What is User Experience, A Primer - U of Washington


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A quick overview of what User Experience is and typical resources you would use to build a website. Also a few recommendations of what books to read.

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What is User Experience, A Primer - U of Washington

  1. Patrick Neeman, Director of Product Design, Apptio @usabilitycounts | www.usabilitycounts.com What is User Experience? A Quick Primer.
  2. @usabilitycounts Who’s Patrick Neeman? • Almost 20 years of UX and Web Experience • Is close to a true unicorn • Runs a blog, UsabilityCounts.com
  3. @usabilitycounts What is User Experience?
  4. @usabilitycounts What my friends think I create What my mom thinks I create What society thinks I create What management thinks I create What I think
 I create What I really create
  5. @usabilitycounts UI
 is not
  6. @usabilitycounts “When I grow up, I want to be a UX Designer.” Lion Tamer,
 Print Designer, Web Designer, Creative Director, 
 Program Manager, Product Manager, and
 Director of Development
  7. @usabilitycounts The Competencies of User Experience User Experience UX How the user thinks and feels Information Architecture IA How the overall system is organized User Interface Design UI How the screen is organized Interaction Design IxD How the user and device act and react Visual Design VxD How the system looks Information Design ID How the information on a screen is organized Data Visualization DataViz How data is visually represented Content Strategy CS How the content reads
  8. @usabilitycounts What is the UX Process?
  9. @usabilitycounts UX Boils Down To… Who is the user? What is their goal? Where are they?
  10. @usabilitycounts What’s UX Resource That I Need?
  11. @usabilitycounts It’s all about needs • Is it big or little? • Is there little or a lot of interaction? • Does it require a lot of graphics?
  12. @usabilitycounts Web Designer! I need to design a 20 page website
 with only a little bit of content.
  13. @usabilitycounts Information Architect or Content Strategist! I need to design a large website in Wordpress or Drupal with a lot of information that has to be searchable.
  14. @usabilitycounts Interaction Designer! I need to design a mobile or web application 
 with a registration process.
  15. @usabilitycounts User Researcher! I want to know how to analyze site traffic
 to understand user’s needs and context.
  16. @usabilitycounts But What If I Don’t
 Have All Those People?
  17. @usabilitycounts UX For Lean Startups A Project Guide To UX Design Recommended Books
  18. @usabilitycounts We’re All UX