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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060428

Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060428



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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    Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060428 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060428 Document Transcript

    • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA April 28, 2006Volume 4, Issue 28 The Morning Calm Weekly is Yongsan Fun Fair Paintball brings draws hundreds Page 9 color, pain to Area I Page 16 nline Visit http:// ima.korea.army.mil Army transformation comes to USFK Kicking and Screaming ‘Setting the force’ in Korea By Capt. Stacy Ouellette with the Department of the Army Eighth U.S. Army Public Affairs transformation plan, while continuing to YONGSAN GARRISON – The provide support to our allies in South entire U.S. Army is undergoing a Korea,” said Col. Bryan Foy, 8th U.S. massive transformation. As part of this, Army operations officer. the Eighth U.S. Army is required to Overall, the U.S. Army’s restructure their forces in accordance transformation plan is the most with the U.S. Army’s Transformation significant restructuring in the past 50 Campaign Plan. The name for this years. By redesigning the force into a restructuring on the Korean peninsula modular Army it enhances the Global is “Setting the Force.” War on Terrorism capabilities, creating STF is designed to enhance, shape a more responsive and stabilized force. and align the current U.S. Army forces STF has three elements: enhancing, from top to bottom in Korea. While shaping and aligning. The enhancing undergoing transformation, the forces portion focuses on transforming units must maintain the ability to ‘Fight from their current force structure to the Tonight’ while upholding the union new modular organization. between U.S. and Republic of Korea The shaping piece concentrates on PFC. KIM SANG PIL militaries. the reduction of U.S. Forces Korea Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers perform the flutter kick during physical “The purpose of this operation is to personnel. The aligning segment adjusts training at the KATUSA Training Academy, Camp Jackson. KATUSA Soldiers enter the reconstruct our forces on the peninsula the number of U.S. military personnel training academy after ROK Army basic training to help them get accustomed to living and to better support our missions both here working with U.S. Soldiers. and abroad. Our priority is to comply See Force, Page 4 LandWarNet8th Army hosts 2006 LandWarNet training conferenceBy Jim Arrowood Eighth U.S. Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. DavidRegional Chief Information Office-Korea P. Valcourt, who addressed participants later the first The Network Enterprise Technology Command day.Regional Chief Information Office - Korea conducted Valcourt emphasized the importance of thea three-day LandWarNet training conference at LandWarNet for command and control of forcesYongsan Garrison April 18 -20. throughout the spectrum of conflict and his More than 150 key information technology unconditional support for securing this crucialspecialists, Soldiers and Department of the Army network.Civilians, participated in the conference. The purpose On the second day of the conference, Deputyof the conference was to train the IT community on Commanding General U.S. Army Signal Center, Brig.the latest policy and procedural changes for network Gen. Ronald M. Bouchard, briefed the latestmanagement, information assurance, information BRIAN TEAGUE enhancements to training being made at the Signaldissemination management, visual information and Bronco Lane, Regional Chief Information Office-Korea, gives Center in direct support of the LandWarNet. Therecords management. the opening keynote address at the 2006 Eighth U.S. Army general’s presentation focused on transformation; the LandWarNet is the U.S. Army’s global enterprise LandWarNet Training Conference held April 18. merger between tactical and strategic networks,network that supports all communications in support separate briefings during the conference, which was bandwidth, and giving trainees credit for what theyof command and control of warfighting operations, opened by Bronco Lane, Regional Chief Information already know.as well as the Army’s daily business. Office-Korea, in a keynote speech that addressed the The third and final day ended with a game show Just as Soldiers need the best equipment and training quality and quantity of command, control, that tested the participants’ knowledge and awardedto be successful on the battlefield, a steady flow of communications, computers and information prizes to those competing.information is just as vital. According to Roger Bacon management services that are being provided in the In his closing remarks, Col. LaWarren V.a 13th century English philosopher “knowledge is region by the LandWarNet. Patterson, 1st Signal Brigade commander/Eighthpower.” This statement applies just as well today as it “The reason that our Army today is able to do what Army Chief Information Officer/G6, emphasizeddid then. Connecting Soldiers to information they need, it does is because it’s Netcentric,” said Lane. “In other the importance of successful transformation of thewhenever they need it and wherever they are is the words, it helps us do a better job in what we do. We LandWarNet to complement the Army Theaterjob of the LandWarNet. work smarter instead of harder,” Master Plan in Korea, while remaining at all times A wealth of information was presented through 38 The importance of the training was reinforced by “ready to fight tonight.”
    • 2 April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly B Wealth of USFK info available online E homepage Web site and everyout. Add itof the that are available on theirhomepage for U.S. Forces Korea has a newly redesigned are a few of the helpful sources of information member the USFK Team should check it to your newcomers prior to arrival in country. L favorites. This Web site will provide you There are many superb “drill downs” on this Web site. I encourage you to take L command informationtime it will It with the most up-to-date the time to discover this new world of available. information that is just a click away. To is my intent that over access the Web site, go to www.usfk.mil become the single source entry Our Web site is new and it is only as S port for web-based information for all servicemembers, civilians, good as the accessibility and quality of information on it. We want to make it better E contractors and family members serving in every day. I encourage you to contact our the Republic of Korea. webmaster (at From policy letters to publications, to links webmaster@korea.army.mil) with N to subordinate commands, to family and community information, this Web site is recommendations for changes to content, additional links or feedback on layout. Together D designed to become a one-stop shopping center we’ll build the best joint Web site in the for anyone desiring information on our Department of Defense. command. We Go Together! S Not only will the USFK Web site serve as a reference tool for personnel assigned to Korea, but it will be invaluable for all in-bound Gen. B.B. Bell # Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, civilians, United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/ contractors and family members. The Welcome General, U.S. Army U.S. Forces Korea commander 5-06 to Korea guide and Republic of Korea fact book CommanderSuccessful on-the-spot corrections rely on right approachBy Command Sgt. Maj. George Duncan Everything we do has a standard attached Besides that, it is the number one thing in ourselves, and we have only ourselves to19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) to it, a method of evaluation so to speak, or that can make a junior Soldier or NCO quiver blame. I still believe that Soldiers do not wake I’ve spent the last 29 years refining my a gauge to indicate in their boots. When a up every day with the explicit desire to doown leadership style, and sometimes I think when the mission is leader is faced with a wrong. On the contrary, I believe that theyI’ll never get it absolutely right, but I keep accomplished correctly. “Our training as NCOs situation where a truly intend to do the best they can and looktrying. From the moment I sported my Adherence to has taught us the correction is necessary, for positive role models and leadership.corporal chevrons, I’ve always watched published standards is importance of corrections” they encounter three Who do I correct?successful leaders and how they handled what makes good units basic questions: This one is the easiest of the three --stress and contemporary leadership issues. great. There is a direct correlation between Who do I correct? everybody who needs it. Our training asI figured that they had much more experience a positive command climate and adherence How do I approach them/what do I say? NCOs has taught us the importance ofthan I did and would be excellent role models to published standards. The NCOs of the How will they react? corrections. I’ve been told throughout myfor me as I developed my own leadership unit are the keepers of the standard, but it’s I’d like to offer a little advice on how I career how important this is and how westyle. not just the NCOs that make corrections – managed to overcome these obstacles. It has are not doing enough of this; what I was not We are an Army of standards, and it is all Soldiers can and should make corrections. taken me years to perfect, and I am told was how to do it.these standards that set us apart from all other One of the best ways to ensure adherence convinced that had I known this long ago, This was kind of left up to us to figurearmies of the world. to standards is through the on-the-spot my journey through the ranks would have out on our own. It is very important, and I Standards are what we live by and in most correction. been much easier. would hope that every Soldier was capablecases are common to all Soldiers, like Making these corrections is not an option To start with, I’d tell you that we all need of developing their own technique withoutremoving headgear when entering a building, in a professional Army and until you master to start operating in what I call the “clear.” any guidelines, but that is not the case andsaluting in an appropriate manner and at the your own technique your leadership I’ll explain more in later paragraphs. nor should we expect it to be. Just likeappropriate times, and wearing the uniform challenges will continue to pile up on you. Growing up as Soldiers, we have all had anything else we do in theArmy, there shouldin accordance with published regulations. I’ve chosen the on-the-spot correction conversations about our seniors, and we have be at least a basic procedure to follow. as my main topic, because it has never all, at some point, said “if we were civilians How do I approach them/what do I say? MP Blotter received as much detailed attention or and he talked to me that way I’d …” or, Well that one is a little tricky, but I think I As of press time, no MP Blotter information had explanation as it deserves and is probably “yeah, if he/she ever says anything to me I’ll can remove some of the mystery. Have you been submitted to The Morning Calm Weekly. The one of the more important indicators of a say …” feature will return in coming issues. well-trained, disciplined unit. You see, we plant the seed of discontent See Commentary, Page 4 Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement President: Charles Chong Circulation: 12,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: oppress@kornet.net Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP @korea.army.mil Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
    • The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Filipino Dancers Sought Students compete at language festival By David McNallyVolunteers are needed to teach Filipino Area II Public Affairscultural dances in Yongsan. Anyonewith the know-how and the time is asked YONGSAN GARRISON — Moreto pass on their talent and skill to thos than 90 students from American schoolswho would like to learn and showcase across Korea gathered for the 2006dances unique to the Filipino culture. Language Festival at the U.S. EmbassyIndividuals are also being sought who Association Center.wish to learn traditional Filipino dances. High school and middle schoolThese dancers will be invited to students gave two presentations. Theyparticipate in cultural celebrations as performed poetry or prose for a panelpart of Asian-Pacific Month in May. of two judges. In a separate presentationAnyone interested in teaching or students answered questions.learning Filipino dance may contact The festival offered competitions inDolly Toney by e-mail at Spanish, French, German, Korean andDolores.Toney@kor.amedd.army.mil. English-as-a-second language. Next year, teachers hope to add Mandarin Korean Campaign Season Chinese to the list of languages.The season is coming for Korea “This is the fourth year we’ve donenationwide campaigns and elections for this, and it gets better each year,” saidmayors, governors and councilmen. DAVID MCNALLY festival organizer Karen Ratta. “The kidsAny officials seeking re-election or had more ‘buy-in’ this year.” Taegu American School 8th-grader Saya Elder answers questions during the interview portion ofplanning to run for a different office the 2006 Language Festival April 21 at Yongsan Garrison. Elder took first place in both poetry andmust resign their current position by Ratta said students took ownership in the event because they completed interview categories for her performance in English as a Second Language.May 19 (others in the organization willserve in their place during the campaign cultural static displays for the main Admittedly nervous before her “The kids have to start somewhere,”season). Officials will campaign for two room. interview, Elder felt relief afterward. “I she said. “It’s a shame to go to anotherweek and Voting Day is May 31. ESL judges Magali Kirk and Tania think I nailed it,” she said after the country and not be able to speak the Diaz asked Taegu American School interview. “I have spent half my life in language. It’s just a big loss.” Free Pops Concert in eighth-grader Saya Elder a series of Japanese schools and half in American Osan American High School teacher Yongsan personal questions during her five-minute schools.” Duke Allen said 18 students from hisThe Korea Chamber of Commerce, interview. Spanish judges Josefina Torres and school attended the fair.Korea Employers Federation, and DC Elder, whose mother is Japanese, Thelma Jenks listened to students recite “We spent time in class preparing forChemical Company, Ltd., are speaks both English and Japanese at poetry in varying degrees of difficulty. the possible questions,” said Allen, whosponsoring a special concert for U.S. home. She said she spent about one “You can tell who knows what they teaches English, English-as-a-secondForces Korea military and civilian month preparing for the language fair. are reciting,” Jenks said. language and social science.personnel and their families 7 p.m. “I practiced a lot,” she said. “I would A Belize native, Jenks speaks English, “The kids were really worried aboutThursday, at the Seoul American stand in front of my mirror and say my Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. She is having to get up in front of a big crowd,”High School Auditorium in Yongsan presentation over and over again.” now learning Korean. he said. “But, the way they have it hereSouth Post. The concert will be Her advantage was participation in “You just have to remember not to is to just get up in front of the judges.performed by the Seoul Pops drama club, she said. be afraid to make mistakes,” she said. So, it was a less stressful situation.”Orchestra conducted by Ha Sung Ho, “I know how to present stuff,” she “That’s how you learn.” Allen said some of his students haveand featuring Rose Jang, renowned said. “At least I didn’t do it in a robotic Jenks said she thinks it is great thatKorean pop-opera singer; Kak Sin voice,” she added with a smile. the schools offer a language competition. See Language Page 4 Language,Hyung, soprano; and Eugene Park,violinist.The concert is free. No reservations 18th MEDCOM’s Klein receives ROK President’s Medalrequired. Seating begins 6:30 p.m. By 1st Lt. Mike Schardinger Health Day at the Gwacheon Government Complex, justFor information, call the USFK PAO 18th MEDCOM Public Affairs south of Seoul.at 723-4685. GWACHEON – Col. Terry Klein, entomology consultant Since 1999, Klein has conducted numerous, surveillance for the 18th Medical Command, received the Republic of studies of United States Forces Korea training facilities and Free Ballet Tickets Korea Presidential Award for his significant contributions in bases to identify the distribution of various viruses Available the field of entomology, including surveillance of rodent, prevalent in the Korean peninsula. These surveillanceThe Seoul Arts Center, is offering free mosquito, and ticks borne diseases such as malaria, efforts enabled the 18th MEDCOM to categorize severaltickets to a performance of the Don Japanese encephalitis, and scrub typhus, as well as other frequently used training areas by categories of risk forQuixote Ballet for USFK military, malaria control efforts. hemorrhagic fever.civilian personnel and their family South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun presented the When four USFK Soldiers contracted this disease,members for 7:30 p.m. May 13, at the award April 7, during Korea’s 34th Celebration of World matching viruses from trapped rodents to the viruses foundOpera Theater in the Seoul Arts Center. in the blood of these Soldiers enabled identification of theThe ballet will be performed by the exact location of transmission. All four Soldiers contractedKorea National Ballet Company. the viruses north of Seoul near the Demilitarized Zone.To reserve free ballet tickets, call USFK Klein has been professionally involved in malariaPAO, 723-4680, no later than Thursday.Free tickets may be picked up at the research for over 18 years. He has conducted research inUSFK Desk in the Opera House lobby such places as the United States Army Medical Researchprior to the ballet (ticket booth will open Institute for Infectious Diseases, as well as the jungles ofat 6:30 p.m.) Advance reservations are Brazil, Thailand and Peru. He has also collaborated withrequired. Guests are requested to be his counterparts at the Korean National Institute of Health,seated in the concert hall by 7:20 p.m. Korean Center for Disease Control, Jeon-buk University,Attire for military personnel is Army Seoul National University, and Korea University on variousClass A/service equivalent or coat and entomology projects and discoveries on the Koreantie. Attire for civilian personnel is coat peninsula. Klein is a world-renowned entomologist, whoand tie/equivalent for ladies. has received the honor of having a mosquito named afterFree transportation is available, him (Anopheles-kleini).courtesy of Seoul Arts Center. For COURTESY PHOTO He plans to retire from the Army this year, settling downinformation and to reserve tickets, call Col. Terry Klein, 18th Medical Command entomology consultant, checks with his wife in Korea, while continuing to contribute to the723-4680 and provide contact traps used to capture rodents and insects and track viruses carried by field of entomology as well as emerging diseases.information. the animals.
