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Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command....

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500

Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract with the Contracting Command. The civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy is corrected.

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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper -  060112 Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 060112 Document Transcript

  • P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA Jan. 6, 2006Volume 4, Issue 12 The Morning Calm Weekly is !"#$% &% $"(&")% &**+" Look inside for a look back at the stories that shaped each Area in Korea during the past year nline Visit Army in 2005: A look back at the past yearBy Col. Randy Pullen medical and logistics units, ForwardArmy News Service Engineering Support Teams, civil affairs WASHINGTON — As is usual at this teams, and transportation and signaltime of year, most organizations take a units.look back at what events shaped the year January came to an end with thejust ended. successful election in Iraq in which The Army is no different. So what voters elected a national assembly tomade news for the Army in 2005? You write the new Iraqi constitution andcould almost sum it up in three words: council members to represent each ofwar, hurricanes and elections. Almost. the 18 provinces in Iraq. Despite threatsJanuary from the insurgents and some attacks The Army started 2005 just as it ends on polling places, millions of Iraqis cast2005 – as an Army at war. Soldiers were their votes, a tribute to their courage andfighting for freedom in Iraq and desire to move toward freedom as wellAfghanistan throughout the year. as a tribute to the vigilance and It wasn’t just Iraqi insurgents and determination of U.S. and CoalitionTaliban remnants that Army men and Soldiers and Iraqi security forces towomen battled. The after-effects of the provide a secure voting environment.ravages of Nature also kept the Army PFC. WILLIAM SERVINSKI II Februarybusy in 2005. As the year began, U.S. The year ended much as it began, with our Army at war. Soldiers like Capt. Steve Hommel from In February, the Army released newArmy Soldiers joined their fellow the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry, shown here handing out hats and toys to Iraqi children, Dec. 24 Strategic Planning Guidance for 2005American servicemen and women to in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq, have been in Iraq and Afghanistan throughout 2005. that includes three new focus areas:help the people of south Asia following region the final week of 2004, killing Among the Army units deployed tothe devastating tsunami that struck that more than a quarter of a million people. assist were mortuary affairs teams, See 2005, Page 3 New 754 telephone prefix Rumsfeld announces reduction in use at Humphreys in Iraq troop level during 2006 Area III Public Affairs By Jim Garamone American trainers will continue to work with Iraqi CAMP HUMPHREYS — A new telephone Army News Service units. switch will come online Jan. 25, that will support CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq — The United States Rumsfeld said President Bush approved the troop all activities in the vicinity of the “walk-thru gate” will have two fewer brigades in Iraq in 2006, Defense reduction in consultation with coalition allies and Iraqi and the Zoeckler Station area on Camp Humphreys. Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here Dec. 23. officials. “The size and composition of U.S. forces, The prefix for telephone numbers in the affected Rumsfeld announced before a cheering group of of course, will continue to fluctuate as commanders areas will change to “754,” with the last four digits Marines that the United States will drop from 17 to 15 continue to shift focus to emphasize training and of current telephone numbers remaining unchanged. brigades in the coming year. The change will drop the supporting the Iraqi security forces,” Rumsfeld said. The new prefix was implemented Nov. 18. number of Americans in the country under the In other words, U.S. force size and composition Translations are set up to automatically complete 138,000-level baseline, officials said. will remain situation-dependent, officials traveling with calls when the 753 prefix is used. Anyone calling an The decision reflects the proper balance between the secretary said. If the situation warrants, Army Gen. affected number using the 753 prefix will hear the coalition and Iraqi forces, the secretary said. The George W. Casey Jr., commander of Multinational following announcement: “The prefix for the number coalition footprint must be large enough to help maintain Force Iraq, and Army Gen. John Abizaid, commander you have called has changed to “754.” Please use security and allow the Iraq forces to train up, Rumsfeld of U.S. Central Command, may recommend further 754 the next time you call this number. Your call explained, yet not so large as to be intrusive or to reductions. will now be completed.” antagonize the Iraqi people. The force also must not The number of American forces that will train Iraqi This will remain in effect until the new switch, be so large as to take initiative from the Iraqi security forces and help them develop intelligence and logistics Jan. 25. After that date, calls will not be completed forces, he said. capabilities will increase, Rumsfeld said. Multinational if the “753” prefix is used. The reduction is possible because of the growing Force Iraq officials said much of the training will shift Calls originating from a commercial carrier, strength and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, to the Iraqi police. including cell phones, must use 0505-754-xxxx. The the secretary said. In the coming months, he added, The public order and special police units under the traditional 031-690-xxxx will not work after Jan. more and more Iraqi army and police units will take Interior Ministry are rated well, but the local Iraqi police 25 for numbers with a 754 prefix. A new prefix has over battlespace from coalition forces. Iraqi brigades are far below the standard they need to meet, officials not been established by KT Telecom at this time. and divisions are standing up, Rumsfeld said, and said.
  • 2 Jan. 6, 2006 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly MP Blotter Christmas at Joint Task Force Guantanamo By Lt. Col. Jeremy M. Martin The following entries were deployments, and will be away from mission in support of the Global War onexcerpted from the past several weeks Army News Service their loved ones during the holidays. Terror. Guantanamo Troopers are wellmilitary police blotters. These entries GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba – Quite a few of the Troopers have had trained, well equipped and very well ledmay be incomplete and do not During the holidays, American families children born back in the states during in accomplishing this challengingdetermine the guilt or innocence of gather to share in the celebrations of the this deployment that they’ll certainly miss detention mission. They are committedany person. Christmas season and also reflect on the during the holidays. to running a professional camp in! Subject One and Subject Two were events of the past year. Military families Many of the Troopers currently accordance with service values, and allinvolved in a verbal altercation that turned are truly unique; they share a very special serving at the Joint Task Force are applicable policy and law.physical when Subject One slapped bond, a genuine understanding of the combat veterans of Iraq and The Troopers who serve atSubject Two on the face. Subject Two selfless service and sacrifice which often Afghanistan, serving and sacrificing Guantanamo come from cities andretaliated by slapping and scratching requires separation during the holidays. now in Guantanamo. They are skillfully towns all across America. Most have hadSubject One on the face. Subject One was During this Christmas season over performing the vital mission of providing the opportunity to go home on leavetransported to the Camp Casey Provost 300,000 military men and women are safe, secure and humane custody to all during this deployment for a two-weekMarshal Office and administered a Field deployed in over 100 countries, detainees, and gathering intelligence, period. When the Troopers return toSobriety Test, which he failed and was defending freedom on behalf of the which has proved invaluable in support duty they recount with pride howreleased to his unit. Dec. 26, Subject One American people. In Iraq and of the Global War on Terror. Many of they’ve been received as heroes in theirreported to the Camp Casey PMO, where Afghanistan, military personnel have these detainees are sworn enemies of communities, all across America. Ashe rendered a sworn statement admitting the US and our allies, and many issue helped to liberate millions of people, and usual, the American people get it the offense. This is a final report. given the citizens of those nations an threats daily to the guards, nurses and It’s the sons and daughters of America! A subject exited the Osan Air Base opportunity for freedom and democracy. doctors (and their families back home), who are serving at Guantanamo. TheyExchange with various makeup items There are over 2000 men and women who so professionally administer care enjoy, and have earned, thewithout rendering proper payment. Thesubject was detained and transported to deployed as members of the Joint Task and custody to all detainees. overwhelming support of a gratefulthe Osan SFCC, where subject was advised Force at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Troopers at Guantanamo are Army, nation.of his/her rights with the subject’s sponsor behalf of the American people in support Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, (Editor ’s note; LTC Jeremy M.present. Subject declined counsel and of the Global War on Terror. Many of Civilians, National Guard, Reserves, and Martin serves as Director, Joint Taskrefused to make a statement. The subject the Troopers are on year-long are jointly accomplishing a critical Force Guantanamo Public Affairs.)was released to his/her sponsor.! Subject One and Subject Two wereinvolved in a verbal altercation which COLA surveyturned physical when Subject One grabbedSubject Two around the neck in a choking begins Monday Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Battery Buster’s Batterymanner. Subject One was apprehended and YONGSAN GARRISON — Eighth U.S.transported to the Camp Humphreys MPStation where he was not advised of his Army announced the next Living Pattern Surveylegal rights due to his suspected level of will be Monday thru Feb. 8, to determine if Costintoxication. Subject One was further Of Living Allowance should be increased,processed and released to his unit. Dec. decreased or remain the same.24, Subject One returned to the MP Station This survey is important to all U.S. Forceswhere he was advised of his rights, which Korea personnel and their families.he invoked, requesting a lawyer. Subject Servicemembers are directed to take 15-20Two sustained no visible injuries and minutes to complete this survey before thedeclined medical attention. Investigation deadline. COLA is intended to allow Soldiers thecontinues by MPI. same buying power they are accustomed to in! Security Forces observed a subject at the United States. This buying power is inRex Bar, Songtan Entertainment District, relationship to the 120 market basket items listedwith his pants unbuttoned and pulled in the LPS, to include appliances, automotivedown, and his underwear exposed, with expenses, household help, food, clothing (men,two Korean women standing to his left and women, and children), and electronics.right touching him through his underwear. Analysis of buying patterns and percentageSubject was transported to SFCC for of off-post shopping of servicemembersfurther processing. The subject was throughout the peninsula have been a significantadministered a Portable Breathalyzer Test, reason for Soldiers serving in Korea receivingresulting in a .128 percent blood alcohol COLA since June 2003.content. The subject was advised of hisrights, requested legal counsel and The LPS will be a Web-based survey availabledeclined to make a statement. The subject through the 175th Financial Management Centerwas released to his unit. Web site: Published by IMA-Korea Region This Army newspaper is an authorized Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or Department of Defense. Contents of The Director/Publisher Director/P ector/Publisher Brig. Gen. H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal Government, Department of Defense, or Editor Staff Sgt. Mark Porter Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser Department of the Army. responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected. AP 96205. CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement Staff Writer Roger Edwards President: Charles Chong Circulation: 12,500 by the U.S. Army or Oriental Commercial Advertising Press of the products or services Telephone: 738-5005 Area II Area IV advertised. SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Commander Col. Ron Stephens Commander Col. Donald J. Hendrix 723-4253 Everything advertised in this Fax: (02) 790-5795 Phone: DSN 738-3355 Public Affairs Officer Steve Davis Public Affairs Officer Kevin Jackson publication shall be made E-mail: Fax: DSN 738-3356 CI Officer David McNally CI Officer Galen Putnam Staff writer Steven Hoover available for purchase, use or Mail address: Oriental Press, E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly Staff Writers Sgt. Christopher Selmek patronage without regard to race, PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP Support and Defend religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
