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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing
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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing


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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing.

QR Codes and Mobile Marketing.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. QR Codes and Mobile Marketing
  • 2. Customers empowered with powerful internet enabled smartphones are driving mobile use to unparalleled levels.
  • 3. According to a 2010 report by Nielson "By 2015 smartphones will be the primary enabler of consumer shopping". Business cannot avoid this shift from online to mobile. Mobile marketing is truly coming of age - and QR codes are a great way to create effective and targeted mobile campaigns. But what exactly are QR Codes?
  • 4. QR Code According to Wikipedia - "A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones." A smartphone with a QR code reader can read a QR code.
  • 5. QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Think of QR Codes as a bridge between online and offline media. Mobile users having a smartphone can read the QR Code and are instantly sent to your website, landing page or video. QR Codes can be seen in magazines, posters, brochures, labels, bottles, etc.
  • 6. A user can just scan the QR Code and get information about the product. This is powerful as it enables brands to connect with their customers 24/7.
  • 7. Restaurants Customers can scan a QR Code on the menu and get a coupon or nutritional information.
  • 8. Real Estate Real Estate agents and brokers are placing QR Codes on their print listings(Yard signs, flyers, postcards, etc ). People walking by the yard sign can now just scan the QR Code and go right to the property landing page having pictures, videos and all the information. They can even share it with their friends.
  • 9. Movie/Theater Posters A QR Code on a movie poster will take the user to the video trailer of the movie. Users can even buy the ticket of the movie using their mobile phone.
  • 10. Retail Retailers like Best Buy have a already added QR Codes to the fact tags in all their US retail stores. This is a great way to enhance customer experience.
  • 11. QR Codes link the physical world to our online world - and companies can leverage this technology to provide a seamless experience to customers. Forward looking business are using QR Codes to engage mobile users. Are you?
  • 12. MobBuilder our mobile platform has built in support for QR Codes and landing pages. Contact us today.
  • 13. Contact Us Your mobile strategy