Mary d  presentations lesson 1.
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Mary d presentations lesson 1.






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Mary d presentations lesson 1. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. “How to Choose a E-Book Reader Vs a Tablet" By Mary D
  • 2. E Book Reader / Tablet• E-Book reader will allow you to take not just your favorite book but your entire collection of books with you wherever you go.• Tablet: slate shaped devices that is operated by using touch screen.
  • 3. Why E-Book Reader??• Weighs as little as 6 ounces• Can hold over 1,000 Full Length Novels• Buy new books without going to the bookstore• Takes up less space than books• Saves money on buying books
  • 4. Why a Tablet??• Tablets are more versatile than e-book readers.• Browse the Web• Play Music• Watch Movies• Read Books• More Expensive but have more features than an e-book reader.
  • 5. E Book Reader Basics• E Book is a electronic version of any printed book• Unlike a print books E-books can be navigated using the hyperlinked table of contents, index, chapters, and dictionary.• They can be searched, highlighted, annotated, and bookmarked.
  • 6. E- Ink Technology in E-Book Readers• E book readers use E-Ink technology• To mimic the experience of reading a printed book• displays are not backlit and therefore reflect ambient light, which reduces eye strain• E-Ink readers battery life can last up to weeks• Even, Months without a recharging
  • 7. Tablets Pro and Cons• LCD Backlit Color display looks wonderful• eye strains after a long period of time.• Access magazines, newspapers, comics, and books• Glare on screen when in bright light• Can read in the dark
  • 8. E-book Pros and Cons• Less eye strain• Have to buy a separate light to be able to read in the dark.• easily portable, can carry multiple books on one device.• Can download or lend e-books• No Glare when in bright light
  • 9. Prices in E-books VS Tablets• E-book readers range between $50 to $500 dollars• Tablets range between $200 dollars• The make and model of the e-book depends on the price of the e-book• Tablets can range on depending option the model or type.
  • 10. Conclusion• In Conclusion for book lovers and is simple to use get the E-book reader and for people that are tech lovers get a tablet.• There are many pros and cons with buying a tablets and e-book readers but both are very high quality electronics.
  • 11. Web Sites• o-hub/electronics/computers-- internet/ebook-reader-vs- tablet/16952110001/1206245374001/• oosing-ebook-reader.html