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Ancillary Analysis
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Ancillary Analysis


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  • 1. Ancillary Text Analysis
  • 2. CD Cover & Back Covers
  • 3. Before creating the album cover it isimportant to consider the generic layoutand conventions of a CD cover.
  • 4. CD Cover ConventionsOn the front of a CD cover there are certain elements that you expect to find. The front is the part of aCD that draws in the attention and gives the music some meaning.Names/Labels: When looking at this aspect of a CD Cover consideration of the colours, the typographyand the size of the text all need to be take into account to ensure its clearly presented and eye catchingImage: The image needs to be different, striking, attractive and you must consider facial expressions tohelp create a genreExpressions; are they looking at the camera, are they mysterious and what attitude does this portray.Genre: For the image and titles to fit, the genre must be thought of. Is it representative of the artist?Title of CD: From the title of it, can you get a sense of what to expect from the music they share.The back is of similar importance as this holds all the names of each track in turn on the CD.Songs: Having the song list on the back can help sell the CD and make it look attractive. They representthe artist and genre of music. Although we must not forget that sometimes the song list is inside ratherthan on the back.Other details: Not only is there a song list but on many CD backing you may find details of theproducer, any institutions involved in it and maybe parental guidance dependant on the music genre.
  • 5. The Script- Science &Faith (Back) Album Title:Name Of Band : The album title is writtenThe bands name is written in in a smaller text size inexotic typography which comparison to the rest ofseems incomplete, this may the page. This may act asmaybe symbolises that the a tool to help engageband will produce more audiences as it creates aalbums sense of mystery where the closer they look, the more intrigued they become. The name its self ‘science and faith ‘hints that theColour Scheme: album maybe bringsThe nude colours used are very together two worlds thatsimple, this highlights the are very different whichnature of the album as being Main Image: links in with the mainvery simplistic and modest. In the main image there are image of two peopleWhere viewers can imagine a two hands (male + female) holding each others handsmusic video to be of the same holding one another, this and coming together asnature. indicates that the album one. consists of romantic songs which tell a story about two peoples love life
  • 6. The Script- Science &Faith (Back) Website Address: In the top left corner there is a website url for all album where Track Listing: buyers can go to for more information on the band itself In the top right corner and just such as tour dates and venue like the album name are in small helping to promote the band font to intrigue the audiences further. further into the music more than how the album cover looks… rear iterating the point of being modest. Main Image: contrasts the front image as the front one seems more strong and based whilst the back one is more gentle and tender, as there hands are just touching maybe symbolising the meeting of theInstructional Information: two worlds that later becomeSony music (record label). This strong like the front image.grants the albumauthentication and copyright.
  • 7. The Script- Science &Faith (CD)Track listings:The track listings are written Symbolism:on the rim of the CD. The scientific symbol helpsThe typography used for this represent and create an outcoincides with the futuristic of this worldfeel of the album experience, coinciding with the name of the album ‘Science And Faith.’ Institutional Information Colour Scheme: The colours used her are very mysterious, unlike the colours used on the front and back cover. However the colours still coincide with one another as there is still a Syfi feel to the CD.
  • 8. Nicki Minaj -Pink Friday (Front)Simple Main Artistbackground The artist’s name Age restriction
  • 9. Nicki Minaj -Pink Friday (Back) There is a continuous colour scheme Pink is also Track used on the Listings front cover Picture of artist in similar cloths and similar pose.The CD spine isa solid blockedcolourInstitutionalinformation Barcode
  • 10. Nicki Minaj -Pink Friday (CD) Name of Artist: The artist name is written in theImage of Artist same font as A close up shot is previously seenused to promote the on the albumartist. cover. Album Name: Colour Scheme: The name of the The running colour album is again scheme is carried written in the forward , similar to the same typography CD front and back as on the album cover the CD is also cover creating a pink, This coincides continuous feel with the name of the throughout. album, making it easy for fans and her Copyright information audience to identify it.
  • 11. Nicki Minaj -Pink FridayOn the front cover of the album we see an image of the artist who is positioned slightly tothe right of the cover, this does not adhere to the rule of thirds as the main artist in thiscase is not in the middle third. The forward positioned artist allows the audience to bedirectly addressed. The artist is not in the centre third.The CD cover has both the artist’s and album name in a consecutive line which is placed onthe bottom. However the word pink is highlighted making it stand out from the artist nameand the rest of the album name. The rest of the text is in capital letters and is coloured greyto create a contrast between the pink.The background is a mix between white and pink. The pink relates to the name of thealbum and also makes the cover stand out because it is brightly coloured helping to attractbuyers. The white on the bottom of the cover allows the text to be seen clearly, the coloursused also compliment each other, giving the album a continuous feel.
