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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 120511



Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command. ...

Published by the U.S. Army’s Installation Management Command.

This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Morning Calm Weekly



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Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper - 120511 Document Transcript

  • 1. The latest news from the Army in Korea is available online at: 11, 2012 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea Volume 10, Issue 29 “Service is our product. People are our business.” See story on Page 21 19th ESC Deputy Col. Craig S. Cotter, USAG Daegu Deputy William E. Christman, DFMWR Director Paul M. Matthews and employees representing the five divisions of MWR signed the Customer Service Covenant to promise support for both customers and employees in delivering the best to Area IV. - U.S. Army photo by Kang, Eun- byeol. GARRISONS USAG Surprise MP Blotter P02Inside Humphreys Champs in USAG Red Cloud P04 USAG Casey P04 Celebrates Area IV unit- USAG Yongsan P07 Pets level v-ball USAG Humphreys P15 USAG Daegu P21 Page 14 Page 22 Command Perspective P02 Photo Feature Page P12 Ground Safety P18
  • 2. NEWS • PAGE MORNING CALM THE MORNING CALM What would you like to have known The Morning Calm before coming here? If you once had a Published by great sponsor who did everything right, The United States Army Garrison Humphreys try to emulate that person. Keep in con- Public Affairs Office stant contact– you contact the prospec- Managing Editor: Edward N. Johnson tive gain, don’t wait for them to contact Senior Editor: Wayne Marlow you. Provide your phone number and email address and keep in constant USAG RED CLOUD touch. Send the USAG Daegu and unit Commander: Col. Hank Dodge websites and Facebook information so Public Affairs Officer: Kevin Jackson Writer/Editor: Franklin Fisher Staff Writers: Spc. Mardicio Barrot, Pfc. Lee, Jae- Sponsorship A Key to Transition the newcomer can begin to see our com- munity. Know the days they are packing, gwang By Col. Kathleen A. Gavle the days they are moving, the days they are traveling and on leave, how to con- USAG YONGSAN USAG Daegu Garrison Commander tact them during all those times. Commander: Col. William P. Huber Public Affairs Officer: Mark Abueg Make sure their reservation at the DAEGU GARRISON — As spring Command Information Officer: Jane Lee Army Lodge or hotel is set, and provide Writer/Editor: Cpl. Choi Sung-il gives way to summer here in the Land of a copy of the FMWR Outlook magazine Staff Writers: Staff Sgt. Cody Harding, the Morning Calm, and schools begin to Cpl. Han Samuel, Pfc. Lee Hyokang and Morning Calm newspaper for their wrap up their years, Soldiers, Civilians Intern: Melissa Wetherbee room. Find out what time their flight ar- and Family members throughout Area rives. Meet them at the airport if you can USAG HUMPHREYS IV (and, yes, the rest of the US Army Commander: Col. Joseph P. Moore or at their lodging at least. A neat touch, too!) begin steeling themselves for the Public Affairs Officer: Edward N. Johnson especially if they have kids along, is to Command Information Officer: Steven Hoover recurring phenomenon known as the put together a small cooler with a few Writer/Editor: Wayne Marlow PCS season. fruits, snacks, juice, maybe milk and ce- Staff Writer: Cpl. Han Jae-ho As virtually everyone reading this can real to make sure they have something to attest to, getting ready for and executing USAG DAEGU eat regardless of their arrival time. Final- Commander: Col. Kathleen A. Gavle a Permanent Change of Station move ly, be specific about their in-processing Public Affairs Officer: Philip Molter can be a daunting experience. It may be Command Information Officer: Mary Grimes and integration schedule so they know more so for those moving overseas or to Staff Writers: Pfc. Bang Bong-joo, what to expect and quickly get comfort- Pfc. Jeong, Hyuk-soo Korea for the first time. Wouldn’t it be able. Interns: Lee Seung-bin, Raven Calloway, great if there were someone who could Kang Eun-byeol, Choi Kyoung-jae We need to welcome incoming Sol- take much of the fear and trepidation — Col. Kathleen A. Gavle — diers, Civilians, and Families to Korea This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for out of the PCS experience? with a smooth transition that ensures members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The But wait, for every person PCSing signment. We want every newcomer to Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views readiness within our formations and of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department this summer there should be a person know he’s joining a great team and com- confidence, satisfaction and enthusias- of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial who can do just that – your sponsor. munity who are glad to have him here! content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of tic anticipation among our Families and You saw that correctly. Sure Military So how do you go about assigning U.S. Army Garrisons in Korea. Circulation: 9,500 communities. Korea is truly an amazing Personnel Departments, 1st Sergeants, sponsors to this critical task of mak- place to serve our Army, with historic Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way Command Sergeants Major, they all ing the best first impression? For one connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive ties and experiences of more than 60 written contract with the Contracting Command. The help. But the sponsor should be the one thing, pick sponsors who will serve with years that have forged an Alliance un- civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. that almost literally takes that newcom- positive energy and enthusiasm to pro- The appearance of advertising in this publication, like any other in the world. We are a part er by the hand as soon as the person gets vide information and answer any and including inserts or supplements, does not constitute of an exciting time of transition within endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the orders and escorts them throughout the all questions for the newcomer and his products or services advertised. Everything advertised that Alliance, and we want to make that entire transition, ensuring a welcoming