    • April 28, 20064 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklyForce from Page 1on the peninsula. enduring installations, and supporting “USFK will reduce their number of actions to achieve Land Partnership Plan/personnel by 12,500 by the end of 2008. Yongsan Relocation Plan objectives,” saidEighth Army is responsible for 11,500 Col. Edgar Yanger, assistant chief of staff,personnel within this total. In addition, 8th Engineer.Army will reduce the number of U.S. The operation originally had four phasesmilitary bases from 41 to 10,” said Col. to complete. Currently, two of the fourRichard H. Parker, 8th U.S. Army future phases are finished. The current phaseoperations chief. includes major movements of the 19th Presently this operation is under the Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)direction of the 8th U.S. Army Future headquartered at Daegu, 8th MilitaryOperations section within the Maneuver Police Brigade, Personnel and FinanceDirectorate. Other planning cells within Commands, all headquartered in Yongsan. ADthis directorate like force management, By the end of 2006, an additional 700future plans, and current operations authorization positions will be eliminated.collaborate with future operations. The final phase of STF is scheduledAdditional sections outside of the for 2008, once all requirements for thedirectorate such as 8th Army Engineers current phase are completed. This willhave a key role in the operations as well. include the consolidation of military posts “The Eighth Army Engineers leads the into two hubs, Yongsan Garrison and theworking groups and council of colonels 2nd Infantry Division relocating.to resolve issues associated with re- For information about STF, call Parkerstationing units, vacating and closing non- at 723-5731.Language from Page 3only been in the American school system admissions boards.”for four months. Jenks, however, said the festival is not “For them, it’s a challenge to compete about winning or losing. “It’s aboutin English,” he said. making the effort and taking chances,” But, by the end of the day, winners for she said.each category rose to the top. The festival is Ratta agreed.the culmination of language education for “When I was young I dreamed ofAmerican students in Korea, Ratta said. traveling the world,” she said. “These kids “Winners will receive a certificate,” she are living that dream. Everyone whosaid. “To be able to have that on your participated will leave here a winner. Theyrecord will look good to college got to come and learn about the world.”Commentary from Page 2ever seen a command sergeant major make we have all witnessed). What do you do?a correction that wasn’t followed? What Think back on the $20 bill and simplyabout a general officer? say “Sir/Sgt./Soldier, you need to take off It’s not just because of the rank that they your headgear.”wear, although you will probably disagree There is no need to go into what thewith me. These leaders have had some rules are or a long, drawn-out descriptionserious practice in this arena and make it of the standard that makes you looklook natural. These leaders can even be smart. Just use a simple, direct-but-tactfuleffective out of uniform and in unfamiliar phrase, “you need to take off your hat.”environments. I can attest to this, because Now trust me when I tell you that yourI’ve done this all around the world whether tone of voice, mannerisms and facialon TDY or on leave in some of the strangest expressions will play a large role in howplaces. this is received. That may not have convinced you at all, When you approach someone withoutbut that does not make it untrue. After many malice or intent to belittle them, you areyears, I’ve come to realize that you will never operating in what I call the “clear.”get every one of them right, but you can’t Operating in the clear is being direct,hide from the many because you fear the respectful and removing all doubt aboutfew failures that are bound to happen. the message. They will almost always Think of it like this -- how would you default to their professional side, correctlet someone know that they just dropped it and move on.a $20 bill? How will they react? This one gets You’d probably pick it up and say “Hey more people in trouble than anything.Sir/Sgt./Soldier you just dropped this.” Some leaders are always afraid of the Does that sound about right? Of course reaction, because it moves the entire eventit does. There you have it, no fear of to another level.reprisal, no issue with approach and no Here’s Duncan’s answer. Who cares?fear of how to express yourself. If we decide to make corrections Well, when you look at it like this, you based on how we thought someone wouldcan see how simple it really is. You just react, we would be an Army of options,used a direct approach that does not leave and we are not. If we only relegatedany room for misunderstanding or ourselves to correcting junior Soldiers, weambiguity on the part of the recipient. are closed minded and protecting Now let’s take that same scenario and ourselves from the problem — non-apply it as a correction: You walk into the adherence to standards.dining facility and there standing in line is Make your unit great, use the on-the-a Soldier/officer/NCO wearing their spot correction where needed and demandheadgear (I know this is a real simple one that Soldiers do the same.
    • April 28, 2006 Page 5Veteran of three wars, MOHrecipient loses battle with cancerBy Jim Cunningham In 1964 Novosel was a Mike was one of those rareArea I Public Affairs reserve lieutenant colonel. He individuals that inspire people Michael Novosel Sr., a requested recall to active duty by merely walking into a room,veteran of three wars, a Medal f o r t h e b u rg e o n i n g w a r. H e strapping himself into a Huey,of Honor recipient and a major was told the Air Force was or smiling at a failing studentfigure in Army aviation history, over staffed with lieutenant and encouraging him to dodied April 2 at Walter Reed colonels, so Novosel, by then better,” said Don Martin, retiredArmy Medical Center after a 42 years old, accepted an Master Army Aviator.long war of his own, a battle appointment as an Army “I was honored to meetwith cancer. w a r r a n t o ff i c e r, a n d w a s Mike in 1987. I remember him The 83-year-old retired assigned to the 283rd Medical as a quiet, unassumingchief warrant officer earned Detachment as a “dust off” air gentlemen who was thethe Medal of Honor for saving evacuation pilot. epitome of what an Americanthe lives of 29 South Great heroes, history has h e r o i s a l l a b o u t ,” s a i d D o nVi e t n a m e s e s o l d i e r s w h o h a d shown us, give us great stories Vi n s o n , MAA. “I n a d d i t i o n t obeen surrounded by enemy we can tell to our children and t h e M e d a l o f H o n o r, h e h a d aforces along the Cambodian Michael Novosel Sr. Medal of Honor recipient grand children. Michael Novosel chest full of awards that filledborder Oct. 2, 1969, while and veteran of three wars dies at 83. Sr. is no exception. the left and right sides of hiscompleting 15 hazardous Wa r I I w h e n , a t a g e 1 9 , h e “I did meet Mike Sr. and Jr. green jacket, yet he made ancombat extractions in a UH-1 was commissioned in the Army at the Mile High Club in the 2nd effort to make me, and othersH u e y h e l i c o p t e r. Air Forces and flew combat Infantry Division,” said Joe around him feel like we were Oddly enough, around the missions against Japan as a B- Cothron Installation Management the important ones.same time he rescued the South 29 bomber pilot. He Agency-Korea Region Human “I r e m e m b e r b e i n g i n a w e o fVietnamese soldiers, his son commanded the massive Resources. “There is one story him. The Mike Novosels of thejoined him in Vietnam as a bomber flyover of the that I will never forget. world are real Americanhelicopter pilot in the same unit. ceremony aboard the “Mike Sr. told Mike Jr. to be heroes, and I thank God theyAlso named battleship careful and don’t get shot down lived among us.”Mike, they both “He was so very much a hero, Mu s suosu r1 9n 5 f o r i A g t ii 4 in Vietnam so he would not have To paraphrase John Donne: This bell calls us all; but howwere “dust off” to come and rescue him. Well,pilots, and yet he made the rest of us feel t h e s u r r e n d e r o f the story goes the other way much more for us all to knowtogether they are important, if for no other reason J a p a n . around, Mike Jr. had to go and such a great hero and great mancredited with than having the courage to serve After leaving rescue Mike Sr.” as Michael Novosel who willrescuing more alongside such men.” active duty in “He was so very much a never be forgotten. His heroicthan 7,000 men 1949, Novosel hero, yet he made the rest of us deeds will glow forever in theduring their tours in Vietnam. joined the Air Force Reserve feel important, if for no other annals of valor. The senior Novosel’s m i l i t a r y and shortly thereafter was reason than having the couragec a r e e r b e g a n d u r i n g Wo r l d called to active duty in Korea. to serve alongside such men. E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil1/38 FA wins Warrior Country Jokgu tourneyby Pfc. Amanda Merfeld two quick wins, 19-18 and 15-5, not allowing2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs the artillerymen a chance to win the match. CAMP RED CLOUD — Soldiers from units But since they were coming out of thea c r o s s A r e a I c a m e t o g e t h e r recently t o loser ’s bracket, another best two out of threeparticipate in the first Warrior Country Jokgu match h a d t o b e p l a y e d t o d e c i d e w h o t h eTournament at the Camp Red Cloud physical champion would be.fitness center. The final two games were truly neck and T h e s p o r t , w h i c h i s f o u r - o n - f o u r, i s a neck, with neither team able to gain much of ancombination soccer/volleyball game. Teams advantage.have three hits to get the ball over the net, However, it was not meant to be for Area I,just like in volleyball. as the artillerymen came back in the next two However, players can only use their feet. games winning 15-10 and 16-14.If the ball touches any part of the body other “We put our teams together this morningthan the head or foot, then the play is ruled and practiced a little before the tournamentdead. The ball is also allowed to bounce one b e g a n ” s a i d S g t . M a j . K i m Wo n D a e , 1 s ttime after each kick in this traditional Korean Batallion, 38th FA.sport. Kim hopes that with this tournament, more The championship game pitted Headquarters people will become interested in the sport andand Headquarters Company, Area I, out of the the next tournament will be larger.loser ’s bracket against 1st Battalion, 38th Field “We won and hopefully this will get moreArtillery Regiment, out of the winner ’s bracket people to play next time,” Kim said.in a best two out of three match up. SPC. CHRIS STEPHENS Area I got the championship kicked off with E mail merfeld.amanda@korea.army.mil Soldiers from across Area I competed against each other in the Korean sport of Jokgu.