  • 12. Main Artist Artist nameAlbum nameLooking at this cover by Taylor Swift, I can easily link her title to her picture. The name ‘Fearless’matches the way her hair is blowing strongly away from her face which leaves her looking strong andbold as its being whipped across. Her genre of music tends to be more country/folk and the simplecolouring of her outfit and background along with the natural make up on her face and the use ofswirled writing gives off the effect of her genre.From the cover she gives people the impression that she is a simple, open minded girl that hasnatural beauty shown through her simple tones. The image of the artist is shown to be both simplebut elegant, which relates to her music in this album. The lighting is very simple so that it is stilleffective and gives more emphasis on her face and hair along with her name and title of the album.Her hair is symbolic to the title and the simple plain structure of colouring and layout means all focusis on her, her name in the boldest colouring on the CD cover and the title of the album. The entire CDcover minimalistic but attracts the audience similar to her music.
  • 13. The Band name is placed in the top left hand corner and is the biggest font that is on the cover. This making it the first thing that the buyer will see, also making it the most important bit of information on the cover. The lettering is in capital letters to make it stand out more. Background The background nude colour. This enables everything on the cover to stand out and allows people not to be distracted by a busy background.Name of The Album.This is in a smaller font and adifferent colour to the bandname. This is to help theband name stand out morebut still make the albumname seen so people will Main Imageknow what the album is Has no relevance to the album name or the name of theactually called. band. They have used a random image to intrigue the audience.
  • 14. Magazine Advert Analysis
  • 15. Artist name:The typography is playful and very girly as it is joinedand curved. The colour white contrasts creatively withthe black background. The artist and band name isplaced on the top with which stands out . The namemachine attaches it self to the image of the lungs asthey are considered part of the human body machine.Overall style:The colours black, beige, white, and maroon blend inexceptionally but in this poster show a contrast in a waythat will attract multiple audiences. The fonts are notthe same in all text e.g. the name of the band has acompletely different font next to the extra informationbox, however this works really well as it adds a sense offun and mystery in one.Main image:The lungs adorned in gold chains surrounded by flowerson a vintage fabric all add to make up a unique and richfeeling in relation to the album that is being promoted.The lungs stand out due to their colour and placementand also represent exclusivity as they are adorned andshown to be taken high care of.Extra information:All the exclusive deals or dates are shown on a isolatedplatform to increase visibility on the poster and make acontrast next to the main image. It includes allrestricted information that the album offers, andthrough this poster it is marketed to produce morealbum sales.
  • 16. Overall style:The overall style is very simple with a colour not being used morethan once, this means when it is used it stands out further to theviewers as it becomes isolated from the rest of the poster. The fontsused are the same in order to act as a connective between thedifferent colours.Main Image:The image extends to cover the whole posters surface, this createsthe level of dominance on the audiences by the artist. She isportrayed as lifeless and just bones thus making the poster slightlyscary but intriguing. The image stares straight at you which makesyou feel under the watchful eye of gaga and feel as if you need tolisten to her in order to escape that trance. The use of red and greytones makes it look like a wanted posterSymbolism:The symbol linked with gaga is usually the Christian crosssymbol, this is incorporated within this poster in a small yet effectivemanner. The use of the cross as cutters in the date adds an edgy feelto the poster, having a gothic feel, whilst the artist has an invisibleyet dominating presence.Extra Information:The only piece of extra information is the date, which is placeddirectly on top of the artists name, this creates layers in the posterand makes the poster seem dimensional to the naked eye. Also insolid white it contrast heavily with the drained grey image andsmudged red name underneath, which highlights the datesimportance being above the rest. The lack of information on theposter creates an interesting factor that can only be diluted by theviewers actively researching the artist and album.Name Of Artist:The whole name is not imprinted on the poster only the second halfwhich adds further unique interest to the poster as it seemsincomplete. The name is shown in jagged red on the bottom third ofthe page in the biggest font, to make the artist name stand out andshow power.