  • The Morning Calm Weekly News Jan. 6, 2006 3 2005 from Page 1 homeland defense, irregular challenges, EEO Reps Sought and stability operations. The ArmyThe Equal Employment Opportunity Strategic Planning Guidance had beenOffice is currently recruiting U.S. approved by Secretary of the Armycivilian employees intersted in serving Francis J. Harvey Jan 15. The 2005as collateral duty EEO counselors. ASPG can be found online atArmy Regulation 690-600 EEO Complaints, requires Also in February, Spc. Jeremy Churchthe use of command assets in support of the 724th Transportation Companyof EEO Program initiatives to train and became the first Army Reserve Soldier inappoint counselors. These the Global War on Terrorism to receive aindividuals play a critical role in EEO Silver Star. He was presented the Army’sProgram execution of the third-highest medal for valor during a Feb.discrimination complaints process. 27 homecoming ceremony at FortAlthough EEO counseling is McCoy, Wis.voluntary with respect to the interest Marchof the employee, managers are The Army Reserve created a newrequired to encourage and to promote program to help reintroduce Armycollateral duty EEO counseling byproviding employment incentives to Reserve Soldiers returning from militaryattract and to maintain interest in EEO operations to civilian life: The Welcomecounseling. EEO counselors are Home Warrior-Citizen Program. Armycurrently needed in all areas. EEO Reserve Soldiers are given an incased, S S .R C BY TAFF GT EEBA RITSERCounselor Training will be held in folded, American flag to honor their President George W. Bush presents the Medal of Honor (posthumous) to Sgt. 1st Class Paul R.Daegu Feb. 6-10. Those interested in service while supporting military Smith’s family—(from left) daughter Jessica, 18; wife, Birgit; and son David, 11—at the Whitefilling the role may call 768-7839 for operations such as Operation Iraqi House, Apr. 4.information on the program and for Freedom. The 1st Infantry Divisiondetails about the training. Detachment Rear Operation Center, an Kelly Support Center, Pa. commemoration activities worldwide. Army Reserve unit located in Bamberg, In addition to closing these The weeklong birthday culminated with DHL Rooms Available was the first Army Reserve unit in installations, the commission the Army Birthday Ball in Washington, During Winter Europe to receive this prestigious award. recommended closing 176 Army DC, attended by Vice President RichardThe Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan April Reserve and 211 Army National Guard Cheney.Garrison has guest rooms available President George W. Bush honored facilities. These will be replaced by 125 Cheney said that the United Statesthroughout the first few months of Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith by multi-component Armed Forces Reserve came very close to losing its dream of2006. At present, rooms are available presenting his family the Medal of Honor Centers. being an independent country in the darkthrough Feb. 28. on April 4, the second anniversary of May 24, Lt. Gen. Roger Schultz days of 1776. The Army was on its lastThe hotel also offers many package Smith’s courageous actions during the stepped down as the 17th director of legs when Gen. George Washingtontrips and tours. Call 738-2222, Ext. Battle of Baghdad Airport. the Army National Guard. He had been made a final appeal to what was left of6210, for information or to make The president presented the Medal of in the position since June 1998, making it in December of that year. Somehowreservations. Honor to David Smith, Smith’s 11-year- him the Army National Guard’s longest those Soldiers found the strength to go Re-enlistment Incentives old son, in the East Room of the White serving director. Maj. Gen. Walter on and followed Washington through the for Soldiers with FY06 House. Smith was killed April 4, 2003, Pudlowski Jr. became the acting director ice and snow to victory at Trenton. ETS Date as he manned the .50-caliber machine until June 20, when Lt. Gen. Clyde “From that day to this,” Cheney said,In support of the 8th U.S. Army retention gun on top of an armored personnel Vaughn, a veteran of more than 30 years “our country has always been able toprogram, the 8th Army Commanding carrier in order to defend a courtyard of military service, assumed the duties count on the Army to answer the call toGeneral has approved a special three- while his men from the 11th Engineer as the 18th director of the Army Guard. duty.”day pass to be given to those Soldiers Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, June Also June 14, the Army released awhose Estimated Termination of Service withdrew and evacuated wounded. The Army marked its 230th birthday new Field Manual-1, providing anis on or before Sept. 30, 2006, and who Later in the action, he died after being June 14 with celebrations and updated overview of the Army, itsre-enlist prior to April 30, 2006. The struck by enemy fire. organization and employment. Thespecial three-day pass is designed to The president quoted a letter previous FM-1 had been released in Juneallow qualifying Soldiers to take three Smith wrote to his parents, but 2001, just four months before thedays off after a regular duty day. For never mailed, saying he was terrorist attacks on the World Tradeexample, the Soldier can request the willing to “give all that I am” Center and the Pentagon.pass be taken after duty Monday and so that his men would return “Sept. 11, 2001 changed forever thereport back to duty Friday. home. world in which we live,” said Gen. PeterSoldiers should contact their servicing May J. Schoomaker, Army chief of counselor from the list below for Major Army installations “The change in the strategic environmentmore details on this special reenlistment slated for closure by the has forced us to review how we doincentive.Second Infantry Division Soldiers, call Defense Department’s Base business – to better counter those730-3139 Realignment and Closure evolving threats.”8th Military Police Brigade Soldiers, call recommendations announced The new FM-1 reflects the “depth723-8512 in May were: Fort Monroe, and urgency” of the Army’s involvement18th Medical Command Soldiers, call Va.; Fort McPherson, Ga.; Fort in the War on Terrorism, according to737-7254 Gillem, Ga.; Fort Monmouth, Schoomaker.35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade N.J.; Newport Chemical “FM-1 emphasizes transformation,Soldiers, call 784-7877 Depot, Ind.; Kansas Army the warrior ethos, a culture of innovation,19th Sustainment Command Ammunition Plant, Kan.; and joint interdependence, rather than(Expeditionary) Soldiers, call 764-7926 Selfridge Army Activity, Mich.; just joint interoperability,” SchoomakerUnited States Army Special Troops Mississippi Army Ammunition said. “In short, it contains a trueCommand Soldiers, call 723-7245 Plant; Hawthorne Army Depot, operational concept about how the ArmyFor informaiton on the policy, call the Nev.; Umatilla Chemical Depot, will operate across a spectrum ofEighth Army Retention Office at 724-3724. Ore.; Lone Star Army conflict both at home and abroad.” Ammunition Plant, Texas; Red At a June 29 Pentagon ceremony, the TMCW Submissions S .M P PC IKE RYORSend stories and other items for use River Army Depot, Texas; Spc. Ronald Turner, from the 82nd Airborne Division, climbs Army chief of staff awarded the Army’sin The Morning Calm Weekly to Deseret Chemical Depot, Utah; to a cave, possibly used as a weapons cache, near new Combat Action Badge for the first Riverbank Army Ammunition Mianashin, Plant, Calif.; and Charles E. See 2005, Page 4
  • Jan. 6, 20064 The Morning Calm Weekly AIRMAN 1ST CLASS BARRY LOOSoldiers from the 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, prepare an earthquake victim for helicoptertransport at Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. AD2005 from Page 3time to five Soldiers who engaged in citizens affected by this tragedy.combat with the enemy. While the fate of our fellow citizens The CAB, approved by Schoomaker along the Gulf Coast was on the mindsin May, was created by the Army’s of all Americans, so, too, did manyleadership to recognize all Soldiers in Americans stop Sept. 16 during Nationalcombat. Soldiers engaged in the War on POW/MIA Recognition Day to GOESTerrorism since Sept. 18, 2001, are remember other Americans held captiveretroactively eligible to receive the award. or who are still listed as missing.July Sept. 18, millions of Afghans went Retired Gen. William Childs to the polls to vote in the country’sWestmoreland, former Army chief of staff historic first parliamentary elections. Asand commanding general of U.S. forces with the successful Afghan presidentialin Vietnam during the Vietnam War, died election in Oct. 2004, these electionsJuly 18 at a nursing home in Charleston, took place in large measure due to theS.C. He was 91. combined efforts of the Afghan, U.S. As part of its largest restructuring and Coalition security forces as well assince World War II, the Army announced the determination of the Afghan peopleits plan July 27 for stationing its active not to be deterred from voting by thecomponent modular Brigade Combat terrorists.Teams. The plan announced at a Pentagon October HEREpress briefing conducted by Special The month of October found U.S.Assistant to the Secretary of the Army forces assisting with rescue, recoveryRaymond F. DuBois and Army Vice Chief and relief operations in Pakistanof Staff Gen. Richard Cody, includes new following an earthquake that killedorganizations being formed and other units between 20,000 and 30,000.being returned from overseas locations. Five CH-47 Chinook and three UH-The return of the overseas units adds up 60 Black Hawk helicopters with 50,000 Soldiers and 150,000 family Soldiers and supplies from Afghanistanmembers being brought back to bases in arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan, Oct. 10the United States. to assist with recovery operations in the In the end state, the number of active wake of Saturday’s devastatingmodular BCTs will increase from 33 to earthquake. The helicopter crews were43, enhancing the active Army’s combat from the 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviationpower by 30 percent. Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 6th CavalryAugust Regiment at Bagram Airfield and Aug. 8, the Army chief of staff Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.directed that Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes be Decemberrelieved Aug. 8 from his position as Millions of Iraqi citizens flocked tocommander of the U.S. Army Training the polls Dec. 15 to vote under the newand Doctrine Command, based on an Iraqi Constitution, giving birth to ainvestigation into Byrnes’ personal Middle East democracy.conduct. Byrnes was replaced by the Gen. George W. Casey, Multi Nationaldeputy commander of TRADOC, Lt. Force-Iraq commanding general, saidGen. Anthony R. Jones, who served as Iraq’s transition into democracy “has notacting commander until Gen. William come about by accident or coincidence,Wallace took command in October. but by shear will power and theSeptember determination of the Iraqi people.” Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit and As every year is, it was a time ofdevastated the Gulf Coast at the end of tragedy and triumph, of hardships andAugust and mid-September. The scenes achievements. What will happen in 2006of a totally-flooded New Orleans will is not in our power to foresee but onebe one of the haunting images of 2005. thing you can count on is that the U.S.In September, tens of thousands of Army will meet that unknown future withactive Army and Army National Guard the same expertise and success that theytroops deployed to the region to assist displayed in meeting every challenge inthe hundreds of thousands of American 2005.
  • Jan. 6, 2006 Page 5 PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLYAviators perform a final overflight of Camp Page Tuesday, as Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment stand in formation at the installation’s official closing ceremony.Soldiers bid farewell to Camp Page, ChuncheonBy Pfc. Amanda Merfeld as Army officials closed Camp Page after 54 yearsSecond Infantry Division Public Affairs of use. CAMP PAGE (April 1, 2005) — The somber In early January, the order to vacate and closenotes of retreat played for a final ceremony Tuesday the installation was met with mixed emotions. “We were sad to leave this community,” said Lt. Col. Chandler Sherrell, 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment commander, “but, proud that our mission here has been successfully accomplished.” Camp Page covered 145 acres with 173 buildings, 1,067 servicemembers and civilians in 15 tenant units. “All were vacated safely and efficiently within 78 days,” Sherrell said. The Korean employees of the base faced the biggest challenge. “About 90 percent of the Camp Page Korean workforce has found employment elsewhere,” said Yi Un-sang, Camp Page Korean Labor Union Camp Page officially closes after 54 years of use. president. “But, they have had to move far from home, and face challenges integrating into a new job.” “We think it is a success story that these employees stayed with U.S. Forces Korea,” said William Kapaku, U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud deputy to the commander. “We have a lot invested in them.” In 1951, 8th U.S. Army engineers prepared the runway in a burned out section of a newly recaptured town, at what would become Camp Page. “Three months later, the first aircraft touched down on an asphalt runway delivering supplies to the city and the Soldiers,” Sherrell explained. Nobody envisioned that 54 years later, U.S. forces would still be stationed in Chuncheon, he said. Sherrell said in remembering the moment, it represents all that is right with the Korean-American alliance. “We are thankful to the Korean people for allowing us to have served here,” he said.
