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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060331



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060331 Document Transcript

  • 1. P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA March 31, 2006Volume 4, Issue 24 The Morning Calm Weekly is Air defenders test MSC-K civilians mettle in EXEVAL learn NBC skills nline Page 16 Page 26 Visit dust Facing the Wolf Packreturns to Korea Korea18th Medical Command Did you notice the yellowish sky recently? Koreanscall it “Hwang-Sa,” meaning yellow dust, from thedeserts of China, Mongolia and Manchuria. This phenomenon is usually seen in the dry springmonths when meteorological conditions allow the sandpicked up from deserts thousands of miles to the westand north of Korea to settle on the Korean peninsula. Ittypically rises to a heighth of 3 to 5 km before blowingeastward at some 30 meters per second, crossing theWest (Yellow) Sea and arriving in Korea a few days later. Hwang-Sa can cause visibility problems for pilots,hinder the operation of precision machines, and impairthe growth of agricultural products. The virus that caused foot and mouth disease in Koreancattle several years ago is thought to have arrived in Koreaon these dust particles. For humans, the small dustparticles in the 1- to 10-micron size can cause respiratorydiseases, such as asthma and eye conditions like SENIOR AIRMAN JOSHUA DEMOTTSconjunctivitis or the “red eye.” Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne addresses and fields questions from Wolf Pack members during his visit to Kunsan The higher the concentration of dust in the air, the Air Base March 22. The SECAF got a close up look at several areas, including the base’s state-of-the-art fitness center, securityhigher the risk to your health, especially for persons with forces training areas and the O’Malley Dining Facility. He also fielded questions from the audience to give Wolf Pack membersheart and lung conditions such as asthma, the very young a glimpse into future and on-going Air Force missions. With his visit, the SECAF gained a better understanding of the 8th Fighterand the elderly. Seek medical attention if you experience Wing’s mission to Defend the Base, Accept Follow-on Forces and Take the Fight North.adverse health effects. Patriot units exercise wartime mission wartime The 18th Medical Command monitors alerts andpredictions for Yellow Dust issued by the KoreaMeteorological Administration. Command andcommunity members will be notified when the Yellow By Staff Sgt. Erien Clark-ChasseDust is predicted to arrive on the Korean peninsula. More 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairsinformation is available online at the 18th MEDCOM Web In one of the largest U.S. and Republic of Koreapage ( Check in the exercises in the past 10 years, Kunsan’s own Soldiers“What’s New” section for details. did their part in training to defend the peninsula To minimize the adverse effects of “Hwang-Sa” or throughout the month of March.Yellow Dust during the dust storm/when an alert is issued: Charlie and Delta Patriot Missile batteries from 2-1! Avoid outdoor activities, especially for elderly, young Air Defense Artillery recently deployed to anchildren and persons with asthma or other airway diseases undisclosed location to participate in a peninsula-wide! Keep windows and doors closed series of training exercises that focused on their! Remove contact lens and wear glasses wartime missions.! Brush your teeth and wash your hands, face and eyes The Patriot systems’ training evaluators focusedwith warm water upon returning indoors on the batteries’ ability to meet the mission! Drink plenty of water to keep your tears flowing well requirements of the long-range, all-weather defense! Use an air filter to keep the air clear and a humidifier system designed to counter tactical ballistic missiles,to increase indoor humidity level cruise missiles and advanced aircraft.! Wash dust exposed fruits and vegetables before Pfc. Michael Matthie, Battery D radar crewconsuming member, put the mission in its simplest terms, “We! Wash hands carefully before handling and preparing defend the air bases and make sure they can go outfood and fight the fight.”After the dust storm has cleared: Delta Battery took the lead role in the movement! Air out the room/house portion of the training evaluation, so they actually! Wash dust-exposed objects carefully before using STAFF SGT. ERIEN CLARK-CHASSE convoyed to a bare-base site. Convoy operations arethem Spc. Joshua Klovstand, Battery D, 2-1 Air Defense Artillery, For information or dust storm updates, call 736-3025. covers a vehicle at the wartime location during the site setup. See Patriot Page 4 atriot,
  • 2. 2 March 31, 2006 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter DoD seeks to control healthcare costs by Bill Yamanaka The following entries were physicians, all U.S. hospitals, and private-sector companies and some state excerpted from the military police Army News Service 55,000 retail pharmacies. Military governments. blotters. These entries may be T he Department of Defense is medical facilities have one of the best Total beneficiary cost shares have incomplete and do not imply the considering raising TRICARE electronic health record systems in the declined substantially. Beneficiaries paid guilt or innocence of any person. premiums for retirees under world. 27 percent of their service cost in 1995Area 1 age 65, as a way to control the long- Winkenwerder pointed out the issue but only 12 percent in 2005,! Underage Drinking -- Subject 1 was term costs of military healthcare and at hand: “TRICARE’s costs have more Winkenwerder said.observed in front of the Together Club save the benefits for future than doubled in five years from $19 It is essential to restore an appropriatestaggering and bumping into a wall. A servicemembers. billion in FY 01 to $38 billion in FY 06, cost-sharing relationship betweencheck of Subject 1’s card revealed that Without this increase, there is and analysts project these costs to reach beneficiaries and the Defensethe subject was under the legal age to concern long-term costs may eventually $64 billion by 2015 – more than 12 Department as an employer and providerconsume alcohol. Subject was diminish the benefits provided and percent of DoD’s anticipated budget. of TRICARE. DoD has a plan to addressapprehended and transported to the impact the nation’s defense capability It’s at 8 percent today.” this issue so the military health benefitCamp Casey Provost Marshal’s Office and national security. The DoD provides Costs have grown because of program can be on a fiscally soundwhere he was administered a Portable truly outstanding health benefits for expansion of benefits, increased use by foundation for the long term.Breathalyzer Test, with a result of 0.183 active-duty and reserve-component retiree beneficiaries, health inflation, and An approach will be to reestablish thepercent. Subject 1 was further members, retirees, and their families no change in proportional level ofprocessed and released to his/her unit. under Tricare, and plans to continue this TRICARE “TRICARE’s costs have individual cost sharing ofSubject 1 returned to the Camp Casey service. premiums in the more than doubled in five 1995. This plan will have noPMO where he/she was advised of his/ “TRICARE has improved steadily in last decade. years from $19 million in impact on active-dutyher legal rights, that were waived, recent years,” said Dr. William Large numbers FY 01 to $38 million in FY members or over-65 retireerendering a sworn statement admitting Winkenwerder Jr., Assistant Secretary of under-65 beneficiary premiums. of Defense for Health Affairs. retirees are 06 ...” The Army supportsto the incident. This is a final report.! Larceny of Government Property, “Independent surveys show TRICARE d r o p p i n g DoD’s efforts of informingHousebreaking -- Person(s) unknown, ranks as one of the nation’s best health employer-sponsored healthcare plans Congress of the steps that are necessaryby unknown means, entered Bldg. 2304 plans,” he said. and relying on TRICARE. to sustain this great health benefit. It isand removed a LCD projector, valued Unique benefits include a national As a result, DoD increasingly vitally important to our beneficiaries andat approximately $1,259.10 and a Dell network of more than 220,000 subsidizes healthcare costs for many to our national security.laptop computer, value unknown.March 13, Victim 1 discovered the itemswere missing. There were no signs of CID agents sought Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Batteryforced entry. Estimated cost of damage Army News Serviceis unknown. Investigation continues by WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army’s CriminalCriminal Investigation Division. Investigation Command, commonly known asArea 2 CID, is seeking qualified applicants to become! Traffic Accident without injury, criminal investigators.Damage to Personal Property, Fleeing Special agents investigate all felony crime of Armythe scene of a Traffic Accident -- interest, conduct protective-service operations andPerson(s) unknown, while operating work with other federal, state and local lawan unknown vehicle, struck Victim 1’s enforcement to solve crime and combat terrorism.Privately Owned Vehicle, while it was Agents receive training at the U.S. Army Militarylegally parked, secured and Police School and additional training in specializedunattended. Unknown vehicle then investigative disciplines. Selected agents receivefled the scene of the accident without advanced training at the FBI Academy, the Federalreporting it to the MP. Damage to Law Enforcement Training Center, and theVictim 1’s POV consisted of Canadian Police College, as well as the opportunityscratches and paint transfer to the to pursue a master’s degree in Forensic Science.right fender and right front door. A To qualify, Soldiers must be a U.S. citizen, atsearch of the area by Victim 1 for least 21 years old with between two and eightsubject(s) and/or witness(es) met with years of service, possess at least 60 semesternegative results. hours of college credit and a general technicalVictim 1 rendered a written sworn score of at least 110. A minimum of six monthsstatement attesting to the above police experience is preferred, officials said, butincident. Estimated cost of damage in not required.unknown. This is a final report. To apply or for information, visit or contact a local CID office. Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement Staff Writer Roger Edwards President: Charles Chong Circulation: 12,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff Writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Staff Writer Sgt. Christopher Selmek patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • 3. The Morning Calm Weekly News March 31, 2006 3 Theiss wins annual award AAFES Haircut Prices Wolf Pack physical therapist named AF’s best Increase By Senior Airman Stephen CollierCustomers will pay a little more for a Force physical therapy. Also, together with his staff, he 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs “I guess you could say those who contributes in teaching stretchinghaircut at AAFES facilities in Koreabeginning April 1, when the price will KUNSAN AIR BASE — A Kunsan win this award contribute to service, techniques to unit physical trainingincrease fifty cents to $7.25. captain took home the 2005 Air Force education, research and practices that leaders and works as a patientIn an effort to lessen customer impact Company-Grade Officer Physical have been marked by excellence (in advocate for the medical group. Evenof an eventual 85-cent increase, Therapist of the Year award recently. the physical therapy career field),” he with these accomplishments, TheissAAFES officials decided to raise the The award was earned by Capt. said. “The standard of (physical admitted he couldn’t have been put inprice in two steps. The second Justin Theiss, 8th Medical Operations therapists) service is extremely high in for the award without the support ofincrease of 35 cents will take place Squadron, for his contributions to the the Air Force, so to win this award is his staff.June 1. The last price increase took physical therapy career field while phenomenal.” “If it weren’t for outstanding NCOseffect June 1, 2004. being stationed at Keesler AFB, Miss., The award wasn’t earned like Staff Sergeants Steven Aronson andSince Korean barber shops are off and here. overnight, though. According to his Bryan Olano, as well as my supervisorlimits to military personnel, AAFES Theiss said the award really award package, Theiss worked to Lt. Col. Marlin Moore, and myuses the average price of a haircut increase information on his office’s commander Lt. Col. Jane Hendricks- acknowledges those individuals whofrom 10 CONUS Market Basket have made significant strides to Air mission and how to prevent injuries. Vesel, I could never have beenSurveyed locations less 30 percent submitted for this award,” Theiss establish the haircut price at “From the nurses to the doctors here, IAAFES Korea barber shops. truly work with some of the best-Holiday Religious Services trained people in the world.”The following Lenten, Easter and Moore added that Theiss isn’t just aPassover services are scheduled for great physical therapist, but a “creamYongsan Garrison in the coming of the crop” officer.week: “Capt Theiss continues to make! Lenten Penance Service, 6:30 p.m. innovations in the PT clinic everyWednesday at Memorial Chapel day,” Moore said. ”Recently, he! Stations of the Cross, 5 p.m. Fridat obtained additional training thatat Memorial Chapel improved access for patients sufferingFor a list of coming religious services, with back pain. We’re very proud tocontact your unit or installation have Capt. Theiss as a Med Dawg!”chaplains office. Before taking the AF CGO PT of the year award, Theiss was awarded Information Assurance the squadron and group CGO of the Conference year awards for the Wolf Pack. InThe USFK, Assistant Chief of Staff, J6, July, he will take his skills andInformation Assurance Branch has knowledge to his follow-onscheduled its Annual SENIOR AIRMAN STEPHEN COLLIER Capt. Justin Theiss, 8th Medical Operations Squadron and 2005 Air Force Company Grade assignment at Royal Air ForceUSFK Information Assurance Officer Physical Therapist of the Year, assists a patient up during a treatment session recently. Lakenheath, England.Conference from April 25 - 28, at theOsan Air Base Officers Club.Information Assurance personnel fromall levels in USFK are encouraged Yongsan community celebrates Women’s History Women’s Historyto attend. By Rakendra Moore women face today she ended on an encouraging note:The theme for this year’s conference is IMA-KORO Public Affairs “We stand to gain far more than we loose, so enjoy it!”