Brigade hosts observancewill be conducted May 18-20 at CollierField House. All U.S. Forces Korea- By David McNallyaffiliated noncombatants in Area II are Area II Public Affairsrequired to process. The field house will YONGSAN GARRISON — Onebe open 24 hours each day beginning 6 by one Area II community membersp.m. May 18 and remain open until 6 p.m. walked to the front of theMay 20. NEO packets should be congregation to dramatically assumeupdated. Noncombatants from Hannam Above: Eighth U.S. theatrical roles as holocaust victims.Village, Camp Market and K-16 Air Base Army Band member “I am …” said each participant, asshould also report to Collier Field House. Sgt. Charles Gunter they wove the real-life details of peopleOther than those specifically selected performs during the caught up in the darkest days of Nazifor rehearsal processing, nobody April 25 event.should arrive earlier than 6 p.m. May 18 Germany’s “final solution.”for processing. For information, contact Slowly, a tapestry of history filled Left: Event participantyour unit NEO warden. the minds of about 100 people who Staff Sgt. Martin Liu came to the 2006 Days of PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY speaks during a Ethnic Observance Remembrance observation at the Rabbi David E. Lapp tells an Area II crowd candle-lightingAn Asian Pacific Heritage observance South Post Chapel April 25. ceremony. about the events that led to the holocaust.will be held 11:30 a.m. Saturday at Moyer The event was sponsored by theCAC and Main Post Club parking lots. 501st Military Intelligence Brigade. Rabbi David E. Lapp, a retired More than six million Jews perishedThere will be traditional dancing, food in what became known as the “This was very solemn for me,” Army chaplain, came to Korea tosampling, educational information, said participant Staff Sgt. Martin Liu. speak at the ceremony. “holocaust” during World War and a Filipino Band. Tae kwondo, aikido and other martial arts Liu was one of seven Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1931, Millions of gypsies, homosexuals,demonstrations will also be presented. servicemembers to light candles for Lapp was witness to the beginnings Poles, Ukrainians and Russians alsoFor information, call 738-5254. the victims. He said in his nearly 20 of the holocaust. He said his father fell victim to genocide inside death years of Army service, he has never was forced to work in a Nazi labor camps across Nazi-controlled Recognition Celebration played a role in an observance camp until miraculously they were Western Europe during the war.Art, poetry, photos and paintings by ceremony like this, until now. allowed to leave Europe in 1940. Lapp told the crowd about themilitary spouses are sought for a Spouse “It was really an eye opener for He said the memories are vivid. events that led to the rise of the ThirdRecognition Celebration that will be held me,” he said. “You learn about what In his time as a Jewish Army Reich in Germany.3- 4:30 p.m. Monday at the Community happened in school or by reading chaplain, Lapp served in Germany. He “We must learn from history,” he said.Service Building. Prizes will be awarded documents, but this made me realize said someone once told him, “wefor the best artwork. For information,call 738-7510. how terrible it was.” must forgive, but never forget.” E-mail FRG TrainingFamily Readiness Group training forcommanders and leaders will be held 10 Volunteers make ‘nest’ for expectant mothersa.m. – noon Thursday at the Community By Sgt. Seo Ki-chulService Building, room 118. For Area II Public Affairsinformation, call 738-7510. YONGSAN GARRISON — Volunteers made a better environment for expectant mothers at the Family Care Center Spouse Recognition March 24 - April 23.Art, poetry, photos and paintings by The renovation project involved Soldiers, civilians andmilitary spouses are sought for a SpouseRecognition Celebration that will be held families from different groups, including Area II Support3-4:30 p.m. Monday at the Community Activity, 602nd Aviation Support Battalion, Girl Scouts, BoyService Building. Prizes will be awarded Scouts, Navy Spouses Club and many private organizationsfor the best artwork. For information, call and demonstrated strong community relations with a month738-7510. of hard work. Job Fair “The Family Care Center is primarily for 38-week pregnantPre-register now for a job fair 10 a.m.-3 women from Areas I, III and IV,” said Chief of Family Supportp.m. May 19 at the Embassy Club and Division Brenda McCall. “The 121st General Hospital is the SGT. SEO KI-CHULMay 20 at the Main Post Club. Advisors only American hospital in Korea, and they don’t have enough Pfc. Lee Ji-hun (right) and Seo Ho-suk, both from Area II Supportfrom the Army Career and Alumni time to come over to the hospital from their area when they Activity, paint a wall in Family Care Center March 24.Program and the ACS Employment start going into labor.” comfortable before they deliver a baby.”Readiness Program will presentinformation to prepare participants for The facility provides expectant mothers and families with Yongsan ACS held a competition to see which organizationemployment anywhere. Other Area II eight bedrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms in two Yongsan could make the best room for expectant mothers.organizations will also participate. For buildings free of charge. It helps them stay close to the hospital The 602nd Avn. Bn. from Camp Humphreys took firstinformation, call 738-7334 or 8977 or with familiar surroundings. place. The Navy Spouses and Alpha Kappa Alpha followedregister online at McCall said she recognized the need to refurbish all the with second and third place. McCall presented a Family Care Center rooms right after they took over the of appreciation to each group for their commitment and function in March. awarded trophies to the three winners at an April 28 Seoul Singers “After we got the flyer about the ACS looking for ceremony.The “Seoul Singers,” a group of military, organizations that could adopt a room, we decided to join the Relocation Program Manager Gina Mariano said the roomsembassy and Korean singers, will event,” said Staff Sgt. Charlotte Ford-Cunningham, Area II look much cleaner and cozier, and even “more like a hotel.”present their international chorus debutconcert “Captain Noah and his Floating Support Activity. “Each group took care of one room, but we “The criteria for judges were comfort, originality andZoo” 6:30 p.m. May 20 at the South Post could adopt two rooms thanks to large contributions from creativity,” Mariano said. “One expectant mother said sheChapel. Admission is free. Selections many sponsors.” thought the Family Care Center was not a good place toinclude classical and folk music. For Volunteers decorated the rooms by painting walls, and stay. But when I showed some photos of the remodeledinformation, call 02-794-8343. adding bedding, pictures, curtains, night stands and ornamental rooms, she liked it and wanted to stay.” pieces. Some groups made floral decorations, a seating area Sgt. Suzanne Samson, 602nd Avn. Bn., said she had a Area II Web site and purchased new household appliances. good time volunteering with her colleagues, and added it is aFor up-to-date news and information, Ford-Cunningham said her unit installed DVD players for wonderful and necessary service for all.visit the Area II Web site at http:// each room. “Many volunteers put in a lot of hours and “There were televisions with only basic channels,” she said. “It may provide more recreation and help them to feel more See Nest Page 12 Nest,
  • 11. Area IIThe Morning Calm Weekly 11 May 5, 2006 opens its doors at a new stop: Town HouseYongsan diners find familiareatery, more choice at food courtBy David McNallyArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — For Robin Hood andhis band of merry sandwiches, April 10 was a day ofreckoning. It marked the day the Sheriff ofNottingham, better known as Army and Air ForceExchange Area Manager Paul Stenseth, decided toclose the legendary eatery here. But AAFES officials had a quick transition in mindfor a sandwich-starved community. “We are pleased to announce a new Subwaysandwich shop at the Yongsan Town House,” Stensethsaid. “Town House joins two other Area II locationswith a Subway.” K-16 Air Base, Dragon Hill Lodge and Town Housenow offer the famous Subway sandwich shop. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY Robin Hood, a proprietary AAFES brand, has a Exchange officials said they are investing in name brand restaurants to better serve customers.history of more than 20 years, but worldwide, AAFESis making the switch to Subway. “There are a lot of really pleased customers,”Stenseth said. “It’s a name brand that young Soldiersand airmen grew up with.” Stenseth said Subway has a dedicated system withpromotions, marketing and a larger menu. The sandwich shop offers six flavors of freshlybaked bread, options for toasting and a wider varietyof sandwich toppings. Above: Subway Manager “They offer more to the customer,” he said. “What Kim Mi-chi takes an orderwe have now is a system.” during a busy lunchtime. The fresh face to the Yongsan food business has Left: The shop offers a wide Customer Matt Bergmann tells Subway chef Pae Su-man how See Subway Page 12 Subway, variety of menu items. he wants his sandwich prepared .