    • 6 April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Taxi Prices Increase in KoreaThe Army and Air Force Exchange Serviceannounces an increase in taxi cab fares inKorea beginning Monday, for bothWorldCup and HaeKang taxi services.This includes all areas in Korea except AreaIV, which is not under an AAFES contract.The initial charge to take an AAFES taxiwill be $2.30, an increase of 50 cents. Afterthe initial charge, the remainder of the ride,calculated by distance and time in 30-cents-per-unit increments, will remain the same.In addition, a 20 percent late-night premiumwill be imposed on taxi rides taken betweenmidnight and 4 a.m. This night differentialcharge is a taxi industry standardthroughout Korea. Comedy ROKs at Mitchell’sMorale, Welfare and Recreation’s“Comedy ROKs” will begin at 7 p.m.May 6 at Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’sClub. PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMCamp Red Cloud Housing This Daewoo-Starco manufactured fire truck fires two water cannons, the one on top is aimed by a computer and television camera. CRC gets smokin’ new fire truck Office RelocatesCamp Red Cloud Housing office hasrelocated to Building T-110. The newhours of operation are: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Monday through Wednesday and Friday; By Jim Cunningham water turret on top of the truck by1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday. The office will Area I Public Affairs watching a remote television view ofbe closed for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1 CAMP RED CLOUD — The fire where the cannon are aiming thep.m. All official housing allowance, department at Camp Red Cloud can water or foam. This truck can followtemporary lodging allowance and living respond to a larger variety of fire calls the aircraft and fire foam remotelyquarters allowance packets must be today after receiving a bigger and from a distance to fight movingprocessed through this office. Schedule better fire truck from Camp Casey. aircraft fires.room clearance at least three weeks in “This truck is not really new, we “It can fire water from the frontadvance. The Housing Office will be got it from Camp Casey. They had it bumper turret also, and that isclosed Thursday for the 30th annual DPW remotely operated by the driver as there for two years,” said John Cook,organization day. Call 732-7508 or 732-7487 fire chief at CRC. “They have two well,” Pak said.for information or fax at 732-6966. more in the Casey enclave.” Another reason the new fire truck River Front Run “This truck replaces our old Military is a good idea is that CRC’s fireThe U.S.Army Garrison Camp Casey River Adaptation of Commercial Item truck department mission has changed.Front Run will begin May 13 at Sangpae that was 15 years old, that’s called a “Camp Stanley used to have the No Hui song drives the new fire truckBridge near Camp Mobile. Registration will MACI truck,” said Pak Sung Hak, helicopter operations missions, but and operates the computerizedbe from 8 to 8:45 a.m. Call 730-2322 for assistant fire chief of operations at CRC. now they have left,” Pak said. “Camp technology that aims the water cannons.information. “We got the (new) truck here at CRC Red Cloud has helicopter missions about a month ago.” frequently now, so we need the Area I Everland Tour appropriate fire-fighting equipment to The basic difference in the MACIThe Area I Everland tour will leave from truck and the new fire trucks the handle the mission,” he said.Camp Casey Community Activity Centerand Hobson CAC at 7 a.m. Saturday, from Army buys is the old MACI trucks “This truck is bristling withCamp Red Cloud CAC at 8 a.m. and from could only hold about 680 gallons of technology,” Pak said. “We have aCamp Stanley CAC at 8:30 a.m. All seats water and maybe 100 gallons of foam. computer in the cab that helps controlare $15, one day pass is W40,000. A “This new truck can hold 1,000 all the functions for projecting waterminimum of 25 seats is required. gallons of water and 200 gallons of and foam. The top turret has a camera This computer screen does more foam,” Pak said. “The other trucks that shows exactly where the water/ than just aim the water cannons, it Parenting Skills and Safety we have are basically for structural foam cannon is aimed. The turret on also has radio functions and provides Education Workshop emergencies, but this new truck can the front of the truck is remotely feedback to the firefighters.There will be a Parenting Skills and Safety operated from the same computer.” respond to both aircraft and structuralEducation workshop from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. emergencies,” Pak said. The 58 Korean Fire Servicesat the Camp Stanley Education Centertoday. What makes this new truck a super personnel will sometimes stand by for model compared to the old trucks is the C-130 cargo plane missions at Samgytang at Mitchell’s the technology employed. Camp Casey, but there are otherThe Korean special dish Samgytang will “This truck has two water important missions to which thesebe offered at Mitchell’s from 11:30 a.m. to cannons, and both are operated dauntless firefighters may respond.12:30 p.m., May 10. The chicken and remotely,” Pak said. “The driver or “We will support fire-fightingginseng soup with rice is $6.95, $7.95 with operator of the truck can aim the missions in Uijeongbu,” Pak said. “Withkimchi. For information, call 732-8189. the foam capacity of this truck we can “This truck is bristling help support fire emergencies Mitchell’s Club Closed with technology.” downtown when called upon.” Here the truck fires its bumperCamp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club will P ak Sung Hak turret, which is also guided by thebe closed Sunday through Tuesday. CRC assistant fire chief E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil computer operated by the driver.
    • Area IThe Morning Calm Weekly April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 7Hold’em championshipfolds with pair of acesBy Jim Cunningham the tensions of the week,” Hooper said.Area I Public Affairs “It is a good all around event.” CAMP STANLEY — Area I held its “This is my favorite way to relax,”third Texas Hold’em poker agreed Lienhard. “When I am notchampionship at Camp Stanley Saturday playing, I get tips from watching theand Sunday. Two aces of poker found pros on television.”their way to the top in the final round They both relied on their good luckclose to 5 p.m. last Sunday. pieces. The top prize was a $1,000 Army and “I always wear my lucky sharksAir Force Exchange Service gift tooth and my red shirt,” Hooper said.certificate and a trophy to the top ace “I always carry my 3rd Infantry coin PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAMStaff Sgt. Andre Lienhard, Fires Brigade, from Italy,” Lienhard said.2nd Infantry Division. The start of the event saw 144 Andre Lienhard and Mark Hooper examine what became their last hand in the Area I A $300 AAFES gift certificate and competitors gaming at nine tables. poker championship April 23. Lienhard and Hooper were the finalists in the two-daytrophy went to Mark Hooper, a MWR made sure that all tables had the event.Department of Defense civilian proper number of chips and fresh decks event that challenges individual’s skills atemployee at Camp Red Cloud, who of cards. Hold ‘em. Prizes are strictly limited tocame in second place. Third place, a “We had 144 participants in this those individuals that place in the$200 AAFES gift certificate and a third event,” said Chris Bradford, tournament,” he said.trophy, went to Joseph Candler. The chief, community operations division “We donated $300 for this event,”fourth through eighth places received for MWR. “Most of the participants said Chan Yam, Exchange New Cartrophies and MP3 players and stereos as came from the Casey and CRC area, sales representative for Camps Redprizes. Ninth through 20th places were with a few people from Seoul and Cloud and Stanley. “We gave prizes forawarded $25 AAFES gift certificates. Stanley. We ran two sessions on the places fifth, sixth and seventh, their “This is a great way to unwind on the first day, and eliminated half of the value ranges from $80 to $140.” Chan Yam, Exchange New Car Sales, center,weekends and Morale, Welfare and players. The second day started with MWR plans to continue the World sat in on the first day of play. ENCS donatedRecreation puts on the best Texas 72 players, with nine tables with eight Series of Poker by taking it next to $300 to the event.Hold’em events,” Lienhard said. “I love players at each table.” Yongsan and then back to CRC.to play. It is a sport of skill and a lot of “I started this event back last Additionally, they are looking to expandluck.” October,” said Lt. Col. William Huber, the games to include Omaha and Stud “I play just for the fun of it and Camp Red Cloud garrison commander. poker games.MWR always puts on the best events in “Every comment I received was After many hours of play, theArea I.,” Hooper said. “I lost by trying to extremely positive and very weekend did see some very excitingforce Andre out.” complimentary. This is the kind of hands turn up, but the finale was the last “My only concern from the beginning activity Soldiers are looking for MWR to two players and the last hand.was to get to the final table,” Lienhard be involved with in the future. There is “I was surprised and elated with thesaid. “I had no idea I would be lucky no monetary value associated with chips win,” Lienhard said.enough to win.” or position.” Lt. Col. William Huber, CRC garrison “This is always a great way to release “The tournament is a competitive E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil commander, deals at the final table.Marine join 2ID for Javelin training Area I job fair set for Tuesday AreaBy Sgt. Luciano Vera By Margaret Banish-Donaldson2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Area I Public Affairs UTAH RANGE – Marines of Weapons CAMP CASEY — Representatives from more thanCompany, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Corps a dozen organizations are expected to spend TuesdayRegiment, teamed up with a 2nd Infantry at a Job Fair at Camp Casey Community ActivityDivision Javelin instructor for joint training. Center. The Javelin automatically guides itself to the Like other U.S. military communities in the theater,target launch, allowing the gunner to take the Army Career and Alumni Program holds one orcover and avoid counter fire. Soldiers and two job fairs every year, said Kenneth Schlueter,Marines can reposition immediately after firing transition services program administrator.or reload to engage another threat. At Tuesday’s event at Camp Casey, which runs “We’re using the Javelin field tactical from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the emphasis will be ontrainer. It’s the MILES gear and laser sighting YU HU SON A Marine trains on targeting sites using a laser-guided system employment opportunities with American Red Cross,on the heat signatures. Marines are using it that allows Marines to effectively fire at targets. Anteon Corp., Army National Guard, Halliburton,basically for the field training portion of this, Calumet, Veterans Affairs, Lockheed Martin,it’s about the closest training we can get to and destroying the right targets. Exchange New Car Sales, MPRI, MTC Technologies,actually firing a live missile without having live “If someone was to give the wrong Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, U.S. Embassy andmissiles to fire,” said Marine Sgt. Brian command then they could possibly miss a tank 2nd Infantry Division Command Retention.Fleming, Javelin section leader. that could have a lock on them or could give Schlueter said community officials also will be The Javelin gunners benefited from the their position away and they would become answering questions about education opportunitiestraining by learning new and different methods targets themselves,” said Cpl. Clay Carver, 2nd and volunteerism. Representatives from the ACAP,of using the Javelin field technical trainer. squad leader Javelin section. Central Texas College and Army Community Services “I’m able to see how the Marines train. If “There really haven’t been any barriers will also take part, since that community falls underI’m ever in a joint fight with the Marines I can having worked with the Army before, although Area I.understand what it is they do and what’s not in this type of environment,” he said. For information on the job fair, contact Schlueterdifferent than the Army,” said Staff Sgt. “Basically the only type of lingo that’s been at DSN: (315) 730-4044, Commercial: 82-0505-730-Marvin Wideman, 2ID Javelin instructor. a problem is like ‘head’ and ‘latrine’ for the 4044 or e-mail at kenneth.schlueter@korea.army.mil. A crucial part of the instruction was Soldiers and Marines.”ensuring the right commands were given to the E-mail banishm@korea.army.milJavelin gunner guaranteeing he was tracking E-mail banishm@korea.army.mil
    • April 28, 20068 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