“Strengthening IA Agility for the JointWarfighter.” YONGSAN GARRISON -- The USO presented its Vershbow did mention one thing she learned from herThe conference will address first International Women and Women’s History Month mother and advice that she would give to women today:information and issues to include USFK Conference at the Dragon Hill Lodge’s Naija Ballroom, “Believe in yourself; Aim for what you want.”CIO Strategic Vision, Yongsan Garrison, March 16. And aim, is exactly what Betty Devita has done. HerNetOps, Information Operations, This star-studded event’s focus was “Women’s Roles background and achievements leave few to wonder whyAssessments, Policy, Training, Cyber Today and Tomorrow: Our Inspiring Potential.” she is the vice president of a major international bank.Crime and Forensics, and IA solutions. Inspiring was the operative word. With Lisa A major question that is posed in many women’s livesFor information and registration, go to Vershbow, a successful jewelry designer and wife of is “can you have it all?” As in, can you have a family You can U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, and Betty and career at the same time? During her speech, Devitaalso send an e-mail to DeVita, vice president of Consumer Banking Citibank stated, “I think on some days, you can really have or call 725- Korea; this event was off to an exceptional start. all.”8213. An attendee of the event, Valerie Briggs, said, “The When asked “what is the best piece of advice you idea of it is fantastic and the fact that it is happening in could give to women today,” she said, “Don’t be afraid Combined Military to speak up. What you’re thinking and what you have to Seoul, Korea is wonderful.” Intelligence Ball say is just as important as anybody else.” Guest speaker and American metalsmith, LisaAll intelligence professionals -- U.S. Vershbow began With breakfast as a start, the Director of the USOand ROK servicemembers from all her speech “Believe in yourself. Aim Stan Perry then began the program with openingservices, civilians and spouses -- are reminiscing about remarks and introducing the VIPs of the day.invited to attend the Combined for what you want.” Ten prominent women in the community both locallyMilitary Intelligence Ball at the Seoul her childhood,Grand Hyatt Hotel, April 14. remembering the Lisa Vershbow and internationally signed a proclamation. An exert ofActivities begin at 6 p.m. with a strength and wife of U.S. Ambassador to Korea the proclamation reads: “ … we put aside ourcocktail hour. dress is Mess Dress, endurance of her differences and come together to uphold the 21stDress Blues, Class As (with white mother raising a family while pursuing her master’s century Woman – equal, free and independent.”shirt and bow tie), or service degree while teaching private piano lessons on the side. After the guest speakers’ remarks, there was a panelequivalent for military; formal wear for “Remain true to your goals,” she said. discussion. Questions like “how do we break throughcivilians. Cost is 50,000 won for The audience was quick to respond with confirming the glass ceiling” and “how to deal with a spouse beingcivilians, guests and military E7 and huffs and mellow laughs when Vershbow continued deployed to Iraq” were concerns that were addressedabove; and 40,000 for E6 and below talking about her mother’s generation of women, and by the panel and audience.and their guests. For information, call how their only choices in life were to “marry well, Performers from the musical “Grease” delighted the1st Lt. Lynn Choi at 723-2212. become social workers, teachers, or interior designers.” As she continued to talk about the challenges that See Women, Page 4
  • 4. March 31, 20064 The Morning Calm WeeklyPatriot from Page 1slow and lumbering, with an averagespeed of about 30 mph, but this wasthe second time Delta has practiced thisportion of the training. “We cut our convoy time down byabout two hours,” said Capt. VidalChavez, Battery D commander, and thisset the tone for the rest of their training.“This [training] is important to thebattery because it not only tests ourabilities, but also gives us a chance toprove that we can conduct this missionin a remote location.” AD This realistic training kept Battery D inthe field for more than 25 days. Therethey spent the days living and working intents in the most austere field conditions. “The realism helps in case we haveto do this, because this is exactly how STAFF SGT. ERIEN CLARK-CHASSEwe would do it,” said Chavez. Army Pfc. Joseph Jones, Charlie Battery,“Realistically, we train as we fight and checks for leaks and unserviceable equipmentwe fight like we train, so the Soldiers March 9. These checks play a key role incan have the real feel of the battlefield; preventing breakdowns during convoys.[Things like] how long it takes to get to “Our Soldiers did an outstanding joba location, how long it takes to get in- preparing for and executing thisplace and how long it takes to place a mission,” said Capt. Henry Bennett,system and get ready to fight.” Charlie Battery commander. Their training covered every aspect They did however live at their tacticalof their mission, and they were tested location and even conducted a middlein several phases. Evaluators looked at of the night tear down, convoy and sethow fast and accurately the Patriot up for evaluators. Battery C finishedbatteries could break down equipment, these three main parts, known in thetravel to another location and quickly Patriot world as a Table XII, in thestand up operations. allotted time with only minimal findings. “This training helps us work together “This is our job; to shoot, move andbecause we’re doing our job; we’re communicate,” said Chief Warrantdoing what we are supposed to do in Officer John Swanson, Battery C.combat. It gets us ready in case we do Charlie conducted a night convoyhave to go to combat. It’s familiarity,” for training that tested theirsaid Matthie. communications skills and grace under Living and working in those pressure.conditions brings out the fatigue “It is not only by the light of dayassociated with actual combat, and the that we demonstrate our knowledge ofevaluators kept the tempo high by the Patriot air mission, but we also movecontinually tossing simulated ground during the night when it is mostattacks at the site to ensure the unit was favorable to counter attack the enemy,”capable of repelling forces and keeping said 1st Lt. Jose Torres, Battery Cfriendly forces safe. launcher platoon leader. “The most significant challenge we The two units finished up thisface is reacting to the evaluator’s tasks exercise successfully tying in withthat they give us,” said Chavez. “Every every other Patriot unit, showing theinput is unannounced and will keep us ability to stand up comprehensiveon our toes. They want to see how we coverage.react to them,” “This not only helps the batteries but Battery C’s portion of this exercise it helps the battalion to [set up] and haveincluded many of the same things as a complete network across the peninsulaDelta, but Charlie was required to to defend from different locations withmaintain the real-world mission for only one battle management location,”Kunsan during this training. said Chavez.Women from Page 3audience by providing the meaning to all different types ofentertainment for the afternoon. people.” The event was brought to a close Most in attendance would agreeby Charolette Huntsman director of the International Women andMarketing and Programs of the Women’s History Month ConferenceUSO. was an obvious success. When asked about the event, Confirmed by Huntsman, who said,Huntsman said, “We want to touch, “We hope this will be the first ofbe able to give a program that has many more to come.” Let The Morning Calm Weekly work for you Have an item for The Morning Calm Weekly? Send story and photo submissions and other items to For information, call 738-3355.
  • 5. March 31, 2006 Page 5Steering committee addresses family issuesBy Margaret Banish-Donaldson and Recreation.Area 1 Public Affairs “Moreover, in order to provide MWR program CAMP RED CLOUD – “The U.S. Army is the information to our customers: posters, banners,greatest it’s ever been, but to remain effective for the flyers, radio spots, commanders’ calendars andfuture it must make changes,” said Col. Forrest newspapers, in-the-zone and the ‘operation goodNewton, Area I commander. “As good as the Army is cheer’ magazines,” Fortin said. “We have taken it onetoday, we will need a better one tomorrow, and we step further.”do that by working hard to attack the issues, finding The Marketing Director, Frank DeSilva, sends outresolutions and coming up with ‘milestones’ for the a “Warrior’s Compass,” that is a weekly informationfuture of Warrior Country.” flyer, to all the unit commanders, command sergeants Forty-eight delegates from the Area I and 2nd major and first sergeants. He said, “Hopefully, theyInfantry Division Army Family Action Plan conference take this information and brief their Soldiers on MWRin December provided recommendations on issues programs at their daily formations. This is the avenuefor implementation to the Army Family Action Plan that will give us the marketing edge needed in gettingSteering committee. The steering committee met in the word out to our Warriors.”January and February to discuss improvement “To help improve the safety, welfare and moralemeasures, and provided details and a partial timeline of Soldiers a review of all the barracks facilities isthis month on a majority of the 38 issues. being done by the first sergeants,” said Bill Kapaku, The report states that a meat reserve to restock CRC deputy to the garrison commander, “to helpmeat shelves in the late afternoon went into effect leaders know which ones still need kitchens, AKOMarch 15 at the CRC commissary to help those labs and dayroom furniture upgraded.”Soldiers who can’t purchase items before 5 p.m. And MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSON After the Directorate of Public Works receives thethose customers should know they can pre-order Yu Yong-kun, store worker leader, stocks the meat counter close request from the first sergeants for amenities of themeats from any of the commissaries in Area I to 5 p.m. at the Camp Red Cloud commissary, as a resolution barracks, DPW will evaluate a feasibility study onwhenever the need arises. to one of the AFAP issues. whether it is worthy to install amenities or not. When “A customer satisfaction sheet is available for those use our catalog service or shuttle program where the feasibility study is done, the housing division inwho use the commissary all the time on a regular merchandise can be ordered or transferred from one DPW will request funding through the Korea Regionbasis, so we can monitor what the customer needs store to another.” Office and a work order will be issued to DPW tofrom us,” said Jose Gonzalez, Camp Red Cloud Furthermore, AAFES plans to set up a Soldiers furnish the rooms and provide the equipment.commissary manager. “Also, I am forwarding up to advisory council April 20 so they can find out what The Directorate of Logistic’s Tommy Welin saidmy higher headquarters permission to extend the the Soldiers need and want in clothing for their stores. requests have been sent to KORO to adjust the buscommissary hours a couple days a week hopefully “A rate charge for taxi fares is not authorized in licensing agreement to extend hours for weekendsstarting in May.” accordance with the Ministry of Transportation, and holidays on the buses. The licensing agreements The Army and Air Force Exchange Services were Article 9, and its enforcement regulation, Articles 25- and contract are up for renewal in the near futureprovided a copy of the Warrior Standards, which was 2, 28-1,” Limtiaco said. “Nevertheless, we have and that is when he expects to see the changes.forwarded to the buyers. It’s too late for the spring placards in our taxis now identifying the driver and “In addition, a request has been made for CRCand summer season, but change should occur in the points of contact and complaints are under review and Camp Casey each to have their own independentfall and winter 2006 buy plan. using baseline data.” weekend and holiday shuttle to Yongsan and back to “Craft supplies are unavailable in the Area I He added for those who use the shoppette and find allow more passengers to use the service,” Welin said.exchanges due to severely limited sales floor space, something is spoiled, a person can take the product “There was a request for an ‘Express Shuttle’ to andand sewing materials and supplies in Area I also have back for a refund or exchange. from Camp Casey to Osan directly, however this crossesvery low sales in Korea so they are unavailable,” said “Additional leisure activities have already beenKen Limtiaco from AAFES. “However, anyone can established,” said Ron Fortin from Morale, Welfare See AFAP Page 7 AFAP,Infantry remains bedrock of fighting forceBy Spc. Chris Stephens weapons within 72 hours of arrival. all of the time – good leaders. We have But Flowers wants to calm the fears2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs “This is to allow them to get used to to train Soldiers and develop leaders as of some lifers in the Infantry or Armor CAMP CASEY – The Infantry carrying their weapons with them all of part of our ongoing support of the branch.Travel Team recently visited Warrior the time like they will experience when Global War on Terrorism.” “Traditions will be continued inCountry to talk to leaders about the state they deploy in support of operations Flowers did hit on one change the both,” he said. “Neither branch will sellof the Infantry and its plans for the Enduring and Iraqi Freedom,” Flowers Infantry Center has made and another themselves at the expense of the other.”future. said. change in the process of being made As part of the transformation of the “The Infantry Soldier is and will These Soldiers along with the Basic that is considered by many to be a big Infantry and Armor Centers, the Armyremain the bedrock of our nation’s Officer Leadership Course Soldiers, will one. will continue to focus on equipping thefighting force,” said Lt. Col. Jack also conduct convoy live-fire training. “There is no longer a separate Soldier, not manning the equipment.Flowers, director, Office of Infantry “They deal with scenarios like those Infantry and Armor Career Course,” “We have to give the SoldiersProponency. seen in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Flowers Flowers said. “They are combined now. everything they need to be successful Currently Fort Benning trains said. All Armor and Infantry officers receive in the field,” Flowers said.Infantry and Basic Training Soldiers Flowers also hit on the importance the same training and are even in the As for what leaders in the 2ndalong with Airborne, Ranger, Pathfinder of sending NCOs to professional same squad during training.” Infantry Division can do to prepare forand Jumpmaster School students. Not development schools. The one change that’s in the process this change?to mention the various officer and NCO “No Soldier is needed so much that of being made is combining the Infantry “Take the lessons learned across thecourses offered by the U.S. Army they can’t be sent to a professional and Armor centers into one Maneuver Army and apply them to our focusInfantry School. development school,” he said. “Those Center of Excellence which will be here,” said Brig. Gen. William H. Soldiers who attend Infantry or Basic schools help make these NCOs better located at Fort Benning. The change is Forrester, assistant division commanderTraining are now being issued their leaders. And that’s what the Army needs scheduled to take full effect by 2010. (Support).