Family, whether they’ll join him or not. in this publication shall be made available for purchase, excitement contagious. use or patronage without regard to race, religion, gender, reception, an informed in-processing, Next, get those sponsors over to your The starting point that will trigger national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, and a smooth integration into his or her local Army Community Services for political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor of the that excitement is our sponsors who unit and the community. sponsorship training. Here in Daegu, purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this know their units and our community. equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, Sound difficult? It is – being a good you can call 768-7112. Sponsorship train- the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that I charge every sponsor in Area IV to sponsor is an extremely challenging job ing is done monthly at the Camp Henry source until the violation of the equal opportunity policy aggressively carry out their important is corrected. but a very critical and rewarding one. ACS, and they will schedule one-on-one duties as sponsors, use the resources Think about it. The sponsor is the first sessions and even come to your unit to Oriental Press President: Charles Chong ACS and the community have in place, Commercial Advertising person the newcomer typically talks to conduct sponsorship training tailored and make every newcomer to the en- Telephone: DSN 315-738-5005 and meets in their new command. How to your needs. Fax: (02) 790-5795 during Southeast Hub eagerly antici- the sponsor acts and follows through What can you do if you’re assigned as E-mail: pate arriving at their new home. Doing Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 speaks volumes about that new com- a sponsor? Besides what ACS will help this will truly… Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post mand and sets the tone for the new as- you with, keep this thought in mind: “Make a Difference!” x SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Phone: DSN 738-4068 E-mail: Military Police Blotter The following entries were excerpted from the police blotters the previous week. These entries may be incomplete and do not imply guilt or innocence. Area I searched and transported to the Area IV Fail to obey general order, PMO, where he was advised of his le- Larceny. The subject removed drunk and disorderly conduct, gal rights, which he invoked. He was one Sony tablet from the shelf, took bringing discredit. The subject ran processed and released to his unit. it out of the package, and left the from Korean National Police while Exchange without rendering proper disrobing to his socks and under- Area III payment. He was apprehended and wear. Drunk and disorderly con- transported to the PMO, where he His ID card revealed he is an active duct. The subject was drunk and was advised of his legal rights, which duty Soldier subject to curfew. He disorderly on post. He disobeyed a he waived. Submitting stories or photos to was apprehended and transported to lawful order given by MP. He was ap- The Morning Calm Weekly the Provost Marshal’s Office, where prehended and transported PMO for Area V he was given an portable breathalyz- processing. Failure to obey order. The sub- Send your Letters to the Editor, guest commen- er test, with a result of 0.152 percent. While at the PMO, he began to ject registered a blood alcohol con- taries, story submissions, photos and other use profane language and other de- tent of 0.10 percent despite being items to: Area II rogatory remarks towards MP. He under the age to consume alcohol. All items are subject to editing for content and to insure they conform with DoD guidelines. Fail to obey general order. The consented to a portable breathalyzer He was taken to Osan BDOC and subject was observed by MP to be test, with a result of 0.180 percent. advised of his legal rights, which he in violation of the curfew. He was invoked. The Morning Calm Online Edition:
  • 3. USAG YONGSANUSAG-Y • PAGE 7 THE MORNING CALMUSAG Yongsan becomes a top Army CommunityBy Melissa Wetherbee Jim North, strategic planning specialist, PAIO, emphasized the role the Community plays in the successful operations of the garrison. “Even though the ACOE award is an organizational award, it’s really YONGSAN GARRISON - United States Army Garrison Yongsan was about the people in the organization,” said North. “USAG Yongsan isonce again honored as an Army Community of Excellence (ACOE) during privileged to have such a great and diverse workforce committed to de-a ceremony at the Pentagon May 1. Col. William P. Huber, garrison com- livering quality installation services and programs to the Community.”mander, Casey Ross, chief of Plans, The levels of excellence re-Analysis and Integration Office quired of ACOE winners require(PAIO), and Jeff Mones, lead man- dedication and hard work to sus-agement & program analyst, PAIO tain and grow. The Communityreceived the ACOE Bronze award on and Leaders alike are commit-behalf of Yongsan. ted to winning the gold in future The Yongsan team was present- years, even with tighter budgetsed with a trophy and a check for and scaled-down resources.$150,000. USAG Yongsan is one of North is confident USAG Yong-just six installations around the san will rise to the challenge andworld to receive an ACOE this year, reach “Gold Status” service andfor demonstrating leadership, best program delivery.practices, workforce engagement, “It is important that we con-efficient use of resources, customer tinue to strive for excellence andfocus and results. create a cost-conscience culture Huber was thrilled that the tire- based on improvement, innova-less work done by Servicemembers, tion, and creativity to provide ef-Families, Civilians, Local National ficient and quality services andemployees and contractors at USAG programs,” said North. “Our con-Yongsan was once again recognized tinued pursuit of ACOE Gold is ain the highly selective competition. key tool to get us there.” “Winning this award says a lot North recognizes that, thoughabout the great staff we have at U.S. maintaining excellence may beArmy Garrison Yongsan,” said Hu- difficult, the Yongsan Communi-ber. “Our Community members are ty deserves no less than the best.justifiably proud of living in one “Military Servicemembers,of