Becoming a usability247 accredited practitioner

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Usability247 is a new user experience agency focussing on multiplatform user testing, usability expert reviews and user research. …

Usability247 is a new user experience agency focussing on multiplatform user testing, usability expert reviews and user research.
We deliver services through a global network of freelance practitioners (plus full time staff) and this enables us to operate truly globally and with access to a wide array of technology and languages.
This slide deck provides information about how freelance user experience practitioners can start working with Usability247.

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  • 1. Becoming a usability247 Accredited Practitioner An information booklet for freelance user experience practitioners
  • 2. Contents ▪ Introduction 3 ▪ Our vision 4 ▪ The opportunity 5 ▪ The services 6 ▪ Sharing our methodologies 8 ▪ Why become accredited 9 ▪ How to become accredited 10 ▪ Operational model 11 ▪ Quality 12 ▪ Commercial arrangements 13 ▪ The benefits 14 ▪ About Usability247 15 Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 2
  • 3. Introduction The UX industry is changing. The past 15 years have see significant world-wide growth in the number freelance practitioners User experience buyers have become better educated The agency model has not evolved at the same rate Seemingly commoditised services are over-complicated and shrouded in mystery to those outside the industry. Blue-chip organisations are still “discovering usability” It is no surprise that so many interfaces still fail to meet even basic levels of acceptable performance. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 3
  • 4. Our vision We want to change the world …one interface at a time so that everything is usable, everywhere, for everyone, all the time it would be better for consumers and better for businesses We believe there are better ways of working that can involve the freelance practitioner community throughout the world and benefit all—customers, consumers and practitioners. This short guide sets out what we plan to do, how you can get involved and the benefits available to you. It won’t be for everyone, and that’s ok because it isn’t a competition; it’s about making progress. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 4
  • 5. The opportunity Imagine a major global brand that wants to evaluate whether the website they are developing works in all major markets and languages and on all device formats. At the same time with increasing pressure on budgets and therefore time, organisations find it very difficult to stop or slow development in order to carry out “usability”. UX practitioners are located across the globe with access to a vast and diverse array of technologies, languages and cultures. We intend to use this distribution to everyone's benefit. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 5 By connecting with the global freelance practitioner community, Usability247 hopes to provide a research capability that is available round the clock and has the potential to allow access to almost any device, in any language and in any culture.
  • 6. The Services Methodologies will be familiar to experienced practitioners and our goal is not to reinvent the wheel. We have simply adapted and defined existing methodologies to ensure they can be delivered with consistency anywhere in the world. All three methodologies are designed to be delivered through the accredited practitioner programme. Project length varies from a couple of days to a few weeks. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 6 We are marketing three services that can be delivered by accredited practitioners: 247:expert—an expert review similar to a usability audit 247:lab—a rapid turnaround lab usability test with 5 participants 247:online—an online task based study with 200 or more participants
  • 7. Our services in brief Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 7 * un-moderated feature 247: expert 247: lab 247: Online expert review: multi-point UX index review localisation: is it usable in other countries? task testing: usability review of key user tasks * International: testing in multiple countries comparison: on multiple platforms, over time benchmark: site/app against our database customer research: quantitative research
  • 8. Sharing our methodologies We will share our unique intellectual property (IP) under a creative commons licence so that anyone can use it for commercial purposes or otherwise by simply crediting usability247. In development is a user experience index which is intended to provide a multiplatform evaluation model that will underpin our 247:expert service. By working together with the freelance practitioner community we hope we can create a relevant and valuable methodology, particularly in mobile. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 8 Where our services use existing practices we won’t (of course) be able to licence these. What we plan to do here is to share our methodologies and deliverable templates so that a wider group can benefit. We invite all accredited practitioners to help develop the methodologies and share in their use.
  • 9. Why become accredited Only accredited practitioners will be able to receive information about projects we have available and be paid to deliver them. Our services vary in the amount of time required to deliver them. So a major benefit of becoming an accredited practitioner is that you can fill gaps in your existing projects whether that is a few hours, a couple of days or a few weeks. Accredited Practitioners can display the Usability247 accredited practitioner logo on their LinkedIn profile to help set them apart from other practitioners. Because we won’t ever deliver design services we may be able to introduce you to customers that ask us for services outside of what we do. As an accredited practitioner you will be able to utilise the 247:index methodology and help develop and evolve it to ensure it long term effectiveness and relevance. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 9 And finally, you will become part of the accredited practitioner community and be able to network and share with like minded professionals from around the world.