  • 6. 6 March 31, 2006 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly Shelly Lares: on target Housing OfficeCamp Red Cloud housing office hasmoved from Building 323 to 110 nearthe commanding general’s mess hall. By Jim Cunningham Area 1 Public Affairs Equal Employment CAMP RED CLOUD - One doesn’t Office have to be a musicologist to follow theAn Equal Employment Office is now career of Shelly Lares, a winner oflocated at Camp Red Cloud in building eight Tejano Music Awards, including323. 2005 Female Vocalist and Female Entertainer of the Year. She represents Mitchell’s New Hours a new style in country music that hasStarting April 2, Camp Red Cloud roots beginning almost 200 years agoMitchell’s new hours: Main Dining: in what is now the State of Texas and11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday-Friday; northern Mexico. J C IM UNNINGHAMSaturday-Sunday: 5 – 9 p.m. Late nightmenu: Monday-Thursday and Sunday, Lares’ style of country music Shelly Lares performs at Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s restaurant and on target. shows a spicy flavor resulting from9 – 11 p.m. Friday-Saturday and the added ingredients of early folk music from Texas and Her brother plays drums, piano and guitar. Her sistersHolidays: 9 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. Mexico called corrido, cumbias, rancheros and a recent and dad played guitar. She thinks her mom was the only Haircut Prices development of that style called conjunto. one that didn’t pick up an instrument.AAFES will increase haircut prices Lares attributes her special twist on these developments “And now I am learning to play steel guitar,” Lares said.incrementally from $6.75 to $7.25 to her family support. What guides her future development and directionSaturday and to $7.60 June 1. “My mom is my road manager and my dad was my regarding her musical style? road manager until he suffered a stroke in 1999, which “We really don’t concentrate on what other bands areWorld Poker Tournament caused him to get off the road,” Lares said. “Staying true doing musically,” she says. “We try to keep our own freshMark your calendars for April 22-23 at as to who I am as a musician is another thing that has ideas and pay attention to what the fans write on the WebCamp Stanley, Reggie’s Club. Sign up contributed to my success.” site and want from us. They keep us on our toes, and wenow at Fees can be Lares began her career at 10 years old in that hotbed of pay attention to their reactions at our shows.”paid at Casey - Warrior’s Club, CRC - Texas folk culture, the city of San Antonio. To review a Shelly Lares concert a person must reallyMitchell’s Sports Grill or Stanley - “I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and I was be on his toes. It is not impossible to describe her toneReggie’s. Participants who sign up and exposed to different types of music, from country to of voice or her in advance will play in the first rock, pop, to conjunto, which is the music I grew up Her tone is like mixing the sound of an alto saxophonesession. with,” Lares said. with the richness of the cello. It is smooth and her delivery The influences that brought her to her appealing of melody and lyrics remind one of the urgency and ICW Wrestling sound and particular voice of delivery she attributes to presence of character of Janis Joplin. However, ShellyICW Wrestling, 7 p.m. Thursday, Camp hearing the sweet sixteens. Lares’ sound and character is on a much higher plain.Red Cloud Fitness Center. “I come from a very musically inclined family, my The “Shelly Lares Band” is one that delivers country, mom sang, my aunts and uncles, my sister, my brother blues, and rock the same way Shelly Lares delivers her Parenting Skills, Safety and my cousins are all musically inclined,” Lares said. repertoire: full of energy and excitement. Education Workshop “I was the only crazy one that would take it on as a “I deliver my music like a Soldier, always on target,”A Parenting Skills and Safety Education profession. I play guitar, percussion and piano.” Lares said. You’ve come a long way babyWorkshop is planned from 1–3 p.m. atthe following education centers: April13, Camp Red Cloud; April 20, CampCasey; and April 28 at Camp Stanley. By Jim Cunningham up. Area 1 Public Affairs “I’m going to fly planes when I DominoesStarting April, dominoes will be played CAMP RED CLOUD — The grow up,” Bradford said.each week at 6 p.m. each Saturday at cute factor plus some raw acting “Girls don’t fly planes,” MeredithCamp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Sports Bar talent underscored the performances said.and Grill. Prizes awarded to the winning of Camp Red Cloud actors March “Yes, they do. See.” She showsteam. No entry fee is required. 22 in a play written and produced the little boy her drawing of a girl by Area I Support Activity flying an airplane. At that point the Holy Week Services Command Sgt. Maj. Yolanda Lomax little boy says, “You’re going to bePalm Sunday, 9 a.m. April 9, CRC and performed in the Camp Red my wife and cook for me.”Chapel and 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel Cloud Community Activity Center. “No, I’m not! I’m going to be aHoly Thursday, 7 p.m. April 13, Mass The title of the play is “Her Story.” doctor!” says the little girl.of the Lord’s Supper, CRC Chapel The cast featured two young “Girls can’t be doctors, you canGood Friday, 11:30 a.m. April 14, talents, Bryant Meredith and Serena be my nurse. That’s the way it is,”Stations of the Cross, CRC and 5:30 p.m. Bradford. The first scene depicts he says. The little girl replies, “I amService of the Cross, CRC two children describing what they not becoming a nurse; I am going toHoly Saturday, 7 p.m. April 15, Easter want to be when they grow up and be a lawyer!”Vigil Mass, CRC their young attitudes toward the At that point in the scene theyEaster Sunday, 9 a.m. April 16, Mass at roles of men and women. begin to argue, “No, you’re not!”CRC and 1 p.m. Camp Stanley Chapel “The central theme is women and “Yes, I am!” The first scene climbing the ladder of equality in the ends with the two running off stage Jewish Passover JIM CUNNINGHAM workplace and being given the same repeating “no you’re not” and “yes I Observance Bryant Meredith and Serena Bradford, playing opportunities as men to succeed and am.”Passover is from sunset, April 12 the key roles in the play “Her Story,” discuss break through the glass ceiling,” The play and the performances ofthrough nightfall April 20. Days of what they want to be when they grow up. The said Lomax. the cast were executed as though allobligation are April 12, 14, 18 and 20. play, written by Area I Support Activity Scene one opens with Meredith understood the common everydayShavout is from sunset June 1 through Command Sergeant Major Yolanda Lomax, and Bradford playing the roles of occurrences challenging women innightfall June 3. addresses the theme of women gaining children dreaming of what they equality in the workplace. want to become when they grow See Play Page 7 Play,
  • 7. The Morning Calm Weekly Area I March 31, 2006 7 AFAP AFAP from Page 5 area contractual and licensing agreements with other companies that already provide service to these areas, which is why we are trying to get at least the independent runs from CRC and Camp Casey.” The Camp Hovey extension of their bus hours from midnight to 2 a.m. is still in the works and has not been finalized yet. That is a separate contract DOL is working and a change may occur relatively soon. Welin also suggested buying a bus ticket early if you know you will be taking the last bus to get back to your respective camp. Ken Lee, Area I staff engineer and Camp Casey Department of Public Works, said the Pear Blossom Cottage and the playground will be completed in 2006. Also, in March 2006 the Area I staff engineer and Casey DPW will evaluate feasibility for more washers and dryers on Camp Hovey, especially waterline and MARGARET BANISH-DONALDSONStaff Sgt. Kemo Edwards, Fires Brigade, gets some information on the English teaching program from Cheonet Kee-han, principal, Shinhedng building space.High School, at the USO Virtues Banquet held March 15 at the Camp Casey Warrior’s Club. “If we find space and waterline,” Lee said, “DPW will furnish space for aUSO Shares vision for laundry mart, and AAFES will provide washers and dryers at the place.”Virtues Development Program The Area I commander said this is not just a quick fix to the problem. He said leaders need to look at every availableBy Margaret Banish Donaldson “I would like to see this good neighbor the materials for this program,” said engineer solution to correct theseArea 1 Public Affairs program implemented in all 124 USO Brig. Gen. Joseph Martz, 2ID assistant deficiencies. CAMP CASEY – The USO Virtues centers around the world.” deputy commander for maneuver. “A strike team from each DPW wasDevelopment Program can always use Since the beginning of 2003, 292 “During the last semester seven formed in February 2006 and surveysmore volunteers, said Lt. Col. Terry volunteers have volunteered 1,432 hours schools, 12 units and 1,400 students showed mold,” Kapaku said. “The repairHodges, Camp Casey garrison teaching 4,270 students in 122 participated.” teams corrected the mold problems, andcommander, at the March 16 USO classrooms. One U.S. Soldier and one While praising Soldiers for their DPW requested funding to purchase abanquet held at Camp Casey Warrior’s Korean Augmentation to the United dedication, the general also encouraged dehumidifier or maintain an appropriateClub. No teaching experience required. States Army Soldiers teach one to two more Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry cooling system for each room as much Pfc. David Bain, 302nd Brigade hours each Saturday for 10 weeks. All Division and Area I to participate as possible for the summer.”Support Battalion, said he was interested volunteers receive three hours of training teaching this upcoming semester. He The Camp Casey garrison commanderin participating in the program while he from facilitators prior to teaching. added, “So far 11 schools have signed said he has found a suitable buildingis stationed here in Korea. Bain has a 4- Volunteer attendance is monitored. up to participate, so I hope the number behind the Bookmark for use of a thriftyear-old son, Jackson, in Georgia so he Other events or extra-curriculum of volunteers will definitely go up this shop, and Linda Rieth, Army Communitythought teaching English to children activities are planned ahead of time with semester. Services director, anticipates an openingwould be a valuable contribution of his USO permission. “Our Soldiers today are the finest that in August. She is advertising for volunteerstime. “Korea has been so nice to me that I our Army has ever seen,” Martz said. to work at the shop. The USO, military, student and want to give something back to the “We can never forget how important Currently, Army Communityteacher partnership began in the fall of Korean community,” said Spc. Juan they are and how proud America is of Service holds a monthly immigration2003 in the Dongducheon area. The Castro, 302nd BSB “This is my second what they’re doing. Our Soldiers Visa workshop at all three camps, andprogram is an English-as-a-second- tour. I volunteered to teach English understand their mission. The looks for ways to help with the financiallanguage curriculum based on the again because I enjoyed it so much the enthusiasm with which they operate aspects associated with Visa requests,Virtues Project concept, that seeks to first time I participated.” against a very determined foe is she said. In addition, ACS is planninginstill universal virtues in children. The next instructor class begins heartwarming, because they get it. And to start a monthly pre-marriage “The program has proven to be so March 25. And, the next spring semester that’s what’s most important about our workshop starting in September tosuccessful here in Area I that I plan to class is Saturday thru July 15. Soldiers today: they get the mission, they assist Soldiers and their fiancés inbrief it at the World Leadership Council “People to People and Association of understand it. They are doing it 24/7 making decisions to May,” said Stan Perry, USO director. the U.S. Army contributes the bulk of and nobody does it better.” Leadership training Play from Page 6 the workplace. profession. set for May 18-19 “The intended message for the audience was women “Master Sgt. John Gough, 2ID Equal Opportunity An Organizational Leadership for are often told what they can and can’t do based on advisor, wanted to add something different to this Executives seminar is scheduled for their gender, and that their place is not equal to that of year’s Women’s History Month observance,” Lomax May 8-19. First-line supervisors and their male counterparts,” Lomax said. “I wanted the said. “He came to me with his idea of women in the nonsupervisors who do not meet the audience to recognize that given the chance, women corporate world and asked how we could show them criteria will be considered for attendance can achieve the same goals as men.” breaking through the glass ceiling. at OLE if they are GS-12 or above and The following scenes depict the young girl in the “I envisioned a play, prayed on it, and was blessed class space is available. first scene as she grows up and the attitudes she faces with the wisdom of how to write it.” In all other cases (non-supervisors along the way. The players are: Staff Sgt. Joshua Harris, Staff and GS-11 and below), applicants must They lead from being told by her father that she Sgt. Von Kittrell, Master Sgt. John Gough, and Sgt. complete a waiver of eligibility shouldn’t be a mechanic, and she should play with Maj. Walter Singletary. Requirements document for attendance. dolls. The scenes show women are faced with similar Nominations must be submitted attitudes all their lives, from college to their chosen E-mail through Area I CPAC, using DD Form 1556, to