  • 12. 12 May 5, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyK ATUSA from Page 9 Thursday, a cultural festival introduced is over, but the friendships may last atraditional costumes, food and games to lifetime.the Soldiers and community members. “I had a great time with U.S. Soldiers “This is the first time putting on the during the friendship week,” said Cpl. Kimempress dress,” said Sgt. Nicolas Wass, Tae-young, 8th MP Bde. “Now, I think8th U.S. Army Band. “The colors are really we have a better understanding of eachbeautiful.” other’s culture.” Soldiers got a taste of different kimchi, (Editor’s note: See a slideshow of theKorean rice cakes, tea, sweets and also week at traditional games. For Korean and U.S. Soldiers the week E-mail from Page 9 SGT. SEO KI-CHULKorean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldier Cpl. Kim Sung-yong, smiles while presentingKorean singer Yi Chae with a medal of appreciation at an April 27 performance . Kim entered the KATUSA program in said. “I hope to see more AmericanMay 2005. The Incheon native found the Soldiers coming to have fun with theirweek of activites full of meaning. KATUSA comrades next year.” “The most enjoyable time was at the Kim said sometimes KATUSA and U.S.entertainment show,” he said. “It was the Soldiers experience many culturalmost fantastic concert I’ve ever seen in differences while working life.” “I think the KATUSA – U.S. friendship Kim said he could see Soldiers and also week is absolutely important because itmany civilians, families and kids shouting gives us a chance to overcome those kindsand dancing at the April 27 Collier Field of cultural barriers and to build up theHouse concert. everlasting friendship,” Kim said. “We had some U.S. Soldiers who hadto stay at work through the week,” Kim E-mail from Page 10the Army value of selfless service,” unit didn’t place in the competition.Samson said. “Soldiers from my unit “The contest is just a byproduct,” shenamed the room, ‘Serenity’.” Samson said said. “Our thinking is the rooms need toshe hopes couples can spend some quiet be fixed up for people that are coming in.time with each other away from daily We are winners just because we were abledistractions for the birth of their child. to help them.” Ford-Cunningham said she didn’t careabout winning or losing even though her E-mail from Page 11already met with success. Stenseth said shop cost AAFES more than $325,000.that success is measured in repeat Stenseth said Manchu Wok is also acustomers. successful brand customers recognize “Name brand is what they are looking from back home.for,” he said. “We’ve found that this “The key to the whole thing is thechangeover has been very successful.” strong name,” he said. “We’re bringing Area II AAFES invested $96,000 in customers the names they grew up withSubway equipment and construction, to and they know.”include a kitchen in the back. Stenseth said some of these “This does not include cost related restaurants are available in Seoul, butto franchise fees and other approval often with a steep increase in price.cost associated with franchise “What we’re doing is bringing themapproval,” said AAFES Engineer Russ to an overseas environment in anContractor. affordable manner,” he said. The total project to add a ManchuWok eatery and a Subway sandwich E-mail
  • 13. May 5, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 13Consequences of Drug Use What you don’t know about drugs can kill youBy 1st Lt. Michael Evans conditions that can all lead to death. victim to this pressure. The “Just Say No” campaignYongsan Legal Office Most drug crimes, and crimes associated with the started some 20 years ago. How many people have M ore than 34.2 million Americans 12 and drug trade, are felonies. A felony is a crime that carries said “Yes” to drugs since then? A catchy slogan older have tried cocaine at least once; a a prison sentence of at least one year. Sentences may doesn’t replace personal responsibility; it doesn’t take median of 30.1 percent of adult male be enhanced based on the kind of crime, the the place of a parent. You can’t let a 10-second soundarrestees and 35.3 percent of female arrestees background of the defendant, where the crime took bite be the only thing between your child and a lifetimetested positive for cocaine, and 90 percent of place (i.e. a school or a playground), the age or of addiction, crime, death, and anguish.methamphetamine users return to the drug after occupation of the victim, whether the defendant was Parents and Soldiers, educate yourselves to whattrying to quit. armed with a weapon, and a variety of other factors. is out there, what the risks are and what you’re You still don’t think you or your child is at risk Any involvement in the drug business has the going to do about it. Talk about this with your kidsto experiment with drugs? Think again. potential to put you into a world that you want or your fellow Soldiers; prepare them or yourselves Parents of teens and pre-teens, as well as young nothing to do with. From the lowest level for the situations which will inevitably presentSoldiers, need to know what is out there — primarily misdemeanor to the highest level felony, most themselves. Drill on it like you would anything else.when PCSing back to the United States. Be vigilant. criminal activity has some tie to drugs. Junkies will How did they learn to dial 911, to stay away fromKnow what your kids do and who they do it with. lie, cheat, steal, rob and destroy anything to get strangers, to look both ways before crossing? You They will face the challenges of drugs before too drugs. Drug dealers and the gangs that back them taught them. Teach them what to do about drugs.long. If you’re in denial, get out, because by the will intimidate, subjugate, and kill anyone that gets I can’t save you; I can’t save your kids. In mytime you have to take notice and do something, it in the way of their business. profession as a civilian prosecutor, I usually come intomay be too late. The aftermath, as it pertains to both victims and the equation after the damage has already been done, Drug use is pervasive in the United States. It is a defendants, is predictably tragic. Drugs ravage the after the rimes have been committed, and after theproblem that transcends race, class and gender user, destroy his or her family, and often victimize body count. Some people can be helped, some can’t,lines. It is in rural America as well as on the cities’ innocents and their families. Seemingly regular kids but those who never start don’t need to be helped.streets. The most commonly used drugs are transform into junkies. Many families of those If you, or someone you know, may have acannabis, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and doing drugs go through an initial stage of disbelief problem, contact one of the following. It may savecocaine. They are cheap and surprisingly accessible and despair, where they fail to believe what their a life: Alcohol Treatment Center 737-5208,to those of all ages. The use and abuse of these “good” child has become. Eventually, after they Community Counseling Center 736-5187,drugs paves the way for all types of related criminal have been back and forth to court time after time, Alcoholics Anonymous 99-316-5861, Narcoticsbehavior beyond mere possession. they resign themselves to the fact that their family Anonymous-99-409-8479. Drugs are a road out of the military and in to member is dead, dying, or going to prison. Editor’s Note: First Lt. Michael Evans is a Stateprison. In case the prospect of prison doesn’t scare The peer pressure on children and young Soldiers Prosecutor in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois. Heyou, the use of each of these drugs has dire health can be immense. If they do not have your words, is an Army Reserve Judge Advocate Officer servingconsequences including chronic diseases and, other encouragement, and training to rely on, they can fall in Yongsan during the latest field exercise.