    • April 28, 2006 Page 9Yongsan Community Fun Fair draws hundredsBy Sgt. Seo Ki-chulArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — The 2006 CommunityFun Fair brought together more than 500 Soldiers,civilians, their families and Korean neighbors April 15at the Child Development Center. “The Community Fun Fair is an annual celebrationof the ‘Month of the Military Child,’” said EskelethaDorsey, Child and Youth Services school liaisonofficer. “It honors the youth who make the transitionswith family in the military or serve the militarycommunity.” Officials designed this year’s fair to give militarychildren more time with parents and to get to knowabout the surrounding community. A youth tae kwon do demonstration team kickedoff the event with Korean martial arts. After thedemonstration, a group of children in colorfulcostumes presented jazz and ballet dancing. PHOTOS BY SGT. SEO KI-CHUL A large number of parents gathered around the A Seoul USO clown gives four-year-old Nick VanZandt a balloon during the 2006 Community Fun Festival April 15.children to take photos of the performances. Soldiers, civilians and families lined up to join in abanana toss, football toss, basketball toss, limbocompetition and face painting. Many adoptable petsmade their public debut at the veterinary clinic booth. More than 10 organizations, including the GirlScouts, Boy Scouts and the 121st General HospitalHealth Promotion Office, set up tables and providedinformation about their programs throughout theevent. Army Community Services volunteers gaveparents a chance to better understand their childrenthrough a questionnaire. Crowds later gathered for a tricycle race. Watchingadult racers on tricycles was enough to bring a bigsmile to many childrens faces. Above: Joshua Quinn, 5, smashes a pine board during a tae Danika Florence, who works at U.S. Forces Korea kwon do demonstration. Left: Terri Douglas enjoys a tricycle race at the Yongsan See Fair Page 12 Fair, Community Fun Fair, as her daughter helps. performersCommand recognizes outstanding performers Officials: SpringBy David McNally safety not optionalArea II Public Affairs By Steve Davis YONGSAN GARRISON — About Area II Public Affairs200 Republic of Korea and U.S. Soldiers, YONGSAN GARRISON —community members and Korean families Songbirds and cherry blossomsgathered for a ceremony to honor enlisted aren’t the only things that cometroops April 14 at the Multipurpose out in spring. So do skateboarders,Training Facility. joggers and cyclists, among The quarterly induction ceremony others. Some take to the streetswelcomed top Soldiers and civilians into with gleeful abandon as they shakethe ranks of elite award winners. off the winter doldrums. For Sgt. 1st Class William Horton, a “It’s great to see people enjoyingsenior noncommissioned officer with the themselves after a long winter,”121st General Hospital, the honor became said Area II Safety Officer Jeffa highlight of his military career. Horton Hyska. “We just want them to be DAVID MCNALLYwas the only inductee this quarter to join Eighty-six- year-old General Paik Sun-yup applauds honorees as 8th U.S. Army Command Sgt. safe.”the exclusive Sergeant Audie Murphy Maj. Barry Wheeler looks on. Hyska said Area II Policy LetterClub. One of his Soldiers introduced 10-1 establishes safety policies forHorton to the group. Murphy Club when he was a sergeant Club member, each inductee must individuals running, jogging, “The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club is stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. successfully convince a panel of unit, operating motorcycles, mopeds,about leadership, about leading from the “That’s where I was first exposed to brigade and division level senior bicycle and other non-poweredfront,” said Sgt. Nathan Lehman. Audie Murphy,” Horton said. “The noncommissioned officers of his or her vehicles for transportation and“Sergeant Horton has been an outstanding noncommissioned officers in Audie merits. recreation on U.S. militaryNCO. He has mentored me and molded Murphy were always on top of their game. Horton said preparations for Audie installations within Area II. “Non-me into what I am today.” You knew you could always go to them Murphy included months of study for the powered vehicles” include Horton, with 12 years in the Army, first for guidance.” See Safety Page 12 Safety,found out about the Sergeant Audie To become a Sergeant Audie Murphy See Command Page 12 Command,
    • 10 April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/area2 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Area II applauds Korean firefighters Korean NEO Exercise Hundreds of firefightersA noncombatant evacuation operationexercise will be conducted May 18-20 at responded to March 16Collier Field House on Yongsan South Yongsan Garrison firePost. All USFK-affiliated noncombatantsin Area II are required to process. The By David McNallyfield house will be open 24 hours each Area II Public Affairsday beginning 6 p.m. May 18 and remainopen until 6 p.m. May 20. NEO packets SEOUL — Area II officialsshould be updated. Noncombatants from honored local Korean firefightersHannam Village, Camp Market and K-16 Monday in a ceremony to thank themAir Base should also report to Collier for their rapid response to a MarchField House. Other than those 16 Yongsan Garrison fire.specifically selected for rehearsal Hundreds of Korean firefightersprocessing, nobody should arrive earlierthan 6 p.m. May 18 for processing. For joined U.S. Army Garrison firefightersinformation, contact your unit NEO to respond to the early morning blazewarden. that seriously injured three Korean Service Corps employees and burned Laundry Closure down three Army buildings.The Quartermaster Laundry will be closed “Without your help, the Yongsan fireMonday and May 6 for the Korean Labor would have been much worse,” saidDay and Children’s Day holidays. It willbe open Tuesday for piece rate items and Area II Commander Col. Ron Stephens.May 8 for organizational items. For “We appreciate your quick response andinformation, call 736-4397. efforts in fighting the fire.” The ceremony honored 12 Korean Health Fair Run Yongsan-gu Fire Department managers,Join the Area II, MWR and 18th Medical to include the organization’s fire chief,Command Community Health Fair 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday in the Collier Field House Lee Song-chin.parking area. Information will be available “My staff appreciates the recognitionon cholesterol, blood pressure, nutrition, and is very happy today,” Lee said.dental and many other health concerns. “They received encouragement for the DAVID MCNALLYFor information, call 738-5171 work they did.” Yongsan-gu Firefighter Song In-ho gets into his fire truck Monday. Song was one of the hundreds It will further enhance the of Korean firefighters who responded to the March 16 Yongsan Garrison blaze that injured three Heritage Observance relationship between the two fireAn Asian American Pacific Islander Korean Service Corps employees and destroyed three Army buildings.Heritage Observance will be held 11 a.m. departments, Lee said.May 6 at Moyer CAC and Main Post Korean and U.S. fire departments “We practice techniques together training together, but solidified throughClub parking lot 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. May 6. have a mutual aid agreement officials during exercises and training,” said real-life experiences like major fires.There will be traditional dancing, food claim is a model relationship for good Area II Assistant Fire Chief Choe Han “We are proud to serve by your side,”sampling, educational information, neighbors. Chol. “We support them and they Stephens told the Korean firefighters.games and a Filipino band. Tae kwon do, Stephens said the way the Yongsan- support us. The cooperation is The March fire remains underaikido and other martial arts gu Fire Department reacted during the excellent.” investigation.demonstrations will also be presented. fire shows an “outstanding partnership Choe said the value of theFor information, call 738-5254. in serving both our nations.” relationship is strengthened through E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.mil Area II awards volunteers of the year and quarter Recognition CelebrationArt, poetry, photos and paintings bymilitary spouses are sought for a SpouseRecognition Celebration that will be held3-4:30 p.m. May 8 at the Community Area II Public Affairs recognition to Area II youth and adult volunteers of the quarterService Building. Prizes will be awarded YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II named its 2005 and year. They were all congratulated by guest speaker Pat Wheeler,for the best artwork. For information, call Volunteers of the Year during a ceremony Wednesday at the wife of 8th U.S. Army’s Command Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler.738-7510. Dragon Hill Lodge. The volunteers of the year and quarter received a variety of Free Friendship Concert The adult Volunteer of the Year award went to Chosun Gift presents, including a plaque, a Korean bell, checks from theA free Republic of Korea-U.S. friendship Shop volunteer Terese Alcantara and the youth Volunteer of Sergeants Major Association and a memento from theconcert will be presented 7 p.m. Thursday the Year award was presented to American Red Cross and Association of the U.S. Army. All nominees received certificatesat the Seoul American High School USO volunteer Amy Kim. of appreciation. The Airline Alliance presented a round-tripAuditorium. The concert will be The two had been nominated by their organizations and ticket to the United States to the Volunteer of the Year. Eachperformed by the Seoul Pops Orchestra, chosen by a selection committee based upon the community volunteer attending the ceremony also received a Chosun Giftand feature renowned Korean pop-opera impact of their volunteer work. Shop gift certificate from the American Forces Spouses Club.singer Rose Jang; soprano Kak Sin-hyung; and violinist Eugene Park. No “I’m humbled, but when you look out in the crowd and The Army and Air Force Exchange Service gave gift certificatesreservations are required. Seating begins see all the other volunteers, you don’t feel deserving of such to each of the awardees.6:30 p.m. For information, call 723-4685. an honor,” Alcantara said. “I’m going to start slowing down a More than 200 people, including 8th U.S. Army Commander little bit next year, but I still have a lot of things going around.” Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, attended the ceremony. Job Fair In 2005, Area II saw a 20 percent increase in volunteers. “The volunteer program here is wonderful,” Valcourt said.Pre-register online now for a May job Together, they worked more than 258,000 hours, saving the “The amazing thing about our volunteers is that they write afair at www.morejobsfairs.com. The fairwill be held 10 a.m.-3 p.m. May 19 at the U.S. government more than $3.8 million. check out of their personal time checkbook not knowing howEmbassy Association Center and May Volunteers of the Quarter for the first quarter of calendar much time the Lord has given them.”20 at the Main Post Club. Advisors from year 2006 were also named. Valcourt said the volunteer program has been beneficial forthe Army Career and Alumni Program and Seoul American Middle School youth volunteer Justin both the U.S. and ROK communities. With the services of thethe ACS Employment Readiness Zillmer and Yongsan Library adult volunteer Sarah Ball volunteers, he said, it allows us to raise the quality of life in theProgram will present information to received the honors. community.prepare participants for employment. “I feel kind of surprised because there are so many ACS Volunteer Coordinator Joseph Gall said Area II andOther Area II organizations will alsoparticipate. For information, call 738-7334 volunteers who did excellent work,” Zillmer said. “I put my Yongsan Garrison depend on volunteers to provide manyor 8977. whole effort to this job and I will continue to do it for the rest services. of my life.” “Our community is built on volunteers,” said Gall. “They On the Web Twenty-six other nominated volunteers were also honored are everywhere, at ACS, at the Red Cross and hospital. WeFor more News & Notes, visit the Area II for first quarter participation in the Area II program. couldn’t get along without them.”Web site at http://area2.korea.army.mil. Army Community Service hosted the celebration to give special The next volunteer award ceremony will be in July.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/area2 11WrestlingSuperstarsbody-slamYongsanBy Sgt. Seo Ki-chulArea II Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON — Morethan 500 people filled the Collier FieldHouse auditorium to cheer their favoritewrestler to be champion of the eveningApril 14. Eight male and two female warriorsarrived at Yongsan Garrison on a Pacific PHOTOS BY SGT. SEO KI-CHULregion tour. The entertainers provided Black Dragon draws first blood from his opponent at the Collier Field House wrestling match. Hundreds of Yongsan fans attended.a taste of wrestling to community like the “Black Dragon,” “Doink the Louis Collichio. “I saw a Worldmembers. Clown” and the “Native Bloods” Wrestling Entertainment match on “This is our eighth stopover in the presented a wide variety of wrestling television before, and it’s very similarpeninsula,” said International skills and comedy throughout the two and entertaining. I liked to see theChampionship Wrestling Promotion hours of raw matches. crowd going crazy and laughing atManager Henry Hubbard. “We are Children gathered around the safety their show.”supporting troops and families to uplift fence to enjoy the games closer. Many Female wrestler Karma saidtheir morale and spirit. We love to see of them gave “thumbs up” whenever spectators were supportive.smiles on children’s faces.” their favorite superstars stepped into “Most fans I met in the military have Hubbard said he is appreciative of the the corner of the ring. They cheered been very approachable,” Karma said.crowd coming out to enjoy the show. when a wrestler trounced his or her “I say ‘thank you’ for serving our “If we are able to support our troops opponents. Some of the wrestlers country being away from home. That’sin any way and any matter we can, we honored kids with “high fives.” one of the reasons I’m here today.”will be here.” he said. “It was a good opportunity for Yongsan youth get caught up in the emotion of Warriors with distinctive nicknames Soldiers to feel at home,” said Spc. E-mail kichul.seo@korea.army.mil the April 14 event.