  • 8. March 31, 2006 Page 9Seoul, DPW officials discuss water productionBy David McNally The Han River wells have been aArea II Public Affairs Yongsan Garrison water source for YONGSAN GARRISON — Two about 15 years, Chung explained.Seoul City Water Works officials and a About 20 percent of Area II watercivilian contractor met with Yongsan comes from the Seoul city waterwater managers March 17 to discuss supply. It is gathered from aproduction issues. Samgakchi water plant and re-treated “The main purpose of the visit was before being distributed to Yongsanto find out if we are experiencing the Garrison.same challenges,” said Chung Gunn, In the meeting, Chung briefed theDirectorate of Public Works Sanitation officials on Yongsan water operations.Branch chief. “We explained how we produce water Seoul Water Works Facilities Division from wells at the Han River bed and treatBranch Manager Son Chang-suep it at the water plant,” Chung said.explained how the city has installed 30 Seoul Water Works officials lastwater-collecting pipes at wells in the visited the Yongsan Water Plant about PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYriver bed near Jamsil Bridge. two years ago. Seoul’s Han River is the primary water source for Yongsan Garrison. “The city is looking for an alternate “That was when they were initiallysource of water production in planning a project to produce waterpreparation for the future, when river from the river bed and treat it as wesurface are doing at Waterwater is no “We get about 80 percent of our Plant #2,” said Munl o n g e r water from the Han River.” Myong-han, Area IIused as DPW, real propertypotable —Chung Gunn branch chief.water,” Son said. “The city plans to Mun said the city officials plan toprovide a high-quality and stable water contact the Far East Engineer Districtsupply to the citizens.” to speak with water well engineers. Seoul Water Works officials meet with Area II Son said they recently saw water The Area II Directorate of Public Directorate of Public Works managers March 17.volume decrease from nearly 800,000 Works is responsible for two watergallons per day to about 400,000 gallons production facilities that produceat each of their 30 wells. potable water for Yongsan Garrison. However, Chung said he told the The DPW is also responsible for theSeoul officials that Yongsan water operation of Area II water plants atproduction from Han River wells has camps Market and Yongin, Commandbeen consistent. Post Tango and K-16 Air Base. Twenty “They wanted to know if we had a one DPW employees work around thesimilar reduction,” Chung said. “We get clock to make sure there is stableabout 80 percent of our water from the water production in Area II.Han River with about 2 million gallons Water from Han River bed collecting pipes is Water undergoes stringent testing for purity ata day from 20 wells.” E-mail treated at Yongsan Water Plant #2. the Yongsan facility. K-16 Air Base festival boosts morale and energy By Sgt. Seo Ki-chul Quackenbush. “Now, I feel like I have to go out and Area II Public Affairs get more exercise.” K-16 AIR BASE — More than 700 residents of The K-16 Air Base Arts and Crafts Center, Family K-16 Air Base and their Korean neighbors had a Readiness Group, Veterans of Foreign Wars and community festival in the K-16 Community Activities others set up booths to provide useful information Center parking lot March 16. and to introduce programs to the crowd. “Today is a great day for all of you, including our “It is our way of showing appreciation for their Soldiers, their families supporting them and all of hard work at K-16 Air Base,” said Eric Yim, the agencies here at K-16; this festival is for you,” Community Activity Center director. said Col. Benjamin Williams, 2nd Combat Aviation Sgt. Mark Weisbecker, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Brigade deputy commander. “I know this kind of Regiment, said he was surprised with the number event does not happen without hard work from a of people and glad to make new Korean friends. number of folks involved. Thank you for all your Weisbecker played a boxing game with his co- support.” worker Sgt. Callandra Mondy, wearing a huge pair Williams said the festival is tied to the grand SGT. SEO KI-CHUL of boxing gloves. opening of the new Community Activities Center. Lee Mi-suk draws a flower on Korean kindergartner Ji Su-kyoung “We don’t know how many (Korean) people know “The festival served as a chance to bring the at the K-16 Community Festival March 16. about the U.S. military,” Weisbecker said. “It’s a community together and advertise the CAC and all Soldiers, civilians and family members enjoyed face great chance to introduce ourselves to the its various activities,” he said. painting, a balloon-burst game, a banana toss, karaoke community outside of the base.” Following opening remarks, a rock band played singing and many other programs. A tae kwon do Weisbecker said he would like to have this for the crowd. demonstration team’s martial arts prowess was one homestyle get-together more often. An Area II Morale, Welfare and Recreation band of the most appreciated activities. and the 2nd Infantry Division Band also performed. “The athletes are great inspiration,” said Priscilla See Festival Page 12 Festival,
  • 9. 10 March 31, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly Americans learn about School Evac Exercise Korea’s ‘Secret Garden’All three Yongsan schools will conduct Area II Public Affairsan evacuation exercise Monday SEOUL — Moyer Communityafternoon. Students will use walkways Services Center sponsored a Marchand crosswalks along 8th Army Drivefrom X Corps Boulevard across the 18 tour of a Korean palace and touristbridge and down to 1st Corps Boulevard. district.Drivers should use caution. For About 20 U.S. servicemembers andinformation, call 738-7354. civilians joined a tour of Changdeok Palace and Insadong. Pesticide Awareness The Moyer CSC offers regular toursBase workers will begin to inject pesticide around Korea.on Yongsan ornamental trees Monday A complete story and color photothrough May 12. Please keep childrenand pets away from the treated areas or feature by Area II’s Sgt. Seo Ki-chulpesticide injection capsules. For will be published in the April 7 editioninformation, call 724-4176. of the Morning Calm Weekly. For a multimedia slideshow of the Easer Egg Hunts SGT. SEO KI-CHUL tour, visit The Area II Web site at! A community Easter Egg Hunt will Seoul’s Changdeok Palace offers scenes from Korea’s royal past. held 9 a.m. - noon, April 8 at YongsanField #11. For information, call 738-4557.! The 4th Annual DeCa YongsanCommissary Easter Egg Hunt will be held1 p.m. April 16 on the commissary side Local kids star in theater productionlawn. Children can hunt for 960 candy- Montana-based acting troupe returnsand toy-filled plastic eggs. Forinformation, call 736-3022. to Korea, helps children become actors! The Yongsan Library will hold an By Sgt. Christopher SelmekEaster Egg Hunt after story hour April Area II Public Affairs11. For information, call 723-7380.! Photo sessions with the Easter YONGSAN GARRISON — A band of improbableBunny will be 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. with a characters, barnyard animals, a beastly gold miner and ancommunity Easter Egg Hunt 12:30 p.m. invisible friend visited the Moyer Community Theatre MarchApril 16 at Commiskey’s. 11. The imaginary characters were magically brought to life Black and White Ball by 65 Yongsan children.The 25th Annual Black and White Ball The children starred in the Yongsan Child and Youth SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEKwill be held April 15 at the Dragon Hill Service’s musical production of “Beauty Lou and the Country Buckaroo Bob (left) played by Missoula tour actor DeAndre Smith, namesLodge. Recommended donation of $40 Beast,” presented with a lot of help from the Missoula each of his seven daughters in the March 11 production of “Beauty Louwill go to the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Children’s Theatre. and the Country Beast.”scholarship fund. For tickets, call 011- The Montana-based theater group travels to Yongsan each “It’s basically the story of Beauty and the Beast set up as a9252-7390 or 011-9684-5209. year to provide scenery, costumes, props, make-up and western,” Smith said. “The beast is a gold miner who lives in ACS needs Volunteers lighting -- everything that is needed for a play, except for a a cave, and I end up having to send him my favorite daughter,Three hundred volunteers are needed for cast. Beauty Lou. It’s got some really sweet parts in it too.”registration, swimming, bowling, “It’s just another one of the things CYS tries to provide The play is also filled with comedy, which had the Yongsanbarbecue and fun-and-game activities for the children once a year,” said Eskeletha Dorsey, CYS audience cracking up. Most parents and kids thought theduring the Army Community Service June school liaison officer. “The kids really seem to love it and the funniest character in the play was Bob’s dog, “Fleabite Clyde.”Jamboree.The jamboree will be held June adults really support it.” “I’m in pretty much the whole play, but I don’t have any2 at Yongsan Garrison. For information, The play is about Buckaroo Bob, played by tour actor words other than ‘ruff,’” said Seoul American Elementarycall 738-5311. DeAndre Smith, and his seven daughters, one of whom is School’s Chelsey Emery, who played the show-stealing Family Walk ‘n’ Run the apple of his eye. The production is a musical with original character. “My favorite part is where I get to mime a wholeStep out and support the family 5- songs. scene for about five minutes. I got applause for that.”kilometer “Walk ‘n’ Run” will be held Smith said the play was heavily inspired by another famousSaturday at Collier Field House in unlikely love story. E-mail of Child Abuse Prevention ACS helps connect family members with opportunities ACS opportunitiesMonth and Month of the Military Child.For information, call 738-8861. Meet the CPOC By Sgt. Christopher Selmek Spouse employment is one of ACS’s include the Army Air Force ExchangeArea II managers and supervisors have Area II Public Affairs biggest concerns, she said. Service, Department of Defense Schoolsa chance to meet members of the Civilian YONGSAN GARRISON — Army “We want to make sure everyone and contractors. In some cases, militaryPersonnel Operations Center Korea 8:30- Community Service offers employment knows where to go if they need help,” spouses are preferred.11 a.m. and 1:30-4 p.m. April 7 at theMoyer Community Services Center assistance for spouses and family she said. The ACS office works closely with theauditorium on Yongsan Main Post. members seeking jobs in Korea. Lebby also notes that leave without pay Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.Briefings will include information about “This is a very important issue to help status, when a person leaves a “We’re here to support and help theCPOC system and administrative the quality of life for spouses here in government service position at one station spouses,” said Sarabeth Walker, CPACprocesses. For information, call 738-3603. Korea,” said Doris Lebby, ACS in order to change duty stations, only lasts human resources specialist. employment assistance manager. for one year. However, she said, some For family members seeking Summer Hire Program “Arriving in a foreign country can be very people do not consider options outside employment for the first time on a militaryMilitary and civilian dependent teens may difficult on a person, and it helps the federal employment. installation, Army Community Service canbe eligible for the 2006 Summer HireProgram. Session dates for college transition to get a job.” “There are a lot of options in the help through classes and workshopsstudents are May 15-Aug. 18. High Lebby said nearly 200 people process [government] system, but sometimes it’s about the employment sessions are June 26-July 21 and through her office each month. Most are still hard to find a position available,” she For information, call 738-3603 or 738-July 24-Aug. 18. Registration deadline is spouses who left jobs in the United States. said. “Sometimes they feel they can’t get 8977, or attend the May 19 ACS Job FairApril 20. For information and application “We’re looking for any military spouse a job, and that’s when we have to rely on at the Embassy Club and May 20 at theforms, visit in the community who is reinstatement transferable skills to get another position Main Post Club.G1/Cpd/Area2Cpac/default.htm. eligible, is on leave without pay or has somewhere else.” family member preference,” Lebby said. Lebby said employment options E-mail
  • 10. Area IIThe Morning Calm Weekly 11 March 31, 2006 Korea keeps Area II informed, entertainedBy Sgt. Christopher SelmekArea II Public Affairs(Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part serieson how AFN provides radio and television to Area II) YONGSAN GARRISON — For Americans livingoverseas, clicking on the television set and seeing localnews is no small feat. While the American Forces Radio and TelevisionService beams news and entertainment programmingfrom its broadcast center at March Air Reserve Basein California, local military journalists andvideographers work to provide newscasts and televisionfeatures. “AFN is critical here because we provide commandinformation, news and entertainment to the 60,000people around the peninsula,” said Air Force Capt. MikiGilloon, AFN-Korea deputy commander. “We alsoprovide a critical service for the commanders bymaking sure their messages get out to the public.” Yongsan news teams scour the Area II communityfor stories, that air on the network’s evening newscastat 6:45 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Monday-Friday. SGT. CHRISTOPHER SELMEK “There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes,” Senior Airman Matthew Stanley prepares to anchor the AFN Korea Nightly News March 2.said AFN Korea Assignments Editor Staff Sgt. Kevin AFN Korea also broadcasts a short-form Korea seamlessly joined AFN Pacific.Bell. “We have to write, shoot and edit the news piece, program, either “Chronicle” or “Destinations” at “Although AFN Korea merged with the AFN Primeproduce a radio news story and create spot 7:25 p.m. Thursdays to highlight cultural and topical Pacific signal, the programming we provide to ourannouncements.” issues. Community calendars and leadership videos peninsula-wide audience will remain unchanged,” said Two Soldiers and three airmen make up the are also local productions. AFN Korea Commander Lt. Col. Kenneth McDorman.Yongsan news team, and one of those airmen is the In all, 112 U.S. and Korean servicemembers and AFN Korea Operations Manager Wally Cornelisonnews anchor. civilians work at AFN Korea and its broadcast said the change was strictly technical. “Sometimes it can be challenging,” Bell said. “We detachments at Kunsan and Osan air bases and camps “There were a number of programs we weren’treally like to get people to call us with potential Casey and Walker. able to show because the signal could be picked up bystories.” In early February, a small change in satellite services people off post,” he said. “If another Korean station Bell said the more notice they get before an event, improved programming options.the better. On satellite, the television channel known as AFN See AFN Page 12 AFN,
  • 11. 12 March 31, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyFestival from Page 9 SGT. SEO KI-CHULLead vocalist Megan Kim sings at the K-16 Air Base community festival March 16. “For those who don’t have families eat, listen to music and spend precioushere, this is a good time to play with time with their family, if they are luckyother people’s kids and think about their to have family here with them.”own kids at home.” he said. Yim said he was so impressed with Area II MWR, K-16 CAC and Better the attendance at this festival, he wasOpportunities for Single and already planning more events just like it.Unaccompanied Soldiers sponsored the “We are planning another get-festival. They gave away DVD players, together that can strengthen themovies, CD players and gift certificates community relationship,” Yim said. “Wethrough raffle drawings. want to show Soldiers they are not Quackenbush said she had a lot of alone, but members of one with her family. Without the team effort, we may not “It is a perfect community festival,” have imagined this successful turnout.”Quackenbush said. “Most Soldiers couldwalk down from work to enjoy a bite to E-mail from Page 9had the rights to that movie, it became a ! Spectrumlegal issue.” A free AFN channel is broadcast in The satellite bandwidth dedicated to Seoul on UHF channel 34.AFN Korea hosts a new cable channel, On-post viewers receive AFN Pacific,“Xtra.” The new service provides even Sports and News channels throughmore sports and entertainment for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Cable TVwhole peninsula. for free. The additional six services are Off-post viewers wishing to subscribe available for a AFN radio and television satellite AFN Korea vows to continue providingservices must rent a $25 per month the same service they did before thedecoder and purchase a $70 satellite dish. transition. In Area II, the setup is available at the “We got a lot of good results from anYongsan Main Exchange. Subscribers AFN survey we did last spring, and wecan access nine AFN channels: were able to make changes based on those! Pacific results,” Gilloon said. “The station always! Atlantic appreciates hearing what people think,! Xtra because it allows us to serve them better.”! News To leave feedback, request coverage! Sports or ask questions, visit the AFN Korea Web! Pentagon Channel site,! Family! Movie E-mail Web Area II on the Web ex Web This week, read ex clusive Web stories about: ! Job fair to come to Yongsan in May ! AFN radio deejays pump up the volume ! Students find challenges moving to new school newsletter, Word R eceive our weekly e-mail newsletter, “Seoul W ord This Week” by visiting the Area II Web site. Click on Week” Web the subscribe link. Visit