  • 14. May 5, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly May 5-11 Running Scared Running Scared 16 Blocks 16 Blocks Madea’s Family Madea’s Family Aquamarine R R PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 Reunion PG-13 PG Madea’s Family Take the Lead Take the Lead 16 Blocks No Show No Show No Show Reunion PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 16 Blocks 16 Blocks 16 Blocks Running Scared Running Scared Final Final PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R R Destination 3 R Destination 3 R Take the Lead Something New Firewall PG-13 No Show No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 16 Blocks Eight Below PG Running Scared Running Scared Date Movie Date Movie V for Vendetta PG-13 R R PG-13 PG-13 R Eight Below PG Firewall PG-13 16 Blocks No Show No Show No Show Madea’s Family PG-13 Reunion PG-13Madea’s Family Date Movie -- (Alyson The Sentinel -- Eight Below -- (Paul Take the Lead -- Final Destination 3Reunion -- (Tyler Perry, Hannigan, Adam Campbell) (Michael Douglas, Kiefer Walker, Jason Briggs) (Antonio Banderas, Rob (Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Blair Underwood) The story of hopeless Sutherland) Inspired by a true story, Brown) Ryan Merriman)An unstoppable force of romantic Julia Jones, who has Pete Garrison is the most EIGHT BELOW is an action- A former professional When a high school studentnature, southern matriarch finally met the man of her decorated agent in the history adventure about loyalty and ballroom dancer volunteers at fails to stop the fated rollerMadea may have finally taken dreams, the very British Grant of the Secret Service - the the bonds of friendship set in a New York public school to coaster ride that sheon more than she can chew. Fonckyerdoder. But before president’s last line of the extreme wilderness of teach dance. The hip-hop predicted would cause theShe has just been court they can have their Big Fat defense. But now, wrongly Antarctica. The film tells the instincts of his students soon deaths of several of herordered to be in charge of Greek Wedding, they’ll have suspected of targeting the story of three members of a clash with his ballroom friends, she teams with aNikki, a rebellious runaway, to Meet the Parents, hook-up president for assassination, scientific expedition: Jerry methods, so he teams up schoolmate, in a race againsther nieces Lisa and Vanessa with The Wedding Planner, Garrison has become the Shepard, his best friend, with them to create a new style time to prevent the Grimare suffering relationship and contend with Grant’s Service’s worst nightmare. Cooper, and a rugged of dance. Eventually the Reaper from revisiting thetrouble, and through it all she friend Andy - a spectacularly As he uses his formidable American geologist, who are students trust him and he survivors of the first tragedy.has to organize her family beautiful woman who wants to skills to try and prove his forced to leave behind their becomes their mentor.reunion. As the reunion put an end to her Best Friend’s innocence and find the real team of beloved sled dogsapproaches, secrets are Wedding. assassin, Garrison is tracked due to a sudden accident andrevealed and tensions rise. by his equally adept former perilous weather conditions inMadea must use every tactic protégée. her arsenal to not only keepthe peace, but keep her familytogether. Inside Man No Show When a Stranger The Pink No Show No Show No Show R Calls PG-13 Panther PG The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel Final Final The Last The Last PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Destination 3 R Destination 3 R Holiday PG-13 Holiday PG-13 Madea’s Family Date Movie Madea’s Family Date Movie Running Scared No Show The Sentinel Reunion PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 PG-13 R PG-13 Running Scared 16 Blocks 16 Blocks Madea’s Family No Show The Sentinel Madea’s Family R PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 The Sentinel The Sentinel The Sentinel Madea’s Family Madea’s Family Running Scared Running Scared PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 Reunion PG-13 R R Nanny McPhee Nanny McPhee Nanny McPhee 16 Blocks 16 Blocks Firewall Firewall PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Hoodwinked Hoodwinked Hoodwinked Date Movie Date Movie Date Movie Date Movie PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13
  • 15. May 5, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Learning to deal with loneliness while overseasBy Chaplain (Col.) Jim Boelens He has seven months remaining in holiday celebration. The onset of by focusing on special milestones19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)the Republic of Korea, and believes loneliness occurs when relationships for your tour. The young noncommissioned the projected pace of operations will are missing or broken. Soldiers that create milestones forofficer with a promising military continue to place undue stress on So what can we do to reduce themselves are typically able tocareer appears to be on the fast his marriage. Though he appears loneliness and depression, especially divide their unaccompanied time intotrack to yet another well-deserved calm under pressure, the sergeant is when serving on an unaccompanied emotionally manageable segments.promotion. He is competent in his starting to rethink his career in the tour? While there is no one specific Use your time to educate yourself,profession, and capably balances Army. His keen sense of loneliness solution to this complex question, I or to develop an interest or a talent.technical proficiency with is starting to lead to depression. want to offer three tips that can Soldiers that shift their attention tosignificant tactical experience. Few Sadly, this fictional story is not assist Soldiers and family members achieving specific, measurable goalsSoldiers are as respected within the an uncommon scenario on the that are caught in this struggle. that are meaningful to the individualcommand. Korean Peninsula. Humans are social ! Understand your need for tend to have a positive outlook and Unfortunately, the sergeant masks animals and even the temporary loss healthy relationships and cultivate are better able to cope withan intense loneliness beneath a of relationships can be a significant positive friendships. separation.professional demeanor. He recently trigger for loneliness and We become lonely when we Conversely, Soldiers that focusread a magazine article that indicated depression. This social orientation, recognize a valued relationship is on negative self-talk tend to amplifymore than 15 percent of the general in the words of one counselor, missing or broken. Feelings of problems with self esteem.population does not have a friend makes humans “aware of an loneliness serve as a marker that an ! Maintain regular and positivethey can speak with about their absence as a powerful presence.” individual is stressed by a profound communications with the homepersonal problems. He feels this is a For example, following a death in a change. Deployed Soldiers may front.description of his life in Korea. family an empty chair may represent suffer from low morale and may We are fortunate to have a wideWhile he is surrounded by people at the powerful presence of the tragic have difficulty coping with a variety range of communications availablework, he does not feel particularly loss experienced by the family. of challenges if loneliness becomes to communicate with loved ones.close to anyone as a friend. Unaccompanied Soldiers serving in a preoccupation. Soldiers, and their family His Korea also Remember that social support is members in the United States, willfamily is in “Every deployed Soldier must be aware will typically important to everybody. It is also find that scheduled routinethe United that extreme loneliness may lead to have such critical to enjoy a certain regularity contacts are appreciated andStates, and powerful in our relationships. Every deployed important, and bring a positivethis relationally shallow and self-destructive symbols at Soldier must be aware that extreme sense of the commonplace tounaccompanied behaviors.” home and loneliness may lead to relationally relationships.tour work that shallow and self-destructive Regular communications implyfollowed a deployment in Iraq. serve to remind them of the relational behaviors. It is important to keep a commitment to a relationship,Despite demonstrated competence in losses they feel, even though the every relationship healthy and and can serve to reduce anxietyhis career, the sergeant is beginning losses may be temporary. The symbol positive. related to feel like a failure. may be a family picture, or a missed ! Maintain a proper perspective Ad goes here