    • 12 April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/area2 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyFair from Page 9CJ37, said she came in third in the race. Community Fun Fair more than four “I felt uncomfortable riding on the times since I came to Yongsan, and thistricycle, but it was very fun,” Florence is the best one so far.”said. “There were plenty of activities Capt. Daniel Gerstenfield, 121stthat helped adults and kids interact with General Hospital, said he had a goodeach other. I really love kids and wanted time with his daughter.to make sure they enjoy themselves.” “This is absolutely wonderful,” The USO, Morale, Welfare and Gerstenfield said. “The military has beenRecreation, and Veterans of Foreign very good to families and I’m glad theyWars Post 11016 sponsored giveaways, have such a great event for kids andincluding balloons, T-shirts, toys, dolls, families.”gift certificates and bicycles. Gerstenfield said the event is Many children said they had fun and important because families reallywanted to have another Community support the military.Fun Fair. “They are the backbone of the Elizabeth Kunde said she helped the community,” he said.Girl Scouts sell hot dogs to go to the (Editor’s note: See a slideshow of theOkinawa Camp this year. fair at http://area2.korea.army.mil) “I had a lot of fun with my friends,”Kunde said. “I have gone to the E-mail kichul.seo@korea.army.milSafety from Page 9bicycles, skateboards, skates and Village or Yongsan Youth Service Center.roller blades. The Area II policy letter prohibits “The bottom line is that everyone riding scooters, skateboards or skatesis required to wear a helmet and on Yongsan Main Post, Camp Coinerreflective vest if they are engaging in and Camp Kim roads, as well as theone of those activities,” said Hyska. Transportation Motor Pool, Eighth Army“According to U.S. Forces Korea Drive and X Corps Blvd.regulation 190-1, they are also “Sidewalks on Eighth Army Driverequired to comply with traffic and X Corps Blvd, or parking lots afterregulations on and off post.” a facility has closed for the day are the In particular, Hyska encourages only authorized areas designated forskaters and skateboarders to stay scooters, skateboard and skating,” heaway from crowded public areas said.where they could injure someone and Those areas include the commissary,should not allow another vehicle to Walker Center and the Hannam Villagepull them. Army Community Service building “Skaters should show courtesy and parking lots.respect for others, especially “The skate park near the golf drivingpedestrians,” said Hyska. range is another good place,” Hyska said. In addition to the mandatory helmet Commanders and activity chiefsand reflective vest, Hyska said skaters should assure all sponsors and theirare encouraged to use other protective family members are aware of andequipment, such as elbow and comply with the regulations, accordingkneepads. to the policy. Violations should be Youth Services has a limited amount reported at 724-3004.of safety equipment for daily checkoutto youth registered at the Hannam E-mail davisst@korea.army.milCommand from Page 9three boards. today with the hero of your country, General “It was very intense,” he said. Paik.” Horton received an Army Valcourt said having Paik personallyCommendation Medal, an Audie Murphy present his awards was “priceless.”Club medallion and certificate of “It’s like havingAudie Murphy here todaymembership from 8th U.S. Army to present the Audie Murphy award,” heCommander Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, said. “Poor is the nation that has no heroes,and a coin from Command Sgt. Maj. Barry shameful is the nation that has them andWheeler. ever, ever forgets.” Twelve Korean Augmentation to the U.S. A Camp Humphreys civilian volunteer,Army Soldiers received the General Paik Sonia R. Pena-Baker, also received the Dr.Sun-yup Leadership Award. Mary E. Walker award. Paik personally awarded the KATUSA Walker was the only woman to receiveSoldiers with his leadership award. Paik is a the Medal of Honor. The award is designedlegend in Korea. He fought in the Korean to recognize top performers who exemplifyWar and achieved the rank of “four-star” Walker’s characteristics.general. Valcourt said a person with a lot of money The 86-year-old Paik shook the hands can write a check.of each honoree, and placed the medal on “When they have a lot of money in thetheir uniforms. A photographer captured the bank the value of that check is not thatmoment for posterity. great,” he told Pena-Baker. “But you write “Mark my words,” Valcourt said, “when from the checkbook of your personal time.you are older, that photo will be up in your I thank you for your service.”house in a high place of honor. You will showyour children the picture of you on this stage E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.mil
    • April 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 13Law Day 2006: Celebrating the separation of powerBy Capt. Dave Goscha make the law. The executive and legislative branches veto power on proposed legislation (A two-Yongsan Legal Assistance Office ! The executive branch has the power to each have powers that check and balance thirds majority of both the House and Senate Law Day occurs every May 1st and is enforce the law. the judiciary. For example, the federal courts is required to override a veto) and Thean opportunity for everyone to reflect on ! The judicial branch has the power to are staffed by judges nominated by the Supreme Court’s power to review theour legal heritage, the role of law and the interpret the law. President. These courts rely upon the constitutionality of a law if it is challenged inrights and duties that are the foundation of The first three articles of the U.S. executive branch for enforcement of their a case brought before the Courtour peace and prosperity. Constitution define the powers given to the decisions. Congress has control over the The Executive Branch In the late 1950s, the American Bar three branches. The founders created a judiciary’s budget (although it cannot reduce Constitutional powers granted to theAssociation instituted May 1 as Law Day to system that both separated and blended a judge’s salary), has the power to impeach executive branch include oversight of federaldraw attention to both the principles and powers so that each branch serves as a check federal judges who misbehave in office, and agencies that implement laws passed bypractice of law and justice. President Dwight and balance on the powers of the others. may begin the process of amending the Congress (these agencies employ more thanD. Eisenhower established Law Day by Federal Judiciary Constitution if it disagrees with the judiciary’s four million people), power as commanderproclamation in 1958. It is suspected that In “The Federalist Papers,” Alexander interpretation of the Constitution. in chief of the armed forces, power to makethe date of May 1 was, in the context of the Hamilton described the judiciary as the least Congress treaties, nominate judges to the federalthen-growing Cold War climate, chosen to powerful branch. The federal judiciary’s The Constitution gives Congress judiciary, and appoint officers of thedeflect attention from the May Day holiday independence from political interference by numerous powers, including, the power over government, subject to the advice andcelebrated by communist labor movements the other branches of government is the budget, including the authority to raise consent of the Senate, and the power toaround the world. protected in the Constitution by life tenure taxes, borrow money, and spend money, the pardon individuals convicted of federalSeparation of Powers and the U.S. during good behavior and a guaranteed salary power to declare war and to raise and support crimes.Constitution for judges. military forces, power to regulate When the Constitution was drafted, the One of the great aspects of our legal Judicial review is the judiciary’s power immigration, the mail, patents and president was the equivalent of the monarchssystem, is the concept of separation of to review the constitutionality of executive copyrights, and commerce between the who ruled as heads of state for mostpowers in our legal system. actions or laws passed by Congress. This states and with foreign countries, to establish European countries. Unlike those monarchs, A basic definition of separation of powers power was first used by the Supreme Court federal courts below the U. S. Supreme however, the President is elected to officeis the idea that a government functions best in Marbury v. Madison in 1803. Court. and serves only for a limited term. Amongwhen its powers are not concentrated in a The judiciary’s power is limited to the The Constitution also provides that the checks and balances on executive powersingle authority but are instead divided among “cases and controversies” brought before Congress has the power to pass any laws are the Senate’s power to consent to thedifferent branches. The United States was the court. There are numerous constraints that are “necessary and proper” to give effect President’s nominees for federal judgeshipsthe first nation to formalize separation of within the judiciary on the power of individual to its named powers. and other government positions, the powerpowers among the branches in a written judges. For example, judges must explain The Constitution divides legislative power of Congress to impeach and convict theconstitution. Lawyers and philosophers in their decisions in written opinions, must in the Congress between the House of President for “treason, bribery, or other highthe 17th and 18th centuries defined the three follow the precedents established by the Representatives and the Senate. Both Houses crimes and misdemeanors,” and the federalbranches of government and their respective decisions of higher courts, and their must agree on proposed legislation before it judiciary’s power to declare executive actionspowers: decisions are subject to review by courts of becomes law. Checks and balances on the unconstitutional if they are challenged in! The legislative branch has the power to appeals. powers of Congress include, the president’s court.
    • April 28, 200614 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly April 28 - May 4 Freedomland Freedomland Take the Lead Take the Lead Eight Below PG Date Movie Date Movie R R PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Freedomland Ice Age 2: Ice Age 2: Date Movie No Show No Show No Show R Meltdown PG Meltdown PG PG-13 Take the Lead Take the Lead Take the Lead Madea’s Family Madea’s Family Freedomland Freedomland PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Reunion PG-13 Reunion PG-13 R R Ice Age 2: Final Destination When a Stranger No Show No Show No Show No Show Meltdown PG 3R Calls PG-13 Date Movie Take the Lead Freedomland Freedomland Take the Lead Eight Below PG 16 Blocks PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R R PG-13 Inside Man Inside Man Freedomland No Show No Show No Show Date Movie R R R PG-13Take the Lead -- Inside Man -- (Denzel V for Vendetta -- Ice Age 2: Meltdown Pink Panther -- (Steve Date Movie -- (Alyson(Antonio Banderas, Rob Washington, Jodie Foster) (Natalie Portman, Hugo (Ray Romano, John Martin, Beyonce’ Knowles) Hannigan, Adam Campbell)Brown) Tough cop, Detective Frazier Weaving) Leguizamo) A world-famous soccer coach The story of hopelessA former professional matches wits with clever bank Set against the futuristic The Ice Age is coming to an has been murdered and his romantic Julia Jones, who hasballroom dancer volunteers at robber, Dalton, as a landscape of totalitarian end, and the animals are priceless, legendary ring has finally met the man of hera New York public school to dangerous cat-and-mouse Britain, the story of a mild- delighting in the melting been stolen—a ring set with dreams, the very British Grantteach dance. The hip-hop game unfolds. Unexpectedly, mannered young woman paradise that is their new the stunning diamond known Fonckyerdoder. But beforeinstincts of his students soon Madaline, a power broker with named Evey who is rescued world. Manny, Sid, and Diego as the “Pink Panther.” The they can have their Big Fatclash with his ballroom a hidden agenda, emerges from a life-and-death situation quickly learn that the warming French government needs a Greek Wedding, they’ll havemethods, so he teams up to inject even more instability by a masked vigilante known climate has one major master detective to solve the to Meet the Parents, hook-upwith them to create a new style into an already volatile only as “V.” Incomparably drawback: a huge glacial crime and recover the gem— with The Wedding Planner,of dance. Eventually the situation. charismatic and ferociously dam is about to break, but he’s not available, so they and contend with Grant’sstudents trust him and he skilled in the art of combat and threatening the entire valley. recruit none other than friend Andy - a spectacularlybecomes their mentor. deception, V urges his fellow The only chance of survival lies Inspector Jacques Clouseau. beautiful woman who wants to citizens to rise up against at the other end of the valley. put an end to her Best Friend’s tyranny and oppression. Wedding. V for Vendetta No Show The Last No Listing No Show No Show No Show R Holiday PG-13 Munich R V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Running Scared Running Scared Madea’s Family Madea’s Family R R R R Reunion PG-13 Reunion PG-13 Take the Lead The Pink Panther Freedomland Eight Below PG Freedomland No Show Date Movie PG-13 PG R R PG-13 Freedomland Date Movie Date Movie Eight Below PG No Show Eight Below PG Running Scared R PG-13 PG-13 R The Pink Curious George Eight Below PG Eight Below PG Date Movie Date Movie Date Movie Panther PG G PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Grandma’s Boy Curious George The Last The Last Freedomland Freedomland Freedomland R G Holiday PG-13 Holiday PG-13 R R R Casanova Casanova The Ringer The Ringer Update PG-13 Final Final R R PG-13 PG-13 Destination 3 R Destination 3 R
    • April 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 15Embracing, exercising the privilege of prayerBy Chaplain (Maj.) Jeff Giannola us, and to have us respond to him. I admit that prayer is not easy. It is believe we care about them if we2nd Combat Aviation Brigade The absence of prayer is an indication not in our nature to pray or desire to hardly talk to them? Won’t our Prayer is a very powerful resource of the state of the heart: those who seek the face of God. But seek him feelings for them also dwindle awayand blessed privilege. Not only is it a don’t pray we must. The after awhile?means of apprehending the power of either “Rejoice always, pray without more we do It is the same with God, except heGod on our lives, but it is a great believe ceasing, in everything give thanks; it, the easier it never leaves us … we leave him. Howprivilege that the Lord of the universe prayer will gets and the is your prayer life?wants us to speak to him, and share do no for this is the will of God in Christ more real and Ask, and it will be given to you;our needs and feelings without good, that Jesus for you.” personal God seek, and you will find; knock, and itrestriction. God really I Thessalonians 5:16-18 becomes to will be opened to you. John 7:7 God knows all things and prayer is cannot be us. He’s Therefore I exhort first of all thatnot to inform God about what he may counted on, or they simply don’t have always there, but through prayer we supplications, prayers, intercessions,not know. It is an expression of our the interest to have God’s will done in keep ourselves aware of this fact, for and giving of thanks be made for alldesire to have a living, vibrant their lives. They may not admit this he tends to become just a concept in men. I Timothy 2:1relationship with a person, and it is a attitude to anyone, or even to the back of our minds when we don’t Rejoice always, pray withoutrequirement before God will intervene themselves, yet it stands to reason work at the relationship. ceasing, in everything give thanks;in some of our situations. that those who truly believe in God If we fail to speak to our wives, for this is the will of God in Christ He loves us, and longs to and trust him would pray, sincerely children or friends, how quickly will Jesus for you. I Thessalonians 5:16-communicate his love and wisdom to and fervently. those relationships dissolve? Will they 18 Worship Area III W orship Services Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA Collective Contemporary Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Sunday 10:30 a.m. Camp Humphreys’ Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Faith Formation Zoeckler Station Chapel KATUSA Wednesday 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel 11 a.m. Camp Humphreys’ Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel For information on Latter-Day Saint services, call 031-612-0265. Freedom Chapel, Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Area III Chaplains Camp Long Chapel, Suwon Air Base Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson 2 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Mass raymond.robinsonjr@korea.army.mil Gospel Sunday 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Byong K. Min Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Justin.k.Min@korea.army.mil 721-3356 Ad goes here
    • April 28, 200616 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm WeeklyPaintball tourney brings color, pain to Area I color,By Pfc. Amanda Merfeld against each other for nothing2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs more than the glory of victory.CAMP CASEY – The grand The Fighting Hellfish, Voltron,opening of Genesis Paintball Death Dealers, S-6 R-Us, Vipers,Course April 15 brought out a Energy and G-Spot were thecrowd from Area I, kicking off a names of the teams that walkedday of shoot-em-up fun and pain. away from the experience withMorale, Welfare and Recreation welts and paint splattered acrossonce again provided Soldiers with their bodies.a unique opportunity to have fun “MWR sponsored this eventand to get dirty, conducting the because it is the open house forfirst paintball tournament in Area Genesis Paintball Course,” saidI. Toby Crandall, team G-Spot.Soldiers and airmen swarmed all The paintball course is twoover the course, dressed in separate sections, each withaltered Battle Dress Uniforms, giant blow-up obstacles used forprofessional paintball clothing cover.and team shirts with mottos “The objective is to retrieve your PHOTOS BY SPC. AMANDA MERFELDprinted on them. opponent’s flag and to get back Matt Porter of team Voltron slides to safety behind the “zipper,” a strategical favorite for paintballEight teams of five competed to your side without getting hit. If enthusiasts. His team wears matching paintball clothing, as most teams do. you get hit, you’re out; you lift up about approach, flanking from and actually being able to see if your gun and you’re done,” each side, squeeze the enemy in you hit someone, or if you have Crandall said. and kill them off, then retrieve been hit. Soldiers and airmen left the field the flag,” Crandall said. “Three- “You are actually getting hit, so if one by one, each covered with to five-second rushes can be your strategy is not working, bright paint, marking the place implemented in this course. you’ll know,” Crandall said. where they were hit. Laying down suppressive fire for “I recommend other people to get The strategies used by the your buddy is something that our teams together and practicePlayers stand ready with paintball guns pointed players resembled those of battle team is doing.” things that you have learned indown and press against the wall, waiting on movements. The players noted the distinct basic training and AIT usingthe command of “go.” “We’re trying to do a round- difference between firing blanks paintball,” he added. Area II Support Activity “Champions” Dragon Inn Dining Facility Camp Coiner, Bldg. 1067 Area II Dining Facility Operated by HHD, 516th PSB HOTLINE: 738-7210 Food Program Manager: ‘Soul Food’ Specialty Meal Larry Graham Every Thursday • Company Commander: HOT SOUPS Capt. Thomas M. Amodeo Kimchi Soup • Food Service Officer: Capt. Ebony Lambert Soup Diseur • Manager: Sgt. 1st Class Harold L. Jones, 724–8189 MAINLINE Fried Catfish Sgt. Arelis Encarnacion, Headquarters, Headquarters Barbecue Ribs Detachment, 524th Military Intelligence, serves lunch to Sgt. Barbecue Chicken DESSERTS Park Min Seok, Detachment A, 516th PSB. Southern Fried Chicken Strawberry Shortcake Ham Hocks Chocolate Chip Kimchi Fried Rice Cookies Beans & Rice Hot Peach Cobbler Baked Mac and Cheese Assorted Pies Glazed Sweet Potatoes Collard Greens Fried Okra Seasoned Corn Spc. Grineldy Ventura, 516th Personnel Service Battalion, Corn Bread prepares garnishes for the lunch meal. Hot Rolls Mon – Wed and Fri Thursday Sat-Sun (From right) Chief Warrant Officer Atelano Villon, Eighth U.S. Breakfast ($1.95) 7- 8:30 a.m. 6-7:30 a.m. 8:30 -10 a.m. Army, G4, Chief Warrant Officer Michael Calderone and Sgt. Lunch ($3.55) 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. Noon -1:30 p.m. Noon - 1:30 p.m. Maj. David Green, Second Infantry Division, G4, enjoy lunch Dinner ($3.55) 4:30 - 6 p.m. 5:30 - 6 p.m. 4 - 5:30 p.m. at’ Champion’ Dragon Inn Dining Facility.