  • 12. The Morning Calm Weekly March 31, 2006 13 Promotion UpdatesCSM/SGM boards convenes June 6 FY06 Major selection The Fiscal Year 2006 Command Sergeant Major, SergeantMajor and Sergeant Major Course Selection Board will convene 6, 1956. board board meets April 11 Master sergeants may decline consideration for promotionJune 6 in Indianapolis, at the Enlisted Records and Evaluation to sergeant major and attendance at the USASMC by declining Attention captains: The FY06 MajorCenter. (online or written) prior to May 19, 2006. Army Competitive Category Promotion Eligibility criteria for consideration for appointment to NCOs in any zone of consideration for this board can go Selection Board will convene April 11. Allcommand sergeant major include sergeants major and master to the EREC Web site at, click on captains with an Active Duty Date of Ranksergeant (P) with a Basic Active Service Date not earlier than HRC, Indianapolis (EREC) and click on the promotion file between April 1, 2001, and March 31,June 6, 1980, and a date of birth not earlier than Nov. 6, 1954. link. Enter the Army Knowledge Online authentication and 2002, will compete below the promotion Master sergeants and first sergeants with Primary Military then click on the statements link. Failure to decline will result zone. All captains with an ADOR betweenOccupational Specialty 79R who are eligible for sergeant major in automatic acceptance for promotion consideration to June 2, 2000, and March 31, 2001, willselection are also considered for appointment. Lastly, master sergeant major and course attendance. compete in the promotion zone. Officerssergeant/first sergeants who are eligible for sergeant major The command sergeant major program is voluntary; with an ADOR of June 1, 2000, andselection and have either graduated the U.S. Army Sergeant therefore, Soldiers who meet the selection criteria for earlier will compete above the zone.Major Course, are currently enrolled or are scheduled to appointment to command sergeant major must accept or Officers with an approved separationcomplete a sister service equivalency of the USASMC by decline consideration prior to May 19, 2006. Failure to submit date within 90 days of the convene dateAugust 2006, are considered for appointment. an acceptance statement for appointment to command of the board (separation date through Eligibility criteria for promotion consideration to sergeant sergeant major will be construed as a declination for July 10, 2006) are not eligible formajor include the following: Master sergeant/first sergeants consideration and those records will not be provided to the consideration.with a DOR of June 6, 2004 and earlier, a BASD between board for command sergeant major consideration. In order to be eligible for considerationJune 7, 1981 and June 6, 1996, and a DOB not earlier than Compete-the-Record reports must arrive at EREC, error- by the board, all mandatory or optionalSept. 6, 1954. free, no later than March 31. Sixty-day Option reports must Officer Evaluation Reports must be Primary Zone DOR is June 6, 2003 and earlier. Secondary arrive at EREC NLT May 19. Eligible and interested candidates received, error-free, in the EvaluationZone DOR is June 7, 2003 thru June 6, 2004. are encouraged to ensure that their records are accurate in Reports Branch, no later than March 31, All first sergeant/master sergeants selected by the CY05 order to remain competitive. 2006. The “thru date” for Complete-the-command sergeant major/sergeant major/SMC Board for NLT May 19, eligible NCOs must complete their online record Reports is Dec. 31, 2005.attendance as an alternate to the USASMC (Class 57) are review of the promotion ERB by logging onto https:// The board will offer the capability ofeligible for promotion consideration - regardless of DOR., selecting HRC Indianapolis (EREC) “My Board File.” By going to https:// Eligibility criteria for consideration for attendance to the and then clicking on promotion file. NCOs must validate, users can view theirUSASMC as an alternate include master sergeants/first the ERB for authentication. If any information is incorrect OMPF, digital photo and ORB. Eligiblesergeants with a DOR of Dec. 4, 2004 and earlier, a BASD or missing, the NCO should visit their servicing PSD to officers are authorized to access “Mynot earlier than June 6, 1984 and a DOB not earlier than June make corrections. Board File” through April 7.
  • 13. March 31, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly March 31-April 6 Tristan & Isolde Underworld:Evolution The Shaggy Dog The Shaggy Dog Underworld:Evolution Big Momma’s Big Momma’s PG-13 R PG PG R House 2 PG-13 House 2 PG-13 Tristan & Isolde 16 Blocks 16 Blocks Big Momma’s No Show No Show No Show PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 House 2 PG-13 The Shaggy Underworld:Evolution Underworld:Evolution Hostel Hostel Annapolis Annapolis Dog PG R R R R PG-13 PG-13 16 Blocks Grandma’s Boy Casanova No Show No Show No Show No Show PG-13 R R Glory Road The Shaggy Dog Big Momma’s Big Momma’s The Shaggy Underworld:Evolution Underworld:Evolution PG PG House 2 PG-13 House 2 PG-13 Dog PG R R V for Vendetta Big Mamma’s Underworld:Evolution No Show No Show No Show Underworld:Evolution R House 2 PG-13 R RBig Momma’s Tristan & Isolde -- In the V for Vendetta -- Set Vendetta Hoodwinked -- Furry and Underworld:Evolution-- The Shaggy Dog -- DaveHouse 2 -- The medieval legend of Tristan against the futuristic feathered cops from the A war emerges between the learns a valuable lesson aboutcontinuing adventures of and Isolde, young lovers landscape of totalitarian animal world, Chief Grizzly aristocratic Death Dealers truth and appearances whenmaster-of-disguise FBI become doomed against the Britain, the story of a mild- and Detective Bill Stork, and the barbaric Lycans quite unexpectedly he findsspecial agent Malcolm forces of royal politics. mannered young woman investigate a domestic (werewolves), stemming from himself changed into aTurner. This time he must go English knight Tristan wins named Evey who is rescued disturbance at Granny’s an ancient feud between the sheepdog.undercover as Big Momma the hand of the daughter of from a life-and-death situation cottage, involving a girl, a two tribes. Selene, theto nail his ex-partner’s the Irish King, but the love by a masked vigilante known wolf and an axe. The charges beautiful vampire heroine, andmurderer. While undercover threatens the truce between only as “V.” Incomparably are many: breaking and Michael, the lycan hybrid, tryin the house of the suspected their two countries. charismatic and ferociously entering, disturbing the to unlock the secrets of theircriminal, Malcolm grows skilled in the art of combat peace, intent to eat, and bloodlines. Their forbiddenattached to the suspect’s and deception, V urges his wielding an axe without a love takes them into the battlethree children. fellow citizens to rise up license. Not to mention, this to end all wars as the against tyranny and case might be tied to the immortals must finally face oppression. elusive “Goody Bandit” who their retribution. has been stealing the recipes of goody shops everywhere. Freedomland No Show Munich The Ringer No Show No Show No Show R R PG-13 Big Momma’s Walk the Line V for Vendetta V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Tristan & Tristan & House 2 PG-13 PG-13 R R R Isolde PG-13 Isolde PG-13 The Shaggy Underworld:Evolution Big Momma’s Glory Road Tristan & Isolde No Show V for Vendetta Dog PG R House 2 PG-13 PG PG-13 R Glory Road Underworld:Evolution Underworld:Evolution Big Momma’s No Show V for Vendetta Big Momma’s PG R R House 2 PG-13 R House 2 PG-13 V for Vendetta V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Underworld:Evolution Underworld:Evolution Big Momma’s Big Momma’s R R R R R House 2 PG-13 House 2 PG-13 Hoodwinked Hoodwinked Hoodwinked Tristan & Isolde Tristan & Isolde Tristan & Fun With Dick PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 Isolde PG-13 And Jane PG-13 Glory Road Glory Road Glory Road The Last The Last The Last The Ringer PG PG PG Holiday PG-13 Holiday PG-13 Holiday PG-13 PG-13
  • 14. March 31, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Imitation of actions, values is best form of flatteryBy Chaplain (Capt.) Stan Smith and colored to look like the chaplain’s character. The Soldiers we train look their standard? As parents,3rd Military Intelligence Battalion (AE) cross on my beret. This experience to their commanders and staff as the commanders, drill sergeants, or Some time ago, my wife greeted not only reminded me of a truth I have standard to meet. They look to see if support staff, whom are we looking tome at the door with the words, known all along, but made me there is something in their lives as our standard?“Your son has something he wants understand it in a new way. worthy of imitation. Paul writes in Ephesians 5:1, “Beto show you.” I knew he watched my actions, but The values of loyalty, duty, imitators of God, therefore, as dearly After a long day at work, I could now he took it a step further. He respect, selfless service, honor, loved children and live a life of love,only imagine what he had done. found something about me worthy integrity and personal courage just as Christ loved us and gaveVisions of a shaved cat, a new mural enough to imitate. That is a truly should be evident in all that we say himself up for us as an offering andon the wall and a VCR filled with humbling realization. and do. (Sound familiar?) These sacrifice to God.”cookies all filled my mind. My son not only sees everything I should be the foundation of all our The Lord God, as my heavenly I entered the room where he sat to do, he emulates who I am. Because of actions and attitudes. father and my commander, is the onefind something quite different than this, I am obligated to pass on to him Without these values we have little I desire to imitate. Each day I strive towhat I had expected. I found a life of faith, character and values. worthwhile to offer those entrusted to conform to his image, the person hesomething that changed my life. In the Army, a similar us. If we live as men and women of created me to be. Proudly he held up his creation environment exists. character, those around us will one My heart’s desire is to continuallyand said, “See daddy, it’s just like Leadership exists in a “fish bowl.” day say of their lives, “See sir/ma’am/ hold up my life to the Lord and say toyours!” Those outside of the bowl constantly drill sergeant, it’s just like yours!” him, “See father, it’s just like yours!” The little paper cross had been cut watch, to observe their leader’s Who should leadership look to as What about you? Worship Area III W orship Services Eastern Orthodox Gospel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Saturday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Protestant Contemporary Faith Formation Collective Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Wednesday 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 10:30 a.m. Camp Humphreys’ KATUSA For information on Latter-Day Saint services, call 031-612-0265. Zoeckler Station Chapel 11 a.m. Camp Humphreys’ Catholic Area III Chaplains Freedom Chapel, Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson Camp Long Chapel, Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Suwon Air Base Chapel Mass Chaplain (Capt.) Byong K. Min 2 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Sunday 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel 721-3356 Ad goes here
  • 15. March 17, 200616 The Morning Calm Weekly COURTESY PHOTO Spc. Mario A. Soria (right), Battery D, 2-1 Defense Artillery Battalion, and another Soldier take up prone fighting positions while defending the battery’s tactical site against opposing forces.2-1 ADA battles OPFOR, proves mettle in EXEVALPvt. Dustin Roberts35th Air Defense Artillery GWANGJU AIR BASE – Their bags were packed,their battle gear was equipped and their weapons wereat the ready. All of 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion, GwangjuAir Base, was geared up and prepared March 6 for itsfirst external evaluation since its deployment to Koreain October 2004. The objective of the six-day External Evaluationwas to ensure the unit is ready to fight and win at anygiven time, said Maj. Chad D. Skaggs, an observer/controller from 35th ADA Brigade. Skaggs said the six batteries in the battalion wereevaluated on tasks in three categories: mission essentialtasks, supporting collective tasks and individual Soldierskills. With the intention of completing mission essentialtasks to standard, each battery was required toexecute missions that included preparing units fortactical operations, conducting air and missile defenseoperations, and protecting the force, Skaggs said. The Soldiers were evaluated on collective tasks COURTESY PHOTOranging from nuclear, biological and chemical training Pvt. Misty R. Stow (left) and Soldiers from Battery D, 2-1 Defense Artillery Battalion, move into battle positions to secure theto providing medical treatment and evacuation. The perimeter from opposing forces during the battalion’s EXEVAL March 6–11 in Gwangju, Gunsan, Gimhae and Yecheon.assessors observed how Soldiers conducted tasks at Anderson also talked about the intensity the Soldiers wartime ready, Skaggs said.crew, squad and platoon levels, concentrating on the trained with and how they treated the EXEVAL as the “The display of motivation from the Soldiers wassupport efforts of the overall battalion, Skaggs said. real thing. absolutely outstanding,” he said. He added that the evaluators also observed individual “How you act when you train is how you act whenSoldier skills, which ranged from operating FM radios you fight. Soldiers have a tendency to take it easyproperly to performing operations as a guard or sentry. when training, but this wasn’t the case,” he said. “With five mission essential tasks comprised of After the EXEVAL had concluded, evaluators andmore than 40 supporting collective and individual tasks, OPFOR alike praised 2-1 for a job well done.the Soldiers did very well in an exceptionally “The Soldiers were very professional,” Butler said.challenging scenario, which was conducted over great “It was definitely good training for them.”geographic distances,” Skaggs said. The highlight of the event was the Soldiers’ drive The battalion utilized training areas not only in and enthusiasm that showed the troops of 2-1 wereGwangju, but in Gunsan, Gimhae and Yecheon. The Soldiers of 2-1 weren’t the only ones with amission, said Staff Sgt. Andre L. Anderson, 35th ADABde. Anderson was part of the opposing forces, whichconducted 20 missions to observe, to sabotage andto assault the batteries in 2-1. OPFOR missions included infiltrating militaryperimeters and emplacing simulated explosive chargeson launchers and fuel trucks, and tossing glow-stick“grenades” in bunkers, said Staff Sgt. Evan E. Butler,another OPFOR member. “We tried to degrade mission readiness,” Anderson PHOTOS BY PVT. DUSTIN ROBERTSsaid. “A method we used was to assault batteries in Soldiers from Battery A, 2-1 Defense Artillery Battalion,three-man teams by entering their tactical sites from Soldiers from Battery B, 2-1 Defense Artillery Battalion, reload a decontaminate their equipment during NBC training as part ofthe most obscure sides and try to overtake them.” PATRIOT missile launcher at their tactical sight. the battalion’s EXEVAL March 6–11.