the Army’s best Communities. Families, and Civilians sacrificeWe are always striving to provide a USAG Yongsan was honored as an Army Community of Excellence at the Pentagon a lot when serving their country,”quality of life commensurate with May 1. (From left) Sgt. Maj. Tracey Anbiya, senior enlisted advisor to the Assistant said North. “It’s only right that wethe service and sacrifice of our Sol- Secretary of the Army, Honorable Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the do our best to meet their needsdiers and Family Members.” Army, Col. William Huber, garrison commander, Casey Ross, chief of Plans, Analy- and challenges while serving here How does an installation be- sis and Integration Office, Jeff Mones, lead managment & program analyst, Lt. in Korea. The award reaffirms tocome a top Army Community? The Gen. Mike Ferriter, commander of the U.S. Army Installation Management Com- the Community that Yongsan is aArmy Communities of Excellence mand and Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice, command sergeant major of the U.S. caring, safe and secure environ-program involves a highly competi- ment that is customer focused on Army Installation Management Command -U.S. Army photo by William Bradnertive and arduous year-long process being the best possible installa-where the garrison identifies and tracks the improvements and efficien- tion in the Army.”cies made in their programs and services. The garrison assembles an ap- This story is part two in a special report highlighting U.S. Army Garri-plication that includes an assessment survey and organizational profile, son Yongsan’s win of the Army Community of Excellence – Bronze Award.which shows how USAG Yongsan stacks up against rigorous performance Melissa Wetherbee is a volunteer public affairs specialist at USAG Yong-excellence criteria. Lastly, the garrison compiles data that ref lects met- san. xrics toward attaining mission and command requirements.Yongsan Soldier gives great show at Best WarriorBy Staff Sgt. Cody Harding Best Warrior During the competition, after he began his morning with a pre-dawn CAMP BULLIS, Texas - “I want to PT test, Durski described that thebe able to lead my Soldiers the way training aspect was one of the moremy NCOs are leading me.” notable things he’d take away from Those words helped sum up Pfc. the competition.Jacob Durski’s excellent perfor- “I don’t have a lot of opportunitymance at the 2012 Installation Man- to experience training opportuni-agement Command Best Warrior ties like this,” Durski told the re-Competition here, April 24. porter. “One day you may need this. Durski, a training supervisor for It’s been good training all around.”the Yongsan Garrison helipad op- Though his place in the compe-erations section, finished 2nd place tition was proof of his exceptionalout of five junior enlisted Soldiers service, Durski thought of his timecompeting for the title of IMCOM at the competition as upholding aBest Warrior, shrugging off an ankle tradition of service in the Military.injury to stay in the competition “My grandfather retired as a col-and gain the runner-up spot. onel, my mom served four years, my The road to the competition in father six, and my great grandfatherTexas began long before the plane was a colonel during Vietnam,”ride from Seoul, South Korea. Dur- Durski said. “Service is part of ourski had set himself apart earlier family legacy.”in the year by being named USAG Now Durski gets to come back toYongsan Soldier of the Year and then Yongsan Garrison and the Helipadgoing on to compete against others operations section with knowledge The top Soldiers and noncommissioned officers from each of the four regions of thefor the regional title. After training and experience that few Soldiers U.S. Army Installation Management Command gathered at Camp Bullis, San Antonio,and demonstrating his skills against have under his belt, prepared to Texas, to compete in the IMCOM Best Warrior competition April 24. Pfc. Jacob Durskihis competitors, he was named IM- continue his efforts to be a better (middle) from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, USAG Yongsan was namedCOM Pacific Soldier of the Year, Soldier. x IMCOM Pacific Soldier of the Year, earning runner-up spot -U.S. Army photo by Williamwhich sealed his position in the Bradner
  • 4. USAG YONGSANMAY 11, 2012 USAG-Y • PAGE 8 Dust, Yellow Sand, HwangSa News &v Notes William Avenue Closed Williams Avenue will be closed from Thursday May 24 at 10 p.m. to Monday May 28 at 7 a.m. for the Memorial Day festivities. Please plan accordingly. For more information, call 738-4361. NEW Library Operating Hours New library operating hours effective June 1. - Yongsan will be open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. -Hannam Village will be open Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. - K-16 will be open Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Closed Sundays and Mondays. For more information, call 723-6862.Sand and pollution cloud the skies of Seoul and the Han River. -Courtesy photo by Monte HargraveBy Monte D. Hargrave moist to improve comfort Courageous Channel 2012Registered Nurse Noncombatant Evacuation • Wash fruits and vegetables exposed to yellow sand Operation Exercise is May 17- before consumption 19 at Collier Community Fitness YONGSAN GARRISON - Welcome to Korea… or wel- • Don’t burn candles or spray aerosols Center. Participating in Courageouscome back to Korea. Many of you have first-hand experi- • Don’t smoke indoors Channel is mandatory for all DoD-ence or have heard second-hand about the air quality in • Vacuum or dust off outer garments, shoes, purses, affiliated noncombatant evacuees. This includes ServicememberKorea. 