  • 16. May 5, 200616 The Morning Calm WeeklyTraining the Trainers Level III Combatives come to KoreaBy Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS -- The first ArmyCombatives Level III training to be held inKorea came to a close Friday when 29students finished a month of training at CampHumphreys that included training in boxing,kick-boxing, takedowns and weapons. These29 are now among some of the best-trainedhand-to-hand fighters on the peninsula and arequalified to train and certify instructors forLevel I. Modern Army Combatives traces its originsto the mid-1990s and was developed first byArmy Rangers and then refined to what istaught today. It is based on Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, BrazilianJiu-Jitsu, Russian SOMBO, wrestling and judo,combined with strikes of Muay Thai andweapons defenses. It is designed to craft themost competent fighters in the shortestpossible time in the safest possible manner. Sgt. Albert E. Ciampa, Headquarters andHeadquarters Company, 2nd Infantry Division,is the combatives director for the division andalso teaches other units. He said they havetrained about 1,000 Soldiers in Korea so far. Ciampa said he enjoys instructing individualfighting techniques and seeing how mastering MASTER SGT. ROGER LEWIS the techniques can Sgt. 1st. Class Lyle Harris, Headquarters and Headquarters Company,2nd Infantry Division, winds up an upper cut to Spc. improve a Stephen Green, 552nd Signal Company, during Army Combatives training. Soldier’s warrior full-contact fighting, but also fun. ethos and fighting Staff Sgt. Walter D. Camphouse, a full-time spirit. combatives instructor at Fort Benning, Ga., Soldiers leave said combatives training gives the Soldier with “improved another tool to defeat the enemy so that they leadership skills, [Soldiers] don’t have to depend on weapons more self only. confidence and Camphouse said the Army fields a more discipline competitive team that competes in matches that spreads to across the United States and said the Army peers and team has a record of 300-1. leadership,” he Spc. Stephen D. Green, 552nd Signal F. N N EIL said. He added that EELEY Company, called the training “intense andStaff Sgt. Shane Hutchins, 1st they have a goal of rigorous and that Soldiers have to be inBattalion 2nd Aviation Regiment, building a “web of shape.”holds an ice pack to his head after trained people to Master Sgt. Roger D. Lewis, G3 Trainingsuffering an injury during a match. spread the Division, Eighth U.S. Army, said Combatives training.” and Ranger school have the highest physical Sgt. Maria C. Graves, Headquarters and standards and are the most demanding trainingHeadquarters Battery, 35th Air Defense courses in the Army. MASTER SGT. ROGER LEWISArtillery Brigade, normally works with At the end of the day, every Soldier who Staff Sgt. Jose Gonzalez, Company B, 602nd Aviation Supportcomputers and networking, but wanted to ventured an opinion agreed that the course is Battalion, lands a high kick to Spc. Gabriel Kenny, 52ndlearn something new. challenging, but the words heard most often Ordnance Company, during combat sparring practice. “I knew I could hold my own,” she said. were “increased selfStanding only a little over 5 feet, Graves is the confidence.”smallest person in the class. “It makes me Staff Sgt. Peter J.train a lot Wersted, A Company, 307thharder,” she “The training is intense and Signal Battalion, summed itexplained. rigorous and ... Soldiers up for everyone with one Staff Sgt. have to be in shape.” simple word, “Awesome!”Jesse A. Warrant Officer Robert Brown, (left) — Spc. Stephen D. GreenJohnson, G3 Headquarters and Headquarters 552nd Signal CompanyTraining, 2nd Battery, 35th Air Defense ArtilleryInf. Div., said females and smaller males are Brigade, wrestles Staff Sgt. Andrewsome of the best students for Combatives Tuner, 2nd Infantry Division, to thetraining, because they really need to learn the ground.techniques taught in the course to overcomeweight and height differences. Pfc. Jerett S. Lacure, Company D, 1stBattalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, has abackground in high school wrestling and saidhe is enjoying the course. He called it tough, MASTER SGT. ROGER LEWIS
  • 17. May 5, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Calling all boxers! Area III Spring Smoker seeks fighters By Mike Mooney Area III MWR Marketing CAMP HUMPHREYS – Military Boxers and Boxer- Whatabes from throughout Korea are invited to participate in the Area III Spring Boxing Smoker, planned for Camp Seoul Singers Humphreys Friday, May 19. The “Seoul Singers,” a group of “If things go as usual, we’ll have anything from 15 to 20 military, embassy and Korean singers, bouts, with the majority of them first-time boxers,” said Area will present their international chorus III Sports Director Jim Howell. debut concert “Captain Noah and his The Area III Boxing Smoker is open to all U.S. and Korean Floating Zoo” 6:30 p.m. May 20, at the military personnel – to include people with or without boxing South Post Chapel. experience. Civilian employees and family members are not Admission is free. Selections include allowed to participate by Army regulation. classical and folk music. For “Boxers are matched based on their sex, level of experience information, call 02-794-8343. and weight,” Howell said, “and there will always be a large MIKE MOONEY number of individuals who have never boxed before. That Boxers featured in past smokers have offered spectators plenty of Win a Trip to the States doesn’t matter. You won’t be matched against a bigger, more action and entertainment. Participants may win a round-trip experienced opponent. We will endeavor to match people as For those unfamiliar with Army boxing, Howell pointed ticket to the United States, or an LG closely as possible.” out that “safety is our number one concern. laptop computer, simply by Howell pointed out that the competition is for both men “That’s why we are careful to match fighters by size and registering in MWR’s RecTrac at any and women. experience. In addition, everyone is required to wear safety sports and fitness, recreation center, arts & crafts center or automotive “Our Smokers always include a couple of women’s gear – including headgear. We provide all the equipment – to skills center. The winner will be matches, although they don’t include smoke anymore,” include shorts and jerseys. Individuals need to supply their chosen on American Forces Network Howell said. “Also, we encourage our KATUSAs to get own shoes and enthusiasm.” - Korea during the last week of June. involved. We actually had two KATUSA champions in our In addition, all participants are required to pass a physical For information on RecTrac or the last smoker.” the morning of the smoker. Army medical personnel check drawing, call 723-3730. Howell added that he “would especially like to invite those blood pressure and general health before giving the go-ahead boxers from Areas I, II and IV as well as Osan and Kunsan for participation. Medical personnel are also at ringside during BOSS Fashion Bash Airbase and Chinhae Naval Base to come join us. Come on the entire competition. It’s time to pull out those flashy up and get a feel for the ring and the environment. Our Boxing Individuals who would like to participate in the Smoker clothes and start prepping for the Smokers always draw a full house of enthusiastic fans, and should contact the Camp Humphreys Gymnasium at 753- runway! Better Opportunities for your branch of service doesn’t matter.” 8810/11. Leave your name, weight and level of experience. Single and unaccompanied Soldiers will be hosting a peninsula-wide fashion bash. Event will take place at Yongsan Garrison’s Moyer Community Services Center Theater from 7-9 p.m. May 13. Prizes will be awarded to the top two winners in three categories (Casual/Sports Attire, Business Attire and Formal Wear), plus a “Critic’s Choice.” For information or to register, visit the local Morale, Welfare and Recreation office, or call 725-6070. Swim Instructor Sought A Child and Youth Services swim instructor is being sought for the Yongsan area. The job is a NF-03 PHOTOS BY SENIOR AIRMEN STEPHEN COLLIER cherry A cherry good time position with a salary ranging form 26K- 34K per year. Applicants must submit resume and NAF application DA Forms 3433-1 and 3433-2. Additionally, local More than 80 booths dotted the annual Kunsan City Cherry applicants in Korea must complete a Blossom Festival offering everything from games and Local Applicant Questionnaire. souvenirs to lunches and desserts April 15. A total of 39 Resumes may be sent via e-mail to Wolf Pack members attended this year’s airmen support For center trip to the festival. information, call 738-2311. Above: Senior Airman Crystal Cole, 8th Medical Operations Squadron, tries her hand at darts at one of the many game TMCW Submissions booths located outside the Kunsan City stadium April 15 To have an event featured in The as part of the city’s cherry blossom festival Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail At Left: A Korean vendor serves up corn on the cob during pertinent information to the cherry blossom festival. Submissions should include the basic who, what, when and where information regarding the event, and at least one point of contact name and telephone number. Deadline for submission is close of business the Friday prior to the date the item is to be published. All submissions are subject to editing. For information, call 738-3355.