  • 16. March 31, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Cast selected for Army Soldier Show Three 8th U.S. Army Soldiers chosen By Timm Hipps Army News Service ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The cast Yongsan Softball Tryouts and crew of the 2006 U.S. Army Tryouts for the Yongsan men and Soldier Show have been selected for women post-level softball teams will “Reveille: Answering the Call.” be conducted at 1 p.m. Saturday and Eight veterans of the Army’s Sunday, at Softball fields 1 and 3, Margaret “Skippy” Lynn Stars of respectively, at the 4-plex. Trouts are Tomorrow Talent Contest and/or open to all adult players within Area Military Idol are among 18 performers II. For information, call 738-8608. and five technicians who will deliver a 90-minute song-and-dance production Win a Trip to the States to Army installations in the United States Participants may win a round-trip and Europe. ticket to the United States, or an LG Spc. Richard Sianoya of Fort Irwin, laptop computer, simply by Calif., finished runner-up in the registering in MWR’s RecTrac. By registering with RecTrac at any sports inaugural Military Idol competition. Spc. and fitness, recreation center, arts & Serri Sheridan of Fort Polk, La., the crafts center or automotive skills best-of-show runner-up in the 2006 center, individuals will become Stars of Tomorrow Contest, also eligible for a drawing to be conducted competed in Military Idol. on American Forces Network - Korea First Lt. Sonya Moore of the during the last week of June. For California Army National Guard information on RecTrac or the participated in both programs in 2005. drawing, call 723-3730. Sgt. Geno Nash of Fort Hood, Texas, and Spc. Adel Nammour of Soccer Players Sought Yongsan, Korea, also competed in Stars Anyone interested in participating in of Tomorrow, along with Pfc. Yoon twice-monthly pick-up soccer games Jong-Baek, a Korean Augmentation to should contact John Eastlake by e- the U.S. Army. KATUSA Soldiers are mail at: Players fully integrated into a U.S. Army unit of all ages, ability and experience and live, work and train with their levels are welcome. American comrades. “I just wanted the guy to come and Indoor Soccer represent his unit, but it’s turned into Tournaments Scheduled representing his entire country, the COURTESY PHOTO The first ever Daegu enclave/Camp Pfc. Yoon Jong-Baek is one of three Eighth U.S. Army Soldiers participating in the 2006 edition Carroll Indoor Soccer Tournament will Republic of Korea,” Soldier Show artistic director Victor Hurtado said. “He of the U.S. Army Soldier Show. be conducted April 14–15 at the Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Units, has one of the most phenomenal vocal Without coverage, Yoon would not include Staff Sgt. Deneen Murray of organizations and individuals interested instruments I’ve ever heard.” have been allowed to join the show. Camp Humphries, Korea, and Spc. in participating in this pilot program must Though Yoon’s talent earned him a spot Luckily, the Association for the U.S. Army Lucky Tagaloa of Fort Hood. register by close of business April 10 at in the Soldier Show, lack of health care volunteered to fund a health care policy Hurtado spotted Hawaii Army Kelly Fitness Center or the Crown Jewel almost kept him out. Unlike their American for him for the duration of his involvement National Guardsman Staff Sgt. Fitness Center on Camp Carroll. The top counterparts, KATUSA Soldiers are not with the show. Samuel Hesch during auditions for two teams will represent Area IV at the covered by TRICARE. Other Military Idol contestants “Miss Saigon” and noted that he inaugural 8th Army Indoor Soccer bypassed a role in “Cats” to perform Championships April 21–22 at Camp Carroll. For information, call Kim Chong- Army Entertainment through the years in the Soldier Show. Spc. Elisabeth Graham of Fort hwan at 764-4225, or Carlos Algarin, 765- Soldier entertainment had its earliest origins in the American Revolution and Jackson, S.C., is a violinist, and 8118. Spc. Nina Kazibwe, stationed in the Civil War. Army camp shows were often spontaneously organized in companies, battalions or other units with volunteer Soldier entertainers. In 1918, Kitzingen, Germany, is a brilliant Swim Instructor Sought pianist, Hurtado said. Irving Berlin’s “Yip, Yip, Yaphank” and George M. Cohan’s “Over There” A Child and Youth Services swim Iowa Army Reserves Staff Sgt. instructor is being sought for the provided rallying and rousing patriotic music for soldiers and civilians alike as troop entertainment became an essential morale booster during World War I. Laura Snyder, 1st Lt. Alisha Vaughn of Yongsan area. The job is a NF-03 During World War II, draftees provided the talent and inspiration for Berlin’s Fort Stewart, Ga.; and Spcs. Maceo position with a salary ranging form 26K- Broadway Soldier show “This is the Army.” By 1942, Special Services companies Keeling of Fort Lee, Va.; John Morris of 34K per year. Applicants must submit resume and NAF application DA Forms of Soldiers were formed to sustain troop morale. The Entertainment Section Fort Huachuca, Ariz.; Alisha Osborne of 3433-1 and 3433-2. Additionally, local prepared scripts for musical revues in booklets entitled “Soldier Shows Blueprint the New York Army Reserves; Jessica applicants in Korea must complete a Specials-By the Men … for the Men in the Service.” Solorio of Wuerzburg, Germany; and Local Applicant Questionnaire. Celebrity draftees like Mickey Rooney entertained troops in stateside training Benjamin Piel of Yuma Proving Ground, Resumes may be sent vial e-mail to camps, staging areas and overseas units. Soldier “Jeep Shows” and Special Ariz., complete the list of performers. For Service Company Shows took live entertainment to combat areas. The need Sgt. Kristen Austin of Fort Bliss, information, call or e-mail for organized soldier entertainment programs led to the hiring of Civilian Actress Texas, is the wardrobe technician. Capt. at Technicians. In 1945, these women served in the Pacific and European Theaters Christine Lancia of Fort Polk, La., will 738-2311. to organize, direct, perform in and present musical, variety and theater serve as assistant stage manager. Sgt. productions by and for Soldiers. Jemel Washington of Fort Lewis, TMCW Submissions From the 1950s entertainment platoons of the 10th Special Services Company Wash., will handle video and audio. To have an event featured in The in Korea to the shows in Vietnam base camps to the addition of children’s Spc. Daniel Murray of Fort Hood is an Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail pertinent programs in the 1970s, the Music and Theater program continued to expand audio specialist. Spc. Bradford Cassels information and a point of contact name of Fort Bragg, N.C., will man the lights. and adapt to meet the needs of the changing Army. Entertainment has continued and telephone number, to (Tim Hipps writes for the Army’s to play an essential role in the off-duty lives of Soldiers and families. Community and Family Support Center.)
  • 17. March 31, 2006 Page 21Humphreys supplies Soldiers peninsula wideBy F. Neil Neeley CSPs on the Korean peninsula rely on the “At the other end of our compound Baker. “By having the stock on hand atArea III Public Affairs Organizational Clothing Individual here we have the classification section all times, we cut down the due-outs (out CAMP HUMPHREYS —When you Equipment Division here to keep them where equipment is sorted by what needs of stock items) to the Soldiers.”think personal equipment issue, you stocked and mission ready. repairs, cleaning or needs to be turned in. “Every Soldier, [Korean Augmentationprobably only think about the Customer “We have two facilities,” said Edward If an item is excess to our needs, we to the U.S. Army Soldier], mission- andService Point where you were issued your Baker, property book manager for OCIE turn it back in to the Defense Reutilization emergency-essential civilian andfield gear. Division, Korea. “We have our main and Marketing Office so that it can be contractor relies on our CSPs for personal Although all four areas have their own warehouse where new equipment is kept reissued elsewhere.” equipment,” he said. “Although we workCSPs, few people realize that all of the for resupplying our CSPs in all four areas. Baker explained that peninsula CSPs behind the scenes, we’re basically the don’t have to worry about setting up central hub. Without us the Soldiers laundry contracts or maintenance wouldn’t get issued, one hundred percent contacts. “It’s all done in one place,” he of needed individual equipment one said. “Just send it here, we segregate it hundred percent of the time. That would and send it out to where it needs to go. have an adverse effect on mission “By being centrally managed the readiness.” government saves lots of dollars,” Baker Baker said that the Area III OCIE is said. “We keep a 30-day supply of personal responsible for approximately $27 million equipment for all of the areas in our worth of personal equipment located warehouse. That means that the Area I throughout the peninsula. CSP only has to maintain a seven-day Nine KATUSAs, one U.S. Soldier and stock and the other three areas only five one civilian serve 200 customers per days. day in Area I; three KATUSAs, two U.S. “We actually track their needs on a data Soldiers and two civilians serve 50 Area base spread sheet,” Baker said. “When II customers per day; six KATUSAs and an item at a CSP falls below its Reorder one civilian serve 55 Area III customers F. NEIL NEELEY Point, we ship replacements out to them. daily; and, six KATUSAs and twoOCIE employees Chong Sang-young (left) and Hawang Kyu-chong inspect sleeping bags “OCIE is actually the key to the civilians meet 30 customer needs infor serviceability at the organization’s classification warehouse. success of everything here in Korea,” said Area IV each day.2-52nd GSAB renews orphanage tiesBy F. Neil Neeley “I don’t know how often the last these kids and to treat them special. I Wilburn, had a wrestling match withArea III Public Affairs chaplain visited,” said Wilson. “I got think that would be living up to the one of the younger kids. The kid won. CAMP HUMPHREYS - Soldiers here in January 2005, but only found Army values that we all need to adhere “I let him win,” said Wilburn. I’mfrom the 2-52nd General Support out about the program while looking to.” enjoying myself here helping out theAviation Battalion paid their second through some old continuity books in Wilson and the Soldiers started their little kids who appreciate us.”visit of the year to the Seong Yook November. We made contact again visit with a brief from Chae Hee-soon, The Soldiers and kids ended theirorphanage in nearby Songtan City and our Soldiers visited for the first orphanage head. visit with a soccer match. “We hopeMarch 21, delivering treats and time in more than a year in January.” According to Chae, there are 87 to visit again at least once every otherspending time with the kids who live Wilson accompanied 19 Soldiers on children and 12 staff members at the month,” Wilson said.there. this visit. He gathered them around him facility. “Our detachment has been in the orphanage parking lot to share “Seong Yook is an orphanage butsponsoring these visits for a number his vision of stewardship. “I think true most of these children aren’tof years now,” said. Chaplain (Capt.) religion is what James, 1:27 says,” orphans,” said Chae. “Only about 20J. Christopher Wilson, battalion said Wilson. “Religion that God our percent of them are. Most of our kidschaplain. “But this is my first visit.” father says is pure and thoughtless is have parents who aren’t able to care Wilson said that over the past six this, to look after the orphans …” for them so the Korean governmentyears several 52nd Battalion chaplains “I know that there’s the Good provides care for them here.”have been involved in the project, but Neighbor Program,” he said. “But After Chae’s brief, the Soldiersthat there have been breaks in visits we’re here today to take care of the volunteered to clean up the facilityto the children. orphans. This is a great time to love kitchen using traditional Korean brooms and mops. Some Soldiers found themselves scrubbing the floor on their hands and knees. “This is OK, I don’t’ mind,” said Sgt. 1st Class Beulah Floyd. “It’s part of my normal cleaning routine at home and at my unit.” After the cleanup, the Soldiers joined the children and passed out treats. It was hard to tell who was having more fun; Soldier or child. “This is my second time here,” said Pvt. Kevin Schulte. “These kids are just so glad to see us. They’re running around and having so much fun. I’m PHOTOS BY F. NEIL NEELEYPfc. Pearaney Johnson. Company C, Medevac Corps 2-52 GSAB, plays with Sung Su-in, glad that I came back again.” Spc. Major Wilburn, HHC 2-52, gives 6-year-(left) and Noh Hui-jin, both six years old. First time visitor Spc. Major old Kim, Wan-sung a lift in the air.