    • April 28, 200618 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly Thompson sets sights on Great Wall 8th Army officer trains for Chinese marathon By Capt. Stacy Ouellette 8th U.S. Army Public Affairs YONGSAN GARRISON – For servicemembers and their Free Ballet Tickets families stationed in South Korea, China is a hot spot for The Seoul Arts Center, is offering free travel. Many shop and enjoy the experience of climbing the tickets to a performance of the Don Great Wall. For others climbing isn’t enough; they run a Quixote Ballet for U.S. Forces Korea marathon across it instead. military, civilian peronsnel and their This May, Maj. Michele Thompson, 8th U.S. Army Future family members for 7:30 p.m. May 13, at Plans, will participate in the Great Wall Marathon by running the Opera Theater in the Seoul Arts the half marathon portion. The race takes runners up and Center. The ballet will be performed by over the legendary Great Wall of China in Beijing. the Korea National Ballet Company, “I wanted to tour China, but do something different than directed by Park In-ja. To reserve free the normal tourist sites,” Thompson said. “I saw it in the ballet tickets, call USFK PAO, 723-4680, no later than Thursday. Free tickets international listings of marathons in ‘Runner’s World’ may be picked up at the USFK Desk in magazine a few years ago. I also needed some motivation to the Opera House lobby prior to the improve my physical fitness.” ballet (ticket booth will open at 6:30 Thompson’s training for the race began three months ago. p.m.) Advance reservations are To prepare for the race she worked on her base, resulting in required. Guests are requested to be a training regiment that highlighted the long slow run. seated in the concert hall by 7:20 p.m. “My long runs included large hills and stairs to prepare for Attire for military personnel is Army the 3,700 stairs and the uphill finish to the race. I have a foot Class A/service equivalent or coat and injury, so I don’t actually run a lot,” Thompson said. tie. Attire for civilian personnel is coat “I conduct cross training on the bike, improving my CAPT. STACY OUELLETTE and tie/equivalent for ladies. endurance with increasingly long rides that I do with a local Maj. Michele Thompson, 8th U.S. Army Future Plans, runs as part of Free transportation is available, triathlon club. I also swim and lift weights — focusing on her training for the Great Wall Marathon. courtesy of Seoul Arts Center, from plyometrics and full body movements three times a week,” Runners will not only get to participate in one of the most Yongsan to Seoul Arts Center and she added. challenging races worldwide, but view the beauty of China return. Buses will depart the Chosun Thompson is no stranger to racing. For years, she has as well. Gift Shop parking lot at 6 p.m. and return participated in adventure races, duathlons, triathlons and the Over a 16-day period, the tour will take the group through ing about 10 p.m. Baghdad half marathon. In most cases, she placed fourth or Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. China has been a location of study To reserve tickets, call 723-4680. higher in her age. for Thompson as part of her International Relations master’s As for this race, Thompson admits she’ll be happy just to degree program. She has never traveled there. Win a Trip to the States finish the race. After that, she has set a few smaller goals to “I’m really excited about going and experiencing the Participants may win a round-trip ticket to the United States, or an LG keep motivated and to improve her overall fitness level. culture. Outside of the actual race and the Yangtze River laptop computer, simply by “My goal for the race is to finish in less than three hours. Cruise, I hope to see the Golden Monkeys, the White Dolphins registering in MWR’s RecTrac. By The recommendation is for runners to add an hour to their and do some hiking. I really enjoy the natural habitat,” registering with RecTrac at any sports normal running times to account for the Great Wall and stairs Thompson said. and fitness, recreation center, arts & portion of the race,” Thompson said. Thompson signed up via the Internet, but said there are crafts center or automotive skills According to Thompson, signing up on the day of the Korean tour companies that offer similar packages. Check center, individuals will become race isn’t an option so anyone looking to participate needs to out www. marathontour.com or contact Thompson at 723- eligible for a drawing to be conducted be part of a tour. 8497 for information. on American Forces Network - Korea during the last week of June. For information on RecTrac or the drawing, call 723-3730. Free Pops Concert in Yongsan The Korea Chamber of Commerce, Korea Employers Federation, and DC Chemical Company, Ltd., are sponsoring a special concert for U.S. Forces Korea military and civilian personnel and their families 7 p.m. Thursday, at the Seoul American High School Auditorium in Yongsan South Post. The concert will be performed by the Seoul Pops Orchestra conducted by Ha Sung Ho, and featuring Rose Jang, renowned Korean pop-opera singer; Kak Sin Hyung, soprano; and Eugene Park, violinist. COURTESY PHOTOS The concert is free. No reservations required. Seating begins 6:30 p.m. BOSS Business For information, call the USFK PAO The Korea Region, U.S. Forces Korea Better Opportunities for Single and unaccompanied at 723-4685. Soldiers program hosted the 16th Annual Korea BOSS Foum at Camp Humphreys April 18- 21. In addition to training BOSS representatives in the program’s core components, the forum Soccer Players Sought was a chance to recognize outstanding BOSS reps, including (above) 2006 KORO BOSS Anyone interested in participating in President of the Year, Spc. Michelle Bruner, Camp Humphreys, who was awarded a certificate twice-monthly pick-up soccer games and plaque by Command Sgt. Maj. Harold Gill, Korea Region command sergeant major, and should contact John Eastlake by e- (at left) competed in a variety of activities, including rock wall climbing. mail at: a7952149@kornet.net.
    • Aprl 28, 2006 Page 21U.S., ROK Soldiers train ondecontamination proceduresBy Susan Barkley Army who set up and ran the aircraftArea III Public Affairs and equipment lines because U.S. units CAMP EAGLE–Soldiers from 1st are not set up to do that type ofBattalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, located decontamination on their own.at Camp Eagle, and 1st ROK Army, “That means that we either getheadquartered in Wonju, donned support from the 1st ROK or we getMission-Oriented Protective Posture 4 support from the 4th Chemicalgear and joined forces on the Camp Company at Camp Casey,” Jones said.Eagle flight line April 21 to train together “We’re likely to be supported by themon decontamination procedures for [1st ROK Army]. They are stationed inaircraft, vehicles and personnel. Wonju across from Camp Long. They The Soldiers established three lines came about seven miles to help us out.”and began decontamination procedures. Spc. Misty Meier, Company D, 1st “Vehicles, aircraft and troops will be Bn., 2nd Avn. Regt., was in charge ofdecontaminated to a certain extent that the aircraft decontamination line. Thethey can reduce their MOPP level and units planned to decontaminate threecontinue their mission,” said 2nd Lt. Apache AH-54D attack helicopters.Jason Jones, 1st Bn., 2nd Avn. Regt. “People need to be trained on the Although each unit has a quarterly proper procedures, what parts of therequirement to conduct a thorough aircraft should and should not bedecontamination exercise, few units can decontaminated so the aircraft can becomplete the requirement without maintained,” she said.support from another unit. Korean Augmentation to the U.S. A 1st ROK Army Soldier sprays decontaminant on an Apache AH-54D attack helicopter, while Jones said they had decontamination Army Soldiers translated and helped the a 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, Soldier scrubs the aircraft down.support from the 1st Republic of Korea U.S. Soldiers understand the differences in equipment. Magana and those working with him “Even though I can’t read Hangul, I were scheduled to decontaminate know the differences and similarities in Humvees and Light Medium Tactical our equipment so that I could pick up Vehicle cargo trucks. their equipment and use if I ever needed About 30 Soldiers were sent through to,” Meier added. the detailed personnel decontamination Pfc. Adrian Magana, Headquarters line. and Headquarters Company, 1st Bn., 2nd “I think that it’s important for us to Avn. Regt., took a break from his normal familiarize ourselves with the American duties at Air Operations where he keeps Army’s equipment,” said Lt. Ree Youn- track of flights, files paperwork and sand, ROKA NBC platoon leader. “We makes sure the pilots are “squared also build friendships.” away.” “I’m exceptionally proud of the “I’ve been detailed as one of the organization in preparation for this great augmentees for the detailed equipment training event,” said Lt. Col. Gus Blum, contamination,” he said. “I’ve been 1st Bn., 2nd Avn. Regt. commander. “I going through Nuclear, Biological and want to send a special thanks to our Chemical training all week. It’s been ROK counterparts for supporting us and good training and we now know what this great training event on this beautifulCommand Sgt. Maj. Donald D. Dunnigan, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, is checked to do if we are attacked by chemical day.”for contamination by a device that detects hazardous chemicals. agents.” PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEYU.S. and Republic of Korea Soldiers work together to decontaminate a fuel truck on the Camp Eagle flight line April 21.