14-million people gathered in one area are bound backpacks and clothing before storing them in a Family members, non-essentialto create some sort of pollution; in Seoul, air pollution is closet with clean clothes civilians and all DoD civilian Familythe most obvious. Some days are better than others, and • Dust, wash, vacuum or avoid pets that go in & out members. It is critical to update yourit is comparable to conditions experienced in some of the of the home NEO packet with your NEO wardenmajor cities in the United States. We may already be famil- • If you must be outdoors, you may want to invest in a prior to arriving at the Evacuationiar with air pollution & Ozone Warnings if we have lived mask or other barrier. Masks commonly seen worn Control Center. Participants must bring NEO packet, ID cards,in large metropolitan areas, but here in Korea, and many by locals are readily available at many stores and passports, protective masks, petparts of Asia, we experience a weather phenomenon called may help reduce exposure density to the irritants. registration information and if itHwangSa also referred to as Yellow Sand or Asian Dust. As with any condition that can make us ill, it is up to you applies, family care plan. Dates and As the name infers, the air is filled with dust and oth- to use good judgment and exercise proper risk vs. benefit times: May 17 from 1700-2200, Mayer pollutants carried up from Mongolia and China and decisions before heading out during an Asian Dust plume. 18 from 0800-2200 and May 19 frombrought to East, South and Southeast Asia by the jet stream Some of us will never notice it is there, while others may be 0800-2200. For more information, visit winds created by the weather patterns beginning late hindered by it. Being armed with a little knowledge might NEO/Neo.asp.February/early March through May. Asian dust has an in- just help you avoid being miserable later… make goodteresting history dating back to 174 A.D. and is available at choices and I’ll see you while you are enjoying the “Assign- . ment of Choice” the next few months. There are many things that have proven successful in To contact the Area II Preventive Medicine office about Health and Fitness Programming Courageous Channel Schedulecombating the problems associated with Asian Dust. As for Asian Dust, call 736-6693 or 736-3033. The following sites - May 14-18: Morning Zumba classesa normal, healthy member of USFK, the dust should pose also have information on Asian Dust: will relocate to Trent Warriorlittle concern. If someone is associated with any of the fol- • 65th Medical Brigade link for Asian Dust: http:// Resiliency Fitness Centerlowing categories: the elderly, young children, people with - May 14-17: Evening Zumba classeslung diseases (such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneu- Default.asp will relocate to Seoul Americanmonia), heart disease or diabetes, education and avoidance • USFK Weather Page: Elementary School Gym - May 14-19: Group Fitness Classesis the key to getting through the dust plume with minimal weather-yellowsand held in Studio # 2 will be relocateddiscomfort. Some tips for everyone include: • Korean Metrologic Agency site: http://web.kma. to Studio # 1 at Collier Community • Stay indoors if possible; avoidance is key Fitness Center • Keep windows and doors closed • Air Quality in CONUS: - May 14-20: Spinning Classes and • Remove contact lenses; wear glasses • KoreaAir Real Time Air Quality Report Website: Cross Fit will remain at Collier • Brush your teeth; wash your hands, face and eyes Community Fitness Center - May 14-20: All other Health and with warm water upon returning indoors main.jsp Fitness Classes not listed above will • Wash your hands before eating or handling food Please visit our web-page http://www.korea.amedd. temporarily relocate to the Trent • Drink plenty of water to keep you well hydrated & to find out more Warrior Resiliency Fitness Center at your tears flowing about Health Promotions.x its regularly scheduled time. • Use air filters &/or a humidifier to keep air clear andFamily Advocacy Program thanks Yongsan Community Emergenct Dialing Procedures <OFF POST>By Marty Masters als, Families and Community we need to renew, and to -OFF post residents should call 119Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program sustain our dedication and efforts to build on our past NOT 911 to reach Fire and Ambulance successes to remain fully participating in the intent and ONLY YONGSAN GARRISON - Army Community Service meaning of Child Abuse Prevention Month as well as - For police emergencies, call 112 - Know your local Korean address,and the Family Advocacy Program want to thank the Sexual Assault Awareness Month. There is much remain- including name of “Dong“ or localindividuals, Families and Community who contributed ing to be done to protect and help those who are the most neighborhoodto the success of April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month vulnerable. (-especially if home has no land line)(CAPM) and Sexual Assault Prevention Month (SAAM) Army Community Service has open recruiting for (-especially if calling from cell)campaigns. Emergency Placement Care (EPC) Families to provide <ON POST> April is the month when ACS focused on hopeful foster care services for our Community. It requires on- -ON post residents can reach Fire bychange and renewal. April is all the more important be- post housing and USAG Yongsan has announced a pro- dialingcause of the recognition that child abuse prevention, gram to upgrade housing for qualified/certified EPC -From DSN, call 117 or 911along with sexual assault awareness and prevention con- houses. -From commercial and cell, call 0505-738-0117tinue to need individual and collective commitment to Also, Army Community Service is working with 8thkeep our children safe and healthy, and to continue the Army G-1 to actively recruit, train and certify Sexualcultural change to prevent sexual assault. Harassment Assault Response Prevention Program U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan is fortunate to have an (SHARP) victim advocates for the Community. For a complete list of community informa-engaged, aware and caring Community. A measure of To get involved, and to share your caring and commit- tion news and notes, visit thethe Community’s dedication was the response to the ment, call the Family Advocacy Program at 738-7505 for USAG Yongsan official website at“Eye Button” Campaign for child abuse prevention and more information.x Day for sexual assault awareness. As individu-