  • 18. May 5, 2006 Page 21HHC USASA AREA III visits the DMZBy Sgt. Lee Ki SubArea III Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS–SeventySoldiers from Headquarters andHeadquarters Company, U.S. Army AreaIII Support Activity, embarked on a busto the Demilitarized Zone in Paju for theirunit trip and Sergeant’s Time trainingApril 27 to see the reality of the armisticeof divided Korea and to learn somethingfrom it. The first stop was Unification Parkin Munsan-eub, Paju. The park wasopened in June 1973 and dedicated to10 fallen heroes of the Korean War and18 reporters who sacrificed themselvesto send news around the world. A stop at the 3rd Infiltration Tunnelallowed the Soldiers to actuallyexperience what it was like for those LEE, KI SUBseeking to infiltrate the south. The tunnel was excavated by North Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Area III Support Activity Soldiers (far right) toured Camp Bonifas, the Joint Security Area andKoreans as a route to infiltrate the south Panmunjon, where they were able to go into one of the buildings and ‘cross the line’ into North 1970s. It is 73 meters below the Military Demarcation Line and the Soldiers who come to Republic of Korea “From the perspective of a Korean,surface and 1,635 meters in length from propaganda village. to know about these things.” it is sad and pitiful to see that ourthe start in North Korea. The unit finally toured Camp Bonifas, This trip not only enabled U.S. country is divided into two sides,” he The tunnel, just four kilometers from the Joint Security Area. They were able Soldiers to learn about the history of their said. “I see North Korea right in frontthe Joint Security Area and 44 kilometers to go into one of the buildings where host country but also helped Korean of me but can’t place my foot acrossfrom Seoul, was designed to be able to meetings are still held today. Most Augmentation to the United States Army, the border.”transfer 30,000 armed soldiers. Soldiers took the opportunity to ‘cross known as KATUSA, Soldiers learn more The Joint Security Area is located Before their last stop at the truce the line’ and step into North Korea. about their own heritage. in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. The JSAvillage of Panmunjom, the Soldiers Spc. Brian Crum, who works at the Sgt. Lee Jun-ho, noncommissioned is currently guarded by the Unitedstopped at Observation Post Dora, the chapel, said that having recently arrived officer in charge of the Area III Central Nations and North Korea. It is aclosest observatory to North Korea. here, it was “very educational.” He Issue Facility, said that he was excited distinctive area where both South andHere they were able to catch sight of added that he “learned a lot about the to see the place for the first time and North Korea have no administrativethe north and were briefed about the divided Korea and it’s important for learned much more than he expected. jurisdiction.Food service pros on hot streak in Area IIIBy Susan Barkley Sgt. Jacqueline Y. Atkins, also ofArea III Public Affairs Co. B, 532nd MI Bn., was the CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Area runner-up in the fourth quarterIII Soldiers have been on a noncommissioned officer category.winning streak in the Chef of the The first and second quarters ofQuarter competitions for at least fiscal year 2006 saw the realthe last year. During that time, emergence of Area III talent whenArea III Soldiers have won six Sgt. Pattie P. Hargrave, Co. B,times and were runners-up three 532nd MI Bn., and Spc. Avriltimes. Also, for the last two Shepard, 3rd Military Intelligencequarters, Area III has taken both Battalion, took top place in thethe noncommissioned officer and noncommissioned officer andSoldier categories each time. Soldier categories, respectively. Spc. Undra Bibbs set the Pfc. Michael A. Jemmot,standard during the fiscal year Company E, 1st Battalion, 2nd2005 third quarter, when she was Aviation Regiment, was the runner-named Chef of the Quarter in the up in the Soldier category for theprivate to specialist category. Bibbs first quarter as well.was with the 557th Military Police Area III made a clean sweepCompany. again in the most recent Sgt. Jessica A. George, competition with Sgt. CuthbertCompany B, 532th Military George, 3rd MI Bn., and Pfc.Intelligence Battalion, was the Tyquita Jackson, 194thrunner-up in the NCO category for Maintenance Battalion walkingthe same time period. away with the honors. George went on the win the Visit the dining facilities in Area COURTSEY PHOTOnoncommissioned officer category III to find some of the best chefs Pfc. Tyquita Jackson, 194th Maintenance Battalion, and Sgt. Cuthbert George, 3rd Militaryand was the Chef of the Quarter in in Korea and to find out what Intelligence Battalion, both from Area III, are the second quarter fiscal year 2006 winners in thethe next competition. they’ve got cooking up for you. Soldier and noncommissioned officer categories of the Chef of the Quarter competition.
  • 19. 22 May 5, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Remembering the Holocaust Army Reserve Unit By Susan Barkley Seeks Members Area III Public Affairs The 343rd Support Detachment, CAMP HUMPHREYS - Area III Camp Humphreys, is seeking new remembered the more than 20 million members. You must be willing and victims of the holocaust in a “Days of qualified to join an Army Reserve Remembrance” observation April 27 at Troop Program Unit, hold the Freedom Chapel. enlisted rank of E1-E7, be Military Soldiers lit candles representing Occupational Specialty Qualified love, wisdom, courage, charity, as 21B, 74D, 96B, 54B, 31B, 42L, justice, faith and hope. They were 13F or be willing to become MOS followed by a slide presentation qualified in one of these MOSs. showing photographs from the Officers must be in the rank of second lieutenant to major. Military holocaust. Police, Engineers, Chemical and Chaplain (Capt.) Avrohom Horovitz Fire Support Officers are needed lead the participants in a prayer and but any branch is welcome. For moment of silence by singing the information, call Richard Scott 753- haunting strains of Ani Maamin (I 6280 or Reginald Burgesslavelle, Believe), called the hymn of the camps. 753-6280 / 7242 Horovitz said today’s victims of terrorism and genocide are facing a Scholarships Offered holocaust of their own as they suffer The Alpha Omega Sigma Chapter from starvation, disease and neglect. of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Guest speaker Rabbi David E. Incorporated is offering over Lapp, retired colonel, spoke from $ 5 ,0 0 0 i n s c h o l a r s h i p s t o personal experience, oral and written F. NEIL NEELEY graduating high school seniors history when he described the Rabbi David E. Lapp shows his passport from the Nazi era. across the Korean Peninsula. sufferings of Ukrainians, Russians, groups. holocaust but to remember those Applications are available at the Poles, Yugoslavians, gypsies, Jews, “I try to stimulate meaning for who today are suffering and being high school counselor’s office or and people who the Nazis classed as people,” Lapp said. He added that he dehumanized. from any member of the Alpha being racially or socially inferior or wants his listeners to be able to relate “We a r e a l l o n e p e o p l e , o n e O m e g a S i g m a C h a p t e r. For who were members of dissident not only to the victims of the family,” he added. information, e-mail Maj. Rex Boone at Teams Area III Softball and vollyball Teams start season High School Local softball teams Registration chance to see where they have holes warm up with tournament so they can recruit and train to improve Osan American High School registration for the 2006 – 2007 The Camp Humphreys men’s post weak areas. school year is 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. softball team walked off with the first Monday thru Wednesday at the place trophy during last weekend’s Area III volleyball high school auditorium and 9 a.m.