    • April 28, 200622 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Celebrating Arbor Day at Camp Eagle Army Reserve Unit By Becky Poppleton Seeks Members Special to The Morning Calm Weekly The 343rd Support Detachment, CAMP EAGLE — Arbor Day 2006 Camp Humphreys, is seeking new will be remembered as a special day for members. You must be willing and the Camp Eagle Soldiers of the 1st qualified to join an Army Reserve Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, who Troop Program Unit, hold the gathered together on a bright sunny day enlisted rank of E1-E7, be Military with the children of the Sung-Nam Occupational Specialty Qualified Elementary School in Heongsung for a as 21B, 74D, 96B, 54B, 31B, 42L, tree planting ceremony April 6. 13F or be willing to become MOS The reception banner declared the qualified in one of these MOSs. school’s theme as “Planting trees with Officers must be in the rank of 2nd Camp Eagle to commemorate praying lieutenant thru major, military together for Peace.” police, engineers, chemical and fire The school’s principal, Hwang Do- support officers are needed but gun, welcomed the opportunity to any branch is welcome. For celebrate the day with Camp Eagle information, contact Richard Scott Soldiers by planting 50 deciduous and 753-6280 or Reginald evergreen trees all across the school Burgesslavelle, 753-6280 / 7242 COURTESY PHOTO grounds. “We plant these trees as partners and A Soldier from 1st Battalion 2nd Aviation Regiment looks on as 4-year-old Alexander Blum and Road Closure friends,” said Lt. Col. Gus Blum, 1st Bn., Lim, Kwang-Su, 4th-grader at Sung-Nam Elementary School in Heongsung, plant a tree during O’Flanovan Loop and Gorvard 2nd Avn. Regt. commander. “ Long after the April 6 Arbor Day event held at the school. Drive on Camp Humphreys will be our Soldiers have left Korea and these and as reminders of the friendship watered their tree. To complete the job, closed through May 9 to support wonderful students have graduated, the between our two great countries,” each team signed their names on a an upgrade in the installation sewer trees will stand as reminders of the About 60 Soldiers participated in the temporary tag hung on their tree. system. Minimum delays are partnership between the Sung-Nam event. Each Soldier was paired with a Permanent tags will hang on each tree anticipated during this period. Elementary School and our Soldiers — child. Together they dug, planted and for future remembrance. It’s a good neighbor kind of thing Scholarships Offered The Alpha Omega Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated is offering over By Susan Barkley $5,000 in scholarships to Area III Public Affairs graduating high school seniors CAMP HUMPHREYS – A small army of determined across the Korean peninsula. men, women and children, many wearing unit T-shirts, Applications are available at the marched out of the pedestrian gate at Camp Humphreys high school counselor’s office or Saturday morning to engage and take down the enemy from any member of the Alpha target. Omega Sigma Chapter. For The target was trash and litter in the villages of information, contact Maj. Rex Anjung-ri, Beongjong-ri and the CPX gate area. The Boone at: HOC 527th MI Bn.., event was the second annual community cleanup APO AP 96271 or sponsored by Area III and Pyeongtaek City. rx_boone@yahoo.com. About 250 volunteers from the installation, armed with trash bags and prepared to sacrifice a part of their Lodging Facility Closes weekend to the cause, joined Republic of Korea Air Due to construction/demolition, the Force airmen and local community members and spent Butler City temporary lodging about two hours picking up litter and debris. COURTESY PHOTO facility in Area III will no longer After the cleanup activities, they met at Nonsong Capt. Colleen Burgemaster, 557 Military Police Company and husband be available after May 15. For Fortress for a barbeque and a chance to enjoy this Capt. Brian Burgemaster, 52nd Medical Battalion, and their two-year-old information, call 753-6338. Good Neighbor Program event. son Nathan work together to win the war on trash. CDC Rededication The Humphreys Child Humphreys breaks ground on Lodge annex Development Center will be rededicated as the Pang Chong- by Susan Barkley Area III Public Afffairs hwan Child Development Center. The ceremony will take place at CAMP HUMPHREYS — Ground the corner of Freedom Road and was broken for the $12.5 million West Gate Rd (Bldg 1127) 10 a.m expansion of Humphreys Lodge May 3. April 18. When completed, in January 2008, the lodge will have Prayer Breakfast Set 156 rooms including 45 extended There will be a prayer breakfast in stay rooms with a kitchenette and celebration of the National Day of 40 suites with two bedrooms and Prayer at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, in large kitchenette. the Community Activities Center. The lodge will also have a The event will be a united service conference room and a digital of prayer between the Camp COURTESY PHOTO business center. The annex will be Humphreys Community and the Byun Ki-sik, Yojin Industrial Company; Lt. Col. John F. Loefstedt, deputy commander, Far East linked to the existing lodge by a Anjung-ri Pastor’s Association. District, Army Corps of Engineers; Chun Tucker, FED, Army Corps of Engineers; Greg Reiff, covered walkway. Contact your unit Chaplain or the Pyeongtaek, Resident Office, FED, Army Corps of Engineers; Larry Gennaccaro, manager, Yojun Industrial is constructing the Humphreys Chaplain’s Office at Humphreys Lodge; Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., commander, U.S. Army Area III Support Activity; new lodge facility and is currently 753-7274 for tickets. Kim Chong-su, Yojin Ind. Co.; Jake Sparks, IMA -KORO; and Yang Hwa-sok, Pyeongtaek, building the $7 million aquatic park Resident Office, FED, cut a ribbon prior to the ground breaking. that is scheduled to open this summer.
    • April 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 23Wonju Girls Middle School makes aclean sweep in English speech contestBy Susan BarkleyArea III Public Affairs CAMP LONG–Fifteen of the 75students participating in the 6th annualKangwon regional International YouthFellowship English Contest held April21 at the Wonju Convention Centercame with their volunteer Englishteacher and watched three of theirnumber walk away with first, secondand third place in the middle schoolcategory. Sgt. 1st Class Clorinda J. Fisher,Headquarters and HeadquartersDetachment, U.S. Army Area IIISupport Activity, has only beenvolunteering at Wonju Girls MiddleSchool for about three weeks but hasalready put in a number of hours gettingthe girls ready for the competition. “We spent six hours last Saturdaypracticing,” said Fisher. “I would read F. NEIL NEELEYtheir speech as they presented it in class (From Left) Pak Eun-jeong, Jo Min-ji, Sgt.1st Class Clorinda Fisher, Kim Sun-hee, (Jo’s mother and a teacher at Wonju Middle School), Leeand correct their pronunciation.” Su-ji and Ju Min-young, share a moment together at the Wonju Convention Center during the English contest. Jo Min-ji, a 16-year-old third-gradestudent took first place. other. in English,” he said. “Students do not commander, U.S. Army Garrison “I was a little nervous when I gave “We cooked a Korean meal the usually get a chance to speak their Camp Long and Eagle, was one ofmy speech today,” she said. “Now I second week and went over the menu mind in front of many people.” the six judges for the speech contest.have more self confidence. I was in English,” she said. Middle and high schoolers presented “It was an honor for me to bevery happy that Sgt. 1st Class Fisher Joe Park, overseas manager of a three-minute speech on a topic of selected to judge the future leaderscame to teach my class. She’s a very International Youth Fellowship, said their choosing. of Korea,” said Arrington. ”They aregood teacher.” two middle school and two high “By participating in this contest, Korea’s tomorrow. They were very Jo also said that the lessons are school students will advance to the students have the opportunity to competitive and they did a great job.”very interesting and “not at all national finals to be held in Seoul May study the language in depth, know Jo summed up the feelings of allboring.” 6. their scripts inside-out, and practice of Fisher’s students when she said, Fisher said she tries to do things “The goal of the contest is to give their pronunciation,” he added. “We only speak English in class, soto get the class interacting with each the students an opportunity to speak Maj. Thomas L. Arrington, it’s fantastic. We thank her so much.”Town Hall – a community voice to the commanderBy Susan Barkley the Jan. 18 meeting. 25, depending on weather. The shoppette near MPArea III Public Affairs Taliento advised the audience that the taxi situation hill, featuring a Charley’s Steakery, will open in CAMP HUMPHREYS–The most recent Camp is being monitored almost continuously and that a June.Humphreys Town Hall meeting, held April 18 in the dispatch monitoring system has been brought on line. A few new issues were raised when Taliento openedmulti-purpose training facility, brought the Ron Daugherty, AAFES Korea Southern the floor for questions. One community membercommunity up to date on what’s happened since Exchange general manager, also reported that they requested that children’s matinees be shown duringthe last meeting and gave community members the hope to begin using minivans to make it more the summer recess and Daugherty promised thatopportunity to raise new questions or concerns to efficient to move groups of Soldiers needing would happen when the school year ends and alsothe commander. transportation when they return to the installation promised free popcorn for the children. Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., U.S. Army Area III at curfew. Kon Gennaccaro from the commissary promisedSupport Activity commander, began the meeting by He said the minivans would also be used at places to relay the request for the hours to match the Osanreviewing the action taken on issues raised during like the commissary to make it easier to haul large commissary hours, after someone wanted the grocery orders. commissary to open earlier during the week. Another subject from Safety was addressed when one person asked the last meeting was the that the one-way street between Pegasus Grill and problems encountered DPW be enforced. Safety was also mentioned in with the automatic doors connection with bicycle riders needing to obey at the main exchange. traffic and safety regulations. Daugherty said that is an One Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army ongoing problem that Soldier asked why KATUSAs cannot use the post they are working to fix. exchange and commissary. Command Sgt. Maj. Taliento previewed Robert R. Frace replied that the most direct answer some things to look for in is that the Status of Forces Agreement prohibits the near term. A Pass & them from using those facilities. He went on to say ID building will soon that he will give full support to expanding the open at the CPX gate. number and type of items available in the KATUSA The new facility will also PX. Camp Humphreys is the only installation to have house an emergency a KATUSA PX. The PX carries some food items in response control center. addition to personal care and clothing items. C P OURTESY HOTO Soldiers Park should The next Town Hall meeting is planned forJim Shultz, a Dynacorp employee, asks a question while Sgt. 1st Class Barry Canada, Area III reopen on or about April July 18.DPTMS, holds the microphone.
    • April 28, 2006 Page 25Area IV commissaries excel at DeCA inspectionsBy Galen Putnam oversight, equipment accountability, management ofArea IV Public Affairs personnel and overall fiscal posture. In addition CAMP WALKER – The Taegu Commissary customer interviews are conducted eliciting feedbackreceived the highest rating given out yet this fiscal in 14 different areas.year, only to be topped by the Chinhae Naval Station Area IV commissaries were last inspected in 1997.Commissary in unannounced Defense Commissary The Taegu South Central Distribution Center, co-Agency Inspector General visits April 14 – 20. In located with the Taegu Commissary, was also singledaddition, Area IV collectively averaged more than 10 out for praise. The distribution center receives andpercent higher than their counterparts in the United processes about 380,000 semi-perishable items arrivingStates. from the United States each year before shipping them The Taegu Commissary received a 91.6 rating to commissaries throughout Area IV. The CDCduring its April 14 – 15 inspection. Not to be outdone, received a 90.1 score in its inspection.the commissary at Chinhae scored 93.4 when “An efficiently operated distribution center benefitsinspected on April 19. As a whole Area IV including all of the facilities it supports. Commissaries wouldthe Camp Carroll Commissary and the Taegu South basically be crippled if they did not have a goodCentral Distribution Center (CDC) received a 91.3 distribution center,” Darden said. “This is a very active,average. The DeCA worldwide average for the very responsive distribution center.”current fiscal year is 81.7. The Camp Hialeah Sometimes when inspectors arrive at an organizationcommissary was not inspected due to the installation’s to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, they canimpending closure. CPL. PARK KWANG-MO detect a palpable tension in the air. Fortunately, that “This isn’t a competition among commissaries – Store worker Pak Chae-chong stocks the shelves at the Taegu wasn’t the case as, Darden and Carl. H. Schwetz, athat’s not the drill. These inspections evaluate how Commissary. The store received a 91.6 rating in an unannounced DeCA inspector, arrived in Area IV. The duo, alongwell they are doing against the standards set by DeCA Defense Commissary Agency Inspector General visit April 14 – 15. with another pair of inspectors, spend about half theirand the Department of Defense,” said DeCA Assistant Commissaries are rated on three Key Result Areas: time on the road evaluating DeCA’s 268 commissariesInspector General Bob Darden. “The overall score (1) Patron Satisfaction – Items that directly impact worldwide.reflects a percentage of correctness. Our corporate commissary customers. (About half of the inspection/ “We see the good, the mediocre and commissariesgoal is for these facilities to be involved with meeting evaluation checklist falls into this area.); (2) Leadership needing a tremendous amount of work to meettheir customers’ expectations. They are inspected Issues – Items that evaluate overall management standards. It is nice to be able to see good,” Dardenabout every five or six years by the IG but they are effectiveness; and (3) Personnel and Assets said. “We came from a location prior to this one whereevaluated every day the commissary doors are open Management – Control of government assets to includeby their authorized customers.” inventory results and accountability, contract See DeCA on Page 28 Pure Talent! Anti-Terrorism exercise set Area IV Public Affairs CAMP HENRY – A week-long anti- terrorism exercise, featuring a variety of scenarios, will be held May 8 – 12 to test Daegu enclave force protection and emergency response procedures. Area IV Support Activity conducts this annual exercise to train specific tasks and to organize and react to multiple crisis scenarios, according to Frank W. King, Area IV Anti-Terrorism Officer. The exercise will take place in and around Daegu installations and involve all first responder agencies, augmentation forces and the Korean National Police host nation liaison. Depending upon the force protection level, some people may be delayed or temporarily inconvenienced getting on or off post during parts of the exercise. Every attempt will be made to minimize the impact of the exercise on normal installation routine. “It is our intent to exercise our plan, strengthen our crisis action response GALEN PUTNAM tactic techniques and procedures and Taegu American School fourth-graders Melita Lynch (foreground), Jonnelle Galimore (left to right), Selena Scott, and Artavia Williams show their moves identify areas of vulnerability within the during a talent show for TAS students in kindergarten through sixth grade April 19 at the school. The group, who danced to “Gold Digger” by Kanye West Daegu Base Cluster,” King said. “In the and “1, 2 Step” by Ciara, took third place. First place went to second-grader Ashley Parker who sang Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” Third-grader Blaze end, we are looking for a well-executed, Johnson took second place with a pogo demonstration. A talent show featuring TAS students in grades 7 – 12 was held April 20 at the school. Winners were safe exercise that validates or improves Harry Holmes (first place), Duri Balat, Kim Compton and Seung Jin-yu (second place) and Kelly Schulte, who came in third. our current AT plan.”
