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Design Ethics

  1. 1. Design Ethics@fredvanamstel, PhD researcher at University of Twente
  2. 2. What is ethics anyway?• Universal values• The notion of goodness• Societal norms
  3. 3. Ethical choice What should Morality I do? Action What do Iwant to do? What can I do? Will Agency
  4. 4. Why ethics is important for design• Designed things influence will, agency and morality• Designers must make ethical choices• Designers are accountable• There are norms other than regulations to be followed
  5. 5. How to analyze ethical choices• Consequentialist • Measurable effects • Conditions for acting• Deontologic • Explicit intentions • Explications
  6. 6. Measurable example• Robert Moses was one of the major player on prioritizing cars in United States urban planning• He built bridges too low for buses• Paved big highways with thin sidewalks
  7. 7. Intentional example• Brasilia city was completely built from scratch to symbolize the modernization of Brazil• Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer designed buildings that clearly introduced new political values
  8. 8. Architecture of Hapiness Allain de Botton
  9. 9. Diversity• The Pruit-Igoe complex was a huge failure because people didn’t wanted to be leveled down• Modernity coexist with pre- modernity and post-modernity
  10. 10. Metadesign• Design the conditions for design• Tools, process, principles• Extrapolate possibilities• Make actionable functions
  11. 11. Is technology neutral?
  12. 12. Open Design• Design simple tools• Share design knowledge• Flexibility for adaptations• Expand possibilities, allow ethical choices
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. ExercisesBehavior changing briefings
  16. 16. Design With Intent Toolkit• Cards to provoke designers to think about possible ways to influence behavior• dwi/Main_Page
  17. 17. Energy waste• People waste unecessary energy for internal climate control which card seems more similar to this solution?
  18. 18. Traffic in Enschede Center• There are too much cars going inside the city center• How to desincourage going to the center by car?
  19. 19. Foreigners• Hypothetic scenario: Europe is crashed and only Nederlands preserved its economy• Many legal and illegal imigrants enter the country• Imigrants creates a lot of annoyment• How to induce imigrants to leave the country without using brute force?
  20. 20. Thank you! @fredvanamstel
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