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Jan. 6, 2006 13When is bankruptcy the right answerBy Capt. Tobias Hunziker exempt property. The exempt property usually can affect your ability to get higher securityCamp Casey Legal Assistance includes a house, car and some household clearances and to advance in rank. Bankruptcy items. Different states have different W ould you use a .357 Magnum to kill also can prevent a person from being able to a mosquito? Many Soldiers are exemptions; for example, Texas treats certain join a professional organization (like being a doing the financial equivalent, when farm animals and firearms as exempt property. doctor, lawyer or pharmacist).they use bankruptcy to solve their financial You can only file Chapter 7 bankruptcy once Filing for bankruptcy stays on your creditproblems. every six years. records for a long time, affecting your ability In my seven months as a legal assistance So when should you file bankruptcy? Only to get loans and mortgages. Not only that, theattorney, I have found that a disturbingly high as a last resort. Too often Soldiers come and loans or credit that you do receive willnumber of Soldiers have declared or want to tell me that they declared bankruptcy over a undoubtedly be at a brutally high interest rate.know how to declare bankruptcy. Declaring few thousand dollars. In the United States, The bottom line with bankruptcy is that it isbankruptcy is a powerful tool in eliminating many lawyers a big warning sign from you towhat you owe, but it is not for everyone. encourage lenders and employers saying, “I While declaring bankruptcy can temporarily people to file “ A filing of bankruptcy can cannot honor my debts.”reduce your debt, it also can carry serious bankruptcy, affect your ability to get higher There are several tools available but that is solong term consequence. security clearances and to advance to Soldiers who need help in So, what is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a the lawyer can reducing their debt that do not havelegal proceeding which helps people who collect a fee. in rank. ” the nasty side effects ofcannot make ends meet get a fresh start by Lawyer’s fees bankruptcy. The local legaltemporarily, or permanently, preventing for filing bankruptcy can exceed $1,000. assistance can assist individuals by informingcreditors from collecting on debts. In reality, very few people actually require their creditors of their rights under the There are several types of bankruptcy, the protection of bankruptcy. For example, if Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003, the Fairknown by chapters of the Federal Bankruptcy you have tremendous debts and no way of Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair CreditCode. The two main types are Chapter 13 earning any money at all, that might be a Reporting Act and a variety of state laws.bankruptcy and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. situation that calls for filing for bankruptcy. ACS offers a variety of classes and personal Chapter 13 bankruptcy lets a person On the other hand, owing a few thousand services, including debt counseling and classesrestructure their debts and keep most of their dollars to a credit card company normally does on money management, to help individualsproperty (like a big flat-screen television). The not require a bankruptcy filing. improve their personal finance and debt-court comes up with a repayment plan, The local installation legal assistance office handling skills. Army legal assistance personnelnormally stretched over three to five years. and local Army Community Service office can are also available to advise servicemembers on Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a much more work out alternative approaches to resolving legal matters regarding debt.powerful debt reduction tool, but also much that kind of debt. If anyone is having financial problems, theymore brutal. Chapter 7, or straight bankruptcy, The problem with filing bankruptcy is that it should contact the local legal assistance officeinvolves selling all assets (say good bye to can cripple your future. A filing of bankruptcy and local ACS office.your flat-screen television) except certain
  • Jan. 6, 200614 The Morning Calm Weekly Jan. 6-12 North Country The Weather King Kong King Kong The Weather Dreamer Dreamer R Man R PG-13 PG-13 Man R PG PG No Listing No Listing No Listing No Listing No Listing No Listing No Listing King Kong King Kong King Kong Prime PG-13 Prime PG-13 The Weather The Weather PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Man R Man R The Chronicles In Her Shoes Elizabethtown of Narnia PG PG-13 PG-13 No Show No Show No Show No Show The Fog King Kong Prime PG-13 Prime PG-13 King Kong The Weather The Weather PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Man R Man R Fun with Dick Aeon Flux Prime PG-13 No Show No Show No Show The Legend of and Jane PG-13 PG-13 Zorro PG-13Exorcism of Emily The Weather Man King Kong -- While A History of Violence Harry Potter & the Fun with Dick andRose -- In an extremely Popular Chicago filming on location at the Tom is a loving family man and Goblet of Fire Jane -- Dick Harper’srare decision, the Catholic weatherman, Dave Spritz, has mysterious Skull Island a well-respected citizen of a In his fourth year at Hogwarts, years of hard work finally payChurch officially recognized a shot at the big time when a group of filmmakers discover small Indiana town. But when Harry faces his greatest off when he is promoted tothe demonic possession of a national morning television a giant gorilla named Kong, two savage criminals show up challenges and dangers yet. vice president at Globodyne,19 year-old college freshman. show calls him for an audition. living in a massive jungle at his diner, Tom is forced to When he is selected under a worldwide leader in theTold in flashbacks, ‘The Professionally, Dave is on the where creatures from take action. Suddenly mysterious circumstances as consolidation of mediaExorcism of Emily Rose’ top of the world, but his prehistoric times have been heralded as a hero who took a contestant in the Triwizard properties. But after exactlychronicles the haunting trial of personal life is in complete protected and hidden for the courage to stand up to Tournament, Harry must one day in his new job,the priest accused of disarray. Dave’s painful millions of years. It is the crime, people look up to Tom compete against the best Globodyne is destroyed by annegligence resulting in the divorce, his dad’s illness and attention of a beautiful human as a man of high moral young wizards from schools Enron-like calamity — and hedeath of the young girl trouble with his kids have him woman that soothes Kong regard. But all that media all over Europe. But as he is left holding the bag. Afterbelieved to be possessed and poised on the knife’s edge long enough for him to be attention has the likes of prepares, signs begin to point playing by the rules andthe laywer who takes on the between stability and disaster. subdued and shipped back mobsters showing up at his to the return of Lord working single-mindedly totask of defending him. The harder he tries to control to New York, where his bleak doorstep, charging that Tom Voldemort. Before long, Harry build a comfortable life for his events, the more he finds life, future involves being put on is someone else they’ve been is playing not just for the Cup, family, Dick and his wife Jane like the weather, is completely display in front of humans. looking for. Is it a case of but for his life. hit on a brilliant idea: If stealing unpredictable. mistaken identity or does Tom was good enough for his have a history that no one boss, then it’s good enough knows about? Either way, for them. someone’s about to find out if there’s a history of violence. Harry Potter & the No Show Walk the Line Lord of War R No Show No Show No Show Goblet of Fire PG-13 PG-13 The Weather The Weather Fun with Dick Fun with Dick Fun with Dick Fun with Dick The Fog Man R Man R and Jane PG-13 and Jane PG-13 and Jane PG-13 and Jane PG-13 PG-13 King Kong North Country The Weather Dreamer Prime PG-13 No Show Fun with Dick PG-13 R Man R PG and Jane PG-13 North Country North Country The Weather Dreamer Fun with Dick The Weather No Show R R Man R PG and Jane PG-13 Man R Fun with Dick Fun with Dick Fun with Dick Prime PG-13 Prime PG-13 Prime PG-13 A History of and Jane PG-13 and Jane PG-13 and Jane PG-13 Violence R Fun with Dick Dreamer Dreamer A History of A History of A History of Into the Blue and Jane PG-13 PG PG Violence R Violence R Violence R PG-13 Exorcism of Exorcism of Exorcism of Doom Doom Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Emily Rose Emily Rose Emily Rose PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13
  • Jan. 6, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly 15Sticks and stones, and mending bonesBy Chaplain (Maj.) Robert Warden Christmas or neither, observations list. We carry the heartache of fallen mend “broken bones.”Eighth Army and IMA-KORO suggest the season extracts the best 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, However, we must carry the “Sticks and stones may break my from us. Words and acts of kindness Soldiers and the many Armed Forces season’s attitude and your generositybones but words will never harm me.” are in the air. servicemembers who sacrificed forward. It is too easy to regress.Most probably know the childhood ditty This is good since our “broken themselves for us. Many need mending. An example is falling in love. After aand those with children may have bones” desperately need mending. Over There is incredible healing power in year or two, maybe seven, 20, or 40,recited it to them. The problem: it is a lie. the year, individuals and society have words and acts of kindness. I’ve one or both says, “I don’t love you.” Words do harm. Ask the emotionally borne the bruises, hurts and destruction witnessed many over the year. You’ve Often, what is really said is: “I don’tabused or those living through the of too many “sticks and stones” of given money. Through Army chapels, feel love any longer.” Steven Covey, inoppressive barrage of endless criticism. personal loss, personal challenge, you gave $65,099.15 for Tsunami relief, his book “The 8th Habit,” encouragesThey well understand the destructive natural disaster and war. Individuals $78,874.59 for Katrina relief and us to not be duped by Hollywood’spower of words. grieve from the loss of friend and/or $24,866.46 for wounded Soldiers’ basic version of love. Love is a feeling (a Words break but they also mend. As family member. Some struggle to needs at hospitals. noun) but it is also a verb. What doesI write this the day after Christmas, the overcome ridicule and abuse. Not as easy to quantify, but real he mean? We discover or re-discovermessage of peace on earth and goodwill Reconstruction and recovery nonetheless, are the many poeple you the feeling of love as we do all lingers. continue following the December 2004 invited into your homes for meals In 2006 we will have our share of The holiday season seems to elicit tsunami, multiple hurricanes including during holidays and other times of the “sticks and stones” so let us commit topositive behavior from us. No matter if Katrina and Rita, the Pakistan year. There were phone calls, cards and using our words to build up and not tearour celebration is Hannukah or earthquake, and too many disasters to e-mails that encouraged. You helped down. Area II Worship Services Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel 3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel (Korean) Lutheran Sunday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel Mon.-Wed., Sunday 10 a.m. Multi-Purpose Thur.-Fri. 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapel 10:30 a.m. K-16 Community Training Facility Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel Chapel Latter-Day Saints For information on services, call 738-3011 Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel 11 a.m. Hannam Village Protestant Services Chapel Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel noon South Post Chapel or DSN 738-3011 United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel (Gospel) Chaplain (Maj.)Samuel Cabrera Church of Christ Church International Collective Sunday 10 a.m. South Post Chapel 725-2955 Sunday 2 p.m. South Post Chapel 6 p.m. South Post Chapel Chaplain (Maj.)Eric J. Albertson Collective Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Korean Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 738-3009 Ad goes here
