I Can't Work With You, But I Need To
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I Can't Work With You, But I Need To



This talk was given at the 2013 Information Architecture Summit. As user experience designers we work with a variety of different people, everyone from engineers to executives­­—not to mention the ...

This talk was given at the 2013 Information Architecture Summit. As user experience designers we work with a variety of different people, everyone from engineers to executives­­—not to mention the end users themselves. Successful team collaboration and empathy for the users are key to designing a superior user experience, but how do you do this when you are working with a myriad of different personality types? Can you keep personality conflicts from negatively impacting your work? This session will focus on identifying different personality types and learning how to communicate and work better with them. You will walk away with tips on collaborating more effectively with team members, selling UX to executives more successfully, and connecting more easily with end users when conducting research.

Some of the most well-known people in our industry have agreed to take a personality test just for this session. Come find out who they [really] are by putting your new skills to the test!



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I Can't Work With You, But I Need To I Can't Work With You, But I Need To Presentation Transcript

  • I Can’t Work With You, But I Need To. Kyle Soucy | @kylesoucy www.UsableInterface.comPhoto credit: http://fogsmoviereviews.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/office_space_peter.png #PersonalityTypes
  • Most people have significantly differentbehavioral styles
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesWhy is this important?
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesIt’s reflected in our work.
  • Are youresponsiblefor this?
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes“To sell UX research topeople, one must firstknow them very well.” - Tomer Sharon
  • rstan dingU nde thers self a nd OYour
  • People come in types
  • Analytical Driver“Thought person” “Action person” Peter Drucker Amiable Expressive“People person” “Front person”
  • Isn’t thatstereotyping?
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesPhoto credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kQ2KbKL7G-s/TcPXnC-AlRI/AAAAAAAAFL4/7JQCHJQssdQ/s1600/woody-allen-2.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Analyticals tend to be: ✓ Perfectionistic ✓ Systematic and well organized ✓ Data junkies ✓ Introverts ✓ Emotionally reservedPhoto credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kQ2KbKL7G-s/TcPXnC-AlRI/AAAAAAAAFL4/7JQCHJQssdQ/s1600/woody-allen-2.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesPhoto credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Drivers tend to be: ✓ Fast-paced ✓ Decisive ✓ Highly-independent ✓ Task-oriented ✓ Get-it-done peoplePhoto credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesPhoto credit: http://dontstepinthepoop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Mr-Rogers-a_jpg.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Amiables tend to be: ✓ People-oriented ✓ Sensitive ✓ Conflict/confrontation avoiders ✓ Cautious ✓ Embarrassed by recognitionPhoto credit: http://dontstepinthepoop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Mr-Rogers-a_jpg.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesPhoto credit: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/32000000/Robin-Williams-robin-williams-32089746-2798-3917.jpg
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesExpressives tend to be: ✓ Outgoing ✓ Energetic ✓ Impulsive ✓ Visionaries ✓ Extroverted
  • What’syour type?
  • Getfeedbackfromothers
  • Co-workers knowyou best
  • Not your mother... You’re perfect! (I raised you)
  • Identifyingpeople’stype
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesAsk yourself twokey questions...
  • How assertive are they?
  • How responsive are they?
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Assertives (Drivers & Expressives) Talk more, faster, & louder.Gesture more & demonstrate more energy
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Responsives (Amiables & Expressives)Use more facial animation & more vocal inflection. Show more emotion
  • Analytical Driver“Thought person” “Action person” Less assertive More assertive Less responsive Less responsive Amiable Expressive“People person” “Front person” Less assertive More assertive More responsive More responsive
  • e Be tter mun icatC om nt Types h Dif fereWit
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes The Myth ofIncompatibility
  • The problem is inflexibility
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes“You can onlychange your halfof a relationship.” - Robert & Dorthy Bolton
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesFlexingYour Type
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypes Select only 2-3 behaviors totemporarily change
  • Why, yes. I love Michael Bolton’s music.This is not conformity
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesMimic the other person’s type
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesFor analyticals you can try to: ✓ Give clear expectations/deadlines ✓ Give details ✓ Be precise and focused ✓ Be tactful and reserved ✓ Honor precedents Source: https://www.manager-tools.com/docs/BeEffectiveWithDISC.pdf
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesFor drivers you can try to: ✓ Communicate briefly; to the point ✓ Respect their need for autonomy ✓ Let them take the lead ✓ Show independence ✓ Stick to the topic Source: https://www.manager-tools.com/docs/BeEffectiveWithDISC.pdf
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesFor amiables you can try to:✓ Approach in a friendly informal manner✓ Use sincere appreciation✓ Provide recognition in private✓ Let them go slow into change✓ Listen more than talk Source: https://www.manager-tools.com/docs/BeEffectiveWithDISC.pdf
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesFor expressives you can try to: ✓ Be relaxed and sociable ✓ Give them public recognition ✓ Use humor ✓ Let them tell you how they feel ✓ Keep the conversation light Source: https://www.manager-tools.com/docs/BeEffectiveWithDISC.pdf
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesMake Differences Work For You
  • h"p://dotekomanie.cz/wp-­‐content/uploads/2013/02/1348954053_steve-­‐jobs-­‐and-­‐wozniak-­‐1977_1024x796_91966.jpg
  • I have people skills; I amgood at dealing with people...What the hell is wrong with you people?!?
  • @kylesoucy | #PersonalityTypesLearn more...- People Styles At Work And Beyond by Robert Bolton & Dorthy Grover Bolton- It’s Our Research: Getting Stakeholder Buy-in for User Experience Research by Tomer Sharon- 27 Powers of Persuasion by Chris St. Hilaire
  • Thank you.www.usableinterface.com @kylesoucy /usableinterface