  • 5. MAY 11, 2012 USAG HUMPHREYS USAG-H • PAGE 15 U.S. military will remain strongBy W. Wayne Marlow until Battaglia told them, “I traveled 6,500 miles are studying to see if the plan is the best one.” and I’m not leaving until I get at least one question.” As the military’s most senior noncommissioned That lightened the mood and the first question officer, Battaglia regularly interacts with service- CAMP HUMPHREYS — Soldiers, Marines and addressed the status of Humphreys transformation. members in environments such as the Camp Hum-Airmen had a chance to speak with the military’s “Everything is still on track,” he said. “I don’t see any phreys town hall. He uses the information he col-senior enlisted member during a town hall meeting possibility of cancelling the plan. And what a op- lects to advise the chairman of the Joint Chiefs ofhere May 4. portunity this is. Many of you may not be around Staff and Secretary of Defense on matters involving Marine Sgt. Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia, senior en- when it’s completed, but you may think, ‘I’ve got to joint and combined total force integration and en-listed advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of come back.’” listed members. It’s a job he loves.Staff, stopped by the Camp Humphreys Super Gym Another question focused on retirement chang- “It is a privilege and honor to have the opportu-as part of his week-long visit to Korea. es. Battaglia said, “I have a lot of information on nity to represent enlisted members and their fami- Battaglia started with a good-natured ribbing for that because I’m getting close to retirement. We lies,” he said. “If you bring an issue to our attentionwhat he deemed an insufficient opening “Hooah” want the best retirement plan for our servicemem- that needs a Department of Defense-level solution,from audience members. He then dove into the is- bers. We have your best interests in mind and we we do our best to come up with one.” xsues at hand and stressed the meeting needed to beinteractive in order to be effective. He encouraged noncommissioned officers to getto the root of issues rather than just dealing withthe surface. He recalled seeing a corporal who hada junior enlisted member in his squad that hadbounced checks. The corporal worked with the ser-vicemember to pay off the debts and counseled himabout not doing it again. But it turned out the ser-vicemember lacked the ability to balance his check-book, so the main issue stayed unresolved. Battagliacalled it “a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound.” He also discussed the Department of Defensedrawdown. He noted he experienced a drawdownwhen he joined the military in 1979. “I was one ofthe junior (Marines) at the time and I had Vietnamveterans show me how to do it and we’ll do it again,”he said. “We have a military that is highly profes-sional because it’s an all-volunteer force that wantsto be here.” But, he added, however things play out, the mili-tary must and will remain strong. “Only the military has a commitment of this kindof magnitude,” he said. “It’s more than a job and it’san honor and privilege to serve. American societybelieves in us and we can never afford to lose theirtrust and confidence.” Battaglia touched on the importance of family,because of its importance to Soldier readiness, andhe addressed suicide prevention. He then opened Marine Sgt. Maj. Brian Battaglia, senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, addresses thethe floor to questions. Audience members seemed audience during a town hall meeting in the Super Gym on May 4. Battaglia came to Humphreys as part of his week-reluctant to address a servicemember of his stature long visit to Korea. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Han, Jae-hoDogging it at Humphreys Pet FestBy Cpl.Han, Jae-hoUSAG Humphreys Public Affairs CAMP HUMPHREYS — Dog lovers here gath-ered for Pet Fest 2012 at the veterinary clinic May 5. The event featured the paws walk, a pet show,face painting, an agility course, pet photos, infor-mational booths, a military working dog demon-stration and an awards ceremony. “We are really happy with the turnout and ex-cited to be a part of the Camp Humphreys commu-nity,” said Capt. Amy Carlson, officer in charge atthe Humphreys vet clinic. “We have many eventssuch as face painting, doggy treats and grooming.Humphreys has been great to us and we have re-ceived lots of support. We look forward to continu-ing events like this today.” The American Red Cross offered informationabout pet first aid, while the Osan Animal Shelterprovided tips on pet adoptions. The dog show had categories such as owner/petlookalike, best dressed, best pet trick and best inshow. Rocko, owned by Blair Bogle, was the biggestwinner of the day, taking first place in both owner/pet lookalike and best in show. “This is a great opportunity to hang out with doglovers and people with the same hobbies,” said petowner Tom Stout. “This event also provided infor- Left, Isabel Grassley and her dog make their way to the Pet Fest May on 5 at the Camp Humphreys Veterinary Clinic.mation for people who are PCS’ing and have petswith them. This was a fun day.” x Right, Blair Bogle and Rocko compete in the dog show. — U.S. Army photos by Cpl. Han, Jae-ho
  • 6. USAG-H • PAGE USAG HUMPHREYS THE MORNING CALM News & Notes Photography class moved Due to the closure of the Commu- nity Activity Center, the next Digi- Tours highlight Korean culture By Mary Kim tal Photography 101 class will be USAG Humphreys Public Affairs held in the Super Gym May 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more informa- tion, or to sign up, call 753-8825. CAMP HUMPHREYS — For get- ting a close look at Korea, few oppor- Springfest slated tunities top cultural tours. Springfest 2012 is scheduled for Sponsored by the United States May 12 from noon to 10 p.m. at In- Army Garrison Humphreys Public Af- dependence Park. The event will fairs Office, these tours go to cultural feature music, food, field games and historic landmarks. for children and adults, children’s The most recent tour was to Sudosa table activities, roving entertain- temple. One participant on this tour, ers, costumed characters, blow up Humphreys family member Sharee games for all ages, and eating com- Green-Hubbard, said it gave her a bet- petitions. Prizes will be awarded in ter understanding of Buddhism. activities throughout the day. The Sudosa was built in 852 A.D. by gate schedule for the day is: Main the monk Yeomgeo. Then, according Gate, closed from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; to legend, the monk Wonhyo was en CPX Gate, open from 5 a.m. to mid- route to China when he stopped over- night; Quarry Gate, open 5:30 a.m. night at Sudosa. He felt parched and to 11 p.m.; Pedestrian Gate, open 24 drank water using a dipper. It relieved hours. his thirst and the taste pleased him. The next day, he realized the dipper Mother’s Day buffet was a skull. According to the tradi- Alaska Mining Company will host tional story, he then realized every- a Mother’s Day buffet May 13 from thing is defined by the mind. 