  • Year In ReviewJan. 6, 2006 Page 9Progress, transition dominate 2005 community newsBy David McNally departments, participated in a massArea II Public Affairs casualty exercise and put out a South YONGSAN GARRISON — The Post residential fire.Area II community saw many positive Yongsan Garrison Heliport reopenedchanges in the past year. in a new location. At K-16 Air Base, 2nd Infantry Knight Field was the site of RepublicDivision Aviation Brigade Soldiers of Korea repatriation ceremonies earlymoved in from a camp north of the Han last year. The 121st General Hospital underwentRiver. some dramatic renovations that left the Camp Colbern Soldiers said farewell community with a new hospital wingand then closed the installation’s gates. and front entranceway. The Area II Support Activity Force protection officials got awelcomed a new commander. workout during an anti-terrorism Good Neighbor projects increased exercise called “Adaptive Focus.”as more Soldiers, civilians and family Security officials also welcomed amembers learned about Korean culture new tool to their arsenal, the Backscatterand went on tours. X-ray truck. The vehicle can scan other The community celebrated holidays competitions with U.S. Soldiers during vehicles as it drives by. more memorable shows included thein style with spectacular Fourth of the 2005 KATUSA Week. The gate barrier project also put professional wrestlers, the DallasJuly, Labor Day and Columbus Day Cowboy Cheerleaders, and various Area II hosted U.S. Defense Secretary new security measures at each Yongsancelebrations and Christmas tree musical groups like Shaggy, Quiet Riot Donald H. Rumsfeld, for a special town access control point.lightings. and Skid Row. hall meeting Oct. 21. The local Army-Navy flag football Hannam Village residents invited The Yongsan Garrison 2008 move Army and Air Force Exchange game did not mirror the results of the realKorean neighbors for a 2005 Fall to Pyeongtaek came closer to reality Service taxi prices went up in 2005 and game. Here, Army beat Navy, 12-6.Festival. as the U.S. Forces Korea positioned a so did the price of gasoline. However, The events of the past year highlight Throughout the year, Morale, general officer at Camp Humphreys to Congress approved a pay raise for the spirit of the Area II community. TheWelfare and Recreation, Armed Forces pave the way. U.S. servicemembers and government following articles are a glimpse of lifeEntertainment and the USO sponsored Korean Augmentation to the U.S. employees. during 2005.entertainment venues. Some of the Army Soldiers enjoyed a week of Firefighters trained with local Korean E-mail Soldiers say farewell to Defense secretary holds Yongsan town hall meeting Camp Colbern friends Area II Public Affairs waited hours packed into bleachers and folding chairs to hear the secretary of defense speak. By Steve Davis YONGSAN GARRISON — Cheers erupted in Collier “I was very excited,” said Staff Sgt. Milda Ortiz-Lawas, Area II Public Affairs Field House as more than 1,500 Korea-based servicemembers, civilians and their families heartily welcomed the U.S. Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 8th Military YONGSAN GARRISON — Camp secretary of defense to a special town hall meeting Oct. 21. Police Brigade. “There was a lot of preparation for the Colbern Soldiers moved to Camp During a speech, followed by a question and answer visit.” Stanley in late October, but 304th Signal session, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld praised Ortiz-Lawas said she was happy the secretary of defense Battalion Soldiers returned Nov. 9 to bid the important work servicemembers do on the “frontiers of came to visit. a formal farewell to Korean employees “I know the Soldiers in Iraq are on the top of everybody’s and local friends. freedom.” Camp Colbern is closing as part of Flag-waving Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, list,” she said. “It’s good to see he didn’t forget about us the consolidation of U.S. bases in the Department of Defense civilians and family members had because we’re doing an important mission too.” Republic of Korea. Soldiers paid homage to a relationshipPilots inaugurate new Yongsan Garrison heliport forged 41 years ago when Camp Colbern opened as an artillery base.Area II Public Affairs The post switched missions May 31, YONGSAN GARRISON — The 1977 when the 304th Signal BattalionU.S. Army opened a new Yongsan moved in to provide communications for 8th U.S. Army.Garrison heliport May 9. For more than three decades, the Area II Support Activity Commander tactical signal battalion had calledCol. Timothy McNulty and Col. David Camp Colbern – located in the villageAbramowitz, 17th Aviation Brigade of Hanam-shi outside of Seoul – itscommander, opened the new heliport home station.near Collier Field House with a ribbon Hanam-shi Mayor Lee Gyo-bumcutting ceremony. presented a plaque of appreciation to Military officials relocated the the battalion.landing pad from H-208 VIP Heliport “Your dedication to peace andnear Gate 17 to the area across from stability on the Korean peninsula is trulyCollier Field House and named it H-264 appreciated,” read the inscription. “TheVIP Heliport. PHOTO ARCHIVE friendship ... will not be forgotten.” The new site can accommodate a The new heliport near Collier Field House features 20-foot high, 24-inch thick walls to “I hope all of the American Soldierssingle UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. reduce noise from landing helicopters. enjoyed the beautiful nature of Korea At the request of the Republic of A USFK press release said that the inconveniences of military activities on and felt the generous hospitality of theKorea Ministry of Culture and Tourism, turnover is evidence of the continued neighbors. Korean people during their service hereU.S. Forces Korea agreed to turn over close relationship the United States Pilots practiced landing routes for in Hanam City,” the mayor told thethe former landing pad near the National enjoys as an alliance. Officials said they three to four weeks before the grand Soldiers.Museum of Korea. will take every opportunity to reduce the opening ceremony. E-mail
  • 10 Jan. 6, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklyNEWS & NOTES Yongsan celebrations draw thousands MLK Jr. Commemoration Area II Public AffairsAll Area II community members are YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II set up holidayinvited to the Area II Dr. Martin Luther celebrations for the community to enjoy KATUSA Week,King Jr. Commemoration Ceremony July Fourth, Labor Day and Columbus Day.11:30-1 p.m. Monday at the DragonHill Lodge Naija Ballroom. Guest Monsoon rains could not stop the July Fourth celebration.speaker is Col. LaWarren V. Patterson, Though events had to be moved indoors July 2-3, the show1st Signal Brigade commander. For went on, ending under clear skies July 4 with a grand finaleinformation, call 738-5950. of patriotic music and the colorful flash of fireworks. “We knew rain was moving in and we were monitoring it MLK Candlelight Vigil closely,” said Mario Farrulla, chief of recreation for the AreaHonor the vision and celebrate the II Support of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at As a result, a community carnival, performances by reggaea candlelight vigil beginning at 5:30 artist Shaggy and country star Ty England – were moved insidep.m. Jan. 15 Collier Field House onYongsan South Post. The candlelight Collier Field House. Shaggy drew an enthusiastic crowd ofwalk will be followed by a 6 p.m. about 1,000. England attracted about 500 people. STEVE DAVISceremony at Seoul American High Attracted by food, games and loads of entertainment, about Area II community members celebrate July Fourth at Yongsan Garrison.School Auditorium. For information, 1,100 people were drawn to the Area II Labor Day Block The event was one of many 2005 community 738-5950. Party Sept. 4. Nearly 700 people attended the Tito Puente Jr. show. meant to be a day of relaxation,” said Morale, Welfare and Passport Services During the day, Child and Youth Services became a Recreation Director Paul Robinson. “Everybody gets a dayThe Yongsan Legal Office passport heavy focus of the event, hosting such events as a Hapkido off in recognition for their hard work, and for the Soldiers wesection will not process applications for demonstration, a hula hoop contest and a limbo contest, but expand it into a four-day weekend.passports and Reports of Birth while its the intent of Labor Day remained the same, to give recognition “This is the end of the summer and the weather is goingstaff attends training thru Jan. 13.Regular passport services will resume to the American worker. to get worse from here,” he said.Jan. 16. Customers needing passports “Labor Day celebrates the workers of America and is Thousands of Yongsan community members and Koreanmay apply at the U.S. Embassy or wait neighbors gathered Oct. 8 to honor Christopher Columbusuntil Jan. 16 to apply on base. Korean groups donate to events with a day of festivities. “We are very happy with the way things turned out,” said Family NBC Mask Training Super Bowl Party $11,500 Mario Farrulla, Area II recreation director. “It was a reallyArea II family members can learn how KATUSA Week $4,000 enjoyable event. Everything went smoothly.”to fit, wear and maintain their NBC July Fourth $20,000 Farrulla estimated about 3,500 people attended themask during two hours of training. Columbus Day $29,000 event.Choose a session convenient for you. Hurricane Relief $60,000 The day began with a parade, that started at the commissaryTraining will be held 9-11 a.m. or 1-3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in Korean civic groups also donated free entertainment parking lot and ended at the Collier Field House.Building T4832. For details, call 738- “The parade was outstanding,” Farrulla said. “We even had valued at more than $130,000 for Yongsan Garrison3658 or 4544. honor guards and drill teams from the Korean military.” events. Protestant Women Good Neighbor Program brings people togetherJoin Protestant Women of the Chapel forBible studies 9-11:15 a.m. Wednesdaysat South Post Chapel. Includes food,fun, fellowship, childcare and home By Steve Davis They toured two Korean companies to have you here.”school rooms. Evening Bible study Area II Public Affairs Pak took the group to a large fast becoming powerhouses in theis also held 6-8 p.m. Thursdays. For SEONGNAM — Thirty-seven Area Republic of Korea’s international high- showroom full of robotic and automationinformation, call 795-4073 or visit II Soldiers got a high-tech view of the tech export business. trainers and explained for nearly an city surrounding K-16 Air Base Dec. 1 “It was really impressive,” said Spc. how each was improving workplace Volunteer of the Quarter during a tour hosted by the Seongnam Tammy Hedgepeth, 595th Maint. Co. “I efficiencies.The community is invited to attend the city government. really liked the sports car with the global The Soldiers then boarded their tourArea II Support Activities Volunteer The Soldiers were from units at or navigation system.” bus for a short ride to the Blue Diamondof the Quarter Ceremony 3-4:30 p.m. near K-16 Air Base, an installation co- The group also toured a Korean Chinese restaurant, where they wereJan. 20 in the Community Services located in Seongnam with the Republic of company known for robotics and greeted by Seongnam Vice Mayor YangBuilding, Room 118, on Yongsan South Korea Air Force’s Seoul Air Base. They automation for educational and In-kwon and treated to a formal eight-Post. Organizations and individuals included 2nd Battalion, 2nd Aviation communications industries, as well as course lunch.who contributed to Community of Regiment; 164th Air Traffic Services international consulting. “This is the first time Seongam hasSharing Holiday Project 2005 will be Group; 595th Maintenance Company; “This is the first time U.S. Soldiers hosted a tour for American Soldiers,”honored, along with Area II youth and and Soldiers from the Command Post have come to our company,” said tour Yang said during a welcome speechadult volunteers. For information, call Tango security force. guide Pak Man-su. “We are very glad before lunch. “We want you to738-8977. understand our city and enjoy a close, tight relationship.” Red Cross Classes Yang toasted the group, which- The Yongsan American Red Cross will included Multifunction Aviation Brigadeoffer a free New Volunteer Orientation Deputy Commander Col. Benjamin9 a.m.-noon Jan. 19. Williams. Williams thanked the mayor- Baby-sitting training will be conducted for Seongnam’s hospitality.9 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 27. Cost is $25.For information, call 738-3670. Spc. David Lee, 21, who speaks fluent Korean, told the vice mayor about his Red and White Ball life in America and in the Army.The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Lee, whose Korean parentscordially invites you to attend their immigrated to the United States beforeannual Red and White Ball 6 p.m. he was born, said he had only visitedFeb. 11 at the Dragon Hill Lodge Korea a few times before being assignedNaija Ballroom. Social begins at 6 to Company B, 58th Aviation Regimentp.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m. in May. He said he was impressed byAttire is formal. Donation of $30 goes Korea’s high-tech the ROK Scholarship Fund. For “You can even pay for a meal usinginformation, 010-8671-6723 (Daegu) your cell phone,” he said. STEVE DAVISor 010-8671-6050 (Seoul). K-16 Air Base Soldiers tour a local Seongnam high-technology company Dec. 1. E-mail
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Jan. 6, 2006 11Area II welcomes new commander Landmark construction project debutsArea II Public Affairs Stephens, who holds a master’s By Joe Campbell housing project on a pay-as-you-go degree in telecommunications from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East District basis for up to 15 years, renewable YONGSAN — Col. Ronald C. University of Colorado and a master’s for up to another 15 years.Stephens assumed command of the K-16 AIR BASE — Quality of life in national resource strategy from the The approximately $3.5 millionArea II Support Activity during a July National Defense University, is an for U.S. Forces Korea Soldiers took14 ceremony at Knight Field. annual lease cost will represent a Operation Desert Storm veteran who another giant step forward with the On a gleaming parade field under 40 percent savings over off-post has served in a variety of leadership groundbreaking of an unaccompaniedbright skies, Stephens took over from housing at the full Overseas Housing positions. officers’ and senior noncommissionedCol. Timothy McNulty, who commanded Allowance entitlements, Byron said. “Let me say what a pleasure it is to officers’ quarters at K-16 Air Baseboth the 34th Support Group and the be back in Korea,” said Stephens. “I was Dec. 9. “This project is one of theArea II Support Activity during his two- very fortunate to have served in the 2nd The $26 million, 144-unit project is cornerstones of the master plan toyear tenure. Infantry Division in 1983.” the first of its kind for USFK. It will make this installation both enduring “I’ve have big shoes to fill, but I Installation Management Agency- be constructed at virtually no cost to and a community of excellence for ourwill work hard to maintain your many Korea Region Office Director Brig. Gen. the U.S. Army. warfighters,” said Area II Commandersuccessful programs,” Stephens said H.T. Landwermeyer Jr. commended “This facility will be constructed, Col. Ronald C. Stephens. “It is alsoin his speech following the passing of McNulty and his wife Kathy for their owned and operated by the private a tangible symbol of the resolve andthe unit colors. leadership of Area II. sector for the exclusive use of U.S. cooperation that continues to define “Today we bid farewell to an military personnel authorized to reside the Republic of Korea — United outstanding command team and family, at K-16,” said Build-to-Lease Program States Alliance.” Col. Tim McNulty and his wife Kathy and Manager Richard Byron, U.S. Army A Korean construction company their five children,” Landwermeyer said. began work at the project site in Corps of Engineers Far East District. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a garrison The U.S. Army will lease the November. command team that got as much sincere enjoyment out of the daily challenges of this mission.” “We’ve enjoyed such phenomenal success over the past two years,” said McNulty. “Thank you for allowing me to serve you. It is through all our efforts that we have made Yongsan and Area II, now repeat after me . . . THE assignment of choice.”Col. Ronald C. Stephens addresses Soldiers After many of those gathered repeatedand guests at the Area II Support Activity “the assignment of choice,” McNultychange of command ceremony July 14 at bowed graciously as the ceremonyKnight Field. concluded. Ad goes here