– warm-up tournament held at Camp Company B, 602nd Aviation Support 3:30 p.m. Thursday and May 12 at Eagle, but, more importantly, Battalion, continued its hot hand in Area Humphreys American Elementary Humphreys, Wonju and Suwon AB III volleyball Sunday, rolling into this School. For information, call 753- walked off with something more weekend’s Eighth U.S. Army/KORO 8274. important – game experience. company-level tournament along with “We put the Area III preseason Company E, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation ACS Events Scheduled together last year to give our area post- Regiment. English as a second language level softball teams the opportunity to Humphreys is hosting three Eighth meets from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. play actual games before the start of Army/KORO volleyball championships Tuesday and May 12, Personal the post-level season,” said Jim Howell, over the next two weeks – company level Financial Management Training Area III community recreation division and women’s this weekend and the Co- Part II, meets 8 a.m. – noon COURTESY PHOTO chief. Ed finals next week. Tuesday. Wednesday events include: Korean Language Class Area III Players batter-up at the Camp Eagle Lonnie Herring, Wonju sports Check out all the Area III sports action meets from noon – 1 p.m., Korean tournament. director, said the tourney gave teams a by calling the gym at 753-8810/11 Cultural Language Class meets Boy Scouts hit fast track from 5:30-6:30 p.m., Sponsorship Training is at 6 p.m. and The Stress /Anger Management Class meets from 2-3 p.m. The Wee Play meets at Pinewood Derby from 1–2:30 p.m. at the Child Care Area III Public Affairs Center, Building 1243. Thursday CAMP HUMPHREYS -- The local Cub Scout there will be an Orphan Escort Brief Pack, Pack 203, held their inaugural Pinewood from 5:30–6 p.m. and an EFMP Derby April 21 at the Commander’s Community Support Group from 1–2 p.m. The Center with 10 Cub Scouts entering derby cars to Playgroup meets from 10 a.m.– race. noon May 12 at Building 1243. The next shopping tour meets at 8:30 Eric Anderson and his “corvette” derby car won a.m. May 12 at the walk-thru gate. first place. The Scouts want to thank all those who News & Notes volunteered to support the event: Kim Huber Submissions decorated; Jim Huber called the races; Russ Hays To have an item or event appear in was the starter; Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. was the the Area III News & Notes section finisher (Judge); Tami Taliento judged the special of The Morning Calm Weekly, call categories; Jen Rose (Tiger Leader) manned the COURTESY PHOTO 753-8847 for information. results board; and, Terry Anderson built the derby Members of Boy Scout Pack 203 display their handmade racers at the track and the pit crew. Pinewood Derby, held at the Commander’s Community Center April 21.
  • 20. May 5, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23 I.C.E. Repor t 1. What is this Sergeant’s Time contact for the fuel point is Rick Post Office: Sergeant’s Training Chatting on AKO reduces the thing and why is everything -- post Slawson, acting director of logistics. Time applies to the post office Soldiers potential of inadvertently downloading office, retail fuel point and in- and In- and out-processing: Personnel too. While the mail section has three a virus or some of the other potential out-processing -- closed Thursday Services Detachment closes on civilian employees, Area III Postal dangers that come with commercial mornings? Thursdays because the section’s Officer 2nd Lt. Yolanda Ramirez at chat services. Sergeant’s Time Training is a five- Soldiers conduct Sergeant’s Time Camp Humphreys notes DOD 4525.6- Free computer access is available in hour block of battle-focused Soldier Training in the morning and command M requires a U.S. Citizen with a secret AKO labs, the library and the USO. training time designed to enhance maintenance in the afternoon. They clearance or eligible to possess a secret The point of contact is Javier Lopez, proficiency in basic Soldier tasks remain closed Thursday afternoons clearance to supervise those duties. chief of information management. supporting a unit’s mission. because our civilians cross train on Since Korean civilian workers do not For most units in Area III, different responsibilities in the military meet the criteria to work without Soldier 3. Keep those kudos coming! Sergeant’s Time is conducted personnel operations. This time also supervision, the post office operating Since bowling can make a person Thursday mornings. For many offices affords employees the opportunity to hours are adjusted. hungry or thirsty, Yang Yun-chong is in Area III, Sergeant’s Time is also process customer paperwork. well-known to Humphreys Strike Zone used to train civilian personnel. Here Furthermore, on Friday afternoons 2. I wanna chat online, but I’m customers as the following comment are some examples: our detachment trains on technical locked out. What now? shows: “I want to recognize an Retail Fuel Point: Opening the proficiencies to better serve our There is an approved chat engine in outstanding employee at the bowling retail fuel point to DoD ID community. This training is also open the Army Knowledge Online domain. A alley snack bar, Ms. Yang. cardholders is a secondary mission to all interested unit S1s. PSD is always soldier can sponsor a guest with an AKO “She always displays a positive for the Directorate of Logistics. open for emergencies to include account to give them access to the chat attitude, a big smile and provides Limited DOL manpower means DOL emergency leave, DD Form 93 and service. efficient service to everyone. She cannot operate retail fuel points for SGLV (claim for death benefits) updates. To chat with other AKO users, a deserves a big pat on the back from extended hours. To address The phone number for after-hour Soldier must first log on to AKO Instant management. A true hard worker.” previous customer suggestions, the emergencies is 753-7299. The point of Messenger. AKO IM link is above the Another one for Humphreys Lodge: fuel point closes Thursday mornings contact for the PSD is Capt. Robert AKO chat link on the AKO homepage. “I stay at this facility often and always and those hours are reallocated to Shadowens, commander, Detachment After logging into AKO IM you may enjoy my stay. The staff [at the lodge] Saturday mornings. The point of B, 516th Personnel Services. begin AKO chat. is excellent and caring.” ICE website id=677Scouts clear new campsiteBy Susan Barkley Park and Pappy’s Paintball Range.Area III Public Affairs “Joe agreed that this would be a good CAMP HUMPHREYS - Boy Scouts facility for them,” Frace said. “We’vecamping out in the Camp Humphreys named it Liberty Park.”CPX training area was a familiar sight Saturday 45 Scouts from across thefor the last several years. However, it peninsula began clearing their new one-was feared that the boys would lose their acre campsite.campsite in the wake of Army “Three hours ago it was total brush,transformation in Korea. and now it’s all cleared, chopped and “The Scout community came in and cut,” said Maj. James Tripp, Eighth U.S.said that they needed an area to camp,” Army Staff Judge Advocate executivesaid Command Sgt. Maj. Robert R. officer and Troop 87 scoutmaster.Frace, U.S. Army Area III Support “It was fun,” said William Sampel,Activity command sergeant major. “The 13-year-old Scout from Campoff-base training areas were going away. Humphreys. “We got to chop down treesWe had to pull them back inside.” with axes and saws.” Together with Area III Commander, “They loved doing the work,” saidCol. Michael J. Taliento Jr., and Joe Brown. “All we had to do was give themBrown, scoutmaster for Troop 203, Frace an axe or sharp object and they make PHOTO BY JOE BROWNsearched and found a spot near Essayons quick work of it.” Scouts clear brush and trees from their new camping area in Camp Humphreys’ Liberty Park. environmentalHAES students learn about environmental impact of everyday life By Susan Barkley crush cans from quart to five-gallon size and Area III Public Affairs compact fluorescent light bulbs. The children also CAMP HUMPHREYS -- Ninety-eight Humphreys saw where these materials are stored until they are American Elementary School students in grades three picked up for further recycling. to six learned a lot about the environmental impacts The trip to the sewage treatment plant showed the of everyday life during field trips to the Camp students where everything that is flushed from the Humphreys water treatment plant, the hazardous bathroom ends up. They saw the treatment process materials issue and disposal area, and the sewage from beginning to end and also saw where microbes treatment plant Friday. are grown that are used in the treatment process. Pak Kwang-hyun told the students how untreated Dave Johnson, chief of the environmental division, water flows through the treatment plant and Directorate of Public Works, and Bobbi Kubish, also becomes safe to drink. During the tour, the students from the environmental division, planned the field trips learned that simply turning the water off while as part of the Area III Earth Week observances. They brushing your teeth can save up to five gallons of accompanied the students. At each stop they were met PHOTO BY BOBBIE KUBISH water. by the experts who have the day-to-day responsibilityRoss Park tells the students how untreated water flows through At the hazardous materials area, Anthony Warrior, to keep the water safe, to keep hazardous materialsthe treatment plant and becomes safe to drink. chief of Hazmart, showed the students how they out of the waste stream and to treat waste water.