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The cost is The tour of Sudosa temple is an $16.95 for adults and $5.45 for chil- example of the advantage of being in dren ages 5 to 10. For more infor- Korea, according to participant Amy mation, call 754-3101. Parlo. “I believe opportunities such as Bowling special this provide an excellent chance for Shonta Tucker (second from left) makes bean curd with her daughters Chloe (left), Bri- The Strike Zone Bowling Center Americans to experience aspects of anna, (middle) and Asia (right) during a tour of the Sudosa temple. Besides bean curd, is hosting a Mother’s Day bowling Korean culture that we may not oth- participants made tea and lanterns and also took part in a Buddhist ceremony. Tours special May 13. Mothers bowl three erwise be exposed to,” she said. “All of such as these, sponsored by the United States Army Garrison Humphreys Public Affairs games and pay for only two. Free the tours that I’ve attended have pro- vided me with a better understanding Office, give participants the chance to see Korea cultural and historic landmarks. — shoe rental is included. For more U.S. Army photo by Mary Kim information, call 754-5722 or 031- of Korean history, its culture and its 619-5636. people. They have all been positive learning experiences.” “My children enjoyed the hands on “I would say that these tours of- Visitors took part in a Buddhist activity,” she said. fer me a more in depth experience of Burger King closed mass and made bean curd, tea and “I enjoyed nearly every aspect of authentic Korean culture,” Parlo said. Burger King will be closed May 14 lanterns. this tour,” Parlo added. “It was very “I’m so grateful for the hospitality of for its annual Associates Organiza- “I really enjoyed being able to see moving to participate in the chant the Korean nationals in sharing with tional Day. the Buddhist culture firsthand dur- ceremony in the temple. I also partic- us the various aspects of their lives ing the ceremony,” said participant ularly liked the bean paste sandwich- and culture.” Bungee jumping trip Justine Beeson, a Humphreys family es. The food we prepared was some of The next tour, scheduled for May May 15 is the deadline to sign up member. “It was interesting to learn the best I’ve had in Korea.” 26, will feature stops at the Chong for the Outdoor Recreation bungee about their religion and foods.” At the end of the tour, participants Dojeon shrine, Utdari Cultural Village jumping trip on May 19. The cost Green-Hubbard said her favorite received photos and a cookbook writ- and Jinwi Vegetable Village. To regis- is $85. For more information, call part was making lanterns. ten by the monks. ter, call 754-6130. x 753-3013. Health council meeting The Community Health Promo- tion Council meeting will be May 16 from 10 to 11:30 a m. at the Su- per Gym. This is an opportunity for leaders to learn about community Making things less taxing By Capt. Stephen Altizer relieve you of liability in paying your when they PCS. You can try to sell or, trends, identify community needs, USAG Humphreys Tax Center as is often the case, rent it. Either de- state of domicile’s income tax. Con- address high risk behaviors, and cision will have an impact on your in- tact your state’s department of rev- work towards reducing redundan- CAMP HUMPHREYS — Though enue to inquire about its policies. come tax return. Of course, whether cies and streamlining services. to even buy a home is a big decision the 2012 tax season is coming to a Not all states treat military pay close, it is never too early to start equally when computing income tax- and can have significant tax implica- Groundbreaking ceremony tions. In order for a tax preparer to planning for next year. es. And non-military income may be A groundbreaking ceremony for help you properly, you need to make To help, let’s go over some common subject to taxes in the state you are Family and Morale Welfare and sure you keep track of all financial issues servicemembers face when pre- currently stationed. You cannot just Recreation’s new food, beverage data associated with buying, selling paring their returns. pick a state to be your domicile. You and entertainment center is sched- and renting a home. Income, regardless of where it is must meet the required legal test of uled for May 16 at 2 p.m. behind the Finally, it is important that you earned, and regardless of the source, having had a physical presence and an Camp Humphreys Lodge. have all your documentation and you is subject to tax. Depending on the intent to stay or return. source, a taxpayer may qualify to ex- To make it more complicated, keep all your tax records for at least FRG forum three years. clude some income earned overseas, while you only ever have one domi- A Family Readiness Group forum is If you still need tax preparation as- up to a certain point. cile at a time, you may be a resident scheduled for May 17 from 9:30 to sistance, or have any questions about However, most taxpayers stationed of multiple states, which affects tax li- 11 a.m. in the Super Gym. Also, in- your taxes, please contact the Hum- in Korea are ineligible for this exclu- ability for non-military income. If you formation will be available on Total phreys and Areas III and V Tax Center sion. Also, even if you can exclude are unsure about where you are domi- Army Readiness and Professional at 753-56800 to schedule an appoint- your income, this does not mean you ciled, contact the Humphreys Legal Development training opportuni- ment. do not have to file a return. Persons Assistance Office at 753-6245 to speak ties. For more information, contact The Tax Center will be closing on must still file to claim the exclusion to a judge advocate. Clarence Figgs at clarence.w.figgs. May 25, but you can still get help at and inform the IRS of their status. Servicemembers often face the di-, or 753-7439. the Legal Assistance Office. x Being overseas does not necessarily lemma of what to do with their home