  • 12 Jan. 6, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm WeeklySecurity officials X-ray Yongsan vehiclesBy Sgt. Christopher Selmek could not have imagined this type ofArea II Public Affairs technology existed.” YONGSAN GARRISON — Kim said he learned how regularSecurity officials hailed the arrival of X-ray technology uses transmissionsa new mobile scanning system Sept. 23 instead of reflection techniques.with a technology demonstration at the The Korean guards are two of sixArea II headquarters parking lot. Yongsan security officials who attended The $790,000 Mercedes-Benz a two-day training session Sept. 26-27Sprinter truck scans vehicles it passes with the mobile scanner manufacturer.and produces high-resolution, real-time “We feel very excited to learn aboutX-rays. this technology,” said Kim Kwang-su, “We simply turn it on and have cars one of the past us so we can scan them,” The class was challenging, Brittonsaid Robert Britton, a technical training said, because of the language barrier.specialist with American Science “However, our systems are veryand Engineering, the developer and graphical,” he explained. “We designedcontractor for the technology. the interface to be easy to use.” “It sends X-rays out into the vehicles Britton said the mobile scanner isand examines the signals we get back to an important part of providing forcecreate a complete digitized map of the protection to the U.S. military.interior of the vehicle,” he explained. “The system prescreens vehicles,” Britton said parts of the technology he said, “but, it is part of a multilayerhave been around for at least 15 years; approach to security.”however, his company developed patented This technology will be useful ina unique “back-scatter technique,” which searching for bombs, smuggled goodsallows for unprecedented mobility. and other contraband, Britton said. Back-scatter technology involves the The mobile system is already Ad goes hereability to create X-ray images without being used for U.S. Government forceusing a detector on the other side. The protection in Iraq and Afghanistan, butcurrent model fits into one side the van. this is the first time the technology hasIt can X-ray vehicles while driving appeared in Korea. Britton said onlythrough a parking lot, or as vehicles about 100 systems have been built sodrive past it. far. “This is very useful,” said KoreanSecurity Guard Kim Ku-hyun. “I E-mail employees hone decon skillsBy David McNallyArea II Public Affairs CAMP KIM — The chemical alarmcaused teams of Korean Service Corpsworkers to immediately put on protectivemasks and chemical gear Oct. 14. “They have eight minutes to go toMOPP 4,” said Kim Chun-hon, KSCHeadquarters Nuclear, Biological andChemical operations manager. “Wepractice all the time. We’re good at it.” The high-protective posture, levelfour, includes the maximum protectionfrom a chemical or biological attack- boots, mask and suit. It is somethingthese KSC employees are used to asspecialists at site decontamination. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY A 40-hour course Oct. 10-14 taught Korean Service Corps Nuclear, Biological19 Area II, III and IV KSC employees and Chemical specialists practice site-the latest in decontamination techniques. decon techniques at Camp Kim.The employees are now at their unitsto train fellow employees on the tasks said Choe Chun-yong, the mobilethey learned. training team chief instructor. “The KSC employees play a very “With that much solution we canvital role,” said Maj. Chris Fland, decontaminate one mile of a two-laneKSC Battalion executive officer. “It’s road, or one four-story building,” Choeimportant for them to do their battle said.task mission of performing ‘decon’ For the exercise, the KSC workersoperations.” used a soapy water-based solution to Friday, the classroom and onsite wash down Camp Kim roads and thetraining culminated in a practical KSC headquarters.exercise. While in MOPP 4, the “It was difficult,” said O Chi-ung,employees mounted four Falcon fixed- 6th KSC Company. “But, this is whatsite decontamination systems - otherwise we have practiced before. It is importantknown as Ford 350 pick-up trucks with to experience this for our wartimetrailers full of decontaminants. mission.” The vehicle can carry about 1,000gallons of decontamination solution, E-mail
  • Jan. 6, 200616 The Morning Calm Weekly PFC. GIANCARLO CASEM Sgt. Louis Davis, 2nd Infatry Division Tae Kwon Do Team (right), faces off with a Republic of Korea Army opponent at the Korean-American tournament at Camp Casey’s STEVE DAVIS Carey Fitness Center April 14. Soldiers from three U.S. Soldiers of the 52nd Medical Battalion march against the clock from Camp Humphreys to the nearby rifle range during the unit’s units and five ROKA divisions competed at the event. Soldier Team Challenge April 25.Revisit events of the past year through ... Images of 2005 SPC. VAN M. TRANFirst Sergeant Michael Barnes, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 8thMilitary Police Brigade, squares off with a young resident of the Sung Ro WonOrphanage during the unit’s visit to the facility Aug. 27. DAVID MCNALLY Above: Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld greets servicemembers at an Oct. 21 town hall meeting at Yongsan Garrison. Rumsfeld addressed the crowd of thousands and answered questions at the meeting, then later that night attended the Navy Ball with Sailors stationed on the peninsula. At Left: Staff Sgt. Teresa Dyson, Headquarters Platoon, Company B, 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion, rolls a ball during the unit’s Gas Mask Bowling. CPL. SEO KI-CHUL Sgt. Nickola Noble takes part in a traditional wedding during the Hannam Village fall festival Sept. 24. STEVE DAVIS
  • Jan. 6, 200618 The Morning Calm Weekly Korea artists dominate at MWR Arts & Crafts By Cara Masterson Korea Region MWR YONGSAN GARRISON –Korea Region took home 11 awards at the Comedy ROKs 2005 All Army Arts & Crafts Contest. Comes to Area I In total, 306 entries were submitted Comedy ROKs with MWR, featuring from all seven regions. Dean Cole, Erika Edwards and Redbone, The annual competition of two- will have performances at Camp Casey’s dimensional and three-dimensional Gateway Club Friday; Camp Red artwork was held in both novice and Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club Jan. 20; Camp advanced levels. Novice level was Stanley’s Reggie’s Club Jan. 24; and the designed for those who have received Camp Hovey Iron Triangle Club Jan. 25. no formal art training, nor earned any Admission is free, with each show Drowning Pool Drowning Pool, Tantric college credit in art study. Advanced beginning at 8 p.m. For information, call level is for individuals who have taken 732-6819. formal art training through a college- ready to rock Korea Osan Shopping Trip level class or an art school or have Set for Saturday received awards in previous Osan Shopping Tour- Area I Community competitions. Activity Center is offering a day of Heavy metal, rock groups Drowning Pool & Tantric will be performing at 5 Categories included ceramics, shopping at the famous Osan market locations throughout Korea. wood, fibers and textiles, glass, metals just outside the Osan Air Force Base Drowning Pool first rose to stardom with the release of their 2001 album, and jewelry, drawings, prints, water- main gate Saturday. You’ll find a wide Sinner. based painting, oil base painting, variety of products at the lowest prices Louisville, Ky.-based Todd Whitener, Matt Taul, & Jesse Vest (formerly of mixed media (2D and mixed media), anywhere in Korea. Explore the many Days of New) joined with Detroit-native Hugo Ferreira (formerly of Merge) to and 3D. narrow streets and alleyways filled with form Tantric. Judging took place at CFSC in hundreds of colorful vendors willing to The Drowning Pool and Tantric concerts are presented by MWR. All Alexandria, Va. Judging criteria was bargain with you for the Best Price. performances are open to ID cardholders and free of charge. based on originality and creativity of Also, enjoy the AAFES Exchange and Schedule for concerts in Korea include: the work, and technical skill in Food Court just inside the base. Jan. 13, Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness Center, 7 p.m. execution. Transportation cost is $15 (Minimum Jan. 14, Camp Stanley Gym, 7 p.m. All winners received a memo of 25 seats required). Buses depart from Jan. 15, Area IV, 7 p.m. congratulations. In addition, cash the Camp Casey CAC at 7 a.m.; Camp Jan. 17, Camp Humphreys’ CAC, 7 p.m. awards were presented to the top three Red Cloud CAC at 8 a.m.; and Camp winners in each category. Undercover Santa Operation Stanley CAC at 8:30 a.m. For Winners from Korea Region information, call 732-6190. include: Lemme Brings R&B Novice Ceramics, Honorable surprises signal Soldiers to Mitchell’s Club Mention, Eunyong Y. Reynolds, Area R&B artist Lemme will perform live in II person at Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Novice Drawing, 1st Place, 2nd Lt. Club Wednesday. The performance Bert I Uyenco, Camp Casey; 2nd By Gwendolyn R. Smalls Smith, executive administrative begins at 7 p.m. and it is free to all. Come Place, Yayek Deburgh, Area II 1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs out early with your friends and get the assistant/Protocol noncommissioned Novice Water Base Painting best seats in the house. For information, YONGSAN GARRISON – Seven officer in charge, 1st Sig. Bde. 1st Place, Marisa M. Johnson, Area II call 732-6819. lucky Soldiers from the 1st Signal Now in its second year, Novice Mixed Media (3D) Brigade were pleasantly surprised with Undercover Santa Operation is a 2nd Place, Jane E. Byos, Area II; Drowning Pool, Tantric balloons and a $200 Army Air Force program sponsored by the USO and 3rd Place, Sgt. 1st Class Rory K. Rock Casey, Stanley Exchange Service gift certificate, AT&T, that recognizes outstanding Eldridge, Camp Red Cloud Heavy metal band Drowning Pool, during an unannounced visit by service members during the holiday Novice Metals and Jewelry featuring Tantric, is scheduled to members of the USO’s Undercover season. Senior enlisted personnel were 1st Place, Alfred R. J. Ellerbee, Area perform live at Camp Casey’s Carey Santa Operation team, Dec. 12. asked to nominate their II; Honorable Mention, Jennifer L. H. Fitness Center Jan. 13 and at the Camp “I felt honored to have received the servicemembers by writing a letter to Schripsema, Area II Stanley Fitness Center Jan. 14. award,” said Sgt. Tivory Reed, who is the USO detailing why they believe Accomplished Water Base Painting Showtime is 7 p.m. both nights and a driver for the 1st Sig. Bde. that member should receive the 3rd Place, Spc. Casey C. Taylor, admission is free. For information, call commander. “I was just doing my job recognition. K-16 732-6819. so I was also very surprised by the Not only did winners receive $200 Accomplished Drawing Basketball Jamboree presentation.” gift certificates from AAFES, but they 2nd Place, Staff Sgt. Ricky R. Set for Jan. 14 Reed, along with six other signal got a chance to win two round-trip Melton, Camp Humphreys Area I MWR and BOSS presents the Soldiers, tickets to the United Accomplished Mixed Media (3D) Hoop-It-Up Slam Jam Basketball received “This a great opportunity States. 1st Place, Un Cha Haney, Area II Jamboree Extravaganza 11 a.m. – 8: 30 their for Koreans and Americans to “We started this Contest was open to all authorized a.m. Jan. 14, at Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness Center. The event includes a surprise awards have a closer relationship and program last year,” said Chris MWR patrons with the exception of Arts & Crafts program employees. This three-on-three Contest, Slam Dunk during the better understanding of each Beenhouwer, USO included active duty service members, Contest, 3-Point Shoot Out, Hot Shot weeks other.” Korea program family members, reservists, retirees, Contest, Free Throw Contest, Chili leading up to Cook-Off Contest, Hip Hop Exhibition ROKA Maj. Han Hee Lee manager, “to contractors, & DoD civilians. Christmas. recognize those Winners selected to represent and Double Dutch Exhibition. “I nominated Sgt. Reed because outstanding servicemembers who Korea were determined at the May 11, Participants and spectators will enjoy he’s an NCO who works numerous serve their community, in addition to 2005, Korea Region MWR Arts & hip hop music, door prize giveaways hard hours and I felt he doesn’t get performing their jobs well.” Crafts Contest. Twenty-eight throughout the day and delicious food the recognition he deserves. This was The 1st Sig. Bde. Soldiers received submissions advanced to the All Army and beverages. For information, call one way to reward him for his hard seven of the 11 awards presented in competition. 732-7079 or 732-7167. work,” said Sgt 1st Class Barbara L. Yongsan.