  • 21. May 5, 2006 Page 25Carroll couple now more than just ‘Good Neighbors’By Galen Putnam “When I introduced him to my parentsArea IV Public Affairs the first time they said to me ‘there are a lot CAMP CARROLL – Holy matrimony! of fish out there but why does your fishThe Good Neighbor Program was designed have to be an American rather than ato foster understanding between Koreans and Korean,” You-jin said. “Since then they haveAmericans and bring them closer, but was sincerely accepted him and blessed ournever intended to lead to, well, holy relationship.”matrimony. The happy couple was married April 23 That is exactly what happened, however, at the Carnival Wedding Hall in Daegu-after a Camp Carroll Soldier volunteered to Chilgok with about 60 family members andserve as an escort for a group of 45 students friends in attendance.from the Kyungbuk College of Science “I am so happy being an Army wife but IDepartment of International Tourism during am a little afraid of leaving Korea and goinga visit to the installation Sept. 22, 2004. to the United States because I know there Spc. David Lee Pelton, Headquarters and are a lot of challenges out there,” You-jinHeadquarters Detachment, 16th Medical said.Logistics Battalion, was one of the Better One never knows what the future mightOpportunities for Single and unaccompanied bring. Coincidentally, Pelton was quoted inSoldiers representatives who served as tour an article about the tour in the Oct. 8, 2004guides that fortuitous day. Kim You-jin, then edition of “The Morning Calm Weekly.”a 28-year-old tourism student at KCS was “I think it was a good experience forone of the guests. Although the two did not everyone who was involved,” he said at thetake particular note of one another during time. “It was a good time to get to knowthe tour itself, You-jin’s desire to improve each other and have some fun together.”her English language capabilities led to their CPL. KANG JI-HUN Little did he know!auspicious meeting. David and You-jin Pelton share a private moment following their wedding ceremony April 23. “Obviously, we did not anticipate this “I can’t even remember if she was in my Pelton helping You-jin with her English skills time so we became a couple,” said You-jin, happening but when I heard about theirgroup or not – I think she was,” said Pelton and homework. The platonic relationship, who is originally from Seoul. “When I first marriage from Professor Seong [Myung-who hails from Charleston, S.C. “At the end which also involved going to movies together, started dating him I didn’t expect the things soon, chair of the Kyungbuk College ofof the tour she came up to our senior evolved to dating. that happened to happen. After six months Science Department of InternationalKATUSA and asked him who could help her “New Year’s Eve 2004 was when we hit of dating I started considering him as my Tourism] I thought ‘why not,” said Paklearn English and I was pretty good friends it off as far as dating. That’s when we future husband because our relationship was Chong-ku, Camp Carroll’s communitywith him so he told her ‘Spc. Pelton is a decided we were together,” said the 27-year- getting deeper.” relations officer. “This is an outstanding resultpretty good guy and he can help you out,’ old Pelton. Holy matrimony! What do Korean parents from a community relations activity.and that’s how we met.” “After three months of getting to know think when their daughter is contemplating Hopefully, this will encourage more Soldiers After that, the two started meeting with each other David asked me out for the first getting married to an American Soldier? to participate in the future.” Swinging For The Fence NEO exercise set for May 18 – 21 Area IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – U.S. Forces Korea will conduct Courageous Channel 06-01, a semi-annual noncombatant evacuation operations exercise, May 18 – 21. It is mandatory for all DoD affiliated noncombatants to participate. All Area IV sponsors must ensure their NEO packets are reviewed by their designated unit NEO warden by Tuesday to ensure readiness for the exercise. In addition, exercise participants are requested to process through their local Evacuation Control Center as early as possible. Area IV Evacuation Control Center operating hours are: ! Camp Carroll – Crown Jewel Fitness Center, Bldg. S135, 9 a.m. May 19 to 6 p.m. May 20 ! Camp George – Taegu American School, 6 p.m. May 19 to 6 a.m. May 21 ! Camp Hialeah – Gymnasium, Bldg. 803, 6 a.m. May 19 to 6 p.m. May 20 ! Chinhae Naval Base – Robinson Center, 7 a.m. May 19 to 7 a.m. May 21 STEVEN HOOVER For information, contact your designated unit NEO Aaliyah Smith, a student in Rhonda Williams’ first-grade class at Taegu American School, gets ready to smack the ball warden or the 19th Sustainment Command during a field day celebrating The Month of the Military Child at Camp Henry’s Victory Field April 27. The students played (Expeditionary) NEO representative Master Sgt. Orville baseball, soccer and other games during the daylong event, which included a potluck lunch. Lyttle at 768-7171 or, 011-9680-5846.
  • 22. May 5, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Sunday Matinees Starting Sunday, the Camp Henry Theater will begin offering Sunday matinees, at 3 p.m. Sunday’s matinee is “Hoodwinked,” which will be followed May 14 by “The Chronicles of Narnia.” “Glory Road” will play May 21, and “Nanny McPhee” May 28. For information, call Yi Hye-kyong at 768-8670. Daegu Anti-Terrorism Exercise Starts Monday A week-long anti-terrorism exercise, featuring a variety of scenarios, will be held Monday –May 12 to test the Daegu enclave’s defense and emergency response procedures. The exercise will take place in and around Daegu installations and some people may be delayed or temporarily inconvenienced getting on or off post during parts of the exercise. Every attempt will be made to minimize the impact of the exercise on normal installation routine. For information, call Frank King at 768-8960. CPL. KANG JI-HUN Teens from Sang-Mo High School in Gumi offer a Korean snack as an ice-breaking gesture to Pfc. Scott Denney, Company C, 307th Integrated Asian Pacific Heritage Theater Signal Battalion at Camp Carroll. KATUSAs and U.S. Soldiers visited Gum-Oh Mountain April 26 as part of KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship The Area IV Asian Pacific American Week. The week was celebrated throughout Area IV with a variety of events and activities. KATUSAs, U.S. Soldiers celebrate camaraderie Heritage Month Celebration will be held at Camp Walker’s Kelly Fitness Center 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Wednesday. The event will feature a guest speaker, musical and cultural entertainment, educational programs and food sampling. For information, call Master Sgt. Sandra Gaston at 768-8972. Camp Walker Yard Sale Planned A Camp Walker Community Yard Sale will be 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. May 13. Families interested in participating may set up sale items in their yard. They are also responsible for cleanup afterwards. For information, call Maj. Victoria Snow at 768-8401. Job Fair Slated CPL. KANG JI-HUN The Area IV Army Career and Alumni Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Kim from 20th Area Program and Army Community Support Group (foreground), and another CPL. KANG JI-HUN Service’s Employment Readiness Soldier go airborne as they jump rope April 24 Tug-of-war participants strain their muscles as amused spectators look on April 24 at Camp Program will host a Job Fair, noon – 3 at Camp Carroll’s Sweeny Field. Carroll’s Sweeny Field during KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship Week. p.m. May 17 at the Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker. Transitioning military personnel, family members and civilians are encouraged to attend. Register online at For more information, call ACAP at 768-7571 or ACS ERP at 768-7951. Motorcycle Safety Courses The Camp Carroll Transportation Motor Pool will conduct a Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses from May 23 – 26 at Bldg. S- 934. A Basic Rider class will be May 23 – 24. An Experienced Rider class is set for May 25. Motorcycles are available to the first six people who CPL. PARK KWANG-MO sign up. May 26, a Moped Class is Contestants kneel in the ready position with scheduled. All mopeds will be their hands clenching a two-foot-long cloth, provided by the TMP. For CPL. KANG JI-HUN called “Satba” as they prepare for a traditional information, call Wilfredo Santiago at Chilgok Culture Center members strike up a tune with KATUSA and U.S. Soldiers during a Korean wrestling match April 25 at Camp 765-7717. Korean traditional Samulnori performance April 25 at Camp Carroll’s Crown Jewel Fitness Walker’s Kelly Field. Center.
