The Best Gadgets for 2012


Published on - This time talking about the upcoming gadgets for 2012. The upcoming year will be an exciting year full of a new gadgets derived from modern technology. Many companies are ready to launch their new products which will make our life easier. Here are some of the coolest gadgets that will be released in 2012.

We cover the top five upcoming gadgets like Apple iPad 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows 8, Samsung Galaxy III, Apple TV etc..

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The Best Gadgets for 2012

  1. 1. The Best Gadgets in 2012Click to edit Master subtitle style The Biggest USA computer store in Broward. All rights reserved-2012
  2. 2. Best Gadget - Apple iPad 3No surprises here – you voted the iPad subtitle style Click to edit Master 3 your most wanted future gadget in the 2011 Stuff Gadget Awards.From the moment Apple launched the iPad 2, iPad 3 speculation has been in serious overdrive.An eye-shiningly sharp 2048 x 1536 pixel 10in screen, a quad-core Tegra 3-baiting A6 processor and a carbonfiber case are just some of the rumored specs for the iPad 3 that could see it setting the gold standard fortablets once again. Previous iPad launches point to a February or March release, so were hoping itll beputting in an appearance soon. USA computer store is the best laptop repair at Broward All rights reserved-2012
  3. 3. Best Gadget - PlayStation Vita Click to edit Master subtitle styleDubbed the "PS3 in your pocket," PlayStations next-gen Vita handheld is a pocket able gamingpowerhouse. With a quad-core ARM 9 processor feeding a 5in OLED touch screen, a tactile back paneland dual cameras for augmented reality gaming, one thing is clear – Sony means business.But have we all moved on to gaming on smart phones from Apple, Samsung and the rest? Well find outnext month when the PS Vita touches down in the UK. While you wait, check out our hands-on review. USA computer store is the cheap laptop repair at Broward All rights reserved-2012
  4. 4. Best Gadget - Microsoft Windows 8 Click to edit Master subtitle styleMicrosofts next OS has already tantalized our taste buds by strutting its stuff in a developer preview –and you can see just how much by reading our first look review.Its Windows Phone 7-style Metro UI offers a new level of interactivity for both PC and tablet users,promising an abundance of new features like Kindest for Windows for gesture based control, HTML5applications which will make full use of online cloud services and ARM chip support – a clear signMicrosoft is taking its tablet efforts very seriously this time round. USA computer store is the best service centre at fort Lauderdale. All rights reserved-2012
  5. 5. Best Gadget - Samsung Galaxy III Click to edit Master subtitle styleSamsungs Galaxy S II certainly made its mark when it showed up on the smartphone scene – and itsstill the best Android phone to buy. Its so good we named it our 2011 Phone of the Year.Now, with the Galaxy S II almost approaching its first birthday, word on the virtual street suggests itssuccessor – the appropriately named Galaxy S III – will come complete with a quad-core engine, 2GB ofRAM, a 4.6in screen and a whopping 12MP camera. USA computer store is the biggest store at Fort Lauderdale. All rights reserved-2012
  6. 6. Best Gadget - Apple TV Click to edit Master subtitle styleNot content with dominating the smart phone and tablet markets, Apple has its sights set on our livingrooms. The future of TV, according to the rumors swirling around Cupertino, is AirPlay, mobile devicesynching and gesture controls.Clearly the Apple TV will be more than just your average smart TV, with purported specs including thepowerful A6 processor destined to arrive on the iPad 3, a giant Retina Display courtesy of Sharp andvoice controls handled by the iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant, Siri. USA computer store is the nice Fort Lauderdale center. All rights reserved-2012