  • YEAR IN REVIEWJan. 6, 2006 Page 21Change marks 2005 at Camp Humphreys, Area IIIBy Roger Edwards six more classrooms than were availableArea III Public Affairs at the close of the previous year, and CAMP HUMPHREYS – The year with a remodeled cafeteria. Remodelingjust ended has been one of change and and construction has begun for a newgrowth for Area III and Camp interim school complex toHumphreys. 2006 promises more of the accommodate future growth.same. Units that were fixtures have left Better Opportunities for Singlefor new homes or have been inactivated. Soldiers has become a fixture of day-New units have arrived or been created to-day life at Camp Humphreys and inas part of Transformation. Operational PHOTOS BY ROGER EDWARDS Area III. BOSS volunteers can be foundactivities continued at a high pace. Other improvements at Camp Humphreys include an upgrade to the base sewer system, and at most community activities; operating Camp Humphreys’ evolution into the new curbing and sidewalks. games, manning the grills and lending apremier American military installation in restaurant near the Camp Humphreys all these memorial plaques around the hand where its needed. BOSS sponsorsKorea has accelerated. New and main gate. installation, dedicated to the Soldiers who recreational activities and trips that rangeremodeled buildings and facilities The new Camp Humphreys had gone before us here in Korea,” said from all night movies on Friday night todesigned to provide improved quality of commissary opened in 2005, bringing Frace. “But they were not very well trips to BigBungee for Soldiers wholife are under construction. with it more space, more choices and maintained or appropriately displayed.” enjoy an adventure. Two of the largest barracks additional parking for the “Downtown” Frace had the idea of moving the The Camp Humphreys walk throughcomplexes on the peninsula are being area. plaques into a park where they could be gate was remodeled in 2005, as werebuilt at M.P. Hill and Zoeckler Station. The three fields of Camp Humphreys’ more easily viewed and maintained, and the main gate and CPX gate. Safety andEach complex will feature a dining Soldier’s Park are getting a coating of where everyone could cherish the processing speed were addressed. Infacility and offices. In addition Astroturf for spring, after having sod taken memory of fallen comrades. The park addition, the Quarry gate on the east sideconstruction has begun on new gyms to landscape other projects during 2005. was built from materials being removed of Camp Humphreys has been openedin both the Zoeckler Station and M.P. Early in 2005 Moral, Welfare and from current construction sites. for one-way use, on and off base, duringHill areas. Additional facilities are Recreation inaugurated a new paintball The student body and teaching staff morning and evening drive time.planned. field, moved to its current location from at Humphreys American Elementary Area III and Camp Humphreys A new recreational facility is being Beacon Hill. The field was expanded School continues to increase, bringing continue to cultivate the valuedcreated with the construction of a during the summer and dedicated to 72- the need for additional space. HAES relationships shared with localmultipurpose athletic field and family year-old Community Activity Center opened the 2005-2006 school year with communities; participating in programsaquatics park next to the newly employee Byrn “Pappy” Everitt in an such as Common Values withremodeled “Alaska Mining Company” October ceremony. Pyeongtaek University, the Sisterhood Using the motto “All gave some; program with ShinHan High School, and some gave all,” Camp Humphreys support for People-to-People dedicated the Beacon Hill Memorial Park International. On a more personal level, in June. The park is a special project Soldiers continue to volunteer to help undertaken by Area III and Camp cleanup Anjung-ri, and participate in Humphreys Command Sgt. Maj. Robert community sponsored athletic and social Frace, with So Chong-hwan from the events. Soldiers also enjoy the free Department of Public Works, to gather tours and entertainments sponsored byThe new Camp Humphreys commissary brings historical plaques into one place. “I saw When completed, the interim elementary school local officials.more room, more choice and more parking. campus will have three buildings.New units arrive in Area III as transformation continuesBy Roger Edwards Element opened its doors at Camp Humphreys May 20, and organizations from Seoul and other locations throughArea III Public Affairs with Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, deputy Korea. CAMP HUMPHREYS – One of the major commanding general, at the helm. Among the major moves for 2005, is the 1storganizational changes in Area III during 2005 occurred The move is among the first steps in transforming Battalion (Attack), 2nd Aviation Regimentwhen the 2nd Multifunctional Aviation Brigade was Camp Humphreys into the primary Army installation in “Gunfighters” from Camp Page in Area I, to Campcreated in a June 24 ceremony. During the ceremony, South Korea, with the general overseeing facility Eagle and Area III. The move required transportingthe 17th Aviation Brigade was inactivated and the 6th expansion and the movement of USFK and other units more than $485 million worth of organizationalCavalry Brigade was reflaged as the new brigade. property including 18 This ceremony merged the assets of both units: the Apache LongbowAH-64D Apache Longbows, CH-47 Chinooks, UH-60 helicopters, 150 tacticalBlack Hawks and C-12 Huron fixed-wing aircraft and vehicles, trailers andthe personnel and equipment needed to operate them; associated groundunder the command of Col. Peter W. Foremen, previously support equipment. Therethe 6th Cavalry Brigade commander. were also more than 400 Later in the year, Area III became the new home of U.S. and KATUSAthe 602nd Aviation Support Battalion, which moved to Soldiers and all of theirCamp Humphreys from Camp Stanley. “We started our belongings, and all of themove in May,” said Battalion Command Sgt. Maj. Franz battalion’s equipment andPhilippe, “as part of the reorganization.” supplies to move. According to Philippe, Army aviation maintenance “We held the ceremonytraditionally belonged to a different commander than the closing our former homecommander who owned the aircraft. But now both belong R E on March 30,” said Maj. OGER DWARDSto the same commander. “It’s great for the battalion and Brig. Gen. Steven M. Anderson, Headquarters U.S. Forces Korea Advanced Element deputy Steven Morris, battaliongreat for the Army,” he said. commanding general, addresses those gathered at Camp Humphreys Memorial Park to honor executive officer. “It was The Headquarters for U.S. Forces Korea Advance and remember POWs and MIAs in a Sept. 16 ceremony. a big job.”
  • 22 Jan. 6, 2006 Area III The Morning Calm WeeklyHumphreys builds towards better futureBy Roger Edwards Among the projects completed in the last few yearsArea III Public Affairs include a new Child Development Center, new CAMP HUMPHREYS – New construction was classrooms at Humphreys American Elementary Schooleverywhere at Camp Humphreys during 2005. and the new Humphreys commissary.Construction will continue to be a fact of life in the As one project is completed, another is begun. Amongfuture, as the camp becomes the major base for the the major construction projects now being built are familyU.S. Army in Korea. housing, Phase II; new barracks/dining facility complexes at M.P. Hill and Zoeckler Station; new gyms at both M.P. Hill and Zoeckler Station; a new BOQ and high rise parking facility; and a new aquatic recreation park. Previously constructed barracks are being remodeled to provide greater habitability and quality of life. FILE P HOTOSHumphreys American Elementary School added six newclassrooms over the summer to accommodate the expanding The new Humphreys commissary increased both the amount The new barracks buildings going up at M.P Hill and Zoeckler .student body. of room and the selection of items available. to shoppers. Station are among the largest such structures in the Army.People working together Volunteers, communities become Area III “Good Neighbors”By Roger Edwards schools, teaching English and helpingArea III Public Affairs those in need. CAMP HUMPHREYS – Soldiers, In May, KATUSAs took the lead andKATUSAs, civilians (family members sponsored KATUSA Friendship Week,and employees) and Korean citizens, a three-day event with culturalofficial and unofficial, all are responsible demonstrations and displays, sport andfor making the past year a success. The a concert, sponsored by the proventialArea III volunteer program gave those government, that introduced Americansinterested the opportunity to devote to some of the best known entertainershundreds of hours to the service of their in Korea. More than 2,000 peoplecommunity. Volunteers worked at the attended the, the Red Cross, chapel, youthcenter – providing services that mightnot have otherwise been available. Provincial and local government Fourteen Soldiers gather at the entry of the mainofficials worked to provide Soldiers, building of the Mangi-sa Buddhist Temple whilefamily members and civilians the touring Pyeongtaek during the first such tripopportunity to explore their greater sponsored by Pyeongtaek City and People-community. Units undertook projects to-People International. The Soldiers saw thethat took Americans to orphanages and sights and were treated to a Korean lunch. The trips have become a regular event at Camp Humphreys. Heather Didier was named the Area III Volunteer of the Year for 2005 in an April 29 Camp Humphreys ceremony. She logged more than 500 hours volunteering as a youth swimmingEveryone wanted to volunteer to be a part of coach and with the Girl Scouts of Americanthe Anjung-ri clean up in June. during the previous 12 months. FILE PHOTOS More than 2,000 people (top) were exposed to some of the best known Korean entertainers Volunteers from the 6th Cavalry Brigade during the KATUSA Friendship Week ConcertAbout 300 Area III Soldiers volunteered to joined with their on- and off-base civilian counterparts volunteered to plant trees at Shin Han High in May. One of the performers, In Soo-ni,in June to clean up Anjung-ri. They picked up litter, trash and debris in the community and, at School in Pyeongtaek City as part of the Korea brought the audience to its feet with her renditionNongsung Fortress, they shared a combination Korean/American cookout. wide Arbor Day Celebration in April. of rock favorites.
  • Jan. 6, 2006The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23CAMP HUMPHREYS: Remembering the past while building the futureBy Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Frace of these airfields were used during the provide support for the VMF-121 Sky April of 1952 with units moving to K-Area III and Camp Humphreys Command Sergeant Major war and afterwards. The Pyeongtaek Raiders and T6 Mosquito aviation 47 in Chunchon. CAMP HUMPHREYS – As we Airdrome or K-6 was the designated wings. The 6147th Tactical Air Improvements to the airstrip weremove into the New Year and continue airfield when the U.S Air Force 931st Command Group, commanded by Col. made using concrete and pierced steelto transform this installation, we must Engineer Aviation Group repaired the Robert A. Trennert was located at K-6. planking, leading to an 8,000-ft.also continue to remember the historical installation and built a new runway to The installation was abandoned in hardened runway. With thesepast. improvements, U.S. Marine Air Group Camp Humphreys is an installation 12 moved from K-18’s Kangnunwith two distinct histories. (Koryo) Airdrome to take advantage of First the airfield was originally the longer runway for its new F-3D jetconstructed by the Japanese during their fighter. K-6 also housed the 1st Shoranoccupation of Korea from 1910-1945. Beacon Squadron.Observers can still see the remains of To this day many of the localold hangars and bunkers built around the Koreans in Anjung-ri and Pyeongtaekairfield during that period. still refer to Camp Humphreys as K-6. Then, in 1950 during the outbreak In 1961, K-6 was renamed in honorof the Korean War, the installation was of Chief Warrant 0fficer Benjamin K.used as a runway for U.S. Forces. Its Humphreys, of the 6th Transportationkey attraction was that it was one of Company, who died in a helicoptersix fields that had short sod runway accident near Osan-ri, Korea.strips. JIM CARPENTER In 1964 the Humphreys District Airfields in Korea that were used Jim Carpenter poses with the K-6 headquarters sign in this Korean War era photograph. Command was established as a separateby United Nations forces were installation command of Eighth Unitedrenamed with a “K” designator States Army. In the early 70s the airfieldfollowed by a number. A total of 55 itself was renamed Desiderio Airfield (A- 511) after Medal of Honor winner Capt. Reginald B. Desiderio, who died during the Korean War on Nov. 27, 1950. Each piece of Camp Humphreys: its units, equipment and people; has a historical past. In future articles I will talk about the significance of these areas and how they played a role in our history here in Korea. PICTURE ON DISPLAY AT WWW.BOB-WEST.COM STAY TUNED!During the Korean war, someone thought of (Editor’s Note: This is the first of anusing the Bell OH-13 Sioux helicopter to lift continuing series of articles on thewounded soldiers from the front lines and PICTURE ON DISPLAY AT WWW.BOB-WEST.COM history of our installation by Frace.delivering them directly to the hospitals. The Originally built as a trainer, the T-6 Texan was the best aircraft available to fill the forward observer Look for his articles every other weekH-13s became the image of Army aviation and and low level reconnaissance missions during the Korean War. These were among the aircraft in The Morning Calm Weekly.)troop rescue. assigned to K-6. Remains of protective barriers can still be seen at Humphreys. Spor ts: BOSS active in Area III, Camp Humphreys Area III and Camp Humphreys is CAMP HUMPHREYS – Former becoming a destination for sporting Better Opportunity for Single (and events in Korea. Eighth Army has unaccompanied) Soldiers Area III sponsored boxing smokers and weight coordinator and Camp Humphreys lifting completions among other events BOSS president Spc. Christopher during 2005. In addition, the local Mastromarino, announce Sept. 17, sporting scene is active. during the first Area III BOSS Ball and Change of Responsibility ceremony, that the Area III BOSS program had won two awards in Department of the Army completion. Camp Humphreys was name second place in Army wide competition for a medium size installation, and Suwan was named second for a small installation. “Area III installations won because of the outstanding Soldiers active in our programs,” said Mastromarino. PHOTOS BY ROGER EDWARDS The trip to "Big Bungee," the 190 foot bungee tower at Cheongpung Land, became a regular event in 2005 as “Better Opportunities for Single Spc. Michelle Bruner, President of the Camp (and unaccompanied) Soldiers (BOSS) Humphreys BOSS program displays the became more visible in helping provide suitable BOSSmobile, the vehicle assigned the entertainment and recreational activities at orgnazation by MWR. Camp Humphreys.