  • 18. 22 March 31, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly Johnathan Johnson scores game high 248 Civil Gathering Alert Humphreys kegler to compete in worldwide tourney Soldiers, civilians and family By Roger Edwards his father. “His mother and I will be going The 13-year-old 7th-grader says the members are reminded to stay alert Area III Public Affairs with him and his grandmother will join us 248 game was the highest he has rolled. and avoid civil gatherings in the Camp CAMP HUMPHREYS – “Johna- there.” “But I have a 168 average,” he said. “I Humphreys vicinity. Gatherings may than is a really good bowler for the Johnathan will be competing for come out and bowl every Sunday. It’s occur anytime gates may be closed amount of time he’s been at it,” said scholarships at the Fort Lauderdale event. fun.” without notice. Surrounding villages and communities may be placed off Mike Johnson, Johnathan’s father. “He’s limits except to those traveling to and only been bowling for about two years from residences. Monitor the and he’s already competing with some command channel (channel 3), AFN of the best.” radio and television or call 115 for Johnathan bowled in the March 18 the latest information. Far East Bowling Tournament in Yongsan, rolling against 62 athletes from Korea and Okinawa. He is the United Lent and Easter Services States Bowling Congress Pepsi Freedom Chapel holds Stations of the Challenge handicap bracket winner for Cross services each Friday though 12 year olds and up for Korea and April 7, at 5:30 p.m. A Stations of the Okinawa with a total of 1,366 over six Cross will be held at 4 p.m. April 14 games. In the competition, Johnson was and will be followed at 5 by the Good one of 14 keglers to roll scratch games Friday service. Easter Vigil begins at of over 200 points. He won the 8 p.m. April 15. Easter Sunrise tournament high game with a score of service begins at 6:30 a.m. Easter 248. ROGER EDWARDS Sunday, on Freedom Field. “Johnathan will be going on to Young kegler Johnathan Johnson sends a ball down the alley Saturday while practicing with compete in the worldwide tournament the Camp Humphreys Youth Bowling League. He will go to Florida in July to compete in the Korean Dance Class in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in July,” said World Wide Youth Bowling Championship Tournament. A “Korean Dance Class” is now open at the Humphreys Youth Center. Everyone 5 to 18 years old is welcome. Sign up CYS (Bldg 570). For information, call 753-8507. Library Open House Birthday Happy Bir thday Camp Humphreys Sgt. 1st Class Ray E. Duke Library recognizes National Dr. Dr. Seuss Library Week with an open house at Staff Sgt. Keith Watkins, Company B, 11 a.m. April 7. All readers are invited 602 General Aviation Support Battalion, to explore this valuable resource. and son Robbie have their picture taken with a Cat in the Hat cutout at At the Gym Humphreys American Elementary’s Camp Humphreys Gym has Seuss on the Loose night March 23. The scheduled a number of events for school sponsored crafts and events in April. honor of the popular children’s book April 7 – Pro Wrestling at 7 p.m. author’s birthday. April 8 – Humphreys Triathlon at 8 a.m. 200 meter swim 20K bike F. NEIL NEELEY 5K run April 8– Area III 3-on-3 Invitational Volleyball Senior Day at Humphreys April 15 – Area III Boxing Smoker Area III Eggstravaganza Camp Humphreys will host the Area III Easter Eggstravaganza from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 15, at the Zoeckler Station sports field. The event features 12,000 Easter eggs up for grab, a youth festival, junior olympics, free T-shirts and bags, and golden eggs worth special prizes. All Area III children – American and Korean (and their parents) are invited. Vet Visit Members of the Osan Air Base veterinary clinic will be at the Camp Humphreys Community Activity Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 4. Call 784-6614 for an appointment for U.S. ARMY PHOTO your pet. Walk-Ins are also welcome. Maj. Stannus Orr (right rear), executive officer, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, and Chief Warrant Officer Jeffery E, Brummer (left rear), production control officer, for the unit, show a group of English students from Wonju Senior Welfare Center a close up look at an AH-64 Apache Longbow Helicopter. The seniors were treated to lunch and toured facilities at Camps Long/Eagle March 20.
  • 19. March 31, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23 I.C.E. Repor t 1. Taxis, taxis and more taxis – Our current fees are a TRIP fee The direct answer is that the pothole Despite these efforts, roadbut there’s reportedly never one ($1.80 first mile or 5 minutes, in question has been repaired, but as maintenance and repair will continuearound when you need it. whichever comes first) and a Unit they say on the radio, here’s the rest of to be an issue for drivers. Please Steven Ryle, Exchange Business Charge .30 for each additional unit the story. Roads across the installation drive carefully and report the worstManager provides the following consisting of .23 of a mile or 90 are already in rough shape and we are damage areas, particularly potholes,information. seconds, whichever comes first. entering the most destructive seasons so we can repair them. Thank you for letting me take the Our current improvement efforts for roads. The spring freeze-thaw cycle 3. Where’s my pizza, dude? – Thetime to comment regarding the taxi focus on dispatching procedures. and the summer rains will mean even mystery of when it will appear andservice on Camp Humphreys. The Through extra training, we are striving more road damage, particularly how much it will cost leaves a badCamp Humphreys taxi service is a to improve our dispatchers’ courtesy potholes. Furthermore, the now routine taste.great supplemental transportation and their ability to provide accurate heavy construction traffic on Camp Steven Ryle, exchange businesssource for the Camp Humphreys arrival time estimates. We are also Humphreys means roads will continue manager advises he is recruiting forcommunity. We are working to working to improve productivity so we to be under stresses they were not additional staff at Pizza Hut to improveincrease our taxi service’s ability to have taxis at the right place while designed to endure. Finally, as delivery service. He is also emphasizingdeliver quality service and value. We minimizing customer wait time. construction on the installation customer service and phone etiquetterecently added 10 new cabs to the I encourage every one to adhere to increases, the cuts made across the with the entire staff. To fully investigatefleet, making the fleet total 50 the seat belt requirement. Taxis are not roads to repair and install utilities will customer concerns, Ryle needs detailedvehicles. allowed to move until everyone is also contribute to road failure. These information on the building for the Additionally, taxis will remain in the buckled up. Finally, if a customer are all growing pains for an installation delivery and how often the problemHumphreys community during wishes to comment on taxi service, the on the rise. The installation expected occurred. As needed, contact him atweekends, allowing us to focus best method is through the ICE these challenges and is taking a number or 753-6870.service specifically to the Humphreys program. Interactive Customer of steps to prevent and repair road 4. Livin’ large at Humphreyscommunity. At peak times, the full Evaluation terminals are located damage. Lodgecompliment of taxis is on duty. Taxi throughout Area III and they are a great First, the DPW makes temporary A family member was so impressedservice hours of operation are 6 a.m. tool to communicate community repairs, as needed, for the worst damage. with the Humphreys Lodge staff that sheuntil curfew. concerns. Second, the Director of Public Works took time to provide positive feedback on We received a number of questions We’ve already made a number of developed work order packages for road the staff friendliness and knowledge.about the taxi fares on Camp improvements thanks to customer repairs, though funding remains a According to Larry Gennaccaro, theHumphreys. Taxi fares are based on feedback. Customers may also e-mail me challenge. Humphreys Lodge manager, he recentlydistance and time, which is the directly at or 753-6870. Finally, Camp Humphreys’ leadership implemented two new services to make aindustry standard, in the United States 2. I’ve got the pothole blues – is coordinating with U.S. Forces Korea stay at the lodge more comfortable. First,and in Korea. Our fares are especially on Freedom Road near the and its Korean counterparts to create guests are invited to take advantage of acompetitive with outside the gate taxi CPX gate. “construction gates” at key locations at complimentary “Grab ‘N’ Go” breakfast.companies, especially when you Jesse Haydon, buildings and the installation perimeter. Once Second, there are now two AKO terminalsconsider the additional fees they may grounds chief for Directorate of approved, these gates would be for in the lobby so guests can check e-mail.charge, such as a ‘call fee’ after- Public Works provides the following construction traffic only and proximate In the works is high-speed internet for allhour’s fees, and crossing boundaries information. To contact Haydon, call to construction sites in an effort to guest rooms. Gennaccaro expectscharges. 753-7413. slow road damage and congestion. completion in roughly 60 days.Volunteer physician assistant Humphreys hobby shop employs Harley proHumphreys community asset By Roger Edwards Chong-kyun is now on the staff of theBy Susan Barkley Area III Public Affairs Camp Humphreys Auto Hobby Shop.Area III Public Affairs article on American Red Cross CAMP HUMPHREYS – Warm Kim has been working with CAMP HUMPHREYS – Last volunteers in Area III stating that weather, the weather for motorcycles, motorcycles since 1967. “I completed week’s Morning Calm Weekly more than 3,000 hours of volunteer is almost here. Area III riders now have the Harley-Davidson mechanics course labor valued at $48,000 did not a new option to get their machines in in 1990,” he said. “Now my services include the hours and contributions shape for the road. Kim “Harley Kim” are available here.” of one significant volunteer. Tracy Robbins, who volunteers as a physician assistant at the Humphreys clinic, has single- handedly had in excess of 10,000 patient contacts and worked more than 1,100 hours in the last year. Her time and skills could easily command more than $35 an hour based on national labor averages. Simple multiplication shows that the monetary value of her contributions is just about equal to or slightly greater than the rest of the volunteers combined. While all volunteer hours are valuable to the community, Robbins’ special skills set meant more health care for the community. Her 1,100 hours of patient care and follow-up meant that many community members did not have to ROGER EDWARDS ROGER EDWARDS wait for appointments or travel four Kim “Harley Kim” Chong-kyun works on a motorcycle at the Camp Humphreys Auto HobbyVolunteer Tracy Robbins is a valuable hours or more to Yongsan for care. Shop. His skills come from a lifetime love of motorcycles and attendance at the Harley-community asset at Camp Humphreys. Davidson mechanics course in the United States in 1990.
  • 20. March 31, 2006 Page 2536th KSC Company opens for business at CarrollBy Cpl. Park Kwang-moArea IV Public Affairs CAMP CARROLL – The KoreanService Corps assists U.S. Forces inKorea with everything from baseoperations to supporting majorsubordinate commands. As the Army haschanged over time, transformation hasalso extended to the KSC Battalion withthe activation of the 36th KSC Companyat a ceremony here March 24. KIM CHONG-HO The unit, led by Company Employees Kim Tak-kyu and Im Su-manCommander Cho Hyong-uk, and its 98 perform maintenance on a vehicle during theirKSC employees, will support U.S. Army first day on the job as members of the 36thField Support Battalion – Northeast Korean Service Corps Company.Asia’s mission. AFSB – NEA receives, maintains “Today, we officially start a new era accountability of, and performsin the Korean Service Corps,” said Lt. maintenance on equipment and suppliesCol. Robert Paquin, KSC Battalion in storage for a heavy brigade combatcommander. “This activation ceremony team, two mobility augmentation CPL. PARK KWANG-MOsymbolizes the start of a new and unique companies, one combat support hospital Lt. Col. Robert Paquin, commander of the Korean Service Corps Battalion, unveils new 36th KSCKSC capability to provide combat at Camp Carroll, and eight watercraft Company guidon along with Cho Hyong-uk, 36th KSC Company commander.service support to the U.S. Forces on companies, four combat supportthe Korean peninsula.” hardware and equipment,” Cho said. ammunition inventory and surveillance hospitals in Japan, 15 operational The 36th KSC Company previously “Safety is always important prior to any for 6th Ordnance Battalion, medical projects and sustainment of stocksexisted from 1972–1975 at Camp equipment issue and we set zero percent items war reserve stock for 16th stored throughout the Korean peninsula,Carroll. Its mission was to provide for our accident rate.” Medical Logistics Battalion among Hawaii and Japan.maintenance support to Material Support Cho has been with KSC since 1987. others. Before the 36th KSC activationCenter – Korea, and services to the He has served in many staff and “By adding one more company on ceremony, 37th KSC held a change ofDirectorate of Public Works and leadership positions including Camp Carroll, we have more command command ceremony welcoming ParkTransportation Motor Pool. management assistant, nuclear, and control over special missions and Mu-chang, who assumed command Cho said that 36th KSC Company will biological and chemical decontamination can focus on each task to better from Kim Tae-young.provide personnel and administration, commander, Headquarters and support U.S. Forces,” Paquin said. Park, who started his KSC career inwartime readiness training, logistics Headquarters Detachment executive “During the past two years the KSCs 1987, has served in many staff andoperations and safety programs to officer, 23rd Chemical Battalion, NBC have supported the 8th U.S. Army leadership positions in the KSC BattalionAFSB-NEA. Other missions will include training officer with 23rd Chem. Bn., transformation plan. We have assisted and U.S. units. He was an accountingrendering manpower assistance to and administrative officer for the with the handover of the JSA and the technician with the 176th Financemaintain Army war reserve stocks and Support Operations Directorate, 20th closure of the Western Corridor, camps Battalion, the mobilization specialist forsupporting the upload or download of Area Support Group. Page, Falling Water and Colburn. As we the 32nd KSC Company, the trainingequipment and supplies. The 37th KSC Company, already transform, the KSC Battalion has taken exercise coordinator with KSC Battalion “We will focus on training and stationed here, provides range support, on new missions such as … the new Operations Division and was theeducating personnel to successfully nursing assistance and ground medical formal relationship APS4 maintenance assistant company commander of thehandle the newly arrived military evacuations for 168th Medical Battalion, mission.” 37th KSC Co.Personality Spotlight: Kids are focus for CYS employeeArea IV Public Affairs Teen Program, before accepting his current position. CAMP WALKER – This is the first in an What changes are coming in the near future?occasional series by The Morning Calm Weekly “The future of the Middle School/Teen program is towhich highlights members of the Area IV provide programs that are challenging as well asCommunity. developmental in nature. Although we will provide fun Who: Mark Burton activities that will create a Disneyland atmosphere, the Position: Middle School/Teen Program director for future is to also align ourselves with the direction ofCamp Walker Child and Youth Services. the Army, by providing programs geared toward Experience: After serving in the U.S. Navy as a positive life-changing experiences. We want programssecurity policeman from 1986-1995, Burton started that teach life skills and instill a sense of pride andhis civilian career at Camp Zama, Japan, as a youth accomplishment. For programs, parents should keepdevelopment specialist in 1997. an eye on The Morning Calm Weekly and the Area IV In 2001, he transferred to Presidio of Monterey, MWR Outlook Magazine.”Calif., where he worked as a recreation specialist. In What others have to say about him: “His2002, he accepted a position in Bamberg, Germany, enthusiasm and people skills make Mark a success,where he eventually became involved with the School- whether he’s dealing with children, their parents, orAge Services Program. After spending two years in his peers,” said J.J. Stewart, acting Area IV directorBamberg, he decided that he wanted to return to Asia. of Morale, Welfare and Recreation. “A great supporter STEVEN HOOVER In 2005, he came here as the School Age Services of our community youth, he’s willing to go the extra Mark Burton, Middle School/Teen Program director for Campcoordinator/trainer, where he served as the trainer for miles it takes to establish a great program for multiple Walker Child and Youth Services, holds up one of the obstaclesChild Development Services and the Middle School/ age levels.” for the basketball skills competition held March 24.