  • 7. USAG-H • PAGE USAG HUMPHREYS THE MORNING CALM 6-52 stresses safety By Spc. Issac Castleberry we cannot move out equipment with- 6th Battalion, 52nd ADA out incident, then we have no chance at performing a mission, so ultimately SUWON AIR BASE — The recall we fail the mission before we even was made and hundreds of Soldiers start.” were sent into a frenzy to quickly pre- Cruz also stressed the importance pare, pack up and move from their of knowing proper ground guiding peacetime location to their wartime procedures to ensure oversized equip- fighting position in preparation for ment, such as a launching station, are the battalion field training exercise. able to make it to its wartime position As always, one issue retains the up- without incident. most importance for Soldiers and And to ensure that equipment can leaders of the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air move freely, it takes a team effort, Defense Artillery. That issue is safety with all parts being attentive. Cruz and it was stressed with emphasis on said, “This training is critical to our proper ground guiding techniques. mission with the equipment we have. Prior to the battalion field training We drive very large pieces of equip- exercise, Soldiers and leaders of the ment and that adds to the risk of an Iron Horse Battalion underwent an accident when entering into Korean’s extensive class on motor pool safety traffic.” and the proper techniques used when Private First Class Dustin Krinsky ground guiding a vehicle. Lessons believes strongly in the effectiveness taught included: Picking a spot to of the safety training his battery re- ground guide from rather than walk- ceived. ing backward; establishing clear hand He also appreciates the support signals prior to moving a vehicle to that the Korean National Police gave ensure everyone understands the sig- in order to help ensure a safe transi- nals; never stand between a vehicle tion for the Soldiers from Suwon to and an object; move vehicles slowly; the highway. and keep proper distance and spacing. Krinsky said, “I feel very confident First Sgt. Luis Cruz, A Battery se- that we won’t have any accidents as far nior enlisted Soldier, believes in the as vehicles moving, especially with all training they received, and knows this extra training we have received. that moving vehicles to and from the It’s also great to know that the KNPs motor pool must be done with safety are here to assist us in safe transit to in mind. and from Suwon. I think that all bases Cruz said, “Safety begins here. If for safe travel have been covered.” x
  • 8. MAY 11, 2012 USAG DAEGU USAG-D • PAGE 21 MWR makes a promise to employees, customers Story and Photo by Kang, Eun-byeol DAEGU GARRISON — In theFamily & Morale, Welfare and Rec-reation business, customer satis-faction and customer loyalty arepriceless. To cement commitmentto this overarching philosophy ofFMWR, the Employee and Cus-tomer Covenant signing was heldas part of the April 23 Command-er’s Community Council at the Ev-ergreen Club. “The covenant is to demonstratea commitment of managers, super-visors and the employee staff with-in MWR of excellence in customerservice because we have, like mostbusinesses, a vested interest in ourcustomers for they are the life lineof our business,” said Paul M. Mat-thews, director of U.S. Army Gar-rison Daegu’s FMWR. The promises the covenant em-bodies range from ‘performancesupport tools to assist you on thejob’ for employees and ‘always be (From left to right) Lavon Washburn from Recreation, Paul Matthews, director of FMWR, Debra Robinson from ACS, William Christman,respected and treated as individu- USAG Daegu Deputy Commander, Master Sgt. Troy Parnell, USAG Daegu CSM, Maria Maldonado from CDC, Col. Craig Cotter, 19th ESCals who are valued’ for customers. Deputy Commander, Chang, Kum-im from Business Operations and Danny Cimo from Services after signing the Covenant.Customer includes Soldiers, DOD to ‘WOW’ their customers, give lence” Customer Service Training ue giving better service. The em-Civilians, Retirees and their Family them a rewarding experience so program which aims to increase ployees will keep the promise bymembers, and even their invited they can go back and talk to their customer participation and satis- showing that they truly care aboutguests to whom services are pro- friends and family what a great ex- faction, increase employee job sat- the customers as they go that ex-vided, day in and day out. perience they had so they’ll keep isfaction, retain high-performing tra mile to make sure that you are Without these customers who coming back. employees, and sustain employee fully satisfied. Customers can helpcome in every day, FMWR would So how do you ‘WOW’ your cus- engagement and commitment. by taking part in the many differ-have no reason to exist. According tomers? One answer is the Cus- The hard copy proof embodi- ent activities and programs, andto Matthews, the cornerstone of tomer Service Training program. ment of this commitment is the giving feedback both verbally andsuccess for any business is custom- The Daegu Garrison the first to covenant. Now that employees are through Interactive Customerer service. That is why they strive implement the “Operation Excel- trained, they are ready to contin- Evaluation (ICE) online.xSpring Clean Up serves both function and formStory and Photos by Pfc. Bang DAEGU GARRISON — As spring progresses plants and trees get greener and everything seems fresh and new. Here inSouth Korea and especially in Area IV, early spring blooms are followed by late spring showers – and plenty of them. Inpreparation for that time, U.S. Army Garrison Daegu conducted a Spring Clean up during first week of May. Soldiers fromvirtually every unit in Area IV as well as the Garrison patrolled all the camps, cleaning up the areas by picking up deadleaves, garbage and pulling grass. While the sprucing up part looks nice, the main benefit of the spring clean up comes from ensuring all thestorm drains are clean and clear of debris that accumulated over the winter. This will help all that rainthat is coming to find its way down the drain instead of backing up and flooding the roadways. So allthat participated can look around and see that visibly they have made USAG Daegu installationscleaner and helped make them safer in the process. x(Left) Soldiers from throughout Area IV participated in the annual Spring Clean Up, April 30 – May 4. The cleanup not only beautifies the Garrison but cleans storm drains and curbs in preparation for the rainy season. (Right) Pfc.Kim, Jin-wook totes a full bag of trash he cleaned up on Camp Henry. The Spring Clean Up lasted for a week, cleaning the basesand ensuring rain storm drains are clear before rainy season starts.