  • YEAR IN REVIEWJan. 6, 2006 Page 25Task Force Warfighter returns from tour in IraqBy Galen Putnam changed and continue to change the wayArea IV Public Affairs we conduct out business. …We sent you CAMP WALKER (Feb. 11, 2005) – into a hostile environment and there youEscorted by blaring fire engines, 68 executed mission after mission and didMilitary Police clad in tan desert battle them all well.”dress uniforms returned to Camp Walker The task force returned with all offollowing their 101-day deployment in the members who departed in Octobersupport of Operation Iraqi Freedom for except one, who departed Iraq fora welcome home ceremony Feb. 4 at emergency leave in the United States.Kelly Fitness Center. Most importantly, Soldiers of the task Task Force Warfighter was force weathered the deploymentcomprised of soldiers from the 57th unscathed.Military Police Company (Centurians) “Everyone who went over also camefrom Camp Carroll and the 552nd back; no deaths or injuries and that is aMilitary Police Company (Peacekeepers) true blessing,” Crowe said to thefrom Camp Hialeah, both of the 728th GALEN PUTNAM hundreds of comrades, dignitaries andMilitary Police Battalion, and the 249th Col. Michael J. McKinley, deputy commanding officer, 19th Theater Support Command, welcomes other well wishers gathered for theMilitary Police Company (Guardian members of Task Force Warfighter following their welcome home ceremony Feb. 4 at Kelly ceremony.Knights), 94th Military Police Battalion, Fitness Center on Camp Walker. A highlight of the homecomingheadquartered at Camp Humphreys. The and leadership challenge. All in all, it was The deployment was notable in ceremony was the furling of the guidontask force departed the peninsula Oct. actually an enjoyable experience.” another sense as it marked the first time that was originally unfurled at the task21, 2004 and returned to Osan Air Base While in Iraq, Task Force Warfighter Soldiers from the 728th Military Police force’s departure ceremony on KellyFeb. 1. conducted internment operations at Battalion have deployed off the peninsula Field in October. According to army “I got to see a whole new aspect of Camp Bucca, a facility housing more into a combat zone. tradition, the unit’s colors represent thethe Army. We learned detention than 5,000 detainees in Southern Iraq. “Warfighters, there is no doubt that honor and integrity of the organization -operations which is a completely Notably, there were no successful you have made history and did it in an symbolizing glories of the past, standingdifferent mission from what we do here escape attempts while the task force was impressive way that has made me and guard over the present and providingin Korea,” said 1st Lt. Megan Pascoe, at Camp Bucca. The task force was also many others very proud of you,” said inspiration for the future. The furling ofTask Force Warfighter officer in charge credited with conducting more than Lt. Col. Steven L. Crowe, 728th Military the colors signified the successfuland 1st platoon leader, 552nd MP Co. 2,000 successful detainee convoy Police Battalion commander. “We live in completion of the unit’s mission and the“It was definitely a learning experience escorts between Baghdad and the camp. turbulent times where global events have deactivation of the task force.Area IV community relations programs laudedPAO garners KORO ’s KORO ORO’s Chong-ku; Pak To-yong, community relations officer, Area IV Support Activity – Busan; and Kevin Jackson,first DA level awards public affairs officer, Headquarters, Area IV Support Activity.Area IV Public Affairs The coordinator for the Army-wide competition, CAMP WALKER (March 11, 2005) – Three Maureen Ramsey said, “Judges recognized the results,units in the Republic of Korea have won awards in as well as the number of entries from Korea, reflectedthe Department of the Army Community Relations positively on the emphasis the command places onExcellence Awards Program competition, the Army relationships with their Korean hosts.”Chief of Public Affairs announced today. A Korean Commanders throughout Korea acknowledge thenational employee was also honored with an correlation between their mission and sustaining goodindividual award. relations with the citizens of the Republic of Korea. The Good Neighbor Programs for the Area IV Good Neighbor Programs throughout the ROKSupport Activity with its headquarters at Camp reinforce the bonds formed during the past 50 years andHenry in Daegu and the 8th U.S. Army from Yongsan serve as a foundation for building mutual respect andGarrison in Seoul tied for first place in the understanding of the ROK-US Alliance, particularly“program” category. Third place was awarded to among the younger generations of both nations.the 55th Military Police Company from Yongsan “We applaud the accomplishments of the 8th Army,Garrison. Pak Chong-ku, the Area IV Support Activity the Area IV (Support Activity) and the 55th Military Police– Camp Carroll community relations officer, took third Company, and my congratulations to Mr. Pak Chong-place in the individual category. ku of Area IV for his individual achievement,” said Lt. “This is a tremendous accomplishment for our Gen. Charles C. Campbell, 8th Army commandingcollective Public Affairs team from Camp Carroll, Camp general. “The results of this competition underscore theHialeah and Daegu, and individually for Mr. Pak Chong- hard work and dedication of many people and it’s greatku,” said Col. Donald J. Hendrix, Area IV Support Activity for our efforts to be recognized by the entire Army.” K EVIN JACKSONcommander. “These dedicated professionals worked This is the fifth annual competition to recognize theextremely hard this past year to conduct events that Cho Mu-ho, senior superintendent of the Nam-bu Police Station, best of the U.S. Army’s worldwide Community Relationsimprove cross-cultural understanding between the people assisted by Cpl. Yang Tae-ju, 3rd Platoon, 188th Military Police initiatives in three categories: programs, special eventson our installations and our Korean neighbors. Company, checks out an M68 Close Combat Optic Sight and individual accomplishments. “We’re proud these accomplishments are shared mounted on an M4 rifle with M203 grenade launcher during a The Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Communitywith the many wonderful Korean people in the tour of the Daegu enclave Aug. 12. Relations and Outreach Division received 30 entriescommunities outside our Area IV Support Activity IV Support Activity Good Neighbor Program are Chong from Army Major Commands, the Installationinstallations,” he continued. Yong-kon, community relations officer, Headquarters, Management Agency, Field Operating Agencies and Significant contributors to the award-winning Area Area IV Support Activity at Camp Henry in Daegu; Pak Direct Reporting Units.
  • Jan. 6, 200626 Area IV The Morning Calm WeeklyTAS Cheerleaders take 2nd at nationalsBy Galen Putnam when they took first place in the small down, however, as they not onlyArea IV Public Affairs school category at the Department of regrouped but added boys to the squad CAMP HENRY (April 20, 2005) – Defense Dependant Schools Far East in order to compete at the co-ed level.After the disappointment of earning a Cheerleading Competition at Camp They then went on to an impressivebid to a national competition in Zama, Japan, Nov. 8 – 12, 2004. The follow-up victory as both the varsity andDecember, but being unable to attend team accomplished the feat with a 10- junior varsity squads swept the Koreanfor funding reasons, the Taegu American member contingent that included four American Interscholastic ActivitiesSchool Varsity Cheerleading Team got a first-year cheerleaders. The Warriors’ Conference Cheerleading Competition atsecond chance and made the most of it Cheerleaders also won a number of Seoul International School Feb. taking second place in the small additional team awards at the In addition to the two championshipschool co-ed division at the National competition and eight of the team’s 10 titles, TAS cheerleaders took six of tenCheerleading Association U.S. members were nominated for All- varsity all-star nominations. Both squadsChampionships held in Daytona Beach, America honors for their outstanding also took first place in the 2004 KAIACFla., April 10. individual display of skill, leadership championship. It has been a wild ride for the Taegu ability and attitude. The Far-East and KAIACAmerican School’ cheerleaders who By winning, the team earned a bid to championships were gratifying butracked-up a number of high profile attend the National Cheerleading competing at the national level, not tochampionships in the past year. Championships, sponsored by the mention visiting Daytona Beach during “It was really exciting. Being my first National Cheerleading Association, slated spring break, was even more meaningful.year and all it was a great new for Dec. 27 – 28 in Dallas. “It was really exciting. I didn’t really GALEN PUTNAMexperience,” said first-year cheerleader “Unfortunately the team was unable expect to make it that far but we did soLance Shirley, a junior. “Going to the Aimee Hildenbrand, TAS sophomore, reaches to raise the funds to pay for the trip to I’m really proud. I’ve learned so much thiscompetition was probably the best part for the rafters as the Taegu American School Dallas given the brief time period year I can’t even begin to describe it,” saideven though we were in Daytona Beach Warriors Varsity Cheerleading Squad between the two competitions,” said junior Megan Gardner, another first-yearduring spring break. The competition demonstrate one of their signature stunts. Tonya Hagander, who has been a Taegu cheerleader. “(Besides the competition) wewas really exhilarating.” we did this year,” said senior Andrea American School cheerleading co-coach got a chance to go to a mall, which a lot of The accomplishment was meaningful Paulson who is in her sixth year of for three years. “We only had a month us haven’t been able to do for a long time,to old-timers as well. cheering for TAS. “This was a really to raise funds so we decided to use our and we went to the beach every day so “Since it’s my senior year, I’m glad good way to finish my career.” bid to compete at Daytona.” that was nice too. The best thing about thewe were able to accomplish as much as The Warriors’ winning ways started That setback didn’t slow the team trip though was the competition.”Showcase Teen Center & CAC open on Camp WalkerBy Galen Putnam and a variety of other programs; a disc jockey booth; aArea IV Public Affairs separate computer lab for homework; and a television CAMP WALKER (May 24, 2005) – After years of lounge room.planning and anticipation, two sparkling facilities offering The new wing also creates more storage space in thean array of amenities to the Daegu community have gymnasium and provides the CYS staff with more officeopened on Camp Walker within a week’s span. and training space. Following an extensive, $1.5 million top-to-bottom “A major problem in the past has been not having arenovation, the Community Activities Center reopened place to go. About the only place teens could hang outto the public in a ceremony held May 16. In addition, the was at the gym,” said Betsy Lubuag, 16, Keystone Clubnew 6,475 square foot Teen Center, an addition to the president. “This has so much more to offer than theChild and Youth Services Center, was unveiled in a places we had to go before. This will give us a goodceremony May 20. place to meet, have dances and lock-ins and do all kinds GALEN PUTNAM The CAC, once referred to in a Stars and Stripes of other things.”article as Camp Walker’s “off-duty heart” underwent a Pfc. Park Yong-kam (left) and Pvt. Kim Pil-koo, both from Adding the new Teen Center wing also providescomplete makeover. The building was stripped down to Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 19th Theater reciprocal relief for the community, which has a veryits bare bones and rebuilt into a gleaming new showcase Sustainment Command, shoot a game of pool at the newly limited amount of space for groups to meet to conductboasting an array of top shelf features. Upgrades include renovated Camp Walker Community Activities Center. their business. The old Images Teen Center will now beconverting the former television lounge area to a state of a good atmosphere,” said Pvt. Kim Pil-koo, HHC, 19th converted to and used as space for community meetings.the art media room; providing new soundproof booths TSC. “I think I would like to come here every day.” “The important thing is that the teens not only have afor playing musical instruments; creating an area for Others agreed. place to call their own, they have complete say as far asmatting and framing awards, art and photographs; and “I really like it. It is nice having new equipment,” said setting the rules and determining what kind of eventsadding a space for community meetings. Pfc. Steven Smith, also from HHC, 19th TSC. “The they would like to hold,” said Tiffany Harris, Child and In addition, the CAC features three new pool tables, style is really new and fresh. It is something young adults Youth Services middle school and teen educationthree new ping-pong tables, two new foosball tables and can relate to.” technician. “That gives them a lot of responsibility and aa new air hockey table and stacks of new board games. The Camp Walker library, housed on the second floor sense of ownership. This is a fantastic facility and it isThe key word here is new; virtually everything other of the building, was fully renovated as well in a separate going to open a lot of doors for our teens.”than the building’s frame is fresh from the carton. From but related project. The library reopened March 1, 2005. Speaking of doors, the center has been dubbed “Thethe Ludwig drum set in one of the three soundproof “The Community Activities Center is an integral and Back Door” by members of the Keystone Club, a teenmusic rooms to the gigantic flat screen televisions with important part of life for our Soldiers, civilians and their group that falls under the auspice of the Boys and GirlsBose sound systems in the viewing and meeting rooms family members,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Larry C. Clubs of America and 4H. The name alludes to theto the tips on the pool cues, everything is new. Taylor, 19th TSC command sergeant major, at the informality of entering a friend or relative’s home through “This is awesome,” said Pfc. Park Yong-kam, reopening ceremony. “It provides us with a place to relax, the back door, welcomed as a member of the immediateHeadquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Theater meet with our friends and engage in a variety of off- family.Sustainment Command. “The (pool) tables are really duty activities.” “This is really big. There is a lot of space for us tonice. Even the cues have never been used.” For the community’s not-quite-young-adults, the new hold activities, hang out and have fun,” said Vicki The CAC, originally opened in November 1983, had $1.8 million Child and Youth Services Teen Center offers Herrmann, 16, Keystone Club vice president. “Whenbeen slated for renovation on several occasions over the a dedicated space for teens to hold events and just hang people learn about how nice it is here, more people willpast couple of years but funding constraints and other out. start coming.”issues sidetracked the effort until now. The new wing offers dramatically improved amenities “There are a lot of resources for teens here,” said According to patrons, the wait has been well worth it. for the teens in the community. It includes two new Brittani Ferguson, 16. They really did a good job. I don’t “I’m surprised. The rooms are really big and there is multipurpose rooms for dances, ballet classes, training think we could have asked for anything more.”
