Nagpur learns to map                                 A three day National Level Data                      Users Seminar an...
DATA U S ERS WORKSHOPmap were covered in a series of lecturesspanning the three days. The basicintroduction to maps and ca...
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G n U magazine coverage of NBSS&LUP
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G n U magazine coverage of NBSS&LUP


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Its related to LIGHTS' DST Sponsored training programme at NBSS&LUP.
The magazine is published from LIGHTS, a Delhi based NGO.
This file contains the cover pages, my photo on the back of cover page, the story about the mentioned training, and the back page

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G n U magazine coverage of NBSS&LUP

  1. 1. ,EI-
  2. 2. Nagpur learns to map A three day National Level Data Users Seminar and GIS Training for 55 senior secondary school and junior college teachers from the Vidharba region of India held in Nagpur, from 16 to 18 of October 2011 , turned into a memorable event for all. - Staff Report er The Data Users Seminar cum Training women at every level. She added that the Programme in Nagpur during 16-18 three days training cum seminar programme October 2011, was one that turned teachers will provide an interactive platform for the from around the region into students for participants, especially women , to learn three days. The teachers from Kendriya and come forward in this exciting world. Dr Vidyalayas, well known public schools and Smita Sengupta, Senior Scientist , Indian government and junior colleges in Vidharba Institute of Technology (liT) Bombay, Dr G P were trained in geographic information Obi Reddy, Senior Scientist and In-charge system (GIS), global positioning system GIS Section, NBSS & LUP and Shri Vikas (GPS) and remote sensing technologies that Dabadhe, Project Officer, Maharashtra are today a part of the school curriculum. Energy Development Agency (M EDA) were Inaugurating the event, Dr Dipak Sarkar, other speakers at the inaugural session. Director, National Bureau of Soil Survey and Among those who prominently participated Land Use Planning (NBSS & LUP) laid stress in the sessions included Shri M K Jaiswal, on the importance of the technical training Assistant Professor, Kavikulguru Institute for capacity building for school teachers. of Technology and Science, Nagpur Prof Saraswati Raju , Centre for the Study of and Dr Rahul V Ralegaonkar, Assistant Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor. Visvesvaraya National Institute of University (JNU), a resource person for the Technology, Nagpur. event, pointed out how the field of Science The teachers were trained in the and Technology systematically has fewer fundamentals of GIS and concepts of24 . SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 2011 · GEOGRAPHY AND YOU
  3. 3. DATA U S ERS WORKSHOPmap were covered in a series of lecturesspanning the three days. The basicintroduction to maps and cartographyincluded evolution of mapping inIndia, definition and type of maprepresentations and its basic elements.Cadastral, topographical, and atlasmaps; digital elevation model (OEM);scales, elements sensitive to context andthose used selectively to assist effectivecommunication were also included in thecourse curriculum. In the following days discussions wereconducted on hardware and software,proprietary vs open source and studythrough Internet. Open source GIS wasalso taught and available software washighlighted through Open GeospatialConsortium, Mapnik, FDO, Map GuideOpen Source, UMN Mapserver, GRASS,QGIS, OSSIM, TerraLlb, PostGIS,GeoServer, degree, JUMP/OpenJUMP/Kosma and uDig. Hands on lab training wasimparted on QGIS with the help of data forthe district of Prakasam in Andhra Pradesh. Global positioning system (GPS) wasalso discussed and field work undertakenat Putala Lake, Nagpur. Knowledge aboutspace, user and control segment, severaltypes of GPS- portable, pocket, in-dash,fitness and cycling, motor cycle, marine-was imparted. During remote sensingsession , the participants were taught thefundamentals of the subject, includingtypes of resolutions, techniques such asaerial photography, etc. and about thetypes of classification such as supervisedand unsupervised. The seminar and training programmewas organised by Learning in Geography,Humanities, Technology and Science(LIGHTS) Research Foundation, an NGO,and supported by the Natural Resourcesand Data Management System (NRDMS),Department of Science and Technology(DST), Government of India; Oil and NaturalGas Corporation (ONGC) and Ministryof New and Renewable Energy (MNRE),Government of India. tI!1 GEOGRAIHYAN O YOU· SEPTEMBER · OCTOBER 2011 .2 5
  4. 4. •- ,. ~ ~. .~ , .. i . , . ~ . • " • • _l Free GIS Training Senior secondary Teachers Register Now Training commences 15 December onwards Ogil nls,d by Suppor.ld by I -- THE SPATIAL SUPPORT FOil LOCAL LEVEl PLANNING Department of Science & Technology LIGHTS, Research Foundation Last date of registration for all cities 15 of December 2011. Send enquiries to Iights2003@gmail.comforregistrationguidance.