  • 21. March 31, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly NBC is theme of the day for MSC-K civilians Indoor Soccer By Pfc. Oh Kyo-dae Tournaments Set 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Public Affairs The first ever Daegu enclave/Camp CAMP CARROLL – Training on Carroll Indoor Soccer Tournament will nuclear, biological and chemical tasks be conducted April 14-15 at the Kelly is a common occurrence for Soldiers. Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Units, But in the event of an NBC organizations and individuals emergency, Soldiers won’t be the interested in participating in this pilot only ones at risk. program must register by close of The Army employs many civilians business April 10 at Kelly Fitness whose skills are essential to battlefield Center or the Crown Jewel Fitness success. They too need train and learn Center on Camp Carroll. The top two how to survive an NBC attack. teams will represent Area IV at the With that in mind, personnel from inaugural 8th U.S. Army Indoor Soccer Championships April 21–22 at the Materiel Support Center – Korea Camp Carroll. For information, call Kim spent March 13 – 17 conducting NBC Chong-hwan at 764-4225, or Carlos training for mission-essential civilians Algarin at 765-8118. at Camp Carroll’s Crown Jewel Fitness Center. Camp Walker Speed Col. Scotty Allison, MSC-K Limits Lowered commander, said the training is Maximum speeds on Camp Walker’s essential for his civilian workforce, Nebraska Street, Rhode Island Street which includes both Department of and Pennsylvania Avenue have been Army civilians and local nationals. reduced to 25 kilometers per hour More than 650 civilians through Monday. For information, call participated in the training. Rolen Johns at 768-8650. “We are actually going to be training more than 150 personnel Volunteer of the Year per day throughout the entire Awards week,” said MSC-K Sgt. Maj. David Camp Carroll Army Community G. Martinez during the event. “We Service will conduct its Volunteer of are prepared to assure the training is the Year Awards ceremony, 11:30 a.m. conducted to the standard -- not April 13 at the Community Activity just as something to do, but to Center on Camp Carroll. Categories include military, civilian, spouse and ensure the civilians become familiar KATUSA. Units must submit their with their equipment and know how volunteer hours and nominations by to properly use it.” Wednesday. For information, call Yi The civilians were trained on how Tae-yoon at 765-7900. to don their masks properly and wear their Mission Oriented Protective PSB Field Training Posture suits –-- special Exercise overgarments designed to protect Detachment C, 516th Personnel against contamination. They also Services Battalion, will be learned how to decontaminate PHOTOS BY PFC. OH KYO-DAE conducting a field training exercise themselves using the M291 Skin Ray Horton, MSC-K, practices properly donning his protective mask in case of an NBC attack. April 7-10. The PSB and the Camp Decontamination Kit and how to use perform NBC tasks when it’s important to be able to detect an agent Walker Post Office will be operating atropine injectors in response to a necessary to save their lives,” he said. and be able to know you’re in an at minimum staffing during this time. nerve agent attack, Allison said. “The importance of the training for environment that requires MOPP For information, call 1st Sgt. Tirrell Martinez said the training should civilians is critical,” Allison said. status,” he said. Hickman at 768-7899. give participants confidence in their Steven B. Pressley, chief of MSC- Allison said he plans to conduct the abilities to respond properly to an K’s storage division, said it was an NBC training annually to ensure the Korean-American Earth NBC attack. outstanding opportunity to refresh civilians under his command have the Day Run Set “They’ve become more familiar their Common Task Training. skills necessary to survive and to A Korean-American Earth Day 5-K with the equipment; they’ll know how “I think detection devices were accomplish their missions in an NBC Run, will be held 8:30 a.m. April 22 at the Camp Carroll Fitness Center. to properly utilize it and be able to great to revisit, because it’s always environment. Runners may register until 8 a.m. the morning of the race. First and second place awards will be presented in the following male and female age categories: 29 and under; 30-39; 40-49; 50 and over. The first 48 finishers receive a free T-shirt. For information, contact Carlos Algarin at 765-8287/8118. Employment Training The Camp Carroll Army Community Service Employment Readiness Program provides classes in interviewing techniques and Mauricio Martinez, MSC-K, practices using an RESUMIX for transitioning military, atropine injector, which is used as an antidote civilian employees and family for nerve agent attacks. members. The next session will be 9 a.m. – noon, April 25. For information, call Suk H. Kim at 765-8167. Chong Paek-sop, Army Prepositioned Stock – 4 Maintenance Brigade, MSC-K, shows Daniel Wittman, MSC-K, the proper way to pack a protective mask.
  • 22. The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV March 31, 2006 27DDD-K supports USFK, even on Korean holidays NEWS & NOTESBy Peter Halseth Commissary Closed ForDefense Distribution Depot Korea Inventory CAMP CARROLL – Defense The Taegu Commissary on CampDistribution Depot – Korea doesn’t take Walker will be closed April 24–25 forsupporting its U.S. Forces Korea and inventory. For information, callworldwide customers lightly. Isabelito Miraflor at 764-5310. DDD-K doesn’t stop support justbecause of holidays, including the TAS Studentrecent Korean Independence Day Re-registrationholiday, when 10 U.S. civilians ran the Taegu American School at Campentire depot operation. During George will conduct its annualrecognized Korean holidays, many student re-registration 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.,support activities with large Korean April 24 – 27, in Room 117. Thework forces close. administration requests that students During the day, the U.S. team whose last names begin with aprocessed 976 transactions, including corresponding letter, re-register onFederal Express parcels, and loaded all the the following days: April 24, A-D; April 25, E-K; April 26, L-Q; April 27,trucks for shipment to United States R-Z. Camp Carroll students will be re-Forces Korea customers and in support registered 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. April 28, atof the Global War On Terrorism. DDD-K PETER H ALSETH the Camp Carroll Army Communityaverages 500 to 2000 transactions per day Service Conference Room, in Bldg.depending on the material release orders Arlene Beard, transportation officer, manifests freight for shipment using a mobile Direct System Support (DSS) “Herbie” Cart. S-264. Military sponsors are requiredgenerated from the Message to bring the following: passport, copyAccountability Delivery System to the what day or what circumstances.” to support the customer. We have a highly of immunization records, copies ofDDD-K Direct System Support. With more than 14,000 different trained, flexible workforce that goes original orders and family travel “We don’t stop support to those who items on hand, stored in first-rate storage where the work is, and can adjust orders. If the student is enteringare counting on us to get the product systems, DDD-K will continue to effectively to meet any mission kindergarten, a copy of the birththey need delivered when they need it,” provide improved distribution services requirement.” certificate is also required. Civiliansaid Lt. Col. James Lippstreu, DDD-K in support of customers. DDD-K is the 26th Defense sponsors should bring: copy of lettercommander. “We’ve got a super team “We have built customer confidence Distribution Command distribution of employment with a statement forof dedicated employees that are in DDD-K here in Korea this past year facility established. It provides forward LQA, copy of USFK 175-R, and a copyabsolutely focused on providing the best while standing up a first-class depot stock positioning support and enhancing of the orders bringing you to Korea.possible support for our warfighters here operation,” Lippstreu said. “We’re physical distribution services to armed For information, call Lena Allen atin Korea and around the globe, no matter constantly looking to improve our capacity forces in the USFK area of responsibility. 768-9501. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • 23. March 31, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyCSCT #2 trains with ROK Army ‘Jangsa’ Bn. NEWS & NOTESBy Cpl. Park Kwang-mo Team #2 participants were briefed on side,” Anderson said. “This kind of Camp Henry PostArea IV Public Affairs seacoast guard duty and the ROK’s current experience allowed us to understand their Office Closed CAMP HENRY – During the Korean national security status. mission and enhance coordination The Camp Henry Post Office, locatedWar, U. S. Marines, along with members Team #2 members and 50th Division between the two Armies.” in Bldg. T-1221 near the Food Court,of the Republic of Korea Navy, stormed Soldiers were then divided into two groups “I never knew the name of CSCT closed permanently March 3. Theonto the Jangsa coast in an operation now and sent to two satellite locations to Team #2 and what U.S. and KATUSA AAFES Shoppette on Camp Henryreferred to as the “Jangsa Amphibious perform seacoast guard duty. The first Soldiers do for their mission,” said Pfc. will now sell books of postage stamps.Operation.” shift lasted from 6:45 p.m. – 2 a.m. and Lee Dong-yup, a Jangsa Battalion soldier. Postal services on Camp Walker will Now, more than 50 years later it was the second one was executed midnight – “But, through a one-night patrol mingled continue as normal. For information,not the Marines or Navy but rather 6:30 a.m. together, we can better understand the call 764-4179.Combat Support Coordination Team #2 About 18 incidents of espionage activity roles of each unit.”Soldiers from Daegu who had a chance have been reported in the Jangsa area Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army Information Assuranceto learn how their predecessors sacrificed since 1958 according to ROK Ministry Soldiers expressed their sentiments Conference Slated forto ensure the freedom of the ROK. of Defense sources. regarding their national comrades. April About 20 Soldiers from CSCT #2 The U.S. Soldiers enjoyed the unique “I sincerely admire their dedication and The annual USFK Informationparticipated in seacoast security guard drills opportunity. challenging workload,” Lee said. “They Assurance Conference is scheduledMarch 2–3 with members of the Jangsa “We stayed in a foxhole and observed for April 25–28 at the Osan Air Base hit their legs with their rifles to prevent Officers Club. Information assuranceBattalion assigned to the ROK Army’s 50th the ocean, beach and rear as well,” said frostbite from the fierce cold during duty.” personnel from all levels areDivision. The training took place about 80 Staff Sgt. Elizabeth R. Anderson. “The CSCT #2’s mission is to provide the encouraged to attend. The theme formiles northeast of Daegu. night was very long and cold, which gave coordination link between Combined this year’s conference is Although U.S. and ROK Soldiers have us much respect for the Soldiers who are Forces Command, U.S. Forces Korea, “Strengthening IA Agility for theheld friendship events such as sporting working under those conditions every the Second Republic of Korea Army and Joint Warfighter.” For information, goactivities before, experience patrolling and night.” the service components. The unit is also to, e-performing guard duty jointly on a ROK “My primary role was to detect the charged to facilitate U.S. combat, mail, or callArmy installation is an exceptional case. appearance or movement of submarines combat support and combat service 725-8213. “The original objective was to give our with a night vision device,” said Pvt. Lee support, operational planning, andKATUSAs and U.S. Soldiers some Min-suk. “I had to become vigilant to any execution during armistice; to provide ‘AA’ Meetings Availableexposure to what life is like in a ROK Army subtle movement and noise although the key command staff sections with An Alcoholics Anonymous groupunit while they perform a real-world night was peaceful.” linkage to the Second Republic of Korea meets at the Camp Henry Communitymission,” said Capt. Denny A. Butcher, The experience helped broaden the U.S. and its wartime mission as the Combined Counseling Center, Bldg. 1220, 6:30commander of Headquarters and – ROK alliance and to crystallize the Rear Area Coordinator; provide support p.m. Wednesdays and 11:30 a.m.Headquarters Detachment, CSCT #2. meaning of “One Team , One Fight.” to the Combined All Source Intelligence Saturdays. For information, call Mike After breaking the ice with the Jangsa “They could be the first to see and Center during contingencies and at 011-9372-0199.Battalion Soldiers by playing a soccer game, react to anything coming from the enemy hostilities . Ad goes here
  • 24. March 31 , 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “ Language Instructor Kwon Min-sook Word of the week : ‘o-nuel’ The phrase of the week : “Today is my birthday.” birthday.” O-nuel jeh sehng-il im-nee-dah. today my birthday is : Conversation of the week Is your birthday today? Seoul, DPW officials O-nuel discuss water sehng-shin-e-shim-nee-gah? production Yes. Neh. How old are you? Ohl-heh myot-sahl-ee-shim-nee-gah? Would you like to know? Ahl-go she-pu-seh-yo? Of course. Gu-roem-yo. I am 20 years old. Ohl-heh su-mu-sahl im-nee-dah. promotion marriage