  • The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Jan. 6, 2006 274th Quartermaster Detachment wings its way to AlaskaBy Steven Hoover both the unit’s history and the ambiguous. However, one thing is for Both Washington and AckissArea IV Public Affairs achievements of the Soldiers who certain – the 4th Quartermaster mentioned Soldiers in the unit who CAMP HIALEAH (Dec. 6, 2005) – currently make up the unit. About 20 of Detachment will continue to provide excelled both in uniform and asSaying goodbye is never easy, but that the unit’s 52 members are being rock-steady mission support to our joint volunteers in the community:is what members of the 4th reassigned to Alaska. and combined military forces worldwide Staff Sgt. Christopher EmmonsQuartermaster Detachment (Airborne), “The unit and its legacy, represented as we continue to transform and fight became the units’ first graduate of thea unit assigned here since September by the fine warriors standing before you and win our Global War on Terrorism.” Army’s Jumpmaster School at Fort1989, are currently doing. today, has helped to ensure stability for “As we speak, our last container of Bragg, N.C.; Sgt. Timothy Perrill and Effective Dec. 15, the unit is being the past 22 years while serving as the equipment is moving to the port,” Capt. Staff Sgt. Gregory Courtney wererelocated to Fort Richardson, Alaska, in only forward deployed aerial delivery Jonathan Ackiss, 4th Quartermaster Det. recently named Camp Hialeah Volunteerssupport of the Army’s plan of stationing unit on the peninsula,” said Col. George commander, told those in attendance. of the Quarter. Together, they ran thethat provides necessary support elements K. Washington, 20th Area Support “During the past week, vehicles, pieces Camp Hialeah post theater. Besides thefor the new modular brigades, ensuring Group commander. “Few things remain of rolling stock and containers have been quarterly awards, Courtney and Perrill,the Army is properly postured to fully status-quo these days. Our Army is cleaned, inspected, loaded and moved to along with Chief Warrant Officer Kelvinsupport all of its strategic commitments. transforming into a joint and port. In less than two weeks time, the unit Thompson, Spc. Imari Trice, Spc. A departure ceremony, conducted expeditionary force, our enemies are will depart this great country knowing that Donald Collins, and Spc. HelibertoMonday at the Camp Hialeah Fitness volatile and our international challenges we did our part to help preserve and Manzolua were presented with MilitaryCenter, was an opportunity to highlight remain uncertain, complex and maintain peace and democracy.” Outstanding Volunteer Service Medals.Defense Distribution Depot Korea opens shop at Camp CarrollBy Galen Putnam renovate. The depot consists of two warehouses customer needs and estimating future requisitions,Area IV Public Affairs redesigned by DLA engineers to maximize space and DDD Korea will use surface transportation to CAMP WALKER (Jan. 18, 2005) – Defense efficiency. Phase I of the depot’s opening includes its preposition fast moving supplies, providing DOD aDistribution Center, New Cumberland, Pa., activated stand-up and activation to provide its initial capability. significant savings. With the nearly 14,000 itemsDefense Distribution Depot Korea, its 26th distribution Later in the year, phase II will enhance the facility’s already on-hand, delivery time will be reduced as and first in Korea, during a ceremony Jan. 28 at capabilities to bring it up to par with its other depots “The entire process should be fairly transparent toBuilding #620 on Camp Carroll. operating around the world. the customer other than items will show up a lot quicker,” Lt. Col. James E. Lippstreu, assumed command of By pre-positioning demanded supported supplies, Lippstreu said. “This will reduce a lot of ‘double-the facility at the ceremony. customers can receive their orders more quickly and handling,’ which is important because every time an item “The Defense Distribution Depot Korea will benefit it is more cost effective than having to airlift supplies changes hands it takes time and costs money.”USFK by reducing customer wait time and overall from outside Korea. Currently, when orders are The depot will be staffed with 32 Korean national,cost,” said Pete Halseth, DDDK deputy commander. needed quickly, they are shipped by airfreight from a 11 Korean Service Corps and eight U.S. Army civilian The facility cost approximately $3.6 million to DDC Depot in the United States. By anticipating employees and one servicemember – Lippstreu. Ad goes here Ad goes here
  • Jan. 6, 200628 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly32nd KSC Company named best in battalion for 3rd straight yearBy Cpl. Oh Dong-keun organization and its personnel and to took home the best company award in to deploy, set-up, and operate aArea IV Public Affairs express appreciation to all those involved the training category. mobilization station in the event of CAMP HENRY (Feb. 14, 2005) – in the successful accomplishment of the “(This award) is the result of all the hostilities.The 32nd Korean Service Corps KSC Battalion’s missions during the past hard work from every member of the The KSC Battalion, comprised ofCompany at Camp Henry was named year. KSC employees contribute to company this past year,” said Pak noncombatant civilians, was activatedthe top company in the Korean Service military readiness by performing combat Chan-U, commander of the 32nd KSC July 26, 1950, by presidential decreeCorps Battalion for the third year in a support and combat service support Company. “Teamwork was the key to with a goal of providing each U.S. corpsrow, and fourth of the last five, at the functions for U.S. Army units across our success. All of us here gave our with 500 men. Originally named thebattalion’s annual awards dinner Jan. 28 the peninsula. best to everything we do from Civilian Transportation Corps, the unitat the Republic of Korea Ministry of Competing with 14 other KSC beginning to end, and I am very proud was formally reorganized as the KSCNational Defense Club in Seoul. companies from throughout the of what we have accomplished.” May 15, 1951. The KSC reached The annual awards recognize and pay peninsula for the calendar year 2004 The 32nd KSC Company is one of strength of more than 100,000 inrespect to the Korean Service Corps awards, the 32nd KSC Company also only four KSC companies with a mission November 1952.PAS student participates in prestigious Youth Senate Program in D.C.By Galen Putnam last four years. Academics don’t come easily to her so you great country and after that perhaps get into government. IArea IV Support Activity Public Affairs can see how much work she put into this,” she said. “The now know I can make a difference, and it’d be a waste to CAMP HENRY (March 23, 2005) – A Pusan American school is very proud. Mr. Toth (Department of Defense sit around and not do my part for the United States ofSchool student was one of only two Department of Defense Dependant School System Korea District superintendent) America.”Education Activity students world-wide selected to attend said, ‘Brie has put PAS on the map with her athletics and The program, sponsored by the William Randolph Hearstthe 43rd Annual United States Senate Youth Program Feb. now her academics. She sets a good example for the other Foundation, brings together 104 of the nations brightest26 – March 5 in Washington D.C. students.’” student leaders for a week of intense activities in the nation’s Senior Brieanna Carroll, best known for her athletic Brieanna, who’s father works for Nike has lived in capitol. The all-expenses-paid exploit includes visits to theprowess as captain of the Pusan Panthers cross-country, Indonesia and Korea and visited several other countries, said Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, thebasketball and soccer teams, put the determination she exhibits the experience was a life-changing event. Pentagon and various Smithsonian museums. Participantson the field into her application packet. “This experience has changed me forever. I have a new also met and dine with senators, representatives, cabinet “It was a lot to do,” said Carroll, who is also a Junior respect for my country, and I feel proud to be an American members and officials from the Department of State,Reserve Officer Training Corps company commander. for the first time in my life. Living overseas I’ve always had Department of Defense and others.“There were interview questions I had to answer on tape, a this rebellion against being American, I’ve wanted to be In addition, each delegate receives a $5,000 scholarshiptest, an essay. I did a great deal of research and put a lot of Australian or English or something, but after seeing the core for college.time into it. It wasn’t just putting in your name.” of our country, and listening to its leaders, I want nothing Each year two juniors or seniors from each state, the Carroll’s mother Corina said the family and community more than to be an American,” she said. “I want to do District of Columbia and DoDEA are selected for the program.are proud of Brieanna’s accomplishment. everything in my power to keep our country strong and For more information about the program visit “This really tops off all the hard work she’s done in the better for the future. I want to join the military to serve my Ad goes here
  • Jan. 6, 200630 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly Learn Korean Easily “ Language Instructor Kwon Min-sook Word of the week ‘boo-jah’ The phrase of the week year.” “ I wish you wealth in the new year. ” . Seh-heh-eh boo-jah-dweh-sey-yo. the New Year I wish you wealth Conversation of the week Long time no see. O-reh-gahn-mahn-eem-nee-dah. Yes, it is. Joeng-mahl-eem-nee-dah. Is your family doing well? Gah-johk mo-du ahn-nyoung-hah-sheem-nee-ggah? Yes, they are fine, thank you. Neh. Go-mahp-suem-nee-dah. Let’s do better in the new Seh-heh-eh-doh year. jahl heh bohp-shee-dah. Alright! Jo-suem-nee-dah. parents This article is about: Who is your most memorable relatives American Soldier?