  • 23. Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly 27 May 5, 2006 Hialeah holds its final ROK/U.S. Alliance WeekBy Steven Hoover boat in the Simulator Room,” said Sgt.Area IV Public Affairs Nofotolu Saoifaunua, who works in the CAMP HIALEAH – With the Directorate of Logistics for Area IVimpending closure of Camp Hialeah on Support Activity – Busan. “We also gotthe horizon, officials here joined with the opportunity to see how the cadetstheir Korean counterparts to conduct a live onboard a ship and some of thefinal Republic of Korea/U.S. Alliance rigorous training they go through.”Week, April 24–28. Saoifaunua said that the best part of This event, much like the KATUSA – the trip was traveling by boat toU.S. Soldier Friendship Week events held Taejongdae, eating lunch with andat Camps Carroll and Walker, was a spending time with the KATUSA Soldiersweeklong series of traditional events outside of the military environment.recognizing the bond between Korean Event results were: Talent Show – firstand U.S. Soldiers. place, Area IV SA-Busan; second place, U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the 53rd ID; Tug-of-War – first place, 53rdU.S. Army Soldiers joined Soldiers from ID; second place, KNP; Kick Volleyball –the Republic of Korea’s 53rd Infantry first place, 53rd ID; second place, Area STEVEN HOOVERDivision, members of the Korean IV SA-Busan; Basketball – first place, AreaNational Police and the Korean Sgt. Nofotolu Saoifaunua and Sgt. 1st Class Sherry Clark, both of Area IV Support Activity – IV SA-Busan; second place, 14th Signal/Friendship League, for unit activities Busan, do their best to follow instructions while participating in the Republic of Korea 53rd Infantry 168th Medical; Soccer – first place, 53rdsuch as cultural sightseeing tours and Division’s Task Force Martial Arts Team demonstration April 24. ID; second place,, including a tug-of-war “This program symbolizes the mutual Korean and English. This was followed At the closing ceremony, Dansereaucompetition and talent show. friendship and support between our two by a tae kwon do demonstration by the said, “…whether your team actually “This is an excellent time to say great nations,” said Lt. Col. Roger R. 53rd ID Task Force Martial Arts Team. won an event or not, all of you arethanks to the ROK military, Korean Dansereau, Pusan Storage Facility and During some portions of the winners. You have sought to learn fromNational Police and the Busan Chapter Camp Hialeah installation commander. demonstration, members of the other and about each other while participatingof the Korea Friendship League,” said “This is an enormous opportunity for participating groups were asked to join. in cultural and recreational activities.Victor Reese, executive assistant for base us to jointly participate in Korean cultural Later in the week, the participants visited Through all of these activities, you haveoperations, Area IV Support Activity – exchanges that will certainly help foster the 53rd ID installation, the Korean improved friendships, camaraderie andHialeah. “But most importantly, we wish cohesion, camaraderie and promoting Maritime University and Taejongdae cross-cultural understanding, whichto thank the people of Busan for the alliance between our two people.” Park. further strengthens the ROK-U.S.allowing U.S. Forces Korea and Camp After the opening ceremony, “At the maritime university, we saw alliance.”Hialeah to operate and live here members of the 53rd Infantry Division a film of what opportunities it offers and Camp Hialeah is scheduled to closepeacefully for six decades.” Marching Band performed songs in both we also got the opportunity to drive a this summer. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 24. May 5, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyTAS, PAS softball teams wrap-up successful seasonsBy Steven Hoover Hallenbeck also contributed two singles. Pitcher KelliArea IV Public Affairs Cox recorded the win, while striking out five and CAMP WALKER – Taegu American School’s walking one.women’s athletics program continued its year of The win was the 10th of the season, clinching thedominance, with the softball team claiming its first league title. This allowed Coach Tim McDaniel to useDoDDS-Korea title by defeating Seoul American Saturday’s other two games to play his less-School 10-4 Saturday at Yongsan Garrison’s Lombardo experienced players, getting an early start on next year.Field. McDaniel said that having senior leadership who It was the third major title of the school year for had proven themselves in other sports gave the team aTAS that won Far East Class A titles in volleyball in good chance at winning the softball title. SeniorsNovember and basketball in February. Lynette Grant, Tammara “Tank” Hancock and Cox Brittani Ferguson and Olivia Buford led the Warrior were members of the volleyball and basketball teamsattack in the league-clinching victory. Ferguson as well.contributed three hits, including a grand slam home If Taegu’s winning the league title this year isn’trun, while Buford added a double and a single. Courtney the biggest story of the softball season, the team that finished as runner-up, Pusan American School, is. Despite dropping two games to TAS April 26, Pusan finished the regular season 8-7, holding a tie-breaker over Seoul American, which also finished 8-7. Pusan, a team made up primarily of freshmen, played the entire season with only eight players. To field a complete team, they had to borrow a player from the opposition at each game. “All season, the other teams have been very gracious about supplying us with a player,” said Dana Cottrell, who co-coaches the team with her husband Michael. PHOTOS STEVEN HOOVER “Plus, the players we get have been great because it is BY giving them a chance to play that they might not get Pusan American School freshman Ashley Smith gets set otherwise.” to fire a pitch during fastpitch action against Taegu Freshman pitcher Ashley Smith, who batted .323 American School at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field April 26. (10 for 31) and was credited with seven of the teams’ TAS won both games, 8-1 and 10-5. wins, led PAS throughout the season. Sister Jeni Smith, With the closure of Camp Hialeah in the near future,Taegu American School senior center fielder Lynette Grant a senior, led the Panthers at the plate, finishing the about half of the team will be playing at TAS nextwaits for a pitch during fastpitch action against Pusan season hitting .400 (14 for 35). season, according to Cottrell.American School April 26. Ad goes here
  • 25. May 5, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 29
  • 26. May 5, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “Sung-jin chook-hah du-rim-nee-dah.” Language Instructor Kwon Min-sook Word of the week : chook-hah The phrase of the week : “Thank you for your congratulations.” Chook-hah-heh-ju-syo-soe gahm-sah-hahm-nee-dah. for your congratulations Thank you Conversation of the week You look happy. Jo-un-eel ee-soe bo-ee-shim-ni-dah. I am. Gu-roe-sum-nee-dah. Why? Oe-doen il-im-nee-gah? I was promoted. Jin-gup-heh-sum-nee-dah. Congratulations. Chook-hah-du-rim-nee-dah. I will buy lunch for you today. Oh-nul jum-shim-eun jeh-gah sah-geh-sum-nee-dah. moving : getting a job KATUSA-U.S. Friendship Week