  • 10. How to become accredited It costs nothing to become a Usability247 accredited practitioner other than your time. Accreditation is about gaining training in our methodology and ensuring that there is 100% alignment and familiarity with our approach. This may be achieved in a number of ways related to your qualifications and experience. In most cases, experienced practitioners will find accreditation very simple. It is possible to be accredited to deliver one service, two services or all three as the demands for each are slightly different. 247:expert requires minimal client contact, no facilitation and no statistical data analysis skills. For 247:lab you will need to demonstrate that you have facilitated one to one usability tests. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 10 With 247:online, where we are carrying out research with 200, 400 or 600 participants, you will need to demonstrate that you have statistical skills and can carry out quantitative analysis. If you have used technologies such as UserZoom, Keynote Web-Effective and Loop11 you will be well on the way to becoming accredited.
  • 11. Operational model The accredited practitioner programme will be operated through a closed LinkedIn Group. The address of this group is: accredited-practitioners Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 11 Available projects are posted to the group with details of what is required. Most projects will be time sensitive and so we will select a practitioner to work on the project soon after posting the message. Accredited Practitioners are selected based on their historical availability, the quality of the work they have previously delivered and any other relevant attributes such as language, location, culture, industry and technology. The LinkedIn group will be used for all broadcast communications to the group but project work is dealt with through direct contact via email or by sharing of documents through our SharePoint site.
  • 12. Quality To be successful we have to ensure that the work delivered to our clients is of the highest quality. We will limit some of the variance in deliverables and approach by using structured methodologies, guidance notes for practitioners and templated deliverables. We will carry out a QA process on every piece of work going to a client. This is to pick up any typos or formatting issues and provides an opportunity to clarify any points made by the practitioner before the deliverable reaches the client. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 12 Our quality objectives are to:  be error free in grammar and spelling (the basics)  thorough in our analysis and identification of issues  insightful in our recommendations for improvement We believe that quality is achieved by creating an environment where people can do their best work, and that is what we set out to do.
  • 13. Commercial arrangements Each of our services plus the optional extras available has a delivery time associated to it which translates into a fee available for the accredited practitioner. When a project is assigned to an accredited practitioner for the first time it is accompanied by a purchase order and a contract. The purchase order confirms the work required and provides details against which an invoice can be submitted. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 13 The contract sets out the terms and conditions surrounding the relationship. The contract must be signed and returned before any payment can be made. Invoices follow completion and will be paid no later than 30 days after the end of the month in which the invoice was received. Accredited practitioners will be asked to provide evidence that they have in place appropriate business insurance covering public and product liability.
  • 14. The benefits ▪ We can fill gaps in your schedule, between projects or during part time engagements ▪ We can provide a revenue stream from carrying out projects for us on a regular basis ▪ As we don’t sell design services we may provide you with introductions to clients looking for additional services. ▪ You can display the Usability247 accredited practitioner logo on your LinkedIn profile. This will help to set you apart from other practitioners because the accreditation reflects the attainment of a practical quality level. ▪ You will have the opportunity to influence how our methodologies develop and share in their use including templates for deliverables ▪ As part of the accredited practitioner community you will be able to network and share with like minded professionals from around the world. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 14
  • 15. About Usability247 Usability247 is a user experience research and testing agency. We provide usability services when our customers need them: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our vision is to change the world, one interface at a time, so that everything is usable, everywhere, for everyone, all the time. It would be better for consumers and better for business. We use three methodologies, (247:expert, 247:lab & 247:online) developed to be delivered anytime and anywhere with exactly the same high level of quality. We provide an online booking mechanism so in-house practitioners can self serve. Usability247 is a trading name of Miram limited a company registered in England, whose registered office is at the following address: Miram Ltd, Ground Floor, Belmont Place, Belmont Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6TB. Registered number: 7966950 VAT Reg No: 131878893 Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 15
  • 16. Copyright Usability247© all rights reserved 16 for more information get in touch: Usability247, Siena Court, The Broadway, Maidenhead, SL6 1NJ telephone: +44(0)1628 74 20 20 email: or visit our website at Share this guide