  • 9. USAG-D • PAGE 22 USAG DAEGU THE MORNING CALM K2 spikes HHC 19th ESC for volleyball crown Story and Photo by Choi, Kyoung-jae “We feel very excited and happy because this is the first time K2 Air Base has won any type of unit level award or competition,” said Air Force DAEGU GARRISON — The team from K2 Master Sgt. Tashon Gardner, Superintendent, Air Base won the 2012 U.S. Army Garrison Dae- 607th Materiel Maintenance Squadron, K2 Air gu Unit Level Volleyball Championship May 3, Base. “We are very thrilled that we were able to beating Headquarters & Headquarters Co., 19th represent the Air Force out of the house and we Expeditionary Sustainment Command at Camp are pleased and grateful that the Army allowed Walker’s Kelly Fitness Center. us to be in the unit level championship. The best of three-set final to determine which “Our strategy was to make sure we have our team would take home the championship was big men on forward, to make sure we have a close from the start, with HHC 19th ESC win- valuable setter , and to make sure we play team ning the first 28-26 after the teams traded sev- work all the way through,” she added. “Our plan eral deuces. K2, however, was not about to lay for the next level is pretty much the same but down and emerged victorious winning the last we’ll be a little bit more aggressive.” two by scores of 25-17 and 15-7. The best eight volleyball teams of USFK, two There was some consolation for the HHC teams from each area, will face off in the AIK 19th team as both teams, having beaten all oth- Volleyball Championships this weekend. Other er teams in Area IV through the league and the sport competitions scheduled for this month tournament, automatically reach the Army in include the International Kickball Tournament Korea Volleyball Championship, scheduled for and the Pacific-wide Softball Tournament. May 11 to 13 at Camp Carroll. Plenty of opportunities to root for Area IV Ser- vice members, courtesy your DFMWR! x (Left) This K2 Air Base spiker takes flight before hammering the ball down at his opponents, HHC, 19th ESC, during the USAG Daegu Unit Level Volleyball Championship. K2 took the crown, although both teams qualified for the Army In Korea Volleyball Championship, slated for May 11-13 at Camp Carroll.Smart finances aid relationshipsCourtesy USAG Daegu ACS and any past problems that mayFinancial Readiness Program affect your future. Review fi- nances regularly and discuss any DAEGU GARRISON — major purchases or expensesSpring has arrived and love is in that will impact your budget. Ifthe air. Summer is just around help is needed, seek out a thirdthe corner, which means the party such as a Financial Coun-wedding season looms. One of selor available at ACS.the biggest and yet often ne- Work as a team. Remem-glected issues for newlyweds ber, marriage is a team how to handle their finances Couples need to work togetheronce they are married. And not to create a financial plan thatjust newlyweds; many couples works for them. Even if onestruggle with financial prob- spouse handles the day-day fi-lems. In fact, financial problems nances, both spouses activelyand the related stress in a rela- should participate in creatingtionship remain the number one the family’s financial plan.reason for divorce in the U.S. Develop a plan for handling Couples often struggle with finances. Be honest about eachquestions of whether to merge others’ financial strengths andtheir bank accounts, how to rec- weaknesses. It is prudent tooncile different spending habits work together to decide whichand how to solve debt and credit financial responsibilities eachproblems. These issues are often spouse will have. Newlywedscompounded in military fami- also need to determine whetherlies, who often experience the to have joint or separate bankloss of one spouse’s income due a PCS. Military couples en- Develop a budget and stickdure frequent periods of separa- to it. One of the most impor-tion during which they need to tant steps to achieving financialsupport two households on one success is to develop a realisticincome or one spouse suddenly budget and stick to it. Create ahas to take responsibility for budget that accounts for everymaking all the financial deci- dollar that comes in and out ofsions. The ACS Financial Readi- the household.ness Program can help with Allocate funds for paying offthese unique challenges. The debt, savings, and insurancefollowing tips won’t guarantee in addition to basic living ex-financial success as a married penses. There are several dif-couple, but they can certainly ferent methods for budgeting,put you on the right track to- and ACS can help create a bud-wards it. get that works for every Soldier, Have a conversation. Com- couple or family.munication is vital to a family’s For assistance in evaluatingfinancial success. Sit down with personal or family finances,your spouse or future spouse make an appointment or contactand have an open and honest ACS Financial Readiness Staff indiscussion about finances. Do Daegu at 768-7112. ACS is offer-not wait until there is a prob- ing a class titled Financial Plan-lem; have this discussion before ning for Newlyweds and Mar-issues arise when both parties ried Couples Friday May 18 fromare calm. Discuss your current 2-4 p.m. at the Camp Henryfinancial situation, future goals ACS. x