    • April 28, 200626 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly Admiral Yi Sun-sin Booklet Available To commemorate Korean hero Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s birthday today, the Area IV Support Activity Public Affairs Office will distribute the booklet, “Admiral Yi Sun-sin – A brief overview of his life and achievements.” Yi, who was undefeated in 23 naval battles, is considered one of the greatest figures in Korean history. To obtain a copy of the booklet, stop by the PAO, located on the first floor of Area IV Support Activity Headquarters, Bldg. 1211. For information, call Kevin Jackson at 768- 8072. TAS Book Fair Taegu American School’s Parent- Teacher Organization is hosting a book PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM fair in the TAS Library, Monday – May 5, during regular school hours. A member of Camp Carroll Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Response Team places absorbent padding on the ground to contain a Volunteers are needed to help with set simulated chemical spill as Taegu American School students look on during an installation tour marking Earth Day. Tours reinforce Earth Day importance up Saturday, and to assist during the fair. For information, or to volunteer, call Rob Chartier at 011-3333-6436 or Lena Allen at 768-9501. By Galen Putnam CampWalker Area IV Public Affairs Community Yard Sale CAMP CARROLL – Recycling Camp Walker’s Community Yard Sale means more than just separating plastic will be 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. May 13. Families and paper products as about 100 Taegu interested in participating may set up American School students and escorts sale items in their yard. They are also learned as they toured select Camp responsible for cleanup afterwards. For Carroll facilities April 19–20 in information, call Maj. Victoria Snow at 768-8401. recognition of Earth Day. This year’s Army Earth Day theme ACAP, ACS is “Sustaining the Environment For a Host Job Fair Secure Future Through Water The Area IV Army Career and Alumni Conservation.” Program and Army Community Following a briefing by Camp Carroll Service’s Employment Readiness Environmental Coordinator Chuck Program will host a Job Fair, noon – 3 Harper, the groups visited the p.m. May 17 at the Evergreen installation’s “land farm,” sewage Taegu American School students, led by Chuck Harper, Camp Carroll’s environmental coordinator, Community Club on Camp Walker. treatment plant, water treatment plant visit the installation’s Water Treatment Plant Laboratory during the tour. Transitioning military personnel, family and Hazardous Materials and Antifreeze 2000. The sewage treatment plant aware of their roles as stewards and members and civilians are encouraged Recycling Point. They also viewed a typically treats about 200,000 gallons per how their actions affect the to attend. Register online at response to a simulated hazardous day in the winter and around 300,000 in environment,” said TAS biology teacher www.morejobfairs.com. For chemical spill and participated in a tree the summer. The water treatment plant Steven Belnap. information, call ACAP at 768-7571 or planting at the Community Activities produces about 386,000 gallons of Students found the tour informative ACS ERP at 768-7951. Center. potable water every day. and inspirational. “It is important for young people to “On a tour like this the students learn “It was interesting to see the process Army Birthday Ball about ecology and the environment,” for purifying the water,” said 10-grader understand the importance of protecting Scheduled the environment and recycling,” Harper said TAS environmental science teacher Elizabeth Randall. “It also helped us learn Members of “Team Daegu” are invited said. “This gives them a first-hand Ed Thompson. “They can read about how important it is to preserve water to celebrate at the 231st Army Birthday opportunity to see how we deal with things in a book but it has more impact and other resources.” Ball, starting with a social at 6 p.m. June 15 at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in Daegu. waste water by treating it and reusing when they can see it first-hand. The Other Area IV Earth Day events All military community members are it. It is important that we maximize our most visual part of the tour was water included tours of the Camp Walker water welcome. Military dress is: mess dress/ renewable resources.” treatment process. They could actually treatment plant by children from Child dress blue or class A uniform with white The 30,000 square foot land farm see from beginning to end all of the steps and Youth Services and a water shirt and bow tie. Formal attire for has treated more than 6,461 cubic yards involved.” conservation display at the Camp Walker civilians is required. Tickets are $45. For of contaminated soil since it opened in “This makes the students more Main Exchange. information or to purchase tickets, call Sgt. Maj. Louis Velez at 768-6322 or Sgt. Maj. Carey Grant at 768-8363. Camp Carroll hosts 5-kilometer run to celebrate Earth Day Area IV Public Affairs place; Women 30 to 39 – Amelia Carter, first place, Toni K. Sabo, second NEO Exercise Set For place; Men 40 to 49 – Marty Muchow, first place, Tom Corcoran, second May CAMP CARROLL – The Crown Jewel Sports Program, in conjunction place; Women 40 to 49 – Sandra Gaston, first place, Patricia Socha, second U.S. Forces Korea will conduct the 2006 with the Camp Carroll Conservation Office, hosted the Earth Day Korean – American place; Men 50 and older – Pat Noble, first place, Roger Kacmarski, second Courageous Channel Noncombatant Five- kilometer Race here Saturday. place; Women 50 and older – Chong Sims, first place. Evacuation Operations exercise May 19 The event drew 17 participants to take on the scenic, but grueling, hills around the Muchow finished with the best time of the day, covering the course in 17 – 21. Participation for all Department of Camp Carroll perimeter, according to Carlos Algarin, Camp Carroll sports director. Defense-affiliated noncombatants is minutes, 43 seconds. Overall winner on the women’s side was Smith, with a Top finishers were: Men 29 and younger – John Rodriguez, first place, Dax time of 24:10. mandatory. For information, call Ken Burroughs, second place; Women 29 and younger – Tiffany Smith, first The next scheduled race is the Area IV 10-Miler May 6 at Camp Carroll. Edland at 768-7737. place; Men 30 to 39 – Owen Alexander, first place, Kim Chi-hyong, second For more information, contact Algarin at 765-8118.
    • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV April 28, 2006 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 27Area IV volunteers saluted for selfless serviceBy Steven HooverArea IV Public Affairs volunteers generate, “there are to somebody else. volunteer needs in our “I appreciate (the efforts) of volunteers all over the CAMP WALKER – Volunteers from Daegu and the community. Our community is world,” she said. “I know that sometimes they facerest of the Area IV community were recognized for their small and lots of people are hardships, but they get over it and help others. I thinkefforts at a picnic-style luncheon at Kelly Field here, leaving – as is normal – but this award should go to all volunteers and I’d like toduring the Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony April lots more will come in. I really share it with them.”21. encourage you not to be afraid Other volunteers and organizations honored were: This year’s theme was “Inspire by Example.” to reach out and try something American Red Cross – Marietta Dixon The ceremony honored the efforts and achievements Zitniak new. The community depends Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop – Hanna Zitniak,of approximately 700 registered volunteers, who put on us to take turns leading and serving.” Posok Ackerman, Monica Baltich, Sue Baltich, Paulain more than 55,000 hours during the past year, The highlight of the program was the Cooper, Soo Emerson, Tanya Ferguson, Barbaraaccording to Bonnie McCarthy, Area IV volunteer announcement that Hanna Zitniak, who volunteers at Gardner, Dana Hendrix, Sarah Howell, Tami LeJeune,coordinator. the Apple Tree Gift and Thrift Shop among other Bonnie McCarthy, Janice McHale and Chona Nufable On behalf of all the volunteers, McCarthy presented places, was one of four people Army-wide selected Army Community Service – Park Hye-ranCol. Donald J. Hendrix, Area IV Support Activity for the Emma Marie Baird Award for Outstanding Better Opportunities for Single and unaccompaniedcommander, with a ceremonial check for $995,483.28, Volunteer Service. Soldiers – Sgt. Kenneth Richardsonrepresenting the total savings to the command generated This award was established in 1988 to memorialize Booster Club (TAS) – Brittany Weigle (selected asby the volunteers. Baird, a retired lieutenant colonel, who is considered Youth Volunteer of the Year for Daegu) “Volunteers are the heart and soul of any community,” to be the founder of Army Community Service. Boy Scouts – Lt. Col. Arturo De Los Santos (selectedHendrix said. “We have a great community because of Because of her efforts, then Army Chief of Staff Gen. as the Soldier Volunteer of the Year for Daegu and Areaour volunteers. There’s nothing more satisfying than Harold K. Johnson announced July 25, 1965, the IV)knowing that you made a difference.” creation of ACS. Later that year, a regulation was Camp Walker Library – Christie Holmes, Libna Rivera Guest speaker for the luncheon was Dana Hendrix, published outlining the procedures for establishing ACS Camp Walker Medical Clinic – Kendra Ruizthe wife of the Area IV commander, and a volunteer in at Army installations throughout the world. Catholic Parish – Lt. Col. Lynn San Nicolas, Monicaher own rite. Baird was known for being a mentor in the most Baltich She spoke briefly about her volunteer experience while supportive way to volunteers, especially those who Child and Youth Services – Choi Won-tak, Ashleyin Daegu and how much she enjoyed it, despite the fact were trying to grow into leadership responsibility, Little (selected as the Youth Volunteer of the Year forthat she considers herself an introvert. McCarthy said. Area IV), Anthony Gray (selected as the Civilian Volunteer “After volunteering with many organizations during No one was more surprised than Zitniak, who said of the Year for Area IV), Park Eun-kyong (selected asmy first year, and after getting myself a little settled (with that she’s not sure “why she is deserving of the big the Local National Volunteer of the Year for Area IV)the start of the second), I realized my heart is really with award, because when I’m volunteering I’m just doing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center – Jae Putnamkids and that there was a need with the Taegu American what I like to do. When I was in the States with my Chaplain Cross-Cultural Training and CounselingSchool Booster Club president, so I agreed to take the husband (Charles), a lot of people helped me and when Group – Yoo Cha-young, Son Ok Norris, Yong Aeposition,” she said. She went on to say, even with the amount of savings I came back to Korea, I just wanted to give help back See Vols on Page 28 Ad goes here Ad goes here
    • April 28, 200628 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly DeCA from Page 25 New Game In Town expectations. That store director and very clean, organized, and well- entire staff is now working quite hard stocked. One thing we noticed is the to get up to the standards all facilities high morale and strong management are expected to reach. Area IV is and employee camaraderie. Everybody already there. You can see from the is clearly working as a team and you statistics they have already exceeded don’t see that all the time.” the average. Kudos to each of the Not surprisingly, Area IV DeCA stores and the CDC.” officials are happy with the results Schwetz agreed. “It is an outstanding achievement “The stores did great. They are to be validated like this and to know meeting the set goals of taking care exactly where we stand,” said Lito J. of the customer, the employees, and Miraflor, Taegu Commissary store working smart,” he said. “In addition, director. command interface is very important “I am satisfied with the effort and and that is done here at this store dedication put forth by our employees. (Taegu Commissary) and it fans out The most important thing we do is to to the other stores here in Area IV. provide the commissary benefit to our Bob (Darden) and I are both very most deserving customers throughout impressed with the stores. They are Area IV.” Vols from Page 27 Fowler, Son K. Boshans, Kil Son Protestant Women of the Chapel Compo, Yoson Bacle – Jean Huffer, Rebecka Stoltz Community Recreation Division – Protestant Church – Traci Kyong Anguay Gresser, Ryan Elliot, Kim Mi-ae Girl Scout Leaders – Debbie (selected as the Local National Weigle, LaTondra Anderson, Andrea Volunteer of the Year for Daegu), GALEN PUTNAM Hertzendorf, Brenda Stenerson, David Weigle Michael Cotrone (left), 188th Military Police Company, Camp Walker, eludes a defender Kathryn Shaw Taegu American School – Dale from the 1–43rd Air Defense Artillery team, Suwon Air Base, during the inaugural 8th U.S. Cub Scout Leaders – Cheri Green, Scott Sims, Myoung Surrency Army Indoor Soccer Tournament held Saturday and Sunday at Camp Carroll’s Crown Fochs, Vincent San Nicolas, Chief Taegu Spouses Association – Jewel Fitness Center. The 1–43 ADA, representing Area III, won the game 4–1 then went Warrant Officer Brian Parrotte Jennifer Rice, Edelin Magrata, on to win the tournament. After falling 2–1 to Area I’s Camp Red Cloud in what would Housing Division – Tong Sergi B r i d g e t H e i g h w a y, Te r r i B u s h , have been the championship game, 1-43 ADA rebounded to top CRC 1-0 in the “if” Multicultural Gospel Service – Michaela Cannon, Jeanette De Los game to take the first place trophy. Latreicia Allen Santos, Sherry Page, Carol Sheffler Ad goes here
    • April 28, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 29
    • April 28, 200630 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “Hwahng-sah-gah shim-hahm-nee-dah.” Language Instructor Kwon Min-sook Word of the week : hwahng-sah The phrase of the week : “You should be concerned about the yellow dust.” “You Hwahng-sah jo-shim-hah-seh-yo. the yellow dust You should concern Conversation of the week What’s the matter with your Noon-ee weh gu-roe-seh-yo? eye? There is something wrong Noon-eh ee-sang-ee with my eye. seng-guet-seo-yo. Did you see an eye doctor? Ahn-gwah-eh gah-syoe-soe-yo? Yes, I did. Neh. What did he say? Mwoe-le-yo? He said not to go outside. Bahk-sh na-ga-ji mal-le-yo. hospital : pharmacy Command recognizes oustanding performers