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This is is a campaign wich will consist of new business model development, application of sustainability guidelines, educational activities, digital innovation, and a regional, national and EU wide policy campaign for sustainable production & services standards.

Starting in Catalunya -Made in (Catalunya)-, its goals are to create and protect sustainable employment and to kick-start high economic growth.

It will start with a multi-stakeholder dialogue.

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Made in (Local)

  1. 1. MADE IN (LOCAL)A policy campaign for sustainable employment
  2. 2. Think Big, Start SmallThe campaign will consist of Its goals are to create and It will start with anew business model protect sustainable multi-stakeholder dialogue.development, application of employment and tosustainability guidelines, kick-start high economiceducational activities, digital growth.innovation and a regional,national and EU wide policycampaign for sustainableproduction standards.
  3. 3. SME Training Business develo- pment Leader Coalition building Multilevel Campaign engage- (regional + national + EU) ment Pilot Digitalprojects Innovation Sector 1 (eg. furniture) Sector 1 Sectorial Sector 2 (eg. textile) Strategies (eg. tourism) Kick off Multi-stakeholder dialogue
  4. 4. Growth & Increase % of Improve workers conditions Industrial Workforce “sustainabilization” value-added in industrial and rise demandsrestructurization qualification of the economy sectors exporting to EU Create and protect sustainable employment Sustainable production standard for new products marketed in the EU Build Stimulate Develop Rationalize Levy new products Engage youth, sustainability green supportive existing marketed in EU unless industry & SMEs competnces employment policies legislation sustainably produced Training programme for SMEs Sustainable business development National and EU wide policy campaign Collaboration with design Pilot projects and Identification of Organization development Fundraising schools & training programmes apprenticeships in SMEs supportive policies Multi- stakeholder dialogue
  5. 5. Less added valueThe furniture sector as an example: – Volume of production in Spain fell back by 3,5 billion Euros from 8.642 million in 2005 to 5.183 million in 2010 – Imports represented a value of 2.018 million Euros in 2010 – Impact of the collapse of construction and growth of large surface retailers (e.g. IKEA)
  6. 6. Policy recommendationsAIDIMA: «falta otra visión “La Indústria catalana Prospectiva de lade negocio» para solucionar després de la crisi” indústria 2018:«problemas estructurales restructuring and innovation a sustainability scenariode los modelos de negocio is needed combined with an will produce the highesten la industria». effort to improve the growth rate. qualification of the work force.
  7. 7. Putting the boots on the groundTwo or three pilot projects Learning from pilot projects Replicate pilot projects andof apprenticeships within to bring sustainable sustainability trainingnew sustainably managed development to SMEs across models (in new or across the country:existing organisations): evaluate pilot projects, setdesign and develop up vocational training ofproducts and services, sustainable developmentrecruit people, find consultants to SMEs.production sites,equipment, set updistribution networks etc.
  8. 8. Policy campaignFor sustainability standards By building a coalition with By organizing events,for all new products and NGOs, leading businesses building and maintainingservices marketed in the with CSR programmes, website and networks,EU. For the regions of Spain EU member state commissioning policyto champion this campaign. governments and business analyses, lobbying EU associations. institutions etc.
  9. 9. Step by stepA starting phase comprising An initial learning phase A phase intended tomulti-stakeholder comprising the set up of broaden the base bydialogue in various two or three pilot repeating these exercises inlocations. projects. other locations, starting training of sustainability consultants and starting the policy campaign at regional, national and EU levels.
  10. 10. The start:multi-stakeholder dialogueFirst session to discuss: 3 sessions to define pilot Outcomes: awareness,• overall strategy projects and identify shared perspective of the• identify priority areas elements of draft business problem and its solution, plans in three sectors road map to pilot projects.• produce overview of policies already in place that may (dis)favorably Outputs: Advisory affect the intitiative committee, sectorial strategies, reports, draft• follow up (action, business plans organisation, reporting)